Islamic State Eyes North Africa: Hot Issue on Global Agenda

Islamic State Eyes North Africa: Hot Issue on Global Agenda
PETER KORZUN | 10.04.2017 | WORLD

Islamic State Eyes North Africa: Hot Issue on Global Agenda

The Islamic State (IS) fighters are trying to flee Mosul. No doubt, the US-supported Iraqi forces will establish control over the city pretty soon. At first, IS militants will leave Iraq for the province of Deir-ez-Zor, Syria, to intensify fighting there. But with Syria no longer a safe haven, they’ll have to move elsewhere looking for weak points, like the countries of Maghreb.

Roughly, 8-11 thousand jihadi fighters come from Maghreb countries. The numbers vary according to different estimates. Some of the militants will lose lives on the battlefield, some will lay down their arms, but a large part will continue the efforts to reach the coveted goal of establishing a caliphate. With the battle experience received in Syria and Iraq, these seasoned fighters will pose a great threat to the stability of their respective homelands.

It has already started. Algeria faces a security challenge. The war against jihadism has turned Algeria into one of Africa’s top military powerhouses. In the past 20 years, Algeria has spent more on its military than all three of its immediate neighbors — Mo­rocco, Libya and Tunisia — com­bined.

Algeria is a country with a 1,200 km coastline. If waves of asylum seekers hit Europe from there, the Old Continent will be in real trouble. Besides, the country is a key supplier of oil and gas to the West. The implications of internal conflict in Algeria could be a real nightmare. Russia helps to prevent it and, thus, save Western Europe.

At least 6 thousand of IS fighters are Tunisians. Some of them hold prominent positions in the IS and the Nusra Front (Jabhat Fatah al-Sham) in Syria. Many Tunisian extremists are affiliated with Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, which is active in a half-dozen countries across North Africa. Tunisia is at odds over what to do if and when they come home. These fighters would have the capabilities and cultural familiarity to potentially create a formidable and sustained destabilizing force in Tunisia. Meanwhile, Tunisian security forces break up one IS recruiting cell after another.

Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco face threats from the East as well as from the South, where they have to counter the emerging «Sahara-Sahel Front». Islamists from Mali, Niger and Mauritania are regrouping to expand the zone of influence. For instance, Al-Qaeda militants have recently attacked a Malian army post near the border of Burkina Faso.

In North and West Africa, Al Qaeda is on the rise again. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has withstood the chokehold of the Algerian security services, US drones, and the French-led intervention in Mali, to launch a range of attacks in recent years, whether storming a beach resort in Ivory Coast or conducting a low-level insurgency in northern Mali.

A number of terrorist groups operating in Mali and neighboring areas – Ansar Dine, al-Mourabitoun, the Massina Brigades, the Sahara Emirate – united this February into one organization called Nusrat-ul-Islam. The newly formed group pledged allegiance to Taliban leader Mullah Haibatullah, al-Qaida leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri and the leader of al-Qaida’s North African franchise Abu Musab Abdul Wadud.

Al-Qaeda and its affiliates are challenged by the IS. In November 2016, the Islamic State in Greater Sahara was formed, led by Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi.

The IS militants may regroup in the war-torn Libya. This country is probably the weakest link among Maghreb states. Defense officials have said the hardline Sunni Muslim militants are considering moving their headquarters to that country. A US military intervention is an option. According to Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser, head of the Pentagon’s Africa Command, «The instability in Libya and North Africa may be the most significant near-term threat to U.S. and allies’ interests on the continent». Russia has been asked to intervene by Libyan political and military leaders.

The armed forces of Maghreb countries are getting prepared. The Moroccan military has just held exercises Flintlock-2017 with the US. Weapons systems, like, for instance, Russian Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopters, are procured to make the counterterrorist operations more effective. On March 15th, 2016, King Mohamed VI visited Moscow to sign several important agreements, including the agreement on mutual protection of classified information on military and military-technical matters and the declaration on the fight against international terrorism. Morocco is interested in strengthening its military capabilities with Russian weapons.

Last year, Russia provided Algerian and Tunisian authorities with intelligence and military aid to strengthen counterterrorism efforts. The package included Russian high-resolution satellite imagery of key Algerian border crossings with Tunisia, Libya, Chad and Mali. The imagery has enabled Algerian authorities to thwart several attempts by terrorists and insurgents to infiltrate Algerian borders. Algeria has shared this data with Tunisia.

Russia has close military cooperation with the states of the region. A country with a significant Muslim minority, about 10% of its popula­tion, it has been battling jihadists in the Caucasus for a number of years. It understands the problem and has vast experience to share. Unlike the US and other Western powers, Russia does not accompany its aid with lectures about human rights or political demands pushing for «democra­tic reforms». As Rus­sian armaments have proven themselves on the battlefield, it seems likely that Maghreb governments under terrorist threat will increasingly turn towards Moscow.

Today, Islamists of all kinds, especially the IS, are emerging as a very serious threat for the United States, its NATO allies and Russia. Despite the existing differences on Ukraine and a host of other issues where Russia and the West are on opposite side of the barricades, cooperation on fighting the threat is possible and necessary. After all, the enemy is common and its deadly activities go far beyond the scope of a regional threat.

Russia and the West could coordinate activities in Libya. Sharing intelligence and cooperating in joint special operations against key targets could be a start of a broader process. Russia and the US-led West could launch preliminary talks on the wording of a hypothetical UN Security Council resolution to make it approved if an international effort will be required to keep the region from abyss.

North Africa should not become a divisive issue to complicate the relations between Russia and the West. The situation calls for cooperation and dialogue. The IS will soon become a thing of the past if Russia and the West set aside what divides them and concentrate on what brings them together. This approach will benefit all.

The Western roots of “Middle-Eastern” terrorism

February 14, 2017

By Amir NOUR[1]

The Western roots of “Middle-Eastern” terrorism

Convinced that terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations, committed by whomever, wherever and for whatever purposes, is unacceptable and unjustifiable, member States of the United Nations were finally able to adopt, on September 8, 2006, a common approach within the framework of the “United Nations global counter-terrorism strategy ». But, ten years later, the “international community” has yet to agree on a consensus definition of the common enemy, which continues to grow and expand, thus inflicting devastation and untold misery, mainly to the States and the peoples of the Arab and Muslim world.

However, in a bitter irony, and in total defiance of established historical truths, these very victims and their majority religion -Islam- are accused by some of the crime of sponsoring transnational terrorism, hence jeopardizing international peace and security.

But who is really to be held liable for the birth and expansion of the phenomenon of violence in modern times, against the consequences of which a number of visionary thinkers like Malek Bennabi and Eric E. Hobsbawm had yet forewarned the world a century ago already?

The opinions exposed in this paper on this burning topic aren’t expressed by Muslim officials or thinkers. They are those of Westerners, at different levels of authority and moral and political responsibility, representing the obverse and the reverse of the terrorism medal, and pointing out the historical responsibility of some Western governments They are representative of a “politically incorrect” voice whose echo is barely audible in the middle of the media tumult skillfully orchestrated by the new “self-righteous”.

Terrorism, Islam and treason of the clerks

Recently, magistrate Vincent Sizaire, author of the book titled “L’Imposture sécuritaire”, explained[2]that the characterization of terrorism is more about political calculation than legal hermeneutics, since it is necessarily the result of a process of balance of power and political assessment, at the end of which the powers to be tend to apply it in a more or less discretionary manner to a particular criminal rather than another. Sizaire highlights how it is problematic, today, to use the same term to refer to activities undertaken by fanatical and obscurantist groups, and to actions of political opponents of authoritarian regimes.

Therefore, there can obviously be no question for the need to put forward a new definition of this concept, one less equivocal. Indeed, it should be pointed out that, to date, no one definition of terrorism has gained universal acceptance. Alex Schmid and Albert Jongman identify 109 different definitions[3]. The United Nations still can’t find an agreed upon definition among its member States since December 17, 1996, date of adoption by the General Assembly of resolution 51/210, by which it was decided to create a special Committee to develop a comprehensive convention on international terrorism. It’s so controversial a debate that, according to Oliver Libaw, even in the United States -where the “Global War on Terror” was launched in 2001- “it turns out that no one is all that sure just what ‘terrorism’ is”[4].

Thus, the future still looks bright for the famous and often-cited claim that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”[5]. Never mind! For one school of thought in the West, terrorism, barbarity and intolerance are consubstantial to Islam as a religion. Consequently, in the face of the “crazy Muslim zealots” who “see progress as an evil, tolerance as a weakness and pacifism as a sin”, and “call for murder and destruction”, resistance and relentless struggle are to be opposed within a “long Fourth World War”[6], akin to those waged by the “Free World” against fascism and nazism during the First and Second World Wars, and against communism during the third world war, presumably completed with the end of the cold war in 1989.

Nothing seems to shake the certainties of the proponents of this “dominant thought” often described as neoconservative, mainly conveyed by Western and Israeli think tanks, and relayed by their powerful mainstream media. And it would be pointless to remind them, for instance, that in the absence of a comprehensive international convention on terrorism-a result of the lack of a consensus definition that should be distinguished from the legitimate struggle of peoples for self-determination and which should include “State terrorism”- Arab and Muslim States have developed their own legal instruments within their regional groups; that in the 1990s, a country like Algeria fought alone against terrorism -before a suspicious international silence- that cost her more than 200,000 deaths and economic losses estimated at more than $ 30 billion; that 95% of lives lost to “terrorist barbarity” are to be found among Muslims[7]; that the highest official authorities of Islam have condemned without appeal both the ideology and actions of terrorist groups; and that the overwhelming majority of Muslim populations reject terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, as confirmed by statistics provided by Western survey institutes and agencies themselves.

In his time, Julien Benda denounced the “betrayal of the clerks”. More recently, Pascal Boniface pin the “intellectual counterfeiters” who bear a heavy responsibility in “the place occupied by lies in the public debate”. He targets in particular those who tend to equate Islam and terrorism by referring to “fascislamism” and contribute to nurture a neoconservative approach that thrives in the West since the 9/11 attacks.

We have already addressed this issue of Islam as a mobilizing and unifying scarecrow in the West[8]. We have reported “a dangerous semantic shift that we constantly observe since the fall of the Berlin Wall: from ‘counter-terrorism’ actions, we jumped to war against ‘Islamic terrorism’, and then to the fight against ‘Islamic extremism’ “. And we have, inevitably, raised the following question: “Are we soon going to abandon superfluous adjectives and hypocritical euphemisms to openly claim the war against Islam itself ?”. Since then, time and events seem to have proved us right…

Responsibility of the West regarding transnational terrorism

Some people believe that radical Islamism and jihadism are not an exclusive “creation” of the West. To think otherwise, they argue, would be to overestimate the Western influence in areas where many other local and international factors have contributed to their development over a long period of time. That is certainly right, and so is the fact that certain misguided policies pursued by Western powers, particularly by Anglo-Saxon countries, have greatly contributed to the emergence and expansion of these phenomena, especially since the iconic events of 9/11 and their disastrous ‘by-products’: the Afghan and Iraqi military expeditions.

Britain’s role

This view is shared by Mark Curtis, who documented in a book[9] the collusion of the United Kingdom with Islamism since the last century. Based on reliable documentation and government archives, he dissects an aspect of British foreign policy, which has remained curiously ignored or deliberately obscured by the mainstream media. This collusion, he says, has “a long history which has contributed not only to the rise of radical Islam itself, but also to that of international terrorism, which the new strategy of national security of the UK Government has designated as the biggest threat to the country”, and that the highest ranking officer of the British army has identified as “the fight of our generation, maybe our Thirty Years’ War”.

Curtis says that the share of responsibility of London in the emergence of the terrorist threat goes well beyond the impact its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have had on a few individuals. The most important fact in this story is, according to him, that the successive labour and conservative governments have, for decades, connived with radical Islamic forces, including terrorist organizations. They have, sometimes, trained and financed them in order to promote specific foreign policy objectives, with a view to desperately preserving what was left of British power and influence internationally, mainly in areas considered as sensitive but where it was no longer possible to impose their will and interests unilaterally or by relying on other local allies.

The role of the United States of America

In his book[10] published in 2005, Robert Dreyfuss meticulously documents the American role in this “Devil’s Game”. Drawing on archival research and interviews with policymakers and officials of the CIA, the Pentagon and the State Department, he analyzes the consequences of “sixty years of misguided efforts” on the part of the United States in order to dominate the economically and strategically vital Middle East region. Dreyfuss argues that America’s historic alliance with the Islamic right is greatly to blame for the emergence of Islamist terrorism. He concludes by stating that “far from promoting democracy and security”, this policy, which continues to this day, “ensures a future of blunders and blowback”.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of the late U.S. President J.F. Kennedy, also considered the long history of the violent interventions of his country in the region. He explains in a long article[11] in “Politico” magazine why we should look beyond convenient explanations of religion and ideology and examine instead the more complex rationales of history and oil “and how they often point the finger of blame back at our own shores”. He also describes how “over the past seven decades, the Dulles brothers, the Cheney gang, the neocons and their ilk have hijacked that fundamental principle of American idealism and deployed our military and intelligence apparatus to serve the mercantile interests of large corporations and particularly, the petroleum companies and military contractors that have literally made a killing from these conflicts”.

Moreover, a Foreign Policy Journal article[12] tells us that the White House had made the decision to support the armed radical Jihadists in Syria (that would later emerge as ISIL and Jabhat Al-Nusra) despite the warnings of the intelligence agencies, which provided for the advent of the Islamic State. This amazing information was confirmed by former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Lieutenant General Michael Flynn –after he resigned from his post in April 2014, much to everyone’s surprise- who was previously the Director of information for the Center of command of special operations and, in that capacity, had the main mission to hunt down Usama Bin Laden and dismantle Al-Qaeda.

It is worth noting that this piece of information and other related revelations have been reported in a documentary film[13] broadcast by ARTE-TV channel, which explains “how, from Bush to Obama, America has left prosper the blind terror that Daesh took over”. In this film, former members of the intelligence community, representatives of U.S. forces in Iraq, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and terrorism experts trace, with supporting evidence and archives, the thirteen years of “the lost war on terror”.

Last but not least, during the 2016 presidential campaign, the GOP nominee, Donald Trump, said[14]that he meant exactly what he had declared previously in Florida, when he called President Barack Obama the “founder of ISIS”. And when the conservative radio show host, Hugh Hewitt, tried to clarify Trump’s position by saying he understood him to mean “that he (Obama) created the vacuum, he lost the peace”, D. Trump objected, declaring “No, I meant he’s the founder of ISIS. I do. He was the most valuable player. I give him the most valuable player award. I give her, too, by the way, Hillary Clinton”.

France’s role

In his latest book[15], French philosopher Michel Onfray states that “terrorist Islam” was partially created by the bellicose West. Denouncing what he calls “contemporary colonial wars” conducted by some Western countries including France, he argues that Islamic regimes only started to threaten the West once, and only once the latter had indeed threatened them by brutal force.

For his part, Pierre Conesa, former senior official in the Ministry of defense, said[16] that his country “is paying a high price for a war that is not its own”. In this regard, he cites the example of the intervention in Libya where France has “done on its own account what Bush did in Iraq, which is destroying a regime and leaving behind chaos it has no ability to manage”.

In Syria, especially during the period when Laurent Fabius was the head of the Quai d’Orsay, this dubious interventionist policy resulted in total support to the rebels fighting against Al-Assad regime. Believing that the departure of the latter “is only a matter of weeks”, Fabius said in August 2012 “Bashar Al-Assad would not deserve to be on Earth”. And in December of the same year, reacting to Washington’s decision to place Jabhat Al-Nusra on its list of terrorist organizations, he declared: “All Arabs were fiercely against” the American position “because, on the ground, they (the elements of Al-Nusra) do a good job”[17].

In conclusion, we would like to invite the public to ponder the wisdom of a thinker who once said that in the past weapons were manufactured to wage wars, but today wars are manufactured to sell weapons.

Yet unfortunately, it has to be recognized that the rhetoric on the “clash of civilizations”, constantly and tirelessly repeated by some since the end of the cold war and the subsequent disappearance of the “indispensable enemy”, seems to have achieved the objective assigned to it, chiefly by those who benefit from and pull the strings of the perpetuation of conflicts all over the world. This rhetoric has thus produced a dangerous “clash of fundamentalisms’, which is updating the notions of “revenge of God”, “Crusades” and “Jihad”, and adding new ones such as “islamofascism”. The consequence of this dramatic turn of events is illustrated, on the sought and obtained ground of confrontation, by a “clash of barbarities”.

In today’s increasing international turmoil, nobody should be blind to the fact that the biggest danger associated with this change is that since the end of the second world war, the world has entered the age of the “supreme weapon” –the atomic bomb- and other weapons of mass destruction, and that extremists on all sides are promising and fervently promoting a “Cosmic War” for “the triumph of Good over Evil”. For some of them, it is a religious war, the ultimate war prior to the Apocalypse or the end of the world, whose theatre of operations one party sets in “Armageddon” and the other in “Dabiq”, both places situated in the Levant, comprising Syria which is being today put to fire and sword…

Isn’t it insane to believe that our civilized world is unable to find a path other than the one leading toward Mutually Agreed Destruction?

* * *

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After Aleppo: the State of Syria


The Syrian Arab Army now controls Aleppo, which means that the Syrian government once more is in charge of the main population centres in the country. Opposition armed forces are hemmed in around Damascus and in Idlib, while the Islamic State (IS) still holds the northern city of Raqqa. These forces, including IS, are on the back foot, disorganised, weakened logistically and disoriented. Largely abandoned by their benefactors — the West, the Gulf Arabs and Turkey — these fighters have either moved to great desperation in their violence or to near surrender. A ceasefire brokered on December 30, 2016 holds in most parts of the country. Peace talks are to begin on January 23 in Astana (Kazakhstan). Iran, Russia, the Syrian government, sections of the Syrian opposition, Turkey and the United Nations will have seats at the table. The United States and the Europeans will not be there.

The war will not end in Astana. Extremist groups such as the IS and the al-Qaeda-backed Jabhat Fateh al-Sham continue to hold territory. Frustrated extremists who are unwilling to accede to the new situation have already begun to trek to the IS and the al-Qaeda proxy. For them, there is little to be gained from surrender or reconciliation.

Western miscalculations

For the past five years, the main slogan from the Syrian opposition and its Gulf Arab, Turkish and Western allies was ‘Assad Must Go’. It now turns out that the government of Bashar al-Assad will remain. It appeared, even in 2011, that the fall of Mr. Assad without major Western military intervention was unlikely. The Syrian military was far more disciplined than the Libyan military, which had begun to crumble before the NATO bombing on Libya. There was also far less daylight between the Syrian government and its military than there was between the Egyptian government and its military. Absent massive military force, there was going to be no regime change in Syria.

Direct Western military intervention was curtailed — thanks to the fiasco in Iraq — by the lack of domestic appetite in the West for the use of sufficient numbers of troops to fight in Syria. Regime change in Libya and its disastrous aftermath closed the door for a UN authorisation for war on Syria. By 2012, this meant that the Assad government could not be easily defeated. The policy shifted from direct overthrow to a much more cynical use of power. Covert shipments of arms went to rebels of various stripes to help delegitimise the government. Al-Qaeda and other extremist groups came across the Turkish border and from Iraq as well as from the prisons of the Syrian government. Casualty rates edged upwards, with over half a million dead. The impossible promise of Western bombardment kept the war going in the hope that this would force Mr. Assad to negotiate.

The West miscalculated. On September 22, 2016, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made some off-the-cuff remarks at the Dutch Mission to the United Nations. The tape from that meeting, released by WikiLeaks, reveals the general Western consensus on the Syrian conflict. Mr. Kerry indicated that the U.S. had watched the growth of IS, and had hoped to use it as a bargaining chip against the Assad government. As it turned out, Mr. Assad turned to Iran and Russia for help, which is when the Russians intervened directly in September 2015 — ending any possibility of regime change in Damascus and of an IS capture of Damascus. With Mr. Assad now safe, the Russians have begun to draw down their forces, largely to build confidence towards the Astana meeting.

By 2015, it had become clear to the Turkish government that neither would Mr. Assad’s government fall nor could Turkey protect itself from the detritus of its own making — attacks by the IS inside Turkey and a reopened war with the Kurdish resistance movement. Turkey’s government lashed out at its critics — who had much to be critical about — and sought a rapprochement with Russia for economic and political reasons. This new alignment for Turkey meant that its border — long used to resupply the rebels in northern Syria — had to close, substantially reducing the ability of the extremists in Aleppo. The Syrian government, which had waited four years, then moved with great force. It was the Turkish shift that allowed Mr. Assad to take Aleppo.

On January 5, Iraq’s National Security Adviser met Mr. Assad in Damascus to discuss their mutual fight against the IS, just as Iraqi forces cleared the road from Haditha to al-Qa’im, which is on the Iraq-Syria border. These public meetings, a senior Egyptian military officer informs me, mirror the more private interactions between the militaries of Egypt, Iraq, Algeria and Syria. In November, Egyptian army officers went to Syria to re-establish connections that have frayed over the past few years. Now Egypt is ready to send ‘peacekeepers’ to help manage the ceasefire. Meanwhile, the Syrian and Turkish governments have met secretly in Algeria over the past five months to begin a conversation about the status of the Syrian Kurdish enclave on the Turkish border. Algeria is now openly talking about the restoration of legitimacy to the Assad government.

The end is far

The frustration of the extremists will not produce an easy end to this conflict. Harsh violence is the more expected outlet. Attacks in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — all accused, rightly, of abandoning the uprising — will continue to be a serious problem. Iraq, already accustomed to violence since the illegal U.S. invasion in 2003, saw over 6,000 civilians killed last year alone. It is often strategically targeted against Shia neighbourhoods and religious places in order to deepen the trough of sectarianism. After a spate of attacks in Baghdad, Sunni leader Sheikh Mahdi al-Sumaidaie, the Grand Mufti of Iraq, made a plea on January 5 that echoes across the Arab world: “I confirm that Shias and Sunnis will meet and hold accountable all who betrayed, deceived and burned Iraq.” It was a statement of patriotism out of desperation. This seam of patriotism will be hard for the extremists to rip apart.

North-west of Damascus is Souq Wadi Barada. The al-Fija spring there is a crucial source of water for the capital. Extremist groups have held this source for the past several years and on at least six previous occasions cut off the water supply to Damascus. The fall of Aleppo has led to new fighting in the area, with water now firmly cut off from all but one tank, which the military controls. Damascus faces great hardship. Negotiations are on to let the water flow again. When it does, it will show that reconciliation is possible in these societies.

A version of this essay originally appeared in The Hindu.

Vijay Prashad’s most recent book is No Free Left: The Futures of Indian Communism (New Delhi: LeftWord Books, 2015).

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Foreign Report: Spy Ring Working for «Israel» Exposed in Algeria

Local Editor

An international spy network, comprised of at least 10 agents, operating for the “Israeli” entity was exposed and subsequently arrested in Algeria, according to Channel 2 citing Arab media networks Friday.


Reports indicated that the spies were operating in southern Algeria and held citizenship in a variety of African countries including Libya, Mali, Ethiopia, Liberia, Nigeria and Kenya.

The suspects were arrested on charges of espionage, attempt to create anarchy and damaging national security.

Communications equipment used by the suspects was also seized by authorities.

Arab media reported that the “Israeli” entity’s foreign intelligence agency, Mossad, assassinated in December a Hamas member operating out of Tunisia.

The target, Mohhamed Zawari, known to the “Israeli” entity’s security echelon as “The Engineer,” was found shot to death inside his vehicle in the city of Sfax, local media reported.

Five suspects were later detained by Tunisian authorities, along with multiple vehicles, weapons and mobile devices.

One Tunisian journalist said the killing was carried out by the Mossad, who had been following Zawari for some time, Channel 10 added.

Zawari, an aviation engineer and scientist, was shot three to seven times by unknown assailants in his car near his home.

Though, the motive behind his shooting remains unclear.

According to Channel 10, the nationalities of the detainees included one suspect from the Netherlands, one from Morocco and the rest from varying European countries.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

14-01-2017 | 09:40


by Jonathan Azaziah

Here we go again. Zionist media rolls out a narrative and like clockwork, the lemmings sickeningly and predictably start their French-flag-waving and “Pray For Nice” social media campaigns. Well. I’m not going to do that nor am I going to declare one scintilla of solidarity with France. In fact… FUCK FRANCE. To hell with the colonialist, terrorist, Zionist, genocidal French regime. Straight down to the fire! This is the same gang of arrogant, Rothschild-financed psychopaths that colonized Algeria for 132 years and slaughtered millions. This is the same gang of lunatics that unleashed the most monstrous atrocities against the people of Vietnam (then known as Indochina) for 67 years of colonial occupation; the shelling of Haiphong alone comes to mind off the cuff, in which the French left over 6,000 Vietnamese murdered. This is the same gang of sanguinary maniacs that went on a murdering and raping spree in Madagascar for 61 years, leaving 100,000 innocents dead in the carnage. This is the same gang of Judeophiles that helped ‘Israel’ build its illegal nuclear weapons program and backs the Zionist tumor to the hilt up until this moment. This is the same gang of criminal hypocrites that annihilated Libya, looted Mali’s gold, supported (and continues to support) death squads in Syria and gives droves upon droves of weapons to Saudi Arabia, the grandsire of Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorism, to crush unarmed Bahrainis and mutilate Yemenis from land, air and sea.

And the indigenous White French, in near unanimity, not to mention MORE THAN A FEW House Muslims/Arabs/Browns/Blacks, supported (and continue to support) all of it. But now, after all these crimes, after all this colonialism and ongoing neo-colonialism, after all the services provided to ‘Israel’, I’m supposed to cry over a bunch dead Frogs? What the fuck do I look like, an anaconda whose secondary food supply just dried up? Get the fuck outta here. And here’s the obligatory disclaimer:


You happy now? Is my humanity officially validated because I made it clear that murdering innocent Europeans is wrong? ‘Cause, you know, y’all weren’t cognizant of that shit already. You need the Moozu-Booza-lum-lum-lums to actually say out loud that killing is, under whatever circumstances, bad, for you to truly know that we’re not all savage, bloodthirsty, deranged dune-devils and desert-demons, right? Again I say, get the flying fuck outta here.

