Statement of Leaders of Resistance Axis on Al-Quds Int’l Day

Statement of Leaders of Resistance Axis on Al-Quds Int’l Day

Translated by Staff, Live Coverage

Resistance Axis leaders and several figures are giving televised statements on the occasion of the al-Quds International Day organized by the International Committee to Revive al-Quds International Day in cooperation with Islamic Radios and Televisions Union [IRTVU].

The first statement was delivered by head of the Political Bureau of Hamas Movement, Ismail Haniyeh.

Hanyieh started his statement by shedding light on the situation in al-Quds saying it “is temporarily suffering three sieges,” warning “Israelis” of committing any stupid move in dealing with al-Aqsa Mosque.

Hanyieh then called for a comprehensive move in facing the so-called “deal of the century”, adding that “Al-Quds is suffering one of the most dangerous stages”.

Elsewhere in his statement, the Hamas leader said, “Iran has not hesitated to support the resistance in all its types”.

“We salute the Islamic Republic for its support for the Palestinian Cause and we salute Imam Khomeini, who launched the International al-Quds Day”, Haniyeh said.

The Hamas leader concluded his statement by reiterating that “al-Quds is the capital of the state of Palestine on all of its land, from its sea to its river”.

The second statement was delivered by al-Quds Bishop Atallah Hanna.

Hanna began his statement by insisting that “al-Quds must be liberated”.

He added, “We call for toppling all schemes and conspiracies against our Holy City in particular and the Palestinian Cause in general”.

Bishop Hanna further said, “Al-Quds in particular is a cause that directly concerns both the Christians and Muslims in this world”.

“We will not abandon Al-Quds, which was and will remain the capital of Palestine, despite all deals and schemes, all normalization and conspiracies,” the cleric added.

Moreover, Hanna addressed the Arabs saying, “The Zionists attack al-Quds on daily basis and every hour. The ‘Israelis’ seek to undermine its history and identity”.

The third statement was delivered by Head of the Sunni Endowment of Iraq Sheikh Abd al-Latif al-Humaym.

Sheikh al-Humaym asserted that “al-Quds is the key to liberation”, stressing that “unlike any other day, al-Quds Day is an eternal and historic one”.

“Terrorism is made by the Zionist,” Sheikh al-Humaym said, adding, “We confront the occupier with determination and stubbornness, because al-Quds will not return to us except by fighting, and we confirm that it will not be a memory of the past”.

He further declared, “Nobody thinks that al-Quds could be bought or sold, and no one thinks that the way to liberate it is close”.

Sheikh al-Humaym concluded his statement by emphasizing that “normalization with the Zionist entity is Haram [forbidden], because it resembles a betrayal of the nation’s principles by all standards”.    

The fourth statement was delivered by Bahrain’s top Shia cleric His Eminence Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim.

Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim in his statement said, “The International al-Quds Day is now more than necessary to preserve the nation and its unity,” and “The choice of the Bahraini people is resistance in face of the occupation”.

“Remembering Martyr Qassem Soleimani is remembering al-Aqsa Mosque, its sanctity and importance. He is a resemblance to the Palestinian Cause,” Ayatollah Qassim said.

However, the Bahraini cleric warned, “Seeking to establish an alliance with ‘Israel’ serves the enemies of the Arab nation”, explaining that “Today, we witness an escalation in media talk demanding normalization and submission to the American and Zionist will”.

The fifth statement was delivered by Secretary General of Asaib Ahl al-Haq Movement Sheikh Qais al-Khazali.

For his part, Sheikh Qais al-Khazali began his statement by hailing the Martyr Leaders, “The blood of martyr leaders will destroy the American and ‘Israeli’ interests”.

“This aggressive ‘Israeli’ entity is not only harmful to Palestine and the Palestinian people, but to the entire Arab and Islamic world,” al-Khazali declared.

He went on to say, “Imam Khomeini’s announcement of al-Quds Day is a renewal to the memory of this Cause and a reminder to the whole world about it”.

Sheikh al-Khazali remembered martyrs General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis saying that their assassination was “an ‘Israeli’ decision in particular”.

“Ending the US military presence in Iraq and the region is an imperative thing and a matter of time,” said the SG of Iraq’s Asaib Ahl al-Haq.

The Iraqi leader concluded his speech declaring, “Ending the ‘Israeli’occupation to our Arab lands after the ending of the American military presence in our region is an inevitable issue”.

The sixth statement was delivered by Head of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi.

Sayyed al-Houthi began his statement by condemning “all forms of normalization with the ‘Israeli’ enemy, considering them as prohibited by Islam”.

According to Sayyed al-Houthi, “the main reason behind the assassination of martyr Soleimani is his role in confronting the ‘Israeli’ enemy and the American hegemony, as well as standing by the peoples of the region”.

Sayyed al-Houthi further called for the liberation of the Palestinian detainees stating, “We are ready to raise the level of the deal by adding another Saudi pilot and 5 other officers to previous ones we have captured”.

The seventh statement was delivered by the Secretary General of Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine Ziyad Nakhalah.

Al-Nakhalah said, “Imam Khomeini’s announcement of al-Quds Day is for rising the nation and achieving its unity in face of ‘Israel’”.

He explained that “Al-Quds International Day is a day to renew the pledge to al-Quds – that: we are coming!”

Al-Nakhalah slammed governments that prevent their people from reviving al-Quds Day saying that this acts is “under the pretext that it is an Iranian occasion”, stressing that to al-Quds would not be given up in favor of “Israel”.

In the conclusion of his statement, the SG of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine said, “They are talking about the rights of the Jews in Palestine and not talking about the rights of the Palestinian people in Palestine”.

Finally, the eighth statement was delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Sayyed Nasrallah began his statement by hailing al-Quds day as “one of the blessed announcements of late Imam Khomeini”.

His Eminence said, “Today, due to faith, steadfastness, patience, honesty, sincerity and communication between countries and powers of the Axis of Resistance, we find ourselves closer to al-Quds and to its liberation”.

“Al-Quds Day expresses Iran’s firm commitment to the Palestinian Cause,” Hezbollah SG stated.

Sayyed Nasrallah explained that the image of people normalizing with the enemy “is not the true image of our nation, but rather it is of those who were concealing their stance; and today they have been exposed”.

Moreover, martyr Qassem Soleimani was not absent from Sayyed Nasrallah’s statement, as His Eminence said, “We miss this year the martyr of al-Quds, Hajj Qassem Soleimani, who was a major pillar of the resistance in the region”.

In the statement, the Secretary General assured Hezbollah’s commitment to the Palestinian Cause and explained, “The Zionist officials are terrified of the Axis of Resistance’s victories and anxious from the defeat of their and the US’ allies”

Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say, “We will continue in the path of martyr Soleimani and vow to achieve his aspirations. We will proceed in this path and be present on the fronts, as he taught us”.

Elsewhere in his statement, His Eminence said, “All the conspiracies to divide us have failed, and the meeting between us confirms that attempts to isolate Palestine also failed”.

Moreover, Sayyed Nasrallah made a pledge to martyr Hajj Soleimani as well as to all the martyrs and all the Mujahedeen, that “the day to liberate al-Quds is coming”.

“We assure the spirit of martyr Soleimani that we will complete his path and achieve his dreams and his most precious aspirations, regardless of psychological wars, sanctions, sieges and threats,” Hezbollah SG declared.

Sayyed Nasrallah also said, “We are paving the ground for the day – that will inevitably come – when we will all pray in al-Quds”.

As a conclusion, Sayyed Nasrallah said, “Today, I appeal to all the people of our nation to revive al-Quds Day in ways that are appropriate: be it in the media or in the cultural, political, social and artistic terms, with taking into consideration all required preventive measures amid Covid-19”.

“This year, al-Quds Day must be strongly present in our conscience, minds, hearts, emotions, will, culture, programs and actions”, Sayyed Nasrallah ended his statement.

إنها فلسطين يا جرذان الانعزالية!

إنها فلسطين يا جرذان الانعزالية!
إنها فلسطين يا جرذان الانعزالية!

 بيار أبي صعب 

الأربعاء 15 نيسان 2020

كنا نأمل أن تمر الذكرى الخامسة والأربعون لاندلاع الحرب الأهليّة اللبنانيّة على خير. أن تكون مناسبة للوئام والتعاضد والتلاحم الوطني، في هذه الأيّام الصعبة التي يحاصرنا فيها الطاعون، وتنهمر علينا من كل حدب وصوب لعنات نتحمّل نحن، لا السماء، مسؤوليتها. كنا نأمل، والوباء ماض في حصاد الأرواح، والجوع يتهدد أكثر من نصف الشعب اللبناني، أن ننجوَ من ترسبات تلك الحرب التي لا تنتهي من الانتهاء، وخطاباتها المضمّخة بدمائنا، وأمراضها الفتاكة، وحقدها العقيم، فنتفرّغ لموتنا الراهن… عسانا بواحدة من تلك «الأعاجيب» الوطنية التي يعرفها التاريخ، ننهض من كبوتنا ونستعيد – ولو عبر تضحيات عظمى – رهاننا على مستقبل مختلف لنا ولدولتنا ونظامنا. لكن لا، عبثاً، فنارُ الانحطاط رابضة تحت الرماد، وخطاب الكراهية بضاعة سهلة الرواج لها مستثمروها وصنّاعها ومروّجوها. لكن لا، ما زالت الحياة السياسية في لبنان، ما زالت الذاكرة الوطنيّة المثخنة، تحت رحمة حفنة من تجار الخوف وسعاة الفتنة.

صحيح! جرح الحرب الأهليّة لم يندمل، لأن الطبقة السياسية لا تريد له أن يندمل، بل تركت القيح يعشش فيه، فهو ضمانة استمرار النظام القائم على التعصب والطائفيّة، والولاء الأعمى للزعيم، والعداء لمواطن لبناني آخر «مشتبه به» كخطر رابض. هذا الجرح نفسه يتسلل منه أيضاً المستعمر وخدمه الاقليميون ليستلبوا مصلحتنا وحقوقنا وقرارنا.

جرح الحرب الأهليّة لم يلتئم لأن أحداً لم يشتغل على ذلك، لم تتبلور قوّة سياسية قادرة على مواجهة المقاولين والسماسرة الذين صنعوا خرابنا بالشراكة مع أمراء الحرب. وهذا الخطاب الانعزالي بامتياز، يعود إلينا في كل مناسبة، تارة في مناسبة فيلم سينمائي يعيد الاعتبار إلى الرواية الانعزالية للحرب (فيلم زياد دويري وأنطون صحناوي في مديح بشير الجميل وأبلسة الفلسطينيين ثم «مسامحتهم» النبيلة على طريقة مقدمة أخبار الـ otv أوّل من أمس)، وطوراً مع ذكرى تفرضها الروزنامة (من بشير الجميل إلى «لبنان الكبير»)… فكيف لذكرى 13 نيسان/ ابريل و«بوسطة عين الرمانة» ألاّ تكون فرصة ذهبية لخروج هذه العفاريت الكامنة في اللاوعي الجماعي؟

هكذا جاء رسم كاريكاتوري في منتهى القبح والبلادة فنيّاً، وقلّة الأخلاق والعنصريّة والخطورة، لينكأ هذا الجرح أوّل من أمس، ويعيدنا الى أحطّ دركات الزمن الأسود. يقول الرسم، وتقول الجريدة التي نشرته: «الفلسطيني» في 13 نيسان 1975، و«كورونا» في 13 نيسان 2020.

في البلد الذي فرش حكامه الفاسدون للعميل عامر فاخوري بساطاً من الورد من المستشفى العسكري إلى عوكر، تقارن «الجمهوريّة» بين وباء لعلّه الأخطر على البشريّة منذ قرن، مع شعب كامل، مع بشر «يصدف» أنّهم أهلنا الذين يواجهون حملة إبادة منهجيّة منذ 72 عاماً. ولم تكن «المحطّة االبنانية» إلا أحد فصول تلك الإبادة. وقد وعد بشير الجميل عرّابه شارون بتصفية القضية الفلسطينية، عبر ذبح اللاجئين في لبنان وتهجيرهم وتحويل مخيماتهم إلى حدائق حيوان، مقابل انتخابه رئيساً (راجع الوثائق التي تضمنها كتاب المؤرخ الأميركي سيث أنزيسكا، «منع فلسطين: تاريخ سياسي من كامب ديفيد إلى أوسلو»).

«الجمهوريّة» – التي طالبها المطران عطالله حنا أمس من القدس بالاعتذار عن «هذا الكاريكاتور الذي يتناقض مع كل قيمة انسانية»، مضيفاً: «الله يهديكم» – ارتكبت خطأ أخلاقياً بقدر ما هو سياسيّ، وهي حتى إثبات العكس متواطئة مع القتلة، وشاهدة زور على المجزرة المتواصلة ضد هذا الشعب. مجزرة ازدادت بشاعة في السنوات الأخيرة، مع ارتفاع وتيرة العنف لدى جيش الاحتلال وحصار غزّة وهدم البيوت ومصادرة الارزاق وذبح المواطنين العزّل وبناء المستوطنات، مرواً بمحاولة اغتصاب القدس بمساعدة ترامب وقانون يهودية الدولة، وصولاً إلى صفقة القرن. وما صفقة القرن هذه الا محاولة جديدة لإحياء مشروع تصفية المقاومة الفلسطينية، بقرار من «الأخ أكبر» نفسه الذي عمل على اغراقها في الرمال المتحرّكة للحرب الأهليّة في لبنان قبل 45 عاماً.

