Trump with Amer al-Fakhoury, known as the “Butcher of Kiyam”, the pro-Israel concentration detention camp established in the south of Lebanon during the 1982 Israeli invasion.

By Elijah J. Magnier:  @ejmalrai

Antoine Hayek, the former jailer of the Israeli-established Kiyam detention and concentration camp in Lebanon, was found dead in his store in Miyu-Miyeh, east of Sidon in the south of Lebanon, with two bullets in his head. There were no indications who was behind this assassination. His death came on the heels of the decision by Lebanese authorities to exert pressure on the head of the military court to release Israeli collaborator Amer al-Fakhoury.  Al-Fahkoury was then delivered to the US embassy and smuggled out of the country. The implicit message seems obvious: if the Lebanese authorities want to deal with former Israeli collaborators in this way, other Israeli collaborators will pay the price. Targets are many and vulnerable. So who could be behind the assassination?

US plane which illegally smuggled Amer al-Fakhoury from the US embassy in Beirut.

Antoine Hayek (58-year-old) was born east of Sidon and joined the Lebanese Police at the age of 20. He retired with the grade of Chief Warrant Officer and opened a small grocery in the same area. During the 1982 Israeli occupation of Lebanon, he followed Amer al-Fakhoury and worked under his command at the Kiyam detention camp.

Hayek was accused of throwing a bomb inside a cell during the prisoners’ uprising of the 25thof November 1989, killing two members of the resistance: Bilal al-Samman and Ibrahim Abou al-Iz. Hayek was also nicknamed “Voltage 66” for his hobby of torturing prisoners with high electric voltage in sensitive parts of the body. The pro-Israeli officer had a record of preventing the Red Cross and humanitarian NGOs from visiting prisoners–who never faced trial and were all under detention for resisting the Israeli occupation of Lebanon. In 2001, a year after the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, Hayek surrendered to Lebanese authorities. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Photo of Amer al-Fakhoury, the butcher of Kiyam, during a demonstration by relatives of young men killed and tortured by him during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

In 2006, Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement signed a memorandum of understanding whereby both parties agreed (article 6) to ease the return of Lebanese collaborators with Israel.

So why was Hayek, a Christian collaborator with Israel, assassinated?

The release of Amer Fakhoury was a serious breach of the 2006 memorandum agreement.

If those who want to protect Christians who collaborated with Israel had respected the agreement, they would not have pushed Commander of the Armed Forces Joseph Aoun to release Fakhoury.

Aoun did everything in his power to corner the head of the military court, General Hussein al-Abdallah, and obtain the release of Fakhoury. Abdallah is also to blame for succumbing to pressure. He could have resigned, but instead, he yielded to the Army chief’s wishes and ordered Fakhoury’s release. General Abdallah wants to retire abroad. He was thus vulnerable to coercion by the US embassy, who threatened to add him to the US list of terrorists. 

General Abdallah, a Shia, deferred to his commanding officer’s wishes, even though the military court enjoys immunity. Abdallah was nominated by the Speaker Nabih Berri, who is capable of protecting him. 

Lebanese Army patrolling the streets of Beirut c carrying US donated M4 riffles.

The Lebanese Army is afraid of losing US military assistance. But looking closely at US support, we might wonder why the Lebanese Army needs to carry an M4 carabine (short and light NATO assault rifle) and not the usual M16 rifle, comparable to the Ak-47 Kalashnikov that Lebanese warehouses are full of. The Lebanese Army maintains domestic checkpoints and doesn’t need a variety of light weapons. Furthermore, when the US offered a dozen Hellfire missiles to help the Lebanese Army fight al-Qaeda, the US military attaché imposed a rule that no missile would be fired without foreknowledge of his office. The US military officer refused a request to target and eliminate Abu Malik al-Tal, the al-Qaeda Emir in Arsal – because he was fighting against Hezbollah. US aid seems more oriented to the destruction of Lebanese sovereignty than to the defeat of Takfiri jihadists. 

It is not possible to build a resistant society in Lebanon when many politicians are pro-American and subservient to the US’s will and dominance. It is unacceptable for any Lebanese official to have allowed the US embassy to violate the Lebanese court order by illegally smuggling Amer al-Fakhoury out of the country.

Antoine Hayek during a reception by the Leader of the “Lebanese Forces” Samir Geagea, known for his close relationship with Israel in the 80s.

US military support to the Lebanese Army is delivered free of charge but it is costly and ill-adapted to the Army’s real need. The military training the US offers Lebanese officers is a prestige course designed to recruit officers and offer them financial benefits; it is not training they can use to defend the country. Lebanon is not allowed to stand up to Israel and its officers lack the military capacity to oppose the Israeli army. In any case, Lebanon is not allowed to fight Israel and the Army is not permitted to receive any game-changing weapons which would represent a danger for the continuous Israeli violations of Lebanese territory, by sea, land, and air.

What did the US do to support Lebanon that would lead its politicians to abide by its demands? Did the US offer any financial aid during the Lebanese economic crisis? Or any help in fighting the Coronavirus? All the US does is impose more sanctions on the Lebanese, and threaten to add more Lebanese to its list of terrorists. As far as the “Axis of the Resistance” is concerned, all its key members are on the US list, and this American administration certainly won’t leave office before adding many more Lebanese to the list, including many unconnected to Hezbollah. In this context, why should Joseph Aoun, Commander of the Army, respond to US whim and fancies?

