How Saudi State Media Feeds Fake News to Israeli, Western Audiences

November 15th, 2021

Saudi Media Feature photo
Unsubstantiated Saudi state media claims are very specifically designed to inflame tensions and to make the supporters of Hamas, Iran and Syria doubt their leaders and what may be going on behind the scenes.

by Robert Inlakesh


RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA — Saudi state media outlets have been found to repeatedly report information, lacking sources or supporting evidence, in order to attack their political opposition in the Middle East. This can range from stories about deserters from Hamas to the utterly absurd fictions regarding alleged assassinations of high-ranking Iranian officials, which, taken together, constitute a pro-Israel, pro-Washington psyop.

This Wednesday, Saudi state broadcaster Al-Hadath claimed that an Iranian ‘Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) Commander named Seyyed Mustafa Javad Ghaffari had been kicked out of Syria by the country’s president, Bashar al-Assad, sparking speculation over a possible breakdown in relations between Tehran and Damascus. For Israeli and U.S. media, which have now taken the report at face value, it is an intriguing story. And it would be an interesting development, except for one small detail: there is not a shred of evidence to support the claims.

According to the original report on Al-Hadath, Commander Ghaffari had set up a “black market” by bypassing customs and smuggling goods into Syria; additionally, Ghaffari had allegedly admitted to storing weapons in prohibited areas inside of Syria. Later reports in Israeli media, quoted Saudi media as claiming that Assad had accused Ghaffari of violating Syrian sovereignty and hence had expelled him. In addition to this, the unnamed Saudi media source seemed to work off of the assumption that the Iranian commander was behind an attack on U.S. forces and their allies on October 20 at their al-Tanf base in Syria. According to Al-Hadath, Syria was unhappy specifically with the IRGC commander’s conspiring against the Israelis and U.S. forces that occupy their territory, owing to fears of being dragged into a regional war.

Not surprisingly, Saudi Arabia’s broadcaster used biased language, in what should have been a professional report, demonstrating instantly that the outlet, Al-Hadath, was coming at the report from the state’s propagandistic perspective. On its website, its report concludes:

The source viewed the exclusion of Mustafa Ghaffari, who is following in the footsteps of Qassem Soleimani by establishing the Syrian Hezbollah militia, as a blow to Soleimani’s vision and dream of establishing a land bridge between Iran and Lebanon.

So who is this source? We don’t have a name or even a title. All we know is that Al-Hadath calls them someone that is familiar with the Syrian senior leadership. Lacking any further information, it is reasonable to ask the following questions: How does an enemy state to both Syria and Iran manage to acquire such information first? If this source exists, they clearly chose an enemy state to leak this information to, so why not an American or Israeli media outlet with more credibility? And finally, is there really any such source?

I spoke to Seyyed Mohammed Marandi, Professor of English Literature and Orientalism at the University of Tehran, who says that the claims are “utter nonsense.” “All Iranian commanders are rotated, Hajj Javad isn’t the first,” Marandi explained. He also went on to say that “actually, the Iranian change in command happened weeks ago; if they [Saudi media] know so much why didn’t they say anything when it happened?”

A history of similar claims

Interestingly, this is far from the first time that such reports have emerged — reports that carry the potential to sow confusion and distrust amongst supporters of parties and nations that are enemies of Saudi Arabia.

On July 19, 2020, Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya published claims that high-ranking Hamas officials had been caught spying on the Gaza-based movement, including a Commander of the al-Qassam Brigade’s elite naval wing, said to be named Mohammed Abu Ajwa, who they claimed fled to Israel via boat after spying for Israel since 2009. The source for these claims was again unnamed and the allegations were denied strongly by Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem, who said that “the Al-Arabiya channel is promoting rumors that serve the aims of the occupation in destabilizing the home front in Gaza.” It is now 2021 and Israel has yet to even comment on these claims officially, which is strange considering that such a propaganda win for Israel would normally be weaponized by their political establishment. In addition to this, no one in Gaza has ever heard of this alleged commander.

As with the claims made about Syria expelling an IRGC Commander, there was a minuscule grain of truth to what was claimed. In the case of Syria’s “expulsion” of Iran’s commander, Javad Ghaffari did leave Syria weeks ago; and in the case of Hamas collaborators, the movement did arrest 16 individuals on the basis of spying for Israel. In fact, the report for Al-Arabiya quoted the Ministry of Information for Hamas, to substantiate its claims of Hamas members being arrested.

The Times of Israel even claimed that it was a big deal that “Hamas admits” one of its own fled to the Israeli side, after Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk had stated as much, a fact already acknowledged to be true. This demonstrates the sensationalism of Israeli media at the time. During the interview quoted, conducted with Marzouk for Al-Mayadeen TV, the Hamas leader said:

They are isolated members. There is no connection between them. They are not commanders in the [Hamas military wing] Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, nor are they commanders in Hamas… What the occupation claims, that they are commando officers or senior naval officers, is absolutely false.”

The Times of Israel, along with other Israeli media, was quick to parrot unsubstantiated Saudi claims

It is important to know that Hamas regularly arrests collaborators and sentences many of them to death. This is not uncommon, nor is it out of the ordinary for members of the group to be blackmailed by Israel to work for them. To become a member of Hamas is not a difficult task and its membership is wide-ranging inside Gaza.

An Iranian commander assassinated, or not really

Another example of bogus claims made by Saudi State TV is that of an Iranian commander being assassinated in Syria’s Eastern Deir Ezzor province in November of 2020. In this case, Al-Arabiya added sketchy details to a story built on weak foundations. The alleged assassination of an Iranian Quds force commander would have had serious implications, especially as some sources claimed that it came as a result of a U.S. coalition force bombing campaign.

At the time I tracked the report to its origin, discovering that the allegations had emerged from a Syrian-opposition media group, called “Step News Agency,” which published a report on the alleged incident on November 29, 2020. The article claimed that the agency’s reporter, Abdul Rahman al-Ahmad, who was said to have been based in the Eastern Deir Ezzor province of Syria “obtained information” that indicated a vehicle belonging to Iran’s elite Quds forces was targeted and destroyed. The car was, according to this report, targeted near the Salbi area, in the Suwaiya Desert, after having crossed into Syria from a designated area for militias, near the Al-Qaim crossing. The initial report noted only that two were said to have died in the attack, also claiming that the week prior to this, unidentified aircraft – suspected to have belonged to the U.S. coalition – had launched 10 raids on pro-Iranian militia sites.

Israeli media outlets then ran with the claims despite having nothing but the word of a single Syrian opposition journalist to go on. Israel Hayom News, for instance, cited developed claims from Syrian-opposition media that instead of two Iranians having been killed, it was “a logistics officer in the IRGC’s elite Quds Force,” as well as two other Iranians, who had been assassinated.

Al-Arabiya News then claimed to have obtained the identity of the commander, naming him as “Muslim Shahdan.” This was then published by the likes of the Daily Mail, which also repeated the claim made by the Turkish-based Anadolu Agency that there were now three IRGC members killed inside the car allegedly targeted in Deir Ezzor, Syria.

There was never any photographic evidence, witness testimony, approximate timing, video evidence, or any official confirmation of exactly where in Deir Ezzor this attack took place. There was no continuity through the various contradictory claims made by all the different media outlets and no one could even determine how many people actually died in the reported attack.

The story originated with Syrian opposition media groups, who have a clear anti-Iran agenda and have continued to peddle false claims of Iranian forces being killed in virtually every single Israeli attack on Syria, figures that Israel never clarifies and for which we never see proof. These groups claim to have sources in Syrian government-controlled areas, even naming those individuals occasionally. The question also must be posed in this case that if the Syrian government knows these journalists, how is it that they are still able to obtain sensitive information on military operations and casualties of individuals known only to a few to be in the country, in top-secret locations? Are we to believe that these unnamed sources are never identified and that in Syria anyone can know sensitive information about the government at any time without any questions asked? Also, how is it that these opposition journalists are the first people to report casualties, often before there is time for local medical staff to declare deaths?

There was then the story that was looped in with the alleged assassination attack, claiming that U.S. coalition forces attacked 10 Iranian sites in Abu Kamal, but according to the initial reports from Syrian opposition media, that had happened a week prior to the assassination. Israel Hayom and the Daily Mail failed to specify when the two separate attacks took place, making it seem as if it all had occurred on the same night. Again there are no specifics given here, just the repeated claims from Syrian opposition media.

The allegations that were made about weapons having been transported, in the car of the commander that was allegedly attacked, also seemed very unlikely. Why would an Iranian Quds Force commander be traveling in a car packed full of weapons and why do a weapons transfer in a regular car carrying a high-ranking commander in it? Why not just transport the weapons in trucks? These small details made the story seem less believable, especially when no one had been able to officially identify the two, three, or four Iranians said to have been killed.

As spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh, later told Iran’s Mehr News that these allegations were false, yet many Western media outlets failed to publish this information. Talking to a Syrian Arab Army military source at the time, I was also informed that they were “not aware of any such attack happening”.

Saudi media playing a pro-Israel, pro-Western agenda

The examples above demonstrate a clear pattern with the media of Saudi Arabia and the way in which their “unnamed sources” are taken at face value and repeated verbatim throughout Western and Israeli media. The claims clearly serve a political agenda, but not just any agenda.

Such claims are very specifically designed to inflame tensions and to make the supporters of Hamas, Iran and Syria doubt their leaders and what may be going on behind the scenes. They play on issues that are normally dealt with behind closed doors and it is well understood that the average consumer of news will not have the time or resources to dig into such stories with the intent of uncovering the truth.

Israeli officials have now twice traveled to Saudi Arabia in the past year, that we know of, not only raising suspicions of unofficial cooperation between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, but confirming that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is warming up to the idea of openly normalizing ties with Israel, while the closeness of the United States government to the Saudis has long been apparent. Hence for Saudi state media to run media operations, as a form of psychological warfare, against their political foe, is not much of a surprise. Yet, for outlets across the world to choose to regurgitate the claims made by Saudi media, verbatim and without any critical take, is a real indictment of them and demonstrates a lack of journalistic credibility on their part.

Speech by Prof. Bouthaina Shaaban Political and Media Advisor Syrian Presidency At the Shiller Institute Online Conference “World at a Crossroad: Two Months in the New US Administration” March 20-21, 2021

Her Excellency Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban: Reconstruction with Syrian characteristics — rebuilding a truly diverse and more secure world based on the lessons of the Syrian experience


Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban speech - Schiller Institute June 25th 2016 - YouTube
Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban is a political and media advisor to President AssadYOUTUBE/SCHILLER INSTITUTE

Good morning.

Allow me first to thank the Schiller Institute, and in particular, to thank Helga Zepp-LaRouche, for inviting me to this very important conference and for allowing me to contribute to this very important panel.

But before I begin my paper, I would like to pass on a few notes that lead me to the conclusion which I would love to conclude for this panel, and for this conference at large.

One of the major problems we face in our country, is that today, Western countries approach our countries with the feeling of exceptionalism or a feeling of righteousness, that whatever Western countries see appropriate or good, should apply to our countries without any question. The first action that was taken by Western countries, when the war on Syria started, was to withdraw their ambassadors from Syria. The question is, isn’t it the job of the ambassadors to convey the reality on the ground, and to help in opening channels of communication between countries instead of closing them?

This leads me to the role of corporate media during the war on Syria. Unfortunately, most Western media rely on Al Jazeera, Qatar-funded, and Al Arabiya, Saudi-funded, to report on events in Syria, even though both channels, Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, withdrew their correspondents and relied on what are called “eyewitnesses,” which could be anybody, anywhere. This applies also to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is run by one person in Coventry, U.K., Rami Abdel Rahman.

These media outlets choose to focus on what they find which fits their agenda, ignoring the reality on the ground. For example, even the terrorist acts in Tartus and Jableh recently, which claimed the lives of 200 innocent civilians, were not noticed by Western media, and certainly did not therefore evoke any Western sympathy.

What I would like to say is that the false narrative propagated about Syria was as dangerous to the Syrian people and to the safety and security of Syrians, as the acts perpetrated by terrorists, because it isolated the reality in Syria from the public understanding in the West and in the world at large, and it prevented the creation of a level of understanding between Western countries and the Syrian people about what is going on.

Terrorism and ‘Democracy’

But before we can begin to talk about reconstructing Syria, we still face the monumental challenge of eradicating terrorism in Syria, Iraq, and the region. We have to eradicate this terrorism. And when I say “we,” I do not mean the Syrians or the Iraqis alone, but I mean the world at large, because, as we have seen, in Paris, Brussels, Orlando, and lastly, the U.K., terrorists can strike anywhere in the world; it’s a cancer that can spread anywhere in the world. However, is the world, and in particular, are Western powers, doing all they can to face this danger? This is the question that I would like to ask.

Of course if we separate out what is promoted in the media and look at actions and deeds, rather than words, we see that in the case of Syria, Western countries are not doing what needs to be done to eliminate this danger, both from Syria and from the world at large. And I would like to give you one example: On December 17, 2015, the Security Council adopted Resolution 2253, under Chapter 7, which dictates stopping the financing, arming, and facilitating of terrorists into Syria. The Vienna Group, afterwards, interpreted this resolution, that it should include closing the Turkish border and not allowing armaments and finances to cross to the terrorists. On December 18, the Security Council issued Resolution 2254, which calls for a political solution in Syria.

Now, you see that the entirety of humanity focusses on 2254, without dealing with 2253, which is a logical prerequisite for 2254, that is, for finding a political solution in Syria.

The same thing can be said about humanitarian assistance. Instead of focussing on ending the war in Syria and restoring peace and security in Syria, we see that the entire corporate media is speaking about humanitarian assistance, as if this is the issue! Syria, before this war, was able to host 2 million Iraqis and to feed itself, and to export food to 84 countries in the world. It is since the 1970s that the Syrian people have adopted the motto, “We eat from what we produce, and we wear from what we manufacture,” which means that Syria does not need humanitarian help if there is peace and stability, and if the Syrian people are able to develop their crops and attend to their factories.

Today we hear a lot of talk from the Western alliance about “containing” ISIS, “limiting” ISIS; and lastly, you all heard the speech of CIA Director John Brennan, who said that we did not succeed even in limiting the influence of ISIS. Why? Because there is no real desire and wish, really, to get rid of ISIS. There were two elements: The Russian government had called on Western countries to join efforts to defeat ISIS both in Syria and Iraq, and the agreement in Vienna was that the Turkish borders should be closed. Neither of these two elements received a positive response from the United States or the Western powers. The question is, why?—if there is a real will to fight ISIS.

The other question is, that we in Syria feel that what is needed is a real will in the international community to fight terrorism and to build real bridges. When I say “real bridges,” I mean, on an equal basis, on a basis of parity. The problem with promoting “democracy”—in quotation marks—in our part of the world, is that Western countries believe that liberal democracy is the only issue, or the only copy, or the only formula that should be applied to our countries. And this is not true, because we all have different cultures.

We have different identities, we have different habits, we have different ways of life, and I can give an example: China, India, the Persian culture, Arab culture have contributed a great deal to the world, but on a human basis, and on a basis of parity. In fact, here I would like to make an important point, that the Western world believes in opening markets to the entire world, but only to export its own goods! But not to allow other countries to export to the West, on an equal basis. And every day they invent different formulas in order not to allow equal treatment—tariff constraints and other constraints.

Intellectual Silk Road

The same thing applies to politics. The concepts, values, and ideas, coming from the West should be respected and implemented in our countries, but there is no other road that takes our culture, and our values and our ethics to the West. If we need to create a world for all, if we need to create a peaceful world, if we need to create a prosperous world for all, we need to create a conceptual, intellectual concept of one world; we need to create a conceptual concept of a Silk Road. Not only an actual Silk Road, but an intellectual Silk Road. All of you know that Aleppo and Syria were extremely crucial in the ancient Silk Road that connected Asia to Europe. Syria and the Syrian people will be more than happy to be very active also in a New Silk Road and in a political, social, intellectual Silk Road that connects Asia to the West, that connects Eurasia to the West.

The other byproduct of this war on our countries, and the other byproduct of promoting only Western exceptionalism in our country, is the distortion of the image of Islam in Western eyes. Islam, like any other religion, is a religion of love, a religion of humanity. We, as Muslims, were hardly ever, if ever, addressed in our Quran as Muslims. We are addressed as “ye human beings”: We are part of the human community. And therefore, those who kill in the name of Islam, those who destroy in the name of Islam, are not Muslims at all. They have nothing to do with Islam.

We have to address the concept that the terrorists are promoting, and the lack of dialogue that the corporate media are causing, if we want to create a truly prosperous Silk Road, not only physical, but also intellectual, social, and political. And here, I would like to conclude by thanking Russia and China, who right from the beginning of the war on Syria, took four vetoes against Western attempts to try to strike Syria militarily. And Russia, and China, and Iran, continue to support the Syrian people, to try to find a political solution.

In brief, what I would like to say here is that, in order to build these Silk Roads, we have to deal with each other on an equal basis, on an equal human basis, and dealing otherwise, as superior and inferior, as white and black, as important and less important, is producing extremism, is producing racism which is striking not only in Syria, but in Brussels, in Paris, in Orlando, and last of all in the U.K. Thus, it is in the interests of humanity to think as human beings, to think of the world as truly a human village, where people live equally, and have mutual respect for each other, and deal on the basis of parity.

But this requires a huge change in the mindset of the West, that probably requires another conference, to speak not only about the very important idea launched by China, of building a Silk Road, but to speak about the intellectual, social, and political Silk Road, that thinks and deals with all of us, as human, as brothers and sisters, rather than as superior and inferior. Thus, we can build a new world, and one world, and a much better world than the one we live in. We have an obligation to our grandchildren, wherever they are born, to leave them a better world than this one in which we live now.

Thank you very much.

Leaked Docs Expose Massive Syria Propaganda Operation Waged by Western Govt Contractors and Media


Leaked Docs Expose Massive Syria Propaganda Operation Waged by Western Govt  Contractors and Media — Strategic Culture

September 26, 2020

Western government-funded intelligence cutouts trained Syrian opposition leaders, planted stories in media outlets from BBC to Al Jazeera, and ran a cadre of journalists. A trove of leaked documents exposes the propaganda network.


Leaked documents show how UK government contractors developed an advanced infrastructure of propaganda to stimulate support in the West for Syria’s political and armed opposition.

Virtually every aspect of the Syrian opposition was cultivated and marketed by Western government-backed public relations firms, from their political narratives to their branding, from what they said to where they said it.

The leaked files reveal how Western intelligence cutouts played the media like a fiddle, carefully crafting English- and Arabic-language media coverage of the war on Syria to churn out a constant stream of pro-opposition coverage.

US and European contractors trained and advised Syrian opposition leaders at all levels, from young media activists to the heads of the parallel government-in-exile. These firms also organized interviews for Syrian opposition leaders on mainstream outlets such as BBC and the UK’s Channel 4.

More than half of the stringers used by Al Jazeera in Syria were trained in a joint US-UK government program called Basma, which produced hundreds of Syrian opposition media activists.

Western government PR firms not only influenced the way the media covered Syria, but as the leaked documents reveal, they produced their own propagandistic pseudo-news for broadcast on major TV networks in the Middle East, including BBC Arabic, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, and Orient TV.

These UK-funded firms functioned as full-time PR flacks for the extremist-dominated Syrian armed opposition. One contractor, called InCoStrat, said it was in constant contact with a network of more than 1,600 international journalists and “influencers,” and used them to push pro-opposition talking points.

Another Western government contractor, ARK, crafted a strategy to “re-brand” Syria’s Salafi-jihadist armed opposition by “softening its image.” ARK boasted that it provided opposition propaganda that “aired almost every day on” major Arabic-language TV networks.

Virtually every major Western corporate media outlet was influenced by the UK government-funded disinformation campaign exposed in the trove of leaked documents, from the New York Times to the Washington Post, CNN to The Guardian, the BBC to Buzzfeed.

The files confirm reporting by journalists including The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal on the role of ARK, the US-UK government contractor, in popularizing the White Helmets in Western media. ARK ran the social media accounts of the White Helmets, and helped turn the Western-funded group into a key propaganda weapon of the Syrian opposition.

The leaked documents consist mainly of material produced under the auspices of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. All of the firms named in the files were contracted by the British government, but many also were running “multi-donor projects” that received funding from the governments of the United States and other Western European countries.

In addition to demonstrating the role these Western intelligence cutouts played in shaping media coverage, the documents shine light on the British government program to train and arm rebel groups in Syria.

Other materials show how London and Western governments worked together to build a new police force in opposition-controlled areas.

Many of these Western-backed opposition groups in Syria were extremist Salafi-jihadists. Some of the UK government contractors whose activities are exposed in these leaked documents were in effect supporting Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra and its fanatical offshoots.

The documents were obtained by a group calling itself Anonymous, and were published under a series of files entitled, “Op. HMG [Her Majesty’s Government] Trojan Horse: From Integrity Initiative To Covert Ops Around The Globe. Part 1: Taming Syria.” The unidentified leakers said they aim to “expose criminal activity of the UK’s FCO and secret services,” stating, “We declare war on the British neocolonialism!”

The Grayzone was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the documents. However, the contents tracked closely with reporting on Western destabilization and propaganda operations in Syria by this outlet and many others.

UK Foreign Office and military wage media war on Syria

A leaked UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office report from 2014 reveals a joint operation with the Ministry of Defence and the Department for International Development to support “strategic communications, research, monitoring and evaluation and operational support to Syrian opposition entities.”

The UK FOC stated clearly that this campaign consisted of “creating network linkages between political movements and media outlets,” by the “building of local independent media platforms.”

The British government planned “Mentoring, training and coaching for enhanced delivery of media services, including digital and social media.”

Its goal was “to provide PR and media handling trainers, as well as technical staff, such as cameramen, webmasters and interpreters,” along with the “production of speeches, press releases and other media communications.”

An additional 2017 government document explains clearly how Britain funded the “selection, training, support and communications mentoring of Syrian activists who share the UK’s vision for a future Syria… and who will abide by a set of values that are consistent with UK policy.”

This initiative entailed British government funding “to support Syrian grassroots media activism within both the civilian and armed opposition spheres,” and was targeted at Syrians living in both “extremist and moderate” opposition-held territory.

In other words, the UK Foreign Office and military crafted plans to wage a comprehensive media war on Syria. To establish an infrastructure capable of managing the propaganda blitz, Britain paid a series of government contractors, including ARK, The Global Strategy Network (TGSN), Innovative Communication & Strategies (InCoStrat), and Albany.

