Walla: Hezbollah Flags on Lebanese Border Infuriate «Israeli» Army

Translated by Staff, Walla

“Hezbollah continues to provoke the ‘Israeli’ army on the Lebanese border,” said Amir Bohbot the military editor and senior analyst for the “Israeli” website Walla, explaining that “On the occasion of al-Quds International Day, the party decided to raise its flags along with Lebanese flags near the Blue Line, very close to the UN identification containers”.

Bohbot told a military source that “in recent weeks there has been a war of flags on the border, in which Hezbollah has installed flags and portraits of high-profile figures, in order to provoke ‘Israeli’ forces,” adding that “several weeks ago, the ‘Israeli’ army installed a new remotely controlled surveillance post – which ascends and descends when needed – near one border village.”

The source went on to say, “The ‘Israeli’ army decided to lower the post via remote control, ripping one of the raised banner; the situation caused tensions on the border,” pointing out that this incident prompted the Lebanese to carry out attempts to sabotage the fence.

Bouhbut said that the “Israeli” army claims that, “‘Operation North Shield’ reinforced the so-called ‘“Israeli” deterrence’ in the region, following the strengthening of artillery and armor forces on the border, despite criticism by the army regarding the demarcation of the border, including the points of contention with Lebanon, in coordination with the Lebanese army and UNIFIL forces.”

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