Nasrallah: Israel’s demise is imminent

Date: 9 May 2021

Author: lecridespeuples

Address of Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, on May 5, 2021, as part of the joint speech of the leaders of the Axis of Resistance, in anticipation of the International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) celebrated on May 7 2021.

This International Day was inaugurated by Imam Khomeini in 1979, the year of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, to revive the Palestinian cause, and is celebrated on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan.

The military leaders of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, AnsarAllah in Yemen and the Hashd al-Cha’bi in Iraq, as well as religious dignitaries such as the Imam of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Patriarch of the Jerusalem Orthodox Church and Sheikh Issa Qassem of Bahrain, along with other personalities, spoke during this virtual conference. Nasrallah’s intervention lasted only a quarter of an hour, while his speech on Al-Quds Day lasted almost an hour.

See also Khamenei’s speech on Al-Quds Day.





[..] There are negative developments, like the wave of normalization (of relations with Israel). When some Arab countries move towards normalization, it means that the rest of Arabs and Muslims, the rest of the countries and the living forces in the Islamic Community (Umma), must raise their voices even higher. This leads to greater responsibility: this negative point leads to more responsibility, more presence, and more expression of our position (condemning and) fighting the normalization process.

But despite everything, we are convinced that this normalization will not succeed in protecting this usurping entity (Israel), not at all! Certainly, it can somewhat lift the spirit of (the Israelis), give them more oxygen, possibilities, (a breath of fresh) air, but anyway, the countries who recently normalized have never been part of this battle (against Israel), thus their presence or exit (from our ranks) cannot have the least influence on the progress and outcome of this battle.

المنبر الموحّد لمحور المقاومة يوجه رسالة في يوم القدس العالمي
Speakers of the 2nd Axis of Resistance virtual conference in support of Palestine

Naturally, this set of factors, in addition to recent upheavals in the Middle East and around the world, the detente which is actually taking place in the region between certain countries, certain white flags which are starting to be raised here and there (by Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries), recognizing, in one way or another, their defeat and failure, or the dead end to which their horizon is confined, all of this makes us feel that we are closer than ever (to the liberation) of Al-Quds.

Of course, our responsibility for Al-Quds Day is to provide all possible help to the Palestinian people, to the Palestinian Resistance; the Axis of Resistance must be even more united and attached to the cause, and it already is, it must increase its readiness (for the final war), it must strengthen itself further, because it is the Axis of Resistance that will shape the future of the Middle East.

My last message will be for the Israelis themselves. I tell them this: you know well, in your heart of hearts, whether it is based on your religious texts or doctrines, on your books or your prophecies, and also based on what some of your leaders and experts say, and also some of your religious authorities, you know (very well) that this entity (Israel) has no future, that it is on the verge of extinction and that it has little time left to live, very little time. Therefore, in this battle you are wasting your energy, and your young people are wasting their youth and their blood, in vain and to no avail.

Either way, the sound logic that must be imposed on all occupiers and invaders is as follows: give back the land you have occupied to its true owners, and go back to where you came from. Otherwise you will be expelled in one way or another, by force or otherwise. This land belongs to the Palestinian people and the peoples of this region, in the diversity of their religious and doctrinal affiliations, but this land is by no means for Israel or for the colonizers, occupiers and settlers from all over the world.

We believe in this near future (where Israel won’t exist anymore), we believe in it very firmly, and this faith is not based only on religious and ideological bases, but is based (above all) on the data, on the events which occur, especially on those of the last decades, the last years and on what will happen (soon) in this region.

I would also like, in conclusion of this brief statement, to salute the grandiose soul of the great martyred leader, Hajj Qassem Soleimani, whose name, picture, soul, footprints, strategic thinking, presence on the ground and breathing remain strongly present, in all the battlefields and places of this Axis (of Resistance). It is impossible for us to forget him, nor to forget his grandiose martyrdom, nor do we forget his enormous benefits and his grandiose presence alongside all the forces of the Resistance in our region.


I must also conclude by greeting the Palestinian people, the young people of Al-Quds and all the children of this oppressed people, fighting, resistant, patient, who remain firmly attached to their rights. As I have always said on every occasion, this is the basis (of everything): as long as the Palestinian people remain committed to these rights, as long as they continue their fight, despite all the betrayals in the world, no one will succeed in liquidating the Palestinian cause.

The (massive) presence of the Palestinian people today (demonstrating) in the squares is awe-inspiring, a divine proof on any Arab, on any Muslim and on every free man in this world on whom weighs the responsibility to stand with strength and with all his capacities at the side of this people.

For Al-Quds Day, despite the Covid-19, any form of demonstration of support that does not contradict the health instructions, we call for it so that this expression of solidarity may be frank and strong, with the Grace of God.

May the peace of God be upon you, along with His mercy and blessings.

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Powerful explosion rocks ‘sensitive’ Israeli missile factory

Haaretz said officials may have underestimated the “collateral damage” of the test, which led to the explosion


By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor -April 21, 2021

..from PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s note: This is a strange story, as we have the larger mushroom cloud in the back left side, and the front right side one with the cloud reflecting the fire burning below it, not a flash from an explosion, but a fire.

Israelis have put out a story about a failed rocket test, certainly a possibility, but if it was something they did not want you to know, they would put out a cover story, like an engine test blowing up. So we must look for clues to test for veracity.

The first thing I see, which is most odd, is just one video for an event like this, especially if a rocket test had blown up, the noise would have been heard a long distance and the usual tons of people would have shot video. So far, this single video is all that I have seen, a hint that others have been blocked, and this one appears to have had the explosion trimmed off the front.

Rocket tests put out huge amounts of smoke, which gets the locals’ attention. A test, if that is what this was, would have had notification put out to the surrounding community. That would have had lots of people videoing, but when I Google ‘Israeli rocket test blows up’, all that comes up is the screen grab from the one video found.

That set off the ‘something is fishy’ bells going off at VT. The fire screen grab I have in feature is from unheard of Boom News edited story from older video clips and stills. 

If it was a rocket test, the exciting part would have been to catch the roaring engine at the beginning, but that was trimmed off the video. So at this point what I see is a cover story, which begs the question why, and why now?

We take a look at what event has been in the news, where somebody might want to inflict some payback on Israel, like Iran from the attack on Natanz, where Israeli media even publicized that Israel did it.

We have the timing. Did Iran wait until the second stage of the JCPOA talks adjourned before it decided to send Bibi a message that Iran can reach out and touch someone, and in a way that produced no visible casualties, which would have risked further escalation?

In the real world, we would have seen dozens of videos up, and with sound up on Youtube, but all we have is one silent Twitter video. Tomer and Israel went to a lot of trouble to clean all of the neighbors’ videos off the Net. You can guess the rest… Jim W. Dean ]

Next, from a long time VT reader, we have a machine translation from a Hebrew story on the event…JD

Due to malfunction: Explosion at IMI plant in Ramat Hasharon, no casualties

Above the IMI plant, a lot of smoke is billowed, which is probably caused by mixing different materials. The factory stressed that there was no danger as a result of the explosion. Firefighters who were called to the scene gained control of the incident and prevented the fire from spreading

An explosion was heard today (Monday) in the Ramat Hasharon area, due to an explosion at an IMI plant located in the area. Following the explosion, a lot of smoke rose over the factory. Firefighters and rescuers who arrived at the scene gained control of the incident and no casualties were reported.

An initial inspection revealed that it was an explosion in a room where smoke grenades were stored. According to sources in the factory, there is no danger as a result of the explosion. Balbit, the factory owners, explained that the explosion took place in a smoke factory, after mixing several substances caused the explosion. It was further reported that the smoke generated does not pose a danger.

Moshe Fadlon, mayor of Herzliya, said in response that “the municipality is closely monitoring what is happening in the area together with the fire brigade and environmentalists.” The mayor added that this is “land in which shells, explosives, chemicals and combustibles have been buried for years, a storm that ignites without any warning. This is exactly the fear of such lands. Marked or green will take the matter to his attention. “

First published … April 21, 2021

A powerful explosion has rocked a sensitive Israeli missile factory during a test for advanced weapons, according to a report.

The explosion took place on Tuesday during a ‘routine test’ by the Tomer factory for advanced weapon, Israel’s Haaretz daily newspaper reported on Wednesday.

There have been no reports of casualties so far. The factory develops rocket engines and houses various types of missiles.

Locals said they heard an explosion and saw a mushroom cloud at the weapons manufacturing facility, which is located in the central city of Ramla and produces rocket and missile systems used by the Israeli military. Tomer’s offices are located in proximity to residential areas.

“This was a controlled test with no exceptional circumstances,” Tomer claimed in reaction to the blast. Meanwhile, Haaretz said officials may have underestimated the “collateral damage” of the test, which led to the explosion.

Investigations into the cause of the incident has been launched. Established in 2018, Tomer is affiliated to the Israeli ministry of military affairs and is the manufacturer of a new ballistic missile system, the Arrow-4.

Israel’s Arrow-2 and Arrow-3 missile systems are already operational to intercept incoming missiles in the atmosphere and space. Back in February, Israel announced that it was developing the Arrow-4 with the United States.

“The development of Arrow-4 together with our American partners will result in a technological and operational leap forward, preparing us for the future battlefield and evolving threats in the Middle East and beyond,” Israeli minister of military affairs Benny Gantz said in a statement at the time.


YJim W. Dean, Managing Editor

Managing Editor

Jim W. Dean is Managing Editor of Veterans Today involved in operations, development, and writing, plus an active schedule of TV and radio interviews. 

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الانحطاط الاستخباريّ الإسرائيليّ:
من تقرير فينوغراد إلى تقرير أمان

ناصر قنديل

فضلنا أن ننتظر نشر النص الكامل لما عُرف بالتقرير السريّ لوكالة «أمان» الاستخباريّة عن شخصية الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله، قبل أن نعلق أو نحلل ونفهم التقرير وإيحاءاته ووظيفته، وما يعكسه من مستوى تماسك أو ارتباك، قدرة على امتلاك مجسّات الإنذار المبكر، أم وقوع في البروباغندا المبتذلة، نجاح في فك شيفرة حزب الله وقائده، أم تغميس خارج الصحن لزوم تعزية الذات المهزومة، توصيف يحاكي ما يمثله العدو الأول للكيان بمقدار من معايير العلم، أم شعوذة تعبّر عن انحطاط مستوى التقييم الاستراتيجي ما يعني أبرز مؤشرات أفول الدول القائمة على القوة، خصوصاً أن التقرير هو الأول من نوعه عملياً، وهو من صناعة المؤسسة النخبوية الصانعة لمعطيات صناعة القرار الاستراتيجي في كيان الاحتلال، التي تتقدّم أمان صفوفها الأولى، وفي أجهزة استخبارات الدول التي تشكل الحروب مكوناً عضوياً من مكانتها، وتشكل الاستخبارات عصب المعطيات والمقدمات التي تبني عليها قراراتها، ومنها كيان الاحتلال، ثمة وحدات متخصصة برصد شخصيات «العالم الآخر»، سواء الأعداء أو الحلفاء، ويصل بعضها إلى بناء نماذج محاكاة تتمثل الشخصية المعنية وتحاول تلبّس قيمها ومفاهيمها وردّات فعلها، يتم اعتمادها للتنبؤ بمواقف هذه الشخصيات، بمثل ما قيل عن شخصيات كانت تلعب دور جمال عبد الناصر وياسر عرفات وحافظ الأسد، وشخصيات بريجنيف وأندروبوف، وكاسترو في دوائر الاستخبارات الإسرائيلية.

ليست القضية في المعلومات التي تمّ نشرها في التقرير، والتي يعرف أبسط الناس أنها دون مستوى الحديث عن ملف سري أو عمل استخباريّ، في الصحيح منها، وهو علني ومعلوم للعامة، أو أنّها جزء من حملة إساءة متعمّدة بتسويق صفات وخصال يعرف كل متابع أنها بعيدة كل البُعد عن شخصية السيد نصرالله، القضية تكمن أولاً وأخيراً في درجة الجدية التي يظهرها التقرير لفهم الخصم الأول، وسبر غور شخصية القائد الذي يعترف قادة كيان الاحتلال أنه مصدر القلق الوجودي لكيانهم، وليس المعيار هو النجاح أو الفشل، بمقدار ما هو الجدية، والاستناد إلى درجة من المقاربة الموضوعية العلمية التي يجب ان يتحلى بها العدو عندما يحلل نقاط قوة ونقاط ضعف عدوه. فعندما نقرأ تقرير فينوغراد الذي أعدّته لجنة التحقيق الخاصة بحرب تموز 2006، نقع على هذه الجدية وهذه المحاولة لمقاربة الوقائع بعيداً عن روح تزيين الهزيمة وتحويلها الى نصر، أو تهوين العدو والاستخفاف بمقدراته وإنجازاته، فقيمة تقرير فينوغراد تكمن في أنه أظهر أن الكيان الذي أصيب بفشل استراتيجي كبير في الحرب التي فشل بتحقيق أهدافها، لا يزال قادراً على التصرف بمعايير «الدولة»، أي فصل التقييم عن الموقف، وامتلاك مساحة للقراءة تحتكم لمعايير على درجة من محاكاة الوقائع بعيداً عن «النرجسية»، التي تختصرها معادلة إخضاع الوقائع للتمنيات والرغبات، وتجاهل الحقائق لخدمة السياسات.

بمعزل عن أي قراءة في المعلومات والتحليلات التي تضمّنها تقرير أمان حول السيد نصرالله، ستقدّم لأصحابها خدمة مجانيّة في النفي والتأكيد، تقول سيرة المواجهة بين الكيان وحزب الله، وفقاً للرواية الإسرائيلية الصادرة عن أعلى المستويات السياسية والعسكرية في مؤسساته، أن حرب عام 2006، التي يصنفها التقرير كنقطة صدمة في مسيرة حزب الله، هي نقطة التحوّل إلى قوة استراتيجية عظمى، بينما هي بداية عدّ تنازلي للقيمة الاستراتيجية للكيان وقدرته على شنّ الحروب. والمعيار هنا ليس بالرغبات بل بالوقائع، هل شكل القرار 1701 مدخلاً لإضعاف حزب الله كمصدر لقلق جيش الاحتلال على الحدود اللبنانية، كما قال قادة الكيان في تسويقه، أم أنه شكّل إطاراً لتعاظم مقدرات حزب الله كتهديد جدّي ووجوديّ للكيان. وهل شكلت الحرب في سورية سبباً لإغراق حزب الله في حرب استنزاف، كما راهن قادة الكيان، أم تحوّلت الى فرصة لتعملق حضوره الإقليميّ ومصدر شراكته في انتصارات كبرى، وامتلاكه خبرات استثنائية وتحالفات عابرة للمنطقة وما وراءها، كما تعترف تقارير المؤسسات الإسرائيلية واعترافات قادته؟ وهل ظهر حزب الله منذ حرب 2006 صاحب خطة لبناء المزيد من عناصر القوة التي تجعله أقرب لرفع درجة التهديد لأمن الكيان، بينما ظهر الكيان يراوح مكانه في السعي لردم الفجوة التي ظهرت بينه وبين الحزب في حرب تموز 2006 والآخذة في الاتساع لصالح الحزب، مع فشل سياسات ترميم قدرة الدرع، سواء على صعيد الجبهة الداخلية، أو على صعيد القوات البرية، أو على صعيد القبة الحديديّة؟ وماذا عن قطع حزب الله لأربع مراحل إضافية من التهديد بعد تموز 2006 يعترف بها كل قادة الكيان، القدرة على الدخول الى الجليل، الانتقال من صواريخ محدودة المدى والقدرة التدميريّة الى صواريخ ثقيلة بعيدة المدى، وثالثا الانتقال الى عهد الصواريخ الدقيقة، وأخيراً هل نجح حزب الله بالانتقال من حرب الجبهة الواحدة الى حرب الجيهات المفتوحة عبر تأسيس محور المقاومة الممتدّ بين لبنان وفلسطين وسورية والعراق وإيران وصولاً إلى اليمن؟

See the source image

يأتي تقرير أمان في غربة عن الواقع أمام حجم التحديات والتحولات التي تمثلها لصالح حزب الله وقائده، ليخبرنا عن شخصية مأزومة بعد صدمة 2006، متردّدة، نرجسيّة، وهو ما يصحّ فعلاً في حال الكيان وليس أفراد قياداته، بل روحه الجماعيّة، التي تبدو قد دخلت آخر مراحل الانحطاط التي تسبق عادة الأفول، عندما تعيش حالة اغتراب ومفارقة وانفصام تجعلها تزين الواقع لتعزي نفسها المأزومة والمهزومة، بعدما فشلت في تغييره، ويكفي كمثال أن نتذكر ونذكر، أن السيد نصرالله الذي يقول التقرير إنه خفّض لهجة تهديداته وصار يشترطها بشنّ حرب إسرائيليّة ويحصرها بحال الردّ على هذه الحرب، لم يغادر هذه المعادلة يوماً، ولم يتحدّث يوماً عن حرب يبادر اليها، بينما مَن فعل العكس هو الكيان، الذي كان يتحدث دائماً عن حرب استباقية تؤكد قدرة الدرع، ثم حرب استباقية ترمم هذه القدرة، وصار اليوم يتحدث بلسان كل قادته عن قدرته التدميريّة في أي حرب مقبلة يشنّها حزب الله، وحزب الله لم يقل يوماً إنه سيشنّ حرباً. وذروة الانحطاط في حال الدول والكيانات قبل الأفول، عندما تزيّف الحقائق لترضي غرورها وتطمئن ولو كان التهديد وراء الباب يقترب، وتصير القراءات التي يفترض أن تستند الى العلم مجرد ادوات لبروباغندا قائمة على الأكاذيب والتلفيقات.