While we’re at it, any Muslim, and I mean ANY Muslim, going out of his or her way to condemn something that has nothing to do with us–as Takfirism, if that’s what the Nice attack is a product of, is a Western-Zionist invention, not an extension of Islam–when the French didn’t utter a word, or stage a protest, or shed a tear, or express solidarity, or condemn their regime for complicity in the terrorism that has made Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Somalia bleed in recent weeks, you’re as much of a problem as the Imperialists in Paris themselves. For you have internalized the Orientalist “be a good Native” pathology they’ve aggressively pushed for us to accept since 9/11 and adopted the identity of a “Goy”, that is, a cattle, in every sense of the word, just like the Jewish Power Configuration wanted you to. The oppressors’ propaganda only works when you fail to resist it and fail harder to stick to your principles which are supposed to safeguard you from spiritually harmful narratives and lifestyles. We should STAY with the rejection of whatever the monsters and their media outlets are telling us to think, do and/or say because they STAY lying through their teeth.

Besides, what took place in Nice bears all the hallmarks of a Mossad/DGSE false flag, regardless of whether Daesh or another like-similar Wahhabi terror group were the trigger-men. The ‘Israeli’ one-woman-Islamophobia-machine Rita Katz has already flooded the web and MSM with “reports” about ISIS celebrating the attacks; the damage is already done. And while the trollish Hollande has already declared that France will ramp up operations in Iraq and Syria in “revenge”, the fact of the matter is, this is routine for any one of these events. Civilians weren’t terrorized and killed in Nice as a pretext to justify more intervention against Damascus and Baghdad, they were killed because there has been a hateful Jewish serial war on Islam since Mossad knocked down the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001. And the only way to keep that war going, to keep the conflict between White Westerners and the peoples of the Arab-Islamic world flowing in a “clash of civilizations”, to keep the march towards Netanyahu’s “100-year battle with militant Islam” on track, is for attacks like this to occur with regularity. All geopolitical analysis that leaves out this critical point misses the mark miserably.

So while it is tragic that more than 80 innocents have lost their lives, at the end of damn day, I actually give more fucks about ants that I may potentially step on than I do about the ultra-bigoted French. I look at France and see it working day and night to silence Dieudonne, the only person in the whole country with the courage to stand up to the Jewish “elites”. Imagine, a nation whose motto is “liberty, equality, fraternity” is scared of a man who can make peoples of all backgrounds laugh their asses off. I look at France and I see a system centered around a Prison-Industrial-Complex that disproportionately targets young Brown and Black men, who are almost always Muslim, and keeps them in abject poverty.

I look at France and see nightmarish visions of the Samson Option coming to fruition because French leaders thought it was a good idea to help Halakhic-Talmudic fanatics build nukes.

I look at France and see Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, one of Lebanon’s staunchest revolutionaries, rotting in a hellhole where he has been for 29 years for a crime he didn’t commit. I look at France and see nothing but death and destruction across the entire Global South. And now, that very same death and destruction has struck Nice. False flag, “blowback” or otherwise, Malcolm X (R.A.) had a hell of a saying for instances like this: The chickens have come home to roost. Wake up and smell the evil of your regime and the “chosenites” pulling its strings French people, or the roosting has only just begun.

#PrayForNiceMyFoot #IAintCharlie #ToHellWithFrance #RIPToTheMartyrsOfFrenchColonialism

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algeria palestine beautiful

by Jonathan Azaziah


Since the dawn of Rothschild-financed colonialism in the Arab-Islamic world, Algerian Independence undoubtedly stands alone as the greatest of all our victories. After 132 years of French colonial occupation, the Algerian Resistance prevailed on this day in 1962, securing a triumph that now stands as one of modern history’s most important moments. A million and a half martyrs were given in the glorious armed struggle against the arrogant French Imperialists from 1954-1962, and despite every subversive, corrosive, destructive trick employed by Paris, Ahmed Ben Bella and the FLN, backed by the revolutionary godfather of Arab Nationalism Gamal Abdel Nasser, stood their ground, WON, and solidified themselves as paragons of steadfastness and decolonization to be emulated until the end of time.

It is also imperative to note that it was not only France whom Algerians battled against but the ‘Israeli’ monsters as well. Since 1870, when a French Zionist-Freemasonic Jew named Adolphe Crémieux helped pass the Crémieux Decree that facilitated the settlement of over 35,000 French Jews on Algerian soil, French Jews played a prominent role in colonizing the North African giant. And when the liberation struggle kicked into full force, it was the French Jews’ other genocidal project, ‘Israel’, that they turned to for assistance to preserve their presence as hegemons in Algeria.

Aman, the Zionist entity’s military intelligence wing, worked intimately with SDECE (French intelligence) to undermine Algerian freedom fighters and even attempted an assassination on Ahmed Ben Bella through the hijacking of his plane. The notorious pro-colonialist terrorist group, the French Secret Army Organization (OAS), had an exclusively Jewish faction and the upper echelons of its leadership were being advised on the intricacies of clandestine warfare by none other than Irgun, the notorious mass murdering ‘Israeli’ terrorist organ, as well as the Mossad. Thus, Algeria’s victory wasn’t just a victory over European colonialism but International Zionism. And it is because of this that since the decolonization of Algeria and the triumph over the French-Mossad-OAS efforts to reverse Algerian liberation, ‘Israel’ has steadfastly targeted Algiers with a plethora of designs, from car bombings to spying operations, “regime change” plots to Oded Yinon-style destabilization and balkanization via the traitorous Ferhat Mehenni and his separatist group the Mouvement pour l’autonomie de la Kabylie (MAK).

The ‘Israeli’ tumor and its French ZOG want to keep these truths buried and they hopelessly long for the world to forget about this momentous day 54 years ago because Algeria absolutely, certainly, definitely, UNDENIABLY represents the proper model for Palestinian liberation, not this “BDS” nonsense that is based on a Jewish-dominated “movement” in South Africa which ended political apartheid, yes, but strategically ensured that ties with the ‘Israeli’ enemy and economic apartheid, i.e. Jewish and Shabbos “Goy” Afrikaner wealth, power and influence, remained very much intact.

The Algerians rose up against their colonizers with their dignity, their faith, their blood, their knowledge of the land and their will to resist and following a bloody but successful fight, the French packed their bags and left in humiliating defeat after 132 years of illegally squatting on Algerian territory. Just recounting the history in such succinct terms eerily echoes Palestine’s current situation right down to the century and change that the colonization lasted. The fact that the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” NEVER draws these parallels except to warn of impending doom and gloom because some usurping, land-stealing, raping, pillaging, hideous, baby-slaughtering, nuke-holding, terrorist, monstrous, supremacist Yahoudlings will get (rightfully) trampled on in the potential battle shows you that the primary concern of these “activists” isn’t the rights of the indigenous but the well-being of the colonizers.

Building on that very point, it is exceedingly ironic that the atrociously pro-‘Israel’ French “philosopher” Jean-Paul Sartre infamously noted that the people of France, who benefited financially in a large way from the occupation of Algeria, were collectively responsible for the plight of Algerians and this was (and is) considered radical. But when the very same anti-colonialist logic is applied to Jews who make up the “elite” in ALL Western countries and who refuse to call for “Death to ‘Israel’!” (they literally never utter the phrase) and the removal of EVERY Zionist settler because keeping ‘Israel’ alive is important to them AS JEWS, such analysis is deemed “anti-Semitic” by the aforementioned “human rights” campaigners? And these two-faced people are supposed to be our partners in the push to restore Al-Quds? It’s absurd. This also shows you, quite clearly, just how deathly scared Empire Judaica is of this scenario to even be discussed, even just a bit, even in the most toothless of circles.

The Algerian model represents Zionism’s end; the “BDS” model represents Zionism’s preservation. If the Right of Return and freeing Palestine from the River to the Sea are our end goals–and they damn sure are–how is it even a question in which direction we should sail our ship towards?

The Algerians had Nasser; Palestinians have Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi.

The Algerians fought the French ZOG openly and the Jewish Power Matrix by extension; the Palestinians are fighting the Jewish Power Matrix openly and the French ZOG by extension. In an infinite number of ways, the Algerian and Falasteeni struggles are mirror images of one another. Truly, the amount of nexus points is staggering!

So let us embrace the Algeria(-Hizbullah) Option!

To hell with the “solidarity” cowards and other fake friends of the Palestinian cause!

To hell with Jewish sensitivities.

Today, July 5th, 2016, we celebrate the Algerians’ historic liberation.

Tomorrow, insha’ALLAH khair ya Rab, we will celebrate the complete freedom of Palestine when the Zionist Jews depart from the Holy Land as the French did from Algeria 54 years ago.

We love you Algeria! And we love that you have your day! May your God-sent victory continue to light our way.


anti assad protests

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Goddamn do I hate these Judaized, Westoxified, colonized, House Arab, House Muslim motherfuckers, goddamn them all to hell. I’m sick right now. The reason? Allow me to introduce you to the Refugees of Rap, a “Hip-Hop” group which specializes in REGIME CHANGE RAP. No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. REGIME CHANGE RAP. Cut from the same cloth as the “emcees” funded by the US State Dept and Mossad-CIA tools Khaled M and Omar Offendum, Al-Jazeera says the Refugees of Rap are waging a “lyrical war” on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. There are four quite glaringly disturbing things about these agent provocateurs, beyond the mere obviousness of how disgusting it is that Global South “MCs” are spewing bars in the name of a Zionist-Imperialist coup agenda.

Firstly, the Yarmouk tripartite is funded by the UN and… wait for it… THE FRENCH REGIME, arguably the most active former colonialist power in agitating for Assad’s ouster, and were in fact granted asylum directly by Paris, which expedited their visas because it wanted them to “continue their project”. Imagine, “revolutionary Hip-Hop” artists fully backed by the usurping Zionist entity’s favorite instrument for international cover-ups, the UN, and Zionist-occupied France. Not to mention of course, they’re getting press coverage from the Qatari tyrant’s premier propaganda organ, Al-Jazeera, which just might be the single-most important element in brainwashing the Ummah’s youth and whipping up Arab-Muslim “popular” support for the entire assault on the Syrian Arab Republic. Colonialists, globalists and GCC despots, the very peaks of “resistance”, ain’t they? The irony is apparently more than lost on these fools.

Secondly, the Refugees of Rap invoked “Ibrahim Qashoush” as their inspiration for pursuing “regime change” in Syria through their music. “Qashoush”, as many of you may know, went viral with “his” song “Syrian Revolutionary Dabke”, also known as “Yallah, Irhal Ya Bashar”. It is said–repeated ad nauseam really, in near-robotic fashion–that he was killed by the Syrian government, which allegedly slit his throat and ripped his vocal chords out. Cool story, right? And that’s exactly what it is. A cool, calm, collected, calculated STORY cooked up in the bowels of Langley and Herzliya. The song attributed to “Qashoush” most definitely was and is (since Refugees of Rap continue its destabilizing legacy) part of the ongoing Zionist media war against Syria.

Just look at the language in the video’s description: “Response from the streets of Hama to Bashar’s speech, with additional music & translation added by the Creative Syrian Revolution.” There is no evidence of any singer whatsoever in the video. The “additional music” is in fact ALL of the music. I ran the song by numerous producers that I work with, all of whom are brilliant beyond measure and operate with the absolute top-of-the-line in recording software and equipment, and they confirmed to me that the song is indeed 100% studio produced, no ifs, ands or buts about it. The “Creative Syrian Revolution”, for the record, is a Facebook page operated by “activists” from none other than the Syrian Human Rights Committee, an organization I exposed in my very first Syria article,“Kiss Of ‘Democratic’ Death: Israel’s Plot To Take Down Syria I”. The SHRC is Mossad-linked as well as Soros-backed via HRW and Amnesty.

The nail in the coffin about “Qashoush” and the track itself though comes from the Sulzberger-owned New York Times: “No one in Hama seems to agree on who wrote the song”, indicating undoubtedly that the song did not come from inside Syria (even among the “revolutionist” turncoats and Takfiri sympathizers) but abroad. And, “He was relatively unknown before July 4, when his body was found, then buried in the city’s Safa cemetery, near the highway.” Yeah, relatively unknown because he doesn’t exist, hence why I put “Ibrahim Qashoush” in quotation marks. “Ibrahim Qashoush” is in fact a media creation and a myth used by the Anglo-Zionist Empire to coopt Arab-Muslim artists and weaponize their music as putschist hasbara. Getting REALLY deep into the dirt, even the pictures of “Qashoush” are fishier than fishy. If one compares the alleged “live” photo of “Qashoush” with the alleged “dead” photo of “Qashoush”, you don’t have to be a forensics expert to figure out this isn’t a matter of distortion/disfigurement in death but totally different photographs of totally different people! It’s astounding that not a single analyst has picked up on any of this! And it’s even more astounding that the Refugees of Rap are doing what they’re doing based on a fictional character spoonfed to them by the enemies of humanity!

qashoush alive


Here is “Qashoush” living and breathing so we’re told.Here is “Qashoush” dead so we’re told. Two different persons; it’s clearer than the blueness of the sky on a bright, sunny day.

Thirdly, Al-Jazeera’s profile of the “regime change” rappers reveals that they recorded much of their music “secretly” in Yarmouk, ostensibly to duck the Syrian government’s Moukhabarat (security services). But it is a well-established fact now, although the likes of Electronic “Intifada”, Mondoweiss and the other usual “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activist suspects continue to fail miserably on the topic, that Yarmouk was overrun by the Takfiri terrorist scourge–first the FSA and then Nusra followed by Mossad Daesh–not the Syrian government, and these Wahhabi thugs subsequently looted businesses, occupied homes, carried out massacres and committed various other crimes that led to the mass exodus from the once-vibrant, Palestinian-Syrian city-camp. And considering the Wahhabi-Takfiri character of these rebels and their absolute hatred of music, how is it that Refugees of Rap were able to record their music without any hassle whatsoever while others who merely PLAYED music in their cars or boomboxes or stereo systems were at the very best lashed and beaten and at the very worst decapitated? It’s an amazingly relevant question. With the French regime being among the top backers of the Takfiris as well as the funders and asylum-facilitators of these putrid “Hip-Hop”pretenders, were the Takfiris placing their hateful, un-Islamic ideology aside and giving the Refugees of Rap protection because they shared the same “regime change” agenda? Certainly appears that way.

Which brings me to the fourth, final and perhaps most infuriating point of all. The members of the Refugees of Rap are Palestinian (Yaser and Muhammad Jamous), Algerian (Ahmad) and Syrian (Muhammad Jawad). What in the name of all that is good and proper in the world are Palestinians, an Algerian and a Syrian rapping about “regime change” in Syria for and taking money FROM THE FRENCH REGIME to further their careers along?


It is the French regime which wiped out MILLIONS in its 132-year colonization of Algeria, not to mention millions of indigenous persons elsewhere, and it is the French regime which helped the usurping, genocidal, artificial Jewish entity build its illegal arsenal of nuclear weapons in Dimona, a program that threatens not only Palestine and the Ummah but the whole damn planet.

Meanwhile, it is the Syrian Arab Republic which remains the only Arab state to provide guns, bullets, missiles, rockets and other forms of military gear to the Palestinian Resistance and is also the only Arab state to treat Palestinians as equals and brothers, granting them the same benefits and human rights enjoyed by all Syrians. AND! Syria has backed Algeria fully during these most tumultuous times in which France and AFRICOM have attempted to destabilize the Algerian state on more than one occasion. It literally doesn’t get anymore ANTI-PALESTINIAN, ANTI-ALGERIAN and ANTI-SYRIAN than France! Are they not aware of how insanely backwards all this is? Or is it that they are actually very well aware and simply have no dignity or sense of history, homeland, identity and liberationist consciousness, thus making it perfectly okay in their colonized minds to go right along with the “regime change” plot. Whether they know it or not is ultimately extraneous, as these individuals have greatly betrayed their respective original and adoptive countries and brought forth a tsunami of disgrace upon them.

Hip-Hop, very similar to Jihad, is a vehicle for change, resistance, revolution and awakening when the target of such actions is legitimate. Just like there is no “Jihad” when the guns, ammo, media backing, medical treatment, logistics, intelligence and overall agenda are American and ‘Israeli’, there is no “Hip-Hop” when your beats, rhymes and message are bought and paid for by Empire Judaica and its vassals. Verily, it is this hypocrisy that unites Refugees of Rap and the Wahhabi-Takfiri filth that has occupied Syria: Despite all of the helping hands given to them by the Zionist Power Matrix, they still delusionally act as if they are legitimate “Jihadis” in regards to the latter and “emcees” in regards to the former. Takfiri-sympathizing has no place in revolutionary, anti-Zionist, anti-Imperialist discourse, and “regime change rap” has no place in Hip-Hop. Period.

Expose the Refugees of Rap and tear them down as you would any other betrayer, hater and destabilizer of Syria.

They made their bed–with French, UN and Qatari help–so now it’s time for them to lay in it.

As for real Jihad, look no further than Hizbullah, Ansarullah, the IRGCand the Iraqi Resistance. And as for real Resistance Hip-Hop, where real Jihad just so happens to meet in a beautiful, Musical-Mouqawamist nexus, look no further than Blak Madeen (Yusuf Abdul-Mateen and Al-J), Rafiqi Green, Khanverse and Madd Cold. We got you more than covered.

Algeria Readies Itself For Potential Western Shift In Strategy, Moves Closer To Russia, Anti-NATO Bloc

MAY 18, 2016


By Brandon Turbeville

As the Syrian crisis drags on and hopes of a peaceful resolution or, at the very least, a return to relative normalcy in Libya seem very distant, Algeria should, by now, begin suspecting that it might soon find itself in the Anglo-American crosshairs. There is now rapidly growing evidence that Algeria is doing just that.

Having survived an attempted destabilization during the Western-inspired and Western-orchestrated “Arab Spring” color revolution, Algeria has been doing whatever it can to increase security in, on, and around its borders. For this reason, it has increased cooperation with its neighbor Tunisia, which has been the target of terrorists backed by the West and GCC nations.

Having acted quickly and with an iron fist, any attempt to disrupt the functioning of the Algerian government was quashed during the stream of U.S.-engineered color revolutions and destabilizations. Yet, even though the “Arab Spring” style protests were short-lived and ineffective, Algeria has not simply rested on its laurels in the aftermath. In fact, Algeria has moved to increase security, improve its military capabilities, and work with its neighbors to ensure that they do not fall prey to destabilizations or color revolutions in the future.

Algeria has also moved to deepen its ties with Russia and those countries that are part of an unofficial but growing and obvious anti-NATO bloc. In other words, Algeria is moving closer to joining the multi-polar collection of nations attempting to act as a counterforce to the NATO powers.

Two notable instances of increased cooperation between Algeria and the anti-NATO alliance are therecent provision of 40 attack helicopters by Russia to Algeria and the recent diplomatic visit to Syria by the Algerian government.


The helicopter, known as the “Night Hunter” in Russia, is reported to be one of the best in the world, and it is capable of carrying out its missions in both day and night as well as in adverse weather conditions. The helicopter comes with a MI-28NE modification capability that allows the ship to be flown from the pilot’s cockpit and the operator pilot’s cockpit.

The delivery of the Russian helicopters to Algeria is nothing new. In 2005-2006, Russia provided Algeria with 28 Su-30MKA, 16 Yak-130 jet trainers and 185 T-90S tanks. In 2015, a contract was signed for the delivery of 14 Su-30MKA fighters in 2016-2017. The transfer of the MI-28 helicopters is the result of a bilateral agreement between Russia and Algeria.

“The Algerian military is satisfied with the quality of Russian weapons, which has proven itself well in the specific conditions here, namely the desert with its extremely high temperatures and sandstorms. So there are good prospects for continuing close cooperation in the military-technical area on a wide nomenclature of supplies,” Alexander Zolotov, Russian Ambassador to Algeria, told RIA Novosti in an interview.

Yet, while the deliveries are not newsworthy in and of themselves, the context in which they occurare worth discussing.

Algeria, of course, is becoming concerned with increasing amounts of ISIS activity in the region, notably in Libya and Tunisia and is focusing on policing its borders with the two embattled countries as well as with Niger and Mali for that reason. The Algerian government, which has reacted quickly to terrorist threats in the past, is perhaps worried that ISIS attacks may eventually begin to take place inside its borders, particularly as a result of Western targeting of the governmental structure in the future.

In February, Algeria and Russia embarked upon a plan to deepen bilateral military and economic cooperation.

In regards to Syria, Monday April 25, 2016 marked the first official visit to Syria since 2011 by any Algerian official, signaling a growing tendency to increase ties and cooperation with the embattled nation despite the crying and screaming of the United States, EU, and NATO. Earlier, in March, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mu’allem paid a visit to the Algerian capital where the stated goal of the visit was to deepen and strengthen economic ties between the two countries.

As Ulson Gunnar writes in his article, “Washington’s Fake War On ISIS ‘Moves’ To Libya,”

Syria is not only no longer safe for IS, it has become a grave in which IS is being buried alive. This is thanks not to a successful anti-terror campaign waged by Washington and its allies, but by swift and successful operations carried out by Moscow, Tehran, and their allies in Damascus. Indeed, with IS supply lines being cut from their source in Turkey and their forces being pushed back across Syrian territory, liquidation of their assets in Syria is well underway. Likewise in Iraq, feigned US operations to stop IS have given way to an increase in cooperation between Baghdad, Tehran, and Damascus.

What started out as an attempt to divide and destroy Iran’s arc of influence across the region has galvanized it instead.

Moving the mercenary forces of IS out of the region is instrumental in ensuring they “live to fight another day.” By placing them in Libya, Washington and its allies hope they will be far out of reach of the growing coalition truly fighting them across the Levant. Further more, placing them in Libya allows other leftover “projects” from the “Arab Spring” to be revisited, such as the destabilization and destruction of Algeria, Tunisia and perhaps even another attempt to destabilize and destroy Egypt.

IS’ presence in Libya could also be used as a pretext for open-ended and much broader military intervention throughout all of Africa by US forces and their European and Persian Gulf allies. As the US has done in Syria, where it has conducted operations for now over a year and a half to absolutely no avail, but has managed to prop up proxy forces and continue undermining and threatening targeted nations, it will likewise do so regarding IS in Libya and its inevitable and predictable spread beyond.

Indeed, Gunnar summarizes much of what Algeria knows and fears in relation to IS and the NATO/Anglo-American scheme for world hegemony. For this reason, Algeria is preparing for the potential shift in the Western focus in terms of specific battlefields, moving from Syria to Libya and Westward from there.

While not earth-shattering news, Algeria’s growing fondness for the Russian bloc of nations is yet another sign of Washington’s loss of influence across the world and the increasingly bankrupt position held by the U.S. and NATO.

Image Credit

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 andvolume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 650 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.


Algerian citizens massacred by the French in Algeria during that country’s war with Colonial France.  The French killed over One Million Algerian Muslim Arabs.

 Nobody wants to say it, but, I will: The French do not have a long memory at all.  And neither do the British when it comes to the more hideous crevices in their mutually oppressive histories.  Gee, 129 citizens were killed by some Islamist militants.  How does that compare to what France did in Algeria?  Heck, the British oversaw the implantation of European Jews in Palestine and the extirpation of the autochthonous people of Arab Palestine, essentially dooming our region to eons of instability and conflict.  So, when the French get hit, I feel for their innocents – but, I feel nothing but contempt for the political leaders who deliberately nurtured the various terrorist groups who, most conveniently, operated out of those countries which feel the most gratitude to the French and British, i.e. Jordan and Turkey.  It is pure Schadenfreude.  Sorry. But, that’s how it is.

The Turks love the French.  After all, the French gave them a chunk of Syrian land where everybody spoke, amazingly, Syrian Arabic!  They gave Hatay to them, along with Iskandaroon and Rayhaaniyya without so much as a twitch of shame.

And the Jordanians love the English who gave them a piece of Southern Syria and called it Transjordan.  They gave the land to a race of grubs from the Hijaaz by the name of The Hashemites…a clan at odds with the Wahhabist Saudi riff-raff who took the entire peninsula with all its oil, sand and horse flies the size of sparrows.  Today, it gets even better; the Jordanian king, ‘Abdullah II, has a mother who is really English (Antoinette Avril Gardiner) and he can hardly speak Arabic without a hint of aphasia.  He can’t wait to help his brethren in Old Blighty.  The Brits have got to stick together, after all.

What the French won’t tell you is that all the while, as they served the interests of the Saudi Arabian cockroaches, they were looking aside at the fanatical preaching of Muslim clergymen who received monthly stipends from the KSA embassy in Paris to organize young men and women into potential terrorists.  The terrorists who perpetrated the monstrous act last Friday in the French capital were all students of the same clique of rabblerousing, hypocritical and nihilistic shamans.  And Hollande, who is more engorged with Syrian blood than even ‘Abdullah of Jordan, knew full well that the French Surete was only keeping an “indifferent eye” on these murderous gangsters.  The French government is steeped in the blood of the Syrian people and the people of France.

Francois Hollande is now the odd man out in Paris.  He is regularly ignored by French parliamentarians who are flocking to Damascus in an effort to meet with and cajole our president.  Suddenly, French politicians are suggesting the formerly unspeakable: a relationship with Ba’athist Syria which is sensible and rational.  In a recent poll conducted by Le Figaro, 70% of those French men and women who participated insisted that Dr. Assad remain the president of Syria.  Hollande would do better if he looked at his own polls to see how he fares in the minds and hearts of his citizens.  It is well know that his approval rating is about the number of American football players on one team.  Given this new atrocity, which would have been prevented had Hollande and his security chiefs placed the interests of their countrymen above those of the quasi-simian Arabian savages, Marine Le Pen is a virtual shoe-in for president when the elections come around.  She has been speaking sensibly for years about this problem of France qua “refuge for terrorists”.

