Palestinian Resistance Showers ’Israeli’ Settlements with Missiles in Response to Earlier Attacks

30-05-2018 | 09:06

In response to the Zionist forces’ targeting of Palestinian resistance sites in the Gaza Strip, as well as the “Israeli” crimes against Great March Return protesters, and maintaining a new equilibrium of horror, the Palestinian resistance factions fired several missiles on Zionist settlements surrounding Gaza, in which at least 6 Zionist soldiers were injured in the Eshkol settlement.

In this respect, Yedioth Ahronoth’s website reported that several missiles were hit towards the settlements based in the north of Gaza Strip, some of which landed in Ashkelon and other areas.

Meanwhile, the Zionist occupation army urged settlers based on the coastal area of Zikim’s settlement to immediately evacuate it due to the lack of safe rooms in the place, urging all settlers in the surrounding area to stay in safe places.

Relatively, the Zionist army confessed that new missiles hit the Gaza Envelope settlements claiming that some of them were intercepted.

In parallel, electricity went off in those settlements, and sirens were activated some 50 times since Tuesday morning in the Gaza Envelope.

Earlier, the Zionist military targeted dozens of bases belonging to Palestinian resistance movements inside the Gaza Strip, with the “Israeli” army spokesperson alleging that some 30 targets in Gaza have been bombed, including an “offensive tunnel” in Karm BouSalem Area.

Gaza’s Ministry of Education, meanwhile, confirmed that an official school was bombed while students were performing their high school tests.

For its part, Hamas resistance movement issued a statement stressing that the resistance’s action is a natural right to defend our people and respond to the Zionist killings and intended assassinations of resistance fighters in Rafah and north of the Gaza Strip.
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The Debate – Israel’s war crimes

«Israeli» Top Court «Gives Green Light» to Use of Live Fire in Gaza

26-05-2018 | 11:27

The “Israeli” entity’s so-called “Supreme Court” has unanimously rejected two petitions brought by human rights groups demanding the entity’s army to stop using snipers and live ammunition against unarmed Palestinian protests in the Gaza Strip.

"Israeli" soldiers

The panel of three justices on Thursday sided with the “Israeli” military, which argued that the protesters constituted a real danger to “Israeli” soldiers and settlers.

The “Israeli” entity maintains its forces use of live fire at demonstrators in the Gaza Strip.

The court’s ruling gave the entity “a green light to its continued use of snipers and live fire against Palestinian protesters”, Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in the “Israeli” entity and al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, which filed one of the petitions, said in a statement on Friday.

“The ‘Israeli’ Supreme Court completely ignored the broad factual basis presented to it by the petitioners, which includes multiple testimonies of wounded and reports of international organizations involved in documenting the killing and wounding of unarmed protesters in Gaza”.

The human rights groups said the court “refused to watch video clips documenting ‘Israeli’ shootings of demonstrators and, rather than actually examining the case, fully accepted the claims presented to it by the state.

“The extreme nature of the ruling is also highlighted by the striking absence of any mention of the casualty figures that had been presented to the court”.

Yesh Din, one of the “Israeli” groups that brought the other petition, also criticized the court’s decision.

“The judges missed an opportunity to prevent the continuation of the killing and injuries,” it said on Twitter.

Since the protests began, “Israeli” forces had martyred at least 113 Palestinians, including women and children, and wounded more than 12,000 people.

At least 3,569 Palestinians were victims of live ammunition, including, doctors, paramedics, journalists, women, children and the elderly.

UN rights experts denounced the entity for using a “disproportionate use of force”, while Amnesty International called it a “horror” that violated international law.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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Gaza and Palestine 101 for Americans

Gaza and Palestine 101 for Americans – Chris Kanthan

One should ask, “Why are Palestinians protesting?” before cheering for their death in Gaza. Blaming Hamas is a talking point that hides many facts and realities. In the last two days, 65 Palestinians have been shot to death and 2000+ have been shot or otherwise wounded – including 200 doctors and nurses and a couple of journalists – by Israeli snipers. Number of Israelis injured? ZERO!

The general narrative of Israel’s propaganda is: “We shoot only Hamas terrorists who are rushing our fence to kill us all. Our action is self defense!” However, there are videos like this one where one can clearly see Israeli snipers shoot an unarmed old man who is just waving a flag. Then, seconds later, the snipers also shoot a doctor (dressed in bright, distinct clothes) who rushes to assist that victim.

Gaza protestors shot


These people are inside Gaza, they are far away from the “Israeli border”, and they present no danger to Israeli citizens. Shooting in such scenarios is undoubtedly an international war crime.