السؤال الذي يطرحه التقرير، ماذا لو فعل حزب الله الشيء نفسه، أي قرأ كيان الاحتلال بالعيون الزائفة التي يظهرها التقرير في القراءة الإسرائيليّة؟ فالحزب يبني قوته بالتوازي مع الحفاظ على قراءة موضوعيّة لمصادر قوة الكيان، وسعي لاستكشاف نقاط الضعف، لبناء خططه على العلم، والعلم وحده. وهذه المفارقة التي تبدأ مع انتقال الكيان من مرحلة فينوغراد الى مرحلة أمان، تفتح سياقاً جديداً للتعبير عن تفوّق حزب الله، الذي بدأ أساساً كتفوق أخلاقي، في القضية والبنية والعقيدة والسياسة والقيادة، وفي آلية الأداء وقراءة العدو وفهمه. وهذا التفوّق ينمو كما تنمو فجوة القوة، ويستمر كما تستمر.

‫«إسرائيل» تقرأ «في عقل نصر الله»: فضيحة استخبارات وفضيحة صحافة

See the source image

فضيحة صحافة واستخبارات في «إسرائيل»: أهوَ عقل «أمان» أم عقل نصر الله؟


ابراهيم الأمين

السبت 13 آذار 2021

أتابع الإعلام الإسرائيلي منذ تسعينيّات القرن الماضي. كنّا نحصل على صحف العدوّ من خلال بريد خاص في قبرص. صديق لديه اشتراك في صحف «إسرائيل» يرسلها مع صديق يعمل في شركة طيران الشرق الأوسط، وينتظرها زميل تعلّم العبريّة عن بُعد. قبل أن يصل إلى بيروت مترجمون عاشوا في السجون الإسرائيلية، ثم انطلق عالم الإنترنت في بلادنا، وكانت «إسرائيل» سبّاقة، ما أفادنا في الحصول على كلّ دوريّاتها، سواء الصحافية أو نشرات دراسية أو خلافه. ولطالما تميّز الكثير من الصحافيّين والكتّاب في «إسرائيل» بمعرفة واسعة، والأهم، بدرجة عالية من الاستقلالية، برغم مقصّ الرقابة العسكريّة الصارم. وكان الأفضل في تلك الفئة من الإعلاميين الإسرائيليين، عدم الانجرار الى البروباغندا الرديئة، حتى لو اقتضت المصلحة العليا لبلادهم ذلك.

مفاجأة أمس، ليست سوى إشارة إضافية الى تدهور يحصل في «إسرائيل» على مستويات كثيرة، من بينها الصحافة نفسها. لا أعرف كيف قبلت إدارة التحرير في صحيفة «يديعوت أحرونوت» تلقّي هذه الإهانة المهنية ووافقت على إنتاج مادة كان يمكن لطالب في كلية الإعلام أن يعدّ ما هو أفضل منها لو طلب منه أستاذه إعداد بحث موجز عن شخصية عدو إسرائيل الأبرز، أي السيّد حسن نصر الله.
على مدى أيام، روّجت الدعاية الإسرائيلية لحدث صحافي سينشر يوم الجمعة (أمس) ويتعلّق بكشف شعبة «أمان» (الاستخبارات العسكرية في جيش العدوّ) معلومات مصنّفة تتعلق بالسيّد نصر الله. وتم أمس نشر التقرير المفصّل تحت عنوان «الملفّ السرّي لنصر الله، في أمان». ومع أن الموجز الذي سرّب في الأيام الماضية لم يكن يحمل عناوين مغرية، إلا أن الصدمة كانت في التقرير نفسه الذي كان من الأفضل نشره في موقع «ديبكا» وبقلم رئيس تحريره المشهور بنقص صدقيّته، غيورا شاميس، وليس عبر كاتبين مخضرمين وبارزين مثل يوسي يهوشع ورؤوفين فايس.

من المفيد الإشارة أولاً، إلى أن التقرير يستند إلى مقابلات مع عاملين في «أمان»، وهي أكبر الأجهزة الاستخبارية الإسرائيلية وأكثرها كلفةً من حيث الموازنة. ويتركّز نشاطها حول جمع وتحليل المعلومات العسكرية من خلال المصادر المختلفة، وتتولّى مهمة تشخيص الإنذار المبكر ضد الحرب والأنشطة العسكرية المعادية بشكل عام. إضافة إلى أنها مكلّفة بإعداد التقدير الاستخباري الاستراتيجي لوضعه أمام صانعي القرار في «إسرائيل». ولذلك يجري وصف «أمان» بأنه جهاز «التقدير القومي» لدى العدوّ، ولأوراقه دور بارز في صياغة سياسات تل أبيب تجاه الأطراف المعادية. ويشكّل قسم الأبحاث (الذي ينتمي إليه الضبّاط الذين أجروا المقابلة) نواة «أمان»، بوصفه الجهة التي تتجمّع فيها كلّ المواد الاستخبارية الواردة ليقوم بمعالجتها وتحليلها واستخلاص التقديرات اللازمة منها. ومن بين هؤلاء، عناصر من متخرّجي برنامج «حبتسالوت»، وهو البرنامج العَلَم لسلاح الاستخبارات الذي يجمع بين الخدمة الدائمة ودراسات العلوم السياسية وعلوم الشرق الأوسط، بالاندماج مع الأقسام التحليلية الآتية: علوم الكومبيوتر، الرياضيات، الاقتصاد والسياسة. ويتطوّع لاختبار برنامج «حبتسالوت» (تعني بالعربية زهرة الزنبق أو النرجس، سبق أن ذكرت في التوراة وطبعت على عملة الشيكل) نحو 50 متدرباً ومتدربة سنوياً، يتمّ العمل على تأهيلهم لدور ضباط الاستخبارات الرائدين الذين يتعاملون مع القضايا المركزية على جدول الأعمال الوطني والعسكري.

كان من الأفضل نشر التقرير نفسه في موقع «ديبكا» وبقلم رئيس تحريره المشهور بنقص صدقيّته، غيورا شاميس

حقيقةً، يحتار المرء في تقييم الصحافيين الذين نشروا التقرير للذين قدّموا لهم المعلومات. كان عليهم التدقيق فعلياً عمّا إذا كانوا أمام محلّلين وضبّاط جهاز محترف، أم أمام مجموعة هواة يحترفون الرصد الإعلامي. وبداهةً، كما يحلو لهم القول تكراراً، كان على الصحافيين إدراك أن «إسرائيل» في قلب معركة محتدمة وقاسية جداً. وفي هذه الحالة، لا تخسر الاستخبارات معلومات ذات قيمة من دون ضمان نتائج توازي أهمية المعلومة. وهذا ما ظهر في مضمون التقرير الذين يمكن الجزم بأنه «يخلو من أي معلومة ذات طابع استخباري»… لم تقدم لكم «أمان» أي معلومة ذات قيمة استخبارية، وهو أمر بالمناسبة يمكن فهمه لمن يعيش في قلب صراع بهذا الحجم. وحتى لا يتكرر الاستخفاف بكم مرة جديدة، سأروي لكم ماذا يجري من صوبنا نحن. هل تعتقدون مثلاً أن أجهزة الأمن السياسية والعسكرية التابعة للمقاومة، يمكنها أن تتسلّى بما يؤذي احترافيّتها عبر ضخّ معلومات ساذجة وسخيفة في الإعلام بقصد التبجّح؟ كان يفترض بصحافيّي العدوّ المحترفين ألّا يقعوا في هذا الفخ، وأن تتصرّفوا ــــ وإن كان هذا الكلام لا يُسعدكم ــــ بمنطق التماثل. وأنا أفيدكم هنا، بأنه لا يجدر بكم تخيّل أن حزب الله مستعدّ لمنحنا مقابلة مع متخصّصين في رصد قيادات العدو الاستراتيجيين، وتوفير تحليلهم ومعطياتهم لنا… أبداً هذا لن يحصل!

لكن، لنعد قليلاً إلى يوم قبل نشر التقرير، حين جرى حوار في القناة 12 الإسرائيلية حول التقرير. وفيه يسأل المحاور عن الهدف من التقرير، فيأتي الجواب مباشرة ومن دون تحضير على لسان يعقوب أخيمئير، وهو صحافي مخضرم ومقدم برامج سابق في قناة «كان»: التبجّح، التبجّح…

يحاول آفي بنياهو، وهو ناطق باسم الجيش الإسرائيلي سابقاً كبحَه بالردّ: كلا. لكن أخيمئير يكمل حديثه: كل أسبوع هناك مسرح، يقول لنا نجحت ونجحنا وفتحنا ملف نصر الله، كفى، حقاً كفى!
لكن بنياهو يحاول رتق الموقف: من الممكن أننا نريد أن نريه إلى أيّ مدى هو مكشوف، ومن الممكن أن هناك أموراً أخرى مكشوفة، كي يعلم بألّا يتعاطى معنا. كل ذلك عمل استخباري، تخفيض التصنيف الأمني لمعلومات استخبارية من أجل احتياجات عملانية، أفترض أنه يوجد هنا اعتبار من هذا النوع، لم يقم أيّ أحد بأيّ أمر سياسي إن قام طاقم من عناصر الخدمة النظامية في وحدة الأبحاث في أمان..

ومع ذلك يعود أخيمئير ليصدم الحضور: أكره هذا التبجّح كثيراً، بالتأكيد الأسبوع المقبل أيضاً سيكون هناك «انتصرنا» مرة أخرى…
الأمر هنا ليس سباقاً بين من يسجّل النقاط على الآخر. المسألة هنا في التواطؤ السيئ بين الصحافة وأركان المؤسسة العسكرية والأمنية في «إسرائيل» لمواجهة «عجز ما» أو حتى «عقدة نفسية». وهو عجز يتّصل بعدم قدرة العدوّ، ليس على عدم تحمّل تعاظم قوة المقاومة العسكرية وحسب، بل أيضاً على عدم تحمّل الموقع المتقدّم جداً الذي يحتلّه نصر الله في الوعي عند الجمهور الإسرائيلي، وليس حصراً عند أهل القرار في «إسرائيل». ويبدو أن حجم الأضرار والخشية لدى الجمهور الإسرائيلي، هو ما دفع بالقيادة العليا للجوء إلى الاستخبارات العسكرية، من أجل الترويج لبعض المفردات حول شخص السيد نصر الله، وإنْ مع إقرار لا بدّ منه، بصدقيّته وجدّية تهديداته وقدرته على تنفيذها، وتحديداً ما يتّصل باستهداف العمق الإسرائيلي.

ماذا يريدون أن يقولوا لنا؟ هل هي رغبة في ادّعاء المعرفة لدى الاستخبارات العسكرية، الى حدّ الزعم بأنه لم يبق شيء لا تعرفه «إسرائيل»، حتى لو كان في خانة النيّات المبيّتة، ومن دون أن يسأل من يفترض أنه يجري مقابلة: كيف لإسرائيل ألّا تُجهز على قيادة حزب الله دفعة واحدة ومن دون بصمة، طالما هي قادرة على معرفة النيّات في الصدور، وليس حصراً أماكن وجود قادة حزب الله وتدابيرهم…

ماذا يعني أن تخرج المقابلة مع 15 ضابطاً ومتخصّصاً وباحثاً ــــ يعملون ليل نهار لجمع المعلومات عن نصر الله وتحليلها ــــ بهذه المعطيات التي لا تزيد عمّا هو موجود في الإعلام العربي عن حزب الله وأمينه العام وعن عائلته وما يرتبط به، صحيحة كانت أو مختلقة أو محوّرة، وجرى عرضها للجمهور الإسرائيلي في سياقات محدّدة وموجّهة، للإيحاء بالقدرة على تحصيل المعرفة والربط بين الأمور، ومن بينها مقابلة نصر الله مع «الأخبار» عام 2014.

«أمان» تعرف الكثير، غير ما أعطته للصحافيين الإسرائيليين. وحتى لا تخرجوا من المولد بلا حمّص، سأفيدكم بالآتي:
نصر الله لا يعيش تحت الأرض، وهو يسافر خارج لبنان، ويتنقّل بين المدن والقرى وفي الشوارع والأحياء. ولديه فرق متخصّصة في كلّ شيء، وجدول أعمال فيه من جو بايدن إلى مختار ميس الجبل ورئيس المجلس المحلّي في مستوطنة شلومي.. وبالمناسبة، يداه تلامسان الأشجار دوماً!

فيديوات متعلقة

‘Israel’ Won’t Be Able to Survive for Next Generation: Senior Israeli Security Official Netanyahu’s Claims in Lebanon vs. Hezbollah’s Coordinates of ’Israeli’ Military Sites in Civilian Areas

 February 20, 2021

Israeli soldiers

A former senior Israeli security official said that ‘Israel’ will not be able to survive for the next generation. ”

The Israeli official explained  the reasons for that, according to his estimation, and expressed  his fear of the Zionist occupation entity’s demise “for internal reasons and influences.”

This former Israeli official added that “most of the economic and military burden in ‘Israel’ will soon be borne by only 30% of the Israelis, and in this way, the Israeli society will not be spared from the problems that await it.”

Yuval Diskin, the former head of the ShinBet,  confirmed in his article in the newspaper “Yediot Ahronoth” that there is a “strategic existential question that has made clear the extent of its seriousness.

Diskin added that he is talking about demographic, social, and economic trends that are already changing the essence of ‘Israel’, and can endanger its existence within one generation

He warned that the division between Israelis deepens, and the division between right and left has become dominant much more than the dispute between Jews and Arabs, and the lack of trust. Regimes of government are increasing, corruption is spreading in the government, and social solidarity is weak.”

He pointed out that “the regional power called ‘Israel’ is unable to control many areas,” explaining that “according to the figures of the Central Bureau of Statistics, we will soon discover that after 40 years, half of the population of ‘Israel’ will be religious and Palestinian, and it is important to understand the common denominator between them today”.

He pointed out that “the Haredi Jews have become a burden, and that some of them are spreading in the anti-Zionist trends, and for them, Israel is on its way to a loss.”

Diskin stated, “Besides the Haredim, there are multi-identity tribes, traditional secularism, religious nationalism, militant, Eastern and Ashkenazi  Jews, the middle class, the wealthy, the disenfranchised and the marginalized, who find it difficult to bear the extra burden as a result of the Orthodox lack of participation in the Israeli economy and society, military service, and the economy “.

Source: Al-Manar Eglish Website

Netanyahu’s Claims in Lebanon vs. Hezbollah’s Coordinates of ’Israeli’ Military Sites in Civilian Areas

Netanyahu’s Claims in Lebanon vs. Hezbollah’s Coordinates of ’Israeli’ Military Sites in Civilian Areas

Netanyahu’s Claims in Lebanon vs. Hezbollah’s Coordinates of ’Israeli’ Military Sites in Civilian Areas

Translated and Subtitled into English by Staff

Hezbollah published a video that details the coordinates of ‘Israeli’ military sites located in areas labeled civilian by the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime.

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Sayyed Nasrallah Warns the ’Israelis’: You Need Not Play with Fire

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Syria Denies Reports on Secret Covid Vaccine Article in Prisoners Exchange Deal with the ‘Israeli’ Entity

Syria Denies Reports on Secret Covid Vaccine Article in Prisoners Exchange Deal with the ‘Israeli’ Entity

By SANA, Translated by Staff

Syrian source denied media reports on a secret article in the prisoners’ exchange operation with the Zionist entity through which three Syrian detainees were liberated from ‘Israeli’ prisons.

The source, as cited by state-run SANA new agency, affirmed that spreading such fabricated information about a secret article related to obtaining Covid vaccines from the occupation authorities aims at defaming the operation through which the Syrian detainees were liberated from ‘Israeli’ occupation prisons, as well as defaming the humanitarian and patriotic aspects of the operation.

The same source also recalled that Syria was clear in its deal that led to the liberation of three nationals, adding that the media outlets that are spreading such information want to polish the ‘Israeli’ occupation’s image and grant it humanitarian characteristics it already lacks as it is the entity that occupies Arab lands, displace their people and continues committing crimes against the Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese peoples.

Syrian captives Muhammad Ahmad Hussein and Tariq Ghasab al-Obeidan of Quneitra province were released Thursday from the ‘Israeli’ occupation prisons.

The step comes as part of Syria’s efforts to liberate its citizens from the Zionist occupation regime’s prisons.

State-run SANA news agency cited informed sources as confirming the completion of the exchange operation that began a day earlier through Russian mediation, with the two Syrian captives being freed and returning to their hometown in Quneitra province.

The day before, captive Nihal al-Maqt was liberated as part of the same operation that included the release of an ‘Israeli’ girl who had mistakenly entered the Syrian territories in Quneitra region, and was arrested by the competent Syrian authorities.

Sayyed Nasrallah: ’Israelis’ Know They Didn’t, Couldn’t Dismantle Hezbollah’s Precision Guided Missiles P

Sayyed Nasrallah: ’Israelis’ Know They Didn’t, Couldn’t Dismantle Hezbollah’s Precision Guided Missiles P

Translated and Subtitled by Al-Ahed

Israel’s JPost Fabricates Alleged Hezbollah Involvement in ISIL Captagon Ship Seized in Italy, Arab & Lebanese Media Outlets Endorse Slander

December 26, 2020

The Zionist newspaper, Jpost, fabricated a report which alleged that Hezbollah was behind the captagon ship seized in Italy last July, knowing that the Italian authorities confirmed that drugs were made to fund the takfiri group.

JPost’s fabricated report was not confirmed by the Italian authorities which did not even comment on the rumors, according to Al-Manar correspondent in Italy.

The correspondent stressed that even the Italian media outlets disregarded JPost’s fabricated report , except a modest agency called “Agenzia Nova” which republished it so that the anti-Hezbollah media outlets in Lebanon and the Arab countries can endorse it.

Indeed, the anti-Hezbollah propaganda in Lebanon and the Arab countries waged a war of accusations against Hezbollah, knowing that the fabricated report has not been conformed by any Italian official.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Hezbollah the Beautiful


TAXI • NOVEMBER 24, 2020 • 3,800 WORDS

A warrior’s soul sleeps in his fist. Wakes in his fist. Till his dying breath, will exist in his fist.

No gun and no mortal danger can unfold this fist. A warrior will live and die with his fist clenched.

