Sayyed Nasrallah: War on Iran will Bring ‘Israel’, US Domination to an End

September 10, 2019

Sara Taha Moughnieh

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on Ashura

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah delivered a speech Tuesday in front of crowds participating in the procession of Ashura (Tenth Day of Muharram) in the Southern Suburb of Beirut.

After offering condolences to mourners for the martyrdom of the grandson of the prophet, he expressed gratitude for the large participation through the last 10 nights of Ashura and saluted the Lebanese Army, General Security and contributes for the successful security measures throughout these nights.

His eminence noted that “Imam Hussein will be looking at your faithfulness and response to his call with pride, as he sees that his message from Ashura has been received and all our deeds emerge from the school of Ashura”.

Thus, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that “Ashura is the day of reformation in the nation of Prophet Mohammad, Imam Hussein sacrificed his life for the sake of this nation”.

In this context, he pointed out that a country in this nation being occupied is not a passing issue, hence Palestine is our central cause.


Hezbollah SG said: “Starting with our central cause, Palestine, we reassure its people that liberation can only be achieved through resistance and stress our continuous commitment to the Palestinian cause. It is the basic pillar in the face of the American-Israeli plot, and the Palestinian people will protect their cause and sanctities. We are with the Palestinian people and their resistance in the West Bank and Gaza. We stand with their prisoners and all their resistance fighters in one team and one battle. Additionally, we reassure our recognition to the rights of the Palestinian refugees to live and work with dignity in Lebanon until they can return to their land.”

He further denounced the Israelis’, specifically Netanyahu’s, actions against the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque dubbing Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu as malicious.


Moving on to Yemen, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “Yemen today is another Ashura… and its people are still standing strong in the face of the outrageous war in which crimes against humanity are taking place yet the whole world is watching silently”.

He added: “A US-British alignment is killing women and children in Yemen only for the sake of selling weapons and armory… and Saudi Arabia’s ongoing assault will only bring it eternal defeat, humiliation and shame in this life and torture in the afterlife. All the goals and slogans they put to justify their war have fallen. It is time for the Yemeni people to be aware of the Saudi/Emeriti goals and unite in their face. Today, we renew our call to stop war on Yemen and its people”.


On another level, his eminence said: “Another year passes and the Bahraini people are still suffering as the Bahrain regime is going far with its normalization with the Zionist enemy and its support for the Zionist Assaults on Palestine, Lebanon and Syria”.

“We tell the Bahraini people that with your peaceful revolution and your firm screams you are performing the big Jihad for the sake of Allah, and this will definitely fruit because this is the promise of Allah. Today, we stand by your side and reassure our faith in your right, truthfulness and firmness”.

US Sanctions

Concerning the US sanctions on Iran, Syria and resistance movements in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, his eminence considered that “this is an aggression that the US administration is waging to make economic and financial pressure after all its wars against the resistance movements in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq have failed. This aggression has expanded to also target banks and businesses in Lebanon that are not related to Hezbollah in anyway, and this must be approached and dealt with in a different way”.

“The Lebanese government must defend and protect the Lebanese people and not rush to implement the US resolutions and desires. This file must be opened because the Lebanese economy is being targeted through that,” he added.


On the security level, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that “the Lebanese have toppled Israel’s latest attempt to change the rules of engagement. There are thousands of Israeli violations but after all there are red lines.

The latest violation in the Southern Suburb of Beirut, sending explosive-laden drones for assassination is a significant aggression on us. The resistance’s response came through the borders and by later destroying the Israeli drone yesterday in the sky of the southern village of Ramiyah”.

“Despite all the intimidation, we insist on enhancing our deterrent force which protects our country,” he added.

Israel, Hollywood Army

Sayyed Nasrallah said that “the Israeli Army has turned into a Hollywood Army, and its use of puppets to fool Hezbollah reveals its weakness”.

“You are a Hollywood Army and we learned a lesson from the show you performed. It is that in our future responses, instead of hitting one vehicle we will hit more, an instead of hitting one target we will hit more, and let’s see how many shows you can perform,” Hezbollah SG addressed the Israelis saying.

His eminence reassured Hezbollah’s respect to 1701 resolution which the Israeli is not sticking to and affirmed its right to respond to any attack against Lebanon, considering that there will be no red lines from now on.

“Lebanon has imposed itself on the whole world. Everyone called the Lebanese government after the latest Israeli violation trying to stop us from responding to the attack. Lebanon must know that it is strong with its army, people and resistance equation,” he added.

Lebanon, Economic File

On the economic situation, Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that “there could be a solution for the deteriorating economic situation in Lebanon, and the government must hold its responsibility of controlling corruption and financial waste…”

He further assured that “we refuse to fix the situation by raising taxes on the poor. Instead, the government must regain its stolen money from the rich who have stolen.”

“I call on the officials to make efforts to regain the trust of people, or else they would feel that every tax paid is not helping in solving the economic situation, so why pay it? Instead, if people had trust in their government, they would admire it and be part of reformation, this is the natural equation, just like people were ready to sacrifice for the sake of Hezbollah because they had faith in its leadership,” his eminence added.


“We reassure our rejection to any war on Iran because this war will destroy the region. It will be a war on the entire resistance axis and its goal would be to destroy any hope of regaining Palestine. Thus, on this day, as part of the resistance axis, we state that we will not take a neutral stance in the battle of right against wrong and in the battle of Hussein against Yazid. This supposed war will be an end to Israel and to the US domination in the region,” Sayyed Nasrallah stated.

“Our Imam and leader and the “Hussein” of this era is Imam Ali Khamenei. He is the leader of the axis of resistance and Iran is its center and basic pillar,” he added, vowing: “O leader and Imam, if we were to be killed and burned 1000 times, we will never leave you o son of Hussein… Do we stay after you? May Allah never show us that! In the axis of resistance, we have only seen victories, hope for the oppressed, dignity, and preservation of sanctities,” he stressed.

