Breaking: Biden Bombs Syria and Iraq; Psychopaths Claim ‘Self-Defense’

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The Biden regime has again bombed Syria and has also bombed Iraq. At approximately 0100 Damascene time, Biden regime bomber jets targeted two neighborhoods in Abukamal, eastern Deir Ezzor near the border, and one in Iraq.

One Syrian child was murdered, three other civilians were injured and several homes destroyed in this most recent Biden regime war crime on Syrian territories, four Iraqi troops were killed on Iraqi territories.

 most recent Biden regime war crime on Syrian territories, four Iraqi troops were killed on Iraqi territories.

Syria and Iraq bombed, and war criminals lie self defense.

The psychopath Dr. Strangelove’s of the Pentagon, CENTCOM, and the US Department of Defense outrageously claimed “self defense.” Calling deadly bombs “precision airstrikes,” the mass-murderers perversely twisted international law on war crimes: “As a matter of international law, the United States acted pursuant to its right of self-defense,” under the guise of protecting “US interests in Iraq” which the same criminal liars and unindicted war criminals declared were being ”targeted” by “Iran-back groups.”

The US degenerate liars neglected to mention in their self-victimized statement that the US has no interests in Iraq (or in Syria), and that in January 2020, the Iraqi Parliament politely voted for the yanqui putos to leave their country. Instead of leaving the country it destroyed, the US launched a criminal plot to incite a civil war in Iraq.

The Biden regime forces are also criminally in Syria — a war crime — and continuing to steal Syrian grain, Syrian oil, and occasionally to murder indigenous Syrians. Invasion, occupation, theft of food and Syria’s oil are also war crimes.

Biden commits new war crimes against Syria

— Miri Wood

Postscript: We offer a reminder that not all US politicians are Arab-hating war criminals. Former Senator Mike Gravel died yesterday at the age of 91. Here is a short video from a debate when he ran for president, and called out the warmongers on stage with him:

Addendum by Arabi Souri:

This latest illegal war crime added to the very long list of war crimes committed by the consecutive regimes of the United States in both Syria and Iraq takes place merely two days after the PMU, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, carried out a formal military parade in Baghdad under the supervision and in the attendance of the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi who confirmed the PMU is an integral body of the Iraqi armed forces and on the eve of the tripartite summit in Baghdad with the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah.

The Iraqi PMU military parade on 26 June 2021 in Baghdad:

We’re not sure who is really advising the head of the ‘most inclusive and diverse’ junta at the White House after the Israeli Netanyahu is removed from power after decades of dictating the US foreign policies in the region and far beyond, or what guides the US policies in the region, it’s obviously not related to any US interests and is seen in the region as demented Joe Biden who vowed to u-turn on Trump’s policies is sewing more body bags for US soldiers sent to plunder the wealth of both Syria and Iraq, the victims of the war crimes and their families and tribesmen will not sit idle and will seek harder revenge, the US ‘strategists’ should know this by now.

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Why Taking US NED Money is Wrong

The National Endowment for Democracy has as much to do with promoting “democracy” as the illegal US invasion of Iraq – code name “Operation Iraqi Freedom” had to do with bringing “freedom” to the Iraqi people. And as it turns out the same circle of regime change promoters are/were involved in both. 

November 5, 2020 (Brian Berletic – LD) – I cover the US National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) board of directors – pointing out how many of them have been involved in some of the worst crimes against humanity of the 21st century including promoting and even participating in the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003. 

I also explain why taking US NED money poses a danger to national security – and specifically why Thai agitators taking the money pose a danger to Thailand’s peace, stability, and future.


