‘Castro will stay in the history of mankind’ – head of Federation Council’s Intl Affairs Committee

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Happy 90th birthday Fidel

Fidel[1]On August 13, 2016, Cubans around the world celebrated the 90th birthday of Cuba’s most celebrated revolutionary leader Fidel Castro Ruz.

The Karl Marx Theater in Havana hosted a special gala on Saturday night, where some of Fidel’s oldest comrades, including some of those who accompanied him in the attack on the Moncada barracks, along with foreign dignitaries and heads of state, including Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, participated. Watch video below.

Fidel Castro thanked Cubans and foreign friends for their well-wishes on his 90th birthday on Saturday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also sent a birthday message:

You enjoy deep respect in Russia as an outstanding statesman who devoted his entire life to serving the people of Cuba.”

Lebanese media paid rich tributes by calling Fidel Castro as a model for Muslims and Christian leaders, for his support for the oppressed Palestinian people.

Boxing icon Muhammad Ali (d. 2016) had a special relationship with Cuba and its revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro. In 1996, Ali traveled to Cuba as part of a Red Cross mission to deliver medical supplies. He spent five days in Cuba and led the delegation to hand over US$500,000 worth of medical aid. In 1998 Ali returned to deliver a donation of US$1.2 million in medical aid.

To thank him for his efforts, Fidel invited Ali and his companions to a private meeting. During the meeting Fidel and Ali exchanged jokes and jabs, with Fidel telling Ali, Hit me here, and pointing to his face (see photo by Hazel Hankin below).


Fidel Castro visited Tehran in May 2001, and held meeting with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in the presence of country’s president Ayatullah Mohammad Khatami. Fidel expressed his delight to be in a country which he said is a valuable religious nation.

Fidel Castro said Iran is the center of spirituality in the world today and told Ayatullah Khamenei that his words on Islam and religious values had deeply impressed him. Terming the western approach towards different civilizations and religions as discriminating, Castro said in the West high budgets are allocated to projects aimed at deviation of the mankind’s minds from the sheer truths and realities. Castro denounced the Western hegemony and said that the West, and particularly the US administrations, despite their vast propaganda, acts in a totally uncivilized manner. He agreed with Ayatullah Khamenei on the point that the US is extremely weak today, adding, “we are today eye-witness to their weakness, as their close neighbors.” The Cuban President further stressed, “we are not scared of America today, and the Cuban nation is stronger than ever in the past, forty years after the victory of its revolution.” He once again agreed with Ayatullah Khamenei on the point that Iran and Cuba can hand in hand defeat America.

Read Khamenei’s statement during his meeting with Fidel Castro (here).

In a joint statement the two countries condemned acts of terrorism as well as sanctions imposed by the imperialists, as those against Cuba, Iran, and Iraq. They also expressed their support to the “continuing struggles of the Palestinian people to gain their rights and, above all, the right of self-determination and the right of return for all Palestinian refugees.” The two countries also condemned the massacres carried out by the Israeli regime.

Fidel Castro visited Tehran University to receive an honorary doctorate in political science.

In 1998, in a joint news conference with US president Bill Clinton in Cape Town,Nelson Mandela made a point of praising Cuba, Libya and Iran-all countries on Washington’s hit list.

Not only did they support us in rhetoric, they gave us the resources for us to conduct the struggle and win,” Mandela said pointedly.


The End of M.A.D. — The Beginning of Madness

by Eric Zuesse

John Helmer, who explains military-strategic matters better and more knowledgeably than just about anyone, headlined on May 30th, “The Red Line Crossed, In the Cross-Hairs, At Trigger Point”, and he opened:

First there was the red-line announcement.

On Friday [May 27th] in Athens there was the cross-hairs statement. By the month of October, the month before the US presidential election, there will be the trigger point.

The US and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies are going to war with Russia, accelerating the inevitability that Russia will strike in self-defence. This is what the first and second statements by President Vladimir Putin warn. There will be no statement of warning.

News media in the West treat any such report — that Russia might be placed into a situation in which a blitz nuclear attack against the West would (and maybe even will) be Russia’s rational response to Western operations to surround Russia with hostile forces on its borders — as if there’s something kooky about any such opinion: they treat it as if the West weren’t ruled by people who are that evil, as if recognizing such evil in a ruler in the West is to be prohibited (especially if that ruler is America’s President, instead of, for example, Turkey’s President, whom apparently one is allowed to impute to be evil). On the present occasion, however, they should pay close attention to the situation Helmer describes, and they should report about the matter, while there might still be time enough to avert an unimaginable catastrophe, which (as Helmer explains in detail) could quite possibly happen this year.

The West is in stark reality-denial. Whereas the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, between JFK and Khrushchev, was accompanied by an appropriate public fear on both sides, the even more dangerous situation this time, between Putin and Obama, elicits such fear only among the Russian people, not at all among Americans and other Westerners.

Mutually Assured Destruction, or M.A.D., isn’t only a reality in a nuclearly armed multipolar world, but it is also, and equally importantly, also a mass-psychology, of belief that there cannot be any winner of a nuclear war — that (especially regarding a nuclear conflict between the two nuclear superpowers) any nuclear war will destroy the planet we all share. This sense of a shared fate on both sides, is central to M.A.D., as what it was — the foundation-stone of the post-world-war era, the era in which existed the longest extended period without a global war, since the advent of global war in 1914.

That era is, tragically, now over.

M.A.D. ended as a mass-psychology in the West, but not in the East — not in Russia, and not in any other of the world’s free nations, otherwise known as the independent nations (the nations that aren’tunder the control of the U.S. aristocracy and of any of the aristocracies that are allied to that aristocracy — nor of any other foreign nation’s aristocracy), or also called the “BRICS” nations (which just recently lost its “B” when Brazil underwent a coup, which changed Brazil to becoming now a satellite of the U.S., which will probably (if nuclear war is averted) then be ‘rescued’ by IMF loans that will increasingly strip the Brazilian public and leave them with even lower living-standards and even deeper indebtedness, which will increasingly be owed to foreign lenders).

M.A.D. resulted from the balance that existed when America’s NATO alliance was counterbalanced by the USSR’s Warsaw Pact alliance. Therefore, the very idea of nuclear ‘conquest’, in a military sense, was simply assumed to be impractical, not only by the publics on both sides, but (at least as crucially) by the two opposed aristocracies, West versus East, U.S.-allied versus U.S.S.R.-allied.

The end result of U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush’s secret strategy, in 1990-1991, of terminating that M.A.D. by his regime’s lying so as to fool Gorbachev to terminate the USSR and its Warsaw Pact while Gorbachev (and then his successor Yeltsin) allowed continuation and even expansion of NATO, has become, in the West, a total lack of the near-hysteria of mutual fear of nuclear annihilation that had existed in both the West and the East during the Cold War, and its replacement now by a nonchalant West and an increasingly terrified East, as the West is making preparations for what the U.S. aristocracy seems increasingly to believe to be a previously unprecedented situation, in which the U.S. aristocracy and its allied stooge-aristocracies (in Europe, Japan, and Australia) can emerge as actual victors after a nuclear war.

Thus, in the West, there is no hysteria, such as once existed, for everyone to build his/her own family bomb-shelter, even as the West now is tightening its nuclear noose around the Russians’ collective neck. Instead, that previous fear and sometimes even hysteria, has been replaced by a situation in which only some individuals (no one knows whom nor how many) from the West’s aristocracies, have purchased elaborate hardened underground luxurious bunkers, in preparation for their increasingly likely future existences in a presumed post nuclear-holocaust world, and meanwhile the Westernmasses are not at all outraged at their being left fully exposed with no bunkers at all; and, the reason they’re not, is that they believe that, as their country becomes ‘protected’ by a ballistic-missile-‘defense’ or BMD or ABM (anti-ballistic-missile) system against the ‘enemy’ (now just Russia), they’ve got no more need to worry about ’the enemy’.

The Reagan-era ‘Star Wars’ anti-ballistic missile defense dream for the American aristocracy, is now starting to be realized finally in an Obama-era Lockheed Martin “Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System” nightmare for the Russian people alone, as the putative imagined pathway towards global victory for America’s aristocracy is becoming installed in eastern Europe and other areas bordering on and close to Russia. The American and other Western publics are blithely unworried about it, because the aristocracy’s ‘news’ media have told them that this is ‘just a defensive measure against possible further Russian aggression’ (not a reach-for-global-conquest by America’s aristocracy, which it actuallyis).

This is one of the reasons why, from the standpoint of America’s rulers, it’s so vitally important for information about those luxurious bunkers to be circulated only in publications for the elite, such asFORBES. If the general public were to become increasingly aware that the few billionaires amongst them are making their own preparations for living in a possible post-nuclear-holocaust nation, then the uncomfortable questions would arise as to why the federal government is not assisting the general public to do likewise (or at least to live in some kind of bunker, such as did happen back in ‘the good old days’).

This is also the result of the ‘libertarian’ or ‘neoliberal’ ideology, the ideology of ‘individualism’, which the aristocracy has systematically inculcated now into generations of people in the West, which denigrates the government’s obligations to the public, and which raises instead to the ideal, the belief in the rightness of ‘every man for himself’ and ‘we are not in this together’, because ‘the masses of lazy bums and stupid people should get nothing more than whatever they deserve’. If, perhaps, a billionaire can afford to live ‘safely’ deep underground, then “more power to him,” according to this ideology, which proclaims that equality of rights is wrong, and that instead a person deserves to have no more rights than he or she has property, wealth, dollars — things to trade with other individuals who possess wealth. In the U.S., this transactional basis for individuals’ rights was the ideology of the Supreme Court in a series of decisions such as the 2010 Citizens United decision, that a person’s right to ‘free speech’ should be proportional to how much money he/she spends to buy it so as to persuade others to vote the way one wants them to vote, or to buy whatever else one wants them to buy.

