«Israel» from the Inside … at a Crossroads

Jihad Haidar

“Israel” is at a crossroads. This is not the analytical point of view from anyone in the axis of resistance…or its supporters. It is not a report from those that are unfamiliar with the actual situation in the “Israeli” entity. But it is rather a cry launched by [“Israeli”] President Reuven Rivlin during the Herzliya Conference, a repetition of a similar warning during the course of the past year.

Jewish settlers

Indeed, his tone and the logic upon which he based his speech were overwhelmed by pessimism, even though he stressed that it was possible to avoid the worst-case scenario if a deliberate plan with a specified target was introduced.

What is the data that the “President” of the “Israeli” entity relied on, and what are the prospects and repercussions of this path, which he feared?

Analysts and those who follow “Israeli” affairs are accustomed to focusing their approaches on the political and security situations. But the domestic political scene in “Israel” has now become the focus of that analysis.

In “Israel” there is a parallel movement no less important, even though it does not receive the attention of many in the outside world, but it substantially affects “Israel’s” future especially since it affects the national immunity and economic and social realities of the entity.

Talking about ethnic, religious, and ideological diversity in “Israeli” society may not be new. But this situation has persisted in “Israeli” society since the beginning of its formation and transformation into a ‘state’. The origins of the changes taking place in “Israel” revolve around this fact, but with a unique addition that changed every equation inside “Israel.”

Previously, secularists dominated the political and social reality in “Israel,” reflected in all [of the entity’s] political, security and judicial institutions and even the social and economic spheres.

In addition to the majority, there were minorities, represented by the Zionist Religious party, the Haredi Judaism party [ultra-Orthodox], and of course, along with the Palestinian minority that remained in “Israel” since its declaration of independence in 1948. Based on this background, there was no sense of threat to the social reality in “Israel.”

What is new now, according to Rivlin is that a “new order” is being formed in “Israel.” He stresses that it is not in anticipation of the future but is a reality “Israel” is living, better reflected in the selection of first year students within the “Israeli” education system.

The [“Israeli”] “President” cited official and accurate statistics, concluding that about 38% of the students are secular, nearly 15% are religious Zionists, and about 25% are Palestinian students, with roughly the same number of ultra-orthodox religious people [religious Haredis].

As a result of this formation, it seems clear that in Israel there is no longer a clear majority and a clear minority, but a reality that is composed – according to the “Israeli” “president” – of “four tribes” similar in terms of size.

However, a problem emerges in that the bulk of this diversity exists within the Jewish community, making them the clear majority and decisive with respect to the Palestinians, and this is true. But this diversity has its repercussions on the social and economic reality and this was the reason for the cry and warnings of the [“Israeli”] “President” and the recent Herzliya Conference. This issue was the central focus of the meetings in an attempt to look for solutions to avoid the worst-case scenario, which worries the “Israeli” leaders.

First of all, it should be emphasized that this diversity is one of the fundamental contributions to the right wing’s domination of the political arena. This is because the Zionist and Haredi [ultra-Orthodox] parties are automatically part of the right-wing camp. Added on top comes the hard core from the secular right wing, which leads to the preponderance of the right in the elections. In addition, the bulk of the changes in the polls are largely the result of shifts within the right-wing camp itself, from this party to that.

Furthermore, it should be recalled that the recruitment of the army does not include “the Palestinian sector”, which is understandable… also the sons of the Haredi party reject enlistment in the army for ideological and “legitimate” reasons. Attempts – under the banner of equality in bearing the burden of responsibility, through the enactment of a law – to impose conscription on them failed.

Coalition accounts imposed on Netanyahu were designed to undo this law. The Haredi parties did not agree to join the government before the decision to re-amend the [conscription] law and that is what happened…

Given the percentages of the ultra-Orthodox and the Palestinian [who hold “Israeli” citizenship] sectors, it is clear that half the population of the “Israeli” entity will not enlist in the army after several years…

Also, the most important implications of this social reality are connected to “Israel’s” economic future. This is what the [“Israeli”] President has repeatedly warned about,

“if we do not reduce the existing gaps between the ratios of involvement in the labor market and the levels of wage for the Arab and Haredi groups which are expected to represent half the workforce in the future,
“Israel” cannot maintain being a nation with an advanced economy, but the harsh and painful pandemic of poverty will increase, which has already hit the “Israeli” entity and is spreading.”

In light of the above, the clear fact is that “Israel” is now positioned at a historic juncture, on the social level, and according to Rivlin, it stands at a “crossroads” that will determine its current options and social, economic and political future…

Source: Al-Ahed News, Translated and Edited by website team

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Israel: 88,000 millionaires but 34% children live in poverty

The 2015 Global Wealth Report, published by Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse in October 2015, claimed that among five million Israeli Jews, there were 17 billionaires and 88,000 millionaires. According to the report, about 124,000 members of the world’s top percentile come from Israel. That proves Israel to be a rich parasite state.

In December 2015, Israel’s National Insurance Institute reported that 34% of Israeli children live below poverty line while 1.7 million Israeli families live in poverty.

No wonder the Holocaust Industry is on look to squeeze more blood from Western Christian nations. Recently, Jewish Lobby has even included Iran on its “Holocaust Suckers” list, not to mention that Iranian diplomat saved 2000 Jews from the Nazis.

Canadian journalist and author Greg Felton in his 2010 book, The Host and The Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America, explains how American traitor politicians let Jewish Lobby rob US-taxpayers’ hard-earned money for Israel  and then uses a fraction of it to maintain their loyalty to a foreign regime. Though US lawmakers receive payments and support from the AIPAC in exchange for their loyalty to Israel, the American taxpayer is left footing the bill (watch video below).

The Zionist entity has received over $3 trillions in aid and soft-loans from Washington since 1970s. More than 46% of annual USAID goes to Israel. Israel also receives $3 billions military aid annually since 2009. It’s due to expire in 2017, and now Israel wants it to be increased to $4.5 billions in order to bless the US-Iran nuclear agreement.

If any other nation had received 10% of such privileges, the US lawmakers would have demanded its total loyalty to the US – but Israel is an exceptional case. Israel maintain its largest espionage network in America. Israeli jets bombed USS Liberty in 1967, killing 34 Americans and injuring over 170.

Even when two AIPAC employees were indicted on espionage charges in 2005, and it was determined that they had obtained classified US government information illegally and passed it to Israeli agents, the charges were quietly dropped on technicalities. AIPAC fired both employees and issued a statement that they were fired because their actions did not comport with AIPAC standards. One of the fired employees, Steven Rosen, filed a lawsuit for defamation, claiming his actions were, in fact, common practice at AIPAC.

Critics point out how much brighter our future would be if we had invested these billions or trillions in veteran rehabilitation and care, education, job creation, social security, housing, environmental clean-up and prevention, roads, bridges, health care, and scientific and health research. Or if Americans had simply held onto their tax dollars and used them as they saw fit, in our own economy. If some of the higher estimates are closer to the mark, our support for Israel could easily have covered the $700 billion TARP bailout with a great deal left over for massive stimulus spending and/or tax breaks.

If Israel were using these funds for a good purpose, one could debate whether the price was worth it. But Israel uses most of the money to prolong a 45-year military occupation (which regularly involves gross violations of international law), commit egregious human rights violations, and destroy billions of dollars worth of Palestinian homes and infrastructure while building illegal Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land,” Pamela Olson wrote at Scott Net on April 2, 2013.

The Liberation of the Year 2000: This is How ’Israel’ Gave In to Hizbullah



Mleeta… the Land of Resistance, Purity and Jihad

كيف يستذكر الفلسطينيون في الضفة الغربية نصر آيار؟

This is How ’Israel’ Gave In to Hizbullah: The Liberation of the Year 2000

This is How ’Israel’ Gave In to Hizbullah: The Liberation of the Year 2000

Jihad Haidar

The liberation of Lebanese occupied territories in 2000 was just a culmination of an ascending path of victories Hizbullah recorded in confronting various types of wars waged by the “Israeli” enemy. During this period “Israeli” positions and the positions of the army of Antoine Lahad stretched along what was known as the “security belt”.

What distinguishes the act of resistance from regular warfare is that it is a cumulative effort that aims to drain the occupation on all levels. It pushes the occupier to a point where its leadership and audience force upon it the decision to withdraw.

Thus, the continuation of a serious and effective resistance was a pivotal challenge and critical to achieving victory. However, since the resistance was cumulative, it was natural that there would be repercussions on the “Israeli” [domestic] arena. It was only when all of the [“Israeli”] army’s efforts to stop the bloody killings of its forces in the occupied areas failed that “Israeli” public opinion demanded and pressured its political leadership to withdraw from Lebanon and restore stability to the settlements in the north that were targeted by the resistance’s missiles in response to “Israeli” attacks against civilian areas in Lebanon.

Stages and the bets of the enemy

In glancing at the years leading up to the liberation, we notice that the “Israeli” gambles went through phases, correlating with political and security developments. But the gamble that persisted throughout all of these stages during the confrontation, revolved around the possibility that the resistance may age over time, while despair takes over its supporters as sacrifices grow.

Despite all that, every stage had its own gambles. At times the gambles centered on the regional and internal Lebanese developments. At other times, the “Israeli” gamble focused on the effects of the [Arab-“Israeli”] “peace process”, which was launched in Madrid and achieved breakthroughs on the Palestinian and Jordanian fronts.