This is not for love of violence nor for the thrills of war. Not because of a demented passion for death either. This is because a warrior knows that even in times of peace, evil and evil-doers lurk in the shadow of peace.

Warriorship is vocational. It is non-mercenary. Non-materialistic. Non-negotiable. True warriorhood is purely defensive. It is fixated solely on the protection of a higher justice and defense of self and the meek. It is never predatory. A warrior is steeped in a culture of righteous dignity and martyrdom. Humble dignity. And a sacred martyrdom. A true warrior is not an ordinary soldier, nor a celebrated figure from either media or mythology. A true warrior is real. And rare. A true warrior is the only class of human capable of kissing death right in the eyeball. There is no fear of the infinite black void in the heart of a true warrior.

Throughout history, cultures under duress and attack by covetous enemies have produced their own brand of warrior. Native American Indians gave us the ‘Braves’. Japan gave us the ‘Samurai’. France gave us Joan of Arc. Africa gave us ‘Warrior Queen Amina’. And modern Lebanon has given us, Hezbollah.

Hezbollah: currently the world’s most successful warrior-resistor group fighting against the most malevolent of all modern abominations, otherwise known as the Axis of Evil (US, Israel, and their Western and Arab-Wahabi allies). Hezbollah is also currently the most reviled of all warriors. This is because unable to defeat Hezbollah on the battlefield, and after already spending some $11 billion on many failed coups and smear campaigns this past decade, the Axis of Evil is now reduced to merely attacking Hezbollah with malicious lies and false accusations. To demonize Hezbollah, to sully their immaculate reputation in a vast and global media campaign is about the only weapon left in the hands of the Axis of Evil. This defamation offensive may work on some uninformed people, but indeed it will not weaken Hezbollah’s phenomenal abilities on the battlefield. This agitating agitprop will not change any facts on the ground. It will be but more of your tax dollars wasted on a chimera.

Hezbollah is noble, yet not royal. Its warriors and leaders are essentially from working-class, farming communities who grouped themselves to repel a vicious, colonial and genocidal invader, otherwise known as Israel. Some thirty years after the birth of their resistance group, Hezbollah remain exceptionally humble and profoundly rooted in their modest beginnings. Even though Hezbollah has lost warriors in combat, the number of its martyrs has been relatively low, and it has yet to lose a single battle or war in its 30+ years of existence. And despite its stellar successes on the battlefield, Hezbollah remains unostentatious and merciful in victory. Most notable and impressive of all, Hezbollah’s leadership does not practice chicanery, skullduggery or monkeyshines. They simply do not lie. Not once has its leadership deceived or duped its fighters, its allies or supporters. Consistently true to their word, even Israeli Jewish citizens, according to Israeli polls, believe what Hezbollah’s leadership says above their own leaders in Tel Aviv. This is because time and time again, what Hezbollah says simply and truly ‘is’, and what it promises, it always delivers. And, indeed, it has outsmarted its bulkier enemy at every turn of the road and delivered.

All their battles have been for defensive reasons. ALL of them. They are exceptionally well-disciplined and focused on the task of righteous liberation from cruel and oppressive forces. Their training system produces no traitors and no Mammonites easily seduced by the lure of wealth, physical pleasures, or political status. They are therefore beyond blackmail. Beyond distraction from their cause. Steeped in a culture of martyrdom that’s inspired by the prophet Mohammad’s grandson Hussein and his agonizing martyrdom, a passion-cause and agony that’s parallel to the martyrdom culture of the Christian prophet Jesus, Hezbollah’s warriors are beyond the corruption of soul.

Their training is two-pronged. They are trained in agile guerilla combat, while simultaneously taught a righteous philosophy that in essence is religio-spiritual. A philosophy inspired by their fundamental belief in a just and compassionate god, a god who rewards the faithful and true. This is precisely what distinguishes them from other armies: their absolute philosophical and physical commitment to a righteous god. Although deeply religious and strictly committed to Islam, they are remarkably tolerant of other sects, other faiths and cultures, as exampled by their recent willing martyrdom in defense of Syrian Sunnis, Druze and Alawites, as well as their heroic defense of Christian villages and their ancient Churches in the Levant. Hezbollah warriors have sacrificed their own lives to liberate the very progeny of the original Christians of the world who still reside in the Levant; liberate them from Western and Israeli-backed ISISian terrorists and invaders. Worth mentioning here too, according to a Lebanese General I spoke to, is that Hezbollah are also the protectors of the last remaining Jewish synagogue and its community in Lebanon, numbered at approximately 400 Lebanese adherents. Perhaps here it’s also germane to add that during their wars against Israel, Hezbollah’s leadership have even earnestly embraced and supported the resistance efforts of godless Lebanese communist groups fighting against the invading Jewish army. They have broken bread with and befriended the godless and the godfull alike in the name of fighting and deterring a genocidal and kleptomaniac enemy. Hezbollah remains bonded and intimately close to other Lebanese resistance groups, even in times of peace. Their friendships are always genuine, devoid of exploitative and fickle realpolitik. They are interested and concerned with uniting their countryfolk, not dividing or dominating them. They support a peaceful and equitable co-existence between the 18 legally recognized religions and sects of the Lebanon, whose population count is currently at 6.825 million. It is of historic record that they have even given immunity to Lebanese traitors who colluded with Israel during its 18 year occupation of Lebanon.

Hezbollah follows strict moral rules of war that do not allow for the wanton killing of the enemy: repulsion of enemy and not massacre of enemy is their first and foremost tactic – and if this proves insufficient, then annihilating their enemy becomes a permissible and sanctified necessity. Their Islamic rules of war insist on the humanitarian treatment of POW’s and Hezbollah always obliges. They are trained to be impeccably well-mannered towards their captives: trained not just in strategic guerilla warfare, but also educated in the lofty principles of charity and mercy toward the captured and repentant. They do not abuse victory by claiming sole power: they believe in power-sharing with their compatriots, even with those who never stepped foot on the battlefield.

Hezbollah is supreme, yet evidently not supremacist.

They never break their laws of war for fear of their god. They would rather literally die than break these laws that displease their god. They follow their religio-philosophical and military protocol with absolute precision; and they practice devoted respect and trust in the righteousness of their commanders and cause. Extrajudicial executions are forbidden, and so is the unjustified assault on their enemy. They do not shoot at unarmed women, children or men either. They do not target the handicapped sitting in their wheelchairs like the Israeli army and other Jewish security apparatuses regularly do. They do not invade, they liberate. Hezbollah is a reactive and defensive resistor and not an army of usurpers and psychopaths hellbent on mass murder and the looting of what is not rightfully theirs.

Their resistance culture is humanist. Through and through.

They strive for a just and peaceful world, no matter the cost to their own lives. Indeed, they live for martyrdom; they yearn for martyrdom in the cause of a just and peaceful world. They rank martyrdom as the absolute highest achievement in life.

“We don’t fear death as our death is martyrdom. Martyrdom means eternally living close to our god. Living close to god is the ultimate point in the ascension of mankind: cannot be achieved except through martyrdom” – a Hezbollah warrior.

There is a trinity of principles contained in Hezbollah’s martyrdom philosophy. They are willing to die for three principled notions: for god, for family, and for nation. They live and die for nothing else but for god, family and nation. I can’t stress enough how important their triadic life-philosophy is for them. As faith-filled warriors, they do not ever separate from this soulful philosophy, or ever discard it while at war or even during peace time – not even momentarily, not even for a nano second. Their martyrdom philosophy is their very oxygen. Their very spine. They are consistent in their profound commitment to their divine, triangular philosophy. This is the mother of absolutes for them. This supplies them with infinite, fearless courage. This inspires their attachment and love of righteous, disciplined behavior and focused intent. This provides them with infinite determination; with boundless physical and mental legerity. During warfare training, and on the battlefield and off, they remain intimately connected to this inspirational triangle of motives. In their universe, the muscle, the moral and the divine are eternally wedded. This is the very reason behind their unbroken record of victories and their continuing and increased strength and popularity across the world.

Hezbollah reveres their god above all else – their supernal god sits atop their spiritual pyramid, directly linked below to the two sacred earthly duties of protecting family and nation. Hezbollah warriors value this triadic configuration above even their own lives. They connect their earthly duties towards family and nation directly to the service of their celestial god. Their god requires their unflinching faith and their protection of ‘tribe and land’, and Hezbollah warriors, they are willingly servants who selflessly submit to the absolute reverence of god and protection of family and nation. This noble aegis pleases their god: Hezbollah warriors live for nothing but to please their god, therefore they will never break or dissolve the divine contract they’ve undertaken with their god. Their enemy should be aware and beware: they will actively neutralize any and all threats to this divine equation – even at the cost of their own lives. This is their only mission on earth: reverence of god, defense and protection of family and land. This is Hezbollah’s manifesto in a nutshell. Nothing less than that. Nothing beyond that.

Their resistance model and system has gained much traction and spread outside of their Levantean locale: from the punishing dunes of Yemen and all the way to South America, from the Fertile Crescent and right across the continent of Asia, Hezbollah’s resistance model has spread and continues to be received with open arms, much to the chagrin of their pernicious, defeated enemies.

Hezbollah’s other unique quality is that of sober patience. They are exceptionally adept at the art of patience: their carpet-weaving Iranian friends have taught them this necessary life-skill and they’ve artfully applied this mental discipline to all their war and battle strategies. Believing their faith in their god is permanent and unbreakable, yet everything worldly is changeable, they therefore patiently play the long game against their enemy with utter confidence and evident success.

Yet, despite all the above factual and admirable qualities, their enemies and their enemies’ global media megaphones label Hezbollah as ‘narco-terrorist’ and ‘Islamic terrorist’. Accusing the Hezbollah of trafficking drugs is no different in absurdity than accusing Mother Teresa of global heroin-trading. Everyone who knows Hezbollah’s MO knows that their warriors and their leadership live a clean and sober life. They do not even drop f-bombs or cuss dirty words at their enemy. They are as clean-tongued and clean-living, as humble and ‘gracious as the morn’. Knowing the lifestyle and philosophy that Hezbollah strictly adheres to on the battlefield and off, it is simply inconceivable that Hezbollah would displease their god by running local and international drug rings that ruin people’s lives, break up families and weaken nations. This preposterous accusation belongs to the long list of perfidious lies manufactured by their enemies, who themselves, in fact, participate in international drug trading and trafficking, with the CIA running the lucrative global opium trade of Afghanistan, and the Mossad running the global Ecstasy drug trade in Europe and America.

Unable thus to find a military Achilles’s heel and character fault in their MO, Hezbollah’s enemies have produced a long litany of alleged crimes without ever providing even a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing. Hezbollah’s enemies have added Hezbollah’s good name to their infamously politicized ‘terrorist list’ without even once providing proof and irrefutable substantiation of terrorist activity. Let us here together therefore look at this list of accusations below – and please you will be mindful that if Hezbollah terrorism against the US were in fact true, that there exists actual evidence of Hezbollah terrorism against the United States, Lebanon, especially the south of Lebanon where Hezbollah is based, would have already received a decisive and fatal American ‘Shock and Awe’ treatment.

There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that Hezbollah’s leadership has ever ordered or committed the following: the 1983 truck bombing on the US embassy in Beirut; as well as the bombing of US and French barracks in the same year. The bombing of a restaurant near the US Air force base in Torrejon, Spain; the car bombing of the US embassy annex in Beirut; and the hijacking of a Kuwait Airlines plane – all in the year 1984. The hijacking of TWA flight #847 in 1985. The abduction and execution of three Lebanese Jews in 1986, under the pseudonym of the ‘Organization of the Oppressed on Earth’. The murder of three Saudi diplomats in 1988. The assassination of a Saudi secretary in Bangkok in 1989. The assassination of two more Saudi diplomats and a telex operator at the Saudi embassy in Bangkok in 1990; as well as the kidnapping and murder of a Saudi businessman in Bangkok in the same year. The murder of Ehud Sadan, a security chief at the Israeli embassy in Ankara; as well as the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires back in 1992. The failed attempted murder of a Turkish-Jewish community leader in Istanbul in 1993. The failed attempt at car-bombing the Israeli embassy in Thailand; and the suicide bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association building in Buenos Aires – all in year 1984. The truck bombing at the US portion of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in 1996. The assassination of former Lebanese PM, Rafic Hariri, in 2005. The attack on a bus in Bulgaria that was full of Israeli vacationers back in 2012. And many, many more ‘failed this and attempted that’ terrorism activities falsely pinned on Hezbollah by no less than its enemy Israel and its agents in the US and Europe, and by its gruesome Wahabi-Arabian foes.

A handful of the above false and politicized accusations are on a continuous rotation in the Jewish and Western media, yet not even a semblance of proof is ever provided to the reading public. Relying on Islamophobic media trends, these accusations of terrorism are published and republished over and over again, in the hope that hearsay will eventually prevail as fact in the minds of reasonable people. In other words, the above allegations are nothing but propagandistic slings and arrows aimed at demonizing an undefeated and righteous resistance group. Interestingly, despite these aggressive propaganda operations against the Hezbollah, neither its fighting skills or vigor have been damped, nor have these misinformation assaults halted the spread of its popularity around the the world. Even the military academies of its enemies, in silent admiration now include the study of Hezbollah’s supreme tactics and warfare strategies in their curriculum, thus confirming the high caliber of their fighting skills and war philosophy. One cannot separate Hezbollah’s war strategies from the foundation of their humanist philosophy. Both are always employed in tandem. Hezbollah always leave an exit passage for their enemy to retreat through during an ambush.

Hezbollah receives enthusiastic moral support from Muslim as well as non-Muslim nations. From Eastern and from some Western nations. Hezbollah is respected, loved and revered in the four corners of the world – including appreciation by some citizens in enemy nations who are mentally unmolested by their State propaganda. This is not just because humans by nature love an undefeated war hero. This is because the humble Hezbollah has successfully established itself as an army of the people, by the people, for the people. And here lies the essence of its true popularity. A Lebanese force of good that’s comprised ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ is no different than the beloved American constitutional motto of a government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’. What Hezbollah has achieved for its nation and for its compatriots as a resistance group, American politicians are yet to actually demonstrate and realize for the benefit of the American people.

Why is that?

This is because the Lebanese have clearly defined their enemy as Israel, whereas the American collective has yet to identify its insidious internal enemy as ‘Jewish power’. Jewish power that has risen through unsavory and un-American tribal cronyism, nepotism, blackmail and coercion. Jewish supremacy that has been blatantly dominant of American life internally and American foreign policy internationally for the past 60+ years (since the Kennedy assassination, in fact). Jewish power that has essentially been corrosive and disfiguring of American traditional life domestically, and ruinous upon its purse and reputation internationally. But, if the Lebanese can so successfully circumvent and repeatedly defeat abusive Jewish power, then so can Americans who live under the boot of an overtly anti-democratic Jewish occupation. The recent shredding of our beloved First Amendment is but the latest victim of Jewish tyranny, and an undeniable expression of their hate of our democracy.

But, for Americans to liberate themselves, they first need to overcome all the gauntlets and weapons of mass distraction, all the social-engineering and numerous other dumbing-down projects that American elite Jews and their lobby have insidiously imposed on American citizen and politician alike. For Americans to be truly free and independent, and they are a captive people at present, they need to first bypass all the Jewish-engineered and sponsored divisions inside of America. Divisions like Identitarian politics, race-baiting and race disharmony, Jewish-owned Hollywood’s demonization of traditional American values, Neoliberalism, globalism, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Mainstream media, most of Altmedia – and the long list goes on. They also need to discard and rebel against imposed mental pollutants like the mandatory teaching of the fake Anne Frank book in their schools; and most certainly, they also need to reject the funding of all those hideous Holocaust museums that operate to enable ongoing Jewish crimes against Americans by portraying the Jews as the ‘eternal victims with special needs’. All these holocaust museums are no more than propaganda factories paid for by your own tax dollars, not by Israeli Shekels or by private Jewish donations. It is the height of absurdity that Americans should be paying for their own brainwash and mental enslavement. Americans need to, ABOVE ALL, reclaim their First Amendment right that’s been hijacked and recently ripped to shreds by Jewish power. Americans need to regain their freedom of speech and be able to call a spade, a spade, and a Jew, a Jew.

There is no understating how many Jewish chains are already wrapped around the American mind and body. That’s your individual mind and body I speak of.

Begs the question here: where is your dignity and self-respect, dear American? Where is your honor and warriorhood? Where are the fruits of your labor that you’ve invested in your family and country year after year? It is not in your own hands, and it is not being spent on your community either. The Jewish lobby has made sure that your freedom and your tax dollars go first and foremost and directly towards serving the state of Israel. The Jewish lobby has killed your democracy, created social devastation right across the nation and fleeced your hard-earned tax dollars to benefit the klepto and oppressive state of Israel. The Jewish lobby has been treating you no different than a nation of slaves it socially engineers and owns. Presently, America is not in a state of justice and grace. Americans of all colors and stripes are not a free people. America is no longer ‘the beautiful’. America is under occupation by tribal Jewish power. And the Lebanese? The Lebanese, despite their mountain of current internal crisis, are in fact living a well-earned liberated life. The bruised Lebanese are in fact a freer people than the Americans are. A life of freedom from occupation gifted to them by the consistently vigilant and sacrificial Hezbollah. Hezbollah the patriot. Hezbollah, the beautiful.

When will citizens of the West and of America realize that Hezbollah is by far more on their side than the tax-fleecing, warmongering Zion? After all, Hezbollah exists to liberate, not to rob the Mints of Europe and America, not to warmonger for wars of choice that cost mega dollars and Euros and rivers of blood. And most certainly, Hezbollah does not in any measure oppress the Western people’s rights to freedom of speech – a right that the Israel lobbies of Europe and America are fixated on denying the people.

Where is your own Hezbollah, dear American? Where is your resistance to your occupier? Where is your resisting mind? Your resisting vote? Your resisting words? Your resisting art? Your resisting gun?