This transactional concept of an individual’s rights is a protection of dollars, not really of people. It’s for (and in service to) an aristocracy, not a democracy. This Supreme Court has supported aristocracy, not democracy. And, since, after WW II, this has increasingly become the new ethos, not only in the United States but in all countries that take the U.S. to be the ideal, Western publics are not at all outraged at being left high-and-dry in the event that perhaps the new military-security system, which is replacing the shared safety of M.A.D., is replacing it with the competitive and non-shared safety of ’nuclear primacy’, and will end up leaving the public out in the cold nuclear winter in the enemy’s camp.

After all, in the totally competitive world, what’s won is taken, and what’s lost is given; and, ‘to the victor belong the spoils’. This might not necessarily be so in economics, but it certainly is so in the military; it even defines the military outlook — which, after all, is what we’re talking about here.

And, if people have to pay for their rights, then the ‘enemy’ isn’t the aristocracy — certainly not that of one’s own nation — but instead, it is the people who don’t have the money to buy their own rights. Some people call this type of political system ‘liberty’ or ‘libertarianism’ or ‘liberalism’ or ‘neoliberalism’; but, by whatever name it is called, it certainly isn’t democracy, and it certainly isn’t equality of rights, and it certainly isn’t equality of opportunity. It is, in a word: fascism. That’s an extension of the military outlook, into everything.

But another accurate term for it is: madness. However, it is a madness that has been sold, by Western aristocracies, to the publics in the West, which is the reason why the belief in M.A.D. is now gone from the West. The popular belief there now is: eat or else be eaten. And, what is to be eaten isn’t the aristocrats who are selling this poison; it’s ‘the enemy’. (Meanwhile, America and NATO can call thugs like this ‘friends’ and even “members of NATO” and still call themselves supporters of ‘democracy’, a term that’s now devoid of meaning in the West.) This is why Western publics don’t care about the fear that the Russian people feel concerning the installation of America’s anti-ballistic missile systems.

In the most fundamental sense, the concept that we are all in this together is gone, in the West. If it doesn’t exist in both the West and the ‘East’ (namely, in Russia, where it does exist), then a nuclear war is extremely likely, and the real question is: When will it be likeliest to happen?


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

Fidel Rips Imperial America

Stephen Lendman

Approaching age 90 this summer, Fidel Castro’s physical capability isn’t what it used to be. His intellect remains keen, his judgment sound, his passion for keeping Cuba free from US predation and control uncompromising.

On March 20, Obama arrived in Cuba representing former US colonial control over the island state, wanting it regained in new form – intolerable for the vast majority of Cubans, unwilling to sacrifice their socially responsible sovereign state to yankee imperialism.

Obama snubbed Fidel during his visit, disgracefully meeting with anti-government dissidents instead, symbolic of US hubris and arrogance.

On March 28, Fidel commented, his article titled “Brother Obama,” blasting US imperialism, saying:

“We don’t need the empire to give us anything. Our efforts will be legal and peaceful, because our commitment is to peace and fraternity among all human beings who live on this planet” – anathema to America’s ruling class.

Imperial echoes remain in Cuba, he noted, Guantanamo the most outrageous example, America unwilling to return sovereign island territory to its rightful owner, using it instead as a torture facility for Muslim political prisoners, a modern-day Devil’s Island, the mid-20th century closed facility a permanent stain on French history.

Fidel reflected on famous Cuban heroes, notably Jose Marti, apostle of Cuban independence from Spain, “glorious Black leader Antonio Maceo,” Cuba’s greatest military hero Maximo Gomez and others.

He mocked Obama’s demagoguery in addressing the Cuban people, hollow words saying:

“I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas. I have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the Cuban people.”

His policies belie his rhetoric, his credibility sorely lacking, his fronting for wealth and power exclusively an affront to people everywhere wanting to live free from the scourge of yankee imperialism.

“The native populations don’t exist at all in Obama’s mind,” said Fidel. “Nor does he say that the Revolution swept away racial discrimination, or that pensions and salaries for all Cubans were decreed by it before (he) was 10 years old.”

“The hateful, racist bourgeois custom of hiring strongmen to expel Black citizens from recreational centers was swept away by the Cuban Revolution…”

Fidel blasted US imperialism for trying to terminate Cuban sovereign independence in its infancy, “the perfidious (Bay of Pigs) attack “which cost our country hundreds of losses, including deaths and injuries.”

Obama’s “sweetened words” in Havana wanting bygones to be bygones left Cubans watching on national television aghast.

Has he forgotten over half a century of illegal blockade still in place solely for political reasons, endless US acts of violence against Cuba and its people, hundreds of failed attempts to kill Fidel?

“Nobody should be under the illusion that the people of this dignified and selfless country,” its ruling class, “will renounce the glory, the rights, or the spiritual wealth they have gained” at the expense of ruthlessly exploiting others.

Cubans renounce US imperialism, the scourge of planet earth.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.

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Putin’s Annual Marathon Press Conference Tour De Force

by Stephen Lendman

On December, 18, Putin held his annual Q & A marathon. Discussing vital issues.

Wide-ranging ones. Responding forthrightly to questions. Giving straight-talk honest answers.

Polar opposite Obama. Making him look buffoon-like by comparison. A serial liar. With no credibility whatever.

His latest Cuba gambit more stunt than policy change. Expect Cubans soon enough to realize they were had.

Likely smart enough to know already. The devil they’ve known for over half a century is more villainous now than ever.

Fidel is right saying he “harbor(s) (not) the slightest doubt that the United States is about to commit, and lead the world toward, the greatest error in its history.”

“A nuclear war is inevitable,” he believes. Perhaps any time. Earlier Castro thought against Iran. Perhaps still today.

Likely extremely concerned about hostile US relations toward Russia. Hugely dangerous. Ukrainian flashpoint conditions.

At age 88, his intellect remains acute. His knowledge of vital issues impressive. His honesty and integrity impeccable.

His forthrightness noteworthy. His fear of potential disaster too important to ignore. It bears repeating. The devil he dealt with for over half a century is meaner and nastier than ever.

Putin, like Castro, knows what he’s up against. Not about to roll over for Washington. Especially on issues mattering most.

Including national sovereignty inviolability. Opposition to war. Peace, equity and justice. Multi-world polarity.

Cooperative relations with all nations. On the right side of history. Polar opposite Obama on vital geopolitical issues.

Thursday was Putin’s 10th annual Q & A press conference. Discussing important issues facing Russia.

Including sanctions. Plummeting oil prices. Declining ruble valuations. Economic problems. East/West Relations. Ukraine. Lots more.

H blamed sanctions for around a fourth of Russia’s economic problems. Plummeting oil prices hit hard. Lower ruble valuations.

Russia’s economy lacks diversification, he said. He intends remedying things going forward.

“The rate of growth may be slowing, but the economy will continue to grow and our economy will overcome the current situation,” he stressed.

“I believe about two years is the worst case scenario after which growth will resume.”Find Your Job at HireVeteran.com

“But the situation may start improving even earlier…in the first, second quarter, in mid-2015 or at the end of the next year. No one can say for sure,” said Putin.

“If the situation takes a negative turn, then we will have to introduce some amendments to our plans. Naturally, something will have to be trimmed.”

“However, I would like to stress that a ‘positive rebound,’ as experts call it, and subsequent growth are inevitable under present circumstances.”

He intends various measures to increase ruble valuations. In 2008, they proved successful, he said.

He urged faster central bank action. Saying its policies “need to be coordinated, collective and prudent, but without interference into the central bank or the government’s sphere of competence.”

“Nevertheless, there must be coordination and it must be timely.” Perhaps more interest rate hikes. To halt ruble devaluation. Begin returning it to higher valuations. Stabilize Russia’s economy.

Putin criticized Western countries. Their imperial priorities. Seeing other regions as vassal areas. Subservient ones. To be exploited.

“They will always try to chain the bear,” he said. “And once it’s chained, they’ll rip out its teeth and claws.”

“The nuclear deterrence, speaking in present-day terms. As soon as this happens, nobody will need (the bear) anymore.”

“They’ll stuff it. And start to put their hands on its Taiga (Siberian forest belt). We’ve heard statements from Western officials that Russia owning Siberia (isn’t) fair.”

“The problem of modern international relations is that our partners refuse to stop. They think they have won.”

“Do we want relations on an equal basis? Yes, we do, but on the condition that our national interests are respected, in the sphere of security and in the sphere of economy.”

He called Russia Europe’s only reliable gas supplier. Distinguished between legitimate political opposition and internal threats.

“Saying (a)n opposition figure, even if he’s very harsh, in the end he fights for the interests of his motherland, but the ‘fifth column represents people who fulfill what is dictated to them in the interests of another government, and they are used as an instrument to reach political goals that are foreign to us.”

Russia doesn’t repress opposition elements, he stressed. “I would like to assure you that there is no organization or any sort of repression against people who don’t agree with our actions, for example in Ukraine, Crimea, or any other external issues, no one from  official government organs do this,” he said.

He defended Russia’s Ukraine policy. Going all-out for peace and stability. Debunking notions otherwise. Criticizing US hypocrisy.

Saying “(t)o take Texas from Mexico is fair, but when we make decisions about our territories, it is unfair.”

“I believe we are right in the Ukrainian crisis and our Western partners are wrong.”

America’s empire of bases is everywhere, he said. “(A)ll over the world, and you’re trying to say that we’re being aggressive.”

Russia has only two foreign bases. In Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, he said.

“We have a military budget of $50 billion while the Pentagon’s budget is (over) ten times that amount.”

“Do we place our troops at US borders? Who is placing NATO troops, military infrastructure closer to us?”

“Does anyone listen to us, talk to us about it? No, nothing. There is always the same response. It’s not your business.”

Washington’s menacing missile defense system threatens Russia. “They have been deploying strategic missile defense elements not only on Alaska, but also in Europe, in Poland and Romania, right at our borders,” said Putin.