NED funding – THAILAND 2019:

NED Board of Directors:

CBS News – Elliott Abrams, convicted of lying about Iran-Contra, named special representative for Iran:

London Guardian – US diplomat convicted over Iran-Contra appointed special envoy for Venezuela:

NED BoD – Ambassador Victoria Nuland:

CNAS Supporters:

Reuters – Leaked audio reveals embarrassing U.S. exchange on Ukraine, EU:

NED BoD  – George Weigel:

American Magazine – The Just War Case for War:

NED BoD – Scott Carpenter:

NED BoD – Senator Tim Kaine: Kaine – Kaine Statement On Withdrawal Of U.S. Troops From Northern Syria:

Julian Assange trial: the mask of Empire has fallen

Julian Assange trial: the mask of Empire has fallen


September 18, 2020

By Pepe Escobar with permission from the author and first posted at Asia Times

The concept of “History in the making” has been pushed to extremes when it comes to the extraordinary public service being performed by historian, former UK diplomat and human rights activist Craig Murray.

Murray – literally, and on a global level – is now positioned as our man in the public gallery, as he painstakingly documents in vivid detail what could be defined as the trial of the century as far as the practice of journalism is concerned: the kangaroo court judging Julian Assange in Old Bailey, London.

Let’s focus on three of Murray’s reports this week – with an emphasis on two intertwined themes: what the US is really prosecuting, and how Western corporate media is ignoring the court proceedings.

Here, Murray reports the exact moment when the mask of Empire fell, not with a bang, but a whimper:

“The gloves were off on Tuesday as the US Government explicitly argued that all journalists are liable to prosecution under the Espionage Act (1917) for publishing classified information.” (italics mine).

“All journalists” means every legitimate journalist, from every nationality, operating in any jurisdiction.

Interpreting the argument, Murray added, “the US government is now saying, completely explicitly, in court, those reporters could and should have gone to jail and that is how we will act in future. The Washington Post, the New York Times, and all the “great liberal media” of the US are not in court to hear it and do not report it (italics mine), because of their active complicity in the “othering” of Julian Assange as something sub-human whose fate can be ignored. Are they really so stupid as not to understand that they are next?

Err, yes.”

The point is not that self-described paladins of “great liberal media” are stupid. They are not covering the charade in Old Bailey because they are cowards. They must keep their fabled “access” to the bowels of Empire – the kind of “access” that allowed Judith Miller to “sell” the illegal war on Iraq in countless front pages, and allows CIA asset and uber-opportunist Bob Woodward to write his “insider” books.

Nothing to see here

Previously, Murray had already detailed how “the mainstream media are turning a blind eye. There were three reporters in the press gallery, one of them an intern and one representing the NUJ. Public access continues to be restricted and major NGOs, including Amnesty, PEN and Reporters Without Borders, continue to be excluded both physically and from watching online.”

Murray also detailed how “the six of us allowed in the public gallery, incidentally, have to climb 132 steps to get there, several times a day. As you know, I have a very dodgy ticker; I am with Julian’s dad John who is 78; and another of us has a pacemaker.”

So why is he “the man in the public gallery”? “I do not in the least discount the gallant efforts of others when I explain that I feel obliged to write this up, and in this detail, because otherwise the vital basic facts of the most important trial this century, and how it is being conducted, would pass almost completely unknown to the public. If it were a genuine process, they would want people to see it, not completely minimize attendance both physically and online.”

Unless people around the world are reading Murray’s reports – and very few others with much less detail – they will ignore immensely important aspects plus the overall appalling context of what’s really happening in the heart of London. The main fact, as far as journalism is concerned, is that Western corporate media is completely ignoring it.

Let’s check the UK coverage on Day 9, for instance.

There was no article in The Guardian – which cannot possibly cover the trial because the paper, for years, was deep into no holds barred smearing and total demonization of Julian Assange.

There was nothing on The Telegraph – very close to MI6 – and only a brief AP story on the Daily Mail.

There was a brief article in The Independent only because one of the witnesses, Eric Lewis, is one of the directors of the Independent Digital News and Media Ltd which publishes the paper.

For years, the process of degrading Julian Assange to sub-human level was based on repeating a bunch of lies so often they become truth. Now, the conspiracy of silence about the trial does wonders to expose the true face of Western liberal “values” and liberal “democracy”.

Daniel Ellsberg speaks

Murray provided absolutely essential context for what Daniel “Pentagon Papers” Ellsberg made it very clear in the witness stand.

