Sayyed Nasrallah: Saudi Arabia Normalizing Ties with ’Israel’ for Free, Its Regional Scheme Doomed to Fail


Zeinab Essa

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah slammed the Saudi policy in the region, particularly the one leading to the normalization with the apartheid “Israeli” entity.

In a speech he delivered commemorating the late Resistance Leader Ismail Ahmad Zahri, he hailed Zahri who represents the first generation of fighters who joined the Resistance movement.

“The late commander Zahri was one of the commanders who contributed greatly to Lebanon’s victory against 2006 “Israeli” aggression,” he said.

His Eminence further mentioned:

“Haj Zahri held the leadership and responsibilities in some Resistance positions and participated and fought in many operations. He [Abu Khalil] is the title of a long-term of Jihad and sacrifice among the resistance ranks.”

“With such devoted leaders we shall triumph,” Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed.

Denouncing the fact that

“the Arab world is in its worst conditions ever,” he highlighted that “the Resistance is the real guarantee for the protection of Lebanon as part of the army, people, and resistance equation that must be protected to protect Lebanon.”

“Even the central cause – Palestine- occupied by the Zionists and which sanctities are being violated on daily basis became very usual and this is what appeared in the recent Arab summit.”

According to His Eminence,

“Today, the biggest development in the bad Arab bad situation is the move of the Saudi Arabia- “Israeli” from being secret out into the public. “Israel” is no longer the enemy of Arabs, and Palestine became a minor cause. This is what the latest Arab statements indicate.”

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah clarified that he visit of the Saudi General to“Israel” is neither the beginning of a relationship nor of coordination. “It is rather moving from the secret to the public.”

“When a known prince as Turki al- Faisal meets “Israeli” officials and an intelligence official follows suit and visits the occupied land, it cannot happen without the Saudi kingdom’s approval.The Saudi Prince and Brigade’s connections with “Israel” doesn’t contradict the policy of Saudi Arabia. However, it is a move in the relations into surface,” he added.

Moreover, the Resistance Leader underlined that Saudi Arabia started normalization with “Israel” and then the fatwas began to legalize this relation.

“Saudi Arabia is offering “Israel” free normalization away from any prices,” he warned.

Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say,

“When Saudi Arabia intends to negotiate with “Israel”, the negotiations are expected to move in exchange for heavy prices because it is a great favor to “Israel”. However, the Arab nation is distracted and lost and Saudis are exacerbating that. …,” Nasrallah said

On this level, His Eminence cautioned that

“we are in front of doctrinal and cultural disaster because they are moving towards recognizing “Israel” even in the Sharia.”

“Saudi Arabia is opening the door for “Israelis” without setting any conditions [for normalization], but they are seeking to compel those in Yemen to surrender to them, and to humiliate Bahrainis and achieve victory in Syria,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

However, he assured that the Palestinians have a known and clear choice.

“There is a clear Palestinian vision. It is the approach of the martyr Mohammad al-Faqih. On the subject of “Israel” and Palestine, there is a clear right. There is no room for confusion between right and wrong in this matter.”

As Hizbullah Secretary General slammed the fact that Saudi Arabia is determined to continue the wars in all arenas, he cited that al-Saud continue to refuse dialogue in Bahrain, Yemen and Syria.

“However, they initiated dialogue only with the “Israelis” without prices.”

In response, Sayyed Nasrallah urged all sides to take a clear stance against normalization with “Israel”.

“This behavior must be condemned and rejected, because it serves the enemy that is violating the holy sites and aggressing against the people of Palestine.”

On the regional level, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that there is criminality against the Yemenis.

“The massacre committed by Daesh in Sarari was covered by the Saudis because this the culture of Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism, Daesh and al-Nusra even if it was renamed,” he stressed.

Slamming the Bahraini regime’s continuous crackdown against people, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the protesters in Bahrain who so far prevented the authority from arresting Sheikh Issa Qassem.

“The regime in Bahrain is now falsely accusing Sheikh Qassem, who is well known for his integrity, of money laundering, which reflects their bankruptcy,” His Eminence viewed.

Commenting on the Saudi stance over the Syrian crisis, he stated:

“The Saudi foreign minister declared himself governor and custodian of the Syrian people. What the Saudi FM, Jubeir, presented to Russia is farce and a cause for laugh. We tell the Saudis that they cannot win this war or impose their conditions.”

“Does the Saudi minister and his rulers think that they are able to laugh at the people of the world?” he wondered.

To the Saudi rulers, Sayyed Nastallah said:

“Those who slaughtered the priest in the church belonged to Daesh but they carried your culture. Those who carried out massacres in Nice and Karrada and those who slaughtered the Palestinian child believe in your takfiri, Wahhabist ideology.”

“Your scheme has no future and Saudi Arabia and its rulers have a chance to contain the situation. The Yemenis, Bahrainis, Syrians, Iranians and Iraqis are ready to negotiate. Do not be arrogant and do not be blinded by malice. You should rather be partners in addressing the situations in the region.”

Welcoming the new ground achievements in Aleppo, Sayyed Nasrallah said:

“What happened in Aleppo is highly important and has an impact on the regional equations. Imperial dreams have fallen in Aleppo in the face of the perseverance of the resistance and the people.”

Source: al-Ahed news

29-07-2016 | 20:08

Related : MKs to Visit Saudi, Recognized Relations with ’Israel’ Come to the Light

Local Editor

Arab-“Israeli” member of the Knesset Issawi Frej told Zionist media on Sunday that preparations are ongoing for a visit of opposition members in the “Israeli” parliament to Saudi Arabia-a first of its kind.

Frej, 52, member of the left-leaning Meretz party told the broadcasting service Voice of “Israel” that a Saudi delegation that visited the occupied territories last week and met with opposition MPs expressed willingness to enhance relations with the Zionist entity.

The Saudi delegation was headed by retired general Anwar Eshki and included academics and businessmen but, according to “Israeli” media, did not include officials.

However, the delegation met with Zionist officials including director general of the “Israeli” foreign ministry Dore Gold.

Both the Saudi visit and the planned “Israeli” one serve as an example of the rapidly developing bilateral relations between the two sides that have been officially unrecognized since the two close-in-age parts were established.

The first announced cooperation between both sides came this year in April as the “Israeli” war minister Moshe Ya’alon told media that, as part of the Egyptian-Saudi maritime demarcation deal which saw the transfer of sovereignty of two Red Sea islands to the Gulf kingdom, a quartet agreement that included the US on the transfer needed to be reached beforehand.

Ya’alon also said that Saudi Arabia agreed to ensure free shipping for all parties through the straits.

According to “Israeli” media, the deal was part of the subjects of mutual interest that were in discussion when Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry visited the occupied lands earlier this month.

The deal was publicly criticized in Egypt and was recently annulled by a court ruling. However, an appeal by the government is being reviewed by the High Administrative Court.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team


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UAE’s Deputy Premier Key Cattle Supplier to Apartheid ’Israel’!

