Watch Netanyahu Crash and Burn! انظروا الى نتنياهو… إنه «يحترق»!

By Ali Haydar – Al-Akhbar Newspaper

Translated by Staff

Watch Netanyahu Crash and Burn!

Benjamin Netanyahu had never lost a media battle that was focused on international, ‘Israeli’, and domestic incitement against the resistance in Lebanon, in such a short period of time. He never saw it coming.

The problem isn’t that the enemy’s prime minister fell victim to his traditional showmanship. Rather, it was a professional mistake of strategic dimensions committed by one or both sides: Either Netanyahu himself needed an information, even a false one, to fuel incitement against Hezbollah in his speech at the United Nations, or the intelligence service was the one that committed a serious professional mistake when it presented the prime minister with what was supposed to be a “final piece of information” regarding a facility Netanyahu proudly claimed had been seized.

One of the reasons for the mistake by the intelligence apparatus may stem from the political leadership’s insistence on the need for information with specific characteristics that serve a clear goal in the context of the incitement policy.

In a matter of hours, ‘Israel’ received a media blow no less significant than the one that accompanied the bombing of the Sa’ar battleship at sea during the July 2006 war, when the Hezbollah Secretary General uttered his famous phrase “watch it burn.”

The information was handed to everyone, especially the media outlets that are allied with ‘Israel’, in both Lebanon and abroad, which didn’t have enough time to play with what Netanyahu said.

Hezbollah dealt a loud political, propaganda, and intelligence blow to the enemy’s entity, with its political and intelligence apparatuses. In more direct terms, the live broadcast featuring the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, dealt the ‘Israeli’ premier a resounding slap, which will echo and perhaps have repercussions within the ‘Israeli’ intelligence establishment and contribute to undermining the credibility of the head of the pyramid in Tel Aviv.

It will also lead to a blame game over the failure at a sensitive time internally, as well as in the context of the conflict with Hezbollah. Of course, the repercussions of the slap inside the intelligence establishment may not go out publically, but it will represent an experience to draw lessons from and try to answer specific questions: Where did the intelligence make mistakes, where did Netanyahu make a mistake, and how can you weave the false information in subsequent positions?

The successful step taken by Hezbollah in undermining Netanyahu’s plan to exploit the UN platform represents a blow to the propaganda strategy that ‘Israel’ is pursuing in confronting Hezbollah. This blow has both intelligence and political dimensions. What exacerbates these dimensions is the fact that the tools for their implementation were neither soldiers in the army, nor a minister, nor an administrative official, nor a distinguished expert. Rather, it was the whole ‘state’, its top hierarchy, and from the highest international forum regarding a very sensitive issue.

Before the Beirut Port explosion on August 4, ‘Israel’ was pursuing a policy of inciting the resistance’s ecosystem and the entire Lebanese population against it and its weapons.

‘Israel’ saw in the incident as an ideal opportunity that could serve as solid ground and a driving force to take the incitement plan against the resistance to new horizons. Hence, it adopted a propaganda policy based on exploiting the fears of the Lebanese people of a recurring disaster. Netanyahu did not hide his goal. Rather, he directly addressed, during his speech before the United Nations, the residents of the Jnah area in Beirut’s southern suburbs, and the rest of the Lebanese, telling them to rise up against Hezbollah because “if this storage explodes, another tragedy will happen. And to the Lebanese citizens … you should ask them to dismantle these warehouses.”

On the other hand, Hezbollah took a two-way step aimed at exposing Netanyahu’s lies and blocking the way for him and his intelligence to benefit from them later. Sayyed Nasrallah announced that journalists are invited immediately to visit the place that Netanyahu mentioned, in order to eradicate the possibility of any subsequent allegations about the facility being evacuated.

In parallel, he was keen to block the road for the ‘Israeli’ intelligence [specifically] by affirming that this step “does not bind us to the principle that whenever Netanyahu talks about a place, we should call the media to check it out.”

The importance of this move is essential, as it’s aimed at preventing ‘Israel’ from transforming every allegation that a place contains missile stores into an opportunity to expose the resistance and Lebanon at the security level.

At the level of messages:

Hezbollah scored a qualitative achievement in the battle of awareness and public opinion. It is one of the most important arenas and axes of the ongoing conflict in Lebanon where internal and external parties try to distort the image of the resistance and its weapons.

It also undermined Netanyahu’s credibility in the battle for consciousness, as he was betting that this station would represent a qualitative asset on which to build his subsequent steps. He considers this one of the most important aspects in this type of battle. Instead of undermining the credibility of the resistance and inciting the Lebanese people against it, Netanyahu’s image and credibility were undermined. It can be said that any subsequent allegations of this kind will from now be questioned and neglected by large sectors of the public opinion in Lebanon and in the entity as well.

