Has the first domino already fallen and if so, when? (UPDATED!)

October 10, 2021

Has the first domino already fallen and if so, when? (UPDATED!)

A few years back, I wrote a column I entitled “Kosovo will be liberated” in which I wrote the following: “Kosovo will be the very first place in Europe where the pendulum of history will reverse its current course. ”  It now looks like I might have been wrong. But by how much?  Check out this headline today:

Bosnian Serbs to ‘withdraw consent’ for joint military, taxes and courts, citing ‘violence’ by international overseer“.  Please do read the full article since I won’t simply repeat it all here.

The big question is this: will the US/NATO/EU grip on the Republika Srpska slip before it slips from Kosovo?

I don’t know, but I definitely think that this is a possibility.  If so, I got the location wrong, but the principle right.  Two points here:

  • There are also very serious tensions around Kosovo right now, so don’t rule anything out yet!
  • There is no equivalent of Camp Bondsteel in the Republika Srpska or anywhere else in Bosnia

But that is not even crucial.  What is crucial is this: does anybody still think that the US/NATO/EU still have what it would take to re-attack, re-invade or even re-strike the Serbs in Bosnia or Serbia (I include Kosovo under “Serbia” simply because Kosovo is the heart of Serbia, always was, and always will be, no matter what empires want)?

Seriously, after the humiliation inflicted by the Iranians on CENTCOM or the truly galactic (and oh SO revealing!) massive faceplant in Afghanistan?

On paper, yes, absolutely.

But in reality, no, I really don’t think so.

Besides, the Serbs now have very good options, including what I call the “salami option”: cutting thin pieces off a big salami slowly but repeatedly and inexorably.  Like right how: so the Bosnian Serbs “withdrew consent” from an agreement with their occupiers.  So what? Big deal!  I mean, sure, they are bad bad bad bad bad bad Serbs, and the US/NATO/EU gang still hates them, but nobody is going to go to war over just that, right?

So what will the US/NATO/EU do about it?  Probably apply all sort of pressures (threats, bribes, etc.) on specific Serbian politicians, which will result in one of two outcomes:

  • the Bosnian Serbs will withdraw their withdrawal
  • or they won’t

In the first case, all the Serbs need to do is wait, and cut off a tiny piece of salami elsewhere, say in Kosovo.  Just a little one, and see what the US/NATO/EU will do about it.  After that, rinse and repeat, as many times as needed until the bastards at the US/NATO/EU run out of energy, both figuratively or even maybe literally (see below).

In the second case, the Bosnian Serbs need to wait some time, just so everything cools down a little, and cut off another thin piece of the imperialist salami.

Oh, and did I mention that South Stream pipeline will go through Serbia and the Republika Srpska (see also here)?  As for the EU, it ain’t exactly “swimming in energy” nowadays (thanks to its idiotic subservience to Uncle Shmuel and Greta Thunberg!).

My point is not that the Republika Srpska or Kosovo will be liberated soon, or even that the EU cannot bypass either entity with other pipelines.

Remember that in early years of the Cold War when the US was justifying its genocidal policies in Southeast Asia under the infamous “Domino Theory“?  At the time all that this really meant was that the US would oppose the decolonization of the planet everywhere and anywhere.  It was only a pretext, not the real motive or reason for US actions.

But today, I submit that this process has not only begun, but has been under way for some time already.

Where did it begin?  A good answer could be to mention Hezbollah whopping of the Israelis in 2006 Lebanon.  But that was easy to hide (the two clueless clowns who initiated the Israeli invasion of Lebanon both called it a “victory” and the media-brainwashed public it mostly bought it or did not really care as they “knew” that they were “invincible” and, besides, the US and Israeli plebes had their bread and games).

“It” also happened elsewhere.  But what is that “it”?

I call it the “fall of the domino of fear” and that “it” happens every time when any country or nation which was oppressed by US imperialism begins to lose its fear from the “only world hyperpower”.  The same loss of fear which the Lebanese showed in their “Divine Victory” in 2006 is also shown by the Afghans today.  It has also been shown by Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution!   But the subsequent propaganda deluge concealed this reality from the West.

But the faceplant Kabul became the first such domino which could NOT be hidden from the public view.

And, just for the record, the Bosnian Serbs also showed that lack of fear during the US/NATO/EU aggression on the Serbian nation, but they were back-stabbed by politicians in Belgrade, as were the Kosovo Serbs later.  That was long before Hezbollah in 2006 and, at that time, the Islamic world was very effectively conned by the Anglos – the same Anglos which then turned against the Islamic world after the 9/11 false flag.

True, in the early 90s the Empire had the means to crush the Serbs or the Iraqis (which also displayed that same lack of fear on one hand, but also the same corruption as the Serbian politicians on the other).

But that was in distant 1991.  Three decades ago. We now live in a radically different world.

What about the so-called “Bosniaks” or “Kosovars”?  Well, like all “invented nations”, they will only exist as long as Uncle Shmuel has the power to artificially keep them alive.  So even IF, big IF, the US/NATO/EU still can bring the Serbs to heel today, how long do you expect that ability to remain true and for how long will such inventions such as “Bosnia” or “Kosovo” remain viable?

And what about the equally artificial entity known as “Israel” (which is now much more feared by US politicians and officials than anywhere else in the Middle-East!)?  How long do you expect this obscene, officially racist and genocidal entity to survive?

Okay, maybe for a few more years, that is possible.  But keep in mind that with each passing year, less and less oppressed nations still fear the (basically already dead) AngloZionist Empire.

My advice to the “Bosniaks”, “Kosovars” and “Israelis” would be this: get the hell out here BEFORE you see a repeat of Kabul in Sarajevo, Pristina or Tel-Aviv!  Oh, I know, they won’t heed my advice, but since the same causes have the same effects, I fully expect to see similar “take-offs” from these and ALL THE OTHER totally artificial entities created by the British and/or AngloZionist empires in the past.

As for the folks in Europe, they better get their act together, but they won’t: while they blame Russia for everything and everything (including for selling them gas AND not selling them enough of it!), their suicidal immigration policy and “multiculturalism” of the EU elites will destroy the little left from the 1000 year old European civilization.  They did it to themselves.

As they say in the US “please pass me the pop-corn”!


UPDATE: since we are talking a lot about the Serbs, Serbia and history, I want to draw your attention, especially my Muslim readers, to the section I have recently added on the bottom right of the main page:

There you will find A LOT of very interesting info, not necessarily to agree with it, but at least to compare and contrast with the usual (dis-)information found in the West!

Jewish Supremacism (Zionism) is Coming to an End (Part Two)

By VT Editors -July 13, 2021

In the Name of All- beneficent, All-merciful God (Allah).

God has kept his promise to Jesus ( peace be upon him) that his followers will have the upperhand over his enemies until the day of judgment.

Today the Christian population of the world is 2.3 billion and the Jews, who refused to recognize the Holiness of Jesus and his Holy mother Mary and showed enmity towards them, are only 14.7 million (in pure form) and including their sub categories they are  20 million or so, and the Idol worshippers of then Rome, who wanted to kill Jesus and killed many of his followers, are extinct now.

If a person is told, “God has sent a message that you will never enter paradise and you are definitely going to hell” How  do you think he is going to act?

I think he is going to be enraged and he is going to commit every possible sins and crimes against others and try to destroy others’ lives out of envy, just like what has happened to Satan, when Allah cursed him and drove him away from the Garden, as he refused to obey Allah’s order.

Also, if someone is told that he is going to heaven no matter what, then nothing will stop him from committing crimes against others, since he is assured of heaven. This is the case with the Zionist Jews; they think they are chosen by God. It should be asked: “Chosen” for what, heaven or hell?

Had God really made this promise to any one, He would have first removed the evil intentions from his soul completely, so that he is preserved from all sins and not commit crimes against others, to get what he desires. This is the logical path.

Then, when we see the Zionist Jews are committing great sins and crimes against other human beings, then we have no doubt they have fabricated this saying: “We are not going to be punished for this.”

This very sentence of them, “We are the chosen people” is the root cause of their transgressions in their private and social lives, which had begun long before Jesus arrived, almost two thousand years ago. God says in the Holy Quran:

“The faithless among the children ( descendants) of Israel  were cursed on the tongue of David and Jesus son of Mary. That, because they would disobey and they used to commit transgression.’ (5:78)

A strange looking transgression by Israeli Occupation forces need to be looked at and be given much attention to. Every time Israel attacked Lebanon, it did not forget to  shell Cana, a south Lebanon town bordering northern Galilee. They have killed many innocent civilians there intentionally, even though there were no Hezbollah positions there during those incidents . Much was written about it in Lebanese media at that time and in subsequent anniversaries. The famous and distinguished journalist, late Robert Fisk, covered these stories at length.

Lebanese town of Cana is not like any other town, it is famous for pilgrimage for the Christians and the Muslims. It is said, Jesus( peace be upon him) showed his first miracle there, changing water into a Heavenly wine or drink for his disciples. Some say, he also cured a woman there, his first time, with his miraculous power.

WHY do Israeli Occupation Forces shell this place every time they attack Lebanon?

Questions must be asked to the Christian world, specially to the US politicians:

1. Which is more financially beneficial for the USA, friendship with 20 million Jews or 1.8 billion Muslims?

2. Why are the Jews so dear to you who think Jesus was a fraud?

3. And why are the Muslims so detestable to you, while the Quran is full of beautiful praises for Jesus and his Holy Mother ?

3. Was not Hitler a Christian who killed Jews in Europe? Why have you implanted European  Jews in Palestine? Does Jesus agree with this kind of justice?

4. Why should Muslim be killed and evicted from Palestine  to make space for European Jews, whom you Christians have killed in hundreds of thousands? Why not create a safe heaven for them in Europe or in the USA, if you are so concerned about their plight? What kind of atonement and upholding human rights is that?

5. Is it socially and securitywise an advantage for the USA to support Israel in inhumane crimes against Palestinians and their neighbors and thereby antagonize the 1.8 billion Muslims? (Thanks to American internet, that brings news and footage of American and Israeli crimes against the Muslim world, to every Muslim home everyday)

6. Are you afraid that, if you don’t support  Israel, you are going to lose all the Jewish business people’s money?

In that case, where are they going to go with their money?

7. Why don’t you tell your Jewish friends  “Stop whispering venoms in my ears against Muslims, they have the same rights as you have! They are not hurting you, it is us who have hurt you many times!”

If you do not have the courage to tell it to the Jews, then borrow courage from these verses of the Holy Quran, where God speaks to the faithful through Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his infallible family):

” O you who have faith ( faith in God an His messengers and the Judgment Day)!
Be maintainers of justice and witness for the sake of Allah, even if it should be against yourselves or [your] parents and near relatives, and whether it be [someone] rich or poor, for Allah has a greater right over them. So do not follow [your] desires, lest you should be unfair, and if you distort [the testimony] or disregard [it], Allah is indeed well aware of what you do.”
(Quran, 4:135)

And here is another instruction from God which blows away any racism, religious bigotry and other reasons that unfairly treat people, be they Jews, Christians and Muslims:

“O you who have faith!
Be maintainers of justice, for the sake of Allah, and ill feeling for a people should never lead you to be unfair. Be fair; that is Godwariness, and be wary of Allah. Allah is indeed well aware of what you do.

Allah has promised those who have faith and do righteous deeds, forgiveness and a great reward.” (Quran,5:8-9)

And He praises the upright people:

” So give good news to my servants who listen to the word and follow the best of it. They are the ones whom Allah has guided, and it is they who possess intellect.” (Quran, 39:17-18)

More than 1400 hundred years ago, Allah revealed to Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his infallible family) that he was going to defeat the big forces of the idol worshippers and take back the control of Holy Kaba, which was built by his forefather prophet Abraham (pubh), known as The idol smasher. These were the verses:

“When Nasrallah ( Allah’s help) comes  with victory, and you see the people entering Allah’s religion in throngs, then celebrate the praise of your Lord, and plead to Him for forgiveness. Indeed He is all-clement.” (Quran, 110-:1-3)

And it happened exactly so. The idol worshippers all fled from Macca before putting up a fight due to great fear.  That fear in the hearts of the pagans was the help from Allah.

This time we have a person named Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah (Allah’s help), the Leader of  the Lebanese Hezbollah, promising the same, that his forces, along with his friends from the region, will liberate entire Palestine from the Zionists with the help from the oppressed Palestinians. Thereby also liberate Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on behalf of the Muslim world.

Is Nasrallah name just a coincidental similarity? Or is it divinely ordained for the liberation of Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem?

In last 22 years he has always made good on his pledges. In the year 2000, he promised to his country men that they would drive out the Israeli forces from south Lebanon, and they did. After the victory he declared to his nation that “There will be no more defeats for Lebanon against Israel.”

In 2006, on the first day of the war, which was imposed on Lebanon by Israel, he warned the Israeli people on a televised speech that their war was not only against Lebanon, but their war was also against Prophet Mohammad and his family (peace be upon him and his family). He declared that his forces were given a divine pledge, that they were surely going to win the war and they will humiliate the Israelis, and it happened exactly so.

After 4 weeks of fighting Israel realised that it was not going win the war and actually was losing, it requested the USA to arrange a cease-fire with Lebanese PM. Before the cease-fire, for a face saving result, Israel pressed hard with a very big number of their best tanks against Hezbollah . I remember, three days before the cease-fire, Israel lost 34 tanks, two days before the cease-fire it lost 55 tanks and on the last day it lost 74 tanks. A real face saver huh?

With his mentioning of the divine guarantee and the great victory, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah proved he has divine connections with Prophet Mohammad and his family ( pubh& his family).

Before Hezbollah entered the Syrian war against the Al Qaeda and the ISIS terrorists, at the invitation of the Syrian government, Sayyed Nasrallah again pledged victory, and he made good on his pledge again. By this, he once again proved he is spiritually connected to the higher world, from where he gets his clues.

My conclusion is, Israel will give up fighting due to extreme fear of death. All of their officers and soldiers know that Sayyed Nasrallah never lies; when he says something, it happiness. We are going to see what used to happen during the days of the prophets and for that, there is no better arena than Palestine.

A few days ago presstv.ir reported that Sayyed Nasrallah has said, while meeting the Hamas Leader Ismail Hanyeh:

“The resistance front has always stood by its words, and fulfilled it’s pledges. The obliteration of Israel and liberation of al-Quds are now within reach and can happen closer than ever. When the resistance front vows to obliterate Israel, it relies on established facts and not illusions.”

Israeli settlers have announced that they are going to enter the Al Aqsa Mosque on 18th of July with the demand that the Dome of the Mosque structure be demolished for building the Temple of Solomon. According to the Jews, their Messiah will appear any time after that.

Allah has a notice for the Zionists though:

” And when your Lord proclaimed that He would surely send against them, until the Day of Resurrection, those who will inflict on them a terrible punishment. Indeed your Lord is swift in retribution, and indeed He is all- seeing, all-merciful.”
( Quran, 7:167)

Irfan al-Huq


Veterans TodayVT

Editors is a General Posting account managed by Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff. All content herein is owned and copyrighted by Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff


The Deputy Commander of The Quds Force to Al-Ahed: Soleimani Is A Role Model & The Enemy Will Be Humiliated

By Mokhtar Haddad

Tehran – On the first martyrdom anniversary of Lieutenant General Hajj Qassem Soleimani, Al-Ahed News met with the IRG’s Quds Force Deputy Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Fallahzadeh [Abu Baqer].

• A message to the mujahideen in the resistance

General Says Iran To Take Revenge On US For Gen. Soleimani's Blood -  Eurasia Review

Brigadier General Fallahzadeh explains that “since the days of the greatest Messenger [PBUH], the enemies have not ceased the pursuit of their hostile plans. Throughout history, they have been plotting against the authentic Mohammadan Islam. And in this era, which is the era of Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei, we see that the enemies introduce a new scheme to the region every day.”

However, he points out that those “plans were thwarted, and the enemy was defeated.”

The general attributes this success to “help from God Almighty … the wise leadership of the late Imam [Khomeini], then the Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Imam Khamenei], as well as the field leadership of the Secretary General of Hezbollah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the rest of the leaders, such as Sayyed Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, the Palestinian resistance, and the popular mobilization units, especially in the days when the resistance front was led by martyr Hajj Qassem Soleimani and Hajj Esmail Ghaani.”

“We must continue with the approach, method, strategy, and program with which we used to confront the enemy since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, and surely victory will be ours. The enemies must know that they only achieved defeat, humiliation, and failure from all their plans and money spent in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon,” he added.

“More than seven trillion dollars were spent before Trump took office, and that is not a small amount of money. They spent huge sums of money, but they only reaped defeat and failure. They will also reap humiliation and defeat in the future.”

The general’s advice is “to have knowledge of the Imam, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and to know one’s responsibilities and act upon them. Our responsibility and our job is to obey the Imam. This is not only a mere slogan, but rather we should be practical. If we do that, the banner of authentic Mohammadan Islam will be raised.”

“By doing so, we will be proud believers, for humiliation and treason will not bring us glory. Glory is achieved by working with what Imam Hussein [PBUH] said: ‘Humiliation is far away from us; we must be tough on the enemy and have mercy on our friends, and we must love people and serve them.’”

• A Recommendation for young people to move forward with the approach of Hajj Qassem

According to the deputy commander of the Quds Force Brigadier General Fallahzadeh, Hajj Qassem was a role model and a true believer. His life was exemplary and his approach was clear. He got to know the Imam and fulfilled his duty and responsibility which was to recognize the truth about the enemy and confront it. He put his whole life on this path. In the end, he gave his honorable life for the sake of Islam and the people. Hajj Qassem was a true and loyal believer. He was a true servant of God Almighty. He made an effort in serving the people and took great care of the families of the martyrs and was humble.

He concludes his interview with Al-Ahed by saying, “On the other hand, Hajj Qassem used to follow up on the enemy’s movements and monitor them. He planned to confront the enemies and thwart their efforts, and we saw the victories that he achieved. We cannot be Hajj Qassem, but we can follow in his footsteps, which is to continue on the path of Ahl al-Bayt and Imam Khomeini.”

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When exactly did the AngloZionist Empire collapse?

“”the exact moment when the Empire collapsed: 8 January 2020. What happened that day? Following the murder of Major General Qasem Soleimani in a US drone attack (on the 3 of January 2020) the Iranians retaliated by using missiles to attack several US bases in Iraq.” The Saker


When exactly did the AngloZionist Empire collapse?

[this analysis was written for the Unz Review]

I remember one evening in distant 1991, I was sitting with a few friends in the SAIS cafeteria discussing the future of the United States with a few very smart students, including a Pakistani Army Colonel, a US captain who served on aircraft carriers and a Spanish diplomat: we all agreed that “the system” was perfect, so to speak, and that the US would only collapse if a strong external shock would hit it hard. We all agreed that the combination of the best propaganda machine in history, the stupidification resulting from many daily hours of watching the Idiot Tube and, finally, a very effective repression apparatus made for a quasi perfect dictatorship: the one which only gives the illusion of democracy and people power.

Years later, in 2017, I read by J.M. Greer’s brilliant book “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” which I later reviewed here. I would say that this book is one of the best one written on the topic of a future US collapse, even though this is a (very well written) fiction book because it brilliantly illustrates the kind of mindset which can get a supposed superpower in a very bad situation.

To me, this all made perfect sense, but only because I, and my SAIS friends, never even considered the possibility that the US Nomenklatura would commit national suicide and, in the process, bring down the AngloZionist Empire.

Yet this is exactly what happened.

So when did all this begin?

There are many possible answers to this question. Some say with the murder of Kennedy. Others point to Clinton, whose Presidency inaugurated a policy of armed imperialism all over the planet; this administration was also the first one to witness a major “coming out” of the Neocons (many of which had already infiltrated the GOP during Reagan). Then there is 9/11 with the subsequent GWOT. As I said, these are all valid candidates, and there are many more.

My personal view is that the main initiation of collapse was under Barack Obama, a truly exceptionally weak President who would have made an absolutely terrific used cars salesman, but who as a President lost control of his own country and even his own administration. It was under Obama that we saw the vacuum at the top resulting in various agencies (DoS, DoD, CIA, Pentagon, etc.) all developing their own “foreign policies” which resulted in total chaos on the foreign policy front. Needless to say, having harpies such as Hillary Clinton or Susan Rice or Samantha Power involved did not help!

What is it with western women which makes them become even more bellicose than men when they reach a position of power?! Looking at women like Thatcher or Hillary, I wonder if these women are not carefully selected precisely for their nasty character and need to prove themselves as “equal” to men by being even more nasty and murderous than male politicians…

Since his election, it has become very popular to blame Donald Trump for everything which went wrong under his Presidency and, indeed, there is much which ought to be blamed on him. But what so many people overlook is that almost everything which went wrong under Trump began with Obama! When Trumps says that he inherited an awful mess, he is absolutely correct. Not that this absolves him from his own contribution to chaos and collapse!

And, in truth, the biggest difference between Obama and Trump, is that Trump did not start any real wars. Yes, he did threaten a lot of countries with military attacks (itself a crime under international law), but he never actually gave the go ahead to meaningfully attack (he only tried some highly symbolic and totally ineffective strikes in Syria). I repeat – the man was one of the very few US Presidents who did not commit the crime of aggression, the highest possible crime under international law, above crimes against humanity or even genocide, because the crime of aggression “contains within itself the accumulated evil”, to use the words words of the chief US prosecutor at Nuremberg and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Robert H. Jackson. I submit that just for this reason alone any decent person should choose him over Biden (who himself is just a front for “President” Harris and a puppet of the Clinton gang). Either that, or don’t vote at all if your conscience does not allow you to vote for Trump. But voting Biden is unthinkable for any honest person, at least in my humble opinion.

In the Trump years something absolutely amazing happened: while Trump and his administration were busy destroying the Empire externally, the Dems put all the energy and resources into destroying Trump. However, to paraphrase a quote by the Russian author Zinoviev, “they targeted at Trump but they hit the United States” (Zinoviev’s quote was about the putative anti-Soviets: “Метили в коммунизм, а попали в Россию” which can be translated as “they were aiming at Communism, but they hit Russia”).

What took place next was precisely what my SAIS friends and I could never have imagined: the US ruling elites committed collective suicide.

Suicide is typically executed in three phases: decision to commit suicide, the act of suicide itself, and then death. If we accept that the decision to engage in behavior which can only be described as suicidal was taken sometime during the Obama years, then this begs the question of where we are now. In other words, has the Empire already died or is it still only in agony?

I was asking myself that question the other day when I suddenly realized that I might have determined the exact moment when the Empire collapsed: 8 January 2020.

What happened that day?

Following the murder of Major General Qasem Soleimani in a US drone attack (on the 3 of January 2020) the Iranians retaliated by using missiles to attack several US bases in Iraq. According to the US side, there were only minor injuries, which is very likely since the Iranians warned the US by several backdoor channels what they were planning on doing. This argument was used by Trump and his supporters to say that the Iranian reaction was lame, ineffective and could be completely ignored.