Local Editor

A senior Emirati royal is a significant shareholder of a billion-dollar company that is covertly acting as the biggest supplier of beef to the “Israeli” meat market.

UAE’s Deputy Premier Key Cattle Supplier to Apartheid ’Israel’!

Middle East Eye can reveal that Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan owns at least a 40 percent stake in Emirates Future – a UAE-based food company that through a series of complex business transactions is a key trading partner to an “Israeli” firm with links to the son of former “Israeli” prime minister Ariel Sharon.

A spokesperson for Emirates Future’s sister company Hijazi and Ghosheh told MEE that Sheikh Mansour “owns around 40 percent” of Emirates Future.

Sheikh Mansour, 45, is the billionaire deputy prime minister of the UAE who is best known for owning British football club Manchester City. He is also the brother of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and de facto UAE ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

Sheikh Mansour is not listed on the Emirates Future [EF] website as an owner of the food company. But a Jordanian branding firm, Overhaul, has stated that it sold EF a commemorative box to celebrate Sheikh Mansour buying his stake in the company.

The Overhaul webpage was created at some point between October last year and February this year. The company did not respond to a question asking when they made the box for Sheikh Mansour.

Emirates Future also did not respond to a request for comment and Sheikh Mansour has not publicly declared his interest in the company.

The Emirati prince has appeared in public on several occasions to help EF expand its business, including in April 2014 when he helped the company secure a deal aimed at increasing sales in the Halal food industry.

He also opened a trade event in January this year where, in his role as chairman of the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, he oversaw a day in which EF were among a group of companies who secured deals worth 3.7 billion Emirati dirhams [$1.3 billion].An overview of the company’s portfolio on the EF website says that it was established in 2012 to launch a joint business venture with a major Jordanian food company, the Hijazi and Ghosheh Group.

Amman-based Hijazi and Ghosheh was founded in 1985 by the group’s chairman Isam Hijazi and vice-chairman Abdul Razzaq Ghosheh. The company is a market leader in the export of food and livestock, with business magazine Venture describing it as “one of Jordan’s most powerful companies”.

The joint business venture between EF and Hijazi and Ghosheh was founded with investment from a “strategic UAE partner” according to the EF website, which does not name the people behind the deal.

The Hijazi and Ghosheh spokesperson, who was not authorized to speak to MEE, said that Hijazi and Ghosheh and Emirates Future were “sister companies who are owned by the same parent company”.

The Amman Chamber of Industry lists an unidentified UAE investment company as being a “partner” on the management board of Hijazi and Ghosheh. The Hijazi and Ghosheh spokesperson said they could not reveal the identity of the UAE investment company.

Hijazi and Ghosheh does not have a website, as opposed to EF, which has a swish online presence that includes a business organogram showing EF at the top of a hierarchy that includes Hijazi and Ghosheh – suggesting that EF controls the Jordanian company.

The LSS website names “Israel” as one of numerous markets it exports to on its fleet of huge transport vessels that can carry up to 20,000 cattle in one journey from either Australia or South America to the Middle East.

LSS delivers into “Israel” via the southern port city of Eilat, where the animals are immediately transferred to a nearby quarantine station in Kibbutz Eilot.

A company called Refit in Araba owns the Eilot quarantine station.

The value of the cows sold to “Israel” is not known, but TheMarker reported in 2014 that until 2012 Hijazi and Ghosheh was the sole supplier of calves to “Israel”, meaning the business would be worth at least tens of millions of dollars. Since then the market has opened up slightly with livestock being sold into “Israel” from the European Union and now from the United States.

Once the animals are cleared to leave Hijazi and Ghosheh’s quarantine station in Eilot they are delivered to Saleh Dabbahand sons – EF’s key “Israeli” customer – which is a family business owned by Ahmed Dabbah, who is an “Israeli”-Palestinian politician with close ties to the family of the “Israeli” prime minister Ariel Sharon.

In 2014 Omri Sharon – son of Ariel – was elected to lead the “Israeli” Cattle Breeders Association. He was reportedly chosen as the industry’s new head because he knows how to “play dirty”.

Behind the scenes in recent years “Israeli” and Emirati leaders have become increasingly close, including forging a secretive security relationship that has seen an “Israeli” owned company install a mass civil surveillance system in Abu Dhabi. And in November last year “Israel” announced it was sending its first diplomatic representative to the UAE, albeit to the Abu Dhabi based International Renewable Energy Agency.

Source: MEE, Edited by website team 

08-06-2016 | 11:26

A Joint ’Israeli’ – Saudi Militia in the Red Sea!

Local Editor

Documents leaked in 2014 from a senior military official linked to the “Israeli” left-wing “Meretz” party, appeared to show an aligned military cooperation between the “Israeli” entity and Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea.

A Joint ’Israeli’ - Saudi Militia in the Red Sea!

This agreement was concluded to Saudi Arabia and “Israel” management on Bab el-Mandeb Strait, the Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal and the Red Sea littoral countries as well.

Published information from this source mentioned in duty of a host by the “Israeli” entity of a number of Saudi officers to participate in military training courses in the base of polonium of Port of Haifa in 2015.

And this attempt had taken on an “Israeli”-Saudi cooperation alleged to support regional security and stability and combating terrorist groups in the Red Sea.

The source also informed the formation of a joint operation staff by the “Israeli” entity and Saudi Arabia in Tiran Island.

Also behalf of the “Israeli” entity, Colonel David Salami, and behalf of Saudi Arabia, Major-general Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Zahrani were selected as the joint commander of the Navy.

At the end, the source published the list of a number of senior officers participating in the specialized courses.