Initially the “Israeli” hopes were pinned on the production of a regional political reality that would lead to the demise of the resistance as an option of glory in confronting threats. Meanwhile the various stages of the negotiations were accompanied by psychological and political warfare aimed at presenting the resistance as an absurd option and curbing the motivation of the resistance fighters while exhausting the patience of its followers.

At the operational level, “Israel” feared a repetition of the consequences of the military incursion option to settle scores with Hizbullah. So the military leadership at the time tried to create alternative operational options that Hizbullah aborted through its steadfastness, tactics, firmness, and determination to continue the path of resistance.

“Israel” adopted several options, one of which was to launch massive attacks that targeted civilian areas, in order to turn the public against the resistance.

The July 1993 aggression (Operation Accountability), the April 1996 aggression (Operation Grapes of Wrath), and other operations focused on targeting the leaders as well as the Jihadi and Mujahidin staff of the resistance, including His Eminence the Secretary-General of Hizbullah martyr Sayyed Abbas Musawi (RA).

Instead, Hizbullah was able to counter these Israeli efforts, securing an internal [Israeli] consensus, which took into account the mounting human cost within “Israeli” army ranks.

The theory (or the equation) is as follows: “Israel” needs to continue occupying Lebanese territory regarding it as a «security belt» aimed at protecting its northern border. But Hizbullah transformed the “Israeli” presence on Lebanese territory to a wounded occupation and costly to the “Israeli” society to the extent that forced the army chief of staff at the time, Amnon Shahak, to admit that his soldiers were like sitting ducks for Hizbullah fighters.

The missile strategy adopted by the resistance turned the occupation into the reason behind the deterioration of security in the northern [“Israeli”] settlements. Rockets were fired in response to any aggression against Lebanese civilian areas.

The missile strategy also transformed the settlements in northern [“Israel”] to a handicap for the movement of the occupation forces, which now had to take into account the possibility of the settlements being targeted when studying their options in expanding their aggression. This reality turned into an additional burden for the occupying entity that deepened its losses and drained it.

That is how Hizbullah excelled in imposing the equation of expanding the response in confronting the policy of expanding aggression. The current “Israeli” chief of staff of the enemy’s army, Gadi Eizenkot, was one of the prominent figures to admit this equation when he explained in a lecture – back when he was in command of the northern region- saying: “Hizbullah was very keen on not targeting “Israeli” towns with rockets unless it was in response to “Israeli” operations…. And if memory serves me right, targeting “Israeli” towns with rockets, as we said above, was in response to operations by the “Israeli” army that Hizbullah considered crossing a line”.

Based on the above and after a series of failed gambles and evidence of the futility of operational options adopted by the army of the enemy, the decision-makers in Tel Aviv found that the Jewish entity had but two realistic options:

Either to withdraw back to its borders or to continue the human attrition in the security belt and the security attrition in the north of “Israel”.

So that is how the “Israeli” leadership, represented by Prime Minister Ehud Barak at the time, found that the only way to get rid of the Lebanese quagmire is to get out of it, even unilaterally and without any agreements or security or political preparations. That is what happened.

Source: al-Ahed News, Translated and Edited by website team


بدعة تعديل المبادرة العربية وطوق النجاة لنتنياهو

السعودية تهب نتنياهو ما لا تملك في فلسطين | العالم


Gilad Atzmon on the 3rd Intifada and the New Religious War (Press TV)

By Gilad Atzmon

October 10, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

Those who were naive enough to buy into the idea that the Israeli Palestinian battle is a ‘political conflict’ must revise their perception of this matter. The images of religiously motivated Israelis and Palestinians stabbing each other with knives and screwdrivers reveal a simple and undeniable truth — we are witnessing a colossal religious and ethnic conflict. Unlike ‘political disputes,’ religious and ethnic disputes are rarely resolved, at best; such disputes can be temporarily suppressed. The current conflict in Israel is violence at the most personal level. Tragically, this phenomenon is a persistent theme throughout Jewish history.

The Jewish State was born, in part, to provide a safe haven for the Jews. In the 1930-40s European Jews were brutally harassed in the streets and murdered with impunity. Zionism promised to remedy the situation; it also vowed to reinvent the Jew, to make him and her into a lovable civilised being by means of ‘homecoming’. Yet, the bankruptcy of Zionism has become increasingly obvious. Not only has Israel failed to provide the goods; Israel is the only place where Jews are chased in the streets and stabbed merely for being Jews.

Furthermore, Israel, that promised to present the world with a primary and exemplary case of Jewish ethical collective existence, has proven to be the complete opposite. Israel is a radical manifestation of Jewish racism.  It is a humongous amplification of the Jewish symptom. Israel’s legal system is racially driven and inherently supremacist. Israeli policies are often criminal and verge on genocidal. And Israeli secular politics are consistent with the most radical interpretation of Judaic tribal chauvinism.

While the political is commonly realised as an institutionalised attempt to advance particular ideas or goals, in Palestine we currently see the opposite – a final expression of fatigue of the political and the politicians. Young people, Jews and Arabs, are stabbing each other.  While the political aims to channel personal aspirations into a collective mode of thought, the individualisation of violence is a symptom of exasperation with the political. The young Palestinian shaid (martyr) sacrifices his or her future and sometimes life on the altar of the ultimate liberation – emancipation from hopeless reality imposed by Jewish racism.

Frankfurt School graduates and Identity politics merchants may interject at this point and offer their favourite cliché: ‘the personal is political.’ The reality in Palestine suggests the opposite. For the Palestinian, the personal is a dead end and an end in itself. The simple private act of violence is both the end and the means and has little to do with the political. It is a total repudiation of the political – the violence offers a heroic redemption from futile politics that lead nowhere.

From a Palestinian perspective, stabbing provides martyrdom. It is as heroic as it is lethal. But Israelis and Jews should ask themselves how did this happen once again? Why are they stabbed in their streets? Why did they fail to become lovable? Why is anti Semitism rising again?

The answer is simple. For Zionism to succeed Jews had to emancipate themselves from Jewishness (tribal supremacy); but could they? Could they form a Judaic entity devoid of Jewishness? Could they liberate themselves from themselves?  Apparently, the answer is categorically negative. Israel was doomed from the day of its inception and all of the other forms of Jewish political grouping, Zionist as well as ‘anti’ are not in such great shape either.

The disaster that Judaism won’t survive


Both internationally and in Israel itself the distinction between the state’s Jewish character and its democratic regime is growing more acute.

ed note–a fascinating read, for several reasons–

1. It highlights what we here at TUT have been saying for sometime–that there is panic within the Judaic community over the violent, racist antics amongst the more rabid members of the pack–i.e. Netanyahu & co–that all the various manifestations of these particular members are tearing the mask of what the real nature of Judaism is.

2. The words that the author used in describing how Judaism is ‘being shaped’–a ‘violent ethnic identity, a Spartan religion of a nation of masters, an atavistic, nationalist entity, which instead of conducting a dialogue with modernity is choosing to divest itself of liberal traits it had already internalized, including some that were always ingrained in it’–This is not how Judaism is ‘being shaped’, but rather what Judaism IS and more importantly, what it ALWAYS WAS.

The Jewish state and its rabid, racist, violent behavior (as exhibited in the various massacres it has waged from Deir Yassin to Gaza to the massacres it has helped bring about in Iraq, Syria, Libya and what it would like to see take place in Iran) is exactly, 100% rabbi-certified Kosher and right on track with what the nature of the Jewish state is. Everything that has taken place was as difficult to predict as the massacre of chickens after the farmer stupidly allowed the fox to guard the henhouse.

The frightening thing is that the individual writing this piece, along with a good number of others within the Jewish community who would agree with him, do not see this for what it is, despite the fact that year after year, they get together and celebrate the very same religious/nationalistic holidays such as Passover, Purim, etc, which are, in and of themselves, the outgrowth of a religious mindset that is best described as ‘violent’, concerned with ‘ethnic identity’, a ‘Spartan religion’ of a ‘nation of masters,’ and ‘atavistic’. 

But more frightening than the willing blindness on the part of the author is the fact that, as Ariel Sharon who was once quoted saying the following–

‘Even today I am willing to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us, to pull the rug out from underneath the feet of the Diaspora Jews, so that they will be forced to run to us crying. Even if it means blowing up a few synagogues, I don’t care. And I don’t mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal… What your kind doesn’t understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.’

‘Dirty business’, which includes–besides  ‘killing Arabs’–blowing up the world.

Tomer Persico for Harretz

About five weeks after the election, we can declare the advent of a new genre among those who write about Israel in the international media: the lamentation. It’s hard to find a media outlet, certainly in the Western democracies, that hasn’t given a platform to a writer who will explain, whether with sentimentality or cold didacticism, that in the wake of the shelving of the two-state-for-two-peoples vision, Israel will not be able to continue being both Jewish and democratic.

Examples include Jonathan Freedland, a senior editor and columnist in The Guardian; David Blair in The Telegraph; Bettina Marx on the Deutsche Welle website; Michael Cohen in The Boston Globe; Dana Milbank in The Washington Post; and of course Thomas Friedman in The New York Times. All of them point out in plain language why the demographics between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean will leave two options, and two only, in the future: either Jewish tyranny or binational democracy. The word “apartheid” is also increasingly coming into use in connection with Israel.

On April 13, Vox.com published a long article by Max Fisher whose headline summed up the matter clearly: “Israel’s dark future: Democracy in the Jewish state is doomed.”

