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FNA*: Netanyahu was very quick to administrate a lockdown at the outset of the coronavirus outbreak in Israel. Was Covid-19 his only reason for the lockdown?

 Gilad: You are tapping here into a crucial aspect of the Covid 19 affair which none of the Western media has been brave enough to look into. As early as March 12, the Israeli PM announced nationwide school closures and urged the formation of an emergency unity government to “save the lives of tens of thousands” of Israelis from the coronavirus, Netanyahu presented a profoundly stark assessment in which there would be “tens of millions of deaths” worldwide unless the pandemic was stopped.  Political analysts who follow Netanyahu closely immediately understood that Netanyahu desperately needed the pandemic and the hysteria around it. And it is clear that the Israeli PM managed to utilize the corona crisis to serve his cause. He postponed his trial. He formed a large unity government and practically destroyed both his rival party (Blue & White) and its leader Benny Gantz.  So it was no surprise that once Netanyahu was finally able to form his unity government, Israel was relieved of its lockdown: Israelis were free to enjoy the sun again. Far more peculiar is the fact that the rest of us needed Netanyahu to form his government so that our leaders would also allow us to enjoy the blue sky.

FNA: The political deadlock came to an end with the formation of an emergency cabinet to address the coronavirus outbreak. Why did Netanyahu unite with his forever rival Benny Gantz after they competed with him for power for over a year? Why did he make such an abrupt political u-turn?

Gilad: We are often misled into believing that the Jewish state is a pluralist political entity divided between Left and Right political blocks. The truth can’t be further. The Jewish State is a hard-core nationalist entity. It is institutionally discriminatory. It differentiates racially between Jews and the indigenous people of the land.

Though it seemed for a while that the Israeli Knesset was divided between Netanyahu’s block and the so called ‘centre Left block,’ the vast majority of the Knesset Members within the so called Centre Left block are actually to the right of Netanyahu.  This applies to Avigdor Lieverman and his party. Many of the Blue & White’s politicians, some of them war criminals, ended up in Netanyahu’s government. Even the Labour party is ardently right wing in its approach to the Israeli Arab conflict. In Israel there is only one left party that upholds universal and ethical philosophy. It is called the United Arab List.    

FNA: When all of the courts, including the court in which his case was pending, were closed as a measure to counter the coronavirus outbreak, Netanyahu formed a unity cabinet,  became  Prime Minister and was granted immunity against the court’s decision in his case. Do you believe that at some point in the future justice will be served, and he will be held accountable for the allegations of bribery and favouritism? 

Gilad: I am not so sure how valid or serious the bribery and favouritism allegations are against Netanyahu. I can tell you that Israeli war crimes against Palestinians are by far more grave than Netanyahu’s cigar consumption. I would like to add here that I believe that it was Netanyahu’s early and radical reaction to the coronavirus that defined the tone and policies of many Western governments. Since we still do not know the origin of coronavirus, what it is all about, I tend to believe in the possibility that the current health crisis is the result of a military affair. If there is any basis for such an assumption, Israel amongst just a few other countries is a major suspect. I do believe that the constant havoc that we see in the world at the moment is there to divert attention from crucial questions to do with the crisis and its possible origin. 

True scrutiny of the criminal possible aspects involved with the pandemic is overdue, as the notorious virus clearly hasn’t killed as many millions as Netanyahu predicted in early March. 

  • An interview conducted by Iran’s FNA

Israel, Corona and Abraham Wald


By Gilad Atzmon

The Jewish state has been taking drastic measures to try to suppress the Corona outbreak within its territory. Tens of thousands of Israelis are isolated in quarantine conditions. So far, hundreds of Israelis have been diagnosed as carriers of the virus. PM Netanyahu delivered an apocalyptic speech and had his trial postponed indefinitely. 

There are a few aspects peculiar to Israel and its Corona hysteria. As of this writing, no one in Israel has died because of the virus. To date, only six Israelis are in critical condition. It is possible that the Israeli health system is more advanced than all the other nations, it is also possible that Israeli doctors are more gifted than all other doctors. It may even be possible that Jews are somewhat resistant to Corona. But it is more likely that Israel has been living with Corona much longer than they are willing to admit. It is likely that, like China, they have already survived the worst of the Corona virus.

 On January 6th Haaretz’s headline read “Dozens Hospitalized in Serious Condition Amid Swine Flu Outbreak in Israel.” The Israeli paper reported that “The number of visits to clinics and hospitals due to flu symptoms and pneumonia, which is a common complication, is about 18 per 1,000 people, compared to 7 per 1,000 in the same period last year.”  The increase is mainly in those under age 2 and over age 65. Back in January, the Israeli health system struggled to cope.

At the time, Israeli health authorities  attributed the rise in pneumonia to Swine Flu. The paper reported that 170 Israelis, including 45 children, were hospitalized in serious condition, and there were 16 deaths.

I am not a medical doctor and certainly not a virologist, I am, however, scientifically inclined. I wonder whether it is possible that Israel was hit with the Corona menace at the same time China was, or maybe even before? Is it possible that Corona didn’t start in China, it was just diagnosed there? Apparently, more people have started to believe that this may be the case.

Israel is not alone. Britain has been reporting on a rise in Pneumonia cases in recent years. I have seen reports on the rise in pneumonia and swine flu in the USA. Bloomberg today asks: “A Coronavirus Explosion Was Expected in Japan. Where Is It?” Have we been misdiagnosing  CV19 as swine flu and pneumonia? This would help explain why the lethal virus is not spreading as fast as expected and why it is distributed unevenly around the world.

If my hypothesis is correct, the entire approach to the Corona pandemic may be fundamentally wrong, and anti scientific. Our approach follows the rules of hysteria and imposes a time line that supports a phantasmic narrative of a global holocaust.

What we need in order to help us with this conceptual mess is an Abraham Wald moment. Wald was a mathematician working at American Statistical Research Group (SRG) during WWII. Wald and his team were engaged in questions to do with the survivability of B17 bombers. The riddle was as follows: If you don’t want your bombers to get shot down by enemy fighters, you armour them. But shielding your planes with iron makes them heavy, they can hardly manoeuvre, they use more fuel and can’t  carry enough bombs. Over armouring your planes is a problem; under armouring is also a problem. Finding the optimal line between the two was the riddle Wald and the SRG were asked to solve.

Wald noticed immediately that enemy bullets weren’t distributed uniformly on the B17s. There were a lot of bullet holes in the fuselage and hardly any in the engines.

While the Air Force wanted to armour the planes where they were most often hit,  Wald said the armour shouldn’t be placed where most of the bullet holes were found. Instead the armour should go where the bullet holes aren’t: on the engines. Wald realised that the reason there weren’t many bullet holes in the engines they examined was that planes that got hit in the engine were more likely to fall from the sky and therefore were not likely to be examined.

The lesson of Wald’s insight is clear. Often it is the data that is missing that provides the path to the solution. Instead of just identifying who is catching the Corona virus, we should also investigate those outbreaks that did not resemble  pandemic ‘simulations’: those countries and regions that have not followed the predicted and lethal path. We should review past diagnoses and figure out what exactly happened in Israel in December 2019. What has been the rate of pneumonia in Britain, Germany, Japan and the USA in the last two years? Instead of just testing people for the Corona virus we ought to scan societies for Corona antibodies as well. It is possible that such an examination may reveal the best exit strategy from the current apocalyptic hysteria.


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