While Israelis party, Palestinians protest

While Israelis party, Palestinians protest

Palestinians march in Israel to mark historic displacement

April 23, 2015

Al-HADITHA, Israel — Thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel marched in protest on Thursday as their Jewish compatriots partied, each group in its own way marking the 67th anniversary of the State of Israel’s founding.

The anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence on May 14, 1948 is celebrated according to the Jewish calendar, this year falling on April 23.

Palestinians usually mark the day on May 15 by commemorating what they call the Nakba — or “catastrophe” — of Israel’s creation.

But thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel, many waving Palestinian flags, gathered Thursday in the Galilee for a protest march timed to coincide with the Israeli celebrations.

It centred on the ruins of Al-Haditha, near Tiberias, one of nearly 400 Palestinian villages destroyed in the war that erupted after Israel’s founding.

“Our grandfathers who suffered displacement asked us not to sell our land and to return to it and not give up,” activist Hammad Abu al-Haija told the crowd.

“Now we tell our children our children and our grandchildren not to do so,” he said.
More than 760,000 Palestinians — estimated today to number 4.7 million with their descendants — fled into exile or were driven out of their homes in the conflict that followed the creation of Israel.

Palestinian citizens of Israel, who account for just over 20 percent of the population, are treated as second class citizens of Israel and have not historically been represented in the Knesset.

Jews urged to migrate

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used the occasion to call on Jews from around the world to move to Israel.

“It is completely clear that this is home,” the Israeli leader said during an annual international bible quiz.

“We don’t dismiss the obligation of various governments around the world to take care of the security of their Jewish citizens, but we say to the Jews of the world: ‘This is home… We are awaiting you with open arms’.”
Many Israelis flocked to barbecues and visited national parks and nature reserves in what has become a tradition on the public holiday, despite strong winds and showers in much of the country.

President Reuven Rivlin hosted celebrations for his first time in office at his official residence in Jerusalem, serving a vegetarian-only buffet, his office said.

He reportedly stopped eating meat in the 1960s as a matter of conscience.

Guests watched a flypast of military helicopters and Rivlin, elected in June to a seven-year term, awarded medals of excellence to 120 selected soldiers.

Celebrations began at nightfall on Wednesday with a torch-lit official ceremony at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem and public festivities and firework displays around the country.
Ma’an staff contributed to this report


Organised racism, sanctioned by police, against Palestinians in israel

Israel’s organized hate does not bother the UN

This disturbing video shows Israeli youths, escorted by police and occupation forces, marching through the Old City of Jerusalem chanting “mavet la’aravim” – “death to the Arabs” – and other cries of hate.

According to the racism-monitoring website Kifaya, the 19 April march was part of the monthly “Tour of the Gates” by Jewish extremists through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.

As part of the event, held at the beginning of every month according to the Jewish calendar, the one-kilometer-long route is blocked to Palestinians, and businesses and stores must close, Kifaya says.

Palestinians are forbidden from leaving their homes during the march.

“Some 1,500 Jews participated in the march,” Kifaya says, “and it was secured by hundreds of policemen and soldiers, who thronged the area.”

Organized hate

In addition to “death to the Arabs,” the marchers’ repertoire of cries and songs included: “revenge,” “may your name be wiped out,” “may your village be burnt down,” and the anti-Muslim chant “Muhammad is dead” –- all heard by the police and occupation forces who secured the event, Kifaya says.

Some of the marchers even banged on the doors of homes and businesses and there were also some attempts to damage property.

Israel expert Dena Shunra told The Electronic Intifada that “may your name be wiped out” is a “very potent curse, generally used for enemies of the entire Jewish nation. Hitler is always mentioned with that curse.”

Shunra observes that the video reveals the highly organized nature of the march: the youths in the yellow vests in front have the word “ushers” on their backs.

At 0:24, a young man can be seen wearing a kippa – skull cap – with the word “Nachman” on it, indicating that he, at least, is affiliated with the Breslauer sect of Hasidic Jews.

At 0:54 some participants can be seen holding what look like papers with slogans printed on them.

It is striking, Shunra adds, “the way liturgical texts and songs are interspersed amongst the hate cries.”

Israelis regularly hold similar hate marches on “Jerusalem Day,” a government-decreed annual celebration of the city’s military occupation and annexation in violation of international law.

Incitement leads to murder

Last July, the Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu-Khudair was abducted from the streets of occupied Jerusalem’s Shuafat neighborhood and then burned alive by his captors.

His alleged killers, Israeli Jews, had reportedly been steeped in the racist culture of the Beitar Jerusalem football team whose fans habitually rampage through the streets calling for the murder of Arabs.