Let’s leave to one side the question of how likely it is that these nightmare scenarios will come true, and concentrate on the present. The approach that is gaining ground right now, which pits Israel’s Judaism against its democracy, is genuine cause for concern. The current situation, in which important voices are eulogizing Israeli democracy and viewing Judaism as little more than a fading ethnic phenomenon, in the best case, and as a license to apartheid, in the worst case, betokens the crisis that has already struck us: the ugly distortion of Jewish culture in the early 21st century.

When our best friends, the countries with which we like to boast that we “share values,” increasingly perceive Israel’s Judaism as an antithesis to the state’s democratic character and a threat to the liberal approach and equality of rights to which Israel committed itself in its Declaration of Independence – it appears that we are closer than ever to having the Jewish tradition relegated to the abhorrent status of Communism in the past and of Salafi Islam in the present. We are witnessing Judaism being tarred-and-feathered, and the charges will stick to it more than any anti-Semitic calumny in the past, simply because this time no blood libel will be involved.

In November 1975, when Israeli President Chaim Herzog tore up United Nations Resolution 3379, he was protesting the equation of Zionism with racism. Forty years later, and after an election campaign in which Herzog’s son was defeated in his bid to become prime minister, the Western world is becoming used to thinking that Judaism is tyranny.

Most tragic of all, perhaps, is that not only internationally but in Israel itself the distinction between the state’s Jewish character and its democratic regime is growing more acute. According to data of the Israel Democracy Institute, in the past five years there has been a consistent decline in the proportion of Israel’s Jewish citizens who consider the fusion of democracy and Judaism important. If in 2010, 48.1 percent of Jewish citizens replied that the two elements are equally important to them, in 2012 this fell to 41.9 percent, and in 2014, it was 24.5 percent. At the same time, the proportion of Israeli Jews for whom the Jewish element is the most important rose to as high as 38.9 percent; 33.5 percent of the respondents opted for democracy as most important.

The story here is not only the fact that for so many, Judaism “outranks” democracy in importance, though that is a disturbing situation in itself. The crux of the matter is that for the majority of Israel’s citizens the belief that the two of them can exist simultaneously is becoming increasingly impossible. The tragedy, then, is that, as in the Western world, in Israel, too, more and more people consider “Judaism” and “democracy” to be mutually exclusive entities.

The debacle here is above all cultural: It concerns the failure of Israeli society to forge a Judaism that is substantively democratic, a Judaism that self-evidently does not contradict democracy but, on the contrary, buttresses it. Instead, Judaism is being shaped as a violent ethnic identity, a Spartan religion of a nation of masters, an atavistic, nationalist entity, which instead of conducting a dialogue with modernity is choosing to divest itself of liberal traits it had already internalized, including some that were always ingrained in it.

This cultural debacle will become a historical disaster if, heaven forbid, Israel truly becomes exclusively “Jewish” in the future. Democracy will obviously suffer in that case, and along with it the population between the Jordan and the sea. A terrible period will ensue, but as with every past tyranny, this one, too, will collapse. When that happens, the true tragedy will be revealed: It will emerge that for the whole world, Judaism has become synonymous with apartheid and occupation, violence and oppression, despotism and subjugation.

Judaism has survived many disasters. This is one disaster it will not survive.

Dr. Tomer Persico is a fellow at the Elyachar Center for Studies in Sephardi Heritage at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and teaches in the religious studies program at Tel Aviv University.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Zionism turns on decent jews



From The Simpsons

Now that Bibi has the go ahead to form a new government in Israel, his goons have the go ahead to continue with their reign of terror, not only against Palestinians, but to Jews of conscience as well …

It already started

Israeli author Yonaton Geffen attacked at home after calling Netanyahu a racist

Yehonatan Geffen Photo Credit: Channel 2 news

“The people again chose a government that is based on intimidating people. They selected a racist that, on election day, told the media the Arabs are flocking to the polls like mice. What would you say if in Germany people said the Jews are flocking to the polls like mice?” Yonaton Geffen charged.

Famed writer and artist Yonatan Geffen was attacked in his home in central Israel by an unknown individual, two days after he had called the prime minister a racist and commented bitterly on the election result.

Yonatan Geffen, father of renowned rock musician Aviv Geffen and actress/filmmaker Shira Geffen, answered the door to his Netanya residence on Friday afternoon to an unknown person who immediately began punching the 68-year-old, throwing eggs at him and calling him a “traitor,” Geffen told police.

Full Report HERE

Israeli singer Noa threatened for election stance

Singer Achinoam Nini (Photo: Ronen Akerman)

Several days after singer and author Yehonatan Geffen was attacked for public comments, popular singer and peace activist says she was verbally abused for her political statements.

Israeli singer and peace activist Noa has said she was threatened and abused when she returned from a trip abroad last week, after the right triumphed in a heated general election. 

Known in Israel by her full name of Achinoam Nini, Noa wrote on Facebook that she was heckled by onlookers after arriving at Ben-Gurion Airport from Italy.

“Here’s Achinoam Nini… enemy of Israel,” she quoted them as shouting. “We’ll deal with you like Geffen!”

Full Report HERE

On a more personal level, here are two posts from the archives that are must reads ….

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So, NO, tolerance was never a virtue of zionism

On Beauty, Palestine and Controlled Opposition

March 13, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

Kevin Amara speaks with Gilad Atzmon


 Kevin Amara: First of all, you were recently featured on Pink Floyd’s brand new album, The Endless River, can you tell us how it happened?  

Gilad Atzmon: I received a phone call from David Gilmour who invited me to a session in his London studio. I didn’t realise at that stage that it was for Pink Floyd’s album. I thought that it was a solo project for Gilmour. Only when I was in the studio did I understand that I was playing with ‘The Band.’ In the past I have I worked with Robert Wyatt and have also recorded with Phil Manzanera who produced the new Pink Floyd album. I am sure that these were contributing factors to my inclusion. I am very excited to be featured on a Pink Floyd album. I grew up on their music and listening to even one bar of this epic glory makes me feel nostalgic and young.

Kevin Amara: Roger Waters didn’t participate on this album. He’s an enthusiastic anti-Zionist activist. What do you think of his many denunciations of the war Israel is waging against Palestine?

Gilad Atzmon: I obviously admire the man for speaking out and also admire him as a musician. In general I feel much more comfortable with artists who, like Waters, express their own voice. I am usually embarrassed when I see artists signing on to collective political pamphlets.  I still want to believe that artists are strong individuals rather than a part of an ‘ideological collective.’

Kevin Amara: How do you explain that just a few influential people are inclined to do the same thing?  

Gilad Atzmon: Jewish power is the obvious cause. It is, crude, vile and often lethal.  I define Jewish power as ‘the capacity to silence discussion on Jewish power.’ Saying what you think about Israel or the Jewish lobby can be a very painful and sometimes costly adventure. Those who follow my work know that I argue that Zionism, AIPAC, The CRIFF and Israeli impunity are all symptoms of Jewish power. The crux of this negative force is sustained by the Jewish Left – people and organisations like Chomsky, Democracy Now, JVP and Mondoweiss. These organsations demand the right to determine the boundaries of discussion. Instead of teaching us ‘how to think for ourselves’, they teach us ‘what to say on their behalf.’

Kevin Amara: Your own band, The Orient House Ensemble, is celebrating its 15th anniversary by launching its eighth album, “The Whistle Blower.” What was the genesis of this project?

Gilad Atzmon: To start with, music is my life. Music, for me, is the search for beauty and aims at an ultimate and undeniable truth.  When real beauty appears, it is an undisputable instant. As such, music is the total opposite of the political, that is the origin of duplicity and provides a home for the liar.

I am interested in the role of the whistle blower in our culture-the one who delivers the truth. One could wonder, why do we need whistle blowers? Don’t we live in a ‘free’ society? Is not the Western universe the fulfillment of our wishes, true will and whims? Apparently not. Western Liberal Democracy is neither ‘liberal’ nor does it reflect the spirit or values of democracy. The whistle blower provides a surge of truthfulness. It is an instant of perception, an insight into the belly of the beast.

In my new album  (The Whistle Blower) I attempt to extend the notion of both ‘whistling’ and ‘blowing.’  It is a home coming adventure. It is a call to reinstate the relentless Athenian search for exactitude and truthfulness.  And here is my comic twist on the topic. The title track is basically a cheesy 1960’s pop tune. It reintroduces wolf whistling, that whistle men used to produce in the 1960’s when a glorious woman passed by.  As a youngster I had the impression that women were generally flattered by the gesture. However, by the time I became an adult, whistling at women was pretty much prohibited by the ‘tyranny of correctness,’ a disastrous cultural regime imposed on us by different merchants of ID politics. PC culture has devastated the neutrality of cross-gender exchange. Our libidinal instinct must be suppressed in the name of correctness.

I see political correctness as a vile enemy of humanity and a crude interference with the notion of elementary freedom and authenticity. Instead of ‘saying what we think,’ we are trained to ‘think before we say.’ I define ‘political correctness’ ‘ as ‘politics that doesn’t allow political opposition.’ It is interesting that the same definition can be attributed to tyranny. But political correctness is far more vile than tyranny. Under tyranny we understand that there is a clear distinction between the ruler and the oppressed political subject; in the case of political correctness we are dealing with a radical form of self-suppression.

My remedy is musical and comical. In my concerts, I teach my audience, both men and women, how to wolf-whistle. Believe it or not, the ladies are much more assertive in this regard. Seemingly, they crave that male attention that was suppressed or even murdered by militant feminists for decades.

Kevin Amara: Speaking about music, we just learned that you were stopped from playing your music in a concert hall in Nottingham. What is your position on this and how do you live with this outcry?

