by Jonathan Azaziah

As usual, leave it to Yemen’s Mighty, Mighty Ansarullah to show the entire planet–especially the increasingly apathetic Arab-Muslim part of it–what principled Anti-Imperialism, unrelenting Anti-Zionism and true Striking Star Solidarity with another oppressed nation look like. Last week, Yemen’s defenders held a massive rally for Venezuela, condemning US-Zionist aggression against the Bolivarian Revolution in the harshest possible terms and letting Nicolas Maduro know that he, as well as the Venezuelan people, have friends, comrades and family on Yemeni soil. The Ansarullahis mocked the Tangerine Terrorist Donald Trump. They trampled upon the American and ‘Israeli’ flags. They displayed portraits of Nicolas Maduro and El Comandante Hugo Chavez (rip). Nasserists and socialists of various types joined in–an example of the Houthiyeen putting politics aside for the sake of fighting the Imperium. Pictures of Fidel Castro (rip) could be seen too. The Yemeni and Venezuela flags were rocked together in a sea of Sarkhas. Beauty doesn’t even come close to describing it.

The Yemeni Islamic Resistance’s stance isn’t groundbreaking obviously, as its opposition to all forms of US-‘Israeli’ malevolence is visceral–just look at the second and third lines of its aforementioned Sarkha. Still, it is simply inspiring beyond inspiring because the Saudi-UAE war on Yemen, executed on behalf of Washington and “Tel Aviv”, still rages. The bombing and besieging continue. The suffering of tens of millions of starving Yemenis has not ended or even been alleviated a bit. But in the midst of this Zionist-imposed carnage, they take time out to express their unwavering backing of other Moustazafeen under attack a few continents away. Every single time one thinks that they’ve seen the pinnacle of the Yemeni people’s humbleness, grace, steadfastness and resistance, they find a way to show us that we need to adjust our vision, because another pinnacle can and has been reached.

With Ansarullah weighing in for Venezuela, it now joins its brother in arms, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah. Also the Syrian Arab Republic. The Islamic Republic of Iran, certainly. We shan’t forget Iraqi Islamic group Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba. Orthodox Christian Russia too. Among others. Compare this lineup to those backing Guaido the Gusano and his barely-alive, completely-fraudulent puppet regime–we’re talking every Zio-Imperialist capital and collaborationist stooge on Earth. Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s men speaking for Venezuela only solidifies that the Bolivarians’ struggle is a righteous one–’cause ain’t nobody more righteous and Mouqawamistic than Yemen’s guardians. Viva Ansarullah. Viva Venezuela. May they both prevail over their oppressors quicker than we can scream, “Allahu Akbar. Death to America. Death to ‘Israel’. Curse be on the Jews. Victory to Islam.” Ameen.



by Jonathan Azaziah

As the American regime was making its latest criminal move against Venezuela, unilaterally and illegally announcing its recognition of Juan Guaidó as President of the country, like Nicolas Maduro wasn’t democratically elected in a landslide half a minute ago… ‘Israel’ was conspicuously, suspiciously and disturbingly silent. Canada and several European states rushed to take Washington’s side in continuing the onslaught against the Bolivarian Revolution. But not the usurping Zionist entity. The official line was that the fake “Tel Aviv” regime was worried about the 5,000-6,000 Jews still in Venezuela, mainly in Caracas. This is just a smokescreen however. More than half of the Land of Bolivar’s Jews have already departed because of El Comandante Hugo Chavez’s (rip) staunch Anti-Zionist policies–a confirmation of how Zionism is majoritarian within Jewry everywhere on Earth excluding Iran. Those who remain, like all other minorities, aren’t under any sort of threat. Certainly, so long as they aren’t agitating against the Bolivarian Revolution and operating as ‘Israeli’ or Western spies, they are protected. And ‘Israel’ knows it too. Moreover, ‘Israel’ isn’t going to pretend that it hasn’t been anti-Bolivarian since DAY… GODDAMN… ONE… With it openly attempting to murder Maduro just a few months ago.

Indeed, the real reason for the cancerous Halakhic-Talmudic endeavor’s quiet is because it was maneuvering one of its top dogs into position: Elliot Abrams. The neocon lunatic is infamous for serving ‘Israeli’ interests in blood-soaked interventions against Iraq, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. He was also an architect of the US regime’s invasion of Panama and subsequent toppling of CIA drug-runner Noriega, years after cosigning the former American asset’s brutal crackdowns on the Panamanian opposition. The moment that Abrams’ new job was secure, Netanyahu announced ‘Israeli’ recognition of Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s Interim President. And Guaidó himself, asserting his credentials as a top-tier Shabbos Goy, invoked none other than the Holofraud in his thanks to Benny the Baby-Killer.

Verily, Netanyahu’s choice to attack Venezuela’s sovereignty on International “Holocaust” Remembrance Day, a fraud of frauds, was utterly strategic in nature–a psychological warfare operation to convince Gentile states sitting on the fence to join the imperialist attack on Nicolas Maduro, the “Hitler” of Venezuela. Bankroller of ‘Israeli’ colonies as well as US Ambassador to ‘Israel’ David Friedman couldn’t contain his glee over the Zionist premier’s stance and vile pro-‘Israel’ Jew Jason Greenblatt, a top Trump regime official, called him “courageous”. Like the whole Mishpucka’s in on it, huh? An illegitimate entity… Recognizing an illegitimate president… In an illegitimate coup… Then praised by illegitimate wonks… Of an illegitimate empire. Try as hard as you possibly can to hold back your vomit. If you can’t though, it’s totally understandable.

Like they were waiting for the cue from Nutty Netty, less than a day after the Zio-Tumor’s approval of Juan Guaidó as Golpista-In-Chief, John “Yosemite Goy” Bolton and Sorosite Steve “Goldman Sachs Gangster” Mnuchin announced devastating new sanctions against Venezuela and its oil company PDVSA, ripping 7 billion dollars from Venezuela right off the cuff and projecting at least another 11 billion dollars taken from the Bolivarian nation by year’s end.