Source: Al-Manar

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Sayyed Nasrallah: No More Red Lines in Any New Attack, War on Iran to Eliminate ’Israel’

Zeinab Essa

Sayyed Nasrallah: No More Red Lines in Any New Attack, War on Iran to Eliminate ’Israel’

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed on Tuesday the axis of Resistance’s support to its leader and its heart, His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei – Leader of Islamic Revolution.

Addressing hundreds of thousands of mourners commemorating Ashura on the 10th of Muharram, Sayyed Nasrallah renewed his party’s eternal pledge to the top cause of our nation, the Palestinian cause.

“We renew with the Palestinian people and Resistance our pledge that there is no choice away from resisting the “Israeli” occupation,” His Eminence said, reaffirming Hezbollah’“ eternal commitment to the Palestinian cause and to confront what is being planned in the ‘deal of the century’ .”

Moreover, he stated that “this stance costs us a lot but it is our commitment.”

He further deplored “Israeli” Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu’s desecration to the Holy Ibrahimi Mosque. “The Palestinian stance is the main pillar in the confrontation against the US-‘Israeli’ scheme. These people will protect their cause and holy sites.”

“We – in Hezbollah – reaffirm our commitment to the rights of the Palestinian people in Lebanon as honorable refugees, who must return to their homeland,” The Resistance Leader added.

Moving to the Yemeni arena, Sayyed Nasrallah lamented the fact that “the people of Yemen are the title of oppression and siege as [Imam] Hussein was in Karbala.”

“The war on the Yemeni people has turned into a futile war in light of the international community’s silence and the US-British partnership,” he underscored, pointing out that “the recent developments in southern Yemen form an evidence on the Saudi-Emirati aggression’s false allegations regarding protecting Yemen’s legitimacy.”

His Eminence once again renewed the call to an immediate end to the war on Yemen.

In parallel, Sayyed Nasrallah denounced he Bahraini regime’s actions, describing it a “a traitor that went far in normalizing with the “Israeli” enemy as well as in supporting the “Israeli” aggressions against the people of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.”

Addressing the peaceful Bahraini revolutionary people, His Eminence said: “You, in your peaceful revolution, are waging a jihad for the sake of Allah.”

On another level, he confirmed that “the unjust sanctions on the axis of resistance forms an aggression practiced by the US administration after the failure of the Zionist wars on the resistance.”

“If our people were oppressed by the sanctions, we must act differently and the state must act as well,” Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized, urging the Lebanese sides to open the file of sanctions because it has put the Lebanese economy under attack.”

In this context, he highlighted that “the government must defend the Lebanese and state institutions must not rush to execute the American desires in terms of sanctions.”

“The Lebanese resistance has been on the sanctions lists for years and this is not new. But

when this aggression expands to target others in Lebanon – banks that have nothing to do with Hezbollah – this needs a different approach. We must reevaluate and study our choices well,” His Eminence went on to say.

Regarding the recent “Israeli” attacks on Lebanon, Hezbollah Secretary General viewed that “the recent aggression against Dahyia [the southern suburbs of Beirut] through the bombed drones was a great one.

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the united Lebanese official and popular stances in face of the dangerous “Israeli” aggression. “Today we are setting the equations and strengthening the deterrence that protects our country.”

According to His Eminence, “The invincible “Israeli” army turned to act in Hollywood movies. For the first time, the “Israeli” enemy is building a security zone inside occupied Palestine with a depth of 5 km.”

To the apartheid “Israeli” entity, Sayyed Nasrallah sent a sounding message: “If Lebanon is attacked, Hezbollah will respond to the aggression appropriately to defend Lebanon. Lebanon respects 1701 and Hezbollah is part of the government that respects this resolution but if “Israel” attacks, there will be no red lines at all.”

“Lebanon has imposed itself on world powers and everyone contacted it after the latest “Israeli” attack, prior to the resistance’s response and during the Hezbollah response,” Sayyed Nasrallah added, noting that “Lebanon must know that it is strong through the army-people-resistance equation and all countries in the world contacted our government to thwart us from retaliating to the “Israeli” aggression.”

On the Lebanese economic situation, he assured that “the situation is not hopeless and there is a possibility to address it if there is the necessary seriousness. The same as we discussed the previous state budget we will discuss the 2020 budget.”

“The principles that govern our stance will be the same. We refuse any new taxes on low-income citizens in any economic solutions in Lebanon. Instead of going to the pockets of the poor, let us search for the looted funds, and this should be the leading choice to address the economic situation,” His Eminence said.

On the regional scene, Sayyed Nasrallah rejected any war scheme against the Islamic Republic of Iran because it will ignite the region.

“We will not be neutral in the battle between the truth and falsehood and who thinks that the supposed war will be the end of the axis of resistance I tell them that it will result in the end of both “Israel” and the US domination in our region,” he clarified.

According to His Eminence, “Today, our Hussein is Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei and the Islamic Republic of Iran is the heart of the resistance’s axis.”

To Imam Khamenei, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “ We tell you as the companions of Imam Hussein said on the 10th night of Muharram, ‘We won’t leave you, O son of Hussein’.”

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Retaliation Inevitable, All Threats & Intimidation Will Not Prevent It

Zeinab Essa

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed that “Israel” must pay a price for its aggression on Lebanon.

Addressing thousands of mourners on the first night of Ashoura, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that “there is no doubt that since last Sunday, Lebanon as well as the “Israeli” enemy have been living in a new phase and special conditions.”

Hailing the Lebanese national unity over the recent “Israeli” aggression, His Eminence praised the positions of the Lebanese President, House Speaker, Prime Minister and the Supreme Council of Defense

“The Lebanese consensus has its significance, especially when the enemy is exploiting the situation to incite on the resistance,” he added, reiterating that “the response on the “Israeli” aggression will be from Lebanon.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further clarified that “stating that the response is not in Shebaa Farms means that the response will be open because our response to previous operations was in Shebaa Farms.”

In parallel, the Resistance Leader emphasized: “We have been greatly patient when it comes to drones  and the first response to the attack in the Dahyia means that we must start working to down it.”