In my opinion, the moment when the Trump Administration made this statement is when the death certificate of the Empire was signed. Why?

First, the low number of US casualties (probably higher than the official one, US troops were evacuated and treated in several countries) is due to only to the fact that Iranians are superb strategists: they realized that killing a lot of US soldiers would force Trump to strongly retaliate, so they chose not to kill them. Instead, they put a gun to their collective heads. How?

Think about it: the Iranian counter-strike showed the entire world something which most people did not realize: Iranian missiles (ballistic and cruise) were much more accurate than previously thought. In fact, they clearly have some form of terminal guidance. Simply put, the Iranians have proven that they can very precisely, deliver a warhead of several hundred pounds of high explosives pretty much anywhere in the Middle East. To give you a visual idea of their current coverage check out this page.

This bears repeating: the Iranians have now proven that they can place several hundred pounds of high explosives anywhere in the Middle-East with a CEP of about 3-5 meters!

Remember the Khobar Towers bombing? Yes, this was a truck bomb with much more explosives than a missile can carry (by at least an order of magnitude), but that truck was also parked far away from the towers! Yet just under 500 people died that day.

There are plenty of similar US military installations in the Middle-East, many buildings housing hundreds of US servicemen. Just imagine what would have happened if the Iranians had decided to take out as many lives as possible and placed a couple of their missiles right on top of, say, 10 such facilities – just imagine the cost in lives!

But the Iranians are smart, and they chose a much wiser course of action: they used their missiles essentially to kick Uncle Shmuel where it hurts, but they mainly demonstrated their ability to create thousands of US casualties in just a few minutes.

Obviously, another, now undeniable, Iranian capability is the ability to instantly destroy any gas/oil facility in the region: wells, processing facilities, terminals – you name it: if it is important and expensive, the Iranians can destroy it.

The Iranians also have the ability to close down the Strait of Hormuz and even to attack USN ships, possibly including carriers.

Last, but certainly not least, this now proven Iranian capability puts every government building in danger, along with any crucial facility (Dimona anybody?).

At this point of the conversation all the well-propagandized flag-waving morons will immediately stand up and declare something along these lines:

“So what?! If these sand-niggers cross the line they know that we can massively bomb them! Heck, we can even nuke them and send them back to the stone age! Let them try and they will see what the wrath of the most powerful nation on earth, with the most formidable military in history, can do to a bunch of semi-literate peasants, LOL! Let see if their “Allah” will save them!”

Apart from all the ignorant cliches typically spewed by this crowd, there is a major analytical error underlying this “logic” (I use the term generously): the Iranians have lived with this threat since 1979 and they are used to it. Not only that, but they know for a fact that these are empty threats. Oh sure, the US can do to Iran what “Israel” did to Lebanon in the course of the “Divine Victory” war of 2006, or what NATO has done to Serbia during the Kosovo war (1998-1999): kill civilians and destroy the country’s infrastructure to punish these civilians for supporting the “wrong” (i.e. not US approved) government. But if Uncle Shmuel does to Iran what Israel did to Lebanon, the result will be the same: the Iranians will rebuild (they are very good at that) and they will bounce back twice as strong. As for their martyrs, the more there will be, the stronger the Iranian people’s resistance (check this article written by an Iranian scholar in excellent English explaining the roots of the unique ethos of Shia Islam).

Last, but also not least, the US Presidents and their aides are quite aware of the current state of the US military: it is a military which simply cannot win even simple conflicts, a military hopelessly gutted by insane liberal ideologies, a military whose entire surface fleet has been made obsolete by hypersonic missiles (which the Iranians also seem to be working on!) and a military whose Air Force spent absolutely obscene amounts of money to create a supposedly “5th generation” fighter which in many ways is inferior to US 4th generation aircraft!

This begs the question of what still works in the US military. In my opinion, the US submarine fleet is still very powerful, and the US nuclear deterrence posture is still solid. Other than that? Meh…

Bottom line: the arguments that the US did not retaliate because it did not care, or that it does not care because “we can nuke them” are typically civilian nonsense which have no connection whatsoever to the real world (just imagine the political consequences for the already highly unpopular US following a nuclear strike, especially on a non-nuclear country!)

Okay, but then why did the US not retaliate?

Simply put, because Uncle Shmuel does not have what it takes to take on Iran. Heck, Uncle Shmuel can’t even take on Venezuela (!), which is an extremely weakened country right on the US’s door step. Frankly, if this or the next President decides that the US needs to “pick up a crappy little country and throw it against a wall just to prove we are serious” then I recommend Grenada. I know, Grenada was basically undefended in 1983 (mainly by a few lightly armed Cuban engineers) and it took the 82nd airborne to rescue the totally defeated and clueless US special forces stuck under fire, but I think that since 1983 the Pentagon had the time to make a some “lessons learned” exercises and that by now the US probably could re-invade this tiny island without repeating one of the worst disasters in military history.


The Empire died on the day the Iranians hit these US facilities and the US did absolutely nothing. In fact, since that date, what have we seen:

  • The Iraqis are slowly but surely kicking the US forces out of Iraq
  • The number of attacks against US forces in Iraq has sharply increased, including against the massive US bunker complex known as “the Green Zone” which now is not “green” at all.
  • The Iranians are merrily continuing to make fun of Uncle Shmuel.
  • The US failed at renewing the anti-Iran sanctions at the UN Security Council and Russia has already declared that she is willing to sell S-400s to Iran. You can also count China in this great weapons market.
  • The US is also in retreat in Syria where anti-US attacks are becoming more dangerous (and regular clashes with ground forces of the Russian task force in Syria are also becoming a potentially very dangerous phenomenon).
  • In Yemen, the Iranian backed Houthis have basically won the war and defeated both the KSA and the US.
  • In Afghanistan, the US and its “coalition of the losers” has stayed even longer than the Soviets and has achieved exactly nothing except a total and most humiliating defeat. The contrast between the performance of the Soviet 40th Army (poorly equipped and averagely commanded) force of conscripts and what the lavishly equipped (but also poorly commanded) US professional force achieved is absolutely amazing on all levels, but the most telling is how much the Soviets actually built in Afghanistan (even facilities that the US still uses every day!). Uncle Shmuel only destroyed everything except the opium trade…

In other words, everything is going exactly according to the announced Iranian game plan to completely kick the US out of the Middle-East. I know, this seems unthinkable right now, but please make the list of all the putatively “unthinkable” things which have since happened and you will see how dangerous it is to assume that something will never happen.

When Georgia attacked the Russian peacekeepers in Tskhinval there were also limited casualties, but Russia immediately counter-attacked defeated in Georgian military in 3 days, and that in spite of being numerically smaller (at least in the initial phases of the counter-attack) and too slow to react (a typical Russian weakness). And the message to “to whom it may concern” sent by the Russian counter-attack was simple: attack a Russian base, or kill Russian soldiers and you will be killed: every time a Russian serviceman has been killed in Syria the Russians retaliate with strong missiles and air strikes. In other instances Russian Spetsnaz units killed selective Takfiri commanders. And everybody “got it”, even the Turks who have not been able to force the Russian to stop shrinking their areas of control in Syria to a small fraction of what it used to be.

Mind you – Russia has no desire to become an Empire or even some kind of superpower (Russians realize how evil any empire is for the country which is supposed to host it: they suffered for over 300 years in this toxic status of “empire” and they had enough! Only dumb Hillary and even dumber Brzezinski still thought that Russia wanted to “rebuild the USSR” when, in fact, Putin’s policies were designed to disengage and separate from the former Russian periphery which only drained immense Russian ressources and never gave Russia anything useful (and nevermind the Warsaw Treaty Organization which was just as ressources-consuming and useless as the periphery). All they want is being taken seriously and treated with respect, not as a superpower, but simply as a major, but truly sovereign, power.

Compare that with the unique blend of stratospheric megalomania, narcissistic self-worship and crass ignorance of the leaders of the US and you immediately see that the Empire is not dying anymore, it is already dead and has been dead for many months now.

What comes next?

Well, the election of course. I submit that under no scenario will the next administration be able to reverse that course and somehow miraculously resurrect the Empire. Empires don’t resurrect. It has been tried in the past (even by Napoleon), it never works. Once empires lose momentum and, especially, their ideological credibility, they are over. Oh sure, a dead body still can emit some heat for a while, some organs, or even cells, can work for a while longer, but dead is dead. Mostly dead bodies bloat and stink, which also applies to dead empires.

This is not to say that the outcome will not matter, it will – but only for the future of the United States themselves. Simply put, the upcoming vote is either a vote for upholding law and order in the US, or for total nihilism. On a deeper level, it is a vote for the US or against it: the Dems all hate this country and its “deplorables”; they also hate almost every aspect of US history (overturned statues are but symbols of this hatred) and they hate what they call “a racist system” in spite of the fact that the real causes of racial tensions in the US have very little to do with the “system” and everything to do with the unique problems of blacks in a culture with mainly European roots.

The Empire is dead. And I hope and believe that its death will mark the rebirth of the United States as a “normal” country (which is what happened to all the other former empires).

Until that happens, we can now at least rest assured that this amazingly evil Empire has finally died, even if very few noticed this.

P.S. While writing this column my thoughts turned to Major General Qasem Soleimani, who was cowardly murdered (he was on a diplomatic mission) by Trump. I imagined what he would have said if somebody had offered him the following deal: Haj Qasem – would you agree to be murdered by the modern Crusaders if your martyrdom would turn out to be the “straw” which will break the Empire’s “camel” back? I think that he would reply with tears of joy in his eyes “Glory be to God for allowing me this immense honor and joy and for allowing me to become a shadid (God’s witness)!” Soleimani was a soldier, the real thing, not a disguised businessman or politician, and he knew that he could die literally every moment of his life. He died as a general in charge of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and of its elite Quds Force. It sure looks to me that Trump in his ignorant arrogance gave Soleimani the best death he could have wished for. May this great man rest in peace!

كيف يرضى الأميركيّ دور الوسيط في ظل السلاح؟

ناصر قنديل

قد يكون حجب الأعين عن طرح هذا السؤال، سبباً كافياً لتفسير وفهم الحملة المبرمجة على الإعلان عن اتفاق الإطار للتفاوض غير المباشر حول ترسيم الحدود، وما تضمنته الحملة من كثافة أسئلة تشكيكية بوطنية الأهداف، كالاتهام بالتطبيع والاعتراف بكيان الاحتلال، والتفريط بالمقاومة، وفتح الباب لطرح مصير سلاح المقاومة على الطاولة، وهي أسئلة لا يمكن فهم أهدافها وتفسيرها بالنظر إلى انتماء أغلب أصحابها إلى معسكر الداعين علناً لنزع سلاح المقاومة وتحميله مسؤولية كل أزمات لبنان، وتبني أغلبهم دعوات الحياد، والساعين لخطب ودّ المناخ الخليجي الزاحف نحو الاعتراف والتطبيع، ولكون الجهة المستهدفة بالتشكيك هي المقاومة التي تتهم إما بالخيانة أو بالغباء، وتاريخها ناصع في الشجاعة والحكمة والتضحية والثبات في آن واحد.

من الممكن تفهُّم أسباب هؤلاء في حملتهم، من موقع غضب وغيظ وخيبة، بفعل ما ذهبوا إليه من إحراق للسفن في حملاتهم لشيطنة المقاومة وتحميلها وزر كل الأزمات، ودعوتهم لتقييدها وحصارها، وإبعادها من المشهد وطرح مصير سلاحها على الطاولة، وتسويق دعوات الحياد، وكل ذلك تحت عنوان واحد، أن المقاومة تسبّبت بغضب مَن يُمكنهم مساعدة لبنان على الخروج من أزمته، ولهؤلاء المتعدّدي الهوية عنوان واحد يبدأ من واشنطن، وفيما هم يفعلون كل ما بوسعهم لتقديم أوراق اعتمادهم للأميركي كسعاة لترجمة شعاره، لا حلول مالية في ظل سلاح المقاومة، يفاجئهم الأميركي بالقبول بما وصف به اتفاق الإطار وما يهدف إليه، كعنوان حل أزمة لبنان المالية، وفقاً لكلام وزير الخارجية الأميركية مايك بومبيو ومعاونه ديفيد شينكر، وفي ظل السلاح وبعيدا عن أي نقاش حول نزعه أو اشتراط إدخال مستقبله بنداً في التفاوض.

الأسباب الخاصة لهؤلاء في الشعور بالغضب والغيظ والخيبة، واضحة ومفهومة، لكنها تفسر انخراطهم في الحملة، وليس أهدافها، فهم عبر الحملة يفجّرون غضبهم وغيظهم ويعبرون عن خيبتهم، لكنهم يعاودون تقديم أوراق اعتمادهم للأميركي مجدداً، على أبواب مفاوضات شاقة ومعقدة يحتاج التفاوض فيها إلى حرب إعلامية ونفسية تواكبها، وأعلى مستويات الحرب النفسيّة هو نقل الخصم المنتصر إلى مهزوم يدافع عن نفسه، تماماً كما فعل الرئيس فؤاد السنيورة بعد حرب تموز، برفض الاعتراف بأن لبنان انتصر، رغم أن كيان الاحتلال بقادته السياسيين والعسكريين، ومفكّريه ونخبه ووسائل إعلامه وقضاته، كان يعترف بالإجماع بأنه هُزم وبأن المقاومة انتصرت، وكان الهدف من الإنكار، أبعد من مجرد نقل المقاومة إلى موقع الدفاع، بل الإسهام في معركة الوعي، لصالح منع تجذر فكرة النصر في الوعي الجمعي للبنانيين والعرب، وتقديم أوراق الاعتماد للجولة المقبلة من المواجهة.

لنتخيل المشهد لولا حملات التشكيك وكثافتها، وتدفق الأسئلة المبرمجة ضمنها، كما لنتخيل المشهد من دون حملات التشكيك بالنصر في تموز، بعيداً عن وظيفة التشكيك بنقل المقاومة إلى الدفاع عن نفسها وصدق وإخلاص موقعها من أجل وطنها، والدفاع بالتالي عن صدقيّة نصرها. فهدف الحملات الأعمق والأبعد مدى، كان حرمان المقاومة من خوض معركتها وإطلاق حملتها، لطرح أسئلتها، وفي حرب تموز كان سؤال المقاومة هل بقي هذا الجيش جيشاً لا يُقهر، وهل ثبت أن «إسرائيل» أوهن من بيت العنكبوت، والسؤال الذي كان يجب أن يطرح اليوم، ليس كيف قبلت المقاومة بالأميركي وسيطاً، لأن السؤال الطبيعي كيف قبل الأميركي دور الوسيط في ظل السلاح؟

لقد خاض الأميركيون والإسرائيليون، حرب تموز لإقصاء السلاح عن قدرة التأثير في أمن الكيان وثروات الغاز، وفشلوا، وشنّوا حربهم على سورية وفي أحد أهدافها تحقيق ما لم يتحقق في حرب تموز، وفشلوا، وحاولوا السطو على الغاز من دون تعريض أمن الكيان، ومرة أخرى كان اسم السنيورة حاضراً، ففشلوا مرتين، مرة بإسقاط التسلل عبر السنيورة، لترسيم مشوّه لحساب الكيان، والمرة الأهم لفشلهم كانت عندما رفعت المقاومة شعارها، سندمّر كل منصات الغاز التي تنصب في المنطقة الاقتصادية التي يعتبرها لبنان حقاً سيادياً له، وركزوا خلال عامين على الذهاب نحو دفع لبنان إلى الانهيار والانفجار، أملاً بتوجيه كرة النار نحو المقاومة تحت شعار، لا حل في ظل السلاح، ولا حوار في ظل السلاح، ولا إنقاذ في ظل السلاح، وذهب بعضهم للقول لا حكومة في ظل لسلاح، ولا انتخابات في ظل السلاح، وفشلوا ولم ينجح السيناريو بإضعاف المقاومة وفرض التنازلات عليها، وعلى بيئتها وحلفائها، فاضطر الأميركي والإسرائيلي للرضوخ لمعادلة حرب تموز الاقتصادية، والتسليم بالتفاوض في ظل السلاح.

مَن يستطيع اليوم أن يقول لا تفاوض ولا حوار في ظل السلاح؟

استحضار بندر بن سلطان: السعوديّة إلى التطبيع در

في ظروف سعودية تغلق فيها كل المنافذ أمام ما يُسمّى بالحرس القديم، وظروف أميركية تضع ملف التطبيع الخليجي الإسرائيلي في الواجهة، لا يمكن أن يحضر الأمير المتقاعد بندر بن سلطان على فضائيّة سعودية ليفتتح حملة تشهير بالشعب والقيادات الفلسطينيّة إلا كثمرة لخطة سعودية أميركية تم إسناد تنفيذها لبندر الذي كان تاريخياً نقطة تقاطع المهمات الخاصة الأميركية السعودية منذ تشكيل مجموعات «جهادية» للقتال في أفغانستان تحوّلت لاحقاً إلى تنظيم القاعدة، كما يروي مستشار الأمن القومي الأميركي الأسبق زبيغينيو بيريجنسكي.

العلاقة بكيان الاحتلال كانت دائماً حاضرة في مهمات بندر الأميركية السعودية، وهو مهندس الشراكة الثلاثية الأميركية السعودية الإسرائيلية في الحرب على سورية، وهو مَن وصف مراراً من قادة الكيان بالصديق الموثوق، وهو صاحب الدعوة العلنية لصندوق خاص لتمويل توطين الفلسطينيين في أماكن اللجوء، ضمن إطار تصفية حق العودة للاجئين.

إطلالة بندر بن سلطان لخوض معركة تحميل الفلسطينيين مسؤولية ضياع فرص نيل الحقوق والاستحضار المشوه للوقائع لتثبيت هذه الفكرة، من رجل تولى مسؤوليات وقاد اتصالات تمنحه صفة التحدث بما كان شريكاً في صناعته، تهدف للتمهيد أمام الرأي العام الخليجي عموماً والسعودي خصوصاً من أي التزام بالقضية الفلسطينية، وصولاً للدعوة التي يتبنّاها حكام الإمارات أصدقاء بندر، تحت عنوان هدرنا جهوداً ووقتاً أكثر مما ينبغي من أجل فلسطين من دون جدوى، على حساب مصالحنا، وآن لنا أن نهتمّ بأنفسنا، وهنا طبعاً لا يسأل هؤلاء أنفسهم عن مصلحة بلادهم بفتح أمنها ومجتمعاتها أمام مخابرات كيان الاحتلال؟

الذريعة التي سينتقل بندر لتسويقها في إطلالة ثانية ستكون أولوية إيران كخطر يستدعي التعاون مع كيان الاحتلال. وهذا يعني أن خطة الانضمام السعوديّ إلى ركب التطبيع، كما بشر دونالد ترامب، قد وضعَت قيد التنفيذ.

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقة

لماذا استعجلت أميركا و«إسرائيل» ترسيم الحدود مع لبنان؟

 د. عصام نعمان

أعلن رئيس مجلس النواب نبيه بري منتصفَ الأسبوع الماضي عن إتفاق إطار لبدء مفاوضات بين لبنان و«إسرائيل» بشأن ترسيم الحدود البرية والبحرية بينهما تحت رعاية الأمم المتحدة وبوساطة الولايات المتحدة، مؤكداً انه ليس اتفاقاً نهائياً، وانّ الجيش اللبناني سيتولى المفاوضات برعاية رئيس الجمهورية العماد ميشال عون وأي حكومة عتيدة.

ملف المفاوضات بين لبنان ودولة العدو فُتح سنة 2010، وتواصلت بشأنه اتصالات متقطعة نحو عشر سنوات الى أن وافق الطرفان، بفعل وساطة أميركية، على اتفاق إطار في 9/7/2020 يُحدّد الأسس التي تبدأ بموجبها المفاوضات في 14 الشهر الحالي تحت علم الأمم المتحدة في مقرّ قوات الطوارئ الدولية «يونيفيل» في بلدة الناقورة الحدودية اللبنانية.

أسئلة كثيرة طُرحت حول الدوافع والمرامي التي حملت أميركا، ومن ورائها «إسرائيل»، على تعجيل البدء بالمفاوضات قبل نحو شهر من موعد الانتخابات الرئاسية الأميركية، وفي غمرة جائحةٍ كورونية عاتية ضربت كِلا الدولتين وتسبّبت باضطرابات سياسية وأمنية وبخسائر اقتصادية.

لعلّ أبرز الدوافع والمرامي ثمانية:

أولاً، فشلُ الضغوط التي مارستها أميركا لحمل لبنان على اعتماد خطةٍ طرحها مبعوثها فريدريك هوف سنة 2012 لقسمة المنطقة البحرية المتنازع عليها ومساحتها 860 كيلومتراً مربعاً على أساس أن تكون حصة لبنان منها 500 كيلومتر و«إسرائيل» 360 كيلومتر، لكن لبنان رفض الخطة لكون كامل المساحة المذكورة واقعة برمّتها ضمن مياهه الإقليمية.

ثانياً، فشلُ الاعتداءات العسكرية الإسرائيلية طوال السنوات العشر الماضية، لا سيما حرب 2006، في حمل لبنان على تغيير موقفه الرافض لمطامع «إسرائيل» وضغوطها.

ثالثاً، مباشرةُ «إسرائيل» في التنقيب عن النفط والغاز في المياه الإقليمية الفلسطينية المحاذية لحدود لبنان الجنوبية، وإقامة منشآت لاستثمار الإنتاج، والتلويح بتمديد عمليات التنقيب الى المنطقة الاقتصادية الخالصة اللبنانية ما أدّى إلى إعلان السيد حسن نصرالله موقفاً صارماً بعزم المقاومة على الردّ بقوة ساحقة على العدوان الإسرائيلي ما يعني تدمير المنشآت البحرية التي أقامها العدو.

رابعاً، إقدامُ العدو، بعد إنجازه إقامة منشآته النفطية البحرية، على عقد اتفاق مع قبرص واليونان ومصر لإنشاء أنبوب بحري لنقل الغاز الى اليونان ومن ثم الى إيطاليا لتموين دول أوروبا بهذه المادة الاستراتيجية الأمر الذي يستدعي توفير حماية كاملة لمنشآنه البحرية وذلك بحلّ الخلاف على ترسيم الحدود مع لبنان تفادياً لتدمير منشآته من قِبل حزب الله.

خامساً، تأكّد العدو الصهيوني من تعاظم قدرات حزب الله إذ أصبح في مقدور صواريخه الدقيقة ضرب العمق الإسرائيلي بما يحتويه من مرافق حيوية كالموانئ والمطارات والمصانع والقواعد العسكرية. وكان لافتاً في هذا السياق تصريح لوزير الأمن بني غانتس محذراً من فعالية قدرات حزب الله العسكرية وضرورة عدم الاستخفاف بها.

