Gilad Atzmon On Zionist Charities Targeting David Icke & The Meaning Of Jewish Identity

The Richie Allen Show

The Zionists vs. Jewish anti Zionists is a fake binary opposition. In this interview with Richie Allen I insist once again that people who identify politically ‘as Jews’ are subscribing to politics that are driven by race. In the program I also suggest for the first time that it is not Zionism that hijacked Judaism, it is actually the other way around. It is Judaism that hijacked Zionism! Zionism was initially an a secular, anti Jewish movement that promised to ‘civilise’ the Diaspora Jew by means of ‘homecoming’ (as if Palestine is a ‘Jewish home’).  But as time went by, it has become clear that the early Zionist initiative was defeated. Zionism was hijacked by Judaic exclusivity and adopted as a radical form of tribal exceptionalism. In practice, it is Rabbinical Jewish settlers who have been leading  plunderous Zionism since 1967. This is far from being a coincidence.

Israeli Land Seizure Bill Viewed as Prelude to West Bank Annexation


“If you don’t understand that stealing property from people, especially people that cannot defend their rights because they are at the bottom of the food chain [is wrong], then you have a moral and personal problem.”

Bill would “retroactively legalize” thousands of Jewish houses built on private Palestinian property

By Ben Lynfield

A controversial bill that would legalise the seizure of Palestinian private property and cripple hopes for a two-state peace solution is expected to easily pass in a Knesset vote next week.

A vote on the Settlement Regulation Bill – intended as a major step towards annexation of the occupied West Bank – was originally due to take place in December. But it was delayed until now to avoid criticism from the Obama administration and in the expectation that it would be backed by Donald Trump.

While Israeli officials have used a variety of legal devices over the years to lay claim to Palestinian property, including deploying a law dating back to Ottoman times stipulating that agricultural land left fallow reverts to the state, the bill would enable seizures on a grand scale and without the need to resort to legal sleight of hand. Only Israel’s supreme court could overturn it.

In a 1979 case, the court deemed it illegal to build settlements on what is clearly private Palestinian property, limiting such seizures to state land and purported military necessity. The new law would effectively nullify that court decision, opening even more swathes of the West Bank to Israeli settlement.

Masoud Ganaim, an Arab member of the Knesset, said the bill will “legitimise the theft of land from the Palestinians and is an opening to annexation of the rest of the territory in the West Bank. It will change everything, it will close up the path to the peace process and to any two state solution. There won’t be two states, there won’t be a solution”.

Dror Etkes, director of the moderate Israeli Kerem Navot NGO, which monitors land use in the West Bank, said the bill, if passed, would retroactively legalise many thousands of houses built on private property in hundreds of places. These include not only smaller wildcat settlement outposts built with government backing in violation of both Israeli and international law but also established settlements that were constructed partly on private property such as Beit El near Ramallah, and Eli, on the road to Nablus.

“Almost every settlement in the West Bank has parts that were built on private Palestinian property,” said Mr Etkes, who formerly monitored settlements for the Peace Now organisation. “If you don’t understand that stealing property from people, especially people that cannot defend their rights because they are at the bottom of the food chain [is wrong], then you have a moral and personal problem.”

Mr Etkes said the bill violates the Fourth Geneva convention, which stipulates that an occupying power can only seize property for military necessity. Politicians, army officers and settlers could leave themselves open to prosecution in the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

“This is heading to an escalation of the relations between Israel and the international community, at least parts of the international community that Israel wants to be respected by, namely Europe and sooner or later other countries. Assuming Trump won’t remain president forever, sooner or later it will put Israel in confrontation with important parts of North American politics as well.”

Arab Knesset member Haneen Zoabi termed the bill “an extreme example of Israel’s continuing tradition of land theft.” He added, “This law is illegal by Israeli legal standards and probably will not pass the Supreme Court. Maybe that’s what Bibi and Lieberman expect and count on.”

NGOs and private individuals are expected to petition Israel’s Supreme court in a bid to have the law declared illegal at the first opportunity.

Israel’s hard-right politicians have defended the bill against Arab and left-wing criticism.

Bezalel Smotrich, a Knesset member from the hard-right Jewish Home party that is part of the ruling coalition, said seizing Palestinian private property complies with democratic norms. “Every democratic country confiscates property for the good of the public,” he told The Jerusalem Post. “The settlement activity is a public purpose, not a private purpose.”

Education Minister Naftali Bennet went further by hailing the bill as “leading the way to annexation” of the West Bank.

Rami Mansour, a leading journalist among the Arab citizens of Israel who edits the Arab 48 website, last month called upon Israel’s Arab citizens to reassess their participation in the Knesset in light of the settlements bill, which “changes the rules of the political game.”

“Parliaments generally deal with laws inside their country,” he said. “The United States doesn’t legislate laws that apply to India. But here Israel is legislating a law that applies to territory not under its sovereignty. It is legislating a law to expropriate from Palestinians not by means of military orders but by legislation in contravention of previous practice. This is antidemocratic and turns the Knesset into the tool of the right.”

