Full speech about Imam Mahdi and the West’s moral failure against coronavirus

Full speech about Imam Mahdi and the West’s moral failure against coronavirus


April 14, 2020

The following is the full text of a televised speech delivered on April 9, 2020 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the occasion of the 15th of Sha’ban.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master Muhammad, and upon his pure household

May the auspicious 15th of Sha’ban be a blessed eid for all you dear brothers and sisters, the entire Iranian nation and all Muslims and all liberated people in the world. Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to meet with you up close and I have to speak to you from a distance, but this is an experience in itself. Today, I will say a few things about the Imam of the Age- may our souls be sacrificed for his sake- and I will raise a few points about the current issue of the country, but first of all, let us send greetings to the Imam of the Age:

Greetings be upon you Imam of the Age, greetings be upon you God’s firm pledge, greetings be upon you God’s promise – such promise whose fulfillment He guaranteed – greetings be upon you the hoisted flag, and you the manifestation of knowledge, of protection, of vast mercy and of inviolable promises.”

The following section of the holy ziyarah “Al-e Yasin” is full of love: “Our greetings be upon you when you rise and re-appear at the behest of God and when you put on the veil of disappearance. Our greetings be upon you when you engage in recitation and tafsir.”

Perhaps, there have been few historic eras during which humanity was in as much need as the present time for the existence of a savior. This holds true for both elites who feel this need consciously and the masses of the people who feel the need as well, but unconsciously. Everyone feels the need for a savior, a Mahdi. Everyone feels the need for the hand of divine power, for an infallible Imam, for purity and for divine guidance. We know of few historic eras during which there was so much need for this lofty truth.

Today, after having experienced various schools of thought and various philosophies – ranging from communism, western liberal democracy to the current form of democracy in the world, with the oversized claims that they make – humanity does not feel at ease. Despite all the astonishing scientific breakthroughs which have completely changed the way of life, humanity does not feel happy. Humanity suffers from poverty, disease, perversion and sins. It is afflicted with injustice, inequality and deep and growing class rifts. Humanity is subject to the abuse of power at the hands of big powers. They abuse science and natural discoveries, the capabilities discovered in nature. Humanity is faced with all these. These things have caused humans, throughout the world, to feel exhausted and to feel the need for a liberating hand.

Billions of people throughout the world are suffering. Some people might have prosperity, but they are not really tranquil. Humanity suffers from anxiety, and scientific breakthroughs and various developments have not managed to bestow bliss on humanity. Of course, human intellect is a great blessing. Similarly, experience is a valuable blessing. These are God’s blessings and they can solve many problems in life, but there are some knots that cannot be untied with these tools.

An example is justice. The issue of justice cannot be resolved with today’s advanced science and technology. Its knot cannot be untied with them. Today, injustice is fed by science. In other words, advanced science is at the service of injustice and warmongering. It is at the service of occupying others’ lands and of dominating nations. So, science cannot untie such knots. These things require a spiritual and divine hand and the powerful hand of an infallible Imam. It is he who can do these things. Therefore, his great mission is to administer justice. This has been pointed out in many prayers and ziyarahs.

The administration of justice is something that cannot be achieved by anyone other than the hand of divine power which is manifested by the Imam of the Age. And the kind of justice that Hazrat is expected to administer is not particular to one specific area, rather it covers all aspects of life:  Justice in power, wealth, health, human dignity, social status, spirituality, the possibility for growth and in all other dimensions of life. These are the things that are expected to be established by the Imam of the Age (may our souls be sacrificed for his sake) and by Allah’s favor, this will happen. All people- including elites and those who can understand events and the masses of the people some of whom might be preoccupied with their daily life and therefore are unaware of the developments in the world– have this need, either consciously or unconsciously.