Mnuchin funds at least three Zionist synagogues, Temple Emanu-El, Park East Synagogue, and Kehillat ‘Israel’, along with the Milken Institute, a neo-capitalist garbage dump bankrolled by a who’s who of Zionist warmongers, including the environment-destroying, Iran-hating Resnicks. He’s unabashedly stated that he wants to invest even more American capital into the Zio-Tumor’s technology sector(read: Talpiot) too. His bread, or should we say challah, is buttered with the Kehilla… Not with the American people. We knew that Abrams was going to be working closely with sanctions czar Sigal P. Mandelker, who has already ruthlessly targeted Venezuela, but to have her boss Mnuchin at his disposal now too, offering the full power of Treasury, is particularly frightening.

Not to be confused for a Kosher Gentile that doesn’t do enough to serve his “chosenite” masters, Bolton upped the ante further by getting caught on camera with some scribbling on his notepad that read “5,000 troops to Colombia”, as if to indicate an imminent US military incursion into Venezuela. Was this just another PSYOP to pressure Maduro into resigning? Or was this flagrant warmongering shoved right into the world’s face… Because Sahyu-‘Murica is gonna do whatever the f%#% Sahyu-‘Murica wants to do and it’s tough s%#% for anyone who says otherwise?

These menacing developments beg the question: If Maduro doesn’t call snap elections in 8 days as he has been required to do by World Arrogance — and he’s not going to follow such neo-colonial instructions; the man’s a revolutionary, not a quisling — what is the next step that the Imperium is going to take? Will it be a “shock and awe” invasion like Iraq? Or will a “Free ‘Venezuelan’ Army” be armed, trained and financed by the West, ‘Israel’ and Saudi Arabia in a throwback to Operation Condor as well as the demonic death squads of the 70s and 80s? Venezuela is under siege and prayers are needed for the upholders of El Comandante Hugo Chavez’s (rip) legacy no matter what the immediate (and seemingly dark) future holds. May ALLAH (SWT) protect the Bolivarian Revolution.




by Jonathan Azaziah

Serena Shim (R.A.) was a heroine. Not only in her field but in general. She laid her life on the line for the highest honor anyone could pursue: The truth. As a journalist for Press TV, she exposed Turkey’s premier intelligence agency, MIT, using UN WFP “humanitarian aid” trucks as cover to deliver heavy weaponry to ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria. For her efforts, she was threatened, targeted and killed in a “mysterious” car accident that is such an obvious assassination coupled with a subsequent cover-up, it could’ve been a plot to one of those terrible low-budget spy movies from the 80s that Zionist Hollywood was pumping out every other week.

The culprits, undoubtedly, are Turkey and ‘Israel’–the neo-Ottoman regime in Ankara’s overlord and central partner in keeping the Syrian state destabilized. Verily, the usurping Zionist entity needed the weapons supply line from Turkey to Syria’s north to remain open and unbothered. Not just for arms but oil. Thus, Serena Shim was jeopardizing the entire ‘Israeli’-led regime change scheme. Yet, with her 4th martyrdom anniversary upon us on October 19th, how many American mainstream media outlets are covering the Lebanese-American daughter of Detroit’s murder, asking questions, highlighting her accomplishments, saluting her bravery and demanding justice?


Meanwhile, how many American media outlets are, depending on the tone of the article, all up in arms or waxing lyrical (or both) about how much they love Jamal Khashoggi as well as how upset they are at his grizzly killing at the hands of a Saudi hit team and the laughable story concocted–a fight broke out and Khashoggi got murked outta the frame by accident, Al-Saud says–to bury what really took place?


If you needed an indictment of how the corporate press works in America, you won’t be able to find a more damning one. The lifelong Saudi regime apologist, Takfiri stenographer, Ikhwanji stalwart and US-UK-Zionist intelligence asset is praised and celebrated, mourned and cried about. The young Shi’a Muslim reporter who challenged the status quo and shined an all-beaming light on the criminality of an ‘Israeli’-aligned NATO regime which is arming terrorists that desecrate shrines, dig up bodies, burn churches, execute suicide bombings against civilians and enslave children is ignored–not partially but totally.

Which is why it is imperative to remember her. And her sacrifice. And her heroism. And her steadfastness under tremendous pressure–never wavering as she got down into the grime, the guck and the muck to dig out the truth no matter what rested deep within such immense filth; no matter the danger it put her very person in. And we should bow our heads in respect to everyone like her too.

Trailblazers like Gary Webb, assassinated by the CIA for exposing the Company’s role in cocaine trafficking in Central America as well as the crack epidemic that ravaged African-American communities all over the US, especially in the Los Angeles area; Danny Casolaro, murdered by a Mossad-CIA death squad for digging into what he called “the Octopus”, a Zionist-led international conspiracy tied in with the Inslaw-PROMIS affair, the collapse of BCCI and the Iran-Contra scandal; my dear brother Victor Thorn, murdered by Hillary Clinton’s (likely-Mossad-connected) goons for telling one truth too many about her family’s illicit history; Hamza Hajj Hassan (R.A.), Muhammad Mantash (R.A.) and Halim Allou (R.A.), reporters of Hizbullah’s Military Media Unit who were assassinated by ‘Israeli’-NATO-GCC-backed terrorists whilst covering the Hizbullah-Syrian Arab Army liberation of the ancient, Aramaic-speaking town of Maaloula…

… Robert Friedman, the gallant Jewish-American investigative reporter who took the veil off the Jewishness of the “Russian” mafia (aka Red Mafiya aka Organizatsiya) and also exposed the JDL-ADL-Mossad nexus in two groundbreaking books. He was murdered by the “chosenite” mobsters he unmasked; Khaled al-Khatib (R.A.), a Syrian RT journo murdered by ISIS in Homs; and too many Palestinian journalists to name here, dauntless souls who are routinely targeted by the Zionist enemy for exposing the evil of the ongoing Nakba that has raged since ‘Israel’ criminally came into existence. Ahmed Abou Hussein (R.A.) and Yasser Murtaja (R.A.) were slaughtered by the usurping Jewish entity this year alone. Dozens of others have been wounded, maimed and arrested. We salute them all in humbleness.