‘Today They Took My Son’–a film by Farah Nabulsi

Posted on January 31, 2017

A new film, soon to be released by Farah Nabulsi, the daughter of diaspora Palestinians. In June of 2016, Nabulsi launched , a project in which she brought together a website and a short film with the aim of drawing attention to the many injustices faced by Palestinians, especially children. Now in 2017, she hopes to raise awareness even further with this, her second short film, “Today They Took My Son.”

A screening is set to be held in London on February 5, 2017. You can find out more about it here.

Why we must defend those who dare to speak about the ideology of Jewish supremacy

By Nahida Izzat | Aletho News | December 26, 2012


Forbidden words, taboo topics, witch hunts, smear campaigns, excommunications, thought-policing and book banning are no longer the trademark of fascists and right wing extremists, the profession is shared now by Jewish “anti-Zionists,” alleged “friends of Palestine.” We are left watching in astonishment and disbelief  as some “anti-Zionists” are doing the work of hyper-Zionists the likes of ADL and BoDoBJ.

I have recently witnessed the ostracizing and excommunication of two activists, Paul Eisen and Gilad Atzmon, by my local group affiliated to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) using the Zionist method of character assassination of using the labels “racist” “anti-Semitic” as a method of muffling truth.

Yet, among the numerous intellectuals and political activists that have publicly defended Atzmon are many Jews for whom I have only high praise and have expressed much admiration.

It seems that those who wish to stifle discourse are acting as controlled opposition. They attempt to block intellectual discussion, suppress academic freedom, obstruct rational and scholarly debate, filter vital information and smother serious research that examines three main identifiable problems:

The problem of the ideology of Jewish supremacy

The problem of global Jewish-Zionist networking and lobbying

The problem of idolizing the holocaust (which is used as a tool to further Zionist aims)

In 2009, soon after the Gaza massacres, by sheer coincidence I came across the word Neshama. Curious, I googled the word, and lo and behold a Pandora’s Box opened before my eyes; a new learning curve began; I learned about a group called Chabad Lubavitch. I was horrified to discover the supremacist ideology at the core of this group and the level of influence accomplished by the Rebbe and his followers.

Horror-struck, I started investigating, studying then writing about two main issues; the supremacist ideology and the high influence of this prominent organization, attempting to alert our Jewish PSC allies to the danger of such ideology and influence… only to be faced with utter silence.

The problem of the ideology of Jewish supremacy

First; if we accept that Zionism is defined by the crime of genocide and the ethnic cleansing of a nation and has caused the wiping out of a country, then investigating the motivation behind such crime is essential to fight it and hopefully to defeat it. Without unfiltered scrutiny, we would never know who we are dealing with and how to stop them.

Second; supremacism in Jewish ideology is not above criticism; like every other ideology, it should be transparent, accessible and not kept secretive. Without unfiltered scrutiny we would never know what animates Zionists to act with such aggravated cruelty and sadism.

Third; to accuse of “anti-Semitism” and “racism” those who expose Jewish supremacy, is the equivalent of covering up the ideology behind the crime and dissuading people from learning about it, hence challenging and fighting this form of racism.

Dismissing such supremacist beliefs as irrelevant and obsolete would be a huge mistake because these views are the very motor that charges, motivates and energizes the Jewish settlers in Palestine, and gives them the sense of entitlement to do what they do without feeling any guilt or remorse.

For us Palestinians and for our supporters in the solidarity movement, it is a matter of extreme importance to inspect and scrutinize the ideology that motivates and animates the Jewish settlers in our occupied Palestine in order to better understand it, hence combat it. Restricting our understanding of the occupiers, their ideology and mindset cripples our ability to fight back against them knowledgeably and effectively. Furthermore, in our day and age, racism has become outlawed, when people learn about the extent of the ideological racism in the Zionist entity, it will enable us to fight them in their weakest point, thus, bring the day of our liberation closer.

The problem of global Jewish-Zionist networking and lobbying

First; when we look at Zionism as a crime, again, then logically we must identify and investigate the modus operandi. Failure to do so would leave us unable to understand how our oppressors operate and succeed.

Second; with regards to the Jewish-Zionist lobby: investigative work that examines information, no matter how well concealed, and attempts to identify at least some of the culprits and the real criminals behind the fearmongering, the endless wars and the catastrophic conditions that our world suffers is neither racist nor anti Semitic.

Third; devoid of proof or evidence for their false accusations the controlled opposition gate-keepers insidiously filter information through intimidation and by labeling anyone who dares to divulge vital facts. They disable Friends of Palestine (FoP) members from understanding the animus and the methods used to install and to perpetuate the criminal Zionist project, in particular the global network of collaborators who organize and effectively manipulate world policies by coercing world governments into continuous support of the Zionist project in spite of its growing inhumanity.