All religions have promised a big “faraj” and a great divine movement at the end of history, which is of course not the end of history. When the era of the Imam of the Age begins, the real world and the real life of humanity begins to take shape. However, all religions have promised an end to the current condition of life that we have today. Therefore, this is a need, but in order to channel this need and render it fruitful, we have been asked in Islam to anticipate his re-appearance. This “anticipation” is beyond a mere sense of need. They have said that we should anticipate. Anticipation means hope. It means believing in a definite future. So, it is not just a mere belief. Anticipation is constructive. Therefore, in our narrations and teachings, the anticipation for this big faraj enjoys a high position. Later on, I will expand on this anticipation.

In a towqi’ [holy edict] of the Imam of the Age to Ibn Babawayh– Ali ibn Babawayh– he quotes the Holy Prophet (God’s greetings be upon him and his household) as saying “The best action that my Ummah can take is to anticipate the faraj.” There is a narration by Imam Musa ibn Ja’far which says, “After knowledge and understanding, the best course of action is anticipation for the faraj.” The Arabic word “ma’rifah” means monotheism and understanding divine truths. The Commander of the Faithful (greetings be upon him) says, “Anticipate the faraj and do not lose hope in the spirit of God.” It says that we should anticipate and we should not lose hope of divine spirit, mercy and assistance.

So in anticipating the faraj, there is dynamism and action. Well, this has been said about anticipating the re-appearance of the Imam of the Age. It is evident that anticipating the faraj means anticipating the re-appearance of the Imam of the Age. However, this is one manifestation of the anticipation. When the Holy Prophet says, “The best action that my Ummah can take is to anticipate the faraj” this reflects on all the problems that might occur to us in life. We should not become disappointed when confronting problems and we should anticipate a faraj, knowing for certain that it will materialize. The anticipation for the faraj is a faraj in itself. There is a narration by Hazrat Musa ibn Ja’far which says, “You should know that the anticipation for the faraj is a faraj in itself.” So, the anticipation for the faraj is a kind of opening for us as it liberates us from a state of despair and desperation which might force one into doing strange things. Well, this is what it means.

When the Holy Prophet and the Imams said this, it means that Mohammad’s (God’s greetings be upon him and his household) Ummah never becomes disappointed at any incident in life and that it always waits for the faraj. Well, anticipation does not mean sitting idle and fixating one’s eyes at the door, rather it means preparing oneself, taking action and feeling that there is an end that can be achieved and for that, one should work hard. We who anticipate the faraj and the re-appearance of the Imam of the Age (may our souls be sacrificed for his sake) should work to that end. We should work hard on the path of establishing a Mahdawi society. We should get close to the Mahdawi society as much as we can because the Mahdawi society is the society of justice, spirituality, understanding, brotherhood, camaraderie, science and dignity.

There is one point about the anticipation: anticipating the faraj is different from showing impatience and setting a timeline – for example by saying to ourselves that such and such an incident and difficulty should come to an end at such and such a time or that Hazrat should re-appear in such and such a day. This anticipation for the faraj does not mean showing impatience and being restless.

This anticipation means preparing oneself. Showing impatience and being in a rush are among the forbidden things. There is a narration which says, “God will not hurry up if His servants hurry up.” If you are in a rush, this does not mean that God will make hasty decisions because of you. No, there is a time and a reason for everything and things will be done based on divine providence. As I mentioned before, the anticipation for the faraj means both the re-appearance of the Hazrat and the opening after big difficulties: the opening after difficult incidents that involve everyone such as the incidents that occur today in the world which disappoint many and force others into suicide. However, when there is the anticipation for the big opening, this will not happen as one knows that such incidents will surely come to an end.

Well, there is another point here: the tranquility resulting from the anticipation and one’s self-confidence – as a result of which individuals feel calm and undisturbed – could be strengthened with prayers, with supplication and by speaking to God. “For without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction” [The Holy Quran, 13: 28]. Now, we are in the month of Sha’ban and after that, we have the month of Ramadan. There are numerous duas and various prayers and speaking to God without any interceder is very valuable. And speaking to the infallible Imams (greetings be upon them), who are the closest people in the whole world to Allah the Exalted, will give one tranquility and peace of mind. Remembrance of Allah the Exalted opens our path, gives us joy and attracts divine mercy.