List of Names 1


List of Names 2



List of Names 3


Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

18-04-2016 | 11:21

Worthless PA Cease Settlements Draft Security Council Resolution

September 1993 Oslo was unilateral surrender, a Palestinian Versailles, getting nothing for renouncing armed struggle, recognizing Israel’s right to exist, and agreeing to leave major unresolved issues for later final status talks. They’re still waiting.
Major unresolved issues include an independent sovereign Palestine free from occupation, the right of return, settlements, borders, airspace, water and other resources rights, as well as East Jerusalem as Palestinian territory and future capital.
A new PA was established as Israel’s enforcer. It continues betraying its own people. Abbas and his cronies collaborate with Israel for generous benefits they receive, including ignoring their massive corruption.
During his April 21- 23 UN headquarters visit, he’s expected to introduce a worthless Security Council, denouncing Israeli settlements as illegal under international law – similar to a 2011 one Washington vetoed.
It calls for renewed peace talks, resolution to be achieved within one year, despite decades of futility because Palestinians have no legitimate partner.
It states “all Israeli settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, are illegal and constitute a major obstacle to the achievement of peace on the basis of the two-state solution.”
It condemns “all measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Territory, including, inter alia, construction and expansion of settlements, confiscation of land, demolition of homes and the forced transfer of Palestinian civilians.”
It calls on both sides to “refrain from provocative actions, incitement and inflammatory rhetoric, with the aim, inter alia, of the de-escalating the situation on the ground, rebuilding trust and confidence, demonstrating through policies and actions a genuine commitment to the two-state solution, and creating the conditions necessary for promoting peace.”
It denounces terrorism on both sides, calls for the “prevention of all acts of terror, violence, destruction, harassment and provocation by Israeli settlers, especially against Palestinian civilians and their properties, and calls for accountability for the perpetration of all such illegal acts.”
Since Israel occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza in June 1967, peace talks when initiated were dead-on-arrival.
Israel doesn’t negotiate. It demands. It’s all take and no give. It wants all valued Judea and Samaria land exclusively for Jews – with full support from Washington and EU countries.
Palestinian calls for peace, self-determination, and other fundamental rights they’ve been denied since Israel was created and under occupation for nearly half a century have no chance for changing the deplorable status quo.
Since 2000, Washington vetoed Security Council resolutions 11 times, 10 supporting Israel, preventing justifiable criticism from becoming binding law.
Expect nothing upholding fundamental Palestinian rights this time.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at
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Ramullah traitor: We are searching schools, in one 70 children had knives

Abbas: We are searching schools, in one 70 children had knives

Speaking to Channel 2 TV, Abbas gave rare details on his domestic security drives, a touchy matter as many Palestinians deem such moves collaboration with their enemy.

“Our security forces go into the schools to search pupils’ bags and see if they have knives. You don’t know this,” he said.

“In one school, we found 70 boys and girls who were carrying knives. We took the knives and spoke to them and said: ‘This is a mistake. We do not want you to kill and be killed. We want you to live, and for the other side to live as well.'”

Abbas’s administration and Israel coordinate security in the West Bank despite the stalling two years ago of US-sponsored negotiations on Palestinian statehood.

Netanyahu says he is open to renewing talks and that Abbas has been avoiding these while inciting violence with his rhetoric against Israel.

But Abbas told Channel 2 that the onus was on Netanyahu.

“I will meet with him, at any time. And I suggested, by the way, for him to meet,” the Palestinian leader said in English.

Asked what became of that overture, Abbas said: “No, no – it’s a secret. He can tell you about it.”

“If he (Netanyahu) gives me responsibility and tells me that he believes in (the) two-state solution and we sit around the table to talk about (the) two-state solution, this will give my people hope, and nobody dares to go and stab or shoot or do anything here or there,” Abbas said.

Omar Accomplished His Job, Omar Is Free To Go

March 29, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

“The Nigger accomplished his job, the Nigger is free to go,*” is a common racist Israeli adage.  This is how the Israeli elite now treats Omar Barghouti. It is appalling, but not unusual.

Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri told Ynet yesterday;  “Omar Barghouti uses rights given to him by Israel to act against it around the world.”

Deri was one of four government ministers to participate in an afternoon question and answer at an anti-BDS conference in Jerusalem.

By law, Palestinians cannot return to Palestine. But Omar Barghouti accomplished the impossible.  “Omar Barghouti,” Deri said, “was born in Qatar and received resident status in 1994 after marrying an Israeli woman from Acre and claiming his life is in Israel.”

It seems Barghouti enjoyed liberties other Palestinians and even Israeli citizens can only dream of. Not only was he allowed to return to Palestine, he lived in Ramallah and was entitled to travel freely between Israel and the PA. He travelled all around the world campaigning against the Israeli occupation. He studied at Tel Aviv University then called upon the rest of the world to boycott that university. Bizarrely, Omar Barghouti proved that Israel is a tolerant country.

Minister Deri said, “he (Barghouti) was given rights similar to those of a citizen and he took advantage of our enlightened state to portray us as the most horrible state in the world.”

The truth is obvious. Right wing Israeli politicians knew about Omar Barghouti’s activities all along. Israel allowed Omar Barghouti to travel around the globe and condemn the occupation. Israel allowed it because from a very early stage BDS was an Israeli controlled opposition maneuver.

For Israel, BDS presented the ideal front on which to fight. Instead of battling for a Palestinian Right Of Return, that is ethically solid and backed by UN resolutions, the solidarity movement was reduced to an internal Jewish debate over the “Right to BDS.” Instead of dealing with the acute Palestinian refugee crisis in Syria and Lebanon, our devoted solidarity campaigners gathered around their local food store to protest against gefilte fish made in Israel.

But what did Barghouti give in return? Pretty much everything.

In 2005, the BDS’s first goal demanded that Israel“End[ing] its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantl[ing] the Wall” (

This represented a clear and brave challenge to the legitimacy of the Jewish State,

At some point BDS’s primary goal was changed significantly, it now reads: “Ending [its] occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the Wall.” (

How was this change adopted? Where is the protocol for such a detrimental shift of position to compromise on the most precious Palestinian principle, i.e. 1948?  Who made the BDS into an instrument of legitimisation of pre ‘67 Israel? Those well versed in the ins and out of the BDS movement point to Omar Barghouti and the evidence is undeniable.

The first record of BDS’s revised and diluted goal statement appeared publicly on page 6 of Omar Barghouti’s book, “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions,” published 26 May 2011.

Boycott Divestment Sanctions by Omar-Barghouti. page 6

Boycott Divestment Sanctions by Omar-Barghouti. page 6


In 2011-2012, at the time the call for the Right of Return was gaining momentum, Omar Barghouti changed the BDS goal statement into a Zio-friendly text. Why? Why did the Palestinians allow him to get away with it? In fact, the BDS’s goal statement was only changed in English to appease so called ‘anti’ Zionist Jews. It was never translated into Arabic. It was done behind the backs of the Palestinian people and against their interests.

Then what is the Israeli fuss about now?  Why threaten to revoke Omar Barghouti’s residency status. “The Nigger accomplished his Job, the Nigger is free to go.” The Israelis have precedent on that front; they never look after their collaborators and partners. The Southern Lebanese Maronite militias were left to their fate once the IDF withdrew from Lebanon. Israel often exposes its Palestinian collaborators. This demoralises the Palestinians and leaves them feeling vulnerable and infiltrated.

For Israel Barghouti, has been a win win situation. They tell the world, ‘we let this Palestinian in and he turned against us.’  So Israel threatens to revoke Barghouti’s status. Let’s assume that such an action leads to widespread international condemnation and Israel reconsiders its move and retains Barghouti’s residency status. By doing so, Israel can prove to the world how ‘enlightened’ and ‘tolerant’ it is.

I wish the Palestinian liberation movement would be left to fierce tacticians and freedom fighters rather than trusting the clumsy hands of ethnic activists who are incapable of thinking past the notion of a picket.