The work of these firms overlapped, and some collaborated in their projects to cultivate the Syrian opposition.

Western government contractor ARK plays the media like the fiddle

One of the main British government contractors behind the Syria regime-change scheme was called ARK (Analysis Research Knowledge).

ARK FZC is based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. It brands itself as a humanitarian NGO, claiming it “was created in order to assist the most vulnerable,” by establishing a “social enterprise,  empowering local communities through the provision of agile and sustainable interventions to create greater stability, opportunity and hope for the future.”

In reality ARK is an intelligence cutout that functions as an arm of Western interventionism.

In a leaked document it filed with the British government, ARK said its “focus since 2012 has been delivering highly effective, politically-and conflict-sensitive Syria programming for the governments of the United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Canada, Japan and the European Union.”

ARK boasted of overseeing $66 million worth of contracts to support pro-opposition efforts in Syria.

On its website, ARK lists all of these governments as clients, as well as the United Nations.

ARK contractor Syria UK US Australia Canada

In its Syria operations, ARK worked together with another UK contractor called The Global Strategy Network (TGSN), which is directed by Richard Barrett, a former director of global counter-terrorism at MI6.

ARK apparently had operatives on the ground inside Syria at the beginning of the regime-change attempt in 2011, reporting to the UK FCO that “ARK staff are in regular contact with activists and civil society actors whom they initially met during the outbreak of protests in spring 2011.”

The UK contractor boasted an “extensive network of civil society and community actors that ARK has helped through a dedicated capacity building centre ARK established in Gaziantep,” a city in southern Turkey that has been a base of intelligence operations against the Syrian government.

ARK played a central role in developing the foundations of the Syrian political opposition’s narrative. In one leaked document, the firm took credit for the “development of a core Syrian opposition narrative,” which was apparently crafted during a series of workshops with opposition leaders sponsored by the US and UK governments.

ARK trained all levels of the Syrian opposition in communications, from “citizen journalism workshops with Syrian media activists, to working with senior members of the National Coalition to develop a core communications narrative.”

The firm even oversaw the PR strategy for the Supreme Military Council (SMC), the leadership of the official armed wing of Syria’s opposition, the Free Syrian Army (FSA). ARK created a complex PR campaign to “provide a ‘re-branding’ of the SMC in order to distinguish itself from extremist armed opposition groups and to establish the image of a functioning, inclusive, disciplined and professional military body.”

ARK admitted that it sought to whitewash Syria’s armed opposition, which had been largely dominated by Salafi-jihadists, by “Softening the FSA Image.”

ARK contractor Syria soften FSA image

ARK took the lead in developing a massive network of opposition media activists in Syria, and openly took credit for inspiring protests inside the country.

In its training centers in Syria and southern Turkey, the Western government contractor reported, “More than 150 activists have been trained and equipped by ARK on topics from the basics of camera handling, lighting, and sound to producing reports, journalistic safety, online security, and ethical reporting.”

The firm flooded Syria with opposition propaganda. In just six months, ARK reported that 668,600 of its print products were distributed inside Syria, including “posters, flyers, informative booklets, activity books and other campaign-related materials.”

In one document spelling out the UK contractors’ communications operations in Syria, ARK and the British intelligence cutout TGSN boasted of overseeing the following media assets inside the country: 97 video stringers, 23 writers, 49 distributors, 23 photographers, 19 in-country trainers, eight training centers, three media offices, and 32 research officers.

ARK emphasized that it had “well-established contacts” with some of the top media outlets in the world, naming Reuters, the New York Times, CNN, the BBC, The Guardian, the Financial Times, The Times, Al Jazeera, Sky News Arabic, Orient TV, and Al Arabiya.

The UK contractor added, “ARK has provided regular branded and unbranded content to key pan-Arab and Syria-focused satellite TV channels such as Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, BBC Arabic, Orient TV, Aleppo Today, Souria al-Ghadd, and Souria al-Sha’ab since 2012.”

“ARK products promoting HMG (Her Majesty’s Government) priorities by fostering attitudinal and behavioural change are broadcast almost every day on pan-Arab channels,” the firm bragged. “In 2014, 20 branded and un-branded Syria reports were produced on average by ARK each month and broadcast on major pan-Arab television channels such as Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera, and Orient TV.”

“ARK has almost daily conversations with channels and weekly meetings to engage and understand editorial preferences,” the Western intelligence cutout said.

The firm also took credit for placing 10 articles per month in pan-Arab newspapers such as Al Hayat and Asharq Al-Awsat.

US-UK program Basma cultivates Syrian media activists

The Syrian opposition media war was organized within the framework of a project called Basma. ARK worked with other Western government contractors through Basma in order to train Syrian opposition activists.

With funding from both the US and UK governments, Basma developed into an enormously influential platform. Its Arabic Facebook page had over 500,000 followers, and on YouTube it built up a large following as well.

Mainstream corporate media outlets misleadingly portrayed Basma as a “Syrian citizen journalism platform,” or a “civil society group working for a ‘liberatory, progressive transition to a new Syria.’” In reality it was a Western government astroturfing operation to cultivate opposition propagandists.

Nine of the 16 stringers used by Al Jazeera in Syria were trained through the US/UK government’s Basma initiative, ARK boasted in a leaked document.

In an earlier report for the UK FCO, filed just three years into its work, ARK claimed to have “trained over 1,400 beneficiaries representing over 210 beneficiary organisations in more than 130 workshops, and disbursed more than 53,000 individual pieces of equipment,” in a vast network that reached “into all of Syria’s 14 governorates,” which included both opposition- and government-held areas.

ARK UK contractor Syria media map

The Western contractor published a map highlighting its network of stringers and media activists and their relationships with the White Helmets as well as newly created police forces across opposition-controlled Syria.

ARK UK contractor Syria opposition media map

In its trainings, ARK developed opposition spokespeople, taught them how to speak with the press, and then helped arrange interviews with mainstream Arabic- and English-language media outlets.

ARK described its strategy “to identify credible, moderate civilian governance spokespeople who will be promoted as go-to interlocutors for regional and international media. They will echo key messages linked to the coordinated local campaigns across all media, with consortium platforms able to cover this messaging as well and encourage other outlets to pick it up.”

In addition to working with the international press and cultivating opposition leaders, ARK helped develop a massive opposition media super-structure.

ARK said it was a “key implementer of a multi-donor effort to develop a network of FM radio stations and community magazines inside Syria since 2012.” The contractor worked with 14 FM stations and 11 magazines inside Syria, including both Arabic- and Kurdish-language radio.

To propagate opposition broadcasts across Syria, ARK designed what it called “Radio in a Box” (RIAB) kits in 2012. The firm took credit for providing equipment to 48 transmission sites.

ARK also circulated up to 30,000 magazines per month. It reported that “ARK-supported magazines were the three most popular in Aleppo City; the most popular magazine in Homs City; and the most popular magazine in Qamishli.”

A Syrian opposition propaganda outlet directly run by ARK, called Moubader, developed a huge following on social media, including more than 200,000 likes on Facebook. ARK printed 15,000 copies per month of a “high-quality hard copy” Moubader magazine and distributed it “across opposition-held areas of Syria.”

The British contractor TGSN, which worked alongside ARK, developed its own outlet called the “Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office (RFS),” a leaked document shows. This confirms a 2016 report in The Grayzone by contributor Rania Khalek, who obtained emails showing how the UK government-backed RFS media office offered to pay one journalist a staggering $17,000 per month to produce propaganda for Syrian rebels.

Another leaked record shows that in just one year, in 2018 – which was apparently the final year of ARK’s Syria program – the firm billed the UK government for a staggering 2.3 million British pounds.

This enormous ARK propaganda operation was directed by Firas Budeiri, who had previously served as the Syria director for the UK-based international NGO Save the Children.

40 percent of ARK’s Syria project team were Syrian citizens, and another 25 percent were Turkish. The firm said its Syria team staff had “extensive experience managing programmes and conducting research funded by many different governmental clients in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Turkey, the Palestinian Territories, Iraq and other conflict-affected states.”

Western contractor ARK cultivates White Helmets “to keep Syria in the news”

The Western contractor ARK was a central force in launching the White Helmets operation.

The leaked documents show ARK ran the Twitter and Facebook pages of Syria Civil Defense, known more commonly as the White Helmets.

ARK took credit for developing “an internationally-focused communications campaign designed to raise global awareness of the (White Helmets) teams and their life saving work.”

ARK also facilitated communications between the White Helmets and The Syria Campaign, a PR firm run out of London and New York that helped popularize the White Helmets in the United States.

It was apparently “following subsequent discussions with ARK and the teams” that The Syria Campaign “selected civil defence to front its campaign to keep Syria in the news,” the firm wrote in a report for the UK Foreign Office.

“With ARK’s guidance, TSC (The Syria Campaign) also attended ARK’s civil defence training sessions to create media content for its #WhiteHelmets campaign which launched in August 2014 and has since gone viral,” the Western contractor added.

In 2014, ARK produced a long-form documentary on the White Helmets, titled “Digging for Life,” which was repeatedly broadcast on Orient TV.

While it was running the White Helmets’ social media accounts, ARK bragged that it was boosting followers and views on the Facebook page for Idlib City Council.

The Syrian city of Idlib was taken over by al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, which then went on to publicly execute women who were accused of adultery.

While effectively aiding these al-Qaeda-aligned extremist groups, ARK and the British intelligence cutout TGSN also signed a document with the FCO hilariously pledging to follow “UK guidance on gender sensitivity” and “ensure gender is considered in all capacity building and campaign development.”

Setting the stage for lawfare on Syria

Another leaked document shows the Western government-backed firm ARK revealing that, back in 2011, it worked with another government contractor called Tsamota to help develop the Syrian Commission for Justice and Accountability (SCJA). In 2014, SCJA changed its name to the Commission for International Justice and Accountability (CIJA).

The Grayzone exposed CIJA as a Western government-funded regime-change organization whose investigators collaborated with al-Qaeda and its extremist allies in order to wage lawfare on the Syrian government.

ARK noted that the project initially worked “with seed funding from the UK Conflict Pool to support investigative and forensic training for Syrian war crimes investigators” and has since “grown to become a major component of Syria’s transitional justice architecture.”

Since the US, European Union, and their Middle East allies lost the military phase of their war on Syria, CIJA has taken the lead in trying to prolong the regime-change campaign through lawfare.

InCoStrat creates media network, helps them interview al-Qaeda

In the leaked documents, another UK government contractor called Innovative Communications Strategies (InCoStrat) boasted of building a massive “network of over 1600 journalists and key influencers with an interest in Syria.”

InCoStrat stressed that it was “managing and delivering a multi donor project in support of UK Foreign Policy objectives” in Syria, “specifically providing strategic communication support to the moderate armed opposition.”

Other funders of InCoStrat’s work with the opposition in Syria, the firm disclosed, included the US government, the United Arab Emirates, and anti-Assad Syrian businessmen.

InCoStrat served as a liaison between its government clients and the Syrian National Coalition, the Western-backed parallel government that the opposition tried to create. InCoStrat advised senior leaders of this Syrian shadow regime, and even ran the National Coalition’s own media office from Istanbul, Turkey.

The Western contractor took credit for organizing a 2014 BBC interview with Ahmad Jarba, the then-president of the opposition National Coalition.

The firm added that “journalists have often reached out to us in search of the appropriate people for their programmes.” As an example, InCoStrat said it helped plant its own Syrian opposition activists in BBC Arabic reports. The firm then added, “Once making the initial connections we encouraged the Syrians to maintain the relationships with the journalists in the BBC instead of using ourselves as the conduit.”

Like ARK, InCoStrat worked closely with the press. The firm said it had “extensive experience in engaging Arab and international news media,” adding that it worked directly with “heads of regional news in major satellite TV networks, press bureaus and print media.”

“Key members of InCoStrat have previously worked as Middle East correspondents for some of the world’s largest news agencies including Reuters,” the Western contractor added.

Also like ARK, InCoStrat established a vast media infrastructure. The firm set up Syrian opposition media offices in Dera’a, Syria; Istanbul and Reyhanli, Turkey; and Amman, Jordan.

InCoStrat worked with 130 stringers across Syria, and said it had more than 120 reporters working inside the country, along with “an additional five official spokesmen who appear several times a week on international and regional TV.”

InCoStrat also established eight FM radio stations and six community magazines across Syria.

The firm reported that it penetrated the armed opposition by developing “strong relationships with 54 brigade commanders in Syria’s southern front,” that involved “daily, direct engagement with the commanders and their officers inside Syria,” as well as defected officers Free Syrian Army (FSA) units in government-held Damascus.

In the leaked documents, InCoStrat boasted that its reporters organized interviews with many armed opposition militias, including the al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra.

Don’t just plants media stories; “initiate an event” to create your own scandals

In its media war on Damascus, InCoStrat pursued a two-pronged campaign that consisted of the following: “a) Guerrilla Campaign. Use the media to create the event. b) Guerrilla Tactics. Initiate an event to create the media effect.”

The intelligence cutout therefore sought to use the media as a weapon to advance tangible political demands of the Syrian opposition.

In one case, InCoStrat took credit for a successful international campaign to force the Syrian government to lift its siege of the extremist-held opposition stronghold of Homs. The Grayzone contributor Rania Khalek reported on the crisis in Homs, which was besieged by Damascus after the far-right Sunni fundamentalists that controlled it began carrying out sectarian massacres against religious minorities and kidnapping Alawite civilians.

“We connected international journalists with Syrians living in besieged Homs,” InCoStrat explained. It organized an interview between Britain’s Channel 4 and a doctor in the city, which helped raise international attention, ultimately leading to an end to the siege.

In another instance, the UK contractor said it “produced postcards, posters and reports” comparing the secular government of Bashar al-Assad to the fundamentalist Salafi-jihadists in ISIS. Then it “provided a credible, Arabic-English speaking Syrian spokesperson to engage the media.”

The campaign was very successful, according to InCoStrat: Al-Jazeera America and The National published the firm’s propaganda posters. The British contractor also organized interviews on the topic with The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The Guardian, The Times, Buzzfeed, Al-Jazeera, Suriya Al-Sham, and Orient.

InCoStrat Syrian opposition media Assad ISIS

After regime change comes Nation Building Inc.

InCoStrat has apparently been involved in numerous Western-backed regime-change operations.

In one leaked document, the firm said it helped to train civil society organizations in marketing, media, and communications in Afghanistan, Honduras, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. It even trained a team of anti-Saddam Hussein journalists inside Basra, Iraq after the joint US-UK invasion.

In addition to contracting for the United Kingdom, InCoStrat disclosed that it has worked for the governments of the United States, Singapore, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, and Libya.

After NATO destroyed the Libyan state in a regime-change war in 2011, InCoStrat was brought in in 2012 to conduct similar communications work for the Libyan National Transitional Council, the Western-backed opposition that sought to take power.

Coordinating with extremist militias, cooking news to “reinforce the core narrative”

The leaked documents shed further light on a UK government contractor called Albany.

Albany boasted that it “secured the participation of an extensive local network of over 55 stringers, reporters and videographers” to influence media narratives and advance UK foreign policy interests.

The firm helped create an influential Syrian opposition media outfit called Enab Baladi. Founded in 2011 in the anti-Assad hub of Daraya, at the beginning of the war, Enab Baladi was aggressively marketed in the Western press as a grassroots Syrian media operation.

In reality, Enab Baladi was the product of a British contractor that took responsibility for its evolution “from an amateur-run entity into one of the most prominent Syrian media organizations.”

Albany also coordinated communications between opposition media outlets and extremist Islamist opposition groups by hiring an “engagement leader (who) has deep credibility with key groups including (north) Failaq ash-Sham, Jabha Shammiyeh, Jaysh Idleb al Hur, Ahrar ash-Sham, (center) Jaysh al Islam, Failaq al Rahman, and (south) Jaysh Tahrir.” Many of these militias were linked to al-Qaeda and are now recognized by the US Department of State and European governments as official terrorist groups.

Unlike other Western government contractors active in Syria, which often tried to feign a semblance of balance, Albany made it clear that its media reporting was nothing more than propaganda.

The firm admitted that it trained Syrian media activists in a unique “newsroom process” that called to “curate” news by “collecting and organising stories and content that support and reinforce the core narrative.”

In 2014, Albany boasted of running the Syrian National Coalition’s communications team at the Geneva Peace talks.

Albany also warned that revelations of Western government funding for these opposition media organizations that were being portrayed as grassroots initiatives would discredit them.

When internal emails were leaked showing that the massive opposition media platform Basma Syria was funded by the United States and Britain, Albany wrote, “the Basma brand has been compromised following leaks about funding project aims.”

The leaks on social media “have damaged the credibility and trustworthiness of the existing branded platform,” Albany wrote. “Credibility and trust are the key currencies of the activities envisaged and for this reason we consider it essential to refresh the approach if the content to be disseminated is to have effect.” The Basma website was taken down soon after.

These files provide clear insight into how the Syrian opposition was cultivated by Western governments with imperial designs on Damascus, and was kept afloat with staggering sums of cash that flowed from the pockets of British taxpayers – often to the benefit of fanatical militiamen allied with Al Qaeda.

While Dutch prosecutors prepare war crimes charges against the Syrian government for fighting off the onslaught, the leaked files are a reminder of the leading role that Western states and their war-profiteering companies played in the carefully organized destruction of the country.

thegrayzone.comThe views of individual contributors do not necessarily represent those of the Strategic Culture Foundation.

حياد الراعي و14 آذار: دَفن صفير وبشارة مرّتين


هيام القصيفي الإثنين 20 تموز 2020

أسوأ المقارنات هي تلك التي تُجرى بين بطرس الرسول باني الكنيسة وبين يهوذا الذي باع المسيح بثلاثين من فضة. وأسوأ ما يحصل مع ذكرى البطريرك الماروني مار نصر الله بطرس صفير، أن غلاة مهاجميه من موارنة ومن مناصري التيار الوطني الحر، لم يهينوه، ومعه راعي قرنة شهوان المطران يوسف بشارة، الذي لم يجف بعد التراب على قبره، بقدر ما تفعل اليوم قوى 14 آذار وجمهورها. صحيح أن لغة مهاجمي صفير وصلت إلى ما هو مشين ولا يُغتفر، لكن مجرد المقارنة بين البطريرك الراحل والبطريرك الحالي مار بشارة بطرس الراعي، إهانة في حد ذاتها للسلف، الذي كان الخلف يتغنّى في مجالسه، محاطاً بأساقفة اختارهم من غلاة المتحمّسين لـ8 آذار والتيار الوطني الحر، أنه وأدَ خطه السياسي. فهل يريد لنا من كانوا يُسمون فريق 14 آذار أن نصدق فعلاً أن الراعي هو البطريرك السيادي الجديد، لمجرد أنه لم يثبت على موقف منذ أن أتى بطريركاً، وطرح فكرة لا يعرف بنفسه أن يشرح حيثياتها، وأن نسكت عن تطبيلهم وتزميرهم له وإلّا نكنْ من الخوارج؟

في 4 أيار عام 2016 وفي مأتم النائبة الراحلة نهاد سعيد، أمّت قرطبا جموع من مناصري 14 آذار ومعهم شخصيات سياسية من الاتجاه نفسه. مفارقة تلك اليوم أن «الأخبار» نشرت خبراً عن لقاء الراعي والأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله. وسط الكلام عن مآثر سعيد، كانت شخصيات الفريق السيادي متجهّمة لمجرد حصول اللقاء ومستاءة من الاتجاه السياسي للراعي وكيف قصد بطريرك الموارنة نصرالله. الشخصيات نفسها، وبالموقع نفسه، هي التي تقود اليوم حركة إقناع الموارنة والمسيحيين الذين ينتمون إلى هذا الخط وغيره، أن الروح القدس حلّ على بطريرك الموارنة، وتحول فجأة من مقاوم شرس إلى جانب سوريا والعماد ميشال عون قبل وبعد أن أصبح رئيساً للجمهورية وفريق 8 آذار، إلى مقاوم مع فريق 14 آذار ولبنان الحياد، في توقيت يحار كثر في تفسيره. الجواب معروف ببساطة، لكن مشكلة الكتابة عن السبب أنه مخز بقدر ما هو مخز انحياز بكركي إلى المصارف وحاكم مصرف لبنان رياض سلامة ورئيس جمعية المصارف سليم صفير. لم تعد غريبة التقلبات التي تشهدها مواقف الراعي كما تقلبات سعر صرف الليرة. والمخجل راهناً تأييد هذا الحشد السياسي والإعلامي الذي هو نفسه يدافع عن المصارف، وبعض أفراده يستغل موقف البطريرك لغاية في نفس يعقوب، وبعضه للتفتيش عن دور أو مظلة لمشروع. والهدف إقناع الرأي العام بحمل الراعي على الأكتاف، لأنه بات ضد العهد وضد حزب الله، وبأن الساعة حانت لتكون بكركي «رافعة تحرير لبنان»، وبأن واشنطن تؤيد الراعي، وأن الفاتيكان سيساعده رغم كمّ التقارير المرفوعة لدى الكرسي الرسولي ضد البطريرك وبعض المطارنة لأدائهم الذي فاق في جوانب محددة كل تصور، ورغم معرفة كلّ الدوائر الدبلوماسية في بيروت والخارج بموقع الراعي الحقيقي والمحيطين به.