  France is not over the failure in Syria.  Even though French members of Parliament are seeking the friendship of Dr. Assad, the Parisian policy of unseating the legitimate president of a member state of the U.N.,  with all the echoes of international illegalisms, remains the purpose of Hollande and his coterie of sycophants.   As long as he desperately needs Saudi money to keep his failing economy afloat, he will not resist the repugnant Saudi idee fixe of overthrowing Dr. Assad’s government.   This is why Hollande has become a gangster.  He, as I wrote 2 years ago, was complicit in the assassination of Sakine Cansiz in Paris.  He personally had knowledge that Abdullah Ocalan, the PKK’s imprisoned leader,  wanted her silenced before she made her trip to Germany where it was expected she was going to reveal what she knew about the defalcations of the PKK under Ocalan’s leadership.  She was also going to pull the veil off what Ocalan was negotiating with Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkey’s all-seeing Gestapo.   When Hollande was contacted about this matter, he gave the okay for the hit on French soil.  To this date, investigation into Cansiz’s murder has been half-hearted and has bore little fruit.

Hollande is desperate to prove his credentials as a war-time leader.  Don’t pooh-pooh those who believe Hollande knew about this operation which resulted in 129 victims.  He knew about the clergymen who regularly preached hatred and jihad in his own country with the financial aid of the Saudi Arabian mass murderers.  The French had an S-list which contained the names of over 10,000 individuals suspected of sympathizing with international terrorism, yet, did nothing to interdict their movements and operations.  The mastermind of the attack on Friday, a Moroccan by the name of ‘Abdul-Hamid `Abaa-‘oud, boasted that he had slinked through Europe without a hitch, sniggering at the security organizations there, snorting at their incompetence.  But what that dung beetle was not telling you was that the French government was in cahoots with the Saudis to permit precisely that kind of maneuvering. `Abaa-‘oud and his cohorts were a protected species which could not be touched lest Hollande rile the Saudis.

The Moroccan “mindermast” who masterminded the Friday, November 13, 2015, attacks in Paris is seen here snickering at Gallic incompetence.  He may have had no idea he was operating with the full cooperation of Hollande’s government.

 The French president is now in the cross-hairs.  How much did he know about the activities of Islamist militants in his own country?  He clearly has been a willing participant in the carnage across Syria.  His agents were running operations in Northern Lebanon with the extremists as of 2012 when NATO made the decision to extend help to the doomed insurrection against the legitimate government of Syria.  France was as neck-deep in the plot to overthrow the Damascus government as Turkey or Saudi Arabia or, certainly, Qatar, for that matter.  So why is it so hard to comprehend how the massacre of last Friday took place?

This whole mess is centered around the belief, early on, that President Assad would fall quickly after the start of the Der’ah “revolution”.  When that did not happen, the NATO countries, complicit in this scheme,  found themselves stuck in an operation which engendered the same dangers which they hoped would be foisted only on Syria.  But the stench came back to their own sewers eventually and now they have to deal with that problem – with all the perils inherent in treating with confirmed sociopathic murderers like the terrorist pictured herein-above.  The terrorism enablers found that the black magic had careened back to the sorcerer.

All this begs this question which the French people must as themselves:  Was the attack of November 13, 2015 terrorism?  Or was it state-sponsored terrorism?  Maybe Hollande has an answer.   Ziad Abu Fadel.


 (From Nikola Proevski)

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

False Flag Alert [1] ~ The Paris Terrorist Attacks, “9/11 French-Style”, “Le 11 septembre à la française”


The aim, all too obvious, is to have an incontrovertible and very strong excuse, needed for a direct Western military intervention on Syrian soil, to counter the Russian anti-terrorism operations (that are putting in serious difficulty the gangs of “moderate terrorists” backed by the Western military intelligence to oppose the legitimate government in Damascus).

A plan like the Libyan one, but in a version more complicated because of the Syrian resistance and the Russian intervention. The dirty manual labor (as for the 9/11) is always wahhabi/jihadist, of the most rude and ignorant species, but always directed by the same lobbies.

What changes is that all of us already know this game, and even more is known in Moscow, Tehran and Beijing. Because for the question “Cui Prodest” there is only one answer, that as crazy as it sounds, is unfortunately the only one realistic.
(By SFP-WP-SyrianPatriots)


Terrorist attacks have been carried simultaneously in several locations in the Paris metropolitan area, according to early report.

According to reports (at the time of writing) 100 people were killed in the Bataclan Concert Hall, when terrorists opened fire with automatic weapons. Another 15 were killed at the Stadium of France outside Paris.

Official reports at the time of writing (21.oo ET) point to more than 140 deaths. Our thoughts are with the family members of the victims, who have lost their loved ones.  

Global Research, November 14, 2015


Within minutes following the attacks, which were launched simultaneously, and prior to the release of a preliminary report by the police, France’s media went into overdrive. News commentators and intelligence analysts on France’s network TV stated with authority that the attacks emanated from Syria and Iraq.

The media coverage of these tragic events was casually linked up with the war in the Middle East, highlighting France’s commitment –alongside its allies– in waging a “humanitarian war” against the terrorists.

The Islamic State was identified as the architect of the attacks.

The attacks were described without evidence as an act of revenge and retribution against France for having bombed ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq as part of Obama’s counter-terrorism air campaign.


Paris Match on October 2nd predicted a French Style 9/11, “un 11 septembre à la française”.

The threat is real, according to Judge Trévédic in an interview with Paris Match.  ”The attacks in France will be on  a scale comparable to 9/11″ (see below)


None of the early news reports on November 13th, mentioned the fact that a large scale and well organized terrorist attack had been predicted. The title of the media report below is:

Intelligence services fear a 9/11 French Style”

Yet in a bitter irony the October report stated that these forthcoming attacks were difficult to avoid:  ”impossible a dejouer”, suggesting that French intelligence is inept and unable to prevent a forthcoming catastrophe.

What was the role of this media hype?

Create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation?


France’s president Francois Hollande no doubt was aware of the October warnings. He had been briefed by his intelligence advisers.

Shortly before midnight local time on November 13, president François Hollande announced drastic police state measures against an alleged terrorist network operating nationwide.

It is highly unlikely, however, that Hollande took this decision spontaneously in the evening of November 13, on the spur of the moment in response to the attacks and prior to the holding of a cabinet meeting.  The decision to enact a State of Emergency had no doubt been envisaged in advance of the attack in relation to a potential terrorist attack scenario.

As we recall, the last time a State of Emergency was enacted was in May 1961 in response to the Algiers putsch (Putsch d’Alger), a failed coup d’état to overthrow President Charles de Gaulle’s government.

His speech had the appearances of having been scripted –i.e with regard to the adoption of a State of Emergency, a far-reaching political decision:

My dear compatriots

As I speak, terrorist attacks of unprecedented proportions are underway in the Paris area. There are dozens killed, there are many injured. It is a horror.

We have, on my decision, mobilised all forces possible to neutralise the terrorists and make all concerned areas safe. I have also asked for military reinforcements. They are currently in the Paris area, to ensure that no new attack can take place.

I have also called a cabinet meeting that will be held in a few minutes. [the measures are announced before consultation with the Cabinet]

Two decisions will be taken: a state of emergency will be declared, which means that some places will be closed, traffic may be banned , and there will also be searches which may be decided throughout Ile de France (greater Paris). The state of emergency will be proclaimed throughout the territory (of France). 

The second decision I have made is to close the borders. We must ensure that no one enters to commit any crimes and that those who have committed the crimes that we have unfortunately seen can also be arrested if they should leave the territory. 

This is a terrible ordeal which once again assails us. We know where it comes from, who these criminals are, who these terrorists are. 

In these difficult moments, we must – and I’m thinking of the many victims, their families and the injured – show compassion and solidarity. But we must also show unity and calm.

Faced with terror, France must be strong, it must be great and the state authorities must be firm. We will be.

We must also call on everyone to be responsible.

What the terrorists want is to scare us and fill us with dread. There is indeed reason to be afraid. There is dread, but in the face of this dread, there is a nation that knows how to defend itself, that knows how to mobilise its forces and, once again, will defeat the terrorists.

French citizens, we have not completed the operations. There are still some that are extremely difficult. It’s at this moment that the security forces are staging an assault, especially in a place in Paris.

I ask you to keep all your trust in what we can do with the security forces to protect our nation from terrorist acts.

Long live the Republic and long live France.” (emphasis added)

France is under attack. We must defend ourselves.

The political discourse is in some regards reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks and the statements of George W. Bush et al.

The media immediately started comparing the November 13 attacks in Paris to 9/11.

Police State Measures

President Hollande had ordered by decree without debate or consultation with France’s National Assembly the enactiment of a State of Emergency throughout France, coupled with the closing of France’s borders allegedly to prevent terrorists from coming in, and from terror suspects from leaving the country.

The measures also included procedures which enable the police to conduct arbitrary arrests and house searches without a warrant within the Paris metropolitan area opening up the development of a potential hate campaign directed against France’s Muslim population.

These drastic police state measures (including the repeal of habeas corpus) ordered by president Hollande were decided upon prior and in the absence of a police report. Initial reports confirmed the involvement of half a dozen terrorists. There was no evidence of a nationwide network.

But as we mentioned above, Hollande had no doubt been briefed by French intelligence which had, according to reports, “predicted” the possibility of a 9/11 style attack. (October 2 media reports).

France had been heralded in Paris Match, October 2, 2015 as the Number One Target of the Islamic State, “a terrorist army with unlimited potential…” The threat and diverse forms it can take suggest that our counter-terrorist abilities are no longer effective as they used to be”


President Hollande assumed that jihadists were behind the attacks, but when he made his speech, there was no evidence from police sources to support his statements.

Moreover, with regard to the Bataclan Concert Hall where there were more than one thousand people at a Rock concert, the reports confirmed that there were four kamikaze terrorists, all of them were killed. As in the case of Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher Grocery Store terrorist attacks in January 2015, the terrorists were killed rather than arrested and indicted.

Was there an attempt on the part of the police to capture them alive?

Moreover, the media was held at bay, they were not allowed to report what was happening within the Concert Hall, they were prevented from talking to the witnesses underlying this tragic event.

Meanwhile a curfew was imposed.

President Obama made a declaration early in the evening (ET) largely sustaining the “war on terrorism” narrative:

THE PRESIDENT:  Good evening, everybody.  I just want to make a few brief comments about the attacks across Paris tonight.  Once again, we’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians.  This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.

We stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of France need to respond.  France is our oldest ally.  The French people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States time and again.  And we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

We’re going to do whatever it takes to work with the French people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice, and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people.

We don’t yet know all the details of what has happened.  We have been in contact with French officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded.  We have offered our full support to them.  The situation is still unfolding.

This is a heartbreaking situation.  And obviously those of us here in the United States know what it’s like.  We’ve gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves.  And whenever these kinds of attacks happened, we’ve always been able to count on the French people to stand with us.  They have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner, and we intend to be there with them in that same fashion.

… (emphasis added)

Obama is committed to helping the French people, in going after the terrorists.  France is a partner of  Obama’s bombing campaign initiated in August-September 2014 which theoretically is directed against the ISIS.

Hollande is described by Obama as an “extraordinary counterterrorism partner”. In turn, Hollande referring to the Islamic State says “We know where [Syria, Iraq] it comes from, who these criminals are, who these terrorists are”.

The clash of civilizations is implicit in Obama’s statement: “this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.”

Who is Behind the Terrorists? 

What the French media in its coverage of these tragic events fails to mention is that both the US and France, not to mention Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel are covertly supporting various Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist formations in Syria and Iraq including al Nusrah and the Islamic State.

France is the victim of the Islamic State, but at the same time the US and its allies including France are “State sponsors” of the Islamic state which is an Al Qaeda affiliated entity.

Lest we forget, the US has supported Al Qaeda and its affiliated organizations for almost half a century since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war.  CIA training camps were set up in Pakistan.  In the ten year period from 1982 to 1992, some 35,000 jihadists from 43 Islamic countries were recruited by the CIA to fight in the Afghan jihad.  Since the Reagan Administration, Washington has supported the Islamic terror network.

In recent developments in the Middle East, the terrorists are recruited and trained by the Western military alliance. NATO and the Turkish High Command have been responsible for the recruitment of ISIS and Al Nusrah mercenaries from the outset of the Syrian insurgency in March 2011. According to Israeli intelligence sources, this initiative consisted in:

“a campaign to enlist thousands of Muslim volunteers in Middle East countries and the Muslim world to fight alongside the Syrian rebels. The Turkish army would house these volunteers, train them and secure their passage into Syria. (DEBKAfile, NATO to give rebels anti-tank weapons, August 14, 2011.)


There are Western Special Forces and Western intelligence operatives within the ranks of the ISIS. British Special Forces, and MI6 have been involved in training jihadist rebels in Syria.

The Islamic State (ISIS), the alleged architect of the Paris attacks, was originally an Al Qaeda affiliated entity created by US intelligence with the support of Britain’s MI6, Israel’s Mossad, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP), Ri’āsat Al-Istikhbārāt Al-’Āmah ( رئاسة الاستخبارات العامة‎).


The ISIS brigades were involved in the US-NATO supported insurgency in Syria directed against the government of  Bashar al Assad. Since August-September 2014, they are the object of Osama’s counter-terrorism campaign. The evidence, however, amply confirms that ISIS is protected by the Western military alliance.

With regard to France, a Washington Post  2011 report entitled “France sent arms to Libyan rebels,” confirms the role of the French government in support of the Al Qaeda affiliated Libya Islamic fighting Group (LIFG).

French officials announced Wednesday that they had armed rebels in Libya, marking the first time a NATO country has said it was providing direct military aid to opponents [LIFG]… 

According to Tony Cartalucci (Global Research: January 8, 2015)

While Hollande’s predecessor, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy would be the one to set foot in decimated Libya in the wake of NATO’s intervention there – which included in addition to French arms sent to terrorists, French planes providing these terrorists air cover as they carried out atrocities and genocide – Hollande would continue policies enacted under Sarkozy, both in Libya, and currently in Syria.

In early 2013, France joined its coalition partners in sending weapons to jihadist rebels in Syria including the Al Qaeda affiliated Al Nusra Front which France’s Le Monde identified as “moderate”:

The UK Foreign secretary William Hague, and his French counterpart Lauren Fabius, are leading an isolated charge within the EU to lift a supposed arms embargo to self-described ‘rebels’, hitherto destroying Syria for over two years. Several underlying factors need to be addressed before these diplomatic (some would say military) manoeuvres are put into context.

Firstly, the most obvious issue with allowing the UK and France to freely arm ‘rebels’ of their choosing inside Syria is that this policy is against all international law, and will, as proven already to be the case, continue to vastly exacerbate the growing death toll and displacement in Syria. As the head of arms control at Oxfam noted: “Transferring more weapons to Syria can only exacerbate a hellish scenario for civilians. If the UK and France are to live up to their own commitments – including those set out in the new arms trade treaty – they simply must not send weapons to Syria.”

In recent developments, the ISIS and Al Nusrah have joined hands. (Philip Greaves, Under the Disguise of The “Battle against Terrorism”: The U.S., Britain and France Support “Al Qaeda in Syria”, Global Research, May 28, 2013

The evidence amply confirms that while Russia is targeting ISIS strongholds in Syria, the Western military alliance is supporting the Islamic State terrorists.

The notion that the Paris attacks was an act of retribution and revenge directed against France is questionable and contradictory inasmuch as the evidence confirms that France has been channelling weapons to jihadist rebels in Syria including Al Nusrah and ISIS.

Concluding Remarks

On November 13, France was the victim of a carefully organized terrorist attack in different locations in the Paris metropolitan area, resulting in more than 140 deaths. The Islamic State was identified as the architect of this criminal attack.

What is intimated in the media reports of these tragic events is that the jihadists are attacking France.

But at same time, the countries which claim to be the victims of terrorism including France are involved through their intelligence services in supporting terrorist organizations in the Middle East. It’s called America’s “Global War on Terrorism”.

This contradiction has to be meaningfully addressed at the political level. The Global War on Terrorism is a lie.

The state of emergency gives the police a green light to arrest on mere suspicion throughout France.

A telephone hotline is opened. Citizens  are invited to call and report anything which they consider suspicious.

Civil rights have been suspended.

Arbitrary arrests are occurring in Paris without warrant.

The attacks could potentially contribute to a new wave of Islamophobia.

R E L A T E D :

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~ False Flag Alert [3] ~ CIA Director Brennan Met With French Security Chief Before Paris Attacks – [Reports]

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~ Come sapremo se è un false flag


The original source of this article is Global Research
Copyright © Prof Michel Chossudovsky, 2015
Submitted by SyrianPatriots 
War Press Info Network at:

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  


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Damascus Declaration: Placing All Terrorist Orgs on Terror Lists, Facing Them

وزير الاعلام يتلو إعلان دمشق

A final statement was issued on Saturday, capping two days of activities within the International Media Conference against Terrorism held in Damascus.

Damascus conferenceThe statement, named “Damascus Declaration”, called for placing all of the terrorist organizations on the UN and international terror lists and considering them “a common enemy” to all countries and people of the world.

It demanded Security Council decisions and resolutions be issued to compel all countries to confront terrorism by all possible means and cut off support and funding support to terrorist organizations, SANA agency reported.

The Declaration called for launching a systematic regional and international action with cooperation and coordination among all the countries on the political, security and military levels to organize confronting the terrorist organizations and come to holding to account any country that provides any form of support to them.

Setting up an international legal system to prosecute the backers of terrorism and taking measures to ban media outlets from promoting the activities of terrorist organizations were focused on in the Declaration.

Among other demands was providing support for the countries and governments facing terrorism, mainly Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Algeria.

Drawing up a joint media work plan for spreading awareness of confronting takfiri thinking and refuting the so-called “Islamophobia” was also called for.

The Declaration did not lose sight of the Palestinian Cause, stressing that this issue will remain at the core of the ongoing conflict with Israel, designating the latter as “the most dangerous epitome of state terrorism.”

It stressed that the axis of the resistance is “the hope of the region’s countries” to get rid of injustice, repression, aggression and takfiri terrorism.

The participants in the conference announced the formation of a committee tasked with following-up on its outcomes as a prelude for launching an international media gathering against terrorism that would be based in Damascus.

At the end of the conference, the participants addressed a message to President Bashar al-Assad in which they hailed Syria’s “matchless steadfastness” in confronting the terrorist aggression, stressing that Syria, which is leading the war against terrorism, will remain the “haven of freedom-fighters in the world.”

Source: Agencies

26-07-2015 – 14:17 Last updated 26-07-2015 – 14:17

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Eric Draitser: « Algeria remains resolved to fight terrorism »

Eric Draitser photo1 (1)

Eric Draitser. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You studied the Libyan chaos case, how do you envisage the exit of crisis in this country?

Eric Draitser: Unfortunately there is no real solution to the chaos in Libya in the near future. The NATO terrorist war on that country effectively destroyed all political, economic, and social institutions such that any future government would have to spend tremendous time and resources rebuilding the country from the ground up. Considering that the so called « government » in Libya is little more than a political symbol rather than an effective state leadership, it is unlikely that there can be any concerted, cohesive strategy to rebuild the country and its institutions.

The important thing to remember is that Libya, a country with disparate groups that had been united under the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya government led by Col. Gaddafi, is for all intents and purposes, no longer a cohesive state. Rather, it is now a loose collection of tribes, armed gangs, terror networks, and criminal groups who control small pockets of territory and answer to local leadership. Essentially, NATO and its terrorist proxies destroyed the country and turned it into a failed state, one that is entirely incapable of reestablishing a functioning political entity.

Any hope of a future solution for Libya would rest with possible remnants of Gaddafi loyalists, combined with local tribal and ethnic groups centered in the South, to rekindle the resistance and effectively fight to return Libya to something resembling its pre-war self. But sadly, this may simply be impossible given current conditions.

Hillary Clinton is candidate in the US presidential election despite losing her ambassador when she was Secretary of State. Does the death of Christopher Stevens in Benghazi is not an obstacle to the candidacy of Clinton?

One of the most important things to remember about Americans in general, and American politics especially, is that people have a very short memory. While the Benghazi scandal has been somewhat damaging to Clinton because the Republican party and its media mouthpieces have kept the issue in the headlines, it really has not damaged her standing within her own party. Part of this is because of the pernicious impact of the corporate media, and part of this is simply that Americans generally don’t care about what happens in other countries unless it directly affects them. For instance, a very tiny fraction of American have any understanding of what the CIA was doing in Benghazi, about arms trafficking and terrorist recruitment for the war in Syria, about the role of Belhadj and the presence of ISIS in the country. For the vast majority of Americans, they probably don’t even remember that there was a war on Libya waged by Obama and his European counterparts.

Ultimately, Clinton will be able to run her campaign without fear of Benghazi hurting her too much. There is no real questioning of US policies, especially foreign policy in our so called elections. Instead, there is merely debate about tactics. The imperialist warmongering is beyond reproach, and in that regard, Clinton is well versed.

Did Libya today become a new terrorist sanctuary which threatens the countries of the Maghreb and Sahel, before attacking Europe?

Yes, it absolutely has become a terrorist sanctuary, and this is no accident. It must be recalled that the US recruited and unleashed well-trained, well-financed Al Qaeda terrorist groups such as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) to wage war against Gaddafi and the Libyan government, destroy the state, and establish their control over the country. Abdelhakim Belhadj, leader of the LIFG, even became the military commander of Tripoli until he was asked to « join the political process. » Now he is considered the leader of ISIS in Libya. So, a US asset for years is unleashed on Libya and then magically becomes the head of ISIS, all within 4 years? This is beyond coincidence, beyond simply chance.

Moreover, the US knew perfectly well that, in the case of a regime change scenario, stockpiles of Libyan weapons would flood the region and fall into the hands of many factions, from Tuareg rebels in Mali, to so called Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the criminal/terror networks associated with Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The imperialists understood completely that a regime change in Libya would be a destabilization of the entire Sahel/Maghreb region, and they were very pleased with such an outcome. This is what I call the « Managed Chaos » strategy, and it has worked quite well.

How do you analyze the current situation in Syria and in Iraq with the strong comeback of Daesh?

The situation right now is complex. While on the one hand ISIS (Daesh) has been resurgent in Syria and Iraq, the reason is because of the renewed international campaign against Syria. Turkey has escalated its support for terror groups along the Syria-Turkey border, while Nusra has been entrenched in the Qalamoun Mountains, Zabadani, and elsewhere fighting against both the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah. There has also been renewed support from the Saudis, Jordan, Israel, and others that has allowed the terrorists in Syria to regain the initiative. But luckily they have been pushed back and, in some case, routed by the Syrian-Hezbollah forces. As of now the situation remains more or less stable with the Syrian government having withstood the onslaught from ISIS and Nusra and now delivering its own counter attacks.

There have been reports, and I have written about them, that other regional players, most especially Iran, has gotten directly involved militarily in defending Syria from Turkey and its terrorist proxies. This is the key element of the story in Syria, whether or not the foreign elements backing the terrorists will back down in the face of continued defense, or whether they will further escalate. Only time will tell.

As for Iraq, here the situation is in some ways more complex. The US continues to play a key role in destabilizing the country by arming favored Sunni and Kurdish factions outside the authority of Baghdad. This is causing a further sectarian divide in the country which is precisely what the US would like to see. This is the de facto partition of the country which is part of the broader US strategy which is centered on the idea of checking Iranian influence by weakling the Shia and setting them against the Sunni and Kurdish elements.

Saudi Arabia which equips and finances the international terrorism has put Algeria on the blacklist of the countries which support the terrorism. Yet, the Algerian army has recently shot down a very dangerous terrorist group and fights against terrorism for years, Algerian State having pleaded for criminalizing the payment of the ransoms. What do you think about it?

The Algerian state has been under assault for Al Qaeda and other terror groups for a long time. Of course only the In Amenas terror attack is remembered by many, but actually the war against terrorism in Algeria stretches back more than 20 years. As such, the government of Algeria must understand clearly the dangerous threat that Saudi Arabia poses as they are the principal financiers and patrons of the terror groups, including AQIM and many others. The robust nature of Algerian military and police structures have enabled the country to remain steadfast in the face of the continued terror war. Perhaps it’s the legacy of the heroic revolutionary struggle against colonialism and imperialism waged by the Algerian people that give them such resolve in the face of a prolonged terror campaign. Perhaps it’s the nationalistic pride that has led to such vigorous self-defense. No matter the reason, Algeria remains resolved to fight terrorism at all costs, and that is precisely the reason it is demonized by the Saudis.

You are an American anti imperialist activist; can we know what the impact of anti imperialist actions is in the United States?

I wish I could answer this question positively, but I simply cannot. The sad truth is that very few people in the US even have a basic understanding of what the US does internationally, let alone view it as imperialism. The sort of analysis and activism I’m involved in is simply not paid attention to in the US. It is almost completely ignored, marginalized, and viewed as irrelevant. With the political system controlled by powerful corporations and billionaires, the corporate media controlled by the same interests, and the military-industrial complex continuing to churn out weapons and foment wars, anti-imperialism is unfortunately almost non-existent.

What tools have the anti-imperialist movements and organizations to counter the imperialist domination plans?

What we try to do is to educate people to show them how what the US is doing all over the world is connected to the broader imperial agenda. We try to make the connection between Palestine, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Congo, Yemen, Somalia, and many other conflicts, all of which are, at their root, caused by the global imperial system. We try to penetrate the media as much as possible, both the alternative and non-western media, in order to counter the narrative presented in the corporate media which serves the Empire, rather than opposing it. We stay active on social media, trying to spread the word as much as we can. It is a long and difficult struggle that, sadly, does always feel very successful.

Is your organization « Stop imperialism » based in the United States under pressures of the imperialist and Zionist lobbies?