Gilad Atzmon: Yep. A few weeks ago, Gedling Council in Nottingham stopped me from playing a concert in their venue because they felt that such a concert would ‘interfere with racial interrelation within the community.’  It happen a few days after Charlie Hebdo, and the council reacted in panic to a call from a few people who have remained anonymous.  I have good reason to believe that the city council regrets its decision by now.

As in the case of Dieudonne, the council’s decision backfired. The promoters moved the concert to a new venue and it sold out immediately. Since then, the entire local press including the BBC has favored my position, while the council has said nothing to justify its decision. I was initially scheduled to just perform music in Gedling as I have done before. Now many new people in Nottingham have become aware of my ideas. I was invited to give talks in town. Videos of my talks in Nottingham have been watched by around 60.000-70.000 people. And unless the council comes to its senses, it will face serious legal complications. Those who foolishly tried to stop me from playing my music in a small city theatre saw the concert become a local rally in my support that is now emerging into a little movement.

Note: Since this interview took place, Gedling Council has reviewed its position and confirmed that Gilad Atzmon is welcome in Council’s venues and the decision to deny entry was due to hyper sensitivity to do with the Charlie Hebdo Massacre. More on that story shortly

Kevin Amara: Now it seems to happen to you too.

Gilad Atzmon: The attempts to stop Dieudonné were totally counter effective. Dieudonne is now one of the most popular people in France. I would expect my detractors to know this. In fact that single failed attempt to stop me has produced so much support for my work that some cynical supporters of mine now suspect that I orchestrated the ban myself.

Kevin Amara: You recently met the controversial Professor Faurisson in his home, why did you feel the need to do such a televised interview and what do you make of this interview?

Gilad Atzmon: I find it totally disgraceful that in ‘free’ Europe, Europeans are penalized for their thoughts or beliefs. It is crucial to talk to all the scholars, artists and intellectuals who have been silenced. It is essential for us to understand their vision of the world. Like Heidegger and Lyotard, I believe that History that pretends to ‘narrate the past’ is, in fact, a sophisticated, mechanism designed to conceal our collective shame. Those whom we are not allowed to hear or try to understand are often those who have managed to articulate the true meaning of our collective shame.

Kevin Amara: Could you give us your opinion on the work of Professor Faurisson?  

Gilad Atzmon: I am not an historian and cannot give a scholarly judgment of Faurisson’s work. But I am certain that there is nothing he says that justifies the panic surrounding him. As I suggest in The Wandering Who, the importance of history is the ability to re-vise and re-write the past. Accordingly, revisionism is the only possible method of true historical research. The French government’s interference with our ability to re-visit and re-vise our past is a crude crime against humanity and humanism. It is an interference with our core of Being in time. ‘Being in time’ is the ability to travel back and forth among past, present and future. History provides a narrative of the past as we move along. It allows connectivity between our vision of the future and our interpretation of the past. This interpretation of history allows for a changing vision of the past and implies that we can determine our future. We can for instance, look at the past in an attempt to prevent wars.

Kevin Amara: Last month, France suffered what was described as a terrorist attack. Since then, the laws are becoming increasingly repressive and a very large number of soldiers patrol daily, many of them specifically in front of the Jewish places of worship. What is your position about this?

Gilad Atzmon: I guess that Jews may well be in danger and yet I fail to see any Jewish self-reflection. Instead of Jewish leaders attempting to understand the role of Israel, the Jewish Lobby and Jewish Power, Jewish leaders do as they always do; blame the ‘Goyim’ for being ‘anti Semitic.’ How banal and counter effective is that? It is very depressing to witness because most commentators including me, pretty much agree that there is no prospect of a collective solution to the Jewish question. Israel is doomed. It will cease to exist in the near future. It might once have been seen as a solution, it clearly is not a solution now. Diaspora Jews must be either mad or stupid if they see Israel as a ‘sanctuary.’ Even more concerning is that instead of integrating into European, American or Western society, many Jews are engaged in building barriers again. A few weeks ago we learned that the vast majority of British Jews don’t see Britain as their home. We are talking about a community that settled here more than a century ago. The conclusion is devastating-assimilation and integration that were the Jewish alternative to Zionism- failed completely. Even within the Palestinian solidarity movement the Jews encircled themselves within ghetto walls, working largely within Jews only organisations such as JVP, IJAN, Jewish JFJFP, etc. that are even more racially exclusive than Israel. I can’t make up my mind whether it is amusing or tragic. It is certainly pathetic and I take the credit for exposing the inherent duplicity that is unfortunately intrinsic to Jewish Left politics and anti Zionists in particular.

Kevin Amara: After the Copenhagen synagogue attack that led to the death of one man, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on European Jews to settle down in Israel. Addressing the European Jews, Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed in a communiqué: “Israel is your home. We are prepared to welcome an immigration of mass from Europe.” What is your feeling on this matter?

Gilad Atzmon: I am convinced that the Jewish elite has grasped by now that Israel’s days are numbered, it may take a year or two, maybe even a decade, but the Jewish settlement in Zion is doomed. It cannot be saved or recovered.  And indeed, as I wrote in The Wandering Who, there is a counter flow of inspiration between Israel and the Diaspora – the Israelis want to escape while many Diaspora Jews want to settle in Zion.

Once again, it is the poor Jews who are going to pay the ultimate price for the crimes that are committed by an exploitive arrogant elite that will manage to stay on top.

Kevin Amara: About Israeli domestic politics, political parties representing Arab voters have finally succeeded in presenting a single list in parliamentary elections this March 17th. How do you feel about it?

Gilad Atzmon: Orgasmic is probably the right expression. By the way, some polls suggest that the Arab party will be the 3rd biggest party in Israel. This is fascinating because while in ‘Zionist’ Israel Arabs are sitting in the Knesset, Jewish ‘anti ‘Zionist organisations keep their boards entirely Jewish. Seemingly, the Zionists are far more progressive than their so-called ‘progressive’ opponents. Let me be clear, this is not an endorsement of Israel or Zionism; it is just another nail in the Jewish progressive coffin.

Kevin Amara: Could you explain to our readers the “differences”, the false opposition, between Zionists of the right and Zionists of the left? 

Gilad Atzmon: In The Wandering Who I refer to a quote that is attributed to Chaim Weizmann, probably the most sophisticated early Zionist, who says “there are no French Jews, English Jews or American Jews, there are Jews who live in France, Jews who live in England and Jews who live in America.” According to Weizmann, Jewishness is a primary quality. Such a view defies the possibility of assimilation. You can never escape your Jewishness.  One would expect that anti Zionist Jews would oppose Weizmann’s formulation and join anti Israeli formations as ordinary people. I guess that a few do, I can probably count them on one hand. But the vast majority follow Weizmannian agendas. Instead of being anti Zionist Jews, i.e. anti Zionists of Jewish ethnicity or origin, they prefer to be Jews who oppose Zionism as Jews. They retain the primacy of their Jewishness and maintain all symptom of Jewish racial exclusivism. As I mention above, the Jewish anti Zionists are more racist and exceptionalist than the Jewish State. The Israeli Knesset has a few Arab members, but on the board of Jewish Socialist Group or JVP you don’t find a single gentile let alone an Arab. And why?  Because they are not ‘racially qualified.’

The conclusion is obvious, unless Jews drift away from Jewish racism; their ‘anti Zionist’ campaign cannot be taken seriously.  However, when the secular Jew stops being defined by Jewish racism, there is nothing left of his or her Jewishness. My study suggests that the entire Jewish anti Zionist campaign is an extended controlled opposition apparatus. It exists to convey an image of ‘Jewish ethics’ and is motivated primarily by Jewish self-interests.  If you want to understand why the Palestinian solidarity movement has failed, the answer is simple; it wasn’t supposed to succeed.

Kevin Amara: What would be your opinion on the issue of an alter-Zionism, which could help to overcome the antagonism Zionism / Anti-Zionism, which would open a référedum offered to both nationalities, Palestinian and Israeli, in order to ask them what solution would be the better? (two countries, a country where both cohabit …)

Gilad Atzmon: The notion of peace or reconciliation doesn’t even exist in Hebrew: the Word shalom that is usually translated into English as ‘peace’ actually translates as ‘security for the Jews.’ It is a Judeo-centric concept. Unless Israelis and Jews are removed from Judeo centrism peace in any form is inconceivable. Yet, you have to ask yourself, what are the chances that Jews would drop their Judeo-centrism voluntarily? Zero. There is no prospect of any peaceful resolution. Israel will become Palestine due to a transformation caused by the obvious facts on the ground

Ex-Mossad Chief: ‘Zionist Dream in Danger’ under Netanyahu’s Leadership

Local Editor

Former Mossad head Meir Dagan sharply criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying that he “senses that the continuation of the Zionist dream is in danger” under Netanyahu’s leadership.

“As someone who has served Israel in various security capacities for 45 years, including during the country’s most difficult hours, I feel that we are now at a critical point regarding our existence and our security,” Dagan said a recent statement, Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Friday.Former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan

“I have no personal issue with the prime minister, his wife, his spending and the way he conducts himself – I’m talking about the country he leads.”

Dagan described Netanyahu’s policies as “destructive to the future and security of Israel.”

“As someone who has raised his children here, and now his grandchildren, and as someone who believes in all his heart in the Zionist dream – I sense a danger to the continuation of that dream – and for that reason I will speak.”