Concerned about US plans to install Aegis Ashore ballistic missiles in Romania. By 2015. Similar ones in Poland. By 2018. Urged international leaders to address this issue responsibly.

He stressed the importance of observing Minsk protocol ceasefire terms.

Donbas residents have the right to choose their own future. Under internationally accepted rule of law principles.

The economic blockade is futile. Counterproductive. Wrong, he stressed.

“We must follow the general principles of the international law, and the people of Novorossiya have the right to decide their own fate,” he said.

He justifiably blamed Western countries for Ukrainian crisis conditions. “But for the West’s position, there wouldn’t be civil war in Ukraine,” he said.

The road to peace requires building common humanitarian space. Not walls, he stressed. “Russia pays the cost of remaining a nation, a civilization and a state.”

He may visit Tehran next year. Iranian leaders show considerable flexibility. On issues regarding their nuclear industry. He hopes for P5+1 resolution soon.

Despite hard times, the vast majority of Russians support Putin. An astonishing 81%. In a recent AP/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll.

A Final Comment

Rodney Shakespeare is Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Britain. He teaches postgraduate Islamic economics and finance.

On December 18, he discussed Russian economic conditions on RT International. His comments are important and incisive.

He emailed this writer the following. Explaining the gist of what he said as follows:

“Russia will recover (probably relatively) in under two years. It will probably be relatively because the Western financial system is in  difficulty and a collapse is certain which will affect everybody.”

“The basic reasons for this are the huge and continuing levels of un-repayable debt; rich-poor division; and a failure to understand the technological shift which is destroying jobs.”

“But Russia will survive. It has vast primary resources – diamonds, wood, gold, iron, wheat, oil, gas etc.”

“It has large financial reserves (around $400 billion dollars); AND its government takes in more money than it spends!! This is unheard of in the Western world!”

“Also NB in about six months the first part of the new money-exchange system will have been built and will enable Russia and China to bypass the Western system.”

“If Russia has any immediate difficulty it should remember the 1998 crisis when the IMF, Americans and the City of London tried to smash Malaysia as an independent nation.”

“All of the advisers were traitors. So Prime Minister Mahathir turned to a man who was unemployed, down to his last one hundred dollars and was lying on his bed on a torrid Kuala Lumpur night.”

“This was Tan Sri Nor Mohammed Jakcop who was summoned to rush to Buenos Aires (where Mahathir was on a state visit), given a packet of visits and asked to write down the solution to the crisis in under two pages.”

“He did so and the rest is history. Within three years Mahathir had exacted a grovelling apology from the IMF.”

“The overall message was that you can use capital controls if your basics are OK (which is broadly the case with Russia).”

“The present crisis is an excellent opportunity for Russia to break free from its reliance on foreign, Western finance.”

“It should rely on its own finance and, at the same time, become independent in all aspects of the economy (which is largely possible for Russia – just as Iran has done).”

Money does NOT have to be borrowed from the international banking system which creates it out of nothing, adds interest and makes it repayable in dollars etc.”

“(T)hen does a run on your currency and subsequently picks up your assets for peanuts. This is what Mahathir was fighting and did successfully fight.”

“It’s all LIES about the need to borrow from abroad and the need to have international ‘investors.’ ”

“You can just as easily borrow interest-free from your own national bank but it is unwise to allow this too much UNLESS the borrowing is for building productive capacity AND spreading it in the population (only this creates a properly balanced market economy in which producers and consumers are the same).”

“Generally, NEVER borrow from abroad because it gives the lever by which you can be smashed.”

“The theoretical case for borrowing from abroad is that the ‘investments’ are for economic efficiency but, in practice, they are nothing of the sort being short-term hot money which is only there to get as big a profit as possible before rushing away.”

Professor Rodney Shakespeare

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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Che Guevara is laughing for Cuba has triumphed

Che Guevara, the iconic revolutionary, in 1958. AFP/Getty Images/Antonio Nunez Jimenez

By: Sami Kleib

Published Friday, December 19, 2014

The sun sets behind the old neighborhoods in Havana. Lovers are scattered along the Corniche. Here, there is no racism, no religious doctrines and sects, no wars by “ISIS” and “al-Nusra Front,” and no Dahes wal-Ghabra’ battles. There are lovers from different ethnicities and races. Their African and Spanish origins give distinctive charm to the Cuban nights. The city sways to the sounds of salsa music blaring from cars parked at both sides of the street.

Havana – Slogans against the neighboring United States line the road between Havana and Santa Clara. Among the banners are pictures of the ‘Cuban Five,’ detainees who were held at the infamous Guantanamo Bay detention camp, and who the United States accused of infiltrating the Cuban opposition in the United States. Their arrest became a diplomatic issue between the two countries.

The employee at the car rental company smiles. He wipes the dust off the windshield of a car, goes underneath it and rises up, walks around it to make sure there are no damages, and then presents the rental paper for signing. He smiles again and says,

“I wish I could go with you to Santa Clara.” Like all the people in his beautiful and warm country, he seems to have maintained his love for that who is in Santa Clara.

Before leaving the capital Havana, we spot the United States Interests Section building, on which 138 black flags are raised. This is how Cuba blocked the electronic screen installed on the fifth floor of the “espionage section” – as they call it here – to prevent the broadcasting of anti-regime propaganda. Relations have slightly improved during President Barack Obama’s terms, but Cuba continues to suffer from injustice by its neighbor.

In the spring of 1960, US Secretary of State Christian Herter expressed the need to take a “positive position which would call forth a line of action while as adroit and inconspicuous as possible makes the greatest inroads in denying money and supplies to Cuba, to decrease monetary and real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of government.”

Cuba endured starvation and remained steadfast. It stood high and upheld the dignity of its freedom fighters.

“Would you please show us the way to Santa Clara?” The Cuban woman clad in white smiles and bends over towards us, almost poking her head through the window. She says that she is heading to a place not far from the area. She tries to climb into the back seat, but we ask her to sit next to the driver. I sat in the back seat.

She praises our respect for women. She asks where we come from and seems more interested in knowing what is going on in our country. Here, popular culture is more inclined towards literature, arts, science, and medicine. The people seem to have had enough suffering. She says that Palestine used to be the only thing she knew about the Arab world. Despite its modest capabilities, Cuba today still hosts and sponsors Palestinian students. Today, the Cuban woman knows Syria, Iraq, the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), Tunisia, Yemen, and Egypt. She smiles and says,

“Beware of the United States and NATO… they are the cause of our problems.”

Her name is Maria. Her modest golden ring perhaps holds one of the many beautiful love stories in Cuba. We all go silent. She places her right hand on the car window, salutes people standing on the sidewalk as if she knows them, guides us to our destination, thanks us and gets out of the car. Here, the people are kind and love life. They are well-read and have been patient for the duration of the sanctions imposed on their country. They dream of having some extent of luxury, but not at the expense of their dignity.

Maria crosses about 50 kilometers every day to and from work. She has two degrees, one in nursing and another in world literature. A picture of Che Guevara is pinned to her chest. Pictures of “Che” – as he is affectionately called here – spread along the road between Havana and Santa Clara. He is smiling in all pictures. It is as if he is laughing at where the United States has come to be on the world stage – or perhaps at what remains of the Arab left in the era of the Islamic caliphate.

Guevara was not Cuban. He was an Argentinian doctor, intellectual, and writer. He came to Cuba to support the revolution. He was loved by the people, and his image became engraved in every heart and street. His pictures abounded after his death, while pictures or statues of Cuban leader Fidel Castro are rarely seen. Leaders here revolt, triumph, and build their country. In countries where statues are revered, the leaders rob their people. Here, history recognizes rebels and leaders alike. There, history damns both the statues and who they represent.

How beautiful Santa Clara is. The statue of Che Guevara rises skyward. It stands tall above the grave, which has become a pilgrimage site and the most visited by tourists. A square-shaped picture of the handsome rebel hangs between round-framed pictures of his comrades in struggle and revolution. A pink lily flower sits next to the picture, under which a torch burns day and night – as did the revolution – and like the dignity of the people in Cuba today.

The receptionist smiles at us. She realizes that we – as millions of visitors before us – came to experience the flame of a real revolution. Here, the revolution did not consume its children, just as others did not consume the revolution. The employee smiles and reminds us that taking photographs is forbidden, and then continues reading. We ask if we are required to pay an entrance fee. She closes the book, laughs, removes her glasses, and says in Spanish, “Dear comrades, the revolution is not for sale.” Former allies in our revolutions, who are currently part of the NATO alliance, came to my mind.

Many personal belongings of Che Guevara and his companions are here: his identity card carrying his birth date in 1928, his camera which captured the last photos of the rebels, a cup of maté (a green drink similar to tea), a Colt pistol, military clothing, an old radio, a leather belt, and many pictures of the rebel beau with the revolution’s leader Fidel Castro. Each piece is accompanied with several explanations.

Visitors of the memorial experience a strange feeling. It could be the significance of the place, or perhaps the honorable history which is embodied in a rebel’s smile and some of his belongings.

Like us, about 1,500 visitors come to the memorial every day. If every visitor pays just one dollar, it would help improve conditions in Cuba. But here, the revolution is not for sale. The majority of visitors are Italians. The memorial attendant jokingly says, “especially Italian women.”

We are the only Arabs on the visitors’ list. Arabs do not care about the history of the Cuban revolution, or perhaps do not like this type of tourism. Arab money is accumulated in American banks, is spent in the streets of Europe and at nightclubs and casinos, or is sent to terrorist takfiri groups to ruin other countries, some which look like Cuba. The attendant feels happy when we tell her that Che’s image is also engraved in the hearts and homes of many in the Arab countries.

