Another illegal air strike by israel on Syria. Why can’t they be shot down?

Damascus airport rocked after ‘Israel air strike’ on arms depot


A massive explosion struck near Damascus International Airport early on Thursday setting off large fires, in what was thought to be an Israeli air strike on an arms depot used by Hizbollah. 

The blast was outside the airport itself. It was not immediately clear whether it was the result of an air strike or a ground attack, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Israeli warplanes have hit the airport and other bases around the capital in the past, targeting what it said were weapons stockpiles of its Lebanese foe Hezbollah, which is allied with the Syrian government.

“The blast was huge,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP. “It’s unclear what caused the explosion but there are fires raging at the site.”

Report on The Question of Apartheid in israel dismissed by Ambassador Nikki Haley

Our Report on The Question of Apartheid in Israel. Open Letter to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley

By Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley

Instead of responding to it with constructive criticism, you launched defamatory attacks on all involved.

Dear Madam Ambassador:

We were deeply disappointed by your response to our report, Israeli Practices Toward the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid, and particularly your dismissal of it as “anti-Israeli propaganda” within hours of its release.

The UN Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) invited us to undertake a fully researched scholarly study. Its principal purpose was to ascertain whether Israeli policies and practices imposed on the Palestinian people fall within the scope of the international-law definition of apartheid. We did our best to conduct the study with the care and rigor that is morally incumbent in such an important undertaking, and of course we welcome constructive criticism of the report’s method or analysis (which we also sought from several eminent scholars before its release). So far we have not received any information identifying the flaws you have found in the report or how it may have failed to comply with scholarly standards of rigor.

Instead, you have felt free to castigate the UN for commissioning the report and us for authoring it. You have launched defamatory attacks on all involved, designed to discredit and malign the messengers rather than clarify your criticisms of the message. Ad hominem attacks are usually the tactics of those so seized with political fervor as to abhor rational discussion. We suppose that you would not normally wish to give this impression of yourself and your staff, or to represent US diplomacy in such a light to the world. Yet your statements about our study, as reported in the media, certainly give this impression.

We were especially troubled by the extraordinary pressure your office exerted on the UN secretary general, António Guterres, apparently inducing him first to order the report’s removal from the ESCWA website and then to accept the resignation of ESCWA’s distinguished and highly respected executive secretary, Rima Khalaf, which she submitted on principle rather than repudiate a report that she believed fulfilled scholarly standards, upheld the principles of the United Nations Charter and international law, and produced findings and recommendations vital for UN proceedings.

Instead of using this global forum to call for the critical debate about the report, you used the weight of your office to quash it. These strident denunciations convey a strong appearance of upholding an uncritical posture by the US government toward Israel, automatically and unconditionally sheltering Israel’s government from any criticism at the UN, whether deserved or not, from the perspective of international law. Such a posture diminishes the US’s reputation as a nation that upholds the values of truth, freedom, law, and justice, and that serves the world community as a regional and global leader. It also shifts the conversation away from crucial substantive concerns.

It may have been that the word “apartheid” alone was enough to trigger your response, a reaction undoubtedly abetted by Israel’s instantaneous denunciation of our report. In following Israel’s public lead, however, you fail to consider that Israeli leaders have themselves grasped and warned of the apartheid features of their policies for decades. The widely admired Yitzhak Rabin, twice Israel’s prime minister, once confided to a TV journalist,

“I don’t think it’s possible to contain over a long term, if we don’t want to get to apartheid, a million and a half [more] Arabs inside a Jewish state.”

Prime ministers Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak both warned publicly that Israel was at risk of becoming an apartheid state and cautioned their constituencies about what would happen to Israel if the Palestinians realized this and launched an anti-apartheid struggle. Former Israeli attorney general Michael Ben-Yair has stated flatly,

“we established an apartheid regime in the occupied territories.”

These prominent Israelis were clear-headed observers of their own country’s policies as well as patriots, and it was their cautions, as much as any other source, that inspired ESCWA member states to consider that the possibility of an apartheid regime existing in this setting must be taken seriously and so commissioned the report now under attack.

It is therefore wholly inappropriate and wrong for you to charge that, simply by accepting this commission, we as authors were motivated by anti-Semitism. The reverse is true. To clarify this claim, we call your attention to two features of the report that we hope will lead you to reconsider your response.

