Satire: Trump’s Unprecedented Move Helped ‘Energize’ the G-20 Meeting

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

President Trump stepped out of the G-20 meeting  for a while (these sessions can be very tiring) and to everyone’s surprise he sent Ivanka to sit in his place, next to Merkel and the Chinese premier.

This is unprecedented, since in such circumstances the substitute is usually a high-ranking official, not the presidential offspring, playing the role of “special advisor.” Nevertheless, this was just the beginning.

Emboldened by Trump’s action, Putin stepped out next and sent in his black Labrador retriever. The Lab got a warm and friendly (albeit surprised) reception from all except for Angela Merkel, whose fear of dogs is said to date back to when he she was a STASI agent in East Germany and was bitten by a dog during field training. She has also never forgiven Putin for scaring her a few years ago by bringing Konni into a one-one meeting.

Cynologists at both the Brookings Institution as well as the Enterprise Institute claim that the Lab who participated in the G-20 meeting is not Konni (long retired at a dacha in Crimea), but rather his grandson, Smersh.

Any objective observer had to conclude that the originality and sophisticated level of the discussions were notably increased by the presence of the two substitutes. The Lab in particular made some incredibly astute, albeit brief comments in Russian, which the translator conveyed in English. Only a cat lover could have failed to admit the dog’s brilliance and superiority of intellect compared to Ivanka and other participants.

This opens up a new era in international diplomacy. President Putin has more than enough on his plate and by now he knows pretty much in advance what each leader is most likely to say in such meetings. He should spare himself and make use of Smersh as often as possible.

Similarly, Trump could reserve his time to more robust twitting by sending Ivanka or his son in his place. Jared The Kushner, of course, should go along as script supervisor. Macron of France could send in his septuagenarian wife, and leaders who have pets well versed in international affairs could send them in. Only Merkel is indispensable.

The American MSM could complement their in-depth analysis of Ivanka’s sartorial accomplishments–

…with a well-researched biography and credentials of Smersh, e.g.,:

Early Youth–

Special Services Training–

To me this is a breath of fresh only made possible by Trump’s once again thinking outside the box.

Toilet Training Obama

[Ed. Note: Toilet training, a difficult task with infants as well as pets, can be as gratifying when its succeeds

as it is frustrating when it fails

Experts suggest the key is to have patience and be consistent, and no one has shown more patience with Obama than Putin in trying to save him from embarrassment. Nevertheless, time has run out for Obama, who must be counted now as a toilet training failure. In his few remaining days in office, Obama has fouled the White House one more time, possibly to spite both Putin and Trump. Toilet training experts in various American think tanks agree that Obama has soiled himself again.]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded to the outgoing US administration’s efforts to provoke conflict through new sanctions in what some are calling the “most embarrassing” way possible for US President Barack Obama.

US Expels 35 Russian Diplomats, Closes 2 Diplomatic Compounds On Friday, the Kremlin responded to US sanctions imposed on Thursday by declaring that they “will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen diplomacy,’” and reiterated their hopes to work toward a better relationship with the US when President-elect Donald Trump takes office. “While we reserve the right to take reciprocal measures, we’re not going to downgrade ourselves to the level of irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy,” Putin announced. “In our future steps on the way toward the restoration of Russia-United States relations, we will proceed from the policy pursued by the administration of D. Trump.”

The Russian President didn’t stop there, as he also invited “all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas children’s parties in the Kremlin,” and offered “New Year greetings to President Obama and his family.

Now, after Putin announced that he is taking the high road, American experts are shocked, and even embarrassed for the Obama administration.

“This is frankly the most damaging and embarrassing answer the US could receive,” Michael Kofman, a global fellow at the Wilson Center specializing in Russian and Eurasian affairs, told Business Insider on Friday. “It’s quite clear that both the Obama administration and Congress are trying to box Donald Trump in on Russia policy. But instead of responding to this latest salvo with predictable retaliatory measures, Russians have chosen to make them a nonissue.”

Boris Zilberman, a Russia expert at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, also told the website that he believes the decision not to retaliate is a win for Putin. “I think Putin saw through Obama’s attempt to throw a wrench into relations in the next administration, and looking as though he is above the fray is likely a win as well for him,” Zilberman said.

Mark Kramer, program director for the Project on Cold War Studies at Harvard’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, asserted that the response, and dismissal, makes Obama’s efforts look “weak.” Putin’s “conspicuous announcement today was intended in part to give the impression that Obama’s measures are weak and inconsequential (as indeed they largely are) and do not deserve a response,” Kramer said.

On Thursday, President-elect Trump reiterated his belief that it is “time for our country to move on to bigger and better things,” expressing again his disinterest in conflict with Russia.Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway previously called retaliation against Russia for alleged interference a “political response” at the behest of “Team Hillary.” “It seems like the president is under pressure from Team Hillary, who can’t accept the election results,” Conway said on Face the Nation earlier this month. “It’s very clear that President Obama could have ‘retaliated’ months ago if they were actually concerned about this and concerned about this affecting the election.”

Spitting Vitriol

 photo vitriolicneta_zps8facfl9o.jpg

Israeli leaders seem to be spitting a lot of vitriol these days over the recent UN vote. It’s almost as if they’re discharging their sputum into a revolving global fan blade. We don’t really know where the spittle is going to end up next.

On Christmas Day, the Israeli government summoned the ambassadors of ten different countries, presumably for a vitriolic dressing down over the resolution which passed the Security Council two days earlier. At a Cabinet meeting, later, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nentanyahu openly accused the Obama administration of being the prime impetus behind the resolution.

“According to our information, we have no doubt the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated the wording and demanded it be passed,” he said.

At least some of the spittle, however, seems to be catching a tailwind from the fan and blowing back into the Israelis’ faces. Nina Ben Ami, the Israeli ambassador to Uruguay (Uruguay is currently a member of the Security Council and voted in favor of the resolution), issued a public rebuke to top officials in that country but seems not to have chosen her words with care. (H/T Ariadna )

“Please allow me [to speak] a sincere word in this moment over a recent event,” said Ben Ami. “I have to say that we have been disappointed by the support that Uruguay gave to the resolution of the UN Security Council, which attacked Israel again, while other atrocities and territorial conflicts much more serious go on unnoticed.”

“Other atrocities…much more serious”? The implication (probably unintended) is that Israel commits its fair share of atrocities, they just tend to be somewhat less serious than those committed by other countries.

The ambassador also alluded to the other Security Council members in a manner which, considered in a certain light, might be construed as menacing–although gratefully she seemed somewhat more forgiving toward Uruguay.

“El primer ministro habló de cosas que quiere hacer con quienes votaron la resolución. Pero no todos los países están en la misma situación. De Senegal y Nueva Zelanda que hicieron la propuesta ya hemos removido al embajador. No es el caso acá en Uruguay asi que buscamos como salir de esa situación pero es complicado”, concluyó Ben Ami.

Which according to our interpreter, Ariadna, translates to:

“The Prime Minister [i.e., Netanyahu] talked about what he wants to do with those who voted the resolution. But not all countries are in the same situation. From Senegal and New Zeeland — who proposed it — we have already recalled our ambassadors. It is not the case of Uruguay, so we are looking to see how we can get out of this situation but it is complicated,” concluded Ben Ami.

Yes, of course. Everything always becomes “complicated” whenever anyone gets to justifying the longest occupation in world history.

The spitting continued on Wednesday in a response to a speech given by Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington. Attempting to lay out the administration’s reasons for not vetoing the UN resolution, Kerry said, “The two-state solution is the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians” and reiterated his belief that current Israeli policies are contravening that goal.

“The Israeli prime minister publicly supports a two-state solution, but his current coalition is the most right-wing in Israeli history with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements,” Kerry said.

“Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by world leaders. No one wants peace more than the people of Israel,” Netanyahu riposted.

He also accused Kerry of “attacking the only democracy in the Middle East” and laid claim that Israel is the “only place in the Middle East where Christians can celebrate Christmas,” insisting at the same time that “all of this doesn’t interest the US Secretary of State, unfortunately.”

If it was a spitting contest between Kerry and Netanyahu, it looks like Netanyahu is hands down the winner.

In fact, the Obama administration now seems to be crying uncle. Following Netanyahu’s response, Ben Rhodes, White House Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications, went on CNN to assure the world that the US will veto any further resolutions critical of Israel which may come up during the remainder of the president’s term in office.

It is a shame we have officials in what is purportedly the most powerful nation on earth succumbing so easily to intimidation from a foreign leader, but it looks like top brass in the Obama administration will be carrying umbrellas whenever venturing outdoors between now and January 20.

Trump’s Brand

by on November 25, 2016

Trump has been a very successful businessman, not so much as a builder but as a salesman. He sold the brand he created: himself, or rather, his name. It doesn’t matter how many or how few of his buildings he actually owns: the world knows them as Trump towers. The use of his name fetches large fees and a percentage of the profit.

Some of his campaign speeches, in which he talked about the wall he wanted to build on the South border sounded like the rehearsed spiel he must have always used: “It will be BEAUTIFUL! You’ll see.” He sounded confident because, justifiably, he trusts his own spiel based on the track record. It has worked well for him.

The brand he fashioned is recognizably American in spirit: “Bigger is better and biggest is best, and we are the biggest and the best” as well as Jewish: “All that glitters is as good as gold. Ostentation is good because too much of a good thing is wonderful.” Common to both is the belief that who you are is what you have and what you have is the measure of what you can do (and get away with):


His America is New York City,a milieu where he made deals with, became friends with, and was helped along the way by many Jews, and where his children married Jews, so it makes sense that he expects this symbiotic cooperation to not only continue but to be taken to a new level.

His ego leads him to expect being able to “best” them in the biggest deal of his life: his project of “making America great again.” In exchange he will give them, say, a completely free hand in Palestine and, as a lagniappe, deeper deregulations here and then, in banking and industry, to make America “competitive.” Israel is already offering help with his beautiful wall project:

“Trump’s Mexican wall a boon for Israeli security company.”
The Israeli company that has built high-tech fences along the country’s volatile borders is now trying to build a bridge to the Trump administration — hoping to use its experience to cash in on the president-elect’s plan to seal the border with Mexico. Magal Security Systems has been a major player in building high-tech fences and walls along Israel’s volatile northern and southern borders, as well as the massive separation barrier that snakes along the frontier with the West Bank. “We believe that the U.S. government is going to increase its security budgets in the upcoming years and definitely we look forward to take part in it,” the company’s chief executive, Saar Koursh, told The Associated Press.”

Mexico also sees his wall as a good business opportunity! Was he right or was he right?

Based on the Gestalt of his life experience he may well sincerely believe that what the nation needs (and only he can provide) is a refurbished “America” brand. One so tall, so big and so intimidatingly shiny that the world will respect it again.

Some have said that the reason his team was so completely unprepared on November 8 — no transition plan, no clearly defined responsibilities of his team, and a vaguely sketched cabinet — was that Trump himself did not expect to win. I don’t believe this. He is not the type who forges ahead prepared to lose. I think he rather regards such preparations as he does the teleprompter: useful but not vital. If not available, he can always improvise. He will appoint “experts” (e.g., Mnuchin has vast expertise in finances, does he not?) to run the various departments, and he will busy himself cutting “deals” with foreign leaders that will all benefit “America” and will pacify areas of conflict in the world. One such obvious unresolved conflict is Palestine-Israel and he is already sketching a solution, working closely with his friend, Netanyahu. It will be beautiful.

Unlike the Clintons, greedy psychopathic liars sold to the highest bidder, which happens to be Jewish Power, I believe Trump is not only sincere, but also a patriot by his reckoning. He is sincere in his belief that the brand not only sells the product, but is the product. He is also a patriot who wants America to be “America” again — the shining brand the whole world used to admire and fear (“nobody will dare to mess with us”) — but his patriotism is local: he is a New York City patriot.

Despite his professions of understanding and identifying with those whom Hillary Clinton stupidly called “deplorables”–  in rural America and in the devastated, formerly thriving industrial states (Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania) — Trump’s campaign visits there were the safaris of a New Yorker for whom civilization as he knows it ends west of the Hudson River. Beyond is another country and “they do things differently there.”

Trump did not “feel their pain,” as Bill Clinton used to lie; I believe he felt sincere compassion for the suffering of those he encountered, and a self-affirming, confirmatory delight at the warm reception his “tell it like it is” spiel received from them. He truly wants to alleviate their plight. He thinks he knows how, and is sure that his friends and long-term associates can help because they are deeply American too: NYC Americans, like him and, in final analysis, all “good people.”

All this is not to say that Trump’s presidency will bring no changes. Whether unwittingly or by sly intent to grab himself a heretofore ignored constituency, he has unleashed a deep national current of distrust, disgust and even hatred for the elites and the “lying media” that will not abate soon, and through his speeches has cut a large hole in the gag of political correctness.

Nationalism, specifically white nationalism, has gone from being viewed as the loony obsession of a few skinheads and survivalists packing ammo in Idaho and Montana to something now called a dangerous trend to be discussed openly (and excoriated, of course) on television and in the MSM. But there is another nascent change in the works: nationalism is being kosherized and defanged  to make it safe for the sensitive, oppressed minorities (among which white Americans are not included yet). With kosher nationalism handed down to them — a sort of papalist populism– white Christian Americans will be able to have their cake without eating it. Jewish luminaries are calling it “pan-ethnic nationalism” and are telling hand-shy white liberals (“progressives”) that it’s ok, it has the rabbinical stamp. Ironically it resembles the democrat slogan, “We’re stronger together.” “America” means diversity, they explain, otherwise it is bigotry and worse: anti-semitism.

The unexpected number of women who voted for the “horrid misogynist” indicates that feminism has passed its sell-by date. No dramatic changes are to be expected on this score, however, but perhaps a more laissez-faire attitude regarding jokes and language so far considered male chauvinist will prevail.

The over-reaching of pro-immigration/open borders activists has fed the flames of anti-immigration sentiment to which Trump’s wall project appealed. This will not diminish and will still demand a solution, which the wall itself, absent changes in immigration and labor laws and social benefits distribution, does not represent.

