Palestinian Prisoners Announce Hunger Strike in Ofer

January 22, 2019

Ofer crackdown

Palestinian prisoners at Ofer detention center announced on Tuesday they were going on an open-ended hunger strike a day after IOF carried out a fierce crackdown on the prison cells, injuring about 100 Palestinian prisoners.

Prisoners’ committee of the of Islamic and National Powers in Gaza said that many prisoners are the victims of Israeli attacks and medical negligence in prisons.

“These Israeli attacks against the Palestinian prisoners won’t break the Palestinian prisoners’ will and persistence,” the committee stated.

The committee also warned of a Palestinian Intifada (uprising) across the Israeli prisons due to the aggressive policies committed by the Israeli Prison Service.

It also revealed that the first step to be followed in the prisoners’ combat program in Ofer is returning back meals, noting that more steps “are yet to come.”

For his part, Hamas lawmaker, Moshir al-Masri commented on the latest developments.

“If the occupation declared a war on prisoners, we’ll declare a war from our side,” al-Masri said.

Source: Palestinian media

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israeli (apartheid state) Criminality, Hubris in Syria Invites Catastrophe

Israeli Criminality, Hubris in Syria Invites Catastrophe

Israeli Criminality, Hubris in Syria Invites Catastrophe

By Finian CUNNINGHAM | Strategic Culture Foundation | 22.01.2019

Israeli forces have shifted from a doctrine of “war by stealth” to openly declared aggression on its northern neighbor Syria. For two straight days, the Israelis bombarded Syria’s capital Damascus and its environs with dozens of air-launched cruise missiles. Many of the projectiles were reportedly intercepted by Russian-supplied air defense systems.

Nevertheless the Israeli blitzkrieg resulted in at least four Syrian military personnel being killed and damage to the civilian international airport near Damascus. That amounts to an outrageous war crime, as have countless air strikes carried out previously by Israel on Syria. Shamefully, the United Nations and Western governments maintain a hypocritical silence, while slapping sanctions on Syria, Russia and Iran over various alleged “transgressions”.

But what’s remarkable about the latest Israeli aggression is the public acknowledgement by the government in Tel Aviv. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while on an African tour at the weekend, openly acknowledged the Israeli air strikes, as did the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

“We have a set policy, to target the Iranian entrenchment in Syria, and to harm whoever tried to harm us,” said Netanyahu on a visit to Chad.

In a statement, the IDF said: “We have started striking Iranian Quds [Revolutionary Guards] targets in Syrian territory. We warn the Syrian Armed Forces against attempting to harm Israeli forces or territory.”

Earlier this month, Netanyahu bragged to his cabinet members in televised comments about the “success” of repeated air strikes on Syria purportedly against Iranian targets.

That was also around the same time the outgoing IDF chief Gadi Eisenkot boasted to Western media about “running a bombing campaign” against Syria with “thousands of strikes” over recent years on an almost daily basis.

One of those air strikes last September resulted in the death of 15 Russian aircrew when their IL-20 surveillance plane was mistakenly shot down by Syrian air defenses in what appeared to be a deliberate aerial trap set up by Israeli fighter jets. The incident sparked outrage in Moscow which then promptly delivered upgraded S-300 air defense systems to Syria. Those air defense systems may account for the successful interception of dozens of Israeli missiles in the latest barrage.

This change in Israeli policy from habitually issuing “no comment” responses after air strikes are reported in Syria to one where senior government figures are publicly exulting in the conduct of attacks is an extraordinary development.

Some observers have pointed out that it could be Netanyahu engaging in electioneering. He is seeking re-election in April and so may be playing the “tough guy” image to bolster his national security credentials among voters.

That may partly be the calculus. But there does appear also to be a bigger shift going in Israeli military strategy towards Syria and Iran.

No doubt the announced withdrawal of US troops from Syria by President Trump has thrown the various regional players into flux. Russia has emerged as the dominant military force in Syria and possibly the wider region due to its masterstroke of intervening in Syria to thwart the country’s foreign enemies waging their regime-change operation.

Of course, the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad has emerged too with renewed confidence and respect in the region for its formidable defense. Syria’s allies Iran and Hezbollah have also gained immense kudos in helping the Arab country defeat the US-NATO-Israeli-Saudi axis and their terrorist proxy army.