Firstly, the report carefully confines its working definition of apartheid to those provided in the 1973 Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the International Crime of Apartheid and the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. It does not rely on definitions developed in polemics about the conflict or taken casually from online sources. As the 1973 Convention and the Rome Statute are part of the same body of law that protects Jews, as well as all people in the world, from discrimination, this authoritative definition should not be set aside. Any responsible critique must therefore engage with these legal definitions, and the larger body of international human-rights jurisprudence in which they are situated, so as to address the report for what it actually says rather than concocting a straw man that can be easily dismissed. We hope you will reconsider the report in this light.

Secondly, the member states of ESCWA requested that a study be commissioned to examine whether Israel’s apartheid policies encompassed the Palestinian people as a whole. This meant that, as authors, we were asked to consider Palestinians living in four geographic regions within four legal categories or “domains”: those living in the occupied territories, those resident in Jerusalem, those living as citizens within Israel, and those living in refugee camps or involuntary exile. For each domain, we found that Israeli policies and practices are, by law, internally discriminatory. But more importantly, we found that all four operate as one comprehensive system that is designed to dominate and oppress Palestinians in order to preserve Israel as a Jewish state.

It is this whole system of domination, too long misinterpreted by treating Palestinians as situated in unrelated categories, that generates the regime of domination that conforms to the definition of apartheid in international law. Moreover, it is this system that has undermined, and will continue to undermine, the two-state solution to which the United States has committed its diplomatic prestige over the course of several prior presidencies. Appraising the viability of this diplomatic posture in light of findings in this report would, we propose, be crucial for the credibility of US foreign policy and should not be blocked by political considerations.

Finally, we find it deeply troubling that your objections to our report have extended to criticism of the UN itself, partly on grounds that the UN devotes excessive attention to the question of Palestine. For one thing, this reasoning rests on a “false fact”: The UN, and ESCWA, engages with a vast range of issues, with Israel constituting only a small fraction of the whole. For another, denying that the UN has a special role here ignores the unique responsibility of the UN in relation to this conflict. Immediately after World War II, a war-weary Britain, then the Mandatory authority in Palestine as a result of arrangements following World War I, turned over the future of Palestine to the UN for resolution. The UN was therefore, from the outset of its existence, given a responsibility for finding a solution to the conflict in Palestine. This was unlike any comparable responsibility the UN possesses anywhere else in the world. Seven decades of human suffering and insecurity have resulted from the UN’s failure to discharge this obligation—not because it has paid too much attention to Israel but because it was not able to bring its influence sufficiently to bear so as to produce a sustainable and just peace. For observers able to view the conflict with impartiality, it has become clear that what has happened in Palestine can only be resolved when the rights and security of both Israelis and Palestinians are taken into account. The UN continues to have a vital role in that mission, and it is crucial that its member states, including the United States, endorse this role and do its best to enhance its effectiveness.

We hoped our report would give rise to discussion of all these issues. Especially, we hope that its findings will inspire a review of this question by authoritative legal bodies such as the International Court of Justice. We did not seek a shouting match. We therefore now respectfully ask, against this background, that our report be read in the spirit in which it was written, aiming for the safety, security, and peace of everyone who lives in territory currently under Israel’s control. As the report’s authors, this was our moral framework all along, and we still retain the hope that the serious questions at stake will not be buried beneath an avalanche of diversionary abuse of our motives and character. Charges of crimes against humanity should not be swept to one side out of deference to political bonds that tie the United States and Israel closely together, or for reasons of political expediency. Such machinations can only weaken international law and endanger us all.


Richard Falk,
Professor of International Law Emeritus, Princeton University

Virginia Tilley,
Professor of Political Science, Southern Illinois University

In order to hide identity of accomplices israel may refuse extradition of bomb hoaxer

Flight Bombs and Airport Shootings: Inside Israeli Bomb Hoaxer’s Indictment


Threats to JCCs are just tip of the iceberg, with damning list of indictments against U.S.-Israeli teen spanning extortion, assaulting police and drug trafficking; extradition battle looms

ed note–much of the story is a re-hashing of things we already know, but there is something very vital to consider appearing in the piece as is contained below–

‘If Israel refuses to extradite him to the US, it would represent a break in policy, because since the 1990s it has agreed to extraditions with the proviso that, once sentenced, Israelis convicted overseas can serve out potential jail terms in an Israeli prison.’