So political correctness will be eroded in some areas to the chagrin of feminists and pro-immigration advocates, and Hallmark will print more “Merry Christmas” than “Happy Holidays” cards this Christmas.

When all is said and done, was the election joust only a skirmish between two factions of Jewish power? One that was won by the more astute manipulators who saw the surf and decided to ride it rather rail against it?

For now Trump’s deep motivation and intentions are still a puzzle.

What is certain is that the immediate danger of war with Russia has been averted and that is no small thing. It remains to be seen how Trump conducts himself in his interactions with Putin and other world leaders (like the Chinese), and if they see him as Chauncey, the gardner in Being There, or if he impresses them and their productive exchanges lead to mutually favorable agreements.

I agree with those who believe we should give him a chance and wait at least six months after the inauguration. Nevertheless, as physics teaches us, initial conditions determine much of the course of any event/phenomenon, and in the cone of shadow they cast, small indicators at the narrow end of the funnel are much amplified at the other end.

“But what if he fails?” asks Paul Craig Roberts. He answers his own question thus:      “If Trump fails, the only solution is for the American people to become more radical.”


Note: I chose a few drawings by a pre-eminent New Yorker, Saul Steinberg, to illustrate this essay because they seemed highly apposite.

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Clarity in Writing

“This is our country! This is our airport!” the Chinese official yelled.

Then, around the time Obama was exiting through the emergency staircase, a Chinese official attempted to block national security adviser Susan Rice and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes after they lifted a blue rope holding back press and walked to the other side of it, closer to Obama. A member of the Chinese delegation began shouting at White House staff, demanding the pool leave the arrival scene. A White House official said Obama was our president and Air Force One was our plane and that the press was not going to move from the designated area. The Chinese official angrily responded “This is our country. This is our airport.” more

Obama Gets No Respect

by on September 5, 2016

Has President Obama, the leader of the Western world, become a Rodney Dangerfield character on the world stage, the guy who gets no respect?
First, he endured a humiliating snub on his arrival in China for the G20 meeting. What, “Deliveries through the service door, please?” And no red carpet, that’s for Putin.

HANGZHOU, China (AP) —  If President Barack Obama was hoping for a graceful start to his final trip to Asia as commander in chief, this wasn’t it.

Confrontations between Chinese officials and White House staff and other diplomatic dust-ups were out in the open from the moment Air Force One landed in Hangzhou, where world leaders were attending an economic summit.

The first sign of trouble: There was no staircase for Obama to exit the plane and descend on the red carpet. Obama used an alternative exit.

On the tarmac, a quarrel broke out between a presidential aide and a Chinese official who demanded the journalists traveling with Obama be prohibited from getting anywhere near him. It was a breach of the tradition observed whenever the American president arrives in a foreign place.
When the White House official insisted the U.S. would set the rules for its own leader, her Chinese counterpart shot back.

“This is our country! This is our airport!” the Chinese official yelled.

Compare the reception given to Obama — alternative exit, no red carpet — to how Putin was received (video below):

And then there is Philippine President Duterte … first he insulted the US ambassador, Philip Golberg, calling him “a gay son of a bitch,” explaining that, “I was annoyed at him for interfering in the elections, giving statements here and there. He wasn’t supposed to do that.” But given Philippines’ strategic importance, the US reaction was subdued: “US State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said the department had summoned the Filipino chargé d’affaires to “clarify” Duterte’s remarks.” The US State Department apparently considers “gay,” “son of a bitch” and “interfering in elections” obscure terms that need “clarification.”

Duterte’s respect for the US has not increased after Kerry’s subsequent visit, despite the fact that Kerry came bearing gifts (or perhaps because of that):

“Kerry came here, we had a meal, and he left me and Delfin $33 million. I said, OK, maybe we should offend them more.” 

Duterte got his opportunity when word reached him that President Obama might call him to task about the summary executions of drug dealers Duterte has approved in his war on drugs:

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned President Barack Obama on Monday not to question him about extrajudicial killings, or “son of a bitch I will swear at you” when they meet in Laos during a regional summit.

Duterte said before flying to Laos that he is a leader of a sovereign country and is answerable only to the Filipino people. He was answering a reporter’s question about how he intends to explain the extrajudicial killings to Obama. According to some reports more than 2,000 suspected drug pushers and users may have been killed since Duterte launched a war on drugs after taking office on June 30.

In his typical foul-mouthed style, Duterte responded: “I am a president of a sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony. I do not have any master except the Filipino people, nobody but nobody. You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions. Putang ina I will swear at you in that forum,” he said, using the Tagalog phrase for “son of a bitch.”

John Kerry’s visit was met with massive anti-US protests:

And now….

A blast wrought destruction upon a busy night market in the city of Davao in the Philippines island of Mindanao. According to CNN, 14 people were killed and 71 wounded. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte visited a morgue early Saturday to pay respects to the 14 people killed hours earlier in an explosion at a crowded market in Davao City.

Before being elected president, Duterte was the mayor of Davao (his native town) so this terrorist act is also an act of vengeance and a personal message.

“We have to confront the ugly head of terrorism,” Duterte said, standing near the explosion site in his hometown. “We will take this as a police matter about terrorism.”

The cause of the explosion, which happened around 10 p.m. ET Friday, is not known.

The terrorist act may prompt Duterte to declare martial law. Is a US “humanitarian intervention” on the horizon?

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The Dallas Parallel with Maidan Sniper Shootings: Is Ukrainian Chaos Coming to America?

Our friend Ariadna refers to it as the “Maidanizing of America.” She may be right. Most of us recall the sniper shootings that occurred in Ukraine’s Maidan Square in February of 2014–there does seem to be a certain similarity between what happened then and that which took place Thursday night in Dallas. And in the video above James Corbett also draws a link with the sniper attacks that occurred in Daraa in 2011 at the outset of the Syrian conflict.

If you want to create chaos in a city, deploying snipers on building tops to fire at people in the streets below seems a sure way of accomplishing it.

At any rate, US Veteran Micah Johnson, now depicted by the media as someone who “wanted to kill white people,” has been officially pronounced the “lone gunman” in the Dallas shootings.

“We believe Mr. Johnson, now deceased, was the lone shooter,” said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings.

I guess we could refer to is as “the lone gunman theory.” I wonder how long before the term “conspiracy theorist” will be applied to those of us who question the official account?

Initial reports of the shootings, from both police and witnesses on the street, were that sniper fire was coming from different rooftops, and that there may have been as many as four snipers, but now the official story is that Johnson did it all himself, using “shoot and move” tactics that he studied prior to carrying out the attack.

And the other three people whose arrests were reported on Friday, now seem to have disappeared from the narrative.

Imagine You are a Midget…

On Midgets

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

What do you do for fun when you are 31 and have far more money than brains and not an ounce of human decency? Here’s an idea:

Rent a posh, grand mansion in the Hamptons — the Jewish vacation spot and preferred second home for well-heeled NY Jews — for the weekend for $29,000 and invite 1,000 friends. Buy enough champagne for all to bathe in (literally) and, best of all, hire some midgets to toss around.  No summer fun beats throwing midgets into a pool.

Short of a putsch by revolutionary midgets that would take over and administer justice, this fun-loving hedge fund manager and all his ilk will never get their comeuppance. Yes, he was fired by his reptilian company for drawing undesired attention to it but you can rest assured he will be quickly hired by another. A Jewish boy with such a zest for living cannot be let down by his network. Furthermore, he is a patriot: he was celebrating Independence Day.

In the meantime poverty grows in America. A shocking 22% of all American children live in families with an income below the federal poverty level, while America’s wealth is being extracted by destroyers who produce nothing.

We are all (99% percent of us) midgets being tossed around and dunked for fun and profit, and the Wall Street vultures and their co-conspirators find us pathetic and hilarious.

They are right, we are.


31-Year-Old Hedge Funder Trashes $20 Million Hamptons Mansion In Wild Midget Tossing Party Is Fired

 photo barna_zpspd04brgv.jpg

Zero Hedge

In another reminder why most of the population is increasingly furious at the “elites”, over the holiday weekend a 31-year-old portfolio manager for Moore Capital, Brett Barna, threw a wild “Wolf of Wall Street”-style Hamptons party, complete with Champagne, scores of bikini-clad women and costumed gun-toting midgets, and in the process trashed a $20 million mansion.

According to Page Six, Barna, “a portfolio manager at Louis Bacon’s Moore Capital Management, hosted the all-day “#Sprayathon” pool party on Sunday, where 1,000 people doused themselves in bubbly as rapper Ace Hood performed.”

Making things more complicated is that Barna is not the owner of the 9-bedroom, 8 acre Hamptons mansion which “comes with tennis court, gym, outdoor pool & jacuzzi” where he celebrated US Independence Day in decadent style, and instead had rented it on AirBNB for $29,000, a fee he is now disputing.

Needless to say, the owner of the house is now quite angry: as Page Six reports, “the furious owner of the 14-bedroom estate in Bridgehampton plans to sue Barna, 31, for $1 million, saying the Wall Street hot shot had claimed the party would be a fundraiser for an animal charity for a mere 50 guests.”

The owner, who asked to not be named, told Page Six that , “Brett came to me dropping Louis Bacon’s name and saying he was a big deal with the Robin Hood Foundation. He said there would be 50 people at the event and it was for animal rescue. But the only animals there were the people, a thousand of them.They drowned themselves in Champagne, they had midgets they threw in the pool, they broke into the house, trashed the furniture, art was stolen, we found used condoms. So many people were there that the concrete around the pool crumbled and fell into the water. It was like ‘Jersey Shore’ meets a frat party. We are preparing a massive lawsuit . . . We’re waiting to serve him.”

Wild social media posts show partygoers dousing themselves in booze and dancing wildly.

The videos and photos below, capturing the festivities, will surely be Exhibit A-X in the upcoming lawsuit.

 photo barna3_zpsrimpbchp.jpg

 photo barna2_zps6dnoazga.jpg

According to the publication, this is an annual bacchanal: Last year #Sprayathon revelers started a brush fire at a Hamptons manse owned by “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo.

Page Six adds that a rep for the embarrassed hedge fund didn’t comment, but a source said Moore raised $100,000 for Last Chance Animal Rescue, and they hired cleaners and left the house in good condition.

As CNBC adds this morning, Moore Capital said it has fired Barna. “Mr. [Brett] Barna’s personal judgment was inconsistent with the firm’s values,” the company told CNBC in a statement.

“He is no longer employed by Moore Capital Management.”


One gets the feeling that Americans are becoming more and more like midgets–dressed in patriotic costumes, waiting to get tossed into a pool.

A few other perspectives on Dallas that you might find useful:

In an article here, Susan Duclos offers the view that a civil war is being deliberately instigated.

In order to understand just how ugly this is going to get, all one has to do is look at a comment on the Black Lives Matter Dallas Chapter Facebook page, where a post that is still up at the moment states “If you want to stop this. Word needs to get to Isis. When you protest, protest with signs asking Isis to help you. Do this every TIME they kill our people, I bet you you will get the attention and support you so dearly need. Protest for Isis to help us! Isis don’t hate black people, but the whites want you to think they do. Call on Isis, cuz you damn president won’t help you. Your damn hip hop rappers, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Beyonce, none of them, but Isis. Call up Isis in your protest on social media. Call!”

So is someone in Black Lives Matter–an organization rumored to have been funded in some part by George Soros–now making common cause with ISIS?

Duclos also makes note of the fact that a goal of the Obama administration has been to nationalize local police departments, and she states her belief that a number of departments, particularly in larger cities, have already been “infiltrated,” as she puts it, by a global police force. What she leaves unmentioned, however, is that a number of police departments in the US have undergone training in Israel, and that at least one, the New York Police Department, even maintains a branch in the Zionist state.

 photo trucktailgate_zps3ymdimil.jpg

And also this:

Armed black activists in Dallas are interviewed by British Sky News in the following video. Apparently they believe the lone gunman theory of what happened in their city…

What would be well worth remembering is that midgets being thrown into the pool will include both black and white midgets, and that those doing the throwing would love to see the midgets fighting each other. Certainly it would make their task of tossing them into the water much easier.

The only way to avoid drowning is for the midgets to unite.

Indyk, Lowenstein, and a ‘Softened’ Quartet Report on Illegal Israeli Settlements


By Richard Edmondson

Towards the end of this month, the Middle East Quartet–comprised of the US, the UN, the EU, and Russia–is expected to release a report that may or may not include some unusually strong criticism of Israeli settlements.

The “may or may not” aspect all depends on the outcome of what is apparently some intensive Israeli lobbying going on at present in an effort to “soften” the tone of the report. So all-out is this effort that Israel  reportedly has assigned not just one but two teams of negotiators to the project–a personal representative of Benjamin Netanyahu by the name of Isaac Molho who is holding one-on-one talks with US envoy Frank Lowenstein, and a group of “senior Foreign Ministry officials” that are engaged in talks with the other three members of the Quartet.

Officially the report is designed to address the diplomatic freeze between Israel and the Palestinians. Though it is expected to be relatively brief, Haaretz reportsthat Israeli officials are expecting “extensive criticism” over illegal settlements as well as the treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank’s Area C, which is under full Israeli control.

Moreover, the poor, put-upon Israelis are harboring fears that the report may be used to bolster President Obama’s “legacy” on the Israeli-Palestinian issue–and especial fears revolve around the possibility that it could end up being submitted to the UN Security Council for some sort of action, possibly as the basis for an official resolution.

“The main question is how harsh criticism of the settlements will be,” says a senior Israeli official quoted by Haaretz. “All members of the Quartet can rally around this issue without a problem.”

In other words, though it might be a bit chancy, all members of the Quartet can probably get away with criticizing the settlements without being branded as “anti-Semites.” But just to be on the safe side, they plan to throw in some language about Palestinian “incitement” and criticism of the PA for “not stopping terror attacks against Israel.” Here is a bit from the Haaretz report:

Over the past few weeks the Quartet report has largely become an American report. UN special envoy Nickolay Mladenov and EU envoy Fernando Gentilini are contributing to the content and recommendations, but Lowenstein is taking the lead in composing the report.