سادساً، لاحظ العدو أنّ لبنان يعاني منذ مطالع العام الحالي انهياراً اقتصادياً واضطرابات سياسية ما ينعكس سلباً على مركزه التفاوضي ويتيح لـِ «إسرائيل» فرصة نادرة لاستغلالها في سياق محاولاتها المتواصلة للاستيلاء على مساحة واسعة من المياه الإقليمية اللبنانية حيث كميات هائلة من الغاز والنفط.

سابعاً، تُدرك «إسرائيل» أنّ دونالد ترامب هو أقوى وأفضل رئيس أميركي ساندها وموّلها وسلّحها بسخاء منقطع النظير، لكن بقاءه في البيت الأبيض غير مضمون إذ قد يخسر أمام منافسه الديمقراطي جو بايدن. لذا فالأفضل لها انتهاز وجوده في البيت الأبيض واستغلال شبقه للبقاء فيه بإغرائه بتحقيق «انتصارات» خارجية لتوظيفها في الانتخابات الرئاسية، وبأنّ لبنان هو أحد المواقع المتاحة – في ظنّهاــ لتحقيق «انتصار مضمون». من هنا يمكن تفسير تدخل إدارة ترامب مع المسؤولين اللبنانيين لإقناعهم بالقبول بإطارٍ للمفاوضات يبدو مراعياً مصالح بلادهم.

ثامناً، يصعب على المنظومة الحاكمة في لبنان، وسط الانهيار الاقتصادي والمالي الذي تعانيه البلاد، ان ترفض عرضاً للبدء بمفاوضات أولية مع «إسرائيل» وفق إطار يراعي شروط لبنان وقد يؤدّي إلى تمكينه من مباشرة التنقيب عن الغاز والنفط في منطقة غنية بهما، مع العلم أنّ المفاوضات قد تطول وميزان القوى المائل حالياً لمصلحة خصوم أميركا في المنطقة قد يميل أكثر لمصلحة أطراف محور المقاومة ما يؤدّي إلى تعزيز مركز لبنان التفاوضي حيال «إسرائيل».

غير أنّ إعلان الرئيس بري، حليف حزب الله، للاتفاق –الإطار حمل خصوم الحزب على انتقاد بري من جهة والتحذير من تداعيات الاتفاق على حقوق لبنان في أرضه المحتلة من جهة أخرى وذلك على النحو الآتي:

ــ جرى انتقاد بري لاستعماله مصطلح «إسرائيل» بدلاً من العدو او الكيان الصهيوني ما يوحي – في ظنّ الناقدين – أنّ رئيس مجلس النواب بات متهاوناً حيال عدوانيتها. والحال أنّ بري كشف أسس الاتفاق – الإطار الذي يضمّ أطرافاً عدةً، بينها «إسرائيل»، فلا يُعقل تضمينه مصطلحات عدائية ضدّ أحدها.

ــ أشار منتقدون إلى تصريحٍ لوزير الطاقة الإسرائيلي يوفال شتاينتش حول التوصل الى إجراء «مفاوضات مباشرة» مع لبنان الأمر الذي يتعارض مع واقع أنّ لبنان ما زال في حال حرب مع «إسرائيل» وانه يعتبرها عدواً مغتصباً لفلسطين. والحال انّ الاتفاق – الإطار الذي أعلنه بري يشير الى مفاوضات غير مباشرة وليس إلى مفاوضات مباشرة.

ــ أشار منتقدون آخرون الى انّ الاتفاق – الإطار يشير الى التفاوض حول خلافات على حدود بحرية في حين انّ الخلافات تتعلق بالحدود البرية أيضاً. والحال انّ بري شدّد على التلازم في المفاوضات بين الحدود البرية والبحرية. هذا مع العلم انّ الاتفاق المعلن تضمّن إشارة إلى تفاهم نيسان/ ابريل وإلى قرار مجلس الامن 1701 سنة 2006 اللذين يتعلّقان اصلاً وفصلاً بالحدود البرية وبالنقاط التي تحفّظ بشأنها لبنان كونها أراض لبنانية ما زالت «إسرائيل» تحتلها وما زال لبنان يصرّ على إنهاء احتلالها.

ــ غير أنّ أبرز الملاحظات والتساؤلات انصبّت على مسألة تعهّد حزب الله بالردّ على الاعتداءين الإسرائيليين الأخيرين اللذين أدّيا إلى ارتقاء شهداء من المقاومة. فهل سينفذ حزب الله وعده ووعيده بعد بدء المفاوضات غير المباشرة ما يؤدي الى تعطيلها؟ أم أنه سيستنكف عن ذلك ما يشي بوجود «صفقة» مع أميركا لإنجاح المفاوضات؟

قياديون في حزب الله أكدوا أنه ليس طرفاً في المفاوضات وانّ المقاومة ما زالت في حال حرب مع العدو، وانّ تعهّد السيد نصرالله بالردّ على الاعتداءات الإسرائيلية ما زال قائماً ومُلزماً وسينفذ في الوقت الذي تراه القيادة مناسباً.

باختصار، الاتفاق – الإطار هو مجرد تحديد للأسس التي ستجري المفاوضات بموجبها. فلا شيء تحقق حتى الآن على صعيد المضمون، ولا حدود جرى التفاهم على ترسيمها في البرّ أو البحر. الإعداد للمفاوضات استغرق أكثر من عشر سنوات، ولا ينتظر المتابعون والمراقبون ان تنتهي الى نتائج إيجابية في المستقبل المنظور، ولا بالتأكيد قبل مغادرة ترامب البيت الأبيض.

وزير ونائب سابق

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقة

انطلاق مفاوضات الترسيم: من تنازل لمن؟

ناصر قنديل

مع إعلان رئيس مجلس النواب نبيه بري، التوصل الى التفاهم على إعلان إطار للتفاوض حول ترسيم الحدود، يحضر هذا الملف بقوة على طاولة النقاش والتقييم، بعيداً عن الخطابات الوظيفية، أي المكرّسة لمناقشة هادفة سلفاً لأداء وظيفة لا علاقة بمضمون البحث عن حقيقة، والتي تهدف مرة للإيحاء بأن المفاوضات ستكون تخلياً عن خيار المقاومة أو اعترافاً بكيان الاحتلال أو انخراطاً في التطبيع، ومرة بالتنمر على تهديدات المقاومة في حال إقدام كيان الاحتلال على شن حرب على لبنان بالرد الموجع وصولاً لتعريض الكيان لخطر الزوال، بالتساؤل عن مبرر الترسيم طالما المقاومة قادرة على تدمير الكيان، فغالب هؤلاء ليسوا من دعاة تدمير الكيان، ولا من رافضي الاعتراف به ولا من معارضي التطبيع، وخلفية كلامهم الغاضبة من إعلان الاتفاق تعكس تعارض معانيه مع مراميهم الآتية مرة تحت عنوان “الحياد” ومرة تحت عنوان نزع سلاح المقاومة، ومرات تحت عنوان تحميل القوى التي تؤمن بالمقاومة مسؤولية الانهيار المالي، لأنها تقف بوجه السياسات الأميركية والخليجية المتقاطعة عند النقطة الإسرائيلية تطبيعاً.

يعلم المتنمرون على الاتفاق أن لغته ليست لغة الطرف اللبناني فيه، بل هي لغة الاتفاقات التي سبقته من اتفاق الهدنة إلى تفاهم نيسان والقرارات الدولية طالما أنه موثق في الأمم المتحدة وتل أبيب وواشنطن مثلما سيوثق في بيروت، ولو كان الاتفاق يصبّ الماء في طاحونة المتنمّرين ودعواتهم ويعبّر عن انتصارها، وهي ليست بعيدة عن دعوات واشنطن لضرب المقاومة وثقافتها، لصفقوا له وساهموا بتمريره بدلاً من الهجوم عليه، ولعل ما يجعل غضبهم مفهوماً هو أنهم وجدوا أن الأميركي الذي ينظرون إليه كإله جبار، يخون ثقتهم فيرتضي التسليم بأن نزع سلاح المقاومة فوق طاقته، وأن المقاومة وحلفاءها من القوة بما لا يمكن كسرهم أو تطويعهم رغم الأزمات الضخمة التي تقع فوق أكتافهم والعقوبات التي تقع عليهم، وأنه لا بد من مقاربة بلغة المصالح للبحث عن تفادي خيار المواجهة معهم، لأنها تعبر عن خيار خاسر خاسر، وهذا سبب سعي الطرفين لتفاديها، وسبب بقائها بالنسبة للمقاومة رداً دفاعياً يضمن تدمير الكيان لكنه يدمّر الكثير مما يهمّها سواه، ولذلك لن يكون خياراً ابتدائياً عندها. ومع السعي الأميركي القائم على التسليم بمغادرة خيار المواجهة يظهر العقل الأميركي القابلية لاستبدال المواجهة بالبحث عن خيار رابح رابح، بشروط أقرب لمصالحه، وإلا ففي منطقة وسط طالما لم تنفع محاولات تليين موقف المقاومة وحلفائها من شروط البحث عنه، ويعرف المتنمّرون على الاتفاق أنه ضمناً جواب على لا جدوى دعواتهم الحياد ونزع السلاح والالتحاق الأعمى بدفتر الشروط الأميركي الخليجي الذي يترجمه التطبيع، طالما تثبت التجربة الحسية أن بمستطاع المقاومة وحلفائها خلق موازين قوة تفرض على الأميركي قبول التفاوض، وتفرض شروط هذا التفاوض، بما فيها عدم الاعتراف بالكيان وعدم التطبيع معه، وتفرض نيل الحقوق الاقتصادية وانتزاعها من بين براثنه في زمن يقدم بعض العرب نفطهم وغازهم وبلادهم وأسواقهم وأمنهم على طبق من ذهب للإسرائيلي بعدما صار الأميركي سيد قرارهم منذ زمان، ويراهم هؤلاء المتنمرون مثالاً يُحتذى.

صبر الأميركيون عشرة أعوام منذ بدء فتح ملف الحدود البحرية، رسمياً عام 2010 عندما بدأ الكشف عن الثروات الهائلة في البحر في المياه اللبنانية وبصورة مكثفة في المياه الواقعة جنوباً على حدود فلسطين المحتلة حيث العين الإسرائيلية حاضرة، لكنهم صبروا منذ ما قبل ذلك عشرة أخرى تمتد منذ العام 2000 بعد تحرير المقاومة لجنوب لبنان، وانطلاق الحملة العسكرية الأميركية على المنطقة في عهد المحافظين الجدد خلال ولايتي الرئيس جورج بوش، وعينهم على ثروات النفط والغاز التي لا يعرف عنها الكثير سواهم ولا عن مواطنها، ومنها البحر المتوسط، وفقاً لتقرير الطاقة الذي أقره الكونغرس عام 2000، وجاءت بعدها الحروب على المنطقة ترجمة له، وقد جسدت هذه التوجهات مباشرة في لبنان بصورة حربية عام 2006 بعدما سبقها الإعلان عن أنبوب للنفط من ميناء جيهان التركي إلى ميناء عسقلان في فلسطين المحتلة، وما يستدعيه تنفيذه وتفرضه الحاجة لحمايته من حرب تُنهي المقاومة، وأعقب الحرب التي فشلت عسكرياً مشروع عسكرة البحر المتوسط بموجب القرار 1701 استعداداً لخطط استثمار النفط والغاز بعيداً عن تأثير قوة المقاومة وشروطها السيادية، وقبل حرب تموز 2006 تم بصورة أمنية وسياسية التمهيد لفرض السيطرة على هذه الثروات عبر القرار 1559 عام 2004، وصولاً لربط اغتيال الرئيس رفيق الحريري لإشاعة الفوضى ونشر الفتن وإرباك سورية والمقاومة وإضعافهما خدمة لهذا الهدف، لكن صبر الأميركيين لم يحمل جديداً يتيح الرهان على المزيد من الصبر، فقوّة المقاومة تتزايد، ومعادلتها السياسية في لبنان تبدو غير قابلة للكسر أو للعصر.

بعد فشل رهانات 2004 و2005 و2006، جاء رهان 2010 على الحرب على سورية وتداعياتها لبنانياً بإضعاف المقاومة إذا قيض للحرب تحقيق أهدافها، ولكن خاب الرهان وجاءت النتائج عكسية، وبدت واضحة مسارات الحرب على سورية منذ نهاية العام 2016 ومعركة حلب، كما بدت المقاومة في ذروة صعودها السياسي مع وصول الرئيس ميشال عون كحليف للمقاومة إلى رئاسة الجمهورية في الفترة ذاتها، فحضر الرهان الأشد قسوة الذي ترجم حضوره عام 2016 ببدء العد التنازلي لموجودات المصرف المركزي من العملات الصعبة، وكانت الهندسات المالية التي نفذها تعبيراً عن هذا التراجع، الذي زاد تفاقماً عاماً بعد عام تحت ضغط أميركي مدروس هدفه خنق لبنان مالياً وتفجيره اجتماعياً، وصولاً لتسييل هذا التفجير بوجه المقاومة وخياراتها، وفي الطليعة فرض خط لترسيم النفط والغاز قدّمه الأميركيون تحت اسم سفيرهم فريديريك هوف منذ العام 2012 ورفضه لبنان رغم الضغوط التي تجدّدت مع خلفه في المفاوضات السفير الأميركي ديفيد ساترفيلد، ليعلن لبنان عام 2016 اشتراطه حصر الدور الأميركي بالوسيط وربط الترسيم والتفاوض غير المباشر برعاية الأمم المتحدة، وتتجمّد المفاوضات من حينها.

حاول الأميركيون خلال هذه السنوات، تصعيد الضغط الاقتصادي حتى الانفجار الشامل، حيث لم يخف الأميركيون رهانهم على توظيف انتفاضة 17 تشرين وتوجيهها بوجه المقاومة وحزب الله، والتركيز على موقع رئيس مجلس النواب نبيه بري، بصفته الممسك بحنكة وحزم بملف التفاوض، وكلام سفيرهم السابق جيفري فيلتمان وإشاراته للتفاوض على ثروات النفط والغاز أمام الكونغرس تلاقيها الكلمات الواضحة لمعاون وزير الخارجية الأميركية ديفيد شينكر، “لديكم معاناة كبيرة وتملكون ثروات واعدة في البحر المتوسط تتنازعون عليها مع “إسرائيل”، وقد قدمنا لكم تصوراً لحل النزاع فاقبلوه”، كانت كافية لتكشف جوهر الأهداف الأميركية من الضغوط، وصولاً لدفع لبنان نحو الانهيار، واللعب بتوازناته السياسية والطائفية، وبشوارعه المتعددة اجتماعياً وثقافياً حتى الاشتعال، أملاً بالحصول على موافقة لبنانية على خط هوف من بوابة تفاوض مباشر بين لبنان و”إسرائيل” برعاية أميركية، ولم يخف الأميركيون خلال هذه الحملة المركزة المتعددة الجوانب سعيهم لإخراج ملف التفاوض من يد الرئيس بري، أملاً بجعل الأماكن البديلة خواصر رخوة يمكن الضغط عليها بشوارعها أو بالعقوبات، فلم يحصدوا إلا الفشل.

كان الجميع من اللاعبين الكبار يدرك أن الزمن الأميركي محكوم بسقف الانتخابات الرئاسية، وأن كل الأوراق المطلوب لعبها يحب أن تستثمر قبل ذلك التاريخ، وعندما سلم الأميركيون مطلع تموز الماضي بالإطار اللبناني لمفاوضات الترسيم، لا مفاوضات مباشرة، بل إحياء للجنة التفاوض في تفاهم نيسان مع أو بدون فرنسا، ورعاية الأمم المتحدة، وحصر الدور الأميركي بالوسيط والمسهل بدلاً من الراعي، وربط حدود البحر بنقطة برية محورية في الناقورة، وهذا معنى التلازم البري والبحري، بقوا ينتظرون فرصة جديدة لاختبار إمكانيات التعديل مرة أخيرة على حافة النهاية، والاتفاق في جيبهم جاهز للإعلان، لتطل برأسها ثلاثية تفجير المرفأ وحملة التطبيع الخليجية والمبادرة الفرنسية نحو لبنان، والثلاثية مترابطة لدرجة تطرح أسئلة كبرى حول تلازمها ومرجعيّتها الأميركية. وتحرك الفرنسيون بالتنسيق مع الأميركيين وتحت نظرهم. كان الناظر الأميركي ديفيد شينكر وزميله ديفيد هيل يزوران بيروت، ويجسّان نبض الرئيس بري ومن خلاله المقاومة، حول شروط الترسيم، وفقاً لمعادلة، أن يحصل الأميركيون على ما يريدون في ملف الترسيم فيحصل بري ومن خلفه حزب الله على ما يريدون في الملف الحكومي، وعند التمسك بالشروط جاءت العقوبات، وعندما سقطت الفرصة ولم ينفع شيء في تغيير المواقف قرر الأميركيون الإفراج عن التفاهم، ليتمّ الإعلان عنه، متقبّلين معادلة رابح رابح، بعدما فشلت كل محاولات الفرض وقوبلت بالرفض، فيربح الأميركيون ومن خلفهم الإسرائيليون ما يستثمرون من خلاله النفط والغاز والسياسة والتسويق الرئاسي والترويج لإنجازات تحاكي إنجازاتهم في الخليج، ويربح لبنان ومقاومته سيادة غير منقوصة، وثروات كاملة، وإحباطاً لضغوط تحت عناوين الحياد ونزع السلاح.

الجولات المقبلة لن تكون سهلة، لكنها تحت سقف توازنات صنعتها مفاوضات الإطار، وستكشف الأيام يوماً أن إدارة الرئيس بري لملف التفاوض كانت تتمة مديدة لمفاوضات حرب تموز، وأنها خلافاً لكل ما يقوله المزايدون والمتنمّرون، والذين غالباً ما كانت مواقفهم تعبيراً عن صدى للضغوط الأميركية، وسيظهر كيف أن إدارة بري عبرت عن وطنية لبنانية صافية وصلبة وعن استعداد للتضحية ترجمه تحمل العقوبات والاستعداد لتحمل التهديد بأكثر منها، لتكتب صفحة إنجاز وطني لبناني، مؤسف أن لا يتلقفه اللبنانيون موحّدين، ومؤسف أكثر أن يضعوه على خطوط تماس مراهقات عصبيّاتهم المريضة، في لحظة وطنية تستحق الترفع عن لغة التفاهة والحقد والعبث.

مبارك للبنان وشكراً لنبيه بري وتحية للمقاومة.

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقة

ما العمل لإنقاذ لبنان

زاهر الخطيب

ما هو عِلميَّا وعَمليَّا مُقتَرحُنا الخَلاصيّ؟

بين انتصار المقاومة 14 آب 2006 وانفجار الفاجعة 4 آب 2020 وفي أعقابِ التّطوراتِ والمستجِدّات الأخيرة…

سَواءٌ على صعيدِ الجائحةِ الكورونيّةِ وطنيّاً وإقليميّاً ودوليّاً…

أو على صعيدِ الانفجارِ الفاجعة في المرفأ التاريخيّ العريق لبيروت «اُمِّ الشرائع»، والتّداعيات المُزلْزِلة، التي أقلُّ ما خلّفت وراءها: رعباً… ودماً… وألماً… ودَماراً… وَرُكاماً… وتهجيراً…

بين الانفجار الزّلزلَة.. وتفرُّد الحكومة باستقالةٍ متسرِّعة!

فوَّتتِ الحكومةُ فرصةً ثمينةً بِرِهانِها الطويلِ المدى على صندوق النّقد الدولي، وبعدم التوجُّهِ شرقاً، لملاقاة عروضٍ سخيّةٍ قدّمتها دولٌ صديقةٌ لو استُجيبَ لها، لكانت فَتحت للحكومةِ منافذ واسعةً أمامَ حُلولٍ عمليّةٍ فوريَّة، وشقّت طُرُقاً لإنقاذِ لبنانَ من فظيعِ محنتِهِ والمآسي. أوَلم يكنِ الأجدى للبنانَ، بألّا تُقدِمَ الحكومةُ على تركِ المسؤوليةِ فجأةً بِلا استشارة؟ وفي تِلكُمُ الظروفِ العصيبة؟ وإذا كان في ما نقولُ الكثيرُ من الأسف وبعضُ العتب، فهو على قدرِ المودَّة. وتبقى الغلطةُ الكبيرةُ بالتردُّدِ والتفرُّد، وبعدمِ قراءةِ موازينِ القُوى موضوعِيّاً بعينِ العقل. ولو فعَلتِ الحكومة ذلك، لما خَذَلت أو خُذِلت، لأنّ موازينَ القُوى كانت لِتسمَحَ للحكومةِ بالفلاح، لو كانت لبَّت نداءَ التوجُّه شرقاً، ولكانت وضعت لبنانَ فوراً، على سكّةِ الخلاصِ الاستراتيجيّ. أمّا الأدلَّةُ الثبوتيةُ على صحّةِ ما نقولُ فعديدة، ويكفي أن نُشيرَ الى شاهدٍ من أهْلِهِ، هو نفسُهُ المبعوثُ الأميركيُّ السّيد هيل، الذي، في زيارته لبنان، جاءنا مُتكبِّراً مُتجبِّراً لِيفرِضَ شروطاً أميركيةً على لبنان، توحي بإقصاءِ حزبِ الله عن الحكومة اللبنانيّة تمهيداً لنزعِ سلاحِه، وإذ بالمبعوثِ نفسِهِ، بعد تصريحاته المزَلزِلة، وبعد صدورِ الحكمِ المهزلة عن المحكمةِ الدوليَّة، يُصرِّحُ بما معناه: إنّ أميركا تعايشت وتعاملت مع حكوماتٍ سابقةٍ شاركَ فيها حزبُ الله (وفي مثل هذا التّصريح الفصيح طبعاً) إشارةٌ واضحةٌ إلى أنَّ أميركا على استعدادٍ للتعاملِ مع الحكومة اللبنانيّة المُقبلة، التي لن تُشكَّلَ إنْ لم يكن حزبُ اللهِ، فيها، شريكاً.

أمّا بعدُ، وعلى ضوء ما سبق، وبحصيلة مشاوراتٍ دَؤوبةٍ مع الرِّفاق في القيادةِ المركزيَّةِ لرابطةِ الشَّغيلة… وكوادرَ ناشطةٍ في تيَّار العُروبةِ للمقاومةِ والعدالةِ الاجتماعيَّة.