Serena Shim (R.A.), who now rests in Bourj al-Barajneh, a municipality of Dahiyeh that has endured and prevailed over both Zionism and Takfirism, is everything Jamal Khashoggi wasn’t–truthful and decent, righteous and principled, Anti-Imperialist and fearless. Because she was striving to expose the evils of the Zio-NATO Empire, instead of serving it like Khashoggi, the American media has rendered her persona non grata. Honestly though, what else do you expect from a bunch of careerist, orientalist hypocrites who work for some of the most powerful Zionist Jews on the planet? Needless to say, may they not only be shamed again and again but punished. For silence is complicity and their willing inability to speak up on her behalf makes them as guilty as the Mossad/MIT assassins who took her away from her husband, her children, her family and her friends. Serena was moved to become a reporter after the July War, which saw her homeland ravaged by an illegal, barbaric ‘Israeli’ aerial campaign. She was in Bourj el-Barajneh at the time and simply put, the savagery of the Zionists changed her life.

And in turn, through her tremendous reporting, she has changed the lives of us all–especially those in Syria–because she decided to report the truth amid the worst fog of lies that modern warfare has ever seen. During her funeral, thousands on top of thousands poured into the streets to greet the Shahida, chanting, “The hero’s here! The hero’s here! The hero’s here!” She still is too. Right here with us. The Martyrs are alive. Guiding us and inspiring us. As for Jamal Khashoggi and all the Zionist, Imperialist and Wahhabi miscreants shrieking about him across the Shlomo-controlled establishment press? They weren’t, aren’t and will never be good enough to even clean the dirt off the bottom of her shoes. Zio-MSM may continue to ignore Serena Shim (R.A.) four years on since her martyrdom. But Moustazafeen the world over recognize her unequivocal valor and will not be deterred from lionizing her forever. Rest deeply o’ truth-teller; o’ tyrant-breaker; o’ heroine. Rest in power and pristineness.


Once A Zionist, Always A Zionist: Noam Chomsky Supports US Occupation Of Syria To Protect ‘Israeli’-Aligned Kurdish Terrorists

by Jonathan Azaziah – Noam Chomsky has always been a Zionist pig. Lulling unsuspecting, burgeoning Anti-Imperialists into his web and selling them his “Manufacturing Consent” elementariness while in fact manufacturing dissent and leading them far, far away from the Empire of Zion that rules over the overwhelming majority of nation-states from east to west. The latest proof of his insidiousness is a real pisser, declaring support in The Intercept’s “American Dissident” podcast for the US occupation of certain parts of northern Syria as a means of protecting the “Rojava” project of the ‘Israeli’-aligned Kurdish separatist terrorists. Typical, really, considering The Intercept itself and its “journalism superstar” Glenn Greenwald have also been integral to the media war against the resistant Syrian state. That noted though, if you’re flabbergasted, then you’ve clearly been fast asleep for the past 7 years because Chomsky’s been as vocal vis-a-vis the Zionist-led regime change scheme against the Syrian Arab Republic as the neocon dingbats at the FDD.

Just last April as a matter of fact, Chomsky joined a group of “progressives” called the Emergency Committee for Rojava, including political theorist at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study as well as hardcore Zionist Michael Walzer and “feminist” Jews Judith Butler (a Gay International mainstay and crypto-Zionist JVP stalwart), Gloria Steinem (a CIA asset) and Debbie Bookchin (daughter of Anarcho-Zionist, Nakba-denier and ideological architect of the Kurds’ political project Murray Bookchin) calling for the American regime to sanction Turkey and continue militarily supporting the Kurds who are carving up Syrian territory for their own ethno-chauvinist aims in perfect compatibility with the usurping Judaic entity’s Oded Yinon plan.

Notice that Chomsky and his tribalist cohorts Butler, Steinem, Bookchin and Walzer would never, never, never, EVER advocate for America or any other country, superpower or not, to provide arms, training, logistics, intelligence and aerial support to the Palestinian people who have been victimized, colonized, displaced and massacred by Zionists for 70 years now. So Kurdish gangs pursuing an ‘Israeli’ stratagem of balkanization in the name of “democracy” and “feminism” and “human rights” and “socialism”? Kosher for US backing. Palestinians resisting the ‘Israeli’ stratagem of wiping them out of existence in the name of Yahweh? Unkosher and banished from the realm of US backing for all-time. Not that the Palestinian Resistance wants or would ever accept assistance from the American ZOG, it’s simply the principle of the matter. In the eyes of Chomsky and his ilk, it’s nonviolence and nonviolence alone for Palestinians if they want the “enlightened” support of “the chosen people”. Act like “Arab Gandhis” or be denied even the most basic humane acknowledgement. A hypocrisy to end all hypocrisies.

Do take into consideration that the aforementioned examples of Chomsky’s chicanery on Syria don’t tip the iceberg in the slightest degree. He’s called the democratically elected and popularly supported Syrian government “murderous” as well as “monstrous” and “brutal” with puke-triggering regularity. Indeed, these neocon adjectives are an integral part of his very lexicon. He’s waxed lyrical about the fake “revolution”, fawning over it and labeling it a “popular and democratic protest movement”. He openly declared that it was a “problem” that Assad couldn’t be ousted, bashed Russia–which has helped Syria and its other allies defeat terrorism–as “horrible” and defended Obama’s nightmarish polices in the Levant because there wasn’t an alternative. How about NOT providing billions of dollars in arms to head-chopping, church-burning, shrine-razing, Saudi-schooled psychopaths?! There’s an alternative for you, Noamie!