Surely, the millions of hands that were raised last night will bear fruits. Last night, millions of people succeeded in familiarizing their hearts with God, in connecting with Him, in holding up one’s hands and in speaking to Him. Without any doubt, the results of this action will show themselves both in individuals themselves and in the whole society and many blessings will ensue. These were the points that I wished to discuss about the issue of the re-appearance, the faraj and the uprising of the Imam of the Age. Of course, many things can be said in this regard, but for today, this much is enough.

As for the current issue of the country – the coronavirus outbreak – well, this is an epidemic and a test. It is a test for the whole world: for both governments and nations. Governments are tested in this incident and so are nations. It is indeed a very strange test. Of course, enough has been said about the statistics, the very good measures that have been adopted and the recommendations of officials. The IRIB has also had a good performance, to be fair, in this regard. I do not want to speak about these matters, but I have certain other points to raise:

One point is that the Iranian nation has had a brilliant performance in this test. During the coronavirus test and during this pandemic, is modern pandemic, the Iranian nation shone brightly. First of all, the peak of this national glory belongs to the medical staff of the country. I have spoken many times and I would like to reiterate again the significance of their work and the value of their self-sacrifice, including that of physicians, nurses, laboratory experts, radiologists, medical assistants in health centers, public services divisions, the sections in charge of research, and management inside the Ministry of Health and outside it – the managers active in this area. The peak of this glory belongs to them. They placed their lives and their health at the service of the people. This is very significant and magnificent.

They endured the pain of being away from their family. Many of them did not see their family even during Nowruz holidays and they suffered from sleeplessness and psychological pressures resulting from treating patients in a critical state. They welcomed all these things and therefore, a good memory of the medical staff and system of the country will be engraved in the minds of the Iranian nation. This is a good and happy memory left behind at this point in time by the medical, nursing and treatment society of the country.

As well as them, we should mention volunteers: those who were not part of the medical staff, but who entered the arena voluntarily. Jihadi clergy and students, thousands of diligent basijis throughout the country and the masses of the people presented such valuable services that are beyond description. On the one hand, such services make one really happy and on the other hand, they make one feel grateful.

We should mention the Armed Forces as well. The Armed Forces truly utilized all their power of construction and creativity. They placed all their resources at the service of the task which even included scientific resources, scientific discoveries and the manufacture of medical instruments and medical equipment for hospitals and clinics as well as other goods and instruments which were at the disposal of the Armed Forces. They did their best to utilize their power of construction and creativeness in the area of science and pragmatism.

Later on, new capacities were discovered and it became clear that there are numerous capacities inside and outside the Armed Forces while we had been unaware of them beforehand. Youth appear on television and explain the things that they have built, but we did not know of them before. These are the new discovered capacities.

The people’s cooperation has also created beautiful, fascinating and astonishing scenes and they can be seen everywhere. I would like to cite instances of this popular cooperation. Of course, these are not all the cases, rather these are the ones that have been reported to me: in Sabzevar, for example, they have launched the plan “A sacrifice for every neighborhood”: the people in the neighborhood gather together, sacrifice an animal and give the meat to the needy in that neighborhood. This is a very essential, important and interesting plan for feeding the needy. In Yazd, the mother of a martyr has enlisted the help of several ladies in order to turn their houses into sewing workshops with the purpose of producing masks and giving them to the people for free. In Nahavand, a group of ladies who used to bake bread and send it to the frontlines during the Sacred Defense Era have become active again in order to control the disease and help fight it. In Khuzestan, the clergy have set up groups to disinfect the people’s houses. In Shiraz, local well-established personalities speak to the owners of different properties – such as the owners of houses and shops – so that they will not receive their rent or give a discount and delay the payments during the outbreak, thus helping local shopkeepers. In Tabriz, the head of the seminary has entered the arena on the ground to offer help. In another city, a hezbollahi candidate for the parliamentary elections, who was not elected, has decided not to close down his committee so that he can organize activists at the service of a jihadi movement and of fighting the coronavirus.