في اللحظة التي نرى وطننا يتهاوى، وحكامه شركاء «نادي الواحد بالمئة» يتفننون في بيعه قطع غيار، بأبخس الأثمان، لتغطية فسادهم وسوء ادارتهم وهدرهم ونهبهم المنهجي، ويصرّون على تقاسم كعكة الدولة وتوزيعها في ما بينهم باسم «حقوق الطوائف»… كان لا بدّ من «بعبع»، من فزّاعة تشغل الناس التي تساق إلى الذبح على يد ملوك الطوائف. والفلسطيني كبش فداء نموذجي بالنسبة إلى الخطاب الانعزالي المذعور الذي انتج العملاء وغوييم الشبات منذ الاستقلال وربّما قبله.

هناك من يريد اليوم إحياء الرواية الانعزالية للحرب الأهليّة اللبنانيّة الرابضة في لاوعي مذعور ومقهور، عبر استعادة السردية البلهاء والساذجة التي تصدّق أن الحرب اللبنانيّة اندلعت لأن «الفلسطينيين أرادوا أن يحتلوا لبنان ويطردوا المسيحيين بالبواخر إلى كندا». أيّاً كانت أخطاء الحرب الاهلية، وهي كثيرة ومؤسفة ويتحمّل مسؤوليتها كل أطراف تلك الحرب بنسب متفاوتة، فإن كل الأحداث والمعارك والمذابح والمواجهات تشير إلى حقيقة الصراع الأساسي والوجودي الذي تخوضه شعوبنا من أجل استعادة حقوقها الوطنية والقومية في مواجهة المشروع الاستعماري نفسه الذي يعمل على سرقة الأرض والحقوق والثروات وتصفية القضية الفلسطينية.

ليس المطلوب تجاهل «التروما» التي ورثها اللبنانيون من الحرب، لكن وحده وطن متماسك منخرط في الدفاع عن الهويّة العربيّة، في دولة قويّة عادلة، يؤدي إلى الشفاء منها. الجرح العميق الذي تعيشه هذه الفئة أو تلك (ويتغيّر حسب وجهة نظر الضحية) ليس لعنة أبدية. كم شعبِ عرف حرباً أهلية، ثم شيّد نصب الوئام والمصالحة الوطنية، وبنى دولة قانون، واتفق على رواية موحدة للتاريخ ومستقبل مشترك. لكنّ الخطاب الانعزالي عندنا ما زال يستغل الجرح ويتاجر بالخوف والحقد والعنصرية ويزوّر التاريخ. كاريكاتور «الجمهوريّة» يختصر الانعزالية اللبنانية في أبلغ تجلياتها.

مقارنة وباء كورونا بأهلنا الفلسطينيين، وإحياء الرواية الانعزالية للحرب الأهلية؟

يا ­جرذان الفاشية! الوباء الحقيقي هو العنصرية والانعزالية واليمين المتطرف. والحرب نفسها مستمرة منذ 1975 ضد المشروع الأميركي الإسرائيلي إيّاه، وأنتم أسخف أدواته!‬

المطران عطالله حنا يستنكر جريمة جريدة “الجمهورية” بحق الإنسانية: تشبيه الفلسطيني وباء كورونا جريمة مرفوضة ولا أقل من الاعتذار


دان مطران سبسطيا والقدس للروم الأرثوذكس عطالله حنا، من القدس، وفي مناسبة أسبوع القيامة المجيدة ما اقترفته جريدة الجمهورية الصادرة في بيروت بوسم صفحتها الأخيرة بكاركاتير يشبه الفلسطيني العابس الملثم بالكوفية التاريخية بفيروس كورونا الساخر.
وجاء في التسجيل الصوتي للإدانة حرفياً:

“من المؤسف أن تقوم جريدة الجمهورية اللبنانية اليوم بنشر هذا الكاريكاتير والذي أعتقد أنه يتناقض مع كافة القيم الإنسانية والأخلاقية. أن تتم مقارنة الفلسطيني بوباء الكورونا، هذه جريمة بحق الانسانية، وجريمة بحق القيم الإنسانية والأخلاقية والحضارية النبيلة. ونحن كفلسطينيين ومن قلب مدينة القدس، وفي هذا الأسبوع العظيم المبارك، وقبل وصولنا الى أحد الفصح العظيم وعيد القيامة المجيد، نعرب كفلسطينيين، مسلمين ومسيحيين، عن رفضنا واستنكارنا وشجبنا لهذا الكاريكاتير الذي يسيء ليس فقط للشعب الفلسطيني بل يسيء أيضاً لكل إنسان لديه قيم وأخلاق ومبادئ سامية”.
وقال مطران سبسطيا والقدس: “نطالب جريدة الجمهورية بالاعتذار عن هذه الإساءة للشعب الفلسطيني، ونتمنى أن لا تتكرر مثل هذه الأخطاء. الفلسطيني ليس وباء، الفلسطينيون هم بركة في كل مكان يتواجدون فيه، وباء كورونا هو وباء وحّد العالم بأسره، كل العالم يعاني من وباء الكورونا، وكما توحّدنا في معاناتنا من الكورونا، وكما توحّدنا في مواجهتها يجب أن نتوحّد في دفاعنا عن حقوق الإنسان وقيم العدالة والحرية والكرامة الإنسانية وفي مقدمتها قضية شعبنا الفلسطيني”.
من المؤسف وفي هذه الأيام المقدسة المباركة حيث احتفل اخوتنا في الكنائس الكاثوليكية بعيد القيامة ونحن في اسبوع الآلام نستعد للاحتفال بالقيامة يوم الأحد القادم من المؤسف أن نرى هذا الكاريكاتير الذي يتناقض مع كل قيمة انسانية أو روحية أو اخلاقية” .
وختم المطران حنا: “أقول لمن قام بهذا العمل (الله يهديك) لا ندعو على أحد بالسوء بل ندعو من أجل هداية الضالين،ومن قام بهذا العمل هو شخص ضال وغير مسؤول وتخلى عن كل قيمة انسانية أو أخلاقية نبيلة”.

مقالات متعلقة

Palestinian archbishop calls for lifting of sanctions against Syria

By News Desk -2020-04-13

Hanna, in a solidarity message with Syria said: “From the city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), I send this appeal and this message, perhaps it reaches people who still have conscience in the world. Lift the sanctions imposed on Syria in light of the spread of coronavirus,”

In a statement to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), he emphasized that the continuation of these sanctions is a crime against humanity.

“From al-Quds city, we send the message of solidarity, fraternity, love and loyalty to Syria as president, army and people, and we say that Syria, which triumphed over its enemies who conspired against it, will also triumph over the Coronavirus epidemic.” Hanna concluded.

In addition to the archbishop, Pope Francis called on the countries imposing sanctions against developing and war-torn nations to halt this blockade, as they attempt to combat the coronavirus’ outbreak.

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Father Hanna urges all Churches globally to reject Deal of the Century

By Elfalasteen -February 21, 2020

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS, PALESTINOW.COM — Archbishop of Sebastia Diocese Of the Greek Orthodox Church in occupied Jerusalem, Attallah Hanna, welcomed a delegation of the World Council of Churches at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the adjacent cathedral, and urged them, along with all churches, to denounce the so-called “Deal of the Century” and the ongoing historical injustice inflicted on the Palestinian people in their occupied homeland.

Archbishop Hanna called on the World Council of Churches to take clear Christian standards, based on the holy bible, humanity, morality, and dignity, to stand firm against this so-called deal, and not to surrender to pressure from the Zionist lobby which is acting against basic the principles of justice and freedom.

“What is the benefit of having a World Council of Churches if it becomes a political organization serving certain interests against the other, and if it continues to be hesitant about taking obvious stances against occupation, oppression, and injustice targeting the Palestinian people,” Archbishop Hanna said, “We are calling for clear positions, for churches around the world to work on protecting human rights, and on helping our people live in their own sovereign independent state.”

“Do not listen to those who keep talking about balanced stances, because for us, there is no space here for such a position while we continue to see people getting killed, targeted, oppressed and made homeless, in addition to being treated as strangers in their own homeland,” he added.

“We call on the World Council of Churches to act, as we all expect, on defending dignity, justice, and humanity in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq as well as even part of the world,” Archbishop Hanna concluded.

Palestinian Archbishop Accuses Occupation Authorities of Being behind His Poisoning

Archbishop Atallah Hanna


December 24, 2019

The Head of the Sebastia Diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Archbishop Atallah Hanna accused the Israeli occupation authorities on Monday of being responsible of poisoning him.

Facts indicate that the Israeli occupation is to be blamed over the poisoning incident, the Archbishop was quoted as saying by media during his stay at a hospital in the Jordanian capital Amman.

He noted in this context that the incident amounts to be an assassination attempt against him.

Hanna was rushed to hospital last week after an Israeli gas canister was fired into his church in Al-Quds.

Meanwhile, Jordanian lawmaker Tarek Khouri told Al-Manar that medics are conducting tests in order to know the kind of poison fired at the church in Al-Quds, noting that such poison is internationally banned.

Source: Al-Manar

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ماذا في خلفيات حالة المطران عطاالله حنا الصحية المتدهورة؟

المطران عطالله حنا يحمل إسرائيل مسؤولية حادثة تسمم تعرض لها

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Archbishop Atallah Hanna: The Response to the ‘Deal of the Century’ Must be Through Ending Palestinian Internal Division


Thursday, 09 May 2019 08:46

(ST)- Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of al-Quds [Jerusalem] Atallah Hanna believes that the response to the so-called the ‘deal of the century’ must be through ending the unacceptable Palestinian internal division.

“The internal division is not a destiny imposed on us but rather unacceptable and unjustified situation that must be addressed and end as soon as possible because this division is being exploited by occupation authority that targets al-Quds, Gaza and all Palestinian people ,” His Eminence said, urging Palestinians to ignore the so-called the ‘deal of the century’ and not to deal with it.

“The so-called the ‘deal of the century’ is the most dangerous conspiracy against the Palestinian cause and it aims to abort it. It only exists in the mind of those who plan for the deal, while on the ground it does not exist. There is one united people living under occupation and this people [Palestinian people] has the right to live freely in its homeland like the other world peoples,” the archbishop added in a newsletter sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper.

His Eminence emphasized that Palestinian people will never surrender to any suspicious deal or agenda, calling on all Palestinian factions and national dignitaries to end the division in order to be united in defending the Palestinian cause.

Basma Qaddour

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Archbishop Atallah Hanna: Warsaw Conference has disregarded that no one can undermine Palestinian cause


Sunday, 17 February 2019

Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of al-Quds [Jerusalem] Atallah Hanna has affirmed that Palestinian people will continue to defend al-Quds [Jerusalem], their shrines and their just national cause no matter how tough the oppressive occupation policies are.

His Eminence’s remark was made during a tour in Salwan town [ located in the south of al-Aqsa Mosque], which is being constantly targeted by Israeli occupation authorities.

“Our mission is a message of solidarity, love, fraternity and national unity among all Palestinian people. The pains of Salwan citizens are our pains because we are one Palestinian people wherever and whenever we are, and we share the same ambitions,” the archbishop said, according to a newsletter sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper.

His Eminence asserted that the issue of detainees and prisoners must be a top priority for Palestinians because those are the heroes and symbols of freedom and they deserve to stand by them.

“We believe in values of human brotherhood and national unity through which we can be strong in defending the right we call for…Palestinians are not guests or a minority of al-Quds population…Al-Quds is their capital… We hope that internal Palestinian divisions will end so as to be strong in defending al-Quds and our shrines,” the archbishop stated, according to another newsletter sent by the archbishop Office.

His Eminence has told a German media delegation that the Palestinian cause plus the attempts of aborting it are being marginalized by media outlets.

“The world must show interest in the catastrophic circumstances the Palestinian children are going through… Gaza strip has become the largest prison in the world due to the siege being imposed by Zionist occupation,” the archbishop said.

In a separate meeting with Swiss lawyers, his Eminence called for lifting the siege being imposed by Israel on Gaza strip as Palestinian people suffer from a real humanitarian catastrophe.

“Occupation authorities have killed many youths and children during peaceful marches, and these crimes have been perpetrated because Israel, which acts brutally and without moral and human deterrent, has not been held accountable,” the archbishop clarified, indicating that over 2 million Palestinian persons are living under the siege in the strip.

Add to that, His Eminence referred to the great efforts being exerted by the World Campaign for defending Children in Palestine, warning against forced displacement being practiced by occupation authority.

“Forced displacement is dangerous and poses a threat to scores of Palestinian families and the UN report must take this matter seriously,” the archbishop asserted, calling for active European role in protecting al-Quds city’s history from Zionist occupations’ attempts to change it.

“The occupation authorities seek to turn Al-Quds city, which has its religious and spiritual status in the Abrahamic religions, into a Zionist -Jewish city encroaching on Christian and Islamic dimensions.”

As for Warsaw conference, the archbishop has declared: “ The conference comes within conspiracy hatched against the Palestinian cause and it aims to liquidate the cause, but the conferees disregard that there are Palestinian people on the ground and they have a just cause that no one can undermine.”


He went on to say:

“Like other conferences and meetings that came within the projects of liquidating the Palestinian cause, Warsaw conference is doomed to fail. Besides, the deal of the century will never pass and it exists only in their minds and on their papers that will be thrown in the dustbin of history.”

His Eminence regrets that some Arab countries have decided to be involved in the plot that aims to eliminate the Palestinian cause.

“We consider normalization meetings as treason to Palestine that is supposed to be the main Arab cause and to the Arab nation as well.”

“If those who normalize relations with Israel believe that Israel can keep them in power, they are mistaken as the top priority for Israel is its interest and the continuity of its occupation of Palestine. While those who believe that they are US friends, they will discover- sooner or later- that they have no friends because Washington just thinks of its agendas and it has thirst for gulf oil, which it steals from our region to finance its wars and policies,” the archbishop concluded.

