Lavrov: Anti-ISIL Coalition Not Ready to Cooperate With Russia

Russia is ready to coordinate ant-terrorism actions with the West and Arab countries, but the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition is not ready yet, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

Lavrov“We believe that in talks with our US and Persian Gulf colleagues we feel more understanding of the threat and understanding of the need to fight,” Lavrov told a press conference.

“We are interested in establishing coordination between the coalition, led by the United States and the countries of the Arab world, including the countries of the Persian Gulf, and our military, so that it’s not only establishing rules to avoid incidents, but so that we could coordinate joint actions. Our colleagues from the coalition are not ready for this yet,” Lavrov said.

The Russian Aerospace Forces have carried out about 300 strikes against terrorist positions, killing 300 militants and destroying command centers, training camps and ammunition depots since the Russian campaign against terrorists in Syria started. Russian warships in the Caspian Sea have fired 26 cruise missiles on ISIL targets.

Source: Websites

12-10-2015 – 16:41 Last updated 12-10-2015 – 16:41

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More Stabbing Attacks Spread More Fear in Occupied Teritorries

Local Editor

Three new stabbings in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and a car attack spread more fear among Israelis on Monday as Palestinian Foreign Minister warns the Zionist entity of a third Intifada.

In Monday’s first stabbing, an 18-year-old Palestinian identified as Mustafa al-Khatib attacked a policeman with a knife at an entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City and was shot dead by security forces.

The police officer’s protective vest stopped the knife and he was unharmed.

stabbing attacks in PalestineLater in the day, a female attacker stabbed an Israeli policeman near the force’s headquarters in Jerusalem and was shot and wounded by the occupation policeman, police said.

In the third attack, two Palestinians stabbed two Israelis in the east Jerusalem settlement of Pisgat Zeev, with one attacker — reported to be 16 years old — killed and the other shot and seriously wounded.

18 stabbings have targeted the Israelis since October 3. The attacks have killed two Israelis and wounded around 20.

Zionist Entity “Seeking Third Intifada”

Palestinian foreign minister Riad al-Malki accused Israel of seeking to spark “a third intifada.”

“(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu wants to instigate a third intifada. He wants to avoid problems that he is facing in the political and diplomatic arena, where he has failed miserably,” Malki told AFP in Vienna.

Malki said Netanyahu had committed a “grave mistake by violating the status quo” of East Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa compound. Al-Aqsa have been for weeks a site for clashes between Zionist settlers and Palestinians who have been defending the holy Mosque against the Israeli desecration.

“Netanyahu is widening the scope of the conflict from a political one with the Palestinians — which always has a possibility of finding a political solution — to an unlimited war with Muslims around the world,” Malki warned.

Calling on Israel to act “according to international law”, he said there was nevertheless still “a possibility to contain” the crisis.

For his part, Netanyahu said that “knife terror will not defeat us.”

He spoke as a new session of parliament was opened, saying Israel had overcome previous waves of bombings, a reference to earlier Palestinian uprisings or intifadas.

Source: AFP

12-10-2015 – 18:27 Last updated 12-10-2015 – 18:27

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO REPORT: Syrian Arab Army on the battlefield with Russian Air Forces, fighting together to eliminate DAESH and all the foreign backed mercenary gangs



12 October 2015 ~ Hama province, Syrian Arab Army and Russian Air Forces fighting together to eliminate all the foreign backed mercenary gangs.

RT’s journalist Murad Gazdiev reports from the battlefield.

The large-scale offensive against the terrorists’ strongholds started after air support from Russian bomber jets.

RT Television
Video reloaded by Syrian News Free Press
Submitted by SyrianPatriots 
War Press Info Network at:

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Conspiracy: Western Fingerprints

 Western countries are willing to grant asylum to Syrian refugees, but are still unwilling to stop adding fuel to the fire of the Syrian civil war, Greece-based independent humanitarian journalist Fragkiska Megaloudi notes.

The so-called Syrian opposition has not appeared out of nowhere: between 2006 and 2010 Washington spent 12 million dollars on supporting the protest movement in Syria and organizing demonstrations against the Assad government, Greece-based independent humanitarian journalist Fragkiska Megaloudi pointed out, citing WikiLeaks, according to the Sputniknews.

“WikiLeaks released over 7,000 secret diplomatic cables that document that funding. The cables revealed that up to 6,3 million dollars was funneled to the Movement for Justice and Development, a Syrian dissident organization based in London. The Movement operated the Barada satellite channel that broadcasted anti-government propaganda in Syria and that played an important part in the 2010-11 anti-Assad protests,” the journalist emphasized in her article for Information Clearing House.

