US President Joe Biden Might Launch A New Military Campaign In Iraq

By Denis Korkodinov


There are more than enough reasons for this: the activity of pro-Iranian groups in Iraq after the assassination of nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizade Makhabadi, the increasing attacks of the Iraqi people’s militia and Hezbollah brigades on the building of the American embassy in the vicinity of Baghdad, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which has pushed Iraq to the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

As a result of Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election, the belief was formed that the new head of the White House would lift the restrictive measures imposed by Donald Trump’s cabinet on Muslims. However, considering the fact that the ideas of Islamophobia have been actively cultivated in American society for decades, Joe Biden probably will not be able to do anything to improve the situation of the Muslim community. In line with Barack Obama’s policies, the new US president is likely to significantly expand the patriotism law, according to which Muslims will continue to be considered a “source of terrorist threat” and in respect of which new restrictive procedures will be introduced. One of such procedures, according to experts, could be an indefinite observation of all followers of Islam living in the United States, and a new military invasion of Iraq. Based on this, Joe Biden not only will not eradicate American Islamophobia, but also greatly contribute to its further spread.

Modern Islamophobia is not a manifestation of the activities of an individual politician. It is a systemic phenomenon that has become an integral part of American life at all levels, from marginalized declassed circles to government institutions. As such, regardless of whether Joe Biden and his deputy, Kamala Harris, speak out from a position of love for Muslims, it is unlikely to meet with the support of most Americans, who have been taught throughout their lives to perceive Muslims as “hated combatants” …

Building its policy on the basis of the thesis of the “purity of the American nation,” the United States will undoubtedly continue to be an Islamophobic country. At the same time, the struggle between the Democratic and Republican parties does not at all affect the system-forming factors of religious intolerance. Islamophobia for American politicians is an opportunity to mobilize their electorate, constantly keeping them in a state of fear of a possible attack from Muslims. This fear became especially prevalent in the United States after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. And to this day, most Americans fear a repeat of these events. Influenced by their own fear, they prefer to use preventive measures of pressure against Muslims, thereby mistakenly identifying every follower of Islam as a potential terrorist.

For most Americans, Muslims are a priori guilty, if only because they profess the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. This misconception allowed Washington to justify its military invasion of Iraq in 2003 in order to overthrow Saddam Hussein, as well as launch a military operation in Syria.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this fear ultimately became a guide to action. In 2003, almost every fifth American was absolutely sure that the terrorist attacks in the United States were organized on the orders of the Iraqi leader, and in 2011, Washington placed the main blame for ethnic crime on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

It is important to note that it was the Democratic Party, of which Joe Biden is a member, that was the main ideologist of the US military invasion of Iraq. Based on this, it is likely that after January 21, 2021 and until 2025, a new military operation on Iraqi territory may be organized at the initiative of the White House. Moreover, now there are more than enough reasons for this: the activity of pro-Iranian groups in Iraq after the assassination of nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizade Makhabadi, the increasing attacks of the Iraqi people’s militia and Hezbollah brigades on the building of the American embassy in the vicinity of Baghdad, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which has pushed Iraq to the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

Joe Biden Is Unlikely To Fix The Problem Of American Islamophobia

By Denis Korkodinov


In the United States, representatives of the Muslim community have high hopes for the new head of state, Joe Biden. The reason for this was the promise to lift the ban on the Islamophobic campaign and create comfortable living conditions for American Muslims. However, experts are confident that the promises made by Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris are populism.

According to the expert community, the restrictions imposed on Muslims in the United States can hardly be lifted on the basis of a single decision by the head of the White House. Islamophobia is ingrained in the life of American society, as a result of which it cannot be neutralized by political will alone. In this regard, American intolerance towards Muslims is a certain manifestation of internal aggression maintained at the mental level mainly in relation to its own citizens. Undoubtedly, it was the state institutions of the United States that over the decades have created the “ideal” conditions for the development of Islamophobia. Exercising total control over the activities and movement of representatives of the Muslim community and supporting programs to combat “radical Islam”, Washington purposefully instilled hatred of the followers of Islam in American society.

It is worth noting that, according to experts, only in the period from 2001 to 2015 in the United States, Muslim public and religious figures were much more likely to be prosecuted on terrorism charges than representatives of other confessions. Moreover, it was American Muslims who received much harsher criminal penalties, which is evidence of a biased American justice system.

Similar cases became popular under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, when only Muslims were involved in the “anti-state conspiracy” case. It is noteworthy that weapons were found on practically all Muslims accused in this case. At the same time, not a single “white” American or supporter of ultra-right ideology was involved in the case, even as a suspect.

The same Islamophobic trend is evident in the American media environment. Thus, in the specified period of time, 2001-2015, the number of anti-Muslim publications in the New York Times and Washington Post alone was 7.7 times higher than the number of publications in which representatives of other religious denominations were mentioned.

Meanwhile, this is only the public part of American life. There are many more manifestations of Islamophobia at the everyday level, when ordinary Muslims face many restrictions on a daily basis on the basis of following the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. In particular, in some American catering establishments, Muslims are prohibited from entering, and the local police can arrest a person without charge only because of his belief in Allah.

These problems are ingrained in the United States, as a result of which the new head of state, Joe Biden, is unlikely to be able to instantly change the situation.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Donald Trump still refuses to admit defeat. Based on this, he can deliberately use the factor of Islamophobia to provoke new acts of violence in order to put pressure on the Joe Biden cabinet.

It would be naive to believe that Islamophobia in the United States arose under Donald Trump. However, it was with the assistance of Donald Trump that American intolerance towards Muslims was elevated to the level of a national brand. Therefore, to eradicate this phenomenon, it will be necessary not only to change attitudes towards Muslims using political decisions. Work is also needed to overcome anti-Muslim hatred at the mental level of American society.

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