And speaking of the fake “revolution”, he’s also peddled the terrible lie that there are many “secular and democratic” elements to the “opposition”. This is categorically false as a) such groups were infinitesimal and entirely lacking anything resembling influence and b) literal fig leaves for the dominant armed brigades who ALL adhere to savage, sectarian, sanguinary Takfiri-Wahhabi thought.

While appearing to question the mainstream coverage of alleged gas attacks in Syria, he never missed an opportunity to say that “the Assad regime” very well could be responsible for such atrocities and is “capable” of them too, planting legerdemain-filled seeds in the minds of readers and listeners that it couldn’t be the “rebels”–who not only had access to chemical weapons but have been caught red-handed actually using them–behind these crimes, only Assad. And most insidiously, at arguably the most critical time of the entire war on Syria in 2013, he laughably suggested on a plethora of platforms that Washington and “Tel Aviv” particularly were not in fact trying to overthrow Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad nor giving guns to the terrorists and that it was all just part of the “Sunni-Shi’a conflict” anyway with “Syrians tearing themselves apart”. Imagine that this drivel passes for intellectuality.

Faux intellectuality actually. A mask (of Zion) for obfuscation. And truth be told, this sort of obfuscation is symptomatic of Chomsky’s entire tenure as a “trusted” academic and geopolitical commentator. On Libya, Noam the Gnome spread the poison that there was a “rebellion” that started “nonviolently” and then Qadhafi was about to commit “slaughter” in Benghazi, even quoting arch-Zionist Dennis Ross to back up his point that America had to intervene to stop it. This is unequivocally false. Not only was there no impending massacre nor an impending genocide… Even Zio-devil, war criminal and CFR Prez Richard N. Haass admitted as much… And not only was the “rebellion” armed from jump street by NATO, the GCC and ‘Israel’… All the (dis)info to the contrary was provided by the Zionist-founded, ‘Israeli’-led UN Watch. On Iraq, Chomsky the Conman reiterates the sectarian trash that he started on Syria, putridly saying that Sunnis are living in fear of Shi’a, and to this very day maintains the elephantine fallacy that the ’03 invasion was a war for oil. It wasn’t. It was a war for ‘Israel’. From soup to nuts. Hook, line and sinker.Chomsky may have done more to deflect attention off the overwhelming presence of Shlomo in every aspect of the destabilization and subsequent annihilation of Iraq than any other personality from the global leftist intelligentsia.

Chomsky absurdly dismisses the power of the ‘Israel’ Lobby and Jewish influence in general. He opposes boycotting the Zionist entity and while the meeker, weaker and more servile among “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists were pathetically jumping for joy when he “clarified” this opposition by saying he doesn’t support artists being used for ‘Israeli’ propaganda, he nevertheless upheld that he has tactical differences with the very idea of the boycott. He supports the continued existence of the Zio-Tumor and the presence of the Zio-Tumor’s cancerous cells (read: ‘Israeli’ colonizers), fluctuating back and forth between calls for a “two-state solution”and a “bi-national state”. Noam! Your Zionism is showing!

On 9/11, he insanely declares, “But even if the claims of an inside job were true, which is extremely unlikely, who cares? I mean, it doesn’t have any significance.” Perhaps Chomsky the Counterfeiter suggests this tomfoolery because he doesn’t want to blow the cover of his coreligionists who masterminded the false flag attack and their Shabbos Goy agents. On the JFK assassination, Chomsky inexplicably doesn’t think it was an important event. Again, perhaps this is because, as American nationalist luminary Michael Collins Piper expertly and powerfully documented in his masterpiece “Final Judgement”, it was a network of Zionist Jews who were responsible for the hit. Even on an issue that he has written extensively about, one that he is considered a maven on, i.e. the malevolent role of United Fruit Company in the torment of various Latin American states and peoples, he mind-blowingly never discussed–not even once– that its owner Samuel Zemurray was a fanatical Zionist Jew who used the profits from the corporation as fundraising capital to buy guns for the Jewish terrorist militias that would ethnically cleanse Palestine.Noam! Your Zionism’s STILL showing!

There’s a perfect explanation for these positions too. It comes right from the mouth of the wily ol’ Yahoudling coyote himself, “I inevitably view the continuing [‘Israeli’-Palestinian] conflict from a very specific point of view, colored by these personal relationships, Perhaps this personal history distorts my perspective.” Finally! Some honesty from Chomsky the Charlatan! What he’s speaking of is his “past” life as a Zionist youth leader. He was a kibbutznik too. That’s right. Mr. “I Criticizes US Imperialismz Lotz and Lotz, I Swear I Does” participated in the colonization of Palestine. In light of this, it’s rather asinine that he’s EVER been looked at as a “dissident” when this “dissidence” never colored outside the lines that World Zionism designated for the Goyim on American college campuses–the lines being “American wars bad, very bad, let’s do radical protests bro, hell yeah” and “Existence of the fake Jewish ‘state’ good, very good, ’cause muh 6 Million (™) and muh lampshades and soap (™), don’t ever question it Goys”. Noam… Your Jewish supremacism is showing too. And it’s hideous.