“The remaining 6 million were spent by the US in order to support “rebels” and activists and educate journalists in ways of manipulating the news about the Syrian crisis in a manner that would benefit the rebels,” she added.

 Remarkably, in April 2011, spokesperson for US State Department Mark Toner, confirmed that the WikiLeaks documents were authentic, Megaloudi stressed.

However, the US was not the only one state who facilitated the anti-government turmoil in Syria. In 2012, France and Britain “pushed for a relaxation of the EU arms embargo to Syria” in order to supply “defensive arms” to “opposition fighters.”

Megaloudi referred to the fact that France was the first European country to recognize the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces as “the only representative of the Syrian people.” The move was immediately hailed by Turkey and the Arab League who also declared the coalition “the legitimate representative of the Syrian people’s aspirations.”

“In December 2012, at a meeting held in Marrakesh, the United States backed the National Coalition as the transitional government of Syria,” the journalist reminded, adding that more than 100 other countries recognized the Syrian opposition despite fears that so-called Syrian “freedom fighters” might have certain links to al-Qaeda.

The US and France never hid the fact that they were arming and training Syrian opposition fighters. Unfortunately, it has always been a problem for the West to distinguish “moderates” from extremists.

“In August 2013, yellow smoke rose over the “rebel”-controlled suburb of Ghouta near Damascus. A few hours later and the lifeless bodies of 1,000 people, including 300 children would be lying in the streets. It was one of the worst sarin attacks in the history of the Syrian civil war. President Obama accused the Syrian regime for allegedly crossing the ‘red line’ he had set in 2012 on the use of chemical weapons and announced US military intervention in Syria,” Megaloudi narrated.

It was not the first time when the Syrian government has been accused for gas attacks. However, a United Nations investigation into human rights abuses in Syria indicated in May 2013 that at least two of alleged attacks (in Aleppo in March 2013 and Homs in December 2012) were most likely carried out by Syrian “rebels”. Referring to evidence from casualties and medical staff UN international Prosecutor Carla del Ponte claimed that it was rebel forces who had used the deadly nerve agent sarin against the country’s civil population.

So, who was behind the sarin attack in Ghouta?

Quoting Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, Megaloudi noted that in 2012 American and Turkish intelligence service believed that the “rebels” could lose the war against Bashar al-Assad.

“This prompted the Turkish national intelligence agency and Gendarmerie, the nation’s paramilitary law enforcement arm, to work with al-Nusra Front in Syria in order to help them build their chemical development,” Megaloudi elaborated.

Interestingly enough, US Defense Intelligence Agency was aware of that fact and knew about the Turkish and Saudi involvement into the affair.

In late August 2013 MintPress News reporter Yahya Ababneh, who was on the ground in Ghouta, spoke directly to the “rebels”, their family members and local residents. They narrated that some rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and carried out the devastating gas attack.

Citing Hersh, Megaloudi suggested that both Turkey and Saudi Arabia believed that the attack would prompt Washington to launch a full-scale attack against the Syrian government and topple Bashar al-Assad.

However, “it would take years until the political and military games surrounding the Syrian conflict come to light,” the journalist underscored.

“It seems that the bodies of the drowned Syrian children shocked a lot of consciences, but changed no policies,” Megaloudi concluded.


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Yemeni Army, Committees Attack Saudi Military Bases In Jizan

Local Editor

Yemen’s army and the Popular Committees forces fired rockets and artillery shells at military bases in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan province in retaliation for the kingdom’s aggression against their nation, leaving several Saudi soldiers dead.

The Yemeni forces fired 40 missiles at the districts of al-Qamar and Sudanah near al-Qarn military base in Jizan on Saturday.

The Yemeni army and the Committees also fired artillery shells at a concentration center of the Saudi soldiers and Saudi military vehicles in al-Maayin military base in Jizan, according to Yemen’ al-Massira TV.

Meanwhile, the Arabic-language television channel also reported on Saturday that scores of militants loyal to fugitive Yemeni president Abed Rabbu Mansour Hadi were killed in the Yemeni province of Ma’rib. Eight Saudi military vehicles were also destroyed.

Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen for 200 days now to restore power to Hadi. The Saudi-led aggression has so far killed at least 6,579 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Yemeni national military, Saudi warplanes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

Source: Websites

11-10-2015 – 23:36 Last updated 11-10-2015 – 23:36

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Photo Proof ~ Identifying the “FSA” ~ [WARNING: Disturbing Images]



Please pardon my rather long absence.

I was doing quite an extensive investigation on who exactly was the “FSA,” “Free Syrian Army,” or “Moderate Rebels.” What I thought would take me a few weeks at most turned out to be AT LEAST 10 articles. I will get them out as fast as I can. I’ll start with this first one since there seems to be so much confusion regarding this subject to people who mainly watch the mainstream media.

