Wherever Hezbollah Is, ‘Israel’ is On Alert

Wherever Hezbollah Is, ‘Israel’ is On Alert

By Staff

Whether in Lebanon, Syria, or anywhere, the entire ‘Israeli’ occupation entity fears from the Lebanese resistance group, Hezbollah.

Under the title “The ‘Israel’-Hezbollah Confrontation amidst the Coronavirus Crisis,” Orna Mizrahi and Yoram Schweitzer wrote for the ‘Israeli’ Institute for National Security Studies [INSS] a piece that details the ‘Israeli’ military’s keenness to preserve the rules of engagement, citing Hezbollah’s growing military might most recently.

‘Israel’ is monitoring Hezbollah’s efforts to enhance its capabilities and build up its forces, the authors said, adding that the Zionist entity is trying to preserve the rules of the game, and avoid escalation into a large-scale conflict.

The authors used as an example the latest ‘Israeli’ attack on a Hezbollah vehicle along the Lebanon-Syria border on April 15. The attack only happened after the passengers abandoned it.

In response, Hezbollah elected to signal its capabilities and intentions by penetrating the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian-Lebanese border at three points simultaneously on April 17.

Meanwhile, the authors said that any ‘Israeli’ activity in Lebanon should be undertaken only if the threat to ‘Israel’ increases significantly, especially from Hezbollah’s ‘precision-guided missiles’. In tandem, preparations at the ‘Israeli’ military’s front for a large-scale conflict should continue.

The analysis piece went on to explain Hezbollah’s growing might and influence: “Over the past month, together with its extensive efforts to deal with the coronavirus, Hezbollah has continued its efforts to consolidate its infrastructure in Syria, especially in the Golan Heights, in order to create another front against ‘Israel’, alongside Lebanon. This activity joins Hezbollah’s efforts to address the internal problems in Lebanon, which is beset by an economic, political, and healthcare crisis. Hezbollah is taking measures to deal with the coronavirus, but in a way designed to establish its status and legitimacy among the public as a defender of Lebanon.”

However, Hezbollah, the authors claim, has not abandoned its efforts to obtain advanced weaponry.

“To this end, it has been reported that the medical teams at the airport treating Lebanese residents returning from abroad, with Hezbollah being among the leaders in the mission to fly them back to Lebanon, are affiliated with the Islamic Health Organization, which belongs to Hezbollah,” the INSS added.

Meanwhile, according to the authors, Hezbollah’s efforts to build up its forces and consolidate its presence in the Golan Heights remain a source of concern for ‘Israel’.

They went on to consider Hezbollah’s insistence to build its own local infrastructure close to the border with the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories in the Golan Heights area is what underlay the grave warning published in Arabic on April 10 by the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces’ spokesman, following an alleged visit by the commander of the Syrian army 1st Corps, accompanied by a senior Hezbollah commander, to positions in the area used by Hezbollah.

In tandem, following all ‘Israeli’ breaches of Lebanon’s sovereignty, ‘Israel’ was also warned by the Lebanese government.

On April 19, Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Nassif Hitti said that Lebanon was in a state of war with ‘Israel,’ which penetrates its airspace, and that a complaint about the Zionist actions would be registered at the UN Security Council. This statement followed a warning by Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab in his meeting with the UNIFIL on April 8 that Lebanon would be hard-pressed to refrain from responding if ‘Israel’ continues its attacks in Syria using Lebanese airspace.

Meanwhile, Tel Aviv is clearly resolved to persevere in its strategy of the “campaign between wars” aimed at scaling back the ‘threats’ against it and establishing deterrence.

The ‘Israeli’ Air Force has recently been very active in the Lebanese airspace on spying missions and in firing at Syrian territory. Activity has also been seen along the Lebanese border, including completion of the so-called security fence. As per all laws and norms, Lebanon regards any entry by an ‘Israeli’ force into the disputed border areas as a border violation.

‘Israel’ is taking care to avoid major deviations from the rules of the game that have emerged in recent years, and in particular is refraining from attacks against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon.