Expecting to become myself sooner or later a victim of such smear and filtering activity, I always utilize extensive links to primary sources I quote, mostly Jewish organizations. The network formed by these organizations involves large sections of Jewish communities worldwide, and its ultimate role is generally to support the Zionist entity, by inserting themselves in influential positions.

Suppression of inquiry amounts to a dynamic protection system (by peripheral concealment) of the global Zionist network.

Lite-Zionist critics of Israel are attempting to impose on FoP their restrictive dogma, i.e. that a majority of Jews worldwide, whether Zionist “diaspora” or “Israelis”, are not the manipulators of international policy with regards to “Israel”, but the complacent, docile instrument of U.S. imperialism.

To persist, such dogma imperatively needs, again, to filter out glaring facts such as the over-representation of Jewish-Zionist dual citizens in vital areas of UK-US policy making, or the cross-pollination of racist and supremacist ideology between many Talmudic Rabbis and many Secular Jewish-Zionist Organizations supporting the Zionist project.

The persistence of this dogma also requires strict and repressive censorship and gagging of whomever tries to scrutinize, analyze and discuss the facts, let alone expose them to an audience concerned by matters of equality and humanism, such as FoP and the Palestine solidarity movement in general was supposed to be. That is how and why smear campaigns with killer words such as “anti-Semitism” or “racism” are launched.

At best, such activity on part of alleged “friends of Palestine” is irresponsible. The logical implication of such nonsense, would be that Jewish Israelis, almost all of them serving at least 2 full years in the Israeli army, are just naïve and innocent victims. Thereby, this nonsensical dogma exculpates the notoriously perverted cruelty and psychopathy of the Israeli military’s crimes, up and down the command ladder.

The problem of idolizing the holocaust

First; “Facts” do NOT need laws to enforce or defend them, what they require is research to examine their narrative and correct it for better accuracy and understanding. The denial of these principles will invariably lead to the eradication of the Science of History, and thus cause the blind repetition of more genocides, as we already see in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan… Much like what we see with the cover up and suppression of information about The Truth about 9/11, who benefited and how the event was used to create a climate of hatred and fear which enables the power elite to continue waging wars of aggression and extermination.

Second; without understanding how the holocaust has been used by Zionists, from its onset til this very day, we would continue to succumb to intimidation and give allowances that legitimize and justify the existence of a criminal entity. By insisting on keeping an aura of holiness, uniqueness and exceptionality around the holocaust which would continue to put it above any historical event, preventing researchers from examining how this event has been used, and how it enables our occupier to continue to use it as justification for what they do in Palestine.

The holocaust ought to be studied as a historical event with a historical narrative that has NO sacred or exceptional dimension. The emotional, dogmatic and sacred luggage that has been attached to it has been systematically used and is still used by Zionists to justify and minimize their ongoing heinous crimes in Palestine, as well as the claim of special status with special benefits in their respective countries.

Third; there is absolutely no link -strictly none- between the so-called Holocaust and Palestinians. Nowhere can Palestinians be incriminated in the abhorrent oppression committed by central Europeans against Jews during World War II.

I, as a Palestinian, am not prepared to live in guilt, nor to pay for crimes my people haven’t committed. We refuse to accept and will reject forcibly if necessary, pathologically violent and racist Jewish occupiers.

Military conquest, terrorism, robbery, torture, ethnic cleansing and slow genocide ongoing since the arrival of the first Zionists in Palestine almost one century ago (i.e. before the holocaust) does NOT make someone the rightful “owners” or “co-owners” of my homeland, it makes them abject and violent occupiers.

I and with me my People are not accepting any more to keep having to listen to this narrative shoved down our throat with the repetition of tragedies about legendary love stories, human-fat soap or human-skin lamp shades in order that the Zionists continue to deceive, to trade with and reap the profit by deception and theft of a historical crime that has already been dealt with, and while they continue to use it to justify the ongoing theft of Palestine and extermination of Palestinians.

When someone claims to be in the solidarity movement with Palestine, but then at a crucial time when the Palestinian struggle for Liberation gains momentum, engages in such blatant cover up and concealment of vital information and analysis that would enable people to better understand the core problematic issues and how to effectively deal with them, I and with me every member of the FoP and the Palestine solidarity movement, have the right to question the dubious intentions and motivations of such acts, and to evaluate the damage such people are causing to the movement, hence to Palestinians.

I would like to add a thought about the accusation of racism and anti-Semitism used as a method to silence debate. Anti-Semitism is nothing but one form of racism. Jewish supremacy is yet another form of racism. All forms of racism are vile and ought to be rejected.

An aggravating factor makes the accuser’s motives appear to be even more dubious. Indeed the false accusations of racism is inconsistent with their deafening silence about the mountain of evidence of the wide-spread existence of the ominously racist Jewish supremacist ideologies. This utter silence is a glaring attempt to deflect from the real racism about which I happen to have done extensive research during the past 2 years.