To be honest, there is very little pressure from such groups, mainly because independent media is almost completely marginalized and ignored in the US. There have been a few minor cyber attacks against the website, but it hasn’t been too significant. Mainly, the sort of censorship experienced in the US is not overt censorship, but rather simply censorship by omission. We’re not given access to major media; therefore we don’t matter for most people.

You are interested in the Palestinian question, what is your opinion on the situation of the Palestinian people and on the suffering it endures for decades in front of silence of the international community?

The Palestinian people have experienced, and continue to experience every day, the worst sort of oppression and subjugation at the hands of the Zionists, this much is clear. They have had their land, their resources, their livelihoods and their very right to existence essentially taken away from them. This much is clear and indisputable. But what makes matters worse is that many of the countries that have influence in Gaza and the West Bank, and many of the countries that claim to support them, are very much in bed with the Israelis and only use the Palestinians as human props for their own political and public relations agenda. In this way, the Palestinians are double victimized, first by Israel, then by all their supposed « allies ».

In addition, in my view the Palestinians also suffer from a politically confused leadership which either collaborates with Tel Aviv (i.e. the Palestinian Authority and Abbas) or is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia (Hamas). The leadership has thoroughly betrayed its longtime supporters in Syria and Iran, and effectively isolated itself politically by siding with the imperialists and their regional attack dogs, rather than with the Resistance Axis.

It is a dark time for the Palestinians. Until they realize that only through solidarity and alliance with the forces of resistance, rather than the forces of collaboration, will their liberations ever be won… until that point, the Palestinians will continue to suffer.

Interview realized by Mohsen Abdelmoumen


Eric Draitser is an American independent geopolitical analyst and founder

His written work has appeared in many publications both in the US and internationally, and has been translated into more than a dozen languages. Draitser is based in New York City.

Published in Oximity, July 16, 2015:

In Whatsupic:


Once upon a time May 8, 1945 in Algeria

Original in French on

On the morning of May 8, 1945, at the call of AML (Friends of the Manifesto and Liberty, Ferhat Abbas) and PPA (Algerian People’s Party), several northern cities Constantine are preparing to celebrate the Allied victory and show for the first time the Algerian flag. In Setif, that May 8 is a weekly market day, and tens of thousands of Algerians gathered in the streets to lay a wreath at the monument to the dead of the city. Algerians who have paid a heavy price in the war against the Nazis, want to honor their dead and claim their right to independence. The canes, sticks, knives, and any form of weapon is banned the procession led by the Algerian Muslim Scouts and schoolchildren to mark the peaceful aspect of the march. Scouts foregoing holders of Allied flags. Among them, the Scout Aïssa Cheraga proudly wears the Algerian flag. Banners proclaim “Free Algeria”, “Down with colonialism”, “We are your equals”. Algerians walk singing Min Djibalina (From our mountains), also claiming the liberation of their country. The prefect of Constantine, Lestrade Carbonnel, had given the day before to local authorities the order to fire on those who fly the Algerian flag.

 Arrival in height Coffee France, the event is stopped by the Commissioner Olivieri arrived on the scene with several armed officers soon joined by Europeans furious nationalist slogans and the holder of the Algerian flag was manhandled a policeman trying to snatch the flag. Another scout seized the emblem and rushes. A policeman and seeks the shade. Saal Bouzid, 21, is the first martyr of the massacre that devastated the entire region for two months and that cost the lives of tens of thousands of Algerians. The demonstration turned into a riot and then the carnage, the settlers shoot balconies, windows, coffee terrace, because the gendarmerie drove into the crowd, mowing down people in its path. A bare hands, Algerians are attacking their turn to armed Europeans. Dizains of demonstrators were killed or wounded. The state of siege and curfew were introduced. Martial law was declared and weapons are distributed to Europeans. The army, the police, the gendarmerie and the militia patrol Muslim neighborhoods and massacred without mercy. 10,000 Algerians were arrested and herded into the barracks of Setif in the worst conditions, suffering torture and starvation. According to testimony, the tortures practiced by the Commissioner Olivieri and his henchmen had nothing to envy to the worst abuse practiced by the Gestapo: electricity in the genitals, “bathtub”, which was to plunge the prisoner’s head in water dirty, the body bent by a staff around which were bound feet and wrists, forcing the sufferer to sit on a bottle, etc.
 The same day at Guelma, another peaceful demonstration with Algerian flags and allies is interrupted by the sub-prefect André Achiary. Warned of the events at Setif, he opened fire on the procession: 4 Algerians are killed, no Europeans are affected. Again, the curfew is decreed and as in Setif, the settlers are armed and formed into militia. They engage in pogroms against the Algerians with incredible ferocity. People gathered in the streets, loaded onto trucks and summarily executed. Slayer Communists and Gaullists during World War I, converted into Gaullist like most French after the war Achiary, future head of the OAS (Organization of the Secret Army), practice torture and murder in Algeria zeal.
The repression of the demonstrations of May 8 in Setif and Guelma is so fierce it leads to a thirst for revenge among Algerians because the new killings in Setif and Guelma spreads like wildfire. The call to revolt spreads across eastern Algeria and the insurgency spreads. Farmers take their revenge by torching public buildings: post offices, Justice of Peace, courts, etc.
There is no event scheduled to Kherrata, peaceful mountain town near the sea, but the news of the massacre of Setif reached the same day. The Europeans hide with guns in a fortress. The town crier is charged by the colonial to announce the curfew administration, but on the contrary it calls the entire population of the neighboring villages to gather in Kherrata. 10,000 people flock at dawn in the center of the village and work together to adopt a line of defense against the Europeans. They cut the telephone lines and looking for weapons in court and in the houses of settlers, three of which were burned. The colonial administrator and magistrate were killed. The 500 Europeans entrenched in the fortress opened fire on the crowd waved Algerian flags. Algerians flow back to the mountain and attempt to block the advance of the French army with some guns, but the revolt was quickly suppressed. The armored cars of the French army strafed populations Kherrata and surrounding villages, the air force and navy bombard.
General Duval in charge of suppressing the insurgency gathers all available troops, two thousand men of the Foreign Legion, tabors Moroccan, Senegalese riflemen and even German and Italian prisoners. The French aviation mobilizes 28 planes to bomb Babor, with 20 raids a day. Triumphant and cruisers Duguay-Trouin derive more than 800 shells throughout the region from the Gulf of Bejaia. Legionaries and settlers constituted by death squads ransack houses, raping women, slay old men, infants erupt head against the walls. Entire families were burned alive in their home. The aviation, armor, artillery, navy, shelling, bombing and burning of villages. Urban militias of Guelma are evaluated 3,000 men. In one month, the sub-prefect Achiary and settlers scum kill Algerians between 2000 and 3000 just in the Guelma region. Thousands of Algerians are crammed into trucks and unloaded from the buckets at the bottom of the gorges of Kherrata. The villages of Amoucha, Abaffa Ain Beni Fouda, Ain Roua, Beni Aziz, Ain El Kebira Bouandas and are martyred. 6000 peasants are grouped in Beni Aziz over 700 are executed by the militiamen. 100 others are missing and were never found. A Ain El Kebira, more than 600 Algerians were massacred by the legionaries and Senegalese. At Kef El Boumba, a testimony reported seeing French lower five truck for water and fuel burn brightly on the road. Hamlets, such Bourgazene, Beni Bezez and other douars are wiped off the map. The livestock are stolen and provisions of the peasants who are already malnourished are burned or confiscated. Even where there was no subversive action, as in Bordj Bou Arréredj, the militia murdered mercilessly. For ten days, the rush shot corpses are burned continuously in lime kilns Lavie Heliopolis to conceal all traces. The East of Algeria is an outburst of murderous madness that lasts several weeks. The liberated France sows death by land, air, sea, among the poor douars and the thousands of people who roam the mountains to escape the army and the colonial militia.

The massacres committed in May and June 1945 in Sétif, Kherrata, Guelma, Jijel, Annaba, Fedj M’zala, etc. against civilians, men, women and children, under the orders of the general Henry Martin occupation army, army chief in North Africa, and Raymond Duval, direct heirs of the marshals of the Empire which exterminated and practiced enfumades (method of suffocating hundreds of refugees in caves) in the nineteenth century and brought back to their Emperor thousands of Algerians ears are still not recognized for what they are: real genocide. Hundreds of mass graves that dot the Algeria show indisputable genocidal practice on the part of colonial France, its liberal politicians, socialists and communists, its military and its civilian militias. For two months, the French military was unleashed against families who sent their son to Monte Cassino in Italy and therein are distinguished by their bravery by giving victory to the Allied forces.

When they return from the war in which they had shown their courage and victories they had obtained, the Algerian soldiers engaged against Nazi Germany unaware of the massacres committed by France to their people. They had been kept in total ignorance of events. It must be remembered that nearly 150,000 Algerians fought Nazi Germany during the French administration and the settlers of Algeria supported the Vichy regime. In France, many Algerians have engaged in the Resistance, and many workers practicing sabotage in factories for blocking the German advance were killed, but no tribute was made to them. To recap, May 15, 1940, during the violent fighting in the Ardennes The Horgne, Algerian Spahis delayed the Nazi march to France for 10 hours with only one antitank gun to face the fierce 1Panzer German Division, killing hundreds Germans and destroying twenty vehicles. Surrounded and out of ammunition, they hopped on their horses and charged with bayonets against tanks in an ultimate sacrifice, forcing the Germans to make their honors at the end of the battle. Also in the first lines and provided with an obsolete weapons, no training, the Algerian infantry confronted the Afrika Korps of Rommel and his Italian allies in the desert Tunisia and released in 1943. In Italy, they defeated the troops elite Kesselring at Monte Cassino, allowing the Allies to cross the Gustav Line on which they were breaking the teeth for months, and opening the road to Rome. Landed in St Tropez August 16, 1944, they released Toulon and Marseilles, towards the north of France to chase the Germans in the Jura and the Vosges, the continuing through Alsace during the offensive on 14 November. Without leave since August, losses were heavy, many had been wounded or sick, but they managed to release Strasbourg. On 9 February 1945, they chased the Germans from Alsace, tracking them through the Black Forest to arrive in Stuttgart on April 25, 1945. The reward survivors a pension reduced to a third of what is collected by French veterans, the non-recognition, forgetfulness and contempt. In French cemeteries where these brave fallen in battle are based, their graves are desecrated today cockroaches who dare to tag the swastikas and other rubbish, while these men sacrificed themselves for France while most the French were working happily with the German occupiers.

After two months of Muslim hunt” that has left tens of thousands dead and missing whose number is estimated at 45,000 – a figure confirmed by the US consul-general in Algiers the colonial army organizes ceremonies submission collective in large gatherings where people terrorized by a display of force and threat of extermination must worship the french flag and repeat in chorus: “We dogs and Ferhat Abbas is a dog.” This is the price that stops the bloodshed that flooded throughout eastern Algeria. It was then that General Duval says General Martin, recognizing how these words had been savage and relentless repression conducted against the Algerian people, “I have given you peace for ten years. If France does nothing, everything will start again and worse. “

The French regime keeps receivership archives concerning Algeria to avoid disclosing the many crimes and genocides France has committed throughout its colonial history. Nevertheless, we have the precious testimony of survivors that we must transcribe and preserve, because they are the living memory of Algeria. This is our only way of knowing our own history and to future generations. Instead of giving lessons of “human rights” and “democracy” to the whole planet, the French regime should release it hides archives for decades. Ment of France on his stinking story for ages, she prefers to canonize the marshals and generals of war criminals by “panthéonisant” Invalides and render honors to the heads of the OAS and buddies Petain rather than acknowledge that genocide it committed in Algeria. We do not write history with an eraser. It is impossible to build any relationship with France as we have not solved the historical dispute

General Duval was wrong a year because nine years later, the Children of November came uproot the monstrous colonial regime and bring Algeria to the freedom and independence that we Algerian patriots, continue to defend so that the son and daughters of Algeria might live free, study, work, and keep a dignity that our people have paid the highest price. We have not forgotten and we are proud of our history and the sacrifice that our people have agreed to free himself. Our mission is to wave the iron against anyone who threatens to destroy the work of our martyrs, because the sense of history requires to fight against all injustice. The privileged few blinded by money and ill-gotten gains that bathe in amnesia thus rehabilitate colonialism. By his actions, each of us will face history, and if some “gooks” prostitute with France, we, the patriots, expecting nothing offshoots of the OAS which we suggest to stop believing that Algeria is in their boots because some nostalgic status of “raccoon” signed a pact with the devil. France’s past is tainted with blood and she has no right to speak of honor, nor his slaves who imagine directing Algeria. A recent squatting Democratic Republic of Algeria, diversions truce and the entertainment coming to the rescue of a dying power that already belongs to the past and does not represent the Algerian nation! We support that Algeria will improve only with political power integrated and respectful of the shed blood for their country, capable of providing green horizons to his children and not transformed into the Mediterranean Sea Large Marine cemetery. Like our ancestors fought colonialism, neocolonialism and we fight imperialism, and we will honor our martyrs by putting out of harm those who defile their memory. Patriotism has nothing to do with a checkbook and a bank account and I will continue to track to the end of my days betrayal and treachery that have distorted my country.

8 May 1945 is the founding date of the independence struggle of the Algerian people. The massacres in the cities of Setif, Guelma, Kherrata in my home region announced the start of the National Revolution of 1 November 1954 which marked the beginning of the destruction of the abject and criminal French colonialism in Algeria. The beautiful and rebellious Algeria will retain only the names of the valiant martyrs who died with honor for their country.

In the sweetness of May 1945, the nightingale began to sing, drunk with light and the scent of flowers. The trees were adorned with greenery and the sun shone in the sky. Suddenly, the flowers are stained red and the land of my ancestors has sip the blood of my people. The songbird fell silent to listen to the tortured screams that rose into the sky, plunging my country in a long despair which, a dark winter night, sprang the joyful radiance of the Odyssey of November. It was once the Revolution …

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

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France – Algeria: a Bloody History and Perverse Relationship

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Whatsupic – At the very salty bill abysmal record of 4 th term trade agreements with the losers for Algeria, plus a book that evokes embezzlement and money laundering ministers and other Algerian officials in office or retired ”  Paris-Algiers: a passionate story  , “journalists Christophe Dubois TF1 and Marie-Christine Tabet the Journal du Dimanche . Apart from any computation on time chosen for its appearance or who is behind this, why France, through TF1 Bouygues group CAC40, she released a book compromising on Algerian irresponsible leaders who do not yet have it refused anything, granting lucrative contracts and placing even French banks money stolen from the Algerian people? EUR 50 billion has been invested diverted in France!


The book is a scandal at all points of view in that it delivers the names of Algerian politicians in office, appointed by the president himself. So this is the whole political power is involved. The motivations of France only concern the French defending the interests of their country, but for us Algerian patriots, it is as if lightning had fallen on our heads. The shock is tough seeing our flag be on the cover of a French book that chronicles the fraudulent practices gangster who betrayed Algeria and defiled the memory of our martyrs thinking only of their personal interest and that of Gallic their masters. Algeria does not need a Lubitz to precipitate the country right against the rock wall, Bouteflika is enclosed in the cockpit and is in control, and only God knows where the black box. The book informs us that in June 2006, the current Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdeslam Bouchouareb, buddy Said Bouteflika and Ali Haddad paid the sum of 580,000 euros in cash and took a bridge loan for one year 600 000 for the purchase of two Parisian studios evaluated today to 3 million. The daughter of the Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal acquired at 28 two studios on the Champs-Elysées in the amount of EUR 860 000, Amar Saidani, Secretary General drabki sworn FLN has an apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine that he uses for his frequent visits to Paris and is inhabited by one of his daughters, the former Minister of the Mujahideen is installed in Lyon … Sellal, urging the people to be nationalist, should ask prior to her daughter to make money of the Algerian people, then we speak of nationalism. Certain information contained in this book were already known, except the amounts and mechanisms, it should be noted that the traceability of the Algerian money from French banks is totally ignored by them regardless of the laws. It is important to know these facts, but that it comes from the French press is a calamity in itself. Of course, the targeted individuals were silent, choosing to ignore the subject arrogantly as every time they are targeted. Who says silence is consent, the saying goes, but Said guard dogs and gang wheelchair immediately arose to trivialize the book that bothers them because they too have pecked in the manger. Those who criticize the book on the grounds that it says too much or not enough, just have to roll up their sleeves and investigate instead of commenting on the work of others. We are in the era of Snowden and Assange, not war the fire. Make investigations instead of waiting whether the French who do your job! Who is frança hizb (party of France) except those who have embezzled money and placed it in French banks? Everyone knows their face, the game is over. It is no use giving aspirin to a cancer to prolong his life. They are not asked to repeat the 1 st November, he must right the ship. All the names that appeared in this book should resign. What does the prosecutor in Algiers? Why does he not educated against these criminals? Who is imprisoned, except the little pickpocket Hassiba the street? One applies the law as the little people or journalists, like Abdessami Abdelhaï who made ​​a hunger strike as he is diabetic and whose immediate release on request! What has he done to be held in prison for two years without trial? A he embezzled billions as did the gang of the wheelchair? Justice must apply to everyone, including those who are sprawled around the Bouteflika chair. Are untouchable free? They, not the prison they deserve is the firing squad for aiding the enemy and treason! Shame on all those who push the dirt under the rug, including complicit press. It is the survival of our nation! I have no personal dispute with anyone and I do not write for a lot of land, or to please so and so. It is in the interest of the land of my ancestors. Fight the corrupt is a civic duty and the illegitimate president bedridden, Algerian Mugabe and his government rotten and traitors represent me in any way. My pen is always the lower side it wants to carry the voice of those who suffer and nobody listens.


One thing is to remember in this book, it is the concern of the French political circles about the Algerian intelligence services and their leader, to Lieutenant General Mohamed Mediène says Toufik. When Claude Gueant wanted to meet General Mediène Bouteflika bedridden made ​​him realize his irritation by serving “he had chosen his camp.” This is an unacceptable attitude and all the contortions made ​​by the minions and belly dancers of the current power will never be passed to oblivion. Filigree falls the shadow of “who” wanted to destabilize the DRS and “who” gave the order to Bouteflika to do it: France, which has always been hampered by our intelligence services. The information that I have delivered above are corroborated by the recent article by our colleague, Mrs Salima Tlemçani, published in El Watan it 16/04. This veteran journalist specializing in security affairs and very knowledgeable regarding our army ANP (National People’s Army) has revealed the details of the operation of the presidential clan and dirty money that targeted the DRS. Article of great importance, especially in this extremely dangerous situation, is instructive, revealing the machinations of the presidential clan around the 4 th term and the assault he led against the army and the DRS that hold records compromising the clan dirty money. This article confirms that at the top of the state raging a war trenches that weakens the country with very serious blows against our intelligence services. The danger is immense. When is the DRS, it can be useful as enemies of Algeria. The worm is in the fruit to deliver the country to all external forces who want to run, but as our colleague said, the DRS will remain a bone in the throat of the clan of dirty money and will continue to fear because our intelligence services know all about their schemes. The mafia clan of Bouteflika and Co. is playing a dangerous game and it exceeded all red lines by attacking what remains stable in Algeria, namely the military and spine, DRS . This is not Said Bouteflika nor Ali Haddad who guard our borders are our soldiers, our police, our officers and all the common people. Division threaten our military and our intelligence services or to weaken them is a punishable crime. There must be those who attack them out of harm’s way.


The Bouteflika of Algeria participated in the April 13, through its foreign minister, at a summit of hypocrites in Barcelona on the fight against terrorism, organized by the European Union has always supported the terrorists who bleed countries Arabs, in the presence of the Zionist entity of Israel killing the Palestinian people. That’s where we have brought the reign of Bouteflika. Dare say the Algerian people you participate in meetings with Israel, traitors band! Where are your offshore televisions to comment this information? Why are you hiding? Take off the masks and shoot outs! This gesture has only one goal: the normalization of relations between Algeria and Israel, which is part of the deal passed by Bouteflika clan with the French who subcontract for Israeli Zionists. These are the result of agreements concluded between Val Said Bouteflika, the French regime represented by the head of the DGSE Bernard Bajolet and Israeli Mossad agents. Shame on those who are silent and focus on their conscience betrayal suffered by Algeria. Our country is suffocating between Pakistanization proposed by the Americans who want to award us the rustic-garde role of the Sahel and the addiction to France which regulates the gooks and yes-yes eager to rehabilitate colonialism. For today, the French neocolonialism back in force, to the point that Jean-Pierre Raffarin, senator of Vienne, a simple French senator without any official position with regard to Algeria, was received with great pomp by the President bedridden by his Prime Minister, the President of the Council and the presidents of the two Chambers. When will visit Algeria for partnership “win-lose” the mayor of Montcuq famous French village for the canning his air? This is a project that should please Saïdani and Haddad, those who have only selling wind the Algerian people. Who in the clan, will offer to walk Philae, the dog of the president to fly open, Francois Hollande, said Flamby? Then it will be hyper strategic visit of President of Lesotho and Mozambique, these African countries to which we have suffered a slap in the face in an event such as the organization of the African Football Cup. Irresponsible FAF (Algerian Football Federation) headed by Mohamed  Raouraoua former salesman movie tickets become boss of the FAF , and e Sports Minister Mohamed  Tahmi and those who appointed them, are responsible for the humiliation of Algeria in Cairo and the deprivation of the organization of the CAN (African Cup of Nations). A fiasco that adds to the long list of Bouteflika power failures and wild horde. Those who are blind do not see that Algeria lost its regional prestige, because it can have no role with a mummified president who does not participate in any meetings or international business. As proof, the countries of the Arab League, Organization puppet to boot Saudis and Qataris and we do not stop to ask for the dissolution, said that Algeria had no president since he was dead. Algeria has fallen so low that populated archaic monarchies illiterate Bedouin camel drivers are used to bully us. Add to this the humiliation we inflicted Saudi Arabia during repatriation high risk of Algerians and other North African nationals stranded in Yemen, and that the Algerian political power denied by wearing the hat to a sandstorm for do not say a stray camel. The slide is total. It is not regression, but a real disintegration. We lost on all counts and suffer stagnation that reflects the situation inside the country, paralyzed by an Algerian political power incapable of producing prospects. Result: the equation of large, Algeria does not matter. 16 years in power, 16 years of mismanagement. That is the conclusion of Abdelaziz Bouteflika as head of Algeria.


How is it that Senator Raffarin offers to give her address book to Ali Haddad, president of the Algerian employers’ association? Strange abnegation of France which proposes reducing contracts in Algeria by dangling the Chinese market, putting “generously” aside the competition aspect. This is a friend who wishes us well! Algeria has not expected France to sign agreements with China, which is present on our soil for years. President François Hollande said he would end Françafrique, but he has not promised and that has never been held? We see instead that Françafrique starts over again via multiple trips Raffarin in Algeria and work parallel diplomacy, she even an address here. Another broken promise of “the man with the scooter” which has lost all credibility in his country but from Algeria, the former colony of France. The influence of France is always made ​​via Raffarin and his well-established network in Algeria, it is the black box of Françalgérie device although it is not socialist, it is up to Sarkozy’s UMP chasing the Muslims of France. No matter where it comes from, who heads the Socialist Party of France is not looking and has no problem using the main channel of the same Françalégrie if it is right. This is called having all the trumps Raffarin and defends the interests of his country while winning contracts and imposing its agenda to a dying power. Some will see a coincidence between the output of the scandal book and visiting Raffarin, even with the anniversary of the re-election of bedridden Abdelaziz Bouteflika. It does not matter, the key is that the book has appeared and that he has information. If those targeted feel defamed, they go to court against TF1 and JDD , that they will never do, of course, because this book reveals only a small drop in the ocean of corruption, embezzlement, money laundering, which are guilty Algerian officials. France is negotiating from a position of strength and Algeria being lowered on a wheelchair. Which represents the interests of Algeria against the pest neocolonialism and new harkis these gooks colonized uninhibited? I ask again: who defends Algeria, this cow orphans as traitors to the blood sucking? The book talks about “passionate relationship,” but rather a repeated rape throughout a perverse sadomasochistic relationship where both parties interact in perfect complicity. On the eve of May 8, 45, when the genocide of France in Algeria, Algerian President receives French senator who behaves like a overseas governor. 70 years later, the crime remains etched in the memory of Algeria but is mentioned in any textbook of history in France, because the French have always considered the Algerians as subhuman. Unfortunately, some of these subhumans now claim the status of pups and colonized, and evidence abound. For example, the Renault Symbol has made ​​a “flop” in Algeria is supported by the Algerian government to please the French masters. Bank credit will be reintroduced to encourage Algerians to buy this piece of junk that nobody wants. We also saw how the Algerian Prime Minister and his ministerial delegation were received at the airport by a former MP and simple French Secretary of State hunting held in defiance of any protocol. A politician worthy of the name, which is responsible for more than a corporate function, would have turned around and climbed into the plane forthwith to go home. The current Algerian government is returning to his father, French colonialism, and it can not be done by betraying the memory of our martyrs. No need to fold our ears with external threats. We know who the fifth column, the Trojan neocolonialism and imperialism, and we also know that they are capable of anything. Mr Raffarin gives us the word, we are announcing the coming of the French Secretary of State for Veterans Affairs to commemorate with us a 8 May 45 that France never recognized. Algeria does not need the presence of an insignificant Secretary of State that will certainly greeted with full honors by Bouteflika who will try to move his left hand so that we know he is still alive while who, as usual, a microphone to Michael Jackson and U2 way amplifiers. This is called foutage of mouth. We the people, we have never forgotten our martyrs and your official commemorations belong to the collective memory of the Algerian people, not the rotten clan Bouteflika.