They would also have been regularly exposed to the relentless anti-Arab bigotry and incitement from Israel’s leaders.

This week, Israel added Abu Khudair’s name to an official Israeli memorial of terrorism victims. This drew immediate criticism from Israeli groups who argued that the murdered boy didn’t merit being on the memorial.

But the move was also rejected by Muhammad’s father, Hussein Abu Khudair, who told Ma’an News Agency that the “occupation authorities are trying to improve their image in the world” and that putting his son’s name on the memorial “would not change the racist reality of the Israeli occupation.”

Nothing vindicates Hussein Abu Khudair more clearly than the sight of Israeli police and occupation forces providing an escort for a mob chanting the words “death to the Arabs” that very likely inspired his son’s murderers.

What is even more alarming is that many of the participants in this march appear to be children themselves.


Putin “Saudi Arabia and other U.S. Arab allies are sowing the seeds of terrorism”

Russian President: Saudi Arabia and other U.S. Arab allies are sowing the seeds of terrorism

Vladimir Putin

25, April 2015, Moscow — In an exclusive interview with the German weekly Der Spiegel, the Russian president Vladimir Putin lashed out at Obama administration’s Middle-East policy, accusing Washington to connive at its allies’ despicable acts of terrorism in the troubled Middle-East region. The Russian defiant leader did, however, allude to Saudi Arabia – U.S. closest Arab ally, notorious for its terrible records of human rights violations–criticizing the oil-rich Arab monarchy of spreading terrorism through Russia’s Muslim-majority republics in Caucasia.

“We are well aware that they [Saudis] are providing ISIS mercenaries with money and weapons and we are also cognizant of the fact that they are targeting Russia’s security, stability and national integrity,” said Russia’s 63-year old president, adding that Syria is the last bastion of genuine democracy in the volatile Middle-East region where Saudi-backed Jihadists wreak havoc for nearly four years.

I believe the White House has acquiesced to Saudis’ incessant demands, said President Putin, to carve an autonomous Sunni fiefdom in western Iraq which in turn might unleash a full-scale regional war and worldwide terrorism reaching new levels of destructiveness.

” … it seems reasonable to assume that Washington and its Saudi allies are seething with anger as the Iraqi army and local forces managed to liberate flashpoint city of Tikrit and they are continuing their advance to unshackle Mousl—Iraq’s second biggest city,” President Putin made the remarks on Thursday amid growing tension with U.S. is looming.

In the meantime, the Russian astute foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov lambasted Turkish pernicious interference in the war-torn Syria urging the AKP-led government to desist immediately from backing Al Qaeda-affiliated guerillas in Syria.

US Intelligence (Is there such a thing?) : Houthis are Not Iran Proxy

US Intelligence: Houthis are Not Iran Proxy

Source: Robert Barsocchini

HuffPo reports that US intelligence says:

Iranian representatives discouraged Houthi rebels from taking the Yemeni capital…

Iran is not directing the rebels, who follow a different branch of Shiite Islam than Iran’s leaders and are believed to care more about corruption and the distribution of power in Yemen than the spread of Shiite influence across the Middle East.

“It remains our assessment that Iran does not exert command and control over the Houthis in Yemen,” Bernadette Meehan, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, told The Huffington Post.

“It is wrong to think of the Houthis as a proxy force for Iran,” a U.S. intelligence official told The Huffington Post.

These judgements by US intelligence confirm a prior assessment by Pulitzer-winning journalist Chris Hedges, made over a week ago:

“Houthis are not Shiite [they are Zaidi], and it is totally incorrect to identify them as an Iranian proxy force.”

It is suspected that Iran has provided limited material support for the Houthis, but leaked US cables state that most intelligence believes the Houthis bought their weapons not from Iran but on the black market, a market largely stocked with US imports and weapons from state arsenals looted due to US aggression campaigns. Indeed, the US, the world’s biggest arms dealer, has, when it found doing so advantageous, provided lethal or material support both for Iran (illegally) and the Houthis themselves.

Though eight countries, including Russia, China, and India, are rescuing thousands of their nationals, as well as foreign nationals, including Americans, from the Yemen war-zone, the US still refuses to do so, ignoring lawsuits trying to force Obama to allow a rescue operation for the 3-4,000 Americans trapped there.

In theory, rescuing Americans is exactly the kind of thing our armed forces, which wouldn’t exist without us, are supposed to be used for, but in practice they are simply used by US elite sectors to expand US hegemony through violence and terror, such as by invading Iraq.

Instead of rescuing US citizens trapped in Yemen, the US has been rescuing Saudi bombers, refueling Saudi bombers, directing Saudi bomb-attacks from within and outside of Saudi Arabia, and re-arming Saudi Arabia with bombs and ammunition – all openly announced by US officials in public statements. Such behavior is standard operating procedure and unsurprising to people who seriously follow US actions.