“We have the right to down the drones, but that does not mean that we will down each one on every hour, day or week,” Sayyed Nasrallah elaborated.

According to His Eminence, Hezbollah Resistance works within a specific performance and tactic i.e. based on its will and estimation.

Based on this, he announced that the Resistance “will choose the time, place and reasons of response.”

Back to the recent “Israeli” drone aggression on Dahyia [Southern Suburbs of Beirut], Sayyed Nasrallah revealed that “the 1st drone was aimed to explode as well as the 2nd one. The two drones aimed to land, drop the bomb and leave in the middle of the night.”

“The “Israeli” must pay the price and the response is coming,” he declared, pointing out that “Israeli” prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pretext is the claim of precision missiles, and then talking about a goal associated with the manufacture of precision missiles.”

According to His Eminence, “If we had precision missile factories, we would say that we have that, but we do not have precision missile factories.”

“We have precise missiles but we do not have factories for manufacturing it and if one day we were able to have these factories I will proudly announce that,” he said, accusing “Netanyahu for looking for a pretext to impose new rules.”

Meanwhile, His Eminence stated that “Netanyahu is lying to his people by alleging that through what happened in the Dahyia he disrupted the precision missiles factories. Netanyahu is lying to the “Israelis” and the international community.”

“We have in Lebanon what we need in any small or large confrontation from precise missiles,” Sayyed Nasrallah declared, underscoring that “the response to the “Israeli” aggression is final. The issue for us is about establishing rules and protecting a country.”

Warning that “through these drones, the “Israeli” can put bombs and land on the roof of any house, car or building and blow up,” His Eminence cautioned that “the exploding drones will open the door of assassinations in Lebanon.”

“The resistance is not interested in saying what is the response and everything that is being said is neither true nor accurate,” he added, noting that “the Resistance’s way of response is known to only few people and we have no sources and this confuses the enemy.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also said: “The subject of the response is in the hands of the resistance’s military commanders who know what they are doing. It is important to make the enemy understand that our country is not open for aggression.”




Hezbollah Leader Reveals New Details On Southern Beirut Drone Attack

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah during a speech communicating the holy day of Ashura. Via al-Manar TV

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed that the retaliation to the Israeli aggression in Dahiyeh was imminent regardless of the enemy threatening and menacing.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Muharram mourning ceremonies in Sayyed Shohadaa complex on Saturday night, Sayyed Nasrallah said Hezbollah appreciates the Lebanese stance concerning the Israeli aggression on Beirut’s southern suburb last week. “There was a national consensus on condemning what happened (in Dahiyeh) and considering it as a real aggression against Lebanon,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, hailing specifically the official stance of the Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Saad Hariri as well as that of Speaker Nabih Berri.

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu adopted the aggressive actions in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, adding “the Lebanese official and public stance was very important because the enemy strives on inciting people against the resistance.” “We should stop at Berri’s call to Amal movement to keep vigilant and ready, that means the resistance with all its factions and movements has a firm and coherent stance, cutting road against any delusions,” his eminence confirmed.

Concerning the venue of the resistance retaliation, Sayyed Nasrallah said it will be in Lebanon, not necessarily from Shebaa farms.

“The first retaliation on the Israeli aggression would be initiating our right to down Israeli drones,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding that the Israeli enemy should know well that the Lebanese airspace is not open to its drones and daily violations. The UN Security Council and all embassies that are calling officials today, have made no effort to stop the Israeli air violations in the past, his eminence indicated. “The Resistance will choose the right time and place to target the Israeli drones in our airspace,” the Hezbollah leader said.

We will follow a specific strategy, if commit ourselves to drop any drone then the Israeli will send us dozens daily to deplete our capabilities, the S.G. assured.

Sayyed Nasrallah revealed that the drones’ mission was deploying IEDs and detonating them. “The preliminary data from the drone did not show the presence of an explosive device, but on Monday the experts found a bomb in the drone, and therefore we are before a bombing attack without obvious Israeli fingerprints, but it is Allah’s mercy that led us to detect the operation, which forced the Israeli to confess it.”

Commenting on the Israeli claim that the Israeli drones in Dahiyeh were targeting a plant for producing precision-guided missiles, Sayyed Nasrallah said Netanyahu invented this claim to serve him as a pretext to attack Lebanon. “We are before a clear Israeli aggression, and Netanyahu’s claim of the existence of precision-guided missile factories was a pretext to justify targeting Lebanon and break the rules of engagement to impose new ones. Netanyahu wants to convince his people that he’s doing a great job, but he’s lying,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

“There’s no plant for making precision-guided missiles in the place where the drones fell in Dahiyeh,” his eminence said, adding that Hezbollah doesn’t have any plant for producing precision-guided missiles, affirming that Hezbollah has enough missiles of that kind.

“Retaliating the Israeli aggression is inevitable,” Hezbollah leader assured. “Even enemies and adversaries say they understand our right to retaliate, but they try to convince us not to make any reaction or that the retaliation comes modest, but for us it’s not a matter of dignity rather than to affirm the rules of engagement and the logic of protection against any new Israeli aggression,” he said, adding that breaching the Lebanese airspace will open doors for assassinations through drones, “this can’t be tolerated.”

“‘Israel’ should pay the price, all the Israeli threatening and menacing will not keep us from retaliating.”

Sayyed Nasrallah concluded by saying that the resistance is not concerned with revealing any data about the retaliation. “Speculations in this regard are groundless, it’s the mission of field commanders who know exactly what to do, in terms of its time and scale. We intend to keep the enemy confused as it is now.”