Israeli paranoia over Iranian military presence in neighboring Syria has seen the Israelis lobbying Moscow to put limits on Iranian forces. Last month, Russian military officials were reportedly in Israel for discussions with Israeli counterparts. It is believed part of those talks – described as “tense” – were appeals by the Israelis to Russia to give guarantees about what they called “Iranian expansionism”. It appears that Moscow was not obliging.

In this context of flux, it seems that Israel is trying to desperately assert its influence over political and military developments in Syria that are viewed by the Israelis as negative. In trying to salvage its interests in the failed covert war for regime change in Syria, the Israelis are openly adopting criminal aggression with a hubris that is out of control.

The public admission of daily air strikes by Israeli leaders on Syria is an admission of war crimes. The strikes are wanton aggression and violation of international law. They can be in no way justified as “defensive” against “threats”.

Iranian and Hezbollah forces are in Syria legally at the request of the Damascus government, as are Russian military. Just because the Israelis have a paranoid obsession about Iran and Hezbollah does not give them any legal grounds to launch air strikes on Syria.

In the latest escalation it is openly admitted by the Israelis that they launched the missiles first. On Sunday morning, Israel attacked Damascus and southern Syria supposedly against “Iranian targets”.

Later, on Sunday afternoon, the Iranian forces fired a medium-range rocket from near Damascus aimed for Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israel’s Iron Dome air defense reportedly intercepted it successfully with no casualties among Israeli tourist skiers on the holiday resort slopes of Mount Hermon.

Then in the early hours of Monday, the Israelis launched more cruise missiles on Damascus. Syrian air defenses were warned by the Israeli’s to “hold fire”. When the Syrian air defense neutralized many of the incoming warheads, the Israelis turned around to target the Syrian army. Four Syrian military personnel were reportedly killed.

Evidently, even according to Israeli official accounts, it is the Israelis who are engaging in unwarranted first strikes. Their supposed “retaliation” to the Iran rocket on the Golan Heights is an oxymoron. Even more absurd, the Syrians are warned not to activate air defense systems while their country is being attacked. When Syria defends itself, its troops are then killed by enemy air strikes.

And let’s not forget, the Golan Heights are internationally recognized as Syrian territory which Israel annexed and has been illegally occupying since the 1967 Six Day War. Again, the Western hypocrisy is exposed with no sanctions on Israel, but Russia is being sanctioned for allegedly annexing Crimea in 2014.

Iran’s air force commander responded to the latest events, saying his nation was “ready for a war that will destroy the state of Israel”. Such a war could drag in the US and Russia – and lead to nuclear weapons being deployed. The Israeli regime with its 200-300 nuclear warheads is certainly criminally arrogant enough.

Israel’s reckless flouting of international law and its taunting of enemies may be just the kind of hubris that precedes a catastrophic fall.

Syria threatens to ‘strike Tel Aviv airport’ unless UNSC acts against israel’s (apartheid state) impunity

Syria threatens to ‘strike Tel Aviv airport’ unless UNSC acts against Israel’s impunity

RT | January 23, 2019

Syria threatens to ‘strike Tel Aviv airport’ unless UNSC acts against Israel’s impunity

Damascus has threatened to exercise its legitimate right for self-defense against Israeli aggression and target Tel Aviv airport in a mirror response, unless the Security Council puts an end to IDF intrusions into Syrian airspace.

Apparently fed up with years of Israeli impunity in the Syrian skies and regular strikes carried out in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, Syria has threatened to retaliate in explicit terms.

“Isn’t time now for the UN Security Council to stop the Israeli repeated aggressions on the Syrian Arab Republic territories?” Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari wondered Tuesday.

“Or is it required to draw the attention of the war-makers in this Council by exercising our legitimate right to defend ourself and respond to the Israeli aggression on Damascus International Civil Airport in the same way on Tel Aviv Airport?”

Air strikes against alleged ‘Iranian targets’ in close proximity to Syria’s busiest airport have become a norm for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), whose former chief of staff openly confessed last month to running a large-scale bombing campaign in Syria for years. Besides causing casualties and material damage by their “near-daily” strikes, Israeli combat missions into Syria have also repeatedly endangered flights operating over the conflict-torn country.