Dagan also announced he will be the keynote speaker at an anti-Netanyahu rally on Saturday March 7 in Tel Aviv.
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Zio-Panic Detected

January 09, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

Introduction by GA: the following article is a window into the Zionist collective psychosis. The CST (Community Security Trust), a notorious Israeli Hasbara outlet that harasses my publishers and routinely campaigns for the cancelation of my concerts, is in total agony over MP George Galloway’s warm endorsement of my work and thoughts. In the article Zionist mouthpiece David Rich quotes some of my best pearls of wisdom ever. The article clearly suggests that at least at a certain stage, Zionists Jews saw MP Galloway as an integral part of the Jewish Left controlled opposition apparatus, but they are now forced to admit that they were wrong. MP Galloway has been on a journey. It is the search for truth that led MP Galloway to read The Wandering Who. He confesses he was intrigued by the message.

No one on this planet, not even my mother, could have complimented my work more than this ultra Zionists outlet. Considering that the end of the Jewish State is immanent;  and the rotten state of Zionism as reflected this week by Jeffrey Epstein and his minor – Shikse-slave ring; I may have to find a new intellectual toy soon.

When George Schmoozed Gilad

By Dave Rich


This Saturday saw George Galloway MP and his wife Gayatri interview Israeli saxophonist Gilad Atzmon on their Russia Today TV show, ‘Sputnik’. The significance of Galloway hosting Atzmon, a man whose views regarding Israel, Zionism and Jewish identity are so extreme that he is shunned by most of the anti-Israel movement in this country, should not be underestimated.


Atzmon has previously argued that “American Jewry makes any debate on whether the ‘Protocols of the elder of Zion’ are an authentic document or rather a forgery irrelevant. American Jews do try to control the world, by proxy.”   More recently, he has written that “Jewishness means supremacy and chauvinism and chosenness” and that “the Holocaust narrative, in its current form, doesn’t make any historical sense“. The Socialist Workers Party and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign both refuse to work with Atzmon as they consider his views to be antisemitic.

Galloway, though, appears to have moved in the opposite direction. He has previously been at pains to distinguish between Zionism and Jewishness. A decade ago he told American conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones,

“Well, this is the thing about Zionism. It has nothing to do with Jewishness. Some of the biggest Zionists in the world are not Jews. Anybody who thinks George Bush likes Jews has never been to his golf club.”

He has also previously rejected conspiracy theories about Jewish or Zionist lobbies controlling American foreign policy. Therefore his endorsement of Atzmon suggests an important and worrying development in Galloway’s public attitude towards Jewishness.

The full interview is a little over 13 minutes long and can be watched here or below. Galloway, incongruously wearing the blazer of a Royal Navy Lieutenant, praised, agreed and laughed with Atzmon throughout. He seems to be charmed by Atzmon, despite previously insisting that “I don’t debate with Israelis”. He began by complimenting Atzmon as “politically fascinating” and artistically “a genius”, noting that he plays on the new Pink Floyd album The Endless River. Galloway then says he was “enthralled” by Atzmon’s book The Wandering Who? (described by CST as “probably the most antisemitic book published in this country in recent years.”) In a discomforting image, Galloway explains that he read a chapter of Atzmon’s book to his new wife every night after they were married, so that “we went to bed thinking of you“.

It is not clear which parts of this book left Galloway “enthralled“. Perhaps it was the chapter title “Swindler’s List“, clearly a cheap joke at the expense of Holocaust victims; or the claim that “The Holocaust religion is probably as old as the Jews themselves“; or the suggestion that in the future, “some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all.’”

To accept or endorse Atzmon’s writings is to endorse a wholesale, full-frontal assault on Jewish identity. This is the line that Galloway appears to cross in this interview. Atzmon is very clear that his target is not Zionism. He tells Galloway:

I really think that we are, we have been misled for quite a long time in our understanding of Zionism, Israel, the work of the lobby and so on and so on and so on. For quite a while I argued that if Israel defines itself as a Jewish state and decorates its airplanes and tanks with Jewish symbols, the first thing that we have to do is to try to understand what is Jewishness? What are the relationships between Judaism, Jewishness, the Jew, what are the relationships between these three and Zionism, these are fundamentals. Now for quite a while, because of the domination of a lot of good Jews, let’s say, within the Left, we were prevented from going there, we were only allowed to talk about Zionism, or colonialism…. We are using a lot of terminology that is very misleading. I realised a long time ago that it is the Jewish identity politics that drive the Jewish state.

Atzmon is not scared to point out the practical consequences of demonising Jewishness and Jewish identity in this way. He calls for the British Police and intelligence agencies to “step up their surveillance and espionage” within Jewish communities.

Galloway concurs with almost everything Atzmon says during their interview. Even when Atzmon mentions “the predominance of Jews within the Bolshevik Revolution” (on Russia Today, of all places!) Galloway, the man who described the collapse of the Soviet Union as “the biggest catastrophe of my life“,  does not demur.

The only moment of disagreement is when Galloway describes Atzmon as Jewish. Atzmon immediately looks uncomfortable: “I’m not a Jew any more”, he protests. Galloway insists, saying “I’m not sure you can resign it”. Galloway does seem to have a ‘blood and soil’ notion of nationhood. Later in the interview, when explaining that the man who was recently convicted of assaulting him in a London street plans to live in Israel after serving his prison sentence, Galloway says “he has no genetic connection to the land of Palestine at all” (his assailant had converted to Judaism prior to the assault).

The interview ends with Galloway promising that “we are going to have to continue this another time because we’ve run over.” This means, sadly, that they did not have time to discuss Atzmon’s recently-declared admiration for American neo-Nazi David Duke. But then if Atzmon is considered a suitable guest for Galloway to schmooze, perhaps David Duke will make an appearance himself in a future episode.

Jewish Culture and Cognitive Partitioning

December 17, 2014  /  Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon Interviewed by E&R


E&R: In recent conferences with Alain Soral in Lyon and in Théâtre de la Main d’Or, you reflected on The Bell Curve, a book written by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray. The book suggests that contemporary society is partitioned by cognitive ability. And for the obvious reasons, “Cognitive Elite” is most likely to get key cultural and political positions in society.

– To what extent can you explain the evolution of society during the past decades in the light of The Bell Curve?

Gilad Atzmon: It is indeed devastating to admit the prophetic qualities of Herrnstein’s study from the 1990’s in the context of the categorical cognitive portioning we witness in society around us. Due to some technological developments such as automation and computing and also, rapid evolvement of global capitalism, we have been seeing a vast decrease in the need for unskilled labour. At the same time, the demand for highly skilled professional and intellectually able people have been rising sharply and constantly.

This shift in society introduced a devastating social, economical, demographic and geographic partition between the able and the less able.  It is not anymore a  division between rich and poor or between the proletariat and the capital.  It is instead, a cognitive division that is widening up. Those who used to be the working class are now workless class, or ‘under class’ – at least, this is how sociologists prefer to call them. The new order created a clear demographic urban divide between the deprived, or shall we say less bright and the isolated quarters of the gifted few. This strict order is maintained by growing policing force that is becoming more and more brutal as we see in the USA at the moment.

We are dealing with a ticking bomb. However, Herenstein was clever to point out that being less bright, is in most case due to act of birth. An ethical society must create the necessary conditions that would allow the less bright to sustain life in dignified condition. I cannot see how such conditions can materialized in a globalized market. What we need and urgently, is to reinstate manufacturing.

E&R: Is there an intrinsic link between the above evolution and the transformation of western society into a Jewish ghetto?

Gilad Atzmon: In Lyon and in Paris I explored the Jewish European’s practice that led to the development of  a unique Jewish cognitive elite. For more than 1500 years European Jewish merchants married their daughters to young rabbinical protégées. This unique setting led to the emergence of a sophisticated Jewish elite that excelled in money and scholarship and centered largely in central Europe.

Strictly speaking Jews have been practicing cognitive partitioning for 1450 years before the West was introduced to the concept. It is hardly surprising that Jewish elite performs well within such conditions. But it is hardly a surprise that Heresntein, himself a Jew, was the one who produce the necessary social theory. It is more than likely that Herenstein himself, a superb scholar was a product of cognitive partitioning.

E&R: Many 18th and 19th century authors  (Augustin Barruel, John Robison, Maurice Talmeyr, etc…) pointed out the key role of Free Masonry and the Illuminati of Baviere in European revolutions and specifically the French revolution. Other authors like Pierre Hillard explain that Free Masonry is but an extension of The Synagogue in order to replace Goyim religions with a single Noahidic religion along with the establishment of a single World wide government. What do you think about this thesis?

Gilad Atzmon: I am not an historian and far from being an expert on Free Masons. However, there is no doubt that Jewish ID politics, Global Zionism, Neo-conservatism, Free Market and also Bolshevism are united in their attempt to impose a structured pseudo universal value systems in an attempt to set a phantasmic global rational that, always happens to serve some dark tribal interests. Whether, we burn Catholic churches in the name of the ‘Working Class Revolution’ and ‘anti Fascism’ (Spain 1936) or leave Iraq with almost 2 million dead in the name of ‘Moral Interventionism.’ The genocide is always justified by a ‘rational’ argument that that is shaped as a ‘human call.’