من تبقّى من عقّال في الطائفة المارونية يكتبون ويحللون عدم صوابية فكرة الحياد في مفهومها وقانونيتها ودستوريتها وعبثيتها، وأيضاً في توقيتها الذي يثير ردات فعل غير محسوبة. وكما يحق لرافضي الفكرة نقاشها، كذلك فإن رفضها لمجرد أن مَن طرحها هو بطريرك الموارنة يوازي في سوئه طرح الفكرة. لا توصل هذه الخطوة إلا إلى حائط مسدود نتيجة اعتبارات ومفاهيم سياسية محلية وإقليمية ودولية، عدا أن الكنيسة مع رؤية القديس يوحنا (الفصل الثالث، الآية 15) «ليتك كنت بارداً أو حاراً، هكذا لأنك فاتر، ولست بارداً أو حاراً، فأنا مزمع أن أتقيّأك من فمي». لكن تحول الفكرة التي سكِر الراعي بنشوة تأييدها، إلى شعار يرفعه كل خصوم حزب الله، باعتبار أنها السبيل الأوحد لإنهاء الحزب، هو أمر في غاية السذاجة السياسية، ويصيب الكنيسة في عمقها، لأن ما «بُني على باطل فهو باطل».
قبل الاحتكام إلى حياد لبنان الإقليمي والدولي، وقبل إعادة تجميع القوى السياسية نفسها ضد حزب الله والاصطفاف إلى جانب السعودية التي زارها الراعي واستقبل أخيراً سفيرها وليد البخاري ، مهما كان «موقفها الإيجابي من لبنان والموارنة فيه»، في صورة تناقض مبدأ الحياد، لينزل الراعي قليلاً إلى أرض الواقع ومعه الشخصيات المؤيدة له وليجيبوا على بضعة أسئلة بسيطة تتعلق بالواقع الداخلي:

أي حياد يريد الراعي أخذ المسيحيين إليه، والكنيسة في مجمعها الماروني لا تعرف سبيلاً للحياد في الداخل والخارج؟ وهل يدار أي مشروع سياسي بهذه الخفة من بعض الباحثين عن أدوار، ما يؤدي إلى اللعب بمصير بكركي كموقع على أيدي هواة؟ وأي بكركي ستقود هذا الحياد، تلك التي رفعت لواء الطائف، أم بكركي فريق 8 آذار بمجموع أساقفته الذين أعلى الراعي شأنهم ويعقدون اجتماعات حزبية في مطرانياتهم، أم بكركي البطريرك الذي يتلوّن كل يوم بلون جديد؟ وهل هذا الحياد سيعيد إلى جمهوره المسيحي أمواله من المصارف «المسيحية»، فيما السؤال المفروض أن نسأله ماذا فعل الراعي للمودعين في عز أزمتهم المالية والاقتصادية، وهل طالب البطريرك رياض سلامة وسليم صفير بأموال المودعين المسيحيين والمغتربين منهم الذين وثقوا بمؤسساتهم المصرفية فأودعوا أموالهم فيها فسُرقت على أيديهما؟ واستطراداً، هل أموال الحاشية وبعض أهل الصرح محجوزة في لبنان كما أموال سائر اللبنانيين، أم أصبحت في الخارج مع المحظيين؟ هل يعرف الراعي – والأكيد أنه يعرف – أن معركة بقاء غالبية أبنائه المسيحيين اليوم تتعلق بالمساعدات الغذائية التي تؤمنها شخصيات اجتماعية في الداخل وفي الخارج، فيما بعض أساقفته يخزّنون المساعدات في أقبية وقد انتهت صلاحياتها من دون أن يوزعوها بعد على المحتاجين؟ هل يعرف جمهور 14 آذار الذي يدافع اليوم عن الراعي، أن الأخير وبعض الأساقفة يرفضون تكراراً مشاريع إنتاجية، لأنهم يريدون مساعدات نقدية تصبّ في مصلحة بكركي والأبرشيات؟ هل يعرف جمهور 14 آذار اليوم أن الراعي هو الذي دفع إلى تعيين أساقفة ينتمون إلى خط 8 آذار قلباً وقالباً؟

أي حياد للبنان يريد بطريرك الموارنة أن يشغل الرأي العام المحلي به والمدراس الكاثوليكية إمّا تقفل وإمّا تعمد إلى صرف موظفين وأساتذة بصمت وبـ«المفرّق»، فلا تتحول همروجة كما حصل مع الجامعة الأميركية. بدل الذهاب إلى المنابر الدولية للكلام عن حياد لبنان، ليقل الراعي أولاً ماذا فعل مع المستشفيات الخاصة وغالبيتها تابعة لمؤسسات كنسية، وقد أصابها الترهّل والتوقف عن العمل نتيجة سوء إدارات وفساد مستشرٍ فيها؟ وببساطة أكثر، هل مفهوم الحياد، أن تطبخ السياسة في مكان، فيما يلتقي الراعي رئيس الجمهورية ورئيس الحكومة ورئيس حزب القوات اللبنانية ورئيس التيار الوطني الحر ورئيس تيار المردة، والسفيرة الأميركية والسفير الإيراني في ساعات قليلة، فتتوزع الصور وتنتهي حفلة الحياد بتصفيق جمهورَين مارونيَّين عبر الراعي على أكتُفهما، من المتحمّسين للمقاومة أولاً ولسوريا ثانياً وللحياد والاستقلال ثالثاً… هكذا رعية لا تستأهل إلا مثل هذا الراعي، والرعاة لها.

مقالات متعلقة

Misinformation Even When it Comes to Drama

Thursday, 21 May 2020 12:21

 It is not   often that a normal dramatic detective police series is subjected to the politicization and fury that the Syrian drama series “Interview with Mr. Adam” was subjected to.  Various TV channels went to great lengths showing different parts of episodes and emphasizing a particular scene and then rerunning that scene more than once. British newspaper “the Guardian ” devoted a whole article to that particular detective series. Why were there many attempts to transform this series from an exciting thriller to a sinister on?

“The Guardian sadly has taken only one side and adopts the point of view of the Syrian opposition which is based on fallacy”. This is what producer of an “Interview with Mr. Adam” Fadi Salim said in an interview with Syriatimes.

When Fadi Salim first saw the amount of disinformation that was spurting out of sub media outlets he was flabbergasted. It had never occurred to him that his detective series would be politicized and twisted to such an extent. Producer Fadi Salim has produced other detective series and his work is as far as it is possible from being political.

Mr. Salim clarifies in his interview with Syria times that the filming of the series took place in Damascus with some scenes being filmed at the Muwasat hospital. The girl who played the role of the murdered women, in the series is Tunisian actress Salma Jalal. There are many pictures and videos of Ms. Jalal as body make up is applied on her so she appears as a murder victim. There are pictures of her as she is lying dead in a morgue with a number attached to a head band as is the protocol applied in many countries to murder victims.

“The numbers on the headband were chosen haphazardly,” says Mr. Salim and the “picture of the murdered women is ‘taken long shot’. It is impossible to decipher the numbers simply because they were not important to the plot”. The picture shown by some media with a clear number is to say the least a fabricated picture with the numbers being added later on.”

Fadi Salim almost laughs at the accusations leveled at the series and says “those who are not convinced of what I say please go ahead and communicate with Salma Jalal. She is easily found on face book.

It is sad that a newspaper such as the Guardian doesn’t approach this subject professionally. They took one side only and gave credibility to their fallacies. Had I been approached

I would have been more than happy to clarify everything. After all there is nothing to hide and a special program will be aired on Syrian TV today that will refute the lies and allegations put forward by the opposition and adopted by some media without any proof what so ever. Their claims are no more than figments of an overactive imagination      but then when one is drowning one clutches at straws.”

When asked by Syriatimes to clarify what he meant, he said that he is used to the fabrications of some media channels. He recalls a time some years back when he was sitting at his house watching TV and Al Arabia showed supposed pictures of his street where his house was in Damascus, being destroyed. This was one of many outright lies. He says: “fabrications are used when the truth doesn’t support what is being said and this is what happened in this series.”

Their attempts to lie and politicize a drama series has backfired on them _ simply because what they are saying is not logical.”

Fadi Salim goes on to say that he is more than ready to answer any questions.

He can be reached on mobile number 00963 991111120  

Editor in Chief: Reem Haddad

Body makeup being applied on murder victem in Syrian Drama series “Interview with Mr.Adam” 



In Gaza


Eva Bartlett sits down for an exclusive interview with the head of the Syrian Arab Army’s Political Administration, General Hassan Hassan.

August 5, 2019, Mint Press News

For years, international headlines spotlighting Syria have claimed that the Syrian government, army, and its allies were guilty of a variety of atrocities. Yet as time has passed, many of the accusations levied at government and its allies have been shown to have been either falsified, staged (as in the case of allegations of chemical attacks in eastern Ghouta), or actually committed by the myriad terrorist groups operating in the country.

For their part, Syrian leadership has maintained from the start that the demonstrations in their country were not peaceful, from 2011 and on. Media in the West and the Gulf vilified Syria’s leadership, featuring story after story of government-imposed violence while ignoring or whitewashing the violence of the burgeoning armed groups flooding into Syria.

From as early as 2011, armed groups were throwing civilians from rooftops and committing beheadings, kidnappings, and massacres. The year 2011 alone saw multiple massacres of civilians and security forces committed by what the media called “unarmed protesters” and later by the “Free Syrian Army.” This was the same year that many in the media were insisting that a “peaceful revolution” was underway.

Since that time, those same armed groups, as well as the many iterations they spawned, have starved, tortured, imprisoned, murdered, maimed and even harvested the organs of Syrian civilians, in addition to killing Syrian and allied soldiers and journalists and destroying much of the country’s infrastructure.

To give a voice to the often ignored “other side” — those Syrians that have been working to defend their country since 2011 —  Eva Bartlett interviewed the Syrian Arab Army’s Head of Political Administration, General Hassan Hassan. General Hassan’s shelves and large wooden desk are covered with stacks of books, family photos, and various homages to the country he serves — the general holds a Ph.D. in geopolitical studies. The following is a transcript of Bartlett’s interview with Hassan following the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Syrian Arab Army.


Eva Bartlett (EB) | I would like to begin by asking you your thoughts on how honest Western and Gulf media’s reporting on Syria has been, especially regarding their choice of lexicon — for example, regarding the Syrian Army, the Syrian Government, what they call rebels — and the events in Syria in general.

General Hassan (GH) | Media has been one of the weapons of mass destruction used in this war on Syria. The biased media, in addition to the takfiri [Salafi] fatwas — especially the fatwas — have been the weapons that contributed most to the destruction taking place in Syria, including the destruction of human beings, vegetation, civilization,…everything.

President Bashar al-Assad emphasized more than once the necessity of countering the rhetoric used. I can elaborate for two or more hours on the terms used. However, I will limit myself to some examples.

The Free [Syrian] Army is among the lexicons used. What “army” and what “freedom” are they talking about? Every army is known for its discipline, hierarchy, fighting strategies in both defense and attack, and the cause it fights for.

The so-called Free Syrian Army has none of these qualities, except for the ability to kill. The media tried to put into circulation the term Assad’s Brigades or Assad’s Forces. Our army is the Syrian Arab Army, which includes in each of its formations soldiers from all Syrian governorates, with no exception.

I’ll give you an example. Almost three months ago, the militants supported by Turkey targeted a Syrian army position to the north of Latakia. Twelve soldiers were martyred as a result. Each soldier is from a different governorate. This is the Syrian Arab Army.

They used the term “defection.” There is no defection in the Syrian Arab Army; defection did not really occur in the Syrian Arab Army but there are some cases of soldiers running away. The term “defection” is used when a brigade or a squad defect from a certain army. Until now, the Syrian Arab Army has not witnessed what might be called defection even within its smallest units.

In order to spread the idea of defection they resorted to unsophisticated lies. In 2012 they said that General Mohammad al-Rifa’i, commander of the Fifth Squad, had defected from the army. This lie was circulated through the media. Yet, Syrian TV interviewed the general, who had retired in 2001, 11 years prior.

Gangs would stop civilian or military vehicles on highways, hold soldiers hostages, film them and force them at gunpoint to declare that they had defected [from the army].

I’ll give an example available from the internet of their lies regarding the term the Free Syrian Army. Anyone can check the Free Syrian Army term through Google. We type Abu Saqr al-Asadi — right here, I have typed Abu Saqr al-Souri [the Syrian]. We now find [the result] “face to face with the fighter Abu Saqr al-Asadi who ate the heart of a soldier.” (Abu Saqr is also transliterated as Abu Sakkar, as per the BBC article referred to by General Hassan).

That was in 2013 when he was filmed cutting into the chest of the soldier and eating his heart. It is here on Google from the BBC Arabic website. This is not a Syrian media outlet. It is a Western outlet. It is not a pleasant sight to watch him chewing the soldier’s heart.

Abu Saqr al-Asadi was a fighter in the Al-Farouq Brigades, which was an armed rebel organization formed by the Free Syrian Army. When he died he was a member of the Nusra Front. So, he was a member of the Free Syrian Army, used to be with the Farouq Brigades, and then joined the Nusra Front.

I could speak for hours about the issue of lexicon. For instance, they talked about what is called the armed opposition. How could opposition be armed?! Opposition is a political term. Opposition is a political party that did not win elections. Such a party plays the role of opposition in the parliament. These militant groups want to govern the country, the people and everything by armed force. Does this sound normal? Never was there a term called “armed opposition,” except when they spoke about these terrorist gangs.


EB | So in the article you’ve just shown, the English version, the BBC did not report it as an act of carnage. They humanized Abu Saqr and asked him what drove him to do such a desperate act?

GH | This is the media war. Either they say he is violent or they say he is an angel; hasn’t he demonstrated how he cut out an organ and ate a piece of it? When the BBC describes a man who ate the heart of a dead soldier as a peaceful man, how then would they describe beasts?


EB | Regarding events in Syria in 2011, both Western and Gulf media called it a peaceful unarmed uprising for many months, even for up to a year. Do you have an example of attacks by what the West called unarmed protesters against the Syrian army, police or security forces in 2011?

GH | In 2011 they said the reason behind the first spark was that the army, or another security body, pulled out the nails of some children in Dara`a. Over the past eight years, it has become clear that all of the armed groups are equipped with video cameras and live-streaming devices. Can any of them provide us with a video of one child whose nails were pulled out? Where are these children? Why couldn’t the media that fabricated such lies film the pulled-out nails?

Let’s go back to the peaceful uprising. On April 10, 2011, less than a month after the beginning of the so-called uprising, an army convoy transporting soldiers back to their homes was intercepted on the highway from Tartous to Banias. Nine people were martyred: two officers, five warrant officers, and two civilians. They also fired at the ambulances that tried to reach the wounded.

Other examples are the Nawa massacre in Dara`a, the Jisr al-Shoghur massacre, and the Asi River massacre — where they live-streamed the dumping of people into the river. All these massacres were perpetrated before the end of June 2011.

That is the peaceful [Arab] spring the Western and Gulf media talked about.

Are these examples enough, or should I cite more? It’s important to me that Western readers know how many lies and how much deception there has been, especially by the media.

I’ll give you another minor example. Usually, the BBCAl-Jazeera and France 24, etc. would broadcast that an explosion took place in a certain area. However, there was no explosion. But 15 to 30 minutes later an explosion would take place in the same area. It was like a code to the armed groups to carry out the explosion.

I’ll provide you with a more comprehensive example. When the area of Ma`raba [near al-Tal, a suburb of Damascus] was targeted by the Israeli enemy, cameras were focused on the targeted area even before the missiles hit.


EB | So, they were ready?

GH | The cameras were aimed at the area where the missiles were supposed to hit. At the moment that the missiles hit the targeted area, members of armed groups began cheering “Allahu Akbar… Allahu Akbar.” This was documented by their cameras; definitely not Syrian media cameras. At the same time, armed groups in eastern Ghouta attacked Damascus from seven fronts.

As an ordinary person — not as a military figure– I could tell it was a role carried out by three. First, the one who carried out the aggression, and that is the Zionist entity [Israel].

Second, the media outlets that were assigned to broadcast the aggression before it was carried out.  And third, the armed groups who attacked Damascus. Therefore, the cameraman and those militants are substitute recruits of the Israeli enemy. I cannot call them but the substitute army of Israel and the United States.

According to confessions by Israeli and American officials, including previous U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ISIS was made by America. Later on, ISIS was classified as a terrorist organization.

Thus, those terrorists made in the U.S. are the rebels of the peaceful [Arab] spring later circulated in the region by means of the foreign media outlets.


EB | According to Israeli media, Israel is fighting terrorism, Muslim extremists. However, there are reports of Israel treating militants or terrorists in Israeli hospitals. Can you please outline Israel’s role in the war on Syria?

GH | Everything that has taken place in Syria and in the region — all the blaze erupting in the region,  under what they falsely called the Arab Spring — serves the interests of Israel. These are not my own conclusions; rather, it is the Israeli media who talk about this. The Israeli prime minister appeared on television when he visited wounded terrorists, injured while fighting the Syrian army, being treated in Israeli hospitals. This is number one.

The other issue is that every time the Syrian Arab Army is making an apparent advance, Israel conducts an aggression [airstrike]. When Israel is unable to achieve its objective, it seeks the help of the United States, just as it did when the U.S. Air Force targeted the Tharda Mountains in Deir ez-Zor as the Syrian army was en route to clear Deir ez-Zor of terrorists.

I hope that you underscore the following statement: Those who sponsor terrorism don’t fight it.Israel is an entity based on both killing and falsehood. When Palestine was already inhabited, they claimed that Palestine was a land without people and wanted to give it to people without a land. Thus, the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, gave what the U.K. didn’t own to those who didn’t deserve it.

In 2019, Trump did the same and gave the Golan to Israel as if Trump inherited it from his own father. Who gave Trump the right to give other people’s property to others? The issue here is that international law needs power to protect it. Unfortunately, the United States is still the superpower of the world and the financial and economic despot of the world. U.S. officials are indifferent to falsehood, humanity, law or human rights. All this means nothing to them.

I would like to remind foreign readers that Iraq was destroyed under the pretext of having weapons of mass destruction. The whole world still recalls Colin Powell when he presented what he called a satellite image as evidence of Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction. When Powell left office, he admitted to U.S. media outlets that that moment was the darkest in his lifetime. The question is: When did he admit it? How many innocent victims were killed as a result?

How come a sovereign state was occupied without international legitimacy? American officials don’t care about this. Wherever the U.S. has interfered around the world, the result has been more killing, destruction, and suffering and successive U.S. administrations are competing to serve Israel.


EB | Syria has been accused of using chemical weapons against civilians. Does the Syrian army use chemical weapons against civilians?

GH |  An official mission came to Syria and demanded that the Syrian government carry out an official investigation. They delayed for years before the mission arrived. And those who came submitted an untruthful report.

Syria signed the agreement and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) visited Syria and checked all places and the existing stockpile [of chemical weapons] was destroyed on a U.S. vessel. Accordingly, The OPCW announced that Syria was chemical

The Syrian Government has been accused of using chemical weapons many times, in eastern Ghouta and in other areas. Under this pretext, [th U.S. and its allies] launched their aggression on Syria. Syria affirmed many times through statements by Syrian officials, both before and after the agreement was signed, that Syria does not in any way intend to use chemical weapons and that Syria has not used nor will it use chemical weapons.

After the declaration of this organization [OPCW] that Syria is free from chemical weapons, how could Syria use something that it does not have? Despite evidence that chemical substances and weapons entered into areas under the control of militant groups in Syria through Turkish borders, investigations were not resumed.

There are a number of videos showing how the armed groups were the ones using chemical weapons themselves. Each time Syria was accused of using chemical weapons, the Syrian army was on the verge of finishing a military operation. Is it logical they’d use chemical weapons — which would prevent the declaration of victory?

With regard to their claim of using chemicals in Ghouta, the areas there are interconnected. Those who use chemical weapons cannot protect themselves. When those terrorists used chemicals there, both the civilians and the military were hit, as was the case in Khan al-Asal and elsewhere. This was exposed in the [UN] Security Council by Bashar al-Ja’afari.

Syria does not possess chemical weapons. Syria has never used chemical weapons before. Syria cannot use a chemical weapon for a simple reason, or for two reasons in fact: Ethically, Syria does not believe in using chemicals [weapons]. This is number one. Second, Syria does not own chemical weapons.


EB | The Rukban Camp is near the U.S. base of al-Tanf. One question is about the U.S. relationship with ISIS in that area and whether or not America has been fighting ISIS in the area. Also, according to Western media, refugees evacuated from Rukban to centers in Homs, for example, are taken and thrown in prison.

For example, the Canadian Globe & Mail, citing a Qatari-based organization, said that from 2017 to 2019 around 2,000 Syrians who returned to government-controlled areas (in general and not from Rukban specifically) were detained and 784 are still in prison. How would you reply to accusations that people returning home were detained or forced to serve in the Syrian army?

GH | In relation to ISIS and the U.S., I can say that a mother does not eat her own son. ISIS is a U.S. product, according to American confessions. However, America sometimes becomes a cat and eats some of its own kittens when they become a burden.

America uses ISIS, fights with ISIS, not against ISIS. Whenever the role of some armed ISIS fighters comes to an end, the U.S. abandons or gets rid of them. The U.S. does not care whether those members get killed or not.

However, when the U.S. needs them, it sends helicopters to evacuate them, just like what happened when Deir ez-Zor was liberated. American helicopters would land and evacuate ISIS leaders together with their families and fly them somewhere else.

Rukban Camp is within the sight of the Americans in the Tanf base. U.S. surveillance can distinguish a hen from a rooster on a street anywhere in the world. How is it that ISIS members are able to move at the Tanf border without being observed by the U.S. military there? How can the U.S. convince the world that it is fighting ISIS when the latter’s members move freely under U.S. observation?

Four months ago, I was working with the Head of the Russian Reconciliation Centre, General Victor Kopcheshen. He told me that the Russian government received an official reply from the Americans that they would not allow any Syrian or Russian to come close to the 55-kilometer line around Rukban Camp to help evacuate people from the camp.

Less than four months ago we first began evacuating a few hundred [people] from Rukban. Now, the number of people who returned from Rukban Camp has exceeded 15,000 (As of July 31, that number has reached 17,458 according to Russia’s Ministry of Defense). Can anyone provide me with the name of even one person who left Rukban and got detained? These claims are flagrant lies.

Author’s note | 

I asked officials at the UN about the accusation that the Syrian government was imprisoning former residents of Rukban, I detailed their reply in a separate article for MintPress:

“David Swanson, Public Information Officer Regional Office for the Syria Crisis UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs based in Amman, Jordan, told me regarding claims of substandard conditions and of Syrians being forcefully held or mistreated in the centers that:

‘People leaving Rukban are taken to temporary collective shelters in Homs for a 24-hour stay. While there, the receive basic assistance, including shelter, blankets, mattresses, solar lamps, sleeping mats, plastic sheets, food parcels and nutrition supplies before proceeding to their areas of choice, mostly towards southern and eastern Homs, with smaller small numbers going to rural Damascus or Deir-ez-Zor.

The United Nations has been granted access to the shelters on three occasions and has found the situation there adequate. The United Nations continues to advocate and call for safe, sustained and unimpeded humanitarian assistance and access to Rukban as well as to all those in need throughout Syria. The United Nations also seeks the support of all concerned parties in ensuring the humanitarian and voluntary character of departures from Rukban.’