Hezbollah dealt a severe blow to the ‘Israeli’ intelligence, which was supposed to have provided Netanyahu with false and misleading information. It seems that the latter with its security and political staff were depending on the assumption that Hezbollah would either not invite the media to this place, in keeping with its policy of securely fortifying the resistance, or it will do so at a later time. Then Netanyahu and his apparatus, as it happened previously, could claim that Hezbollah emptied the site of the missiles.

Hezbollah provided tangible evidence to the public opinion that ‘Israel’s’ goal is nothing but incitement against the resistance, which was what Netanyahu called for during his speech [calling on the residents of Jnah to rise up], based on lies and misinformation. This station will remain engraved in the memory of the public as a witness and an indication of what will come next in terms of allegations.

انظروا الى نتنياهو… إنه «يحترق»!

علي حيدر الأربعاء 30 أيلول 2020

لم يسبق أن خسر بنيامين نتنياهو، في ساعات قليلة، معركة إعلامية تشكّل محور سياسة التحريض الدولي والاسرائيلي والمحلي على المقاومة في لبنان. ولم يخطر في باله للحظة أن يحصل ما حصل. المشكلة ليست في كون رئيس وزراء العدو وقع ضحية ألاعيبه الاستعراضية التقليدية، بل تكمن في خطأ مهني ذي أبعاد استراتيجية ارتكبه أحد طرفين أو كلاهما: إما نتنياهو نفسه الذي كان يحتاج الى معلومة ولو كاذبة للتحريض على حزب الله في كلمته في الامم المتحدة، أو جهاز الاستخبارات الذي ارتكب خطأ مهنياً خطيراً، عندما قدم إلى رئيس حكومة بلاده ما كان يفترض أنه «معلومة محسومة»، حيال منشأة قال نتنياهو، باعتزاز، إنه تم ضبطها. وقد يكون من أسباب وقوع الجهاز في هذا الخطأ إلحاح القيادة السياسية على ضرورة توفير معلومة ذات مواصفات محددة، تخدم هدفاً مرسوماً في سياق سياسة التحريض.

في ساعات قليلة، تلقّت إسرائيل ضربة إعلامية لا تقل حجماً عن الضربة التي رافقت قصف البارجة «ساعر» في عرض البحر خلال حرب تموز 2006، عندما نطق الأمين العام لحزب الله جملته الشهيرة «انظروا اليها تحترق».

(أ ف ب )
أُسقط في أيدي الجميع، خصوصاً وسائل الاعلام الحليفة لإسرائيل في لبنان وخارجه، والتي لم تجد فسحة زمنية للعب على ما قاله نتنياهو. وجّه حزب الله ضربة سياسية دعائية استخبارية مدوّية لكيان العدو، بجهازيه السياسي والاستخباري. وبتعبير أكثر مباشرة، وجّه الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصر الله، في بث مباشر على الهواء، صفعة مدوية لرئيس وزراء العدو ستترك صداها، وربما تداعياتها، داخل المؤسسة الاستخبارية الاسرائيلية، وستُسهم في تقويض مصداقية رأس الهرم في تل أبيب، وستؤدي الى تقاذف المسؤوليات عن الفشل في توقيت حساس داخلياً، وكذلك في سياق الصراع مع حزب الله. بالطبع، قد لا تخرج تداعيات الصفعة داخل المؤسسة الاستخبارية الى العلن، إلا أنها ستمثّل محطة لاستخلاص العبر ومحاولة الاجابة عن أسئلة محددة: أين أخطأت الاستخبارات وأين أخطأ نتنياهو، وكيف يمكن حبك المعلومة الكاذبة في المحطات اللاحقة؟

الخطوة الناجحة التي أقدم عليها حزب الله في تقويض خطة نتنياهو لاستغلال منبر الامم المتحدة، مثّلت ضربة ذات أبعاد استخبارية وسياسية، وللاستراتيجية الدعائية التي تنتهجها إسرائيل في مواجهة الحزب. وما يُفاقم من هذه الأبعاد أن أدوات تنفيذها لم تكن جنوداً في الجيش ولا وزيراً ولا مسؤولاً إدارياً، ولا خبيراً مرموقاً، بل الدولة بكيانها، من خلال رأس هرمها، ومن على أعلى منبر دولي، وفي قضية شديدة الحساسية.

ما قبل انفجار المرفأ في 4 آب، كانت إسرائيل تنتهج سياسة تحريض البيئة الحاضنة للمقاومة ومجمل الشعب اللبناني عليها وعلى سلاحها. ورأت اسرائيل في الحادثة فرصة مثالية يمكن أن تمثّل أرضية صلبة وقوة دفع للمخطط التحريضي ضد المقاومة نحو آفاق جديدة. فاعتمدت سياسة دعائية تستند الى استغلال مخاوف اللبنانيين من تكرار الكارثة، ولم يُخفِ نتنياهو هدفه من هذا التحريض، بل توجه بشكل مباشر، خلال كلمته أمام الامم المتحدة، الى سكان منطقة الجناح في الضاحية الجنوبية والى سائر اللبنانيين للانتفاض ضد حزب الله، لأنه «إذا انفجر هذا المخزن فستقع مأساة أخرى. وللمواطنين اللبنانيين… عليكم مطالبتهم بتفكيك هذه المخازن».