The Cuban night falls on Santa Clara. We pull a cigar from the yellow pack, as most Cubans do. Here, cigars are not limited to the corrupt, the illegally wealthy, or politicians who rob the people, as is the case in our country. The cigar here is not a symbol of status or social class. Refuse collectors, restaurant waiters, taxi drivers, intellectuals, politicians, and everyone smoke cigars. The cigar is the pride of Cuba.

Cuban nights are beautiful. There is a general sense of happiness that rises above the dire economic situation and inhabits the hearts of the people. Since the early evening, Cuban music blares from houses, kitchens, and cafes. Cubans in their summer clothes gather in front of their houses. They bring out food and drinks, and dance to the sounds of music. It is commonplace to see housewives dancing with their ​​husbands. Everyone is hospitable, and hosts would walk hundreds of kilometers to accompany a guest who gets lost. The people exude kindness that is rare to find in any country in the world.

Cuba’s revolution did not come out of nowhere. The country’s history has a lot of similarities with the history of the Arab countries. Since its independence in 1902, Cuba has known how to punish corrupt rulers linked to the United States. The American neighbor did not hesitate to violate its smaller neighbor. The United States attacked Cuba at least three times, and helped install and protect the dictator Fulgencio Batista, who suppressed the people and sold his country’s resources to the West. Does he remind you of anyone? Does he not remind you of many rather than one?

Batista arrested the young Fidel Castro. In the dictator’s prison, Castro wrote his famous letters: “History Will Absolve Me.” And history did him justice. The Soviet Union became his ally. China supported him. The United States severed ties with its neighbor, which became a powerful symbol of dignity. The infection of revolution spread. Pictures of Che Guevara sprouted like glorious lilies across Latin America and Africa. He continued to raise the banner of pride and dignity until he was betrayed by Bolivia itself, where he revived revolutionary sentiment.

Guevara was martyred. The revolution triumphed. America was enraged, and sought to suffocate Cuba economically by punishing all companies that do business with the country. Does this remind you of something? The Europeans put their support behind Washington. How history repeats itself. The helpless United Nations – which sometimes condemns, and at other times just lies dormant – slept more than it should, just as it does when it comes to Palestine.

Cuba held its ground and stood tall. It made of its people’s dignity a commitment, and of their pride a beacon. Then came the idiotic invader George W. Bush. Iraq’s Nero sought to punish the rebellious neighbor. He said,

“We will soon bring down the Cuban regime.”

Guevara laughed in his picture and Castro scoffed at him. He said from his hospital bed:

“Bush should remember that we defeated Batista although we were just a thousand men while the Cuban dictator had 80,000 men… we will turn the life of the invader into hell.”

Threats were useless, and sanctions did not undermine the dignity of the people or education in the country. Cuba advanced scientifically, medically, and culturally in an astounding manner. The country produced medicines and drugs to treat diabetes, cholesterol, and at least 13 infectious diseases that afflict children, and developed the first vaccine against epilepsy. The country exported drugs to over 40 countries, and more than 80,000 doctors worked in neighboring Venezuela under the faithful late Comrade Hugo Chavez.

Castro said to Bush:

“You can export bombs to the world, and we will export medicines and doctors.”

The wonderful opera song “Hasta Siempre, Comandante” plays on the radio. We turn the volume up. The car slides like the flow of the river between the lush trees. The evening breeze feels refreshing after two days in Santa Clara. The green fields, colored pastures, and old wooden houses in the Cuban villages smile at us. We listen to another version of the song played by a Cuban band. Many versions of this song have been released, glorifying the memory of a comrade who came from Argentina to say to the Cubans that revolting against dictatorship, oppression, tyranny, and colonialism is one. Sheikh Imam and his song “Guevara Died” come to mind. We feel like singing “Oh Comrades in Proud Cuba” by Marcel Khalife.

Here, the revolution was not for sale, and thus succeeded. Here, the Spring was led by genuine freedom fighters, and thus yielded dignity. Here, the people remained silent for half a century, forcing the United States to apologize and admit that its policy was wrong.

Congratulations to Cuba and its people, in the hope that the US’ return will not bring an end to that beautiful era, or to the cities which still retain the fragrance of the country’s history.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


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Jew spy opens door to “US-Cuba friendship”

Today, Barack Obama, once again proved that America is ruled by Zionist Jews.

R.M. Schneiderman, editor and writer for Newsweek and the Daily Beast, wrote in the Foreign Affairs Magazine (December 21, 2012) that the single biggest reason Barack Obama cannot make peace with Cuba – is Alan Gross, US Jewish citizen serving 15-year prison sentence in Havana. Cuban officials claim that Alan Gross was working for the US government and trying to subvert the state while working as a contractor in Cuba.

On December 17, 2014, Cuban president Raul Castro spoke to the nation at noon, the same time that Barack Obama was making an address from the White House. The two leaders were addressing, in their own way, a successful diplomatic effort that included the release of prisoners Alan Gross, the three remaining Cuban Five members and an unnamed US agent who was also jailed in Cuba.

I also want to thank the Government of Canada for facilitating the high-level dialogue between the two countries. In turn, we have decided to release and send back to the United States a spy of Cuban origin who was working for that nation. On the other hand, and for humanitarian reasons, today we have also sent the American citizen Alan Gross back to his country. Unilaterally, as has always been our practice, and in strict compliance with the provisions of our legal system, the concerned prisoners have received legal benefits, including the release of those persons that the Government of the United States had conveyed their interest in,” said Cuban President.

Obama admitted in his speech that embargo against Cuba (1961-2014) has failed to bring a “democratic” (pro-USrael) regime change in Cuba. Oddly, Obama administration is still continuing similar sanctions against Iran, Venezuela, Syria and Russia.

The Jew York Times reported that both Washington and Havana have agreed to reopen their embassy after five decades.

Alan Gross was received by US secretary of state John Kerry at an airbase near Washington. Kerry told reporters, “I look forward to being the first secretary of state to visit Cuba in 60 years.”

The organized Jewry is congratulated over the release of Alan Gross after serving only 5-year of his 15-year sentence in jail. Robert Menendez, chairman senate foreign relations, has criticized Obama for exchanging “three convicted Cuban spies” for the release of an “innocent American”.

Rajiv Shah the administration for the USAID, abruptly resigned on Wednesday after US and Cuba decided to make the prisoners exchange. The USAIDoversaw secret programs to bring regime change in Havana.

Since 1992, Israel has always voted against removal of sanctions against Cuba at the UN General Assembly.

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Nasser Kandil: Obama is different and other news

فيدل كاسترو

اليمن حسم لا فتنة

Obama madness and sanctions

French stupidity

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Raul Castro Addresses the Nation Following Historic Cuban-US Agreement

Statement by the Cuban President

Fellow countrymen,

Since my election as President of the State Council and Council of Ministers I have reiterated in many occasions our willingness to hold a respectful dialogue with the United States on the basis of sovereign equality, in order to deal reciprocally with a wide variety of topics without detriment to the national Independence and self-determination of our people.

This stance was conveyed to the US Government both publicly and privately by Comrade Fidel on several occasions during our long standing struggle, stating the willingness to discuss and solve our differences without renouncing any of our principles.

The heroic Cuban people, in the wake of serious dangers, aggressions, adversities and sacrifices has proven to be faithful and will continue to be faithful to our ideals of independence and social justice. Strongly united throughout these 56 years of Revolution, we have kept our unswerving loyalty to those who died in defense of our principles since the beginning of our independence wars in 1868.

Today, despite the difficulties, we have embarked on the task of updating our economic model in order to build a prosperous and sustainable Socialism.

As a result of a dialogue at the highest level, which included a phone conversation I had yesterday with President Obama, we have been able to make headway in the solution of some topics of mutual interest for both nations.

As Fidel promised on June 2001,when he said: “They shall return!” Gerardo, Ramon, and Antonio have arrived today to our homeland.

The enormous joy of their families and of all our people, who have relentlessly fought for this goal, is shared by hundreds of solidarity committees and groups, governments, parliaments, organizations, institutions, and personalities, who for the last sixteen years have made tireless efforts demanding their release. We convey our deepest gratitude and commitment to all of them.

President Obama’s decision deserves the respect and acknowledgement of our people.

I wish to thank and acknowledge the support of the Vatican, most particularly the support of Pope Francisco in the efforts for improving relations between Cuba and the United States. I also want to thank the Government of Canada for facilitating the high-level dialogue between the two countries.

In turn, we have decided to release and send back to the United States a spy of Cuban origin who was working for that nation.

On the other hand, and for humanitarian reasons, today we have also sent the American citizen Alan Gross back to his country.

Unilaterally, as has always been our practice, and in strict compliance with the provisions of our legal system, the concerned prisoners have received legal benefits, including the release of those persons that the Government of the United States had conveyed their interest in.

We have also agreed to renew diplomatic relations.

This in no way means that the heart of the matter has been solved. The economic, commercial, and financial blockade, which causes enormous human and economic damages to our country, must cease.

Though the blockade has been codified into law, the President of the United States has the executive authority to modify its implementation.

We propose to the Government of the United States the adoption of mutual steps to improve the bilateral atmosphere and advance towards normalization of relations between our two countries, based on the principles of International Law and the United Nations Charter.

Cuba reiterates its willingness to cooperate in multilateral bodies, such as the United Nations.

While acknowledging our profound differences, particularly on issues related to national sovereignty, democracy, human rights and foreign policy, I reaffirm our willingness to dialogue on all these issues.

I call upon the Government of the United States to remove the obstacles hindering or restricting ties between peoples, families, and citizens of both countries, particularly restrictions on travelling, direct post services, and telecommunications.

The progress made in our exchanges proves that it is possible to find solutions to many problems.

As we have reiterated, we must learn the art of coexisting with our differences in a civilized manner.

We will continue talking about these important issues at a later date.

Thank you.