The recent border incident emphasizes to ‘Israel’ that Hezbollah possesses the intelligence and operational capabilities necessary for penetrating ‘Israeli’-occupied territory and target communities and settlers of northern ‘Israel’ as well as Zionist military soldiers. Hezbollah is determined to show that the exposure of the tunnels under the border has not eliminated its ability to conduct land-based operations against the Zionist entity.

The authors further considered that ‘if Hezbollah crosses the threshold in its military buildup, especially in precision-guided missiles, this would constitute an extremely grave threat to ‘Israel’.’

They concluded warned of any possible escalation following an ‘Israeli’ attack, urging the ‘Israeli’ regime to prepare now for a possible large-scale conflict, and emphasizing that the ‘Israeli’ military buildup and prepare itself despite budget constraints caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sheikh Qassem to Al-Manar TV: Hezbollah is Ready for War with ‘Israel’ at Any Time

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Naim Qassem

April 14, 2020

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qasem stressed that on April 11, 1996, the Israeli enemy wanted to rift the relation between the Islamic Resistance and the Lebanese people by committing massacres, adding most of the world governments conspired with the Zionists after Sharm el-Sheikh summit.

In an interview with Al-Manar TV Channel, Sheikh Qasem confirmed that the steadfastness of the Resistance, people and Army in the context of the golden formula led the Israeli enemy to humiliatingly stop its aggression on Lebanon and recognize a written pact that guarantees Hezbollah right to fire rockets in response to any Zionist assault on the Lebanese civilians.

His eminence indicated that 1996 confrontation established the principles of the balance of deterrence which subdued the Zionists, stressing that Hezbollah is now ready to confront any Israeli war on Lebanon whenever it erupts.

Sheikh Qassem said that the coronavirus is an enemy for the entire humanity, pointing out that the US administration enhances the pandemic outbreak by insisting on its sanctions against certain countries and pirating the medical stuffs while being sent to EU states.

Hezbollah Deputy Chief maintained that after the coronavirus stage, the world will witness major political and economic changes, adding that the US will no longer be able to lead the world.

Sheikh Qassem considered it is obligatory to thank the Lebanese health minister Dr. Hamad Hasan and all the governmental institutions which cooperated with him to fight the coronavirus, noting that Dr. Hasan works professionally and in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Sheikh Qassem stressed that the international testimonies confirm the Lebanese government’s success in controlling the coronavirus outbreak, adding that Hezbollah plan in this regard is not a substitute for the governmental role.

His eminence asserted that Hezbollah used to have the structure of the aid institutions before the coronavirus outbreak, pointing out that the party intensified its efforts in providing people with the socioecoromic support during the pandemic crisis.

Sheikh Qassem also highlighted that Hezbollah anti-coronavirus plan aimed at reassuring the Lebanese people, expressing readiness, if asked, to support any town against the pandemic.

Sheikh Qassem reiterated that Hezbollah endorses the return of the Lebanese expats, adding that the party set only one condition in this regard which is observing the safety measures in this process.

Hezbollah Deputy Chief added that the Rasoul Aazam Hospital is not concerned at all with the fake video circulated via social media to disrepute the medical institution, pointing out Hezbollah specialized a different hospital for the coronavirus cases.

Sheikh Qassem stressed that PM Hassan Diab invited all the Lebanese political parties to have a ministerial share in his government, adding that this grants it a national legitimacy.

His eminence called on certain parties to avert the slogan of the one-color government, considering that it is the government of the brave who accepted to assume the responsibility of addressing the crisis caused during the past 30 years.

Sheikh Qassem voiced Hezbollah support to the government, adding that the party will propose a plan to address the economic crisis in a way that protects the rights of all the Lebanese.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Hospital Cleaners: The Anonymus Soldiers Applying the Coronavirus Work Protocol

Hospital Cleaners: The Anonymus Soldiers Applying the Coronavirus Work Protocol

By Yassmine Moustafa

The battle to combat the coronavirus in Lebanon requires the concerted efforts of all workers in various healthcare sectors. In this battle – as in military battles – there is no place for cowardice, hesitation, panic, or surrender.