“As President Aoun said, we will prove to the whole world that Lebanon is not a country open to aggression,” Sayyed Nasrallah ended up saying.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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Nasrallah and the new equations نصرالله والمعادلات الجديدة

Nasrallah and the new equations

Written by Nasser Kandil,

سبتمبر 30, 2018

There are two main keys that allow reading and understanding the words of the Secretary General of Hezbollah Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the messages which he wanted to send on the tenth of Muharram, between statement and hint. The first one is his call to the observers, writers, and researchers to note the meaning of the rise of Husseini national transitional movement that depends on reviving the incident of Ashura as a collective platform for it. It became a renewed global cultural situation that is committed to refuse the sectarian and doctrinal strife and the project of the US hegemony. It takes Jerusalem as a collective goal, and it sees hope and devotion of Hussein’s concept in the victories of the resistance. While the other key is to put the role of Hezbollah and its resistance in the heart of the region’s crises as an decisive factor that cannot be intimated or neutralized under the title of confronting the US project, overthrowing the Israeli aggressiveness, and making them the base for understanding its regional and Lebanese perspectives and an explanation of its role in the battlefields.

These two keys involve accepting the idea of considering the project of the resistance as it is in its ascendant stage which is reaching its advanced stages regionally and wants to balance its gains, and as it is in the process of its universality and the stabilization of its concepts and dimensions from culture to politics as what happened in Lebanon for more than thirty years ago when the reviving squares of Ashura turned into bases for launching the resistance. This means that everyone who understood from some details of Al Sayyed’s speech the meaning of the call for calming and built his wrong conclusion as a response to the impacts of pressures, will fall in illusion and suspicion, because the calming in the battlefields does not serve the confrontation in which resistance project is present, because many things will be drawn in arenas for the next stages.

Al Sayyed put a joint framework for the paragraphs of his speech entitled “What has been achieved”. In Syria, through ensuring the end of the war, and the recognition of the victory of the Syrian country under the leadership of its president and army. In Iraq, through establishing a political constitutional structure that prevents the penetration of the resistance’s project enemies. In Yemen, where the steadfastness is, and where the project of the resistance breaks the Saudi arrogance which is based on the US encouragement. And in Palestine, through making use of the revenues of US project dedicated to overthrow the Palestinian cause through developing the project of the resistance and unifying the Palestinian positions under a broad title “the uselessness of negotiation choice and the fall of the settlement project”.

The current crucial mission of the resistance project according to the speech of Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah internationally, regionally, and in Lebanon is to destroy the legend of the Israeli Air Defense as the last source of illusion which causes the Israeli aggression, the US arrogance,  and the joining of some Arabs. The project of the resistance which won in destroying the occupation capacity and imposing the withdrawal, has won in destroying the legend of the navy, tank corps and infantry corps in the War of July 2006, and has won in distorting  the US and Israeli intelligence services and their regional and international allies in the wars of Syria and Iraq against the organizations generated from the Wehabbi thought, but the distortion of the image of the Air Defense remained a compulsory passage  for keeping Lebanon safe against the dangers of aggression, and a current mission to end the unbearable and intolerable situation due to the repetitive Israeli attacks on Syria. What can be done by the resistance in confronting them is to distort the image of the Israeli air superiority which seems crucial in the speech of Al Sayyed Hassan about the project of the resistance which is related culturally and ethnically to the global Husseini march where the compass was and will remain Palestine and Jerusalem.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


نصرالله والمعادلات الجديدة

سبتمبر 20, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– مفتاحان رئيسيان يتيحان وحدهما قراءة وفهم كلمة الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله في ليلة العاشر من محرم، والرسائل التي أراد توجيهها، بين التصريح والتلميح، لتقع في مكانها الصحيح، الأول هو دعوته المراقبين والكتاب والباحثين إلى ملاحظة معنى نهوض حركة أممية حسينية عابرة للقارات واللغات والقوميات، تتخذ من إحياء مراسم عاشوراء منصة جامعة لها، وصارت حالة ثقافية عالمية متجددة المعاني لمشروع مقاومة ملتزم برفض الفتنة الطائفية والمذهبية، ورافض مشروع الهيمنة الأميركية، ويتخذ القدس هدفاً جامعاً، ويرى في انتصارات المقاومة أملاً وتكريساً للنهج الحسيني بلغته المعاصرة، أما المفتاح الثاني فهو وضع دور حزب الله ومقاومته في قلب قوس أزمات المنطقة كفاعل حاسم غير قابل للكسر والتطويع والتحييد، تحت عنوان مواجهة المشروع الأميركي وإسقاط العدوانية الإسرائيلية، واعتبار هذين الركنين في تحديد دور الحزب والمقاومة أصلاً في فهم نظرته للشؤون الإقليمية واللبنانية، وتفسيراً لدوره في ساحات المواجهة على مساحة المنطقة.

– هذان المفتاحان يلزمان مَن يقرأ أبعادهما في خطاب السيد نصرالله، أن يتقبل فكرة اعتبار مشروع المقاومة في طور الصعود الذي يبلغ مراحل متقدمة من إقليميته ويريد ترصيد مكاسبها وصيانتها، وفي طور التأسيس لعالميته وتثبيت مفاهيمها وأبعادها، من الثقافة إلى السياسة أسوة بما حدث في لبنان قبل أكثر من ثلاثين عاماً عندما تحوّلت ساحات عاشوراء إلى قواعد انطلاق للمقاومة. وهذا يعني أن كل مَن يفهم من جزئيات منفصلة في الخطاب دعوات التهدئة ليبني عليها استنتاجاً خاطئاً بأن تلك استجابة لتأثيرات الضغوط سيقع في الاشتباه والوهم. فالتهدئة في ساحات لا تخدم المواجهة فيها مشروع المقاومة ناتجة عن كون المقاومة لا تريد التلهي بالمواجهات الجانبية، لأن لديها الكثير لتفعله في الساحات التي تشكل ميدان ما رسمته لنفسها للمرحلة المقبلة.