Cuba Debate


Need for Vigilance


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Hagel: Hizbullah is a threat to US interests in ME


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doublespeak[1]On November 15, 2014, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in aspeech he delivered at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, compared Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah with North Korea and Al-Qaeda.

For unknown reason, Hagel forgot to includeISIS  among his list of “dangerously provocative and terrorists non-state actors”.

In September, Cuban leader Fidel Castro claimed that ISIS is a creation of the US and Israel.

The event was the brainchild of the new publisher of Jew-owned The Washington Post, Fredrick J. Ryan Jr., former Chief of Staff for president Ronald Reagan (1989-95).

In 2007, Ryan co-founded Politico, a pro-Israel website and newspaper.

Interestingly, in Summer 2006, Chuck Hagel received the honor of being an “anti-Semite” for slamming the Zionist regime’s unprovoked retaliation against Hizbullah. Hagel wrote in his 2008 book, ‘America: Our Next Chapter’, that military retaliation – rightful or not – is not a political strategy that can end the threat posed by non-state groups”.

In May 2014, Lebanese prime minister Tammam Salam welcomed Iranian offer to provide military aid to Lebanon Armed Forces to defend the nation from future Israeli invasion and the US-funded foreign insurgents fighting in Syria.

Under pressure from the Jewish Lobby, Washington warned Lebanon over Iranian weapon donation. To counter Iranian donation, America’s top Arab puppet, the Saudi ‘royal’ offered $3 billion worth French weapons for Lebanese army. On July 3, 2014, Israeli news website Al-Monitor reported that the French weapons would be useless against Israel.

The French are approaching this issue from the standpoint of the interests of Israel and other international matters, mainly how to maintain the status quo in Southern Lebanon (Hizbullah base) in the face of Israeli attack. The French wouldn’t give Lebanon any sensitive weapon system or advanced technology that Israel might consider a threat,” reported Al-Monitor.

Hagel agrees with Barack Obama and the pro-Israel lobby, whom he called the “Jewish Lobby” as a Senator, that Iran must not be allowed to become the second nuclear nation in the Middle East and pose a threat to Israel, the only regional nuclear power. However, he said in 2006 that a US military strike on Iran to stop its nuclear program is not a “viable, feasible or responsible option”.

Hagel supports continuing US funding of such Israeli missile defense programs as Iron Dome and the Arrow interceptor, but doesn’t favor increasing annual military aid ($3 billion) to the Zionist entity.

Chuck Hagel who visited India in August 2014, called for a closer military ties between the two countries against China. India has become world’s largestimporter of arms. Its major arms suppliers are Russia, United States, Israel and France.

Jeffrey Feltman, former US ambassador to Lebanon and currently Ban Ki-moon’s top adviser on Middle East, is America’s top Israeli lobbyist. He reportedly told his friends at the US State Department that Israel has failed to defeat Hizbullah and the US must disarm Hizbullah.

Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, PhD, is a Lebanese academic, political analyst and author of the book, ‘Hizbullah: Politics and Religion’. On August 8, 2012, she wrote an Op-Ed, entitled Khamenei and Hizbullah: Leading in Spirit, in which she debunked several Zionist lies about Hizbullah-Iran relation.

On October 12, 2006, Alastair Crooke and Mark Perry co-authored an investigative article at Asia Time, detailing How Hizbullah Defeated Israel.

Listen to Scott McConnell, American journalist and founder-editor of the American Conservative, magazine on US-Israel “brotherly relationship”.

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Fidel Castro Compares NATO to the Islamic State

Global Research, October 09, 2014
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro during a meeting with Cuban and foreign intellectuals in Havana. (Photo: Reuters)
Castro accused the U.S.-led Western alliance of promoting a “war of extermination” against the Russian Federation.
The former president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, this Wednesday accused the new NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg of promoting a “war of extermination” against Russia and described the military alliance as being “more extreme” than the Islamic State group.
“Yesterday I listened to the statements of the new Secretary-General of NATO, aformer Prime Minister of Norway, who took office six days ago,” the former leader, 88, wrote in a column published in Cuban state media. “How much hatred he has in his face!”
He also highlighted the “incredible efforts (by NATO) to facilitate a war against the Russian Federation! Who can be more extremist than the I.S. (Islamic State) fanatics? What religion do you practice? After all this, would you be able to enjoy eternal life in God’s hands?”
Stoltenberg took office as NATO chief October 1, and in recent statements he said that the Western military alliance’s plan to beef up its military presence in eastern Europe does not violate a post-Cold War deal struck with Russia on military force levels in the region.
Tensions have recently increased between Russia and NATO because the U.S.-led alliance accused Moscow of meddling in the Ukrainian situation, a claim that the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.NATO boosted its military presence close to Russia’s borders, following Crimea’s reunification with Russia in March, specifically in Poland and the former Soviet Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

Global Research Related Articles

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Castro compares NATO to Nazi SS, slams US, Israel for ‘creating ISIS’


Published time: September 02, 2014 03:05

Cuba's former President Fidel Castro (Reuters / Cubadebate / Handout via Reuters)

Cuba’s former President Fidel Castro (Reuters / Cubadebate / Handout via Reuters)

Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro compared NATO’s recent statements to that of Nazi SS and accused US and its allies of igniting conflicts abroad. Castro slammed John McCain for backing Israel and accused both of being involved in the creation of ISIS.

‘Stop NATO!’ Anti-militarist protest gains momentum in Wales ahead of summit

Apparently referring to the pressure the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been trying to exert on Moscow in connection with the Ukrainian crisis, which coincides with calls for theramping up of military budgets of NATO member countries, Cuba’s iconic leader accused Western politicians of hypocrisy and aggression.

“Many people are astonished when they hear the statements made by some European spokesmen for NATO when they speak with the style and face of the Nazi SS,” Castro wrote in a column published in Cuban state media.

“Adolf Hitler’s greed-based empire went down in history with no more glory than the encouragement provided to NATO’s aggressive and bourgeois governments, which makes them the laughing stock of Europe and the world.”

Castro, 88, also attacked US Senator John McCain over his policies in the Middle East, describing him as “Israel’s most unconditional ally.”

Demonstrators take part in an anti-war protest march in Newport, Wales, August 30, 2014. (Reuters / Rebecca Naden)

Demonstrators take part in an anti-war protest march in Newport, Wales, August 30, 2014. (Reuters / Rebecca Naden)

Demonstrators take part in an anti-war protest march in Newport, Wales, August 30, 2014. (Reuters / Rebecca Naden)

He accused McCain of supporting Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency as well as participating “together with that service in the creation of the Islamic State, which today controls a considerable and vital portion of Iraq and reportedly one-third of Syria as well.”

Castro attacked the West for its “cynicism” and said that it became “a symbol of imperialist policy.”

Our men in Havana: US used young Latinos to foment revolutionary moods in Cuba

“The world has seen no respite in recent years, particularly since the European Economic Community, under the strict and unconditional leadership of the United States, decided the time had come to settle scores with what was left of two great nations (Russia and China) that… had carried out the heroic deed of putting an end to the imperialist colonial order imposed on the world by Europe and the United States,” Castro said.

Instead of promoting conflicts, the governments should “introduce more food, build hospitals and schools for the billions of human beings who desperately need them,” the Cuban leader believes.

Castro stressed that Cuba will continue to resist the US, despite the costs to the Cuban economy due to the US embargo, saying that “there is no worse price than capitulating before an enemy who attacks you without any right to do so.”

A demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask takes part in an anti-war protest march in Newport, Wales, August 30, 2014 (Reuters / Rebecca Naden)

A demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask takes part in an anti-war protest march in Newport, Wales, August 30, 2014 (Reuters / Rebecca Naden)

A demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask takes part in an anti-war protest march in Newport, Wales, August 30, 2014 (Reuters / Rebecca Naden)

‘Cuban people are very well-informed about US attempts to undermine their government’

“When the USSR disintegrated and disappeared from the socialist landscape, we continued resisting and together, the state and the revolutionary people, we’re continuing our independent march,” said Castro.

Castro praised the Soviet Union for “gathering its resources and sharing its technology with a large number of weak and less developed nations, the inevitable victims of colonial exploitation” at the time the union existed.

The leader transferred his presidential powers to his younger brother Raul due to health concerns in 2006, after almost five decades in power.

Since then Castro has written numerous articles and books related to foreign policy.

READ MORE: Fidel Castro labels N. Korean crisis ‘absurd,’ urges restraint

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Fidel Castro: Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza

Fidel Castro Ruz

Fidel-CastroI again request that Granma not use the front page for these relatively brief lines about the genocide of Palestinians being committed.

I am writing them rapidly, to state only that which requires deep reflection.

I think that a new, repugnant form of fascism is emerging with notable strength, at this time in human history when more that seven billion inhabitants are struggling for their survival.

None of these circumstances have anything to do with the creation of the Roman Empire, around 2,400 years ago, or with the U.S. empire which, in this region only 200 years ago, was described by Simón Bolívar who exclaimed, “…the United States appears to be destined by providence to plague America with misery in the name of liberty.”

England was the first true colonial power to use its dominion over a large part of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, and many Caribbean islands, in the first half of the 20th century.

On this occasion I will not talk about the wars and crimes committed by the United States empire over more than 100 years, but will only state what it wanted to do to Cuba, what it has done to many other countries in the world, and only served to prove that “A just idea in the depth of a cave is stronger than an army.”

History is much more complicated than everything I have said, but that is the was it is, in broad strokes, as the inhabitants of Palestine know, and it is likewise logical that the modern communications media reflect the news which arrives daily, as has occurred with the shameful, criminal war in the Gaza Strip, a piece of land where the population lives in what remains of what was independent Palestine only 50 years ago.

The French agency AFP reported August 2, “The war between the Islamist Palestinian movement Hamas and Israel has caused the deaths of close to 1,800 Palestinians,… the destruction of thousands of homes, and ruined an economy which was already weakened,” although it does not indicate, of course, who initiated the terrible war.