As an American expat witnessing the damage and dire divisions inflicted on our society by Jewish elites, I advise you not turn your guns against one another. This is absolutely a ruinous folly. This is what your insidious occupier is betting on. Your division emboldens and empowers them. To fleece more out of you for the sake of Israel, the enemy in your midst needs you further divided and weaker. Do not submit, but do circumvent. Circumvention through unity. You do not have to love one another to death, but you do have to unite and resist against your enemy within if a life of freedom, peace and prosperity is what you think you deserve. Unite despite your differences. Unite despite your rage. This is your key to liberation.

‘By deception thou shalt do war’. This is the Israeli motto.

‘Live free or die’. This is an American motto. It is also a Hezbollah motto.(Republished from Plato’s Guns by permission of author or representative)

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on September 29, 2020

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on September 29, 2020

Translated by Staff

Speech of Hezbollah’s Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, tackling the latest developments – Tuesday 9/29/2020

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you all.

I haven’t addressed you for a month, since the tenth of Muharram. Important developments and events have taken place during the past few days and weeks, putting me at your service, God willing, to tackle these developments and topics.

The first point:

Let me start with the first point and perform a moral duty towards Kuwait and the people of Kuwait. I start with the first point, which is to offer condolences over the departure of His Highness the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to Kuwait, its people, the crown prince, the Emir’s family, the government, the National Assembly, and the people of Kuwait on this occasion.

Of course, we in Lebanon remember the late Emir’s personal and great role in ending the Lebanese civil war in the late 1980s. Likewise, the Lebanese people, us included, will never forget the distinguished position of the Emir, the government, the people, and the National Assembly of Kuwait during the July war and in the face of the “Israeli” aggression on Lebanon. The political position was clear and decisive. We will never forget their generous contribution to the reconstruction of what the Zionist aggression on Lebanon destroyed in 2006.

From our position as nationalists and a resistance movement in the face of the “Israeli” aggression and the Zionist project, we commend Kuwait’s coherent position, under the leadership of its late Emir, in the face of all the pressures imposed on Arab countries, especially the Gulf ones, to join the convoy of normalization.

Kuwait still maintains this honorable and coherent position that is consistent with its national, Arab, and Islamic commitments towards al-Quds and Palestine.

On this occasion, I ask Allah Almighty to grant the late Emir His mercy and forgiveness. I ask God Almighty to preserve Kuwait and its people and enable it to calmly transition to the new stage.

The second point:

We start with the local developments. This is also related to security. The second point concerns the events in the north. It begins with the security side. I call on the Lebanese to take note of what happened during the past few weeks in the town of Kaftoun where three of its youths and men were martyred. This in addition to the confrontations that took place between the Lebanese army and armed groups in the north, resulting in the martyrdom of Lebanese army officers and soldiers, as well as the great confrontation that took place in the Wadi Khaled area, fought by the Internal Security Forces, especially the Information Branch, with the support of the Lebanese army, achieving great accomplishments.

At this point, we, as Lebanese, must appreciate these efforts and these sacrifices, and we must also extend our condolences to the Lebanese Army leadership and the families of the martyrs of the Lebanese Army for the loss of their loved ones.

We must also commend these families for their patience, steadfastness, and enormous sacrifices in defending Lebanon, its safety and security. We must also praise the position of the people and their rallying around the army and security forces in the north, in the northern villages and towns where these confrontations took place.

By exposing these diverse groups, it has been revealed so far – from those killed, arrested, and identified – that there are groups made up of Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians who are armed with various weapons. According to the available information, quantities of explosive materials, weapons, and explosive belts were found with these groups. But the most dangerous were the mortar rounds and LAW missiles. This means that these groups were not only preparing for suicide attacks or small and limited operations here and there. But they were preparing themselves for a major military action.

In the coming days and weeks, investigations conducted by the security services might reveal to the Lebanese people the magnitude of the great achievement of the army, the internal security forces, and the Information Branch in the recent confrontations, as well as any calamity that was thwarted by the grace of God Almighty and the efforts of all these people in the north. In any case, we have to wait.

Regarding this point, if you remember correctly, I issued a warning a month ago and called on you to pay attention. I said that there was a revival of Daesh in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Unfortunately, some people responded with sometimes sharp, negative, and violent comments. In any case, hatred, blindness, and ignorance sometimes prevent some people from seeing the facts. This is primarily because they are unable to read what is happening in the region.

In our region, specifically after the “assassination of the era” by the United States of America that saw the targeting of martyr Commander Hajj Qassem Soleimani and martyr Commander Hajj Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, the Iraqi people’s demand for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq, and the decision of the Iraqi parliament in this regard, the US started reviving Daesh. If you notice since that time, Daesh has returned to Iraq, launching operations and taking control of some territories, mountains, and valleys, storming and setting up ambushes.

They are in Syria as well, in Syria’s Jazira region. Daesh was resurrected in many areas and started its operations. It is natural that it starts preparations in Lebanon to justify the continuing presence of US forces in the region under the rubric of the international coalition to confront ISIS. It is also that the battle is not between one country against another. Here lies the problem of reading the situation in Lebanon. Some people in Lebanon always view Lebanon as an island isolated from everything that is happening in the region.

Lebanon is part of the region – in terms of events and its fate, its past, present, and future as well. Therefore, when Daesh is revived, it is revived in the entire region, and this is what is happening. These large groups have been raided and arrested. They are still searching for other groups, while others have not emerged yet. All these belong to Daesh. The investigations proved that these groups pledged allegiance to Daesh and follow it. They received instructions to recruit, organize, start formations, and prepare, awaiting zero hour. We do not even know what exactly what was being prepared for our country.

In this context, I once again call for caution and to be aware of what is being prepared for the region. When the Americans reach a dead end while confronting the people of the region and when they sense failure, they resort to these methods that we are all familiar with. This matter needs attention, caution, and awareness. It also requires everyone to stand behind the military and security institutions to confront this imminent and approaching danger.

The third point:

The third point tonight concerns the southern border. Along the border with occupied Palestine, the enemy’s army is still in the highest state of alert, hiding, exercising extreme caution, and attention. This is a good thing. Perhaps this is the longest period of time that the enemy’s army experienced such suffering on our southern borders with occupied Palestine since the establishment of the “Israeli” entity that usurped Palestine in 1948. Its soldiers do not dare to move. Sometimes at night, we might notice a tank moving here or there. It is not clear whether there are soldiers in the tank because they use automatic vehicles and tanks. In any case, we are following up. Our decision is still standing. We are following up, watching, and waiting patiently because as I said on the tenth of Muharram the important thing is to achieve the goal. We will see what will come in the coming days and weeks.

The fourth point:

Another point related to the “Israeli” issue. A little while ago, the prime minister of the enemy’s government was speaking at a live broadcast before the United Nations. Before I entered this place to talk to you, the brothers told me what he said. Some of what he said was to incite the Lebanese people against Hezbollah. As usual, he took out his maps, locations, etc. He talked about a location here between Beirut and the southern suburbs of Beirut. He claimed that this place is where Hezbollah stores rockets and that it was near a gas station. He then warned the Lebanese that if an explosion happens, it will be similar to the port blast.

Because there is no time now, I will rely on the brothers to call. Hezbollah’s media relations department are supposed to start making calls. I am talking to you now, and they may have started or they will start contacting the various media outlets to meet at a close point at 10 p.m. Since I am still giving my speech and I do not want to disrupt it… In any case, anyone who would like to go to that area from now, there is no problem. We will allow the media to enter this facility and see what’s in it. Let the whole world discover Netanyahu’s lie live on air. Of course, he finished his speech a little while ago. If there are missiles there, and now I am talking to you, and its 8:43 p.m. according to my time.

I think that if Hezbollah has placed dozens of missiles or even one missile there, it will not be able to transfer it within half an hour from my announcement. Of course, this will not be a permanent policy; this does not bind us, Hezbollah and the resistance, to the principle that whenever Netanyahu talks about a place, we call the media to check it out. This means that Netanyahu will have something for you to do every day.

However, we accepted to resort to this method because we understand the sensitivities surrounding the explosion that took place at the port on August 4 and the lies, deception, and injustice that befell us after the explosion. Any local and foreign media outlet that wants to go can coordinate with the media relations department from now. And at 10 p.m., the media relations department in coordination with the brothers will determine the rendezvous point and head to the facility from there.

And whoever wants to go now to make sure that we are not removing the rockets, that is not a problem. In any case, he specified the exact location. This is only for the Lebanese to be aware in the battle of awareness and incitement – we do not produce rockets neither in the Beirut port nor near a gas station. We know exactly where to store our missiles.

I move to the political aspect. In the internal political aspect, we have the issue of the government – meaning the formation of the new government – the French initiative, and the recent conference by the French President Mr. Macron. I would like to talk about this topic.


Let me explain to the Lebanese public what is happening. There are some details that I will, of course, not delve into.  There are also some facts that I will postpone talking about it to keep the doors open. But I would like to paint a clear picture – I think it will be sufficient – of what is happening. I will also talk about our remarks on the French President’s conference and where we are heading.

Regarding the government, after the port explosion, August 4, the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s government, the visit of the French President to Lebanon, and the launch of the French initiative. Two meetings took place in the Pine Residence with the presence of the French President and eight parties, forces, bodies, or parliamentary blocs. In the second meeting, there were nine parties. An initiative was proposed. The text [of the initiative] is distributed and published in the media and on social media. People can read it, and there is nothing hidden regarding this topic. We all said we support and back the French initiative.

The first step is to form a new government. I will delve into the details shortly. The first step in the first stage is to designate a prime minister to form a government. I will say things as they are and mention names because the Lebanese people have the right to have clarity. Everything is clear because there are no secrets in Lebanon, nor am I revealing any. I am stating facts. Who are we going to designate?

We agreed. There is no problem with parliamentary blocs consulting each other. If Prime Minister Saad Hariri wants to be prime minister, it’s welcomed. We did not have a problem. If he liked to name someone, we see who he will name, and we discuss it among each other. We either accept it or not. This was the beginning of the discussions. Of course, during that period a club was formed. We call it the Prime Ministers Club.

رؤساء الحكومات السابقين يجتمعون الإثنين للبَت بموضوع تلبية دعوة لقاء بعبدا  (الجمهورية) - Lebanon News

We will talk about the club of the four former prime ministers more than once. Prime Minister [Salim] Al-Hoss (may God prolong his life) is still alive, and he is one of the former heads of government. Hence, this club is made up of the prime ministers of the previous four governments. Prime Minister Hassan Diab also became a former prime minister. So, they are two. However, this club started meeting.

They said that they met and sat with each other. We do not have a problem. On the contrary, we are calling for the broadest possible understanding between the political forces, parties, and blocs in Lebanon. They have representative blocs and they represent political forces, so they presented three names with the preference of Mr. Mustapha Adib, or that was our understanding. Of course, all indications suggested Mr. Mustapha Adib.

Of course, that night as people were all in a hurry and during the 15-day deadline, we asked about the man. The information we got was reasonable, good, and positives.

In order to facilitate matters, we did not set conditions or demanded to sit with him. We did not engage in a prior understanding. Now some people might say this was a mistake, while others might agree. This is another discussion. But we did so to make matters easy. We wanted to facilitate matters, and who is most important in the government? the prime minister. The most important thing in the government is the prime minister.

We relied on Allah Almighty and on the rule that – yes, we want a government to be formed with the widest representation and support so that it can do something at this difficult stage. We relied on God, and this step was accomplished. Excellent! Everyone was relaxed. The French President came on a second visit and met with some people after appointing Mr. Mustapha Adib. He said: “Please go ahead and begin. We want to complete this reform paper, etc.”

Lebanon faces hurdles to deliver cabinet on time | Arab News

Following the appointment of Mr. Mustapha Adib, protocol meetings with the parliamentary blocs took place, and the matter was concluded. The prime minister-designate was asked to do so. Of course, he is a respectable man with high morals, and I do not have any remarks on him.

He was told to wait for the parliamentary blocs to negotiate with since they are the one who will give their vote of confidence to the government. It is not enough just to give a name. there might be blocs that might not give a name, but they can give a vote of confidence.

However, they did not talk to anyone. According to my information, no discussions, meetings, or extrapolation of opinions took place. The President of the Republic later had to send for some heads of blocs or representatives of blocs to discuss them. It was considered that there was no reason – I will say why – to even consult with the President of the Republic, who is in fact here not a political force, but according to the constitution, a partner in forming the government.

This means that from the start the prime minister-designate should go to him and discuss with him, not bring him some files. He should discuss with him the distribution of portfolios, the names of the ministers, the nature of the government, the perception of the government. This never happened, not even once. It is as if the government should be formed and the President would be told that this is the government, these are the names, this is the distribution of the portfolios. Then, President Aoun would either sign on the government or not. There is no third option. If he signs, it means that this is a de facto government. Neither the distribution of portfolios nor the names were discussed with him. what does mean? What is the most important authority the president has following the Taif Agreement? It is taking part in the formation of the government. It means that it is over.

And here the French must pay attention to where they are making mistakes. This means that they are covering a political process that would have led to the elimination of the most important remaining powers of the President of the Republic in Lebanon.

And if President Aoun did not sign, there will be an upheaval in the country. The media and the opponents are ready, and there is French pressure. If President Aoun does not sign, he will be accused of disrupting [the formation] to support Gebran Basil. So, nothing happened. I don’t know if there were negotiations with the Progressive Socialist Party or the [Lebanese Forces]. But I know that there were negotiations with the blocs that are our friends and allies and are the parliamentary majority. There were negotiations with us – for this reason or that – because they cannot overpass this component and duo – Hezbollah and the Amal Movement.

We went to the discussions. Of course, the one who was negotiating with us was not the prime minister-designate. We had no problem negotiating with anyone that is acting on behalf of the prime minister-designate or the four former prime ministers. But former Prime Minister Saad Hariri was negotiating with us. Of course, the discussion was calm, objective, scientific, and careful. We understood several points related to the government since the beginning of the discussions. There were some differences in opinion. The first point is that the government will be composed of 14 ministers.

The second point is rotating the portfolios. So basically, it means give us the Finance Ministry. The third point is that the prime minister-designate, i.e. us, that is the club of the four former prime ministers will be the one naming the ministers of all the sects – not just Sunni or Shiite ministers. No, Sunni, Shiite, Druze, and Christian ministers. The club will name them all. The fourth point is that they will specify how the portfolios will be distributed. Brothers, how are you going to distribute the portfolios? What will the Muslims take? What will the Christians take? The Shiites, the Sunnis, the Druze, the Maronites, the Catholics, the Armenians? There is no answer. This is up to them. This means that us and the rest of the people in the country just take not that the government will be made of 14 ministers.

This was the result. The discussion unfolded in a respectful manner, but the result was that we take note that there will be 14 ministers, of the rotation, of the distribution of portfolios, and of the names of the ministers that will be representing the sects.

We engaged in the discussions, and we agreed on the number of the ministers. It was concluded that a government made up of 30 ministers is tiring, even 24 ministers is too much. But 14, this means you are handing one person two ministries, at a time when a minister is given one ministry and is barely succeeding in running it.

This is one of the problems in the country. The competent ministers who are able to run their ministries, why do you want to give a minister two ministries. Let there be 18 or 20 ministers. The discussions regarding the number remained open, but the other party insisted on 14 ministers, knowing that most of the parliamentary blocs who were later consulted by the President, were against having 14 ministers and wanted the broadest possible representation. 

We come to the second point: the rotation. We also disagreed on it. The discussion over the Finance Ministry has become known in the country. The third point, naming the ministers. Here, it is not intended only as naming the finance minister. Let us assume that certain portfolios are the responsibility of Christians, Sunnis, Shiites, or Druze ministers. They want to name those ministers, not the parliamentary blocs that represent these ministers’ sects or the parties that represent their sects. These ministers were elected by the Lebanese people and the people from their sects as well. But neither the sect nor the parties will name their ministers, they just have to take note.

Of course, we rejected this issue and was out of the question. It was not only the Shiite ministers. We consider this manner when someone wants to name all the ministers for all the sects in Lebanon a threat to the country.

Let’s go back a little bit. Let us talk about what the Taif Agreement, the constitutional powers, and customs tell you regarding the formation of the government. Talking about the formation of the government before the Taif Agreement is useless because we already have the Taif Agreement. Also talking about the formation of the government since the Taif Agreement until 2005 is useless; even though they might tell us that this is how it used to be during the Syrian tutelage or the Syrian administration.

From 2005 until today, most of the time you were a parliamentary majority and the main political forces in the country applying the Taif Agreement. The first government that was formed after the withdrawal of the Syrian forces from Lebanon was the government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati. So far, people would agree on a prime minister. The prime minister then negotiates with the people. He negotiates with them, and no one negotiates on their behalf. They agree on the number, the distribution of the portfolios. The parliamentary blocs or the parties taking part name then ministers. The prime minister never discussed the names.

There was an amendment to this behavior or this custom that took place in 2005 with the government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab. We accepted it when discussions began that Mr. Muhammad Safadi or other figures might be nominated. We accepted this. There is no problem when the blocs or parties name someone to be head a certain ministry, for example.

The prime minister-designate can say that this person is not suitable for this position and can ask for another name. We were open to this process before the government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab. We applied this with the government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab. And we are ready to apply it again.

This is a positive progress, and this strengthens the powers of the prime minister. This does not weaken the prime minister. This was the prevailing custom regarding the prime minister from 2005 until today. He would agree with the parliamentary blocs and the main political forces that want to take part in the government. they would agree on the portfolios and the distribution. They name their ministers, and he did not discuss the names.

Of course, this is good. Now, we can argue with the names and refuse some, and whoever you refuse we put aside and suggest other names. In fact, this is a strengthening of the premiership position, unlike any stage from the beginning of the Taif Agreement until today.

Whoever wants to use sectarian language and say this is weakening the premiership position, not at all. This happened for the first or the second time. We accept it and consider it logical and natural, and there is no problem.

This remained a point of contention – the issue of distributing the portfolios. It was the same thing. Even with regard to the names, a couple were proposed that we had no problem with. We also told them. We told them in the end, this is subject to discussion. We can solve it together.