The question that must be asked is–WHY?

WHY would Israel refuse to extradite the ‘yoot’–as the JMSM is trying to portray him–and particularly when considering the sheer size, scope and seriousness of the crimes that took place almost exclusively in the US?

The answer is obvious–the ‘yoot’ is up to his eyeballs in something much bigger than him, and it is likely that in exchange for immunity or reduced charges/sentence he could agree to give evidence to the FBI concerning who else was involved, a possible/likely list of characters that could conceivably include–


Shin Bet


World Jewish Congress

Zionist Organization of America

etc, etc, etc…

In other words, it is a can of worms that once opened, could result in ALL SORTS of other problems, and particularly with a Trump administration that-despite certain superficial gestures, nevertheless–has taken a decidedly different course with regards to ‘Greater Israel’ and especially the issue involving a resolution to the Palestinian situation. If this ‘yoot’ gives up extremely embarrassing evidence involving ANY ONE of the aforementioned groups working in the service of Judea, Inc, this is something that can be used in putting pressure on Israel vis a vis what Trump intends to do and it is for this reason alone that Israel would refuse to extradite.

Allison Kaplan Sommer, Haaretz

As wave after wave of bomb threats began terrorizing Jewish Community Centers across the United States in early 2017, the debate raging between the left and right was whether the culprits were neo-Nazi white supremacists, newly emboldened in the Trump era, or whether they were Israel- and Jew-hating Muslim terrorists, doing what they could to sow fear in their enemies.

Few dreamed that the alleged source of the terror would be found in the bedroom of a deeply disturbed, socially isolated teenager in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon. Because some of the alleged crimes took place when he was a minor, it is illegal in Israel to publish the name of the young man – a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen who moved to Israel at a young age, and in recent years seemingly spent his days and nights spreading fear and terror around the world.

The sheer number of crimes included in the list of indictments in Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Monday is shocking. Bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers, it turns out, was merely the tip of the iceberg when it came to his activities, which allegedly spanned three years, at least 10 U.S. states and a number of countries.

Although the U.S. and Israeli authorities cooperated closely in the investigation that led to the youth’s arrest, a battle over where he will be prosecuted appears to be brewing. Israel’s Justice Ministry is planning to refuse a U.S. request to extradite him to the United States to face charges there, arguing that he should be tried in Israel. If Israel refuses, it would represent a break in policy, because since the 1990s it has agreed to extraditions with the proviso that, once sentenced, Israelis convicted overseas can serve out potential jail terms in an Israeli prison.

By the time the Israeli indictments had taken place on Monday, the youth had already been charged with crimes in two U.S. states – Georgia and Florida. If the details of his Israeli indictment are accurate, at least eight more states have grounds to follow suit, and he could also potentially be charged in Canada, France, Switzerland and Australia.

As expected, the indictments detailed his bomb threats against more than 2,000 institutions. His targets included airports, airlines, police stations, along with the threats to the JCCs and Jewish schools that put his actions on the political agenda, spiraling into controversy regarding President Donald Trump’s low-key reaction to the threats.

Monday’s indictments opened a window on new, disturbing aspects of his alleged activities, with charges including extortion threats, assaulting a police officer, drug trafficking and possession of child pornography.

According to the Justice Ministry, the defendant made 142 threats involving air travel – to airports, airlines and police stations. In phone calls he would warn that explosive devices were hidden on certain flights, or that a shooting attack would occur on one of them. In one case, the indictment says, such a threat was made involving an El Al plane that was already en route to Israel, causing the deployment of French and Swiss fighter jets to escort and supervise the aircraft, and intercept it in order to prevent a fiery crash that could harm the public below.

In another case, in a call to a Canadian airport the defendant threatened a flight that was already in the air. As a result, the plane was diverted to another airport and an immediate evacuation took place, with panicked passengers using the emergency slides to exit the plane.