Which is to say that the US envoy, who just happens to be Jewish, is calling the shots here–although there is mention of a meeting set to occur in Moscow this week in an effort to try and “unify the various drafts.” Mostly it would appear, however, to come down to a question of how susceptible Lowenstein will be to Israeli cajoling and intimidation.

Well, at least the Israelis don’t have Martin Indyk to contend with. They seem to have “lobbied” him completely out of the picture two years ago.

Martin Indyk was Frank Lowenstein’s immediate predecessor in the job of US “Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations,” as it’s officially titled. I never really thought of Indyk as anything even remotely resembling a champion of justice–on the Middle East or any other issue–but a friend recently emailed me an article from the arch-conservative Washington Free Beacon entitled, “Indyk Caught Bashing Israel at Hotel Bar.” The article, based upon the comments of an anonymous source said to have overheard Indyk and a group of his associates as they were tossing back a few drinks, appeared on May 16, 2014–exactly two years ago today.

The conversation allegedly took place in a bar at the luxury Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington, and the report depicts the former US diplomat as speaking of Israel in a “nasty” tone, this while being concurred with and amen-ed by his friends.

Indyk and his staff “openly blamed” conservative Israeli politician Naftali Bennett and others for “sabotaging the [peace] negotiations” by issuing permits for new Israeli housing blocks in Jerusalem.

“In the 30 minute conversation, no one at the table mentioned a single wrong thing the Palestinians had done,” according to the source who overheard the conversation. “There was no self-criticism whatsoever.”

Among those present were some of Indyk’s staff members from the State Department, described in some cases as laughing as their boss launched criticisms–not only of Israel and its settlement policies (the entire group reportedly concurred that talks had broken down because of the settlements), but also of Daily Beast reporter Josh Rogin who had recently published a report quoting John Kerry using the word “apartheid” in reference to Israel.  Additionally the group honed in on Barbi Weinberg, former AIPAC staffer and founding member of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, reportedly described by Indyk as a “right wing nut job.”

But perhaps the most interesting comments of all came as the conversation shifted from the West Bank into Gaza.

Indyk and his team expressed shock about reports that Palestinian children have had to wade through sewage spills in the Gaza Strip, which is under Hamas rule.

Those at the table went on to blame Israel for the sewage issue, accusing it of diverting clean water to Israeli “settlements” and allowing the sewage to flow into Palestinian areas.

Why did Indyk make the comment he is said to have made regarding sewage in Gaza? And what were those with him referring to when they blamed Israel for the problem? The Free Beacon unfortunately doesn’t provide any detail. But worth noting, however, is that in December of 2013, just a few months before the conversation in the Ritz-Carlton took place, Gaza was waylaid by Alexa, a fierce winter storm that hit the strip and caused massive flooding. And at the time, Palestinian officials accused Israel of further exacerbating the disaster by opening dams or floodgates east of the coastal enclave (see report below) and diverting additional water into the area.

On June 27, 2014, exactly one month and eleven days after the Washington Free Beacon report appeared, Indyk resigned his position as US special envoy to the Middle East.

And now here we are anticipating a report which may include some language about Israel a tad bit harsher than normal–that is if Israel’s lobbyists don’t succeed in having it removed. As Haaretz puts it, Israel is “working to soften the tone,” and a key consideration seems to hinge upon whether or not the word “illegal” will be used as a defining point of the settlements. Previously US officials have described the settlements as “illegitimate” or as “an obstacle to peace,” but the word “illegal” has never been used before.

It is ironic, I suppose, that Obama, with just eight months left in office, may have finally decided to call the Israeli settlements illegal. It seems the only time US taxpayers get an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay out of their political leaders is when those leaders are concerned about their “legacies.” The rest of the time they are firmly in the grip of AIPAC and other powerful lobbies, it seems.

The Quartet report is expected to be released on May 25. Earlier this year, France called for an international summit of world powers to discuss how to restart the peace talks between Israel and Palestine. The summit is scheduled to take place in Paris on May 30.

The following is an article I initially posted on January 5, 2014. The article discusses the massive flooding caused by winter storm Alexa as well as the allegations that Israel had opened dams and diverted excess flood waters into Gaza.

No Dams in the Negev? Anatomy of a Hasbara Swarm


The Nir Am Reservoir lies near the town of Sderot, in southern Israel. This view of the reservoir shows the Gaza town of Beit Hanoun in the background.

“How can we return the occupied territories? There is no one to return them to.”
—Golda Meir

“There are no dams in the Negev.”
—Hasbara talking point

By Richard Edmondson

In the week before Christmas, the Zionist-hasbara crowd came out swinging in response to comments by Palestinian officials that Israel had opened dams east of Gaza and thereby further aggravated the flood disaster then engulfing the coastal territory.

In a December 18 article published at Commentary magazine, Jonathan S. Tobin accused Palestinians of “blaming Israel for the weather” and insisted that “there are no dams in the region bordering Gaza.” His article additionally included a link to my own site,, as well as to a Press TV video on YouTube, and went on to express the cheerless lament that “purveyors of Jew hatred” (presumably like myself) have come to “dominate” Palestinian politics with the result of keeping alive “false hope about Israel’s eventual destruction.”

Tobin’s article, headlined “Hamas Asks You to Buy a Dam in the Negev,” called attention to an article in the Times of Israel, also with an evocative headline—“How Hamas Used the Weather to Defame Israel”—and both articles referenced statements by two Palestinian officials in Gaza which the writers deemed as erroneous and defamatory toward Israel.

The two officials named were Yasser Shanti, chairman of Gaza’s Disaster Response Committee, and Muhammad Al-Maidana, a Civil Defense spokesperson. Shanti is said to have told journalists late in the day on December 13 that Israel had opened dams east of Gaza, causing even greater flooding within the coastal territory than what was already then taking place. And in what both Tobin, as well as his colleague at the Times of Israel, viewed as but a slight “variation” on Shanti’s comments, Al-Maidana is reported to have said that “sewage canals” (rather than dams) were opened, and that these also (or instead of) were to be found east of the Gaza Strip.

“There is only problem with these claims (sic),” said Tobin. “While Israelis have made the southern portion of the country bloom via ingenuity and clever irrigation schemes, dams are a scarce commodity in a desert region without rivers or lakes. In fact there are no dams in the region bordering Gaza.”

I first became aware that something stupendous was happening in Gaza when a friend emailed me an article by Gaza journalist Mohammed Omer, headlined Gaza Returns to Donkey Days, which I posted on December 6. This was actually a few days before the arrival of winter storm Alexa, but Omer noted that homes in Gaza were already flooding due to rain, power outages, and backed-up sewage. He also noted that streets were lined with garbage because there was no fuel to run the garbage trucks, and that the job of refuse collection had been relegated to people driving donkey carts. Accompanying the story was a photo of a girl sitting on a donkey cart parked next to a pile of litter:


Then came winter storm Alexa. On December 12 I posted a second report from Omer and also I began making periodic visits to In Gaza, a website that had begun posting information on the disaster that it was collecting from a variety of sources. Included in their material were some stunning photos and videos showing streets completely inundated and people paddling in boats. I thought back to the December 6 article by Omer, and it didn’t take much imagination to figure out the water that those people were paddling around in and wading through was filled with garbage and sewage.


All of this I began reposting at my own site—including an article from Ma’an News Agency in which Shanti’s comments were reported. Here is an excerpt from that article:

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Gaza government’s Disaster Response Committee announced late Friday that Israeli authorities had opened up dams just east of the Gaza Strip, flooding numerous residential areas in nearby villages within the coastal territory.

Committee chairman Yasser Shanti said in a press conference that Israeli authorities had opened up dams just to the east of the border with the Gaza Strip earlier in the day.

He warned that residential areas within the Gaza Valley would be flooding within the coming hours.

Could Israel really have done what Shanti said they did? Does it really have the capability to flood Gaza? And if it did do this, what were its reasons? Were they as outright despicable as one might initially jump to conclude, or were there perhaps mitigating circumstances?

With all this in mind, on December 17 I put up a post entitled Did Israel Deliberately Flood Gaza? I made no accusations in the article. I merely asked the question. But one thing I had discovered was that if Israel did open dams or somehow divert water into Gaza, it would not be the first time, or at least it was not the first time it had been accused of such. What I had come across was a 2010 Press TV report in which Palestinians in Gaza had levelled almost identical charges to those they were making last month. The story is told in the video, which I embedded into my article and which you’ll find at the above link. With scenes of flooding as a backdrop, the Press TV reporter narrates:

The Valley of Gaza, once a dry basin, turned into a raging river on Monday night. At approximately 6 p.m. hundreds of families in the central Gaza Strip fled their neighborhoods as water gushed into their homes. Israel had opened one of its dams located to the east of the central Gaza Strip, allowing water to spill into and flood two Palestinian towns.

Just below the video I wrote the following words:

If Israel did this in 2010, does it begger belief they would have done the same thing again this past week? If they did, the question then becomes did they do it out of a) a need to divert flooding from their own communities in Israel, or b) pure malice?

The following day, December 18, Tobin published his article in Commentary:

It should first be noted that the original sources for the claim that Israel opens dams to flood Gaza come from Iran’s Press TV. That font of journalistic integrity floated stories in 2010 and 2012 that spoke of Israeli authorities flooding Gaza by opening dams that supposedly exist to the east of the Gaza strip. But these stories provide no maps showing the site of the dams or documentation about them. Neither that shortcoming nor even a basic knowledge of the geography of the area has stopped Israel-bashers from continuing to blog or tweet links to these fallacious reports.

In the passage above, the link coded into the date “2010” is to my own article, “Did Israel Deliberately Flood Gaza?”, while the one almost immediately adjacent to it is to yet another Press TV video—also on dams being opened east of Gaza—this one from two years later. And here I have to give a hat tip to Tobin, for I was unaware of this second Press TV report. But like the first one, the report from 2012 features footage of flooding in Gaza (though different footage from that shown in the 2010 report) along with allegations from local residents and officials that dams were opened. Also, curiously, in both reports the flood-stricken area is more or less the same…the central Gaza valley…suggesting that in both instances the water possibly was released…again, if it was released…from the same location.

Also on December 18 we got our hasbara swarm. I would hasten to add, though, that the swarm that descended upon us was not near the size of the one that came down on Ma’an News (more about which in a moment), but at any rate our first comment was posted by “Sarah” at 11:24 a.m. She wrote:

I’m not sure if my favorite part is when they claim that the water reached 5 meters in some places (maybe they don’t know what a meter is?) or when they showed the picture of the Mediterranean Sea claiming that to be flood water. Or of course the fun non-fact that Israel opened its non-existent dams. That one had my sides almost splitting.

The water shown in the Press TV report was clearly not from the Mediterranean Sea (unless there was an unreported tsunami that day), but my reply to Sarah was as follows:

Maybe the solution, Sarah, is for Israel to end its blockade of Gaza, as the UNRWA official has called upon them to do. By imposing its blockade Israel bears ultimate responsibility for fuel shortages and other problems that have led to this disaster–and ultimately is going to be blamed, either justly or unjustly, for whatever calamities occur in the course of it. By the way, Israel has at least one dam that I know of, the Degania Dam on the Jordan River.

My comment about the Degania Dam, located on the Jordan River at the southern end of the Sea of Galilee, prompted accusations that I was either a lunatic or else clueless about geography, and that there was no way water from a dam at that location could have flooded Gaza. I, of course, had not made such a claim; I had merely pointed out to Sarah that her remark about Israel’s “non-existent dams” was not entirely accurate, and that there was at least one.

A System of Reservoirs and the Israeli National Water Carrier

As it turns out, however, there are other dams in Israel, including in the Negev. The desert region also has reservoirs. A click here will take you to a location on Google Maps showing you the town of Sderot in southern Israel. Directly to the west of the town lies the Kibbutz Nir Am, and due west of the kibbutz you will see the Nir Am Reservoir. It sits on a point overlooking Gaza. Move the map to the south and west and you will see four additional reservoirs, all lying along Israel’s border with Gaza. With a capacity of 1.5 million cubic liters of water, the Nir Am is the largest of these five reservoirs, but all are connected. The image below shows what is known as the National Water Carrier of Israel. It is a system of giant pipes, canals, tunnels and pumping stations, by means of which water is pumped from the Sea of Galilee in the northern part of the country, down to the coastal areas surrounding Tel Aviv, and finally to the Negev Desert in the south. The system is operated by Mekorot, Israel’s national water company.


You’ll note that the blue lines represent fresh water, while the red line leading down around Gaza and into the Negev contains treated sewage. The water in this line is used for agricultural purposes.

The National Water Carrier began pumping water in 1964. Here is what the system looked like as it was being constructed.


Also perhaps of interest, especially to those who claim there are “no dams in the Negev,” is the system of limans—small, manmade bodies of water throughout the desert that were created for irrigation and also as a means of combatting soil erosion and desertification. Limans catch runoff from wadis when they occasionally flood. Each liman has a small dam. According to the Jewish National Fund, there are approximately 420 limans in the Negev. Below is a photo of one:


But limans, as you can see, are rather small. Likewise the dams, referred to as “check-dams,” that are built into them. They’re also scattered out over a wide area, and the chance they may have been a factor in the flooding of Gaza is remote. But also at the Jewish National Fund website is a proud history of the work it has done in developing various parts of Israel, including the Negev, and including apparently dams. In the following passage, the letters “JNF-KKL” are the English and Hebrew acronyms for the organization spliced together. It is how the Jewish National Fund refers to itself in this article. Here is an excerpt:

JNF-KKL spread out to the south, to the edge of the Arava. Some 25 percent of all tree plantings in the 1980’s were carried out in the Negev, bringing its forest area to a total of 45,000 acres. Army camps that had been set up in the Negev after the evacuation of the Sinai were planted with JNF-KKL trees to create shelter from the burning sun, shield soldiers and equipment from dust storms, and provide some respite for those soldiers stationed in the harsh desert.

