India’s Kashmir propaganda: A leaf out of Israel’s book

Agha Hussain

Merely comparing the human-rights situation hasn’t ever sufficed, so let’s get down to the serious comparisons.

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leading India is clearly fond of Israel, but India regardless of its ruling party has been close to Israel in strategic terms for a long time. From Israeli support to India in wars against Pakistan to India’s status as Israel’s largest weapons market, Indo-Israeli ties are very intimate. The military-intelligence aspect of them even predates the official opening of diplomatic ties between the two in 1992, with Israeli military-intel support to India during its wars with China and Pakistan in the 60s and 70s.

Israel hosts Indian commandos for joint exercises in the Negev desert and values India as its largest weapons export market. Leftist journalist and filmmaker Andre Vltchek, describing India’s inhumane occupation of Kashmir in a 2015 CounterPunch article, speaks of Israel’s role…

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India & Israel – Kashmir And Palestine – A Study In Brutality — Rebel Voice

As tensions increase in both Palestine and Kashmir, the following article takes a look at comparable aspects of both conflicts and the right-wing regimes responsible for them. Palestine has become synonymous with oppression and Apartheid. The actions of the Israeli gerrymander over many decades have been well documented. Those crimes against humanity continue to this […]

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