While the IDF rarely acknowledges striking specific targets in Syria, the Russian military has been keeping a close watch on IDF maneuvers over the Arab Republic. On Christmas Day, Israeli jets endangered two civilian aircraft while engaging targets in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said, noting that the IDF F-16s flew in as civilian jets were landing at Beirut and Damascus airports. In September, Israeli actions resulted in the death of 15 Russian servicemen after Israeli jets deliberately used Russian Il-20 recon plane as a cover and placed it into the path of a Syrian air defense missile.

Urging the UN Security Council to adopt measures to stop such blatant violations of Syrian sovereignty by the Jewish state, Jaafari accused France, Britain and the US – all permanent members of the world body – of endorsing Israeli aggression in breach of their responsibility to “maintain international peace and security in accordance with international law.”

Placing little faith into Western intentions to bring long-awaited peace to the country, the diplomat noted that Syria plans to restore full sovereignty over its lost territories, including the Golan Heights, which Israel continues to occupy.

“The restoration sovereignty of the occupied Syrian Golan is a permanent right of Syria that [is] not subject to negotiations,” Jafari stressed.

Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Six-Day War. While Tel Aviv refrained from extending sovereignty over the Golan for over a decade, in 1981 the Jewish state annexed the area. The Druze of the Golan were offered full Israeli citizenship under the Golan Heights Law of 1981, but only a small minority changed their allegiance from Syria to Israel. Syria repeatedly reiterated that the occupied land is an integral part of its territory, and that it will work to return it by all means necessary. Tel Aviv sees things differently.

“Israel will remain forever on the Golan Heights, and the Golan Heights will forever remain in our hands,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in November, after the US become the only state to vote alongside Israel against a symbolic, non-binding UN resolution calling on Tel Aviv to withdraw from the occupied region.

Israeli Aggression on Syria Part of Attempts to Prolong Crisis: Foreign Ministry

Syria Foreign Ministry

 January 21, 2019

The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Monday that the Israeli aggression carried out at dawn on Damascus and its Countryside is an attempt to prolong the crisis in Syria and the terrorist war on it.

In two identical letters sent to the UN Secretary General and Head of the Security Council, the Ministry said this aggression attempts to raise the morale of the remaining terrorist hotbeds that are subservient to the Israeli occupation, in addition to being an attempt by the occupation authorities to avoid their escalating internal problems.

“Syria affirms that Israel’s persistence in its dangerous aggressive behavior wouldn’t be possible without the unlimited support of the US administration and the immunity provided to it by the US and other Security Council member states,” the letter stated.

The Ministry reiterated calls for the Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities as per the UN Charter and take immediate and decisive steps to prevent Israeli attacks from reoccurring, to force Israel to respect resolutions on disengagement, and to hold it accountable for its crimes against the Syrian and Palestinian peoples.

Source: SANA

Syria Confronts “Israeli” Attack, Prevents it from Achieving Objectives

Local Editor

Syrian air defenses have confronted an “Israeli” attack targeted the Syrian territories and prevented it from achieving its objectives.

A military source told SANA that at 01:10 o’clock on Monday, January 21, 2019, the “Israeli” enemy launched land and air strikes and through successive waves of guided missiles.

The source added that immediately our air defenses dealt with the situation and intercepted the hostile missiles, downing most of them before reaching their targets as they continue their heroic response to the aggression.

Earlier, SANA reporter said that the “Israeli” aggression was carried out from above the Lebanese territory, the Galilee and Lake Tiberias, using various types of weapons.

The reporter added that the Syrian air defenses downed dozens of hostile targets fired by the “Israeli” enemy towards Syrian territory.

On Sunday morning, Syrian air defenses, a military source said, confronted an “Israeli” aerial attack targeted the southern region and prevented it from achieving any of its objectives.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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من أول غزواته كسر عصاته

يناير 21, 2019

محمد صادق الحسيني

الفشل المحقق يلاحق قادة العدو الصهيوني والسماء السورية باتت حراماً عليهم والبحر المتوسط بات ملاذ الخائبين…!