For example, some wanted non-partisans. There is no problem. This can be discussed. They said we want people who have not taken part on previous governments, new people. There is no problem. By God, if the prime minister-designate does not agree with the names, we told them there is no problem. All this is to simplify and not complicate the matter.

In any case, the answer came after all the discussions and on the last day of the 15-day deadline, the government will contain 14 ministers, knowing that all this did were not discussed with His Excellency the President as far as I know. They did not agree with him on whether there would be 14 or 20 ministers or how the portfolios would be distributed. Nothing of this sort.

We were back to the beginning again – a government made up of 14 ministers, rotation, they name the ministers, and distribute portfolios.

For us, this was not acceptable at all. And this is where things got stuck. Of course, you can discuss this method with relation to the customs from 2005 until today. To those who are talking about customs, these were never the customs in forming a government. you can even discuss this in relation to the constitution which includes an article that the government should include representatives of all the sects. This method is not in the Taif Agreement. The government, thus, became the authority and the decision maker. They said all the sects are represented in the government through representatives representing these sects.

I do not wish to infer from this text contained perhaps in Article 95, but rather I would like to say that at least debate this constitutionally. In any case, I do not want to delve into a constitutional debate, but these were not the norms that prevailed from 2005 until now.

Why do you now want to establish new norms that exclude parliamentary blocs, the parliamentary majority, the Lebanese president, and the political forces and confiscate the formation of the government in the interest of one group that represents part of the current parliamentary minority, even if we respect it and respect its representation and position? These are, however, new norms that go the constitution and democracy that Mr. Macron is demanding of us.

During the last few days of the 15-day deadline, the French intervened, calling everyone and pressuring them. They spoke to leaders and heads of political parties. Of course, the channel of communication with us was different. President Macron made good effort. But in which direction is that effort heading toward?

Regardless of the discussion that took place with others, I am talking about the discussion that took place with us. ‘Why are you obstructing? We want you to help and facilitate – of course, all this in a language of diplomacy that included pressure – otherwise, the consequences will be dire.’ This sort of talk.

We asked them: Our dear ones, our friends, does the French initiative say that the government has to have 14 ministers? They said: No. Does the French initiative say that the club of the four former prime ministers should name the ministers of all the sects in the government? They said: No. Does the French initiative say anything about this club distributing the portfolios among the sects? They said: No. Does the French initiative say anything about rotating the portfolios and take the Finance Ministry from this sect and give it to that sect? They said: No.

We have wished for a narrow government. 14, 12, 10, 18. The numbers are with you and how you call this matter is up to you.

So how are we blocking the French initiative? This is the discussion that took place between us. Since they spoke about this in the media, I am speaking about this on the media. They said, it is true. This, however, was never mentioned, and the text is there to prove it.

O Lebanese people, the text is on social networking sites. The French reform paper, which is the main article of the French initiative, does not include a government of 14 ministers, does not include rotation, does not indicate who appoints ministers, and it does not include who distributes the portfolios. These do not exist.

Allow me to continue laying down the details, and then I will mention our remarks. We reached a point where the French said: ‘We understand what you are saying. It is logical that the finance minister is a Shiite. There is no problem.’

I will not delve into discussion of why Amal and Hezbollah insist on this point. This point alone needs an explanation. But it will become clearer in my future addresses.

But allow the prime minister-designate to be the one to name. This means the club of the four former prime ministers. We told them that we are looking for a Shiite minister born of Shiite parents. We are insisting on a Shiite minister because it is a matter related to the decision-making process. Who does this minister follow when it comes to making decisions?

The club of the former heads of government can bring any Shiite employee who is 100% affiliated and loyal to them. But this is not what we are looking for. We are suggesting that the sect itself will name the minister responsible for a certain portfolio. For example, if a certain portfolio belongs to the Shiites, then the duo will be the one naming their minister. The prime minister-designate can reject this minister for as much as he wants until we agree on a suitable minister for this responsibility.

Of course, the idea was totally rejected by the club of the former prime ministers.

Later, former Prime Minister Saad Hariri came out and said that he accepts for one time that the finance minister be a Shiite, but the prime minister-designate will be the one to name him. We were already over this five days ago and that he drank the poison. There is no need for you, former prime minister, to drink the poison. God bless your heart, and may He keep you healthy. We can always go back and reach an understanding. There is no problem. But this is not the solution. 

Then, the three former prime ministers say that they do not agree with what former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said. The whole matter is incomprehensible, “What do we want with it”.

We reached a point where there is a problem; we do not agree on the form of the government. We do not agree on the names of the ministers, on the rotation, or the distribution of the portfolios. The prime minister-designate, of course, apologized. I would like to point out that there was an idea of a fait accompli. I’m saying this so that I don’t accuses someone in precise. Let us form the government and ignore the rest. Let us name the ministers and then head to the President to sign. If he does not sign, he will face an upheaval. He will sign, though, because the Christians are in a difficult situation. The Free Patriotic movement is in a difficult situation, and the President wants his term to succeed. There are French pressure for the President to sign.

In any case, during the discussions between us and the side of the prime minister-designate, the man was clear. He said, ‘I came to be supported and positive and my government be supported by a large coalition so that I can help. I do not want to confront anyone, and if there is no agreement regarding the government, I will not form a confrontational government. The man was honest in his position and commitment, and he apologized.

Of course, we hoped that he would give more opportunities. Whether he could not handle it anymore or was asked to do so are details that I have no knowledge about.

I am still stating the facts and I will soon make our remarks.

Of course, the wave is already known since before the apology. The mass media machines and the writers, those groups that the American spoke about, had already begun to hold people responsible.

Whoever has a problem with the duo, Amal and Hezbollah, blamed the Shiite duo. There were those that focused on Hezbollah and those who attack President Aoun. The attack here focused on President Aoun and the duo, Amal and Hezbollah, because there were political orders issued.

The French were upset and announced that President Macron would like to hold a press conference. The Lebanese waited to see who the French would hold responsible. We all heard, we all heard President Macron’s press conference and the questions the Lebanese journalists bombarded him with.

I am done with listing the facts, and I would like to comment. In this context, the following points should be made clear to all:

First: The offer during last month, because the 15-day deadline has expired and another 15 days were added to it, so this makes a month. What was on the table? The formation of a salvation government and not to form a club of former prime ministers whereby all parliamentary blocs and parties in the country as well as the Parliament Speaker and the President hand over the country to this club unconditionally, without any discussions and questions. 

What kind of government? what kind of distribution? What is its policy? There is no discussion. Just go and accept the government that they will form; otherwise, sanctions and French pressure will follow. You will be held responsible before the Lebanese people and before the international community, and you will appear as the ones obstructing. This is what was on offer last month, and of course it was based on a wrong reading.

The most important thing about this offer was whether the Amal-Hezbollah duo would accept or not. I will talk about things frankly. Basically, they did not speak with any other party. They did not discuss or negotiate, and they considered that if the Amal-Hezbollah duo agreed, no one will be able to stand in the way of this project. In the end, if President Aoun wants to talk about constitutional powers, he will be left alone, confronted and pressured. I am stating this just for you to know what position we were in.

So, the offer on the table during the past month was not a salvation government, but rather a government named by the club of former prime ministers, with 14 ministers and a board of directors of specialists and employees whose political decision absolutely stems from one party that is part of the parliamentary minority in Lebanon and represents one political team that is considered the largest group of Lebanon’s Sunni community. However, it is not correct to say that it represents the whole Sunni sect. There are many Sunni representatives who were elected by Sunni votes and have representation in the Sunni community.

This was what was on offer, and everyone was required to accept it. Of course, there was a misreading here – the people get scared, the country was in a difficult situation, people are on the streets, and pressure and sanctions were coming. The two ministers, Ali Khalil and Youssef Fenianos, were slapped with sanctions. There were also threats to sanction 94 people, the French pressure, etc.

Thus, we are a party that they take into account. So, they are telling you that if you obstruct, there will be grave consequences regarding this matter. This is how the discussions with us went. We don’t know how it went with the rest – what they threatened or pressured them with. This is first.

A. Regarding this point, I would like to say this method will not succeed in Lebanon, whoever its supporters and sponsors are, be it America, France, Europe, the international community, the Arab League, the whole world, the universe. This method does not work in Lebanon. You are wasting time.

B. President Macron accused us of intimidating the people. Those who are accusing us of intimidation are the ones who, during the past month, have practiced a policy of intimidation against the leaders, the blocs, the political parties and forces, in order to force a government of this kind. They resorted to threats, punishments, and heading towards the worse. You saw the language they used, and this was shown in the media. This does not work.

Second: We rejected this formula not because we want to be in the government or not. The main question that was before us was, is it in the interest of Lebanon and its people and saving Lebanon? Now we have two stages. One stage moves from bad to good and one from bad to worse. Where are we heading towards? Who are we handing the rescue ship over to? Who is the captain? The four prime ministers were prime ministers since 2005 up until a few months ago. Is this wrong or right? They have been prime ministers for 15 years. They are not the only ones to bear the responsibility. We all bear the responsibility. But they bear the bulk of the responsibility because they were heads of government and had ministers to represent them in the government.

On the contrary, I hold them responsible and also ask them to take responsibility, not to run away from bearing the responsibility, to cooperate, to understand, and join hands with us. Can saving the country be achieved with you handing over the country to the party that bears the bulk of the responsibility for the reason we are here now and for the situation over the past 15 years? What logic is this? Whose logic is this?

Third: To us, here I will talk about Hezbollah specifically. Regarding our brothers in the Amal movement, they have always taken part in governments even before we participated. In 2005, you know that we were not in an atmosphere to take part in governments. After 2005, why?

During the 2018 electoral campaign, I spoke a lot about this issue, and I said that we should take part in the governments, not greed for a position, a ministry, salary, or money. Thank God, Allah has given us from his grace. We do not need salaries from the state, budgets, or this state’s money. However, I spoke the reason clearly. Now, I will add a second reason.

The reason we were talking about is to protect the resistance. We have explained this, and there is no need to repeat it. Now, some of our loving friends might say that Hezbollah does not need to take part in the government to protect the resistance. This is a respectable point of view, but we disagree with this opinion. More than one friend has said this. But we disagree with them. Why?

We have to take part in the government to protect the resistance and prevent another May 5, 2008 government from emerging. Who were in the May 5, 2008 government? The people who want to form the new government, a government similar to the May 5, 2008 government.

A dangerous decision was taken by the May 5, 2008 government that would have led to a confrontation between the Lebanese Army and the resistance. It was an American-“Israeli”-Saudi project. This matter was overcome. Frankly, we are not afraid the leadership of the army, the army establishment, its officers, or its soldiers. This is a national institution. Yes, we have the right to be cautious of the political authority and the political decision, and we decided to take part in the government to protect the resistance. This is first.

The second reason that I will add now is, during all the previous discussions, Hezbollah was admonished for choosing to resist and fight in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, etc. We were admonished for neglecting the economic situation, the financial situation, and the living situation. Accusations and equations were formulated – the arms in exchange for corruption, and the economy in exchange for the resistance. this sort of talk.

I do not want to discuss this remark, but I want to use it to say that we cannot be absent from this government today, frankly, out of fear for what is left of Lebanon, economically, financially and on every level. We fear for Lebanon and the Lebanese people. I mentioned that I do not fear for Hezbollah. We are afraid for the country, for the people, and the future of this country. How?

What if a government we are not sure whether it believes in blankly signing on the terms of the International Monetary Fund was formed? I am not accusing anyone, but this is a possibility. I know people’s convictions. Should this be allowed? Should we as a parliamentary bloc in the country give our vote of confidence to a government I already know would blankly sign with the IMF without any negotiations and the people should agree and sign? Do we not have the right to be afraid of a government that, under the pretext of the financial situation, could sell state property?

This is suggested in some plans – selling state property and privatization under the pretext that we want to bring money to pay off the debt and the deficit, etc. Don’t we have the right to be afraid of such a government? I tell you, in the previous governments where we were the half or the majority and not the third that disrupted, we used to always have disagreements. We are not alone on the issue of increasing the Value Added Tax.

If a government was formed in the way it was going to be formed a few days ago, the first decision would have been to increase VAT on everything. The tax policy would have been imposed on the people. And we promised the Lebanese people that we will not allow or accept it. Will the people be able to handle a new VAT?

A few cents were added to the WhatsApp application, and the people took to the streets on October 17th. Don’t we have the right to be afraid of a government when we do not know what will become of the depositors’ money?

No, my dears, we fear for our country, our people, state property, and the depositors’ money. We have concerns regarding the conditions of the IMF, and we are afraid of going from bad to worse. I am not claiming to have magical solutions. We have proposed alternatives related to oil derivatives from Iran, which will save the Lebanese treasury billions of dollars, and are related to going eastward without leaving the West – if possible, with Russia, china, Iraq, Iran, etc. They were concerned about these proposals, especially the Americans.  There are alternative propositions. But we are not saying that we are the alternative. We are calling on everyone to cooperate.

But, frankly, we can no longer, due to the resistance or anything else, turn our backs, close our eyes, and accept anyone to form a government and run the country and manage the financial and economic situations. This is no longer permissible at all. Therefore, to us, the issue is not a matter of power or being the authority. This is in the past, and these are also principles for what is to come, when we talk about any government that will be formed in the future.

Regarding President Macron’s conference, I will discuss the content and the form. I will quickly read them.

1- In terms of content, the French president held the Lebanese political forces responsible for disrupting the initiative. I repeat and ask him what we asked his delegates. Did the French initiative say that the four former heads of government alone should form the government and impose it on the political blocs and the Lebanese President, determine portfolios and distribute them, and name ministers from all the sects? Yes or no? The answer given to us was “no.” This was not in the French initiative. Then I look for the one responsible for causing the first stage to fail – those who benefited from the French initiative and pressure to impose such a government, to impose new customs, and to score political gains that they weren’t able to achieve in the past 15 years with your [French] cover and pressure.

If you knew and understood what was happening, then this is a catastrophe and no longer an initiative. There is a project for a group to take control of the whole country and eliminate all political forces. And if you were not aware of this, it is fine. Now you are aware, so deal with the issue in the second stage of the French initiative. Hence, there is no need to blame everyone for being responsible for the failure. You have to specify exactly who bears the responsibility!

2- When you blamed the failure on all the political forces, I do not want to defend Hezbollah, on the contrary, I wish that President Macron says that Hezbollah is the one that caused the failure and pardon the rest of the political forces. O brother, there are political forces in Lebanon that were not even consulted or negotiated with. They do not know what is happening. We, who were negotiating did not know the names and the portfolios, how will they know when they are clueless? How can they be held responsible? Later when it comes to the form, you’ll be accused. You accused all the heads of institutions. Fine, the Parliament Speaker is part of the duo. But where did the President make a mistake? Where did he fall short for them to hold him accountable? He [Macron] held everyone responsible. He said heads of institutions and political forces. This includes the Lebanese President. Where did the man go wrong? What were his shortcomings to be held responsible? He was not even informed about the government, the distribution of the portfolios, and the names of the ministers!

3- We are being held responsible and taking the country to the worse situation. No, on the contrary. What we did was prevent the country from going from bad to worse. We are still in a bad situation, and we hope that the initiative rethinks its way of thinking and the Lebanese people cooperate with each other so that we can move from bad to good.

Al-Quds News Agency – News: Hezbollah to Macron: “Hold your limits!”

4- What are the promises that we made and did not fulfill? A paper was presented on the table. Our brother, Hajj Muhammad Raad, may God protect him, the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc, and the rightly representative of Hezbollah, of course read them. Frankly, he said: We agree with 90% of what is in the paper. Macron asked him if he was sure that we agree on 90 %. He said, yes. Of course, they did not specify the 10% that we disapproved. But let us assume that we said we agree 100%, this paper does not include this means and the formation of the government. Then, Mr. Macron, what did we promise and commit to and not keep it for us to be not respectable people who do not respect their promises? This is the harshest thing to be said. At the beginning, you said a national unity government. Then, you back tracked. We understood that. Some said it was a mistake in translation. Others said it was American and Saudi pressure. Fine. The best thing you said is that it should be a government made up of independent people with important competencies. But who will name these independent individuals? The initiative did not mention who will name them. No one has agreed with anyone on the process of naming these ministers.

You do not want the parties to name them. But former Prime Minister Saad Hariri is head of a party, former Prime Minister Najib Mikati is the leader of a party, President Fouad Siniora is a member of a party. Why is one party allowed to name ministers while the rest are not allowed?

Your Excellency the President and all the Lebanese at the table, we have not committed ourselves to pursuing a government whatever it is. We have not committed ourselves to accepting to hand over the country to some government. No one agreed with anyone how the government will be formed and who will name ministers. This was not mentioned in the plan or in the initiative. This initiative was used to impose this thought on the political blocs and the Lebanese parties.

Our friends and foes, Your Excellency, the French President, know that we fulfill our promises, our commitments, and our credibility to both the enemy and the friend. The manner in which we conduct our dealings is known. When we promise, we are known to fulfill our promises and sacrifice in order to fulfill our promises. We might upset our friends and allies to fulfill our promises. I do not want to give examples, but this is a well-known topic.

One of the points that I want to comment on is that no one should use promises of financial aid to write off the main political forces in the country and sidestep the election results. President Macron says: The Amal Movement and Hezbollah, Hezbollah and Speaker Berri, the Shiites must choose Democracy or worst [situation].

We chose democracy. What you ask of us is inconsistent with democracy. If elections are not democracy, then what is democracy? Democracy in 2018 produced a parliamentary majority. You, Mr. President, are asking the parliamentary majority to bow and hand over the country to the minority, to a part of the parliamentary minority. We chose the parliamentary and municipal elections and chose the parliament. We chose partnership. We did not choose the worst or war. We did not attack anyone. The Zionists are the ones who launched a war on our country, occupied our land, and confiscated our goods, and they are the ones who are threatening our country.