Since the first coronavirus case was announced in Lebanon, designated hospitals stood as the first line of defense. Medical and nursing staff as well as service personnel began treating COVID-19 patients.
There are many anonymous soldiers in these hospitals. The least we can do is show gratitude and throw the spotlight on their efforts, sacrifices and the challenges they face.
20-year-old Abdullah Hamadi is one of those soldiers. He works as a sterilizer technician in the emergency department for coronavirus patients at the state-run Rafik Hariri University Hospital. He tells Al-Ahed about his own experience with the coronavirus pandemic.
Abdullah’s day starts early. He arrives to work at 6 a.m. on his motorbike. After setting aside his civilian clothes in a sterilized place, he enters the section designated for COVID-19 patients. He puts on his hospital gown, goggles, gloves and mask. And he is ready for work.
Abdullah’s work entails sterilizing quarantine rooms for COVID-19 patient, the elevator in the department, and the ambulances. He also collects the medical waste on a daily basis.
According to Abdullah, the task requires speed. Before a patient’s arrival, he disinfects the room including the furniture, the floor, and the bed. He follows the same steps when the patient leaves.
When asked about how he deals with members of his family after returning from work, Abdullah explains that he only lives with his brother. At 5 p.m., he removes the protective suit, takes a bath, puts on his clean clothes, and heads home.
Abdullah voluntarily chose his current occupation to secure his livelihood. He says there is no place for fear or cowardice as his job is a humanitarian and moral obligation above all else. He follows preventive measures and uses what he know about the virus to keep himself as well as his surrounding safe.
The sterilization and cleaning protocol at the Rafik Hariri University Hospital
Since the beginning of the health crisis, the state-run hospital used special machines to disinfects quarantine rooms for coronavirus patients. One of these machines is the Sony FAP that uses steam and a disinfectant solution for glass, furniture, and walls. Each cleaning kit stays in the patient’s room. When the patient is discharged, the kit is disposed of, and a new one is made available for the next patient.
Hassan Tarjuman supervises the cleaners. He outlines the existing mechanism that workers use to sterilize the rooms.
“Cleaners wear a protective suit from head to toe. One cleaner enters the room, collects the garbage, and disinfects the room. Another cleaner waits at the door with a special waste bag. The former throws the waste in the double bag, and the latter takes it carefully for disposal,” Tarjuman said.
When it comes to contact with family members, Tarjuman affirms that cleaners either live alone or with one or two other people at the most. Others live with their co-workers, but they rarely meet since one works the morning shift and the other in the evening.
“They are well trained to work under sensitive health conditions,” Tarjuman said. He notes that they worked in the intensive care unit, coronary care unit, and isolation rooms before the coronavirus crisis. Since there are many similarities between the nature of their tasks in these units and the coronavirus unit, “we are confident in their ability to work and continue with high spirits.”
Dar Al Amal Hospital Protocol: One cleaner works while the other self-isolates
The chief of services and the cleaning department at Dar Al Amal University Hospital, Hassan Shouman, reveals the mechanism in place for assigning workers.
“Workers alternate. One person would be working, while the other is in a 14-day quarantine. Then, they swap roles. When the quarantine period is completed, they are allowed to go home to their families and then return to work,” Shouman said. “Having one cleaner for a certain period of time instead of an entire team reduces the possibility of an outbreak of the infection among medical personnel, especially since there is no pressure on the hospital so far.”
How do cleaners at the Baalbek Governmental Hospital prepare for battle?
Cleaners at the Baalbak Governmental Hospital underwent intensive training courses and workshops on how to perform their duties properly. They were also provided with required medical information on the nature of the virus, how it is transmitted, and the risk of infection.
Amal Younes, head of the operations department at Al-Nour services, a company contracted by the hospital to provide cleaners, confirms to Al-Ahed that the workers were instructed to “deal with patients as if everyone is infected with the virus until proven otherwise.”
The procedures for cleaning and sterilization are the same as those in Hariri Hospital and Dar Al Amal.

Sayyed Nasrallah Salutes Healthcare Team, Calls for Joining “Union of Hearts”

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah

Sara Taha Moughnieh

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah called upon Muslims around the world to participate in the “Union of Hearts” campaign which will take place Wednesday 8:30 pm, the eve of 15th Shaaban, and the supplications that will be recited are the seventh supplication in As-Sahifa Al-Sajjadiyya “O He through whom…” and the Supplication of Preservation “Allahuma kun li-waliyyik…”.