Added later, “… As of Saturday at midday the Israeli offensive had killed 1,712 Palestinians and injured 8,900. The United Nations was able to verify the identities of 1,117 dead, in their majority civilians … UNICEF counted at least 296 dead minors.”

“The United Nations estimates …some 58,900 persons homeless in the Gaza Strip.”

“Ten of the 32 hospitals were closed and another 11 damaged.”

“This Palestinian enclave of 362 km² does not have the infrastructure needed for 1.8 million inhabitants, above all in terms of the provision of electricity and water.”

“According to the IMF, the rate of unemployment surpasses 40% in the Gaza Strip, territory subjected to an Israeli blockade since 2006.

In 2000, unemployment was 20%, and in 2011, 30%. More than 70% of the population depends on humanitarian aid during normal periods, according to Gisha.

The Israeli government declared a humanitarian truce in Gaza at 07:00 GMT on Monday, nevertheless within a few hours, it broke the truce attacking a house, injuring 30 persons, in their majority women and children, and an eight-year-old girl died.

In the dawn hours of this same day, 10 Palestinians died as a result of Israeli attacks in all of Gaza and the number of Palestinians murdered has already increased to 2,000.

The killing has reached the point that, “French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius stated this Monday that Israel’s right to security does not justify the massacre of civilians taking place.”

The Nazi genocide of Jews outraged all the earth’s peoples. Why does this government believe that the world will be insensitive to the macabre genocide which today is being perpetuated against the Palestinian people? Perhaps it is expected that the complicity of the U.S. empire in this shameful massacre will be ignored?

The human species is living in an unprecedented stage of history. A crash between military planes or warships which are closely watched, or other similar events could unleash a conflict with the use of sophisticated, modern weapons, which could become the last known adventure of Homo sapiens.

There are events which reflect the almost total inability of the United States to face the world’s current problems. It can be stated that there is no government in this country, no Senate, no Congress, CIA or Pentagon which will determine the final outcome. It is truly sad that this should happen when the dangers are so great, but the opportunities to move forward are great as well.

When the great patriotic war took place, Russian citizens defended their country like Spartans, underestimating them was the worse error made by the United States and Europe. Their closest allies, the Chinese, who like the Russians achieved their victory on the basis of the same principles, constitute today the earth’s most dynamic economic force. Countries want yuan and not dollars to acquire goods and technology, and increased trade.

New, indispensable forces have emerged. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – establishing links with Latin America and the majority of countries in the Caribbean and Africa struggling for development – constitute the forces which in our era are willing to collaborate with the rest of the world’s countries, without excluding the United States, Europe or Japan.

Blaming the Russian Federation for the in-flight destruction of the Malaysian airplane is a stunning oversimplification. Not Vladímir Putin, nor Serguéi Lavrov, Russia’s minister of Foreign Relations, or any other leader of this government would ever come up with such nonsense.

Twenty-six million Russians died in the defense of their homeland against the Nazis. Chinese combatants, men and women, inheritors of a millennial culture, are people of uncommon intelligence and an invincible spirit of struggle. Xi Jinping is one of the strongest and most capable revolutionary leaders I have met in my life.

Fidel Castro Ruz

August 4, 2014

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Chavez: Visionary Leader Extraordinaire


by Stephen Lendman

He and Castro matter most. They don’t come any better. They transformed their countries responsibly. Doing so made the impossible possible. They did it against long odds. They won over hearts and minds.

Castro did it his way. Chavez chose a Venezuelan model. He envisioned socialism for the 21st century. He wanted it based on “solidarity, fraternity, love, justice, liberty and equality.”
He wanted it built bottom up. He deplored top down. Popular protagonism over bureaucracy was policy.
He abhorred neoliberal harshness. He called it incompatible with democracy. He wanted another way. His legacy reflects his accomplishments.
Eva Golinger knew Chavez. She called him a “grandiose visionary” “dream maker.”
Venezuelans loved him. So did millions worldwide. They did so for good reason. He cared. He made a difference. His achievements are remarkable. They can’t be ignored.
He was honest, said Golinger. His roots were humble. He grew up in a mud hut. He sold candies on streets. He did so to earn money for his family.
He “dreamed of building a strong, sovereign nation, independent of foreign influence….He dreamed of improving the lives of his people….”
He wanted poverty eradicated. He wanted a better life for Venezuelans. He called it el buenvivir (the good life).
He made dreams come true. He achieved remarkable changes. They’re more than just numbers. He transformed one of Latin America’s most unequal countries into its most equitable. At the same time, he achieved impressive economic growth.
He did so in 14 years. He spoke truth to power. He did it because it matters.
He cared about Venezuela’s most disadvantaged. He lifted them from poverty. He provided education, healthcare, affordable food, housing, and hope.
“He recognized the rights of the disabled, of indigenous peoples, all genders and sexualities. He broke down barriers of racism and classism and declared himself a socialist feminist.”
“He not only made his own dreams come true, but he inspired us all to achieve our fullest potential.”
“I am just a soldier,” he said. America wanted him dead. Bush failed several times to remove him. Obama likely killed him.
Toppling foreign leaders by coups or assassinations is longstanding US policy. William Blum’s done some of the best research. His books include “Rogue State.” They’re must reading.
He documented dozens of successful and failed post-WW II US interventions. They include: 
  • toppling Iran’s Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953; it was the CIA’s first successful coup after an initial failure;
  • ousting Guatemala’s Jacobo Arbenz in 1954;
  • failing to kill China’s Chou En-Lai in 1955; 
  • failing hundreds times to kill Fidel Castro; 
  • failing to kill France’s Charles de Gaulle;  
  • plotting Gaddafi’s assassination for decades;  
  • killing him in 2011; and
  • very likely killing Chavez.
Obama wanted him dead.
Extrajudicial killings are indefensible. They’re morally abhorrent. They’re illegal under international and US laws.
Article 23b of the 1907 Hague Regulations prohibits “assassination, proscription, or outlawry of an enemy, or putting a price upon an enemy’s head, as well as offering a reward for any enemy ‘dead or alive.’ “
In 1980, the Sixth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders condemned “the practice of killing and executing political opponents or suspected offenders carried out by armed forces, law enforcement or other governmental agencies or by paramilitary or political groups.”
On December 15, 1980, the General Assembly adopted resolution 35/172.
It urged “member states to abide by the provisions of Articles 6, 14 and 15 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights.”
They address right to life issues. They include safeguards guaranteeing fair and impartial judicial proceedings.
The first provision of the 1989 UN Principles on the Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extra-legal, Arbitrary and Summary Executions states:
“Governments shall prohibit by law all extra-legal, arbitrary and summary executions and shall ensure that any such executions are recognized as offenses under their criminal laws, and are punishable by appropriate penalties which take into account the seriousness of such offenses.”
“Exceptional circumstances, including a state of war or threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency may not be invoked as a justification of such executions.”
They “shall not be carried out under any circumstances including, but not limited to, situations of internal armed conflict, excessive or illegal use of force by a public official or other person acting in an official capacity or by a person acting at the instigation, or with the consent or acquiescence of such person, and situations in which deaths occur in custody.”
“This prohibition shall prevail over decrees issued by governmental authority.”
The International Criminal Court’s Rome Statute prohibits extrajudicial killings.
In 1976, Gerald Ford’s Executive Order (EO) 11905 said:
“No employee of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination.”
In 1981, Ronald Reagan’s EO 12333 said:
“No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.”
Post-9/11, Bush reinstituted them. Targeted assassinations again became official policy. US presidents lawlessly kill. They have diktat authority to do so. They take full advantage.
Assassinating foreign leaders and others is official US policy. Obama’s kill list reflects it. Anyone can be targeted for any reason or none at all. Independent head of state are especially vulnerable.
Obama takes full advantage. He murdered Gaddafi. He likely killed Chavez.
On March 6, RIA Novosti headlined “Chavez Death Could be US Plot – Russian Communist Leader,” saying:
Russia’s Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov believes Washington may have killed Chavez. Suspicious cancers affected half a dozen Latin American leaders.
“How did it happen that six leaders of Latin American countries which had criticized US policies and tried to create an influential alliance in order to be independent and sovereign states, fell ill simultaneously with the same disease,” asked Zyuganov?
“In my view, this was far from a coincidence.” He urged an internationally controlled investigation.
Interim Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is suspicious. He suspects an “imperialist” plot. “The old enemies of our fatherland looked for way to harm (Chavez’s) health,” he said.
Washington wanted Chavez dead. Kurt Nimmo addressed the issue. Previous attempts failed.
Blum asked: “How do we know that the CIA was behind the” failed April two-day coup?
“Same way we know that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.”
CIA assassins never rest. Chavez knew he was marked for death. He believed it. He said so numerous times.
Michel Chossudovsky asked if he was “the object of a targeted assassination by the Obama administration?”
“In this context, the CIA would receive orders to assassinate foreign leaders directly from the US President.”
“There are secret lists of names as confirmed by US government sources.”
“The orders carried out by the CIA to kill a foreign leader emanate from the US president.”
Civil rights groups want answers. An FOIA request was filed.
The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, ANSWER Coalition, and Liberation Newspaper want records and documents that “relate to or reference or discuss any information regarding or plans to poison or otherwise assassinate” Chavez.
They seek “(a)ll records and documents, including but not limited to, emails, letters, cables or other communications, memoranda, notes, minutes, photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, digital recordings, intelligence assessments, communications, records or other data that relate to or reference or discuss any information regarding or plans to poison or otherwise assassinate the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, who has just died.”
“This request in made in light of the US government’s acknowledged history of knowledge and possession of information regarding, and/or participation in, attempts to assassinate foreign leaders.”
People have an “urgent and compelling” right to know. At best, heavily redacted documents will follow.
Regardless of what’s gotten, what known suggests direct US involvement. Bush and Obama want Chavez ousted. They wanted him dead.
He’s gone but not forgotten. His legacy lives. Friday state funeral ceremonies were held. Dozens of high-level international delegations attended.
Around 33 heads of state were present. In alphabetical order they include:
  • Antigua and Barbuda: Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer 
  • Aruba: Prime Minister Michiel Godfried Eman 
  • Belarus: President Alexander Lukashenko 
  • Bolivia: President Evo Morales 
  • Brazil: President Dilma Rousseff 
  • Chile: President Sebastian Pinera 
  • Colombia: Juan Manuel Santos 
  • Cuba: Raul Castro 
  • Curacao: Prime Minister Daniel Hodge 
  • Dominica: Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit 
  • Dominican Republic: President Danilo Medina 
  • Ecuador: President Rafael Correa 
  • El Salvador: President Mauricio Funes 
  • Guyana: President Donald Ramotar 
  • Haiti: President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe 
  • Honduras: President Porfirio Lobo 
  • Iran: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 
  • Jamaica: Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller 
  • Mexico: President Enrique Pena Nieto 
  • Nicaragua: President Daniel Ortega 
  • Panama: President Ricardo Martinelli 
  • Peru: President Ollanta Humala 
  • St. Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister Denzil Douglas 
  • St. Lucia: Prime Minister Kenny Anthony 
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves 
  • Suriname: President Desi Bouterse 
  • Trinidad and Tobago: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar 
  • Uruguay: President Jose Mujica 
  • Argentina President Christina Fernandez was one of the first high-profile mourners to arrive. On Thursday, she flew home to Buenos Aires.
Spurious reports suggested Chavez’s last words were “I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die.”
US media headlined it. So did Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman. Presidential guard General Jose Ornella was quoted.
Allegedly he said Chavez “couldn’t speak but he said it with his lips.”
Reuters reported otherwise. It said “Chavez slipped into a coma on Monday before dying the following day of respiratory failure.” An unnamed source said cancer spread to his lungs.
Venezuelans mourn. Chavez lay in state. Over two million filed past him. Many weep. Some salute. Others cross themselves. Their love and admiration are palpable.
Raul Castro said Chavez “left undefeated.” He was elected overwhelmingly four times.
“He was invincible. He left victorious, and no one can take that away. It is fixed in history.”
He represented a threat of a good example. He was the rarest of rare leaders. He was a people’s president. He broke the chains that bind.
Latin America no longer is America’s backyard. Venezuelans won’t ever go back. Believe it. Bolivariarism is institutionalized. It’s part of the national culture. It’s here to stay.
My PhotoStephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”


Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.



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Fidel Castro: Cuba Lost Its Best Friend… Chavez

Local Editor
Cuban leader Fidel Castro eulogized on Monday Venezuela’s late leader as “the best friend Cuba ever had,” in his first remarks since Hugo Chavez’ passing.

Writing in the daily Granma newspaper, Castro eulogized ChavezFidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, who died last week, as “an unforgettable friend” who “did not even himself realize just how great he was.”
“Even though we knew the critical state of his health, the news (of Chavez’s death) was a heavy blow,” the revolutionary icon wrote in a brief newspaper column.
Castro, 86, added that he and Chavez “had the privilege of sharing the same ideals of social justice and help for the exploited. The poor are the same everywhere throughout the world.”

Chavez passed away on March 5 after two-year-long battle with cancer, after undergoing surgery and treatment almost exclusively in Cuba.

Caracas and Havana were close ideological partners and political allies, often finding common cause against the United States and global capitalism.

Chavez was seen as the region’s leftist firebrand in the tradition of Fidel Castro, who resigned Cuba’s presidency in 2008 after a health crisis.

Source: AFP
11-03-2013 – 16:58 Last updated 11-03-2013 – 16:58

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Another 7 Days of Mourning in Venezuela, State Funeral Held Friday

Local Editor
A state funeral is to be held Friday for late Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, as the Vice President announced that another seven days of mourning were decided.

VP Nicolas Maduro, who is the country’s acting President, declared seven additional days of mourning on Thursday.
Chavez funeral
The South American nation has already been in a seven-day mourning in the wake of the death of Chavez, who passed away on Tuesday after a long battle with cancer.
Maduro said that the body of the former president would be embalmed “like Lenin”, the Russian revolutionary leader, and would be displayed in a glass coffin for an extra week at a military museum in Caracas after a state funeral, Agence France Presse reported.

The VP said the decision to have the president lie in state for another seven days was taken to allow Venezuelans who are waiting in long lines to be able to pay their respects to the late president.

More than two million mourners have already filed past Chavez’s body at the military academy in Caracas, where he is lying in state.

Venezuelan officials said that up to 55 world leaders will attend the state funeral of President Hugo Chavez on Friday, including US bugbears Cuba, Iran and Belarus.

Maduro said heads of state or government from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean have confirmed their attendance for the Caracas military academy ceremony at 15:30 GMT.

Chavez’ closest ally, Cuban President Raul Castro, was the latest leader to arrive in Caracas on Thursday to pay tribute to the socialist leader.

He will be followed later in the evening by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Belarussian strongman Alexander Lukashenko.

Source: Agencies
08-03-2013 – 10:59 Last updated 08-03-2013 – 12:38

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died of cancer at a military hospital in Caracas on March 5, 2013.

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

March 6, 2012

We know that the bankers who own the US government routinely try to kill any Latin American leader who refuses to be their puppet. We know that they have mounted thousands of assassination attempts against Latin American leaders, including more than 600 against Castro alone. We know that they have been experimenting with cancer viruses, and killing people with cancer, since the 1960s.

So if you think Hugo Chavez died a natural death,

I am afraid that you are terminally naïve.”
The Venezuelan president himself, before he died yesterday, wondered aloud whether the US government ~ or the banksters who own it ~ gave him, and its other leading Latin American enemies, cancer.

A little over a year ago, Chavez went on Venezuelan national radio and said:

“I don’t know but… it is very odd that we have seen Lugo affected by cancer, Dilma when she was a candidate, me, going into an election year, not long ago Lula and now Cristina… It is very hard to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some leaders in Latin America. It’s at the very least strange, very strange.”

Strange indeed… so strange that if you think Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Paraguayan Fernando Lugo, and former Brazilian leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ~ Latin America’s top anti-US empire leaders ~ all just happened to contract cancer around the same time by sheer chance, you must be some kind of crazy coincidence theorist.

Am I 100% certain that the CIA killed Hugo Chavez? Absolutely not.

It could have been non-governmental assassins working for the bankers.

But any way you slice it, the masters of the US Empire are undoubtedly responsible for giving Chavez and other Latin American leaders cancer. How do we know that? Just examine the Empire’s track record.

Fidel Castro’s bodyguard, Fabian Escalante, estimates that the CIA attempted to kill the Cuban president an astonishing 638 times.
The CIA’s methods included exploding cigars, biological warfare agents painted on Castro’s diving suit, deadly pills, toxic bacteria in coffee, an exploding speaker’s podium, snipers, poison-wielding female friends, and explosive underwater sea shells.

The CIA’s assassination attempts against Castro were like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, with the CIA as the murderously inept cat, and the Cuban president as a clever and very lucky mouse.
Some might even argue that Castro’s survival, in the face of 638 assassination attempts by the world’s greatest power, is evidence that El Presidente’s communist atheism was incorrect, and that God, or at least a guardian angel, must have been watching over “Infidel Castro” all along.

Theology aside, the CIA’s endless attempts on Castro’s life provide ample evidence that US authorities will stop at nothing in their efforts to murder their Latin American enemies.

John Perkins, in his bestselling book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, supplies more evidence that the bankers that own the US government routinely murder heads of state, using private assassins as well as CIA killers.

Perkins, during his career as an “economic hit man,” gained first-hand knowledge about how the big international bankers maintain their empire in Latin America and elsewhere.

Perkins’ job was to visit leaders of foreign countries and convince them to accept loans that could never be paid back.

Why? The bankers want to force these nations into debt slavery.

When the country goes bankrupt, the bankers seize the nation’s natural resources and establish complete control over its government and economy.
Perkins would meet with a targeted nation’s leader and say:
“I have a fist-full of hundred dollar bills in one hand, and a bullet in the other. Which do you want?”

If the leader accepted the loans, thereby enslaving his country, he got the payoff. If he angrily chased Perkins out of his office, the bankers would call in the “asteroids” to assassinate the uncooperative head of state.

The “asteroids” are the world’s most expensive and accomplished professional killers. They work on contract ~ sometimes to the CIA, sometimes to the bankers, and sometimes to wealthy private individuals. And though their specialty is causing plane crashes, they are capable of killing people, including heads of state, in any number of ways.

This isn’t just speculation. John Perkins actually knows some of these CIA-linked professional killers personally. And he has testified about their murders of Latin American leaders. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is dedicated to Perkins’ murdered friends Gen. Torrijos of Panama and President Jaime Roldos of Ecuador. Both were killed by CIA-linked “asteroids” in engineered plane crashes.

Do CIA-linked killers sometimes induce cancer in their victims? Apparently they do.

One notable victim: Jack Ruby (née Jack Rubenstein), a mobster who was himself a professional killer, and whose last hit was the choreographed murder of JFK-assassination patsy Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Department. Ruby begged to be taken to Washington to tell the real story of the JFK murder, but instead died in prison, of a sudden and mysterious cancer, before he could reveal what he knew.

Have the CIA-bankster “asteroids” ever tried to kill Latin American leaders with cancer?

The answer is an unequivocal “yes.”

Edward Haslam’s book Dr. Mary’s Monkey proves what JFK assassination prosecutor Jim Garrison had earlier alleged: Child-molesting CIA agent David Ferrie, one of President Kennedy’s killers, had experimented extensively with cancer-causing viruses for the CIA in his huge home laboratory. The purpose: To give Fidel Castro and other Latin American leaders cancer. (Ferrie himself was killed by the CIA shortly before he was scheduled to testify in court about his role in the JFK assassination.)