Double Standard

Let’s recognize the hypocrisy. If a similar situation had occurred in Iran, the US government and the media would cry crocodile tears and turn it into a spectacle. When 20 violent protesters were killed in Libya (after the mob burned down government buildings and killed some cops), the US and EU passed UN resolutions to bomb Libya. In Syria, as soon as some Al Qaeda protesters died, Obama said, “Assad must go!” and imposed sanctions and then flooded the country with mercenaries. In Ukraine, when the violent Neo-Nazis attacked the police, US/EU firmly told the Ukrainian president that he shouldn’t retaliate! In Russia, whenever protesters simply get arrested, the media cries a gallon of fake tears.

But, in Palestine, protesters’ lives have no value!

Palestine Overview

Most Americans don’t understand how the everyday life of an average Palestinian is constantly and violently disrupted by Israel.

Palestinians are forced to live in two areas – West Bank & Gaza. It’s almost impossible to go from one to another. Israel controls the borders.

Gaza is the largest open air prison in the world. It’s surrounded by giant fences/walls. Conservatives in the USA (many of whom are cheering the killing of Palestinians) cherish the Second Amendment to protect themselves from a tyrannical government who may put them in a FEMA camp … which is ironically what Gaza is!

Palestine fence


Life in the West Bank is miserable because the Israeli military are right there every day and everywhere. Every day, Palestinian children and adults have to go through all kinds of checkpoints and searches and harassment.

IDF palestinian children 2


Palestinians are literally under a military occupation. There are hundreds of Israeli-controlled checkpoints in Palestine. Every checkpoint may take an hour or more to go through. Imagine going to work or college and spending 2-3 hours every day in frustrating and dehumanizing checkpoints!

Palestine check points


There are no basic rights – like our Bill of Rights – for Palestinians under Israeli occupation. It’s a totalitarian nightmare. Even boys and girls in Palestine are treated like adult terrorists.

IDF Palestinian children


The apartheid nature of the state of Israel is unmistakable. Can you identify below which road is for Israelis and which one is for Palestinians?

Palestine border fence


Israeli military can and do barge into homes at the middle of the night, wake up people, harass, arrest, overturn furniture and literally do whatever they want.

IDF Palestinian homes


Israeli Settlers

Israel keeps expanding, stealing Palestinian land and building new towns. The Jewish colonizers come into an area, destroy Palestinian homes and kick people out. While the Palestinians cannot retaliate, the settlers can beat up or even shoot at the Palestinians. Settlers are rarely prosecuted even when they commit heinous crimes.

Israeli colonizers


Why Throw Stones?

Many Americans ask, “Why do Palestinians throw rocks?” Well, why does this kid throw a rock at a tank?

Palestinan child stone tank


Logically it makes no sense, but it shows how much frustration and hopelessness Palestinians suffer from. Palestinians throwing stones is mostly symbolic and probably therapeutic, from a psychological perspective.

Look at this guy below who lost both his legs when Israel bombed Gaza in 2008. A few days ago, he was shot to death by Israeli snipers. His name was Fadi Abu Saleh. He knew he couldn’t hurt a single Israeli with his sling, but he had to fight somehow. He preferred dying with dignity while fighting against oppression.

Palestinian man slingshot


In most situations in Gaza, the protesters are far away – perhaps 200-500 yards – from the Israeli soldiers, and are just throwing stuff in an open tract of land. Look at the pictures where the protesters were shot to death. There are no Israelis or even any Israeli buildings or roads as far as the eye can see:

Gaza protestors tear gas


Israel puts Palestinians in an open prison and then:

– controls all the resources of the people inside

– deprives them of basic liberty and freedom

– bombs them once in a while, even using chemical weapons like white phosphorus

– and then shoots them to death if they protest.

That’s Gaza.

Israel white phosphorus


Finally, here’s a picture of disappearing Palestine since the 1940’s. It’s basically genocide and ethnic cleansing in slow motion.

Palestine loss of land


Israel doesn’t want peace. Because, if you have peace and defined borders, Israel has to stop expanding. So the only Machiavellian solution is to keep the fight going on. Do you see? If you have an enemy, you can keep killing them and grabbing land/resources from them, which will be “totally justified”. And thus the tragedy continues.


Chris Kanthan (Profile)

Chris Kanthan is the author of a new book, Deconstructing the Syrian war.. Chris lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has traveled to 35 countries, and writes about world affairs, politics, economy and health. His other book is Deconstructing Monsanto.. Follow him on Twitter: @GMOChannel


South Front


Russian Defense Ministry Reveals New Details About Israeli Strikes On Syria

The Syrian military’s Pantsir-S system

On May 10, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced in an official statement that 23 warplanes of the Israeli Air Force had launched more than 60 missiles at positions of the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SAADF) and Iranian forces in Damascus governorate and southern Syria. According to the statement, the Israeli Army also launched more than 10 ground to ground tactical missiles during the attack.