With the support of Senator Raffarin, Ali Haddad immediately unveiled his so-called economic plan for Algeria, he pompously called “Plan Emergence Algeria” and should be renamed “plan Algeria Emergency” since claiming the full opening of the public to the private sectors, including the maritime and air transport as well as hydrocarbons, this individual provides the country with all multinationals will become one bite of our wealth. This Haddad rehashing our ears with the privatization of the public sector that has yet made ​​his fortune, and his teachers or chikours Bouteflika of the dynasty even privatized the notion of patriotism. Those who dare to criticize their delirium harmful to the nation are accused of all evils and do not get their patent patriots. It must be said that in the eyes of these thugs, patriotism is an inexhaustible goodwill, but for us, being a patriot is in our genes. Patriotism is our sap and we do not perceive any commission, thank you God! But who takes what Haddad? For the president of the republic? Does someone can explain to me how the president of an employers’ association can determine a country’s economic policy? This same Ali Haddad I fought with an article that made ​​him tremble in which I unveiled its purchase of the Palace Hotel in Barcelona and the factory Kerafrit Spain and attacks me in the halls of Algiers concierge rumors, I tell him that if he is a man, he enters the arena to face me openly and ceases to play the gossips. I take the Algerian people to witness which of us has plundered in Algeria? Haddad before reaching the summits of the CFE, it was only two wheelbarrows and flew the sand in Tizi Ouzou. I inform again the Algerian people, especially the patriots, the Italian company Rizzani de Eccher , partner of the ETRHB HADDAD , is linked to the Italian mafia. Everything related to the construction in Italy is entirely in the hands of the mafia. According to its own figures, Rizzani de Eccher has increased its 603 million backlog in 2013 with the construction of a penetrating in the East-West highway kills Algerian daily. The estimate of the Italian Group for the slip road RN77 Porto Djen Djen – El Eulma (110 km) amounted to 1.375.000.000 €, with a share of 48% of the market, the remaining shares being shared between ETRHB HADDAD, EPE / SPA and SAPTA . The laying of the foundation stone was carried out by Abdelmalek Sellal August 15, 2013 with a clear timetable of 36 months. It is worth mentioning that this project has stalled and the Wali of Jijel was forced to organize on 8 April, a meeting on the progress and delays encountered in the project, hoping to start work. It seems that this is the group of companies that need to mobilize the necessary resources on the open sections. What can a simple wali, even of good will and good manager as it is, before the empire Haddad? Given that the majority of local constraints were lifted, the Director General of Roads, Ministry of Public Works said the ball was in the camp entreprisesqui grouping must provide the housing human and material resources to catch up on base the planning and pre timetable. Really? Because there are no men and machines deployed on the site? What are you, Ali Haddad? Moreover, the railway line Oued Tlélat-Tlemcen (160 km) has been attributed to the same Italian company for an amount of 1.300.000.000 €, with a share of 25%, in partnership with the company Condotte to Acque . Rizzani of Eccher was also awarded the construction of the University Hospital of Algiers, with Ali Haddad. How is it perceived in these markets, knowing that outsourcing is his hobby? Mr. Haddad, before trying to impose your will on the Algerian state, you should learn to meet deadlines and complete the work entrusted to your business, instead of taking you to Dr Mahathir to which you can not at the ankle. When will the delivery stage of Tizi Ouzou in the process of non-completion? In 2022, together with the World Cup in Qatar? Did you complete the repairs of motorway section in Bouira? Of course, one does not ask flies produce honey. You have more than ten companies in Italy, we went up the chain and we have all identified. The name of Haddad is so widespread in northern Italy that feels like in your hometown, Azino  ! And do not forget to pay your taxes as soon as possible! While you were still drive your wheelbarrow, I sent to hell your boyfriend Ghoul when he wanted to offer me a golden bridge. Other more influential than him and to which a redneck your species was not available at that time tried in vain. Yes, “Mr.” Haddad, we are not all like you marketable. The first lesson you have not learned in your life, it is humility and you seem to take you for an immortal. You forget that you’ll end up in a pit like everyone else, you, your boss and your masters. As for me, I have crossed swords with more powerful than you and I will not let you, as long as you and your masters pimps bleed my country with your shenanigans, and you attack my person with gossip and not the argument. You had your fifteen minutes of fame, but expect the backlash. Everything is known, Ali Haddad! Too much light ends up burning wings, Ya mgamel (lousy)! ”  Dazzou Maahoum  “( type your head on the wall ), thieves strip! The blood of my grandfather was not paid by French paratroopers for bastards like you and your masters defile Algeria and emblem! I write for my ancestors and the one who is not happy slaps his head on the wall. Be cursed band traitors, lackeys of France, lickers boots! The filthy race of uninhibited colonized must be eradicated from our country, as we have eradicated terrorism.


Faced with an employers’ organization that wants to sell off, the UGTA (General Union of Algerian Workers) and its secretary general, by his silence, has once again shown that it does absolutely nothing and it is time to dissolve these mass organizations meeting rooms and applauding the master of the day, with crumbs thrown by power. Said Haddad and his master have a boulevard in front of them to offer Algeria to all multinationals in the world who will do what they want in our country. The collapse is total and there is no counterweight facing shark predation. So it’s not worth it to celebrate the 1 st of May, the party workers that the UGTA represents more. The betrayal of the founding values ​​of the UGTA is consumed. The union martyr Aïssat Idir gave his life against colonial barbarism and the result is that this organization founded in pain and blood is caporalisée by a privileged few who have tied their fate to the ephemeral power of the wheelchair with his back the whole history of the Algerian trade union movement. Shame on the traitors who betrayed the cause of the Algerian people! These martyrs of the Revolution are the true immortals because they gave their lives for an idea, light years of Mr. Tar, Mr. Sugar and Mr. Potato Head. Who will remember you, which you take to the Pharaohs by crushing the people?


Said Bouteflika, follower of the sadomasochistic relationship with his friend the former consul of Morocco in Paris, conveys through Louisa Hanoune, it will not be the successor of his brother. Hallelujah! Louisa Hanoune, the woman who saw the man who saw the bear who saw the bear gave us the info of the century with Said’s confidences. A diversion over which symbolizes forfeiture of the presidential clan. But who will believe Said Bouteflika? “I do not know what a man, I know that its price”, said Brecht. We know yours, Mr. Said Bouteflika and it is very expensive to Algeria. Abdelaziz Bouteflika has he not said in a famous speech ”  Tab jnana “ (our generation passes the baton) before to run for his 4 th term, sequestering and castrating any future for Algeria, propelling celle- latter in a wheelchair? We face the monsters that Gramsci resurfaced and these watches are called – among others – Said the sadomasochistic, Haddad the two wheelbarrows, became a billionaire by the grace of the clan, the Saïdani drabki whose party is still in illegality, and others. Citizens of the wilaya of Setif who experienced 8 but 45 Saïdani hosted by bombarding with eggs, and he still dares open the spout. What a shame that omelettes do not kill! Algeria is an oil country where motorists line up for hours at gas pumps when they do not return empty-handed. Algerian motorists, arm yourself with patience, Youcef Yousfi, Minister of Energy promised that the problem will be solved in … 2020! Mr. Yousfi a question, will you still be there in 2020? Countries have built nuclear research and us, we import bread. The Algeria, long considered the breadbasket of Africa, has become dependent on the import of his own food in the hands of irresponsible governing it. All this grotesque comedy debate about the merits of liquor where Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal disavowed his trade minister, Amara Benyounès. This does not preclude the Minister of Trade to continue to lick boots Bouteflika and declare that his balance is positive, trying to convince us that the president does not run in Algeria with his feet but with his head and he perfectly manages the affairs of state. Minion, always a stooge! Benyounès be achieved amnesia like many of his peers because he has not qualified one day Bouteflika power “power killer”? What would not you do for the appeal of a well-stocked bank account? El hargma  (the great food) forget everything! Wearing the subject of the liquor trade in religious terms, not in the economic field, it is neither more nor less than to please the monopoly barons. As in the 80s, the Salafists have been exploited in this case alcohol to occupy the minds. Yet another farce in which we use the useful idiots who did not say a word about the corruption scandals, the looting of the nation, state bankruptcy, vacancy, shale gas, etc. For them, plundering Algeria is halal (lawful), but beware of the one who touches alcohol! The Salafists, who forgot that the Algerians have not expected them to be Muslims, are the world champions on issues of morality side by drowning the fish in the religious sphere in order to save their friends clan dirty money and bazaar economy they are allies and zealous. Survival of hypocrites that are Salafists is the breath of fresh air from Bouteflika clan, since both help each other in the way people look the important topics. And here we are plunged back into the 80s with the crisis of oil and instrumentalization of Islamist movement against the company and against the people. And why not, after all? We have seen that bastard terrorist Mezrag Madani, head of the terrorist group AIS (Islamic Army of salvation, the armed wing of the FIS) affirm the offshore television sets held by beggara (horse dealers) , it killed with his own hands Algerian soldiers. This criminal was not worried, quite the contrary, he was received by President Ahmed Ouyahia for advice in order to build the new version of the Constitution of the People’s Democratic Republic. In each Algerian family, there is a soldier, a policeman or a gendarme who looks this terrorist bragging for killing our brothers, our sisters, our cousins, our son and daughters. And nobody closes him up? This is certainly not the corrupt power of Bouteflika and his brother who can silence the assassin who boasts not repent of having committed murder. No respect for the grieving Algerians, this sinister individual was rewarded with a tchipa (biz) and features prominently in the import and import the economy of the bazaar. Under the reign of the power of Bouteflika, we saw everything, even summer schools organized by terrorists in the scrub! It is a fact to be recorded in the annals of mankind and other malfeasance of 4 th term. In a strong state that respects itself, this kind of rowdy for a wrong word, was immediately punished.


By the way, where is this famous piece of the new Constitution? Some people swear by all the gods they have seen it, others say it does not exist. A she was stolen as the rest? To the point where we are, knowing that we have compulsive kleptomaniac anti-national power, nothing surprises us. What does this political power passed into sixteen long years of domination over Algeria? The incompetence and mismanagement, is proved every day that God made. All sectors are in turmoil or stopped at In Salah the protests continue and the government navigates to the management of shale gas in the folder. No dialogue, disregard of southern citizens, autism, clan continues in his blindness as the danger is in the house. This is the 4th Algeria mandate. We have given up hope of seeing the culture of resignation to settle in our region. The country is stagnating, nailed in a wheelchair who does not obey the laws of time. A work of art may be timeless, but certainly not the wheelchair Bouteflika. It is noticed that everyone became spokesman of the President, the Speaker of the House, the Senate President, the head of government, the Saïdani drabki Amar Benyounès and even Louisa Hanoune that evokes her boyfriend Trotskyist Said Bouteflika is Trotskyist party to lead to the sado-masochists relationships and various malpractices. Saïdani seems to suffer from verbal diarrhea that can rival that of Hanoune because they can not hear these days. Amid “Said told me,” Louisa Hanoune claims to know, without naming names, ministers who give in OTC markets to businesses and receive a percentage. Why does not she cites the names of ministers who pocket bribes? If she is concerned about the fate of the nation, why can not she seized justice? The words of the owner of the Workers’ Party are very serious, unless it is still a statement to be made ​​after all the others to create a diversion, yet another play performed by the entertainment industry who occupy the scene until the brotherhood of pirates concocts the scenario that will ensure the succession of President senile and, above all, impunity for Bouteflika family. The law on alcohol, harassment women, about Saïdani and Louisa Hanoune fill the gap until that Said prepares with his naughty friends. The Haddad outlets are part of the same tactics amid the scandals of the East-West highway and Sonatrach, and programming and postponements of trials related to it. And jester Haddad claims make Algeria an emerging country! Between two “bunga bunga” well watered in private with Said in Barcelona, ​​here he emerges as the boat of “family and friends first  “Bouteflika is sinking. Does he really believe that we are all stupid and ignorant as he? He first pays his taxes and he delivers its projects to time and time! As for Louisa Hanoune, property brought on behalf of his family as Bouteflika’s clan has granted him in Annaba and Algiers are an open secret. Sometimes she tells us the word of Said virulent or shows by taking against Bouchouareb and Haddad, all to better negotiate the pie. Bouteflika device alternates with Saïdani and Hanoune in a perverse game returns of one or the other to broadcast messages attributed to the president who can not speak to the people since it is in mummification stage, but are from the younger brother Said, expert in playing the game of the shadows. The master puppeteer manipulates two parts with Machiavellianism. Clan Bouteflika and his minions, blinded by the privileges and el hargma (the large food) is firing on all cylinders as it needs these diversions and this dirty game to hold in place. DIY in cacophony, a statement here, a little phrase there, a new Constitution for very soon, a denial also an imminent cabinet reshuffle and perpetually postponed: it is to save time, it is vital to continue to expand its bank account. And if the flood comes, we’ll do a remake of Noah. Everything pretty world participates in the same piece of macabre and tragic-comic drama that is played at the expense of the people who have inspired Brecht: “What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone” corrupt band?


Another lie Bouteflika and his gang: the great Arab orgy began. Constantine became the capital of Arab culture! Notice to all Bedouins, Saudis, Egyptians, Qataris and other penguins a bloodless Arab world, the city of Jugurtha and Massinissa available to you without restraint. Take! Come suck the udder of the cow orphans who were bled white by the accursed race of Bouteflika! This is an opportunity where ever! Come to Constantine, one of the oldest cities in the world, Cirta, the capital of Numidia, became the capital of the Arabs! The money is flowing, it is distributed in spades! It is the feast hmars  ! 70 million euros for a grotesque and flashy Carnival that hides the buildings about to fall apart and quickly made ​​façade renovation of facade.

I repeat, a state is strong by its institutions and justice is one of the pillars of a strong state. By cons, a weak state conveyed by the Bouteflika clan can solve any problem or offer no prospect because it is the essence of the problem. If you mention anything wrong in the sense looters of the nation, stirred the specter of chaos. “It’s either us or scorched earth”. We must let the loot in peace if it is, according to them, the Libyan or Syrian scenario that awaits us. What paternalism! This generation of colonized proved she has passed its expiration date. We must stop this exercise of “everything is fine madame,” and stop believing the siren song of the West, others were seduced: Saddam Hussein, Mubarak, Ben Ali, Saleh and … we know how they ended. The West-seeking and this is normal, but Algeria is weakened by a blind and obsolete political power who spends time in the diversion and crafts, concerned about the gain of time and money. Treason is spread in the open. Those who do not do their criticism are accomplices, those who close their eyes are guilty, those who drown the fish with a living rhetoric convicted, and certainly not by an Algerian court whose judges are waiting for a phone call and instructions. It is the people who judge. The special clinic arranged in Zeralda with professors and French nurses, this mini Val-de-Grace, does not have to be a branch of El Mouradia when the president of Algeria is unable to run the country. The presidential institution was liquidated by Abdelaziz Bouteflika who emptied of all substance. As for the other institutions, they are living with the virus Bouteflika, far worse than Ebola, and in the news every day. Members expect the order to raise their hands or both feet, ministers expect the minutes hoping to be kept at their posts, the so-called bosses chkara, rotten businessmen, divert land lots. We are in the era of technological revolution which shows us that everything is transparent and that everyone has access to information but in Algeria, these nicknames bosses continue the old method hackneyed nominees, money in mattresses and continue to carry suitcases, unfortunately not for good cause this time, but for their children and for the brotherhood of pirates of the wheelchair. This is not the Ali Haddad tchipa nor his master who will contradict me. If Haddad was not cited in the book just published, it is not because it is cleaner than the others but because at the time there was only two wheelbarrows and some trucks to steal the sand at night on the side of Tizi Ouzou. As for Said, whose name was not mentioned, it’s a different story that hides its share of mysteries. Sad reality of a country with enormous potential floundering with Stockholm syndrome which links to the former colonizer and shows us how Algeria lost its prestige and its historical weight, and is become a laughing stock, not cash, even in Africa. It is as if there were only France on the map. The moment of truth will ring and it is not François Hollande, the master of ceremonies, which will help his Algerian footmen. How is it that Algeria with such potential fall on his knees and lick the boots of the most mediocre and unpopular president that France has ever known? The French president without charisma challenged in his own country, became the savior of the power of Bouteflika, a dying president leaning on a chair “normal” and cleared, except the Netherlands, despite its banality, outweighs him only over the entire band of incompetents and traitors surrounding the wheelchair Bouteflika. We arrived at this bitter fact that the IMF, which the Bouteflika regime has given $ 5 billion, promises a recession in the near future. Who will say to Christine Lagarde, another French friend of Sarkozy, “shut up and make money of the Algerian people”? The money was given Bouteflika belongs to the Algerian people and not to a corrupt power destined to disappear. We know the IMF is an imperialist institution in the hands of big business who broke and hungry countries of peoples. We do not need any lessons from Madame Lagarde, the jewelry she wears on her chic suits are stained with blood. Accustomed to have a president by correspondence, the Algerian people still waiting for a posthumous presidential letter. And this time, the groping is undetectable, please! We demand skilled counterfeiters. Not like in the letter of Ghardaia that will be remembered. Bouteflika keeps to himself the twelve labors of Hercules as the Mosque of Algiers, which will serve as a mausoleum. We, as a tomb, we offer the sewers of history that will retain its name as looting he committed against the nation. As for Said that manipulates and plays with fate of Algeria, he does research to complete family biography for the epitaph of his brother because Bouteflika is the only president in the world that we do not know father’s name. So, remove all your dirty paws of our history and of our homeland and return to where you come from, you are the bastard offspring of the OAS and the Foreign Legion, residues of colonialism.


How to deal with this disaster? We must not lose hope to chase the clan dirty money with all its components and protect our army of their depravity leading a global campaign against them, for the fight against neo-colonialism and imperialism is not that Local is a global struggle that must be led by those who do not seek personal gain and are convinced patriots and not casual. This struggle concerns all of us. So is the future of Algeria, its history, its heritage, property and wealth of future generations who were engulfed in a few years. Algeria needs new men before the boat sinks. The people must wake up and form collectives citizens to recover the money of the Algerian people away and chase to justice all those rotten presidential clan, attacked banks and complicit States. We must hunt down all over the world. It does not make a revolution facebookienne or tweeterienne or rewrite history of the world, or comment here and there, but to act with organized citizen groups. I will be at the forefront of this fight. We will track the predators of the Algerian nation and reveal all their wrongdoing, and we will do whatever is necessary to bring them before the courts all over the world for the economic disaster into which they have plunged Algeria, which could have become a major industrial country in the image of many other nations. We have contacted all the personalities who fight corruption worldwide. Any Algerian patriot faces the duty to disqualify the clan of predators who delivered Algeria to neocolonialism and imperialism, which is currently deliver to Zionism. We will fight them relentlessly and we will return Algeria to its true genuine son who have been marginalized and victimized. Algeria can not afford to have a weak and anti-national power consists of the President and his harem bedridden courtiers, especially in a perilous situation internally and externally. It is extremely dangerous to prolong a life that nothing justifies. The potential abound and no one is indispensable. We must now move to serious things and install a strong government with new blood and the men and women of integrity and ability to stop bleeding which was very expensive in our country that could have been shining in the concert of nations if was in good hands.

By Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Mohsen Abdelmoumen is indépendant.Vous journalist might see  here  his blog.

End of reign of Bouteflika in Algeria 4


Noises, whispers, susurres, rumors, weather balloons, multiple diversions, gossip concierge, evoke the divorce between Ali Haddad and Said Bouteflika, younger brother and gray eminence of the President, or the current no longer flows between Bouteflika and his brother. It will eventually tell us that there is a break between the president and himself. Algeria has never gone through such a period of weakness, especially in the presidential institution, where the slightest breeze can bring down a house of cards that oscillates moving its bases. Never throughout Algeria did so approached the phrase of Antonio Gramsci: “The crisis is when the old is dying and the young hesitate to be born.” When will this power rotten populated irresponsible gluttons who think only of their personal interests and their vulgar little livelihood and not to the state and to its survival, will they adopt the adage that “the only cunning is the abandonment of all the tricks “? Barely a year after the re-election of Bouteflika in his fourth term, there is already talk of “post-Bouteflika”, proving that this adventurous reelection in no way served Algeria. On the contrary, this fourth term unhappiness showed us a presidency decomposition if not a vacancy in the office of President that affects the whole country. This does not preclude the cohort component harem of Bouteflika want to celebrate with great pomp the anniversary of the re-election of the mummy 4. On the menu of the festivities, the band gasba Saïdani who returned percussion, accompanied by his friends that will give us the big show at the eastern choir and with belly dancing. The show will be sold out, all seats have been reserved. Today, Bettencourt rule over Algeria and the President’s absence at all levels, be it government meetings or summits and conferences around the world, affecting the higher interests of the nation. When a president sends his Minister of Youth and Sports to represent him in a formal meeting abroad, the habits and customs of the presidential office are not just whack, they are destroyed. Everyone has seen the extent of damage with the enigmatic and not less problematic letter from the President of the Republic on the occasion of Victory Day on March 19, read by one of its representatives in Ghardaia. One who touched the letter from the President is a true thug who wanted to sow discord in fueling the fire. It is irresponsible to issue a presidential message vindictive instead to appease the spirits in the context of a crisis that strikes down southern Algeria. The fact that the wandering hands fiddling presidential speech and convert to their taste reflects the state of decay in which is one of the pillars of the nation which is the President of the Republic of Algeria. Algerian people, look no further signing decrees instead of the president or who wrote the letter read in Ghardaia, I give you a scoop : It is Houdini, risen from the dead. We warned from the start that this fourth term would be disastrous for the country and indeed the disaster spreads before our eyes every day that God made, again and again, to death. If Algeria was not the home of Ben M’Hidi and our glorious martyrs, I would stop writing about the disgusting filth that pollutes my country. There is nothing more tedious than to evoke colonial lackeys, minions of France puffy folly and vanity, that parent with ostentation of their mediocrity, showing off their baseness as a claim to fame. Rassa khamdja! Bad seed! Algeria is larger than this rabble abject only concern calculations despicable apothecary, rednecks who think only fatten at the feeder, contaminating the revolutionary Algeria that inspired all liberation movements in the world: the IRA, the Palestinian factions, Cuba, the Black Panthers, the Sandinistas, the ANC and other liberation movements in Africa, and so on. We are left to see our glorious homeland fouled by a band of scoundrels without honor. May God curse them all! The words of those who protest, and they are many, are completely ignored, such as revealing statement of the lawyer Farouk Ksentini which however is not an opponent, and sets an alarming diagnosis of the situation by attacking the bureaucracy and corruption rampant at all levels, joined in his exasperation by the barrister of Algiers, Abdelmajid Selini, makes a bitter observation on the state of the country. The statements of these personalities are never considered. Only those that revolve around the manger found that all is bien.Wayne biha! Gang of thugs! Blinded by money from oil wealth and the benefits of the Sultan, the gang of the wheelchair becomes more royalist than the king himself and committing unforgivable economic and multiple felonies crimes. Everyone knows that embezzlement and corruption exist all over the world, but that happen in a revolutionary country that has liberated from colonial rule through the millions of brave sacrifice is inexcusable and intolerable.

We are told of negotiations at the top of the state, we are made major announcements on the departure of President Bouteflika, who could retire in passing the torch to the clan of dirty money that would guarantee to him and to his family, impunity and the exemption for embezzlement scandal that bled Algeria. Billions went up in smoke and it seems that we have become world champions for the loss of time and money. It is as if Algeria had fallen into a cement mixer “haddadienne” which brews wind amid disinformation in a heavy climate of uncertainty that bode well, knowing that the contours of the negotiations remain a mystery. The negotiations are held to choose the next president and extravagant names floating around, such as that of Ali Haddad or even that of his brother, the firebrand vice president of football club USMA. Why not aunt Haddad, for that matter? We swim in delirium and it is time to remind Ali Haddad that: we proved in a previous article with documents provided by the Spanish Trade Registry, he had practiced tax evasion and laundering money. We are still awaiting a denial on his part about it. We also heckled the Algerian tax institution, via the press, it applies the law on people who think they are untouchable, like Ali Haddad and his clan mafia. Unfortunately, neither the Financial Guard nor the tax authorities have moved, and no investigation has been initiated against Ali Haddad and his 40 thieves. Haddad may say that he wants to “leave policies policy” and devote himself to business, we do not believe it. What policies does it talk, anyway? From Bouchouareb, his accomplice in the theft and robbery? Said Bouteflika waiting for his time lurking in the shadows? Saïdani of the drabki barking at anything that moves? Only great people, the cream of the cream. No, we do not believe, especially when his denial is done in the context of a meeting with the Ambassador of Qatar. Haddad is it in its role of “businessman” when receiving ambassadors shovel? I remember that there is no business in Algeria, just traders, dealers and sellers who trade with imported foreign products. Have we in Algeria Robin Li, founder of Baidu, China’s Google, and second fortune in China, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, a Steve Jobs Apple invented the I phone, digital tablet etc. a Lee Kun-hee, CEO of Samsung who said seeing that his company was not powerful enough, “Change everything but your wife and children?” No, otherwise we would know. The meteoric rise of Haddad tells us that his carnivorous appetite knows no bounds, and we refuse that he and his chikours or puppet masters, direct Algeria. We are at a stage where we do not trust anyone, especially not to Ali Haddad, the Tizi Ouzou sand thief converted in the bazaar economy, outsourcing of public contracts with multinationals, and import import that allowed him to reach the top, especially since “sources that evoke sources watered on other sources informed by authoritative sources” say what everyone knows, that Haddad, puppet Said Bouteflika wants to make a solo career and to this end, he must abandon derbouka Saïdani and start flute of big capital.

We are told of negotiations at the top of the state, we are made major announcements on the departure of President Bouteflika, who could retire in passing the torch to the clan of dirty money that would guarantee to him and to his family, impunity and the exemption for embezzlement scandal that bled Algeria. Billions went up in smoke and it seems that we have become world champions for the loss of time and money. It is as if Algeria had fallen into a cement mixer “haddadienne” which brews wind amid disinformation in a heavy climate of uncertainty that bode well, knowing that the contours of the negotiations remain a mystery. The negotiations are held to choose the next president and extravagant names floating around, such as that of Ali Haddad or even that of his brother, the firebrand vice president of football club USMA. Why not aunt Haddad, for that matter? We swim in delirium and it is time to remind Ali Haddad that: we proved in a previous article with documents provided by the Spanish Trade Registry, he had practiced tax evasion and laundering money. We are still awaiting a denial on his part about it.