JNF-KKL began to focus a large part of its attention on the burgeoning water crisis during this period. Towards the end of the 1980’s, JNF-KKL carried out a number of large-scale water conservation projects, building dams and reservoirs. These vital projects allowed JNF-KKL to capture rainwater run-off when the infrequent rains did fall, water which would have otherwise been lost to the sea.  Reservoirs were built in the Arava Valley, at Reshafim in the Beit She’arim Valley, and at Kedma near Kiryat Gat. An artificial lake was built in Timna Park in the southern Negev.

Additional references to dams in the Negev—and particularly adjacent to Gaza—can also be found in a book entitled Water and Peace in the Middle East, edited by J. Isaac and H. Shuval and published in 1994 (hat tip to “Lana”, commenter number 25 ). Here is an excerpt :

Wadi Gaza which flows during the winter season, originating from the Hebron mountains in the east and ends at the sea shore south of Gaza, has been blocked by Israel. Several dams were built along the way preventing the water from flowing into the Gaza Strip which otherwise would have provided a valuable source of water to be used for irrigation and for compensation for the lost pumped out water. There are no known figures of the amount of water this wadi brings, but it would have been a great help to the irrigation in the middle zone of Gaza.

Note, of course, the words “the middle zone of Gaza.” Recall also that both Press TV reports, from 2010 and 2012, described the flooding as occurring in the central area of Gaza. Hearken back also to the announcement by Shanti this past December 13, as reported by Ma’an:

He warned that residential areas within the Gaza Valley would be flooding within the coming hours.

Flooding in central Gaza, and the opening of dams there, is also mentioned in this report, posted December 15, from the Palestine Information Center:

GAZA, (PIC)– Hundreds of houses in central Gaza Strip were flooded as the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Saturday afternoon opened the earth dams east of the town of Wadi Salaqa in Deir al-Balah.

The IOF established many earth dams east of the Gaza Strip to collect rainwater to use it; however in case the levels of water increase they open these dams and water flows to Gaza.

Palestinian sources told Quds Press that the rescue teams and civil defense have evacuated 40 families including 200 people from the town of Wadi Salaqa and brought them to a shelter center.

The sources added that 300 families have been moved to the shelter center of Hussein School run by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees “UNRWA” in Jabalya north of the Gaza Strip.

The Municipality of Gaza appealed to the residents living in low-lying areas in the Gaza Strip to evacuate their homes before the evening for fear their houses will be flooded with rainwater.

The town of Deir al-Balah, cited in the lead paragraph above, is mentioned in a lot of other reports on the Gaza flooding as well.


The area seems to have been especially hard hit. If you look at it on Google Maps you will see that it is pretty much smack dab in the middle of Gaza. But just a few miles to the south and west of there lies the town of Khan Yunis, where a 21-year-old girl named Rana lives. Rana wrote the following report…and yes, she too mentions the dams:

My name is Rana. I have lived in the city of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip all 21 years of my life. What is happening in Gaza is not fiction but a bitter reality, which we lack the means to defend ourselves against. In the last few days, an unusually powerful storm has flooded many areas, displacing hundreds of residents from their homes. Children are without shelter from the cold and rain. Entire neighbourhoods are sinking.

My family and I spent four days in darkness in below freezing weather: no electricity, no water and no heat. I was so cold, I couldn‘t leave my bed and the small comfort it and my blankets provided. The cold felt like it penetrated my bones. Yet, I am lucky. I witnessed many people as they became homeless, their children desperate for food and warmth.

Friends called to tell me about the flooding and freezing in their areas. I felt bad, unable to help.

Power lines are down and our streets are filled with raw sewage. Greenhouses have been destroyed, affecting farmers and reducing the already minimal food supply we Gazans are forced to survive on.

Making conditions worse, Israel opened two dams, releasing a torrent of water that inundated many homes. As their houses sank, some of my neighbours nearly drowned. Fortunately, rescue workers came to their aid.

All of this was not enough for Israel. Its soldiers have been shooting at civilians in the village of Khuza’a, to the east of my city. Unarmed residents, women and children, attempting to flee the flooded town, were driven back for fear of being shot.

Israel’s action, assisted by the world’s silence, increases our suffering. Where is the international law we hear so many people talk about but never implement? Where is the community that talks about justice and humanitarian support? If my people are prevented from obtaining the basic requirements of life at least we should speak up and raise our voices.

Another storm is expected to hit my vulnerable homeland next week, bringing with it more suffering and more homelessness. When will the world wake up and treat us like human beings?

Rana Alshami, Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip

If you once again go to Google Maps you will notice that Khan Yunis lies in fairly close proximity to two reservoirs. Of the five reservoirs Israel maintains along the Gaza border, these are the two southernmost. They are small, but if water somehow were diverted from them, the effect upon the people in the nearby Gazan villages would probably be not inconsiderable.

But of course, it isn’t only central Gaza that was inundated in the recent flood. In a story posted at Ma’an News on December 13, reporter Alex Shams reports particularly heavy flooding also in the northern Gaza Strip.

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Gaza Strip was pounded by fierce winds and rain again on Friday as flooding reached dangerous levels in many areas, forcing thousands to flee their homes amid widespread power outages as temperatures plunged into the single digits.

The flooding was worst in the northern Gaza Strip, where hundreds fled their homes and water levels reached 40-50 cm in some parts, forcing residents to use boats to navigate their neighborhoods.

In the same article, Shams goes on to quote Chris Gunness, of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, who also notes heavy flooding in the north:

UNRWA spokesperson Chris Gunness told Ma’an, “In Gaza there is a significant problem with flooding in the north, specifically in Jabaliya, and UNRWA staff has been working all night,”

“An UNRWA staff member reported that there were three meters of water surrounding his house,” he added, pointing out that water had come up to the first floor in some areas.

Here’s Jabaliya on Google Maps. Move the map southeast by northeast and you will see the other three reservoirs. Note that all three lie in fairly close proximity to Jabaliya.

Let’s turn our attention once more to the northernmost of these—the Nir Am Reservoir.

The Nir Am Reservoir is pictured in the photo at the very top of this post. Look real closely at it. You are standing on the southeastern side of the reservoir, looking out across it, with the skyline of the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun showing in the background.

Below is the reservoir as it is shown on Google Maps, with Sderot to the east, Beit Hanoun to the west, and the reservoir lying in between.


And here is the Google Earth view, though from a slightly different perspective—with the side of the reservoir facing Beit Hanoun shown in the foreground.


You can also go here and see a series of 30 photos shot as the reservoir was under construction in 1996. Click on any image to enlarge the photos, and then enlarge them even further by playing with the zoom controls that show up. The photos are under copyright of the Jewish National Fund and are in repository at the Widener Library at Harvard University.

Question: Was a means of diverting water from the Nir Am Reservoir into Gaza built into the system when it was constructed, or, alternately, has one been added since? And if the answer to that is yes, did someone, say perhaps from the nearby town of Sderot, feeling himself divinely chosen by God and aggrieved over the landing of the occasional rocket, slip out during the Alexa downpour to pull the switch, open the floodgate, and release the tide? It is probably impossible for us to know the answer to this, but very much worth keeping in mind is the National Water Carrier and its lines running parallel to Gaza’s border. Theoretically the release point, if such exists, would not necessarily have to have been to be at the Nir Am Reservoir. It could be anywhere along this line. Or, there could be more than one release point. Which might explain why especially heavy flooding was recorded in both northern and central Gaza.

Or—as I say—there may be no way of diverting any of this water, not so much as a single drop, into Gaza whatsoever…although my own personal hunch is this is unlikely.

But one thing is for certain. The hasbara crowd, ever convinced of Israel’s virtue and goodness, ever convinced also of the inviolability of their own “Jewish values,” are of the mind that a deliberate flooding of Gaza is unthinkable, and moreover seem convinced that only the vilest purveyors of “Jew hatred” could even contemplate such a thing.

“The Damn Dams Don’t Exist”

Most of us have encountered hasbara swarms on the Internet. You get to recognize them after a while. Such a swarm hit Ma’an News following publication of its initial report on the dams on December 13. A total of 77 comments were posted in response to that article. Given that it has been common knowledge for a while that Israel organizes and recruits teams of people to post comments favorable to the Jewish state on the Internet, it is not unreasonable to assume that at least some of those who descended upon Ma’an were being paid to do so. At any rate, the comments began lickety-split. The very first person to respond to the article, apparently only shortly after it was published, was “Abe.”

How far will Hamas go! Now they blame the weather on ISRAEL!!


Many of the comment posters felt oh-so-acutely aggrieved—not over the fact that Palestinians were literally swimming in sewage, but that a “false” accusation had been made against Israel. The following comments, including grammatical errors and misspellings, are reproduced verbatim et literatim.

Said “Hanzie”:

Blame you Mr. Editor! The IDF are helping these Palestinians instead of these liars. Complain, complain, complain. Get a life, start to build something up, instead of this looser beheviour.

And “Ros D”:

To those asking if this is true – this article is complete and utter lies. Israel has transferred water pumps and fuel to Gaza to help them. They also transfer tons of aid given every week. As for those maintaining Israel is a terrorist state and the usual BS, all I can say is, there are gaps in their ignorance.

A common theme running through many of the comments was that there are no dams or rivers east of Gaza. Said “Lilith”:

ANYONE BEEN THERE?? I have and there are no rivers. Look on a map. Once again this has nothing to do with Israel in fact Israel took pumps in to get rid of the water. So suck it up twits.

“Sam” (who probably intended to say “west” of the Jordan River):

LOL. There are no dams or rivers east of the Jordan river. What a pathetic lie.


There are no rivers east of Gaza. So who would build dams in the wadi? Even without dams, the rains would have brought flooded wadi for a few hours. It is a fact of life in desertic flood plains. This too happens in Arizona and New Mexico and is it Israel’s fault? Probably not since Hamas does not rule Arizona… Yet.

“Michael Greenwald”:

Dear Editor, there are no rivers in Israel immediately east of Gaze. So, there are no dams. Perhaps you are referring to one or several of the wadis. These run during heavy rains as is happening now all over the Med and middle?east. The area getting?flooded is called a “flood plain,” implying “do not build there.” But every once in a while there is a flash flood and when that happens the Gazans blame it on israel.

“Natan” (apparently an Israeli):

If someone could tell me where these dams are I shall personally make a trip to photograph them and post on this site. The whole scenario is totally ridiculous – pls. people check your facts.

Other Israelis, elsewhere on the Internet, were also defending their country from the “defamatory” accusations regarding the dams. In an article entitled “Gaza and Their Dam Lies,” published December 19 at, Paula Stern wrote:

I keep thinking that someone will look at this and get a real laugh. Oh, not for the tragedy of three people dying and 5,000 being evacuated…but about blaming Israel for the worst storm of the century and saying we opened the dams.

We didn’t. We really didn’t. And we didn’t – because the damn dams, damn well don’t exist. That’s right…there are no dams that we dammed up…in fact, if I’m not mistake (sic), there are no dams at all between Israel and Gaza…and, if there are any rivers that flow into Gaza, well, by the time they get anywhere near Gaza, they’re more of a tiny, tiny, tiny stream than anything that anyone would ever call a river.

Stern managed to get through her article without saying anything particularly noxious about the Palestinians, but this was not quite the case with Tobin’s piece in Commentary. The author of that article believes “Hamas blames Israel for suffering in Gaza because that is the only way it can deflect responsibility from itself for the incompetent manner with which it rules the strip,” and he goes on to assert that “Palestinians buy it because it allows them to avoid taking responsibility for their own fate and for making peace.”

Or in other words, the Palestinians are irresponsible, shiftless, no-count, and lazy. It falls into the category of comment one might have heard from plantation owners during the era of slavery in the US, but give Tobin credit for one thing: hedoes use the word “Palestinians,” suggesting he at least recognizes they exist.

Unlike Tobin, some of the commenters at Ma’an crossed the border into open, sarcastic derision—not only in their denigration of the Palestinians, but also in their expressions of delight at the catastrophe then sweeping over Gaza.


bwahahahahah now we in control of the weather as well? they to funny these choppie ignoramaces maybe we can do other things as well wooooooooo


Interesting – except for Iranian and Palestinian “news” agencies, there is not a single reliable agency in the world that has reported this … because it’s a fake?


it’s time to turn gaza to venice of the islamist world

At the same time, some professed to express sympathy for the Palestinian cause, as for instance “Dale”:

There is no dam or river. There is a reservoir and a one meter wall that can’t be opened or closed. During the storm it overflowed. Iam very disappointed that Maan would print such allegations without checking out the facts first. This destroys their credibility on other issues when they may be telling the truth. It is supposed to represent a “responsible” palestinian media. what a disappointment. when they hurt their credibility, they don’t help the palestinian cause

Although a number of Ma’an’s readers posted replies in response, some of which were quite good, the news agency itself seemed to have a policy of simply letting all comments stand on their own as posted (probably due to lack of staff). At any rate, nothing resembling an “official Ma’an response” can be found in any of the 77 comments.

This was not the case at our own site, where the hasbara swarm that hit on December 18 quickly escalated into a war of words, a war of words fueled at least as much by the direction of events in America as those in Gaza—if not more so.

“Get Your Scummy Lobby Out of My Congress”

Suppose a resolution were to be introduced into the US Senate not only increasing the likelihood of war with Iran, but also calling for the decision-making power as to whether America embarks upon such a war to be turned over to the government of Israel. Think about how you would feel if you were an American. It would probably make you pretty angry, would it not? Well, in fact such a bill was introduced on December 19, and sadly it is not the first time such traitorous legislation has come before Congress. Threatening to derail peace talks between Iran and the Obama administration by imposing even more sanctions, senate bill S.1881—the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013—contains the following provision:

if the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran’s nuclear weapon program, the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with the law of the United States and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence;

The bill was introduced by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and has gained 33 cosponsors (so far). Click here to see a list of Israel’s deputy ministers in the US Senate who have signed onto the legislation.

Shortly after I posted my reply to “Sarah,” wherein, recall, I pointed out the existence of the Degania Dam and suggested that an end to the Gaza blockade might be the solution to the problem and even in Israel’s best interest, a comment was posted by “George Metesky”:

Um…Richard, we would love to end the blockade if it were safe to do so. Only when Gazans declare their desire to live in peace with Israel can we consider this possibility. The Jordan River is nowhere near Gaza. When Hamas and Gazans declare their unequivocal acceptance of a Jewish state as their neighbor and partner for peace, Israel will be overjoyed, and definitely lift any siege, develop economic and cultural ties and everything else that peace-loving people want.