Basma Qaddour  

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Jerusalem Archbishop: ‘Everything Palestinian is targeted by israel’s (apartheid state) occupation’

Jerusalem Archbishop: ‘Everything Palestinian is targeted by Israel’s occupation’

MEMO | February 2, 2019

Archbishop of Jerusalem’s Greek Orthodox Church, Atallah Hanna, seen during a protest in the West bank city of Hebron, January 22, 2015 [Muhesen Amren / ApaImages]

The Palestinian Archbishop of Jerusalem’s Greek Orthodox Church, Atallah Hanna, said yesterday that “everything Palestinian in Jerusalem is targeted by the Israeli occupation”.

During a meeting with a delegation from Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders, MSF), Hanna explained the dangers threatening Palestinians’ existence and identity in the Holy City, Al-Wattan Voice reported.

“Everything is in danger in Jerusalem,” Hanna said, adding: “The Islamic and Christian holy sites and endowments are targeted in order to change our city, hide its identity and marginalize our Arabic and Palestinian existence.”

Hanna added that “recently, the Israeli occupation cancelled a planned celebration on the 50th anniversary of establishing Al-Maqased Hospital,” noting that the Israeli occupation had cancelled many other Palestinian events planned to take place in Jerusalem.

The Archbishop said that Palestinians “are living under severe torture and harsh persecution,” pointing to Israel’s closure of Palestinian institutions in the city. “It seems that they wanted us to give up Jerusalem and submit to their polices, measures and practices,” he added.

Hanna continued: “Jerusalem is for us and will remain for us. We will never give up our rights in Jerusalem and we will defend it against Israeli oppression.”

Addressing the MSF staff, he said: “We want you to know closely the suffering of the Palestinians and the oppression inflicted by the Israeli occupation on them in Jerusalem. We want our message to reach all the people around the world as we want more friends for the Palestinians.”

‘Assad is Protector of the Christians in the Middle East’ – Archbishop Hanna


Atallah Hanna, the Archbishop of Sebastia from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem has visited Damascus today.

During his visit, he met with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, stressing that President Assad assured himself as an important figure of protecting the Christians, not just in Syria, but elsewhere in the Middle East too, noting that he does not consider Christians just as a “minority”, but rather an important and integral part of the Syrian society.
He noted that during the past few years Christians have suffered a lot, but thanks to President Assad there is hope now, as was also seen in Maaloula where wounds are slowly healing.
Bishop Hanna also said that he received negative reactions from both, the Palestinians and the Israelis because of his meeting with Assad and his supportive position on Syria, and as regards Israel, also for his role in the case of Al Aqsa mosque, saying that all this may cause his arrest or deportation, adding that none of this will deter him from his positions on Palestine and the Arab world issues, noting that conspirators against Syria are conspirators against Palestine as well. 
He then said that the majority of in fact Palestinians support his visit to Syria, and most of them are aware of the seriousness of the conspiracy against Damascus.
Some, however, objected to his presence inside the Al Aqsa mosque because of his position on Syria.
He pointed out one cannot talk about Palestine without talking about Muslims and Christians together, stressing that unity of the Palestinian people is the most important step to achieve freedom.
Regarding Jerusalem, Hanna said Jerusalem’s native inhabitants are treated badly, as if they were strangers to the city, noting there are constant attempts being made to falsify the history of Jerusalem.

Palestinian Archbishop to Boycott DC Conference in Protest of US Policies

“These misguided American policies in the Middle East are a major reason behind the mass exodus of Christians from the region that has occurred over the years…”

[ Ed. note The gentleman in the photo above is Atallah Hanna, a Palestinian Christian who holds the position of archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. The article below, published yesterday by Ma’an News, reports that Hanna will be boycotting an upcoming conference in the US on the plight of Middle East Christians.

Hanna declined to specify which conference he was referring to, most likely out of a desire not to give them any free publicity. However it could be this conference, scheduled to take place April 20 at the National Press Club in Washington. One of the sponsors of the event is a dubious group calling itself “In Defense of Christians,” an organization that advocates for the establishment of “safe zones” in Syria. Were such zones to come about, the result would be a de facto partitioning of the country and the weakening–and quite possibly the downfall–of the Syrian government. The downfall of the Assad government, needless to say, would be a disaster for Syria’s Christian population.

One other thing worth mentioning–the conference coming up in Washington to is to feature the launch of a report entitled “In Response to Persecution.” I will try to find out more about this report and get back to all of you on that. ]


JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Sabastiya Archbishop Atallah Hanna, of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, said he would boycott an upcoming conference in the United States aiming to discuss the situation of Christians in the Middle East, over what he called “misguided” American policies in the region.

Hanna, the only Orthodox Palestinian archbishop, who is renowned for his high profile political activism against the Israeli occupation, said in a statement Saturday that he and a number of Christian leaders from the region were invited to the conference, scheduled to be held in mid-May.

“We won’t partake in this conference and we urge all Christian leaders in the Arab world who have been invited to boycott this suspicious conference,” Hanna said, without specifying what the conference was called. The archbishop could not confirm to Ma’an whether or not it was the same event held annually in Washington DC by the non profit “In Defense of Christians.”

The Palestinian archbishop explained that he called for the boycott in protest of the US’s “misguided” policies in the Middle East, particularly those related to the question of Palestine.

“These misguided American policies in the Middle East are a major reason behind the mass exodus of Christians from the region that has occurred over the years,” said Hanna, adding that US officials should “stop siding with Israel and assaulting the Arab people before they invite us to a conference about Christians in the Middle East in their capital.”

Hanna accused the United States trying to cover up crimes committed in the Arab world by holding the conference, which he stressed was yet another move by the US government to show that it cares about Middle Eastern Christians — “when in fact, it doesn’t.”

“Who created the terrorist groups and who is providing them with money and arms? Who has been destroying Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya? Who caused the displacement of the Palestinian people? All catastrophes that Palestinians have suffered and are still suffering from were abetted by American and Western governments.”

Referring to recent airstrikes in Syria ordered by the US president Donald Trump, Hanna said that

“American aggression in Syria on Thursday is clear evidence that the current US administration adopts aggressive policies against our people and our region, just as previous US administrations have.”

“To defend Palestine today is to defend Syria, and vice-versa” ~ Meet the Pro-Syria Palestinians


For Getting Started:

The shameful traitors of Hamas show once again
to be a bullhorn on the payroll of Erdogan-Saudis
(2/5/16) | Syrian Free Press

Syrian Army, Palestinian resistance forces
launch operations to recapture al-Yarmouk camp

(17/4/16) | Syrian Free Press


Excerpts edited by ‘CanDoBetter’ ~ […] The evidence presented here is only the tip of the iceberg. No doubt that some Palestinians, like some traitorous Iraqis, Syrians and Lebanese, joined the destabilization scheme, but when we get down to the nitty gritty, like most Syrians, most of Syria’s Palestinian citizens back the Syrian Arab Republic, the only Arab nation that has given them a home, supported their righteous cause and treated them as equals.

It is shameful beyond shameful that these truths and more were not only ignored but deceptively covered up by “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists to push a cookie-cutter propaganda line that meshed with the increasingly toothless nature of “solidarity” speak and praxis, not to mention the worldview of their Jewish and Khaleeji “colleagues”. […]

This publication is an extract only from the original article by Jonahtan Azaziah, published 18 April, 2016 at “Meet The Pro-Syria Palestinians That Electronic “Intifada” Will Never Tell You About.”


Notable Palestinian supporters of the Syrian Government

[Candobetter editorial heading]

[…] ~ Anwar Hadi, the spokesman of the PLO, who said from day one of the ungodly crisis in Yarmouk that the blame lies squarely at the feet of the Takfiri rebels, who entered the once-vibrant Syrian-Palestinian camp in massive numbers and committed massacres, chased out civilians and looted homes along with businesses. Electronic “Intifada” and company wrote numerous articles attacking the Syrian government for the humanitarian disaster, like Jabhat al-Nusra, the FSA and ISIS were/are mere daydream-constructs “the regime” and its “Shabiha” brought forth from thin air.

~ The Palestine Liberation Army (PLA), the Syrian Arab Army’s Palestinian branch, which has fought on numerous fronts throughout Syria and offered countless martyrs in the struggle against Daesh and its ideological counterparts.

~ Fatah al-Intifada, a Palestinian Resistance group which has been ultra-active in the ongoing fight to liberate Yarmouk. Many volunteers, like Tayseer Mousa and Waleed Suleiman, left their homes in the Damascus countryside city of Jaramana to defend their brethren. Portraits of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah can be found all over their offices.

~ Liwa Al-Quds, the third most powerful Syrian military force after the Syrian Arab Army and the Hizbullah-trained NDF according to Al-Masdar News. Liwa Al-Quds has been a tremendously key part of the battle for the liberation of Aleppo, particularly the camps of Handarat and Nayrab.

~ The PFLP-GC, led by the indefatigable Ahmad Jibril and known for their strong support of the democratically elected government in Damascus, these warriors have also been fighting in multiple arenas, from the capital to Aleppo to Latakia and elsewhere. They played an important role in the historic liberation of the besieged Shi’a towns Nubl and Al-Zahra, showing that there is a united Syrian-Palestinian-Lebanese-Iraqi-Iranian, Sunni-Shi’a, Muslim-Christian front against the usurping Zionist regime’s Wahhabi vassals.

~ Hizbullah moujahid Ali Fawzi Taha ( Haydar al-Hajj Jawad) from Bourj el-Barajneh. Born to a Palestinian father and a Lebanese mother, Ali was martyred during the liberation of the strategic, ancient city of Al-Quryatayn. He participated in many victories across Syria, including game-changers like Al-Qusayr and Al-Qalamoun. Considering he was a member of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, the only Arab force to ever drive ‘Israel’ out from sovereign Arab lands, is it not significantly newsworthy that this hero had a Palestinian background?! If only he had been a BDS activist or an Amnesty International “researcher”, then Electronic “Intifada” would’ve assuredly profiled him.

~ Muhammad Rafeh, a beloved Palestinian-Syrian actor from the popular TV show Bab al-Hara and outspoken supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Muhammad had lost family members a year before in the Zionist entity’s massacre of protesters in the occupied Golan Heights on Naksa Day and was also known for his strong stance against the ‘Israeli’ enemy. The FSA kidnapped Muhammad and slaughtered him for standing with the Syrian government; very “revolutionary”, wouldn’t you say?

~ Archbishop Atallah Hanna, Palestine’s highest-ranking Orthodox Christian authority and a fiery, BLISTERING vocal backer of the Syrian Arab Republic. Not only has Theodosios of Sebastia spoken in no uncertain terms about the aggression against Syria being a Zionist plot, but he’s also defended Islam and the importance of Muslim-Christian unity in the face of Takfirism at length. The Archbishop is a true Arab hero and is undoubtedly on the path to sainthood.

~ Samer al-Issawi, Palestine’s most epic hunger striker (277 days) and a living legend in every sense of the phrase; the man’s will is of such an unbreakable nature that it will forever echo in history and forever haunt the Zionist enemy. Samer, whose fam goes way back with both the PFLP and the DFLP, supports the Syrian Arab Republic and stands firmly against the war on this sovereign nation. His steadfast anti-Imperialism only adds to his larger-than-life character. Yet, apart from PFLP and DFLP affiliated media, this fact remains largely unknown.

~ Palestinians across occupied Falasteen, not to mention Syrians throughout the Golan Heights, have protested in full support of the Syrian Arab Republic and Hizbullah on too many occasions to make mention of here. And we’re not talking about minuscule rallies but bright, rowdy, militant, BIG demonstrations with seas of Syrian Arab Republic flags waving and portraits of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad standing tall. Not even one of these events was covered by “Palestine Solidarity Movement” mainstreamers.[…]

[…] ~ Simply put, to defend Palestine today is to defend Syria and vice versa, for as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared years ago, the Syrian Arab Republic is the backbone of the Mouqawamah and only a fool or a traitor would sit idly by as his backbone is being broken. So what category do the “activists” of the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” fall under? Fools? Traitors? Or a lil’ bit of both?




by Jonathan Azaziah, MouqawamahMusic

The courageous pro-Syria Palestinians inside the Syrian Arab Republic as well as occupied Palestine itself have been all but excommunicated from mainstream “Palestine Solidarity Movement” discourse. And truth be told, it is the apogee of sickening. …READ MORE …

Palestine-syria-672x372 (1)

Excerpts by 'Can Do Better'
Originally published by MouqawamahMusic
War Press Info Network at:

On the Future of Arab Minorities and an exclusive interview with the wife of the martyr Samir Kantar Zainab Albergaoa | Al-Manar

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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Israeli Soldiers Detain Archbishop Hanna

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IMEMC : Israeli soldiers kidnapped, Saturday, Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Church of occupied Jerusalem, Theodosius Attallah Hanna, and held him for several hours in the Etzion military and security base, north of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

Father Hanna was participating in a nonviolent protest against the illegal takeover of Beit Al-Bakara old Church, north of Hebron.

Theodosius Attallah Hanna_Jerusalem_Coordinator of the National Committee against the Wall and Settlements, Hasan Breijiyya, said the soldiers attacked the nonviolent protesters against the illegal Israeli seizure, and the subsequent sale of the Beit al-Baraka hospital, part of the al-Bakara church.

He added that the peaceful protest against this illegal seizure of the Beit al-Baraka comes to expose the illegal Israeli policies, and outrageous violations against holy sites and property.

Scores of residents, Israeli and international peace activists, in addition to a delegation of the Presbyterian Church, participated in the procession, before the soldiers assaulted them.

The senior Christian figure was held for several hours in the Gush Etzion military and security base, before the soldiers eventually released him.