We also heckled the Algerian tax institution, via the press, it applies the law on people who think they are untouchable, like Ali Haddad and his clan mafia. Unfortunately, neither the Financial Guard nor the tax authorities have moved, and no investigation has been initiated against Ali Haddad and his 40 thieves. Haddad may say that he wants to “leave policies policy” and devote himself to business, we do not believe it. What policies does it talk, anyway? From Bouchouareb, his accomplice in the theft and robbery? Said Bouteflika waiting for his time lurking in the shadows? Saïdani of the drabki barking at anything that moves? Only great people, the cream of the cream. No, we do not believe, especially when his denial is done in the context of a meeting with the Ambassador of Qatar. Haddad is it in its role of “businessman” when receiving ambassadors shovel? I remember that there is no business in Algeria, just traders, dealers and sellers who trade with imported foreign products. Have we in Algeria Robin Li, founder of Baidu, China’s Google, and second fortune in China, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, a Steve Jobs Apple invented the I phone, digital tablet etc. a Lee Kun-hee, CEO of Samsung who said seeing that his company was not powerful enough, “Change everything but your wife and children?” No, otherwise we would know. The meteoric rise of Haddad tells us that his carnivorous appetite knows no bounds, and we refuse that he and his chikours or puppet masters, direct Algeria. We are at a stage where we do not trust anyone, especially not to Ali Haddad, the Tizi Ouzou sand thief converted in the bazaar economy, outsourcing of public contracts with multinationals, and import import that allowed him to reach the top, especially since “sources that evoke sources watered on other sources informed by authoritative sources” say what everyone knows, that Haddad, puppet Said Bouteflika wants to make a solo career and to this end, he must abandon derbouka Saïdani and start flute of big capital.

We urge Ali Haddad to go immediately to the tax institution closest to his home to report amounts that he misappropriated. Chiche! It’s the only thing he can do for Algeria who gave everything to that little sand trafficker became man dirty money practicing “Bounga Bounga” in the 5 star hotels in Algiers and elsewhere and buying respectability with money orders of the Algerian state. Why did he not follow the delivery stage of Tizi Ouzou started in 2010 and was to be completed in November 2012? Its Spanish partner, the FCC has given the contract by claiming € 3 million in damages, and we would like it gives us reason. During his recent trip to Milan with her boyfriend-villain, the Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdeslam Bouchouareb, he won several partnership contracts with Italian companies, a company specializing in ceramic tiles. Fancy that! Any Algerian press boasts the famous “agreements” in Milan, ignoring, particularly in the case of a partnership with an Italian ceramics company, the fact that the Spanish company Kerafrit based in Nules and redeemed by Haddad, specializes in decorative ceramics. Great deal for Ali Haddad will be able to sell its products by overcharging and inflate its accounts and abroad. This beggar (jockey) is not an industry, it has not even made a nail, specializing in outsourcing and have never created anything like wealth. Worse, he does not pay his taxes. Despite this, he was awarded a borehole. For the first time in the history of Algeria, the red lines have been exceeded, since no one has ever achieved such a privilege so far. How is it that Haddad is not damn build the stadium of Tizi Ouzou, who bungled the highway and piping Bejaia, who does not pay his taxes and produces nothing, got a drill, affecting and our natural resources?  Answer: it is boosted by Bouchouareb, the Minister lachkara which must be degummed immediately, as this robber mentality let the bloodless Algeria. While stating that it is not policy, Haddad decides on the economic choices of the country like a president, pushing the nerve by declaring that Algeria would be an exporting country in the next five years. Pinch me, I must be dreaming! It is enough to fall backwards. Export what? Corruption? Diversions? The incompetence of the politicians? Regionalism? Clientelism? The larbinisme? These are the only exportable skills because in terms of industrial production, it was nice to look at from all sides, we see nothing. Algeria is ranked last or no to the global stock market, and Haddad wants to import export in five years? This natural child of the East-West highway has always fed public money and he wants to privatize everything? Haddad would he have found the magic wand of Houdini or thinks he that to produce a “document” in the forum of business leaders is enough to propel Algeria to the largest exporter? All economic experts we interviewed about it asked us if we were joking, but when we told them that they were the boss about the Algerian FCE (forum of business leaders), they suggested to as quickly straitjacket that frenzied and him committed immediately. Duly noted. Despite all discernment, Haddad spreads his new doctrine to the winds, especially at economic forum in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt organized in mid-March, when it has completely overshadowed the head of government, Abdelmalek Sellal. Tradition requires that it be the Minister of Economy representing a country at such meetings, and more so the Prime Minister who was present, but the representative of the Algerian Employers who claims not to be political, relegated the Premier among the extras to make a statement on the economic policy of Algeria.

Consider the alarming figures released by the Governor of the Bank of Algeria Mohamed Laksaci in March. When the numbers speak, touts dirty money clan are silent. The official foreign exchange reserves (excluding gold) shrank to 178.938 billion dollars at the end of December 2014 against 185.273 billion dollars at the end of September 2014, after stabilizing in the first half (193.269 billion dollars at the end June 2014 against 194 012 000 000 dollars at end-December 2013), a net loss of 15.074 billion dollars in one year. Despite the decline in oil prices during the second half of 2014 which amounted to 91.51 dollars / barrel against 109.19 dollars / barrel during the same period in 2013, oil exports totaled to 58.34 billion dollars in 2014 against 63.66 billion dollars in 2013, oil exports registering a decline of 23.74% in the fourth quarter of 2014 compared to the third quarter of the same year . The decline in oil prices has combined with the continued contraction of the quantities exported (-1.74%) in recent years. The non-oil exports, meanwhile, reached 60.04 billion dollars in 2014, a decrease of 7.2% compared to the level of 2013. Meanwhile, imports of goods increased, reaching 59.44 billion dollars in 2014 against 54.99 billion in 2013.

The excitement of imports during 2014 is due to increases recorded by the groups “industrial capital goods”, “semi-finished products” and “foodstuffs” imports “industrial equipment” which rank first with a relative share of 30.39%, rose to 18.58% in 2014, thus contributing 63.55% to the total increase of imports of goods. With a contribution of 34.97% to the total increase of imports, imports of “semi-finished” occupying the second with a relative share of 20.52%, increased by 14.63% over of 2014. Imports of “food items” have experienced a significant increase (17.06%), from 9.01 billion in 2013 to 10,550,000,000 dollars in 2014, with a relative share of 17.75% placing them third. Within the imports of food products, imports of milk and milk products showed strong growth (62.47%). The pursuit of runaway imports of goods for the fourth consecutive year and the drop in exports resulted in a sharp contraction in the trade surplus in 2014. In total, the trade surplus established only 0.59 billion in 2014 against $ 9.73 billion in 2013, the lowest trade surplus since 1998. In addition to the sharp contraction in the surplus in the trade balance, the deficit the item “nonfactor services” widened in 2014, $ 8.13 billion, while it was only $ 6.99 billion in 2013. This is due to the increase in imports of services techniques and those related to the construction industry. Thus, 2014 was characterized by a deficit in the current account of the balance of payments in the first quarter, the scale has doubled in the second quarter, and then stabilized in the third quarter, before digging significantly in the fourth quarter. Indeed, the current account deficit recorded in the fourth quarter ($ 4.58 billion) account for half of all year deficit (9.11 billion dollars), reflecting the effect of the drastic fall in the price oil in the last quarter experiencing continued growth in imports. The net external financial position significantly in late 2014, external debt being 3.735 billion dollars in late December 2014 (3.396 billion dollars in late December 2013), should help mitigate the impact of the external shock in 2015. In addition, the very low debt in currencies of oil and banking sector companies helps to limit the impact of the financial consequences of the external shock. However, if the external shock were to continue, the resilience of the external position of Algeria could quickly erode, especially as the high level of imports is unsustainable and is an additional risk to the external balance of payments over the medium term. Control the level of absorption becomes compelling.

The resurgence in the second half of 2014 volatility in international currency markets, which combined with the drastic fall in oil prices has negatively affected the currencies of several emerging countries with oil exporting countries. The annual average rate of the national currency vis-à-vis the US dollar stood at $ 80.5606 / DZD in 2014 against $ 79.3809 / DZD in 2013, corresponding to a depreciation of 1.49%, while he had experienced an appreciation of 0.14% for the first nine months of 2014. This is due to the depreciation of 6.08% in quarterly average in the fourth quarter 2014 compared to the third quarter of the same year, under the effect of external shock. Meanwhile, the average annual exchange rate of the dinar against the euro depreciated by 1.39% in 2014 compared to 2013, from 105.4374 EURO / DZD in 2013 to 106.9064 EURO / DZD in 2014, having depreciated by 2.78% in the first nine months of 2014.

In terms of public finance, the stock of financial savings of Treasury’s accounts at the Bank of Algeria is down at the end of December 2014 compared to its level in late June 2014 and the end of September 2014, since outstanding Global Treasury account (current account, Revenue Regulation Fund) is valued at 4.4882 trillion dinars at the end of December 2014 against 4.8861 trillion dinars at the end of September 2014 and 5.2356 trillion dinars at end-June 2014 (5.6432 trillion dinars at end 2013). Compared to December 2013, the Treasury’s financing capacity contracted 1155 billion dinars in 2014, reflecting the upward profile of disbursements of budget expenditures include equipment in context lower revenues from oil taxes collected. It expresses the effect of the external shock which helps widen the overall deficit of the Treasury, after the consolidation of 2013.

The Director of Engineering and Construction division of Sonatrach, Abderrahmane Belkacem said for his part that Sonatrach subcontracting is between 15 and 23 billion dollars a year while she stood at $ 5 billion previously. Speaking to domestic companies, it asked them to do more to avoid resorting to imports to preserve the currency. He also expressed the group’s difficulties in finding companies that specialize in certain areas, including seismic. Even if he considers positive the rate of integration of local companies in construction (80 to 90%), this figure is still too low in the provision of goods and component materials. He explained further that “apart from the tube, cables, basketry, while the rest is imported,” while stressing that Sonatrach has always been open to national public and private operators.

If Haddad or other typical person of his ilk who wants to access the highest office believes that Algeria comes down to oil wells and the money coming in waves by importing import, we say that Algeria, it is also the crisis at In Salah, controlled by the Algerian army who played a mediating role when the walis (prefects), elected officials and the government with his absurd communication have failed miserably. By the admission of the Minister of Water Resources, there has been a lack of communication on the issue of shale gas In Salah. It’s the least we can say. Fortunately, citizens of In Salah showed a wisdom and maturity that are lacking with big bacon who strut in the salons of Paris, Algiers and elsewhere and that only plunder our dear homeland. In Salah citizens showed their patriotism and have nothing to prove, unlike the thugs and other white-collar thugs who believe that Algeria is part of their family heritage. I still say that there was a great job at In Salah from activists concerned about their water table, which is a legitimate right because it is their land and their drinking water, and nobody has the right to write them down. Internal stability is more important than diplomatic acknowledgments whatsoever, even if they are significant.

Getting involved scoring points in the inter-Malian or inter-Libyan dialogue must not forget that we must first resolve internal crises like the In Salah and especially the voice of our southern compatriots Algeria . There are no better than another Algerian, we are all equal. The health of the population of the South and the safeguarding of its water table goes first. The issue of shale gas must be approached with a strategic vision and not by pouring into DIY, this subject that concerns the whole nation demanding a serious and transparent debate, without jargon, treated with credible information without underestimating or despise the local population. Algeria is not anyone’s property, it belongs to all the Algerian people. Thank god there is still a strong army that serves the interests of his country and Athamnia Major General, Chief Military Region 6, is gone to meet citizens in Salah, showing once again that ANP, heir to the glorious NLA is always alongside his people. The army has succeeded where politicians have failed. Because every time they fail, policies leave the army solve problems that are not within its jurisdiction. If they have good managers and competent ministers, any crisis in Algeria today overflows and becomes a danger to the security of the country, demanding the permanent presence of the military on issues that should normally be set by those who are responsible. Given the instability of the entire region and chaos on our borders, instead of relieving our military and our intelligence services and let them do their job which is to ensure the territorial sovereignty of the country, it brings them into crisis Social falling within the jurisdiction of political power at all levels of decision making. God knows if we have thousands of officials, but one wonders what they are. If these irresponsible policies are unable to manage their departments, they resign all as they are.


Le président Abdelaziz Bouteflika.DR.

Noting the damage that politicians have caused throughout the country and seeing bankruptcy in which they have placed my mother and my sister have come to expect a military governs Algeria once and for all. Soon, we’ll see my mother turn into Pancho Villa and protest in the streets, despite his age and blood pressure. These politicians unable to power will manage to bring down the pensioners in the streets, followed by deaths that come out of the tombs to demonstrate. No need for foreign labor to handle the deceased demanding their right to rest before a Department of Beyond led by a spectrum, be it qualified as here, in real life, there are only incompetent ghosts. Some ministers and secretaries of state are confined into silence, is what they work hard? I Do Not. It has forgotten the name of their departments and we do not even know who they are. And then there are others that we hear morning, afternoon and evening. Is it because they are competent? Either. We hear because in Algeria, thanks to their nullity, the strike has become the norm and work the exception, everyone finds that normal. These people have to resign because we hear them or not, they have absolutely useless. What is it for Grin Hamid, Minister of “Pub and Virtue,” which went from distributing advertising to the press cards? When will Metro tickets or entries in the stage of Tizi Ouzou in the process of non-completion?

Other contrive to sow chaos, as the minister of Education, Nuria Benghabrit, who managed the feat of causing a seven-week strike by teachers, plunging the sector into a hitherto unknown imbroglio . Never short of ideas, the minister had a flash of genius by offering to provide cd roms students to replace teachers to overcome the lost day course. A government that does not know where to turn, who is unable to manage crises but instead generates should step down. They must all leave! As for Ali Haddad multiplying traveling recently in search of a network of allies to better position themselves in a hidden aim, ready to protect the interests of multinationals on time, and began to launder money and one of his teachers in Western banks, it should consider finding a haven instead of thinking about doing shady deals.

When a weak and embryonic opposition spoke early presidential, an earthquake rattled the political power while now it is the latter that balance of nominees with balloons. You can not dribble effectively in a stadium that is not complete, even with Lionel Messi. The progress of Haddad name to the top job would he not been a weather balloon? Hide it another character, knowing that Said succession to his brother is somewhat risky in a perilous geostrategic context and where the risk of Said Bouteflika President would have serious consequences? Person at the top of the State condone such an adventure, eliminating the de facto president’s brother and his champions dirty money. This does not prevent the clan of thugs, led by Ali Haddad, position themselves for the post-Bouteflika raising funds for a new association called “Fakhr El” (pride, in Arabic), claiming ” help Algeria “, as they say, but is intended only to turn into support party presidential candidate. What pride? That of the East-West Highway? That of robbery and theft? Through this association, a sort of conglomerate beggar and corrupt businessmen who created a lottery, they hope to get the right number after the election of their foal. This is called a return on investment. The option of replacing the FLN and the RND party by Haddad and the 40 thieves is not an enterprise to save anything itself except their looters privileges of the nation. Haddad as demented or not the project of association, it does not interest us. What concerns us is why Haddad backtracked. It seems to be a slap on the wrist, which was forced to revise its ambitions downwards. The journalist who brought the information about the association in the media, newspapers and television, and was not born the last rain was either manipulated or knowledgeable. It has delivered true information, he must make the lie to Haddad denied because its credibility is at stake. At a time when denial has become a national sport, no one would find fault. Nevertheless, the thesis of manipulation within the balloons is plausible, but otherwise, it is clear that people who have informed this reporter change position depending on events, and we are in a configuration where men dirty money changing version and posture depending on the reactions they cause. What then hides the reversal Haddad who claims not to be political when he passes his time to receive ambassadors and that travel, using the resources made available by the State, except that a mysterious force told him that he had to put it in villous? It seems that Haddad posturing earned him a backlash deserved.

Amid the bric-a-brac, negotiation started to determine who will replace President Abdelaziz Bouteflika bedridden. We learn from reliable sources that Haddad is already removed from the list of contenders, the army and the intelligence services familiar character and pans he lugs. The presidential clan, through trickery and dirty tricks which it is customary, tried to dismiss the general corps Gaïd Salah from his position as Chief of Staff to replace it with one of their puppets to them guarantee impunity, seeking simultaneously to impose the army nominate Ali Haddad to succeed Bouteflika. This half-assed plan just managed to bring together two major characters that the clan had divided the eve of the fourth term: Corps General Ahmed Salah and Mohamed Mediène Gaïd. Failing to get the results they hoped for, white collar thugs managed to consolidate the military command with its safe slope, the DRS (Department of Intelligence and Security) they tried in vain to bury repeatedly. Checkmate. The presidential clan is reduced to negotiate from a position of weakness, contrary to what certain permitted evacuation routes, trying to save what remains of the furniture. If there is indeed a scorched earth policy, as stated in the letter written on behalf of the President, it is indeed practiced by the mafia clan of dirty money around the younger brother of the President in the Said Bouteflika case, which must be neutralized quickly. And we can understand why the drabki Saïdani panics because it is losing in all cases and he knows he will face justice for his diversions to FNDA (National Fund for Rural Development) which amount billions. Saïdani the Hmar (donkey) that comes out of the wood between two trips to the Champs Elysees to bray, should learn to shut up because when you lead a party like the FLN (National Liberation Front) underground, is no longer entitled to open the spout. The mandate of the Central Committee of the FLN expired on March 19, its secretary general has no more legitimacy to speak on behalf of a party which, by law, has become illegitimate. Failing to have a “civil state” on derbouka noise background, Saïdani eventually place the FLN Krim Belkacem, Ben M’Hidi and Benboulaid illegally waiting underground, so it remains for him that ‘regain his box and resume his artistic career oriental dancer, her fans will be delighted.

Not knowing where to turn, Louisa Hanoune Saïdani attack that she is Trotskyist, forgetting that the president’s brother, Said, is himself a former Trotskyite and Bouchouareb, the Minister of “deindustrialization” . At this point, one wonders if the court Bouteflika is not composed only of Trotskyists converted into ultra-liberalism. Failing to change the world, they changed themselves by becoming a libertarian! This is certainly not Leon Trotsky is the cause of the crisis at the palace, much less an ideological war, but rather a war of interests delivered by insatiable beasts around the manger. This reminds what Lenin said: “leftism is the childhood disease of communism” and if you look at the statements of the cohort of Trotskyists who gravitate around the King Bouteflika, one is tempted to say that leftism is childhood disease while the Algerian state, or even the whole of humanity. It should be noted that there is no worse than leftists who are switching to ultra-liberalism, a tradition among Trotskyists. Poor Trotsky, that does one do in your name. The Maghreb boss Maghreb Emergent or “detergent” who is also a former Trotskyist turned businessman who saved the new-rich by not publishing the Swissleaks listing is a perfect illustration. You just inform the leaders who turn – and this is an open secret – as Haddad and Co. are never mentioned, have not put their money in Switzerland, they have accounts in various banks . Why did not released the names of Chakib Khelil and Ali Haddad?

Maghreb detergent, a member of the sect of salonnards journos Algiers uprooted people, an order that has its own rules and dealing with any arrogantly unless serious subjects, made only a poor diversion. Already be called Maghreb Emergent is a fraud because that is emerging in the Maghreb: Morocco? Mauritania? Libya? The Algeria? Stand as the first business location in Algeria while the economy is based on import import is another hoax. Press baksheesh, disposable ministers as tissues, incompetent walis, beggar bosses, everything pretty world tapine for capital. At this rate, we will institutionalize the hustler and the manger. Contrary to the press that claims investigator – Club des Pins or the 4 and 5 star hotels in Sidi Fredj, for our part, we reconnected with the prosecution of Milan on Saipem-Sonatrach case and we will contact with him every time we think the time. We will continue to do our investigations and track down the traitors who looted the country and we do not need the Maghreb Detergent listings that did not help, except piss in a violin. Unnecessary press, political power rotten, empty shells institutions, welcome to Jurassic Park.

When the boat taking in water on all sides, everyone from top to bottom saves time enjoying the status quo that prevails in the country. We hear for months of impending “of the nearby cabinet reshuffle will be we do not know when, but soon” and that keeps everyone going. Names began to circulate on the left and right, we say already that these characters are not the right numbers. It’s not worth wanting to overhaul the government replacing broken arms by other arms broken, the result will be the same. He is not about to give the illusion of a change to save time. Algeria needs of men and women of integrity and ability, and thank you god there again. When they agree on the date on which they will decide who will do what, do not forget to let us sign. This stagnation again reflecting the vacancy of the office of President of the Republic and the complete lack of consultation at the top of the state. Ministers, walis, a CEO, everyone is waiting. The constant postponement of the trial of various economic scandals, such as the East-West highway and others, the country expects. The Algeria lives parentheses because the president is unable to perform his duties. Sonatrach is led by an interim CEO, Said Sahnoune. Surreal! Is the largest company of Algeria, the backbone of our economy, can afford to be led by an interim CEO? When you govern a country “tribalisant” state, this model is perpetuated in all structures, each wanting to include family members within the government, brother, sister, cousin, son or daughter, uncle, destroying any design nation-state. Bouteflika of Algeria poisoned by personifying the state, Said, the younger brother and pocket genius of the President, assuming stewardship Algeria since the stroke of the head of state, but we are still waiting for the younger brother a decision: is it ready to be a candidate for the succession? By customizing the political decision, diluting the state in a person, new practices larbinisme and window-bottisme have emerged that are the opposite of the culture of our state and Algerianism and all institutions are liquefied, except the military has its own mechanisms and draws its strength from its roots in popular support, which has earned him numerous attacks and the need to protect the clan rotten. The merit of the military turned out, it is not to make the praises free, you just get to Jugurtha what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to Mohamed Mohamed. If in a previous article, we discussed the diplomatic success of Algeria in Mali and Libya folders, merit does not return to politics, because the real kingpins of all these records belong to the military, and the names are known. This is the strategic depth of Algeria and securing the territory beyond the borders via a diplomacy based on the intelligence services. This is not new for Algeria, diplomacy is in the country’s overall strategy and, apart Lamamra who did work in line with the interests of the nation, the others can pack up their belongings and return to their household gods, they are completely unnecessary and are not active in solving problems, they ARE the problems. There were 13,000 riots and demonstrations there in 2014. Each time, the army and the DRS are expected to throw their weight to stop the bleeding. God thank you, our army does not come from Mars and we have a people’s army. Some will even shout from the rooftops that I am close military and DRS, as I see it in various circles and forums, and even social networks. I reply that I am in the service of the homeland of my ancestors for which millions of Algerians have died. I will never tolerate that land watered by the blood of my ancestors or the toy puppets in the service of some Westerners. In addition, it is the army and the intelligence services of my country, and as a patriot, I am in my natural camp, unlike some who ride for foreign intelligence services. And I know you all, one by one. Capici?

The irresponsible policies live in denial of the Algerian reality where all sectors are boiling, which produces nothing, where the GDP of a city like London exceeds the whole of Algeria. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly disputing the treasure, Algeria is reduced to loot coveted by the new rich, cesbeggara which are in no way in improving the plight of Algerians, who see the country as a cow milk, and at the slightest glitch are flying with a “goodbye, it was a pleasure to pump your wealth.” We repeat for the umpteenth time, Haddad and businessmen who concoct the project of this association is akin to an organized criminal fattened by the money of the Algerian state, are not the solution to the problems of Algeria, they are ruined. If they are providential men are presented in well-paid newspaper headlines here and there, they go solve problems in Ouargla to In Salah or in Ghardaia instead of passing the buck to our military, charging an additional crisis today is the security of the state. Meanwhile Algerian Putin, we do not need Haddad nor his brother nor the men of the chkara, the clan of dirty money MUST NOT rule over Algeria, we can not stress it enough, otherwise it will be the end. We need a strong man, incorruptible, honest and patriotic, as these qualities are the only ones able to gather people around a leader. With the same equation and the same mentality calamitous, we get the same result, and they are not interchangeable characters that will recover anything. In any case, it moves a lot at the top of the state between the Presidency, the General Staff and the General Mediène DRS. If the side of the chair, one output is negotiated “honorable” Bouteflika of the family and relatives all affected business on the side of the army and intelligence services, we see things differently and consensus on the name of the person who will replace Bouteflika has not yet occurred. Things certainly will clear after the revision of the Constitution which will soon intervene again and will limit the terms to two, as had decreed the Constitution of President Zeroual. This always brings us back to the utility for bringing Bouteflika to his fourth term calamitous and interest of a new constitution.

Algeria does not deserve what happened to him. Corrupt leaders may in no circumstances be best for a nation and can not engage or be charismatic leaders that will mark history. Those who are picking on an almost embryonic opposition have forgotten that a serious state must have a strong opposition, and the sidereal void that lives in Algeria at the moment, be it in Parliament, in political parties, associations, the press, is the resultant of this equation: political power and a weak government institutions generate an opposition, associations, press, weak. In serious states, political power feeds of strong opposition and institutions play their role in the balances of power, each assuming his duty to consolidate the state. What seems to be unreadable to clients of Bouteflika hammam is a universal rule followed throughout the world since the dawn of time. Although it is to be surrounded by his relatives, Bouteflika ends in solitude lazy kings, a fallen monarch, decreased, diminished, handled, including one year we negotiate the estate after his reelection. Symbol of the degeneration of political power, the French Renault factory assembly located near Oran to peddle the Renault Symbol Algerians who, despite rave Communication on the scrap heap overpriced, do not like and n ‘not want it, especially since it costs more than the same imported cars, will be helped by the Algerian State will equip its administrations Symbols. The help of the Algerian state to the French business plan is an additional gift to France from Bouteflika and his clan colonized. That’s where we led the servant mentality of France of Algerian President. His accomplishments are tainted by scandals prosecuted in court, evidence that a + b Bouteflika system caused the collapse of the Algerian state. This is the result of the customization of Abdelaziz Bouteflika power that wanted to be everything and that is nothing. At 78 years, the lugs around in her wheelchair layers is his punishment for betraying the oath of martyrs, revenge Ben M’Hidi of Benboulaid, Ali Lapointe, and many others, parties the prime of life, little Omar with only thirteen.