Of course, these examples are based on a few reports available to me, otherwise, there are hundreds or rather thousands of examples like this in different shapes throughout the country, some of which I have also cited in my previous speeches. It is important to pay attention that these are signs of the depth and the influence of Islamic culture in the hearts of our people. This is contrary to the claim of those who unfortunately tried to humiliate Iranian culture– Islamic-Iranian culture– in the past two decades in order to divert the attention of the people towards the western lifestyle. However, despite their wishes, this is not the case. Fortunately, this feeling of Islamic thinking and Islamic culture is a very strong and firm feeling in our people.

Western culture and civilization showed their mettle as well! Well, our national television showed some of the things that happened in western countries, in Europe and in the US, but some of them were not broadcast because this is the information that we receive and therefore, we are aware of it. The west displayed its cultural products as well. In some western countries– in Europe and the US– it so happened that governments confiscated masks and gloves belonging to another government while they were being transferred in order to use them for themselves. This happened in European and American governments. And the people there emptied the stores in a short time, in the space of one, two hours- as they were anxious to fill their fridges and they emptied the shops. They showed the whole world on television the empty shelves in the stores. Our television showed it as well. And there were some people who fought with one another over toilet paper. There were also long rows of people trying to buy guns. It was broadcast on television that the people were lining up to buy guns because they felt insecure and felt the need to buy guns in this sensitive period of time. We can also refer to their prioritization of patients: their preference not to treat the elderly. They said, “It is not necessary for us to bother treating the elderly, the disabled and the like who suffer from various conditions and ailments considering the restrictions that we have.” These are the things that have happened there.

Some people in those countries have committed suicide out of fear of the coronavirus and of death. This is the conduct that some western nations have shown. Of course, this is a logical and natural consequence of the philosophy ruling over the western civilization, which is an individualistic, materialistic and secular philosophy. Even if there is belief in God in that philosophy, it is not based on correct, towhidi and deep tenets. This is another issue.

I would like to add that a western official said a few days ago that the “Wild West” has been revived. This is what they say. When we say that there is a spirit of wildness in the west which is not incompatible with their perfumed and neat appearances, some people express their surprise and deny it. Now, they themselves are saying this! They say that such behavior is a symbol of the Wild West being revived.

Another dimension of this issue is the public behavior of our dear nation in acting on the recommendations. One can see that the people are really acting on what the National Anti-Corona Headquarters announces in a definite manner. Of course, they might announce something while they have doubts and the people might conclude that it is not necessary to do it, but when something is announced in a definite manner and they feel that they should do something, they cooperate with officials on the recommendations that they issue.

One example is this year’s “sizde-bedar” ceremony. Nobody would have believed that the people would cancel it, but they did. The people did not attend sizde-bedar. This shows that the people have accepted public discipline in confronting this disease in the true sense of the word. Of course, this should continue. This public discipline should continue to exist and the decisions announced by the National Anti-Corona Headquarters – as the Headquarters is the first-tier organization in charge of this task – should be taken seriously and acted upon.

Another dimension of the issue is that coronavirus is clearly a grave problem for today’s humanity. It is a big and dangerous outbreak that has occurred to humanity, but compared to other problems, it is a relatively small matter. We have been witness to many problems in the world and in our own country, which were not less important, rather more important than this recent malady, including the fact that Saddam’s planes dumped chemicals on our country 32 years ago– on exactly the same days that coronavirus has now entered our country. They killed thousands of people in our cities and in their own cities and they did so with mustard gas and the like. This happened and of course, all big powers in the world supported and helped Saddam on that day. Some of these so-called civilized and advanced countries gave him chemical substances and weapons and until today, none of them has answered for the crimes that they committed back then.