Noahisim is realized as a global call to accept monotheism and the seven laws of Noah. As such, the opposition to Noahisim should be realized as an Athenian necessary assault on  Jerusalem. The Athenian is the realization of the ethical as a moral judgment as opposed to the Jerusalemite ‘rule of law.’ For the Athenian, the moral shouldn’t be imposed by law for humanity is the ability to reach at the ethical by means of judgment and creativity. The Jerusalemite, on the other hand,  replaces the judgment with commandments and Mitzvoth i.e. restrictions and obedience. The Jerusalemite and the Noahist demand compliance, a regulated discourse that are subscribed to a given set of restrictions. We can already see an affinity between the Jerusalem/Noahism mode of thinking and the cultural Marxist fascination with correctness. The reason is obvious, Cultural Marxism, the dominant Left school of thought since the 1960’s is an extension of Jerusalem that led to the tragic ghettoization of the West. I guess that time is ripe for liberation.

E&R:  In the history of the 20th century Zionist movement, it’s rarely mentioned that when the British government proposed to the World Zionist Congress and Theodor Herzl the possible establishment of a Jewish settlement in Uganda, it was East European Zionists and Haïm Weizmann who lobbied restlessly against the offer. They pushed for the Jewish National Home to be established  in Palestine. Do you think that it suggests that contrary to the idea of a secular Jewish movement, Zionism is rooted in a literal interpretation of the Torah and Talmud?

Gilad Atzmon: The idea of Jewish secularism is in itself very problematic. As you may know, I argue that Judaism is only one Jewish religion amongst many. To be a Jew is to be able to transform different ideas into a Jewish religion. Enough was written about Holocaust being the most popular Jewish Religion. The Israeli philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowitz commented in the 1970s that Jews believe in many different things but all Jews believe in the Holocaust. However, in the 20th century alone we saw Communism, Egotism, Moral Interventionism, Zionism, ‘Anti’ all being celebrated as ‘Jewish secular’ and ‘universal’ religions.

What makes an idea into a Jewish religion then? The ability to facilitate a strong sense of choseness.

Now we are ready to tackle your question. Zionism, in its early days was a ‘Jewish secular anti Jewish’ movement. It promised to transform the Diaspora Jew into  a civilized being by means of ‘homecoming.’  Detesting the Diaspora Jewish identity, Zionism attempted to drift away from the Rabbinical attitude, it distanced itself from the Talmud and made the Hebrew Bible  into the forming text of the new Israelite. It basically made the Torah into a ‘land deed’ and God into an ‘estate agent.

The Jews who followed Zionism at the time were partially naïve or idealists, however, there is no doubt that Zionism failed in its mission. The newly born Hebraic Jew has very little to contribute to the notion of civilization. Zionism failed completely in its attempt to drift away from the Jew. Why? Because Zionism was, after all a Jewish exclusive movement, it was tribal, racist and supremacist. It made the Jew celebrate choseness. It had all the necessary ingredients needed to establish a new Jewish religion. And here is a small fascinating anecdote. When Zionism was anti Jewish, it was a marginal movement, but as it became more and more Jewish, its popularity rose, it eventually became the  voice of world Jewry.

E&R:  You recently worked with Pink Floyd, you are featured on their new album The Endless River, tell us about it?

Gilad Atzmon: I was obviously honored to be called in for that session. Pink Floyd is what I listened to when I was at the age of my son. My son is 14 and whenever I pass near to his room I can hear the The Dark Side Of The Moon. Pink Floyd is still a unique radical voice, it sounds fresh and it appeals to young music lovers. There must be an eternal quality in the band’s epic simplicity.   Pink Floyd introduced a new aesthetics that shaped every active musician on this planet since the late 1960’s. To a certain extent, recording with the band closed a circle in my life. It was a home coning.

But I must also mention that my engagement with the band  was very limited in terms of time. It was only one session probably 3-4 hours. It was totally amazing to watch how David Gilmour works, how he hears things, his attention to details,  how much involve he is in the production of every note. I  was very lucky to experience  such a musical encounter.

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Israeli Terrorism and the Talmud

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Palestine: Oppression Will not Work


israel falling down

Press TV: Gilad Atzmon and Geoffrey Alderman on Bibi, Zipi and Yair

On this Press TV’s-The Debate Episode (3.12.14) Zionist academic Geoffrey Alderman and Musician/Author Gilad Atzmon are found to be in total agreement with each other re Israeli politics, the nature of the Jewish State, Netanyahu’s Politics, Jewish Lobby Domination and other topics. Fascinating though hardly a debate.

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lupe fiasco palestine scarf

by Khanverse (Mouqawamah Music Exclusive)

Lupe Fiasco was born in 1982, as Wasalu Jaco, to a Black-West African Muslim family in Chicago. His parents exposed him to a wide array of cultural phenomena, life experiences, and influences that led to the cerebral and sensitive character who emerged on the national scene with the release of “Food and Liquor” in 2006.

On this album, released by Atlantic, Lupe hinted at a possible future in Islamic Liberationist Hip-Hop with tracks like “American Terrorist” which yielded two sequels.  On a later album there was “Words I Never Said” which dropped this:

I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit
Just a poor excuse for you to use up all your bullets
How much money does it take to really make a full clip?
9/11, Building 7 did they really pull it?


Gaza Strip was getting bombed
Obama didn’t say shit


But if we know better than we probably deserve it
Jihad is not a holy war, wheres that in the worship?
Murdering is not Islam!
And you are not observant
And you are not a muslim
Israel don’t take my side cause look how far you’ve pushed them

On “Conflict Diamonds” Lupe says:

I see the Russian Mafia, the Jewish Mobsters
The undercover terrorists and the traps for the hustlers
Homie, it’s a rap for the nonsense rhyming
Props to Kenya I call it conflict diamonds

Delineating “Islamic” Identity

Though both Islam and Hip-Hop both have deep roots inMouqawamah Consciousness, Islam is also a codified way of life complete with personal, social and international spiritual codes of conduct. Harmonizing a demanding religion’s dictates with a life marinating in the throes of the self-destructive hedonism that pervades the music industry proves very difficult, practically. Rather than feel weak or ashamed of their hypocrisy, most ‘Muslim’ musicians wear their indiscretions proudly on their sleeves and express their solidarity with the spiritual life through references in their art, banal gestures, and lifeless symbolic amulets and adornments.

Some identify with Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, others with a more esoteric offshoot of the NOI known as the 5 Percent Nation of Clarence 13X. The Moorish Science Temple of Noble Drew Ali gets love too. Usually, these identities are seamlessly interwoven with Pan-African spiritualism and the deification of the ‘original’ African man. We surmise this is likely a reactionary phenomenon to the unique historical experience of Black Americans as a survival mechanism in a hostile, slaughterously racist environment.

Wu-Tang is the most notable and memorable collective which promoted a loose Islamic identity, but many others have made references to the 5 Percent Nation like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and the Poor Righteous Teachers to Nas and AZ.

Noted Jewish stooge and masonic rap godfather Jay-Z recently anointed protégé Jay Electronica — who threw away his lyrical gifts and bright, awakened Hip-Hop future for a bizarre fling with a Rothschild heiress — on stage with a 5 Percent Nation medallion. As these fringe ideologies become co-opted by the power matrix, they lose their  power and only recycle inert symbols devoid of revolutionary transformative power.

Ultimately, a variety of pseudo-Islamic identities flourish in the industry and are more than tolerated because they have neither liberationist aims nor transformative principles. In fact, many artists who identify as “MuslIm” betray elitism, to enhance a brand image of being different, controversial, fearless, disciplined or any number of loose associations with the term “Muslim” in a Hip-Hop context. Artists from Brand Nubian to Busta Rhymes and Ice Cube identify as “Muslim” with their own undefined nebulous connotations.

Lupe has been unique in this context in the mainstream. Though he grew up with his parents’ Black Nationalism, quiet and withdrawn Wasalu was also raised in traditional Sunni Islam with roots among the Palestinian and Arab communities of Bridgeview, IL. It was inevitable for Fiasco to develop an internationalist activist sense. In the past he had waived the Palestine flag at concerts and said things like,

“So this just my personal political view. I just so happen to have millions of fans that listen to what i say. Lupe Fiasco, as a member of the human race, put in my vote for Palestine to be the newest state, yeah……Free Palestine everyone… Free Palestine.”

Or on “The End of The World”,

She love her people so much
Came to my show just to throw her flag up and
Pray to God that I saw her
Wonder if she saw my scarf for Palestine all on it

Most mainstream personalities rarely venture into these subjects though recently, despite the ever-present toxicity, random squeaks like Rihanna’s tweet, Free Palestine, immediately deleted, proved the Jewish-Zionist Power Matrix still doesn’t tolerate solidarity with Palestinians from public figures.

What’s interesting about this latest genocidal massacre of Protective Edge in Gaza, is that while almost universally there was anger and frustration towards Israel, there was Lupe trying to be cool and different again:

@Moismail33: @LupeFiasco What are your thoughts on though?” I don’t really have any…both sides overreact as usual.

#12 I apologize to all who took offense to my hard advice as well as to the Israeli people if my tweets in any inspired violence against u

How utterly pathetic and disrespectful for an intelligent, aware,politically conscious lyricist who grew up deeply embedded in the Palestinian liberation cause to apologize to the genocidal Israeli occupiers and their psychotic collective of supremacists pretending to be a “society” for meaningless spineless tweets? This change in Lupe’s sympathy from oppressed to the oppressor belittles the legacy of all stalwart defenders of the weak whose narrative Fiasco has co-opted through toothless symbolic gestures as part of his wide branding canvas.