في المقابل، أقدم حزب الله على خطوة مركبة وفي اتجاهين، تهدف الى كشف كذب نتنياهو وقطع الطريق عليه وعلى استخباراته للاستفادة منها لاحقاً. فأعلن السيد نصر الله أن الاعلاميين مدعوون فوراً لزيارة المكان الذي حدده نتنياهو لقطع الطريق على أي مزاعم لاحقة بتفريغ المنشأة، وفي الموازاة حرص على قطع الطريق على الاستخبارات الاسرائيلية (تحديداً) بتأكيد أن هذه الخطوة «لا تلزمنا بمبدأ أنه كلما تحدث نتنياهو عن مكان ينبغي علينا دعوة الاعلاميين اليه». أهمية هذا القيد في هذه المحطة جوهري جداً، لكونه يهدف الى منع إسرائيل من تحويل كل ادّعاء عن مكان بأنه يحتوي على مخازن صواريخ الى فرصة لكشف المقاومة ولبنان أمنياً.

بكلمات قليلة، وخلال ساعات، خسر نتنياهو معركة إعلامية كبرى في سياق سياسة التحريض على المقاومة

على مستوى الرسائل:
حقق حزب الله إنجازاً نوعياً في معركة الوعي والرأي العام. وهي إحدى أهم ساحات ومحاور الصراع القائم في لبنان. حيث تحاول جهات داخلية وخارجية تشويه صورة المقاومة وسلاحها، وهو قوَّض مصداقية نتنياهو في سياق المعركة على الوعي، إذ كان يراهن على أن تمثّل هذه المحطة رصيداً نوعياً يبني عليه خطواته اللاحقة. وهي من أهم ما يستند اليه هذا النوع من المعارك. فبدلاً من المس بمصداقية المقاومة وتحريض الشعب اللبناني عليها، تقوّضت صورة نتنياهو ومصداقيته. ويمكن القول إن أي مزاعم لاحقة من هذا النوع، ستكون منذ الآن موضع تشكيك وإهمال لدى قطاعات واسعة من الرأي العام في لبنان وكيان العدو ايضاً.

وجّه حزب الله ضربة قاسية الى استخبارات اسرائيل التي يفترض أنها زوّدت نتنياهو بمعلومات خاطئة ومضللة. ويبدو أن الأخير وطاقمه الأمني والسياسي، كانوا يستندون الى فرضية أن حزب الله إما أنه لن يدعو الاعلاميين الى هذا المكان، كما هي سياسته في تحصين المقاومة أمنياً، أو أنه سيفعل ذلك في وقت لاحق. وعندها يمكن لنتنياهو وأجهزته، كما حصل سابقاً، زعم أن حزب الله أفرغ المكان من الصواريخ.

قدّم حزب الله دليلاً ملموساً للرأي العام على أن هدف إسرائيل ليس إلا التحريض على المقاومة، وهو ما نطق به نتنياهو خلال الكلمة (دعوة سكان الجناح إلى الانتفاض)، مستندة الى كمّ هائل من الأكاذيب وعمليات التضليل. وهو ما يفرض أن تبقى هذه المحطة محفورة في ذاكرة الرأي العام كشاهد ومؤشر على ما سيأتي لاحقاً من مزاعم وادعاءات.

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقه

‘Israeli’ Internal Front Reserve Officers are Paper Tigers: Cracks, Disability and Breakdown

‘Israeli’ Internal Front Reserve Officers are Paper Tigers: Cracks, Disability and Breakdown

By Staff

‘Israeli’ Channel Seven’s website uncovered a tragic situation that exposes the weakness of the Zionist soldiers and reserve officers inside the Zionist enemy’s internal front, and the fragility that makes them totally disabled to shoulder their responsibilities and get engaged in any future war with Hezbollah, especially after Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech. This exposed the extent of confusion and breakdown within the occupation’s lines.

The website added that “amid [Sayyed] Nasrallah’s threats coming from the north, and the issue of readiness within the internal ‘Israeli’ front, reserve officers with different ranks in the internal front reflected a gloomy situation in their units, especially regarding the humanitarian force, maintenance and training.”

The reports obtained by the website revealed one image: gaps within the humanitarian force, maintenance and trainings in the internal front which is expected to receive on a daily basis in any future war thousands of very large missiles, with the officers not having any related side to shoulder responsibility.

“Future confrontation with Hezbollah will dismantle us more than Second Lebanon War”

A rescue and relief brigade commander defined by the channel as “veteran” within the internal front said “the problem within the leadership is not about coordination with the different authorities but exists in the internal ‘home’ of the brigades. He further added that ‘I’ve lately been afraid that as much as the ‘Second Lebanon War’ had shed light on the low professionalism of the involved brigades, it is also likely that any future confrontation would dismantle the internal front.”