The indictment also tells of a threat to a Virgin Australia flight, causing the plane to be diverted to another airport and to dump eight tons of fuel over the ocean before landing. In another instance, he allegedly targeted a plane carrying NBA basketball team the Boston Celtics to a game.

His list of alleged targets over the three years was diverse. He threatened the Israeli consulate in Miami, which was evacuated. His threats also triggered the evacuation of a hospital in New Jersey, pulling patients out of their sick beds. In 48 cases, the indictment says, he directed various threats to police stations, falsely claiming that he held small children or family members as hostages at a certain address and would shoot them in the head, causing police to carry out armed raids at places where nothing was happening, endangering lives.

The indictments also revealed that the allegations went beyond mere threats and crossed the line into extortion.

Ernesto Lopez, a Republican state senator in Delaware, was targeted in what appears to be payback for his public condemnation of the JCC threats. According to the indictment, the youth called Lopez, demanding that he retract his comments and that if he failed to do so, he would fine him in bitcoin every 72 hours. If Lopez refused to pay, he would be then incriminated on the internet. When the politician did not accede to demands, the suspect ordered drugs online and sent them to Lopez’s home in order to incriminate him, threatening to publish pictures attesting to the fact that he had drugs in his house.

Thus far, no motive for the youth’s alleged activities has been forthcoming either by law enforcement, his defense team or his family. For now, the details of his alleged crimes, taken together, paint a picture of a twisted desire to feel powerful by creating maximum mayhem, together with a profit motive.

The young man allegedly turned his dangerous hobby into a business, offering his services through the darknet: he would intimidate, extort and threaten for hire. He was paid in bitcoin (an untraceable virtual currency) and maintained a price list, with prices varying depending on the target his customers wanted threatened – an airport, school or police station all had different prices. The indictment says that, at one point, the youth hired two subcontractors to carry out some of the threat talks. Israeli law enforcement officials have said he possessed bitcoin worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Anticipating the damning indictment, the youth’s lawyers and parents have been making their case, in both Israeli and U.S. media, of an autistic and mentally ill young man with a brain tumor who should not be held responsible for his actions.

If the information described in Monday’s indictment is accurate, it will be difficult for the young man’s attorneys to argue that his crimes were in any way impulsive and uncontrollable. According to the evidence described in his indictment, not only did he plan them meticulously, but he kept detailed records of their execution, documenting his threats on his home computers – carefully organized by dates and types of targets – as well as keeping track of media coverage of their fallout.

Also pointing to his ability to plan and organize crimes is the fact he was able to remain undetected for so long. Using complex technology, he was allegedly able to disguise his voice and hide the source of the phone calls. He used his own antenna to piggyback onto other people’s internet routers and transfer his internet footprint to foreign computers, in order to hide his location.

israeli Minister: ISIS Are Under Our Command

Israeli Minister: ISIS Are Under Our Command

 former Israeli Defense Minister has admitted that Israel has such complete and utter control over ISIS that they pose no risk to the country.

According to former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon, ISIS militants apologized on at least one occasion after they mistakenly attacked IDF soldiers in the occupied Golan Heights.

In an interview with the Times of Israel, Ya’alon accidentally admitted that Israel has an open communications channel with the ISIS.

“There was one case recently where Daesh opened fire and apologized.” reports:

When asked by the publication to expand on his controversial statement, Ya’alon’s office refused to elaborate. The IDF also declined to comment. Under Israeli law, any communication with terrorists is considered illegal.

Ya’alon served as Israel’s Defense Minister from 2013 until his resignation in May 2016, and his comments were reportedly referring to the first direct incident involving clashes between Israel and Islamic State terrorists.

In that incident which took place last November, the Shuhada al-Yarmouk cell, which has pledged allegiance to ISIS, exchanged fire with Israeli forces after the IDF’s Golani Brigade crossed the security fence with Syria to conduct an “ambush operation.”

While the official Israeli position is pursuing neutrality in the Syrian conflict, Tel Aviv has in the past and on several occasions engaged Syrian military targets in Syria to prevent the alleged transfer of weapons to the Lebanese group Hezbollah, considered a terrorist group by Israel.

Israeli aircraft were first accused of allegedly striking a Syrian convoy transporting Iranian weapons to Hezbollah, back in January 2013. More allegations surfaced over the years, which Tel Aviv repeatedly denied or refused to comment on.

