I think that the end is very close to us as a state: Gideon Levy

Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy offers his analysis on the escalating  Israeli-Palestinian violence - France 24

Gideon Levy, an Israeli columnist and board member of the Israeli daily Haaretz, tells FRANCE 24 that the escalating violence is not surprising in light of Israel’s 53-year occupation of Palestinian territories and says only international action might eventually lead to a lasting solution to the conflict.

Israel is living in chaos, we have been living in economic chaos since the beginning of Corona … and now we are in the midst of chaos, and we do not know what will happen to it.

Our storming of their mosque was a big mistake that was not taken into account. The government did not listen to the opinion of Mr. Emin Ayam, the head of the settlements, and hit his opinion across the wall. The Iron Dome is not the solution. Everyone knows that the accuracy of the Iron Dome is only from 20 to 30 percent and not as Netanyahu claims to reassure the people.

A $ 50,000 missile launches to hit a $ 300 missile, and is often mistaken. Today the Knesset announces a bill worth 912 million dollars for war expenses and losses with a fierce terrorist enemy in a small area called Gaza $ 912 million in transportation expenses, oil, missiles, military preparations, and civilian losses in the state’s infrastructure and other things .. This is really very much within a time span of only two days. Our budget will never allow that, and we will not be patient for a long time …. The solution is not in fighting .. We have understood the lesson ..These savages are not collapsed Arab armies that do not find power today … nor are they with money-holders. We may be able to ideologize them like sheep … the problem is in their belief and their complete belief that the land is theirs and not ours … America will not benefit us in the end, and the Arab leaders will not support us because of their impotence in their homelands and the people hatred for them.

Personally, I think that the end is very close to us as a state … especially that the peoples of the region have begun to wake up from their slumber and we have dreamed of making friendship between our peoples.

Personally, I fear that the tables will soon turn in Egypt and Jordan, which means that we have become without protection from the peoples of the barbarian region … Our destination must be to Europe and they must receive us as refugees. I think that this is better than being eaten alive by the Arabs. I am not trying to intimidate you, but I am trying to put points on the letters only. This is a fact that the US government in Tel Aviv does not want you to see.

How much we will be able to withstand in these circumstances … Hell is above our heads while we are in shelters, our business, our lives, and everything is completely disrupted and the government is unable to do anything, so be patient together, but I fear that the time has passed and we are in inescapable patience

يورونيوز – جدعون ليفي – المحلل الاقتصادي والسياسي… يقول:

إسرائيل تعيش في فوضى, فقد كنا نعيش بفوضى اقتصادية منذ بدايات كورونا …والان اصبحنا في وسط فوضى لا نعلم ما ستؤول له الأمور.

اقتحامنا لمسجدهم كان غلطة كبيرة لم تكن بالحسبان, الحكومة لم تستمع لرأي السيد ايمين عاوام رئيس المستوطنات وضربت رأيه عرض الحائط, القبة الحديدية ليست الحل فالكل يعلم بأن دقة القبة الحديدية هي من 20 الى 30 بالمئة فقط وليس كما يدعي نتنياهو لتطمين الشعب.

صاروخ قيمته 50 الف دولار ينطلق لضرب صاروخ قيمته 300 دولار ويخطيء في معظم الاحيان.

اليوم يعلن الكنيست عن فاتورة قيمتها 912 مليون دولار مصاريف حرب وخسائر مع عدو ارهابي شرس في منطقة صغيرة تدعى غزة
912 مليون دولار من مصاريف نقل وبترول وصواريخ وتحضيرات عسكرية وخسائر مدنية في البنية التحتية للدولة وغيرها .. هذا كثير جدا فعلا في مسافة زمنية هي يومين فقط فميزانيتنا ابدا لن تسمح بذلك ولن نستطيع ان نصبر لفترة طويلة….الحل ليس في القتال .. فقد فهمنا الدرس .. هؤولاء المتوحشين ليسو جيوش عربية منهارة لا تجد قوة يومها … ولا هم باصحاب مال قد نستطيع ان نؤدلجهم كالخراف … المشكلة في عقيدتهم وايمانهم التام بان الارض لهم وليس لنا … امريكا لن تنفعنا في نهاية المطاف ورؤساء العرب لن يساندونا لعجزهم في اوطانهم ولكره الشعوب لهم.