Weak trainings

Additionally, a reserve battalion commander who also operates within the formation of rescue and relief in the internal front noted that his same group is at a low level due to the decline in qualifications and trainings. He went on to say that “not only the infantry and armored weapons, the internal front’s reserve battalions didn’t undergo real regular trainings since long ago, only a low-level training once every year and a half or every two years in best situations.”

70 soldiers from one battalion escaped for a thousand reason

According to the website, another commander talked about the low motivation among his officers, saying: “I have a gap within five officers, two of them are majors. There are no people. I tested 70 members, I only found 12 who are suitable. After choosing four of them, they all escaped for a thousand and more reasons. Only one officer remained. But when the time came for training she sent a letter from her family’s physician, saying she was sick.”

Weak cells in the emergency formations, humanitarian force’s qualification

Also higher level officers, who have wider and more inclusive vision, and are directly responsible for thousands of soldiers, talked about weak cells similar to those in the emergency and maintenance formations as well as in the humanitarian force’s qualifications.

“There are people in the Chiefs of Staff who must wake up before it is too late”

Another testimony by a colonel in the reserve groups said, according to the website, “We are in a state of cracks and breakdown, after two years there won’t be those who could make a reform. We are losing the ability to boost the qualifications of means in the emergency stocks’ units, professional capabilities are disappearing, and there are those who must wake up before it is too late.”

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Nasrallah: Trump is on the verge of a stroke over Iran, Yemen is now a threat for Israel


December 28, 2019

Nasrallah: Trump is on the verge of a stroke over Iran, Yemen is now a threat for Israel

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, on November 11, 2019, on the occasion of Hezbollah’s Martyr Day, commemorating the operation against the headquarters of the Israeli forces in Tyre on November 11, 1982, which killed 75 occupying officers and soldiers.

With the translation of an extract from the last speech of Sayed Badr al-Dine al-Houthi, leader of the Ansar Allah, and a report by Al-Mayadeen on Yemen facing Israel.


Translated by


[…] After having talked of martyrdom and resistance, allow me to come to the second part of my speech, where I’ll just mention two points concerning the situation in the region in order to have time then to talk about the situation in Lebanon. I will only mention two points that are of paramount importance. It’s been quite a while that I have not addressed the situation in the region, and there would be a lot of important things to say, but not having much time today, I will only address these two points.

The first point concerns Yemen, namely the historical position which was announced from Yemen by the courageous and dignified leader Sayed Abd-al-Malik Badreddine al-Houthi during these last days, yesterday or the day before yesterday, on the occasion of the celebrations in Yemen commemorating the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him and his family, about the fight against the Israeli enemy. These statements have attracted the attention of the enemy’s leaders, and we also must mention them, as children of the Lebanese Resistance and peoples of Palestine and the region directly affected by the struggle against the Israeli enemy.

Two days ago, this noble jihadist leader announced in all clarity, in response to Israeli threats of strikes and aggression against Yemen, addressing a huge audience (millions of people), about which I will also say a word. He said that if Israel attacks Yemen, Yemen will retaliate by forceful strikes. Strikes of the utmost violence. Yemen will not abstain from retaliating, and will do so without hesitation. From where was this said? From Yemen. From San’aa. From Sa’ada. From the provinces of Yemen.

As well, he said that Yemen’s struggle against the Israeli enemy was based on their faith, religion, humanitarian values and ethical, moral and religious obligations. I say this because (our enemies) are always trying to present the struggle as a political struggle, a (mere) rivalry between states, etc.

What is the significance of these statements? More often than not do we hear speakers, Imams, Secretaries General of parties or groups of leaders from a particular location in the Arab-Muslim world, threatening the Zionists in their speeches. But with Yemen, it is much more than empty words because these threats come from the military leader of a front where the fighting has been raging for 5 years, who has been fighting (successfully) for 5 years against forces supported by the US, Britain and the West in general (France, etc.), against entire armies with their air force, enormous amounts of mercenaries, and very broad fronts.

This threat was issued by an officer commanding a front that now has weapons very modern and sophisticated, whether missiles, drones, etc., and who has the courage to use these missiles and these drones, and did use them on the ground, and challenged the whole world (by its devastating effects on the Saudi oil production). And while Yemen is abandoned, oppressed, and in self-defense.

This threat was issued by the leader of a front whose fighters are fighting on a great many fronts and achieve stunning victories in military terms, almost miraculous. The latest operation was the ‘Divine victory’ (which destroyed three entire brigades, with hundreds killed and thousands of prisoners from Saudi forces).

Therefore, we are talking about a leader who has high credibility, and has proven his ability to follow through on his threats. Because he always did what he said and what he promised.

The Israelis have been much attention to that. In the (history of the) Arab and Muslim world, there has been a lot of pompous but vain speeches, that have led to nothing, either in fact or even among Israeli leaders or media. But we have seen the profound effect this speech from Yemen two days ago had in the enemy entity. Why? Because it is issued by an extremely serious and credible force, which proved itself, earned its spurs (and stunned the world).