In a speech he delivered Tuesday night in which he tackled the latest developments on the health and cultural levels, Sayyed Nasrallah also talked about the coming Islamic occasion, the birth of Imam Mahdi on the 15th of Shaaban.

His eminence initiated his speech by sending a message of gratitude to the healthcare team for all their efforts in fighting the Coronovirus. He addressed them with the same words he addressed the mujahedeen with in July 2006 war, considering that they are fighting a life threatening enemy just as the mujahedeen did in the war against the Israeli enemy back then.

Sayyed Nasrallah further assured that the battle against this virus is humanitarian in the first place and it is not related to any religion, political side, or race.

His statement came in response to a letter he received from the Muslim Doctors Committee which included “…We are where you want us to be… We vow to defend our people with our souls – which is under your leadership – and become idols in sacrifice, firmness, courage and scientific qualification…”.

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah remembered the great martyred Imam Sayyed Mohammad Baqer Al-Sadr and his sister Bint-Alhuda as today marks the day of their martyrdom.

His eminence brought back quotes in which Imam Al-Sadr expressed full faith in Imam Khomeini’s leadership, as well as his spiritual and influential role in establishing the resistance movements.

Moving on to the main topic of his speech, the 15th of Shaaban, Sayyed Nasrallah stated a hadeeth by Imam Mohammad Al-Baqer (as) in which he said that the eve of the 15th of Shaaban was the best eve after Al-Qadr stressing that “we need to focus our prayers on this eve for all our supplications regarding both this life and the afterlife.”

Sayyed Nasrallah referred to the presence of the savior in all the religious books but under different names {And We have already written in the book [of Psalms] after the [previous] mention that the land is inherited by My righteous servants} Al-Anbiya:105.

“They are the virtuous, faithful ones who never oppress… they are the people of knowledge, awareness and responsibility…” he said.

“The term “will inherit the land” is present in the “Book of Psalm” 37:9, 37:11, 37:22, and 37:29,” his eminence added.

Sayyed Nasrallah further explained that while all the religions agree on the awaited arrival of a savior, they disagree on his identity.

The Jews believe he is Jesus, but not Jesus, son of Lady Mary (as), who had come in the past and they hurt… The Christians believe in the return of Jesus, son of Mary (as)… and Muslims believe in the return of two men, first is from the children of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), and he is Imam Mahdi (as) and second is Jesus Christ (as) son of Mary (as).

Sayyed Nasrallah assured that people must have awareness today, specifically due to presence of social media which helps in spreading false information much faster, and must not believe everything published concerning quotes and references about the current situation that are far from reality.

“It is true that we are in the end of time, but the end of time could be tens or hundreds or thousands of years. It is said that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the prophet of the end of time,” his eminence asserted.
Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that none of the signs of the arrival of Imam Mahdi (as) set a specific timing for his appearance except for one which is the “Heavenly Cry” (Assayha). It is a call by Gabriel (as) from the sky in which he announces the arrival of Imam Mahdi (as), and every human being – without any exception – will hear this call with the language that he understands. This is the only clear sign that puts a timing for Imam Mahdi’s arrival, which is shortly after it.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that “the more the crises increase the more people of all religions believe that the arrival of a savior is approaching,” adding that “there is no doubt that what is happening today is strange and it had never happened before that 4 billion people all around the world are in quarantine in their homes…”

Yet, he stressed that it is religiously prohibited to put or expect a specific timing for the appearance of the savior because this will only have negative consequences on the faith level of those who expected it to be close in case the arrival did not occur.

In conclusion, his eminence assured that humanity will arrive on its own to what God has drawn.
“Humanity will arrive on its own and not with the power of weapons. As an outcome of all the wars, viruses, hunger, oppression… humanity will get tired, and with the fall of the ideologies, intellectual systems and cultures, humanity will give up on any solution offered by people, so they will return to God. Then, God will allow those (saviors) to appear.”

Source: Al-Manar

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