Jewish terrorists supported Hitler, not Islam, but this racist bus advert is allowed in Philadelphia

Judge Rules Philadelphia Buses Must Run Anti-Islam Ads Featuring Hitler

Anti-Islamic advert on Philidelphia bus. Click to enlarge

A Federal Judge has ordered Pennsylvania buses and trains to display “Stop the Islamic Jew-Hatred” ads that call for ending US foreign aid to all Islamic countries.

US District Judge Goldberg ruled the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) must allow the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) to post anti-Muslim advertisements, showing a photo of Hitler and an Islamic leader.

AFDI, an American offshoot of a European anti-Muslim organization, claimed it has a first amendment right to run bus ads linking Muslims to Hitler.

The judge sided with them on the premise that since SEPTA has run other political speech ads in favor of teacher seniority or opposed to fracking, it opened up its advertising spaces as venues of expression.

“He agreed with us on all the issues,” said AFDI attorney Robert Muise.

Some ads state: “Two thirds of all US aid goes to Islamic countries.”

Others say “Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s in the Quran,” with a picture of Hitler meeting with Muslim nationalist Haj Amin al-Husseini, who was active in pan-Arabism when Palestine was a British territory.

SEPTA rejected the ads, having concerns over portraying Muslims in a negative manner.

The ad “disparaged Muslims because it portrayed them in a way that I believe was untrue and incorrect and false,” the Authority’s General Counsel Gino Benedetti said.

“It put every single Muslim in the same category as being a Jew Hater.”

But Judge Goldberg said that the content of the ad “squarely involves political expression and reflects plaintiffs’ interpretation of a religious text, both of which are protected speech.”

“He found the restriction on our client’s speech to be content based and unconstitutional,” said Muise.

The attorney added his clients hope to run the ad.

Spokesperson Jerri Williams says SEPTA is disappointed, but is evaluating whether to appeal.

AFDI, which the Southern Poverty Law Center classified as a hate group, has filed more than a dozen lawsuits against transit authorities across the country over anti-Islamic ads, and was able to post ads in Washington D.C., New York and San Francisco.

Last year, the group attempted to trademark the phrase “Stop Islamisation of America,” but the Federal Circuit found it too offensive.


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  1. 2012:
    ‘1. Israel ($3,075 million)
    Israel’s special relationship with the United States pays off when it comes to foreign aid. The Jewish state has long been a top recipient of foreign aid, receiving nearly $3.1 billion in 2012. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)’
    and nowadays its approx. $5.000 million (and this are only the ‘official’ numbers…. 😉

  2. let me add another comment …if God tells you or commands you to kill someone must you do it? If you say only if God commands it . Then I say if a man tells you to do it is he God ? No the answer is simply no…but revenge and hopelessness drives your hearts and that won’t get it …the jews must come to realize the poison they have let loose on the world in the form of the bible …the original transcripts were from greek …and they now are universally printed in every language as are the other two Abrahamic blood religons…these three are the trinity….if you are not read then you can’t make a determination….what is meant by Abrahamic relgions ?…..if your god demands blood sacrifice and enjoys the odor of burning flesh, then you’ve come to the right place ..sit down here and let me fry you up a cheeseburger while you clean your ak47 or your m-16 or m4a I pink …here you can say any absurd thing and back it up…there the same …nothing but war and killing ad infinitum..that’s what ABRAHAM brought to the table …and he continues to kill his sons as god calls out to him…he never left highway 61 on anything but a Harley….see that’s how simple this all is …a pissing contest …an Abahamic pissing contest …who has the most virginal mother and wife …and the mothers push their son’s out there to continue the work of their unlearned leaders .

  3. we have to stop killing one another for the pleasure of the crowns of Europe and Lavant …that’s all …stop killing one another …your prophet commanded it , …love out GM

  4. Hitler also met with Zionist leaders whose aims where Pan -Judaism of all of Palestine

  5. How they turn truth on the head as always. They didnt buy the media up for nothing to project their ugly qualities onto the non Jewish gentiles (used to be the Christians, now its the Muslims).

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