Prior to his release, Archbishop Hanna was handed an order for interrogation by the Israeli security services.

Breijiyya said the takeover of the church building is illegal under international law, and that the alleged sale of the church property is invalid, especially since International Law, and Church Law, states that churches and church property, must be handed back to the local church once it is out of commission.

The soldiers completely surrounded the compound, and blockaded all nearby roads, eventually preventing the protestors from reaching the compound.

A committee for defending Beit al-Baraka was formed to continue organizing public actions meant at foiling the illegal Israeli colonialist takeover.

Pastor Danny Awad of the Presbyterian Church also delivered a speech explaining the role Beit al-Baraka played in helping patients through its free services to the public.

Israeli peace activists of “Combatants For Peace” said that the illegal Israeli policies must be exposed and condemned by all religious groups around the world, and called for more public support to counter the escalating Israeli violations.

The importance of the new settlement is that it paves the way for further settlement expansion, especially since there are more than 500 Dunams (around 125 acres) of Palestinian lands illegally confiscated by Israel in 2005, used to expand kibbutz Magdalen Oz. Israel is also planning to build a settlers’ road bypassing the al-‘Arroub refugee camp.


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


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‘We Palestinian Christians say Allahu Akbar’

Nadezhda Kevorkova is a war correspondent who has covered the events of the Arab Spring, military and religious conflicts around the world, and the anti-globalization movement.


January 30, 2015 15:16

Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova

Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova

The only Palestinian Orthodox Christian bishop in the Holy Land speaking about the suffering of Palestinian Christians, their unity with Muslims in the Palestinian struggle, about Orthodox Christian martyrs, and Ukraine.

Archbishop Sebastia Theodosios (Atallah Hanna), 49, is the only Orthodox Christian archbishop from Palestine stationed in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, while all other bishops of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem are Greeks. The Israeli authorities had detained him several times, or stopped him at the border, and taken away his passport. Among all Jerusalem clergymen he is the only one who has no privilege of passing through the VIP gate in the airport – because of his nationality. “For the Israeli authorities, I am not a bishop, but rather a Palestinian,” explains his Beatitude. When talking on the phone he says a lot of words you would normally hear from a Muslim: “Alhamdulillah, Insha’Allah, Masha’Allah”. He speaks Arabic, and the Arabic for ‘god’ is Allah, whether you are a Christian or a Muslim.

Your Beatitude, what’s it like being the Palestinian bishop in the Holy Land?

Firstly, I’d like to confirm that I am the only Palestinian bishop in the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. A fellow bishop is serving in the city of Irbid in the north of Jordan; and there are also several Palestinian priests.

I take pride in belonging to this great religious institution that’s over 2,000 years old.

My church has been protecting the Christian presence in the Holy Land and the sacred items related to the life of Christ and Christian Church history.

I am proud of my religion and nationality, I am proud to belong to my fatherland. I am a Palestinian, and I belong to this religious people who are fighting for the sake of their freedom and dignity to implement their dreams and national rights.

I support Palestinians and share their cause and their issues. We the Palestinian Orthodox Christians are not detached from their hardships.

The Palestinian issue is a problem that concerns all of us, Christians and Muslims alike. It’s a problem of every free intellectual individual aspiring for justice and freedom in this world.

We the Palestinian Christians suffer along with the rest of Palestinians from occupation and hardships of our economic situation. Muslims and Christians suffer equally, as there is no difference in suffering for any of us. We are all living in the same complicated circumstances, and overcoming the same difficulties.

As a church and as individuals we protect this people, and we hope a day will come when Palestinians get their freedom and dignity.

A Christian pilgrim holds a cross as he dips in the water after a ceremony at the baptismal site known as Qasr el-Yahud on the banks of the Jordan River near the West Bank city of Jericho January 18, 2015. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)

A Christian pilgrim holds a cross as he dips in the water after a ceremony at the baptismal site known as Qasr el-Yahud on the banks of the Jordan River near the West Bank city of Jericho January 18, 2015. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)

For those coming to visit the Holy Land there are few opportunities to see how hard the Palestinians’ situation is. What would you like to say to those wishing to understand better the Palestinian problem?

The Israel authorities treat the Palestinian people in a way we can never accept or approve, first and foremost because Israel treats Palestinians as foreigners, as if we were strangers in our land.

Palestinians have never been strangers either to Jerusalem or to the entire homeland. Israel is an occupation force which treats us as visitors or some temporary residents. But we are the native people of this land. We didn’t come here, we have always been here. In contrast, Israel appeared out of the blue.

They are treating us as if we came here from elsewhere, as if we accidentally and recently strayed into this land. But we are the rightful owners of this land. We didn’t intrude into Israel. Israel intruded into our lives in 1948, and in 1967 it occupied Eastern Jerusalem. We have been here long before Israel. By the time Israel came here, our forefathers had been living here for many centuries.

This is why we cannot accept Israel treating us like strangers to our own homeland. I shall be honest and say it over again: both Christians and Muslims suffer the same from the Israeli authorities.

Is visiting Jerusalem as difficult to a Christian Palestinian from the West Bank as for a Muslim?

They don’t ask if a person arriving from Beit Jala or Ramallah to Jerusalem is a Christian or a Muslim. They only ask one question, “Do you have a permit to enter Jerusalem or not?”

The pass allowing a Palestinian to enter Jerusalem is issued by Israel. No one can come through without one. In pursuing its racist policy towards the Palestinian people Israel disregards different confessions. We are all targeted just the same. It all depends on getting a pass, whether you’re a Christian or a Muslim.

We all are their targets.

On top of that, Israel took control of a lot of property of the Orthodox Christian Church and is interfering with the internal affairs of the Church. They put pressure on the Palestinian Christians in all sorts of ways trying to force them to leave.

There is only one cause of suffering for both Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land.

The recent attack on the French satirical magazine triggered a wave of anti-Muslim marches in Europe. Netanyahu walked in the front row of such a march. What it your attitude to what happened?

We denounce the attacks in Paris which were committed by the people allegedly representing a particular religion.

But they do not represent any religion – they are murderers.

This attack was committed by the people, who claimed to have faith, but they definitely don’t represent Islam and cannot act on behalf of Islam, they only do harm and hurt the image of Islam through what they do.

At the same time, we denounce just as much terrorist operations in Syria and Iraq as we denounce the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Those who committed the terror attack in Paris and elsewhere, belong to the same groups that are engaged in terrorism in Syria and Iraq and attack sacred places, desecrate churches and kidnap religious leaders.

They attack women and children in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

We were witnesses of the terror act in Lebanon’s Tripoli just days ago which killed dozens of innocent people who were at a café.

We condemn the terror attacks in Paris and we equally condemn any such attacks in any part of the world. We strongly oppose the idea of connecting these attacks to Islam.

We are currently preparing for an international conference that religious figures – Christian, Muslim and Judaist – from many countries will take part in to assert that we, the representatives of the three monotheistic religions, are against terror, fanaticism and violence used under religious slogans. The conference might take place in Amman, Jordan.

To a Western mind, Allahu Akbar sounds like a threat. What do Christians of the Holy Land think about them?

We Christians also say Allahu Akbar. This is an expression of our understanding that the Creator is great. We don’t want this phrase to be related to terrorism and crimes.

We refuse to associate these words with massacres and murders.

We speak against using this phrase in this context. Those who do, they insult our religion and our religious values.

Those using these words while taking some unreligious, unspiritual, uncivilized actions are harming the religion.

Allahu Akbar is an expression of our faith.

One must not use these words for non-religion-related purposes in order to justify violence and terror.

Christian priests hold a Christmas Midnight Mass at the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank town of Bethlehem December 25, 2014. (Reuters/Ammar Awad)

Christian priests hold a Christmas Midnight Mass at the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank town of Bethlehem December 25, 2014. (Reuters/Ammar Awad)

Do people say Allahu Akbar in church?

Of course.

For us, Allah is not an Islamic term. This is a word used in Arabic to indicate the Creator who’s made the world we are living in. So when we say Allah in our prayers we mean the Creator of this world.

In our prayers and pleas, in our Orthodox Christian religious ceremonies we use exactly this word. We say, glory be to Allah in all times. We say Allah a lot during our liturgy. It’s erroneous to think that the word Allah is only used by Muslims.

We the Arab Christians say Allah in our Arabic language as a way to identify and address the Creator in our prayers.

Is this all about Christ? Was he the one to provoke a religious split in the Holy Land? Christians and Muslims recognize that Jesus Christ had been born, and they are awaiting his second coming, and the judgment day. Jews deny this however, and await their Messiah.

We Christians believe that Jesus has already come. We have recently celebrated Christmas as a reminder that Jesus came into this world, that he was born in Bethlehem, and began his road here in the Holy Land for the sake of all mankind, and for the salvation of the world.

So as far as we are concerned, Jesus has already come.

Jews believe that he hasn’t come yet, and await his coming. This is the main disagreement between Jews and us. We believe that Jesus has already come, whereas they don’t.

Despite this fact, we are not at war with Jews. We do not express aggression against Jews or anyone else in the world, despite any differences in our beliefs.

We pray for those who disagree with us.

When Jesus came into this world he didn’t tell us to hate, ignore, or be at war with one or the other; he didn’t tell us to kill this one or that one. He gave us one very simple instruction: to love one another. When Jesus told us to love one another this love wasn’t conditioned by what a person was like, or what he was doing. If we are indeed true Christians it is our debt to love all people, and to treat them with positivity, and with love.

When we see someone who’s sinful, lost, and distant from Allah and from faith, someone who acts wrongly, then it is our duty to pray for him although he might be different from us and our religion. When we have religious disagreements with people we pray that Allah would guide them the right way. Hatred, anger, and accusations of having a wrong faith are not a part of our ethics as Christians. This is the key disagreement and difference between the Jewish religion and ours. The Jewish religion that had existed before Christ is the religion of people who were awaiting Jesus’ coming. Many Jews followed him, yet there were those who didn’t believe in him, and rejected him.

We know that Jesus was persecuted, and so were the early Christians. For instance, Herod the King killed thousands of babies in Bethlehem thinking that Jesus would be among them. The book of the Acts of the Apostles, as well as sacred tradition, talk about numerous instances of persecution of early Christians.

Despite that, we see each person who disagrees with us on religion as our brother, our fellow human. Allah created all of us, he gave us life, therefore it is our duty to love each person, and to pray for those who are mistaken or are misunderstanding, so that Allah would guide them the right way.

Is that why Christians and Muslims are persecuted?

We don’t divide the Palestinian people based on who is Christian and who is Muslim, who is religious and who isn’t, who is left or what party they are a member of. We don’t divide the people based on convictions and religion.

For the resistance it doesn’t matter whether they are Muslim or Christian.

Regardless of what their political views may be, all Palestinians actively support the idea that the Palestinian people should be able to exercise their rights and achieve their dream.

Yes, a number Christians have been killed since 1948 to this day. Some Christians have been driven away from their houses. Some Christian villages have been completely destroyed, and now there’s not a single house or resident there, for example, Al Galil in the Golan Heights.

Many churches have been attacked in Jerusalem; there have been attempts to seize their property and lands.

There are Christians in Israeli prisons – not as many as Muslims, but there are some. The Christian community is smaller in general, but we have our own martyrs who were killed and prisoners who spent years and years behind bars.

Christians suffer under the Israeli occupation just the same as Muslims – the entire Palestinian population suffers under it. They don’t distinguish between us.

Are there any special aspects when it comes to Christians living in the Holy Land?

Here’s one of the many examples, connected to the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral located in the western part of Jerusalem belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church, but after 1948 Israel used the situation in Russia to its advantage and seized some of the buildings around the Cathedral, using them as police quarters and a prison with torture practices.

When someone says “moskobiya”, referring to something connected to the Moscow Patriarchate, something holy and spiritual, the first thing that comes to the mind of a Palestinian living in Jerusalem is torture, police, interrogation and prison.

In Nazareth, for example, the word “moskobiya” is associated exclusively with the old Russian school where the Palestinian cultural elite, scientists and politicians studied. Although it was closed after the 1917 Revolution in Russia, its fame lives on.

So it’s only for the Palestinians in Jerusalem.

What do Palestinian Christians, I mean Orthodox Christians first of all, think of the Ukraine crisis?

Overall, we are deeply concerned with the divide in Ukraine. We still believe all Ukrainian Christians must stay within the fold of the Mother Church that is the Moscow Patriarchate.

I wish the Ukraine crisis would resolve through dialogue so that we see reconciliation and an end to violence and bloodshed.

Christians do not need wars, killings and massacres. This political crisis must be resolved in a peaceful way. The Church must work hard to ensure that the divisions are bridged and overcome.

The Orthodox Church in Ukraine is strong because most of the people preach Orthodox Christianity.

Divisions must be healed. We really hope that the efforts by the Moscow Patriarchate and the Patriarchate of Constantinople will help to re-unite the Ukrainian Church.

I believe the split can be reversed and those who broke away could come back. But in order for that to happen we need humility, belief and strong will.

We pray for the Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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archbishop hanna


Sofia, SANA – Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia Atallah Hanna condemned the recent Israeli aggression against Syria two days ago, considering that what Israel has done and the takfiri terrorists’ acts fall within the same scope of taking revenge on Syria because of its principled stances in support of the Palestinian cause.

Archbishop Hanna visited the Syrian Embassy in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, and expressed condolences to the families of Syria’s martyrs.

Hanna stressed that all Israeli and colonialist plans to destroy Syria’s national unity and coexistence in order to fragment the Arab societies and spread sectarian strife have been foiled thanks to the wise leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.


He highlighted the sacrifices of the Syrian army in its war to defend Syria and the Arab Nation against the terrorists, whishing that next year will bring peace and amity to all people and countries.