Hedinn Halldorsson, the Spokesperson and Public Information Officer for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) based in Damascus, told me:

‘We looked into this when the rumours started, end of April, and concluded they were unfounded – and communicated that externally via press briefings in both Geneva and NY. The conditions in the shelters in Homs are also adequate and in compliance with standards; the UN has access and has done three monitoring visits so far.’”

GH | I would like to stress a point concerning military service in the army. Several presidential decrees have been issued. Any Syrian citizen [living] abroad who wishes to settle his status and return to Syria can benefit from those decrees, which invalidate any other verdict issued against that Syrian citizen.

These decrees do not nullify a Syrian citizen’s rights nor their duties. Syrian citizens who return to Syria are still Syrian citizens and therefore still have the duties of Syrian citizens. The decrees granted them a grace period of six months to settle their legal status.

For example, a person who lost their official ID, or army service registry or anything, can settle their legal status during this period. It is a normal official procedure to call for duty those who are subject to mandatory or reserve military service. This procedure has been applied to all Syrian citizens in all provinces, not only those who return.

I cannot say just respect the rights and ignore the duties. Everyone is equal before the law. They have to obey what Syrian law states and the majority of them are loyal and doing their duties enthusiastically.

But the people who have their status settled do not have the right to commit a crime. If I had a son living abroad who returned and settled his status, does it give him the right to commit an offense against his neighbors or to kill somebody or commit a crime? The law is the law and must be adhered to.


EB | Western media say that Iran and Russia’s presence in Syria is an attempt to occupy Syria and control it. What are the roles of Iran and Russia in Syria?

GH | Before I answer your question, let us decide what logic we’re using. Are we using the logic of international law or the law of the jungle? Who has the right to speak in the name of the Syrian people? It is only the Syrian state that has the right to speak in the name of the Syrian people. No other side has the right to speak for them. Surely, those who are speaking in the name of the Syrian people do not know the Syrian people. It is really strange that the governments of those who kill the Syrian people are acting as if they were advocates of the Syrian people.

According to international law, it is the right of any state to defend itself when such a country faces hazards endangering its own existence. Such a country has the right to defend its existence and sovereignty by using all means possible. In this respect, this country has the right to rely on its relations with friends and allies as well, no matter whether those allies are Russian, Iranian or any other ally. Neither the U.S., Israel nor the Gulf states have anything to do with this. It is a matter of Syrian sovereignty.

The other thing has to do with the military presence of any country on the territory of another state. Such a presence can be legal in one of the following two cases: when invited by the state concerned, or through a resolution issued by the [UN] Security Council. Otherwise, such a presence is an occupation.

Therefore, there is no reason for the Syrian state to be ashamed of its stance on the presence of Iran or Russia in Syria. The Syrian State declares its stances clearly and explicitly: that the presence of Iran, Russia and Hezbollah is based upon an official invitation by the Syrian government. Thus, their presence is legal according to international law. Can anyone in the West — or the media outlets who claim to be neutral — convince any Syrian citizen that the U.S. presence or the Turkish presence is legal?

The Syrian State says they are forces of occupation. There is no [UN] Security Council resolution allowing them to be present in Syria. So what is the meaning behind their presence? They are using the law of force, rather than the force of law. Thus, they are referring back to the law of the jungle and not to the force of international law.

Those occupiers support terrorism, created terrorism, and are still financing it according to a confession made by the former Qatari prime minister that his country spent $37 billion to arm and finance armed groups in Syria. The Qatari PM confessed that his country and the armed groups had agreed to destroy Syria. Yet, they disputed when things went out of their control. They paid the armed groups to hunt the prey. However, they disputed among themselves when the prey escaped.


EB | Syria welcomed Palestinian refugees and has supported the Palestinian resistance. Could you please explain the role of some Palestinians in the events in Syria within the past few years, whether in fighting terrorism or supporting it.

Will Hamas Challenge Fatah in the West Bank?

GH | The Syrian State does not deal with people and does not take stances based on reactions. The Syrian state has its own constants and principles, and it [continues to] adhere to these constants and principles even in its ninth year of war. Syria still believes that the cause of Palestine is the central cause of the Arab world.

So, when some Palestinian groups choose to affiliate themselves with the Muslim Brotherhood rather than being loyal to the Palestinian cause and to Syria, it makes Syria [even] more committed to its principles. Especially as these days, the world knows well that the Muslim Brotherhood [has become] the basis of evil since they’ve adopted terrorism.

The Palestinian cause remains the central cause. Syria will always take interest in the Palestinian cause, in spite of the fact that some [Palestinians] were eager to be part of the war on the Syrian State. Even though weapons that were supposed to be used to fight Israel were used in the war on Syrian citizens.

The Syrian State is now recovering and history will remember those [Palestinians] as traitors. History will show that Syria has been, and will be, loyal to the Palestinian cause.

The Yarmouk Camp is back under Syrian sovereignty. The camp is now free from those who carried weapons and used them against Syrian citizens, whatever names they used — ISIS, Nusra or otherwise — and regardless of their nationality, Palestinian or otherwise. All of them are now gone, thanks to the sacrifices made by the Syrian people the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army and the wisdom of our leader, President Bashar al-Assad.


EB | Some Palestinians remained loyal to Syria, including in fighting terrorism, like the Quds Brigade…

GH | Yes, of course. Surely. There are loyal people even inside occupied Palestine. Not all people are ungrateful to those who help them. Not all people bite the hand that is stretched out to help them. Only traitors bite that hand.


EB | When eastern Aleppo and eastern Ghouta were being liberated, Western and international media said that the Syrian army was massacring and raping civilians there and that both the Syrian and the Russian militaries were bombing hospitals. Now, they are saying that 29 hospitals in Idlib have been targeted. What would you say about these accusations?

GH | We have liberated eastern Ghouta. We have also liberated eastern Aleppo. In both locations, a number of field hospitals were shown on television with piles of medicine. This implies that these hospitals were not bombed. This is very briefly.

The other point is that when a building is selected as a command center for armed groups under the pretext of its being a hospital, does this mean we should let those positioned in eastern Ghouta target Damascus on a daily basis with their shells?

Didn’t the world watch those angels of mercy, when they entered Adra industrial town, burning people alive in ovens and throwing civilians off fourth and fifth floors?

We’re talking about war here, we’re talking here about armies of terrorists equipped with light, medium and heavy weapons and empires of media around the world, in addition to the regional and world powers supporting them.

It is the duty of the Syrian State, before being its own right, to provide the Syrian people with protection against terrorism. The problem with the national Syrian media is that it does not reach the West.

Crossing points are identified as corridors for the exit of civilians before any military operation gets started in a populated area. Such corridors are then equipped with ambulances, medical services and every other need. Who targeted the nurses, doctors and civilians on their way out when citizens were evacuated from eastern Ghouta?

Has anybody seen the photo of the Syrian soldier carrying an old woman on his back and a child on his arm? That soldier knew he could drop as a martyr carrying this heavy load. Other soldiers fell as martyrs while they were helping civilians escape.

That number, 29 hospitals, is a lie in itself. It is more than the number of [national] hospitals available all over Syria. Do they allocate a hospital for every twenty or thirty people? This is illogical.

There is also something strange about all the field hospitals that we discovered. Saudi, Israeli and U.S. medicine was found in these hospitals. How did such medicine reach the terrorists? Did it come from underneath the ground?

And those who had been targeting Damascus and Aleppo are all of sudden depicted as angels of mercy, peace and freedom advocates calling for democracy?

It’s worth pointing out to people in the West that it has been proven that only a limited number of the fighters in armed groups came from western Europe and North America, while tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, came from other countries.

The Turkish president declares that such terrorists are free to leave Syrian territory whenever he gets upset with Europe or the U.S. Subsequently, EU countries and the U.S. get so horrified at the possibility of those terrorists returning home.

The EU countries and the U.S. do not want any of those terrorists to return. Why is it that they do not want them to come back? Are they not their own citizens? They say that such terrorists will spread terrorism, so they spread terrorism there while they plant roses and flowers here? Is it okay for terrorists to spread terror here while they’re forbidden to return to their own countries?

Briefly, these are the types of lies spread by the West.

I’m calling on each and every citizen of Western countries, as I am absolutely sure that they have pure human emotion, not to believe the Western media. I want them to be certain that their governments have participated in the killing of the Syrian people and in the killing of Syrian children. Their governments participated in the killing of Syrian women and the killing of the Syrian elderly and convinced them [Western citizens] that they were promoting something else [freedom].


EB | Recently, journalists from CBS and Sky News were in Idlib. I believe one of the two groups, Sky News, claimed that it was targeted by the Syrian army. Could they be reporting independently of al-Qaeda or any of the other terrorist groups in Idlib? They claim they are not [embedded] with al-Qaeda. Is this feasible? Is this realistic? 

GH | It’s a funny question. You’re a journalist. Surely, this is not the first time you have visited Syria. Have you faced any obstacles while entering Syria as a journalist? Do any Western or European countries accept the entry of foreign journalists illegally into their countries?

Sky News, the BBC, and Al Jazeera teams conduct live transmissions while embedded with armed groups — the terrorists. I wish that the mental power of the Syrian soldiers could become super advanced so that they can order shells to avoid foreign correspondents who are side by side with terrorists. The army is responding to attacks launched by terrorists — soldiers and officers of the Syrian army cannot give orders to an exploding shell to avoid this or that.

The most important question is this: What are they doing there? How did they enter? Who is in control in Idlib? Isn’t it the Nusra Front? How are they [the journalists] allowed to be there? They are there under the protection of the Nusra Front. They are under the protection of an internationally-designated terrorist organization. Their countries should hold them accountable for communicating with terrorist groups before asking why the army is targeting them.


EB | How can Idlib be liberated when Turkish forces occupy northern Syria and there are civilians in Idlib, in addition to the 70,000 al-Qaeda and other terrorist fighters?

GH | There were civilians and armed groups in Homs. There were civilians and armed groups in Ghouta as well. There were civilians and armed groups all over Dara`a.  All these regions have been liberated. The majority of citizens remained there while the terrorists were wiped out. Idlib is no exception. Eastern parts of the Euphrates are no exception either.

Each square centimeter of Syrian land is part and parcel of Syria as a whole. It is the duty and the right of the Syrian State to eradicate terrorism.

Unless under an invitation by the Syrian government, any foreign military presence on the Syrian territory is a force of occupation. The Syrian State is entitled to face such an occupation with every possible means.

The Syrian State has opened the door wide for reconciliation. The Syrian State trusts the wisdom of Russian and Iranian friends and relies on its relations with Turkey.

Surely each Syrian citizen, civilian or military, wishes that not even one drop of blood be spilled. This does not mean to yield to occupation in any way.

Idlib will be freed either through reconciliations or a political agreement. Otherwise, the Syrian State will find the means to liberate Idlib in the same way it liberated all other regions. I am absolutely certain — not as an officer but rather as a citizen — I know how Syrian citizens think; they believe that Idlib will be freed, as will each and every inch of the Syrian territory.

The presence of U.S., Turkish, or any other occupation force does not mean such a force is a destiny that cannot be faced. As long as we [the Syrian State] spare no effort or means — whether military, political, economic or diplomatic —  to win this war [against terrorism] by God’s will, and I hope it is not going to be through military action. But if things reach a dead-end, Idlib will not remain under occupation.


EB | Can you speak to the importance of liberating Idlib, not only for Syria’s territorial integrity but also for the villages in Northern Hama that are affected by terrorists in Idlib? The media is not talking about Mahardeh, Sqailbiyeh and other places being attacked by terrorists.

GH | When Mhardeh and Sqailbiyeh are targeted, as a Syrian citizen, I do not see these two towns as less important than Damascus. Likewise when the neighborhoods of Homs were targeted.

All areas inhabited by Syrian citizens under the control of the Syrian State have been targets for those armed terrorist groups that are supported by the West, which claims it is standing by human rights and cares about the interests of the Syrian people.

For Syrian citizens, the liberation of each centimeter, or rather each grain of sand, is as important as the liberation of Idlib. Of course, the existence of armed groups in Idlib leads to abnormal circumstances that cause dysfunction in citizens’ daily lives. Thus, it is important to liberate Idlib to guarantee the return of normal life in Mahardeh, Sqailbiyeh and other areas.

At the same time, it is important to end the occupation by the U.S. and its allies.

I hope that each European or American citizen will ask: Why do Syrian citizens return to areas that have been liberated? Why do citizens welcome the army? Why do citizens — except those who are held hostage by terrorists — flee from areas under the control of terrorist groups?

The civilians residing in terrorist-held areas are helpless hostages. A year ago all of the neighborhoods in eastern Ghouta were populated by terrorists. If the Syrian army had been shelling civilians in the past, why not do now? Why are people now living in peace there?

These are questions that I put forward to people living in the West. I hope they are human enough to ask [themselves] these questions.


EB | Regarding misinformation from international media on the Syrian Arab Army, portraying them as murderers and rapists. Can you speak about the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army throughout these eight years of war?

GH | I will answer your question with a question. Syria is an area of 185,000 square kilometers. According to United Nations documents, 360,000 armed terrorists infiltrated Syrian territory.

I would like to draw an example other than Syria. I’ll give the U.S., the superpower of the world, as an example. Let’s suppose that 36,000, rather than 360,000, terrorists infiltrate any state of the United States. That’s 10 percent of the number of terrorists who made their way into Syria. Let’s also suppose that such terrorists are supported by world powers. What would have happened to the U.S.?

The achievements of the Syrian Arab Army are not ordinary; these achievements are miraculous accomplishments.

The two greatest armies in modern history have failed to achieve what the Syrian Army has accomplished. In Afghanistan, fewer than 10 percent of the number of terrorists in Syria were able to defeat two armies: the Red Soviet Army and the U.S. Army.

But, the Syrian Army defeated such terrorism. According to military theory, any fight between an army and terrorist militia of armed gangs will end with the armed gangs winning. This has been evident throughout military history.

For the first time in the history of humankind, a traditional army has defeated armies of militant groups. The Syrian Army fought battles that can be classified as new in military science. The Syrian Army fought above ground and underground battles in addition to their battles against the media war, intelligence war, information war, economic war, gang and street-to-street wars. Despite all of that, the Syrian Army achieved victory. Therefore, can we imagine the magnitude of the sacrifices made in this respect by the Syrian Army?

In the first months of this war, the Syrian leadership realized that the terrorists wanted Syrians to be used to seeing blood everywhere. So, soldiers were forbidden from carrying weapons, even handguns, when they went to areas of so-called demonstrations to prevent demonstrators from destroying infrastructure.

For months the soldiers confronted the militants knowing that they could be martyred. However, the discipline of the Syrian army pushed the soldiers to do their missions without carrying a weapon.

Let any Western citizen imagine how it would be for a soldier with no weapons facing armed militants to stop them from destroying infrastructure and targeting civilians.

This is the Syrian army. The Syrian army cleared most of the Syrian regions occupied by the fiercest types of terrorism ever witnessed in the history of mankind.


EB |  Thank you very much for your time and for the interview in general.

GH |  I also would like to thank you all for what you’ve done so far and for all of the questions you raised. I kindly request that you share my replies with foreign readers.

Personally, I think your role as an objective journalist transcends the traditional role of journalism. It reflects an ethical responsibility of telling the truth about what you’ve seen. If you want to help the Syrian people, the greatest help you can offer the Syrian people is to tell the truth you have seen with your own eyes, not just what is said all over the internet.

Again, anyone can look up Abu Saqr al-Souri and see how he ate the heart of a dead soldier. He was a member of the so-called peaceful group of the Free Syrian Army, when he was killed — he was with the Nusra Front. This can be enough to convey the message.

Media on the Frontlines: Differences between the July Victory and the Joroud Victory إعلاميون على الجبهة.. ماذا بين انتصاري تموز والجرود؟

By Ali Ibrahim Matar

Beirut – The media has become the most powerful weapon in the modern era. It has become an integral part of the modern war machine due to its ability to create ideas, market ideologies and promote victories.

The media has become so important that it has crippled the ability of a large segment of the population to think objectively. The rapid flow of news, information and analysis, whether true or false, is being utilized. The threat posed by this weapon has been amplified with the rapid rise of social media.

This media system has a pivotal role in covering wars. In the July 2006 aggression, for example, it was an essential part of showcasing the victory of the resistance against the “Israeli” enemy. It also played a major role during the war in Syria. Social media showed advancements during the media’s coverage. The information war was highly fundamental during the Syrian war. Those watching some media channels such as Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya would think that Syria has fallen. But the truth on the ground was very different. There is no doubt that the two media experiences of the July 2006 war and the war in Syria starting from 2011 were different. This is what journalists who covered these two conflicts explained to us.

There is no doubt that the media experience differed when it came to the war with the “Israeli” enemy and the war with the Takfiri groups.

“The experience varies between the two arenas according to the region and the environment. In Syria, the movement was slow due to the lack of knowledge of the area. There was always more caution to it. You must be with a certain group, for instance certain combat groups, residents of that area or existing correspondents,” Al-Manar correspondent, Dia’ Abu Taam, points out.

Image may contain: 1 person

He tells al-Ahed News “the situation in the South was different. The coverage was often made individually. There was only the reporter and the cameraman. There were days during the July war when I was alone in the Qaqa’iya al-Jisr area, where I did media coverage on my own.”

“Opening up to a new operational reality gives the reporter greater experience. By dealing with new challenges, it allows him to develop his professional performance significantly,” he adds.

Abu Taam talks about other factors including the development of the resistance’s capabilities.

“This coverage varies because the different capabilities have also evolved,” he insists.

“The extent to which the strength of the resistance in 2006 and 2012 differed was clear. We have seen some kind of fighting from the resistance that cannot be measured in any way to previous years. It was clear that the resistance has developed its performance greatly in terms of equipment, man power, skills, experience and strength,” Abu Taam said.


There is no doubt that social media was very important in the entire process. Abu Taam confirms this by underscoring  “the significant difference between the kind of media used in 2006 and in 2012 and onwards.”

“In 2006, the new media was in its early stages. The internet was limited to emails. There was no social media. The price of the internet was very high. It was hard to send the materials, including the videos and audio because of their size. The only method used was through the satellite that was detected by spy drones. This posed many difficulties. There was scarcity in sending visual materials,” Al-Manar’s veteran reporter explains.

“In Syria, the issues differed greatly. The means of communication helped to send the material we wanted easily. It also helped broadcast entire reports from the site without any difficulties. We broadcast the moment of entering the sites live using the phone. This helped a lot in refuting rumors and lies the enemy spread,” Abu Taam said.

Another Al-Manar reporter, Mohammed Kazan, echoes his colleague’s assessment regarding the media coverage and the differences between the July 2006 war and the war in Syria.

Related image

“In the July war, we were bombarded by “Israeli” aircraft and artillery. In Syria, I was in Qusayr, Zabadani and al-Joroud [outskirts]. There was coordination between the operations command in the resistance and with the war media. There was someone who helped us move. But the danger lied in IEDs, sniper rifles and artillery shells,” Kazan tells Al-Ahed.

As for the importance of social networking sites, Kazan points out that for him “using them has been essential since the Mosul war in Iraq. We were in a desert area and in great need of the internet to compensate for the absence of satellites. The situation was the same during the Joroud war against Nusra [Front] and Daesh. The new media made up for the blocking of Al-Manar’s satellite frequency. Meanwhile during the July war, we always used transmitters, which exposed us to spy drones of the “Israeli” enemy.”

Al-Jadeed channel’s senior reporter Nancy Sabeh also spoke to al-Ahed about her experience.

“I was a correspondent inside and at the outskirts of the southern suburbs during the aggression. The means to send messages to the audience were very difficult in the past. There was no new media. There was also no interaction as it is today through social networking sites,” she said.

Image result for Nancy Sabeh

Sabeh stated that the most beautiful thing she witnessed during the July war was the return of local residents to Dahiyeh after the aggression.

“At 7 o’clock in the morning, I entered Dahiyeh as a reporter. There were a lot of people. They started to return to see their homes,” she recalled.

According to Sabeh, “today’s journalism depends more on social media than on traditional journalism. Unlike what we have seen in the past, during the July war work was more accurate. Our work was patriotic. We were not looking for fame as it is today through these sites.”

For her part, LBCI’s Hoda Chedid told al-Ahed that “during the July war, we saw through the coverage that most Western and Arab countries were waiting for “Israel” to triumph and for the resistance to be defeated. This provided material for the other side of the story to each reporter to show how the people of the South challenged the war, how they resisted and how they triumphed over the “Israeli” enemy.”

Chedid explained that “during the war against terrorist groups, the situation completely changed. There was a consensus on the need to confront the terrorist groups and to show it in the media. Social media was a very supportive and important factor in this coverage. The whole country was engaged in confronting Daesh’s terrorism. It was a very important experience that meant a lot to me. I proudly experienced it as a result of the importance of this coverage of the war, the victory and the liberation of al-Joroud.”

As in the battlefield, the fronts are always wide open in the media, between the righteous side on the one hand and falsehoods on the other. It is the responsibility of media professionals to show and champion righteousness and keep up with the victories.

To read the article in Arabic click here


Ghouta East .. Chemical Weapons between truth and misleading – Confessions

Syrian Army Finds Terrorists’ Facility for Manufacturing Toxic Chemicals in Gouta

March 13, 2018


The Syrian army managed on Tuesday to find in Shoufiniya area in Eastern Gouta a facility for manufacturing toxic chemical substances as the troops were combing the area after expelling the terrorists.

The Syrian military also found a facility for manufacturing explosives and rocketry shells.

1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9

Source: Al-Manar Website

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In Gaza

Published on Feb 15, 2018

 Independent journalist Eva Bartlett explains how the mainstream media lies about events in Syria.

Lulwa Kasawat:

“No one is listening Eva!! I told many people how the demonstrators under my house would scream and shout and the army would not respond, then they would throw rocks at them, and still they would not respond. One soldier got his head injured and blood burst and they rushed him away, but still they did not respond, until a shot was fired from the crowd, or elsewhere…and they the army rushed off and brought extra help.

Once it started from the other side again, it really started. Many a time the news (al Jazeera) would be stating that there is a big demonstration in Kudseiyeh (where I live) in the square (where my house overlooks) and that there is shooting and bombing of the army against innocent civilians, and I would look at the window and no sound and no gatherings. Shortly after, in an hour, some 15-20 young men, would gather chanting against the regime…but the army would not do anything, they wouldn’t even be there.