Finally in March this year, Tel Aviv did confirm conducting airstrikes on several targets in Syria, after Damascus activated its air defense system against the IDF jets.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu justified the incursion explaining that IDF planes targeted a Hezbollah weapons convoy.

Damascus, however, said that the Israeli strikes only benefited Islamic State and other terrorist groups. Earlier this month the Syrian President Bashar Assad once again blamed Israel of helping militants terrorizing his country.

“You can assume that these terrorists are fighting for Israel. If they aren’t part of the regular Israeli army, they’re fighting for Israel. Israel has common goals with Turkey, the United States, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries,” Assad was quoted by Ynet news as saying.

“Israel is working on helping these terrorists wherever the Syrian army is advancing. It attacks in one form or another to provide them with assistance, and to stop the Syrian army’s momentum in the face of the terrorists,” the Syrian leader added.


Khazars or Vandals? israeli military forces wreck Araqeeb village once again

Israeli military forces wreck Araqeeb village once again

Israeli military forces have wrecked the Bedouin village of Araqeeb in the Negev region of southern Israel once again as the Tel Aviv regime presses ahead with its land expropriation policies and settlement construction activities to uproot Palestinians.

Israeli bulldozers entered the community, located 8 kilometers (five miles) north of Beersheba, on Tuesday morning and leveled lands as well as makeshift structures built in the area.

Israeli bulldozers, escorted by groups of Israeli soldiers, have frequently raided Araqeeb and detained several Bedouins.

The first demolition of al-Araqeeb took place on June 27, 2010, and the village has been ruined 112 times ever since.

The last wrecking of al-Araqeeb occurred on April 5, when Israeli bulldozers tore down several houses.

Rights groups argue that the demolition of al-Araqeeb and other Bedouin villages is an attempt by the Israeli regime to uproot indigenous Palestinians from the Negev region and confiscate more land for the expansion of settlements.

Israel detains 15 Palestinians in occupied West Bank

Meanwhile, at least 15 Palestinians, including three minors, have been seized by Israeli forces during overnight military raids in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian and Israeli sources said five of the abductions took place in Askar refugee camp on the outskirts of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian demonstrators amid clashes in the West Bank village of Beita, southeast of Nablus city, after a protest took place following Friday prayers in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails, on April 21, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

Two Palestinians were also nabbed in the town of Huwarra. Israeli forces seized the other Palestinians in the village of Haris, the cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem, as well as the town of Beit Fajjar.

Israel is holding a total of 6,500 Palestinians, including women, children and lawmakers, in prisons and detention facilities across the occupied territories, three Palestinian non-governmental organizations say.

In a joint press released on April 15, the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs (CDA), the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) said 57 women and 300 children were among the detainees.

The statement noted that 500 inmates were being incarcerated under the practice of administrative detention, which is a policy under which Palestinian inmates are kept in Israeli detention facilities without trial or charge.

Some Palestinian prisoners have been held in administrative detention for up to 11 years.

Why Iran needs a nuclear deterrent against israel


Israel is the only entity in the Middle East which posses nuclear weapons and has not only invaded all its neighbors during the last six decades but has also threatened several European capital cities.

Israel, in the past, had made sure that none of country in the region gain nuclear capability. In 1981, it bombed Osirak nuclear reactor under construction in Iraq – and in 2007 in Syria killing 10 North Korean scientists.

Amos Yadlin, one of the pilot who bombed Iraqi reactor compound, wrote an Op-Ed at the Jew York times (March 1, 2012) in which he gloated: ”

After the Osirak attack and the destruction of the Syrian reactor in 2007, the Iraqi and Syrian nuclear programs were never fully resumed. This could be the outcome in Iran, too, if military action is followed by tough sanctions, stricter international inspections and an embargo on the sale of nuclear components to Tehran.

In 2013, Shimon Peres, former president of Zionist entity, and the Father of Jewish Nukes clarified why Israel need nuclear and chemical WMDs. “There is a reason that pushes you to own nuclear power, for me it is a tool that leads to peace not to carry out attacks.” However, Netanyahu and his western poodles don’t want Iran to have the same tool to help Israel bring peace in the region.