Obama has been planting and detonating explosives in Yemen throughout his time in power, working to keep the former US-backed dictator, whom the Saudis are now trying to re-install, in place. A week after being awarded the Nobel “peace” prize, Obama planted a banned cluster bomb (an industrial version of the type the Boston Bombers attempted to improvise) in a Yemeni farmer’s market and detonated it, blasting shrapnel through and murdering 44 civilians, including at least 14 women, five of them pregnant, and 21 children. Whether Obama would have carried out this act of terrorism if it were his daughters and wife in the line of fire and shrapnel remains unanswered but predictable.

For its part, Saudi Arabia has stressed that its aggression against Yemen is in line with Wahhabi Sharia law, an ideology traditionally supported by the US and known for its brutality, particularly against women and civilians, though the US kills far more.

Indeed, with the US coordinating its targets, Saudi Arabia this weekend carried out a bombing that killed 46 civilians and zero armed forces, adding to thousands already killed and hundreds of thousands displaced.

The extremist Wahhabi/Sharia-law ideology is favored by groups such as the Taliban, al Qaeda, and ISIS, the first two of which have been openly supported by the US, and the latter knowingly, though purportedly unintentionally, strengthened through US arming of terrorists in Syria.

Indeed, due to the Saudi-led axis-of-dictators’ campaign against Yemen, al Qaeda is making unprecedented gains in that country, a fact well known to the US and its Wahhabi proxy, Abdulaziz. The presence of the Houthi had been blocking al Qaeda from obtaining a foothold.

Historian and US-empire expert William Blum, in a recent interview, stressed that Washington simply acts to expand its empire, already the biggest in history. When that is understood, there is nothing confusing or contradictory about US policy.

“The March of Return” Thousands return to destroyed Palestinian villages in Israel

Thousands return to destroyed Palestinian villages in Israel

The March of Return, which coincides with Israeli Independence Day, calls for the right of return for Palestinians who were expelled from or fled the land in 1948. 

Thousands of people take part in the March of Return, Hadatha, Lower Galilee, April 23, 2015. (Akron Drawshi/Activestills.org)

Approximately 10,000 people of all ages — mostly Palestinian citizens of Israel — took part in the 18th annual March of Return Thursday, on the land where the destroyed Palestinian village of Hadatha once stood. Setting out under an ominous sky, the demonstrators walked across the lands of the former village, wearing keffiyehs, waving flags and singing. The looming tempest eventually broke, but the march continued unabated.

The March of Return, which always coincides with Israeli Independence Day, commemorates the Nakba and calls for the right of return for Palestinians who were expelled from or fled the land in 1948. The destination changes each year, to one of the more than 400 villages that were destroyed during or following the war. Hadatha, which is located southwest of Tiberias in the Lower Galilee, had around 600 inhabitants before being depopulated across May and June of 1948; now, the area consists of wild fields and scattered groves of trees.

A Palestinian man takes part in the March of Return, Galilee, April 23, 2015. (Akron Drawshi/Activestills.org)

A Palestinian woman takes part in the March of Return, Galilee, April 23, 2015. (Akron Drawshi/Activestills.org)

As the rain subsided, the march — organized by the Association for the Defense of the Rights of the Displaced People (ADRID) — congregated in a field where a stage and sound system had been set up along with photo and art exhibitions, gift stalls, and tables laid out with booklets and posters. Amid music, chanting, dancing and speeches, a one-minute moment of silence was held in memory of Palestinians who have been killed during the struggle for national recognition and rights. A number of Knesset members from the Joint List were present, including MKs Ayman Odeh and Ahmad Tibi.

“These are Israeli citizens. They have Israeli identity cards. And they remain in this country,” explained Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh. “They fled during the war from one village to the next one. And they were not allowed to return.”

Hades MK Ayman Odeh takes part in the 18th annual March of Return, Hadatha, Lower Galilee, April 23, 2015. (Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

“So tell me, what is the problem with them returning?” Odeh continued. “What is the problem with residents of Hadatha returning here? What is the problem with residents of Tzipori [Sepphoris] who fled from Tzipori to Nazareth during wartime returning? It is a good thing for all of us, that the Nakba and Israeli injustice be recognized.”

Next to him, poet and resident of the Upper Galilee Atif Khaldi added: “In 1948, they came with bulldozers and destroyed our villages. It was a plan to transfer Palestinians out of the country. Now, we refugees remain inside the country and they are ignoring our rights. This demonstration is to demand those rights.”