This is not something new from the Houthis, but it’s a very clear announcement, very frank and very strong, which greatly concerns Israel. This clearly announces the addition of a very important and very powerful element in the Axis of Resistance: Yemen. The Yemen of faith, wisdom, endurance, steadfastness, jihad and victories. This was announced in a clear and explicit way. And Yemen is quite capable of hitting Israel hard. The peoples of our region and the Resistance movements should be proud of this announcement, and welcome happily this new important and strategic element of strength. Because Yemen, the Yemeni position, the strategic importance of the Red Sea and Yemen’s ability to reach the enemy entity, as well as the secret al-Houthi kept regarding his intentions, and the targets and locations that would be hit with extreme strikes… All this is of great importance.

Also, the enemy must know that this is the new strategic environment he faces today, the every one he always feared and strived to prevent with the United States and the whole world (i.e. a military alliance of Arab-Muslim countries against Israel), so that our peoples would forget Palestine and hostility toward Israel, abandon this cause, be silent (against the oppression of the Palestinians) and reconsider (their relations with Israel). This is a new force that joins the ranks of the Resistance, a new country, in a new geographical area, with great credibility and great enthusiasm (for the Liberation of Palestine), battle-hardened, incredibly effective and with incommensurable courage, and this force now fully integrates the front of the struggle against Israel. It is a development of great importance. Some may not realize the importance of this event, but the Israeli enemy and the children of the Resistance are perfectly aware of it.

The other aspect of this point is the popular masses present at the event. It was not a simple press conference. I also want to stress in two minutes the importance of this popular massive presence. You may have seen these huge events, although most TV channels have ignored this these mass, millions-wide gatherings. Gigantic rallies, whether at San’aa, Jeddah … sorry, not in Jeddah (city of Saudi Arabia), maybe one day with God’s grace… At San’aa, Sa’da, Hajja, in different cities of Yemen, we could see these massive rallies that fill us with joy, without any camera manipulation transforming 1 000 people into 10 000 or 100 000. Hundreds of thousands of people attended, under the sun, in the middle of the day, for hours, standing or sitting on the bare floor and on the streets, not in a room, on chairs, in a place with air conditioning or anything like that, with the constant risk of an aerial bombardment, the country being at war (and with recurring massacres), but they sat for hours and listened to their leader, supporting his position and vision.

This huge rally, this spectacular scene, is a treat for me and amazed me: in the sun, a gathering so massive in conditions so difficult, demonstrates their boundless love for the Prophet Muhammad, God’s blessings be upon him and his family. This demonstrates the extent of their faith when we speak of the Yemen of faith.

Similarly, and I will conclude this point with that, this is a very strong political message: a whole people, after 5 years of (ruthless) war, tens of thousands of martyrs at least, between civilians and combatants, and hundreds of thousands of Yemenis threatened with death by cholera, disease, famine, etc., an economically and financially beleaguered country, and a government that has often not even enough to pay its civil servants, and is subject to the greatest difficulties, threats, intimidation, abandonment of all (with the exception of Iran and Hezbollah), but despite all this, they attend these commemorations so massively to affirm their commitment and determination, and directed this strong message to all the tyrants of the world: you strive to frighten & to despair our people, to send us backwards and see us sink into poverty, famine, poverty and blockade, to make us abandon our Prophet, our faith, our religion, our freedom, our dignity, our holy sites or our root cause (Palestine), but we will never do that, ever. The Yemeni people proves this, and addresses this message to the world.

And it’s the same for other peoples of the region. I say and repeat, this is where lies the secret of the strength of the Axis of Resistance to which we belong. An Axis whose real strength lies in his faith, his doctrine, his soul, his love for God and the Messenger of God, his belief in humanitarian causes, his belief in the importance of holy places (and the absolute need to liberate them), his high readiness for sacrifice.

All this does not depend at all on money or gains that we can secure, not any more than on achievements on a personal level, enjoyment or pleasure (the very things Trump wants to deprive us of through his maximum sanctions against Iran and Lebanon), even if they are legitimate quests in this world and the next, to which can legitimately aspire man and that he must achieve (for his comfort), but this does not weigh anything at all on our impulses, our principles and positions.

The other point (I want to mention) is the Islamic Republic of Iran. In recent months, the specter of a war (between the US and Iran) haunted the region. Everyone assumed it was inevitable, and some regional countries did all their calculations on the assumption of an American war against Iran. And I have already mentioned that unfortunately some Lebanese forces (Hezbollah opponents) also made their calculations based on this assumption.

I can say today that this possibility, even if I did not state categorically that it is 100% off the table, I can say that it strayed 99.99%. All countries, peoples and competitor Axes in the region must do their calculations on that basis. Whoever counted on such a war must forget this hypothesis. We see a change of rhetoric from several countries in the region and some Gulf countries that were hostile towards the Islamic Republic, but I will not give their names now.