The Obama Inauguration

Many saw Lupe being booted off the stage in Obama’s celebration as a brave moment of speak truth to power rather than the manufactured controversy it was. Someone on the edges of mainstream can certainly corner its defanged share of the boisterous rebellion niche. Given that Fiasco pronounced that Obama is the ‘biggest terrorist’ in 2011, getting invited, and no doubt, paid handsomely to be part of the 2nd term celebration festivities does seem rather oddly incompetent for a president’s staff. Apparently, it took quite a spat of inflammatory commentary and bizarre repetition of a supposed “anti-war” song to get Lupe reluctantly booted off stage to fulfill the controversial non-event. The gaffe seems rather superfluous unless to validate Lupe as a political or even revolutionary artist. The phony adversarial narrative is even more laughable because Lupe performed at the pre-party the night before as well with no issues.

Wishy-Washy Radicalism

Lupe bit off more than he can chew with emotive odes to Conscious, Political, Socially Just Islamic Hip-Hop through the years. Catering to this audience requires consistency and unrelenting resistance to the cultural architects molding the zeitgeist. Lupe has done just enough to get by on his hipster fanbase, especially as compared to commercial, cookie-cutter rappers, with tracks like “Bitch Bad” or “The Cool“, leaning towards the abstract rather than the concrete.

This hypocritical inconsistency is, ironically enough, consistentthrough all his interviews and public appearances.

“At the end of the day, it’s about power and control. They control the world. It’s already theirs. So it’s just a matter of, people want to be aware about it, make a game out of it. … It sparks people interests. It’s the ‘Boogeyman’.”

Lupe says later,

“If you know what you’re doing, if you have a message, you got, kind of a game plan.. I got a full game plan, for me, this is all middle game. My end game is very wicked.”

Let’s hope so. Backtracking to the side of the oppressor on obvious issues like Palestine or Iraq or even hedonistic nihilism, to be different, cool and edgy doesn’t suit Mr. Fiasco.

But then he finishes with, “Play as much as you want, at the end of the day, get what you want out of it,” so we won’t hold our breath.

– Lupe on the Illuminati 

On the song “Change”, Joy Denalane, the sultry, soulful German crooner outshined him with her powerful chorus and verse, sung in a melodious joyful tune.

Lupe, presented with a grand opportunity to hit a home run with this verse on a song to breed consciousness, solidarity and optimism, delivered a woefully inadequate performance, even by his own assumed standard.

You can compare their lyrics.

Among his core, hipster fan base the notion that he is holding backuntil he’s finally independent holds significant weight as they tolerate his deplorable retrogression in lyrical dynamism and coherent message with confusing self-indulgent yawners like “PU$$Y” and “SLR

Justifying the promotion of negativity in Hip-Hop, Lupe says,

“I don’t know [if it gets tiring being a conscious rapper], it all depends on what your intentions are, what you’re trying to get out of it, how much you’re willing to put up with, how much you can actually take at the end of the day,” he said. “There’s all these different factors, so it’s not like a simple yes or no kind of thing; there’s certain things you have to do for the sake of sending your little sisters to college – that’s the greater good, and sometimes greater good means you have to go through a lot of nonsense to get there. But I don’t really look at the industry in those terms as black and white, conscious or not. Everybody do their piece and do their part – a lot of the most, that kind of ignorant music that people make sometimes, they can turn around a massive fortune off of that and…in one check, write away the ills of their community.”

Proliferated democratized access to new forms of media makes us instantaneously interconnected.  Our collective wisdom is increased with the useful and similarly diminished by the useless as confusion erodes the morsels of practical information we gain, resulting in stagnation in views and actions.

Thus, given the access created by these technologies, the wrath of the booing fan or biting critic can create echo chambers of doubt, insecurity, and spiritual confusion in artists consciously pawning off their autonomy to create corrosive tunes for their Judeo-Masonic masters to hypnotize the masses, especially those artists who have no spiritual center to keep them grounded and protected from the insidious influence of the hyper-ungodly music industry.

The last few years, Lupe’s interviews have been increasingly void of substance and he has slid down the slippery slope of nihilism shaping the environment in the New Age industry. There were his whiny histrionics about retirement over an internet “beef” with troubled young Chicago “thug” rapper Chief Keef, as well as the rumors of suicidal depression plaguing him and pushing him to the brink.

In 2011, after it became known that Atlantic was delaying the release of his record, Lupe got 15,000 signatures on a petition to release his album. Curiously, even notorious Jewish-Israeli industry puppeteer Lyor Cohen came out with a boombox in support of Lupe at a rally arranged in protest of Atlantic delaying the release of his record. Hip-Hop historians may recall Lyor Cohen was behind the move that anointed Jay-Z as the undisputed King of Hip-Hop while banishing his outspoken partner Dame Dash to the fringe of the industry.

Lupe Fiasco has always been more of an abstract, babbling, Aesop Rock-type of lyricist. Cerebral and sensitive, Lupe seems to havestruggled in the trappings of the industry life, the degenerate hedonism of our cultural architects, proving he too is not immune as a “positive”, “conscious” even “Muslim” rapper.

However, in order to adequately fill the void of the urban hero archetype he styles himself to be: Malcolm, Huey, 2pac right before his execution at the hands of the JDL, Lupe must dig in his heels, against his flight instinct, and give a peek behind the curtain to his fans in a principled and disciplined manner. Passive sloganeering and inconsistency are making his core audience question his motivations:

  1. @LupeFiasco Mate, no one is asking you to defend that. I wouldn’t dare either, but “Palestinian Overreaction”? c’mon @Omar_Gaza @SmithSofia

Overreacting by shooting rockets into Israel at the announcement of the Palestinian boys murder @DaraDeBrun @Omar_Gaza @SmithSofia

Hamas, along with other Palestinian Resistance groups like Islamic Jihad, the PFLP and the Abdel Qader al-Husseini Brigades, shot rockets after repeated, unprovoked Zionist operations which resulted in the extrajudicial murder of Palestinian civilians. No liberationist guerrilla force should ever relinquish arms in the struggle for emancipation and decolonization.

  1. Lol @LupeFiasco trying to say Palestine is overreacting. yeah rock throwing is very lethal.

@RanimEatsBrains: Lol @LupeFiasco trying to say Palestine is overreacting. yeah rock throwing is very lethal.” I meant the Hamas rockets

Wait. Hamas, the legitimate, democratically elected voice of Palestinians in Gaza, has no right to self-defense? The same geneva conventions (4th) Lupe mentions in “Conflict Diamonds” establish the right of occupied peoples to resist the occupation with armed struggle in self-defense of basic human rights. In the midst of a massacre carried out by a supremacist bully against a defenseless, besieged civilian population — half of them children — how can a politically conscious emcee who braggadociously proclaims to be “for the people” ever entertain siding with the tyrant and the colonizers? Were the sanguinary Islamic slave revolts in Brazil unjustified? Were there two sides that were both overreacting?

No, of course not. Lupe’s just trying to be cool once more and is thus exposing his aura as an amalgamation of fictionalized funk, deceptivedopeness and artificial intellectuality.

The Blair-Selfie


As many of our astute readers may be aware, Zionist puppet and war criminal Tony Blair has played a very prominent role in keeping Western nations inundated with hasbara about the “threat of radical Islam.” Tony Blair has unabashedly offered all of his talents to the multi-pronged Zionist war on Islam, especially in polemics.

As exposed elsewhere on Mask of ZionTony Blair’s “jewish cabal” directs him towards accomplishing the ultimate aims of the Jewish Power Configuration: Fratricide in Islamic countries and consolidation of large blocs through powerful international think tanks’ lobbying.

After being lambasted repeatedly with angry tweets Lupe reluctantly offered this about the event that brought him and Tony Blair together:

Yeah it was about teaching Islam and other faiths in US schools to curve radicalism based on ignorance and closed mindedness.


The US-British-Zionist-Nato axis, which has routinely installed closed-minded, heavy-handed, vile puppet dictators all throughout the Global South, is now leading the charge of interfaith dialogue to curb radicalism? Not exactly. What this shaytanic alliance is doing is the exact opposite in fact; it is furthering the expansion of radicalism through the arming, funding and training of various Takfiri gangs, most prominently ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra. But Lupe’s down for Blair nevertheless.

As the vitriol increased in intensity and volume, Lupe, exasperatingly said:

Funny party is after today he has more faith in the ummah than I do…ain’t that a bitch

Really? What kind of Muslim would say such a thing? This murderous Zionist war profiteer Blair — who is responsible for the deaths of millions of Iraqis and Afghans — believes in the Muslim people more than Lupe? Or is this more contrived cool?

Blair’s foundation was appreciative of Lupe’s support:

  1. Hey @Tonyblair_TBFF had an eye-opening experience last night much success to your goal of youth interfaith dialogue http://tonyblairfaithfoundation.org 

.@LupeFiasco Thank you for your support > our edu prog helps young people understand other religious & cultural views http://bit.ly/1mmlhm4 

Lupe also reveals his underdeveloped historical sense with a salutatory ode to Haile Sellaisie, Ethiopian dictator, crusher of the Eritrean liberation struggle and close friend of Israel. Sellaisie, who considered himself a “Lion of Judah”, was so intimate with Israel after developing political and military ties that the usurping Zionist entity helped preempt a coup against his rule in 1960. Not exactly the kind of example that should or would be promoted even by atrocious liberals obsessed with “human rights” in the empire sense of the overused phrase, let alone a revolutionary emcee steeped in Black Consciousness and Islamic Liberation Theology.