Also, I perceive the attacks as an attempt to block intellectual debate about the problem of global Jewish-Zionist networking and lobbying, which to me is very worrisome, to say the least, when coming from self proclaimed “Friends of Palestine.”

What I find really mind-boggling and hard to fathom in all this is the inconsistency with regards to racism.

On the one hand they do not hesitate to throw such a label against many honorable activists, scholars and intellectuals, in fact they label as “racist” and “fools” anyone who exposes the revolting yet well concealed Jewish supremacy, anyone who notices the effect of Jewish-Zionist networking or  who objects to their disproportionate over-representation in key positions with all what it entails of conflict of interest and promotion of the interest of a foreign entity at the detriment of the interest of their national constituency. Yet, on the other hand, mystifyingly, the same people, who without hesitation accuse us of racism, stay utterly mute about the massive, revolting and offensive racism that fills thousands of pages in the Talmud, and major Jewish religious books! And I am not talking about some fringe lunatic fundamentalists who use these always mutating texts as tools, what I am talking about is the inter-connective network of people deeply entrenched in the main centers of government, power and capital, and who are veritably driving policies, war-mongering and hate-mongering!

This sharp contrast between the fervent reaction of those disloyal activists to alleged “racism” on one hand, and on the other, their apathetic deflated reaction or lack thereof, to the sickening anti-human racism emanating from Jewish sources with its correlation with Zionists’ activities, leaves me speechless, beyond words.

Since I started exposing this racism, and over the past two years, I heard NOT ONE WORD about their outrage, opposition or willingness to expose or fight Jewish supremacist ideology, such as seen in the writing of one of the most respected, most reputable Jewish philosophers Moses Ben Maimon (also known as Maimonides).

“Maimonides’s Mishneh Torah is considered by traditionalist Jews even today as one of the chief authoritative codifications of Jewish law and ethics.” Moses Ben Maimon sees no problem with subjugating and enslaving gentiles:

“They shall be your subjects and serve you.”

“The subjugation they must accept consists of being on a lower level, scorned and humble.

They must never raise their heads against Israel, but must remain subjugated under their rule. They may never be appointed over a Jew in any matter whatsoever.”

He also talks about the right of the Jewish king to:

wage a milchemet hareshut, (war of aggression) i.e. a war fought with other nations in order to expand the borders of Israel or magnify its greatness and reputation.

These “chief authoritative codifications of Jewish law and ethics” do not see any ethical predicament with “Jewish wars” of extermination and annihilation either.

Since this notorious ideology is the unequivocal underlying animus and root cause of the Zionist aggression and occupation, and since the “facts on the ground” prove the cross-pollination between this degradation and the secular Zionist aims, including the irrefutably slow-genocidal Zionist military policies, scrutiny and criticism of this racist supremacist filth is not a matter of fringe theology, but a vital matter of totalitarian politics.

Now, where is their outrage against such blatant Jewish racism and supremacy and terrifying nihilistic ideology? Don’t they claim to be against racism wherever it comes from? Why don’t they have the guts to condemn and campaign against such racism?

Is it not ludicrous to hear them condemn instead, those who expose and vehemently oppose such racism?

Without using any commonsense they jump into the ADL bandwagon and rub shoulders with Zionists!

If someone obstinately objects to the massive control and unwelcome influence and the robbing of others rights and property, under the pretext of divine entitlement, does that person become the unreasonable “bigot” !

What kind of skewed logic is that?

This inconsistency is incomprehensible to me.

Why are they entitled to classify people and to dictate to people what they should read and what they should avoid?

Why this condescending attitude that appears to be claiming to know what is best for people and selecting their intellectual diet for them?

Why deprive people of the right to read a wide range of opinions, including my own writing, and allow them to make up their analysis, and conclusions without manipulation, repression or restraint?

In my writing I vehemently criticize racist Jewish ideology, but I never accuse all Jews of being racist, never put them -or anyone else for that matter, in one basket. Ever.

In my writing I quoted the poll that 95% of USA Jewry support Israel as a Jewish state and 90% of British Jewry believe that Israel is the ‘ancestral homeland’ of the Jewish people, and concluded that most world Jewry are supportive of the theft of Palestine.

Truth is that the majority of world Jewry insist that Jews have a right and claim to the land. Including some of our Jewish “anti-Zionist” friends under whatever pretext. Their claims are not acceptable and unjustifiable!

I have pointed out the influence of organized Jewish networks, such information is available for any serious researcher, it can be easily verified, yes it is troublesome to find such a tiny group extremely overrepresented in so many vital areas of public affairs, such as finance, media, security and policy making, more so when the interests of such a group are in conspicuous conflict with the interest of the larger group, and when this minority supports a genocidal entity that has not evolved in six decades.

Over-representation is as unfair as under-representation, and if anti-racists take it upon themselves to defend the rights of the under-represented minorities, it is of equal importance to do the same with over-representation.