ارتأيتُ ضَرورةَ التوجُّه لأبناءِ الوطنِ العربيّ ولا سِيّما فلسطين وسورية والعراق واليمن وسائر الأقطار، والى الأحرار والشرفاء في العالم بِنداءٍ وجدانيٍّ، أو فلنقُلْ بصريحِ بيانٍ عقلانيٍّ موضوعي، بعناوينَ ثلاثة، أُوجِزُ مضامينَها تمهيداً، كما يلي:

العنوانُ الأول: «المقاومة شرطُ وجودِ لبنان»

المقاومة شرطُ حماية انتصار شعبه في العام 2000.

المقاومة شرطُ صونِ سيادته بسمائهِ وأرضِهِ ومياهِهِ والثروات ما ظهرَ منها وما بَطَن.

أوَلم يؤكد ذلك أمين عام حزب الله السيد حسن نصر الله في ذكرى انتصار آب 2006؟

العنوان الثاني: أليسَ لِغاياتِها وأهدافِها السياسيّة تُشَنُّ الحروبُ العسكرية والعدوانية،

أوَليس الحِصارُ والعقوباتُ والاغتيالاتُ والفوضى الخلّاقةُ والثوراتُ الملوّنةُ والإرهابُ الوحشيُّ وقطعُ الطرقاتِ والأموالُ، هي البدائلُ الجاهزةُ للحروبِ الاقتصاديةِ عند فشلِ الحروبِ العسكريّةِ الظالمةِ من تحقيقِ غاياتِها وأهدافِها السياسية؟

العنوان الثالث: ما العملُ لإنقاذِ لبنان

وما هو عِلميّاً وعَمليّاً مُقتَرحُنا الخَلاصيّ؟

تمهيدٌ… في البُعد الفلسفيّ: المقاومةُ شرطٌ وجوديّ

إنّ المقاومةَ شرطٌ وجوديٌّ في حياةِ الإنسان، لأنه فطرةٌ طبيعية وسُنَّةٌ تواكِبُه مع نشأتِه وفي تكوينه، سواء بمناعته الجسدية، أم بمناعته النفسيّة، مناعةٌ جسدية لِدفع أذىً يطالُ الجسد، ونفسيّة لِردعِ ظلم ينالُ من النّفس… أولم تلِدْنا أمهاتُنا أحراراً؟

ألا تتجلّى هذه السِّمات في سِيَرِ الأنبياءِ والشهداءِ والعلماءِ والقادةِ العظماء؟ وعند الشعوب المناضِلة والأقوياءِ في نفوسهم مُذ كان التمرّد على الظلم والطغيان؟

أليس جدلُ الكونِ والإنسان قائمٌ على الدِّيالكتيّة، أي الثنائيّة في صراع الأضداد، كالصّراع الدائر بين الخير والشرّ على صعيد الإنسان والمجتمع، أو كالصّراع الدائرِ بين الحقِّ والباطل، أو بين النور والظُلمة، أما في الموضوعةِ التي نحن بصددها ففي الصّراع الدائرِ بين الحرية والعبودية.. بين حرية الإنسان في خِياراته بإعطاء المعنى الذي يريدُ لِوجودِه سيّداً حرّاً مستقلّا عن أيِّ ارتهان أو استلاب أو استغلال من أيِّ نوعٍ كان، وعبوديةٍ تكبِّلُهُ بالسلاسل الحديدية والأغلال الى الأذقان، أو عبودية أشدُّ وأدهى، تتبدّى خبيثًةً بالعبودية الفكريّة والعنصريّة والطائفيّة والمذهبيّة والفئويّة والمناطقيّة والعائليّة والعُصبويّة، وهي أخطرُ أنواعِ العبوديات. وفي حديثٍ شريفٍ عن التعصُّب والعصبيّة: «إنها لجاهليَّةٌ نتِنة».


ـ المقاومةُ شرطُ وجودِ لبنان

أربعةَ عشر عاماً مضت على انتصار شعبِنا على العدو الصّهيوني في حرب تموز 2006، استطاعت خلالها المقاومةُ مجابهةَ تحدِّيات الحرب الصُّهيو – أميركيّة العدوانيّة الهمجيّة، وإسقاطَ مشروع الشرق الأوسط الجديد، الذي كانت قد بشّرت به السيدة رايس الحكومة اللبنانية بشخصِ رئيسِها فؤاد السنيورة، ولم يكن قد مضى أكثر من ثلاثةٍ وثلاثين يوماً حتى خاب فألُ أميركا بعد أن ساء ظنُّها بقوةِ أداة التنفيذ الصُّهيونية، التي لم توفّر حتى أطفال قانا في ارتكاب مجازرها، فجعلتهم أشلاءَ متناثرة في مركز القُوات الدولية. وقد تمكّنت المقاومة بعد ذلك من تثبيت معادلاتٍ للرّدع، غلّت يد الصّهاينة عن استسهالِ العدوان على لبنان، بفضل القوةِ المتعاظمة للمقاومة وموقفها الثَّوريِّ المبدئيّ، وتطوير قدراتها التي قلّصت، إنْ لم نقل، كفّت الى حدٍّ بعيد شرَّ الصّهاينة الغادرين بغزو لبنان أو استمراء تَكرار اعتداءاته. ويعود الفضلُ الأول في ذلك الى المقاومة في خِيارها بتأكيدِ قوتها ورفضِها رفضاً مطلقاً قبولَ الذُلِّ والهوان لأبناء شعبها والوطن، فكانت لِتردعَ بقوةٍ، أيَّ عدوانٍ على سيادتنا، لا سيما بعد أن طوّرت المقاومةُ قدراتِها الرّدعية، وبذلت من الجهود والجهاد ما يوافرُ المقدرةَ على كبحِ جموح الحِلف الاستعماري الصُّهيوني ومنعِه من شنِّ حروبٍ جديدةٍ، فالمقاومةُ الباسلةُ باتت تفرِضُ على العدو الصُّهيوني حسابَ الكِلفة في حال إقدامِهِ على أيّ مغامرةٍ غير محسوبة، وذلك بفعل امتلاكها قوة قاهرة تُخفي المفاجآت، وتسهر لياليها بضناء في مواصلة بناء قوّتها وتعزيزها تدريباً وعدّةً وعتاداً بفضل الشراكة المصيريّة مع سوريّة وإيران، اللتين تواصلان دعم المقاومة في أقسى الظروف، ولَمْ يَصرِفهُما عن ذلك الالتزامِ المصيريِّ الأخويِّ الأخلاقيِّ، أيُّ عدوانٍ أو حصارٍ أو تهديدٍ أو تآمرٍ مع شياطينِ الداخلِ أو الخارج، وإنّ شرفاءَ لبنان وأحرارَ العالم لَمَدينون لتلك الأرواحِ الغاليةِ والدماءِ الزكيّةِ والجهودِ المضنية، التي تبذلُها المقاومة بعناءٍ وسخاء، والتي لا يجوز أن يطمسها أو يغيِّـبَها أيُّ جحودٍ أو نكران.


ـ المقاومةُ شرطُ حماية انتصار لبنان العام 2000 وردع أيّ عدوان على شعبه وترسيخ قوَّته وإسقاط مقولة قوة لبنان بضعفه، والثلاثية التي أرساها الشعب اللبناني هي «قوة لبنان بجيشه وشعبه ومقاومته» ضدّ العدو الصهيوني الاستيطاني الذي دسَّه الاستعمار في قلب الوطن العربي لدورٍ وظيفي، يقضي بتجزئة الوطن العربي وقمع حركات التحرُّر فيه طامعاً بعد احتلال فلسطين بجعل لبنان محمية صُهيونية بلا سيادة، مستبيحاً سماءنا وأرضنا ومياهنا ونفطنا والغاز والثروات، ما ظهر منها وما بطن.

أما وقد دخلنا بهذه المعادلة الثلاثية العصرَ الذي ولّى فيه زمن الهزائم وجاء زمن الانتصارات، وخاض فيه لبنان مع محور المقاومة معارك التحرير الظافرة.

«فقد أصبحت المقاومة تحمي لبنان وتردعُ العدو الصُّهيوني ورعاته في العالم، وشركاءَه في المنطقة، وهي بالشراكة مع الجيش اللبنانيّ، ومع غالبية الشعب الحاضنة والداعمة، تقيم منظومة الدِّفاع والحماية ضدّ التهديد الصُّهيوني… وضدّ الإرهاب التكفيري… وأخطارِه… وإجرامه الدموي. وقد بذل المقاومون بكلّ تواضع تضحيات جمّة في معركة وجودٍ مصيريّة، فدافعوا بالدماء عن حق شعبهم في الحياة والأمان، وحرسوا بأرواحهم مع أبطال الجيش اللبناني وحدة الشعب والوطن، كما منعوا الغزوة الإرهابية من تمزيق الشرق العربي، فكانوا خلال السنوات الأخيرة يبذلون الدماء والأرواح دفاعاً عن لبنان وعن سوريّة والعراق في ملحمة شرقيّة عربيّة تاريخية عظيمة، تؤكد وحدة مصير الشرق، رغم جميع خطط الهيمنة الاستعماريّة الهادفة لِتمزيقه وإخضاعه ونهبه. وقد كانت شراكة المقاومة المصيريّة، وبالذات مع الشقيقة سورية، مثالاً للأخوّة، ولوحدة المصير القومي. بينما كان لإيران الشقيقة الفضلُ العظيمُ، الذي لا يُنسى في تمكين سورية وفلسطين ولبنان والعراق واليمن من التّصدّي للغزوة الإرهابية، المدعومة من الحلف الاستعماري الصُّهيوني الرجعيّ العربيّ الأشدّ صهينًة أو قُل العِبري الأشدّ كُفراً».

العنوان الثاني: الحروبُ الاقتصاديةُ العدوانيةُ بديلاً عن الحروب العسكرية الظالمة عند فشلها في تحقيقِ غاياتها وأهدافها السياسيّة.

«لقد سارع حلف العدوان بعد تعثُّر مخططه الدمويّ الى إحكام أدوات الحصار والخنق الاقتصادي على سوريّة وإيران، وكذلك على لبنان، بينما كانت الحكوماتُ اللبنانية المتعاقبة قاصرةً بخططها وتوجهاتها عن ابتكار وتنفيذ البرامج الوطنية، التي ترعى فرصاً جِديّة لتوفير مستلزمات الصمود، ولتطوير القُدرة على كسر الحصار الغربي الاستعماري، والتصدّي لمسار الانهيار الاقتصادي والمالي، الذي كان أبرزُ وجوهِه النافرة اختناق القطاعات المنتجة، وتمادي الريعيّة والفساد. وما تزال الضرورة الوطنية تفرض على لبنان اعتمادَ خطةٍ للصمود الوطني، ترتكز الى تطوير قطاعات الإنتاج وإحياء الثروة الحقيقية، وتثبيت دعائم الاستقلال الوطني، والتحرُّر من الهيمنة الاستعمارية عبر التمسُّك بشراكة الحياة مع سوريّة والعراق وإيران وسائر دول الشرق. وإنّ عدم ملاقاة هذه الفرص بخطوات عملية يوقعُ لبنان رهينة في فخّ الهيمنة الغربية اللصوصية أيا كان غطاؤها الخادع، وهو ما يجب أن ينتبه إليه جميع اللبنانيين القادرين على توسيع الفرص ومضاعفة القدرات عبر تنويع الخيارات».

نداء إلى أبناء الأمّة جمعاء

بيننا وبين الاستعمار قضايا لن تُصفَّى بالمناشدة والخنوع أو التملّق العاطفي… بل هي تدعونا الى كفاح عمليٍّ شاقٍّ وطويل…

بيننا وبين الاستعمار قضية فلسطين التي شاؤوها لقمة سائغة للصُّهيونية المجرمة، ولكنها، لن تكون في معركة الوجود مهما أبطأ الزمن إلَّا لأبنائها بدمائنا وبجهادِ الأجيال ستكون. فلا صفقة قرنٍ ولا صفقاتِ قرونٍ تعيد فلسطين لأهلها عربيّةً أبيّةً. لقد ضاع عمرُنا الرّخيص بالمساومة، وفلسطين لن تعود إلّا بالمقاومة المسلّحة أساساً، وتجلياتها السياسيّة والدبلوماسيّة والجماهيريّة والثقافيّة، تكون في خدمة الكفاح المسلّح. قضية فلسطين هي قضيتُنا المركزيّة في الصراع العربيّ الصُّهيونيّ.

«لا صلح لا تفاوض لا اعتراف»، المقاومة وُجِدت لتبقى «ما أخذ بالقوة لا يُستردّ بغير القوة»، الرئيس الراحل جمال عبد الناصر.

«لا شراكة مشرقيّة وعربيّة إلّا والمقاومةُ جوهرها»، الرئيس بشار الأسد.

نهضة الأمة وتوحيدُ الوطن العربي رهنٌ بوحدةٍ وطنيةٍ قوميةٍ أمميّة لمعسكر الشرفاء والكادحين من أحرارِ العالم، على مبدأ «نُصادِقُ مَن يُصادِقُنا ونُعادي مَن يُعادينا».

العنوان الثالث: ما العمل لإنقاذ لبنان ما هو علميّاً وعمليّاً مقترحنا الخلاصي؟

«إنّ ابتكار خطة وطنية لكسر الحصار وللخروج من حلقة الاستنزاف والدمار، يوجبُ أمرين اثنين علميّاً وعمليّاً».

علميّاً: رؤية برنامجيّة سياسيّة اقتصاديّة اجتماعيّة إنتاجيّة وطنيّة.

عمليّاً: خطوات شجاعة عاجلة لإحياء قطاعات الإنتاج، والتحرُّر من الرَّيعيّة التّابعة، وبناءُ الشّراكات العربيّة والإقليميّة والدوليّة، التي تدعمُ إعادةَ بناءِ الاقتصاد الوطني، وتطويرُ موارد جديدة تُنعش الحركةَ الاقتصادية، وهذا يوجب خروج لبنان من الارتهان لأحادية الارتباط بالغرب الساعي الى الهيمنةِ والنّهبِ والسّلبِ والحلب. «والعملُ على اعتماد توجُّهات جديدة تحقِّق التوازنَ في البناء الاقتصادي، والخلاص من الريعية لردّ الاعتبار الى الصناعة والزراعة والصناعة السياحيّة وجميع فروع الإنتاج المعرفيّ، مما يُسهمُ في توسيعِ المجالاتِ الاقتصاديّة المجدية، والاعتمادُ على الشراكات المفيدة، وملاقاةِ الفرصِ، التي تمنعُ الاختناق في قبضة الهيمنة الغربية الاستعمارية. وقد أثبتت الكارثةُ، التي تعرّضت لها البلاد أنّ لنا في هذا الشرق دولاً شقيقة وصديقة، يمكن أن نستندَ الى الشراكة الوثيقة معها في المصالح والتوجُهات الاستقلالية بعلاقات متكافئة بعيدةٍ عن الأطماع والهيمنة والنهب، وقد قدّمت مساعدتِها لنا دون سؤال أو أيّ شكل من أشكال الاستثمار السياسي التملّقي الرخيص.

إنّ وضع حدًّ للنزف الخطير، الذي يعيشه اللبنانيون، ومنعَ الاختناقات المعيشيّة المتزايدة يستدعي التزامَ فكرةِ التحرُّر من الارتهان للغرب، وأقلُّه، الانتقال الى علاقات وشراكات متوازنة على أساس تكافؤ المصالح مع الشرق والغرب، والارتكاز على تنمية القطاعات الإنتاجية، وملاقاةُ فرصِ الشّراكة مع الجِوار القومي والإقليمي والشرقي على أساس المصالح المشتركة والمتكافئة. والبديل عن هذا الخيار ليس سوى المزيدِ من التسوُّلِ والاستدانة، وفي الاستدانة تبعيةٌ وإذلالٌ، وفي مطلق الأحوال لم تعد متاحة كالسابق، وباتت قرينةَ شروطٍ وإملاءاتٍ تخنقُ البلادَ مالياً واقتصادياً، وترهن إرادتَها السياسيّة للهيمنة الأجنبيّة».

أيُّها اللبنانيون: لماذا لا نُجاوِزُ اليأسَ والكآبةَ والاستسلام، ونبعثُ في نفوسنا والأذهان، آمالَنا والأحلام؟ لماذا لا نُزيحُ الغشاوةَ عن أعيننا، لنُحرِق بحرارةِ الشّمس نتنَ الفسادِ والعفن؟ لماذا القُصورُ في البَصرِ والبصيرةِ، فنُعادي مَن يصادِقَنا، ونُصادق مَن يُعادينا؟

أيها اللبنانيون: ألم يئنِ الأوانُ لإنقاذ لبنانَ ببناءِ دولةِ المواطنة؟ والتمسُّك بشُرعةِ حقوقِ الإنسان، والخياراتِ والثوابت الوطنية المنصوص عنها في وثيقة الوِفاق الوطنيّ الفقرة ب «لبنان عربيّ الهوية والانتماء. وفي الدُّستور اللبناني، الفقرة عينُها «لبنان عربيُّ الهويّة والانتماء»، (أحكام رئيسة).

أوَلم يئنِ الأوانُ بعدُ لنرفع في ساحات النّضال الجماهيري السلميّ شعارَ تطبيق الميثاقِ الوطني اللبناني، ووضع موضع التنفيذ الفوري المادة 95 من الدستور اللبناني بإلغاء الطائفية السياسية السمُّ الزعاف، الذي دسَّه الانتداب الفرنسي في دستور 1926. وتطبيق المادة 22 المعدّلة في دستور 1990 (مجلس نواب وطني لا طائفي ومجلس شيوخ تتمثّل فيه العائلات الرّوحية وتنحصرُ صلاحياتُه في القضايا المصيريّة، لا سيما في الأحوال الشخصية المادة 65 – بند 5) والمادة 27 (عضو مجلس النواب يمثّل الأمة جمعاء). (ما يستوجب الدائرة الوطنية الواحدة) وسواها من الإصلاحات.

أيها اللبنانيون: فلندفع بوعينا لتقوية النّفوس وإلغاء النصوص، وتحرير العقول من أوهام سلطان الهيمنة والارتهان، فدربُ النّضال شاقٌّ وطويل لاستكمال التحرّر والتحرير من عَوزٍ واحتلال، ولْنَدفع بمسار الإصلاح والتغيير، ومحاربة الفساد، ومعاقبة المفسدين بتطبيق الدستور والقوانين، وليكن مسارُ النضال الجماهيري سلميّاً، لا سيّما أنّ الجيشَ وقوى الأمن هم أهلنا بالبزّة العسكرية، وحَذارِ من المندسّين والإعلام التضليلي المأجور، وجمعيات الأنجوز» المشبوهة المموّلة بشعاراتِ الحريّة المزيّفة والديمقراطية!

وحَتَّامَ الانتظار لاسترداد المنهوبِ من أموالِ الشعب، وتطبيق قانون من أين لك هذا، وقانون العقوبات بمحاربة الفساد والاقتصاص من المفسدين والقتَلة والخونة المتعاملين جَهاراً نهاراً مع العدو الصُّهيوني، وليلاً في العتمةِ مع الموساد. فهل يندرجُ ذلك في بابِ حرية الرأي أو حرية التعبير عن وجهة نظر؟. وهل ثمةَ حياديّةٌ في الصراع الدائر بين الحقّ والباطل؟

وهل الحدودُ الجغرافية فواصلُ عنصرية تُسقط عن الشرفاء والأحرار المسؤولية والقيمَ الإنسانية. «وإذا قلتم فاعدلوا ولو كان ذا قربى». «فلبــنان جمــهورية تعــدُّدِيّــة». قائمٌ نظامُها السياسي على الطائفيّة والمذهبيّة، فهل نقيم على بعضنا البعض الحواجز والمتاريس، ونحفرُ الخنادقَ، ونبني بيننا الجدران؟

أيها اللبنانيون

لا تجعلوا «نعمةَ التّعدُّدِيّة»، «نِقمةً فتنويّة»…

لماذا تعرفون الحقَّ فتتجنَّبونَه… وتُدرِكونَ الباطل فتجتلِبونَه؟ فلْنَعقِل ونرفع رايةَ الوَحدةِ الوطنيّة.. ولْنوئِدِ الفِتنة، فالفتنةُ أشدُّ من القتل… ولْتكن المعاملةُ بالِمثل، «فنعادي مَن يُعادينا… ونُصادِقُ مَن يصادِقُنا» أُمَمِيّاً، صوناً للسّلمِ الأهليّ وحبّاً بلبنانَ حُرّاً سيِّداً قويّاً على صورةِ أحلامِ أطفالِنا والشّهداء. ولْيكُن نضالُنا معاً من أجلِ الأجيال المقبِلة، لا من أجل الانتخابات المُقبِلة أو المُبكِرة، بل من أجل أن نحيا بعزَّةٍ في دولةِ القانون والمؤسسات، تساوي بالجَدارة والنّزاهة والأخلاق، ما يساوي القيِّمون عليها: دولة تُسمّى «دولةَ المواطنة والإنسان»، دولةَ العدلِ والمساواة، والحريةِ ونُصرةِ المظلومينَ والكادحينَ في نضالِهم والبؤساء، عسانا نتفكّرُ ونَعِي كمواطنينَ مسؤولين، حقوقَنا كلَّها وفرائضَ الواجبات…

أفــلا نــعــقِلُ ونتــوكّلُ… ونُلــبّي النِّــداء؟


وزير ونائب سابق، الأمين العام لرابطة الشغيلة

Al Sayyed Nasrallah and Gratifying Responses السيد نصرالله والأجوبة الشافية

by Nasser Kandil

At a critical juncture coinciding with the commemoration of a distinctive historical event, Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah drew for Al Mukawama’s public, and through them to friends and foes, the framework through which Al Mukawama was reading the local, regional, and international scenes vis a vis her progress. He defined Al Mukawama’s perspective, her evaluation of the components of those scenes, and how they will be dealt with.

Reminding his audience of the conclusions and meanings derived from the July War’s historic victory, he reinforced memory, raised consciousness, and defined the reigning equations of the present and the future. Prominent in the new in what he said, in terms of diagnosis and position, can be summarized in two points, as can the implicit messages in what he refrained from saying.

In the explicit and clear section of his speech related to the Occupation, Al Sayyed clearly asserted the certainty of response to the air strike on Damascus Airport, based on the existent deterrence formula, and that it was only a matter of time, waiting, and anticipation of the nature and degree of reckoning the response will carry with it.  He also confirmed that the hypothesis of an Israeli hand in the Beirut Port explosion remained on the table, and negated any thoughts for an international investigation which is expected to destroy any line of inquiry which could lead to the unveiling of any truth assigning to such a hypothesis a high probability.  And in the event that such hypothesis was proven, he asked the Lebanese to ask themselves and to ask each other what positon they would take and how they would deal with it. He made clear that, on her part, Al Mukawama’s response will be certain and be unhesitant, and of the magnitude of a just punishment for such heinous criminality.