Zionist entity’s foster parents (the US, UK, and Soviet Russia) have never dared to attack a foreign country with nuclear bombs or having the capability to produce a nuclear bomb.

Benjamin Netanyahu had been telling us since the 1990s that Iran is acquiring nuclear capability to wipe Israel off the map. But M. Ozdamar at the Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation claimed on May 6, 2013 that Iran is not acquiring the nuclear bomb to flatten the Zionist entity – but to carry jihad against Sunni Muslim majority.

One thing is for certain; they are not developing a nuclear capability so that they can wipe Israel off the map. The real reason Iran feels it needs to have a nuclear capability is so that they can prepare themselves for the Islamic wars. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, the vast majority of which are Sunnis. Iran is the leader of the Shia minority, which represents around 7% of the world’s Muslims, most of whom live in Iran, Iraq and the surrounding areas. Throughout  history there has been no love lost between Sunnis and the Shia. The Sunnis, led by Saudi Arabia and other regional powers, see the Shia as heretics and are deeply suspicious of the Iranian regime exporting their brand of religious fanaticism throughout the Muslim world. That is why we do not see Pakistan, a Sunni Muslim state, helping Iran to acquire the bomb; instead, the Iranians have to cooperate with the rogue regime in North Korea in order to achieve their aims,” Ozdamar said.

And people think Netanyahu is the only serial liar among the anti-Muslim Zionist Jews!

Abdel Bari Atwan has posted an advice for North Korea, entitled, Arab Lessons for North Korea.

As an Arab and Muslim, I felt both insulted and pained when reading commentaries in the Israeli press warning the US against recklessly attacking North Korea. Pundits argued that the DPRK was not some two-bit Arab country like Syria which could be bombed at any time with impunity, but a serious adversary that possesses serious means of retaliation, involving nuclear warheads and long-range missiles,” Atwan said.

It is no coincidence that all the Arab countries that have been subjected to US-led aggression in recent years had earlier yielded to American-authored UN demands to be disarmed of ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ especially chemical munitions, and abandon any thought of acquiring a nuclear deterrent. But this compliance did not ensure their safety. They were subsequently attacked or invaded or both. Once the US was reassured that they did not possess powerful weapons with which to defend themselves and inflict serous casualties on any invading forces, the aggression and bombing would begin,” added Atwan.

I’m glad Pakistan learned the lesson from naïve Arabs and joined world’s nuclear club in 1974.


Barghouti’s Health deteriorates on 8th Day of Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike

Marwan Barghouti

Imprisoned Palestinian parliamentarian and Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, who has been leading a large-scale hunger strike in Zionist prisons, suffered from a serious deterioration of his health on Monday after forgoing food for eight days.

Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs chairman Issa Qaraqe said that Barghouti was suffering from a severe drop in blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

More than 1,500 Palestinians imprisoned by the Zionist occupation authorities are participating in the hunger strike led by Barghouti since April 17 to protest the torture, ill treatment, and medical neglect of prisoners at the hands of Israeli authorities, as well as the Israeli widespread use of administrative detention — internment without trial or charges — which is only permitted under international law in extremely limited circumstances.

Source: Ma’an News Agency

تدهور صحة قائد إضراب «الحرية والكرامة» بسجون الاحتلال 
البرغوثي لبرلمانيّي العالم:
أدعوكم لوقفة عزّ ولنا موعد قريب مع الحرية

أبريل 25, 2017

وجّه عضو اللجنة المركزية لحركة «فتح» قائد إضراب «الحرية والكرامة» في سجون الاحتلال «الإسرائيلي»، مروان البرغوثي، رسالة إلى البرلمانيين في مختلف أنحاء العالم ولأعضاء الجمعية البرلمانية لمجلس أوروبا، حول إضراب الأسرى المفتوح عن الطعام.

وقال البرغوثي في رسالته: «إذا كنتم تقرأون هذه الرسالة الآن، فهذا يعني أنّ الاحتلال الإسرائيلي قد اختار الاستمرار في سياساته القمعية والعقوبات الجماعية ضدّ الأسرى الفلسطينيين والتحريض ضدّهم بدلاً من تلبية مطالبهم الشرعية، واستلامكم هذه الرسالة يعني أيضاً أنني قد وضعت في العزل الانفرادي مرة أخرى مع زملائي الآخرين المضربين عن الطعام، ولكننا لن نصمت ولن نستسلم ولن تنكسر إرادتنا».