Perhaps such questions of over-representation might have not surfaced had the behavior of those in question been shrouded with morality and humanity. Had they been working to establish social justice, building homes, schools and hospitals instead of destroying and polluting the planet for generations to come, and instead of law of the jungle where the super-rich eat the poor to the last bone, had they chosen cooperation instead never-ending conflict, and promoted peace and justice instead of fomenting perpetual wars.

No one should be slandered for observing and objecting to such blatant mockery of morality, equality and justice.

I do not need to focus on Christian Zionists because their ideology is almost entirely sourced from the Old-Testament which is none other than the Jewish Torah! Most authentic Christians consider the Christian Zionists as worshipers of “Israel” and of the “Jewish people” rather than God, and in that sense they share the same ideology as Jewish-Zionist supremacists, in terms of their reverence and idolization of the Jewish people as the “Chosen”, they are one and the same. Furthermore, those who occupy my land, those who drove me out of my homeland, and those who are still depriving me from going home are the Jewish Zionists.

I criticize the deafening silence of anti-Zionist Jews with regard to the racism that thrives amidst many Jewish communities. A silence which I believe will backfire one day, as they would be seen as not only complaisant but also complacent by deflecting away and concealing horrendous truths.

My criticism is motivated by concern and genuine care for good Jewish individuals that I have known and those whom I don’t know, because of what I perceive as the danger that would befall all of them if they continue to ignore the supremacist ideology, the growing influence of the adherents of this ideology and if they continue to ignore all the warning signs that point to accumulating bottled rage against such villainy, which no doubt would one day manifest itself violently as an inevitable backlash to much unsaid, yet felt, oppression and unspoken, but lived, subjugation.

I find it rather pathetic that the only defense mechanism that the accusers come up with is the smear, slander and the accusation of being a “racist” against anyone who pokes the boil exposing the pus infesting inside one of the most vile racist and supremacist ideologies thriving at the heart of some Jewish teachings as per Mishna Torah, Zohar, Tanya, and Talmud. By insisting on dismissing Jewish supremacy and Jewish-Zionist networks they only promote the most cruel and degenerative racism to be found on the planet by means of concealment and shifting attention away from the real racism that I vehemently fight and deplore.

The persons who resort to accusation, suppression, character assassination and smear campaigns very cunningly and dishonestly omit to mention that those who expose and condemn the racist concepts of “chosen-ness”, “exceptionality”, “superior morality”, “superior intelligence”, and “Jewish entitlement of world leadership” do not invent these concepts. It is not racist to expose or quote such abomination, it is not a crime to bring such Jewish-claims to the public awareness. Any honest criticism should be directed against those who believe such filth and make such revolting claims.

To those individuals who take part in such ADL style smear campaigns of accusation of racism, I say:

I accuse you of acting as a smoke screen to cover up real racism as manifested by Jewish supremacists

I accuse you of acting as protectors and gatekeepers of the global Jewish Zionist networks and lobby groups by denying their existence and effectiveness.

I accuse you of complicity by insisting to conceal planned crimes against humanity as manifested in the supremacist nihilistic Chabad ideology.

Any Solidarity Movement with Palestine should take the opinions, the interests, and the future well being of Palestinians at heart, otherwise, it speaks only for itself, not for Palestinians.

Palestinians have the right to fight for the full liberation of their country, those who are willing to march with us all the way are welcome, those who are not, may look for other more convenient and less controversial campaigns to support.

I denounce any person or group who pretends to speak in my name as a Palestinian, yet behind closed doors, they plot and whisper about how to mute Palestinian voices and curtail the spread and impact of daring Palestinian opinions.

I denounce any person or group who claims to work for Palestine, yet their actions are contrary to the legitimate interest and aspirations of Palestinian people. Allowing themselves to be used as a vehicle to secure the future of the Jewish-Zionist invaders by facilitating the permanent takeover of Palestine with the pretext of “two peoples, one future” blather or “equal rights to both sides” nonsense.

I denounce any person or group who turns a blind eye and reacts with a deafening silence to the unimaginable repulsive racism that oozes from some Jewish supremacist groups, yet instead, hysterically and shamelessly react to someone who accidentally came to discover such horrors.

Finally, I fully trust the Palestine solidarity movement to have the intellectual integrity and capacity to see through the fog of manipulation, and to have the assertiveness, the respect for their own intellect and enough open-mindedness to look at many sources of information, and that they have the courage to read for themselves and evaluate what they read independently, without having some gurus spoon-feeding them with filtered, processed, misrepresented or manipulated information.


auteur_1643Nahida Izzat is a Jerusalem-born Palestinian refugee who has lived in exile for over forty five years, after being forced to leave her homeland at the tender age of seven in 1967, during the six-day war. She has a degree in mathematics, but art is one of her favorite pastimes. She loves hand-made things and so makes dolls, cards, and most of her own clothing. She also writes poetry, participates in written dialogues and believes in building bridges, not walls.

برنارد هنري ليفي: أيّها اليهود… اِحذروا ترامب!