The Afghan War logs published by WikiLeaks were quite similar to low-level reports Ellsberg himself had written about Vietnam. The geopolitical framework is the same: invasion and occupation, against the interests of the absolute majority of the invaded and occupied.

Murray, illustrating Ellsberg, writes that “the war logs had exposed a pattern of war crimes: torture, assassination and death squads. The one thing that had changed since Vietnam was that these things were now so normalized they were classified below Top Secret.”

This is a very important point. All the Pentagon Papers were in fact Top Secret. But crucially, the WikiLeaks papers were not Top Secret: in fact they were below Top Secret, not subject to restricted distribution. So they were not really sensitive – as the United States government now alleges.

On the by now legendary Collateral Murder video, Murray details Ellsberg’s argument: “Ellsberg stated that it definitely showed murder, including the deliberate machine gunning of a wounded and unarmed civilian. That it was murder was undoubted. The dubious word was “collateral”, which implies accidental. What was truly shocking about it was the Pentagon reaction that these war crimes were within the Rules of Engagement. Which permitted murder.”

The prosecution cannot explain why Julian Assange withheld no less than 15,000 files; how he took a lot of time to redact the ones that were published; and why both the Pentagon and the State Dept. refused to collaborate with WikiLeaks. Murray: “Ten years later, the US Government has still not been able to name one single individual who was actually harmed by the WikiLeaks releases.”

Prometheus Bound 2.0

President Trump has made two notorious references to WikiLeaks on the record: “I love WikiLeaks” and “I know nothing about WikiLeaks”. That may reveal nothing on how a hypothetical Trump 2.0 administration would act if Julian Assange was extradited to the US. What we do now is that the most powerful Deep State factions want him “neutralized”. Forever.

I felt compelled to portray Julian Assange’s plight as Prometheus Bound 2.0. In this poignant post-modern tragedy, the key subplot centers on a deadly blow to true journalism, in the sense of speaking truth to power.

Julian Assange continues to be treated as an extremely dangerous criminal, as his partner Stella Moris describes it in a tweet.

Craig Murray will arguably enter History as the central character in a very small chorus warning us all about the tragedy’s ramifications.

It’s also quite fitting that the tragedy is also a commentary on a previous era that featured, unlike Blake’s poem, a Marriage of Hell and Hell: GWOT and OCO (Global War on Terror, under George W. Bush, and Overseas Contingency Operations under Barack Obama).

Julian Assange is being condemned for revealing imperial war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet in the end all that post-9/11 sound and fury signified nothing.

It actually metastasized into the worst imperial nightmare: the emergence of a prime, compounded peer competitor, the Russia-China strategic partnership.

“Not here the darkness, in this twittering world” (T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton). An army of future Assanges awaits.

IG Report: Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Failed to Assess Civilian Casualty Risks

IG Report: Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Failed to Assess Civilian Casualty Risks

By Staff, Agencies

The State Department failed to implement its own policies to fully assess and mitigate the risk of civilian casualties when it declared a national security emergency authorizing the transfer of sophisticated US weapons to Saudi Arabia last year, the department’s inspector general has found.

The IG report, released Tuesday, also concluded that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo followed legal requirements in certifying the emergency over bipartisan congressional objections to the $8 billion sale, which also included some armaments to the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

That conclusion was emphasized in a prerelease briefing for reporters Monday by a senior State Department official. “The big takeaway” from the report, the official said, was “that the Secretary used these authorities in accordance with the law.”

But much of the report focuses on human rights concerns that Congress raised in attempting to hold up the sales and requesting the IG investigation in the first place. The office of the inspector general declined to comment Tuesday.

A UN report issued in September 2019 said the United States may be complicit in potential war crimes in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition fighting the Yemeni Ansarullah revolutionaries has been accused of intentionally starving Yemenis as a tactic of war and killing thousands of civilians in airstrikes carried out with US-supplied precision-guided munitions. Human rights organizations have made similar charges.

Yemen’s humanitarian crisis is largely a result of policies pursued by the Saudi-led coalition backed by the United States.