– يضع السيد نصرالله إطاراً جامعاً لعدد من فقرات خطابه حول أوضاع المنطقة عنوانها ترصيد أرباح الانتصارات من سورية بتثبيت نهاية الحرب وتكريس نصر الدولة السورية برئيسها وجيشها، إلى العراق وتثبيت بنية سياسية ودستورية تقطع الطريق على أعداء مشروع المقاومة، إلى الصمود في اليمن حتى ينتزع مشروع المقاومة حق الشراكة ويكسر العنجهية السعودية المرتكزة على التشجيع الأميركي، وصولاً إلى فلسطين حيث الاستثمار على عائدات المشروع الأميركي لتصفية القضية الفلسطينية، في تنمية مشروع المقاومة وتوحيد المواقف الفلسطينية تحت عنوانه العريض القائم على لا جدوى خيار التفاوض وسقوط مشروع التسوية.

– المهمة الراهنة المفصلية في مشروع المقاومة تبدو لبنانياً وإقليمياً ودولياً، وفقاً لخطاب السيد نصرالله، هي تدمير أسطورة سلاح الجو الإسرائيلي، بصفته آخر بقايا مصادر الأوهام التي تتسبّب بالعدوانية الإسرائيلية والغطرسة الأميركية والتحاق بعض العرب بهما، ومشروع المقاومة الذي فاز بتدمير قدرة الاحتلال وفرض عليه الانسحاب، فاز بتدمير أسطورة سلاح البحر وسلاح المدرعات وسلاح نخب المشاة في حرب تموز 2006، وفاز بتدمير صورة جهازَيْ المخابرات الأميركية والإسرائيلية وحلفائهما الإقليميين والدوليين في حربي سورية والعراق بوجه التنظيمات المستولدة من رحم الفكر الوهابي، وبقي تدمير صورة سلاح الجو ممراً إلزامياً لجعل لبنان آمناً بوجه مخاطر العدوان، ومهمة راهنة لإنهاء الوضع الذي قال إنه لا يُطاق ولا يُحتمل في الاعتداءات الإسرائيلية المتكررة على سورية، وما يجب أن يفعله محور المقاومة في مواجهتها. وهذه المهمة بضرب صورة التفوّق الجوي الإسرائيلي تبدو مفصلية في خطاب السيد حول مشروع المقاومة المترابط ثقافياً ووجدانياً بالمسيرة

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ابراهيم الأمين

رحلات الصواريخ الدقيقة

عندما بكى السيد حسن نصرالله على الشاشة، في إحدى ليالي عاشوراء، لم يكن بين مريديه وعارفيه من يشك في لحظته العاطفية. وإذا اهملنا التفّه من فريق 14 آذار، بأجنحته اللبنانية والسورية والخليجية، فان الاعداء الحقيقيين في الغرب واسرائيل يعرفون حقيقة الرجل!

الامر هنا يتعلق، ليس بصدق يمكن ان يتمتع به كثيرون في هذه الدنيا، وحتى بين قادة أحزاب وشعوب، بل بحقيقة ان الرجل بكى في ختام محاضرة تستهدف القول انه، ومن يمثل، انما يتصرفون على اساس أن ما يتصدّون له هو لخدمة هدف يتجاوز امتيازات الدنيا. فهو رجل دين يتولى موقعاً سياسياً وشعبياً، ومناضل محبّ للحياة الكريمة، لكنه مستعد لتضحية ترضي قناعاته العقائدية وتساعد في تحسين حياة البقية من الاحياء. ما يعني ان اعداءه يعرفون انه صادق، ليس فقط في مشاعره، بل في ما يقوله، وما يلتزم به، وما يفعله حين يقتضي الامر.

منذ تاريخ نشاته حتى عام 2006، تصرف حزب الله مع قدراته على انها سر الاسرار. ورغم النشاط الاستخباري الهائل للعدو، لم يلجأ الى الحديث عن بعض ما يملك من قدرات، الا بعدما وجد ان الكشف عن بعض التفاصيل سيجعل الاعداء يتراجعون عن القيام بمغامرات نتيجتها الوحيدة الموت والدمار .

هذه المقدمة، تساعد في فهم الكثير من التطورات التي حصل في الايام القليلة الماضية، من خطب السيد نصرالله الى الاشكال الروسي ــــ الاسرائيلي بعد سقوط طائرة «إيل» الروسية ومقتل من عليها.


في اختصار سريع لسنوات طويلة من العمل والجهد في تدمير العراق والسعي لاطاحة النظام في سوريا وتفتيت مجتمعها، ومحاصرة المقاومة في لبنان وفلسطين، فان واقعنا اليوم يقول إن الدمار كبير والخسائر هائلة، لكن الهدف المركزي للمشروع المعادي فشل. وصار هدف اميركا والغرب واسرائيل والسعودية تقليص الخسائر، ومنع تعاظم قوة المحور المقابل الممتد من ايران حتى غزة مرورا بالعراق وسوريا ولبنان، والموصول الى اليمن. وفي لبنان وسوريا، تتولى اسرائيل مهمة مركزية، هي القيام بأعمال امنية وعسكرية تقول هي ان هدفها «منع الاعداء من امتلاك قوة» من شأنها ان تشكل خطراً وجودياً على كيانها. حتى وصل الحديث الى الصواريخ المتوسطة والبعيدة المدى، التي تحمل رؤوسا بكميات كبيرة جدا من المتفجرات. ثم جرت اضافة بعد تقني اكثر خطورة، يتمثل في ان هذه الصواريخ مزودة بنظام توجيه يتيح لها الاصابة الدقيقة، ويقلص هامش الخطأ الى امتار قليلة.

بناء عليه، سارعت اسرائيل، منذ دخول روسيا عسكريا في الحرب الدفاعية عن سوريا، الى سلسلة من الاجراءات والضغوط التي تواكب انتصارات الدولة السورية. فأعطت لنفسها حق القيام بعمليات عسكرية داخل سوريا، وصولا الى الحدود مع العراق، كما سعت مع روسيا الى انتزاع ضمانات تقلص حجم المخاطر عند حدود الجولان المحتل. وهي تواصل مساعيها مع عواصم غربية وقوى محلية لبنانية، لاعتبار امتلاك حزب الله هذه القدرات الصاروخية بمثابة عمل عدائي يهدد مصالح لبنان.