To summarize: We know that the bankers who own the US government routinely try to kill any Latin American leader who refuses to be their puppet. We know that they have mounted thousands of assassination attempts against Latin American leaders, including more than 600 against Castro alone. We know that they have been experimenting with cancer viruses, and killing people with cancer, since the 1960s.

So if you think Hugo Chavez died a natural death,

I am afraid that you are terminally naïve.

ED Noor: A few others I have suspected as being victims of these induced cancers in the past include film maker Aaron Russo who blew the whistle on the Rockefellers and the NWO then died of cancer within a short time, controversial comedian Bill Hicks whose incendiary dialogue would have upset many, and Bob Marley.

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Chavez Returns

by Stephen Lendman

He’s home. He arrived on February 18 at 2:30AM Caracas time. He announced his arrival via Twitter.

“I have returned to the Venezuelan homeland,” he said. “Thank God!! Thank you beloved people! I will continue the treatment here.”

Separately he thanked Fidel and Raul Castro. He praise Cuba’s superb medical providers. “We will live and we will overcome,” he said.

Fidel Castro wished him well on departure. He said in part:

“Dear Hugo:

I am extremely satisfied that you have been able to return to that piece of American land which you love so much, and to our brother people who support you so much.

A long and agonizing wait, as well as your astonishing capacity for physical resistance and the total dedication of a team of doctors, as has been the case over the last 10 years, were necessary to achieve this objective.

You learned a lot about life, Hugo, in those difficult days of suffering and sacrifice.

Now that we will not have the privilege of receiving news of you on a daily basis, we will go back to the method of correspondence which we have used for many years.

We will always live to fight for justice for human beings, consciously and humbly, without fear of the years, months, days or hours that we might have left to live in the most critical era of the history of our humanity.

Our people, who are also your people, will know tomorrow of your return to Venezuelan via this message.

Everything had to be done with much discretion, so as not to give an opportunity to the fascist groups to plan any of their cynical actions against the Bolivarian revolutionary process.

Global supporters “followed the ‘health and news of Chavez.”
Until victory always!
A firm hug!

Fidel Castro Ruz

On arrival, Venezuelan Communication Minister Ernesto Villegas said reports about his recovery were true. Media scoundrels claimed otherwise.

On state television, Villegas said “He’s back. He’s back. He’s back. The ominous voices are defeated. Those who were calling into question the information emitted by the national government with respect to Chavez’s health” were wrong.

“A terrible machinery was activated to delegitimize, to call into question all of the information that was being given, including by echoing the most atrocious” lies.

Chavez “ordered all times the country was (to be kept) informed on the progress of his treatment.” Thirty official updates were provided. They were done so accurately. Chavez wanted it that way.
Vice President Nicolas stood in for him in his absence. He called on Venezuelans to celebrate his return. They need no prompting to do so. They often rally supportively.

During his convalescent period, various reports pronounced him dead or dying. On February 15, photos were released for the first time.

They showed him smiling with his daughters. He was reading Cuba’s official newspaper, Granma.
On December 11, he underwent complex cancer surgery. He did so for the fourth time in 18 months. Recovery has been slow and difficult. Complications were overcome.

He still requires special treatment. He got world class care at Havana’s Medical Surgical Research Center (CIMEQ). He’ll continue it at Venezuela’s Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital.

His January 10 inauguration was postponed. He was scheduled to take his oath of office before Venezuela’s National Assembly.

He’ll do it later before the Supreme Tribunal of Justice. It unanimously approved his doing so. Constitutional law was observed.

At issue now is returning to full health. Venezuelan pray he’ll do so soon. They reelected him overwhelmingly last October. They won’t tolerate dark forces returning.

He turned neoliberal harshness into Bolivarian success. With or without him, it’s institutionalized. It’s part of Venezuela’s culture.

It’s polar opposite America’s permanent war policy, ravaging the world for global dominance, police state harshness, force-fed austerity, growing human need, and government beholden solely to business and privileged elitism.

Chavez champions human rights. He has no secret prisons. He doesn’t invade his neighbors. He abhors torture.

He engages other nations cooperatively. He seeks unity and world solidarity. He supports free, open and fair elections.

Jimmy Carter calls them “the best in the world.” It shames America’s process. Duopoly power runs things. Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin.

Venezuelans get real democracy. They want things no other way. Their votes count. Chavez institutionalized it. They pray for his full recovery. They want him back in full health.

Chavismo reflects Bolivarian fairness. He did so much for so many. He’s too important to lose.

About the Author: Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net

My PhotoHis new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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The American War against the Syrian state without prospects

Orient Tendencies

Monday January 14, 2013, no114
Weekly information and analysis bulletin specialized in Arab Middle Eastern affairs prepared by neworientnews.com
Editor in chief Wassim Raad
New Orient Center for Strategic policies

From what has came out from the tripartite meeting in Geneva between the Russians, the Americans and the international envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, Friday, January 11, it is clear that the refusal of the United States to recognize the failure of the universal war that they launched against Syria and its president Bashar al-Assad, is a major obstacle that prevents a political solution to the Syrian crisis.
It is Washington that has sabotaged all initiatives by refusing to engage through the Security Council to stop arming and financing armed groups in Syria. This is due to the fact that it is the U.S. who managed the war in Syria, set up operating rooms in Turkey, whose members are CIA agents responsible for coordinating international and regional efforts to mobilize terrorists around the world to send in Syria. U.S. officials publicly boast of providing modern communication equipment to armed gangs, and they expressed no regret, even after acknowledging that much of this equipment has fallen into the hands of al-Qaida fighters of al-Nosra Front, an organization they late put on their terrorist list, on which they could include other groups shortly, why they do not change their position on commitments to stop the violence.
 As clear commitments to stop military and financial support to terrorist groups are not officially taken in the Geneva meetings, it means that the U.S. administration is determined to continue the war of attrition against the state Syria in the coming months.
The United States, who are unable to bear the human and material losses in a direct confrontation, know that the Syrian national state, which has shown a remarkable strength throughout the war, will be even more determined to preserve its political independence after the end of fighting. It is for this reason that Washington binds the establishment of mechanisms for stopping the war to the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad, who is a popular leader, tough, with patriotic choices. If he is to be ousted in the current circumstances, it will open the way to new balances which may put the Syrian army and people away from a truly independent Syria. The axis of the resistance will be, then, seriously weakened.
 Lakhdar Brahimi’s comments are below the level of debate, because the international envoy has long been the spokesman for the United States and the West. On the other hand, the strong position of Russia, supported by the Brics countries, especially China and Iran, is motivated by the reality that Syria is the first line of defense for all independent forces that oppose unilateral U.S. hegemony. Assad is the symbol of this reality.
 Asking for his resignation is like demanding the departure of Fidel Castro in Cuba of the sixties.
Bashar al-Assad has the support of a large majority of Syrians, who see in him the hope of a better future. Its closest allies know that the Syrian president bases all decisions on the Syrian national interest, and no power on earth can force a leader supported by his people to change his decisions. The true friends of Syria are well aware that the battle has now surpassed the reforms, although they are important. These reforms have indeed become, after the last speech Assad, the work program of the government. In fact, the challenge is about the existence of Syria as a free, sovereign and independent, state, active and influential in its geopolitical environment.
Sooner or later, Washington will fall and Assad will proclaim victory in the most ferocious war ever launched against a country in modern history. The statements of Brahimi after the last meeting in Geneva, that the solution must be political in Syria, is a recognition of the strength of the Syrian state

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May we have the discrimination that makes us prefer and choose what is good for us . Our heart is partially turned to that which is good and our heart is growing bigger and sometimes we think we have been following the way of our heart, while we are actually following the way of our mind and reason. We have become like a part of a larger thing, a worldly extended family. Hizbullah has been a silent protector in Lebanon from civil war and from the attack of Israel and an antidote to sectarian hatred. In the Arab world Sayyid Hassan was the Hujja for the struggle of people and an insurmountable barrier against Israel.

Hizbullah became a great source of security to all. Hizbullah’s victories over Israel made China and Russia go over their previous positions and policies and develop a new stand altogether regarding the world struggle . Iran also rose above all to prove that a country, any country , can enjoy autonomy and independence and develop ethically and otherwise and help other countries develop and grow and discover their potential and live up to it . That is why Iran backed the Lebanese Resistance and backed Lebanon , Iran helped all regardless of religion and sect . In Lebanon they let help reach all factions indiscriminately without religious differences .

Iran is rushing to the help of Syria and trying to get the opposition and regime together . It is lending a helping hand to many and starting to create an axis of good intentioned countries to try to encounter the evil schemes of the evil ones . Chavez is trying to do the same in Latin America helped by Castro , Morales and Correa and others, to unite and bring together and rely on oneself and distribute equally and fairly the resources of the country and embrace right causes all over the world and defend- as a real brother- the Palestinian and Lebanese causes , a real brother to Syria as well and to all .

These righteous presidents and good human forces that are ruling countries make a big difference , they add a different color of hope and purpose that we thought non existent . Look at Syria and the people of Syria and the president of Syria who are facing the whole world, the whole establishment that has rallied against them and gathered all the thugs of the world to have the Syrians killed and massacred. These are the forces of good that are playing in this decisive battle and many other forces will join them soon , they are the hope for each person and country and the alternative ; they have inspired other countries like Russia and China and India and Brazil , they want to live with dignity and use their own potential for the good of all . Let us salute the forces of Good and let us support them in our daily prayers and ask God to help them in their battle and endeavor and make them reap its good fruits which are nothing else other than success and victory for the whole of humanity over the forces of darkness and evil.

 Ours is a universal prayer for all people .We pray God that president Chavez recovers quickly and goes back to his country and his people.

 And may God bring victory to Syria and its president

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