Similarly, in this respect, Iran’s steadfastness became clear after all this time has passed since Trump left the nuclear deal and imposed severe sanctions on Tehran, but Iran stood firm and overcame this predicament. Of course, this does not mean that Iran does not face difficulties, but Iran managed to overcome them.

Today, strategic observers in the United States and the West, and even within the enemy (Zionist) entity, publish analyzes that argue that the strategy of Trump against Iran failed. For what was the Trump strategy? Exit the Iranian nuclear deal, impose sanctions on Iran, trying to make Iran collapse from within, put pressure on Iran and constantly threatening of imminent war to intimidate Iran and to make it come to the negotiating table. That was the Trump strategy.

The possibility of war is no more, Iran has held firm and overcame the difficulties (consecutive to the US withdrawal from the nuclear) Deal, and for a year, Trump has been holding the line, (waiting for Iran to call or pick up the phone), but he is deluded. It will never happen. This strategy has clearly failed. Today, Iran comes out powerful, strengthened, capable, dignified and ready to face (the challenges), to assume its leading role in the region and to support the causes and peoples of the region.

I recently read an amusing information, and I told myself that when Trump will learn about it, he will become enraged and have a heart attack. Because you know that all that matters for Trump, is oil and dollars, money, nothing else. We saw that in Syria, in the East of the Euphrates, he forsook his allies in the blink of an eye, while they had fought with him and alongside him, and he justified this move at length, saying that the Kurds had not fought at their side in Normandy (in 1944). This is a ridiculous argument.

But he eventually reconsidered his decision to withdraw US troops from the East of the Euphrates and maintained them. Why? For the Eastern oil fields of the Euphrates. For Trump, only oil matters. Do not believe that for him, oil is more valuable and more important than the rest, no: in his eyes, nothing else has any value at all. The human, even if he is an ally, a friend and a comrade, is worthless to him: Trump is ready to forsake him at any time.

I refer to the discovery of a huge oilfield in Iran: we all saw yesterday His Eminence the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sheikh Rouhani, who officially announced the discovery of a huge oil field, a priori containing 53 billion barrels of oil! 53 billion barrels of oil! It’s definitely a heart attack for Trump! I’ve done the math: if Iran extracts, when it begins to exploit these oilfileds with God’s grace, 1 million barrels per day, how long will it take for this deposit to be exhausted? How many generations will come to pass before it is exhausted? I will not give you the result in years because I’d be afraid to be mistaken in my calculations…

His Eminence (Rouhani) explained that the area of ​​the oil field is 2 400 square kilometers, is located in the Khuzestan region, south-west of the country, and that the width of underground oil layer is up to 80 meters. And most importantly, he stressed that the process of discovery of these oil deposits has been conducted by the National Iranian Oil Company, and extended from 2016 to last week. So it was made by an Iranian national company of experts and Iranian specialists (not foreign). I deliberately emphasized this aspect in view of what I will say then about the Lebanese situation [reference to a widely disseminated fake news according to which a Revolutionary Guard commander threatened to destroy Israel from Lebanon: Nasrallah stressed that Iran does everything by itself, and does not need to hide behind anyone)]

So, today, thank God, Iran comes out… Experts and economists believe that the value of the discovered deposit is estimated, based on the current price of oil, at more than 3 trillion dollars (3 billion billion dollars). For I must tell Trump about the number of barrels of oil and the dollar value, to make his heart attack complete…

In the Middle East, the core of the Axis of Resistance comes out of the risk of US war and overcomes the worst stage of its history more powerful and capable, and God Almighty bestows on this country these resources and this new horizon. […]

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Netanyahu Does Something Stupid Again

By Jeremy Salt


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aa31b

With general elections coming up on September 17, Benyamin Netanyahu made a calculated gamble last week and lost.

The attempt to assassinate someone by drone in Beirut failed. Two drones were sent into the largely Shia suburb of Dahiya, where Hizbullah’s political, media and welfare offices are based. The first drone, for surveillance, crashed on to the roof of a Hizbullah media office, causing damage inside but no human casualties. This forced the Israelis to abort the entire mission. They themselves destroyed the second drone, for assassination, according to the veteran Middle East correspondent Abdul Bari Atwan. The target for murder was clearly a senior Hizbullah figure or – as some have speculated – a representative of the Iranian government.  Israel certainly did not send a drone to Beirut just to put a hole in the roof of a building.

As this was the first attack on Beirut since 2006, when Israel jets pulverized Dahiya day after day, Hizbullah threatened retaliation. It never says when, how or where it will strike back but this time it retaliated almost immediately, destroying an Israeli APC (armored personnel carrier) at a military outpost across the armistice line.

That Netanyahu would launch such an attack without taking precautions to ensure the safety of civilians and military personnel in the north would have played badly before the public had not the government covered its tracks by firing a flurry of missiles into Lebanon and claiming in a media barrage that while the APC was indeed hit by the ‘terrorists’ no-one suffered even a scratch, as Netanyahu eventually claimed.