And that criminal Saddam, behaved towards our people and his own people in Halabja in the same manner, because he felt that the people of Halabja might be cooperating with the soldiers of the Islamic Republic, he killed them on the streets in a brutal manner. Well, these things have happened. During the two world wars, millions of people were killed as well. In the case of the coronavirus, it is said that one million-plus individuals have been infected and some have lost their lives. However, in the first and second world wars which occurred in Europe with an interval of about 20 years, several million people were killed. I do not remember exactly how many, but I know that tens of millions of people were killed during those wars.

During the Vietnam War too, which was waged by the US, many people were killed and the same is true of other wars. Just recently, many people were killed and martyred during the attack that the US and others launched in Iraq. These cases have been frequent. Therefore, when we think about the recent matter, we should not ignore the other important incidents that have always occurred in the world and we should know that at the very moment, millions of people are under the pressure of oppression at the hands of big powers and enemies in the world and they are deeply suffering. The people in Yemen, Palestine and many other parts of the world are under pressure. Therefore, the issue of coronavirus should not make us forgetful of the plots of enemies and of arrogance and we should know that the enmity of arrogance is based on the essence of the Islamic Republic.

If someone thinks that we should not show enmity so that they will not show us enmity either, this is not true. The essence of the Islamic Republic is the principle of Islamic democracy and this is not acceptable, understandable and tolerable to them! This is another point.

I will tell you that officials in the National Anti-Corona Headquarters are working seriously. We receive the reports in this regard and we are aware of their activities. They have also come up with certain plans for underprivileged classes, but I wish to stress and recommend that executive officials should implement the plans for helping these classes as soon as possible and in the best way they can, God willing.

However, the people are also responsible. There are some people who really find it very hard to make ends meet and they cannot manage their daily affairs. The people whose hands are open and who are financially well-off should begin extensive activities in this regard.

We read in the holy dua “Shajarat-un Nubuwwa”: “Feed me so that I can help- by means of what you bestowed on me with Your Grace- those who are deprived of your bounties and blessings to a large part, as you provided me with Your shelter.” This is one of the necessary tasks that should be carried out, in particular because the month of Ramadan is imminent. The month of Ramadan is the month of giving alms, making sacrifice and helping the needy. It will be such an excellent move to launch a big movement in the country for charitable purposes and offering pious help to the needy and the poor. If this happens, there will be a good memory of this year in the minds of the people.

In order to prove our love for the Imam of the Age, we should create scenes and reflections of the Mahdawi society. As I mentioned before, the Mahdawi society is the society of justice, dignity, knowledge and assistance. We should realize these things within the scope of our capability in our life. This will help us get closer to that ideal society.

The last point that I would like to raise is that in the absence of public meetings in the month of Ramadan – as this year, we are deprived of these very valuable public meetings which are places for making dua, speaking to one another and supplicating to God – we should not forget about acts of worship, praying and showing humility towards God. We can do the same things and show the same humility in our own homes, when we are alone or when we are among our family members and our children. Of course, there will be some television programs as well which can be benefitted from. And we are obliged to do so.

I also have one word of advice for officials and for young activists in the arena of science and technology. Two things should not be forgotten: one is the issue of “surge in production” which is vital for the country. We should pursue the issue of production in the country at any cost and we should help production witness a surge in the true sense of the word. And another is the issue of manufacturing the many things that we need and doing laboratory wok. By Allah’s favor, the youth in laboratory sections will pursue this matter.

I ask Allah the Exalted to bestow salvation on the Iranian nation. May God gladden the immaculate soul of our magnanimous Imam, that He associates the pure souls of our dear martyrs with the Holy Prophet, that He will realize the big dreams of the Iranian nation and that He hastens the re-appearance of the Imam of the Age- may our souls be sacrificed for his sake- God willing.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings

من وحي كلمة السيد نصرالله

ناصر قنديل

بالرغم من تأكيده على تخصيص كلمته للمناسبة الدينية التي يمثلها منتصف شعبان، أطلق الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله في كلمته جملة من العناوين، التي ترتبط بالأسئلة العميقة الثقافية والفكرية والوجودية التي طرحتها هذه الهيمنة المطلقة لجائحة كورونا على البشرية أفراداً وجماعات وعقائد وأنظمة وأنماط حكم، بصورة لم تطرح فيها من قبل. فالبشرية التي عرفت أحداثاً غيّرت مسارها في العلم عبر الاختراعات والمبتكرات والاكتشافات والثورات العلميّة، وفي الحروب العالمية والإقليمية، وفي الأمراض والأوبئة، وظهور الفلسفات والعقائد، والتي كانت لها آثار كمية ونوعية هائلة في مجال فعلها ومدى تأثيرها، في زمانها وما بعده، لم يحدث أن برزت ظاهرة تشغل البشرية كلها في وقت واحد على مساحة الكرة الأرضية كلها، وتصير شغلها الشاغل، بأجيالها، وأعراقها، كباراً وصغاراً، رجالاً ونساء، أغنياء وفقراء، متعلمين وغير متعلمين، حكاماً ومحكومين، وهم جميعاً مصابون بالتسليم بالعجز والضعف والذهول والحيرة، ومفروض عليهم السكون والشلل والانكفاء والتجمد، لشهور ليس لها رغم كل الجهود العلمية والحكومية، نهاية واضحة بعد.

مسار البشرية كان دائماً محكوماً بالسعي للتخلص من الشعور بالضعف، وتوظيف العلم والمال والسلطة كثلاثي لإبعاد هذا الشعور الذي كان يتحدّى البشر منذ بدء التاريخ، وتوهّم التخلص من هذا الشعور بالضعف أوقع البشرية في الطغيان. فالتهافت على المال كان أساس الجشع ليس باعتباره وسيلة للتمتع بخيرات الحياة وحسب، بل أيضاً كوسيلة لصد ضغوطها ودرء أخطارها، وها هو اليوم لا يفيد مالكيه لا بتحقيق التمتع ولا بضمان الشعور بالقوة، والتنافس والنزاع على السلطة كان دائماً رغم دوافعه ونوازعه العديدة مسقوفاً بالسعي للشعور بالقدرة على التحكم بمصادر الخطر، ومصادر القوة، ومصادر الثروة، لتحقيق أعلى درجة من السيطرة على المصائر، مصير مَن يمسك السلطة ومصير الآخرين، وها هي السلطة اليوم لمن يمسك بمقاليدها لا تنفع في التحكم بشيء، لا في الاقتصاد الذي كابر البعض لرفض وقف دورته، ولا في الأمان الشخصي والعام، والفيروس يجتاح كل يوم آلافاً جديدة ويقتل مئات جديدة، ولا يعرف الحاكم نفسه متى يكون هو من ضحاياه، رغم إمساكه بأزرار الحرب النووية التي ظنّ طويلاً أنها أعلى درجات الخطر، وقد وضعها تحت السيطرة، والسعي للعلم بصفته كاشف أسرار الكون والطبيعة والوسيلة المثلى لمواجهة النوائب واتقائها، وقد جمع منه البشر أفراداً وحكومات وجماعات، ما توهموا انه كافٍ ليمنحهم الشعور بالسيادة على مصائرهم ومصائر غيرهم، يقف هو الآخر عاجزاً، والفيروس يحصد علماء الفيروسات والأطباء، وأول العجز هو العجز عن فهم الذي يجري وتفسيره.