In turn, Syria’s Ambassador to Bulgaria, Nadra Sayaf, appreciated Archbishop Hanna’s national stances and struggle to support the Palestinian cause and Syria’s people and army in the face of terrorism and the international conspiracy.

Rasha Raslan/Haifa Said

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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UK Baroness Warsi irks Jewish Lobby again!


In August 2014, Baroness Sayeeda Hussain Warsi resigned from David Cameron’s government over its Israeli butt-licking policy against Palestinians. Tuesday, on a Twitter post she likened the killing of four Jew worshippers in occupied East Jerusalem synagogue to the Jew extremists storming Islam’s third most sacred building, the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Grant Shapps, the Jewish president of the ruling Conservative couldn’t take Warsi’s comparison sitting-down. He called her statement “racist” and said she doesn’t speak for the Tory party.

On Tuesday, two young Palestinian cousins carrying knives and a pistol attacked a group of Zionist worshipers who were allegedly among the Jewish extremists calling for the demolition of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of Rock over the so-called Holy Wailing Wall.

The cousins killed four Jews while wounding another eight before they were shot dead by Israeli soldiers protecting the synagogue. One of the soldiers later died of his wounds.

Some Israeli sources suspect that the attack was in response to the murder of Yusuf Hassan al-Ramouni, 32, Egged bus driver on Sunday. The bruises on his body show that he was killed by Jew settlers before hanged to look like a suicide case.

As a usual collateral punishment, Israeli police used “skunk” trucks to spray putrid water in Jabel Mukabar neighborhood where the cousins lived. Police also arrested 12 relatives of the attackers while wounding a dozen other residents who protested against the arrests.

According to UK’s Jewish Mail Online, among the four dead was one British rabbi and three American rabbis – all carrying dual Israeli passports.

I bet these rabbis were incarnation of American Rabbi Bruch Goldstein who butchered 50 Muslim worshippers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron in 1994.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately issued a statement blaming Peres’ Palestinian Gandhi Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas for the attack. Netanyahu made a similar accusation against Abbas and Hamas to justify Israel’s 50-day war on Gaza in July this year. Mahmoud Abbas immediately denied the accusation.

Jew extremist groups lead by Rabbi Yahuda Glick, a follower of Rabbi Meir Kahane, are carrying out violent demonstrations, shouting “the mosque will burn, the temple rebuilt” at the so-called Temple Mount, which, historically, is remains of an old Roman castle. Glick was shot a week ago and is still in a hospital recovering from his injuries while his attacker, allegedly a Palestinian, was killed at the spot by Glick’s security guards.

Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman has condemned the demonstrators saying they have no right to pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Archbishop Attallah Hanna, of the Greek Orthodox Church in Palestine and Jerusalem, strongly denounced the Israeli military and fanatic Israeli groups who attacked and invaded the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

King Abdullah II, the strongest Arab ally of the Zionist entity has recalled his ambassador from Tel Aviv in protest to Zionist regimes’ support for the Jewish hooligans demonstrating at the Al-Aqsa compound.

Read more here.

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NOVEMBER 3, 2014

by Jonathan Azaziah (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

On March 13th 2003, just one week before the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s criminal, annihilationist, regional-map-changing invasion of Iraq, Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech that can only be described as ominous, visionary and downright prophetic,

“The Jews have long hoped for a war that pits a Jewish-Christian alliance against the Muslim nation. In this context I would like to say: Let us look to form a Muslim-Christian alliance to confront all those who attack Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. Why don’t we form a political alliance of this kind? Those positive positions, we see today, whether in the East or the West, are positions taken by Christian countries, churches, and prominent individuals and elites, and this only encourages the formation of such an alliance. Why do we not seek a meaningful, public, and official Muslim-Christian alliance such as this, in the face of an American-Zionist scheme, which only seeks to spread ruin, destruction, war, humiliation, and corruption throughout the world (1)?”

The legendary Resistance leader’s bone-chilling words ring even truer today as this Jewish plot has taken a foothold in the lands of Bilad al-Sham and Bilad al-Rafidayn and driven them into a chasm of hellfire and brimstone.

Since Iraq was invaded by the forces of Judeo-Atlanticist Imperialism, the usurping Zionist entity’s Mossad – with the assistance of “Christian”-Zionist private military contractors and CIA death squads – has been waging a systematic campaign of extermination against the Assyrian and Chaldean Christians of Iraq, as the illegitimate “Israeli” regime is well-aware that Iraqi Christians have played a historic role in resisting Western meddling in Mesopotamia, particularly during the time just before the 1958 July 14th Revolution disposed the British-Zionist-controlled monarchy in Baghdad (2).

This scheme continues today – and has expanded into Syria — in the form of Takfiri terrorism, represented by ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and a handful of other gangs backed to the hilt by the genocidal Jewish “state” and NATO (3). From Syria’s Raqqa to Iraq’s Mosul, ISIS is kidnaping bishops, taking nuns hostage, burning churches and lashing, stoning and, most sickeningly and horrifying of all, crucifying Christians to death (4).


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Father Gabriel Nadaf. (Photo: Israeli Government Press Office)It is amidst this backdrop of Zionist-generated terror that a deeply disturbing development has unfolded in the 1948 lands of occupied Palestine, Nasirah (Nazareth) to be specific.

A group of Palestinian Christians, led by a particularly revolting fellow by the name of Father Jibril (Gabriel) Naddaf, have started identifying themselves not as Palestinians or even Arabs, but Arameans (5). Beyond the sheer idiocy and colonialist-induced self-hatred which are quite clearly at the forefront of this fiasco, lies something much more wretched and worrisome.


Father Jibril has also called on occupied Nasirah’s Christians to join the genocidal “Israeli” occupation forces, and his efforts to foment an “Aramean revolution” are backed fully by the illegitimate Zionist regime itself. Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar, who Father Jibril has labeled the “Aramean nation’s” Theodor Herzl, Likudnik MK Ofir Akunis, Upper Nazareth mayor Alex Gadalkin and many other “Israeli” politicians and military figures have all thrown their weight behind this sham. But even Haaretz, the enemy media outlet that provided hasbara for Sa’ar on the matter, admits, “when it comes to Sa’ar and some of his fellow celebrants, recognition of the Arameans appears less motivated by love and more by an interest that these people not be deemed Arabs. In other words, it’s an effort to divide the Arab nation by isolating the tens of thousands of Christians who would be deemed Arameans (5).”

And even though the overwhelming majority of Palestinian Christians have come out and categorically condemned and rejected this abhorrence, slamming Naddaf as an “‘Israeli’ tool” (6), the damage is done, as yet another seed of division has been planted.

Communal Strife: Zionism’s Bread and Butter

This isn’t the first time that Father Jibril has been embroiled in controversy, nor is it the first time he has gone out on a limb to propagandize about the potential “benefits” of Palestinian Christians joining IOF. Last year, right around this time as a matter of fact, the collaborationist “Aramean” was involved in a pro-IOF-enlistment conference with then-mayor of Upper Nazareth Shimon Gapso, an ally of genocidal warmonger Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu party and an open ethnic cleansing proponent who suggested that Nasirah’s Christians be expelled to Gaza. Then, like now, Father Jibril was backed by Sa’ar, as well as wanted war criminal Tzipi Livni (7).Moreover, Naddaf’s efforts are being executed in perfect congruence with the legislation introduced earlier this year by Knesset leaderYariv Levin, which was written up to afford special privileges to the Palestinian Christians in 1948 Palestine (called “Israel” by the Jews and their allies) and pit them against their Muslim countrymen (8).

This policy of facilitating communal strife does not just go back a year or two, or even a decade or two. It has been around since the earliest years of the Zionist project, with the earliest evidence showing a 1920 Zionist Executive budget proposal setting “provocation of dissension between [Palestinian] Christians and Muslims” as one of the Jewish usurpers’ primary goals (9). And it remains a strategic objective for the Jewish occupation regime to this day. As Nadim Nashif, founder and director of Baladna: The Association for Arab Youth, pointed out this summer, Palestinian Christians “are subject to discrimination in employment, unequal municipal funding, physical threats of violence from police, under-funded educational systems, discrimination in housing rights, and political marginalization.” Furthermore, he – and Mariam Farah, a board member of Baladna who coauthored the piece – also noted that “Christians are the fastest shrinking segment of” the Zionist entity’s population, “in part due to these discriminatory policies”, and these attempts from “Tel Aviv” to “integrate Christians […] will in fact further marginalize them and perpetuate a hierarchy of race and religion (10).”

In other words, fomenting communal strife is Zionism’s bread and butter and therefore what is taking place is just Jewish colonialism at work. The Jewish supremacist occupiers, deliberately stuck in a time 96 years ago and following that 1920 Zionist Executive budget proposal to the letter, are overexerting themselves to de-Arabize Palestinian Christians and break them away from the rest of their national brethren, for a nation divided is a nation far easier to conquer. From the Zionists’ perspective, such efforts couldn’t come at a better time either, as Arab Christians are being persecuted across the region by World Jewry’s Takfiri legion.

A Most Ugly Truth: Beyond “Israeli” Crimes Against Christians, There Is The Jewish Position On Jesus

On top of the baby-killing “Israeli” regime’s genesis of Muslim-Christian division in the Holy Land, there is also the equally significant matter of the gratuitous Zionist violence inflicted upon Palestinian Christians since the criminal creation of the Jewish gangster “state”.

From the killing and wounding of Palestinian Christians in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge (11), to IOF outright preventing Palestinian Christians from entering a church in ethnically cleansed Kufr Birim (12), to the burning of a 100-year old church in occupied Al-Quds (13), to the demolition of Catholic Church property in occupied Al-Quds (14), to the destruction of a church in the occupied West Bank and the vandalizing of Tabgha Church in occupied al-Jalil {{the Galilee}} (15), to the routine “price tag” attacks carried out by fanatical settlers across occupied Palestine, in which hateful graffiti is scribbled onto church (as well as mosque) walls, the most disgusting case being a 2012 incident in Western Al-Quds when the Baptist Church was tagged with “Death to Christianity ” and “Jesus son of Mary, the whore (16)”, to the utterly demonic besiegement of the Holy Church of Nativity in occupied Bethlehem which left at least 7 Palestinians dead and three dozen others wounded during the Second Intifada (17), to IOF soldier Daniel Koren’s shooting rampage at St. Anthony Catholic Church in occupied Yafa, to the assault on churches throughout the lands “Israel” stole during al-Naksa in what one missionary deemed “perhaps the most serious setback that Christendom has had since the fall of Constantinople in 1453”, to the original sin itself, the Nakba in 1948, when Jewish terrorists desecrated at least 14 churches, killed 3 priests and slaughtered 100 more women and children (18), it is safe to say that one thing Zionist Jews don’t drag discrimination into is inflicting violence on the indigenous population, be they Christian, Muslim or otherwise.

Contrary to popular leftist- and “solidarity”-activist-disseminated belief however, these ungodly crimes against humanity aren’t rooted in “settler colonialism” or mere “racism”. They’re not rooted in Zionism either, but its parent company, Judaism. Quite frankly, this is the ugliest and most uncomfortable truth of all: Hatred of all things Christian, be it Prophet Jesus The Messiah (A.S.) himself, his holy mother Mary (A.S.), Christians themselves, their churches and their symbols, are all intrinsic to the Jewish belief system. Encapsulating this is the rather bizarre and repulsive abuse that the Christians of occupied Al-Quds have endured for far too long: Jews spitting on them (19). This act of pure obscenity, along with the others as well, are all indeed rooted in the praxis of classical Judaism, in which the Talmud makes clear that when a Jew passes by an inhabited non-Jewish dwelling, he must ask “God” to destroy it, and when a Jew sees a church or a crucifix, he must spit on it three times (20).

Generally speaking, the Talmud is banefully vitriolic towards Christians as a whole, no exceptions. BT Shabbat 116 commands Jews to burn Christian books. BT Sanhedrin 99a says anyone who reads the Gospel (Al-Injeel in Arabic), the revelations given to Jesus by God, is doomed to hell. BT Avodah Zarah 17a likens adherence to the message of Jesus to the act of sleeping with prostitutes and in the same verse, the mercilessness deepens, “Christians are allied with hell and Christianity is worse than incest (21).” In the ‘18 blessings’ section of the Jewish daily prayer, its most critical section, there is a special Talmudic curse reserved for the Christians, “And may the apostates have no hope, and all the Christians perish instantly (22).”Maimonides, the vile godfather of Judaic Islamophobia (3) and the ‘infallible’ and most widely-read ‘sage’ of Judaism, has written extensively on Jesus and when referring to him, he would always add the salutation of ‘may the name of the wicked perish (23).’ The Talmudic overlords considered Jesus (and his pure, holy mother Mary; Maryam in Arabic) ‘wicked’ for a multitude of reasons.

Like the ‘sex-magic-practitioner’ labels placed upon the other prophets by the toxic Talmud-Kabbalah nexus, the rabbis have done the same with Jesus, ridiculing him and mitigating his dual rank of prophet and Messiah to magician and commander of demons. The rabbinic supremacists did this because they view Jesus as a half-goybastard child, produced out of wedlock by a Roman soldier and his mother Mary, who, according to them, was a whore that engaged in multiple extramarital relationships (24). As if promiscuity was genetic, the Talmud deducts that ‘Mary the whore’ passed on her filthy genes to Jesus, whom the rabbis view as a sexual pervert (25). Sadly, the vulgar and mentally unstable rabbinical rulings do not stop there. Using the ‘logic of the wise men,’ since Jesus was habitually indulgent in sexual deviance, which he received by transmittance of blood from his sexually unclean mother, by virtue, so were his students and disciples, whom the rabbis viewed as powerful magicians obsessed with sexual excesses. The rabbis viewed Jesus and his followers as a “forbidden cult,” and using their ‘sagacity,’ they tirelessly worked to install this lie, this mirage, this niddah, to use their own term for unsuspecting goyim, in the mind of the ordinary Jew who had no relationship with the rabbinate (26).