It may be some time, it may be never, that the truth comes out but the story pitched by the Israeli government and military has all the elements of high comedy, not sophisticated, more Bud Abbott and Lou Costello than Lenny Bruce.  First the Israelis said the vehicle that was struck was a military ambulance, with no-one inside it. Then they admitted it was an APC, but again no-one was inside, as they had all gone somewhere else half an hour earlier, whether for a smoke, a meal or a pee we don’t know.

Likud minister Yoav Galllant said no-one had been hurt in the missile strike, even as footage was being shown of wounded soldiers being flown by helicopter to an army hospital but he was speaking out of turn, so the government said.

In fact, noone had been hurt.  This was no more than a decoy operation. Israel wanted Hizbullah to think it had scored some kind of victory, so it dressed up store dummies as soldiers and had them carried away on stretchers.  It turned out that Israel just wanted to fool Hizbullah.  That was the point of the whole exercise.  Ha ha, Hasan, the joke’s on you.  Noone had been hurt after all.   “The staged evacuation seems to have worked” wrote the veteran Zionist propagandist David Horowitz.

The fact that settlers in the north had been sent scurrying into their bomb shelters by the Hizbullah missile strike was soon overtaken by glowing reports of farmers back in the fields and children back in the classroom as usual now that the cross-armistice line missile fusillade had died down.

Readers will decide how much of this malarky they can believe. For most, probably none of it. Behind the propaganda smokescreen lies a core truth, which is that Netanyahu, Israel’s nincompoop-in-chief, launched a failed mission into Beirut, rather reminiscent of his failed attempt to kill the senior Hamas figure Khalid Mishael in 1997.  The would-be assassins were arrested, and the panicked, sweating Netanyahu, close to nervous collapse, saved from his own folly only by the intervention of the Jordanian king.

The drone attack in Beirut was designed to deliver an election victory but backfired badly and had to be covered up as quickly as possible with what seems on the surface to be a complete cock and bull story.

The APC held eight men.  If they had been inside when it was struck by Hizbullah’s missile, all would have died or would have been badly wounded, as Hizbullah claimed they were.  If they were killed or wounded, Netanyahu, approaching the end of an election campaign, would have had to prevent the public from knowing, even to the ludicrous extent of telling it that the wounded soldiers shown in video footage were actually store dummies dressed up as wounded men.  The truth – if there were casualties – would have doomed his re-election prospects.

The drone attacks on Beirut included a strike on a PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) base in the Bika’a valley.  Other drone attacks on the same day were launched against Hashd al Sha’abi (Popular Mobilization Forces) units and regular Iraqi army bases in north Iraq close to the Syrian border.  Iraqi intelligence believes the attacks were launched from the Kurdish region of northeastern Syria, controlled by the largely Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the US puppet militia.   In the same time frame, the Zionists also attacked a military position close to Damascus.

These simultaneous attacks on three countries call to mind the rabid dog running around snapping at anyone who comes close. There was no immediate provocation for any of these missile strikes and drone attacks but in Israel’s case there never has to be.  The Israelis say Hizbullah’s missile retaliation brought the two sides to within 30 minutes of another war,  and they say another one is coming anyway.  This can hardly be news to anyone.   Hizbullah has enough precision missiles to devastate Israel and the longer the Israelis wait the more it will have, so unfortunately another war is only a matter of time and perhaps a much shorter time than people might think.

Even though Israel has been flying drones over Lebanon for decades, an attack in central Beirut is unusual.  It might not be the first, however: Lebanon’s former Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri, may have been assassinated in 2005 by a missile fired from an Israeli drone, and not killed by a car bomb, the generally accepted explanation.  The UN investigation into Hariri’s death was grossly prejudicial, especially in the case of the reports filed by the first lead investigator, Detlev Mehlis, and came to nothing anyway. The charges against Lebanese suspects were dropped, at which point the UN tribunal switched its suspicions to Hizbullah, without having any prior evidence.   This investigative route has ended in a dead end as well. The one chief suspect never investigated, even though standing out above all the others because of its long track record of murder and mayhem in Lebanon,  is Israel.

In 2010 Hasan Nasrallah revealed that Hizbullah had intercepted Israel’s electronic communications and had captured images of an Israeli drone tracking Hariri across Beirut and into the mountains every day for three months. Along with an AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) plane, an Israeli drone was hovering over the precise point on the corniche road when Hariri was assassinated.

Rafik Hariri 57728

*(Lebanon’s former Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri)

Looking at the evidence, Thierry Meyssan has argued that a highly refined missile fitted with a warhead based on a ‘nano’ amount of enriched uranium may have been used rather than a  car bomb (‘Revelations on Rafik Hariri’s Assassination,’ Voltaire Network, November 29, 2010).

However, whether drone missile or car bomb, Nasrallah implicated Israel in the murder.  If the question cui bono is to be asked the answers are clear.  It was immediately assumed in the ‘west’ that Syria must have been responsible, given the often difficult relationship between Hariri and the Syrian government, but the only beneficiaries of the assassination were Israel and its rightwing proxies in Lebanon.