We did not go to Syria to fight civilians. We went to Syria with the approval of the Syrian government to fight the groups that you say are terrorist and takfiri, and which France is part of the international coalition that is fighting them. You are in Syria illegally and without the approval of the Syrian government. We did not go to fight civilians in Syria. We are fighting there to defend our country, to defend Lebanon, Syria, and the region against the most dangerous project in the history of the region after the Zionist project, which is the project of takfirist terrorism. We are not part of the corrupt class. We did not take money from the state’s funds. The source of our money is known. It is no secret. We do not have funds, financial revenues, or partisan projects that we want to protect. Everyone else is free to say whatever they want about themselves.

But we do not accept anyone to speak with us in this language or thinking of us in this way. When we talk about obstruction and facilitation, we accepted the appointment of Mr. Mustapha Adib without prior understandings and conditions. We only built on goodwill. But this means that we are heading towards compromise and facilitations. As for surrender, it is a different story. Blindly handing over the country is another matter.

We are not terrorizing or intimidating anyone in Lebanon. Unfortunately, President Macron stated this, even if it came in the context of being skeptical about the election results. You can ask your embassy and your intelligence services in Lebanon. They will tell you how small Lebanon is and how many politicians, media outlets, social networking sites, and newspapers insult us and falsely accuse us day and night. They are living and are not afraid of anyone. If they were afraid, they would not dare open their mouths against Arab countries under your protection and are your friends and allies. No one dares write a tweet to express an opposing stance against normalization, or support, or criticize a government, king, or prince. No, we are not intimidating anyone. If anyone is afraid, it is their business. But we are not intimidating anyone. You can come see for yourself and ask the people in the country.

5- The last point in the matter. I hope that the French administration will not listen to some of the Lebanese, and if it has this point of view to deal with it. Not everything is – Iran asked to block the French initiative, Iran requested strictness in naming ministers, Iran asked the duo to insist on the Ministry of Finance. This is nonsense and baseless. Iran is not like this. Iran is not like you. Iran does not interfere in the Lebanese affairs. We are the decision-makers when it comes to Lebanese affairs. We decide what we want to do in regarding matters in Lebanon. We, in Hezbollah, and the duo, Hezbollah and Amal, and we with our allies decide.

Iran does not interfere or dictate. At the very least, in the past 20 years and more than 20 years. I am talking about a long time ago, ever since I took the post of secretary general because the direct contact is with me. From 1992, anyone who spoke to Iran, Iran told them to speak with the brothers in Lebanon – talk to them, discuss with them, the decision is theirs. Every once in a while, they point to an Iranian-American agreement. Hezbollah is disrupting and waiting [an Iranian-American agreement]. There is neither an American-Iranian agreement nor American-Iranian negotiations. At the very least, in the elections, this is settled. The Iranians announced this. Iran does not want to pressure France for a certain interest in the Security Council. What is this nonsense! If this ignorance will continue and this wrong way of thinking remains, this means we will never reach any results in Lebanon because wrong introductions will always lead to wrong results.

Mr. Macron, if you want to search outside Lebanon for the one who caused the failure of your initiative, then look for the Americans who imposed sanctions and are threatening to impose sanctions. Look for King Salman and his speech at the United Nations.

Regarding the form, on what basis did you say that all political forces, the heads of constitutional institutions committed treason and betrayal – regardless of the translation? How? Who said they committed treason?

1- First, we don’t allow anyone to accuse us and say that we committed treason. We categorically reject and condemn this condescending behavior against us and all the political forces in Lebanon. We do not accept neither this language nor this approach. We do not accept anyone doubting whether we are respectable people and a respectable party or whether we respect our promises and respect others. We do not accept anyone to accuse us of corruption. If the French friends have files on ministers from Hezbollah, deputies from Hezbollah, and officials from Hezbollah that we took money from the state, I accept, go ahead, and present them to the Lebanese judiciary. We will hand over anyone who has a corruption file of this sort. And this is a real challenge, and I have spoken about this a hundred times, and I will repeat and say it again.

But the rhetoric of the corrupt class, the corrupt political class, and the corrupt political forces is not acceptable. We welcomed President Macron when he visited Lebanon and welcomed the French initiative, but not for him to be a public prosecutor, an investigator, a judge, and a ruler of Lebanon. No, we welcomed President Macron and the French initiative as friends who love Lebanon, want to help it emerge from its crises, and want to bring different points of view closer. This means friendship, care, mediation, brotherhood, and love. But there is never a mandate for anyone, not for the French President or for anyone to be a guardian, a ruler, or a judge of Lebanon. It is not to my knowledge that the Lebanese have taken a decision of this kind. That is why we hope that this method, form, and content be reviewed.

In this part, I conclude and say that we welcomed the French initiative. And today, His Excellency the President extended. It is also welcomed. We still welcome the French initiative, and we are ready for dialogue, cooperation, openness, and to hold discussions with the French, with all the friends of Lebanon, and with all the political forces in Lebanon. But the bullying that was practiced during the past month, surpassed the facts that took place during the past month. This cannot continue; otherwise, we will not reach a conclusion. We are ready, and we hope for this initiative to be successful, and we support its continuation. We are betting on it as everyone else. But I call for the reconsideration of the method, the way of action, the understanding, the analysis, the conclusion, and even the management and the language of communication. The most important thing is respect and people’s dignities.

In the past two days, the national dignity was violated. There are people who are angry at parties and at a political class. They have the right to be angry, but there was something else. When anyone generalizes an idea to include everyone, institutions, parties and political forces, this in fact violates national dignity. This is unacceptable. We know that the French are moralists and diplomatic and speak in a beautiful language. Even if the content is a little harsh, yet they try to beautify it. I do not know what happened on Sunday night.

In any case, we are open to anything that benefits our country. Now in the new phase, it is natural after what happened that the parliamentary blocs will return and talk to each other, consult and communicate. The French say that they will continue with the initiative. That’s good. But what are the ideas? What are the new foundations? I will not present neither ideas nor solutions, nor will I set limits for us as Hezbollah because this issue needs to be discussed with our allies and our friends. But we must all not despair. We must work together and understand one another. We still insist on everyone’s cooperation and everyone’s understanding, as well as positivity among everyone so that we can cross over from a bad stage to a good one and not from bad to worse.

The fifth point:

I will say a few words in this last section. We must say something about this. In the past weeks, a new development took place in the region – the Kingdom of Bahrain, the State of Bahrain joined the caravan of normalization with the United Arab Emirates. We must praise the position of the people of Bahrain. The youth took to the streets despite the repression and dangers. The religious scholars in Bahrain openly published a list of their names and clearly and strongly condemned this normalization. We must speak highly of Bahraini religious scholars and leaders inside of Bahrain and abroad, headed by His Eminence Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim (may God protect him), the parties and forces, the political associations, various figures, and some representatives in the House of Representatives.

Of course, this is an honorable position. This is Bahrain, and these are the people of Bahrain. The government, the king, the administration, or the authority that took this decision, we all know that this authority does make its own decision in the first place. It is dealt with as one of the Saudi provinces. Our bet is on the Bahraini people and pave the way for our bet on others. Of course, salutations to the patient, courageous, dear, and loyal people of Bahrain.

Despite their wounds and the presence of large numbers of their youth, religious scholars, leaders, and symbols being in prisons, they did not remain silent. They were not afraid. They expressed their position courageously, braved the bullets, and were prepared to be arrested. They said the word of truth that resonated in a time of silence, betrayal, and submission. We repeat and say that our bet is on the people.

There are honorable positions being expressed in the Arab world: the official and popular Tunisian position, the official and popular Algerian position, and other positions in more than one country and place.

Of course, today we want to appeal to the Sudanese people, whose history we know, the history of their sacrifices, their jihad, their struggle against the colonialists, and their tragedies. Do not allow them to subjugate you in the name of the terror list or the economic situation. The people of Sudan, its parties, and the elites must issue a statement because it seems that the country most eligible now to be on the line [of normalization] is Sudan.

In any case, even if governments normalized, they see it as a great achievement. There is no doubt that this is a bad thing. But this is not the basis of the equation. Our bet lies on the people. This is the basis. Camp David is more than forty years old. But are the Egyptian people normalizing? What about the Jordanian people and normalization? There is no normalization. Neither the Egyptians nor the Jordanians normalized.

The ruler of the Emirates says, “We are tired of wars and sacrifices.”

O my dear, you neither fought nor made sacrifices. The Palestinians, the Egyptians, the Lebanese, and the Jordanians are the ones who made sacrifices. These are the people that made sacrifices and did not normalize.

And as long as this is the people’s choice and as long as the Palestinian people hold on to their rights, we are not concerned about everything that is happening in the region. Those who normalized and those who are now standing in line have decidedly lost their Akhira [afterlife]. Their worldly calculations will fail, and they will discover that even their worldly accounts are wrong. These accounts will not last.

There is no time left to explain this point. Until here is enough. However, this meaning will be confirmed in the near future.

May Allah grant you wellness. Peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.


South Front

On October 2, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released details on two alleged precision-guided missile factories of Hezbollah located in the Lebanese capital, Lebanon.

The location of the alleged factories was originally revealed by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a speech before the UN General Assembly on September 29. Back then, Hezbollah responded to the accusations by allowing journalists into one of the sites, that turned out to be a metal workshop.

In its new statement, the IDF repeated Netanyahu accusations, claiming that the workshop, that is located in the Jnah neighborhood, was used to produce missile parts.

The IDF said the bending machines, rolling machines and cutting machines, which were spotted in the workshop, were being used to manufacture missile engine casings, warheads, navigation component housings and missile stabilization fins.

According to the IDF’s claims, the Jnah workshop’s owner, Muhammad Knurl Fouad Rimal, is a member of Hezbollah’s missile production unit, who has flown to Iran several times.

The IDF also claimed that it had detected “suspicious traffic” at the other precision-guided missile factory, which is located in the Chouaifet neighborhood, after it was revealed by Netanyahu. The suspicious traffic was just a truck leaving the site to a civilian building in the Bat El Brajneh neighborhood. The IDF claims that the building is a Hezbollah headquarters.

Israel has been working for the last two years to promote the narrative that Hezbollah is storing weapons and making missiles in the heart of Beirut. No credible evidence has been presented by Tel Aviv, yet.

During the 2006 war, Israel used similar allegation to justify a bombing camping that wiped out a large part of the Lebanese capital. Dozens of civilians were killed while thousands others were displaced.


Sayyed Nasrallah to Macron: You’re Not Lebanon’s Ruler, Hezbollah Open to the French Initiative… US behind Failure

Sayyed Nasrallah to Macron: You’re Not Lebanon’s Ruler, Hezbollah Open to the French Initiative… US behind Failure

Zeinab Essa

Beirut-Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Tuesday a televised speech in which he tackled various internal and regional issues.

At the beginning of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah offered condolences to Kuwait and its people over the demise of Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah. “The late Kuwaiti leader played a personal and major role in ending Lebanon’s civil war. The Lebanese people neither forget the role of the late Emir in ending the civil war, nor the Kuwaiti role during the July 2006 war, supporting Lebanon and reconstructing it” he said, noting that “Kuwait still maintains its honorable stance towards Al-Quds and Palestine, unlike the train of normalization.”

Meanwhile, His Eminence praised the coherent stance of Kuwait under its late Emir against pressures on Gulf nations to join normalization with the Zionist entity.

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the efforts and sacrifices of the Lebanese army and forces that had recently confronted the armed terrorist groups in Northern Lebanon. “The armed groups in north Lebanon were plotting major military action against the country.”

He further offered condolences to the Lebanese army and the families of the martyrs that have fallen in the battle. “We have previously warned against the attempts to revive Daesh [Arabic Acronym for the terrorist ‘ISIS’/’ISIL’ group] again in Iraq and Syria, and it is natural that preparations began in Lebanon to justify the American forces’ presence in the region,” His Eminence added, pointing out that “After the assassination of martyrs [Qasim] Soleimani and [Abu Mahdi] al-Muhandis, Washington started reviving Daesh.”

In parallel, the Resistance Leader declared Hezbollah appreciates the popular position in the north and the people’s rallying around the army and security forces.

According to His Eminence, “Washington is trying to justify its continuous presence in the region under the pretext of the international coalition to fight Daesh, which it seeks to revive in the region.”

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that “The “Israeli” enemy’s army is still at the highest level of alert and is still hiding, and this is the longest period that the occupation army lives in this way without having its soldiers moving [from their places].”

Reiterating that Hezbollah still intends to retaliate to the martyrdom of one of its fighters in Syria, the Resistance Leader responded to “Israeli” PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s claims that Hezbollah is storing missiles near a gas station.

On this level, Sayyed Nasrallah announced that Hezbollah Media Relations is to invite local media outlets to the site at 22:00, to let the world discover his lies.

“We’re not obliged to invite journalists to any site mentioned by Netanyahu, but we are doing this now due to the sensitivity of the situation after the August 4 explosion,” he stressed, noting that c.”

According to His Eminence, “Our measure is to make the Lebanese people aware amid the battle of consciousness, and to let them know that we don’t put our missile between residential houses.”

On the political front, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that “The French initiative was published and we all agreed on it. We said we support it. The first step was to name a PM.”

“The work has started and the parliamentary blocs started to consult to agree on naming Hariri or whomever he names. Meanwhile, the club of the four former PMs was formed. We did not put any conditions when Mustafa Adib was nominated and did not make any prior agreement to show our intention to facilitate the process,” he recalled.

His Eminence went on to say, “There are those who said that the designated PM would hold negotiations, but the parliamentary blocs and the president of the republic have not been contacted.”

Moreover, Hezbollah Secretary General disclosed that “Adib did not consult with the President of the Republic, a prepared file was handed to him, and the most important authority for the President- i.e. to participate in forming the government- would have been dropped out.”

“The French must know where they erred, especially as to eliminating the President’s most important remaining power, which is participation in the formation of governments,” he added, noting that “The one who negotiated with us over the government wasn’t Adib, but PM Saad Hariri.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also mentioned that “The naming of ministers for all sects in Lebanon by a single person is dangerous for the country. The Ex-PMs club wanted to distribute portfolios and name the ministers alone.”

“Some wanted to eliminate the parliamentary blocs and the President’s powers and they sought to introduce new norms,” he stated, pointing out that “When we asked whether the French initiative included what was proposed by the club of ex-PMs, we were answered by ‘NO’.”

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed that “We rejected what was presented to us because it forms a threat to the country and is not a subject of discussion. The French initiative neither mentions the number of ministers nor the rotation of portfolios.”

His Eminence underlined that “At one point there was an attempt to form a de-facto government. The way things were tackled with regard to the government is unacceptable in Lebanon, regardless of its sponsor or supporter.”

“We have always said that the reason for our presence in the government is to protect the back of the resistance,” he added, warning that “The coercion method does not work in Lebanon, regardless of its advocates and sponsors, be them the US, France or Europe.”

On the same level, Sayyed Nasrallah reminded that Hezbollah “must be in the government to protect the back of the resistance so that May 5, 2008 will not be repeated in Lebanon,” noting that “The second reason behind our participation in the government is fearing for what has remained from Lebanon economically, nationally and on all other levels.”

“What if a government accepts the conditions of the IMF without any discussions? Do we agree on a government that increases taxes on citizens? What if a new government decides to sell the state’s assets,” he asked, statin, “We fear for the state property and people’s money.”

Meanwhile, His Eminence addressed the French President Emanuel Macron by saying: “Did the French initiative say that the ex-PMs form the government and name ministers? Hajj Mohammad Raad told Macron that we agree to 90% of the French initiative, and here we ask, what is it that we agreed upon and did not respect? What you are asking from us contradicts with democracy. You are asking the parliamentary majority to bow and cede power to the parliamentary minority.”

To Macron, Sayyed Nasrallah sent a clear message: “Look for the party that wanted to control the country and eliminate the political forces under your cover. President Macron, who accused us of intimidation, is the one who practiced the intimidation policy against the heads of parties in order to pass the government.”

He also emphasized that Hezbollah “prevented the country from moving towards the worse, and we hope that the Lebanese will cooperate so that the country doesn’t move into the worst.”

Explaining that Hezbollah has not committed to hand over the country to any kind of government, he told the French President: “We know how we adhere to our promises, fulfill it and sacrifice in order to abide by it. Our enemies and friends know that we honor our pledges. We upset our friends to fulfill our promises.”

Once again, he repeated that Hezbollah “did not go to Syria to fight civilians. We went there at the invitation of the Syrian government to fight the groups that you named as terrorists.”

“It was not us who chose war, the Zionists rather occupied our land and attacked us,” he told Macron, stressing that “We do not accept that anyone speaks to us in this language. A settlement is different than surrender. We do not practice the game of terrorism and intimidation against anyone in Lebanon. We do not practice intimidation, but Arab countries that you protect and are friendly to you, doesn’t allow a tweet that criticizes the king to be written.”

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah said: ‘Iran doesn’t interfere in Lebanon, and we in Hezbollah and Amal Movement decide what to do.”

He further sent the French President a clear advice: “If you want to search for those who thwarted your initiative, look for the Americans who imposed sanctions and complicated the situation.”

In a sounding message, His Eminence stated: “We do not accept the arrogant behavior and that you accuse us and other Lebanese with committing treason. We welcomed the role of President Macron and the French initiative to help Lebanon but not to be an Attorney General, inspector, judge, guardian or governor of Lebanon. There isn’t any mandate neither for the French president nor for others to be guardian or ruler of Lebanon.”

However, Sayyed Nasrallah kept the door open for discussion: “We still support the French initiative, but the language must be reconsidered because what was attacked the last two days ago is the national dignity,” he said, noting that “We are still open to the French initiative for the benefit of our country, and we insist on cooperation to pass from bad to good.”

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the stance of the Bahraini people despite oppression and risks, particularly the Bahraini scholars’ rejection of Al-Khalifa regime’s normalization with the “Israeli” enemy.

“The stance of the Bahraini people is honorable and [truly] represents the people of Bahrain. The authority in Bahrain doesn’t own its decision, it rather operates as a Saudi-affiliated state,” he said, pointing out that “The people of Bahrain, despite their wounds, and despite the presence of many of their leaders and symbols behind bars, have said their resounding word of truth in the era of silence, subservience and submission.”