يناير 28, 2017

ترجمة: ليلى زيدان عبد الخالق

نشرت صحيفة «نيويورك تايمز» الأميركية تقريراً لـ«غُراب الثورات»، اليهوديّ برنارد هنري ليفي جاء فيه:

منذ أسابيع قليلة فقط، كان يهود الولايات المتحدة الأميركية و«إسرائيل» يشعرون بأنهم تعرّضوا للخيانة من قِبل باراك أوباما. وذلك بسبب السماح لمجلس الأمن التابع للأمم المتحدة بتمرير قرار يدين الاستيطان «الإسرائيلي»، والذي سمح الرئيس المنتهية ولايته بإقراره على حساب اليهود أنفسهم. غير أنّ الخطر الذي يواجه يهود «إسرائيل» والولايات المتحدة اليوم، وكذلك اليهود في بلدان أخرى، لا بدّ لهم أن يحملوه لفترة طويلة من الآن، إذ يبدو أنهم سيتعوّدون على تلقّي الخيانة في المستقبل، وهذه المرّة من الرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب.

يمكن لأحدهم الاعتراض على هذا الحكم المسبق على ترامب، الذي قدّم إلى الآن أدلّة وافرة على حُسن نيّته. فعلى سبيل المثال، عندما عمد إلى تسمية أحد أصدقاء «إسرائيل» للعمل كسفير، واعداً بنقل السفارة من «تل أبيب» إلى القدس، مستعيناً بصره زوج ابنته، جلريد كوشنر، اليهودي الأرثوذوكسي، و«حفيد ناجٍ من المحرقة»، لتقديم المشورة له في شأن سير علمية السلام في البيت الأبيض. ألا تشكل هذه خطوات حاسمة تدعو إلى طمأنة اليهود الذين يؤيدون «إسرائيل»؟ نعم ولا.

هناك قانون يحكم العلاقات بين اليهود وباقي العالم. وقد شُكّل هذا القانون أثناء محاكمة أدولف إيخمان، وذلك حين انتقد المفكّر اليهودي العظيم غيرشوم شوليم، حنة أرندت واتّهمها بالتقصير في مساندة الشعب «الإسرائيلي» ـ مُظهرةً حبّاً غير كافٍ للشعب اليهودي. هو عينه الحبّ المطلوب من الرئيس الأميركي للتعاطي مع قضايا «إسرائيل».

في مثل هذه الظروف، وعلى عكس تلك التي تتوافر في الظروف الحياتية الاعتيادية، يؤكد هذا القانون أن التظاهرات الودّية أو السلمية ـ وللمفارقة ـ لا تُؤتي بالكثير. وتحدّد أيضاً من أن التفاتات الصداقة، حين لا تنبع من أعماق القلب لا تُبنى على حبّ صادق وخالص ـ ولهذا، أخيراً، واستناداً إلى معرفة حقيقية للحبّ ـ تتحوّل التفاتات الحبّ هذه إلى نقيضها ـ في نهاية المطاف.

ولتوضيح المغزى أكثر فأكثر، نحن لا نستطيع أن نحكم ما إذا كانت سلسلة الإشارات التي أطلقها ترامب ناحية «إسرائيل»، ستكون لها تبعات شريرة سواء على المديين القصير أو البعيد.

وقد تعتبر هذه الإشارات، على سبيل المثال، تعزيزاً لهامش قُصر النظر، وبالتالي، قد تشكّل بعداً انتحارياً في السياسة «الإسرائيلية». قد يرسلون إشارة خاطئة إلى أولئك الذي سيُظهرون سعادة كبيرة عند رؤية الولايات المتحدة تعكس النموذج أحاديّ القرارات غير القابلة للنقاش، وبالتالي، فتح الآفاق للقوى الأخرى كي تعرض بطولاتها. وقد يتبدّى ذلك في الولايات المتحدة على شكل احتضان فائق لليهود المؤيّدين لـ«إسرائيل»، ضدّ الرئاسات المتقلّبة ومنها واحدٌ على الأقلّ غيّر رأيه وفقاً لمصالح صفقاته الشخصية ، أحد هؤلاء الرؤساء الذين لا يتمتعون بشعبية كبيرة بين الأميركيين، بسبب دعمه المتراجع للقضايا «الإسرائيلية»، التي يمكن أن تشكّل خطراً على إجماع الحزبين الجمهوري والديمقراطي، التي قدّمت الكثير من الدعم والتأييد لـ«إسرائيل» على مدى عقود من الزمن.

لا يمكنني الادّعاء بأنني أدرك ما يجول في خاطر دونالد ترامب أو حتى في كيفية تحرّك عواطف قلبه في ما يتعلّق بالالتزام الصادق مع الدولة اليهودية. لكن، من المؤكد أننا نستطيع الاستدلال على مثل هذه المؤشرات بالعودة إلى سنوات عدّة مضت.