To conclude, we have to stress that the title of this piece wasn’t being audacious for audacity’s sake. The Kurdish groups supported by Chomsky ARE ‘Israeli’-aligned and they ARE terrorists. You just don’t hear about it in the Zionist media. Just a few weeks ago, the PYD/YPG gangsters shut down four Syriac Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox schools in the northeastern Syrian cities of Qamishli, Darbasiyah and Derik. They’re also beating the daylights out of Assyrian community leaders and arresting as well as silencing Assyrian journalists documenting their abuses and ethno-sectarian cleansing–which is being perpetrated not only against Assyrians in Hasakeh but against Arabs in Raqqa too. Moreover, the PYD/YPG and their parent organization, the PKK, are notorious for their recruitment of child soldiers as young as just 7 years old, which stems from a most sickening criminal practice of abducting kids, as well as trafficking narcotics, including heroin, hashish and cocaine. And going back to at least 2004, just two years after the PYD was founded, the Kurdish gangs terrorizing Syrians of all stripes have been receiving intelligence and operational support for commando-style military engagements from the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime.

In the grand scheme of things, Chomsky the chosenoid Cullion’s enthusiasm for the US occupation of Syria is right in line with all of his other abominable stances. For Chomsky, like any Zionist, regardless of whether they claim rightism or leftism, Zionism or “Anti-Zionism”, what’s good for the Jews is good and what’s bad for the Jews is bad. Supporting the Kurds and having the world’s hegemon be at their beckoned call falls into the former category. Thus, it should be strikingly obvious: The man is a shill. A gatekeeper. An agent of disinformation and misinformation, depending on the scenario. As we mentioned in our opening, a manufacturer of dissent, ironically enough. “Professor” Noam personifies limited hangout. His aim is to cover the tracks of Zion on both the micro and macro levels. One of Shlomo’s sentinels. Could even be one of Shlomo’s spooks. And treating him as anything else isn’t merely a difference in opinion, it’s a perversion of reality. He’s not a friend of the Syrian Arab Republic or Palestine. He’s a friend of the Halakhic-Talmudic land-thieves. He’s not an adversary of Zio-Imperialism, his “career of criticisms” aside. He provides critical services for Zio-Imperialism… And its Kurdish tools. It’s all been laid out here in wallpaper that’s blue-white-six-pointed-starred-and-menorah’ed-all-over. Don’t feign ignorance again.



By Jonathan Azaziah – A calamitous tragedy of immeasurable proportions was averted late yesterday afternoon in Iraq’s Salahuddine. Quds Force Commander Hajj Qassem Suleimani, the Spear of Liberation and Zion’s most hated enemy, had just finished up a long day in the northern Iraqi province. He prayed in Balad–a frequent target of the Takfiri Goy Golem he helped smash to smithereens–at the shrine of Sayyed Muhammad Ibn Ali al-Hadi, the son of Shi’a Islam’s Tenth Imam (A.S.) and the brother of Shi’a Islam’s Eleventh Imam Hassan al-Askari (A.S.), and then met with Sunni tribal leaders and political parties to discuss preserving the unity of Iraq and thwarting future fitnah. As he was getting ready to head to Baghdad before returning home, he noticed black helicopters and drones passing through the skies–a blatant sign of American surveillance. He then signaled to his driver that they should switch vehicles. And sure enough, right as they were walking to an unmarked jeep, the sedan he planned on utilizing to travel to the Iraqi capital exploded in a gargantuan fireball. Hajj Qassem was lightly wounded in the blast–which was brought on by a whopping 1,500 kilograms of military-grade explosives.

The IRGC legend’s Mouqawamist intuition–a true gift from ALLAH (SWT)–saved his life. He knew something was wrong upon seeing the US spy aircraft–which incidentally were giving the green light to proceed with the (failed) kill–and took a swift decision to adjust gears. He was right. Iraqi Popular Mobilization fighters led by Harakat al-Nujaba hit the trenches in the immediate aftermath, initiating a large-scale intelligence operation and arresting scores of individuals.

Local agents of Saudi Arabia, which has long been paying tribes in Al-Anbar and Salahuddine for information on Iraqi Islamic Resistance groups and the Iranian and Hizbullahi trainers who assist them, were nabbed. They admitted to keeping tabs on the Kerman Knight and subsequently passing that very data to the orchestrators of the assassination attempt: The usurping Zionist entity. Using perfect-English-speaking American Jews from Mossad and Aman, who dressed in American army gear to avoid detection or suspicion as US occupation forces remain an unfortunate reality in Iraq, ‘Israel’ planted bombs in multiple vehicles across Major General Suleimani’s last known location with the view of “quantity equals quality”.

By God’s grace however, this arrogant Judaic outlook and the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi operation as a whole proved to be abject failures. Qassem Suleimani lives to fight another day. ALLAHU AKBAR.

The maneuver against the Islamic Revolution’s Imperialist-Crippler-In-Chief was a crude and bold one but it most certainly wasn’t shocking. It’s not a secret that the CIA and the ‘Israelis’ have been trying to take out Suleimani for decades. Al-Jarida, a known Mossad dumping ground in Kuwait City, reported back in January that there was an American-‘Israeli’ consensus on removing Hajj Qassem from the regional equation. And this past July, a piece entitled “‘Israel’s’ most dangerous enemy: Who are you, Hajj Qasem Soleimani?” was published in Ynet, the usurping Jewish entity’s most popular online news portal, outlining how much the Mossad and the entirety of the Zionist military-industrial-complex despises the Iranian Master Moujahid. That the drivel was written by Dr. Ronen Bergman and Dr. Raz Zimmit, the two ‘Israeli’ intelligence-connected media muckity-mucks most vocal in the spreading of lies about Iran on an international level, is more than indicative of how desperately Shlomo’s spooks want Hajj Qassem clipped. A prime objective of Mossad indeed. Yesterday’s murder attempt solidifies it in an even more emphatic way.