In the explicit and clear section related to Lebanon, Al Sayyed described the internal scene and revealed the plot to bring down the Lebanese State and its institutions, leading Lebanon towards a vacuum, chaos, and civil war, through the exploitation of the explosion and its catastrophic aftermath of destruction and tragedy.  He called on Al Mukawama’s public to respond to provocations with patience, and to hold on to their anger for a coming day, without specifying the arena in which it will be used. Given Al Mukawama’s insistence on the preservation of the civil peace in Lebanon, such a call opens the door for the possibility of a confrontation with the Occupation, within the context of a response, and the Occupation’s expected response to the response. Underlying such call is a principle held by Al Mukawama that any changes in the interior start with the implementation of new equations which weaken the Occupation, and through it, the American game plan.

A message  in what was absent from Al Sayyed’s speech relates to keeping the door open to foreign initiatives, at its head the French initiative, which he had described as a positive endeavor in his last speech, but did not mention in the current one. What is implied is Al Sayyed’s comfort with the new political context resulting from President Macron’s recent tweet about the West’s fear of losing Lebanon. A second message which can be deduced from what was unsaid, but alluded to in his statement that the plot towards a vacuum had been foiled, is that the preliminary steps in the formation of a new government are comforting and devoid of any danger signs in that direction.

Based on Al Sayyed’s words, Al Mukawama and her Axis have the strength and the upper hand in the area’s equations, and initiatives in all dossiers related to Lebanon would not have seen the light but for that strength.  Al Sayyed’s words imply that what had taken place, and what will take place on the battlefield and politically, reinforces the principal message from the July War: “The era of defeats has flown and the era of victories has landed.”

Al Sayyed Nasrullah’s explicit words and what remained unsaid in his discourse reassured all supporters of Al Mukawama, on a day of commemoration dear to their hearts.  They also gave gratifying responses to the big questions.

السيد نصراللهوالأجوبة الشافية

ناصر قنديل

في لحظة مفصليّة وذكرى تاريخيّة مميّزة، رسم السيد حسن نصرالله لجمهور المقاومة، وعبره للعدو والصديق، إطاراً لقراءة المقاومة للمشهد السياسي المحلي والإقليمي والدولي المحيط بمسار المقاومة، وحدّد الموقف من تقييم عناصر هذا المشهد وكيفية التعامل معها، وإذا كان التذكير باستنتاجات ومعاني الانتصار التاريخي في حرب تموز ضرورياً لإعادة رسم الذاكرة وبناء الوعي وتحديد إطار المعادلات الحاكمة للحاضر والمستقبل، فإن أبرز الجديد الذي قاله السيد نصرالله في التشخيص والموقف، يتلخص بنقطتين، والرسائل المتضمنة فيما لم يقله تتلخص بنقطتين أيضاً.

في الكلام الواضح والجديد، ما يخص كيان الاحتلال، بتأكيد السيد على أن الردّ على غارة مطار دمشق، وفقاً لمعادلات الردع قادم لا ريب فيه، والمسألة مسألة وقت فقط. وفي الانتظار، ما مضى منه وما سيأتي بعض العقاب، وتأكيد السيد على أن الفرضية الإسرائيليّة في تفجير مرفأ بيروت موجودة على الطاولة، وهي كافية لنفي أي تفكير بتحقيق دوليّ سيتعمدّ تخريب كل مسار يوصل لكشف الحقيقة إذا كانت توصل لترجيح هذه الفرضيّة، وفي حال ثبوت هذه الفرضية فإن اللبنانيين مطالبون بسؤال أنفسهم وسؤال بعضهم لبعض عن موقفهم وكيفية تعاملهم مع هذه الفرضية، أما المقاومة فلا تردّد لديها بأن الرد سيكون حتمياً، وبحجم يستحقه هذا الإجرام.

في الكلام الواضح الجديد، ما يخصّ الداخل اللبناني، بعضه في رسم المشهد وكشف مشروع لإسقاط الدولة في استثمار للتفجير والدمار والخراب والفاجعة، بما يهدّد بأخذ لبنان نحو الفراغ والفوضى والحرب الأهلية، وموقف داعٍ لجمهور المقاومة للصبر على الاستفزاز، ولكن حفظ الغضب ليوم مقبل، والكلام لم يحدّد وجهة لتوظيف هذا الغضب، خصوصاً مع تمسك المقاومة بالبقاء تحت سقف حفظ السلم الأهلي، ما يعني فتح الباب لاحتمال مواجهة مع الاحتلال، في سياق الردّ والردّ المتوقع على الردّ، على قاعدة تلتزمها المقاومة مضمونها أن تغيير الداخل يبدأ بفرض معادلات جديدة تضعف كيان الاحتلال ومن خلاله المشروع الأميركي.

فيما لم يقله السيد نصرالله، رسائل تتصل بإبقاء الباب مفتوحاً أمام المبادرات الخارجية، وفي طليعتها المبادرة الفرنسية، التي وصفها بالمسعى الإيجابي في إطلالته السابقة، ولم يتطرق إليها في هذه المرة، ما يعني ارتياحاً للمسار السياسي الجديد الناتج، كما يقول الرئيس الفرنسي في تغريدة جديدة، عن الخشية من خسارة الغرب للبنان، ومما لم يقله السيد هو أن البحث الجاري في التمهيد للحكومة الجديدة مريح وليس فيه ما يقول بخطر الفراغ، ومصدر الاطمئنان واضح في الإشارة لإسقاط مشروع الفراغ.

وفقاً لكلام السيد، المقاومة ومحور المقاومة من القوة بمكان، ما يجعلهما أصحاب اليد العليا في معادلات المنطقة، وما يجري في الميدان وما سيجري، وما يجري في السياسة وما سيجري، سيؤكد مقولة حرب تموز الرئيسيّة، وهي أن زمن الهزائم قد ولّى وجاء زمن الانتصارات، وأن المبادرات في الملفات كلها نحو لبنان ما كانت لتتمّ لو لم تكن هذه المقاومة بهذه القوة.

السيد نصرالله في ما قاله وما لم يقله قدّم الاطمئنان لمؤيدي المقاومة في ذكرى عزيزة على قلوبهم، وقدّم الأجوبة الشافية على الأسئلة الكبرى.

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As Some Arabs Normalize Ties with ‘Israel’, Lebanese Recall 2006 Divine Victory

August 13, 2020

Return of displaced Lebanese July War 2006

Marwa Haidar

Fourteen years ago, on August 13, 2006, the Zionist occupation committed horrible crime by killing dozens of Lebanese at a residential complex in Beirut’s southern suburb, Dahiyeh. In two minutes, eight buildings turned into rubble when Israeli warplanes threw 23 tons of smart bombs on Al-Imam Al-Hassan Complex.

The massacre took place shortly after the Zionist government announced on that day it had agreed to a cessation of hostilities with Lebanon, in a clear proof that this regime breaks its words and is hostile by nature.

Fourteen years on the war which was full of massacres, devastation and a lot of pain, this entity appears with a new language. Few days after the massive blasts at Beirut Port on August 4, 2020, Tel Aviv lit up its city hall with the Lebanese flag, in a move that was even met by protest inside the Zionist entity.

Moreover, the Israeli regime, which was established on the blood of the Palestinians, offered to send aid to devastated Beirut following the tragedy of the port.

“I expressed Israel’s willingness to send humanitarian aid which must be delivered directly to the population,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told French President Emmanuel Macron in a phone call on Tuesday (August 11).

Netanyahu’s “tenderness” didn’t stop here. The Israeli PM, and out of his “keenness” on the safety of the Lebanese people, told the French president that the arms of the “devil” Hezbollah must be taken out of populated areas across Lebanon.

Such language may deceive some countries like the UAE, which announced on Thursday it was normalizing ties with the Zionist entity, in a move that is expected to be echoed by other Arab states.

Unlike other countries, the honored people of Lebanon will never be fooled. They know very well that all the Israeli moves towards Lebanon are aimed at one goal: Disarming Hezbollah.

Since its defeat on the hands of Resistance fighters in 2006, the Zionist entity spared no effort to reach its goal. However, this enemy has forgotten major fact: The people who witnessed the divine victory in 2006 know very well that the Resistance weapons have been the source of this pride, and they will never accept that the Resistance would abandon its weapons.

The people who rushed to return to their destroyed houses as soon as the cessation of hostilities took effect at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, August 14, 2006 are now more determined to defend their land.

The children who were displaced from their southern towns in 2006 have now joined the Resistance ranks and are well prepared to take part in the game-changing surprise promised by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah if a new aggression is launched against Lebanon by the Israeli enemy.

Some Arab states may follow in UAE’s tracks, but surely Lebanon won’t be one of them, not only because the Zionist brutality can’t be forgettable, but also because the Lebanese people are still enjoying the divine victory of 2006 and preparing for the day when they will pray, along with the Palestinians, in Al-Quds!

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Sayyed Nasrallah: If “Israel” is behind Beirut Blast then It will Pay A Heavy Price

Sayyed Nasrallah: If “Israel” is behind Beirut Blast then It will Pay A Heavy Price

By Zeinab Essa

Beirut – Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday a speech commemorating August’s 2006 historic victory over the “Israeli” enemy.

Sayyed Nasrallah: If “Israel” is behind Beirut Blast then It will Pay A Heavy Price

Hailing the sacrifices of the martyrs and their families, Sayyed Nasrallah congratulated all the Lebanese and all free people of the world on this victory.

He further thanked all those who had a role in this battle and in writing this epic of steadfastness and victory. Sayyed Nasrallah also thanked those who contributed to the political administration of this war, particularly President Emile Lahoud. “President Lahoud was unable to manage the negotiations because of the isolation decision that was taken regionally and internationally so this mission was assigned to Lebanese House Speaker Nabih Berri.”

According to His Eminence, “Lebanon fought alone militarily against an army that considers itself the most powerful army in the Middle East and among one of the most powerful armies in the world.”

“2006 war had great strategic, military, security, and cultural results. I will just mention three of them,” he added, noting that “The first result is toppling the new Middle East scheme that the American administration was aiming at implementing.”

In parallel, the resistance Leader underscored that “The new Middle East scheme and the huge push that began with the occupation of Afghanistan and reached Iraq, was toppled in Lebanon.”

“The capture of the two “Israeli” soldiers expedited the timing of the US scheme,” he mentioned, stating that “For the first time, the “Israelis” are living the fear of the existence and survival of this entity in the region is questioned.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also highlighted that “Resilience and resistance in Lebanon toppled the US scheme,” mentioning that “The effects of the military, political and psychological defeat are still strongly present in this entity, and we are still enjoying victory as hope is strongly present.”

“The achievement of the 2000 is liberation, and the achievement of 2006 is protection through the balance of deterrence,” he confirmed.

In addition, His Eminence confirmed that “There is an equation that protects Lebanon, called resistance, through the deterrence equation, and nothing else protects it.”

“Lebanon is strong by this equation, while they seek to get rid of this force,” he stressed, confirming that “The balance of deterrence is getting stronger day after day.”

Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that “The Americans cannot tolerate the survival of a force in Lebanon that will protect Lebanon, its sovereignty, pride, honor and people.”

“Only the balance of deterrence and the ‘army-people-resistance’ equation are protecting Lebanon at the moment,” he said, noting that “They failed in the military war and they know that no military war will be able to affect Hezbollah, so they are trying with other wars, and what is happening with us in Lebanon is part of this battle.”

In addition, His Eminence underlined that “Claims that Hezbollah is practicing hegemony over the Lebanese political life are mere lies and they know this.”

“To us, the resistance is an existential matter. It is the air that we breathe and the water that we drink to stay alive,” Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed highlighting that “Until further notice, and as long as no alternative has been presented, the resistance will remain our choice.”

“For Lebanon and its people, resistance is a condition of existence, and it is our choice,” he asserted, noting that “From the very first day, our choice was to respond to “Israel’s” airstrike in Syria.”

Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say: “What happened since the first day of martyr Ali Mohsen’s fall until today is part of the punishment for the Zionist enemy. The decision to respond aims at fixing the rules of engagement, it doesn’t aim at media exhibition. This is proven by the calculated and serious action.”

In a sounding message to the apartheid “Israeli” entity, Sayyed Nasrallah stated: “The decision to respond to the “Israeli” strike in Syria is still on the table. It is a matter of time and they have to wait. The “Israeli” is still standing on a “one and a half leg” so that his soldiers are not targeted, and this is part of the punishment.”

Commenting on the recent Emirati step of announcing normalization with the apartheid “Israeli” entity,” Sayyed Nasrallah said:

“We have not been surprised by the move of some of the UAE’s rulers. The timing of the agreement between “Israel” and the UAE confirms that some Arab regimes are servants to the Americans. The UAE’s deal is a personal electoral service for Trump and Netanyahu,” he clarified.

Moreover, His Eminence predicted that “We have to expect from now until the time of the American elections that some Arab regimes sign ‘peace’ agreements with ‘Israel’.”

“Until the US Presidential Elections, Trump will continue ‘milking’ the Gulf regimes financially and religiously in what serves him and his friend [“Israeli” PM Benjamin] Netanyahu,” he expected.

Sayyed Nasrallah also said: “The humanitarian, religious, jihadist, national and regional duty makes it a must for me and everybody to stand up and condemn this act which is a betrayal of Islam, Arabism, al-Quds and sanctities.”

“Let us reject with our tongue and the weakest faith is to reject by our hearts,” he stressed.

To the Palestinians, he stated: “We should be angry in our hearts, but not be sad because the masks fell and this is a good thing. When it is destined that the front of right approaches victory, the traitors and stabbers in the back are to get out of it. Their departure from the cause of right, which is the Palestinian issue, will make the resistance front acknowledge well its friend from its enemy.”

“Hezbollah does not have an account of events about the Beirut port blast,” His Eminence asserted noting that “Hezbollah is awaiting the results of the investigation.”

Sayyed Nasrallah underlined that “Theoretically, there are two hypotheses about the causes of the Beirut Port explosion, whether it is accidental or sabotage. Hezbollah is concerned with the resistance’s direct security and we are not capable of shouldering the responsibility for the entire national security with its internal dimension.”

“If the FBI want to investigate in Beirut Port Blast, it means that they will rule out any ‘Israeli’ responsibility in case ‘Israel’ was involved in it,” the Resistance Leader declared, pointing out that “The investigation should be continued and answers should be offered to the Lebanese people.”

He also announced: “Hezbollah, that would never turn a blind eye to killing one of its fighters and insists on fixing this equation, would never remain silent towards a major crime such as the Beirut Port blast if it was committed by ‘Israel’.”

“We do not trust any international investigation,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

To the enemy and the friend, Hezbollah Secretary General explained: “The account won’t be only for what happened. It will also be for what could have happened. ‘Israel’ will pay a similar price to the size of this crime [Beirut Port blast] if it had committed it. If the investigation determines that ‘Israel’ is involved, the Lebanese state and people should have a say in the issue.”

In addition, he underscored that “The most dangerous thing is that in front of a national calamity of this level, we have witnessed a scheme to topple the state, from which Lebanon escaped. Any political movement must be limited with preventing the collapse of the state and its institutions and the outbreak of a civil war in Lebanon.”

Slamming that “Some Lebanese political forces and media outlets exploited people’s pain to target not only Hezbollah, but also Lebanese President Michel Aoun,” Sayyed Nasrallah announced “In the name of Hezbollah, I do thank PM Hassan Diab and his cabinet, and hail their courage amid all circumstances as they made the best they could, and we understand their resignation.”

“It was not those who toppled the government. The government was toppled by a host of circumstances and difficulties. In fact, a blast of such magnitude would have made it difficult for any government to continue. The Lebanese political forces had sought in the past days to topple the state and put Lebanon on the brink of civil war to serve personal and foreign interests. Hezbollah have always demanded a national unity government or a most possible political and popular representation government,” he said.

Moreover, His Eminence revealed that “The second institution that was targeted is the parliament, with collective resignations, and under the pretext of the constitution, they are practically heading towards toppling the parliament and then calling for early parliamentary elections, and this attempt is doomed to fail.”

According to the Resistance Leader, “Whoever does not abide by the ceiling of not toppling the state, he must have his nationality under question.”

“The caretaker government will assume its responsibilities until a new government is formed,” he said, demanding “a strong, capable and politically protected government.”

Once again, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that “The talk of a neutral government is a waste of time. Many unethical and provocative practices are suspicious and some embassies which stand behind them will be named someday. The government’s priorities are reforms, reconstruction, and healing the wounds after the port bombing, the financial, economic, and livelihood issue, the criminal and financial investigation, and the fight against corruption.”

Moving to the Special Tribunal of Lebanon [STL], His Eminence repeated: “We’re not concerned with the STL’s rulings. The content of the international tribunal’s decision is not the important thing, it is rather some people’s attempts to abuse it to target the resistance. We cling to the innocence of our brothers should unjust STL verdicts be issued against them.”

To the resistance people, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “There was a state of anger among our supporters over the past days and we sought to control the situation, because clearly some were trying to incite strife. Preserve your anger, as we might need it one day to end the attempts seeking to drag Lebanon into a civil war. As Lebanese, we should be aware that some will try to exploit the rulings and we should show awareness.”

Commenting on the coronavirus developments in Lebanon: Sayyed Nasrallah said: “The Covid-19 pandemic in Lebanon is out of control, we have to live with the Coronavirus measures and those who infects others and lead to their death are killers and have to pay their blood money.”

“With God’s help and the people’s support, we and our allies are the strongest in the region,” he concluded.

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Hajj Qassem Soleimani Repeatedly Risked His Life to Protect Sayyed Nasrallah; Precision Missiles Some of His Touches

Hajj Qassem Soleimani Repeatedly Risked His Life to Protect Sayyed Nasrallah; Precision Missiles Some of His Touches

By Staff, Agencies

This is the first time that the July 2006 war is being commemorated in the absence of the martyred commander who knew its every detail and lived through its perils. He was there alongside Hajj Imad Mughniyeh and Sayyed as well as the leaders overseeing the course of the war. But today, the commander of the IRGC’s Quds Force, Hajj Qassem Soleimani, is strongly present in spirit.

Member of Hezbollah Central Council His Eminence Sheikh Nabil Qaouk recalls the role Hajj Qassem played during the war. In an exclusive with Al-Ahed News, he makes some interesting revelations.

“The precision missiles that established new equations in the conflict with the enemy, exposed the entity’s depth for the first time since 1948, and encircled this usurper entity is a strategic achievement recorded by Hajj Qassem Soleimani,” he said.

According to Sheikh Qaouk, “Hajj Qassem Soleimani insisted on staying in the heart of the battle, along with Hajj Imad Mughniyeh, Sayyed, and the rest of the brothers. He was one of the leaders on the battlefield. Hajj Qassem Soleimani put his life on the line. He was ready to be martyred at any moment. He employed the entirety of his jihadist experience in the service of the resistance, and he harnessed all his capabilities to defend Lebanon and defeat the enemy.”

Sheikh Qaouk also touched upon the spiritual relationship between the Secretary General of Hezbollah and the commander of the Quds Force.

“Hajj Qassem Soleimani was concerned with preserving the safety of the Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and for that he faced death several times.”

While talking about Commander Soleimani and the Divine Victory in July 2006, the capabilities of the resistance automatically come to mind.

“Today [the resistance is] at the peak of its strength, ability, and readiness, and the enemy can never underestimate or ignore the resistance’s strength, and its surprises,” Sheikh Qaouk warned.

He promises that “there are surprises that will take place on the battlefield that are not included in the enemy’s calculations, and, God willing, the greatest victory will be ours.”

“The period after 2006 is not the same as the period before it.” This is according to the resistance, and the most important lessons revolved around the realization that “[we needed] to be strong in a world ravaged by wolves and ruled by monsters.”

“We realized that we should not abandon our weapons and surrendering them is a betrayal of the homeland and the nation, and that we must protect these weapons with our bare hands. We realized that permanent readiness to confront the enemy must be achieved.”

On the anniversary of the 2006 war, Sheikh Qaouk congratulated the wounded, whose scars bear witness to their heroism and the barbarism of the enemy. He congratulated the resistance fighters, who are the Men of God who continue to protect this nation – away from the limelight – and pose as the homeland’s dignity and pride. He also commended our loyal and faithful people – the most honorable and purest people on their steadfastness and their glorious victory. Moreover, he asked God to have mercy on the souls of the martyrs, who achieved this great victory.

Below is the full text of the interview:

* For the first time, you mark the anniversary of the July 2006 aggression in the absence of Hajj Qassem Soleimani. What do you remember about his role alongside Hajj Imad Mughniyeh in that war? Did you meet him during the 33 days of war?

The name of Hajj Qassem is resounding. It exudes dignity and pride. The name has an impact on friend and foe. To the enemy, his name is frightening – a nightmare for which every account is calculated. To the friend, it is a symbol of confrontation, will, challenge, and resistance.

When Hajj Qassem is mentioned, victories throughout the region and the world are remembered. I recall beautiful memories, most of which were on the battlefields, in confrontations, and on the front lines.

In fact, Hajj Qassem’s personality is ever-present in us because it is a unique model that possessed all the characteristics of a distinguished Islamic leader.

Hajj Qassem is party to all major accomplishments. He strengthened and developed the capabilities of the resistance. He led it to victories that changed the face of the region.

The precision missiles that established new equations in the conflict with the enemy, exposed the entity’s depth for the first time since 1948, and encircled this usurper entity is a strategic achievement recorded by Hajj Qassem Soleimani.

* When martyr Soleimani’s name is mentioned, what is the first thing that you remember?

As a reminder, Hajj Qassem refused to leave Lebanon during the July 2006 aggression, despite the brothers’ insistence that he leave for his own safety.

Hajj Qassem Soleimani insisted on staying in the heart of the battle, along with Hajj Imad Mughniyeh, Sayyed, and the rest of the brothers. He was one of the leaders on the battlefield. Hajj Qassem Soleimani put his life on the line. He was ready to be martyred at any moment. He employed the entirety of his jihadist experience in the service of the resistance, and he harnessed all his capabilities to defend Lebanon and defeat the enemy.

He was a partner in the 2006 victory, just as he was a partner in the 2000 victory. One of his main concerns during the aggression was preserving the safety of the Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and for that he faced death several times.

* 14 years after the July 2006 aggression, the resistance misses senior leaders such as Hajj Qassem, Hajj Imad, and Sayyed Zulfiqar. Did this loss cause a decline in the military capabilities that might be reflected in the readiness of the resistance in any future war?

The martyrdom of senior leaders along this jihadist path has always strengthened the resistance’s momentum, made it tougher, strengthened its resolve, and sharpened its will.

In the beginning, many leaders were martyred, including the sheikh of the martyrs, Sheikh Ragheb Harb, and the master of the martyrs of the resistance, Sayyed Abbas Al-Musawi and others. But the resistance march was not broken or weakened. It did not lose. Rather it grew and expanded. It deepened and became a choice and took root in the people’s consciousness, awareness, and conscience.