This was closely followed by a comment from “aReefer”:

Richard, please do me a favour and open Google Earth, and then tell me how close the Dagania dam is to the Gaza strip in your own best estimate?

I think that you are clutching at straws to defend your false assertions in your article and flying in the face of common sense and the laws of both physics and liquid dynamics. Water would need to entirely flood every city in Southern Israel before reaching the Gaza Strip from there, including filling-up several large desert canyons on the way, creating 100 meter-deep rivers in the process(!!)

Another newsflash: The Dead Sea – which this dam feeds into – is famous for one thing in particular – namely for being the lowest place on Earth, so your response makes no sense at all – unless of course water flows uphill where you live?

The comment’s very last character was a “smiley face.” I, of course, had not made any “false assertions” in my article—something I pointed out in a response directed at both posters:

Dear Impeccably Honest Zionists,

Thank you for the “news flash.” Now please tell me what about my comments “makes no sense at all” to you. The previous commenter made reference to Israel’s “non-existent dams.” I merely pointed out to her that there is at least one dam in Israel, that I know of. Please read my comment again carefully. I did not say the Degania Dam was used to flood Gaza. I do know where the Jordan River is and I do know where Gaza is.

I have the feeling that you folks are getting a little rushed in your hasbara posting efforts. Did you read what I wrote carefully? Please quote back to me what “false assertions” I made. I did not say unequivocally that Israel had flooded Gaza. I merely reported that these are the allegations that were made. Did you take note of the question mark at the end of the title line?

Um…George, all I can tell you is that if you had imposed a blockade on the town in which I live for the past six or seven years, like you’ve imposed upon Gaza, I would probably be firing rockets at you too. End the blockade of Gaza. Also get your scummy Lobby out of my Congress and stop getting us into wars. If you want a war with Iran, go fight it yourselves.

By this time, the war of words had been joined by Ariadna, a regular visitor to our site. Ariadna, who maintains her own site at Boldface News and is also a frequent contributor at deLiberation, is a talented satirist (see her essay Shabbat Goyim Subgroup: The Copulatory Covenant) with a very sharp wit. Zionists would do well to steer clear of her.

“I’m with you,” she proclaimed to “George Metesky,” and then proceeded to propose conditions under which peace could be achieved between Israel and the Palestinians “if both sides compromise fairly”—

1. — Israel must allow a small number of Palestinians to remain in the Jewish State, before shipping the rest out. They get to select which ones. Palestinians must accept that those who stay must be sterilized. There is no other way to deal with the demographic time bomb.
2. — Israel must settle for a non-existent acceptance by the non-existent Palestinians of the Jewish State based on Golda Meir (and a large majority of Israeli jews’) opinion that Palestinians do not exist. Palestinians must refrain from provocatively insisting that they exist.
3. — Israel must designate areas where the remaining Palestinians can live. They will not be called “bantustans,” which is a wrong-headed allusion to apartheid in the only democracy in the ME, but something more gemütlich, like “shtetls.” The Palestinians must accept to keep themselves in the designated areas.
4. — Israel must guarantee that the IDF raids organized regularly on the shtetls for training purposes will not inflict, to the extent possible, lethal harm to the shtetl dwellers. The shtetl dwellers must in turn pledge cooperation with the raid exercises to avoid damaging IDF equipment and wasting ammo.

What do you say? Oh, I forgot the good point you made about cultural exchanges: yes the Palestinians could benefit greatly from so much the Israeli culture has to teach them: falafel, humus, kuffiehs, you name it!

In a second response Ariadna addressed the issue of whether my article had contained any “false assertions,” concluding that while it did not, it nonetheless failed to “look at things from the other side.”

She then asked: “Dam, shmam, who cares about technicalities?”—whereupon she alluded to Israel’s use of white phosphorous during the Gaza war five years ago, as well as to its more recently adopted practice of spraying Palestinians with a foul-smelling chemical known as “skunk.” (Click here and here to view videos showing tanker trucks spraying the chemical on Palestinian demonstrators as well as on residential homes, and here to see it being sprayed on a funeral.)

“So now the Israelis have released a dam, a shmam, a valve, a clutch, a gizmo, whatever, and flooded them,” she concluded.

Some of the posters also criticized my use of the Press TV video, with one referring to the Iranian news agency as “the mouthpiece of a genocidal islamofacist (sic) regime,” to which I replied that “compared to the mainstream media in America, Press TV is a model of responsible journalism.” This prompted predictable choruses of scorn—and yet another comment from Ariadna:

Doug, of course Iran is a theocratic state! Any rabbi in Israel can confirm that. I check PressTV every day just to keep an eye on them. Then I compare their reports to those in Arutz Sheva and J Post, which for me are the standard of objective reporting.

I don’t trust MSM in the US because they all too often portray Israel in a negative light. They fail to emphasize the suffering of the Israeli Jews terrorized under Palestinian occupation and they never place this conflict in its proper historical context: why don’t they ever publish stories about the Holocaust? Is it the Islamic lobby? Or perhaps it is the internet’s influence, as Abe Foxman warned us when he said he found a direct correlation between the rise of anti-semitism and the internet.

You can read the whole exchange—all 33 comments—by going here.

260 Million Cubic Meters of Water and the Inability to Self-Reflect

So is there any saving grace in all this from Israel’s point of view? Could it be believed, for instance, that the reservoirs, due to some ten inches of rain, simply broke their banks and overflowed on their own? Could the water that nearly drowned Rana’s neighbors in Khan Yunis—and the three-meter high wall of water that surrounded the UNRWA staff member’s home in northern Gaza—could all of this have been caused by the storm alone? Certainly it’s possible, but the system of reservoirs—220 altogether—and the miles upon miles of pipelines that have been built give Israel control over huge volumes of water. This is made clear by the JNF:

For many years, KKL-JNF has been working to bolster Israel’s water economy by developing alternative water sources, saving the economy millions of shekels each year, advancing Israeli agriculture, and saving palatable drinking water.

KKL-JNF’s collects and treats water from agriculture, sewage, flash floods and urban runoff for recycling, saving precious fresh water sources for drinking. With its 220 water reservoirs throughout the country, KKL-JNF has enriched Israel’s water economy by a total of 260 million cubic meters.

JNF supplies this additional information on the reservoirs:

The reservoirs that collect runoff water and those that store treated sewage water make it possible to redirect other sources of water for Israel’s water system, as the reservoirs main and primary purpose is to increase the balance of water available for use. The reservoirs produce 260 million cubic meters annually. In 2010, the water in reservoirs built by KKL-JNF provided about half of the water consumed by Israeli agriculture.

By storing effluent (partly purified sewage water) in reservoirs, the effluent is prevented from flowing into the environment, thereby preventing pollution of rivers, soil, underground water sources and bodies of water into which the waters flow (the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Galilee – Lake Kinneret, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea). The Israeli rivers’ restoration projects would have no meaningful significance unless the flow of sewage and effluent into the rivers is stopped by means of controlled storage in reservoirs that are custom-made for the task…

Reservoir technology has improved, becoming incomparably more effective and sophisticated over the years as a result of the accompanying research and development, as well as the lessons learned by KKL-JNF from actual experience in building reservoirs in past decades.  This includes using sealing technology using plastic sheets, reservoir enginieering (sic), preventing embankments from collapsing, improvements in maintenance and access, extending previously existing reservoirs, and hydraulic control.

The National Water Carrier of Israel is a vast system, one that is still under expansion and development to this day. The direction and flow of water throughout is determined by gravity as well as strategically placed pumping stations. Click here to see what one of these pumping stations looks like. Such a system gives those who operate it a considerable amount of power over what is essentially a force of nature—the flow of water. This is a power that can be used for good, or it can be used destructively.

The claim that the Israelis “made the desert bloom” is one we often here, and when you consider the cyclopean system of limans, reservoirs, pipelines, and pumping stations, the validity to the assertion has to be acknowledged. Yet what also has to be acknowledged is that the Negev faces some severe environmental problems as well. This was the subject of a 2007 article by Rebecca Manski, who writes:

The ‘Promised Land’ has in a matter of decades become a ‘Poisoned Land,’ reveals the November 10th weekend edition of the widest-read Israeli daily, Ma’ariv.

According to the article, Israel’s 10 major polluters include industrial polluters, wealthy contractors, waste dumps, and the indigenous Bedouin of the Negev/Naqab Desert.

The charge that the Bedouin are as responsible as industrial polluters for polluting the Negev is one Manski devotes considerable attention to in her article. She notes:

Naqab Arabs share some 2.5 % of the desert with Israel’s nuclear reactors, 22 agro and petrochemical factories, an oil terminal, closed military zones, quarries, a toxic waste incinerator, cell towers, a power plant, several airports, a prison, and 2 rivers of open sewage. Due to constant exposure to toxicity and radiation, the risk of cancer for residents in this entire area is significantly higher than the rest of the country, according to a 2004 preliminary Israeli Ministry of Health study.

Yet despite all this an Israeli academic official—quoted in Manski’s article—insists that the Bedouin are at least as responsible as some of Israel’s worst polluters. The official is Alon Tal, director of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. “Tal prominently featured the indigenous Bedouin as spoilers of the beauty and health of the ‘Promised Land’ on ‘equal’ par with the largest regional toxic waste facility, high-rises, a superhighway, a sprawling shopping center, electro-chemical plants in Akko, and a Haifa ammonia tank,” Manski writes. She goes on to note:

Those who cast Bedouin as environmental hazards often fail to note that Negev Arabs were secured as cheap labor to construct toxic regional infrastructure on confiscated Bedouin lands, infrastructure to which they ultimately have little access, and from which they suffer major health impacts.

Tal concluded his interview with Ma’ariv with the declaration: “As someone who deals with ecology and environmentalism I have to speak the truth.”

“The Bedouin harm open areas. They create a situation of over-grazing, which brings about land erosion. There are fifty-thousand illegal structures in the Negev built by Bedouin. They are halting the development of the area since nothing can be done with land they’ve occupied. It’s not fair towards the general public, who’re supposed to enjoy these open spaces, to go on a retreat and even ride a jeep through the open landscape.” As this writer would have, Ma’ariv journalist Sarah Leibovitz-Dar queried, “So you suggest wiping out Bedouin culture so that Yuppies can drive in jeeps?”

Those ecologists that fail to see destitute Bedouin as sharing the same level of responsibility as corporate polluters flush with cash, those advocates who refuse to vilify the population suffering the worst effects of pollution in Israel – are they less honest than Tal?

Manski goes on to quote another Israeli, an unnamed official with the Ministry of the Environment, who seems to have a problem with the Bedouin having babies: “The Bedouin are an environmental hazard. They throw their trash everywhere and they’re having children all over the place. They steal our land.”

Though their styles are different, what Tal and the unnamed official have in common—along with Tobin in his article in Commentary—is a refusal to admit that Israel could have contributed in any way to the misery now being experienced by the indigenous peoples of the area. This may reflect something deeper than simply a PR tactic. It may be a genuine belief. “We didn’t. We really didn’t,” wrote Stern in her article—and one gets the feeling she is quite sincere in her conviction. Israel, despite its record of war crimes against the Palestinians, could not be capable of such an evil as opening dams and deliberately flooding a trapped population, such people seem to feel. Similar sentiments can also be detected in the hasbara comments. One commenter at our site, “Doug,” used the term “Palywood” and seemed to imply we were delusional if we believed anything reported by Press TV:

You had me with “it has been reported”. Look at your sources Press TV? Hamas? Palywood? “These are reports”? And then you proceed to write paragraphs about something that never happened?

After you could’t stretch this ‘blame israel for things it did not do’ any longer, you utter: “Israel and its supporters have unleashed an avalanche of denials”. So spreading fiction is ok, but when some people call on your nonsense, it’s not OK? Instead of: “I was wrong (and dumb to believe my ‘sources’)”, it’s Israel and its supporters who have unleashed an avalanche of denials. Let’s blame them again because they have no right to simply show how wrong you are like normal people, those people only “unleashed an avalanches of denials” as if there is a debate here.

And yes, Dgania has a dam, but don’t ask Press Tv where it is, use the Evil Empire’s Jewish-controlled Google Maps and see how far it is from Gaza.


It is “unbelievable” because, of course, Jews simply don’t do such things. And by using the term “Palywood” (he presumably meant “Pallywood”), Doug seemed to be implying that the Press TV video was staged, that the people shown in it were hired as actors to pretend they were flooded, and that the waters themselves were perhaps nothing more than special effects—all done by Press TV for the purpose of victimizing Israel. Such logic suggests a fundamental inability to look inside and self-reflect, this coupled with a sense of perpetual victimhood. The twin tendencies in fact serve to sustain each other—and thus thousands of years of pogroms and expulsions have come down in the Jewish imagination as nothing more than eternally recurring outbursts of anti-Semitism directed against blameless Jews.

We might pause here and also consider the words of Menachem Begin, whose Irgun terror group carried out the Deir Yassin massacre in 1948, and who later wrote that the village of Deir Yassin was a legitimate military target and that public characterizations of what occurred there as a massacre were nothing more than a lie told by “Jew haters all over the world.” (Roberta Feuerlicht, The Fate of the Jews, Times Books, 1983, p. 244). Begin, of course, was a bona fide, genuine “extremist” if ever there was one, but the same sort of blind spot, the same sort of Jews-can-do-no-wrong attitude, can also be seen in the comments of Tobin, Stern, and the hasbara brigades that routinely patrol the Internet.

What it comes down to is that people of this nature are equally incapable of fathoming why Americans would become angered at watching 33 US senators, at a mere snap of AIPAC’s fingers, rush to sign onto a piece of legislation like S.1881. But the anger is there. Such anger will initially be directed at AIPAC and its puppets in Congress, but in the course of things, as it diffuses through the human subconscious, it will assuredly attach itself to Jews in general.