As the aforementioned Ynet piece admits, Qassem Suleimani won’t rest until there’s a Resistance Axis weapons supply line that reaches the criminal colony of “Rosh Hanikra”–or, as it should be called, Ras al-Nakoura, its proper Arabic name–in the occupied Galilee. Which reminds us of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s promise that in the next war, Hizbullah will not only enter Al-Jalil but free it from Zionist control. When Hizbullah’s Secretary-General made this famous announcement, Qassem Suleimani is said to have called him and declared simply, “Whatever you need to make this happen either now or in the near future, you let me know.” Anyone who knows anything about the Quds Force Titan is aware that nothing means more to him than the recapture of Jerusalem. In other words, ALLAH (SWT) isn’t ready to call the Dajjal-Obliterator home just yet. Until Palestine is liberated and Western ZOGs are ejected from our region, Suleimani’s gonna keep working. Keep struggling. Keep slaying Global Zionism and its tools. Insha’ALLAH khair ya Rab.

The IRGC’s Mighty Moujahideen aren’t taking the attempt on their best unit’s head honcho lightly. They’ve promised a vicious retaliation. We anxiously and gleefully await it. Riyadh, Washington and “Tel Aviv”, fresh off their slaughterous attack on Ahvaz, messed up big-time with this one. And in customary Suleimani fashion, he ain’t gonna let them sleep even a wink over their folly. May ALLAH (SWT) protect Hajj Qassem from all the devils who wish to do him harm and guide him towards what he desires most: Sending Zion to oblivion.



by Jonathan Azaziah – What an absolute horror in Iran’s Ahvaz. As veterans of the Iranian Armed Forces, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Basij and their families were gathered for a parade marking the 38-year anniversary of the start of the Imposed War led by the tyrant Saddam Hussein, gunmen dressed in Iranian military garb opened fire on the attendees with reckless abandon. They didn’t care who they hit. And the total casualty count shows–with at least 29 martyrs, including women, children, disabled vets and journalists, and more than 70 wounded. The whole thing felt very… and we do mean VERY… ‘Israeli’. And it didn’t take long for the usurping Zionist entity and all its regional cronies to rear their ugly heads. The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) claimed responsibility for the cowardly, murderous attack, as did Al-Ahwaz Arab Popular Democratic Front (APDF), a wing of ASMLA.

The leader of ASMLA is Habib Jabour, who openly and proudly flaunts his relationship with the House of Saud. Al-Arabiya–or as it should be called, Al-Ibriyya–is the literal stenographer of all ASMLA and APDF propaganda and praised the attack both online and on air. So did the hideously sectarian channel Al-Wesal TV–an Arabic-Urdu-Farsi platform infamous for declaring that its main objective is to discuss “the accords and speeches of the turbaned Shi’ites and scholars, exposing them and uncovering their falsehoods”— which covered the Ahvaz horror as a “heroic effort to liberate an ‘occupied’ region from Iran”. Indeed, the delusional terrorists say Iran is another ‘Israel’ and Ahvaz is another Palestine and when they’re done “liberating” Ahvaz from the “occupiers”, they will then offer their support to the Palestinian struggle. A classical Takfiri-esque perspective: Kill anyone and everyone before you wage Jihad against the Zio-Imperialists–who just so happen to be funding, arming and training you. Should also be noted that Fatah and APDF have close ties, which is, in and itself, a damning proof of the ‘Israeli’ nexus as Mahmoud Abbas is of course a ZOGer–a real stooge to end all stooges.

The Zionist hands are further exposed by the fact that nearly all of the leaders of the ASMLA and the APDF are based in Australia, which has played a major role in destabilizing Syria and whose intelligence services are overrun with Mossadniks, as well as the Netherlands, a historic partner of the usurping Zionist entity, home of a massive Judaic-bankrolled Islamophobia industry headed by Zionist Jew hatemonger Geert Wilders, a provider of attack dogs used by IOF against Palestinian civilians, and, up until about two seconds ago, a top funder of the ‘Israeli’-Sorosite-partnered White Helmets. Moreover, the neocon-run Bush regime, through both the CIA and JSOC, ramped up major support to Ahvazi separatist gangs, the ASMLA included, with the specific purpose of attacking, weakening and destabilizing the IRGC. Verily, Iranian Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi said in no uncertain terms that the murderers were trained by ‘Israel’ and Amreeka in two Persian Gulf countries. One is Saudi Arabia. And the other is the UAE’s Abu Dhabi sheikhdom.

In fact, the Emiratis aren’t even trying to hide it. Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, a prominent UAE intellectual routinely quoted in mainstream press outlets and a senior “royal” advisor to the criminal Nahyan clan, blatantly declared on Twitter, “Taking the battle into the depths of Iran is an option that has already been declared and will increase even further in the future.” This is an echo of what Saudi “Crown Prince” and butcher of Yemen Muhammad Bin Salman said last year, “We will work so that the battle is on their side, inside Iran.” The Saudi and Emirati collaborators are so far gone in their services to the Empire that there just isn’t anywhere else to go. They’ve made their beds… With Shlomo… And they enjoy their own stench after coming up from laying down with “chosenite” mutts.

World Zionism operatives, from the artificial Jewish regime as well as its lobbying apparatuses, have been vociferously campaigning for separating Ahvaz from Iran for years. Rape enthusiast, Aman agent and war criminal Mordechai Kedar engaged in some obscene, quintessential Jewish projectionism with his piece, “Iran is an Artificial Country”, praising the ASMLA and salivating over Ahvaz’s oil. Mark Langfan, the head of Americans for a Safe ‘Israel’ (AFSI), picked up on this theme and ran with it in his “Free Arab Shia from their Iranian slavemasters” drivel in Arutz Sheva. It’s essentially become a preeminent talking point of Organized Jewish Interests.