*  In the the Israeli offensive adage “הכושי עשה את שלוהכושי יכול ללכת” the word ‘nigger’ (כושי) refers precisely to a black slave.

Muqata’a on Palestinian Sonic Resistance and Resistance in General

Meet Muqata , the Ramallah based rapper and producer.

To the Gulf… Here are the Words of Zionists

Designed by: Nour Fakih

Some Arabs opened their arms wide to the normalization policy with the “Israeli” entity. The historical enemy of Arabs and Muslims, now, became a “friend” and an “ally” to some Gulf countries.

However, the enemy’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu is no more satisfied with keeping such coalition low.

To the Gulf... Here are the Words of Zionists

20-02-2016 | 08:57

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ستون دقيقة مع ناصر قنديل الحلقة ال 14 2016

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Palestinian Resistance Asks Security Forces in West Bank to Gun Zionist Soldiers

FlagLocal Editor

The Palestinian resistance factions demanded on Monday the security troops in the West Bank to direct their weapons towards the Israeli occupation soldiers.

During a press conference, the factions expressed solidarity with the journalist prisoner Mohammad al-Qeiq who is on a hunger strike at the Israeli jails, warning against the consequences of harming him.

The Palestinian resistance factions also stressed the importance of lifting the strangulating blockade which has been imposed on Gaza strip for 10 years, noting that the siege has deteriorated the socio-economic situation of the locals.

Source: Agencies

01-02-2016 – 16:30 Last updated 01-02-2016 – 16:30

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Sarah Colborne – A Solidarity Campaigner Or A Traitor

December 29, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

PSC Director Sarah Colborne went out of her way to kosherize the UK PSC(Palestinian Solidarity Campaign) but now no longer holds her position in what is left of the diluted solidarity institution. The rumour is that Colborne had to go because evidence of her collaboration with the police against leading Palestinian activists was too embarrassing.

Back on 17 October two men were arrested at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in London after they refused to take down a Hezbollah flag they had hoisted on a pole.

Abbas Ali and Antonio Maniscalco, both prominent pro-Palestinian activists had been warned by the PSC that only Palestinian national flags would be welcome at the protest. Shortly after, Ali and Maniscalco were arrested by the police, their homes were raided, their PCs, laptops and memory cards were confiscated. They were questioned by counter-terrorism officers for 15 hours before being released with no charges.

Once free, Abbas Ali told 5Pillars

“we were initially told to take down the flag by people on the podium and by someone at the demonstration (so) we moved across the road. We also told the police that we were in a public place so we saw no reason to take down the flag – we had as much right to protest as anyone else but the police kept hounding us.”

After the event Sarah Colborne admitted that the organisers of the event had made a clear request before the demonstration that only Palestinian flags should be raised. However, Colborne did not confirm or deny that any of the organisers had alerted the police of Mr Ali and Mr Maniscalco’s actions.

In her interview with 5pillars a few days after the arrest, Colborne produced the standard sound-bite outburst of diarrhea:

“we welcome all who stand with us in our opposition to all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Supporters of Palestinian rights encompass all faiths and none. Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, religious and non-religious people all stand together on this protest… We stand with Palestinians in their struggle for a future free of racism, colonialism and apartheid. There is no place for racism in a progressive movement fighting for justice and human rights.”

No secret that PSC under the rule of the ‘progressive’  Sarah Colborne was mainly concerned with anti-Semitism, racism and other Jewish sensitivities. Thequestion remains whether the PSC can resurrect itself, de-kosherize its act and support Palestine for real.  I hope it can but I do not hold my breath.

Letter drafted by IHRC* to the PSC following the 17 October arrest

We the undersigned are deeply concerned about events at last Saturday’s demonstration called by yourselves (17 October 2015).

It is reported that two long-time activists were harassed by other protestors, and ultimately arrested after being told by the police that the organisers and others had complained to them about the flag they were carrying. This came after:

•       organisers had called from the stage for all flags other than Palestinian flags to be lowered;

•       various persons were sent on behalf of the organisers to ask the activists to remove the flag;

•       and some protestors it would seem, emboldened by the organisers’ call, harassed both activists in a manner bordering on violence (one protestor was seen shouting abuse and breaking the flagpole used by one of the men eventually arrested).

The flag in question was the Hizbullah flag. At the time of writing we know that both of the protestors have been bailed pending a decision by the CPS on whether to charge them with supporting a proscribed organisation and encouraging others to support a proscribed organisation. When arrested they were questioned upon arrest by SO15 (the Counter Terrorism Command).

It has also been reported that police were asked by PSC to ask one of the men to remove banners in support of Palestinian prisoners from a previous demonstration.

As you are aware the anti-terrorism laws and regime are not only unjust, they have been used to target Muslims, and demonise some liberation movements, including some associated with the Palestinian struggle.

This vicious curtailment of civil liberties, the removal of Muslims from equality before the law and the demonisation of political causes that run counter to UK foreign policy, are all surely things that PSC should at the very least eschew and at most actively oppose.

If these arrests have come as a result of the organisers’ request to the police, it is a matter of great shame for PSC. Those involved in making those calls from the platform and contacting the police should resign their positions forthwith.

As a note, it is worth recognising that the two men arrested have spent every other week over the last three years holding vigils for Palestinian prisoners. The conditions of their bail – of extraordinary disproportionality – prevent them from contacting each other, forbid them from going to demonstrations and require them to sign at a police station three times a week. It is truly disgusting that such committed pro-Palestinian activists and their activities have been stopped in their tracks. Whilst there is no legal case to charge and convict them under anti-terorrism laws, the threat that hangs over them is a form of harassment that has already had the effect of closing down regular pro-Palestinian protests organised by one of these men. As you are doubtless aware one of these men was one of the pioneers of BDS some fifteen years ago, and has suffered many threats and abuse from pro-Israel groups and individuals.

Both these men should have been supported in their work by the organizers, not targeted. This sorry state of affairs has come through some level of instigtaion by the organizers. At the very least PSC must campaign for these two men. Please advise as to how you will be proceeding.

With deep regret,

•       Massoud Shadjareh, Chair of Islamic Human Rights Commission

•       Les Levidow, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities

•       Francesca Viceconti, visual artist and member of Artisit Against Apartheid (USA)

•       Fateh Party UK

•       Brighton and Hove PSC

•       John Tymon, Football Against Apartheid (Coordinator)

•       Badee Dwaik, Human Rights Defenders – Palestine (Coordinator)

*IHRC- Isalmic Human Right Commission


PFLP : Palestinian Authority Security Forces Attack Popular Demonstration

ramalalh2The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemned the Palestinian Authority security apparatus for its attack on and suppression of the popular Palestinian march in Ramallah organized by the National and Islamic Forces on Friday, December 25, marching toward Beit El.