Considering that it is the rabbinic ‘divines’, in their Talmud and Kabbalah, particularly the latter, who have made degenerate sex and satanic sex magic chief characteristics of their ‘godhead’ that rules over goy and Jew alike, it can easily be argued that they are projecting their own insecurities and deficient egomania onto righteous and holy Prophet Jesus the Messiah, as sex is the predominant theme in their assault on his person (27). The Jewish supremacists bring their hatred for Jesus full circle with what they view as his punishment for transgressing against the rabbinate. His transgression? Speaking truth to rabbinical power. In their full-blown rage, the ‘wise men’ decreed that Jesus is rotting in boiling excrement in hell (28), as written in BT Gittin 57a. Like their subversion of the perfect monotheism of so many other prophets, the rabbis have scribed that Jesus and his disciples worshiped stone; baseless doesn’t even begin to provide an accurate description. If the vileness wasn’t so blatantly exorbitant, it would almost invoke hilarity that after all of the grime thrown upon Jesus and his pure, holy mother, the rabbis placed one more black (magic) mark on his name: refusal to repent (29). Yes, like children unable to manipulate their parents with a temper tantrum, the Talmudic-Halakhic supremacists were angry because Jesus unrepentantly stood with the light of the truth against the darkness of their lies.

The Chabadniks, powerful, extremist, money laundering, pedophilic, ecstasy trading, meth dealing, heroin slinging, mafia-connected Jews, who have had their dirty hands in the 26/11 false flag in Mumbai (30)as well as the ongoing exploitation and genocide in Congo (31), take the hatred of Jesus to an entirely different level – as if that was even imaginable considering everything discussed above – and deem his birthday (which they call Nitel Night) an unholy night in which ‘soulless gentiles’ have dominion over the earth for 24 hours (32). This is exceedingly relevant when considering how Palestinians and other occupied “Ishmaelite-Amalekite” peoples are treated by Zionists on Christmas, particularly in occupied Bethlehem (33). To the Chabadniks, any brutality inflicted upon the goyim on Nitel Night is an act of restoring an unpeaceful, unclean planet to its Judaic-ruled state where Jews can study their lessons again without being interrupted by goy happiness. One struggles to find the words to properly convey just how depraved all this is.

Let the record show, as evidenced by the Jews’ own writings in their “holy” books, that the cornucopia of crimes committed by the Zionists against the indigenous Christians of Palestine goes beyond mere Zio-colonialism at work, and is actually the embodiment of Christ-hating Judaism at work. Their acts of ungodliness are the hateful Talmud made manifest and this truth shows just how ridiculous and asinine it is for any Christian at all, let alone those of Palestinian and Arab extraction, to back the usurping, terrorist, supremacist Zionist entity.

Conclusion: Armed Christian Resistance and Islamic-Christian Unity, A Two-Punch Combination Which Cannot Be Countered

And now we return to the original point, that of the idiotic followers of Father Jibril Naddaf, the self-hating Arab stooge of “Israeli” Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar. It’s bad enough that Naddaf and his pathetic, delusional gang are doing damage to the Palestinian cause and their own brethren, but they’re also managing to churn out some borderline hilarious hasbara work against the force in the Maghreb and Mashreq that the Jewish occupation regime fears the most: Hizbullah. One of these “Aramean revolutionaries”, a 77-year old man named Elias Khoury in the Galilee village of Jish, declared to Haaretz that, “In Lebanon too we went through hell, because of Hizbullah (5).” His laughable statement brings the words poppycock, balderdash, gobbledegook and several like-similar others to mind.

The only “Christians” that Hizbullah may have put “through hell” were those traitorous SLA snakes who did the bidding of collaborationist militia leader Antoine Lahad, whose Zionist proxy forces were beaten from pillar to post by the Resistance for nearly two decades before Lebanon was finally liberated from the usurping Jewish entity’s occupation on May 25th, 2000. And these men, these traitors, were not followers of Prophet Jesus The Messiah (A.S.) by any means. They were “Israelis” more or less and this is confirmed by the fact that thousands of them now live in occupied Palestine under Zionist protection, with some even serving in IOF (34). While Hizbullah has always been popular among Lebanese Christians, as it has steadfastly protected them and financially assisted them with the rebuilding of their homes after the destruction that the Zionists brought on Lebanon during the 2006 July War (35), popular support for the Lebanese Islamic Resistance these days is tremendously high, with over two thirds of Lebanon’s Christians backing the Party and Syria’s Christians standing with it as well and even flying its yellow flag, especially in Maaloula (36), which Hizbullah and the Syrian Arab Army liberated back in April from Takfiri terrorist control (37).

Moreover, it is integral to impart that Hizbullah’s protection of – and alliance with – Arab Christians is something rooted in its very ideology, for as an Islamic party, Hizbullah is committed to the defense of Prophet Jesus The Messiah (A.S.) and his followers. Hizbullah is also intent on promoting communal neighborliness and cross-sectarian brotherliness because they stifle sedition and Mossad subversion, and this is reflected by the Resistance movement’s sendoff of Christmas cards (35) and detailed coverage of Christmas (38), in 2013 most especially, when the Party’s Al-Manar channel covered just about every Christian sect in Lebanon, from the big churches in Beirut to the smaller churches in the countryside (39).In the wake of the Zionist-sponsored rise of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, Hizbullah’s ideological affinity with Christians has taken on a new form: military support.

The Lebanese Islamic Resistance has provided extensive training in the field of urban warfare – including its famed and fearsome street-to-street tactics which wreaked havoc on the terrorist army of the Jewish gangster “state” – to Syria’s National Defense Forces (NDF), a people’s militia (40) comprised of significant numbers of Syrian Christians from all sects (41). On the home front in Lebanon, Hizbullah has opened up training camps for young Christians hailing from the towns in the Bekaa Valley adjacent to the Syrian border. Essentially,Hizbullah is the grandsire of these “people’s protection committees (42)”. Due to the links ISIS and other Takfiri groups have with the usurping Zionist entity, Hizbullah is treating them as an existential threat to Lebanon despite “Israel” remaining its top priority (43), and thus, views the protection of Lebanese Christians as existential also. And Lebanese Christians agree. Lebanese Christian communist fighter Mtawei Murad summed it up succinctly for Al-Akhbar, “Our necks and Hizbullah’s neck are intertwined. If Hizbullah wins, we win, and if it is slaughtered we will be slaughtered with it (44).”

The precedent set by the Christians of Lebanon and Syria, under Hizbullah’s direct tutelage, is now being followed in Iraq – where 90 percent of the Iraqi Orthodox Christian community alone is displaced (45) – as Assyrian Christians across northern Iraq have taken up arms and formed a militia with about 2,000 men called “Dwekh Nawsha” to fight ISIS (46). All of these developments aren’t just related to the goings-on in occupied Palestine, they’re inextricably interconnected, as one of the core reasons cited by the loathsome “Aramean revolutionaries” in abandoning their Arab identity is in fact ISIS (5).The Zionists are utilizing their Takfiri scourge as a bridgehead to disintegrate Islamic-Christian unity in the Arab world because they know it represents the single greatest threat to their hegemonic plans, with Hizbullah’s aforementioned actions being the case in point regarding this thorn in the illegitimate “Israeli” regime’s side.

In addition to the efforts put forth by the Hizbullah-Christian alliance in both Lebanon and Syria, and regardless of the “Aramean revolution” in the ‘48 lands, the Jewish plot to divide the lovers and followers of Jesus (A.S.) in occupied Palestine has also failed. Despite “Israeli” Prime Minister and mass murderer of Palestinian children in Gaza Benjamin Netanyahu (real Ashkenazi name: Benjamin Mileikowsky) spreading excessive hasbara during Operation Mighty Cliff (a.k.a. Protective Edge) in a rather crummy attempt to portray ISIS and Hamas as a single “Islamist terrorist” force (47), the Palestinian Christians of Gaza opened up the doors of their churches on Eid al-Fitr to Muslims seeking refuge from the criminal “Israeli” Air Force’s bombs. In Saint Porphyrius Church in Gaza City, Muslims prayed inside the church and Christians even celebrated Eid with their Muslim brethren (48). Jalila Ayyad, the first Christian martyred by the vile “Israelis” during the 50-day war, had her body carried by both Christians and Muslims prior to her burial, in a somber yet beautiful sign of true solidarity. Indeed, solidarity between Muslims and Christians in Gaza *grew* during the genocidal Zionist onslaught (49).

Since the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), Muslims and Christians across the Maghreb and Mashreq have coexisted as brothers and sisters and since Rothschild-financed colonialism and imperialism corrupted the region, Muslims and Christians have coresisted. The Jews and polytheist Arabs of the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) era failed to divide this alliance, the Jewish-driven colonialists and imperialists failed and the Zionists are failing today, most especially in Palestine.

From Yafa’s Issa Dawoud el-Issa and his cousin Yousuf el-Issa, whom founded the “Filsatin” Arab nationalist newspaper which vociferously opposed Zionism and Jewish immigration to Palestine, to Al-Quds’ education pioneer Khalil al-Sakakini, to Raja Issa el-Issa, who continued his father’s legacy with the “Filastin” paper until his death in 2008, to Lydda’s legendary revolutionary George Habash, who founded the PFLP, to Bir Zeit’s beloved poet Kamal Nasser, who was martyred by an “Israeli” death squad in Beirut in 1973 (50), to Nayef Hawatmeh, who founded the DFLP, to Haifa’s Ameer Makhoul, a prominent activist and political prisoner, to al-Jalil’s Archbishop Atallah Hanna, who is the official spokesperson for the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Al-Quds and a fierce, eloquent Arab nationalist who defends not only Palestine but Syria, and who has articulated that anyone fighting the Syrian Arab Republic and Syrian Arab Army is a tool of the usurping Zionist entity and an enemy of Palestine (51), Palestinian Christians have a long, rich history of resisting Zionism on the military, cultural, spiritual and political levels.

If 130 years of Christ-hating Jewish colonialism and 67 years of genocidal occupation in Palestine haven’t gotten the Christians of the Holy Land to fight Muslims, then some Takfiri tools and a fake “Aramean revolution” ain’t gonna do the trick either. In defiance of these schemes, Palestinian Christians have instead chosen to fight *with* Muslims, and *alongside* them, to expel the Zionist invaders from their homeland and restore security and stability to their communities. May these efforts, nay, this *tradition* only continue and strengthen. It’s what Prophet Jesus The Messiah (A.S.) would want.

~ The End ~


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(38) ASIA/LEBANON – Media linked to Hezbollah pay homage to the Christian feast of Christmas by Agenzia Fides

(39) Hezbollah TV’s special Christmas coverage by The Beirut Report

(40) Hezbollah-trained squad to lead battle for Aleppo by Hala Jaber, The Australian

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Wiping Out the Christians of Syria and Iraq to Remap the Middle East: Prerequisite to a Clash of Civilizations? PART I