At the time of the IG review, the report said, “coalition air strikes in Yemen continued to result in high rates of civilian casualties and damage to civilian sites.”

Because the Arms Export Control Act does not define the word “emergency,” the report said, the IG did not evaluate whether Pompeo’s stated reason – aggression from Iran – constituted one. But in making the emergency declaration, it said, the State Department did not meet other requirements to “fully assess risks and implement mitigation measures to reduce civilian casualties and legal concerns associated with the transfer of” precision-guided munitions.

The Monday briefer, in response to a question, said the report included “a recommendation that State implement additional mitigation measures to reduce the risk of US origin defense articles. . . contributing civilian harm, reducing the risk of civilian harm. So we agree with that, of course.”

But details of the IG’s findings and the department’s response to the civilian casualty concerns were not part of the public release. They were instead part of a classified annex to the report, following a claim of “executive branch confidentiality interests, including executive privilege,” according to a cover letter signed by acting inspector general Diana R. Shaw.

Some parts of the annex, provided to Congress, were “inappropriately redacted,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot L. Engel [D-N.Y.] said in a Tuesday letter to committee members. He said he would seek a reversal of the blackouts.

Parts of the publicly released report were also blacked out, including those related to the timing of Pompeo’s emergency declaration. According to an unredacted copy obtained by The Washington Post, State Department staff first proposed the use of the emergency authority to bypass congressional restrictions on April 3, 2019, nearly two months before Pompeo, on May 24, told Congress that emergency action was required.

The following month, Assistant Secretary of State R. Clarke Cooper indicated to lawmakers that the unspecified emergency had arisen just days before Pompeo’s declaration.

Other redactions deal with when the weapons were actually provided. According to blacked-out portions of the report, at the time of the IG review last fall only four of 22 arms transfers included in the emergency had been transferred. “Precision-guided munitions were among the first items delivered,” one redaction said.

Delivery of 11 of the 22 was scheduled to begin before the end of 2019, and five “would not begin delivery until 2020 or later,” according to redacted portions. In a letter to the inspector general, attached to the report, Cooper said that “the Certification itself was perhaps the most major ‘deliverable,’” apparently as a reflection of administration support for the Saudis.

The report does not make entirely clear what happened to the other two “cases.”

During a visit to Saudi Arabia in spring 2017, his first trip abroad, President Trump hailed what he said was Riyadh’s agreement to purchase US weapons worth $110 billion. Although Trump has repeatedly resisted any attempt to limit the sales, total Saudi purchases have been far below that number.

While the administration is legally bound to notify Congress of any arms transfers, only a veto-proof majority vote of the House and Senate can stop them. Bipartisan majorities had repeatedly voiced concern over weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, both because of the Yemen situation and the Saudi killing of political opponent Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018. While majorities voted not to permit the emergency transfer, Trump vetoed the measure.

The report also noted that the department had “regularly” approved the shipment of components of weapons identical to some of those listed in the emergency without congressional notification, under a “threshold” exception provided in the arms export law.

Congressional ire over the sales rose last spring, when Trump, at Pompeo’s request, fired Steve Linick, who had served as inspector general since 2013. Linick’s successor as acting IG, Stephen Akard, resigned last week after only a few months and was replaced by Shaw, his deputy.

In focusing on the legality of Pompeo’s emergency declaration and playing down what the report said about civilian casualties, Engel said the Monday briefer, whom he identified as Cooper, was trying to “pre-spin” the findings in “an attempt to distract and mislead.”

The IG report noted that under the Trump administration’s Conventional Arms Transfer Policy, issued in April 2018, “the United States seeks to reduce the risk that supplying US defense articles and services to foreign allies and partners will harm civilians.” Consistent with international law, it said, the policy “expressly prohibits the Department from approving arms transfers in cases where the United States has knowledge that the transferred arms will be used to commit attacks intentionally directed against civilians.”

The policy, it said, is the same as that of the Obama administration, with the addition of the word “intentionally” for attacks directed at civilians.