And lest we forget that Ahvaz was a center of Jewish commercial activity throughout the Middle Ages as well as one of the first hotbeds for Zionist activity inside Iran. Simply put, the Ahvazi separatists and the Jews are thick as thieves. Make no mistake, any ethno-nationalism or communal-nationalism expressed inside Iran’s borders is Jewish at the root. Full-stop. Whether it’s in Balochistan with Jundallah and Baloch separatist groups or in Kurdistan with PJAK,Mossad is present. Busting up Iran into statelets has always been a Zionist imperative, from Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s” to the Saban Center’s “Which Path To Persia?”, which, by the way, also salutes Ahvazi terrorists.

Most despicable of all is that the whole of the Zionist media from Reuters to AFP, the Times of ‘Israel’ to BBC, Al-Jazeera (aka Al-Khanzeera) to CBS, CNN to the Wall Street Journal, did not call the Ahvaz carnage a terrorist attack nor refer to the ASMLA and the APDF as terrorists. It’s an unabashed dehumanization technique that has been employed against the Islamic Republic by the US ZOG and ‘Israel’ from the moment that Imam Khomeini (R.A.) brought down the Shah. But ask yourselves this: Wouldn’t a like-similar attack on the CIA be terrorism? Even though the CIA has toppled over 100 governments since its founding between election rigging, assassinations and coups. Even though the CIA backs head-chopping Takfiris, death squads of all types and dictators worldwide. It’s still terrorism, no?

Because what about the secretaries and the janitors, the paper-pushers and the food delivery workers, the receptionists and particularly the analysts opposed to US interventionism. In other words, the innocent people. This is above and beyond the fact that God forbid any such attack occurs, we’d have to look at ‘Israel’ in a false flag scenario. Ultimately, terrorism is terrorism. And a mass shooting that leaves elderly disabled people who had fought for their country in defense of independence as well as 6-year old children liquidated… Can’t be called anything but. The Jewish-controlled corporate press doesn’t want you to see photos of Shouhada like hero Hossein Monjazi (R.A.), who was being honored in the parade, and little Taha (R.A.), that’s why it prevents its usual spheres of (dis)information-dissemination from showing such images and in alternative spheres, such as social media, it blocks, suspends, deletes and shadow-bans to halt counter-narratives from festering. Like the @IranTactical account on Twitter that was 86ed as the Ahvaz chaos was unfolding.


Speaking of ‘Israeli’ false flags, it is telling that Saeed Ghasseminejad, the resident “Iranian” native informant and Shabbos Goy extraordinaire over at the FDD–the Talpiot-linked, ‘Israeli’-infested 3rd incarnation of PNAC–actually had the gall to say that the IRGC, which has lost many a good man to the mercenaries of the ASMLA and the APDF, was working with these groups to slaughter their own and portray the Iranian government as a victim before the upcoming UN General Assembly extravaganza. Fallacious, felonious and filthy! This is reminiscent of Russian-Jewish gazillionaire Boris Berezovsky (L.A.) and the Jewish neocons of the Bush White House accusing Vladimir Putin of plotting the attacks on Buynaksk, Moscow, and Volgodonsk in the infamous “Apartment Bombings”. Zion’s think-tank-industrial-complex has ZERO issue invoking the concept of false flags when it needs to smear enemy states and use their dead as hasbara props for an ongoing soft war campaign. When the REAL perpetrator of false flags comes up however, i.e. ‘Israel’, especially when it comes to the Zionist granddaddy of them all, 9/11, everyone who promotes such truth turns into an “anti-Semite”, a “conspiracy theorist” or a “Nazi”.

It’s more than pornographic and yet another proof of the Empire’s shameless execution of the Ahvaz attack that the House of Rothschild’s errand boy Rudy Giuliani, an anti-Iranian regime change fanatic as well as a key Gentile agent of Zion’s terrorism on September 11th, 2001, was frothing at the mouth about the US leading the overthrow of the Islamic Revolution all before the blood of the Ahvaz martyrs was even dry; before the casualty count had even been tallied up properly. His speech was sponsored by another terrorist group, the Zionist-aligned MEK, which has been bathing in the plasma of Iranian civilians for nearly four decades. And this is, without a doubt, the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-Emirati end goal: Toppling Wilayet al-Faqih and replacing it with a pliable regime led by goons like ASMLA and the MEK that will serve Shlomo ad infinitum.

Sadness aside for a moment over this terrible crime, perhaps it is fitting that it happened in the midst of Sacred Defense Week–a sign that ALLAH (SWT) is the Best Planner of All. Because just as Saddam Hussein failed to put out the candles of Khomeiniism when he began his aggression on the Jewish Imperium’s behalf 38 years ago, so too will Washington, “Tel Aviv”, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. They can drop monies and weapons to whatever gaggle of degenerates they like. The Islamic Revolution has not come this far to crumble at the hands of mere weakling terrorists that target babies, women and men in wheelchairs.


As Imam Khamenei said to a group of foreign cultural activists last month, “Do not worry at all about our situation. Nobody can do a damn thing against the Islamic Revolution. Be certain of that. There isn’t any doubt about it. Inform everyone of this truth!” We recite Al-Fatiha over and over again for the martyrs. We send Striking Star Salutes to the Islamic Republic of Iran, its military-intelligence organs, its people, its leadership and its thinkers during this most blessed time when Iranians commemorate fighting off the whole world to maintain what Imam Khomeini (R.A.) helped bring to fruition. And we pray for the punishment of the perpetrators–both local and global. May they feast on the Zaqqum’s fruit forever.



by Jonathan Azaziah

The moment that we’ve all been waiting for is here: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s Ashoura speech. After 9 days of predominantly religious lectures, the 10th day of Muharram always sees the Two-Time Liberator of Lebanon merge commemorations of Imam Hussein (A.S.) with the current events around the region and GOOD GOD did he deliver! Firing on all cylinders, Sayyed Abou Hadi reminded us all that Aba Abdallah’s (A.S.) famous saying, “Hayhat minna zilla (Us? Humiliated?! Never, ever!)”, is immortal and triumphantly bellowed that the massive crowds in Lebanon’s Dahiyeh and all throughout the Islamicate are a solidification that the blood of Hussein (A.S.) truly prevailed over the sword of the drunkard despot Yazid (L.A.)