Global Research, July 30, 2014
Historically, the Levant is the birthplace of Christianity and the oldest Christian communities have lived in it and the entire Fertile Crescent since the start of Christian history. Early Christians called themselves followers or people of «the Way» before they adopted the term Christian; in Arabic their antiquated name would be «Ahl Al-Deen». [1] Traces of this original name are also available in the New Testament of the Bible and can be read in John 14:5-7, Acts 9:1-2, Acts 24:4 and 14. From the Fertile Crescent these Christian communities spread across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Since that time the ancient communities of Christians, many of which still use the Syriac dialects of Aramaic in their churches, have been an integral and important part of the social fabrics of the pluralistic societies of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran. Nevertheless, the Christians of the Levant and Iraq are now in the cross-hairs.
Deceit and mischief has been at play. It is no coincidence that Egyptian Christians were attacked at the same time as the South Sudan Referendum, which was supposed to signal a split between the Muslims in Khartoum and the Christians and animists in Juba. Nor is it an accident that Iraq’s Christians, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, began to face a modern exodus, leaving their homes and ancestral homeland in Iraq in 2003. Mysterious groups targeted both them and Palestinian refugees…
Coinciding with the exodus of Iraqi Christians, which occurred under the watchful eyes of US and British military forces, the neighborhoods in Baghdad became sectarian as Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims were forced by violence and death squads to form sectarian enclaves. This is all tied to a US and Israeli project of redrawing the map.
The Christian communities of the Levant and Iraq have long distrusted the US government for its support of Israel, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and fanatical militants with anti-Christian leanings. Lebanon’s Christians have also been weary of US support for Israeli expansion and ideas about resettling Palestinians into Lebanon. There is also a widely held belief that the US and Israel have been involved in a policy to remove or «purge» the Christians from Iraq and the Levant in some type of Zionist-linked resettlement plan. Since the US-supported anti-government fighters started targeting Christian Syrians, there has been renewed talk about a Christian exodus in the Middle East centering on Washington’s war on Syria.
Silencing the Ancient Church Bells of Sham and Shinar
Christian Arabs and both the Assyrian and Armenian ethnic communities, which are overwhelming composed of Christians, inside Lebanon and Syria have been in the crosshairs. From Homs and Maaloula to Kessab, Syria’s Christians have been under siege. Various ecclesiastic councils or synods have expressed concerns as have Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I, the Vatican or Holy See, Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow Cyril (Kirill) I, Armenian Apostolic Catholicos Aram I, the Maronite Greek Catholic Patriarchate in Lebanon, Jerusalemite Greek Orthodox Archbishop Theodosios (Attallah) Hanna of Sebastia, the Anglican See of Canterbury, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, the Free Patriotic Movement of Lebanon’s Michel Aoun, the World Council of Churches, and various interfaith bodies. Even US celebrities Cherilyn Sarkisian (Cher) and Kimberly Kardashian joined the chorus and voiced their concerns about Syria’s Christians after the Turkish government perfidiously helped Al-Nusra overrun the predominately Armenian town of Kessab in Lattakia Governate on March 24, 2014. [2]
Inside Syria, Maronite Greek Catholic Archbishop of Damascus Samir Nassar, Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregory III Laham, Antiochian Greek Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius IV, and Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I Iwas have all condemned the violence. The leaders of Syria’s other faiths, Druze Sheikh Al-Aql Hamoud Hennawi, Sunni Grand Mufti Ahmed Badreddin, and Ashari Imam Mohammed Said Ramadan, have joined the Christian leaders in their calls for peace and condemnations of Washington’s war on Syria. These leaders have risked their lives and the lives of their loved ones by taking these positions. Sheikh Ramadan, who was also an ethnic Kurd, was murdered while he was teaching in a mosque for his backing of the Syrian government on March 21, 2013. Patriarch Ignatius IV had his brother kidnapped in Aleppo whereas Grand Mufti Hassoun had his twenty-two year-old son murdered on his way to university in Idlib. Despite the threats, all these figures have spoken against the insurgency as a cancerous threat to coexistence in Syrian society and the broader region. Melkite Patriarch Gregory III Laham has very vocally said that his country is being attacked by bandits and terrorists under the fiction of a revolution that seek to destroy the Christians and all Syria. [3]
The Christian communities of Syria, which constitute at least 10% of the Syrian population, have been systematically targeted; their churches have been attached and desecrated; their priests, monks, and nuns murdered; and generally discriminated against by the anti-government forces that the US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and their allies support. The objectives of establishing this exodus are reflected by the anti-government chants: «Alawites to the ground and Christians to Lebanon!» What this chant means is that Syria is no longer a place where either Alawis or Christians can live.
America’s Foot Soldiers and the Rape of Christians in Syria and Iraq
Fides News Agency, the official news agency of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, has reported that the so-called religious leaders of the anti-government fighters declared it lawful for the anti-government fighters to rape «any non-Sunni Syrian woman» that they desired; the declarations of these corrupt pastors have been used to justify the rape, humiliation, torture, and murder of women and girls in towns and territory captured by groups like the so-called Free Syrian Army, Jabhat Al-Nusra, and the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant/Al-Dawlah Al-Islamiyah fi Al-Iraq wa Al-Sham (ISIL/DAISH). [4]
Here is the account given to the Fides News Agency by two priests about what was done to one fifteen year-old Syrian Christian girl in Homs Governate after the anti-government fighters took control of it:
The commander of the battalion «Jabhat al-Nusra» in Qusair took Mariam, married and raped her. Then he repudiated her. The next day the young woman was forced to marry another Islamic militant. He also raped her and then repudiated her. The same trend was repeated for 15 days, and Mariam was raped by 15 different men. This psychologically destabilized her and made her insane. Mariam, became mentally unstable and was eventually killed. These atrocities are not told by any «International Commission» say to Fides two Greek-Catholic priests, Fr. Issam and Fr. Elias who have just returned to town. [5]
These same US-supported multinational insurgent groups have begun to do this to Iraqi Christians too. «On June 12, [2014,] only two day after capturing Mosul and other territories in Iraq, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria issued a decree ordering the people to send their unmarried women to ‘jihad by sex’» and made a decree ordering that unmarried women sexually be offered to their fighters for fornication. [6] The following account, which was confirmed by the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights and reported by the Assyrian International News Agency, deals with Mosul after its takeover by the insurrectionary forces entering Iraq from Syria on June 25, 2014:
A Christian father who watched his wife and daughter get brutally raped by members of the militant group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) because he couldn’t pay them a poll tax in Mosul, Iraq, killed himself under the weight of the trauma this past weekend. [7]
The molestation and rape of Christian women and girls as sex objects has not been limited to Christians alone. Syrian women and girls, regardless of their faiths, that have been captured by the anti-government forces are being raped and molested. Muslims, Christians, and Druze are all equally at risk. These perverted acts are being encouraged by corrupt clerics issuing legal opinions and decrees (fatwas) that support rape and womanizing.
These twisted legal opinions and decrees being issued include calls for foreign women to become concubines to the anti-government fighters in Syria in what is disgracefully called a «sexual holy struggle» (jihad al-nikah). The Tunisian government was even prompted to react in mid-2013 to these calls for sexual offering, because they were exploiting young Tunisian girls. [8] Tunisian Minister of Religious Affairs Noureddine Al-Khadimi condemned the corrupt and ignorant clerics and individuals behind the calls, insisting that they had nothing to do with Muslim teachings:
The minister’s statements came after the spread of an anonymous «sexual jihad» fatwa on the Internet calling on young women to support opposition fighters in Syria by providing sexual services. According to media reports and mujahideen who returned to Tunisia after participating in jihad in Syria, 13 Tunisian girls headed to the battlefield in response to the «sexual jihad» fatwa. [9]
«After the sexual liaisons they have [in Syria] in the name of ‘jihad al-nikah’ — (sexual holy war, in Arabic) — [these girls] come home pregnant», Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi bin Jeddou testified to Tunisian legislators months after Al-Khadimi’s condemnations, explaining that the misguided girls could have over a hundred partners. [10]
Targeting Bishops, Priests, Monks, and Nuns: Besieging the People of «The Way»
Since the start of the fighting, Christian spiritual figures have been targeted in one way or another. There are the cases of Greek Orthodox Archbishop Sayedna Paul (Boulos) Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan Mar Gregorios John Abraham (Yohanna Ibrahim), which were kidnapped near the Turkish border, on April 22, 2013. Their driver, a Christian priest himself, was killed instantly for protecting the two Christian metropolitans by refusing to let them leave their car. A fourth person in the car, Fouad Eliya, managed to remain free (and explain what happened). [11]
The Turkish government is directly involved in the kidnapping of the two Orthodox Christian bishops. The Turkish newswire Dogan News Agency (Dogan Haber Ajansı) reported on July 23, 2013 that the murders or, using the report’s words, «assassins» of the two Syrian bishops were arrested in Konya. [12] The arrest happened to be of anti-Russian fighters from the North Caucasus, which corresponded to Foud Eliya’s account that Boulos Yazigi and Yohanna Ibrahim were taken by North Caucasian militants dressed like Taliban fighters from Afghanistan. [13]
Grand Mufti Hassoun revealed that Turkish-trained Chechen fighters were dispatched by Ankara to kidnap Sayedna Boulos Yazigi and Mar Gregorios, because of two important reasons. According to Sheikh Hassoun, the first reason is that Metropolitan Gregorios was asked by Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Zakka II was to head a church committee to begin the process of reclaiming the vast holdings of the Syriac Orthodox Church that the Turkish government had confiscated during its persecution of Syriac Orthodox Christians. [14]
In a meeting between Prime Minister Erdogan and Mar Gregorios, the Turkish government asked that the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch establish a eparchy (an ecclesiastical province or administrative division of the church with a metropolitan) in Turkey and to even relocate its patriarchate from Damascus to Hatay (Antioch), but Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim refused and said that the patriarchate of the Syriac Orthodox Church will never change locations, that Syriac Orthodox Christians recognized the Levant as one unified land, and that a bishop would be assigned to Turkey when the Syriac Orthodox Church’s properties were returned by the Turkish government, which angered Turkish officials. [15] The other reason that the Orthodox Christian cleric was targeted was that he was reconciling anti-government fighters peacefully with the Syrian government in Aleppo Governate, which upset Turkey and its allies. [16]
Other cases include those of: Father (Abouna) Fadi Jamal Haddad, a Antiochian Greek Orthodox priest acting as a mediator in Qatana during the fighting, who was tortured and shot in the head after he tried to mediate the release of a doctor that was being ransomed for money; Father (Abouna) Francois Al-Mourad, a Catholic priest of the Franciscan Order, who was shot for preventing fellow Christians and Syrians from being hurt by the anti-government fighters; and Father Frans van der Lugt, a Dutch priest of the Jesuit Order working in Homs. When Abouna Fadi went to pay the insurgents for the doctor they had abducted, they kidnapped him too; they would later kill the Christian priests and leave him on the side of the highway, «horribly tortured and [with] his eyes gouged out», where his body would be found on September 25, 2012. [17]
According to the Franciscan Order’s representatives in Syria, the insurgents «broke into the convent, looted it and destroyed everything. When Fr. Franҫois tried to defend the nuns and other people, the gunmen shot him dead» on June 23, 2013. [18]
The insurgents murdered Father Frans van der Lugt on April 7, 2014.This an account of the circumstances behind his murder:
Wael Salibi, 26, recalled how when the Christian area in Homs was taken over by rebels, 66,000 of the faithful «left their home, and just few of them stayed there. He was the only priest, he stayed in his church.»
«Just months before he died, he said ‘I can’t leave my people, I can’t leave my church, I am director of this church, how can I leave them?’» Salibi told CNA on April 11.
Salibi, who hails from the now-ravished city of Homs, grew up as a close friend and pupil of Fr. Frans, who was brutally killed on April 7. Days before his 76th birthday, an unknown gunman entered his church, beat him and shot him in the head. [19]
In Hasakah (Hasce) many of the Christian Syrians fled, but almost 30,000 stayed as internal refugees. The Syrian Christians who belonged to the Chaldean Catholic Church, Syriac Orthodox Church, Syriac Catholic Church, Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church, and the Armenian Catholic Church collectively asked the world for help and to put an end to the fighting, in an appeal that went unheard, in late-2012; they have suffered from persecution, lawlessness, kidnappings, ransoms, and murder. One Christian from the area told Fides News Agency that Al-Nusra was targeting «all young people who were born between 1990 and 1992. They look for them, accuse them of being soldiers for the national service and kill them cold-bloodedly. They want to terrorize young people to prevent them from enlisting.» [20]
Another example of the assault on the Christian community is Al-Nusra’s assault on the town of Maaloula. Maaloula is one of a few villages maintaining an old dialect of Aramaic, known as the language of Jesus of Nazareth. Many Christian structures and historic sites fill the Syrian town, but the Melkite Greek Catholic Saint Sergius (Mar Sarkis) Monastery and Antiochian Greek Orthodox Saint Thecla (Mar Taqla) Monastery standout. The town became the scene of fighting between Al-Nusra and the Syrian Arab Army and switched hands between the insurgents and Syrian government four times between late-2013 and mid-2014.
Many of Maaloula’s residents, both Christian and Muslim alike, became trapped in their homes and local buildings, including forty Greek Orthodox Christian nuns and the orphans they were looking after, which sparked panic in the Christian populations of Syria and Lebanon. Hence the strong backing of Bashar Al-Assad’s government by all of Syria’s minorities and the expression of these type of sentiments were nearly universal among Christian Syrians: «‘They’re coming after us,’ [said] Odette Abu Zakham, a 65-year-old woman in the congregation who lives in the nearby historic Christian district of Bab Touma. ‘All they do is massacre people, all they know is killing.’» [21] Not only were the nuns held hostage by Al-Nusra, but the anti-government fighters desecrated absolutely all of Maaloula’s shrines and Christian buildings, stole its historic artifacts to sell in the black market, and scattered the partially Aramaic-speaking population of the town. Eyewitnesses who escaped Maaloula give this account below:
[The insurgents] tried to change the religious and architectural-historical look of the ancient Christian town entirely: completely destroying some churches, the militants brought down all bells from other ones. The fate of two other world-famous monuments of Ma’loula was no less tragic: extremists blew up the statue of Christ the Savior, which had stood at the entrance of St. Thecla Convent, as well as the statue of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, which had stood close to the Safir hotel, the latter of which served as the main shelter for Takfirists for many months. [22]
Easter, in 2014 was a special time for Maaloula. Around Easter, the Syrian government regained the town. Maaloula was finally secured and residents were returning. «The display of hatred was clear — the houses are totally destroyed, the whole village was destroyed. I can’t describe the amount of damage to the village», a returning resident by the name of Lorain told the press about what the insurgents did. [23] President Al-Assad visited too. Al-Assad himself came to visit it as a sign of the Syrian government’s commitment to its entire population regardless of their faith or ethnicity. Both the Western rite and Eastern rite Christian celebrations of Easter, respectively using the Gregorian and Julian calendars, fell on the same date too: April 20, 2014.
(To be continued)
[1] The term Christian is akin to the term Mohammedian, which was once used to describe Muslims. It was a name originally used as a derogatory term by non-Christians to identify the followers of Jesus of Nazareth and «the Way» by them, but would eventually be accepted and adopted by many of the Christians; the Arabic word «deen» means «way» and not religion as it is commonly substituted for.
[2] Pinar Tremblay, «Armenian-Americans blame Turkey for Kassab invasion, Al-Monitor, April 3, 2014.
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[13] Dikran Ego, «Turkey’s Role in Kidnapping», AINA, op. cit.
[14] Grand Mufti Hassoun explains this in a video released by the Stockholm-based Syriac Foundation on May 4, 2014.
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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Britain dies of shame

Stop the Massacre in Gaza  Huge March in London

The front of the march in London calling for an end to the Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Stewards prevented photographers getting closer to the march.
by  on July 26, 2014

 as Her Majesty’s Government plays the useful idiot to Israel’s crazed ambition

Today in London crowds are gathering to vent their anger in a mass demonstration and march to Parliament to “stop the massacre in Gaza” and call for an arms embargo against Israel. This follows last weekend’s huge protest outside the Israeli embassy and campaigns against the BBC’s pro-Israel bias in reporting the assault on Gaza.