He also warned of Sudan’s move towards normalization.

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the official and popular stances of Tunisia and Algeria against the normalizations, and urged the Sudanese people not to accept being part of the normalization under the pretext of lifting its name from the “terror list”.

“We’re not worried about all what is happening in the region as long as the Palestinian people keep adhering to their rights,” he assured.

Sayyed Nasrallah to Macron: You’re Welcome as a Friend, Not as a Guardian

September 30, 2020

Marwa Haidar

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on Tuesday firmly rejected accusations of betrayal by French President Emmanuel Macron, noting meanwhile that the Resistance party is still committed to the French initiative “but based on respect”.

In a televised speech via Al-Manar, Sayyed Nasrallah clarified fallacies made regarding the formation of the new government in Lebanon and Paris’ initiative regarding the current crisis.

He stressed, in this context, that Macron is welcome in Lebanon “as a friend and ally, not as a guardian of our country.”

His eminence also stressed that Hezbollah has been well known for his credibility and sincerity, calling on the French president to “ask the friend and the enemy” about this issue.

Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed, meanwhile, that excluding Hezbollah from taking part in the new government is “out of question”.

Elsewhere in his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah hit back at Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu who claimed that Hezbollah allegedly has a missile factory near a gas station south of the capital, Beirut.

The Hezbollah S.G. said the party’s Media Relation Office would hold a tour for media outlets’ reporters to head to the area Netayahu had spoken about in a bid to refute lies of the Israeli PM.

Sayyed Nasrallah, meanwhile, hailed the Lebanese Army for foiling attacks by terrorists in the country’s north, warning that the terrorists have been preparing for a major military action in Lebanon.

Emir of Kuwait Demise

Sayyed Nasrallah started his speech by offering condolences over the demise of Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

His eminence praised Kuwait monarch for his role in stopping the civil war in Lebanon, noting that he also stood by Lebanon and contributed to reconstruction of Lebanese towns following the Israeli war on Lebanon in July 2006.

“Emir of Kuwait also adopted an honored stance on Palestine and Al-Quds,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, praising Sheikh Al-Sabah for not striking a deal with the Zionist entity echoing other Arab states.

North Lebanon Confrontations and ISIL Revive

Tackling the latest confrontations between the Lebanese Army and Takfiri terrorists in the country’s north, Sayyed Nasrallah described the Lebanese soldiers as heroes, hailing the Lebanese people for standing by the Lebanese Army.

His eminence warned that Lebanon is facing a threat of major military action by ISIL terrorist group.

“We appreciate the popular stance in the northern villages where people voiced support to the army and security forces.”

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah said that since the assassination of Iranian Major-General Qassem Suleimani, head of the elite Quds Force and Deputy Commander of Iraq’s Hashd Shaabi paramilitary force, US has been working hard to revive ISI in the region.

He called for caution and awareness regarding this threat, urging the Lebanese people to rally behind the Lebanese Army and security forces.

Sayyed Nasrallah Hits back at Netanyahu

His eminence then hit back at Netanyahu claims that a facility south of Beirut allegedly contains Hezbollah missiles, calling on media outlets to tour the area.

“Lebanese media outlets are called upon to tour in the area at 22:00 today in a bid to refute Netanyahu’s lies.”

“We position our missiles neither in Beirut Port nor near a gas station, we know very well where can we preserve our rockets,” Sayyed Nasrallah stated, referring to similar claims by Israeli media shortly after the deadly explosion at Beirut Port on August 4.

Tackling the state of alert on the Lebanese-Palestinian border, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated an earlier threat to retaliate to the martyrdom of Hezbollah fighter Ali Mohsen in Damascus earlier in July.

“Israeli occupation army has been on alert at the border with Lebanon for more than two months in the longest period of mobilization since 1948.”

Ex-PMs Setting Conditions on Gov’t Formation

Turning to the government issue, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah has been facilitating the formation of the new government following the resignation of caretaker PM Hassan Diab’s government earlier last month.

He said that four ex-PMs Saad Hariri, Fuad Siniora, Najib Mikati and Tammam Salam formed a club in which they were setting conditions on Hezbollah and his allies, noting that they were leading the negotiations in this regard instead of the PM-designate Mustapha Adib, who recused himself from his mission last Saturday.

His eminence mentioned some of the conditions set by the ex-PMs: number of ministers in the government will be limited to 14, portfolios will be rotated and the ministers will be named by them.

In addition to taking the role of the PM-designate, Sayyed Nasrallah noted that the four ex-PMs were also going beyond the authority of President Michel Aoun who has the right to take part in the formation process.

In this regard, Sayyed Nasrallah said that Hezbollah repeatedly asked the ex-PMs if such conditions were stipulated by the French initiative, noting that the answer was no.

Excluding Hezbollah from the Gov’t ‘Out of Question’

Sayyed Nasrallah noted that Hezbollah did not agree on the process of naming the ministers, stressing that the Resistance party did not commit to follow a random government and to hand over the country to it.

In this issue his eminence said that Macron was asking the parliamentary majority in Lebanon to hand over the power to the minority, noting that this contradicts the principle of democracy.

Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed here that Hezbollah won’t accept to be excluded from the government, noting that this behavior aimed at defending the back of the resistance in the country and at preventing further collapse of Lebanon on the economic and financial levels.

Betrayal Accusations ‘Rejected’

Hezbollah S.G. hit back at Macron, rejecting his latest remarks when he accused the Lebanese parties of ‘betrayal and blamed Hezbollah and Amal movement of foiling the French initiative.

Sayyed Nasrallah then addressed Macron by saying: “We did not attack any one, we defended our land against the Israeli occupier. We went to Syria upon the request of the government there to fight those militants whom your state consider terrorists.”

“What are the promises which we did not keep? Our credibility and sincerity is well known to our enemies and our friends. Betrayal accusations are unacceptable and condemned.”

“If you want to know who foiled your initiative look for the US which imposed sanctions, and look for Saudi King Salman and his speech at the United Nations General Assembly,” Sayyed Nasrallah said addressing the French president.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah noted that Hezbollah stance since the beginning of the French initiative was to welcome and to facilitate such efforts, but stressed that Macron’s rhetoric of superiority is not accepted.

“You are welcome as a friend and an ally, not as a guardian and prosecutor who defends the interest of certain Lebanese camp,” the Hezbollah S.G. said.

He concluded this part of his speech by maintaining that Hezbollah is still committed to the French initiative, voicing readiness to hold discussions in this regard “but on base of respect.”

Bahraini People and Deals with ‘Israel’

Sayyed Nasrallah then praised the Bahraini people who took to streets to protest against the Manama regime’s decision to hold so-called peace deal with the Zionist entity.

“We appreciate the moves of the Bahraini people who despite oppression by the regime took to streets and voiced opposition to any deal with the Israeli enemy.”

Hi eminence also said that Hezbollah relies on the stance of the people of the Arab countries and their popular will to oppose their regimes and refuse deals with the Israeli enemy.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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Hezbollah Invites Media Outlets to Inspect Site Falsely Claimed by Netanyahu as Missile Depot

Hezbollah flag

Hezbollah Media Relations Department issued a statement in which it invited the media outlets to inspect the Beirut site falsely claimed by the Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu as a missile Depot.

The statement added that the inspection visit, aimed at refuting Netanyhu’s claims, will be tonight at 22:00 (Local Time).

Netanyahu had alleged that Hezbollah stores missiles at a depot in a residential area in Jinah, adding that it lies near a gas facility and that its explosion will be similar to that of Beirut port.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah announced the invitation during his televised speech, highlighting that it would be shortly after Netanyahu’s remarks so that the inspection will be very credible.

Video for Inspections will follow

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations (Translated by Al-Manar English Website)

How Israel Wages War on Palestinian History

By Jonathan Cook


Jenin camp c2642

When the Palestinian actor Mohammed Bakri made a documentary about Jenin in 2002 – filming immediately after the Israeli army had completed rampaging through the West Bank city, leaving death and destruction in its wake – he chose an unusual narrator for the opening scene: a mute Palestinian youth.

Jenin had been sealed off from the world for nearly three weeks as the Israeli army razed the neighbouring refugee camp and terrorised its population.

Bakri’s film Jenin, Jenin shows the young man hurrying silently between wrecked buildings, using his nervous body to illustrate where Israeli soldiers shot Palestinians and where bulldozers collapsed homes, sometimes on their inhabitants.

It was not hard to infer Bakri’s larger meaning: when it comes to their own story, Palestinians are denied a voice. They are silent witnesses to their own and their people’s suffering and abuse.

The irony is that Bakri has faced just such a fate himself since Jenin, Jenin was released 18 years ago. Today, little is remembered of his film, or the shocking crimes it recorded, except for the endless legal battles to keep it off screens.

Bakri has been tied up in Israel’s courts ever since, accused of defaming the soldiers who carried out the attack. He has paid a high personal price. Deaths threats, loss of work and endless legal bills that have near-bankrupted him. A verdict in the latest suit against him – this time backed by the Israeli attorney general – is expected in the next few weeks.

Bakri is a particularly prominent victim of Israel’s long-running war on Palestinian history. But there are innumerable other examples.

For decades many hundreds of Palestinian residents in the southern West Bank have been fighting their expulsion as Israeli officials characterise them as “squatters”. According to Israel, the Palestinians are nomads who recklessly built homes on land they seized inside an army firing zone.

The villagers’ counter-claims were ignored until the truth was unearthed recently in Israel’s archives.

These Palestinian communities are, in fact, marked on maps predating Israel. Official Israeli documents presented in court last month show that Ariel Sharon, a general-turned-politician, devised a policy of establishing firing zones in the occupied territories to justify mass evictions of Palestinians like these communities in the Hebron Hills.

The residents are fortunate that their claims have been officially verified, even if they still depend on uncertain justice from an Israeli occupiers’ court.

Israel’s archives are being hurriedly sealed up precisely to prevent any danger that records might confirm long-sidelined and discounted Palestinian history.

Last month Israel’s state comptroller, a watchdog body, revealed that more than one million archived documents were still inaccessible, even though they had passed their declassification date. Nonetheless, some have slipped through the net.

The archives have, for example, confirmed some of the large-scale massacres of Palestinian civilians carried out in 1948 – the year Israel was established by dispossessing Palestinians of their homeland.

In one such massacre at Dawaymeh, near where Palestinians are today fighting against their expulsion from the firing zone, hundreds were executed, even as they offered no resistance, to encourage the wider population to flee.

Other files have corroborated Palestinian claims that Israel destroyed more than 500 Palestinian villages during a wave of mass expulsions that same year to dissuade the refugees from trying to return.

Official documents have disproved, too, Israel’s claim that it pleaded with the 750,000 Palestinian refugees to return home. In fact, as the archives reveal, Israel obscured its role in the ethnic cleansing of 1948 by inventing a cover story that it was Arab leaders who commanded Palestinians to leave.

The battle to eradicate Palestinian history does not just take place in the courts and archives. It begins in Israeli schools.

A new study by Avner Ben-Amos, a history professor at Tel Aviv University, shows that Israeli pupils learn almost nothing truthful about the occupation, even though many will soon enforce it as soldiers in a supposedly “moral” army that rules over Palestinians.

Maps in geography textbooks strip out the so-called “Green Line” – the borders demarcating the occupied territories – to present a Greater Israel long desired by the settlers. History and civics classes evade all discussion of the occupation, human rights violations, the role of international law, or apartheid-like local laws that treat Palestinians differently from Jewish settlers living illegally next door.

Instead, the West Bank is known by the Biblical names of “Judea and Samaria”, and its occupation in 1967 is referred to as a “liberation”.

Sadly, Israel’s erasure of Palestinians and their history is echoed outside by digital behemoths such as Google and Apple.

Palestinian solidarity activists have spent years battling to get both platforms to include hundreds of Palestinian communities in the West Bank missed off their maps, under the hashtag #HeresMyVillage. Illegal Jewish settlements, meanwhile, are prioritised on these digital maps.

Another campaign, #ShowTheWall, has lobbied the tech giants to mark on their maps the path of Israel’s 700-kilometre-long steel and concrete barrier, effectively used by Israel to annex occupied Palestinian territory in violation of international law.

And last month Palestinian groups launched yet another campaign, #GoogleMapsPalestine, demanding that the occupied territories be labelled “Palestine”, not just the West Bank and Gaza. The UN recognised the state of Palestine back in 2012, but Google and Apple refused to follow suit.

Palestinians rightly argue that these firms are replicating the kind of disappearance of Palestinians familiar from Israeli textbooks, and that they uphold “mapping segregation” that mirrors Israel’s apartheid laws in the occupied territories.

Today’s crimes of occupation – house demolitions, arrests of activists and children, violence from soldiers, and settlement expansion – are being documented by Israel, just as its earlier crimes were.

Future historians may one day unearth those papers from the Israeli archives and learn the truth. Those Israeli policies were not driven, as Israel claims now, by security concerns, but by a colonial desire to destroy Palestinian society and pressure Palestinians to leave their homeland, to be replaced by Jews.

The lessons for future researchers will be no different from the lessons learnt by their predecessors, who discovered the 1948 documents.

But in truth, we do not need to wait all those years hence. We can understand what is happening to Palestinians right now – simply by refusing to conspire in their silencing. It is time to listen.

Lebanon takes first measure after Israeli strikes along southern border

By News Desk -2020-08-260

Lebanese President Michel Aoun

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:00 P.M.) – The Supreme Defense Council in Lebanon announced on Wednesday, to file a complaint with the UN Security Council against the Israeli raids on Lebanon.

The Supreme Defense Council said in a statement: “We condemn the Israeli aggression that took place yesterday night and instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to submit a complaint to the Security Council in this regard.”

They said that “it constituted an explicit attack on Lebanese sovereignty and a threat to the climate of stability in that region, especially as the Security Council is considering renewing the functions of the UN international peacekeepers operating in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL).”

The council called for extreme caution in the coming days, in case Israel decides to repeat its attacks against Lebanon, which would make the situation slide for the worse in light of the severe tension on the common borders.

The Israeli army announced last night that it had bombed sites belonging to Hezbollah after firing from Lebanon towards its forces.

The army added, in a statement published by its spokesman Avichay Adraee, that its forces were not injured during the incident, indicating that dozens of light and smoke bombs were fired in the area.

He continued that “helicopters and another plane raided terrorist targets belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in response to the incident.” He added that “Hezbollah reconnaissance sites were targeted in the border area.”

For its part, Al-Manar TV reported that Israel fired phosphorous shells at the borders of Lebanon. Their TV correspondent confirmed that the Israeli army fired more than 20 incendiary phosphorous shells in the vicinity of the road between the towns of Mays al-Jabal and Hula and the vicinity of the town of Aitaroun and the Kfar Shouba hills in Lebanese territory.

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False Alarm or Hezbollahmania? ‘Israel’ Fires Phosphorous Shells at Lebanese Border During Alleged Security Incident

False Alarm or Hezbollahmania? ‘Israel’ Fires Phosphorous Shells at Lebanese Border During Alleged Security Incident

By Staff

It is perhaps that the ‘Israeli’ military’s observation department has stopped functioning well ever since the Zionist regime assassinated a Hezbollah member near Damascus Airport, or the ‘Israeli’ military has been diagnosed with a new severe Hezbollah monomania.

In the latest worth-mocking incident, the ‘Israeli’ occupation military claimed that a ‘security incident’ has been taking place along the Lebanese border late on Tuesday, and started firing phosphorus bombs at Lebanese territories in the southern towns of Houla and Mays al-Jabal, al-Manar TV correspondent reported.

Relatively, eyewitnesses also said the Zionist side had fired dozens of illumination flares at border villages in southern Lebanon over what the regime claimed was a “security-related incident.”

For its part, the Zionist media initially claimed that the firing was amid concerns over a possible infiltration near ‘Menara’ settlement in the Upper Galilee area, located near the Lebanese border and the ‘Israeli’-occupied side of Syria’s Golan.

The firing of more than 30 flares was followed by orders compelling ‘Israeli’ settlers in five settlements to stay at their places.

‘Israeli’ Channel 12 television network confirmed the report and underlined that the incident took place “as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on vacation in the north.”

Lebanese media also said Zionist aircraft had been spotted after violating the country’s airspace in the south.

During the past several weeks, the occupied territories have been on alert over the possibility of a retaliatory attack by Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement after one of its members was martyred in an ‘Israeli’ aggression on the Syrian soil last month.

Ali Kamel Mohsen was martyred during an ‘Israeli’ attack near the Syrian capital of Damascus on July 20, according to a statement by Hezbollah.

Hezbollah said at the time that a response to the deadly aggression was “inevitable,” which led to the deployment of more troops by the ‘Israeli’ regime to the north of the occupied territories.

The Zionist regime claimed a week later that its forces had thwarted an effort by Hezbollah fighters to infiltrate into the occupied territories through Shebaa farms, an allegation firmly denied by Hezbollah.

Hezbollah said all ‘Israeli’ claims about border clashes with the resistance movement’s fighters were fake and aimed to boost the morale of ‘Israeli’ occupation forces by fabricating fictitious victories.

Hezbollah had vowed in the past to retaliate for any of its members that were martyred by ‘Israeli’ forces.

The resistance group fired a barrage of anti-tank missiles into the occupied territories in September last year after two of its members were martyred in an ‘Israeli’ aggression near Damascus.

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Lebanese Army responds to Netanyahu’s allegations of weapons in Baabda

By News Desk -2020-08-19

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:20 P.M.) – The Lebanese Army Command denied the validity of the news circulating and the allegations made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the presence of weapons and ammunition in the Ba’abda-Luweizeh area of Mount Lebanon.

The Lebanese Army published a statement on its Twitter page confirming that the aforementioned allegations are invalid.

They addressed the people in the area and assured them that the rumors were false and directly mentioned the Israeli Prime Minister, who they said was the source of the claim.

The statement pointed out that the Intelligence Directorate further investigated the area and verified that the claims were indeed false.