Hizbullah’s Secretary-General labeled Ashoura a “day of stances” and the Lebanese Islamic Resistance maintains a righteous position wherever one must be taken. He said it wasn’t just important to stand by the Islamic Republic of Iran as it battled a barbaric American economic aggression, but a “duty”, and saluted the Islamic Revolution for standing with the forces of resistance in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere no matter what obstacles it was confronted with–in true Husseini fashion. The Sayyed doubled down on the Mouqawamah’s solidarity with the Bahraini people’s peaceful struggle, saluting all the scholars and youth who have been jailed, repressed, beaten and brutalized by ‘Israeli’-aligned Bahraini dictatorship.

And in the most heartfelt section of the speech, he declared it was IMPERATIVE for ALL Muslims and ALL Arabs to denounce Al-Saud’s genocidal war on Yemen and take every appropriate measure available to help bring an end to this carnage. Nasrallah said that the oppressed people of Yemen have been witnessing the tragedy of Karbala for nearly four years, but they’ve faced the invaders with all forms of steadfastness, courage and patience, just like the triumph of Karbala. It cannot be denied that on all fronts Yemen is the Karbala of today, he continued, and gave Muslims a warning that ALLAH (SWT) will be asking every single  one of us about Yemen to see whether or not we stood up to its hegemonic oppressors. Needless to say, he reiterated Hizbullah’s unwavering support for the Yemen and its Resistance.

Meanwhile, the most fiery oratory was reserved for the usurping Zionist entity after he reaffirmed Hizbullah’s ideological commitment to Palestine and Al-Quds, praising the martyrs of the Great March of Return in Gaza and calling for confronting the Trump ZOG’s “deal of the century” which aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause. He scoffed at the ‘Israeli’ hasbara which said that he makes his speeches from a bunker, “ALLAH (SWT) has extended my lifespan as you tried day and night to kill me. I am still here; still alive. And that I am in fact still here, still alive, by ALLAH’s (SWT) good graces, is a mighty indication of your failure.” He hilariously trolled ‘Israeli’ War Minister Avigdor Lieberman, agreeing with him that everything had indeed changed across the Arab-Islamic world–especially in the Mouqawamah’s favor. The ‘Israelis’ had been betting on their destabilization schemes in Syria and Iraq to weaken the Axis of Resistance but now they know it’s more powerful than ever and several other actors have joined its ranks. This has made ‘Israel’ furious, Nasrallah chuckled, and due to this, the utmost vigilance is required.

The Zio-Tumor is living in fear of any confrontation with Lebanon, the Sayyed said, for it knows the repercussions will be severe because Hizbullah knows all of the ‘Israeli’ enemy’s weaknesses. The confidence of Sayyed Abou Hadi not only stems from Hizbullah’s victories throughout Syria, not to mention the July War triumph, along with the First Liberation and the Second Liberation, but an ever-growing arsenal that will devastate the paltry “defenses” of IOF. The Sayyed explains,

“The ‘Israelis’ have been hard at work attempting to cut off weaponry roads and prevent us from coming into possession of precision missiles. But all their efforts were a waste of time. I say to the Zionist entity, that scheme you had?! It’s all over! We are now in possession of precision missiles so if ‘Israel’ dares impose a war on Lebanon, it will face the most unimaginable fate, one it would never expect! The Israeli enemy knows intimately that technology alone doesn’t constitute the final word in any given battle without human capabilities. And when it comes to the latter category, we in Hizbullah are very well-armed.” Pure flames; pure power; pure Mouqawamah.

Imam Hussein (A.S.) famously said, “I revolted not out of wickedness, nor for fame. Verily, I rose up against oppression solely to seek rectification in the nation of my grandfather, Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.)” This encapsulates Hizbullah’s defiance of Empire Zionica to the letter. The Men of God seek not personal gain, nor temporal power. They only seek the freedom of all Muslims from oppression in the name of Muhammad al-Moustafa (S.A.W.W.) and his Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) And the way that this freedom will ultimately be secured is by defeating ‘Israel’ and its ZOGs worldwide. Nasrallah’s focus on ‘Israel’ for his Ashoura 2018 speech reflects the preeminent belief that it is the Yazid (L.A.) of our time and as such, we must do our best impressions of Imam Hussein (A.S.) every second of every hour of every day to win the way Sayyed al-Shouhada (A.S.) won on the sands of Karbala. Only through the Imam (A.S.), savior of Islam, savior of the Moustazafeen, savior of humanity, can truth obliterate falsehood. All of Hizbullah’s strength and steadfastness come from Aba Abdallah (A.S.), Nasrallah said, and he closed out by declaring, “All of our days are Ashoura and we have written ‘Labaykah ya Hussein (A.S.)!’ with our blood and our patience.”

Then, he repeated the mantra that has come to be known as a signature of sorts through the years, electrifying the crowd and putting another historic speech in the books,

“Wallahi! Go ahead and kill me once. Then resurrect me. Kill me again and resurrect once more. Then kill me yet again and scatter my remains to the winds. Repeat this process a thousand times. I will go through this and so much more just so you and your pure family may survive! No matter what, I will not ever leave you, ya Imam Hussein (A.S.)!” Subhan’ALLAH. Masha’ALLAH. ALLAH yehmi. From now until we’re resurrected on Youm al-Qiyamah, let it be known that Ashoura isn’t complete without Sayyed Abou Hadi and the magnificent heroes he commands. Labaykah ya Hussein (A.S.)! Labaykah ya Nasrallah! Death to the usurping Zionist entity! And in the name of Ashoura… Victory to the Husseini Axis of Resistance!

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