To those of you who read our news, please share these images so they may reach those reporting false reports from “Syrian Activists.”

Again, I dont take much stalk in a news story that shows no proof of their “claim,” and you shouldnt either. After all, without proof, they are just “claims.” Dont by into it. Dont assume they are true because you saw it on the news. News is scripted these days, literally. Scripts are sent around that most major channels report. They get good looking people to tell you what they want you to be told. They “spoon feed” you information but it doesnt make it truth. I will back up my stories, but dont usually have to, because I do more than make “claims.”



Who is the “Free Syrian Army?”

Basically, who ISNT is a better question. Most come from the rejected Muslim Brotherhood and their families living abroad in many countries other than Syria since the former President ran what was left of them out.

They “claim” to be Syrians, and they “claim” to be from this village or that city in Syria, but they arent. If they WERE Syrians, and cared an ounce for Syria and her people, they wouldnt destroy it “claiming” to be representatives of the Syrian people fighting for “Freedom.”

They want President Bashar al-Assad out so bad they are willing to kill everyone they have to (or want to when scaring others to keep them in check), while destroying Syria itself.

They dont care about Syria or Syrians or even Syrias history.


This first picture comes from a rally inside the United States.


I find it strange that supporters of the Free Syrian Army in the United States “claim” they are united against “ISIS and Assad.”  Especially when

  • 1.) They arent over there being killed and
  • 2.) The FSA and ISIS and al-Nusra are all mixed together fighting and many are the same people with a different uniform on.

DO NOT BE FOOLED! Many of these supporters in the United States have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood booted from Egypt. Most loved Mohamed Morsi (a Muslim Brotherhood), and hate Egypts new President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. They also love Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (which Syrians are NOT so fond of because of what he has done to Syria funneling every terrorist into Syria along with the US CIA and many weapons). They also love Saudi and support Saudis internationally illegal war on Yemen killing many. If you talk to a FSA supporter who loves these others… know your talking to a Muslim Brotherhood supporter.

Okay, lets identify some facts. Many of us have claimed for years now that the FSA or “Moderate Rebels” have been working with al-Qaeda or al-Nusra and ISIS. No one seems to be able to differentiate between the two. Dr Bashar Jaafari has been saying all along they are ALL terrorists if their fighting the LEGITIMATE Government of Syria. Sergey Lavrov said, “If it looks like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist, right?” Lets see how right they are.

In Josephs Eid/Getty Image, it shows al-Qaeda was known to be on the scene in Homs Syria on May 4, 2012. 


So WE know, and the mainstream media knew they were there that long ago. Thats a FACT. 

Tim Anderson, a writer that works at the University of Sydney in Australia puts out many “fact sheets” I like to call them. They are a one page of facts and photos relating to Syria. Here is his latest, that fits into this article perfectly.

4 from tim

Below is a photo of Colonel Abed el Jaber Okaidi kissing a man many claim to be like a Godfather of al-Qaeda.


Eretz Zen has 3 youtube channels that show hundreds of videos that you have never seen in mainstream media. Although they show plenty of truth, they never fit the narritive the West put out in their news trying to discredit President ELECTED Bashar al-Assad. They show the horrors of what the “moderate rebels” have done to innocent Syrians for the last nearly 5 years. In a still from one of his videos, “moderate rebel” leader Jamal Maarouf talks about the aid he receives from the United States of America. In a still shot from the video, you can see the flag of ISIS in the background while he speaks.

America has know all along exactly who they have supported in Syria.


You can watch the video below…

The next photos I will show you is why there is so much confusion. The mainstream media would like you to be confused wondering who you should support if at all. I say support NONE OF THEM! One thing I have found out is even the most innocent looking of people are chopping off the heads of truly innocent people. Dont be fooled by their looks. I have hundreds of photos, but here are a few.

This next photo shows an “activist” with an FSA flag, under an ISIS flag. This is why we do not count “activists” as credible at all!

10 protester fsa isis

This next photos speak for itself.  It shows Sheikh Omar wearing an FSA uniform sitting under an al-Nusra flag.


This next photo shows a facebook name of Mahmoud Bassam al’kl. In photo 1, hes wearing his “moderate rebel” uniform and in photo 2, he has beheaded a Syrian soldier while holding an ISIS flag.

11 mahmoud bassam alʿkl

In this next photo, it shows a facebook name of Abu Omar al-Bayanuni. In his purple and blue sweater he doesnt look like a member of ISIS, but as you can see, he enjoys beheading (or hanging out with beheaders), in his spare time.

13 Abu Omar al-Bayanuni

Is (Facebook name) Yousef Najjar a “moderate” or ISIS?