بعد خمسة أيّام فقط من توليه منصب قائد أركان الجيش الإسرائيلي رسمياً، بتاريخ 15/1/2019، اتخذ الجنرال أفيف كوخافي أول قرار قتالي، وذلك عبر موافقته على قرار رئاسة أركان سلاح الجو الإسرائيلي القاضي بتنفيذ غارة جوية على مطار دمشق الدولي ظهر أمس، حيث قامت أربع طائرات حربية «إسرائيلية» بتنفيذ محاولة إغارة على المطار السوري وذلك من أجواء البحر المتوسط المقابلة لبلدة برجا اللبنانية/ قضاء الشوف.

وكما فشل ما قبلها من الغارات فإنّ يقظة سلاح الدفاع الجوي السوري وجهوزية طواقمه العالية قد أفشلت هذه الغارة أيضاً. إذ تمّ إسقاط جميع الصواريخ «الإسرائيلية» دون أن تصل الى الهدف الذي يعرف نتن ياهو ورئيس أركانه أنه أصبح من المحرّمات عليهما.

وعلى الرغم من تيقنهما من ذلك إلا أنهما أقدما على تنفيذ محاولة الإغارة هذه. فما السبب الذي دفعهم الى ذلك يا تُرى؟

إنّ السبب الحقيقي وراء هذه الخطوة هو المصلحة المشتركة بين نتن ياهو وكوخافي والمتمثلة في أنّ نتن ياهو يحاول الإفلات من التحقيقات القضائية التي تضيّق الخناق عليه بسرعة عبر تقديم نفسه للجمهور على أنه منقذ «إسرائيل»، بينما يحاول رئيس الأركان الجديد أن يعطي صورة قوية عن نفسه للجمهور «الإسرائيلي» خاصة أنه جنرال فاشل تماماً.

فقد كان هذا الجنرال قائداً لما يُسمّى بفرقة غزة. وهي فرقة المظليين رقم 98، في الجيش «الإسرائيلي» عندما اضطر هذا الجيش للانسحاب من قطاع غزة عام 2005. ثم شارك في هزيمة الجيش «الإسرائيلي» في لبنان سنة 2006، وعيّن بعد ذلك قائداً للاستخبارات العسكرية الإسرائيلية من سنة 2010 وحتى شهر 11/2014، حيث تمّ تعيينه قائداً للجبهة الشمالية في الجيش. ثم نائباً لرئيس أركان الجيش الإسرائيلي منذ شهر 5/2017 وحتى تعيينه رئيساً لهيئة الأركان العامة.

إذاً فهو قد فشل في إدارة المعركة ضدّ قطاع غزة وانسحب من هناك مهزوماً. ثم فشل في جميع المهمات التي كلفت بها فرقته المظلية في الحرب الإسرائيلية ضدّ لبنان عام 2006. وبعد ذلك فشل في تحقيق أيّ نجاح، خلال توليه قيادة الاستخبارات العسكرية، سواء في الجنوب اللبناني أو الجنوب السوري. يُضاف الى ذلك فشله المدوّي على الجبهة السورية، خلال قيادته للجبهة الشمالية، خاصة أنه هو نفسه صاحب نظرية إقامة المنطقة العازلة في الجولان السوري المحرّر. وهو أيضاً فشل في منع الجيش السوري وقوات المقاومة من تحرير الأراضي التي كان يسيطر عليها الإرهابيون المسلحون في الجولان والجنوب السوري. كما فشل هو ورئيس وزرائه في منع قوات حلف المقاومة من التموضع على طول خط الجبهة مع الجولان المحتلّ وصولاً الى حوض اليرموك.

إذن فهو صاحب مسلسل فشل لن تستطيع عنتريات نتن ياهو وأكاذيب وسائل إعلامه من تغييرها. فلا «اختراقاته» في دول الخليج ولا رحلات السفاري التي قام بها الى تشاد قادرة على تغيير وقائع الميدان التي تقول:

1- إنه عاجز عن اختراق الأجواء السورية واللبنانية وأصبح مضطراً لإطلاق ألعابه النارية من أجواء البحر المتوسط.

2- إنّ رئيس أركانه الجديد، الذي يريد الإيحاء بأنه لن يتوانى في مواجهة «الوجود الإيراني» في سورية، قد فشل منذ اللحظة الأولى، أي لحظة موافقته على تنفيذ محاولة الغارة.