There is growing resentment among British people at being endlessly shamed by their government’s complicity in the mega-injustices and non-stop crimes inflicted on the native people of the Holy Land, exemplified by Whitehall’s attempts to whitewash Israel’s latest genocidal offensive.

Stop the Massacre in Gaza  Huge March in London

Marchers enter Parliament Square London at the end of the march calling for an end to the Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. More here

And on this the 19th day of Israel’s blitzkrieg comes news of a brief humanitarian “pause”, after which the killing spree will continue while Israel attempts to eradicate Gaza’s tunnels. At this point in the orchestrated tragedy the Palestinian death-toll is approaching 900, three-quarters civilians including around 200 children, and more than 5,000 wounded.

These figures are gruesome enough, but Dr David Morrison reminds me that since September 2005 when Israel pulled out its squatters and withdrew its military from Gaza (but not from Gaza’s airspace and coastal waters) only 24 people have been killed in Israel by rocket and mortar fire coming from Gaza. Of those, 13 died during Israel’s three major military offensives against Gaza (including the present one). In the same period, nearly 4,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by Israeli military action.

Balfour Declaration Signifies.jpg

Balfour Declaration Signifies (cartoon), Falastin, June 17, 1936.

The unending tragedy is one that Britain created nearly 100 years ago with Balfour’s crackpot Declaration. Balfour, a Zionist convert, wrote: “In Palestine we do not propose even to go through the form of consulting the wishes of the present inhabitants of the country.” He dismissed “the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now occupy that land” in favour of Zionism’s needs and hopes, which were “of far profounder import”.

At the time Lord Sydenham warned:

“The harm done by dumping down an alien population upon an Arab country may never be remedied. What we have done, by concessions not to the Jewish people but to a Zionist extreme section, is to start a running sore in the East, and no-one can tell how far that sore will extend.”

Well, the harm is massive and still waiting for a remedy. The running sore shows no sign of healing. The trouble will not end until Britain (with help from the international community) takes some very necessary steps. The problem is the British Government’s acute and persistent lack of integrity and foolish pledges of support to the aggressor.

Why is Hamas banished to outer darkness?

In the last few days I have seen two ministerial statements saying that Hamas, democratically elected to power in the 2006, is a proscribed terrorist organisation, proscribed being a posh word for something condemned as so bad as to be banished to outer darkness.

Earlier this month Robert Halfon, the Conservative MP for Harlow and Tel Aviv but not necessarily in that order, said in the House of Commons:

“Hamas is Hamas is Hamas: it is a terrorist organisation whether it is part of the so-called unity Government [of Palestine] or not.”

He wanted the British Government to

“give Israel every possible assistance to take out the Hamas terrorist network so that that country can be sure that her children will be secure in the future”.

Hugh Robertson, Minister of State at the Foreign Offce, replied:

“Nobody should be under any illusions about this at all: Hamas is a terrorist organisation and remains a terrorist organisation, and one that is proscribed by the British Government. The key thing about the technocratic [Palestinian] Government was that they signed up to the Quartet principles and renounced violence and no member of Hamas is a member of that Government.”

Earlier he had this to say:

“If anybody in that Government were an active member of Hamas, which remains a terrorist organisation, that would absolutely be the end of this Government’s dealing with them and would be a very serious matter indeed. That is not the case at the moment; they are fully signed up to the Quartet principles.”

A few days later Baroness Jenny Tonge, in the House of Lords, asked the Government what action it planned to take to open diplomatic relations with Hamas in order to assess the viability of a long-term truce such as Hamas offered in 2006.

Baroness Warsi, Senior Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, replied:

“Our policy towards Hamas is clear – we have no contact with Hamas, which is a proscribed terrorist organisation. Hamas must renounce violence, recognise Israel and accept previously signed agreements. Hamas must make a credible movement towards these conditions, which remain the benchmark against which their intentions are judged, before we consider a change in our stance.”

Warsi is a Muslim and should know better. How can anyone sensibly recognise Israel when it won’t agree its borders? Has she ever put it to the Israelis that they too must renounce violence, recognise Palestine and accept previously signed agreements — the benchmark against which their intentions will be judged?

And given all this stuff about Hamas being proscribed, what are we to make of a Home Office document dated 20 June 2014 in which, of the 60 international terrorist organisations proscribed by the UK government under the Terrorism Act 2000, only Hamas’s military wing – the Izz al-Din al-Qassem brigades – is listed, not Hamas’s political wing?

Why, then, aren’t we talking to Hamas’s political leaders?

How do organisations qualify for the Terror List anyway? Well, in the UK they have to pass a test and the Home Secretary decides. In the US, under Section 3 of Executive Order 13224 “Blocking Property and prohibiting Transactions with Persons who commit, threaten to commit, or support Terrorism”, the term “terrorism” means an activity that…

  1. involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life, property, or infrastructure; and
  2. appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, kidnapping, or hostage-taking.

This US order and its definition of terrorism, signed in 2001 by George W Bush, is used to outlaw and crush any organisation, individual or country the US doesn’t like. Funny how it fits the Israeli regime — those “amoral thugs”, as one British MP called them — like a glove. And they have been allowed to practice their terrorism on the Palestinians (and occasionally on the Lebanese and Syrians) without interference for the last 66 years.

The long drawn-out siege and blockade of Gaza, and the numerous military assaults on its people and their legitimate government, are only the latest crimes in a catalogue of torment and terror inflicted on all the Palestinian territories Israel occupies. They are clearly attempts to “intimidate and coerce”, while the mass destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure, the withholding of humanitarian aid, the assassinations, the abductions, the bulldozing of Palestinian homes, and the many violent and dangerous acts including indiscriminate bombing and shelling (and the use of cluster bombs in Lebanon), make Israel’s place on the Terror List a sure thing – or should do.

They talk of addressing “underlying causes” but can they agree what they are?

With Agent Hague gone from the Foreign Secretary post, we are beginning to see what his successor, Philip Hammond, is made of. He started by praising Egypt’s fake ceasefire initiative when Hamas hadn’t even been consulted on the terms and instead of coming through proper diplomatic channels it was release to the media as soon as Israel agreed it. Given the Egyptian regime’s hostility towards Hamas it is hardly an honest broker. Unsurprisingly it contained none of the guarantees that would sustain a ceasefire, such as a permanent end to the 8-year siege (promised but not implemented in the 2012 ceasefire) or the release of prisoners who had been freed then re-arrested by Israel. So what was in it for the illegally occupied Palestinians? Nevertheless Hammond thought it was jolly good and welcomed Israel’s acceptance of this piece of nonsense which hadn’t been shown to the other side.

His other statements have to be seen to be believed. They are on the FCO website. Following the UN Human Rights Council’s decision to launch an inquiry into potential violations of human rights by Israel in its operations in the Gaza Strip, a move Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called a “travesty”, Hammond said the UNHRC resolution would not help achieve a lasting ceasefire.

“It is fundamentally unbalanced and will complicate the process by introducing unnecessary new mechanisms… The UK could not support this resolution… We will continue to urge Israel to exercise restraint… blah, blah… while recognizing its right to defend itself against these attacks.”

And after meeting Israeli and Palestinian leaders (though not Hamas), Hammond said: “With President Abbas… I reiterated the UK’s strong support for his leadership and thanked him for his own efforts to achieve a ceasefire. I stressed that, once a ceasefire is secured, there is an urgent need for a long term plan for Gaza.

Stop the Massacre in Gaza  Huge March in London

Turkish marchers in London call for Erdogan to resign over the supply of jet fuel to Israel enabling the Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

“With Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Lieberman, I expressed my deep concern at Hamas’s rocket attacks and reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself. I urged that Israeli forces do everything they can to avoid civilian casualties, and stressed the need for a rapid conclusion to their ground operation in Gaza.”

Hammond doesn’t explain how Israelis can claim a right of self-defense against their victims – the people they are brutally occupying and blockading — or how Her Majesty’s Government can possibly “reaffirm” such a crass invention.

He said that for a ceasefire to be durable there must be rapid movement to address “the underlying causes” and find “a wider political solution”. So, Mr Hammond, what “wider political solution” do you have in mind? And, by the way, do you have any idea what those “underlying causes” are? Do you think you could ever get Israel to acknowledge what they are?

Here are some clues from two very knowledgeable sources. In 2010 Archbishop Theodosius Hanna (Orthodox Church of Jerusalem), on a visit to Ireland, told politicians: “The problem in Palestine has nothing to do with religion – it is not a religious issue. It is not a conflict of Christians, Muslims and Jewish people. It is a conflict between those who are the holders of a rightful cause and those who took away that right by military might.”

Fr Manuel Mussallam (formerly of the Catholic church in Gaza), who accompanied the archbishop, told the Irish what things were really like under military occupation. “We have spoken to Israel for more than 18 years and the result has been zero. We have signed agreements here and there at various times and then when there is a change in the government of Israel we have to start again from the beginning. We ask for our life and to be given back our Jerusalem, to be given our state and for enough water to drink. We want to be given more opportunity to reach Jerusalem. I have not seen Jerusalem since 1990.

“We want to see an end to this occupation, and please do not ask us to protect those who are occupying our territory.”

Nearly 4 years on, and what has changed? Can we rely on Hammond to make a difference? Here’s another clue. In a Jerusalem Post report the director of Conservative Friends of Israel remarked that, in his previous job as Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond “presided over a period when the UK-Israel defense relationship has never been better.”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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Sebastia Archbishop Calls on Churches of the World to Support Syria Which is Under Unprecedented Terrorist Attack

Posted on December 12, 2013
by Alexandra Valiente

Syria is exposed to unprecedented terrorist attack


Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia, Archbishop Atallah Hanna called on Orthodox Churches in the world and all Christian Churches to immediately move in advocacy for Syria, which is exposed to an unprecedented terrorist attack with the aim of destroying all factors of the state and blowing up the close brotherly relations between the people.

Dec 12, 2013
Occupied Jerusalem, SANA
Receiving a delegation from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church on Wednesday, Archbishop Hanna said what have happened recently in Ma’loula and other places shows the nature of the maneuver aiming at destroying the civilized, humanitarian and historical dimension in the Middle East.
He renewed the call on Orthodox, Catholic and Evangelical Churches in the world to take feasible steps to stop bleeding in Syria.
“It is the duty of Christian Churches in the world to work for peace in Syria, stopping the violence and resorting to dialogue, fraternity and amity language and to move for releasing abducted nuns, bishops and other kidnapped people.
Bishop Hanna stressed that Syria is not in need for denunciation and condemnation statements but there is a need for feasible positions to thwart terrorist plot aiming at striking the distinctive form of its society and components.
Archbishop Hanna : World churches should take feasible steps for deterring terrorists’ supporters
In the same context, Archbishop Hanna, said that world churches should take feasible measures for pressuring governments and sides which are supporting terrorists in Syria so as to deter them.
Archbishop Hanna called for a universal Christian move for solidarity with Syria which “is bleeding and undergoing an unprecedented terrorist attack” that targets it people, unity, history and religious amity.
“We hope that world churches do not only express condemnations and denunciations, as feasible stances should be taken to pressure governments and sides that support the criminal terrorists and supply them with funds and weapons,” he clarified.
The Archbishop considered that the acts of terrorism and killing the Syrian Christians are facing by extremist groupings, which have streamed into Syria from abroad, aim to scare the Christian component out of it so as to blow up the Islamic-Christian unity and destroy the country.
Hanna appealed to the world churches for releasing Maaloula nuns and Aleppo Metropolitans Yohanna Ibrahim and Paul Yazigi who have been kidnapped by armed terrorist groups.

Christians should take up arms in Syria
A destroyed church in Syria.

A senior Orthodox Church official has urged Christians to take up arms in Syria and defend themselves against extremists, condemning the international community for not stopping flow of arms to Syria militants.
Speaking to the Iraqi newspaper Az-Zaman, Bishop Luca al-Khoury said “we have many young men who are asking us [to take action], and there are those demanding that we take immediate action.”
“I call on every young man who can take up arms to come forward,” Khoury said, adding that the initiative was meant to allow the community’s members to engage in self-defense and protect Christian holy places, which have come under attack recently.
“Our young people are ready; their fingers are on the trigger and they’re ready to fight for the sake of Syria and for the sake of self-defense,” said Khoury, the patriarchal assistant at the Antioch Diocese, based in Damascus.
Asked about the 13 nuns and several orphanage workers who were seized last week by al-Qaeda-linked militants and taken away from Maaloula to the nearby town of Yabroud, Khoury indicated they were unable to discuss their situation freely.
The women appeared in video footage broadcast Friday by Al-Jazeera television and said they were being treated well after being forced to leave Maaloula due to heavy shelling. The militants who have taken the nuns away say they haven’t ‘kidnapped’ them.
Khoury said that some 40 churches had been damaged during the war in Syria and blamed the international community for accepting the opposition’s version of events, like “the government is killing its people – they are seeing things with only one eye.”
Khoury urged leading countries to instead make efforts to stop the flow of weapons into the country.
In Lebanon, caretaker Energy Minister Gebran Bassil said the events in Maaloula, where the Syrian army has been trying to secure against al-Qaeda-linked attacks, have been locked in a fierce campaign for the last several weeks, were having an impact on Christians in Lebanon and the rest of the world.
Bassil told a news conference that it was time to act in order to halt “the series of attacks on Christians.”
“Reactions in Lebanon, the Levant and the world haven’t been sufficient,” Bassil said, adding that a similar disappointing response followed the kidnapping of two Orthodox bishops in April.
The minister proposed both prayer and large-scale peaceful demonstrations to express outrage over the targeting of Christians in the war in Syria.
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