16 Yousef Najjar

How about (Facebook name) Waled Faroh?

17 Waled Faroh

Then we have a newly trained kid who has a couple of facebook pages. In one, he goes by Abu Talha, and in another, he goes by Qutaiba Rashid. In the next 2 photos, you can see he is being trained as an FSA ISIS terrorist. I believe this is a war crime in itself, right? I wonder if he beheaded the man photographed in the second photo.

14 Abu Talha fsa

15 Abu Talha and Abu Karar2

Because of the photographs shown here, I can think you can see whyANYONE who raises a gun to a Syrian soldier or a knife to a Syrian citizen,ALL ARE CONSIDERED TERRORISTS, and rightly so. These terrorists enter a village, murder innocent people in public to scare the hell out of rest into submission, and believe they can really take over Syria.

Together, with ALL the mighty Syrian Arab Armed Forces and Russias mighty Forces, terrorism WILL BE driven from Syria. The Blood thirsty fake Muslim “Muslim Brotherhood” will never be allowed to return to Syria and rule anything. Maybe Turkey will be the closest they get. Erdogan is welcomed to keep them. Or, they will have to remain in exile in the countries they are currently in since Egypt wont let them back either. Good luck with them in the United States and Europe! Syria will be happy to let you keep them!

Right now, the Syrians couldnt be happier now that Russia has taken control over fighting terrorism in Syria.

This photo sums it up well. A photo from al-Nusra themselves.

3 WeAreAllJabhatAl-Nusra

If you would like to see what has been going on from a Syrians perspective, I suggest you go to the Youtube channels of Eretz Zen. You will see videos of footage never shown on mainstream media. You might be amazed at what you see.

Many many “Thanks” to President Vladimir Putin!




Seek the truth!


Nevaehwest is a regular contributor to 'War Press Info Network'

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to facilitate the correct information's diffusion,
to cite all the mentioned original sources, 
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Ziad Fadel 


LATAKIA:  This report starts from the beginning of the assault on Salmaa October 8, 2015 when the SAA’s vaunted anti-aircraft batteries shot down a military drone operated by British rodents in Gaziantep was shot down over the Syrian hamlet of Bayt Haleebiyya.  The drone was flying over positions where the SAA was starting operations to wipe out the rat presence in the province while acquiring crucial sites looking over the Waadi Al-Ghaab in anticipation of the operation which will result in the immolation of the Saudi crackpot murdering savage, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini.


Al-Rubay’ah:  On October 9, 2015, the SAA killed these rodents who were the only ones out of 21 who were Syrian:

Muhammad Minlaa

Muwaffaq Al-Saayigh

Muhammad Qubaaji

Muhammad Jameel Qubaaji


Al-Rubay’ah:  On October 9, 2015, in another event at this much-fought-over town, 20+ vermin went to a blazing Hell when the car they were arming with an IED went BOOM! So sad.  The Saudi Arabian “officer” who was a supposed expert was literally “hoisted by his own petard”.


Al-Murayj Village near Salmaa:  The SAAF and RuAF struck hard at a moving pack of rodents and killed an estimated 19.


Heavy fighting in these areas: Al-Safsaafa Village,  ‘Araafeet, Al-Mugheeriyya, Tartiyaah, Al-Sindiyaan, Duwayrika, Al-Ghaabaat area.



Arraamu Village liberated!  That’s right.  This little Christian village sitting atop some of the best tasting water in the world was deloused on October 9, 2015 by the SAA.  Some of my wife’s relatives live in the village.


The Syrian Army is moving toward Salmaa with an eye toward wiping out the remnant scum, most of whom are Chechens.  The RuAF and the SAAF are very active over this area destroying terrorist infrastructure.  Yesterday and today, 3 warehouses storing weapons and ammunition were set ablaze by air-to-ground missiles.  In the process of softening up the area, the SAA conquered and liberated the town of Jubb Al-Ahmar.  This is a very highly-situated town looking down on to the Ghaab Plain of both Hama and Idlib.  The SAA is now digging in to prevent any relapse.  But, it is completely rat free and represents a major setback for the terrorist filth.  It was attacked from 3 axes:  Jubb Al-Ghaar, Usitriyyaa and Kitf Khaleel.  


And the news gets better.  The Syrian Army has liberated Ruwaysat Al-Batteekh and Jawrat Al-Batteekh.  The Syrian Army also has liberated Kafr Dilba, Kafr ‘Ajooz. 



Thanks, DT.

These pigs are supported by Obama, inter alia.  They are supposed to be “moderate”.  So what’s that black flag?  (Thanks, Vasili)

Thanks, Vasili.

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