So Much Respectful to Lebanese Judiciary! US Paying Amer Fahkoury Regular Consular Visits

So Much Respectful to Lebanese Judiciary! US Paying Amer Fahkoury Regular Consular Visits

Very much ‘concerned’ US over agent Amer Fakhoury’s detention is sending delegates on regular basis to visit him in his medical facility

By Zeinab Daher

Beirut – Sometimes it turns very questionable to see a country voicing support for a murderer who killed and tortured his nationals while delightedly serving his country’s occupiers.

And some other times, it turns more doubtful that this same country remains silent about a horrific murder and dismembering of a journalist, who was its resident, by its ally.

But wait! Does it actually seem that the issue in both cases is the same? Maybe yes. It is the same country standing by the side of the murderer while hiding when it comes to the victim.

It is even much alike, our case here is, plus being aligned with the criminal murderer, an obvious interference in another country’s sovereignty.

In the most recent blatant interference in Lebanon’s affairs and its judicial system, reports revealed that a senior US State Department official voiced late Monday his country’s ‘concern’ over the situation of Amer Fakhoury.

While all Lebanese nationals and the relatives of his victims were demanding his execution, and even labeling him as the ‘slaughterer of Khiaym’ Detention Center, the US administration was shamelessly supporting Fakhoury, who himself confessed before the Lebanese Military Tribunal his role as a leader in the ‘Israeli’ proxy in South Lebanon.

Furthermore, this official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told a group of reporters that “we have routine consular visits with him” and that Fakhoury had been removed from his detention facility and was now in a medical facility.

“We are in routine touch with his family as well. I don’t – I think we are engaged with the government of Lebanon about his release. I don’t think I have the ability to provide further comment on Amer because of what is – he has to sign certain waivers for that to occur,” he added.

Amer Fakhoury returned to Lebanon coming from the United States in September of 2019.

Fakhoury closed his New Hampshire restaurant before heading to Lebanon.

He entered the country through Beirut International Airport. Upon arrival, the airport employee noticed that the man, holding an American passport, was a ‘wanted’ citizen. However, as the employee examined the issue, he learned that the decision to arrest him has been ‘withdrawn’ that’s why he was allowed to enter the country but after revoking his passport.

Fakhoury was later detained and referred to the Military Tribunal on September 13. After questioning by the General Security, he confessed to “cooperating with and working for” the ‘Israeli’ enemy that occupied the country and humiliated the nation for 22 years.

He had served in the Khiyam Detention Camp under the ‘Israeli’ occupation as a military commander of ‘Israel’s’ so-called South Lebanon Army that was commanded by Antoine Lahd.

There was a national consent that Fakhoury was the most notorious of all agents who served for the ‘Israeli’ occupation enemy. This was proved through testimonies of the families of those who were either killed or maimed as a result of torture inside the detention camp.

During his service, the enemy’s agent caused incurable injuries among almost all detainees, not to mention those who were martyred under torture.

Since then, all Lebanese nationals, but most precisely the relatives Fakhoury’s victims has been outraged by his return.

Saker rant: reaction to the Dems attempt to impeach Trump

The Saker

September 24, 2019

Saker rant: reaction to the Dems attempt to impeach Trump

I think that most readers know that I am not a fan of Trump or the Republican Party.  But I have to say that compared to the Democrats, the folks at the GOP are quasi decent; not very bright and only decent in comparison with the Dems, but still.

I have always maintained that the Neocons will try to impeach Trump and that he was what I called a “disposable” President the Neocons will use for dumb shit like moving the US embassy to al-Quds before jettisoning him, but I never thought that the Dems would have the chutzpah to pull of exactly the same trick TWICE!

What do I mean by that?

Look at that sequence:

Hillary does something dumb and insiders at the DNC leak documents.  What do the Dems do?  Invent the entire Russiagate charade.

This time around:

The Bidens do something dumb and somebody finds out.  What do the Dems do?  Invent a brand new “Ukrainegate“!

Exact same trick.  Twice!

And since chances are that the Senate will never impeach Trump, the real reason they are now talking about impeachment is just to help Biden and his campaign.  In other words, the Dems are doing exactly what they are accusing Trump of doing: they are trying to use a foreign power to interfere in US elections.