Today, years after the martyrdom of Hajj Radwan and Sayyed Zulfikar, we ask: Was the resistance in 2008 stronger, greater, and more capable or is it so today after their martyrdom? It is evident that today it is stronger, more powerful, and more capable!

What can we conclude from that? We conclude that the march, which is linked to God, is capable, with divine intervention, of overcoming all the difficulties and all its wounds. And with the martyrdom of its leaders, it does not retreat, but rather progresses and becomes more capable than before.

The same thing is true of the martyrdom of Hajj Qassem. We are not worried about the path of Hajj Qassem despite his absence because the source is present. The authentic Mohammedan Islam that made Hajj Qassem, Hajj Imad, Sayyed Zulfiqar, and their brothers is capable of making many Qassem Soleimanis, Imad Mughniyahs, and Mustafa Badreddines.

On this basis, the martyrdom of the leaders did not constitute any regression in terms of the capabilities, readiness, and spirit of the resistance. That spirit, which the enemy admitted that it had defeated in July, is still present and is today more driven.

The resistance today is at the peak of its strength, ability, and readiness, and the enemy can never underestimate or ignore the resistance’s strength, ability, and surprises.”

*During the aggression, you were in the south. What do you remember most about that war?

There is no doubt that wars burry themselves deep in the human conscience. There are two images that remain deep inside everyone who witnessed the war. The first is the image of blood spilled unjustly and the massacres. No one can forget the blood of his family and people. The image of the destruction the enemy caused is unforgettable, even if – thank God – our homes are better than they were.

The other is the image of the amazing resilience of our people. The victory trumpeted by dignity. It is the first victory of the nation in a direct confrontation with the enemy. The July victory officially documented to history and to the whole world that “Israel” was defeated, and that it was weaker than a spider’s web.

What does it mean when the resistance that has limited capabilities triumphs in the face of a global war waged by the fiercest usurping country in the region?

What does it mean when the enemy’s army that defeated the Arab armies within days was crushed near Aita al-Sha`b and Maroun al-Ras? What does it mean when it couldn’t reach Bint Jbeil, which is hundreds of meters away from its entity?

It is the historic divine victory that we should be proud of forever, and we thank God Almighty day and night for the great victory.

* After the July 2006 aggression, the Islamic resistance faced more than one internal and external challenge. It fought battles and lost martyrs on more than one front. How did the resistance benefit from these experiences to raise the level of its readiness? What do you promise the enemy in any future war?

Certainly, the experiences, capabilities, and techniques of the resistance after its defensive battles against the takfiri terrorists, whether in Lebanon or Syria, cannot be compared to what it had before these confrontations.

We must not forget that the capabilities and methods of the terrorists are a summary of the capabilities, ideas, and methods of major international intelligence services that were harnessed in these confrontations to support the terrorists.

In its battles, the resistance reaped the outcome of all these capabilities, methods, and experiences, and this in itself is a tremendous achievement. Therefore, we constantly hear and sense the “Israeli” concern about the tremendous quality and quantity of achievements gained by the resistance in those confrontations.

It is possible today to confirm with full confidence that all this is strongly present in the readiness of the resistance. The resistance employs all these experiences to amplify its high degree of readiness, which is the largest and only obstacle to the enemy and its ambitions. And because the enemies of Lebanon and the resistance cannot overcome the resistance and its equation, they have resorted today to other methods of confrontation. Hence, the economic aggression. As the truthful promise was achieved by the military resistance, the truthful promise will also be achieved by the economic resistance.

* How will the next war look like? Will it be between Lebanon and the Zionist entity, or do you see it as greater?

It is true that brutality and aggression are the enemy’s inherent features since its inception, but we cannot approach reality on the basis of this trait alone. Therefore, we do not see that an “Israeli” war on Lebanon is an absolutely imperative issue.

The period after 2006 is not the same as the period before it!

14 years ago, the resistance achieved victories, and its capabilities accumulated in full view of the enemy, but it could not do anything.

The cost of the aggression that prevented the enemy from waging a war during the past stage is higher and more severe today. If the enemy before was unable to bear the costs of the war, today it is even more incapable of doing so.

Talk by the enemy’s leaders about waging a war in recent years is an attempt to restore cohesion, to reestablish some of the prestige they lost, and to dispel the inability that is eating them. The enemy knows best that any mistake it makes will be a great and destructive sin. The calculations of any confrontation – if it happens – will be unusual and unpredictable, not at the level of its image, its geography, nor at the level of the elements of this confrontation.

Today, the “Israeli” enemy trembles from the equation of the destructive missiles that will fall on the entire usurper entity. It also trembles from the Galilee equation – an equation it has never witnessed since its inception. This is in addition to the great surprises that will trample the enemy and its position.

The strategy of the resistance has proven to be a powerful dam against the enemy’s ambitions and goals, and it is the strong shield that protects and maintains its existence.

* What about the divine intervention in July 2006?

The divine intervention was present in every detail of the July war as well as previous operations – from Operation Truthful Promise to the first moments of the aggression until the moment of victory.

There was divine kindness and intervention in the timing of the aggression. The enemy was forced to launch its aggression at the wrong time in which it did not complete its preparations, while the resistance was on high alert. Thus, the enemy lost the most important element of the war, the element of surprise.

The missile hit the Sa’ar ship at sea when the enemy turned off its radar and its protective equipment. Who told the captain to turn off the devices at that moment?

The enemy’s helicopter crashed in Yater at the time when the enemy was preparing to expand and change the pattern of the aggression. That crash caused frustration.

The Katyusha rockets rained down on paratroopers who were gathered at the

Kfar Giladi colony, killing and wounding dozens of officers and Zionist soldiers.

The feeling of tranquility among the resistance fighters along the front lines was divine. God Almighty planted love for the resistance and its secretary general in the hearts of the people in the most difficult, darkest, and bloodiest days.

The loyal people who sacrificed everything remained steadfast. They saw their life’s work burned and destroyed. However, the only word you hear from them is loyalty. This steadfastness and loyalty were divine intervention and kindness.

The entire course of the war was a intervention to the extent that even Shimon Peres had to declare that “God was with Hezbollah during the war.”

* What are the conclusions of the July 2006 war?

The main lessons of this war lie in the demise of the era of “Israeli” triumphs. The July victory is still continuing, and the enemy is still writhing at defeat.

During the war, we realized that we needed to be strong in a world ravaged by wolves and ruled by monsters.

We realized that we should not abandon our weapons and surrendering them is a betrayal of the homeland and the nation, and that we must protect these weapons with our bare hands. We realized that permanent readiness to confront the enemy must be achieved.

The essence of this war is that the enemy used everything and exhausted everything until it was threatened with a resounding fall. Meanwhile, the resistance proved that it is able to change the path of the region and turn dreams into reality by relying on God.

The Lebanese Resistance Brigades: We Are Ready to Defend Lebanon

The Lebanese Resistance Brigades: We Are Ready to Defend Lebanon

By Latifa Al-Husseini

Beirut – Three years before the liberation of southern Lebanon, a group of patriots became determined to support the Islamic resistance. The epic operation of Jabal al-Rafi aroused a sense of enthusiasm and courage about fighting the aggressors until their expulsion.

أبطال عملية جبل الرفيع - من تاريخنا الجهادي - الوكالة العربية للأخبار

Forty days after the martyrdom of Sayyed Hadi Nasrallah, the Lbanese Resistance Brigades [the Saraya] was born to oppose the occupation. As the battles raged, the Saraya fought shoulder to shoulder with the Mujahideen of Hezbollah.

In 2000, the [“Israeli”] occupation was defeated in what its officers would later describe as “Israel’s” longest war. Members of the Saray built up their experiences and continued their maneuvers and training. They defended the resistance internally, supporting it in the July 2006 aggression and in its battles against the Takfirists.

The faithfulness and persistence they showed for the past 23 years was reciprocated with a full embrace from Hezbollah’s Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, especially when he met with one thousand of their men just over two years ago.

Today, the Saray is preparing to participate in defending Lebanon in any future war. This is a firm promise from its leader. According to him, the fighters of this military formation will hurt the enemies in the promised battle, and their capabilities enable them to achieve this.

Al-Ahed News interviewed the leader of the Lebanese Resistance Brigades on the fourteenth anniversary of the July 2006 aggression and the defeat of the enemy.

The Lebanese Resistance Brigades: We Are Ready to Defend Lebanon

Below is the full transcript of the interview:

What were the conditions for establishing the Lebanese Resistance Brigades?

In 1997, calls poured in to the leadership of the Islamic Resistance after the martyrdom of Sayyed Hadi Hassan Nasrallah in the Jabal al-Rafi operation in the Iqlim [al-Tuffah]. There was a great drive among the Lebanese youth to join the ranks of the resistance fighters.

So, 40 days after Sayyed Hadi’s martyrdom, Hezbollah SG Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced the establishment of a military formation called: the Lebanese Resistance Brigades. It would serve to combat the ‘Israeli’ occupation.

That’s when the percentage of those seeking to enlist under the banner of this formation grew. The leadership of the resistance met and approved this framework. Shortly thereafter, the training of groups of young Lebanese men commenced on Lebanese territory within special mechanisms and disciplines to prevent any infiltrations. This was essential because the success of the resistance’s operations relied on secrecy and the ability of its men to act covertly.

Four months after its establishment, the Brigades had participated in numerous military operations against the occupation. This would continue until the liberation of southern Lebanon. It attacked “Israeli” positions in full formations and under the supervision of the resistance.

At that point, we felt great compassion from the Lebanese people, which translated into many new recruits. The resistance apparatus absorbed and trained them in workshops that lasted months to produce combat cadres that could participate and attain victory. Indeed, the Resistance Brigades had the honor of fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Islamic Resistance to liberate the south.

What are the most prominent battles fought by the Brigades?

The Saraya launched many attacks on enemy positions in the south, such as Haddatha, al-Tiri, and Jezzine. Its operations varied from artillery fire to storming “Israeli” positions, in addition to joint operations with the Islamic Resistance, which included an exchange of roles. It has so far launched 200 operations of all kinds.

What about the members of the Resistance Brigades? Can we talk about their numbers?

Now, the Resistance Brigades include thousands of Lebanese youth eager to defend their homeland and liberate the remainder of its territory.

Can we say that the level of readiness of the Resistance Brigades in terms of weapons and equipment is adequate?

Members of the Saraya undergo numerous military exercises and courses and in large numbers. During the Takfiri attack on Lebanon, groups of the Saraya participated in operations that took place along the Eastern mountain range. These groups had special combat positions and artillery shelters at the border with Syria.

The Resistance Brigades is fully equipped, enabling its fighters to carry out any mission assigned to them within the defense mechanisms that the resistance command put in place in any future war.

The advantage of the Resistance Brigades is that it includes elements from different sects. Are these people obligated to adhere to religious disciplines such as those followed in the Islamic Resistance?

At the start, the idea of launching this formation was to absorb the Lebanese youth who wanted to participate with Hezbollah in resisting the occupation without adhering to the party’s intellectual and ideological principles. Rather, these Lebanese have a common national value which is loyalty to the cause of defending their country, lifting injustice, and fighting the occupation.

It does not matter what their own religious beliefs are. The overarching cause leads to a kind of solidarity and cohesion among the members of the Brigades. We have individuals who adhere to their faith and practice their rites with full freedom, and we work to provide the appropriate atmosphere for that. After all, the aim is to resist outside the realm of religious and sectarian backgrounds. They look up to Sayyed Nasrallah as a role model and always await his directions.

By the way, the Secretary General of Hezbollah met in person almost a thousand members of the Resistance Brigades, including group and faction leaders, more than two years ago. The meeting at that time was unique. Members of the Saraya sensed His Eminence’s fatherliness and his complete embrace of them.

On that day, Sayyed Nasrallah addressed them by saying:

“You, my children … each one of you is Hadi Hassan Nasrallah.”

The meeting was a mixture of tears, passion, emotions, and love.

These groups looked exactly like the Islamic Resistance groups – very similar to their morals. They became one of the key factors in Lebanon’s strength.

After the liberation in the year 2000, the 2006 July war, and the defeat of Takfiri terrorists in 2017, can we say that the mission of the Resistance Brigades is now confined to the internal arena as some say?

The Saraya is being attacked by a local, regional, and global campaign similar to the one Hezbollah is being subjected to. It is a psychological war. The youth from the Saraya come from reputable sectors of the Lebanese fabric, and therefore they are always being attacked due to internal problems. The aim is to tarnish their image and strike the spirit of the Lebanese resistance fighter.

The young men of the Saraya are deployed along the Lebanese borders with Palestine, and they have their camps and points. They also support the Lebanese society. They have recently taken part in distributing food and sterilization aid in various regions – from Akkar to Arqoub, from Naqura to Ras Baalbeck and al-Qaa amid the coronavirus pandemic without distinguishing between supporters and opponents.

Some are asking how can a Lebanese person join the Brigades?

There are mechanisms, of course. Any citizen can contact the official of their area. There are some measures that are taken at the level of discipline and organization. He then undergoes a trial period, after which he moves onto the preparation stage.

The important thing for those who wish to join the Brigades is that they believe in the goals of the resistance. They must be able to carry out the duties required of them within the framework of the resistance and be committed to its national project and liberation. They must also have a good reputation and not belong to any party.

Are members of the Resistance Brigades paid salaries?

We do not have full-time employees or employees that get paid in this formation. They are treated the same way the members of the general mobilization of Hezbollah are. We provide some social assistance or health facilities to some brothers who sometimes go through critical social conditions. We try to stand by them during difficult days as much as possible.

As for the six martyrs of the Saraya, their families are fully taken care of.

In your opinion, how do the Zionists view the formation of the Resistance Brigades?

The enemy watches us and takes into account the ability and movement of the resistance in other environments, which is a significant concern for it.

بين تموز 2006 وتموز 2020… المقاومة المنتصرة والمستهدفة ومعركة تنويع خيارات لبنان الاقتصادية

حسن حردان

في مثل هذه الأيام من شهر تموز عام 2006 كان رجال المقاومة في جنوب لبنان يسطرون ملاحم البطولة ويحطمون جبروت جيش الاحتلال الصهيوني ويلقنونه دروساً في القتال بكلً أنواعه، في ميادين بنت جبيل ومارون الراس وعيتا الشعب وسهل الخيام… فانهارت معنويات جنود النخبة الصهاينة الذين وجدوا أنفسهم امام قتال حقيقي أصبحوا فيه شخوصاً يصطادهم المقاومون في الليل والنهار. فيما دبابات الميركافا التي كان يحتمي فيها جنود العدو تحوّلت إلى توابيت لهم بعد أن احرقها المقاومون بصواريخ الكورنيت…

وفي مثل هذه الأيام كان يُصنع النصر في كل يوم من أيام العدوان الصهيوني الأميركي رغم الدعم والغطاء اللذين حظيا به من الحكومات الرجعية العربية التابعة، وقوى في الداخل اللبناني امتهنت التآمر مع الأعداء لطعن المقاومة في ظهرها.. كان المطلوب سحق المقاومة وإنهاء النموذج الذي جسّدته بإلحاق الهزيمة بجيش الاحتلال بإجباره على الرحيل مهزوماً ذليلاً عن معظم المناطق التي كان يحتلها في الجنوب والبقاع الغربي، بلا قيد ولا شرط او أيّ ثمن مقابل وذلك للمرة الأولى في الصراع العربي الصهيوني… لكن ميادين القتال كانت تقول انّ من كان يسحق وتدمر قوّته هو جيش العدو الذي حاول دون جدوى تبديد صورة هزيمته عام 2000 امام المقاومة فإذا به يتعرّض لهزيمة ثانية أقسى محدثة زلزالاً في قلب الكيان وجيشه الذي يشكل أساس وجوده…

نفس قوى العدوان وأدواتها تشنّ هذه الأيام عدواناً جديداً على لبنان لكن عبر وسائل الحرب الاقتصادية، بعد أن اخفقت الحرب الإرهابية الكونية بقيادة أميركا في إسقاط ظهر وحصن المقاومة، الدولة الوطنية السورية، وفشلت في القضاء على المقاومة وإخماد شعلتها، وانتصاراتها التموزية التي زلزلت كيان الاحتلال وحوّلت جيشه إلى قوة مهزومة ومردوعة.. واشنطن نقلت الحرب من الميدان الصلب إلى الميدان الناعم حسب نظرية جوزيف ناي.. والهدف طبعاً تقويض عوامل قوة المقاومة المنتصرة والمتنامية، قدرة وشعبية…

لكن المقاومة التي يتألم جمهورها من الحرب الاقتصادية نتيجة تفاقم الأزمات الاقتصادية والاجتماعية والمعيشية.. والتي عرفت كيف تهزم العدو الصهيوني وقوى الإرهاب التكفيرية، هي اليوم قرّرت خوض غمار التصدي للحرب الاقتصادية.. وتحويلها إلى فرصة لإحداث التغيير في السياسات الريعية التي تسبّبت بالأزمات المالية والاقتصادية وأوجدت الثغرات التي استغلتها الإدارة الأميركية لتسعير نار هذه الأزمات ومحاولة النيل من التفاف الناس حول مقاومتهم بتحمّلها مسؤولية تدهور أوضاعهم المعيشية…

مواجهة هذه الحرب ليست سهلة، وهي تحتاج إلى رؤية واستراتيجية متكاملة مرحلياً واستراتيجية لإحباط أهدافها وصناعة النصر في ميدان الحرب الاقتصادية كما صنع في ميادين مقاومة الحروب العسكرية والإرهابية.. وهذه الرؤية والاستراتيجية أعلنها قائد المقاومة سماحة السيد حسن نصر الله، وعنوانها إعلان الجهاد الزراعي والصناعي، ايّ تحويل الاقتصاد الريعي إلى اقتصاد إنتاجي.. أما العنوان الثاني في مواجهة الحرب الاقتصادية، فهو التوجه شرقاً لحلّ الأزمات الراهنة وإبطال النتائج السلبية التي ادى إليها الحصار الاقتصادي والمالي الأميركي.. وهذا التوجه يرتكز إلى عوامل قوة تقوم على التشابك الاقتصادي مع العراق وإيران وسورية وتلقف العروض الصينية.. بدءاً من الإسراع في توقيع عقود مقايضة المنتجات الزراعية والصناعية اللبنانية بالنفط ومشتقاته والفيول من العراق.. والاتفاق مع الشركات الصينية للبدء بتنفيذ مشاريع بناء وتأهيل البنية التحتية وانشاء معامل إنتاج الكهرباء ومعالجة النفايات إلخ… انها معركة مقاومة حرب الاستنزاف الاقتصادية الأميركية، بإيجاد بدائل تكسر الحصار وتضع حدا لهذا النزف الذي يرهق الشعب اللبناني..

إنّ إمكانية الانتصار في هذه الحرب الجديدة مرتبطة بترجمتها من الحكومة اللبنانية إلى خطوات عملية سريعة بأن تسارع إلى توقيع الاتفاقيات مع العراق والاستفادة من أيّ عروض مماثلة قد تبدي ايّ دولة عربية او إسلامية او عالمية الاستعداد لتقديمها إلى لبنان.. وفي طليعة هذه الدول التي قدمت العروض المغرية للبنان وغير المشروطة، إيران والصين..

وقد أعلن الرئيس حسان دياب عزمه على السير في هذا الاتجاه وغيره من الاتجاهات طالما انها تحقق مصلحة لبنان الاقتصادية وتساعده على حلّ أزماته.. وأبلغ ذلك للسفيرة الأميركية التي زارته مؤخراً لاحتواء تنامي الغضب ضدّ التدخلات الأميركية السافرة وتوحي بأنّ بلادها تريد مساعدة لبنان. بعد أن كانت وراء دفعه إلى الانهيار الاقتصادي وتدهور قيمة العملة الوطنية والوضع المعيشي للبنانيين…

فهل نشهد في الأيام المقبلة إنجازات في مواجهة الحرب الاقتصادية على غرار الإنجازات التي كانت تحققها المقاومة في مثل هذه الأيام خلال تصدّيها للعدوان الصهيوني في تموز عام 2006؟

هذا ما ننتظره لنسجل انتصارات جديدة لكن في ميادين مواجهة الحرب الاقتصادية وإسقاط أهدافها القاتلة للناس.. فكل الشروط متوافرة لتحقيق ذلك، لا سيما انّ المقاومة المنتصرة والمقتدرة تحمي اليوم ليس فقط ثروات لبنان النفطية والمائية من الأطماع الصهيونية، وإنما تحمي أيضاً أيّ قرارات تأخذها الحكومة في تنويع خيارات لبنان الاقتصادية وعلاقاته مع كلّ دول العالم في الشرق والغرب وفي الجنوب والشمال انطلاقاً من مصلحة لبنان وهو أمر يسهم في تحرير قرار لبنان الاقتصادي من التبعية عبر وضعه على طريق تحقيق الاستقلال الاقتصادي المرهون بالنهوض بالإنتاج الوطني والتنمية المستقلة..

Sayyed Nasrallah Launches Battle to Confront Economic Crisis, To US: Your Policy Won’t Weaken Hezbollah

Zeinab Essa

Sayyed Nasrallah Launches Battle to Confront Economic Crisis, To US: Your Policy Won’t Weaken Hezbollah
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Beirut- Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Tuesday a televised speech on the latest developments, particularly the Lebanese internal situation.

At the beginning of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah recalled the anniversary of the Divine victory scored July war “the resistance’s victories and the defeat of the American scheme in the region from the Lebanese Gate. He further announced that he is to tackle this victory as well as the triumph over the takfiri terrorism in the coming speeches.

Meanwhile, His Eminence remembered the ‘late dear and noble Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlullah, who stood firm in support of the resistance. We feel him living with us despite a decade on his departure.”

On the internal Lebanese situation, Sayyed Nasrallah viewed that “What the Lebanese are suffering on the economic level requires the cooperation, solidarity and sincerity of all sides. The current situation at the economic, financial and social levels requires everyone’s efforts and intelligence.”

“He who deals with the economic crisis must think about all Lebanon and not a certain village or district because the repercussions of the crisis are affecting everyone,” he said, pointing out that “The starting point of the solution is to deal with this crisis in humanitarian, patriotic, moral and religious manner.”

Calling for following “a national approach” to solve the crisis, the Resistance Leader underscored that “One should think of all those living on Lebanese soil, including refugees.”

In parallel, he clarified that “Moving towards the east does not mean cutting ties with the West and we are open to any country that is willing to help Lebanon by setting deposits and providing loans. We are open to get help from any country in the world except from the “Israeli” entity.”

“Unfortunately, some people have begun to claim that we are seeking to make Lebanon as part of certain axes,” His Eminence added, saying “We are not seeking to cut off the ‘Western oxygen’ from anyone in Lebanon. Let them breathe it.”  