Israel violates Lebanon’s air space as a matter of course.  Over the years it has overflown Lebanon many thousands of time.  It frequently flies across Lebanon to attack Syria.  At the international level, no sanctions have ever been introduced to stop it, just as no sanctions have ever been introduced to stop it doing anything it wants to do. This will continue until the big war comes along, and then all those who could have done something to head it off but did nothing will be throwing up their hands in horror.

Apart from flights aimed at bombing targets in Lebanon or Syria, Israel’s aerial intrusions would have other purposes, including intimidation of the Lebanese civilian population and the unrest this might generate.

Most probably it would also want to draw Hizbullah out and, through retaliation to one of its attacks, see if it has missiles capable of bringing down its aircraft.  A lost plane and pilot would be worth the cost of knowing.  As the neutralization of Israeli air power must be a primary objective of Hizbullah and Iran, Hizbullah probably does have such weapons, but Israel is going to have to wait until the next war to find out.

STOP PRESS: Hizbullah has now released a video showing the Israeli military vehicle being hit wth a Kornet missile. It was one of several being driven along a road when it exploded in a ball of fire. No one could have come out of it unscathed. Its nonsensical lies now exposed, Israel has had to change its story yet again. The ‘medical’ vehicle was not empty after all and obviously was not stationary, as the propaganda machine had indicated. Five soldiers were inside – but thankfully the missile missed! Anyone who can believe this only has to look at the video.

Israel Is Hiding Its Soldiers and Hezbollah Is Winning without Firing a Shot- So Far

By Elijah Magnier


Hezbollah Is Winning without Firing a Shot 7d378

The Israeli army was well able to hide its soldiers along the Lebanese-Israeli border. Hezbollah defeated the Israeli army without firing a shot by forcing the army to disappear and leave puppets behind in its military vehicles. That is to prevent any opportunity for Hezbollah to avenge the killing of its members in Syria, for sending booby-trapped drones to the southern suburb of Beirut and for attacking a Palestinian military officer in the Bekaa. Along the border with Lebanon, from the coastal city of Naqoura to the occupied town of the Shebaa Farms, for about 60 kilometers, Hezbollah is searching for Israeli military targets without finding any apparent soldier. That means Hezbollah would be obliged to target a non-visible object inland. Hezbollah’s bank of objectives is rich and selecting an Israeli target will not be very difficult. It is not forced to reveal the exact time of revenge, happy to keep Israel on its toes, spreading fear and continuous anxiety over the entire country.

Hezbollah is not in a hurry to close the account and may not really need to jump the gun. Striking a far-flung target would reveal Hezbollah’s capabilities: better to keep its special arsenal unrevealed for a more serious, wider military confrontation. Hezbollah is therefore in favor of using laser missiles, snipers or camouflaged booby-traps, or precision missiles and suicide drones that can inflict heavy casualties on Israeli soldiers as they gather together (if and when possible!).

For the first time since 2006 (the third war on Lebanon), a whole week has gone by without any Israeli ground violations. The number of these violations was up to five per week and about 167 per month (air, land, and sea), rebuffing the UN Resolution 1701. Israel continues to violate Lebanese airspace every day, dozens of times a day.

Hezbollah succeeded in its psychological warfare, according to the Israeli press. Naturally, the Israelis are closely monitoring any movement on the border, any open-source information or any intelligence material that could help thwart an attack. However, the theory that “Israel is an invincible army” has been ended: it was irrevocably subdued by a television threat from Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah.

The Israeli army is on high alert, it canceled leave for a large number of combat units, and asked settlers not to approach any fields near the border. The commander of Israel’s northern front, General Amir Baram, paradoxically rejected the settlers’ request to open shelters so as not to make them even more nervous while waiting for the deadly response from Hezbollah.

For the first time, it seems that Israeli soldiers along the border would even be pleased if three or four of their comrades were killed because it would mean that death had not knocked at their own door. Israeli soldiers would breathe a sigh of relief and return to their daily work with greater peace of mind once Hezbollah’s attack were concluded.

From Israeli military and political statements, it seems that the winds of war are far from blowing that strongly: that neither side favors a wider confrontation. But it is too early to speculate because will be up to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to decide whether to really drag Israel into war or not.

Israel will not be able to hide for long behind the barricades and the IDF will not be able to remain in its hideouts for long. Time is getting short:  closer and closer every day to the hit that Hezbollah promised. Then the pressure will be lifted but not on Netanyahu who knows that the psychological war has damaged him despite his public boasting about achievements in Syria and Iraq. But he certainly cannot boast of striking Lebanon or Hezbollah, precisely because he has already lost his first battle. Israel awakened the Shiite genie in the 1982 war when it invaded Lebanon and brought Sayyed Nasrallah to Hezbollah leadership in 1992 by assassinating Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi, the former Hezbollah leader. Israel apparently has once more failed to learn from history and from its previous mistakes.

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