Clientelism and corruption symbolize the end of the reign of Bouteflika, a bedridden president whose speeches are groped, which takes no further decisions, which is placed in degrading situations, an infirm and senile President riddled with microphones so that it can be heard on the rare occasions it is lucid enough to speak. The indignity reached its height when a Benyounès Amara, Minister of Commerce, assures us that “the president does not run the country with his feet but with his brain.” Knowing that the President suffered a stroke with sequelae prevent him from exercising his function, this statement demonstrates the degree of decay and corruption of the current political power. The drama of the presidency of Bouteflika, is that it has developed a personal power and that his absence allowed parasites to take his place, generating several decision centers. We live a systemic failure arose from this confusion between political power and national state, glorifying a leader for its customers, the whole gang that revolves around his wheelchair, can stuff yourself in the manger. He who dares to protest against government policy incurred the wrath, woe to him who criticizes the living God, even if he lives in a wheelchair. The alternation and change are necessary after the too long reign of Bouteflika that his paralysis spread to the entire country, including the alternative anesthetized. The Algeria since Ben Bella has never experienced a situation as pitiful and disgraceful. A state built on the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, is strengthened by strong institutions and not by a rump parliament and anemic institutions

To save the Algerian state, we must end this political power gangrenous, populated by parasites. This bears repeating loop to end this humiliating circus to our great nation. Power disappears, a president goes, a share government, but the state remains a state and can only function with statesmen, not with families and clients. The difference between a statesman and a man of power is that the statesman consolidates the state and leaves its mark, for the man of power, it disappears in the maze of history . The Rubicon between the state and political power has been taken and that are or Saïdani Haddad, uneducated and uncouth characters parading now spreading their rowdy and lewd vanity specificity to the new rich. This is the result of 16 years of rule of a president who had been described to us initially as the least bad, but it proved to be the worst we have ever had. The Algeria aspires to be headed by a president of the caliber of Putin, Dilma Rousseff, Nestor and Cristina Kirchner, Chavez, Maduro, Lulla, Mahathir bin Mohamad, Xi Jinping, Rouhani, Mandela, the latter having made a one term. All participated in the recovery of their country come true in ten years, and although the states they represent with honor are actually covered by the United States via conspiracies we reported in our previous articles, they remain standing because they are led by strong heads of state, charismatic, and working in the interest of their country and their people that supports them.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Published in Oximity, March 28, 2015:






Algerian diplomacy inter-Mali dialogue inter-Libya dialogue


mnla-mediation-alger-accord-hamdi-mongiDe dr.à g., Ramtane Lamamra, Ministre algérien des Affaires étrangères et Bilal Ag Acherif, Secrétaire général du MNLA, DR

Algerian diplomacy has managed the feat, almost impossible, to gather around the table all the actors involved in the Malian crisis. These eight months of talks have been finalized in Algiers by an agreement of the utmost importance, constituting the first step on the path to stability in Mali, despite the incessant attempts by some countries and occult forces to derail these agreements greeted today by the international community. Meanwhile, Algeria has initiated the start of talks between the Libyan belligerents, while Libya, where the presence of the state is non-existent, has become an out of control territory and the source of all dangers. The various Libyan actors compete in a long civil war since 2011 have accepted the Algerian mediation. The Algerian state has always favored political solutions because they are the only ones that persist in the long term, unlike military interventions, especially air strikes, which reported no tangible result, causing the contrary destruction and desolation. The masquerade coalition supposedly at war against Daech in Iraq has also shown that its bombing had totally failed, except in their arms supplies and food to the terrorist forces. NATO and headed France, will forever liability chaos in Libya, the consequences are disastrous for the entire African continent, it is Algeria, only stable countries in the region, repairs the damage caused by an adventurous interventions Fafa that never healed its colonialist ambitions. Security of Algeria is dependent on the stability of Libya and Mali, achieving significant results on these difficult issues stems from a great work of Algerian intelligence services working in the field covering almost the entire Sahel region -maghrébine. Unfortunately, it seems that it is only Algeria, which assumes this daunting task, everyone is washing their hands the fate of Libya, remember, has become the epicenter of the instability prevailing in Maghreb and Sahel, the recent Boko Haram allegiance to Daech allowing the Islamic state now cover all of Africa. Taking the hand in Mali and Libya folders, Algeria, initiating a dialogue between the opposing parties, become essential to everything that is done on African soil, including its counterterrorism reports results with the elimination almost daily groups or dangerous terrorists through the experience of security forces and DRS remains true black box of all that is happening in Africa and the world. Once again, Algeria has shown the capacity of its army and security forces at the time of the attacks we see in all African countries and the huge groups nuisance capacity mainly from Libya. Algeria is known to solve the problem of terrorism, we must act in two stages: first eradicate groups with an effective intelligence work and then activate diplomacy alone can solve political problems by avoiding foreign intervention worsen the situation. The recent attack in Tunisia reveals the fragility of some countries, the case of Tunisia is exemplary of the weakness of the state despite the fact that the West takes to present it as a model to justify the legitimacy of the “Arab Spring . The borders between Libya and Tunisia and some southern African countries that do not control anything, unveiled their porosity with the return of more than 400 Tunisian jihadists income of Syria, and the fluid movement of terrorists from Iraq and Syria to Libya and then to Tunisia and other countries of the Sahel confirms what we said in a previous article about the redeployment Daech to Libya. We must act accordingly, and that’s what the Algeria competently, reviving diplomatic tradition recognized around the world.

The Moroccan regime has yet wanted to compete with the Algerian diplomatic school in order to scuttle the current processes, while he has no expertise in counterterrorism and does not occupy the same geographical or geostrategic position, Morocco having no common border with Libya, Mali and Tunisia. The Moroccan monarchy seems to forget that Algeria has not chosen to be surrounded by unstable countries mostly devoid of army. What therefore seeking the King of Morocco wanting to interfere in processes that relate only to the internal security of Algeria as it faces a chaotic situation for thousands of kilometers component its borders? Need I remind you that this problem directly interested in the internal security of the Algerian nation first of all, followed by the suggestion of the African continent? Algeria does not seek a leadership position and Morocco should stop interfering in a story that is not within its jurisdiction. His only neighboring countries being Algeria and Western Sahara, the King of Morocco should be concerned to stop flooding in Algeria with tons of cannabis and enable the Saharawi people to exercise their legitimate right to self-determination . The Western Sahara issue, like that of Palestine, is one of the last cases of colonization which absolutely must be solved and which will sooner or later, despite the stubbornness of the Moroccan regime to maintain its domination over a territory that does not belong. Mohamed VI has also received several slights by the Secretary General of the United Nations, the African Union, the Spanish government and even Switzerland, which opposed the recent holding of plagiarism Forum Crans Montana, illegally held by Morocco in Dakhla, Western Sahara under Moroccan occupation city. The French former Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy it is presented as UN envoy, forcing Ban Ki-Moon to take a firm position by declaring that Dakhla is not a Moroccan city and Douste-Blazy represented not the UN. Even reaction of Spanish Foreign Minister has insisted that its nationals present in this so-called forum represented themselves and in any case the Spanish state. Douste-Blazy and how the other guests were they paid by the King of Morocco to participate in this scam? So with one voice, except that of France, of course, that this “forum” has been criticized and perpetual hysteria attacks of the Moroccan regime towards Algeria, according to him solely responsible for the disrepute into where he immersed himself in the world’s eyes by denying self-determination of the people of Western Sahara, within infantilism and prove its inability to understand the rules of realpolitik established according to the interests of nations and can s adapt to new circumstances as we see now with the 360 ​​° turn made by the US administration vis-à-vis its relations with Iran, Hezbollah or Bashar al-Assad.

Following the chaos in Libya generated by the irresponsibility of France and NATO, the Libyan conflict has spread throughout the Sahel region, including Mali, where the Tuaregs rebelled again against the Malian government and claimed their independence. Different alliances developed and settled among the various factions that have taken control of several towns like Kidal and Menaka, facing the Malian forces in a bloody conflict and dipping northeast Mali in an extremely perilous imbroglio for the stability of Mali but also source of danger to the security of Algeria, through the 1376 km from its southern border in the Sahara. At the request of the Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, who during his visit to Algiers January 19, 2014, solemnly asked President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria that facilitates inter-Malian dialogue under the Ouagadougou Agreement of 18 June 2013 Algeria has led immediately preparatory consultations with the various belligerents to lay the groundwork for a dialogue between the different parties involved. The Algiers Declaration calling for a consensus between the armed groups, the MNLA (National Liberation Movement of Azawad), the MAA (Arab Movement of Azawad) and the HCUA (High Council for the unity of Azawad ), was concluded June 9, 2014 and adopted by the three Secretaries-General of these groups, constituting the first step towards the consolidation of a cease-fire previously signed on May 23 between the parties and establishing the basis of negotiations between Tuaregs and the Malian government. In the process, the representatives of the MNLA, MAA and HCUA signed on 14 June in Algiers a platform recognizing “the territorial integrity and national unity of Mali”, one of Bamako requirements for dialogue with groups Tuareg armed North. The first negotiations were held in Algiers from 16 to 24 July 2014 and allowed the consensual adoption by the Government of Mali and Tuareg rebels a roadmap to cease hostilities in the country, supported by the Council of UN Security that created the parallel MINUSMA to facilitate the implementation of the cease-fire agreement.

After months of talks and negotiations in Algiers, a historic agreement for peace and reconciliation between the Malian government and the various movements Azawad has been concluded March 1, 2015, raising hopes the final settlement of a conflict that might lead to the breakup of Mali. The document was signed by the Malian government representatives, representatives of the movements of northern Mali involved in the Platform of Algiers and the mediation team, during a ceremony held in Hotel El Aurassi in Algiers with representatives of the US and French governments. “The peace and reconciliation signed Sunday in Algiers is the result of a long and intense negotiations conducted within the framework of the Algiers process between Malian parties to achieve a comprehensive and lasting solution to the conflict in the region northern Mali, “says the declaration of the Algerian mediation. “The dialogue through five rounds of discussion was transparent, open and inclusive, talks were conducted with determination, insight, patience and dedication and full availability by a broadly representative team of the international community. Through this agreement, the conflicting parties are firmly committed to ending the crisis in Mali through dialogue and seal national reconciliation in full respect of the territorial integrity, national unity and the secular nature and the republican form of Mali. “The CMA (of Azawad Movements Coordination), however, refused to sign the agreement, calling time to consult its base but denying in any way the terms of the agreement. Following consultation of its base, 18 March, the CMA released a statement in which it does not affect the overall architecture of the agreement but asks the Mediation “kindly consider a number of observations, to allow it to proceed with the signing of the agreement. ” After a visit Tuesday in Kidal by a broad delegation, mediation, while taking note of the requests and the position of the CMA, said that “the procedure of initialling committed to Algiers, March 1, means that the negotiation is completed. ” She also said that “the agreement does not pretend to solve both immediate and all the problems,” noting that “some of the comments made by the Coordination could be validly supported in part the implementation of the agreement. “

In addition, the first meeting of the inter-Libyan dialogue initiated by Algeria was held last March 10 and 11 in Algiers under the aegis of the United Nations, in the presence of a dozen influential people on the Libyan scene representatives of the various Libyan factions, political leaders and party leaders. This meeting has been ratified by the Algiers Declaration in which participants pledged to respect the political process and dialogue for the settlement of the crisis in Libya. The Personal Representative of the Secretary General of the UN, Bernardino Leon and Minister Algerian delegate for Maghreb and African Affairs Abdelkader Messahel, said during a press conference closing the meeting, that it is a first very promising policy. The Algeria “which shares with the sister Libya neighborly relations, the struggle against colonialism and a common history, could not sit idly by while the Libyan brothers were experiencing fitna,” said A. Messahel adding that “Algeria has spared no effort to support the brothers in Libya and work to unify the ranks and find a solution to the crisis in this country.” Rejecting any foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Libya, participants wanted to send “a clear message strong and united as to their commitment to continue the dialogue as the only solution to the crisis in Libya,” while asserting their ” rejection of violence as a means to resolve political differences. ” They further expressed their “rejection of the military escalation in all its forms and requested an immediate halt to all military operations to allow the dialogue to continue in a climate”. Pledging to “defend the territorial unity of Libya, sovereignty, independence and their rejection of any foreign interference” they insisted that military action would inevitably lead to the destabilization of the entire Libya and would lead inevitably affect neighboring countries. Noting the dire security conditions and acts of terrorism that threaten the security, stability and unity of Libya, it was felt necessary to concentrate efforts in the fight against terrorism in all its forms, as they wished “taking security measures that guarantee a permanent cease-fire and the withdrawal of armed militias from all the cities.” Participants also pledged to rebuild the security forces, the army and the police so that they can guarantee the security of Libyans and territorial security. Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamra, said he was satisfied with the outcome of the meeting and the quality of debate that demonstrated the complexity of the Libyan crisis. He called on the Libyan parties to work together “through a peaceful approach to accelerate the consensual solution as expected by the brotherly Libyan people.” The position of the players on the field joined the Libyan mink Algeria, which opposes any foreign interference in the internal affairs of countries, inalienable principle of Algerian foreign policy has always emphasized the sovereignty of nations. Algerian diplomacy is a true school of patriotism with a long experience in the resolution of the various conflicts in the world, finds its glorious colors.

The West, led by France with its “elite” intellectual who called for NATO intervention in Libya and who are silent today are the direct responsibility of Libya and Mali drama. The Sarkozy, Bernard-Henri Levy and others should be tried for dismantling the Libyan state, replicating what was done by American neocons in Iraq. The destruction of the Libyan state has brought us to where we are and was very expensive, not just in Libya but the whole world. Today, Libya has become a hub of international terrorism. Algerian roadmap is the only valid for the settlement of the crisis, whether in the Sahel and Libya and to this end, it is necessary that the so-called international community is seriously involved in favor of mechanisms that Algeria trying to put in place. Become more involved means helping Algeria to politically settle Libyan and Malian issues, not by military intervention claimed by some countries with no border with Libya and that will only strengthen the instability instead of adjusting the many problems. If Algeria has shown its determination to fight against terrorism in a ruthless manner, that is not the case in France, which has earned a reputation as a “pig pays” around the world by paying ransoms astronomical, thereby financing terrorism

The issue of refugees should be treated by this “thing” about the UN and all international bodies. It is incumbent on the international community to resolve the crisis of millions of displaced who roam neighboring countries following the NATO intervention in Libya. The issue of terrorist financing by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Friends of the West, must also be put on the table once and for all. It is also imperative to put an end to the activities of Western intelligence services and their allies Qatari, Saudi, and Israeli handlers terrorism for political ends. Recall adventurism of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the post of President of the United States, which made him lose his ambassador Christopher Stevens because the CIA trouble game in Libya. It is time to stop playing with fire. We must punish countries that sponsor terrorism by interest and not ignore their occult actions. If Algeria with his army is winning on many fronts in the fight against terrorism and diplomatically through experience, prestige and weight in the African continent, it is necessary that other countries also lend a hand pulp and support existing processes as the key to stability in the Sahel in Africa but also in Europe, are located primarily in Algeria.


Remembering 1961 Muslim Massacre in Paris


In January 2015, the entire Zionist-controlled world cried over the killings of four French Jews as result of a false flag operation at the Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher Market in Paris. But these crying Islamophobes don’t even know that French police and army killed over 400 Algerian-French Muslim citizens in Paris and arrested another 10,000 on October 17, 1961. They’re among the 30,000 Algerians demonstrating in Paris against the curfew imposed on 200,000-strong Algerian French community by the French colonial regime during Algerians bid to liberate themselves from French Judeo-Christian occupation of their homeland.

On October 5, 1961, French cabinet minister, Maurice Papon (died 2007), put in place a curfew covering all “French Muslims from Algeria”. Papon was convicted for 10 years in jail in 1998 for collaborating with Nazis in the so-called “deportation” of 1560 French Jews from Bourdeaux region during WW II and not for his crimes against French Muslims.

Both Jewish-controlled French and western media ignored the massacre as Jews were the main beneficiary of French African colonization – from Black slavery to diamond trade. The Algerian Jews were awarded French nationality during occupation. That’s the reason nearly 140,000 Jews left Algeria after the withdrawal of French Occupation Force in 1962.

The massacre story quickly died, drowned out by fresher alarums and excursions in Europe and elsewhere.

It took 51 years before Paris acknowledged it barbarism against French Muslim citizens. On October 18, 2012, French president Hollande officially paid homage to the Muslim victims of what he termed “a bloody repression” by police.

“On Oct. 17, 1961, Algerians who were protesting for independence were killed in a bloody repression,” Hollande said.

Hollande’s mentioning of French guilt was criticized by anti-immigration parties like the National Front and pro-Israel Jewish groups.

On February 24, 2015, Jewish TIME magazine reported that French Jews are ready to discard their long-standing distrust for the Far Right and vote for the Front National. In January, Rachel Halliburton described how Marine Le Pen’s public condemnation of anti-Semitism had won her votes, as had her insistence that the party was the only one that defends secularity and democracy against Islamisation. A key part of her strategy has been to use the threat of radical Islam to court the sort of people that the far right has traditionally persecuted, including the gay community and the Jewish community.

Last year, French journalist and author Éric Zemmour (Jewish) suggested that in order to solve France’s “Muslim Problem”, like Europe’s “Jewish Problem”, Paris needs to expel country’s entire Muslim population (6-7 million).

The first phase of French Muslim history began in 716 CE when a group of Spanish Muslim soldiers crossed Spanish-French border along Pyrenees Mountains to occupy the city of Norborne. In 721 CE, Muslim forces under the command of Al-Samh ibn Malik conquered the city of Toulouse by defeating Duke Eudes of Aquitaine’s army. Toulouse was the scene of a recent Israeli Mossad’s false flag shooting operation which killed four French Jews at a school. Muslim forces continued their victory march until it reached the city of Lyon and occupied the city of Bordeaux in 731 CE. However, their advance turned into retreat when Muslim army was defeated by Duke Eudes in alliance with Charles Martel near the city of Poitiers in 732 CE.

The second phase began after Christian Crusaders defeated the last Spanish Sultanate in 1942 – consequently, some 150,000 Spanish Muslims who escaped the slaughter, had to seek refuge in south of France and settled there.

The third phase of French Muslim history began over 500 years ago, when France became the first Christian country to establish a diplomatic alliance with the Ottoman empire, and opening doors to diplomats, intellectuals, tourists and students from the Muslim East and North Africa.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

“I have great respect for the pioneering role that the Algerian people played in the struggle against colonialism”


The lawyer Fermon January: “I have great respect for the pioneering role that the Algerian people played in the struggle against colonialism

772435Jan Fermon, secrétaire général adjoint de l’AIJD. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: What is the work of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers?

January Fermon: International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) is an organization of lawyers engaged in the defense of human rights, international law, the right to peace, so these are people who are struggling within associations in cases for justice, but as lawyers. Furthermore, the association organizes every four or five years a World Congress where lawyers meet, lawyers and judges in active NGOs. The purpose of these conferences is to allow all legal activists who have this type of activity to meet, to present their experiences and their work, to have an exchange and establish international collaborations between progressive lawyers engaged in fight for justice.

You support undeniably the Palestinian cause, what can you tell us in relation to this?

Our association has a very long tradition of solidarity with the liberation movements. You yourself are Algerian. One of the pioneers of our association is your first justice minister after independence of Algeria, Amar Bentoumi, and it is no coincidence that our association was on the side of the Algerian National Liberation Movement during the war release.

You speak of the FLN (National Liberation Front) …

Similarly, we stand with the Palestinian people for a long time. All associations conduct solidarity activities with the Palestinian people in their respective countries, and as an international association, we conduct multiple activities in solidarity with Palestine forever. For us it is a very important issue because it is the last event of colonialism in the world after the fall of apartheid.

Do you coordinate your actions with other organizations fighting for the liberation of Palestine, like those who are very active in the United States or BDS? Are you in contact with them?

Yes I Am. IADL is composed of national associations of committed lawyers. For example, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), our US organization is extremely active in the struggle for Palestine and so she is obviously in constant contact with all US agencies involved in solidarity with Palestine, as well as all our associations that act on a national level in many countries.

How many countries are represented in the IADL?

60 countries were present at the 18th Congress, held in Brussels from 15 to 19 April 2014. This is roughly the number of countries with whom we have regular contacts at the various national associations.

Were you the organizer of the Congress which was held in Brussels?

No, I am a member of the Belgian association that bears an English name to avoid any language problems that exist in our country (laughs), you know that Belgium has many language problems. In addition, this English name allows it to be universally understandable. Our association is called Progress Lawyers Network (Progress Lawyers Network), Progress is a word that can be understood in any language and represents what we do. We work for the progress being on the side of refugees, workers, the peace movement, etc.

What is your position in relation to the cause of the people of Western Sahara?

The international association has always had a position of support for the right to self-determination of the Saharawi people. Many of our associations are taking concrete solidarity activities, including our French association, and as an international association, we have always stood for the right to self-determination.

Are you under any pressure of the Zionist lobby here in Belgium?

I have to say no, but anyway, we are not easy to impress.

Because you are household names?

No, just because we are activists who are fighting forever. A long time ago now, when I studied at the Free University of Brussels, we conduct actions of solidarity with Palestine as students. They were anti-apartheid actions, Palestine solidarity, solidarity with workers in Europe, etc. These are actions that we will continue to lead. That there is pressure or not, this is not what will make us backward or forward.

I realized the interview with Eric David you know, what is your relationship to the Russell Tribunal?

We are two independent organizations.

Do you coordinate your actions?

Yes, we coordinate, we know, we speak, it is present in the activities. I think it is very important that there is a multitude of initiatives are taken and that everyone on his land trying to show solidarity, because only in this way that the movement can grow. We obviously have expressed our support for this excellent initiative of the Russell Tribunal, members of our associations participated but all the credit goes to the work of the Russell Tribunal team. Together, these organizations form a powerful movement of solidarity that is needed.

So you think that only the global resistance will prevail against imperialism, supporting the causes of peoples under domination and who endure war, especially in our Arab and Muslim countries?

First, the 500 delegates who attended the last Congress are resistant. These are people who, in one way or another, as lawyers, are not engaged in academic and legal discussions, but concrete action in their countries, in close collaboration with the movements struggling at national level and supporting the liberation movements, workers, etc. Then, I personally think that imperialism as we know it today is a doomed system. It is not possible that survive. The planet can not continue the same way with one hand, an absurd wealth accumulation, and on the other side, all the poverty, misery and oppression that increase. It goes without saying that the criminal and unjust policy of imperialism will spark much resistance. We try with our training and special knowledge lawyers assist liberation movements. We do not pretend to think that lawyers can change the world, it is the people who change the world through their struggles. But in these struggles, people are faced with legal issues, and sometimes activists are prosecuted and criminalized. At other times, it is to formulate a legal form of claims for the peoples. Our association has played a very important role in the adoption by the UN General Assembly resolution on the right to development. We formulate new rights, or we try to help formulate. We conducted our concrete actions in different countries against war, for example, the case of a young Costa Rican lawyer. Costa Rica has enshrined in its Constitution the prohibition to participate in foreign wars, and at the time of aggression against Iraq, Costa Rica still wanted to join the coalition. Courageously, the lawyer led an action in the Supreme Court of his country, which prevented Costa Rica’s participation in the war of aggression against Iraq. This is the kind of actions in which all lawyers are committed to our international association, at different levels for different causes for different types of actions, but all argue this way. We are trying in this way to support all movements of peoples in their diversity. We try to support the struggles of the peoples and workers, wherever possible, for our specific legal knowledge.

You have crossed the Algeria on your way, what can you say to the Algerian people?

I have great respect for the pioneering role that the Algerian people played in the struggle against colonialism. I think that even now, Algeria has a position and considerable prestige in the Non-Aligned Movement, Algeria will have played a very important role. I also know that Algeria has experienced difficulties, particularly following the globalization and how the economic and financial world is trying to get their hands on everything, everywhere. This caused severe economic but also political problems for the Algerian people, but I’m sure he will overcome them because they are a people who fought and who knows how to fight.

Interview conducted in Brussels by Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Who is Jan Fermon?

January Fermon is a renowned jurist, specialist Belgian criminal law, European and international, international humanitarian law and immigration law, criminal law researcher at the University of Maastricht (Netherlands), and Deputy Secretary General of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers. He has written several books, including Defense Policy: An analysis of criminal cases current policies, in collaboration with Ties Prakken; Justice, Case classes, co-authored with Christian cart.