عودة البشرية إلى شعور الإنسان الأول بالضعف والعجز، تأتي بعدما دار الزمان دورته ومنح البشر الوهم بأنهم مسيطرون على كل شيء، ومن ميزات كورونا اليوم أنه يفرض على البشر الشلل، خلافاً لكل ما مر عليهم من أحداث كبار، كانوا يواصلون حياتهم في ظلالها، أو كان بعضهم على الأقل يفعل ذلك. وهذا الشلل التام، يجعل التأمل المشفوع بالعجز والخوف والضعف، فرصة للتفكير والتقييم، وإستخلاص النتائج، واولها وأهمها، الذي أراد السيد تسجيله هو أن ربط البشرية للإيمان بالخالق بمعيار الضعف وتخيل الاستغناء عن هذا الشعور سبب للتخلي عن الله، يوضع كخلاصة خاطئة مجدداً على الطاولة للنقاش. وفيما يسترد الإيمان اعتباره، كتسليم عميق بالعجز، يستردّ التدّين اعتباره أيضاً كضابط إيقاع أخلاقي بين البشر واستثمار مواردهم ومصادر قوتهم. فهو ليس التدين الذي يقسم البشر وينشر الكراهية بينهم، ويحرّض على الحروب والقتل، بل التدين الذي يردع عن كل أذى وينهي عن كل استثمار للعلم بما يؤذي الطبيعة والبيئة والإنسان، والتدين الذي يشجع على توظيف عقل البشر وعلومهم لتحقيق المزيد من رفاههم وخيرهم وصحتهم، بضوابط الأخلاق والقيم، ويدعو لكل ما يسهم بضبط اقتصاداتهم بمعايير الخير العام ومحاربة الفقر وإحقاق العدل، ورفع الظلم والاحتكار والاستغلال عن رقابهم وموارد رزقهم، تحت سؤال كبير يرتبط بزمن كورونا، عن ماذا نفع المال والعلم والسلطة أصحابهم، ليضمنوا أنهم من الناجين، خارج مشروع بشري للنجاة معاً، تاهوا عنه وأضاعوه بوهم أنهم قد استغنوا، وأنهم يسيطرون على مصادر الخطر ومكامن القوة.

عندما يربط السيد أطروحته بعقيدة الظهور والمهدويّة، فهو لا يغفل أبداً عن وضع المعيار أمام الناس بالعمل في مواجهة التحدي الواقعي. وهو هنا لا يطرح تحدياً غيبياً أو دينياً، بل يعتبر القرب من ملاقاة الغيبي والديني هو بدرجة القرب من مداواة جروح الناس، والسعي لخيرهم، وتأمين أسباب الحياة الكريمة لهم، وتوفير شروط الصمود لعائلاتهم بانتظار نجاح البشرية في التقاط أنفاسها وإيجاد علاج أو وقاية يتيحان الخروج من النفق المظلم.

كلمة السيد نصرالله في مناسبة دينية، لكنها محاولة لملاقاة الأسئلة الكبرى التي تجتاح البشرية، من موقع المتغير الكبير الذي رافق هذه الجائحة العالمية، ومحاولة للتأسيس لمفاهيم، ركيزتها ثقافة الإنسانية القائمة على الخير والتواضع والعمل، وهي ببعدها اللبناني الذي قد لا يكون اليوم ظاهراً بقوة، لكنه لن يتأخر عن الظهور كثيراً، فمعايير ومقاييس اختيار رجال ونساء الشأن العام في بلدنا، لم يعد ممكناً أن تبقى بمعايير الماضي، حيث السلطة لصاحب المال، والمال لصاحب السلطة، وهي دعوة للتفكير على نطاقنا الضيق، من ضمن التفكير البشري على النطاق الأوسع بنظام عالمي جديد، أي نظام لبناني جديد سيولد من رحم هذه المواجهة مع تحدي جائحة كورونا. فاليوم سيتقرر مصير مستقبل دور أصحاب المال، ومثلهم مصير الزعامات العريقة والعتيقة، واليوم سيتقرّر مستقبل دور المثقفين وجمعيات العمل الأهلي، ومستقبل الحكم على تجارب الأحزاب، ومعايير قيام الحكومات والحكم عليها، والشعب الذي يعيش هذه المحنة الصعبة لا بد أن يخرج منها وقد تعلّم الكثير الكثير.

Sayyed Nasrallah Salutes Healthcare Team, Calls for Joining “Union of Hearts”

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah

Sara Taha Moughnieh

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah called upon Muslims around the world to participate in the “Union of Hearts” campaign which will take place Wednesday 8:30 pm, the eve of 15th Shaaban, and the supplications that will be recited are the seventh supplication in As-Sahifa Al-Sajjadiyya “O He through whom…” and the Supplication of Preservation “Allahuma kun li-waliyyik…”.