3- إنّ هذا الجنرال الفاشل سوف يتوّج مسلسل هزائمه بالهزيمة الكبرى التي سيشهدها كيانه والتي يُعدّ لها حلف المقاومة كل العديد والعدة والتي ستنتهي حتماً بتفكك وزوال كيان الاحتلال لا محالة…!

بعدنا طيّبين، قولوا الله.

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Bombs Over Damascus: Has israel (apartheid state) Crossed a Russian Red Line in Syria?

Bombs Over Damascus: Has Israel Crossed a Russian Red Line in Syria?

Friday, citing Russian sources the Palestinian-run, London-based, pan-Arabic newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported that Russia has told Israel it will not tolerate further air strikes near the Damascus International Airport:

According to the report, which cited Russian sources, Moscow has told Jerusalem that it intends to renovate the Damascus International Airport, and that further attacks by Israel will not be welcomed.

The Russians say that the air strikes are causing airlines from the region that want to resume operations in Syria to reconsider their decision.

However, instead of this bringing calm, Israel instead launched a yet another series of attack around Damascus and against its main airport:

For two days in a row, Israel Defence Forces have been carrying out strikes on what the IDF claims are Iranian targets in Syria.

The Russian military has announced that tSyrian air defences had destroyed over 30 cruise missiles and guided bombs, when repelling an Israeli strike.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the Israeli strike killed four Syrian servicemen and injured 6 others. In addition to this, the air raid has “partially damaged the infrastructure of the Damascus international airport”, the statement says.

The announcement comes shortly after the IDF press service announced that Israel had targeted alleged “military facilities of [Iranian unit] Quds Force in Syria, including weapons depots, mainly in the area of Damascus International Airport, Iranian intelligence center, Iranian training camp” in response to a missile strike in disputed Golan Heights. According to the IDF, during the raid, dozens of Syrian anti-aircraft missiles were fired, despite an unequivocal warning not to allow open fire.

Following earlier Syrian TV reports after Damascus had been rocked by powerful blasts, a Syrian military source told Sputnik that Syria’s air defences were able to shoot down a significant part of Israeli guided missiles.

So there are two possibilities. Perhaps Al-Quds, misunderstood its sources or just plain made up the story, or else the Israelis intentionally launched a second series of strikes just to show they will not respect any Russian red lines

israel (apartheid state) to Shut Down UNRWA Schools in East Jerusalem without Notification

Israel to Shut Down UNRWA Schools in East Jerusalem without Notification

UNRWA has been helping Palestinian refugees since 1949. (Photo: via Facebook)

Israeli authorities are set to shut down schools in occupied East Jerusalem run by United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) as of next year.

The move would come as the latest strike against UNRWA, which suffered a financial crisis in 2018 due to the United States ending all its financial funds to the agency, in addition to Israel increasingly restricting its activities in East Jerusalem.


Israel’s National Security Council decided during a meeting last month, to revoke permits allowing UNRWA schools in East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhood to operate, starting as of next year.

The decision would replace UNRWA schools with schools run by the Jerusalem Municipality, using curriculum by the Israeli Education Ministry.


According to UNRWA, the agency runs seven schools in two refugee camps that are located within Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries, which serve about 3,000 students enrolled.

UNRWA spokesperson, Sami Meshasha, said in a statement that the Agency has not received any official notice from Israeli authorities regarding the reports after Israeli media reported that Israeli officials are set to revoke permits for UNRWA-run schools in East Jerusalem as of next year.

Meshasha said,

“UNRWA’s existence in Jerusalem is not a gift from Israel.”


He added,

“There are bilateral agreements binding on Israel to respect the Agency’s installations, jurisdiction and immunity in Jerusalem. In addition, Israel is a party to the 1946 Refugee Convention, and such attempts are in violation of this Convention.”

According to UNRWA, the agency runs seven schools in two refugee camps that are located within Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries, which serve about 3,000 students enrolled.


The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that Israel’s decision to shut down UNRWA schools in East Jerusalem,

“Aims at ethnically cleansing the Palestinian citizens living in Shufat refugee camp.”

UNRWA currently provides services to some 5 million Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the occupied Palestinian territories, and the besieged Gaza Strip.

(Ma’an, PC, Social Media)

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