The Front emphasized that the security forces attacked the participants in the march, beating marchers, journalists, and media workers, causing injuries and attempting to prevent coverage of the attack, including confiscating journalists’ cameras. This is serious evidence of the role of the Palestinian Authority in working against and suppressing the aspirations of our Palestinian people to escalate the intifada and continue confrontation.

The Front confirmed that these attacks violate all national principles, called for an immediate end to security cooperation between the PA and the Occupation, and emphasized the need to end once and for all the burden of the Oslo project on the Palestinian people on the political, security and economic levels, saying that these security agencies must be converted to provide defense of the Palestinian people and confront the attacks of the occupation and settlers, rather than to work hand in hand with the occupation to suppress Palestinian resistance while attacking Palestinian civilians.

The PFLP emphasizes that the Palestinian people choose the Intifada and confronting the occupier’s and settlers’ crimes despite the most brutal repression and the batons and bullets of the occupation, nd attempts to stop the uprising through the iron fist policy. If any force cannot support the movement of the Palestinian people and join the uprising of our people toward victory for the martyrs, that force must step aside.

Confronting the Obvious Truth : Palestinian Authority vs. the People


By Ramzy Baroud

Saeb Erekat is an enigmatic character. Despite minimal popularity among Palestinians, he is omnipresent, appears regularly on television and speaks with the moral authority of an accomplished leader whose legacy is rife with accolades and an astute, unwavering vision.

When Palestinians were polled by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) in August, just prior to the current Intifada, only 3 percent approved of his leadership – compared with the still meagre approval rating of 16 percent of his boss, Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas. Even those who are often cast as alternative leaders – Fatah leader, Marwan Barghouti, and former Gaza-based Hamas Government Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh – were nowhere near popular, achieving 10.5 and 9.8 percent of the vote respectively.

It was as if Palestinians were telling us and their traditional leaderships, in particular, that they are fed up with the old rhetoric, the constant let-downs, the unabashed corruption and the very culture of defeat that has permeated the Palestinian political elite for an entire generation.

Abbas has operated his political office on the assumption that, so long as Palestinians received their monthly salaries and are content with his empty promises and occasional threats – of resigning, resisting against Israel, lobbing bombshell speeches at the UN, etc. – then no one is likely to challenge his reign in Areas A and B – tiny cantons within the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Erekat has been the primary enabler of that PA charade, for he is the ‘chief negotiator’, whose protracted term in that precarious post has negotiated nothing of value for the Palestinians.

In 2002, I followed the Israeli invasion of the supposedly self-autonomous PA areas in the West Bank, when Erekat made an appeal on Al-Jazeera Arabic television to the Israeli Government to exercise sanity and common sense. The entire display of the PA leadership was beyond tragic, proof that it had no real authority of its own and no control over the events on the ground as Palestinian fighters battled the re-invading Israeli army. He appealed to Israel as if he felt genuinely betrayed by its military onslaught.

When Al Jazeera released thousands of secret documents in January 2011, revealing discussions behind closed doors between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators, Erekat held the lion’s share of blame. With a clear mandate from his superiors, he appeared uninterested in many Palestinian political aspirations, including Palestinian sovereignty in occupied East Jerusalem – the spark behind the current and previous Intifadas. He offered Israel the “biggest Yerushalaim in Jewish history, symbolic number of refugees return, demilitarised state… what more can I give?” he was quoted in the Palestine Papers.

What is particularly interesting about Erekat, and equally applicable to most PA leaders and officials, is that, no matter how devastating their roles – which they continue to play out, whether through political incompetence or outright corruption – they do not seem to go away. They may change position, hover around the same circle of failed leadership, but they tend to resurface and repeatedly regurgitate the same old language, clichés, empty threats and promises.

After retreating for a few weeks as Intifada youth took to the streets to protest the Israeli occupation, PA spokespersons, including Erekat, are now back on the scene, speaking of squandered opportunities for peace, two states and the entire inept discourse, as if peace was ever, indeed, at hand, and if the so-called ‘two state solution’ was ever a solution.

In a recent interview with Al-Jazeera’s ‘UpFront’, Erekat warned that the PA was on the verge of shutting down, as if the very existence of the PA was a virtue in itself. Established in 1994 as a transitional political body that would guide the process of Palestinian independence, the PA morphed to become a security arm that served as a first line of defense for the Israeli army, in addition to guarding its own interests. Billions of dollars later, and after intensive military training provided by the US, the UK, Italy, and other western and ‘moderate’ Arab countries, the PA security forces have done a splendid job of cracking down on any dissent among Palestinians.

So why is Erekat warning of the PA collapse as if the sorry leadership in Ramallah is the center of everything that Palestinians have ever aspired for? “Soon enough Netanyahu will find himself the only [one] responsible between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean because he is destroying the Palestinian Authority,” Erekat said. So what? According to the Geneva Conventions which designate Israel as the Occupying Power, Netanyahu is, indeed, responsible for the welfare, security and well-being of the occupied Palestinians, until a just political solution is assured and enforced by the international community.

Using the same tactic which, along with Abbas and other PA officials, was utilized repeatedly in the past, he vowed that “soon, very soon, you’re going to hear some decisions” about disbanding the PA.

It matters little what Erekat and his Ramallah circle determine as the proper course of action. Not only has his language become obsolete and his references irrelevant, but the entire Oslo ‘peace process’ travesty – which delivered nothing but more illegal settlements and military torment – was dead a long time ago. In fact, it was the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000 that killed Oslo and the ten years between the end of that uprising and the advent of a new one were filled with mere haggling and desperate attempts at breathing life into a ‘process’ that made some corrupt Palestinians a whole lot richer.

The hope is that the current Intifada will cleanse the residue of that dead process, and surpass the PA altogether, not through acts of violence and vengeance, but rather through the establishment of a new leadership manned by good women and men who are born in the heart of Palestinian Resistance, in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem. The new leadership cannot be imposed from above, or achieved after deliberation with ‘moderate’ Arabs, but selected through an organic, grassroots process that is blind to factional allegiances, religion, gender and family lineage.

Palestinian Intifadas do not liberate land but liberate people who assume their role in the struggle for national liberation. The 1936 Intifada liberated the fellahin peasants from the confines of the dominant clans and their allegiances to Arab regimes so that they could face up to the British and the Zionists; the 1987 Stone Intifada liberated the people from the grip of Tunisia-based factions, thus the establishment of the Unified National Leadership of the Intifada along with Hamas; the 2000 Intifada was a thwarted attempt at escaping the sins of Oslo and its empowered elite. For the current Intifada to achieve a degree of initial success, it must find a way to entirely dismiss those who took it upon themselves to negotiate Palestinian rights and to enrich themselves at the expense of the impoverished and oppressed Palestinian people.

If the Intifada is to be true to itself, it must seek to break not just the hegemony over the Palestinian political discourse which is unfairly championed by Erekat and his peers, but to break political boundaries as well, uniting all Palestinians around a whole new political agenda.