On Tuesday, the Israeli Army’s chief-of-staff, Avivi Kochavi, made similar claims, as he alleged missiles were being hidden in residential areas.

How Israel views the Beirut explosion and Hezbollah’s involvement

Posted on  by Elijah J Magnier

By Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai

“Hezbollah controls the Harbour of Beirut and is knowledgeable of everything happening in it. It uses its influence to smuggle its shipments through and prefers to keep these shipments at the harbour to prevent Israel from bombing them.”

“Hezbollah controls Lebanon and forced the choice of General Michel Aoun as a President and of Hassan Diab as a Prime Minister. Moreover, through its influence in the parliament and the cabinet, it is enforcing the protection of its arsenal and of its presence as a powerful armed organisation”.

“Israel will use its influence to prevent any financial support from reaching Lebanon unless it is conditioned on the disarming and dissolution of Hezbollah and prevention of its participation in the forthcoming Lebanese government”.

“The international community should prevent Iran from helping Lebanon to reconstruct its infrastructure or to offer financial support to the country; it should keep tight control over all cash flows reaching the government.”

“The international community should prevent Iran from taking advantage of the weakness of Lebanon and stop it from helping the Lebanese.”

Israeli media, military analysts and official commanders commented in these terms on the Beirut harbour explosion of 4th August. The explosion was caused by negligence and lack of regard for public safety. 2,755 tons of Ammonium Nitrate (AN) – classified as dangerous goods– were left at the harbour in 2013 while local officials and judges threw the ball of responsibility at one another until it exploded. The AN (NH4NO3) widely used as fertiliser but is also a component in many types of mining explosives if mixed with fuel oil or detonated by an explosive charge.  AN does not burn on its own but acts as a source of oxygen to accelerate the burning of other materials. It is the rapid release of gases that causes an explosion if an intense fire ignites nearby. This is indeed what happened: at Beirut harbour, several tons of ignited combustible materials were left and firefighters tried to control the fire that had started an hour before someone realised it.

Israeli Foreign Minister GhabiAshenazi said “Hezbollah is acting in urban and populated territories and using Lebanese citizens as human shields as we saw in the unfortunate event last week. Hezbollah is responsible for the explosion of the harbour.”

Israeli Prime Minister said, “in order to avoid disasters like the one at Beirut port, we have to confiscate the explosives and missiles that Hezbollah has hidden in civilian population centres in Lebanon.”

Most Israeli officials and analysts concluded that Hezbollah is much weaker today and, therefore, should remain outside the forthcoming government. They considered the resignation of Prime Minister (now caretaker) Hassan Diab as a positive step for Israel because he was leading a “Hezbollah cabinet”.

Israeli officials called “for the rapid formation of new government excluding Hezbollah so Diab doesn’t remain for long as a caretaker.” It seems the general opinion among experts in Israel is that the political power in Lebanon will definitely change in favour of Israel’s objectives in Lebanon and the Middle East.

There should be grave doubts regarding the Israeli assessment, which is superficial and indicates little knowledge of Lebanese internal dynamics. Most of what the Israeli media and analysts said is taken from the Arabic and Gulf media hostile to Hezbollah, expressing wishful thinking and part of their general anti-Hezbollah propaganda.

Significantly, Israel’s own intelligence reports undermine the general conclusions of these analysts. They say, in no uncertain terms, that “no adequate options are available to indicate Hezbollah’s position has been weakened. All previous attempts have so far failed to isolate Hezbollah and to undermine its power.”

Israeli media analysts, like many Lebanese and Arab leaders and writers, failed completely to explain how a weak country like Lebanon could disarm Hezbollah, “one of the strongest armies in the Middle East”, according to Benny Gantz. Hezbollah is considered the only protector of the south of Lebanon against Israel’s ambitions and the defender of the Lebanese oil and gas rights in the Mediterranean. The US and Israel called for the disarmament of Hezbollah but offered no means for the Lebanese army to protect itself against over 53 monthly Israeli violations of Lebanon’s air, land and sea territories.

It is strikingly obvious that the Israeli demands, and those of the international community, coincide exactly with those of a few Lebanese political leaders, notably the Christian Leader Samir Geagea, the former ally of Israel and the leader of the “Lebanese Forces”, and with those of other politicians allied to Saudi Arabia. If the international community intends to link the financial support of Lebanon to the disarmament of Hezbollah, ……..

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‘Israel’ Pleading Hezbollah to Not Open Fire: Maariv

 August 2, 2020


The Zionist military affairs editor at Maariv newspaper, Alon Ben David, said that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is victoriously observing ‘Israel’ which is taking all the alert measures on northern border in anticipation of the Resistance retaliation.

Ben David stressed that ‘Israel’ appears to be pleading Hezbollah to not open fire, adding that this confirms that Nasrallah has emerged victorious from this psychological warfare.

On July 27, the Zionist enemy fabricated reports about alleged Hezbollah attack in the occupied Shebaa Farms, deeming that it came in the context of the response to Damascus raid.

However, the Islamic Resistance issued a statement which refuted the Israeli reports and stressed that the enemy forces had unilaterally opened fire being under the tension caused the fear of Hezbollah potential attack.

It is worth noting that Hezbollah struck a Zionist military vehicle in Avivim settlement on September 1, 2019, in response to an Israeli air raid on Damascus countryside which claimed the two Resistance martyrs Hasan Zbeeb and Yasser Daher.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

New Rules of Engagement: Killing One Hezbollah Fighter Paralyzes Entire ‘Israel’

Zionist army deserts posts on Lebanon border

 August 2, 2020

Since the Zionist air force raided a certain target in Damascus on July 20 and killed one of Hezbollah fighters, the entire occupation entity has undergone an augmenting case of fear, confusion and tension while awaiting the Resistance response.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah had warned the Israeli enemy that killing any of the Resistance fighters will be followed by a decisive response.

The Zionist military and political analysts considered that Hezbollah silence about the timing and nature of its response is debilitating the Israeli ability to deter the Resistance, adding that the enemy’s army has raised its alert level in anticipation of Hezbollah attack.

The Israeli media outlets revealed that the enemy’s army deserted a number of posts on the border with Lebanon in order to not offer Hezbollah easy targets, pointing out that the possibility of a large scale confrontation is very low due to its tremendous costs.

On July 27, the Zionist enemy fabricated reports about alleged Hezbollah attack in the occupied Shebaa Farms, deeming that it came in the context of the response to Damascus raid.

However, the Islamic Resistance issued a statement which refuted the Israeli reports and stressed that the enemy forces had unilaterally opened fire being under the tension caused the fear of Hezbollah potential attack.

It is worth noting that Hezbollah struck a Zionist military vehicle in Avivim settlement on September 1, 2019, in response to an Israeli air raid on Damascus countryside which claimed the two Resistance martyrs Hasan Zbeeb and Yasser Daher.

Since the Zionist defeat in 2000, the Islamic Resistance has imposed on the enemy a balance of deterrence formula which controls the Israeli barbarity and prevent it from launching any aggression on Lebanon.

Recently, Hezbollah has managed to maintain new rules of engagement based on paralyzing all of ‘Israel’ if it kills any of the Resistance fighters.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

مسرحية مزارع شبعا: تعمّق فشل خطة بومبيو وتخبّط «إسرائيل»

العميد د. أمين محمد حطيط

في ذار 2019 وبعد أن دفنت سورية ومحور المقاومة أهداف أميركا فيها وأفشلت عملها بـ «استراتيجية القوة العمياء الإرهابية» وضع مايك بومبيو وزير خارجية ترامب، خطته البديلة للبنان ليعوّض الفشل وليعود فينقضّ على سورية فيحرمها من استثمار انتصارها أولاً ثم يجهض الانتصار ثانياً.

خطة بومبيو للبنان اعتمدت «استراتيجية القوة الخفية الذكية المركبة»، وترمي إلى الإجهاز على حزب الله وسلاحه ومقاومته عبر محطات متتالية تبدأ بخلل أمني وحركة شعبية، تعقبها فوضى وفتنة يؤججها الحصار والإرهاب الاقتصادي الأميركي، في ظلّ فراغ سياسي يفرض، للوصول إلى اقتتال داخلي يستدعي «إسرائيل» لتنفيذ المهمة بالانقضاض على المقاومة لاجتثاثها.

كانت خطة بومبيو (التي يبدو أنه مُصرّ عليها) ترتكز في جزء منها على عزل المقاومة عن بيئتها وضرب معنوياتها وتثبيط عزيمتها وإجبارها على الاستدارة في وجهتها وسلاحها إلى الداخل بدل أن تكون كما هي وكما تريد أن تستمرّ، قوة للدفاع عن لبنان وحقوقه وثرواته.

بيد أنه وبشكل موضوعي نقول إنّ بومبيو الذي يوصف في أميركا بأنه أسوأ وزير خارجية أميركية، هذا السيّئ بالوصف الأميركي نجح في بعض عناصر خطته في لبنان حيث وجد في الداخل اللبناني من يستجيب له ويعمل بأوامره، لكنه فشل حتى الآن في تحقيق الهدف الرئيسي للخطة التي ظهر أنها قاصرة عن محاصرة او النيل من المقاومة مادياً او معنوياً او المسّ بكل ما يتصل بها حاضراً ومصيراً، وجاءت مسرحية مزارع شبعا الأخيرة التي لعبتها «إسرائيل» بخفة وهستيريا بالغة لتوكد هذا الفشل.

لقد نجحت أميركا في إسقاط حكومة سعد الحريري تحقيقاً لهدف إحداث فراغ سياسي، لكنها فشلت في منع تشكيل حكومة بديلة رغم استنكاف كلّ حلفائها وأتباعها في لبنان عن المشاركة فيها، ونجحت في محاصرة لبنان مالياً ونقدياً والتلاعب بالعملة الوطنيّة عبر مَن يعمل لصالحها ويحمل ألقاب وظائف في الدولة اللبنانية، ونجحت في خنق لبنان معيشياً لسببين.. فساد مستشرٍ في الإدارة والسياسة اللبنانية وعمالة خسيسة وجشع يمارسه مسؤولون ومعنيون لبنانيون خدمة لأميركا التي تحميهم وترسم حولهم الخطوط الحمر.

لكن أميركا فشلت حتى الآن في إحداث شرخ بين المقاومة وبيئتها واستمرّ جمهور المقاومة رغم شديد المعاناة الاقتصادية التي يعانيها بنتيجة الحصار الأميركي متمسكاً بمقاومته بكلّ فخر وثقة، وفشلت في إحداث الفتنة التي أعدّت لها والتي تؤمل ان تراها تنفجر في 7 آب المقبل كموعد نهائي (ربطاً بقرار محكمة الحريري وقد حدّدت أميركا التاريخ خدمة للخطة) بعد أن ضاق وقت بومبيو في الخارجية الأميركية، كما فشلت في إحداث انقسام واشتباك حول ما طرح من حياد لبنان لأن الجهة المعنية بالطرح والتي ما كان الطرح إلا ضدّها، لم تقع في الفخ ولم تنزل إلى ميدان الاشتباك السياسي، لأنها لم تجد ما يلزمها بالتدخل ولمست أنه طرح عقيم لن يصل إلى أيّ نتيجة في ظلّ شروط وضعتها المواقع السياسية الرسمية والنخب المسيحية ما جعل إمكان الاستجابة لطرح الحياد مستبعداً كلياً.

فالمقاومة اليوم وبعد 16 شهراً من إطلاق خطة بومبيو ضدها في لبنان، تعتبر في قوة لم تبلغها منذ إنشائها في العام 1982، وفي تماسك واحتضان جماهيري مميّز وفي امتداد وعمق إقليمي غير مسبوق، وبالتالي يستطيع بومبيو ان يقول بأنه تسبب بتجويع الشعب اللبناني بشكل إجرامي خسيس، لكنه لم يفلح في تركيعه او خنق المقاومة التي استمرّت في خطها الصاعد وقوتها التراكمية التي يبدو انّ «إسرائيل» تدركها وتخشاها وتلمس أنها تفعل فعلها في النفس الإسرائيليّة وتنتج حالة التخبّط والذعر والارتباك العام التي تجلت في مسرحية مزارع شبعا الفاشلة والمثيرة للتندّر وللسخرية من القيادة الإسرائيلية بمستوييها العسكري والسياسي فضلاً عن دوس هيبة من كان يوصف يوماً بالجيش الذي لا يُقهر، فإذا به يرى بين صخور وشجيرات مزارع شبعا يختلق أشباحاً يظنها رجال المقاومة فيخاف منها ويصيبه الذعر ويطلق النار ويقصف مدفعياً ويستدعي الطيران ويرفع درجات الاستنفار ويُنزل المستوطنين إلى الملاجئ… ثم يدّعي بأنه أفشل عملية تسلل، وانه قتل المتسللين الأربعة! وانه وثق العملية بالصوت والصورة وأنه وأنه إلخ…!

ثم ينهار كلّ ما تصوّر وأعلن وينفضح أمام صمت المقاومة التي صنعت له بصمتها منذ استشهاد المقاوم علي محسن على أرض سورية بنار عدوان إسرائيلي، صنعت له بهذا الصمت مثل هذا الرعب وجعلته يختلق أشباحاً تخيفه وتذعره فكيف حدث كلّ ذلك؟

المقاومة التي شاء بومبيو أن يراها في نهاية تنفيذ خطته منتفية الوجود بعد تجريدها من السلاح وتقطيع أوصالها، هذه المقاومة اليوم بمجرد صمتها تحدث في «إسرائيل» ذاك الخوف والإرباك، فكيف بها إذا نطقت وكيف بها إذا أطلقت النار على العدو واستعملت صواريخها الدقيقة؟

كثيرة هي التفسيرات التي يمكن أن تُعطى لمسرحية مزارع شبعا المضحكة، ولكننا ومنذ الساعات الأولى وبعد أن تأكدنا من أن المقاومة لم تقم بأيّ فعل ميداني خلال فترة تنفيذ المسرحية ما خلا المراقبة الثابتة عن بعد، رأينا ان إحدى فرضيات ثلاث قد تعطي تفسيراً لما حصل.

أولها القول بأنّ دورية إسرائيليّة وقعت في كمين إسرائيلي ظنها مقاومة فأطلق النار عليها ثم تخيّل أنه قتل المتسللين ثم جر القيادة الميدانية ثم الإقليمية ثم المركزية بمستوييها العسكري والسياسي إلى خطئه وأوهامه ويكون الخيال هذا نتيجة الرعب من المقاومة.

أما الفرضية الثانية فقد تكون رغبة نتنياهو في تقديم «خدمة للمقاومة» تتمثل بالقول إنها ردّت وطُوي الملف وثبّتت قواعد الاشتباك في سلوك معطوف على الاعتذار الضمني عن الجريمة الذي أرسلته «إسرائيل» إلى المقاومة عبر الأمم المتحدة، ما يؤكد أيضاً انّ هيبة المقاومة وقوتها فرضت على عدوها هذا السلوك.

أما الثالثة، فقد تكون محاولة نتنياهو المحاصر في الداخل بالاعتراضات والاحتجاجات الشعبية لنقل الاهتمام الشعبي من الداخل إلى الحدود ليقول بأنّ هناك خطراً يتهدّد «إسرائيل» من قوة «إرهابية» خطرة، وانّ الجيش جاهز للدفاع وعليكم الاهتمام بما يجري هناك، وأيضاً تقوم هذه الفرضية على قناعة «إسرائيلية» بقوة المقاومة والخوف منها.

بيد أنه أيا كانت الفرضيات، مع ترجيحنا للأولى خاصة أنّ قراراً إسرائيلياً صدر بعدها ولأول مرة تقريباً، ويتضمّن منع الجنود الصهاينة من إطلاق النار على أيّ عنصر من حزب الله مسلحاً او غير مسلح طالما أنه على أرض لبنان، قرار جاء بعد إقرار إسرائيلي بأنّ كلّ بيانات الجيش كانت خاطئة وان لا مقاومين تسللوا او قتلوا، وأنّ المسألة بدأت مع خوف مجنّدة من شبح تهيأ لها فأطلقت النار عليه ثم تسلسلت الأحداث الهزلية المثيرة للسخرية.

هذا على جانب العدو، أما المقاومة التي حصدت من المسرحية نصراً نظيفاً خالصاً من غير أن تطلق طلقة نار واحدة او تخطو في الميدان خطوة واحدة، هذه المقاومة صنعت نصرها النظيف بصمت استراتيجي قاتل ومدروس مارسته بعد استشهاد المقاوم، وصمت استمرت عليه حتى بعد الإعلان عن بدء المسرحية، ما جعل الجمهور الإسرائيلي وكل المراقبين ينتظرون بفارغ الصبر موقفها وبيانها حتى إذا صدر البيان تعامل الكلّ معه على أساس أنه الحقيقة وانّ كل ما ذكرته «إسرائيل» كذب وتلفيق وأوهام، أما الموقف الثالث الذي أفهم «إسرائيل» انّ مسرحيتها فاقمت مأزقها فقد تمثل بعبارة «الردّ آتٍ» التي تضمّنها البيان وأضاف إلى الردّ الأول رداً على تدمير العدوان منزل في الهبارية، وباتت «إسرائيل» ملزمة بمتابعة الانتظار على «رجل ونصف» لتتلقى الردود الحتمية الآتية.

كلّ هذا يحدث وبومبيو يتابع ويرى أنّ خطته للبنان لم تحقق أهدافها وأنّ الأيام المتبقية له في وزارة الخارجية لن تكون كافية لإنقاذ الخطة، كما أنها لن تكون كافية لإخراج «إسرائيل» من حال الارتباك والذعر أو حالة التردّد والخوف من الذهاب إلى الحرب، فالحرب تبقى مستبعَدة وتخبّط «إسرائيل» وارتباكها يبقى مستمراً، وبومبيو سيخرج من الخارجية الأميركية يحمل الخيبة مع أوراق خطته الإجراميّة الفاشلة التي لم تحدث إلا بعض ألم من معاناة في لبنان، لكنها لم تمسّ المقاومة التي تزداد قوة يوماً بعد يوم.


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