So did they or didn’t they? Did someone with access to Israel’s National Water Carrier system release “a dam, a shmam, a valve, a clutch, a gizmo,” to cause additional flooding in Gaza? In some respects it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because that Israelis possess the level of malice necessary to induce them to such an act is a thing that most people, or a good many people at any rate, have no trouble believing. And they have no trouble believing it because the malice has been on display throughout the Jewish state’s existence. Particularly has it been manifest over the past ten years or so—palpably obvious in comments like those of Dov Weisglass, who in 2006 talked about putting the Palestinians “on a diet”; or the release in 2012 of the so-called Red Lines document, showing Israel had indeed set a “minimum number of grams and calories that Gaza residents would be permitted to consume” and that Weisglass hadn’t simply been speaking rhetorically. But of course at no time has the malice been more conspicuous and out in the open than in the brutal, war-crime atrocities of Operation Cast Lead five years ago.

All of which brings me back around to my comment to Sarah on the blockade of Gaza and its inevitable implications:

“By imposing its blockade Israel bears ultimate responsibility for fuel shortages and other problems that have led to this disaster–and ultimately is going to be blamed, either justly or unjustly, for whatever calamities occur in the course of it…”

This of course is true. By imposing a blockade on Gaza, Israel in essence is assuming moral responsibility for what goes on there. If a baby dies in a Gaza hospital tomorrow night, it is Israel’s fault. When you have 1.7 million people locked up in a prison, you are responsible for them. There’s no way around that. The only way for Israel to get out from under this burden of responsibility is to end the blockade. I honestly have no love for the state of Israel, and I’m probably about the last person who would ever wish to share any advice with them of any kind, but it really is in Israel’s best interest at this point to end the blockade.

Ending the blockade at any rate would be the sensible thing to do—but of course we’re not dealing with sensible people. We are dealing with a people whose national identity has been molded and shaped by the Old Testament and its genocidal ideology, devoid of the pacific, moderating influences of the New Testament, and there’s a good chance that what has been referred to as a “slow motion genocide” could at any time, and over any pretext, quickly escalate into something even worse. In 2008, roughly ten months before Operation Cast Lead,Matan Vilnai, Israeli deputy defense minister, talked of inflicting a “shoah” (holocaust) upon the people of Gaza, and in 2012 Gilad Sharon, son of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, published a commentary in the Jerusalem Post calling for the Jewish state to “flatten all of Gaza.”

“The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima—the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too,” Sharon wrote.

Then there is The King’s Torah—in which it is argued that killing non-Jewish babies is permissible under certain circumstances—and other similar rabbinical writings and statements. Things of this nature tend to be kept largely under wraps by the Western mainstream media. Nevertheless they are there. They are bubbling in the background. And cumulatively, over time, such sentiments are propelling Israel closer and closer to a genocide of the Palestinian people. All of which, in turn brings me—finally—back around to my comment to George Metesky:

“Um…George, all I can tell you is that if you had imposed a blockade on the town in which I live for the past six or seven years, like you’ve imposed upon Gaza, I would probably be firing rockets at you too. End the blockade of Gaza…”

The above is something I’ve often actually pondered. I live in a small town in the southern part of the United States. If the Israelis were to impose a blockade on my town, what would I do? And if the blockade had been ongoing for seven years, what would I do? If I were watching people around me, friends and family members, growing undernourished, ill of health, due to shortages, succumbing to treatable diseases or dying in sporadic military attacks such as the one that claimed the life of three-year-old Hala Abu Sbeika on Christmas Eve, what would I do? And if I were forced to watch my streets fill up with garbage and sewage, or endure the agony of seeing my wife or daughter obliged to wade through it, what would I do?

It’s not easy to know the answer to these questions because it’s hard for most of us to conceive of living under such conditions and under such threats as Gaza faces from Israel every day. But these are the choices confronting the people who live there. And they confront them knowing that their lives are considered expendable, that whatever horrors the Jewish state decides to unleash upon them, whether it’s opening a floodgate or dropping a white phosphorous bomb or maybe something even more monstrous yet to materialize—that whatever disaster-plagued future summons them, the world, almost assuredly, will stand by and do nothing.

(Many thanks to MSA for research assistance)

‘Blight Unto the Nations’–What’s in a Letter? (Satire)


By Ariadna Theokopoulos

An explosive controversy has erupted with the publication in a journal of linguistics (1) of “Blight unto Nations,” an article by Prof. Daniel Herschenboim, which has already been retracted by the journal.

The article claims that the accurate translation of the well-known and much used phrase “Light unto nations” (which allegedly describes the divine mission of the Jews in the world) is actually “Blight unto nations.”

Herschenboim is a linguist of considerable renown and a former disciple of Noam Chomsky (2), with whom he broke up after a stormy clash they had in the pages of the same journal over what Herschenboim called “the ideological content of prefixes in the Hasbara idiom.”

The phrase “Light unto Nations,” used in reference to Jews and more recently to the state of Israel, is derived from the Torah, according to Wikipedia:

“Light to the Nations (Hebrew: אור לגויים or LaGoyim; also Light of the Nations, Light of all Nations, Light for all Nations) is a term originated from the prophet Isaiah which may express the universal designation of God’s kingdom of priests as a mentor for spiritual and moral guidance for the entire world.”

Herschenboim argues that what Isaiah actually said was that the Jews (Israeli tribes) were destined to become a “Blight unto Nations.”

What makes this claim even more extraordinary is that it shows that not only is the English translation of “blight” as “light” erroneous and misleading, but that there is a close correspondence between this falsification and the initial falsification of the Torah text in Hebrew.

Isaiah, contends the Professor, did not say “LaGoyim” but ‘ElaGoyim”(3), which can be roughly but serviceably translated as “pest” or “blight” on the Goyim.” Isaiah makes his prediction with relish, says Herschenboim. He, after all, named his own son Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz, which means “quick to the plunder, swift to the spoil.”

As expected, the huge controversy this claim has created in its wake has given rise to two warring camps.

On one side there is a loud chorus of indignation, accusing Herschenboim of scientific fraud perpetrated with malice aforethought (and worse, fueling the flames of anti-semitism) and comparing his article to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

On the other side there are a few vocal supporters of the Professor who, oddly enough, embrace the damning comparison with the Protocols. They say that empirical evidence shows that, just as in the case of the Protocols (whether authentic or apocryphal), the world Jewry has been fulfilling Isaiah’s metaphorical prediction and has become a certifiable “blight” on the Goyim (“nations”).

This controversy will not end soon – a modest but safe prediction to make.


  1. 1. History-Shmistory, The Journal of the Society of Jewish Weltanschaung.
  2. 2. Avram Noam Chomsky (1928-?), English-speaking Jewish linguist, cognitive scientist and logician, famous for having discovered the lobby power ratio elegantly expressed as AARP > JL to demonstrate that the power of the Association of American Retired Persons lobby is greater than the power of the Jewish Lobby.
  3. 3. In Hebrew writing vowels are omitted, which may well explain the missed initial vowel in Hebrew that turned “light” into “blight” in English. Similarly, if the English words “shot” or “shut” were written “sht” the reader may inadvertently or intentionally insert another vowel in the middle obtaining an altogether different word.

Jews and Walls

Jews and walls… Jews and shtetls …. Jews and paranoia…. collective insanity.
“They can’t be that crazy, ” says Aziz Oubid. Yes, Aziz, they can and they are!

Isaac Herzog

Saying he wants “to save Jewish lives,” the leader of the Israeli opposition is proposing to divide Jerusalem with more high walls and checkpoints, effectively banishing 200,000 Palestinian residents from the city.

The proposal by Isaac Herzog, formally adopted last month by the Labor Party, imagines building miles of new concrete barriers and smart fences to separate 28 Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem from Jewish neighborhoods and Jewish settlements in the city.

Herzog, co-leader of the Israeli Zionist Union party and the Labor Party’s leader describes his plan as “we’re here and they’re there,”and  says the walls must be built inside the city to stop Palestinians from killing Israeli Jews in knife, gun and car attacks.
The plan would transform vast stretches of Jerusalem from a demographically divided but physically contiguous metropolis into an archipelago of sectarian cantons served by roads and tunnels designed for either Israelis or Palestinians.

If the Herzog plan were to be implemented, Israel would reduce the Muslim population of Jerusalem from more than a third of the city to about 10 percent.

“They will put us behind a wall and say that 200,000 Palestinian residents of Jerusalem need a special permit to visit al-Aqsa Mosque? That is a religious war,” said Aziz Oubid, co-owner of an auto parts store in the Palestinian neighborhood of Issawiya just a few miles from the Old City.

“They can’t be that crazy,” he said.

Palestinians complain that the Herzog plan is impractical, radical and racist — that it amounts to “collective punishment” for hundreds of thousands of Arabs for the actions of a few dozen assailants, and would separate lifelong residents of Jerusalem, both Muslim and Christian, from their jobs, schools, hospitals and holy places. They do not seem to understand that this is precisely the intention of the plan.

“We are more than suspicious. Even talking like this increases the frustration, increases the anger,” said Darwish Darwish, the traditional leader, known as mukhtar, of the Issawiya neighborhood.

“Herzog is telling Palestinians of East Jerusalem that we don’t give a damn about them,” said Daniel Seidemann, founder of Terrestrial Jerusalem, a group that tracks development in the city.

“The threat to Jewish Jerusalem isn’t the Palestinians,” Seidemann said. “It’s the occupation.”

Jews and walls…

Read more here.

HELLy Land

Holly Land? HELLy land is what Israel is for the children of Palestine. The bestiality of the Israelis’ treatment of the hundreds of Palestinian children they imprison provokes “official complaints” by rights groups, complaints that are met with contemptuous dismissal by the Israeli authorities. No reports of it make it into the Western MSM. The Pope does not mention them either for fear of hurting the sensitivities of his “elder brothers.” In most European countries criticism of Israel has been designated “anti-semitism” and “incitement to hate,” which is punishable with prison sentences. America does not have such laws (yet) but the American people are largely unaware of what their tax money supports and brain-washed by the “war on terror” hasbara. The nickname of the land where this abomination goes on is apt and must be said out loud until everyone hears it: IsraHell.

Number of Palestinian minors in Israeli prisons doubles
By Noam Rotem

There are so many new Palestinian minors being sent to Israeli prisons that authorities had to open a new wing to house them. Rights groups report numerous cases of mistreatment, and that the children are moved outside of the West Bank in violation of international law.

Israeli authorities have arrested hundreds of Palestinian minors since the latest uprising began in the start of October. They have been sent to four different facilitates run by the Israel Prison Service (IPS) on both sides of the Green Line.

When the pace of arrests picked up, the IPS decide to open a new, temporary wing for minors at the Giv’on prison in order to ease overcrowding at existing facilities. Until that time, Giv’on only housed “light” criminal offenders with sentences under five years, including asylum seekers and Palestinians who entered Israel without the proper permits.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners Club, 62 Palestinian minors are being held in the facility. Attorneys for Palestinian prisoners’ rights organization Addameer who visited the facility a few days earlier counted 56.

Lawyers from the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) met with a number of Palestinian minors being held in Giv’on, none of whom had criminal records, some of whom were just 14 years old and stood accused of various crimes. They said they were being held in small cells, two meters by one meter, three boys to a cell. Some of them still hadn’t seen any of their family members since their arrests several weeks ago.

Electronic Intifada interviewed the families of some of the Palestinian minors being held in Israeli prisons, and reported that some families were not even notified where their children were being held. Only days later, and with the help of the Red Cross, did they manage to find their children in the new Giv’on prison wing.

“Once they were allowed to enter the facility, the families had to divide among themselves the 30 minutes they were allotted to speak to their children on a phone through a plexiglass screen,” EI reported.

The story doesn’t end with overcrowding and a lack of communication with the minors’ families, however. The minors imprisoned in Giv’on complain of theharsh and humiliating treatment they receive from the guards. Members of the Public Committee Against Torture say that in one case, guards entered their cell with batons and beat them for nearly an hour, as retribution for setting off a smoke detector. When they finished up, PCATI members say, one minor was taken out of his cell and a guard strangled him until his vision became blurry. He was then put into an isolation cell, his hands and legs shackled, and left there from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. in drenched clothes and with no food or water. When he asked to go to the bathroom, it took two hours before he was taken. “There is a basis for believing that other minors were shackled and beaten in the same incident,” PCATI said, noting it planned to file an official complaint.

The Prison Service confirmed that the incident took place, adding that “a number of minors caused a disturbance and intentionally broke the fire sprinkler in their cell, which flooded the cell and caused thousands of shekels of damage. To prevent further disturbances, four of them were restrained and shackled for the rest of the night, after which they were returned to the [prison] wing. All those involved were charged and the process was documented. The complaint received about violence on the part of the guards was passed along to the [internal affairs division].”

Addameer claims that on November 1st one of the minors was taken to the bathroom, where he was stripped, restrained and searched. The same day, according to the organization’s lawyers, guards attacked a number of minors as they searched their cells. Lawyers for the Prisoners Club reported the case of “Z”, a 16-year-old Palestinian boy from Jerusalem, who says he was hit on his arms and legs and forced to kneel facing the wall for hours on end during which time he was periodically struck on his neck.

The organizations also say that the minors have complainted about the food their are being given in the facility. According to their attorneys, they complained they are not receiving enough food, that it is cold and inedible.

The Prison Service rejected the claims about the quality and quantity of food, saying that: “the youths receive (nutritionally) fortified food, according to the IPS menu suited for their age, five meals a day. The food is transported to the [prison] wing in heating devices so claims that it is cold are not logical. That said, as a result of their request, pita bread is now distributed during every meal.” The IPS added that in recent weeks third-parties have inspected the facility and did not discover any violence or issues with the food.

According to IPS figures, as of the end of September it was holding 182 Israeli minors (Jewish and Arab citizens and residents) and 187 Palestinian “security prisoners” under the age of 18, mostly from the West Bank. Since the start of October the number of Palestinian minors who have been sent to Israeli prisons has more than doubled. The Palestinian Prisoners Club reported that as of November 20, Universal Children’s Day, more than 400 Palestinian minors were being held in Israeli prisons.