There are many opportunists who are ready to pounce upon the current mobilization in Palestine, to use the people’s sacrifices as they see fit and, ultimately, return to the status quo as if no blood has been shed and no oppression still in place.

After reiterating his support for the two-state solution which is now but a fading mirage, Erekat told Al-Jazeera, “We are fully supporting our people and their cry for freedom.”

I think not, Mr. Erekat. Twenty years is long enough to show that those who have taken part in their people’s oppression, cannot possibly be the advocates of their people’s freedom.

The War in Syria, Palestinian Alignment, and the NATO-Russia Battle for Influence


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3 Killed, Scores Injured in al-Quds, Ra’anana Operations Israeli Entity Declares Maximum Alert to Face Palestinian “Day of Anger”

Local Editor

The Zionist media reported on Tuesday that three Zionists were killed and more than 30 others were injured in gunfire and run over in Jerusalem and in two stabbing operations in Ra’anana.

Zionist bus after a Palestinian operation

The “Voice of Israel” website said the two operations have taken place in al-Quds (Jerusalem), which killed two people and left about 20 wounded.

“In the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood south of Jerusalem, two Palestinians boarded a bus and opened fire before they stabbed passengers. Then police rushed to the place and opened fire on them,” the website stated.

One of the Palestinians was killed and the other was wounded, it added.

“Voice of Israel” said that one Zionist was killed in the attack and four other people were critically injured. A number of Zionists were slightly injured.

Source: Al-Manar Website

13-10-2015 – 14:37 Last updated 13-10-2015 – 14:37


Israeli Entity Declares Maximum Alert to Face Palestinian “Day of Anger”

Zionist policeThe Zionist occupation declared a state of maximum alert in the occupied West Bank  in preparation for the “Palestinian Day of Anger” on Tuesday.

According to Israeli sources, occupation forces fear that this day may be turned into violent confrontations in parts of the occupied West Bank, al-Quds, and the Gaza Strip.

National, Islamic and civil forces have called for a wide participation on Tuesday’s anger day.

Source: Al-Manar Website

13-10-2015 – 12:35 Last updated 13-10-2015 – 12:35

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PFLP Denounces Palestinian Authority Security Forces’ Attacks on Protesters


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denounced the Palestinian Authority security apparatus’ suppression and attacks of marches held in the occupied West Bank in support of our people in occupied Jerusalem, including the beating of a child in Bethlehem with batons and feet, as a crime violating all national principles.

The Front stated that all justifications, excuses, and even security agencies’ stated “recognition of error” or apologies are insufficient and do not justify the continued suppression of protest.

Furthermore, said the Front, such attacks are not isolated cases or behavior by a few individuals of the security services, but instead represent an authoritarian approach that oppresses the Palestinian people and violates their rights in the service of the occupation project, whether directly or indirectly.

The Front emphasized the need to end once and for all the burden of the Oslo project on the Palestinian people on the political, security and economic levels, saying that these security agencies must be converted to provide defense of the Palestinian people and confront the attacks of the occupation and settlers, rather than to work hand in hand with the occupation to suppress Palestinian resistance while attacking Palestinian civilians.

PFLP: Occupation must pay a heavy price for its ongoing crimes

diaa-talahmehThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine salutes and mourns the martyr, Diaa Abdul Halim Talahmeh, who was killed by Israeli occupation army fire at Kharsa crossroads at southern Dura, south of al-Khalil. This crime and all of the crimes of the occupation will not be allowed to pass without the occupation paying a heavy price.

Amid the ongoing shedding of Palestinian blood, the escalation of the mass uprising of youth with stones and Molotov cocktails in the streets of Jerusalem and across the West Bank is a brilliant symbol of the continuing struggle of our people despite the vast sacrifices they have given, amid the escalation of Zionist terror. At this time it is particularly important to reemphasize the armed resistance to inflict serious losses upon the soldiers, settlers and the infrastructure of occupation.

The increase in the shooting of Palestinians at roadblocks and checkpoints which has led to the killing and wounding of many Palestinian civilians, is the practical manifestation of the resolutions and statements of the fascist occupation regime expanding its soldiers’ targeting and aggresion against our people. It requires urgent action at the international level to move beyond condemnation of these crimes and act to stop the ongoing war crimes against our people throughout occupied Palestine.

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PFLP Calls for Unity and Action in Occupied Jerusalem to Confront Zionist Attacks


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called for the reformation of a unified national leadership in occupied Jerusalem, in order to confront the systematic war waged by the Zionist occupation of the city and its holy sites, especially as the situation holds the potential for the outbreak of a massive uprising, behind which all must unite and participate.

“The criminal aggression by the Zionist enemy, breaking into Al-Aqsa Mosque and invading various neighborhoods of Jerusalem, requires the convening of emergency sessions of the PLO Executive Committee and Central Council, in order to take a decision to form a unified national leadership for the start of a popular Intifada. This leadership must involve all of the factions, without exception, and the leadership of young people and various sectors of society. This moment holds the potential to spark a popular uprising,” said Comrade Abu Ahmad Fuad, Deputy General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Front emphasized that the escalating serious events in occupied Jerusalem require a unified national leadership that is prepared to direct the mass movement in Jerusalem, support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people of the city, and activate Popular Committees to confront the terror of the occupation, its army and its colonists. The official Palestinian bodies and authorities have entirely failed to meet their responsibilities about the Zionist attack on Jerusalem, amid Arab official silence and international imperialist complicity with the Zionist entity.

The Front considered that the risks to Jerusalem are real and systematic, a war in the true sense of the word. The occupation has begun the implementation of its plans to divide Al-Aqsa Mosque temporally and spatially, and continues to attack, invade and wound dozens inside it, attacking journalists in order to prevent them from sharing the truth, as well as attacking ambulances and abducting the injured for arrest and interrogation. These striking developments come alongside the actions of the criminal Israeli state under Netanyahu in further repressing “stone-throwers” with massive prison sentences and threats of sniper fire.

The Front demanded the Palestinian resistance factions exercise their power to target the Zionist entity militarily, in particular its security and military positions and colonies, and saying that the West Bank and Jerusalem will rise up to confront the occupation in a state of permanent clashes and confrontation. The Front saluted the people of the city of Jerusalem, its youth, men, women, children and elders who continue to resist Zionist terror.

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Abbas Tortures Palestinians for israel

By Stephen Lendman

Abbas Tortures Palestinians for Israel

Mahmoud Abbas is a longtime Israeli collaborator, an illegitimate Palestinian president, a Judas belonging in prison for his high crimes – a flagrant human and civil rights violator, the Al Haq human rights group explained.

It documented numerous PA freedom of expression violations – especially targeting journalists, human rights workers, imams and students.

On September 7, it headlined “A Failed Justice System: Torture and Ill-Treatment in Palestinian Prisons.” Muhammad Ahmad Salah was lawlessly detained for 65 days – subjected to torture and ill-treatment throughout his ordeal.