I went back to Syria when this started as I wanted to be with my family, so I stayed there from June 2011 to Sept 2012. My house was in Kudseiyeh and that is a troubled area, from the start, they were trying to get it in the equation, however the residents resisted despite all attempts. Then lots of outsiders came in, and they brainwashed the younger generation of that town, at one point I had to leave my house as it was very bad. The rebels kept shooting and telling everyone to flee because the army was going to bomb us.


*photo Lulwa Kawasat

I got a missile in my house, it came from below, up through the children’s bedroom, up through the roof. Thank God it did not explode. We weren’t there at the time but we have the shell. If it was the army it would have come from above. It is still unstable there. But they have signed a truce, which the rebels keep breaking…

-Channel 4 News’ Krishnan Guru Murthy refused to “get into history” over his lies, much less to acknowledge that the “moderates” he propagated about were Al-Nusra.
-MintPress Meets The Father Of Iconic Aleppo Boy, Who Says Media Lied About His Son, June 9, 2017, MintPress News
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-Western corporate media ‘disappears’ over 1.5 million Syrians and 4,000 doctors, Aug 14, 2016,

-UN covers up war crimes in Syria, citing U.S. backed Al-Qaeda propagandists, Oct 29, 2016, The Duran

-On Nov 3 2016 terrorist bombings, and Nov 4 terrorist shelling of humanitarian corridor. Aleppo: How US & Saudi-Backed Rebels Target ‘Every Syrian’, Nov 29, 2016, MintPressNews

-Liberated Homs Residents Challenge Notion of “Revolution”, Jul 8, 2014, Inter Press ServicesIn Gaza

-Madaya: Syria War Diary: Order Returns To Western Cities, Civilians Recount Horrors Of “Rebel” Rule, September 26th, 2017, Mint Press News

-On the White Helmets:

-On the DPRK:

Interview With Christine Hong: What’s Happening on the Korean Peninsula, Feb 2018

Gregory Elich On The DPRK

“Eva Bartlett in North Korea – Going Behind the Media Iron Curtain”–The Taylor Report & 21st Century Wire

Interview With The Makers of “The Haircut (2017) A North Korean Adventure”

What We Saw in North Korea Goes against Everything Western Media Wants Us to Believe

Photo-Report: The North Korea Neither Trump Nor Western Media Wants The World To See,  October 20th, 2017, Mint Press News

Weaponization of Children!

Created on Wednesday, 07 June 2017 07:28

The sinister schemes and aggressions against Syria have been prepared and enacted on the ground once the greedy colonial forces found their fabrications, lackeys and traitors ready to destroy the only secular cradle of civilization in this part of the world. The terrorists and their backers aimed to distort, spoil and destroy every aspect of Syria’s civilized life using every means of distortion and fabrications, particularly mainstream media (MSM).

“Syria has been exposed to a media attack; media, notwithstanding its importance, cannot outdo the reality. They might be stronger in space- satellite transmission-, but we are stronger on the ground than in the space. Still, we want to win on the ground as well as in the space.” said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in press statements following the casting of his vote  in Syria’s New Constitution referendum, February 26  2012.

Once again, the lies and fabrication made by the terrorist organizations and the US-UK-financed White Helmets as well as the media outlets supporting them about events in Syria continue to be exposed.

A new revelation came on Tuesday after the five years old boy Omarn Daqneesh, whose photo in an orange ambulance seat spread across the Main Stream Media (MSM) in August last year to be exploited against the Syrian government, appeared again to belie the reports and images circulated about him being injured in an alleged airstrike by the Syrian army.

The boy’s new appearance uncovers the comic play performed by the so-called White Helmet and used by western and Gulf states late last year to harm the reputation of the Syrian army and provoke an international resolution against Syria.

 Hamda Mustafa, News Department Head at the Syria Times, quoted SANA’s  interview with the father of Omran Daqneesh to uncover the details of the lie made by the “White Helmets”. He stressed that his child was kidnapped from him by a terrorist group as he was injured in a blast in Karm al-Qaterji area in Aleppo. The terrorist took photos for the dusty-covered but unharmed child Omran in order to exploit them against the Syrian army. These photos and videos were published in the enemy’s media outlets.

“I and my family were in al-Qaterji neighborhood when our house was damaged in an explosion. Despite my wounds, I carried my child Omran, who was luckily unharmed, and left as fast as we could fearing another blast,” said the father.

He added that a number of terrorists took Omran from him, put him in an ambulance, started to take photos and videos for him and publish them claiming that the boy was injured in a Syrian army airstrike. He reaffirmed that Omran wasn’t injured and that all the published images were fake and were a false play performed by the terrorists.

Omran’s father revealed that the foreign-backed terrorist groups offered to pay him a large amounts of cash to spread lies about what happened to his son and to make interviews attacking the Syrian army. He said he refused and insisted to stay in Aleppo and not to surrender to their request despite threats and the huge pressure put on him.

The MSM outlets, which made Omran’s photos a fatty meal in the past, stand today blind and deaf after their lie and attempt to trade with childhood in Syria to save the terrorists was uncovered and they will ignore of the new revelation about Omran Daqneesh, who is now living with his family in Suleiman al-Halabi neighborhood.

Nessa Beeley, the British investigative journalist, wrote to the 21st Century Wire

Omran has been found alive and well in East Aleppo. Syrian & Lebanese media have been interviewing the father of Omran Daqneesh the traumatized boy that graced the covers of virtually every media outlet in August 2016. Omran’s bewilderment reduced news anchors to tears and tipped the world over the edge of rational thought and into the realms of sentimentalized chaos. To the West, he became the symbol of intervention. We almost went to war over Omran. 

Omran’s dad tells how “rebels” traded w/blood of his son & how he was offered money 2 do interviews & attack the govt.

Why are the corporate media not rushing to Aleppo to interview and investigate, after all Omran was one of the most effective icons of the media war on Syria, his photograph even winning the Getty award for the most “Defining Image” 2016. Despite the fact that the photo itself was taken by Mahmoud Raslan, a supporter of the East Aleppo child beheading gang, terrorists Nour Al Din Zinki who decapitated and tortured Abdullah Issa publicly and videoed the entire brutal act, one month before the photo of Omran went viral and precipitated all manner of outrage from the International Community.

You would think, after all the outpouring of emotion, that these media hacks would be overjoyed to hear of little Omran’s wellbeing. You would  think they would be clamouring for an interview with the family to finally investigate the background to his appearance in the back of an ambulance in East Aleppo. Instead mainstream media has done no more than its usual copy-paste excercise in damage limitation.

The Telegraph was one of the first of the corporate media to run the story, one feels very reluctantly and not without the familiar twist which enabled a dig at the Syrian government. Failing to expand upon the glaring fact, that Omran’s family had been staunchly pro-Syrian state and pro-Syrian army from the beginning, which may have provoked the attacks upon them, from the NATO and Gulf state-funded extremists embedded in East Aleppo. Also, barely mentioning the fact that the family fled to Syrian Government held west Aleppo for safety. But investigating those aspects of the story is seemingly a step beyond the comfort zone for modern corporate media hacks?

 “In a short interview clip posted by Alloush, Omran’s father tells the TV presenter that he did not hear a plane above his house before the strike and said he rejected offers to leave Syria by parties wishing to damage the reputation of the country’s armed forces. He said that he changed his son’s name and his hairstyle to evade individuals who threatened to kidnap him and accused rebels of intimidating him.”

Both media outlets have powerfully underpinned the UK propaganda war on Syria. In the case of Omran, both outlets milked the pathos of his August 2016 photo to optimum effect, whipping the UK public into an anti-Assad frenzy, designed to enable the much desired, No Fly Zone.

How can the Guardian possibly conclude that the family may have been coerced into the interview when they, themselves, tell us that the family had been under threat from the “rebels” not from the Syrian Government. The Telegraph tells us that:

In fact we know, from conversations raging across social media, that Omran and his family are now under threat from the various extremist factions, members of which are already putting prices on heads and calling for the murder of Omran’s father. Of no concern to corporate media who resolutely cling to the narrative that the Syrian government is the source of all evil in Syria, not the NATO and Gulf State funded extremist brigades. They cant spin that reality to serve “regime change” so it ceases to have any importance.

However we look at this situation, it is marvelous that Omran is safe and sound and still in Syria with his family. The corporate media in the west failed him. They allowed him to be exploited for the propaganda that is exacerbating the suffering of the Syrian people and prolonging the war against Syria. They failed to question the narrative fed to them by known criminal elements embedded in East Aleppo and affiliated to the NATO and Gulf state armed, funded & equipped extremist factions.

The horrific torture and beheading of Palestinian child, Abdullah Issa, one month before Omran’s bewildered image went viral, did not provoke an equivalent outrage or international condemnation.

“The images of little Omran, put out by jihadist support groups, gained widespread attention from the western media, which has backed the sectarian gangs through more than five years of brutal terrorist war. On the other hand, video of the murder of little Abdallah Issa was largely ignored, or scorned with claims that the boy was really 18 years old, or a spy for the pro-Syria Palestinian militia Liwa al-Quds.” ~ Tim Anderson

“What is perhaps most disturbing about the comparison between these two stories, is the cynical abuse and weaponization of children that is being supported by the NATO-aligned media machine. This is a calculated use of one child as a psychological instrument to promote and legitimize war, while the torture and cold-blooded execution of another is marginalized to protect the U.S. agents who perpetuate that war.” ~ Vanessa Beeley, Journey to Aleppo Part I

Despite the smiles for camera, Omran’s eyes bear the scars of his ordeals and the trauma he has been forced to live through. This is, ultimately, what we should be protesting most vehemently.  In Syria, tens of thousands of Omrans go unnoticed by our media, our governments and our NATO-aligned NGOs, including the UN. Too many children in Syria have been exploited as propaganda pawns in the geopolitical chess game being played by the NATO and Gulf state oligarchs and oil barons.

The corporate media in the west is guilty of mass deception through distortion, omission and misdirection.

Dr Nafeez Ahmed on #FakeNews:

“Yet there is a giant elephant in the room: the fact that the crisis of fake news began inside traditional media. In fact, the most egregious cases of fake news have been promulgated by traditional media institutions. And it is precisely the mass disillusionment and breakdown of trust with traditional media institutions that has been the biggest driver of all. News consumers are fed up with being lied to — they no longer have trust in the ability of prevailing media institutions to tell the truth.”

Eva Karene Bartlett , the renowned Canadian peace activist and freelance journalist, wrote that the story of “the boy in the orange chair”, “the boy in the ambulance”, another “White Helmets” ‘rescuee’ …is built on a mountain of lies.

This afternoon, the father of Omran, who had had enough of the media lies about (and abuse of) his son, spoke out for the second day in a row, setting the record straight.

Among the things he told me: his son’s injury was small and insignificant, very light, not worthy of the head bandage unnecessarily wrapped around Omran; he heard no airplane and did not agree to monetary attempts to coerce him into saying it was an airstrike; he refused and further attempts by media to photograph and misuse his son; he was at ease and back to life in his home in Aleppo.

More soon on the lies of the western and al-Qaeda affiliated journalists and on the incredible Syrian journalist who brought the truth to light.


Janice Kortkamp, the well-known transparent US freelance and peace activist, wrote that the image of Little Omran from Aleppo, the boy in the orange chair, was seen ’round the world. His dusty bloody face was shown on every major news media channel and newspaper as “the face of the victims of President Assad and Russian bombing against civilians in Aleppo.”

You were told by the nightly news that we must help these victims. We must end their suffering: by sending more weapons to the “freedom fighters” in Aleppo; by bombing more in Syria; by imposing more sanctions.

But this story was a lie…just like the rest you’ve seen on the nightly news about Syria.

The truth is that Omran’s family supports President Assad and the Syrian Army and always considered the “rebels” in control of eastern Aleppo to be terrorists.

That Omran was injured but not badly and not by an airstrike as there were no aircraft heard flying overhead. His older brother Ali was killed. The terrorist-photographer set up the photo and Omran was not treated. His sister was so angry at the terrorist-camera man she batted away his camera when he turned it on her.

That the terrorists used Omran for their propaganda against his father’s wishes. That the terrorists had offered him thousands of dollars to make a film denouncing President Assad and the Syrian Army. He refused to make such a video. Refused the money. $8000 in Syria is a fortune.

The father cut Omran’s hair and changed his name and the family escaped to west Aleppo to be safe from the terrorist “rebels” supported by the US and our allies.

So here is Omran. Safe with his family in government controlled, unified Aleppo.

Don’t believe what you’ve been told about Syria.

Syria is not a civil war, but a US/allies orchestrated regime change coup that has been using terrorist proxy militias to do our dirty work.

Jonathan Azaziah, the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Mouqawamah Music, wrote Talk about a bombshell! The White Helmets lied through their rotten teeth! Omran al-Daqneesh, the infamous “Orange Seat Boy”, is fine as kind! He’s living in liberated Aleppo with his family! He’s being protected by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA)! And IT JUST SO HAPPENS that his parents and other kin are staunch supporters of the Syrian government. MADNESS!

Flashback to last August. The world was taken by storm as photos of a dust-covered boy in an orange ambulance seat spread across the Zionist media like a wildfire being fueled by gasoline spills. That boy of course was Omran. Plastered on every TV channel, every website and every front page of every newspaper, the boy, it was claimed by the Al-Qaeda-linked, US-UK-Soros-financed White Helmets, had been wounded in air strikes launched by “the Assad regime” and “imperialist Russia”. His family, the White Helmets claimed further, were heavy backers of the “Syrian revolution”. Omran’s photograph was taken by a CIA-Turkish-Qatari-backed Harakat Noureddine al-Zinki terrorist who had previously been involved in beheading 12-year old Syrian-Palestinian boy Abdallah al-Issa in Aleppo’s Handarat.

Fast forward back to present day and the revelations about Omran Daqneesh have laid waste to this fictional narrative that the Takfiri-connected White Helmets concocted and forced down the collective throat of the globe through their Zionist media overlords. And this TRUE STORY is barely receiving any coverage at all in the mass press and wherever it is being reported, like the UK Telegraph for example, there are quite blatant attempts being made to downplay and deflect the deceptions of the past. Above and beyond the devastating info that Omran’s dearest ones are partisans of the Syrian Arab Republic’s government and military, Omran’s father revealed that terrorist groups offered to pay him gargantuan amounts of cash–presumably delivered by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey–to spread propaganda against democratically elected Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad as well as the SAA.

He would refuse to entertain this treachery and despite the hasbara blitz, his support for his leader and his army never wavered. This didn’t mean things never got difficult however. Omran’s father was forced to shave Omran’s head and change his name just so his son would longer endure anymore vulturous exploitation at the hands of the “moderate rebels”. In more succinct terms: The Daqneesh family most certainly did suffer. But it wasn’t because of Damascus. In fact, it was Damascus which rescued them. Their tormentors, from A to Z, were the very groups that MSM told the world were “fighting for freedom” from a “brutal dictator”.

The story of Omran Daqneesh is much like that of Alan Kurdi. Or Hamza al-Khatib. Or the chemical weapons attacks in Ghouta in ’13 and Idlib just a few months ago. Or the Houla Massacre. Or, in reality, the entirety of the war on Syria. A lie gets told. It proliferates thanks to the pernicious efforts of the global Zionist media and a network of “activists” linked to the NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial-Complex of Soros, the NED and the US State Department. Then months or sometimes years later, when the dust settles, the cameras have moved on their next batch of Zioganda, and the public is no longer paying attention, the truth will come out but it will swiftly get swept under the rug.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


Trump to Tamim: Pay to Save Your Ass ترامب لتميم: إدفع تَسْلم

انتَظروا واشنطن… فهي الخصم والحكم!

ابراهيم الأمين

لا مأساة تفوق مأساة الإعلام السعودي ــ الإماراتي في نوع الاتهامات المسوقة ضد قطر، إلا مأساة «الجزيرة» التي تنقل مراسلتها في واشنطن، عن مصادر مجهولة، أن تغريدات الرئيس الاميركي دونالد ترامب ــ المعبّرة عن موافقة على ما تقوم به الرياض وأبو ظبي ــ موقف شخصي ولا تعكس موقف الادارة الاميركية.

بين المأساتين، فإن جمهور العاملين أو المتعاطفين أو المنتفعين من الدول المتنازعة يقف مدهوشاً إزاء ما يحصل، ثم يظهر سلوك غير مسبوق عند أبناء الخليج، الذين يصفون ما يجري بأنه زلزال لم يعرفه العرب قبلاً. وكأن ما يحصل في الدول العربية منذ سنوات طويلة لا يسمّى حدثاً. وفي لحظة القسوة هذه، يخرج عرب غاضبون أو متضررون من سياسات دول الخليج، فيطلقون تعليقات وتوصيفات كأن ما يجري هناك يجري في مكان بعيد من العالم، أو أن ما يحصل لا يهمهم. أما الغلاة من الشامتين، فيصل الأمر بهم حدّ تمنّي اشتعال النيران في كل آبار النفط والغاز.
دبلوماسية أهل الصحراء مغلقة، فاتحة الباب أمام نقاش تعرضه وسائل الاعلام التابعة للدول المتنازعة. وهو نقاش قد يعطي الانطباع الخاطئ، لأن من قرر معاقبة قطر، لا يقف عند طبيعة الاتهامات الموجهة اليها.

لكن القيّمين على إعلام المتنازعين ليسوا أصحاب مخيّلة خصبة، بل هم فقراء العقل والإبداع. الموقف عندهم يكون على شاكلة عبارات من زمن البطولات الفارغة مثل القول «طفح الكيل… بلغ السيل الزبى … الانصياع أو العزلة». أما اللائحة الاتهامية، فتتحول الى أحجية يصعب حلها، مثل القول إن مشكلة قطر تكمن في توافقها مع إيران ودعم حماس وحزب الله والحوثيين، ثم إنها في الوقت نفسه تدعم القاعدة وجبهة النصرة وداعش وطالبان، وهي أيضاً، تتواصل مع العدو الصهيوني… ما أحلى العبارة الأخيرة عندما ترد على لسان شخصيات من دائرة الحكم في دول الخليج، (بأسلوب يذكّرنا ببيانات قوى 14 آذار عندنا، حين كانت تفتتح مواقفها الداعية الى نزع سلاح المقاومة بالتشديد على أن إسرائيل عدو يجب ردعه) مع تشديد على إبراز أن قطر تلعب دوراً يضرّ بمصالح العالم (اقرأ الولايات المتحدة الاميركية).

في الدوحة والجهات الإعلامية الدائرة في فلكها، فإن الصورة لا تختلف كثيراً. الخطاب هنا يركز أساساً على محاولة إبراز قوة التحالف بين قطر والإدارة الأميركية. حتى عندما يأتون على مضمون رسائل البريد الإلكتروني الخاصة بسفير الامارات في واشنطن، يقول أنصار الدوحة إنها تعكس سعي أبو ظبي لإحداث ضرر في صورة حلفاء واشنطن، أي قطر، ثم يُكثرون من استضافة عاملين أو باحثين في مراكز دراسات تخضع لنفوذ الادارة الاميركية، وهم يظهرون الشكوك حول دور أميركي في خطوة السعودية والامارات.

مرة جديدة نعود الى المشترك بين الطرفين، وهو استرضاء الجانب الاميركي. وهو مشترك يعكس حقيقة تسليم هذه الدول بأن القرار الفصل يعود الى واشنطن. فهي من يملك السلطة والقدرة على إطلاق الحكم وتنفيذه، ما يجعل أيّ وساطة خليجية أو عربية تقوم بين المتنازعين غير ذات معنى، ما لم تحظَ برعاية الولايات المتحدة أو دعمها. ووساطة الكويت على وجه التحديد باتت تحتاج حكماً الى ضامن، وليس من ضامن في قاموس هؤلاء سوى الولايات المتحدة الاميركية.

في هذا السياق، ليس صدفة أو نوعاً من التسلية أن يسود اعتقاد واسع لدى الجمهور العربي، بأن الحملة تهدف إلى إجبار قطر على دفع حصتها من الأموال الواجب توفيرها للخزينة الاميركية مقابل الحماية والدعم. وحتى الذين يعتقدون أن دفع الاموال بدأ فقط في «قمة النذالة» المنعقدة أخيراً في الرياض، يرون أن قطر لم تقدم على ما فعلته الرياض وأبو ظبي. وبالتالي، فإن واشنطن معنية بتحريك النار من حول الجميع، والتأهب لإطفاء أيّ حريق، شرط الحصول مسبقاً على ثمن كبير.

هذا الاعتقاد يبقى هو الأقرب الى العقل، ليس لأنه لا توجد أهداف أخرى، مثل تعديل طبيعة وآلية الحكم المسيطر على دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي، بل لكون النتيجة المتوخاة أميركياً وغربياً من هذا التعديل هي وضع اليد على المزيد من الثروات العربية الموجودة في أرض الجزيرة العربية، من دون أي ضمانة من قبل أميركا بأنها ستقدر على منع انهيار النظم السياسية القائمة هناك. وعدم وجود هذه الضمانة ليس سببه تمنّع الاميركيين، بل سببه عجز الاميركيين عن القيام بذلك. ومن يعتقد بأن عواصم التاريخ العربي القديم أو المعاصر، في القاهرة وبغداد ودمشق، يمكن أن تلفّها النيران، وتبقى محصورة فيها، فهو مجنون مهما كابر المكابرون!
يبقى السؤال الذي يخصّ الناس، أو من يضع نفسه في خانة المواجهة مع هذه الدول، وكيفية التصرف إزاء حدث ستكون له تداعياته على كل بلادنا وشعوبنا.

ليس من واهم بأن تغييرات نوعية مقبلة على المنطقة. وإذا كانت الانتفاضات أو الثورات أو المؤامرات أو ما شاكل لم تأت بالديموقراطية ولم تحفظ الناس ولا التاريخ في البلدان الملتهبة، فإن من الصعب توقّع خروج دول مدنية وديموقراطية من رحم وحوش القهر القابضين على الجزيرة العربية. ومن يُرِد أن يتّعظ، عليه تمنّي تسويات تمنع احتراق هذه الدول، كي لا تزيد مصائب العرب، لكن، من دون التخلي عن الموقف الصارم بضرورة محاسبة هؤلاء، مثل الآخرين المسؤولين عن ويلاتنا ومآسينا منذ زمن بعيد!