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah declared that “Hezbollah will put all its considerations aside to make Lebanon pass this difficult stage.”

“I heard some people saying, ‘They want to turn Lebanon into the Iranian model.’ We did not say that. We asked the Iranians to help us, otherwise they need dollar,” he added.

Assuring everyone that “No one wants to implement the Iranian model nor change the face of Lebanon” Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that “We must be open to any country in the world willing to help Lebanon, We must knock its door and search for opportunities.”

“Hezbollah won’t be an obstacle if America wants to help Lebanon,” he said, pointing out that “We must set the way to prevent the state’s collapse and hunger as a goal.”

Regarding claims that Hezbollah seeks to turn Lebanon into an Iranian model, His Eminence confirmed that “Iran is making sacrifices when it agrees to sell oil products to Lebanon in Lebanese Pound. Iran’s economic example is a good example because it has dealt with the siege and sanctions and has reached self-sufficiency.”

Praising Iran’s resistance to US sanctions over the decades and compared Iran to Lebanon and said: “Be assured that Lebanon does not have the elements of the Iranian model; a model that has made Iran stand up to US sanctions.”

According to His Eminence, “It is not permissible for the public performance to be covered by negative wait for the results of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund or the regional developments without searching for other options.”

“What Lebanon is experiencing today is a threat of hunger and collapse,” Sayyed Nasrallah cautioned, noting that “Lebanon is able to turn the threat into an opportunity and to emerge from the accumulation of wrong policies.”

He also explained that “If we said that China should come invest in Lebanon, this does not mean turning the country into a communist system,” noting that “The effectiveness of openness to China was demonstrated through the American madness and the campaign against this choice.”

In addition, His Eminence stated that “The Americans have launched an aggressive campaign against the Chinese option to intimidate the Lebanese and prevent them from moving towards China.

Regarding openness to Iraq, he viewed that “it was a good thing. Iraq is an economically capable country, and there is religious and medical tourism between the two countries.” However, Sayyed Nasrallah mentioned that “There are people who started to doubt that Iraq will be open to Lebanon due to the American pressure.”

“It is required to send a delegation to Iraq as Baghdad did, and not to surrender to the talk about American pressure on the Iraqi government,” Hezbollah Secretary General said.

Sayyed Nasrallah added that “The central bank is obliged to pay billions of dollars to cover Lebanon’s need for oil derivatives, so if we ask the Iranian brothers to sell us oil derivatives in Lebanese pounds, how much this will save the central bank?”

“What we are going through today is the most dangerous threat that can face a people and a state, but we are capable as Lebanese state and people to turn the threat into a chance,” His Eminence predicted, pointing out that “We have an opportunity to carry out very important steps towards economic stability.”

On the Iranian readiness to sell Lebanon oil derivatives in the Lebanese pound, he declared “I do not want to precede the brothers in Iran, but I guarantee you this. This is a blessed matter.”

“This methodology gives hope to the Lebanese and sends a strong message to the American that whoever wants to besiege Lebanon and suffocate it, Lebanon has options, paths, and other gates, and you will not be able to starve and topple us,” His Eminence predicted.

According to His Eminence, “During decades of economic policies in the country, Lebanon was being prepared for the perception of peace in the region, and Lebanon was established as a country of services. As a result of this policy, two sectors, the agricultural and industrial sectors, were struck.”

Sayyed Nasrallah added that “We are a consuming country and today there is a chance to become a productive country and the State has a responsibility to revive the agricultural and industrial sectors.”

“Turning Lebanon into a productive country is a responsibility of the state and the people,” he stressed, urging the Lebanese to fight to revive the industrial and agricultural sectors as a prerequisite for survival in dignity.

Calling Lebanese community to wage ‘agricultural and industrial jihad and resistance.” Sayyed Nasrallah announced: “We in Hezbollah took a decision to confront collapse and hunger, and all Hezbollah, with all its capabilities, friendships and alliances, will be at the heart of this confrontation.”

To the people of the resistance, he sent the following message: “Over the past decades, we have raised on the slogan ‘We are to be present where we should be’ and we have achieved all our victories by this slogan. Today we are in the battle of industry and agriculture. This is our new battlefield. Let the date of 7-7-2020 be to declare jihad, resistance and renaissance at the agricultural and industrial levels.”

Warning the US that its state Department is playing an exposed role in Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the latest blatant US ambassador by saying: “The US ambassador is acting like a military ruler and what business does she have in intervening in the financial appointments?

“The US ambassador has no right to say if the current government should leave. She is also blatantly interfering in the nature of the next government, he added, noting that “The Lebanese people and the Lebanese parliament determine whether the government remains or leaves. The US ambassador is inciting the Lebanese against each other.”

Once again, His Eminence reminded he who’s concerned that “Hezbollah is a Lebanese party that has great popularity and participates in political life, and every day the US ambassador attacks it with the most horrific description while the Lebanese state remains silent.”

Expressing Hezbollah’s pride in Judge Moahmmed Mazeh’s ruling, Sayyed Nasrallah unveield that the “ Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MPs will present a petition to the Lebanese Foreign Ministry to ask the American Ambassador to abide by diplomatic relations and international law.”

“The US is exploiting the accumulations of 40 years in Lebanon,” he went on to say, hoping that “the American ambassador does not talk to us about sovereignty and human rights.”

To the US Ambassador, Hezbollah SG sent a sounding message: “You are the ones who brought the takfiri terrorism and enabled the “Israeli” terrorism against the Palestinians. You represent a country that waged wars and plundered goods, and with what is happening in the US from racial discrimination, you are never entitled to speak, “Do not act as a teacher, professor, or counselor.”

“The US is trying to weaken and isolate Hezbollah through starving the people and turning them against the resistance,” he added, assuring that “the US schemes to Lebanon will not work and Hezbollah and the Resistance will not surrender.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further addressed the Americans by saying: “Hezbollah will not surrender, the resistance will not surrender, and your policies will lead to no result. Stop this game and end the waste of time. The policy of siege and sanctions you are following against Lebanon won’t weaken Hezbollah but rather your allies and influence.”

On the regional level, he emphasized that “Hezbollah’s preoccupation with our economic situation should not make us forget supporting the Palestinians.”

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Sayyed Nasrallah: “Israel” Will Demise, It Is an Artificial Entity

Sayyed Nasrallah: “Israel” Will Demise, It Is an Artificial Entity
Click the Photo to see the interview

By Zeinab Essa

Lebanon – Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave an exclusive interview to al-Nour radio station on the occasion of its anniversary in which he tackled various local and regional issues.

Sayyed Nasrallah started the interview by reiterating that the spirit of the Resistance that martyr Haj Imad Mughniyeh and which the “Israelis” recognize today an advantage for those who fought against him still exists, and that the 2006 war is its embodiment.

His Eminence began by saying, “Since 1982, the Resistance has been seeing what has happened in May 2000”.

Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the Jordanians telling them that, “‘Israel’ has been conspiring against Jordan since 1982, and today it is conspiring through the ‘Deal of the Century’,” adding that “the scheme of an alternative nation for the Palestinians in Jordan still exists for ‘Israel’”.

“The ‘Israeli’ withdrawal from 1985 towards the occupied borderline was not a gratitude from ‘Israel’,” Hezbollah SG said, adding, “The resistance toppled the theory of keeping settlements protected due to the security belt that the ‘Israeli’ preserved its occupation in south Lebanon by bombing the settlements in response to the enemy’s bombing of Lebanese civilians”.

Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the performance of the Resistance in 2000 saying that it “prevented Lebanon from a sectarian civil war the ‘Israeli’ sought to ignite”.

His Eminence further said: “We are convinced that the ‘Israeli’ apartheid entity will demise; it is an urgent entity and it is no longer as it was before 2000”.

“The ‘Israeli’ entity will be defeated in any future war by God’s willing,” said Sayyed Nasrallah, explaining that “When the foreign factor ‘Israel’ is relying on weakens, ‘Israeli’ will collapse”.

Hezbollah’s Secretary General gave his opinion on the matter of Zionists returning to the countries they came from, saying that issue “will definitely happen”.

For His Eminence, he doesn’t “believe that the internal atmosphere that was in 2000 was better that the current one”.

Sayyed Nasrallah explained that “the US’ direct presence in the region expresses the weakness of its allies and the strength of the Axis of Resistance”, assuring “Israel’s” awareness “that the Resistance became stronger [than before]”.

Furthermore, Sayyed Nasrallah didn’t fail to mention the popular support of the choice of Resistance among the Palestinians, saying, it “is higher than any other time. The power of Resistance today in the occupied Palestine is a strategic point of strength for the Axis of Resistance”.

His Eminence said, “The Resistance and the enemy are capable of taking the initiative, but the result of the balance of deterrence between them makes all accounts into consideration”.

Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized, “The strength of resistance in Palestine is a strategic point of strength for Axis of Resistance. We don’t say that the entire strategic environment serves out interests, but it doesn’t either serve the enemy”.

Nonetheless, the SG stated, “‘Israel’ knows that any bombing against Lebanon would never go unanswered, and this is a rule of the rules of engagement”.

“The Lebanese achievement after the liberation was protection and deterrence. The enemy confesses that this exists,” Sayyed Nasrallah added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sayyed Nasrallah shed light on Syria, saying, “There are factions within the Syrian opposition that were in contact with ‘Israel’ and receiving support on all levels”.

“The ‘Israeli’ involvement in the battle in Syria is an evidence that the Axis of Resistance has triumphed”, His Eminence said, adding, “The ‘Israeli’ bet on the terrorist groups in Syria has fallen”.

Sayyed Nasrallah stated, “The equation today is that we respond to the ‘Israeli’ enemy if any of us is killed anywhere”.

His Eminence explained that “It is not of the interest of the Syrian leadership to be dragged into war with ‘Israel’ today”.

Consequently, Sayyed Nasrallah warned “Israel” that “the patience and endurance of the Syrian leadership over the ‘Israeli’ aggression have limits”.

Regarding the equation of downing drones in the Lebanese airspace, Hezbollah’s Secretary General said that “it is still standing”.

Sayyed Nasrallah further added, “The Resistance must have a goal of the kind to convert all its missiles into precise ones”.

His Eminence explained the car incident on the border with Syria saying, “The ‘Israeli’ hit an alarming missile so that our men are not killed in the missile strike because the Resistance launched an equation that killing any of our young men will have a response”.

On the issue of the United Nation resolution 1701, Sayyed Nasrallah said, “Increasing or reducing the number of UNIFIL forces is the same for us, and if they want to transfer them, this is their business, and we are not against the presence of UNIFIL, but I am speaking on this subject from the ‘Israeli’ angle”.

His Eminence pointed out, “They say that Hezbollah has a phobia from the civil war; that is a source of pride for us, and our rejection of this war comes from our concern for Lebanon”.

Internally, the Secretary General said: “The tools of change in the Lebanese internal arena must take into account the country’s composition and the fears it contains”.

Sayyed Nasrallah nonetheless added, “In Lebanon, we must have clear levels for any internal change, most notably being away from partition and not giving the enemy a chance”.

Also in the interview, His Eminence pointed out that “‘Israel’ is a racist entity, it’s not a religious state”.

“The resistance is at the top of the targeting list, and this gives us the right to think of every new situation”, Sayyed Nasrallah said.

Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah warned that, “Any conflict in Lebanon over any issue will quickly turn into a sectarian dispute, as what happened with the appointment of a governor for Beirut”.

His Eminence further added, “Hezbollah, allows us to fight corruption in our own way and to proceed with our reform”.

Sayyed Nasrallah tackled the issue of the parliamentary elections saying it “is a station to hold corrupt people accountable in the election”.

He went on to say, “Our ministers, representatives, or employees affiliated with us will go to court for accountability if they are charged”.

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah said, “The country needs self-sacrifice martyrdom judges to reform it from corruption, and it is not right to fight corruption in isolation from the judiciary”, shedding light on the need to “work to reform the judiciary, and let people express their convictions in the elections”.

His Eminence continued in the subject of Lebanese internal affairs stating, “We talked about developing the Taif Agreement and the Lebanese system needs to be developed and reformed, but not on the basis of blowing it up”.

The SG added, “There are laws that protect corruption and we have called for them to be changed, and this takes time to legalize it”.

Sayyed Nasrallah also said, “Whoever awaits revolutionary action at once in Lebanon must know that this is happening gradually”.

“Reforming the Lebanese system is difficult and the solution begins with people and the broad popular participation,” His Eminence said.

Sayyed Nasrallah continued, “Over time, the country can be put on the track of reform. We can get out of the economic crisis, and there are alternatives, ideas, and perceptions that need political will”.

His Eminence explained, “The economic situation cannot tolerate long years of treatment, and it must be dealt with urgently, and this is possible”.

“Part of our acceptance to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund [IMF] is to withdraw excuses. It is a mistake to go to the IMF as if there is no solution to the economic crisis except through it,” the SG said.

On the internal arena, Sayyed Nasrallah concluded by saying, “The issue of the economic plan is marred by many complications and ambushes”.

Regarding the American presence, His Eminence asserted that the confrontation with the US after the assassination of the martyr leader Hajj Qassem Soleimani is “a comprehensive confrontation, not just a military one”.

Sayyed Nasrallah further asserted that “there is a real popular will that the Americans should get out of Iraq, and that there forces in Syria are occupation forces,” adding, “there is popular will and resistance to get the American out of Syria, America has begun to rethink the presence of its forces in the region”.

The SG also said, “The war between the US and Iran is very unlikely, and the failure of the war on Yemen is an American failure, as well as the failure of the deal of the century that no Palestinians would sign it”.

On the war with the enemy, Sayyed Nasrallah said that “a war on multiple fronts is unlikely, and there are no ‘Israeli’ indications to launch a war on Lebanon unless there is any ‘Israeli’ folly or a rolling over of an event”.

Consequently, His Eminence warned “Israel” against starting the “Great War in the region”, saying that “the Axis of Resistance is discussing opening the various fronts together and the Great War will be the demise of ‘Israel’”.

Sayyed Nasrallah concluded by saying, “One form of deterrence is the preparation in the Axis of Resistance for the Great War”.

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اليمن انتصر وقُضي الأمر

د. حسن مرهج

ما أعلنه المتحدث الرسمي باسم قوات تحالف العدوان على اليمن العقيد الركن تركي المالكي، أنّ قيادة القوات المشتركة للتحالف تؤيد وتدعم قرار الحكومة اليمنية في قبول دعوة الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة لوقف إطلاق النار في اليمن ومواجهة تبعات انتشار فيروس كورونا (كوفيد 19)، لا يمتّ للواقع الميداني والعسكري الذي فرضه الحوثيون بأيّ صلة، فالذريعة تُسوّق على انّ وقف العدوان جاء نتيجة فايروس كورونا، إنما الوقائع الأخيرة التي فرضها اليمنيون، أجبرت دول العدوان على الانكفاء، ولعلّ التطوّرات العسكرية أسّست لواقع سياسي قوامه انتصار اليمن واليمنيين، حيث أنه وبالتزامن مع دخول الحرب لعامها السادس، تمكّنت القوة الصاروخية والطائرات المسيّرة التابعة للقوات المسلحة اليمنية من ضرب العمق السعودي بقصفها أهدافاً مهمة بالعاصمة الرياض ومناطق جيزان ونجران وعسير، رداً على تصعيد العدوان رغم وعود التحالف بوقف إطلاق النار بحجة تخفيف معاناة الشعب اليمني لمواجهة فيروس كورونا.

حركة أنصار الله أكدت أنّ استمرار العدوان والحصار يعني استمرار العمليات بوجه العدوان. وبعد ساعات من مزاعم تحالف العدوان بأنّ الدفاعات الجوية السعودية اعترضت صاروخين باليستيين ليل السبت الفائت في سماء العاصمة الرياض ومدينة جازان في جنوب المملكة، أكدت القوات المسلحة اليمنية، أنها نفذت أكبر عملية عسكرية نوعية في بداية العام السادس للعدوان السعودي على اليمن استهدفت عمق العدو السعودي تنفيذاً لوعد قائد حركة أنصار الله ورداً على تصعيد العدوان.

سياسياً، باركت أحزاب اللقاء المشترك العملية الناجحة في العمق السعودي واعتبرتها مشروعة كونها للدفاع عن سيادة واستقلال اليمن ورداً طبيعياً على غطرسة العدوان وتماديه في تدمير اليمن واستمرار غاراته الجوية ومجازره بحق أبناء اليمن، ورفضه للمبادرات اليمنية ولكلّ دعوات السلام وكذا منعه للحلّ السياسي والمصالحة اليمنية وتقارب اليمنيين.

في هذا الإطار، بات واضحاً أنّ قواعد اللعبة وموازين القوى في الساحة اليمنية تغيّرت خلال الأيام الماضية، خاصة عقب قيام قوات تحالف العدوان السعودي الإماراتي ومرتزقته بخرق الكثير من الاتفاقيات التي تمّ التوقيع عليها في عدد من المدن والعواصم العربية والأوروبية. حيث أنّ قوات الجيش واللجان الشعبية اليمنية تمكّنوا خلال الأيام القليلة الماضية من تطهير مناطق واسعة من محافظة الجوف الواقعة في شمال شرق اليمن، وتمكنوا أيضاً من التقدّم من المحور الجنوبي الغربي لمحافظة الجوف والوصول إلى بعض المديريات الحدودية مع محافظة مأرب.

في السياق أكدت العديد من التقارير أنّ العمليات العسكرية التي يقوم بها أبطال الجيش واللجان الشعبية ضدّ عناصر مرتزقة العدوان السعودي لا تزال مستمرة حتى هذه اللحظة في عدد من المحاور. ووفقاً للمعلومات التي تمّ الحصول عليها، فلقد شنّت قوات الجيش واللجان الشعبية اليمنية خلال الأيام القليلة الماضية هجمات واسعة النطاق ضدّ مرتزقة تحالف العدوان السعودي وتمكنوا من السيطرة على مدينة “الحزم”، عاصمة محافظة الجوف، وأجزاء واسعة من هذه المحافظة بعد قتال واشتباكات عنيفة.

عقب كلّ هذا الانتصارات التي تمكن أبطال الجيش واللجان الشعبية اليمنية من تحقيقها في كثير من المناطق والمديريات التابعة لمحافظة الجوف، فضلاً عن جملة الانتصارات التي تحققت في عموم اليمن على يد الجيش واللجان الشعبية، فقد بات واضحاً انّ أولى أساسيات وقف إطلاق النار الذي أعلن عنه تحالف العدوان، جاء نتيجة الانكسارات السعودية في اليمن، فالخسائر الكبيرة التي مُنيت بها قوى العدوان أرهقت السعودية، بالتزامن مع حرب النفط الخاسرة أصلاً التي أعلنها ولي العهد محمد بن سلمان، كما أنّ حجم التحديات الداخلية وحرب الأمراء في السعودية، أماطت اللثام عن حجم الترهّلات في هذا النظام، فالمشاكل الداخلية أيضاً تُعتبر سبباً هاماً في قرار وقف إطلاق النار، فضلاً عن حجم المعارضة الداخلية لهذا العدوان، وبالتالي ما تمّ تسويقه وما سيتمّ لجهة مبرّرات هذا القرار، فلا شك بأنّ المُطبّلين للنظام السعودي سيقولون هذه فرصة إنسانية لمواجهة كورونا، بينما الحقائق جلية وواضحة، فاليمن انتصر وقُضيَ الأمر.

شعب الله المختار… هل لا زال مختاراً؟

سبتمبر 7, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– من سوء حظ كيان الاحتلال القائم على التلاعب بالعقيدة الدينية لتحويلها إلى عقيدة سياسية أنه يواجه قوة تقود المقاومة اليوم تؤمن بيقين بعقيدتها الدينية وتستخلص منها عزمها على قتال كيان الاحتلال، فتصير المفردات الدينية ورمزيتها ذات أبعاد ومعانٍ تتخطى حدودها التي وردت في النص الديني المجرد، لذلك ردّد الصهاينة دائما بعد كل إنجاز وانتصار حققوه منذ نشأة كيانهم وخلال امتلاكهم للقنبلة النووية الأولى في الخمسينيات وفوزهم في حرب حزيران عام 1967، أن معجزات تتحقق، هي رسائل إلهية لشعب الله المختار على أنه ما زال مختاراً، وان الهدايا الإلهية تتدفق عليه لزيادة إيمانه ويقينه بحجم الدعم الإلهي الذي يلقاه مشروعه.

– في معارك الاستيطان في القدس والضفة الغربية ورفض الدولة الفلسطينية يستند قادة الاحتلال على النص الديني وتأويلاته، وكذلك في التمسّك بالقدس عاصمة موحّدة لكيانهم الغاصب، ولكنهم باتوا يواجهون بالمقابل تمسكاً لا يقل قوة باسترداد القدس من موقع نص ديني أشد قدرة على الإلهام، كما هو الحال منذ إعلان الإمام الخميني عام 1980 لليوم العالمي للقدس، وانتشار الإحياء المنتظم والمتعاظم على مساحة عواصم العالم وشعوبه. وجاءت حروب المقاومة من إنجاز التحرير عام 2000 وما تضمنه من كسر للمألوف، وإلزام لجيش الاحتلال بالانسخاب الذليل دون قيد أو شرط أو تفاوض، ليفتح الباب للأسئلة الوجودية حول المقولات الدينية التي تتأسس عليها عقيدة معنويات الجيش والمستوطنين، وعنوانها، هل لا نزال شعب الله المختار؟ وهل لا نزال نخوض حروب الله؟ وهل انتقل الله من ضفتنا إلى ضفة أعدائنا؟

– بعد الفشل في حرب تموز 2006 وما رافقها من وقائع يرويها حزب الله ويروي مثلها قادة جيش الاحتلال، الكثير مما يجعل الصراع على تفسير الحرب ونتائجها، صراعاً على البعد الغيبي للدين، بين مفهوم النصر الإلهي الذي يتمسك به حزب الله وأمينه العام السيد حسن نصرالله، ويعتبرونه التفسير الأمثل للنصر الذي تحقق بقوة متواضعة يمتلكونها عدداً وعتاداً، مقارنة بحجم جيش الاحتلال ومقدراته، ومقابلهم كان سيل الأسئلة الوجودية يجتاح المؤسسة الدينية الصهيونية حول الخذلان الإلهي. وبالنسبة لحزب الله الذي يتحدث بيقين عن البعد الإلهي للمواجهة والنصر، لا يشكل حسن الاستخدام للبعد الغيبي في تعميق الشكوك بقدرة الكيان على البقاء ولا جدوى الرهان على خوض الحروب، استغلالا لنقطة ضعف، بل فعل إيمان حقيقي يلتزم عقائدياً بالتركيز عليه، كنوع من أنواع الشكر لله، صانع الانتصارات وصحاب الوعد بالمزيد منها، وإن شكرتم لأزيدنّكم، وإن تنصروا الله ينصركم.