The “ISIS spring” in North Africa

An image made available by propaganda Islamist media outlet Welayat Tarablos on February 18, 2015, allegedly shows members of the Islamic State (IS) militant group parading in a street in Libya’s coastal city of Sirte, which lies 500 kilometres (310 miles) east of the capital, Tripoli. AFP/Welayat Tarablos

Published Friday, February 20, 2015
The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) (aka the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant [ISIL]) is expanding beyond the Levant. Establishing Wilyat Sinai (the Province of Sinai) was just the start, and now the group is determined to expand into all of North Africa. What happened in Sirte yesterday is just one episode in a series geared toward launching an “ISIS Spring” on the African continent.
Wilayat Sinai was launched on November 2, 2014; today, it is Wilayat Sirte’s turn and tomorrow it will be Wilayat Algeria and Wilayat Rabat. Rather than a mere possibility, this is a reality that seems to be etching itself into the sprawling map of North Africa, where thousands of miles of borders cover a vast expanse of unruly desert terrain.
This area has been a breeding ground for takfiri thought, fostered by influential states like Saudi Arabia with money, preachers, literature and so on. In the 1980s, it was a major source of manpower for the jihadists in Afghanistan, known as the Arab Afghans. In the 1990s, it served as a stage for those who fought their national armies in an attempt to Islamize the countries of the region.
In the last decade, takfiri militants moved to Iraq to fight the US occupation of Muslim land, before moving to Syria to participate in the war to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The name they go by and the banner under which they fight do not matter. In the past, al-Qaeda was the top takfiri group in the world. It became a model with its own framework, operational mechanisms and jihadist approach, until its strongholds in Afghanistan fell and it became a brand name used by every takfiri group that decided to take up arms and engage in terrorism anywhere in the world. Today, the model has changed and the new brand is ISIS, a group born in Iraq as the country became a magnet for takfiris from all over the world, including African jihadists.
One cannot talk about jihadist salafism and its history without focusing on Egypt. The phenomenon is not new to Egypt, and the activities in the Sinai do not constitute a unique case, isolated from the rest of the country. Cairo took up an approach of exporting the damage since the assassination of late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who provided support for the so-called mujahideen before getting killed by one of them. Egypt, however, became a target of jihadist activities in the last two decades before the crisis of the “Arab Spring,” with operations that targeted mostly tourist sites before escalating to a gradual state of engagement with the Egyptian army in conjunction with scattered rocket attacks on Israel. Eventually, these groups left Israel alone and focused on Egyptian forces as the primary enemy. Other major Egyptian takfiri groups include Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt) and Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem).

The significance of the Libyan case is that extremist groups went from operating in the shadows to operating openly, after seizing control of vast areas including cities and strategic roads that link the Mediterranean to the Sahara Desert.

The significance of the Libyan case is that extremist groups went from operating in the shadows to operating openly, after seizing control of vast areas including cities and strategic roads that link the Mediterranean to the Sahara Desert. This was made possible mainly by the state of lawlessness in Libya after the fall of Muammar Qaddafi’s regime, and the absence of forces capable of asserting authority over Libyan territories.
 Just as the presence of takfiri groups in North African countries is not new, Algerian, Tunisian and Libyan groups have been pledging allegiance to ISIS for some time now. On September 12, a group of extremist militants calling themselves Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria, led by Khaled Abu Suleiman, announced joining ISIS and pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after splitting from al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which is led by the Algerian national Abdelmalek Droukdel. There is another group called Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria, previously called al-Furqan Brigades, which operated under the banner of AQIM. In Tunisia, the Uqba bin Nafe Battalion led by the Algerian national Luqman Abu Sakhr, known for its close ties to the Tunisian group Ansar al-Sharia, led by Abu Ayyad, and its Libyan branch, led by Mohammed al-Zahawi, pledged allegiance to ISIS.
This means that the battalion pledging allegiance to ISIS has links to extremist groups active in Libya. However, Libya is unique as it remains the largest haven for terrorist groups affiliated with ISIS, after being the main reservoir and source for all kinds of groups fighting in Syria. There are also groups operating publicly in Chad to the south, in addition to Niger and Mali all the way to Mauritania. These countries have the Sahara Desert in common, but there are other countries as well, so it is more accurate to say it is where the Sahara Desert and the Sahel intersect.
In light of the absence of accurate information, we can only construct a time frame that enables us to draw a rough picture indicating that the actual emergence of these groups coincided with the changes in the Arab world, as well as the French Operation Serval in northern Mali.
North Africa is once again at the heart of the international conflicts that comprise the war on terror. These wars are fueled by other factors such as disputes over borders and the natural resources they contain, further complicating the scene, and turning North Africa into an important area witnessing conflicts at the international level. In addition, Western countries have used the weak central authorities in beforementioned countries to justify establishing military bases, thus procuring the military tools they need for the future.
The crisis does not end there. To the south, Boko Haram has taken this phenomenon to a whole new level, amid international silence and Arab nonchalance. A new Agence France Presse report about Boko Haram says that the number of its members, its structure and its sources of funding are unknown according to military experts. Further, it became clear last week that this group is capable of launching several attacks in different areas using different methods at the same time, such as suicide attacks in Nigeria, attacks by boat in Chad, as well as ground attacks in Niger, Cameroon and Nigeria.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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Algeria is not your private property, Ali Haddad!



There is nothing more boring than writing articles about villains whose ambitions are measured to the contents of their bank accounts. Each time, I feel bitterness, because I belong to a sadly collapsed school today, that of patriotism.

Nevertheless, my patriotic duty requires me to chase journalist dung beetles swarming in my country and thrive in baggy shit. A name currently pollutes the Algeria of my ancestors and spreads everywhere: Ali Haddad. One could say that he has taken over the fable of the frog who wanted to be as big as beef, with nothing held the moral of the story that eventually, as everyone knows, by a “Pffuuuit “. This virus out of nowhere improvised at once the head of state, diplomacy, companies that have produced nothing, and so on. The megalomaniac Ali Haddad thinks he’s the new Messiah and is confident that it can be headlining her, the little handyman who grew fat with the former Wali of Tizi Ouzou, Benmansour Mostefa, who has awarded public contracts by will and has brought in its wake on his accession to the Minister of Interior. Haddad is everywhere and everyone predicted a great future, some even seeing him take the presidential office. Are we going to replace a wheelchair by a notorious con man? The Algeria martyrs she deserves political power off shore with bosses made in Taiwan media served by followers of the feeder and prostitution for latest Ad ? It is time to put the record straight.

Son of a grocer established in the small coastal town of Azzefoun Ali Haddad teamed with his brothers to start a business and, with a boundless ambition, played the jockeying for position where it is today . In the dense fog and anarchy prevailing in Algeria today, as usurpers Haddad snuck to the head of the institutions and we see an ordinary shopkeeper induct President, Minister, diplomat, patron bosses, no one returns in his grocery kicked ass. This microbe himself a captain of industry when he is not even capitalist, just a wheeler speculator who produces absolutely nothing and is using its network of contacts to make money. It is in itself absurd and political decay, because how to understand a greengrocer Gravisse all levels in record time to head the CFE (Business Leaders Forum), amassed a fortune estimated to 400 million euros, rounded up all government contracts with its ETRHB Haddad group that spans multiple companies: BPH (Haddad bitumen and oil) BERTHO spa (subsidiary studies and project management works) Housing Construction Haddad spa (Subsidiary real estate ) SAVEM spa (Algerian League of vehicles, machinery and Maintenance) a subsidiary tourism and hospitality (hotel facilities and MARINE MARINE BIS), or dealer of several brands of cars, become the owner of the football club USM Algiers, two newspapers, The Times of Algeria and Wakt el Djzair and two offshore TV, TV and Dzair Dzaïr News? He is also a partner of the Italian group of Rizzani construction Eccher Udine, specializing in civil engineering, infrastructure and luxury building construction. How does one builds a fortune in an instant, if not practicing cronyism and using of bribes to corrupt? The “Kadi” hypermarket public works or Algerian souk, full of informal goods and bulk scandals by scheming rascals friends, is walking on a highway that cost twice the price of the Channel Tunnel.

Not content to enrich outrageously at the expense of the state and therefore the people, Ali Haddad intern comprador bourgeoisie, prostitute Western powers to gain power. He has mastered the art of ass licking Fafa his homeland France on which it intends to anoint the future king. Holy shit! Can one be king without the approval of Fafa (of France)? A relative once told me that Algeria had driven in France but eventually the mob chasing him, which is worse than the Stockholm syndrome. It’s to the point that the ambassador of France in Algeria became spokesman of the Algerian government by announcing the comings and goings between Paris and Algiers of our ministers and clan dirty money. In early February, it was the turn of the visit to Paris of the comprador boss Ali Haddad intern. We have nothing to do Western ambassadors who flatter woodlice likely to serve their interests.

But the French are not the only ones who appreciate Haddad, because Americans have long since his promotion. According to a Wikileaks cable of 7/12/2009, the US embassy had recommended Ali Haddad among other candidates to chair the summit of the Algerian entrepreneurship, “the embassy recommends Ali Haddad for Business Summit as one of the few construction contractors in Algeria, whose company won some contracts and filled the huge infrastructure deficit of Algeria, expanding the construction management expertise in this country. “Thus, even then, he already had a weight support. And today can offer Haddad to France in recession and what are the interests of Algeria in the hands of the nation robbers? Algerian ministers offer them behind without qualms that mercenary who, in turn, presents his enthusiastically to their “metropolis”, France. Can someone explain to me what benefits Algeria in cooperation with France which never recovered from his colonial ambitions and endorse an adventurer? Haddad promised much to the French who will never understand that the clan of dirty money can and should lead Algeria because the equation is more complicated than is imagined Fafa in the doldrums and is seeking contracts any price. Haddad has no charisma, can not solve any problem Algerians and Algeria, it is rather an illustration of national bankruptcy, the perfect symbol of the failure of our country, and we do not need a Renault Symbol for understanding.

So what is negotiating in Paris on small master Haddad turned into oligarch that depends 100% of the pension and public order? What will sell or export to the international market this vulgar begar, annuitant enriched by the oil teat? I advise him to limit his ambitions to import cars or selling chickpeas and above all to stop his circus because the Algerian people are not fooled by his depravity. This kind of character rots all the institutions and I know managers and senior honest officers who have trouble seeing pushy stuff yourself shamelessly and arrogantly paraded before the public.

While this renegade kowtowing in the Parisian salons and commits with Israeli businessmen, the Embassy of France, through its Cultural Centre in Algiers, offers financial support for Algerian associations with amounts ranging from 5000 to 60,000 euros to promote human rights, citizenship, and pitch “rights-de-rightist” normal. Those who cherish France can go to queue outside the embassy, there distributes euros to his heart’s content. Promoting citizenship” in Algeria? What a joke! What to think of a country that wants to finance Algerian associations amid a damning report from Human Rights Watch mentioning the situation of human rights in Algeria? And we know the acquaintances of this organization with the White House! France in recession proposes to distribute money to Algerian associations instead of benefiting its own unemployed and no one responds to this attempt to corrupt our whole society? Continue to sleep, citizens, politicians, irresponsible officials sleepy around the manger, the alarm will be tough! It is certainly not for the sake of the French Algerians bankrupt disburse the money they do not have to give the Algerian associations. Ignoring such maneuvers that hide a hidden agenda is a casually inexcusable, while Muslims living a nightmare in France, a suburb of Tel Aviv, brandishing the sword of the Crusades from the false flag against the damn thing Charlie cloth . May I know which defends the interests of Algeria and Algerians in this case? When France declared war on all Muslims and our community on its territory by encouraging denouncement as in the heyday, the current Algerian government licks her boots. One of you he still has a lot of honor, or have you sold with the oil and gas? Curse you, whoever you are and wherever you are, the curse of the martyrs will chase you until your last breath! Look at yourself in the mirror carefully to understand what I mean.

Ali Haddad, the upstart to the insatiable appetite, claims to embrace the private air and sea space of Algeria in order to facilitate flow Air Algeria Aigle Azur which the French are shareholders and whose boss is the son of General Secretary of the Trade Union Confederation. Haddad how he has to compete with British Airways Lufthansaou? Unless it is fair to share an exclusive gift for Air France that asphyxia and whose only flight plan consists of layoffs and attrition? It recognizes envisage making an old project by creating itself an airline. Why not, indeed? No one stops him, why would hinder it? Maybe he should try to sell the sky, and if that does not work, he tries the sun. If Desertec is not successful, there is always the moonlight. Mediocrity and institutional void of Algeria bloodless and bled white by voracious vultures have created monsters that only the destruction of our country can satisfy. These hogs are able to swallow the whole of Algeria. Economic terrorism works through the feeder and depends entirely on the oil teat that Haddad frantically sucks. “He wants to privatize everything, including universities,” has outraged a member of the teachers union. And that‘s not all, SNVI (National Society for industrial vehicles), a public company specializing in the construction and marketing of trucks, is covered too. In response to Haddad‘s ambitions to privatize the Algerian services, the general secretary of the local union of Rouiba area of the UGTA (General Union of Algerian Workers) Mokdad Messaoudi, made the following comment: “We want to hear about privatization, we have already experienced. Those we have conducted have yielded nothing. We also remind bosses that all privatized public enterprises were transformed into warehouses to store the imported products and their workers were fired. We do not know who decides in this country. On the one hand we are told that the state will support public companies, whereas in reality the opposite is happening. “The union protested against low maneuvers aimed at sabotaging SNVI denouncing storage in the port for almost a year tons of parts imported by the company. In November 2014, the CEP (Council of State holdings) had instructed the Finance Ministry to instruct Customs to allow imports of SNVI, but this decision was not implemented. This sabotage policy began with the appointment of Amar Ghoul at the head of the Ministry of Transport: “He wants to sink the SNVI. How is it that ETUSA (Urban Public Transportation in Suburban Settlement and Algiers) suspended its bus purchases from SNVI just after the arrival of Ghoul at the Department of Transport? The UGTA is us, not the one that supports the power. We will never accept that our businesses are sold off. The words unionists are alarming and show willingness to Haddad, Ghoul and others to break the public sector.

Taking advantage of the National Patriotic relaxation and tragic emptiness that crosses Algeria, Haddad snuck like a rat to undermine what remains still standing in our country and cast the Algerian ship. It allows everything and no one gives it to his place of peanut vendor, he brags that he “does not care about critics,” he “does what he wants” and is “close civilian officials and military. “Closely linked to Said Bouteflika, as he says himself, he managed to knock the CEO of Sonatrach because he did not want to walk in his schemes. Seeming to consider Algeria as her family legacy that he squanders his masters, that shopkeeper arranges conferences within the institutions of the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, as in the hall of the Proceedings of the Foreign Ministry! where he proclaimed diplomats a sentence that clearly reflects his intentions: “Why he has military attachés in our embassies and not economic attached? Hadad dreams he of a State” civil “as the Saïdani drabki? We expect that this bully that requires ALL IMMEDIATELY and enumerates the divisions he has to impose its views on the entire nation. For all practical purposes, I would remind him of the fate of Rafik Khalifa who thought he was Louis XIV who is in prison for a long time. I’m considering the various experiences in many countries, I have not found a similar case, except perhaps in Egypt. Haddad is the Algerian Ahmed Ezz, one of the big shots of rotten regime of Mubarak and will again return to the Egyptian parliament after a stay in prison. The only difference is that Ahmed Ezz has a plant that produces a commodity and continued running and especially to pay taxes, even when his boss was in jail, as opposed to strictly Haddad who produces nothing. Others call this mercenary import import the Algerian Berlusconi.” With or without bunga bungaI hope that he also ended his career by sweeping the sidewalks and changing the old layers in retirement homes.

We have the evidence qu’Haddad lied about his purchase of a luxury hotel in Barcelona that he refuted in the Algerian press. According to information published May 15, 2014 in the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, and despite his denials ironic alleging that he was a namesake, Ali Haddad, through Aginyo company, bought in 2011 for 80 million euros, the Palace Hotel, the former Ritz Barcelona, one of the most beautiful hotels in Spain, leaving the rental in the company that was previously owner, the Husa Hotelesappartenant Joan Gaspart Solves, businessman Spanish member of Opus Dei and former president of FC Barcelona. As the company was struggling tenant to pay the rent, Haddad tried to sell the hotel loss in 2013, but finding no buyers, he finally opted to manage his palace itself. Indeed, in 2014, he made an offer of € 500,000 at the Commercial Court No. 3 of Barcelona to resume Hotel management, pledging to maintain 130 jobs. All the Spanish press that handled the sale of the hotel states that the purchaser is an Algerian businessman. I also had access to the Official Bulletin of the Spanish Trade Registry which published information about the Aginyo society.

I publish the proceedings of the Register of Trade and Companies Register in my possession, taking the Algerian people to witness:

According to the Registry of Commerce Spanish Official Gazette published on 16/12/2011, Section 498961, Aginyo the company was incorporated December 2, 2011: AGINYO INVERSIONES Y GESTIONES INMOBILIARIAS SL (Real Estate Investments and Management) is a company that commenced operations on 4/11/2011 and whose object relates las actividades del propias trafico inmobiliario (real estate related activities) incluidas the promocion, builder, Comercializacion arrendamiento y con exclusion arrendamiento activo del financiero.Domicile Cl Teodor Roviralta Num.44 P.1 PTA.2 (BARCELONA). Capital: 3.000,00 Euros. Nombramientos. Adm. Unico: HADDAD ALI. Datos registrales. T 42878, F 51, S 8, H B 417 169, I / A 1 (2.12.11).

Appointment of an agent: 21/12/2011 Article 507068 AGINYO INVERSIONES Y GESTIONES INMOBILIARIAS SL. Nombramientos. Apoderado (agent): RADIA BOUZIANE. Datos registrales. T 42878, F 53, S 8, H B 417 169, I / A 2 (12/09/11).

The new manager Aginyo, Radia Bouziane, was already a director of the company Skidbladnir Sl incorporated on 16/12/2011 in Barcelona, intended for wholesale, retail and export. On 16/02/2012, the company changed its business to specialize in the rental of personal property of all kinds, machines and equipment for the processing industry, vending machines, etc. and registered the brand 20.08.2014 The Blue Bird Royal, specializing in hotel services, research and booking, rooms, bars, restaurants, and other hotel and catering services, etc.

Change of registered office: The 29/05/2012: Article 226343 AGINYO INVERSIONES Y GESTIONES INMOBILIARIAS SL. Cambio de domicilio social Cl Escoles Pies Num.102 (BARCELONA). Datos registrales. T 42878, F 54, S 8, H B 417 169, I / A 3 (17.05.12).

Moreover, again according to the Spanish press in late 2013, Haddad bought a subsidiary of Keraben Group, the company Kerafrit, specializing in the manufacture of enamel paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics, established at nules, Spain. With this acquisition whose price was not disclosed, Haddad from the heart of the Spanish ceramics, renowned worldwide. Kerafrit had posted in 2013 a turnover of € 18 million of which 70% was spent on exports to Europe, North Africa, Latin America, Middle East and several countries in South Asia. The article on this subject was published in El Periódico Mediterraneo, on 12.12.2013, 04.21.2014 and the lasprovincias. On 12/30/2013, elEconomista published an article announcing the purchase of Kerafrit by an Algerian investor via investissementsSitifis company, the name of Ali Haddad is stipulated in innDEA Valencia on 04/22/2014.

Also according to the Official Gazette of the Register of Spanish Trade and Companies Registry, the sociétéSitifis was named to its constitution 14/08/2013 Abdelhafid Inversiones (Investments) SL, established in Nules (Spain) and the administrator was Abdelhafid HADDAD. The company’s activity focused on the direction and management of investments in other companies: sales, representation, market research and marketing of ceramic and related products. Various amendments have been made in a few months (change of statutes of registered office address). On 11/21/2013, Abdelhafid Inversiones SL becomes Sitifis Inversiones SL until the 12.24.2013, the company becomes Sitifis Kerafrit SA, administered parSitifis with the award of an agent station in both Sitifis Kerafrit and Oliver Martinez Manuel Kerafrit attorney since 2010. Since 20.01.2014, it represents only Sitifis. Publicación en el Boletín Oficial del Registro Mercantil del día 24 de December del 2013 del anuncio de la empresa KERAFRIT nombramientos in SA, inscrito en el Registro Mercantil el día 17 de December del 2013 con los datos de inscripción T 988, L 553, F 183, S 8, H CS 12112, I / A 38 “. KERAFRIT SA Administrador Unico: Sitifis Inversiones SL (Boletín Oficial del Registro Mercantil, inscripción Fecha: 12/17/2013 T 988, L 553, F 183, S 8, H CS 12112, I / A 38). On 01/17/2014, statutory changes are saved to a capital increase de102666,67%, a total capital of 3,083,000 euros, if you count the 3000 starting euros. According to the Official Bulletin of the Companies Registry, Kerafrit SA was acquired by Inversiones SL Sitifis on 12/17/2013.

Ali Haddad why he lied about buying the five-star hotel in Barcelona? Why does he use his brother’s nominee to create companies in Spain? Where does the money that allows Haddad to invest in Spain, France, etc. ? Where is the State and that makes financial Brigade? I cherish the hope of dissolving all organizations that claim to fight corruption and do nothing to seize the infernal machine of tax evasion. Voices will sing me qu’Haddad is an “investor” and he has the right to invest where it wants, but is it legal not to declare his assets to the Algerian tax authorities when one is living in Algeria? Haddad, the Saïdani drabki and other dunces from a bastard race and who will recognize, do more to harm the Algeria that all foreign hands gathered. Their shenanigans will lead us straight to the dismemberment and annihilation of the country. The “automout” East-West (Highway of Death, Algerian) Sonatrach, to the port of Algiers that pays billions to Emirati who are managers without investing a cent, not a day passes without a scandal. In Algeria, the democratization of corruption affects all spheres and no one sees tax investigation against embezzlement and capital flight. The side of the Algerian press, no one serious investigations on the activities of these scavengers, because everyone agreed around the manger. Where are the checks and balances such as the press, the opposition parties, associations, who prefer to close their eyes pretending that speak of these things could affect the stability of the country? Who benefits from this silent complicity if the gang of the wheelchair? This is the result of the fourth term which we do not want. And do not tell me that corruption exists in all countries and can not change anything. I do not accept that reigns in Algeria. The Algeria Mrs. Dalila should be abolished! I recall that Algeria, which was considered the “breadbasket of Africa” has to import bread!

Clan dirty money dream of getting absolute power when none of its members has never participated in combat builder of the Algerian nation, a country which has suffered so much and sacrificed her children to be free Algeria, proud and independent. Our many martyrs have never thought of themselves, unlike these microbes Haddad and others, the bad seed that has plagued our country. How, after so much suffering and colonial humiliation, can we go back to square one with these sold that offer their fleshy parts of France and their Gallic ancestors? How to immunize the nation against the rotten clan dirty money that relies on economic terrorism and the selling off of natural resources of our country? Use the crisis of shale gas for clan settling of taking hostage the entire population of In Salah is particularly odious and dangerous as the threats in the south of Algeria are to be taken very seriously. Southerners who chased a well drilling shale gas Halliburton, the multinational of Cheney and Bush do not want these holes lest their groundwater is polluted, and political power instead of acting , responded by offering administrative division to create new wilayas. What kind of world do we live? What is this reaction? Irresponsibility in Algeria has reached a phenomenal dimension. No foreign labor needed, Westerners valets are at the heart of the palace. When Saïdani, secretary general of the FLN dares declare that France gave us Independence and nobody shuts her up, that’s how bad the situation is. Just for such remarks, it Saïdani should be tried for high treason. If these irresponsible shenanigans are not stopped, Algeria lose its south and the Sahara.

The case Suiss Leakson accounts with HSBC in Switzerland by Algerians, reveals that Ali Haddad and thirty of his nominees, Saïdani and his beloved daughter, Amar Ghoul, Tahkout, Bouchouareb, the daughter a prime minister known for his business in London, some ministers who are low profile, MPs, several importers known about the place of Algiers and which are fattened through the bazaar economy, media owners, various singers like “Deb” Khaled offspring politicians, etc. have well-trimmed accounts. My sources sent me the list of Algerian happy beneficiaries of these offshore accounts, which raided Algeria to like their sidekick Momo VI, King of Morocco, which swells as his country is impoverished. They think they are invulnerable and no one can know their actions, but we can get information from their bedrooms. The accounts in Switzerland, Luxembourg and elsewhere used for money laundering “entrepreneurs” who put private foreign money from overcharging. The latter, widespread in the mid scabrous business is valued at $ 6 billion per year. This is unacceptable and the law should be applied to judge those who practice tax evasion. Mr. Haddad himself an oligarch as at the time of Yeltsin’s Russia, and it is understandable aversion to the powerful intelligence services able to foil his intrigues and collect information about him and his friends. The national interest must take precedence over private interest that relies on overseas and bar the way to this kind of highly toxic individuals. Algeria needs a Putin to serve a once and for all, they are heads of state like him that advance their countries. Or as Chinese President Xi Jinping who is hunting “tigers and flies‘ and is doing a major clean of the highest dignitaries of the Party and corrupt billionaires to the smallest crooked performers. As Comrade Xi Jinping did in China, we must organize a purge to remove all the donkeys, the hmar, that corrupt governments and institutions. Will has a greater misfortune for a nation than to see Haddad and shabby stain institutions while genuine patriots suffer multiple indignities? Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping have understood this and have taken the necessary measures to save their country of these deadly poisons.

Haddad sees rule over Algeria, but he will burn the wings of Icarus, because our country is not a cabaret and is not for sale. He forgets that there is a magic that strikes down all thieves and traitors of the Algerian nation. The blood of martyrs is not a joke which one makes fun taking a drink with his master the ambassador of France. Formerly Benboulaid sold his property to the Revolution today Haddad sells his country to enrich themselves, but it is mistaken in thinking that he can do what he wants to Algeria. She will never be subjected him and ancestral anger sweeping the risk as it devastated the ship Charles Quint. Our country is not a dumping ground for lowlifes who took bide with oil wealth, it is larger than all Haddad and their French masters who arrive late to rehabilitate colonialism. To divert people’s attention from the real social problems, the corrupt power agitates the Salafist puppet. These religious nicks do not have to open the spout on favoritism and of bribes, while they are the champions of the informal market and are the first to submit and sing the praises of chef. They are content to explain how to do ablution, they are only good at that. Corrupt can not mobilize people. No one will follow and we see embargoed countries under sanctions and targeted by imperialism hold on because their leaders are strong, honest and charismatic. A strong state is supported by the very people he is covered by his worst enemy. A state produces only low seedy as Haddad and be lost in the maze of history, carrying behind him the scourge of corruption, of bribes, special favors, regionalism, nepotism, the mismanagement, incompetence as with this government hacha Rezk rabiwhose ministers are contradictory statements. If we do not straighten the bar and let the 5th Column to continue its destructive work, we will go straight into the wall.

My journalist’s role is to alert my people, all the threats to our country, and I have no lesson in patriotism from anyone.

A word.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Published in Oximity, February 14, 2015:

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