Public Diplomacy through Jazz & Hip-Hop

In the 50s, the U.S. State Department dispatched black Jazz musicians for cultural outreach tours from Jim Crow America to counteract Soviet exposure of America’s racial caste system culture and law and lynch mob society. In the early Cold War era, American cultural imperialism was dealt a major blow when the horrific images of the very gruesome cruelty with which supremacist whites murdered and subsequently grotesquely disfigured a 14 year old black child from Chicago, Emmitt Till, for allegedly whistling at a girl. Adam Clayton Powell Jr, an advisor to Eisenhower, suggested a “black face” of diplomacy would soften the anti-American sentiment growing in the rest of the world. Soon Jazz “ambassadors” were sent across the world to win over hearts and minds.

Hisham Aidi, a notable professor at Columbia University in NY has drawn attention to this subject in his book, “Rebel Music.” Aidi  recounts how there was widespread mistrust and skepticism from the indigenous to these tours and some Jazz musicians later questioned the merit of their involvement.

Black consciousness and free expression transitioned from Jazz to Hip-Hop in the 70s and 80s. As early Jazz music represented boisterous, uninhibited black redemption sound, Hip-Hop, the revolution from the Bronx, took those qualities to another level with the additional layer of powerful words, speaking to and for the people. “The Message” and “Fight the Power” are iconic cuts, symbolic and emblematic of the revolutionary fervor in the black community, in the 70s and 80s. Reinvigorated in fiery Afrocentric pride despite having leaders assassinated by the power matrix like Malcolm, Medgar, Martin and Huey, through this liberationist Hip-Hop, Black Americans gained a greater overstanding of the power structure and ways to organize against it.

It’s from the primordial milieu of the COINTELPRO-era, Black Panther and NOI influenced, Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron and the Watts Prophets that later acts like the Poor Righteous Teachers, X-Clan, KRS-One and Rakim drew their inspiration and ammo.

The modern State Department emcees like Omar Offendum and the Narcicyst promulgate soft liberal platitudes around plurality and nuanced diaspora experience. These pseudo-Islamic cultural-marxist Hip-Hop artists serve as tokenized symbols of Western intellectual freedom where diversity of political opinion is tolerated. Outside of the unique circumstances of immigrant Muslim ghettos in British cities and the banlieues of France, this attempt to legitimize America’s Zionist War on Terror through friendly and pacifistic art is transparent and  largely unsuccessful if not counter-productive in changing perceptions around reality on the ground.

Unfortunately, some of these eccentric brown artists helped ignite clamor for NED-imposed freedom and democracy in places like Libya and Syria, specifically through Khaled M and Omar Offendum. Far beyond serving the State Department’s strategic communication andperception management agenda, these plucked artists help legitimize the “humanitarian” wars and deceive both the nation and the diaspora with hasbara-filled sloganeering. Though the Axis of Resistance is still strong, Libya was utterly devastated and is now overrun by the dreadful violence of the aforementioned Takfiri scourge sponsored by the GCC, the illegitimate Israeli regime and NATO.

Lupe’s future involvement with Blair’s Foundation would be along similar lines to alter the organic discourse, and, in true orientalist fashion, put the blame of the victim’s plight, in this case innocent Muslims, onto the victims themselves, who in their blind, backwards savagery have failed to appreciate the loving embrace of the Western world’s glorious democracy and culture which far supersedes any and all things in Muslims’ civilizational lineage. The mere thought of it embodies self-hatred and mental colonization.

Traditional Islam and purist Hip-Hop intersect in the manner of righteous rebellion, social revolution, and the clear potency of message. Where these vortices are utilized for their collaborative brilliance, a potent Global message of unification against all tyrants and oppressors can emerge. It is in this very vacuum that Love & Truth and Mouqawamah Music artists will engage the discourse through Hip-Hop from the Enlightened Liberationist Islamic stance.

(Relevant corrections and additions provided by Mouqawamah Music Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Azaziah)

~ The End ~

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!


Introduction By the Uprooted Palestinian

Palestine…. A Moment of Reflection:  I finally understood the meaning of the name Holy Land, Blessed Land, Sacred Land and why that name was bestowed on our Palestine. Nahida

Who is up for the challenge?

How could such a group with such shocking and disturbing ideologies and practices get rewarded generously by MS media and world governments !?

Where is the protests, demos and leaflets that exposes such racists?Where is the mass Jewish outcry against such supremacists? — 

With such wide-spread support, infiltration, dominance and success of Chabad, can the liberal Jewish voices compete with such mass activism?

After all this can the Jewish liberals claim that THEY (not Chabad) are the real representatives of Judaism and the Jewish people?

Who is up for the challenge? 

Not the so-called “JEWS ONLY” and ‘Jewish Left“, nor the so-called “Palestine Solidarity Movement”, occupied by the Anti-Zionist Zionists.

In October 2012 Gilad Atzmon, my Hebrew speaking brother, Wrote:

First the Zionists came for the Palestinians, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Palestinian.

Then the Neocons came for the Muslims,and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Muslim.

Then Electronic Abunimah,  ADL,Mondoweiss,  Israeli Hasbara and J Street  came for the activists and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t an activist.

Then they came for me, but they were too late, because by that time everyone had read The Wandering Who, grasped what was going on and stood up for me.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, Jewish political interest and Jewish hegemony within the Palestinian Solidarity Movement…
The book can be  ordered  on Amazon.com  or Amazon.co.uk


In case you missed it






The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!


AUGUST 30 2014


Former US Marine and Gulf War Veteran, Ken O’Keefe as well as being a marine conservationist has become one of the most hands-on, straight-talking opponents of the worldwide Zionist Power Structure. He is a dangerous man, an effective leader and thinker.

Ken addresses his peers in a casual yet empowering talk sparked with his trademark candor and honesty, not seeking to educate ~ which is inevitable nonetheless. The political insight is, of course, impressive and brutally honest. Expect less? Never.

Here he is at his most engaging, sharing personal tales and history with humour, the dark humour needed today to survive.  When and if I can find the text of this talk, I will add it to this post.

“Peace at the end of a gun barrel is not peace.” .


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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Gaza: The Case of neither peace nor war: Dr. Nahla Chahal

حديث اليوم _ قطاع غزة : حالة اللاحرب واللاسلم _ د نهلة الشهال | الاتجاه 13 08 2014



 العين الاسرائيلية _ د محسن صالح | العالم 11 08 2014

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!


The Jewish Demolition Project



By Gilad Atzmon

IDF’s colossal defeat in Gaza this week leaves Israel and Israelis with just three political and personal options:

1.     Mass expulsion – ethnic cleansing of the entire Palestinian population from territories controlled by Israel.  Such action may sound unreasonable or even phantasmic, but it is actually consistent with Zionist ideology and has many supporters within Israel and within the current Israeli cabinet. Moreover, oppression and brutality are embedded within Jewish political culture and even within the culture of the Jewish Left*. Clearly Israel possesses the military capability and fire power to proceed with such a plan for Nakba II.

2.     Exodus – mass emigration of Israelis who, quite reasonably, prefer to run for their lives. This option is obviously embedded within the exilic Jewish culture and completely consistent with Jewish diaspora identity. Emigration is available to most Israelis at the moment. However, it is likely that as violence in the region continues to escalate and Israel finds itself complicit in more and more war crimes and human rights abuse, Israelis may find out that their freedom to travel around the world is gradually restricted.

3.     Buying time –Israel’s favourite option. And certainly Benjamin Netanyahu’s preferred policy.

While both the 1st and the 2nd options are consistent with Jewish ideology, heritage and culture, it is the 3rd option that has been chosen by Israel’s governments for decades. It entails constant devastation of Gaza by means of medium scale massacres in the hope that Palestinians will eventually surrender and accept the domination of the Jewish State.

Just a month ago it seemed as if only divine intervention could save the Palestinians. However, as things stand at the moment, even God may find it difficult to rescue his favourite people. Israel has sunk into a fatal political, military and ideological paralysis. The destiny of the Jewish State has been revealed. It has no future in the region.

The key to understanding of Israel’s paralysis is not complicated. As much as Israelis favour the deployment of their devastating military might and its fire power, Israelis do not like to be caught with blood on their hands. As much as they like to kill, they hate to be the killers. This dilemma has matured into a political, ideological, strategic and spiritual deadlock. It puts the Jewish State into an impossible scenario that makes dwelling on someone’s else land simply unimaginable.

Noticeably absent among the viable options above is peace. Reconciliation is not a viable concept anymore. The notion of ‘peace’ as we understand it in the west (harmony and reconciliation) does not exists in modern Hebrew. The word ‘shalom’ that is commonly translated as ‘peace” is understood by Israelis as ‘security for the Jews.’ Israel has had plenty of time to reach harmony and reconciliation with the Palestinians. But it didn’t happen and for a reason. Israel is the Jewish State, it is ethno centric to its core, it is blind to the notion of universal rights and totally dismissive of the Palestinians and their rights.

It may be crucial at this point to add that the final stage of the Jewish State and the genocidal enthusiasm in which it manifests itself,  throws a devastating light on Jewish culture and the dangerous aspects that are entangled with Jewish identity politics and Jewish national collectivism.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity politics and Jewish Power in particular – available onAmazon.com  & Amazon.co.uk

* It was Stalin’s ‘willing executioners’ who wiped out millions of Ukrainians in the name of ‘collectivization’ in the 1930s (Holodomor). It was the Yiddish Speaking International Brigade that massacred Catholics and burned their churches in Spain (1936), once again in the name of the ‘revolution.’ It was the Zionist Left which expelled the Palestinians in 1948. Killing en masse in the name of a great ideal, be it Moral interventionism, Gay rights, or even Jewish suffering, is unfortunately, consistent with Jewish political culture and attitude.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

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