The Russian military added that the SAADF had shot down more than a half of the Israel missiles launched at Syria on the early morning of May 10. The ministry added that it is currently investigating the results of the Israeli strike.

The Israel strike, that lasted for two hours, was a response to a rocket attack from Syria that targeted ten military positions of the Israeli Army in the Golan Heights. Israel accused the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of carrying out the attack and held Syria a part of the responsibility.

From its side, the General Command of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) said in an official statement that the SAADF had shot down “a big part” of the Israeli missiles. The SAA also revealed that three of its officers were killed and two others were injured in the Israeli response.

“The Army’s confronting of another Israeli aggression affirms all over again the alertness of the Army and readiness to defend sovereignty of the homeland against any aggression,” the SAA General Command said in its official statement, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

Despite the Israeli accusations, the SAA and the IRGC have not claimed responsibility for the rocket attack on the Israeli Army yet. According to local observers, this could be a political maneuver by Syria and Iran in order to avoid further escalation in Syria.

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Friday of Palestine’s Workers: ’Israeli’ Raids Injure 431 Palestinians in Gaza

Local Editor

The Palestinian Health Minister Ashraf Al-Qidra announced that 431 Palestinians were injured in the sixth round of ‘March of Return’ protests in Gaza Strip on Friday.

In this Friday march, dubbed the “Friday of Palestine’s Workers”, sixty-nine of the injured including 36 kids and 11 women were transported to hospitals, three of them are in serious conditions, Al-Qidra was quoted by Palestinian media as saying. 

Forty-five Palestinians have so far been martyred and over 3,000 others were injured in Great Return March protests.

The Palestinian rally will last until May 15, which coincides with the 70th anniversary of Nakba Day [Catastrophe], when the Zionist entity was created.

Every year on May 15, Palestinians all over the world hold demonstrations to commemorate the day, which marks the anniversary of the forcible eviction of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian landowners from their homes by Zionist occupiers in 1948.
Since 1948, the occupation regime has denied Palestinian refugees the right to return, despite UN resolutions and international law that uphold people’s right to return to their homelands.The ‘Israeli’ forces occupied the West Bank, East al-Quds and parts of Syria’s Golan Heights during the Six-Day War in 1967. It later annexed East al-Quds in a move not recognized by the international community.

The Zionist entity is required to withdraw from all the territories seized in the war under UN Security Council Resolution 242, adopted months after the Six-Day War, in November 1967, but the Tel Aviv regime has defied that piece of international law ever since.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team



‘Partners in crime’: israel settlers (jewish terrorists) and soldiers attack Palestinians in West Bank village

‘Partners in crime’: Israel settlers and soldiers attack Palestinians in West Bank village

MEMO | May 4, 2018

Israeli settlers attacked Palestinians in the West Bank village of ‘Einabus with the assistance of Israeli soldiers, according to a new report by human rights NGO B’Tselem.

On the morning of 6 March, two Palestinians – ‘Ahed Hamad and Yasser Hamad – went to the northern part of the village to pave a road intended to help residents access their farmland.

Shortly after they began work, some 30 Israeli settlers, “some of them masked”, arrived from the direction of the notorious Yitzhar settlement, located some four kilometres away.

“The settlers surrounded the bulldozer and began throwing stones at it, breaking the windshield,” stated B’Tselem. “The two men tried to escape, but some of the settlers pursued them, throwing stones and hitting them, until they managed to escape into the village.”

“The settlers who remained near the bulldozer threw stones and sticks at it and slashed its tyres.”

Some 50 village residents then went to protect their lands, after which “the settlers returned in larger numbers, accompanied by soldiers”.

Settlers and Palestinian residents “threw stones at each other”, while Israeli occupation forces “fired live bullets, rubber-coated metal bullets and teargas” at the Palestinians. Six Palestinians were injured, of whom four were taken to hospital.

According to B’Tselem: “This incident is not unusual: settlers have attacked Palestinians in the presence of soldiers hundreds of times, with the soldiers sometimes – as in the present case – joining in the assault.”

Israel effectively condones this conduct and reaps the benefits: the Palestinian residents, who know they face a possible attack with no protection at any given time, hold back from going to their farmland – to tend the land or graze flocks – and this makes it easier for the state to take over the land.

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