وأحدها يعود إلى جون أودونيل، وهو الرئيس التنفيذي السابق لكازينو آتلانتا سيتي الذي يملكه ترامب، الذي ذكر في كتابه الصادر عام 1991 بعنوان «Trumped» قول ترامب نفسه: «أفضل الناس الذين أودّ أن أحصي أموالي معهم كلّ يوم هم أولئك اليهود الذي يرتدون القلنسوات القصيرة». وفي الآونة الأخيرة، برزت عبر «تويتر»، عاصفة من التغريدات اليائسة، لإثبات أنه الأكثر ذكاءً والأكثر قدرة على المراوغة حتى مع جون ستيوارت نفسه.

ثمّ، وفي غمرة انغماسه بحملته الانتخابية، كان هناك لقاءٌ حيث توجه ترامب إلى المانحين من أعضاء الائتلاف الجمهوري اليهودي: «إنّي أدرك جيداً، لمَ لن تقوموا بدعمي! فقط لأنني لا أريد مالكم». وتدلّل هذه العبارات على احتقار معيّن، على أقلّ تقدير. وإذا ما أردنا أن نكون أكثر دقةً، فإن هذه المجموعة تعكس ازدراءً معيّناً، ويمكن تفسير ذلك ـ وفقاً لفرويد ـ على أنه أحد ميكانزمات الدفاع الاستباقية للأنا، ضدّ ازدراء مفترض من الطرف الآخر. بغضّ النظر عمّا إذا كان هذا الازدراء حقيقيّاً أو متخيّلاً.

وسواء كان جون ستيوارت أو الجهات اليهودية المانحة تزدري هذا المهرّج ذا الشعر اللامع، وكذلك أمواله، وممتلكاته بما فيها برج ترامب الشهير، فمن الواضح أن المسألة غير مرتبطة بكلّ هذا. فالأمر الأساس الذي يعتقد ترامب أنهم سيقومون به، يرتبط في نظرته الكاريكاتورية لليهود، بحسب ما ذكرت «نيويورك تايمز»، من أنه رجل استعراضيّ بامتياز، فضلاً عن أنه مبتذل.

إن هذا لمثالٌ رائع للدفاع عن النفس من الازدراء المفترض الذي لطالما أظهره حيال معاداة السامية، ومع بروز اليهود مرّة أخرى، كممثلين لنخبة كبيرة تعمل ضدّه وأحياناً تؤيده، نراه الآن في موقع السلطة والقوّة، ويسعى ببساطة إلى الانتقام.

يذكّرني هذا بإحدى قصص التلمود التي تفسّر هذا السياق المنطقي خير تفسير.

إنها تلك القصة ـ جزءٌ من التاريخ المنقّح للحاخام اليهودي ناسيا إحدى شخصيات الفكر اليهودي في القرن الثالث ميلادي. أدار هذا الحاخام مدرسةً، كان يمرّ بها يومياً أحد الشبان من مربّي الخنازير. ولم يوفّر تلاميذ هذه المدرسة الأذكياء المليئة رؤوسهم بالعلم والمعرفة، هذا الشاب الراعي وأصرّوا دوماً على التندّر على حاله والسخرية منها.

وبعد مرور سنوات عدّة، استُدعي هذا الحاخام إلى مدينة بعيدة تحت حكم القيصر، وذلك للمثول أمام القيصر الروماني ديوكلتيانوس. يبدو أن هذا القيصر كان شديد التقدير لضيفه. فقد أرسل إليه أحد أهمّ سفرائه آمراً بتوفير حمّام فاخر لضيفه لتطهير نفسه بعد رحلته الطويلة المرهقة.

غير أن ديوكلتيانوس أرسل سفيره أيضاً يوم الجمعة، ليطلب من الحاخام السفر نهار السبت منتهكاً بذلك أهم الوصايا عند اليهود، كما أمر القيصر بتسخين الماء حتى درجة الغليان كي يحترق الحاخام من شدّة حرارتها، لكن ملاكاً أنقذه في اللحظة الأخيرة بعدما عمل على تبريد المياه.

وعندما مثل الحاخام أمام الإمبراطور ديوكلتيانوس، تعرّف إلى راعي الماشية السابق الذي قال له: «هل تعتقد أنه بإمكانك ازدراء الإمبراطور، لمجرّد أن ربّك يستطيع القيام بالمعجزات؟».

تعمّدتُ ذكر هذه القصة لأنها توفر استعارة جيدة للغرب في الوقت الحالي، حيث الحال الآن، كما كان في روما في العصر القديم، انتصارٌ للعدمية حيث يمكن لأيّ كان، حتى مربّي الخنازير أن يصبح إمبراطوراً.

إنه لمثالٌ جيد، أيضاً، على الحكمة اليهودية التي تستجيب للوضع وفقاً للتالي: «كان لدينا ازدراءٌ واضح لديوكلتيانوس، راعي الخنازير، كما أننا مستعدّون الآن لتقديم كلّ التبجيل والتقدير لهذا الراعي ـ الإمبراطور، الذي وكما فعل شاوول، قبل أن يصير ملكاً، كان سائساً للحمير ـ فأصابته النبوّة، وارتفع في منصبه وأصبح رجلاً جديداً».