منذ تاريخ نشأته حتى عام 2006، تصرّف حزب الله مع قدراته على أنها سرّ الأسرار

ما حصل قبل شهور عدة، ان قيادة دول وقوى محور المقاومة، قررت الرد موضعيا على غارات العدو واعتداءاته، فكانت عملية اسقاط الطائرة العسكرية الصهيونية بعد غارة على سوريا في شباط الماضي، ثم كانت «ليلة الصواريخ» الشهيرة في ايار الماضي، حيث تعرضت مواقع العدو في الجولان المحتل لصليات من صواريخ قوية. لكن العدو، ليس بمقدوره الاستسلام، فواصل غاراته وعملياته العسكرية والامنية داخل سوريا، مقابل رفع سوريا وحلفائها من وتيرة استخدام منظومات الدفاع الجوي، وصولا الى الغارة الاخيرة على الساحل السوري، والتسبب بسقوط طائرة الاستطلاع الروسية ومقتل طاقمها.

نتيجة ما حصل هو نشوب ازمة حقيقية بين روسيا واسرائيل. فموسكو عملت بجد ــــ بمعزل عن رضى او عدم رضى ايران وحلفائها ــــ لتوفير ضمانات تجعل اسرائيل لا تخشى استهدافا عسكريا مباشرا من الاراضي السورية. وحصلت تفاهمات كبيرة بالتزامن مع استعادة الدولة السورية سيطرتها على كامل الجنوب السوري، بحدوده مع الاردن او مع الجولان المحتل. ووافقت ايران على اجراءات من شأنها تسهيل مهمة روسيا في حماية الدولة السورية. لكن روسيا ابلغت اسرائيل بان ايران وحزب الله لن يغادرا سوريا الان، ولا في وقت قريب، ولن تطلب دمشق منهما ذلك تلبية لطلبات اسرائيل.

تعرف اسرائيل، هنا، ان المسألة لا تتعلق بوجود عشرات المستشارين او بضع مئات من المقاتلين بالقرب من الجولان المحتل. وهي تدرك جيدا انه في اي مواجهة كبيرة، بات من الصعب الحديث عن محاصرة حركة المقاومة على الارض في سوريا كما في لبنان، كذلك بات صعبا منع حصولها على حاجاتها من السلاح.

وهذا يعني لتل ابيب انه في ظل تعطل القدرات الاميركية على القيام بعمل ميداني، وتعذر قيام روسيا بخطوات في هذا السياق، فما عليها الا العمل مباشرة على الارض. وذلك يكون من خلال اختيار اهداف وضربها عبر سلاح الجو. وتتكل اسرائيل، هنا، على ان تفاهماتها مع روسيا تتيح لها حرية الحركة في اجواء سوريا.

الى ماذا يقودنا ذلك؟

اولا: بات العدو يدرك انه، رغم كل التوضيحات الفنية، فان المؤسسة العسكرية الروسية تعرف ان اسرائيل مسؤولة عن الجريمة. واذا كانت الحكومة الروسية ليست في صدد معاقبة العدو بصورة قاسية، فان موسكو السياسية والعسكرية باتت بحاجة الى ضمانات لعدم تكرار الامر. وبالتالي، فان النتيجة الاولى لهذا الامر، هو تضييق هامش المناورة امام العدو، وان عليه ابتداع الوسائل الاضافية لمواصلة اعتداءاته على سوريا.

ثانيا: خلال السنوات الماضية، تعرّف الناس على توصيف «معركة بين الحروب». والمقصود به، ان الحرب لا تكون بالضرورة على شكل حرب كاملة. وان اطرافها يلجأون الى معارك تخدم مصالحهم وقدراتهم الخاصة بالحرب الشاملة. وهو تكتيك لجأ اليه العدو، من خلال العمل الامني ضد قيادات وكوادر المقاومة من جهة، ومن خلال الغارات الجوية ضد اهداف ثابتة او متحركة. ولان طبيعة التوازن على الساحة اللبنانية منعت العدو من القيام بعمل هنا، فانه قام بأعمال على الارض السورية حيث المعبر الرئيسي لسلاح المقاومة الاستراتيجي.

وبين العامين 2006 و2012 ظل العدو يتحدث عن سعيه لمنع «امتلاك حزب الله السلاح الكاسر للتوازن» الى ان باشر في نهاية تلك السنة وما تلاها بتنفيذ غارات جوية ضد اهداف في سوريا قال انها مصانع لتطوير القدرات التسليحية لحزب الله، وكان يفعل ذلك، في سياق مواجهة تراكم الكميات والنوعيات الموجودة من الصواريخ. لكنه، في فترة لاحقة، وعندما ايقن ان المهمة فشلت، لجأ الى استراتيجية جديدة طورها خلال السنوات الثلاث الماضية وهدفها منع حزب الله من امتلاك صواريخ دقيقة.

كان العدو هنا، يحسب ان امتلاك المقاومة مئة او مئة وخمسين الفاً من «الصواريخ الغبية» امر يجب التعايش معه، لكنه باشر بمعركة جديدة، حتى لا يتمكن حزب الله من مراكمة كمية كبيرة من «الصواريخ الذكية»، بما يجعل المعركة معه اكثر صعوبة. لذلك باشر حملة امنية ايضا، وحملة شارك فيها دبلوماسيون وامنيون من اوروبا في لبنان، ضد ما سماه «وصول تقنيات الى حزب الله تتيح له تطوير الصواريخ الغبية الى صواريخ ذكية»، بالاضافة الى امتلاكه كمية من الصواريخ الدقيقة اصلا.
عمليا، ما اعلنه نصرالله، في خطابه الاخير، هو فشل استراتيجية «المعارك بين الحروب»، واعلانه بوضوح ان المقاومة لم تمتلك فقط الصواريخ الدقيقة او التقنية التي تجعل الصواريخ دقيقة، بل تمتلك ما يكفيها من هذه الصواريخ. وبالتالي، قال للعدو ان كل ما تقومون به لن يؤثر على برنامج المقاومة المكتمل لناحية امتلاك ما يحتاجه. علما ان نصرالله يعلم ان العدو يعرف ان عملية مراكمة عناصر القوة عملية مستمرة طوال الوقت.