مقالات أخرى لابراهيم الأمين:

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Qatar’s price is 400 billion dollars received by Trump سعر قطر 400 مليار قبضها ترامب

Qatar’s price is 400 billion dollars received by Trump

Written by Nasser Kandil,

مايو 30, 2017

Every reader can check the foisted part in the speech attributed to the Prince of Qatar when he reads the section about the US President “who will not continue due to legal prosecutions and legal irregularities” this talk cannot be issued by a major country that announces the hostility to America, so how from a small country that at the end it is under the control of America and its rule is protected by US military base.

The Saudi intention through the media platforms funded and operated by Mohammed Bin Salman on refusing the Qatari speech about violating the website of the Official News Agency and foisting a statement at the mouthpiece of the Prince means a deliberate intention to engage. The intention on preparing media reports and distributing them under the responsibility of Qatar about the relationship with Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Al Nusra, ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and Iran is a part of a preliminary campaign for a work that is supposed it needs the cover of Gulf, Arab, and international public opinion, so Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, America, and Israel are partners in estimating this coverage every one for a special reason regarding what is attributed to Qatar.

The interpretation of the war on Iran at Riyadh summit is by overpower Qatar which forms a Turkish expansion in the Gulf and a source of traditional inconvenience to Saudi Arabia, so controlling the Saudi leadership by a young Prince as Mohammed Bin Salman requires a prestige that did not obtained by the war on Yemen, so it is supposed to have another war, and to put the Gulf as a pure dominance area of Saudi Arabia in confronting Iran. Qatar has a huge gas wealth and an active satellite channel, so getting angry from them due to the Qatari rule that belongs to Saudi Arabia is a qualitative adding financially and in media.

King Salman gave the US President what he wants as money, deals, and politics especially regarding the relationship with Israel, so Qatar no longer has what distinguishes it in this respect. When Saudi Arabia joins the normalization, Qatar becomes small issue. What the King wants is to stabilize his successor his son in power and to compensate the loss in Syria and the inability in Yemen so that is represented by Qatar.

Probably the Saudi intelligence has opened the activities of the center of the electronic war which is called by the combating extremism center “moderation” in the presence of the US President Donald Trump. Its first duties was hacking the website of the Qatari Official News Agency and publishing attributed speech to the Qatari Price when he was sleeping, the statement has been published at midnight, so it is a strange timing to publish such a speech to the Prince of Qatar before the morning. The goal is to postpone the Qatari negation to what has been published and to accuse Qatar as a result of the delay of publishing speech and claiming the hacking, after it saw the dangerous reactions. This is said by the Saudis and whom they bring to comment on that speech.

Three years ago, the Saudis try to get the US green light to resolve the position of Qatar, and to put it under the Saudi control, it seems that the opportunity has not come but through the visit of Trump to Riyadh and his bartering the attracting deals with the Qatari rule especially in the light of the Turkish-American dispute, the position of Qatar with Turkey, and the Egyptian pressure on Washington to control the Qatari performance in the issue of the Muslim Brotherhood. Trump intended to name Hamas Movement as a terrorist movement in his speech at the summit, while Qatar boasts because it succeeded in bringing Hamas to the settlements through a new document, and the presence of Saudi-US understanding to escalate against Iran, and to consider the cooperation with Iran in Astana Path and the bilateral relationships by Qatar a double dealing. The result was selling Qatar to Saudi Arabia for four billion dollars received by Trump who  has given the green light.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

سعر قطر 400 مليار قبضها ترامب

ناصر قنديل

– يستطيع كلّ قارئ مدقق اكتشاف الدسّ في الكلام المنسوب لأمير قطر عندما يقرأ المقطع الخاص بالحديث عن الرئيس الأميركي «الذي لن يستمرّ بسبب ملاحقات عدلية وتجاوزات قانونية». وهو كلام لا يمكن صدوره من دولة عظمى تجاهر بالعداء لأميركا فكيف بدولة صغيرة تدور في الفلك الأميركي في نهاية المطاف، وتحمي حكمَها قاعدة عسكرية أميركية؟

– الإصرار السعودي عبر منابر الإعلام المموّلة والمشغّلة من محمد بن سلمان، على رفض الكلام القطري عن اختراق موقع وكالة الأنباء القطرية الرسمية ودسّ البيان بلسان الأمير، يعني نية مبيّتة بالاشتباك، والإصرار على إعداد تقارير إعلامية وتوزيعها عن مسؤولية قطر عن العلاقة بالقاعدة وطالبان والنصرة وداعش وحزب الله وحماس والإخوان المسلمين وإيران، هو جزء من حملة تمهيدية لعمل ما يُفترض أنه يحتاج لتغطية رأي عام خليجي وعربي ودولي، فتكون مصر والإمارات والبحرين وأميركا و«إسرائيل» شركاء في تقديم هذه التغطية كلّ لسبب يخصّه بما يُنسب لقطر.

– ترجمة الحرب على إيران في قمة الرياض هو بالاستيلاء على قطر، التي تشكّل امتداداً تركياً في الخليج ومصدر إزعاج تقليدي للسعودية. وضبط الزعامة السعودية بأمير شاب كمحمد بن سلمان يستدعي مهابة لم تأتِ بها حرب اليمن، ويفترض أن تأتي بها حرب أخرى، ووضع الخليج كمنطقة نفوذ خالصة للسعودية في مواجهة إيران، كيف وأنّ قطر ثروة غاز هائلة وقناة فضائية فاعلة يرتب الاستيلاء عليهما بحكم قطري تابع للسعودية إضافة نوعية مالياً وإعلامياً.

– منح الملك سلمان للرئيس الأميركي ما يريد من مال وصفقات وسياسة، خصوصاً في مجال العلاقة بـ»إسرائيل»، ولم يعُد لقطر ما تتميّز به في هذا المجال. فهذه السعودية عندما تنضمّ للتطبيع تصير قطر تفصيلاً صغيراً، وما يريده الملك تثبيت خلافة ولده في الحكم، وتعويضاً عن الخسارة في سورية والعجز في اليمن تمثله قطر.

– الأرجح أنّ المخابرات السعودية افتتحت نشاطات مركز الحرب الإلكترونية الذي أطلق عليه اسم مركز مكافحة التطرف «اعتدال»، بحضور الرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب، وكانت أولى مهامه قرصنة موقع الوكالة القطرية ونشر كلام منسوب للأمير القطري وهو نائم. فالبيان تمّ نشره على موقع الوكالة منتصف الليل، وهو توقيت غريب عجيب لنشر كلام قيل في وضح النهار لأمير الدولة، الذي يأوي إلى فراشه الساعة التاسعة ليلاً، والهدف تأخُّر النفي القطري لما نشر، واتهام قطر بسبب التأخير بأنها نشرت الكلام وتقوم بسحبه والادّعاء بالقرصنة لأنها تلمّست خطورة ردود الأفعال. وهذا ما يقوله السعوديون ومَن يستجلبونهم للتعليق على الكلام.

– منذ ثلاثة أعوام والسعوديون يسعون للحصول على الضوء الأخضر الأميركي لحسم وضع قطر ووضعها تحت الإبط السعودي. ويبدو أنّ الفرصة لم تحن إلا بزيارة ترامب للرياض ومقايضته الصفقات المغرية برأس الحكم القطري، خصوصاً في ظلّ الخلاف التركي الأميركي وموقع قطر مع تركيا، وضغط مصر على واشنطن طلباً لضبط الأداء القطري في قضية الإخوان المسلمين، وتعمّد ترامب تسمية حركة حماس كحركة إرهابية في خطابه في القمة، بينما تتباهى قطر بنجاحها في جلب حماس إلى خط التسويات بوثيقة جديدة، ووجود تفاهم سعودي أميركي على التصعيد بوجه إيران، واعتبار التعاون مع إيران في مسار أستانة والعلاقات الثنائية من جانب قطر لعباً على الحبال، وكانت الحصيلة بيع قطر للسعودية بأربعمئة مليار دولار قبضها ترامب، فأعطى الضوء الأخضر.

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Chaos And Division


 The escalating disagreement between Qatar on the one side, and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt on the other side, confirms the rampant chaos and divisions that dominate the  Arab region


By Abdel Bari Atwan

We must admit that this disagreement came as no surprise. What did surprise us, however, are its intensity, the manner in which it was expressed, and the measures and steps that have and may still result from it. After all, four of the aforementioned states are supposedly members of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and the Arab coalition that is fighting the Houthis and the General People’s Congress [Saleh] party in Yemen. In addition, the four states, or two of them at least, have pumped in billions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons to fan the flames of the bloody conflict raging in Syria, Libya, and Yemen – and are still doing so.

The GCC has previously witnessed many disagreements, and in fact, political and border wars between its members – especially, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. But what is happening today between the abovementioned states may open a wound that would be difficult to close, and create a rift that will be difficult to bridge, at least in the foreseeable future.

The explosive developments began when the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya and the Emirati-owned Arab Sky News broadcast statements attributed to the Emir of Qatar, Prince Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, during a graduation ceremony of a number of recruits.

The Emir allegedly protested against the escalation of the disagreement with Iran, adding that it was unwise to be hostile to it. He also allegedly denounced including Hizbollah and Hamas on the list of terrorist organizations, since both are resistance movements. And he accused Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain of inciting against Qatar and accusing it of sponsoring terrorism and its organizations. He also took a stab at Saudi Arabia by saying that ‘the states that claim to be fighting terrorism are those that are religiously most hardline and are providing pretexts for the terrorists.’ In fact, he went even further by criticizing the hundreds-of- billions of dollars spent on the purchase of weapons rather than on developmental projects, and when he speculated that Trump’s days in office were now numbered.

Al-Arabiya and Arab Sky News picked up these alleged statements and hosted many Egyptian and Saudi analysts who attacked Qatar mercilessly, accusing it of what they portray as terrorism and hosting terrorist organizations, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. Moreover, al-Arabiya broadcasted an audiotape in which the father of Qatar’s Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa, is allegedly heard in a phone conversation with late Libyan leader Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi attacking Saudi Arabia and predicting the collapse of the Al Saud regime. It also reported old statements by former Yemeni president Ali ‘Abdullah Saleh revealing that Qatar’s former Emir had asked him for help in waging sabotage campaigns deep inside Saudi Arabia.

Qatar’s giant media empire, of which Al-Jazeera television is the spearhead, was taken by surprise. It did not respond by issuing clarifications or retaliate in kind. Instead, it continued with its usual programs. This lent some credibility to the anti-Qatar campaign for some time. Then came the first clarification from a Qatari official after a number of hours, in the form of a very short statement claiming that the Qatari News Agency’s website had been hacked by unknown parties, and that the statements attributed to Prince Tamim were false.

But adding to the ‘lack of clarity’ was a ‘Breaking News’ item on al-Arabiya to the effect that Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin ‘Abderrahman has instructed the ambassadors of Egypt, Bahrain, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia to leave Doha within 24 hours. The Qatari foreign minister firmly denied this, and said that his statements had been taken out of context.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain took an immediate decision to impose a blackout on Al-Jazeera’s websites and all Qatari newspapers on the Internet. In fact, it is not unlikely for them to resort to jamming Al-Jazeera on the grounds that Qatar’s denial of the statements attributed to Prince Tamim and its insistence that the Qatari News Agency’s website had been hacked were not ‘convincing.’ They did not alleviate the crisis’ intensity or end the campaign on Qatar.

It is worth noting that this crisis in relations between Qatar on the one hand, and the UAE and Saudi Arabia on the other, follows two important developments:

– The first is U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to Riyadh and his participation in three Saudi – Gulf, Arab, and Islamic – summits. These summits focused on the war on terrorism and on Iran’s role as the latter’s spearhead, accusing it of playing a major role in undermining the region’s stability. Moreover, the U.S. president held a somewhat tense meeting with the Qatari Emir on the summits’ margins.

– The second development was the appearance of a number of articles in U.S. and Western newspapers attacking Qatar. The latest was in Foreign Policy by John Hannah, a former official in the U.S. defense and state departments and one of former U.S. vice-president Dick Cheney’s advisors. He accused Qatar of backing terrorism, inciting the killing of Americans in Iraq, using Al-Jazeera effectively to transform the Arab Spring into an extremist Islamic Winter, and of financing Islamist groups with money and weapons to fight in Syria. He also accuses Qatar of covering up the presence in Doha of Khaled Sheikh Mohammad, the architect of the 9/11 attacks, and facilitating his escape to Afghanistan before the CIA arrested him.

Furthermore, Hannah accuses Qatar of ‘double-dealing’: Of hosting the ‘Udeid Air Base from which U.S. warplanes that struck Iraq where launched, while also siding with Saddam Hussein’s regime and backing him in the media. Hannah also confirms that Cheney had discussed the possibility of moving ‘Udeid Air Base from Qatar, and says that Trump supports this option, while the UAE and Saudi Arabia are candidates for hosting it. He also demanded that Qatar should be punished for sponsoring terrorism.

Prince Tamim was given a ‘cold’ reception at the Riyadh summit. He only spoke with Mr. Fahd bin Mahmoud, the Deputy PM of the Sultanate of Oman and the head of its delegation. He also had a short word with Saudi Crown-Prince Mohammad bin Nayef. Sources inside the summit tell us that [Abu-Dhabi Crown-Prince] Mohammad bin Zayid did not speak to him or shake his hand at all; he bypassed Prince Tamim instead and stood next to President Trump in one of the official pictures.

The fact that the Qatari media empire in its various branches has confined itself to ‘clarifying’ the hacking of the Qatari News Agency’s website, denying the statements attributed to Prince Tamim, and ‘retracting’ the decision to expel the ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain, suggests that Qatar has uncharacteristically decided to resort to calming down the situation in an attempt to contain the crisis.

However, we believe that the other side may continue to escalate until Qatar ends its support for the Muslim Brotherhood and its media tools, adopt a more hostile attitude towards Iran, and identifies totally and literally with the policies of the Saudi/Egyptian/Emirati triangle.

Gulf sources have leaked reports of a supposed ‘scenario’ that enjoys a U.S. green light for changing the top leadership in Qatar. They add that what is happening today is a prelude to this. However, there is nothing to confirm this scenario, even though it may not be totally unlikely. After all, a coup attempt did occur in 1996, aimed at toppling the former Emir of Qatar and restoring his father to power. It is ironic that the three states – Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt – were participants in that failed coup attempt, supporting it with money, weapons, and soldiers.

Will history repeat itself? We have no answer. But the crisis is serious and the estrangement is worsening. And nothing can be excluded these days, in light of the Emirati/Saudi alliance that has not refrained from fighting the war in Yemen and has continued to do so for over two years, and is now beating the drums of another war against Iran, threatening to carry the battle deep inside it.

Here, another question seems legitimate: Who will rush to stand by Qatar’s side and defend it? Will it be Iran, which Qatar and the factions allied with it in Syria and to a lesser extent in Iraq have been fighting? Or will it be Turkey, which is now in a state of hostility with all of its neighbors, as well as with the U.S. and most of Europe’? Or will it be the U.S. ‘Udeid Air Base, which together with its soldiers and warplanes, wants to leave Qatar?

At present, we can do no more than raise questions, and admit that Qatar is in a critical and unprecedented position, facing fierce enemies and having a very small number of allies, at a time when reason and wisdom have been set aside.

But please feel free to correct us if we are wrong.

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مشاهد حية لقتال بين الملائكة والشياطين .. من سيحمي الشياطين؟؟

نارام سرجون

الحديث عن البطولة لايضاهي أن تراها العين .. وينحني الشعر والنثر والخطابة أمام لغة العين والبصر لأن كل الكلام ماهو الا محاولة لرسم الصورة التي لاتراها العين .. فهل تكون لوحة الجرح النازف أو الصورة الشعرية البديعة أكثر صدقا من مشهد اللحم والدم؟؟ ..

نحن للأسف ليست لدينا هوليوود اخبارية تصور معارك في الاستوديوهات كما تفعل القنوات الاميريكية لتقنعنا أن جنود المارينز مغاوير ومقاتلون شجعان وشديدو البأس وقلوبهم من فولاذ .. بالرغم من أنهم لايتقدمون الى أرض الا وتكون الطائرات القاذفة من طراز بي 52 حرثتها حرثا يسمى بالقصف السجادي يتلوه قصف بصواريخ كروز من البحر على بعد مئات الأميال بحيث يموت في تلك البقعة حتى النمل والعناكب من شدة القصف .. ومعظم الحروب الاميريكة الحديثة تخاض من الجو ومن البحر مثل ألعاب الكومبيوتر ليأتي بعد ذلك فريق التصوير والدعاية ليقوم بصنع أفلام في منتهى الدهاء عن استسلام العدو وعن موت قادته وكيف أن الجنود الأميريكيين الأبطال يقومون بمسيرات استعراضية في احد الشوارع ويطلقون النار على كل مايتحرك .. وقد تكون تلك الصور مأخوذة في استوديوهات الجزيرة التي تعتبر استوديو قاعدة العيديد في قطر التي صورت فيها كل بطولات الجيش الامريكي مع لمسة هوليوودية تشبه لمسات ستيفن سبيلبيرغ في الحديقة الجوراسية وقائمة شيندلر .. لأن مارأيناه في الحقيقة من بطولات الجيش الأمريكي كان يتلخص في قتل عائلة عبير الجنابي العراقية واغتصابها قبل اطلاق النار عليها .. ورأينا بطولاتهم وهم يلتقطون الصور مع جثث الضباط العراقيين في السجون بعد اعدامهم وقتلهم ولفهم بالأكياس السوداء .. ورأينا بطولاتهم في سجن ابو غريب حيث المرجلة على الأسرى والمعتقلين العراة ..

الاعلام الغربي والخليجي في الحرب السورية قام بشكل مثير للدهشة بالترويج لارهابيي القاعدة وصورهم على أنهم سوبرمانات خارقون وتعامل معهم كما يتعامل مع جنود المارينز .. فهم لايهزمون أبدا وتأتي طواقم الجزيرة اليهم لتفبرك لهم مشاهد بطولية أو تنصحهم بتصوير مشاهد فيها حيلة وخدع اعلامية وبطولات انسانية .. وهم انتحاريون لايهابون الموت .. وذلك من أجل تدمير ارادة المقاومة لدى الخصم .. ولكن أمام الكاميرا الحقيقية وجدنا أنهم مجرد مرتزقة .. وأنهم كانوا في مواجهة من هم أشد عنادا منهم ولايهاب الموت ..

هذه مشاهد مصورة لعمليات حية لم تخضع لمونتاج ولا تجميل ولا تصنيع ولامبالغة ولو رآها الجنود الأمريكان لخجلوا من أنفسهم وهم يمثلون عنتريات المارينز في الاستوديوهات .. المشاهد هي لجنود سوريين يقاتلون العدو أحيانا وبينهم وبينه جدار فقط .. وأحيانا فوهة البندقية على فوهة البندقية ..وترى كيف يسمع الجنود السوريون أحيانا صوت أنفاس ارهابي القاعدة على بعد خطوة أو خطوتين .. ويرونهم احيانا يفتحون في الجدار ثغرة ليطلقوا النار عليهم ..

هذه المرة عرف ارهابيو القاعدة لماذا يخسرون معاركهم .. فحظهم العاثر رمى بهم في وجه محاربي الجيش السوري والفرقة الرابعة التي لم يكن مجانين القاعدة يعتقدون أنهم سيواجهون جنودا بهذا البأس وهذه الجسارة .. حيث لاتأبههذه المرة عرف ارهابيو القاعدة لماذا يخسرون معاركهم .. فحظهم العاثر رمى بهم في وجه محاربي الجيش السوري الدبابات للانتحاريين ولصواريخ التاو ولا مضادات الدروع وتقتحم الجدران التي يختبؤون خلفها فيما يتجول الجنود بين الجدران وبينهم وبين الموت مجرد لحظة أو ثانية .. وربما يسمعون أجنحة ملائكة الموت تخفق حولهم ..

والفرقة الرابعة التي لم يكن مجانين القاعدة يعتقدون أنهم سيواجهون جنودا بهذا البأس وهذه الجسارة .. حيث لاتأبه الدبابات للانتحاريين ولصواريخ التاو ولا مضادات الدروع وتقتحم الجدران التي يختبؤون خلفها فيما يتجول الجنود بين الجدران وبينهم وبين الموت مجرد لحظة أو ثانية .. وربما يسمعون أجنحة ملائكة الموت تخفق حولهم ..

نتنياهو ارتكب حماقة بطرسبورغ

نتنياهو ارتكب حماقة بطرسبورغ

أبريل 4, 2017

ناصر قنديل

– من الذي يقف وراء تفجيرات بطرسبورغ، والهدف هو الإرباك والتشويش وإيصال رسالة حول قدرة جهة ما تواجهها روسيا على النيل من الأمن في المدن الروسية الكبرى، والرسالة ذات طابع شخصي أيضاً للرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين لاختيار مدينته التي ينتمي إليها وترعرع فيها، وبالتزامن مع ضخ إعلامي لتحريك تظاهرات وتشجيع معارضات، يرافقه ضخّ مالي وحضور للوبيات ترتبط بالخارج لكنّها فاعلة في روسيا. واللافت هنا أن التفجيرات تجري في ظل حملة إعلامية مركّزة لإثارة الشغب في شوارع روسيا، والإيحاء بأن اضطرابات تشبه الربيع العربي تنتظر روسيا، كما قالت قناة العربية.

– الرئيس الروسي كرجل أمن عريق ومحترف، ورئيس سابق لجهاز المخابرات الروسية لن يكشف استنتاجاته التي لا تعتمد على التحقيقات التي يجب انتظارها، كما أشار. فهذه الكلمة من محترف تعني أنه عرف الفاعل ولا يحتاج لتحقيق، والتفاصيل لا يمكن انتظارها منه، بل مما سمعناه على لسان الناطقة بلسان الخارجية الروسية ماريا زاخاروفا، التي اختارت في المؤتمر الصحافي الذي عقدته حول التفجيرات أن تسأل عن مندوبة جريدة الواشنطن تايمز، لتقول لقد كان مدعاة استغرابنا أنها نشرت صورة لتفجير المترو وإلى جانبها صورة لتظاهرات موسكو، وأضافت حسناً فعلت عندما اتصلنا بمكتبها وأصرّينا على ممثليهم هنا، فقاموا بنزع الصور.