On June 21, 2015, it began. Arrested at work, he was taken to PA intelligence headquarters in Tulkarem – then transferred hours later to its Nablus facility.

He was blindfolded and shackled – then taken to a cell with no ventilation. His interrogation began at midnight while forced to stand with his arms lifted facing the wall (the Shabeh position) for two hours.

Seven interrogators ordered him to confess and “say what he has to say.” After returned to his cell, he was forced to maintain the Shabeh position until 2:00PM the next day – guards monitoring him to assure it.

He collapsed from exhaustion, revived with no medical care, returned to his cell and forced to remain standing. At 9:00PM, interrogation resumed.

He denied false charges of planning attacks on Palestinian officials. His detention was extended another 48 hours. Fabricated accusations continued. So did mistreatment.

On June 25, a Nablus magistrate court justice extended his detention an additional 15 days. The PA prosecutor general falsely accused him of organizing armed militias.

He was severely beaten in his cell, his left foot bound to his left arm tied around his neck, and forced to stand on one foot. He collapsed in extreme pain.

Beatings continued. Each time he tried standing, he fell. Ill-treatment continued for hours. The next day, he was taken to a medical center, prohibited from lying down, injected with a pain reliever and returned to his cell.

Torture and ill-treatment continued for days. On July 9, his detention was extended another 15 days. The same pattern of horrific abuse followed – then 15 more days of detention ordered.

On August 6, a Tukarem magistrate court judge ordered him released. Instead, he was transferred to a Bethlehem prison, held six days, then another 13 in a Tulkarem intelligence prison.

On August 23, his ordeal ended. He was released but not freed. All Palestinians, especially male youths and adults, can be arrested and detained any time for any reason or none at all – by Israeli or complicit Palestinian authorities.

Fundamental human and civil rights are systematically denied. Muhammad Ahmad Salah’s treatment is common practice. Al Haq said the number of tortured and abused detainees increased significantly this year.

Israeli and Palestinian security authorities are responsible for these crimes – systematically violating the Convention against Torture and other fundamental human rights laws.

Law Professor Francis Boyle accused Israel of committing “heinous war crimes…every day…against the Palestinian people,” including willful killings, torture and other high crimes.

PA officials operate largely the same way against their own people – serving Israeli interests, profiting from betraying the people they’re sworn to protect.


Hamas arrested Gaza rocket launchers, and Israel president wouldn’t rule out Hamas talks

Hamas: We arrested Gaza rocket launchers

Ynet 27 May by Elior Levy —

Hamas source tells Ynet rocket fire is ‘against the interests of the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip,’ noting there are mediation efforts underway in attempt to calm situation — Hamas arrested the militants behind the rocket launched Tuesday night at southern Israel, a Hamas source told Ynet on Wednesday.  A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit an open area in southern Israel on Tuesday night. No damage was caused, but one teenager was treated for shock. The IAF retaliated against the rocket fire, striking Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees targets near the Gaza airport in the southern part of the Strip, as well as Hamas targets in Beit Lahiya in the northern part of the Strip, Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported. The Palestinians reported no injuries in the attacks. “What happened yesterday (the rocket fire) goes against the interests of the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip and against our national interests,” the Hamas source said. “We consider the rocket fire to be a dangerous thing.” “Right after the rocket fire, our security forces were deployed to different places across the Strip and hunted for the shooters until they were found and arrested,” the source continued. He noted there were mediation efforts underway between Israel and Hamas in an attempt to de-escalate the situation as soon as possible. While refusing to elaborate on who the mediators were, he said Egypt was not involved.,7340,L-4661772,00.html


Israel president wouldn’t rule out Hamas talks

JERUSALEM (AFP) 27 May — Israeli President Reuven Rivlin appeared to challenge a longstanding taboo on talks with the militant Islamic Hamas on Wednesday, saying he favoured dialogue with everybody. The role of president is largely ceremonial, but during a tour of northern Israel a reporter asked Rivlin his opinion on talks with Hamas, the de facto power in the Gaza Strip. “It is really not important to me with whom I speak, but rather about what we are speaking,” he replied in remarks broadcast on television and radio. “I have no aversion to holding negotiations with anyone who is prepared to negotiate with me,” he said. “The question is what they want to negotiate about. If they want to negotiate my very existence, then I would not negotiate with them.” Israel, along with much of the international community, maintains a ban on overt, direct contacts with Hamas, although it held indirect truce talks through Egyptian mediators after last year’s war in Gaza.


Mogherini calls for resuming Palestinian-Israeli peace process

BRUSSELS (AFP) 27 May — EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini called Wednesday on Israel and the Palestinians to resume peace negotiations, saying the situation on the ground was “not sustainable.” Mogherini issued the remarks after eyewitnesses said the Israeli air force carried out four strikes on militant targets in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday, hours after a cross-border rocket attack on the Jewish state. “We see the situation on the ground as not sustainable and (it is) an illusion to think the status quo is an option,” Mogherini said at the opening of an annual meeting in Brussels of the donor coordination group for the Palestinians. “As we have seen (in the) last hours on Gaza there is no status quo at all. If we don’t have positive steps, we will have negative steps,” said Mogherini, who last week traveled to the region to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leaders.


Palestinians drop bid to have FIFA suspend Israel

ZURICH (AFP) 29 May by Ryland James — Palestinian football chief Jibril Rajoub withdrew his association’s bid to have FIFA suspend Israel from international football on Friday before shaking hands with his Israeli counterpart. “I have decided to drop the resolution for the suspension,” Rajoub told the FIFA congress in Zurich before shaking the hand of Israeli FA president Ofer Eini. “A lot of colleagues, whom I respect and whose commitment to the ethics and values of the game I appreciate, told me how painful it is to hear of the issue of suspension. “But I want to protect the Palestinian footballers, to let them enjoy the privilege of the game as others do.” But Rajoub demanded that FIFA help tackle racism and problems of movement facing Palestinian players in the occupied West Bank before waving a red card at delegates to emphasise his point. “I think it’s time to raise the red card against racism and humiliation in Palestine and everywhere. It is time,” he fumed. Palestine, which has been a FIFA member since 1998, had wanted the governing body to expel Israel over its restrictions on the movement of Palestinian players. It had also opposed the participation in the Israeli championships of five clubs located in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. In an equally passionate address, Israeli football chief Eini said it is now up to the two associations to find a common ground to promote football and help each other in the troubled region. “Football must serve as a bridge to peace,” said Eini … A FIFA committee, which will include figures from both the Israeli and Palestinian governing bodies, will be set up to resolve issues facing those in football on the West Bank after the congress voted for the initiative.–sow.html