In a speech he delivered Tuesday night in which he tackled the latest developments on the health and cultural levels, Sayyed Nasrallah also talked about the coming Islamic occasion, the birth of Imam Mahdi on the 15th of Shaaban.

His eminence initiated his speech by sending a message of gratitude to the healthcare team for all their efforts in fighting the Coronovirus. He addressed them with the same words he addressed the mujahedeen with in July 2006 war, considering that they are fighting a life threatening enemy just as the mujahedeen did in the war against the Israeli enemy back then.

Sayyed Nasrallah further assured that the battle against this virus is humanitarian in the first place and it is not related to any religion, political side, or race.

His statement came in response to a letter he received from the Muslim Doctors Committee which included “…We are where you want us to be… We vow to defend our people with our souls – which is under your leadership – and become idols in sacrifice, firmness, courage and scientific qualification…”.

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah remembered the great martyred Imam Sayyed Mohammad Baqer Al-Sadr and his sister Bint-Alhuda as today marks the day of their martyrdom.

His eminence brought back quotes in which Imam Al-Sadr expressed full faith in Imam Khomeini’s leadership, as well as his spiritual and influential role in establishing the resistance movements.

Moving on to the main topic of his speech, the 15th of Shaaban, Sayyed Nasrallah stated a hadeeth by Imam Mohammad Al-Baqer (as) in which he said that the eve of the 15th of Shaaban was the best eve after Al-Qadr stressing that “we need to focus our prayers on this eve for all our supplications regarding both this life and the afterlife.”

Sayyed Nasrallah referred to the presence of the savior in all the religious books but under different names {And We have already written in the book [of Psalms] after the [previous] mention that the land is inherited by My righteous servants} Al-Anbiya:105.

“They are the virtuous, faithful ones who never oppress… they are the people of knowledge, awareness and responsibility…” he said.

“The term “will inherit the land” is present in the “Book of Psalm” 37:9, 37:11, 37:22, and 37:29,” his eminence added.

Sayyed Nasrallah further explained that while all the religions agree on the awaited arrival of a savior, they disagree on his identity.

The Jews believe he is Jesus, but not Jesus, son of Lady Mary (as), who had come in the past and they hurt… The Christians believe in the return of Jesus, son of Mary (as)… and Muslims believe in the return of two men, first is from the children of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), and he is Imam Mahdi (as) and second is Jesus Christ (as) son of Mary (as).

Sayyed Nasrallah assured that people must have awareness today, specifically due to presence of social media which helps in spreading false information much faster, and must not believe everything published concerning quotes and references about the current situation that are far from reality.

“It is true that we are in the end of time, but the end of time could be tens or hundreds or thousands of years. It is said that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the prophet of the end of time,” his eminence asserted.
Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that none of the signs of the arrival of Imam Mahdi (as) set a specific timing for his appearance except for one which is the “Heavenly Cry” (Assayha). It is a call by Gabriel (as) from the sky in which he announces the arrival of Imam Mahdi (as), and every human being – without any exception – will hear this call with the language that he understands. This is the only clear sign that puts a timing for Imam Mahdi’s arrival, which is shortly after it.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that “the more the crises increase the more people of all religions believe that the arrival of a savior is approaching,” adding that “there is no doubt that what is happening today is strange and it had never happened before that 4 billion people all around the world are in quarantine in their homes…”

Yet, he stressed that it is religiously prohibited to put or expect a specific timing for the appearance of the savior because this will only have negative consequences on the faith level of those who expected it to be close in case the arrival did not occur.

In conclusion, his eminence assured that humanity will arrive on its own to what God has drawn.
“Humanity will arrive on its own and not with the power of weapons. As an outcome of all the wars, viruses, hunger, oppression… humanity will get tired, and with the fall of the ideologies, intellectual systems and cultures, humanity will give up on any solution offered by people, so they will return to God. Then, God will allow those (saviors) to appear.”

Source: Al-Manar

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