– الواشنطن تايمز صحيفة أميركية مملوكة لـ إسرائيليين أميركيين وليس لمجرد مؤيدين لـ إسرائيل ، فهي معروفة في الأوساط الأميركية بصفتها صحيفة بنيامين نتنياهو، كما قناة العربية لسان حال محمد بن سلمان. وقد تفرّغت العربية والواشنطن تايمز لتنظيم حملات إعلامية تستهدف الاستقرار الروسي، كأنها عشية ثورة. ومعلوم حجم الفشل الذي مُني به نتنياهو وبن سلمان في غزوة دمشق وحماة الأخيرة، وكم رصدا جهوداً وسفراً وتحضيراً وإمكانات للفوز بها، وكم بنيا من آمال على ذلك، وكم سعيا لتحييد روسيا من طريقهم، وكم أصابتهما الخيبة من الحزم الروسي، وصولاً لتحميلهما موسكو والرئيس بوتين مسؤولية ضياع الحلم والفرصة.

– الذهاب لعملية تنفذها جهات متفرّعة من تنظيم القاعدة، ستضيع الرسالة، لأن القاعدة في حال اشتباك مع روسيا، وليس مطلوباً فعل شيء على طريقة اغتيال السفير الروسي في تركيا، والقول إنه شاب غاضب من الدعم الروسي للدولة السورية، بل المطلوب رسالة تقول إن ما فعلته روسيا في إجهاض غزوة بن سلمان ونتنياهو سيكلفها من أمنها، وأن بالمستطاع تعديل الموقف. والأهم هنا أن التعديل يخص نتنياهو وليس بن سلمان، فنتائج ما جرى على الوضع في سورية سلكت طريقها بالتغيير في الموقف الأميركي، لكن ما يتصل بأمن إسرائيل لا يزال ملفه مفتوحاً، والسعي لتحسين شروط إسرائيل في مواجهة حزب الله لا يزال على الطاولة، و إسرائيل توظف السعودية وقناتها العربية، ومالها، لكن الهدف إسرائيلي والرسالة إسرائيلية ، وزخاروفا نطقت كلمة السر. لماذا الواشنطن تايمز تنشر صور التفجير والتظاهرات معاً؟

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Is there any Russian-Iranian-Syrian dispute in Astana? خلاف روسي إيراني سوري في أستانة؟

Is there any Russian-Iranian-Syrian dispute in Astana?

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The Saudi and the Qatari media are waging a campaign since the end of Aleppo’s battles, Moscow’s Meetings which brought together the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense in Russia, Iran, and Turkey, and the announcement of a truce and Astana process for dialogue, its center is the indication to Russian contradiction with Iran and the Syrian government, and the Russian Turkish rapprochement that disturbs Tehran and Damascus. The symbols of the Syrian factions that are involved with Turkey in the truce and Astana, in addition to the rest of writers and analysts who are affiliated to the axis of Riyadh and Ankara repeat the same speech. In the eve of Astana the voices are raised foreshadowing the aggravation of the dispute between Moscow and each of Damascus and Tehran, and the convergence of each of Moscow and Ankara in return.

If we imagine our position as observers in Tehran and we want to write a perfect scenario for Astana Talks it will be like that. First, the previous political attempts for the dialogue about Syria have been made under the US Russian auspices, and a dominant American preponderance, and because America is an opponent of Iran so the ideal choice is the proving of the success of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue under mono Russian auspices. This requires showing Russia as an honest acceptable mediator by all on one hand, and on the other hand it requires the acceptance of the opposite bank represented by Turkey of that mono role of the mediation of Russia without   demanding an active US partnership, as well as restricting the regional partnership with Turkey, preventing the demand of an active Saudi partnership. Because Washington and Riyadh are two direct rivals of Tehran, and because it was said a lot about the alliance of Ankara and Tehran, so it is useful to focus on the dispute with Ankara this time and retaliate upon Washington and Riyadh which have put veto once on the participation of Iran in Geneva Conference dedicated to Syria, towards excluding Saudi Arabia completely, so this restricts the regional sponsor of the opposition with Turkey and grants Washington which is necessary to attend the weakest level of the representation that does not affect the single Russian auspices.

From Tehran we will see that this scenario gets the interest of Damascus for similar reasons which make it the perfect scenario for Tehran, as in the agenda, it will be important for Tehran and Damascus to prevent making Astana an opportunity that is restricted with the political troublemaking under the slogan of the future of the presidency in Syria as many delegations of the opposition have done it before, as well as frustrating the attempt of Turkey and the armed groups to get a long truce waiting the crystallization of the new US position, without resolving the position toward Al Nusra front, and the recognition of considering the ceiling of the political dialogue the attempt to unify the efforts in the war on terrorism. This requires the fall of the slogan of overthrowing the regime and replacing the talk about a political solution for a transitional phase with the seek to have consensus on the frameworks of the national reconciliation from within the institutions of the constitutional state and under their presidency, in addition to the Turkish commitment of closing the borders, stopping the supply of Al Nusra front and the  participation of its siege, as well as ending the illegal presence of its troops in Syria through the withdrawal or through linking this presence with an agreement with the Syrian government that determines its tasks and its duration within the alliance with Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah within the context of the war on terrorism.

Russia will be grateful for this scenario, because it states what it has said repeatedly that it anticipated to it, and it makes it avoid  Turkey’s making use of the relationship with it to raise its negotiating price with Washington as happened repeatedly, moreover it will enlist the groups which are still within the gray area between Al Nusra and the opposition in front of critical moment, thus the position toward Al Nusra will be a condition to ensure cease-fire instead of applying ceasing-fire which Al Nusra will benefit from it as happened before.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

يناير 23, 2017

خلاف روسي إيراني سوري في أستانة؟

ناصر قنديل

– يخوض الإعلام السعودي والقطري حملة منذ نهاية معارك حلب واجتماعات موسكو التي جمعت وزراء الخارجية والدفاع في روسيا وإيران وتركيا والإعلان عن الهدنة وعملية أستانة للحوار، محورها الإشارة لتناقض روسي مع إيران والحكومة السورية وعن تقارب روسي تركي مزعج لطهران ودمشق، ويتوالى رموز الفصائل السورية المنخرطة مع تركيا في الهدنة وأستانة وسائر الكتاب والمحللين المحسوبين على محور الرياض أنقرة على ترداد ذات الكلام، وعشية انعقاد أستانة ترتفع الأصوات مبشرة بتفاقم الخلاف بين موسكو وكل من دمشق وطهران وتقارب موسكو وأنقرة بالمقابل.

– إذا تخيّلنا موقعنا كمراقبين في طهران وأردنا رسم سيناريو مثالي لمحادثات أستانة فسيكون على الشكل التالي، أولاً إن المحاولات السياسية السابقة للحوار حول سورية تمّت برعاية ثنائية أميركية روسية وبأرجحية أميركية طاغية، ولأن أميركا هي خصم إيران، فالخيار المثالي هو إثبات نجاح حوار سوري سوري برعاية روسية أحادية. وهذا يستدعي تظهير روسيا وسيطاً نزيهاً ومقبولاً من الجميع من جهة، وما يستدعيه من قبول الضفة الموازية التي تمثلها تركيا بهذا الدور الأحادي للوساطة لروسيا من دون المطالبة بشراكة أميركية فاعلة، وحصر الشراكة الإقليمية بتركيا وقطع الطريق على المطالبة بشراكة سعودية فاعلة. ولأن واشنطن والرياض خصمان مباشران لطهران، ولأن أنقرة قيل الكثير عن حلفها مع طهران، فمن المفيد التركيز على الخلاف مع أنقرة هذه المرة، وردّ الصاع صاعين لواشنطن والرياض اللتين وضعتا فيتو ذات مرة على مشاركة إيران في مؤتمر جنيف الخاص بسورية، وصولاً لاستبعاد تام للسعودية يحصر الراعي الإقليمي للمعارضة بتركيا، ويمنح واشنطن التي لا غنى عن وجودها أضعف مستوى للتمثيل لا يمسّ أحادية الرعاية الروسية.

– من طهران أيضاً سنرى أن هذا السيناريو يُعجب دمشق جداً لأسباب مشابهة للأسباب التي تجعله السيناريو النموذجي لطهران، وكذلك في جدول الأعمال، سيكون مهماً لطهران ودمشق قطع الطريق على جعل أستانة فرصة محصورة بالمشاغبة السياسية، تحت شعار مستقبل الرئاسة في سورية، كما درجت وفود المعارضة من قبل، ومنع محاولة تركيا والجماعات المسلحة الحصول على هدنة مديدة، بانتظار تبلور الوضع الأميركي الجديد، من دون حسم الموقف من جبهة النصرة والتسليم باعتبار سقف الحوار السياسي البحث عن توحيد الجهود في الحرب على الإرهاب، وما يستدعيه ذلك من سقوط لشعار إسقاط النظام واستبدال الحديث عن حل سياسي لمرحلة انتقالية بالسعي للتوافق على أطر للمصالحة الوطنية من ضمن مؤسسات الدولة السورية وفي ظل رئاستها، وما يوجبه من التزام تركي بإقفال الحدود وقطع الإمداد عن جبهة النصرة والتشارك في محاصرتها، وإنهاء الوجود غير الشرعي لقواتها في سورية عبر الانسحاب أو عبر ربط هذا الوجود باتفاق مع الحكومة السورية يحدد مهماته ومدته ضمن التحالف مع روسيا وإيران وحزب الله، في إطار الحرب على الإرهاب.

– ستكون روسيا ممتنة لهذا السيناريو، فهو ينطق بما قالت دائماً أنها تتطلع إليه، ويجنبها استعمال تركيا العلاقة معها، لرفع سعرها التفاوضي مع واشنطن كما حدث مراراً، وسيضع الجماعات التي لا تزال ضمن منطقة رمادية بين النصرة والمعارضة أمام لحظة فاصلة، فيصير الموقف من النصرة شرطاً لتثبيت وقف النار بدلاً من وقف للنار تستفيد منه النصرة، كما حدث سابقاً.

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Saudi Arabia was the first accused of the assassination of the Russian Ambassador السعودية أول المتّهمين بقتل السفير الروسي

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The bullets which tore apart the chest f the Russian ambassador in Ankara have been echoed in the world as an international major incident that is not perceived by the analyses or the investigations, which emerge to say that it is an individual incident resulted from mental incompetence, or an exciting sympathetic emotion towards those whom are fought by Russia in Syria, as the killer who wanted to say before he was killed by his comrades from the Turkish police along with his secret. this will not quench the seekers’ thirst of truth about what has happened, as the interpretations of the standing of the Islamist group of Syria from within the former formations of fighting in the countryside of Aleppo, or from within formations that affiliated to Al Nusra front or ISIS, The reason was due to the fact that the accurate political moment in which the assassination has happened is similar to the fuse of igniting a war. The Turkish Russian relations were barely recovered from the crisis of dropping the Russian aircraft and the culture of the hostility against Russia, which the government of the President Recep Erdogan adopted it, the killer is a police man who entered the crime scene through facilities that are difficult to be described as counterfeiting, he was killed quickly by his comrades who are responsible for protecting the place in a way that it is difficult to be justified in the field conditions to confront him after the shooting. He was about to consume his bullets after killing the ambassador and his scrimmage was enough to catch him alive, so this makes the process of the assassination a programmed process from within the Turkish police.

It is clear that the Russian dealing with the process is farther than the calendar which was drawn by those who executed the process, by accusing the Turkish authorities of doubt and negligence. Moscow has announced that the Turkish –Russian relationship is the goal, but no one can convince Moscow or others that the one who organized the process and has ensured its facilities and its closed end is an individual or a local group or a terrorist group as Al Nusra and ISIS, What has happened is a professional action by corps that has accumulated knowledge of the interior structure of the Turkish police and maybe the security services and the investigations later. This corps has employed that to create a crisis of confidence between Turkey and Russia that bombs the delicate political military process which the Russians and the Turks are working on after the fall of the project which Turkey has betted on in Syria under the title of the cooperation and the integration of its group and whom sponsored them with Al Nusra front to overthrow Aleppo and to have control on the northern of Syria, but it has positioned in an understanding with Moscow after the recognition of the loss of the project entitled Aleppo, it moved on in separating the engagement between the groups and joining them to the Shield of Euphrates under the title of fighting ISIS, as well as alienating them from Al Nusra front as a goal of the war on terrorism, and what associated with this separation from qualifying the groups affiliated to Turkey to involve in a political process, its ceiling was mentioned the US Russian understanding. Turkey waited to accept it till the end of the major battle of Aleppo. The new political process as described repeatedly by the US Secretary of State John Kerry starts by ceasing-fire between the Syrian army and its allies on one hand and the armed groups sponsored by Turkey on the other hand, and restricting the common fight against Al Nusra front and ISIS, and the participation in a unified government under the leadership of the Syrian President Bashar Al –Assad in preparation for parliamentary and presidential elections.

The first Russian response was the sticking to the Russian Turkish cooperation which will be started by the Foreign Ministers and the Defense Ministers of Russia, Turkey, and Iran in Moscow today, and by activating the meeting under the importance of the assassination process in order to put an executive calendar for the political and military paths, so this meeting is the first goal of the process, the inquiry about the first accused of that targeting leads surely to the party which feels of such targeting by the level of that tripartite coordination and its goals, this party has active background in the Islamic title, it has partnered with Turkey in forming the extremist Islamic groups, organizing them and involving them in the war on Syria, In order to to facilitate their mission, they put under their command special detachments of police and security in Turkey that interact from the position of their knowledge which was formulated by the Turkish President in the time of the collision with Russia and the promotion for the a war, as what was expressed by the assassination. The issue here relates to a country that has intelligence corpse that has hacked the Turkish police by the smooth facilities through one of its detachments and has organized for the process in its two parts, the assassination and the getting rid of the implementer, it did not bet on bombing the Turkish Russian relationship, but it said that the Turkish Russian Iranian meeting is incomplete, it needs for a renovation, and the mission needs for a modification. The same thing was expressed by the incident of burning the buses which came to transfer those who went of the siege of Kafyra and Fouaa in coincidence with freeing the militants from the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo. But Moscow and Ankara have ignored the message and decided to turn around by changing the destination of those who went out and the way which they will trace to avoid the complications of those who  the way and have burned the buses, that was to tell them that we are going without you.

Who watch Al Arabiya TV- Al Hadath in keeping up with the assassination can notice that for many hours there were inquires to Turkish and Russian figures, the question is one about the responsibility of Turkey of the assassination, and the wondering about the recklessness once, the political responsibility, the security negligence, and perhaps the collusion and facilitating the hostile mobilization against Russia for many times. Asking the Russians and the Turks in a way that raises doubts and which completes what the killer has started and implemented the political part of his mission which he wanted to carry it out by targeting Moscow’s meeting. So it is not doubtful the Saudi signature on the process of the assassination asking for a call for a meeting, as was the process of burning the buses at the gates of Fouaa and Kafrya. The formations which built by Bandar Bin Sultan in Turkey, and which sponsored Al Nusra front are still active, as the coordination is still between them and the French services which are angry from the tripartite meeting, or between them and Israel which is most outrageous, or the owners of the reports at the US intelligence about the responsibility of Russia of the winning of the elected President Donald Trump, or that it has  interest in complicating the Russian US understanding from the Turkish gate.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


شرطي نفّذ الاغتيال بهدوء عشية اجتماع موسكو الثلاثي ….من قتل السفير الروسي في دار أردوغان؟

ناصر قنديل
– دوّت الرصاصات التي مزّقت رئتي السفير الروسي في أنقرة على مساحة العالم كحدث دولي من العيار الكبير لن تستوعبه التحليلات أو التحقيقات التي تخرج لتقول بأنه حادث فردي ناتج عن فاقد للأهلية العقلية، أو عن انفعال حماسي تضامني لصاحبه مع الذين تقاتلهم روسيا في سورية، كما أراد القاتل أن يقول قبل أن تُرديه رصاصات لرفاقه من سلك الشرطة التركية قتيلاً ويموت سره معه، ولن تروي عطش الباحثين عن حقيقة ما جرى تفسيرات من نوع وقوف جماعة سورية إسلامية من ضمن تشكيلات القتال السابق في أحياء حلب أو من ضمن تشكيلات تابعة لجبهة النصرة أو تنظيم داعش. والسبب عائد لكون اللحظة السياسية الدقيقة التي وقع فيها حدث الاغتيال يشبه فتيل إشعال حرب، فالعلاقات التركية الروسية لم تكد تتعافى من أزمة إسقاط الطائرة الروسية، وثقافة العداء لروسيا هي ثقافة تحمل حكومة الرئيس رجب أردوغان التوقيع عليها، والمنفذ عنصر شرطة دخل مسرح الجريمة عبر تسهيلات يصعب وصفها بالتزوير وقتله تمّ بسرعة من قبل رفاقه في السلك المولجين حماية المكان بصورة يصعب تبريرها بالظروف الميدانية للمواجهة معه بعد إطلاقه النار، وقد كاد يستنفد رصاصاته بعد إردائه السفير، ومناوشته كانت تكفي للقبض عليه حياً، ما يجعل عملية الاغتيال عملية مبرمجة من ضمن جهاز الشرطة التركي.

– التعامل الروسي مع العملية واضح أنه أبعد من السير وفق الروزنامة التي رسمها الذين وقفوا وراء العملية، بتوجيه أصابع الشك أو التهاون للسلطات التركية، فقد أعلنت موسكو أن العلاقة التركية الروسية هي المستهدَفة، لكن أحداً لا يستطيع إقناع موسكو ولا سواها بأن مَن نظّم العملية ووفر تسهيلاتها وختامها المغلق هو فرد أو جماعة محلية أو إرهابية من عيار النصرة أو داعش، فما جرى عمل احترافي لجهاز يملك استثماراً تراكمياً لبنية داخل سلك الشرطة التركي وربما أجهزة الأمن والتحقيق لاحقاً، وظفها لافتعال أزمة ثقة تركية روسية تفخخ العملية السياسية العسكرية الدقيقة التي يشتغل عليها الروس والأتراك بعد سقوط المشروع الذي راهنت عليه تركيا في سورية بعنوان تعاون وتكامل جماعتها ومَن ترعاهم مع جبهة النصرة لإسقاط حلب والسيطرة على الشمال السوري، لتستدير وتتموضع بالتفاهم مع موسكو عند خط التسليم بخسارة المشروع وعنوانه حلب، والسير بفك التشابك بين جماعاته وضمهم إلى درع الفرات بعنوان قتال داعش، وإبعادهم عن جبهة النصرة كهدف للحرب على الإرهاب، وما يرتبط بهذا الفك من تأهيل للجماعات التابعة لتركيا للدخول في عملية سياسية سقفها مرسوم في التفاهم الروسي الأميركي وانتظرت تركيا لقبوله نهاية حرب حلب الكبرى. والعملية السياسية الجديدة، كما وصفها وزير الخارجية الأميركية جون كيري مراراً تبدأ بوقف النار بين الجيش السوري وحلفائه من جهة والجماعات المسلحة التي ترعاها تركيا من جهة مقابلة، وحصر القتال المشترك بجبهة النصرة وداعش، والاشتراك في حكومة موحدة في ظل الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد، تمهيدا لانتخابات برلمانية ورئاسية.

– الرد الروسي الأول هو التمسّك بالتعاون الروسي التركي الذي سيبدأه لقاء وزراء الخارجية والدفاع لروسيا وتركيا وإيران في موسكو اليوم، وتفعيل اللقاء بقوة وزخم عملية الاغتيال لوضع روزنامة تنفيذية للمسارين السياسي والعسكري، ما يجعل هذا الاجتماع المستهدف الأول من العملية، والسؤال عن المتهم الأول بهذا الاستهداف يقود حكماً للجهة التي تشعر بالاستهداف من جراء هذا المستوى من التنسيق الثلاثي وأهدافه، والتي تملك بيئة فاعلة في العنوان الإسلامي وتشاركت مع تركيا العمل على الجماعات الإسلامية المتطرفة وتنظيمها وزجها في الحرب في سورية، ولتسهيل مهمتها وضعت بتصرفها مفارز خاصة من الشرطة والأمن في تركيا تتفاعل من موقع ثقافتها التي صاغها الرئيس التركي في زمن التصادم مع روسيا والترويج للحرب مع ما عبرت عنه عملية الاغتيال. الأمر هنا يتعلق بدولة تملك جهازاً استخبارياً قام باختراق الشرطة التركية بسلاسة التسهيلات بإحدى مفارزها ورتب العملية بشقيها، الاغتيال والتخلص من المنفذ، ولم يراهن على تفجير العلاقة التركية الروسية، بل قال إن الاجتماع التركي الروسي الإيراني ناقص، يحتاج لترميم والمهمة تحتاج لتعديل، وهو نفس الشيء الذي قالته حادثة حرق الحافلة التي جاءت تقل الخارجين من حصار كفريا والفوعة بالتزامن مع إخلاء المسلحين من أحياء حلب الشرقية. لكن موسكو وأنقرة تجاهلتا الرسالة وقررتا الالتفاف عليها بتغيير وجهة المغادرين والطريق الذي يسلكونه لتفادي تعقيدات الذين قطعوا الطريق وأحرقوا الحافلة ومن وراءهم، وقالت لهم إننا ماضون بدونكم.

– مَن يتابع قناة العربية الحدث في مواكبة عملية الاغتيال يستطيع ان يسجل على مدى ساعات استحضاراً لشخصيات تركية وروسية والسؤال واحد عن مدى مسؤولية تركيا عن عملية الاغتيال، والتساؤل عن الاستهتار مرة وعن المسؤولية السياسية مرات والتهاون الأمني وربما التواطؤ وتسهيل التعبئة العدائية لروسيا مرات أخرى، وسؤال الروس والأتراك بالطريقة التي تدق الأسافين بينهم، والتي تكمل ما بدأه القاتل وتنفذ الشق السياسي من مهمته التي أراد تنفيذها، بإطلاق النار على اجتماع موسكو الروسي التركي الإيراني، بما لا يدع مجالاً للشك بالتوقيع السعودي على عملية الاغتيال طلباً لبطاقة دعوة للاجتماع بمثل ما كانت عملية إحراق الحافلة على مداخل الفوعة وكفريا، والتشكيلات التي بناها بندر بن سلطان في تركيا وتولت رعاية جبهة النصرة لا زالت عاملة، كما التنسيق قائم بينها وبين الأجهزة الفرنسية الغاضبة من الاجتماع الثلاثي، أو الإسرائيلية الأشد غضباً، أو أصحاب التقارير في المخابرات الأميركية عن مسؤولية روسيا عن فوز الرئيس المنتتخب دونالد ترامب وصاحبة المصلحة بتعقيد مسار التفاهم الروسي الأميركي من البوابة التركية.