Then there is this: at least some Republicans are true patriots.  But the Dems?  They don’t care that forcing the President to release his conversations with foreign officials will make it hard in the future for foreign officials to be candid when they speak to the US President (even if he/she is a Dem!).

Besides, ALL the intelligence services on the planets have all kinds of agreements and understandings with others and requesting data on illegal activities of US citizens abroad is something which all 17 (!) US intelligence agencies ought to be doing.  And when dealing with a very public or powerful figure, it is normal for heads of state to be the top person to decide if such a confidential exchange of sensitive materials will or will not take place.  Finally, last time I checked, the VP does not keep his immunity of office once gone.

Sorry, but for the life of me I don’t see what Trump did wrong.

But then, neither did General Flynn do anything wrong either, and Trump immediately and totally betrayed him, so there is some karma at work here.

Then there is this famous “whistle-blower”.  First, for all we know, this might be a “Peter Strzok v2”, so let’s wait before assuming that another Snowden is coming forth.

Then, what NERVE the Dems have whining about Trump not allowing this alleged whistle-blower to come forward.  Okay, maybe The Donald got it wrong and said something stupid.  But he sure did not persecute whistle-blowers as viciously as Obama did!  Do these Dems have no shame! (no need to answer, that was rhetorical).

And, to fully complete my sense of nausea, I just read John Podhoretz’ editorial “Trump Did This to Himself” in Commentary (yes, I read the enemy’s propaganda, always).  Technically, Podhoretz’ is right, of course, but not at all in the sense he means it.

I am saddened by all this.  In my 56th year I lived 20 years in the USA and I love both its beautiful nature and many of its kind and good people.  This country deserves so much better!  And please don’t accuse me of being pollyannish about the USA’s past.  I wrote about the evils of US imperialism, racism and multiple genocides (including the biggest one in history, the one of Native Americans) many times.  But I am also aware of all the beautiful and noble things this young country also had in its short history.  Besides, those who live in the USA today cannot be blamed for the past (unless they whitewash it, of course).

Just 30 years ago the USA was a totally different country.  The Bill of Rights still mattered.  M*A*S*H was shown on TV without having hordes of offended minorities protesting.  US Americans did not fear the police (at least if you were not Black).  There was no ICE and US colleges had a TRUE political diversity.  Okay, the US media was mostly crap, but some “dissident” journos could still get published” (nowadays, a US journalist is, to use Alain Soral’s very apt words about the French journos, either a prostitute or unemployed).

This, and much more, is all gone now.

If the human race does not destroy itself and if we still have a future, historians will study this last phase of the US Empire and they will argue who was most to blame.  And while blame can be apportioned pretty much everywhere, I think that it is fair to say that the Democrats did much more damage to this country than the Republicans.  Of course, the real culprit hiding in shades are the Neocons who first took control of the Democratic Party (under Carter and maybe even before) and who then proceeded to infiltrate the GOP (under Reagan) (In the case of the GOP I was an eyewitness to how this was done in several think tanks in DC between 1988 and 1991).

With the sole possible exception of Tulsi Gabbard, I consider the Democratic Party to be profoundly anti-American (sorry, I cannot use the words “anti-US”, which would be more accurate but also clumsy).   In fact, the evidence of the past several decades shows that Dems only care about themselves, their power, their money, their fame.  They don’t give a hoot about the people of the United States, all their catering to loony minorities is just a scam.  They are the worst supremacists in this country for sure!

I think that anybody who for whatever reason supported this party in the past ought to now resign from it, publicly if possible.

Alas, I am not holding my breath for that either.

This is a sad day.

The Saker

Following Saudi Massacre, Yemeni Drones Strike Airbase in Asir

By Staff, Agencies

Yemeni drones targeted an airbase in southwestern Saudi Arabia was hit several times in retaliation for the Saudi regime’s ongoing aggression against the Arabian Peninsula country.

On Monday, army spokesman Yahya Saree was quoted by the al-Masirah television network as saying that the aircraft had stricken the King Khalid Airbase in the kingdom’s Asir region.