Many of the Palestinian minors being held in Israeli prison facilities aredisconnected from their families, who must apply for permits to enter Israel where those facilities are located. (Moving prisoners out of occupied territory is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, partly for this very reason, but that’s another story.) They are under the supervision of guards who often times don’t speak their language, they are often denied rehabilitation services, an education and social activities. There is television, PCATI says, but that’s all.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  


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Pope Francis Services Again

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

Pope Francis hides his cross to avoid offending his “elder brothers”

Pope Francis pleasured his handlers again, intoning sweet hasbara endearments when he met with the World Jewish Congress (WJC) president Ronald Lauder and the Jewish Elders in a private meeting at the Vatican. He  told them that the state of Israel has every right to exist, and criticism of either or both is antisemitism.

Ron Lauder declared himself satisfied with how he was serviced by the Pope (and through him, as the WJC president, the “Jewish people”), by not just talking dirty but by performing stimulating (“inspiring”) acts:

“Pope Francis does not simply make declarations. He inspires people with his warmth and his compassion. His clear and unequivocal support for the Jewish people is critical to us.”

According to WJC’s statement released on October 28, Francis said:

“To attack Jews is antisemitism, but an outright attack on the state of Israel is also antisemitism. There may be political differences between governments and on political issues, but the state of Israel has every right to exist in safety and prosperity.”

As Rehmat observes in “Pope Francis defends Jewish occupation of Holy Land”: “Francis’ message is a green light for the Jewish extremists to keep murdering innocent Palestinian Muslims and Christians, even small children, based on their religious teachings. For example, in July a Palestinian infant, Ali Dawabshe, was burned to death by Israeli Jews. In October, an Israeli stabbed a fellow Jew in Haifa mistook him for an Arab.

Last week, UK’s veteran Jewish MP, Sir Gerald Kaufman, accused Israelis of faking knife-stabbings of Israeli Jews by Palestinians.

In September 2015, Israel’s religious high court (Sanhedrin) composed of 71 Jewish Sages had threated to put Pope Francis on Cross for denying that Biblical god never promised Holy Land to Jews. The threat was result of Vatican’s recognition of Palestinian state in 2013.”

I guess even the Sanhedrin — notoriously hard to please — are satisfied now.

Rehmat also notes that Christians, who made 20% of Palestinian population under Ottoman rule, have been reduced to only 4%, and half of those Christians live in the Gaza Strip. To the menorah-whipped Pope, his “elder brothers” are the innocent, unjustly suffering victims of anti-semitism, nothing else counts. True penance for sinning against God’s “chosen” in today’s Catholic Church means never using kneepads. Pope Francis’ knees are virtuously calloused by now.

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Yemen — War without Mercy

[Ariadna: My guess would be that these people — the Yemenites — would be inclined to have an unfavorable opinion of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel. I see no evidence that they understand that we are fighting terror and would very much like to bring them democracy. Furthermore, if for some reason they flee and reach the shores of Italy or other European nations, we (through the Red Cross) provide them with tents and urge the local population (sadly still refractory) to accommodate them with gratitude because these migrants (we don’t call them refugees) help to solve the aging European nations’ problem of declining birth rates and to make diversity and multiculturalism more vibrant. It’s a win-win situation.]

Desperate refugees storm trains in Hungary trying to reach Austria and Germany

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Hezbollah Is Confusing Us -Satire,

by Ariadna Theokopoulos on June 12, 2015

Hezbollah Islamic Terrorists Are Confusing

The Hezbollah soldiers are Islamic terrorists. That’s a given. We got it. They pose an existential threat to Israel and also to Jews and Christians alike. The photos below, posted by the Saker (h/t Lasse), are likely to be confusing to some of us.

That is why it is very important to publicize them widely, to let everyone know that nobody must be confused by them. The most trustworthy information about Hezbollah is to found only in the Jerusalem Post, Arutz Sheva and all Western MSM.

Christians know that they can only depend on Israeli Jews to defend them and their churches, as they have had the occasion to verify time and again.

You might have heard that Hezbollah fighters in Syria have recently made some substantial progress against the Takfiris of IS/Daesh. They have freed several villages and taken control of several key positions near the Syrian border. I hope to get a full report about all this very soon. But today I just wanted to share with you a photo sent to me by a Lebanese friend which depicts a Hezbollah fighter “saluting the Virgin Mary and holding the picture of Her which is dear to their hearts” as my friend put it (this fighter probably found that image either in a destroyed church or inside a Christian home).

One picture does say more than 1000 words. Enjoy!

And I guess the next four are worth more than 4000 words



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Pope Francis Wrongly Accused

by Ariadna Theokopoulos on May 21, 2015

Netanyahu’s speechwriter and adviser on Christianity, Dror Eydar, has accused the pope of attempting to nail the entire Jewish people to the cross.

Pope Francis’ cross is tactfully tucked under his “obi,”out of sight, when in cross-hating company

Bibi Advisor Accuses Pope Francis of ‘Nailing Entire Jewish People to the Cross’

In an open letter to Pope Francis published in U.S. billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper, Hayom,  Netanyahu’s speechwriter and adviser on Christian affairs, Dror Eydar, accuses Pope Francis of attempting to  to nail the entire Jewish people to the cross” through the Vatican’s act of recognizing the (phantomatic) “state of Palestine.

Forgoing the respectful form of address which Benjamin Netanyahu himself used in welcoming Pope Francis (“Hod K’dushat’cha” – Your Holiness) to Israel last year, Eydar’s “Open letter to Pope Francis” makes clear to Hebrew readers of the paper, exactly where the Pontiff and the Catholic Church as a whole, should stand in their estimation; he calls Pope Francis “Mister Pope”….

“Adoni Ha’Afifyor” [“Mr. Pope”], you are hostages to Islam, and, like many others in the West, think that if you just sacrifice the Jews, it [Islam] will leave you alone.”

In Eydar’s view, “What Islam is doing to Christianity today, Christianity did to the Jews for centuries.”

“Generation after generation, you blamed us for the crucifixion and death of your savior and forced us to feel his pain. What was anti-Semitism if not a forced return to the cross? A single Jew was crucified in Jerusalem at the start of the first millennium, and for the 2,000 years since, an entire people has been crucified all over the world.”

At this point, Eydar implicates the Palestinian people, and, by extension, the Pope, in a mirror-image version of one of history’s more ancient libels:

“Mr. Pope, establishing a Palestinian state on the Samarian hills [the West Bank] in the heart of the historic Land of Israel, is the latest attempt to nail the entire Jewish people to the cross.”

He warns to Pope Francis about the treatment he says Christians in Muslim-ruled lands can expect from the Islamic caliphate which, Eydar maintains, will immediately occupy the West Bank if Israel agrees to compromise with the Palestinians:

“… Christians will go on being murdered, raped, and forcibly converted to Islam. Your decision [the Vatican-Palestinian treaty] will pave the way for the disgrace.”

Eydar boasts of a PhD in Hebrew literature and is, in the words of Israel Hayom, “an expert in Jewish thought,” which I guess qualifies him as an expert in “Christian thought” as well. Don’t ask yourself, “What would Jesus say?” Ask Eydar. He’ll tell you that Jesus was a zionist avant la lettre:

“If we were to go back 2,000 years to the time of the Roman rule and ask Jesus to whom this country belongs, he would simply refer us to the verses of promise in the Bible, such as God’s promise to Abraham, the greatest believer: ‘For all the land that you see I will give to you and to your offspring forever” (Genesis 13:16).’”

All that aside, Pope Francis is wrongly accused. Look at the photo at the top. The Pope is hiding his cross! Can there be a more menorah-whipped Pope? Whatever Pope Francis nattered on about the so-called “two state” is not something to hold against him. If you see someone walking his dog and the dog relieves itself on your lawn, do you yell at the dog? Take it up with the Pope’s immediate handler, Rabbi Skorka, or with his superiors in the Jewish “Left-ish.”

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“Judaism is not Zionism”

“Judaism is not zionism” is a categorical statement on which avowed anti-zionist progressive Jews, many of them self-declared atheists, agree completely with avowed anti-zionist religious Jews — mostly the “Torah Jews.”

The more outrage is generated worldwide by Israel’s actions in Palestine, the more Jews crop up to confirm that they, too, believe that not only Judaism, but Jews in general, should not be identified with zionism and cannot be held responsible in any way for any of Israel’s actions. In fact they hasten to point out that a very large number of zionists are not even Jews (e.g., Christian zionists). Blame it all on Herzl! It is even better when this is delivered by an Arab:

“Israel does not represent the Jewish people. Israel represents people who believe that Jewish people should have a state in Palestine/Israel to the exclusion of the Palestinians. Those people are Zionists. Many Zionists are Jewish, but not all of them.”

And since long-ingrained habits die hard, they also threaten those who would dare to think otherwise with the “anti-semitism” cudgel:

“Holding ordinary Jewish people morally responsible for the actions of the Israeli Zionist state is not only wrong, it is racist.”

The more visible Israel’s  criminal acts of ethnic cleansing become to the world, the more Jews wish to become known as “ordinary.” The prize to be gained is denial of moral responsibility. Ordinariness is to be gained by criticizing “zionism.”

On closer semantic examination the statement is certainly true: Judaism a religion while zionism is a political, secular ideology. Similar statements based on the same semantic formalism can be made: ‘The root of a plant is not its fruit,” The spring of a river is not any of its branches.” It is just that the same sap runs through them and it comes from the same source.

Some also make the argument that it is not the religious Jews who have committed massacres but the zionists. It is true that the studious religious Jews in the yeshiva settlements refuse to enroll in the army and prefer to “pray for victory.” The acts of violence committed every single day by the settlers against the defenseless Palestinian population under zionist occupation are of a smaller magnitude than, say, dropping phosphorus bombs on Gaza. This is what an ordinary day in the lives of Palestinians living in the shadow of a settlement looks like (H/T Richard Edmondson):

The rabbis who make the most outrageous statements of hate and incitement to violence against the native population are “religious” and even learned. They ooze Maimonides quotes. Ah, but they do not represent “true Judaism,” we are told now.

It seems that the slippery slope of disavowal has gone down from “it’s not Judaism, it’s zionism,” to “it’s not ‘true’ Judaism, it’s zionism,” thus leaving the “bad” rabbis openly supporting zionism without cover. So which Judaism is innocent of blame? Are the Torah Jews the “true” representatives of noble Judaism? They speak out against zionism and its crimes against the Palestinian people, and most vociferously against Netanyahu’s declaration that, as the leader of Israel, he represents them. One cannot help but feel that this disavowal is rooted in the fear that wide publicity of Israel’s crimes and Netanyahu’s insolent strutting is “bad for the Jews.”

In the interview shown here, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, alarmed by the aftermath of Netanyahu’s recent uninvited appearance before the US Congress, repeats several times that this is “dangerous for the Jews.” He states that Netanyahu has made the American Jews “human shields for the bullets of anti-semitism.” He insists that the American Jews are American citizens first and last, as Jews anywhere in the world are loyal citizens of their own countries, yet further on he forgets himself and speaks of the “Jewish nation” worldwide. At no point in his diatribe against Netanyahu and his hold over the US Congress, does the rabbi, as a purported patriotic American citizen, mention anything about this being bad for America. His worry is only that it is “dangerous for the Jews.”

The Torah Jews are fervent believers in Jewish supremacism. They believe Jews are “Light Unto Nations” and their mission is to “repair the world.” They believe “g-d” gave them Palestine but dispute the kick-off date of the takeover with their brethren in Judaism. According to their interpretation only the Messiah should perform the ribbon cutting at the inauguration of “Israel” and that joyous event must first be announced by the birth of a perfect red heifer (parah adumah) with nary a white hair anywhere on its body. Severalfalse alarms  were sounded in 1997, 2002, 2006 and 2010. (One wonders how long will Ron Lauder stand this suspense before he sends one of his Estee Lauder experts to fix the next near-perfect-but-not-quite-perfect heiffer to the Temple can be rebuilt.)

The Torah Jews are supremacists not despite their most noble pronoucements but because of them. They quibble over what Tikkun olam (literally, “repair the world”) means exactly and disagree with other rabbis over what specific social “repairs” are called for but they, no more than their Judaic brethren, ever question whether the world wishes to delegate to Jews the responsibility to fix the world.

Just think of it: the world is just one red heifer away from Light Unto Nations bursting all over he world, and this time with no Judaic dissent…

Jewish supremacism is the running thread in Judaism as it is in zionism.

What about Jews being held responsible for zionism? Some who argue that “religious Jews” are not responsible for zionism’s crimes also argue that Jews, collectively and as individuals, are also “innocent.” It is their Jew-ISHNESS that creates problems. Jews who do not indulge in Jew-ISH behaviors are innocent. But what exactly is Jew-ISHNESS to Jews? Is it like white on rice or is it just a collection of annoying tics, like speaking with your mouth full or clearing your throat? It cannot be the belief in Jewish supremacism, in the Jews’ innate intellectual superiority (possibly through clever inbreeding eugenics), in Jewish entitlement, because a Jew who is neither religious, nor a believer in Jewish supremacism, one who does not self-identify primarily as a Jew, and does not succumb to tribal agglutination in his professional and social life is not longer a Jew. He is just a Goy who happens to have fond childhood memories of playing with a dreidl.

Judaism is the recipe for Jewish supremacism. Zionism is one way of preparing it.

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France Is Jewish Land

France Is Jewish Land

As a candidate for the presidency of France (which he attained in 2012), during his obligatory ritual appearance in 2011 before CRIF (France’s AIPAC), Nicolas Sarkozy gave his masters his understanding of French history.

The origin of the great French nation, he said, is not only indissolubly linked to the Jewish community, but the French land was Jewish before France was “France” and before it was christianized.

[Was Vercingétorix a Jew ? French national education and Fernand Nathan — the author of most of the pre-school and schoolbook texts in France — ought to research this important information. If he was not a Jew, he may have been an anti-semite. ]

Judaism was present in France, Sarkozy — the historian and philosopher of culture who wished to rise to the top position in the French government — informed his receptive audience, before France was “France” and before it was Christianized — it is a 2,000-years old presence.  There were synagogues there during the Roman empire before there were churches and they were as elaborate as the later [there!] Baroque churches.