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UN Press Conference on Syria

From the video description:

Full Press Conference at the United Nations. Against propaganda and regime change, for peace and national sovereignty. 9 December 2016, the Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations. Speakers: Dr. Bahman Azad, Member of the Coordinating Committee for the Hands Off Syria and Organization Secretary of US Peace Council, and Eva Bartlett, Independent Canadian Journalist.

The press conference comes just as the Obama administration waived prohibitions on the delivery of weapons to militant factions in Syria and as Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has announced the deployment of 200 additional US special forces to Syria, ostensibly for duty in Raqqa. (H/T Uprooted Palestinians )

The additional deployment will up the number of US troops in Syria to around 500.

An interesting analysis published at 21st Century Wire takes the view that Obama’s lifting of the prohibitions on arms deliveries to Syria will mean “unlimited arms” for terrorists operating there, including possibly anti-aircraft weaponry. Add that to the additional troops being deployed, who no doubt will provide training on the new weapons systems, and the stage could be set for a protracted war that could go on for years–that is if it doesn’t escalate into a broader conflict between the major super powers.

Trump is a new phase in the global politics ترامب ونهاية زمن المقاربة التقليدية!

نوفمبر 18, 2016

Written by Nasser Kandil,

It is not discussible the status occupied by America in the policy-making in the world, or the size of the importance of our region in the global policy and the size of its influence by the US policies, as it is ridiculous to suggest the arrival of the US President who is a friend and a supporter of the issues of our nations and who wants the good for our countries, in the status occupied by Israel in making the US policy, in addition to the agreed positions of the competitors on the US presidency, as long as our countries are holding the banner of the national independence and have wealth and the features that make them under the colonist aspirations for any foreign ruler. As it is ridiculous that those who feel sad regarding the loss of Hillary Clinton and have linked their calls for the steadfastness of the armed groups in Syria and the prolonging of the war in Yemen with the bet on her arrival to the White House, moreover they preach and talk about the racism of Donald Trump who is winner in the race to the White House, recalling his supportive speeches to Israel.

Every sane person in our countries know that the change in the future of our issues is made by our not by the bets on who will move to the White House, because all of them are equal in their hostility to our freedom and our cause of Palestine. But this must not hold up our minds about reading the phenomena and monitoring the changes and getting the meanings. These conditions are needed by the one who search for the effectiveness of his wars and resistance to know who the enemy is and what are his strategies, plans, and backgrounds, and to measure the impact of his resistance and steadfastness on making something remarkable in changing the policies of the decision-center in the war. Whether did he succeed in sending a message of despair and fatigue to his people, elites, and the decision-makers? Thus the checking of the US elections and their results is similar to the reading in the language of the reality TV of Baker- Hamilton report after the US failure in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan or Winograd report after the Israeli failure in crushing the resistance in the war of July in 2006 in Lebanon.

The US presidential elections have occurred as their previous ones on the rhythm of major changes in the world. The arrival of Bill Clinton to presidency in 1992 was the start of the war industry in Europe to inherit the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and the war of Yugoslavia was to accelerate the birth of the European Union as a political economic way to attract the countries of the Eastern Europe which emerged from under Russia’s cloak.

The arrival of George W Bush was the Republic completion of the eastern wars after the winning of the harsh and the soft wars of Europe including the colored revolutions which besieged the exhausted Russia. The two wars of Afghanistan and Iraq have occurred as a translation of the new phase of the imperial war which the President was suitable for it, while Barack Obama has recognized the US failure of the harsh wars of the East and the bet on the Soft war through having an understanding with Iran and another with Russia to seize the chance by taking Syria out of the political geography of the Russian Iranian center without getting involved in a war, and through thrusting with the bloody promises and the hopes for the Ottoman memory, as well as awakening the Muslim Brotherhood tribalism through the tense employment of the combination between the popular anger and the giant media machine Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya which were prepared and supplied for such a day, they got bought credibility over the years to reach the day on which it was raised the slogan “the people make their revolution”, “the people want to overthrow the regime”, in order to make the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt and Tunisia waiting for Syria, in addition to the money that was spent in vain in the intelligence, and plots accompanied with Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore the brutal ruthless investment of Al Qaeda organization with all its meanings for the killing and dissemination of death, division, fragmentation, and the wars of strive till the people scream, the resistance gets exhausted, the regimes are overthrown and thus the white flag is raised.

As an outcome of the two mandates of Barack Obama the soft wars failed due to the steadfastness of Syria, its people against the strives, its army against the terrorism and the war, and its President against the intimidation and the temptations. With the process of the Syrian steadfastness the resistance forces have been awakened along with the support of Iran and Russia to prevent the poisoned change of the political geography under the mantle of “the people make their revolution”,  as well as the negotiations were overlapped with the battles, all the tricks of politics have been tested but the most important question between the two camps of war in the region

Was America defeated?, the defeat is no longer the annihilation of the army or the surrender of the emperor as in the World War II, but the change of  the choices and the resort of the people to the ballot boxes in the arena of the war decision-making to announce their fatigue, their desperation and their intention to get more attention of their livelihood and their boring from attractive promises, and being asked for more patience because the war is almost ending with a victory that will bring revenues on the rulers, allies, and the people.

We concern about the US elections according to a criterion other than being reassured for the arrival of a friend of the Arabs to presidency who does not want to move the US embassy to Jerusalem in the occupied Palestine, even if he supplies Israel with all the means of death, killing, and devastation and extends the Gulf oil to its ports.

It is certain for every sane that every US President is a friend of Israel responsible for its protection and committed to its military superiority. Our approach of the US presidential elections is exactly in depth from the same Saudi Turkish interest but reversely. What was the concern of Riyadh and Ankara was not the arrival of Hillary Clinton to presidency because she will grant Saudi Arabia and Turkey a status of America, but the political moment which associated with the behavior of the administration of Obama since signing the understanding on the Iranian nuclear file towards signing the Russian US understanding with Russia. Because the arrival of Hillary Clinton to presidency was a hope to continue the war and to deny the defeat and her failure is a devotion of the failure and the defeat. The result is determined by the American voter whom the measurement of his choices, the nature and the degree of the authorization which he will give to the governor of the White House concern us, as a result of the steadfastness of our armies, resistance, the leadership of our resistance and the resisting axis, with a fundamental difference between us and Saudi Arabia, because it funded Clinton’s campaign and linked the fate of its policies with the outcomes of the US presidential elections, while it was not our cause anymore to adopt and to defend the arrival of Trump, the black racist heart, the reliable ally of Israel. We were and still concerned about observing and analyzing the course of the presidential conflict as an expression of our respect to the sacrifices of our martyrs to protect their principles, by making effort to see the outcome of what their blood have made by paving the way to the victory, so did the Americans say in the ballot boxes let’s go to war or we are tired, we want a president who cares about the US interior?

The US elections are as the British referendum on the withdrawal from the European Union an expression of the disintegration of the war machines, the tiredness of the people of the West, their tendency to the regression to the internal issues and raising the slogan “the great nation is better than the major country” even if the change was expressed through the crudeness that resembles Trump’s speech.

America which is more American and less global is as Britain which is more British and less global is suitable more for us as they are two signs of the outcome of our wars, resistance, the steadfastness of our nation, people, army and resistance, as when Russia becomes more global but less Russian, it is a sign of the reflection of the steadfastness and stability in sending a message that there is something that is worth the bet.

Because it is America, the people will get used to the new world with America without brutality, the world will be changed a lot with new America, that is interested in what is going inside it more than making wars. Thus it would be the right of the people who sacrificed to celebrate the greatness of their accomplishment.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

ترامب ونهاية زمن المقاربة التقليدية!

نوفمبر 14, 2016

ناصر قنديل
– يرغب العاملون في السياسة والصحافة بامتلاك تقييم مختصر بكلمة جيد أو سيئ لكل فريق مقابل، سواء كان شخصاً أو حزباً أو حكماً لدولة، فيجمع حاصل المواقف ويضعها في جدول حساب أرباح وخسائر، ويصل لنتيجة قوامها سهل على التعامل، جيد أم سيئ، وهكذا كان دائماً يتم البدء بتقييم كل عهد أميركي جديد. تبدأ التقييمات بالجيد في الوسط العربي، بنيات الرئيس الجديد تحريك العملية السياسية للصراع العربي «الإسرائيلي»، وتذكيره بحل الدولتين ورفضه الاستيطان، والنخب العربية كما الحكام العرب لا يحبون الاستنتاج أن أميركا لن تقدم على ما يزعج «إسرائيل» ولو قالت ما يرضي العرب، ومع الأيام تظهر السياسات الأميركية والخطط الأميركية المبرمجة والتي رصدت لها الإمكانات، في غير ساحة فلسطين، فيبدأ التبدل التدريجي إلى التحفظ، وينتهي بالحكم السلبي بانتظار الإدارة الجديدة.

– منذ نهاية الحرب الباردة وتفكك الاتحاد السوفياتي، لم يبق للأميركيين خصم يبررون به توازنات تحكم سياساتهم وعداوات تجبرهم تحالفات بعض العرب مع السوفييت على سلوكها، ويجبرهم الصراع العالمي على التمسك بـ»إسرائيل» وعدوانها، فصار التوقع العربي بقرب السعي الأميركي لحل القضية الفلسطينية، وكسب عواطف الشارعين العربي والإسلامي، ببضع تنازلات شكلية من «إسرائيل» تضمن لها أمنها وازدهار اقتصادها، وتعاون العرب معها في العداء لإيران، لكن ذلك لم يحدث رغم وجاهة حدوثه، لأن أميركا لا تضغط على «إسرائيل» ببساطة، لكن حدث أن أميركا في نهاية عهد جورج بوش الأب كانت أولويتها تحرير الكويت، وليس حل القضية الفلسطينية. وفي عهد بيل كلينتون كانت الأولوية مواصلة حصار العراق، رغم كل ما بذل من حملات علاقات عامة تحت عنوان التفاوض العربي «الإسرائيلي» لم ينتج إلا اتفاقات منفردة تريح «إسرائيل» ولا تحلّ القضية، من أوسلو إلى وادي عربة. وفي عهد جورج بوش الإبن كانت الأولوية إسقاط العراق واحتلاله. وفي عهد أوباما الأولوية إسقاط سورية. وفي كل العهود استمعوا أيها العرب لما تحبون سماعه حول فلسطين، لكنكم لن تروا أفعالاً إلا لصالح «إسرائيل»، ولو في غير ساحة فلسطين، فحروب «إسرائيل» الفعلية تدور خارج فلسطين.

– مع العهد الأميركي الجديد يحدث تغييران جذريان، فالعرب، نخباً وحكاماً، في العموم لم تعد أولويتهم فلسطين، رغم الكذب الكثير. الأولوية عند أكثر من النصف هي الأولوية «الإسرائيلية» ذاتها، إسقاط سورية. والنصف الثاني المرابط على خط العداء لـ»إسرائيل» ومقاومتها، لم يكن من المراهنين على تغير أميركي بوجه «إسرائيل» كي ينتظر، ولا يشك لحظة في أن الأولوية «الإسرائيلية» هي إسقاط سورية، لتكون أولويته صمودها وانتصارها. وعلى الضفتين العربيتين لن يجد الرئيس الأميركي المؤيد لـ»إسرائيل» والمتعاطف معها، حاجة لكيفية التعامل مع المزاج السياسي العربي، فهو ليس مضطراً للتحدث عن كل ما لا يحب، وبمستطاعه أن يعبر عن دواخله بحرية، لأن نصف العرب ينتظرون منه أن يختم الكلام بقرار التدخل في سورية فيغفرون له كل ما قاله عن «إسرائيل»، وإن لم يفعل قالوا إنه سيئ وتذكروا ما قاله في مديح «إسرائيل» كذريعة لتفسير حكمهم عليه بالسوء. والنصف الثاني يريد ألا يتوقع كلاماً مزعجاً لـ»إسرائيل»، من أي رئيس أميركي إلا للضحك على العرب والتلاعب بعقولهم، ويراقب مفعول الحرب التي يخوضها في سورية بوجه «إسرائيل» وأميركا، وهل أدت مفعولها بإجبار الأميركي على الاعتراف بالفشل؟

– مثلما أصاب التغيير المعسكر العربي في تلقي الخطاب الأميركي مع كل عهد جديد، تغير العهد الأميركي نفسه. فنحن لسنا أمام منهج فكري سياسي حاكم للخطاب المتماسك، فالخطاب المتطرف التصعيدي على السود والمسلمين، والداعم لـ «إسرائيل»، تتمته الطبيعية مزيد من التوغل في الحروب، والتصعيد ضد روسيا، لكننا هنا أمام انفصام في الخطاب إلى نصفين، نصف جمهوري ينتمي للفاشية البيضاء في زمن الحرب الأهلية الأميركية حتى ما بعد الحرب العالمية الثانية حتى حرب فيتتنام، ونصف ديمقراطي عاقل ينتمي لمرحلة ما بعد حرب فيتنام، حتى يكاد الرئيس الجديد يشبه نسختين ملصقتين من رئيسين، متناقضَي السيرة والمسيرة، هما دوايت إيزنهاور رجل النصر في الحرب العالمية الثانية، وريتشارد نيكسون رجل الهزيمة في فيتنام. إيزنهاور النسخة المنقحة لجورج واشنطن في النظرة البيضاء العنصرية للداخل الأميركي، والنسخة المتعجرفة في الانخراط التشاركي مع ند هو جوزف ستالين الرافع لشارة النصر السوفياتية في الحرب العالمية الثانية، ونيكسون المنخرط من موقع المهزوم مع السوفيات والصين، بعد حرب فيتنام، والممانع للاندماج الوطني تحت شعار التدرج، ليصير دونالد ترامب الممانع ضد الطبيعة والتوازنات الاجتماعية في الداخل، والمنكفئ تحت شعار التشارك من موقع الند في الخارج.

– الأرجح أن تغيب فلسطين عن خطاب ترامب إلا في مناسبات تأكيد التمسك بـ»إسرائيل» قوية. والأرجح أن يحضر ترامب المستفز لمشاعر العرب والمسلمين كل يوم في مقارباته لعناوين داخلية أميركية بخطاب عنصري، لكن الأرجح أن يتصرف ترامب كمهزوم في الشرق يبحث عن شعار مشرف للخروج بماء وجه وجده بالحرب على داعش، كسبب للاستدارة من حرب فاشلة ضد سورية، وعنوان لتعاون مع روسيا دون انكسار. لعلنا نتعلم ما كان دائماً صحيحاً، أن لا رئيس أميركياً سيئ ولا رئيس أميركياً جيد. فالسياسة الأميركية معادية بالطبيعة، والمهم مراقبة أفعالها وأنيابها وساحات فعلها، ولسنا مضطرين أبداً أن نصدر حكم السيئ والجيد. فالأميركيون عليهم فعل ذلك، ما يعنينا أن نحدد ما إذا كنا لا نزال في قلب الحرب الضارية أم أن حربنا بدأت تحقق غاياتها، تماماً هذا ما قاله زعيم الثورة الفيتنامية هوشي منه غداة مفاوضات باريس وإعلان بدء الانسحاب الأميركي من بلاده.

الكلمات المتقاطعة الوهابية .. والكلمة الضائعة منذ مئة سنة 

بقلم نارام سرجون

من ينظر الى تصريحات مسؤولي المملكة الوهابية السعودية عن الخوف على الشعب العربي من التوغل المجوسي الصفوي والموجة الفارسية والخشية على أهل السنة في سورية والعراق ولبنان واليمن من تسونامي التشيع لايقدر على تميييز الحقيقة التي تبدو مثل لعبة الكلمة الضائعة ..

فعليك أن تنقب بين مئات كلمات متداخلة بلا حدود لتعزل كلمة السر الضائعة .. وينهمك الاعلام الخليجي والسعودي والغربي في تقديم الشروح للمواطن العربي ويبذل جهدا خرافيا في محاولة ازالة الغبار والضباب عن عيون هذا المسكين الذي يشاهد العربية والجزيرة اللتين تنظفان له عقله من دخان المعارك التي شوشت عليه رادارات فطرته وتكفلت العربية والجزيرة وفضائيات الايمان والاسلام بمساعدته لوجه الله ..

لكن سنقدم اليوم للمواطن العربي البسيط الكلمة الضائعة السعودية في لعبة الكلمات المتقاطعة التي تفسر حركة المملكة السياسية وكلمة السرخلف حماية أهل السنة والغيرة عليهم .. ونقوم بالنظر الى الأجوبة أفقيا وعموديا .. هذه المساحة من الكلمات المتقاطعة يجب أن تمتد على مدى عقود .. وبتقاطع الكلمات في الأجوبة التي نجدها من وثائق التاريخ القريب والبعيد نعرف ان كانت السعودية قلقة على العروبة وعلى أهل السنة في كل هذه الدول وان كانت وضعت عباءتها السوداء النفطية من اجل أن تصنع منها مظلة كبيرة يتظلل بها أهل السنة ضحايا المؤامرة الصفوية والهلال الشيعي .. حيث لاظل الا ظل السعودية لحماية أهل السنة ..

هذه عينة من صور وعناوين لصحف المملكة في فترات الصراعات الكبرى والتفجرات التي هزت المنطقة وشكلت وعيها وروحها .. وعناوين الصحف الرسمية تعكس سياسة الدول وقناعاتها وسياساتها وهي تأريخ لمرحلة وتحدثنا كما كتب التاريخ عن أحوال منطقة وأهلها ورجالها وملوكها ..

في هذه الصور المتفرقة لصحف سعودية لايمكن الا أن نلعب لعبة الكلمات التاريخية المتقاطعة التي تتقاطع فيها الأجوبة بالدليل القاطع والبرهان الذي لايردّ ..

أحد العناوين يقوم بتكفير الرئيس المصري الراحل جمال عبد الناصر .. ويومها لم يكن جمال عبد الناصر يهدد أهل السنة ولم بكن يتهم بالسماحللمشروع الشيعي بالتغلغل في مصر .. لكنه كان كافرا كما يظهر في توجيه الصحيفة السعودية ..

ثم بعد نهاية مرحلة الزعيم عبد الناصر .. يظهر عنوان في صحيفة سعودية يعلن وقوفه الى جانب شاه ايران العدو التاريخي للعرب والرجل الذي كان يحتقر العرب .. ويحتقر العروبة .. بشقيها السني والشيعي .. بنفس الدرجة والسوية ..

وفي مرحلة لاحقة كان عنوان الصحف السعودية عن صدام حسين الكافر .. وصدام حسين لم يكن بالطبع يدفع بالمشروع الشيعي بل كان يقدم دوما على أنه بطل القادسية ومن يحرس البوابة الشرقية للعرب من الطوفان الفارسي الشيعي .. ولكنه أيضا انتهى كافرا بنظر السعودية التي تدافع عن المؤمنين وأهل السنة وشنت أربعة حروب .. دفعة واحدة من أجلهم في سورية والعراق واليمن وسابقا وحاليا مقاومة لبنان ..

أين يتقاطع هؤلاء جميعا في لعبة الكلمات المتقاطعة في السياسة السعودية .. العداء لعبد الناصر .. والعداء لصدام حسين .. والتأييد لشاه ايران .. ؟؟ وكيف صار همّ المملكة اليوم هو انقاذ أهل السنة في أربع دول .. ثم كيف يتقاطع كل هذا مع العداء للرئيس بشار الأسد والتهديد باسقاطه سياسيا او عسكريا .. والتحريض على السيد حسن نصر الله بحجة أنه رأس الحرب الشيعية ؟؟..

في لعبة الكلمات المتقاطعة .. كل الكلمات السعودية تتقاطع حول كلمة واحدة هي: اسرائيل ..

الشاه صديق اسرائيل ولذا هو حاكم شرعي وصديق ..

وجمال عبد الناصر عدو اسرائيل ولذلك هو كافر وعدو ..

وكذلك صدام حسين الذي كان صديق صديق اسرائيل (أي الشاه) ووقع معه اتفاقية شط العرب وكان رئيسا مؤمنا .. تحول الى رئيس كافرعندما التفت الى اسرائيل وضربها بالصواريخ وحضّر لها المدفع العملاق والمشروع الذري العراقي ..

ثم صار الرئيس بشار الأسد والسيد حسن نصرالله كافرين ويجباسقاطهما من أجل حماية أهل السنة .. ولكن الكلمات المتقاطعة تتقاطع عند اسرائيل أيضا لأنهما عدوان لدودان لاسرائيل ..

عند تحليل التاريخ السياسي لدولة لايجب اقتطاع سنة أو سنتين من عمر أي عهد أو زمن لتلك الدولة ولا تصريحات وزير خارجية ضئيل كالقط الصغير المتشرد الذي يستأسد ويستنمر ويستذئب ويستذئب ويستدبب ويستنسر .. من أجل أهل السنة .. بل يحب اجراء مقطع عمودي وأفقي لتاريخها الطويل لمعرفة جوهرها السياسي .. والا لصدقنا أن السعودية تحارب اليوم فقط من اجل أهل السنة .. الذين من أجلهم كما تدعي فانها دمرت المجتمعات السنية في أربع دول عربية وجرتها الى الحروب الطاحنة .. ولو أنها كانت تريد محاربة ايران للدفاع عن أهل السنة لكان الأولى بالشقيقة الكبرى أن توفر على أشقائها من أهل السنة في هذه الدول هذا الخراب بحجة قطع اذرع ايران .. وكان عليها أن تتبرع باعلان الحرب مباشرة على ايران رأس الشر كما تقول لتوفر على أهل السنة في الأطراف كل هذه الحروب بدل ان تطلب منهم أن يحاربوا ايران نيابة عنها ..

ولكن كل هذه الحروب ليست من أجل سني واحد بل من أجل الكلمة الضائعة في السياسة السعودية التي وجدناها أخيرا في غبار الربيع العربي ..

هل عرفتم الكلمة الضائعة في لعبة الكلمات المتقاطعة للسياسة السعودية منذ عقود؟؟

  انها = ا .. س .. ر .. ا .. ئ ..ي .. ل .

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