وفوق هذا كلّه، إنها أسطورة جيدة، ترمز إلى التفاضل بين حدّين، أو إذا صحّ التعبير، إلى التفاح المسموم من ناحية، والمقدّم من قبل الراعي المُهان، والتوّاق إلى الانتقام، كما برز عند جون ستيوارت وزملائه اليهود، الذين يظهرون أذكى ممّا نعتقد. وفي مواجهة هذه الحالة، ما من شيء ـ بالنسبة إليّ ـ يستحقّ الاهتمام أكثر من قدرتنا على الحفاظ على قدرٍ من المسافة.

وكغيرهم من المواطنين الأميركيين، فعلى اليهود احترام الرئيس المنتخب كما ينصّ على ذلك الدستور. غير أنه من الضروري ألا يقعوا ـ في نهاية المطاف ـ في فخّ الاعتقاد بأن هذا يتعارض مع الفضيلة التي هي وَسَطٌ بين طرفين. عليهم ألّا ينسوا أبداً أنه مهما كان عدد المرّات التي يعلن فيها ترامب عن حبّه وولائه لـ«إسرائيل»، من بنيامين نتنياهو أو أيّ أحد غيره، سيبقى ترامب ذلك الراعي السيّئ الذي يحترم القوّة فقط، والمال والقصور الفاخرة، بينما لا يلقي بالاً للمعجزات، أو حتى لإمكانية دراسة نموّ القطاع الاستخباري في ضوء التقاليد اليهودية.

أخيراً، عليهم أيضاً أن يدركوا جيداً، أنه في مثل هذه الفترة، التي وُصفت بالشعبوية، بسبب عدم القدرة على صوغ مصطلح أفضل، إبان فترة الانتخابات الأميركية، لا تجسّد سوى أعراض إنما على مقاسات كبيرة في وقت يُهاجَم الفكر من كلّ حدب وصوب، لتزدهر الأكاذيب المتغطرسة المشوبة بالثقة بالنفس، بشكل لم يسبق له مثيل. وفي ظلّ هذه الثقافة السياسية الجديدة المهيمنة حالياً على كوكبنا، يتقدّم أحد الأثرياء الأميركيين من أحد أبناء عمومته ـ أي الأقلية الروسية ـ يتقدّم رعاة الخنازير بتوجيه صفعة مدوية غير خجلة أو آبهة بشيء، بل مهدّمة للقصور الإمبراطورية، لن يبقى لـ«الأمة اليهودية» أيّ دور يمكنها أن تلعبه.

وفي سبيل التحالف مع هذا النوع من «الشعبوية»، ستكون دعوة إلى خيانة «إسرائيل».

إن الاستسلام لديوكلتيانوس يشكّل في حدّ ذاته خيانةً للذات.

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In the meantime, in the “only democracy in the Middle-East”…

January 21, 2017

Daily life in the “Jewish state of Israel with its eternal capital Jerusalem”, life goes on.  Or does it?  You tell me.

Sweeping House Demolitions: ‘A Declaration of War Against the Arab Community’

January 17, 2017 4:06 AM

Palestinians protest the demolition of eleven homes in Qalansuwa by taking to the streets and launching a general strike.

Alternative Information Center (AIC), Beit Sahour

Leaders of the Palestinian community in present-day Israel announced a general strike as hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets in protest of the demolition of 11 houses in the town of Qalansuwa.

The strike was observed in Nazareth, Umm al-Fahm, Haifa as well as Qalansuwa.

The Joint List, a coalition of primarily Palestinian parties that is the third largest bloc in the Israeli Knesset, condemned the demolitions.“The act of demolishing 11 houses, whose owners built on their private lands in Qalansuwa, is an unprecedented crime and a declaration of war against the residents of Qalansuwa and against the Arab community in Israel,” the party said in a statement. “The Arab public will not stand idle by this policy and will defend the right to fair and safe housing.”

Joint List MK Dr. Yousef Jabareen added:

“The source of this issue lies in the institutional, planning, and legal barriers forcing the Arab citizens to build without a permit as a last resort to ensure a basic right of shelter. It is inhuman and immoral to push the Arab citizens into choosing between two terrible decisions: either remain homeless or build without a formal permit.”

Joint List MK Jamal Zahalka said, in reference to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “We suggested negotiation to solve the problem of unlicensed houses, but the government sent bulldozers to demolish them, leaving us no choice but to defend our homes.”

Another demonstration is planned for Friday in Qalansuwa. Protestors will gather at the Rabat Mosque and march in the direction of the demolished homes.

The High Follow-Up Committee for Arabs in Israel is planning further actions to upset Israel’s discriminatory city planning regime in coordination with the mayor of Qalansuwa and Joint List MKs.

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