ثالثا: اشار نصرالله الى انضمام دول وقوى جديدة الى محور المقاومة. وهو كلام يفهمه العدو جيدا. فعندما قصفت اسرائيل مواقع لفصائل عراقية على الحدود مع سوريا، تلقت تحذيرات مباشرة من الجانب الاميركي الذي يعرف ان جنوده وقواته ونفوذه وشركاته في العراق ستدفع الثمن، بالاضافة الى ان اسرائيل نفسها قلقة للغاية من معطيات وصلتها عن وجود منظومة صواريخ «طويلة الامد ودقيقة الاصابة» في حوزة القوى العراقية الحليفة لحزب الله وايران وسوريا.

رابعا: صحيح ان الخيارات تضيق امام العدو، ما قد يدفعه الى الجنون، لكن توضيحات وتحذيرات كالتي قالها نصرالله، من شأنها مساعدة العدو على تبريد الرؤوس الحامية لديه. لأن خيار اللجوء الى عدوان كبير، او الى عمل امني كبير، ستكون نتيجته اندلاع حرب، تعرف اسرائيل جيدا، انها ستشهد خلالها العملية التطبيقية لكل ما قاله لها نصرالله خلال 12 عاما.

هل يحتاج العدو الى اختبار مصداقية دموع نصرالله؟



by Jonathan Azaziah

The moment that we’ve all been waiting for is here: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s Ashoura speech. After 9 days of predominantly religious lectures, the 10th day of Muharram always sees the Two-Time Liberator of Lebanon merge commemorations of Imam Hussein (A.S.) with the current events around the region and GOOD GOD did he deliver! Firing on all cylinders, Sayyed Abou Hadi reminded us all that Aba Abdallah’s (A.S.) famous saying, “Hayhat minna zilla (Us? Humiliated?! Never, ever!)”, is immortal and triumphantly bellowed that the massive crowds in Lebanon’s Dahiyeh and all throughout the Islamicate are a solidification that the blood of Hussein (A.S.) truly prevailed over the sword of the drunkard despot Yazid (L.A.)

Hizbullah’s Secretary-General labeled Ashoura a “day of stances” and the Lebanese Islamic Resistance maintains a righteous position wherever one must be taken. He said it wasn’t just important to stand by the Islamic Republic of Iran as it battled a barbaric American economic aggression, but a “duty”, and saluted the Islamic Revolution for standing with the forces of resistance in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere no matter what obstacles it was confronted with–in true Husseini fashion. The Sayyed doubled down on the Mouqawamah’s solidarity with the Bahraini people’s peaceful struggle, saluting all the scholars and youth who have been jailed, repressed, beaten and brutalized by ‘Israeli’-aligned Bahraini dictatorship.

And in the most heartfelt section of the speech, he declared it was IMPERATIVE for ALL Muslims and ALL Arabs to denounce Al-Saud’s genocidal war on Yemen and take every appropriate measure available to help bring an end to this carnage. Nasrallah said that the oppressed people of Yemen have been witnessing the tragedy of Karbala for nearly four years, but they’ve faced the invaders with all forms of steadfastness, courage and patience, just like the triumph of Karbala. It cannot be denied that on all fronts Yemen is the Karbala of today, he continued, and gave Muslims a warning that ALLAH (SWT) will be asking every single  one of us about Yemen to see whether or not we stood up to its hegemonic oppressors. Needless to say, he reiterated Hizbullah’s unwavering support for the Yemen and its Resistance.

Meanwhile, the most fiery oratory was reserved for the usurping Zionist entity after he reaffirmed Hizbullah’s ideological commitment to Palestine and Al-Quds, praising the martyrs of the Great March of Return in Gaza and calling for confronting the Trump ZOG’s “deal of the century” which aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause. He scoffed at the ‘Israeli’ hasbara which said that he makes his speeches from a bunker, “ALLAH (SWT) has extended my lifespan as you tried day and night to kill me. I am still here; still alive. And that I am in fact still here, still alive, by ALLAH’s (SWT) good graces, is a mighty indication of your failure.” He hilariously trolled ‘Israeli’ War Minister Avigdor Lieberman, agreeing with him that everything had indeed changed across the Arab-Islamic world–especially in the Mouqawamah’s favor. The ‘Israelis’ had been betting on their destabilization schemes in Syria and Iraq to weaken the Axis of Resistance but now they know it’s more powerful than ever and several other actors have joined its ranks. This has made ‘Israel’ furious, Nasrallah chuckled, and due to this, the utmost vigilance is required.

The Zio-Tumor is living in fear of any confrontation with Lebanon, the Sayyed said, for it knows the repercussions will be severe because Hizbullah knows all of the ‘Israeli’ enemy’s weaknesses. The confidence of Sayyed Abou Hadi not only stems from Hizbullah’s victories throughout Syria, not to mention the July War triumph, along with the First Liberation and the Second Liberation, but an ever-growing arsenal that will devastate the paltry “defenses” of IOF. The Sayyed explains,

“The ‘Israelis’ have been hard at work attempting to cut off weaponry roads and prevent us from coming into possession of precision missiles. But all their efforts were a waste of time. I say to the Zionist entity, that scheme you had?! It’s all over! We are now in possession of precision missiles so if ‘Israel’ dares impose a war on Lebanon, it will face the most unimaginable fate, one it would never expect! The Israeli enemy knows intimately that technology alone doesn’t constitute the final word in any given battle without human capabilities. And when it comes to the latter category, we in Hizbullah are very well-armed.” Pure flames; pure power; pure Mouqawamah.