– سقوط طائرتي الاستطلاع الإسرائيلية فوق الضاحية وما قيل عن هدف ثمين كانت آتيتين لاصطياده، وليس إسقاطهما، ومعجزة اصطياد المقاومة للآلية العسكرية في أفيفيم من نقطة ميتة، ومن ثم الهروب الذي عمّ القيادتين السياسية والعسكرية للكيان من خوض المواجهة، وقائع أضافت مادة نوعية جديدة ليقين حزب الله وخطابه المستند إلى العامل الغيبي للتدخل الإلهي، وما يشكله ذلك من رافعة معنوية للحزب ومقاتليه وبيئته الشعبية، ولكنها بالمقابل كارثة وقعت على رؤوس الصهاينة ونظرياتهم الدينية عن كونهم شعب الله المختار. الشعب الذي يخذله الله كل يوم، ويرسل له الرسائل بأنه لم يعد مختاراً، وبأن الحزب الذي يحمل اسم الله ليس مجرد حامل اسم، بل إن الله يقاتل مع حزبه ويسدّد له الرمي، وما رميت إذ رميت لكن الله رمى.

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الخليج في مواجهة فلسطين

أغسطس 8, 2019

د. وفيق إبراهيم

عندما تستقبل دول الخليج مسؤولين إسرائيليين في مؤتمرات علنية ولقاءات سياسية على اراضيها، وتضع بالمقابل منظمات «حماس» و»الجهاد» وغيرها على لوائح الارهاب وهي التي تقاتل «إسرائيل»…

يُمكن الجزم بما يدحض كل شك ان الحلف الإسرائيلي ـ الخليجي المرتقب داخل الطور التحالفي العلني من دون أي ذرة من حياء أو خجل.

عند هذا الحد كان يمكن الاعتقاد أن الخليج ذاهب للتموضع الى جانب مصر والأردن، والسلطة الفلسطينية في مسألة نسج علاقات دبلوماسية تكتفي بالجانب السياسي مع شيء من العلاقات الاقتصادية المرتكزة على بيع سلع إسرائيلية متسترة «بماركات» دول آسيوية وأوروبية.

هنا لا بدّ من الإشارة الأساسية الى هذه العلاقات مع «إسرائيل» اقتصرت على التطبيع الدبلوماسي وسط رفض شعبي أردني ومصري وفلسطيني أرغم كل إسرائيلي يدخل اليهم الاحتماء بكتيبة أمنية على الأقل.

وللامانة، فان هذه الدول العربية، لعبت دور المعرقل لاي خطط عربية على المستويين الرسمي والشعبي تناهض «إسرائيل» وحولت جامعة الدول العربية جامعة أبو الغيط الإسرائيلية برعاية خليجية كاملة تولتها السعودية وقطر ودولة الامارات. لكن هذا الجانب لم يتجرأ على الاعتراف العلني بتطبيعه مراوغاً انما في إطار تعطيل أي ولادة لموقف عربي مشترك مجابه للكيان الإسرائيلي المحتل، أو للإرهاب الداعشي. إلا ان ما يحدث اليوم يشكل بوضوح تحوّلاً خليجياً علنياً صاخباً ابتدأ بمعاداة إيران وسورية والعراق وحزب الله في لبنان، حتى أدرك مرحلة الجهر بما كان يخفيه على مستوى علاقاته السياسية بإسرائيل وتنسيقه السري معها، ذاهباً نحو تحالف يتوغل باتجاه حلف خليجي ـ إسرائيلي واجهته أمن الملاحة بشعارات تزعم الدفاع عن الخليج وبأهداف حقيقية تجعل من العدو الإسرائيلي، «شقيقاً» مزعوماً يحارب من أجل الخليج، ويبادله هذا الخليج العذر والمحبة بمحاربة كل أعدائه.

هنا تذهب الأسئلة نحو تحديد هوية اعداء «إسرائيل»، فيجد المراقب ان السلطة الفلسطينية ليست في هؤلاء لأنها تطبع مع «الكيان المحتل» منذ تسعينيات القرن الماضي وترفض حتى الآن قطع علاقاتها وإلغاء التنسيق الأمني معه، فمن يجابه «إسرائيل» إذاً في فلسطين؟

انهما منظمتا حماس والجهاد ومعهما رهط من تيارات وجبهات وتيارات شعبية تواصل القتال من اجل فلسطين عربية متحررة من الإسرائيليين من جهة والأوصياء عليها من جهة ثانية الذين ينتحلون صفة تمثيل فلسطين.

بما يؤكد ان الخليج السعودي ـ الإماراتي البحريني يندرج في حلف مع «إسرائيل» لمحاربة «أعدائها» الفلسطينيين وهم حماس وشقيقاتها.

ربما لم يكن هذا الأمر بحاجة لبرهان لأن وزير خارجية «إسرائيل» يسرائيل كاتس اعترف انه زار ابو ظبي مشاركاً في العديد من المؤتمرات واللقاءات التنسيقية مع المسؤولين فيها، معلقاً مرحلة بدء علاقات أمنية واقتصادية والطريف انه كشف عن توافق مع الإماراتيين على خط سكك حديد من تل أبيب في فلسطين المحتلة الى الأردن والسعودية والإمارات متفرعاً نحو عمان وقطر ومرتبطاً بالبحرين بخطوط نقل بحرية.

أما الأهداف فتشمل تحالفاً عسكرياً سياسياً اقتصادياً كاملاً، بما يكشف قدرة إسرائيلية على دعم الخليج بالسلاح والقوة العسكرية والسلع الاقتصادية مقابل صناعات خليجية كبيرة ترتكز على تصدير البلح ومشتقاته. هناك إذاً حلف مهمته محاربة اعداء «إسرائيل» في فلسطين، والمنطقة، وتظهر سورية موقع العداء الأساسي للحلف الخليجي ـ الإسرائيلي لانها آخر ما تبقى من دول عربية مجاورة منذ تأسيس الكيان الغاصب في 1948، كما قاتل مجاهدون سوريون العصابات الصهيونية في ثلاثينيات القرن الفائت لذلك لن يتفاجأ أحد إذا باع الخليج الجولان السوري المحتل لـ»إسرائيل» بوحي من تغطيته الاميركية، كما يشمل هذا العداء حزب الله المصنف إرهابياً في الولايات المتحدة و»إسرائيل» والخليج، بما يزيد من انكشاف الحلف الخليجي ـ الإسرائيلي واهدافه المعادية لفلسطين وطناً وأرضاً وشعباً، لذلك يواصل الخليج التحريض على حزب الله في لبنان والعالم بأسره.

ولا يُخفي هذا الحلف عداءه لإيران، وبما أن هذا البلد لم يعتد على بلد عربي منذ الفتوحات الاسلامية قبل ألف عام، فيجب البحث عن أسباب أخرى لهذا العداء الخليجي للجمهورية الإسلامية فلا يجد المراقب سبباً إلا في إطار العداء الإيراني للنفوذ الاميركي في الشرق الاوسط.

بشكل يشمل إصراراً إيرانياً سياسياً وعملياً على تحرير فلسطين، فالدعم الإيراني لمجاهدي غزة خير برهان على ربط طهران التأييد الكلامي بالدعم المادي المفتوح.

تكشف هذه المعطيات أن الحلف الخليجي ـ الإسرائيلي يندرج في اطار النفوذ الأميركي على اساس العداء المطلق لفلسطين وسورية وحزب الله وإيران. وهذا يشكل نقلة مدمرة لدول خليجية كانت تؤيد إسرائيل سراً وانتقلت للتأييد العلني وصولاً إلى تحالف لسبب وحيد وهو انها تعتبر عروشها أهم بكثير من العرب والمسلمين أجمعين ولأن الأميركيين الذين يغطونها يريدون منها مثل هذا التوجه فلن تتردّد بفعله للاستمرار في كسب الحماية الأميركية.

وإذا كان الخليجيون يضعون أنفسهم في وجه فلسطين، فإنهم يتناسون أن الفلسطينيين يجاهدون منذ حوالي سبعين عاماً لتحرير بلدهم ولم يستطيعوا. كما ان سورية انتصرت على تحالف غربي ارهابي فيه أكثر من ثمانين دولة، وكذلك حزب الله الذي ينتقل من نصر إلى آخر في وجه «إسرائيل» والإرهاب، وكيف لا تنتبه هذه الدول الى أن إيران صامدة في وجه أكبر قوى عالمية ولن تخاف من حلف إسرائيلي مع خليج ضعيف عسكرياً وقوي بالذهب فقط.

وهكذا ينكشف الموقع الحقيقي لدول الخليج التي وضعت نفسها ليس في وجه فلسطين فقط، بل في مواجهة العرب والمسلمين وكل شعوب الارض المؤمنة بحرية الشعوب وحقها في التطور.

The AngloZionist Empire: a Hyperpower with Microbrains and No Cred Left

MAY 17, 2019


Last week saw what was supposed to be a hyperpower point fingers for its embarrassing defeat not only at Venezuela, which successfully defeated Uncle Shmuel’s coup plans, but also at a list of other countries including Cuba, Russia, China and Iran. It’s is rather pathetic and, frankly, bordering on the comically ridiculous.

Uncle Shmuel clearly did not appreciate being the laughingstock of the planet.

Eviction Notice of the USSS
Eviction Notice of the USSS

And as Uncle Shmuel always does, he decided to flex some muscle and show the world “who is boss” by…

… blockading the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC.

But even that was too much for the MAGA Admin, so they also denied doing so (how lame is that!?)

Which did not prevent US activists of entering the embassy (legally, they were invited in and confirm it all).

Now the US Secret Service wants to evict the people inside the building.

So much for the CIA’s beloved “plausible deniability” which now has morphed into “comical deniability”.

If you think that all this sounds incredibly amateurish and stupid – you are 100% correct.

In the wonderful words of Sergei Lavrov, the US diplomats have “lost the taste for diplomacy“.

But that was not all.

In an act of incredible courage the US, which was told (by the Israelis, of course!), that the Iranians were about to attack “somewhere”, Uncle Shmuel sent two aircraft carrier strike groups to the Middle-East. In a “daring” operation, the brilliant USAF pilots B-52 bombers over the Persian Gulf to “send a message” to the “Mollahs”: don’t f*ck with us or else…

The “Mollahs” apparently were unimpressed as they simply declared that “the US carriers were not a threat, only a target“.

The AngloZionists apparently have also executed a false flag operation to get a pretext to strike Iran, but so far this seems to have gotten rather little traction in the region (so far – this might change).

Lavrov reacting to the latest US threats
Lavrov reacting to the latest US threats

Now let’s leave this “Kindergarten level of operations” and try to make some sense from this nonsense.

First, while the American can pour scorn on the Iranians, call them ragheads, terrorists, Mollahs, sand-niggers or confuse them with Iraqis or even think that Iranian are Arabs (as, apparently, are the Turks, at least by the US common standard of ignorance), the truth is that the Iranians are world-class and most sophisticated players, especially their superb analytical community. They fully understand that a B-52 anywhere near the Iranian airspace is a sitting duck and that if the Americans were planning to strike Iran, they would pull their aircraft carrier far away from any possible Iranian strikes. As for the B-52, they have long range cruise missiles and they don’t need to get near Iran to deliver they payloads.

In fact, I think that the proper way to really make the Iranians believe that Uncle Shmuel means business would be to flush any and all US ships out of the Persian Gulf, to position the B-52s in Diego Garcia and to place the carriers as far away as possible to still be able to support a missile/bomb attack on Iranian targets. And you can bet that the Iranians keep very close tabs on exactly what CENTCOM aircraft are deployed and where. To attack Iran the US would need to achieve a specific concentration of forces and support elements which are all trackable by the Iranians. My guess is that the Iranians already have a full list of all CENTCOM officers down to the colonel level (and possibly even lower for airmen) and that they already know exactly which individual USAF/USN aircraft are ready to strike. One could be excused to think that this is difficult to do, but in reality is is not. I have personally seen it done.

Second, the Americans know that the Iranians know that (well, maybe not Mr MAGA, but folks at the DIA, ONI, NSA, etc. do know that). So all this sabre-rattling is designed to show that Mr MAGA has tons of hair on his chest, it’s all for internal US consumption. As for the Iranians, they have already heard any and all imaginable US threats, they have been attacked many times by both the US and Israel (directly or by proxy), and they have been preparing for a US attack ever since the glorious days of Operation Eagle Claw: they are as ready as they can be, you can take that to the bank. Finally, the terrorist attack by the USN on a civilian Iranian airliner certainly convinced the Iranians that the leaders of the AngloZionist Empire lack even basic decency, nevermind honor. Nevermind the use of chemical warfare by Iraq against Iran with chemicals helpfully provided by various US and EU companies (with the full blessing of their governments). No – the Iranians truly have no illusions whatsoever about what the Shaytân-e Bozorg is capable of in his rage.

Third, “attacking embassies” is a glaring admission of terminal weakness. That was true for the seizure of Russian consular buildings, and this is true for the Venezuelan embassy. In the real (supra-Kindergarten) world when country A has a beef with country B, it does not vent its frustration against its embassy. Such actions are not only an admission of weakness, but also a sign of a fundamental lack of civilization.

This issue is crucial to the understanding of the United States. The US is an extremely developed country, but not a civilized one. Oscar Wilde (and George Clemanceau) had it right: “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between“. There are signs of that everywhere in the US: from the feudal labor laws, to the lack of universal healthcare, to absolutely ridiculous mandatory criminal sentences (the Soviet Penal Code under Stalin was MUCH more reasonable and civilized than the current US laws!), to the death penalty, to the socially accepted torture in GITMO and elsewhere, to racial tensions, the disgusting “food” constituting the typical “SAD” diet, to the completely barbaric “war on drugs”, to the world record of incarcerations, to an immense epidemic of sexual assaults and rapes (1/5 of all women in the US!), homosexuality accepted as a “normal and positive variation of human sexuality“, 98 percent of men reported internet porn use in the last six months, … – you can continue that list ad nauseam. Please don’t misunderstand me – there are as many kind, intelligent, decent, honorable, educated, compassionate people in the US as anywhere else. This is not about the people living in the US: it is about the kind of society these people are living in. In fact, I would argue the truism that US Americans are the first victims of the lack of civilization of their own society! Finally, a lack of civilization is not always a bad thing, and sometimes it can make a society much more dynamic, more flexible, more innovative too. But yeah, mostly it sucks…

By the way, the US is hardly unique in having had degenerate imbeciles in power. Does anybody remember what Chernenko looked like when he became the Secretary General of the CPSU? What about folks like Jean-Bédel Bokassa or Mikheil Saakashvili (this latter case is especially distressing since it happened in a country with a truly ancient and extremely rich culture!). And while we can dislike folks like George Bush Senior or James Baker – these were superbly educated and extremely intelligent people. Compare them to such psychopathic ignoramuses like Pompeo, Bolton or Trump himself!

So this latest US “attack” on the Venezuela is truly a most telling symptom of the wholesale collapse of US power and of the moral and intellectual bankruptcy and lack of civilization of the Neocon ruling elites.

The big question is obvious: will they attack Venezuela or Iran next?

In the very first article I ever wrote for my blog, as far back as 2007, I predicted that the US would attack Iran. I still believe that the Israelis will never cease to try to get the US to do their dirty work for them (and let the goyimpay the price!). What I am not sure about is whether the Israelis truly will have the power to push the US into such a suicidal war (remember, if Iran cannot “win” against the US, neither can the US “win” against Iran – thus Iran will win simply by surviving and not caving in – which they will and they won’t). The good news is that US power has been in sharp (and accelerating!) decline at least since Clinton and his gang. I would even add that the last two idiots (Obama and Trump) did more damage to the US power than all their predecessors combined. The bad news is that the collective IQ of US leaders has been falling even faster than US power. We can hope that the first will hit zero long before the second, but there is no guarantee.

Truly, nobody knows if the US will or will not attack Iran and/or Venezuela next. The Neocons sure want that, but whether they will make it happen this time around or not depends on so many variables that even the folks in the White House and the Pentagon probably don’t really know what will happen next.

What is certain is that the US reputation worldwide is basically roadkill. The fact that most folks inside the US are never told about that does not make it less real. The Obama-Trump tag team has truly inflicted irreparable damage on the reputation of the US (in both cases because they were hopelessly infected and corrupted by the Neocons). The current US leaders appear to understand that, at least to some degree, this is why they are mostly lashing out at “easy” targets like free speech (on the Internet and elsewhere), Assange, the Venezuelan Embassy, etc. The real danger comes from either one of two factors:

  1. The Neocons will feel humiliated by the fact that all their threats are only met with indifference, disgust or laughter
  2. The Neocons will feel buoyed by the fact that nothing terrible happened (so far) when they attacked a defenseless target

Either way, in both cases the outcome is the same: each “click!” brings us closer to the inevitable “bang!”.

By the way, I think I should also mention here that the current state of advanced paranoia in which the likes of Pompeo point their fingers left and right are also signs of terminal weakness: these are not so much ways to credibly explain the constant and systematic failures of the Israelis and the Americans to get anything actually done as they are a way to distract away from the real reasons for the current extreme weakness of the AngloZionists.

2006: The people of Lebanon celebrate the victory which turned the tide of AngloZionist imperialism
2006: The people of Lebanon celebrate the victory which turned the tide of AngloZionist imperialism

I concluded my last article by speaking of the terrified Venezuelans who refused to be afraid. I will conclude this one by pointing at the first instance when a (comparatively) small adversary completely refused to be frightened even while it was the object of a truly terrifying attack: Hezbollah in 2006. Even though they were outnumbered, outgunned and surrounded by the Israelis, the members of the Resistance in Lebanon simply refused to be afraid and, having lost the fear too which so many Arabs did succumb to before 2006, they proceeded to give the Israelis (fully backed by the US) the worst and most humiliating thrashing in their country’s (admittedly short) history.

I urge you to read al-Sayyid Hassan’s famous “Divine Victory” speech (you can still find the English language transcript here and here) – it is one of the most important speeches of the 20th century! – and pay attention to these words (emphasis added):

We feel that we won; Lebanon won; Palestine won; the Arab nation won, and every oppressed, aggrieved person in this world also won. Our victory is not the victory of a party. I repeat what I said in Bint Jubayl on 25 May 2000: It is not the victory of a party or a community; rather it is a victory for true Lebanon, the true Lebanese people, and every free person in the world. Don’t distort this big historic victory. Do not contain it in party, sectarian, communal, or regional cans. This victory is too big to be comprehended by us. The next weeks, months, and years will confirm this.

And, indeed, the next weeks, months and years have very much confirmed that!

Any US attack on Iran will have pretty similar results, but on a much, much bigger scale.

And the Iranians know that. As do many in the Pentagon (the CIA and the White House are probably beyond hopeless by now).

Conclusion: good news and bad news

The good news first: Pompeo and Lavrov had what seems to be a meaningful dialog. That is very, very good, even if totally insufficient. They have also announced that they want to create study groups to improve the (currently dismal) relations between the two countries. That is even better news (if that really happens). Listening to Pompeo and Lavrov, I got a feeling that the Americans are slowly coming to the realization that they have an overwhelming need to re-establish a meaningful dialog with the other nuclear superpower. Good. But there is also bad news.

Finally some meaningful discussions between the two nuclear superpowers!
Finally some meaningful discussions between the two nuclear superpowers!

The rumor that the strategic geniuses surrounding Trump are now considering sending 120,000 troops to the Middle-East is really very bad news. If this just stays a rumor, then it will be the usual hot air out of DC, along the lines of Trump’s “very powerful armada” sent to scare the DPRK (it failed). The difference here is simple: sending carriers to the Middle-East is pure PR. But sending carriers AND 120,000 troops completely changes that and now this threat, if executed, will become very real. No, I don’t think that the US will attempt to invade Iran, but 120,000 is pretty close to what would be needed to try to re-open the Strait of Hormuz (assuming the Iranians close it) while protecting all the (pretty much defenseless) CENTCOM facilities and forces in the region. Under this scenario, the trip of Pompeo to Russia might have a much more ominous reason: to explain to the Russians what the US is up to and to provide security guarantees that this entire operation is not aimed at Russian forces. IF the US really plans to attack Iran, then it would make perfect sense for Pompeo to talk to Lavrov and open channels of communications between the two militaries to agree on “deconfliction” procedures. Regardless of whether the Russians accept such deconfliction measures or not (my guess is that they definitely would), such a trip is a “must” when deploying large forces so near to Russian military forces.

So far Trump has denied this report – but we all know that he suffers from the “John Kerry syndrome”: he wants better relations with Russia only until the Neocons tell him not to. Then he makes a 180 and declares the polar opposite of what he just said.

Still, there are now rumors that Trump is getting fed up with Bolton (who, truth be told, totally FUBARed the Venezuelan situation!).

As for the Iraqis, they have already told the US to forget using Iraqi territory for any attack. This reminds me of how the Brazilians told the US that Brazil would not allow its territory to be used for any attacks. This is becoming a pattern. Good.

Frankly, while an AngloZionist attack on Iran is always and by definition possible, I can’t imagine the folks at the Pentagon having the stomach for that. In a recent article Eric Margolis outlined what the rationale for such an attack might be (check out his full article here). Notice this sentence: “The Pentagon’s original plan to punish Iran called for some 2,300 air strikes on Day 1 alone“. Can they really do that? Yes, absolutely. But imagine the consequences! Margolis speaks of “punishing” Iran. 2,300 air strikes in one day is not something I would call a “punishment”. That is a full scale attack on Iran which, in turns, means that the Iranians will have exactly *ZERO* reasons to hold back in any way. If the AngloZionists attack Iran with 2,300 air strikes on Day 1, then you can be sure that on Day 2 all hell will break loose all over the Middle-East and the AngloZionists will have absolutely *NO* means of stopping it.

This will be a real bloodbath and nobody will have any idea as to how to stop it.

And you can be darn sure that the Iranians will show much more staying power than the imperialists, if only because they will be fighting in defense of their country, their faith, their liberty, their friends and their families. To expect the Iranians to cave in or surrender in any way would be the most stupid notion anybody could entertain.

Could they really be THAT stupid in Washington DC?

I don’t know.

But what I do know is this: any such attack will be extremely costly and very, very dangerous. Obviously, the Neocons don’t give a rats ass about costs, financial or human. They just want war, war, war and more war (remember McCain’s “bomb, bomb, bomb – bomb, bomb Iran“?). But the Neocons are only a tiny fraction of the US ruling elites (even if the most powerful one) and my hope is that the sane elements will prevail (which, indeed, they have so far).

As for right now, we are still okay. But if the US actually beings sending large forces to the Middle-East, then all bets are off.

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