شخصيا اعتقد ان النهاية قريبة جدا لنا كدولة .. بالذات ان شعوب المنطقة بدأت تفيق من سباتها وحلمنا في عمل مصادقة بين شعوبنا

اخشى شخصيا ان تقلب الطاولة قريبا في مصر والاردن مما يعني اننا اصبحنا بلا حماية من شعوب المنطقة البربرية …وجهتنا يجب ان تكون لاوروبا وعليهم ان يستقبلونا كلاجئين اعتقد ان هذا افضل من ان نؤكل احياء من قبل العرب
انا لا احاول ان اخيفكم ولكني احاول وضع النقاط على الحروف فقط فهذه الحقيقة التي لا تريدكم الحكومة الامريكية في تل ابيب ان ترونها.

كم سنستطيع ان نصمد في هذه الظروف …الجحيم من فوق رؤوسنا ونحن في الملاجئ وأعمالنا وحياتنا وكل شيء معطل تماما والحكومة عاجزة عن عمل اي شيء, لنصبر معا ولكني اخاف ان يكون الوقت قد مضى ونحنا في صبر لا مفر منه

“مترجم من جوجل”

Netanyahu is not the Disease, he is a Symptom

March 25, 2019  /  Gilad Atzmon

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By Gilad Atzmon

In a recent thought-provoking article Gideon Levy, probably one of the last genuine Israeli voices for peace, claims that “It is not Netanyahu who is responsible for Israeli ‘racism, extreme nationalism, divisiveness, incitement, hatred, anxiety and corruption.’” Behind Netanyahu, Levy says, there’s a nation of voters and other elected officials that aren’t very different from their leader.

“Simply put, the people are the problem… There are those who have hated Arabs long before Netanyahu. There are those who despise blacks, detest foreigners, exploit the weak and look down their noses at the whole world – and not because of Netanyahu. There are those who believe they are the chosen people and therefore deserve everything.”

Levy reaffirms the observation that I have been pushing for two decades. The problem with Israel is not of a political kind. The conflict with the Palestinians or the Arabs is not of a political nature as some delusional characters within the Palestinian solidarity movement have been proclaiming for years. Israel defines itself as the Jewish state. In order to grasp Israel, its politics, its policies and the intrusive nature of its lobby, we must understand the nature of Jewishness. We must learn to define the differences between Jews (the people), Judaism (the religion) and Jewishness (the ideology). We have to understand how those terms are related to each other and how they influence Israeli and Jewish politics globally.

Levy writes that “there are those who think that after the Holocaust, they are permitted to do anything. There are those who believe that Israel is tops in the world in every field, that international law doesn’t apply to it, and that no one can tell it what to do. There are those who think Israelis are victims – always victims, the only victims – and that the whole world is against us. There are those who are convinced that Israel is allowed to do anything, simply because it can.”

In order to understand what Levy is referring to we must dig into the core of Jewish identification and once and for all grasp the notion of Jewish choseness. Levy contends that “racism and xenophobia are deeply entrenched here, far more deeply than any Netanyahu…The apartheid did not start with him and will not end with his departure; it probably won’t even be dented. One of the most racist nations in the world cannot complain about its prime minister’s racism.” Netanyahu as such, is not the disease. He is a mere symptom.

The devastating news is that neither the Israeli ‘Left’ nor the Jewish so-called ‘anti’ Zionist league are any less racist than their Zionist foes. The Israeli Left pushes for a ‘two state solution.’ It crudely ignores the Palestinian cause i.e. the Right of Return. The Israeli Left advocates segregation and ghettoization; not exactly the universal message of harmony one would expect from ‘leftists.’ Disturbingly, the Diaspora Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist Left is even more racially exclusive than the Israeli Right. As I have explored many times in the past, Corbyn’s ‘favourite Jewish political group namely, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL)  is a racially exclusive political cell. It wouldn’t allow gentiles into its Jews-only club. Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is no better. It will happily take donations from Goyim but will never allow those Goyim to become its board members.

Levy proclaims that “Netanyahu is the best thing to ever happen to Israeli politics – you can dump everything on him.” But in his most astute observation, which has been explored before by Uri Avnery (may he rest in peace) and yours truly, Levy continues, “It would be great if some local Nelson Mandela would arise, a brave leader with vision who would change the country’s basic values and lead a revolution. But no such person has been born here, and it’s doubtful he ever will be.”

Levy points at the core of the Zionist failure. If early Zionism was a promise to civilise the diaspora Jew by means of ‘homecoming,’ Israel happened to do the complete opposite. Not much is left out of the Zionist promise to make the Jews ‘people like all other people’: as Israel is about to perpetrate another colossal war crime in Gaza, we have to admit that we are dealing with an institutionally racist and dangerous identity like no other.

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