Imam Hussein (A.S.) famously said, “I revolted not out of wickedness, nor for fame. Verily, I rose up against oppression solely to seek rectification in the nation of my grandfather, Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.)” This encapsulates Hizbullah’s defiance of Empire Zionica to the letter. The Men of God seek not personal gain, nor temporal power. They only seek the freedom of all Muslims from oppression in the name of Muhammad al-Moustafa (S.A.W.W.) and his Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) And the way that this freedom will ultimately be secured is by defeating ‘Israel’ and its ZOGs worldwide. Nasrallah’s focus on ‘Israel’ for his Ashoura 2018 speech reflects the preeminent belief that it is the Yazid (L.A.) of our time and as such, we must do our best impressions of Imam Hussein (A.S.) every second of every hour of every day to win the way Sayyed al-Shouhada (A.S.) won on the sands of Karbala. Only through the Imam (A.S.), savior of Islam, savior of the Moustazafeen, savior of humanity, can truth obliterate falsehood. All of Hizbullah’s strength and steadfastness come from Aba Abdallah (A.S.), Nasrallah said, and he closed out by declaring, “All of our days are Ashoura and we have written ‘Labaykah ya Hussein (A.S.)!’ with our blood and our patience.”

Then, he repeated the mantra that has come to be known as a signature of sorts through the years, electrifying the crowd and putting another historic speech in the books,

“Wallahi! Go ahead and kill me once. Then resurrect me. Kill me again and resurrect once more. Then kill me yet again and scatter my remains to the winds. Repeat this process a thousand times. I will go through this and so much more just so you and your pure family may survive! No matter what, I will not ever leave you, ya Imam Hussein (A.S.)!” Subhan’ALLAH. Masha’ALLAH. ALLAH yehmi. From now until we’re resurrected on Youm al-Qiyamah, let it be known that Ashoura isn’t complete without Sayyed Abou Hadi and the magnificent heroes he commands. Labaykah ya Hussein (A.S.)! Labaykah ya Nasrallah! Death to the usurping Zionist entity! And in the name of Ashoura… Victory to the Husseini Axis of Resistance!

Sayyed Nasrallah Warns “Israel” of Unexpected Results in Any Coming War: Hezbollah Got Precise Advanced Missiles

Zeinab Essa

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Thursday a speech that tackled various topics.

Addressing hundreds of thousands of believers, who poured into streets to commemorate Ashura Imam Hussein [PBUH] in Dahyieh [Southern Suburbs of Beirut], Sayyed Nasrallah renewed Hezbollah’s support to the oppressed Yemeni people.

“They [the Yemenis] suffer a continuous Karbala on daily basis . In the war on Yemen, you’ll find the injustice, desolation and thirst of Karbala, You’’ find the nation’s abandonment to Karbala as well as the scenes of strength, heroism and persistence in this battle,” His Eminence said.

In parallel, he urged every honorable person in this world to cry and end his silence in face of the heinous crime carried out by the aggression against Yemen.

“This silence encourages these murderers and criminals in the US-Saudi alliance to continue their crimes against this Yemeni people,” Sayyed Nasrallah warned.

In parallel, the Resistance Leader reiterated Hezbollah’s support to “the peaceful people of Bahrain, who faced all the betraying daggers as well as great injustice during his march towards freedom.”

“We were and will remain with the people in Bahrain in their quest for freedom and dignity. We support the Bahraini people, whose scholars and youths have been jailed and suppressed by the Bahraini regime” he added.

On another level, His Eminence stressed that “it is our duty to stand by the Islamic Republic of Iran, which will enter into a great and dangerous entitlement resembled by implementing the sanctions against it.”

“America is seeking to sanction Iran because of its adherence to Islam, independence and sovereignty, and because the Islamic Republic refuses to become a slave to the American master. It refuses to allow anyone to loot its money as the case is with other countries in the region,” he mentioned.

Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say: “Tehran contributes to the topple the schemes  of domination over the peoples of the region by supporting the Palestinian, Lebanese and the Iraqi people as well as the Syrians,  when the global war was launched on them.”

“Iran was one of the first countries to lend a helping hand to Syria and Iraq in their fight against Daesh [Arabic Acronym for the terrorist “ISIS”/ “ISIL” group],” he said.

On the internal Lebanese front, His Eminence called for the continuation of the political calm. He also urged for activating the Parliamentary work. “All sides must carry their responsibility in all files,” Hezbollah Secretary General stressed.

In response to the ongoing “Israeli” threats to Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah clarified that “the “Israelis” are angry because their scheme in the region has fallen after they have drawn great hopes on what is going in Syria and Iraq.”

“Their hopes have gone with the wind,” he said, pointing out that “the “Israeli” is fully aware that the axis of resistance has become stronger and that new countries and peoples have entered into confronting the apartheid Zionist entity.”

However, he called for “being always cautious because the Zionist enemy is not to be guaranteed  although it is afraid to enter into any battle in the region.”

To the “Israeli”, the Resistance Leader sent a sounding message: “The balance of power has changed. No matter how many times you bomb Syria I tell you the deal is done. The mission has been accomplished. We now have precision-guided munition and non-precision rockets and weapons. We are able to protect Lebanon. If “Israel” chooses war, the results will be beyond what they have ever imagined.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also vowed: “If “Israel” imposes a war on Lebanon, it will face a fate and a reality it has never expected on any day.”

““Israel” is fully aware that its weaknesses have been revealed to Hezbollah, and is well aware of our strengths,” he confirmed, highlighting that ““Israel” is aware that technology alone cannot be decisive in a war.”

“From 2006 up until know, have you ever heard “Israel” saying they will start a war with Lebanon and arrive to occupy Beirut? Never. They can’t claim this anymore because their army has weakened while ours, along with the resistance, have evolved.”

In addition, His Eminence addressed the “Israeli” by saying: “You know that Hezbollah became stronger.”

“The Zionist enemy used to threaten with invading Beirut in the past. However, this threatening army no longer exists. And in Lebanon, the equation has changed. God has prolonged my life, and this an evidence of your failure as you’ve failed despite your seek in the day and night to kill me,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

Source: Al-Ahed news

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