The counter-raid used unmanned aerial vehicles of the Qasef 2K make, he added.

“The attack targeted warplane hangers and important military sites accurately,” Saree was cited by the network as saying.

Most recently, Saudi airstrikes massacred least 14 people, including children at a market in Yemen’s Saada province.

“There are two children among the martyrs,” the manager of the local al-Jomhouri Hospital, Saleh Qorban told Reuters, adding that the sorties had also injured 23 others, including 11 minors.

The army official said that the retaliatory drone strike had come in response to the continued aggression against the Yemeni people, which has been compounded by a siege employed against the country by the Saudi-led coalition.

A spokesman for Yemen’s Ansarullah revolutionary movement, which has been defending the country against the invaders shoulder to shoulder with the army, strongly condemned the deadly strikes.

Mohammed Abdul-Salam said the kingdom’s heinous crimes were enjoying the support of the United States and the United Kingdom. He was referring to Washington and London’s arms support and logistical backing for the invasion.

Abdul-Salam also called on the international community to help stop the Saudi crimes.

Yemeni forces regularly target positions inside Saudi Arabia in retaliation for the Saudi-led war on Yemen, which began in March 2015 in an attempt to reinstall a former regime and eliminate the Ansarullah movement, which has been defending the country along with the armed forces.

The Western-backed military aggression, coupled with a naval blockade, has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Yemenis, destroyed the country’s infrastructure, and led to a massive humanitarian crisis.

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The War Crimes That Don’t Get Punished

By Ron Paul

bolton cheney 5361c

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) found himself in hot water recently over comments he made in defense of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, who faces war crimes charges over his alleged conduct while serving in combat overseas. Gallagher is charged with stabbing a 15 year old ISIS member while in custody, of taking photos posing with the corpse of the teen, and with killing several civilians.

Defending Gallagher recently, Hunter put his own record up next to the SEAL to suggest that he’s an elected Congressman who has done worse things in battle than Gallagher.

That’s where Hunter’s defense earned him some perhaps unwanted attention. While participating in the first “Battle of Fallujah” in early 2007, by Hunter’s own account he and his fellow soldiers killed hundreds of innocent civilians, including women and children. They fired mortars into the city and killed at random.

In the sanitized world of US mainstream media reporting on US wars overseas, we do not hear about non-combatants being killed by Americans. How many times has there been any reporting on the birth defects that Iraqis continue to suffer in the aftermath of US attacks with horrific weapons like depleted uranium and white phosphorus?

Rep. Hunter described his philosophy when fighting in Iraq:

“You go in fast and hard, you kill people, you hit them in the face and then you get out…We’re going to hurt you and then we’re going to leave. And if you want to be nice to America, we’ll be nice to you. If you don’t want to be nice to us, we’re going to slap you again.”

This shows how much Duncan Hunter does not understand about war. When he speaks of hitting people in the face until they are nice to America, he doesn’t seem to realize that the people of Fallujah – and all of Iraq – never did a thing to the US to deserve that hit in the face. The war was launched on the basis of lies and cooked-up intelligence by many of the people who are serving in the current Administration.

And that brings us to the real war criminals. Rep. Duncan Hunter and his fellow soldiers may have killed hundreds of innocent civilians and even felt justified. Their superior officers, after all, established the rules of engagement. Above those superior officers, going up and beyond to the policymakers, the lie was sold to the American people to justify a war of choice against a country that could not have threatened us if it wanted to.

Vice President Dick Cheney knew what he was doing when he kept returning to the CIA headquarters, strong-arming analysts to make the intelligence fit the chosen policy. John Bolton and the other neocons knew what they were doing when they made claims about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction they knew were false. The Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans played its role in selling the lie. So did the media.

Edward Gallagher will face trial and possibly jail for his actions. Rep. Duncan Hunter may even face punishment – though perhaps only at the ballot box – for his admitted crimes. But until those at the top who continue to lie and manipulate us into war for their own gain face justice, the real criminals will continue to go free and we will continue pursuing a suicidal neocon foreign policy.

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