That suggests that France belongs to Jews by virtue of the Right of the First Comer/Occupier (Jus primi, or Recht des Ersten). Despite this rightful ownership by the Jewish minority, he went on, all along French history the Jews were invidiously and cruelly persecuted by the late-comers and this continued even after the French Revolution and the creation of the republic, as the Dreyfus case showed.

France is the France of Proust, Sarkozy added,  and of many other Jews (reciting several other Jewish names), and of all the tremendous contributions made by Jews, which all the French get to inherit and enjoy (ungrateful curs that they are).

Thus, the French Jews contribute to the culture and growth of the country which is theirs: the Jewish community in France is the largest Jewish community in Europe.  Any single attack on Jews or their faith must be considered an attack on France. An act of vandalism against a Jewish cemetery or synagogue is equivalent to the “Crystal Night” because it pressages the same horrors that followed that signal event.

So, he said all this in 2011 in the hallowed halls of CRIF and it did not have much of an echo in France at the time. It is important, however, to look back on it and see that while France was slumbering, Sarkozy passed the Fabius-Gayssot law that gagged the “other French” under severe penalties (fines and prison) to prevent them from questioning any of the “first comers’” impositions and fiats. It is also instructive to remember that after him, Manuel Valls stated loudly and clearly that if only 100,000 of Jews (of France’s 600,000) left, France would no longer be France and the republic would fail.

This serves to explain the slogan chanted on the Day of Ire by the demonstrators opposing to the highjacking of French politics, economy, culture and education by the Jewish power: “Juif, la France n’est pas a toi!”(Jew, France is not yours!)

But if France does not belong to the Jews, to whom does it belong? Much of what the “late-comers” contributed to French culture may have to be scrapped or at least severely edited by the Jewish guardians for its anti-semitism. Indeed, from Voltaire, who called the Jews “abominable” in his Dictionary of Philosophy and on to his “inheritors” (notably Balzac, also du Maurier, George Sand), many if not most French writers, we are told, are profoundly anti-semitic.How about that old anti-semite, Moliere? Isn’t Tartuffe, his best known character, a stereotypical Jew:

Tartuffe is called “The Impostor” or “The Hypocrite.” He is a superb scoundrel who can don any pose and become a master of it. As a religious ascetic, he convinces Orgon and Madame Pernelle that he is a devoutly pious and humble man; his obvious hypocrisy, however, is apparent to the reader and to the audience.

Tartuffe’s superiority lies in the fact that he can accurately analyze the weaknesses of his victims and then exploit these flaws for his own advantage. He is no simple or ignorant charlatan; instead, he is an alert and adept hypocrite who uses every means to bring about his success.

His eventual downfall is caused by his lust. Instead of making Tartuffe into an inhuman monster, Molière shows how lust causes the clever hypocrite to lower his mask and reveal his hypocrisy.

“We were here first,” and “You are all hardened anti-semites” so far trumps the pretensions of the French of being the real French (de souche). But the revolt is still young.

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“Ukraine Is Run by Miserable Jews”

by Ariadna Theokopoulos on February 3, 2015

“Ukraine Is Run by Miserable Jews” is a statement attributed by the MSM to Zakharchenko, Leader of the Donetsk Republic .

In a press conference held today, Zakharchenko and Plotnisky (leader of the Lugansk Republic) described the deceitful behavior of the Kiev regime and their bad faith in concluding the Minsk Agreement.

Zakharchenko also replied to the repeated mischaracterizations of him in the New York Times and the Washington Post as “the voice of Kremlin” by pointing out that in view of Poroshenko’s frequent confabs with Obama and visits to Washington, DC, the latter is far more accurately described as the “voice of the USA.”

Of this press conference the only part that received attention in the MSM is the finale in which Zakharchenko made an appeal to the Ukrainian people, telling them that the Junta who sends their sons, husbands, brothers and fathers to die needlessly while killing people in East Ukraine is not pursuing the interests of the Ukrainian people.

My Russian is very rusty so I rely on the English subtitles provided by the video, according to which he never said, “Ukraine is run by miserable Jews.”

He did scathingly ridicule the junta of Jewish oligarchs — military leaders the likes of which Ukraine never had before, the kind who never held a sword in their hands and would send others to die for them, the likes of which would make Taras Bulba and Taras Sevchenko turn in their graves with shame. He not so subtly indicated that the Ukrainians should wake up to realize that their true kinship is with their Slav brothers.

On the other hand the MSM description of his statement makes it sound that he equivocated and tempered his statement about the Jewish oligarchs by saying they are not true representatives of a great people (i.e., the Jews in general). My understanding, going by the subtitles and the context, is that he in fact said they are not true representatives of a great people, i.e., the Ukrainian people.

Be that as it may, it is nevertheless clear that even by mentioning the Jewish oligarchs as being those who run Ukraine, without calli g them “miserable,” Zakarchenko has gone boldly where Putin never went before, which puts paid to his being “the voice of Kremlin,” unless one wishes to go as far as to postulate that Putin is a ventriloquist and Zakaharchenko his puppet.

Putin walks nimbly on the tightrope he has fashioned for himself: maintaining good relations with Israel, fighting “fascism” and its recrudescence where it rears its ugly little head and, when mentioning the oligarchs, differentiating them not as Jewish and non- but, funny enough, “ours” (the good ones in Russia that behave themselves) and the ‘bad ones’ in Ukraine, or the formerly-Russian oligarchs who fled Russia to escape conviction and now live in the UK, Israel or the US. But they have no ethnicity… (One may conclude that there are ‘good oligarchs’ and ‘bad oligarchs’ and it so happens that both kinds are Jews.)

The likelihood of success of Zakharchenko’s appeal to the Ukrainians is increased by the serious losses suffered by the Ukrainian army in this fratricidal war and by Poroshenko’s new mobilization call (not well received). On the other hand it is hampered by the raging Russophobia incited by the Maidanists even before the Maidan was a glimmer in Victoria Nuland-Kagan’s eye.

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Domination Strategies of the Anglo-Zionist Empire

The psychopathic quest for total world domination by what some (e.g., the Saker) call “the Anglo-Zionist Empire” and many others “the American Empire,” involves establishing global hegemony by any means: endless wars and coups d’etat, economic warfare (ruinous trade pacts, blockades and sanctions), financial terrorism (debt enslavement,currency manipulation),  or threats thereof.

The Anglo-Zionist campaign for global hegemony currently unfolding in the world (the Middle East, Far East Asia, Africa, South America and the Pacific limitrophe states, and around Russia’s borders) is described and analyzed in Michel Chossudovky’s excellent exposé called The Globalization of War. Nevertheless  it is true, as Lasse Wilhelmson remarked in a comment, that Chossudovsky  “forgot something, and that is to name those in control of the US.”

Lasse is right. This reminds me of the old Soviet joke in which the interrogator tells the arrested man,”We have information that last night at the pub you insulted the Beloved Leader repeatedly calling him The Pig.” “No, comrade,” pleads the frightened man. “I was talking about a neighbor of mine.”

“Stop lying,” says the interrogator, “we all know who the The Pig is!”

At least Chossudovsky, unlike the kosherized “left,” does not misidentify who is in control of the US, he does not peddle the “white race” hasbara. Chossudovsky’s analysis is excellent, his alarm call is well justified, and we all know who The Pig is. Well, maybe not all of us, so for this I agree with Lasse that there is room for improved precision in this exposé.

The twin companions of these “procedural” domination strategies are the “cognitive” strategies aimed at achieving an ideological makeover: imposing upon the nations in their dominion unquestioning acceptance of the Orwellian doctrine of Upside Down (“patas para arriba” per Galeano and Salbuchi) morality, according to which unprovoked wars are “humanitarian interventions,” state terrorism is “the war on terror,” genocidal massacres are “our right to defend ourselves,” unchecked immigration is “multiculturalism” (while resistance to it is “racism” or “fascism”), subversion to undermine and destroy national culture, religion and traditions and rewrite history is enlightened “secularism” (while resistance is “bigotry” and “anti-semitism”  — the apex of all thought crimes).

The pockets of resistance to the official narrative, the opposition to thought control seen only in the alternative media, are to be neutralized by “gatekeeping.”

A gatekeeper’s mission is to block the political discourse from veering into forbidden territory, thus controlling and rigging the game. The mission demands that the gatekeeper stay inside the perimeter and be credible.

What happens, however, when the public awareness surges against the gate and threatens to topple it? Some things need to be abandoned, sacrificed, like continuing to deny the existence of the Jewish lobby, about which the don of gatekeeping, Chomsky, once said that it is no more powerful than the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). That gatepost has been moved: it is OK to admit and even criticize the Jewish lobby a bit. Just so it is done with “balance,” like for example claiming that the Saudi lobby is far more dangerous to the US than the Jewish lobby (per Michael Scheuer).

The war on Iraq, ardently pushed and supported by the neocons, is another gatepost that has been moved. It is Ok now to say it was a “mistake” (mainly due to faulty/misunderstood intelligence) and to add that you are “anti-war” or a “non-interventionist.”

It’s a little like when your house is on fire: you gather only the most valuable possessions and get out. Efficient gatekeeping means grabbing the Holocaust and 9/11 (the core taboos) and moving the gateposts. The gatekeeper who moves the posts gets to continue his role inside the perimeter and gets increased credibility: he is the hero who boldly walked into the enlarged territory of dissent.

Michael Scheuer is such a heroic gatekeeper, who boldly moves a few gateposts. But who is he?

Scheuer has had a 22-year career with the CIA during which which working in both the Directorate of Intelligence (DI) and the Directorate of Operations (DO) — thus acquiring a vast experience in both “procedural” and “cognitive” strategies. During this time he was Chief of the CIA’s “Osama bin Laden unit” at the Counterterrorist Center.

David Cohen, head of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, wanted to create a unit that “would fuse intelligence disciplines into one office—operations, analysis, signals intercepts, overhead photography and so on” (per wikipedia). He recruited Michael Scheuer, an analyst then running the CTC’s Islamic Extremist Branch who was “especially knowledgeable about Afghanistan.” Scheuer must have become emotionally attached to his mission since he codenamed the Bin Ladin unit the “Alec Station,” after his own son’s name.

Scheuer is considered “the foremost expert on Osama Bin Laden.” One might say he is to Bin Laden  what Homer is to the Iliad (not discounting nevertheless the accretions contributed in both cases by anonymous bards reciting the myth). So imagine his discomfiture when competing narratives emerged, exalting Zacarias Moussaoui as the “mastermind of 9/11.”

He resigned from the CIA at the end of 2004 (three years after Bin Laden died) but he has kept busy, not only as a professor at Georgetown University’s Center for Peace and Security Studies, author of acclaimed books (“Imperial Hubris”), and analyst on CNN and other TV channels, but also as a defender of Bin Laden’s (for lack of a better word) legacy, steadfastly maintaining that 9/11 was Bin Laden’s masterwork, in essence “blowback” for our foreign policy in the ME that has enraged the Muslims.

In what can only be seen as a touching gesture of gratitude and reciprocal favor, Bin Laden majestically rose from the dead in 2007 not only to read Scheuer’s book, Through Our Enemies’ Eyes: Osama bin Laden, Radical Islam, and the Future of America, but to also allegedly release a video in which he said:

“If you want to understand what’s going on and if you would like to get to know some of the reasons for your losing the war against us, then read the book of Michael Scheuer in this regard.”[We only have an illegible transcript of it but it’s good enough for me.]

A blurb to kill for. Speaking of killing, Scheuer warned us that,

‘The threat to the United States, inside the United States, comes from al Qaeda….These people are going to detonate a nuclear device inside the United States, and we’re going to have absolutely nothing to respond against.”[“Marching toward Hell,” p XIII]

He is an acerbic critic of Obama, a weak leader unable to do what is needed, namely tofully use the might of the US military to stamp the Islamic terrorism for good. Appreciated by ardent zionist Bill Maher, he espoused his views on his shows as an invited guest.

So what gateposts did he move as a gatekeeper?

— Yes, there really is a Jewish lobby but oy, watch the Saudis…

Scheuer said to NPR that “They [Mearsheimer and Walt] should be credited for the courage they have had to actually present a paper on the subject. I hope they move on and do the Saudi lobby, which is probably more dangerous to the United States than the Israeli lobby.””[31]

— The US must “dump” Israel because it is its support of Israel that has caused all of the “blowback” from the Muslim world. Why, that was a big post to move. Our attitude to Israel, however, must not be one of condemnation but of a sort of indifferent equanimity because… America comes first (play the Stars and Stripes for Ever here).

— They don’t “hate us for our values”, Scheuer says, moving another gatepost 2 cm farther, closer to the one about the “blowback,” but for our interventions  and wars in which we don’t even have the resolve to defeat Islam and defend the American people: “air power is nothing,” full military power must be applied.

— We must stop “sending our kids to die so Mr Mohamed can vote in a free election” and then turn around and become a Jihaddist. (Apparently our wars are not all for Israel and oil but also out of our sincere but naive altruistic desire to bring democracy to the Muslims. No more, America must come first.)

— We must also know that “there is a growing Islamic terrorist movement” afoot, which is “an existential threat to the US.” We must stop supporting Israel (this must be repeated because it is a great credential builder in gatekeeping), and we must also end our dependence on ME oil (start drilling offshore vigorously to spite the jihaddists).

— “Kill as many of them (‘Islamic terrorists’) as possible,” he says to Bill Maher. Presumably his non-interventionism and anti-war stance has its limits, he being a red-blooded American and all.

— The Islamic terrorists are our creation, he says. No, not as you think, by arming, training and directing them, but by our support of Israel that has enraged them — he cannot stress it enough — which engendered the blowback thing.

— The worst part is not that we intervened but that we did it indecisively: we withdrew from Afghanistan and left it in the hands of Jihaddists and now we have Obama who is not mensch enough to “fully use our military force” and just plays with drones.

Watch him and spot his gatekeeping footwork in the video entitled:

Michael Scheuer: “ISIS Could Not Ask For Any Greater Gift Than The One Obama’s Giving Them”

Play Hatikva now.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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