A young Palestinian girl takes part in the March of Return, Galilee, April 23, 2015. (Omar Sameer/Activestills.org)

Palestinian youth shout slogans during the March of Return, Hadatha, Lower Galilee, April 23, 2015. (Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Throughout the crowd, symbols of the Palestinian struggle abounded: keys, the outline of historic Palestine and Handala — a cartoon child that represents Palestinian refugees — appeared on t-shirts and necklaces throughout. Hundreds of people carried yellow signs bearing the names of destroyed villages.

These are motifs that are rarely seen and barely understood in Israeli society, and their meaning forms part of a discussion which urgently needs to take place. The importance of recognizing the Nakba was the overarching message of the day, and even as Israelis around the country celebrated Independence Day, a message for them was making its way around Hadatha in the form of a Hebrew sticker. It said, simply: “Nakba. Let’s talk about it.”

Say “NO” to the TTIP, you can act

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The THREATS posed by the TPP and the TTIP. You Can Act!

See examples of how the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership are threats to our democracy. ALSO See New Video for Warren’s TPP Petition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFOJV…

“We’re organizing the Internet Vote on April 23rd to give Internet users everywhere a voice against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secret deal that could lead to global Internet Censorship.” Take ACTION http://representativepress.blogspot.c…

How “Free Market Capitalism” Really Works. Nader and Chomsky Explain the Game, a Nanny State to Take Care of the Rich. And the Truth about the Wall Street Bailout:

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a proposed new treaty, being negotiated behind closed doors between twelve countries of the Pacific rim, that will limit countries’ freedom to make their own laws to protect consumers, Internet users, workers and the environment.” “Congress is trying to make sure the public doesn’t have a voice in negotiations around the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). They’re trying to “Fast Track” the secret deal, threatening our Internet and our democracy. Fight back by joining the Internet Vote on April 23rd. Let’s flood Washington, DC with calls and emails to make it clear how the Internet is voting: against censorship and against Fast Track”. See this link to the Representative Press blog to Learn More: http://representativepress.blogspot.c…

Everybody let’s stop the TPP!
Everybody let’s stop the TPP!
Until we know how bad this agreement will be
We’re gonna have to stop the TPP
In an overseas private court, a multinational company
Can sue for billions through the TPP
Attacking our national laws, is not something that we want to see
So let’s get that out of the TPP
Everybody let’s stop the TPP!
Everybody let’s stop the TPP!
Don’t wanna sacrifice our national sovereignty
That’s what will happen in the TPP
They say that it will bring new jobs, but where are those jobs gonna be?
No way of knowing from the TPP
We all want our country to grow, so long as it’s sustainably
We might not get that from the TPP
Everybody let’s stop the TPP!
Everybody let’s stop the TPP!
Let’s not gamble with our jobs and the economy
We’re better off without the TPP
Everybody let’s stop the TPP!
Everybody let’s stop the TPP!
Until we know how bad this agreement will be
We’re gonna have to stop the TPP

The TPP and TTIP, are two different trade agreements, both will have the same disastrous results.
hidden within this
deal are plans to include rules to give investors
the right too sue governments.
many fear their inclusion presents a
grave threat to democracy, public funds and the development of public policy.

For investors and their lawyers law firms becoming more and more creative at the kinds of government decisions that their attacking fifteen years ago there were virtually
no awards and very few cases and now there are
several hundred. that’s a very large number in the context of international law and international adjudications investors are suing on a whole range of
government policies american tobacco giant Philip Morris is
suing Uruguay for two billion US dollars over health warnings on cigarette packs

It could be that all these actions have a freezing effect on policy discretion that states to no longer want to run the risk of doing things that displease investors

Sometimes the mere threat of an investor state dispute can be enough to kill legislation just because the policy makers are afraid of being sued
So that shows that investor-state disputes actually also an enormous threat to our democracy. Both the united nations and the International Monetary Fund have warned that investor rights in trade agreements can severely curb the state’s ability to respond in times of financial crisis.

when the country’s in economic crisis it needs to adapt all kinds of measures to get out of the crisis and also to protect its people from the West.

More nonsense from the USA, Iran’s “warships” near Yemen turn out to be cargo ships carrying humanitarian aid

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U.S.: Warships near Yemen create ‘options’ for dealing with Iranian vessels

He noted that the nine ships in the Iranian convoy were cargo ships, but he declined to specify what they were carrying beyond “containers.” International officials are concerned that Iran could surreptitiously attempt to transfer weaponry to the Houthis.

Webmaster’s Commentary:

Finally, we get a photo of the Iranian “warships!”

And as expected, they are cargo ships, most likely carrying humanitarian aid.

Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3YDMt3YKS

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