Palestinians withdraw call to suspend Israel from Fifa

The Guardian 29 May by Peter Beaumont in Jerusalem — Sepp Blatter overrules attempt to refer status of Israeli clubs to UN, prompting Palestinian Football Association to drop suspension motion — The Palestinian Football Association has withdrawn its call to have Israel suspended from Fifa in a chaotic last minute climbdown at the congress of football’s governing body in Zurich. Following days of negotiations, and the mediation of Fifa president Sepp Blatter, the Palestinian moves at the scandal-ridden congress appeared comprehensively outmanoeuvred by feverish Israeli lobbying and the opposition of senior Fifa officials, including Blatter. As details of an impending deal emerged, the Palestinian delegation came out of the last round of talks expecting the congress to vote on an amendment to refer the main sticking point, the status of five Israeli clubs based in illegal settlements on the West Bank, to the United Nations. But the Palestinian move was overruled by Blatter, to the clear dismay of the Palestinian delegation, whose lawyer tried to appeal from the floor. Instead, the issue will be referred to a new Fifa committee. Palestinian delegation members complained after the vote that the amendment voted on was not the one it had drawn up, which called explicitly for UN referral. The announcement came at the end of a long day in which Palestinian delegation members had insisted they would not back down on the suspension vote … Following the withdrawal of the request to suspend Israel over claims of its racist and discriminatory policies towards Palestinian football, 90% of delegates voted to set up a new monitoring inspections committee to oversee a mechanism to ensure movement of players and equipment. The size of the vote in favour of the motion – 165-18 – is likely to be the only consolation for the Palestinian side, which has been pushing a long-term campaign over what it says are Israeli abuses of Palestinian football. The outcome seemed certain to be a cause for celebration for Israel.

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Mazal Tov To Ludwig Watzal and The ‘Call For BDS’

May 20, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

 By Gilad Atzmon

It is encouraging to read that Ludwig Watzal, my prime detractor in Germany, has now fully embraced my criticism of Jewish liberals and the Jewish Left. Watzal now admits that the BDS Movement has been hijacked by Liberal Zionists.

Just a few years ago, Watzal labelled me a racist and an ‘anti-Semite’ for suggesting in “The Wandering Who” that the Jewish Left operates as a controlled opposition apparatus.

Watzal’s review of The Wandering Whocomplained that: “The book is very well written, which make its harmful and racist theses more dangerous.” His review also said, Atzmon’s “hatred is directed not only against the Zionists, but above all against Jewish Left, left anti-Zionists and those who oppose the Israeli government policy as Jews.”

But Watzal’s views appear to have evolved.

In an article published yesterday by MWCNEWS, one of my favourite dissident outlets, Watzal succumbs to my reasoning.  Watzal quotes me verbatim in his new article “Is The BDS Movement Hijacked By Liberal Zionists?”, but for some reason Watzal forgot to attribute my words to me. Sadly, integrity still hasn’t made it into Left culture, but we should not give hope, we shall give our allies on the left as much time as they need to catch up.

The following is a segment from my talk last week at the LA Levantine Cultural Centre:

Since 2012 I’ve been voicing criticism of the change that was introduced into the BDS goal statement by Omar Barghouti in a clandestine manner and behind the backs of the Palestinian people.

And here is Ludwig Watzal from yesterday’s article:

“The BDS movement was launched in 2005 with sound goals. The first was “ending the occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall.” The phrase “all Arab lands” included also the territory of the State of Israel. This was interpreted by Zionist forces as delegitimizing the State of Israel. In 2010, that goal was secretly changed to the following: “Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the Wall.” This change took place only in the English, but not in the Arabic version.

BDS and its main protagonists are financially supported by Georges Soros. He supports so-called progressive liberal causes and is considered a philanthropist and a liberal Zionist.”

It is crucial to understand that both BDS leader Omar Barghouti and BDS advocate Electronic Abunimah have been confronted numerous times and asked to explain publicly the treacherous change inserted into the BDS goal statement. Both Barghouti and Abunimah have repeatedly avoided the question and have refused to address the matter.

I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate Ludwig Watzal for his courageous step in favour of the truth. Truth and Justice are the road to peace.

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Abbas sells out to israel, will not press ICC on illegal settlement building

PA to pause ICC steps in exchange for tax revenues

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — When the Palestinian Authority joins the International Criminal Court on April 1, it will hold off on steps to against Israel regarding settlement construction, Israeli media reported Sunday.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper reported that the decision follows Israel’s release of seized tax revenues.

According to the report, the ICC prosecutor has opened a preliminary examination on alleged Israeli war crimes during its devastating summer 2014 assault on Gaza.

Israel’s prime minister’s office announced Friday that Israel would release the funds it collects on the PA’s behalf and withheld as punishment for its move to join the ICC.

“Tax revenues that have been accumulated through February will be transferred, after payments for services to the Palestinian population have been deducted, including electricity, water and hospital bills,” a statement said.

Israel froze the transfer at the beginning of January, after the Palestinians moved to join the ICC, where they would be able to sue Israeli officials.

The decision came 10 days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected and subsequently chosen to form the next government.

Palestine formally becomes a member of the ICC in April and can proceed with legal action there.

According to the statement, the decision to release the funds was based on “humanitarian concerns and in overall consideration of Israel’s interests at this time,” among other factors.

“Given the deteriorating situation in the Middle East, one must act responsibly and with due consideration alongside a determined struggle against extremist elements,” it quoted Netanyahu as saying.

Every month, Israel transfers to the PA around $127 million in customs duties levied on goods destined for Palestinian markets that transit through Israeli ports. Excluding foreign aid, these revenues make up around two-thirds of the authority’s annual budget.

World powers had called on Israel to release the funds, while a senior Palestinian official said withholding the money is an Israeli ploy aimed at collapsing the PA.

AFP contributed to this report.

Lol: Abbas Decides to End Security Cooperation with ’Israel’ but Talks with ’Israel’ Still on Table

PLO Body Decides to End Security Cooperation with ’Israel’
Local Editor

Abbas Says Talks with ’Israel’ Still on Table

The Palestinian Liberation Organization’s central council decided Thursday to end security cooperation with ‘Israel’, in a potentially explosive move after the Zionist entity cut off a key source of funds.

The PLO council decided “to stop security cooperation in all its forms with the occupying power” which it urged to “take over full responsibility for the Palestinian people in the occupied State of Palestine, the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza”.

Source: AFP

05-03-2015 – 22:18 Last updated 05-03-2015 – 22:18

Palestinian Calls to Boycott Israeli Elections in ’48 Territories
Local Editor
Palestinain ActivistThe Arabs in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 reiterated their calls to boycott the upcoming Israeli Knesset elections.The Palestinian activists considered that the move aims at preventing the Zionist PM Banjamin Netanyahu from exploiting the Arab votes in its competition with his opponents.The Palestinians will not legitimize the Israeli occupation, they added.

Source: Al Manar TV

05-03-2015 – 20:57 Last updated 05-03-2015 – 20:57

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