وأوضح البرغوثي: «انّ إضراب الأسرى عن الطعام هو وسيلة شرعية وسلمية لمواجهة انتهاك حقوق الأسرى التي يكفلها القانون الدولي، وبما أنّ الأسرى الفلسطينيين يقبعون تحت ظلم الاحتلال، فإنّ لهم الحق في الحماية بموجب القانون الدولي الإنساني».

وأضاف: «إنني أثمّن تضامنكم مع زملائكم النواب الفلسطينيين الأسرى، كما أثمّن دعم البرلمانات في مختلف أرجاء العالم لحقوق الشعب الفلسطيني، بما في ذلك حقه في تقرير مصيره، وإنهاء الاحتلال الغاشم، وتحقيق السلام العادل والشامل وفقاً لقرارات الشرعية الدولية، ولكنّ إسرائيل تستمرّ في اعتقال النواب الفلسطينيين حيث كنت أول نائب فلسطيني يتمّ اعتقاله وذلك في العام 2002، ومنذ ذلك الحين، اعتقلت إسرائيل 70 نائباً، أيّ أكثر من نصف أعضاء المجلس التشريعي الفلسطيني، ولا يزال 13 منهم يقبعون في سجون الاحتلال، مما يُعتبر إهانة لكلّ البرلمانيين وللديمقراطية ولحقوق الإنسان، كما تعتبر إهانة للحرية والعدالة، ويجب الردّ عليها».

ولفت البرغوثي، في رسالته، إلى أنّ الأسرى أطلقوا اسم «الحرية والكرامة» عنواناً لهذا الإضراب «لأنّ الحرية والكرامة تخفق في قلب الشعب وتعيش في وجدانه».

ودعا البرغوثي البرلمانيين إلى رفع صوتهم عالياً من أجل جميع من تحاول «إسرائيل» إسكاتهم. وقال: «إنني أدعوكم لوقفة عز من أجل من تمّ الزجّ بهم في غياهب الزنازين ليتمّ نسيانهم. أدعوكم لدعم المطالب العادلة لإضراب الأسرى الفلسطينيين وضمان احترام القانون الدولي الذي يحفظ لهم حقوقهم، أدعوكم لدعم حرية وكرامة الشعب الفلسطيني حتى يتم تحقيق السلام». وتابع: «ربما يعتقد البعض أنّ هذه هي النهاية وأننا سوف نهلك هنا في العزل الانفرادي، ولكنني أعلم أنّنا رغم هذا العزل الجائر لسنا وحدنا، أعلم أنّ ملايين الفلسطينيين وغيرهم في مختلف أرجاء العالم يقفون معنا وإلى جانبنا، فأقول لكم جميعاً بأنّ لنا لقاء قريباً، ولنا موعد مع الحرية».

وكانت اللجنة الإعلامية لإضراب الحرية والكرامة ذكرت أمس، أنّ تدهوراً صحياً خطيراً طرأ على الوضع الصحي للأسير القيادي في حركة فتح النائب مروان البرغوثي، والذي يخوض إضراباً عن الطعام برفقة نحو 1500 أسير لليوم الثامن على التوالي.

ولفتت اللجنة المنبثقة عن هيئة شؤون الأسرى والمحرّرين ونادي الأسير إلى أنّ التدهور الصحي على حالة الأسير البرغوثي استدعى طلب مدير معتقل «الجلمة» منه بأخذ علاج فوري، لكنّ الأسير البرغوثي رفض ذلك قطعياً. وذكرت أنه طلب أيضاً من الأسير المضرب ناصر أبو حميد إقناع الأسير البرغوثي بتلقّي العلاج إِلا أنه رفض الانصياع، مصرّحاً بأنه إذا ما فقد الأسير البرغوثي الحياة فإنه «سيموت شهيداً»، وعلى إثر موقفه ذلك قامت إدارة المعتقل بنقل الأسير أبو حميد من «الجلمة» إلى معتقل «إيشل».

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