The body of Antoine Hayek found in his shop assassinated in Miyu-Miye area, north of Sidon (Lebanon).

Many Lebanese have no sense of loyalty to the country, and foreign forces control many Lebanese politicians. Hezbollah may have made a serious mistake in not capitalising on its victories over Israel, ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. These victories could have been leverage for serious political change, marginalizing pro-US players in Lebanon. 

In Lebanon, the Axis of Resistance no longer calls its political enemies “opponents” but “enemies”. The Lebanese constitution should be re-written so that every community is represented in accordance with its actual size. Otherwise, it will be impossible to shape a society of resistance, and the US will continue to exert dominance over many Lebanese.

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Notorious Lebanese Collaborator Found Killed, Media Relates Shooting to Fakhoury Case

Antoine Youssef Al-Hayek known for his role at Khiam prison during Israeli occupation of Lebanon (photo from archive).

A Lebanese who was known for collaborating with Israeli enemy was found killed east of the southern city of Sidon on Sunday, with local media relating the shooing to the case of notorious collaborator Amer Fakhoury who was airlifted by the US outside country despite a travel ban issued against him.

Antoine Youssef Al-Hayek retired policeman was found killed Sunday morning inside his grocery shop in the town of Miyeh w Miyeh near Sidon, the National News Agency said, adding that Military Police began investigations into the incident.

Local media reported he was shot by a silencer-equipped pistol from a close distance.

Al-Hayek has been known for his leading role at the Khiam Israeli prison, where he tortured Lebanese prisoners. He was responsible for the murder of at least two prisoners, and had relation with Amer Fakhoury.

Editor of Israeli affairs at Al-Manar TV Hasan Hijazi, who was also a prisoner at Israeli jails, narrated on Sunday some of what he knew about Al-Hayek.

“Antoine Al-Hayek was well known, among other prison guards, of using to turn the prisoners into a punching bag, and beat and kick them. He was also known for whipping prisoners,” Hijazi posted on his Twitter account on Sunday.

Hundreds of collaborators with Israeli enemy fled to the Zionist entity following the liberation of south Lebanon in 2000, including Fakhoury, fearing reprisals if they remained in Lebanon. Others stayed and faced trial, receiving lenient sentences.

Al-Hayek was one of those who stayed in Lebanon. He was brought to trial in 2001 and was sentenced to 18 months in jail. But then, he was released because of a “statute of limitations”.

Reports on Sunday related shooting of Al-Hayek to the case of Fakhoury, an ex-commander in the so-called South Lebanon Army (SLA) – a proxy militia backed by Israeli occupation during the 1982-2000 occupation of Lebanon.

The reports said that the shooting could be a message of retaliation to Fakhoury’s release.

Fakhoury oversaw the torture of thousands at the Khiam Prison in the 1980s and 1990s and was personally involved in the murder of several detainees, earning him the nickname “Butcher of Khiam.” Last week, he was acquitted by the military court following pressures by the United States, which then on Thursday (March 19) airlifted Fakhoury outside the country, in a move considered as a violation of the Lebanese sovereignty and came despite a travel ban issued against him.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Lebanon’s Military Tribunal Acquits Collaborator with Israeli Enemy Amer Fakhoury

Amer Fakhoury


March 16, 2020

The Lebanese military tribunal, headed by the general Hussein Abdullah, issued on Monday a decision to acquit the collaborator with the Israeli enemy Amer Fakhoury charged with kidnapping and torturing Lebanese prisoners at the occupation’s prison in Khiam.

The tribunal based its decision on the concept of the ten-year limitation as the charges refers to crimes committed in 1998.

Lebanese authorities arrested in September, 2019, the former commander of the notorious Israeli jail in Khiam that detained and tortured thousands of Lebanese.

The Israeli collaborator had fled to the United States and had already been charged in absentia to 15 years in prison for collaborating with the Zionist entity.

Opened in 1984 in an Israeli-occupied part of southern Lebanon, the Khiam prison was run by the so-called South Lebanon Army (SLA) militia.

The former Lebanese prisoners at the Israeli jails called for a public protest of the headquarters of the military tribunal in Beirut, inviting all the free people to stand against disgracing the martyrs and the resistance by releasing Al-Fakhoury.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

عميلٌ يهدّد وطناً

شوقي عواضة

منذ أن تمّ توقيف العميل عامر فاخوري (جزار الخيام) في أيلول من العام الماضي وواشنطن لم تنكفئ عن ممارسة ضغوطها لإطلاق سراحه وهو المتهم بالتعامل مع العدو «الإسرائيلي» والمتورّط في اعتقال وتعذيب المئات من المعتقلين في سجن الخيام وقتل وإخفاء العديد من الأسرى الذين ما زال مصيرهم مجهولاً حتى اليوم. سيناريو التدخل الأميركي السافر في قضية جزار الخيام بدأ من اليوم الأول لتوقيفه. ففي التاسع عشر من أيلول من العام الماضي وعلى مرأى من الأسرى وجميع من كانوا أمام المحكمة العسكرية حضرت ثلاث سيارات تحمل أرقام السفارة الأميركية إلى المحكمة العسكرية إضافة إلى حضور محام أميركي يتولى الدفاع عنه. لتتصاعد الضغوطات الأميركية بعدها من خلال إرسال المزيد من الموفدين للمطالبة بالإفراج عن العميل الفاخوري. ولم تكتف واشطن بذلك بل أوفدت ديبلوماسياً أميركياً يحمل الجنسية (الإسرائيلية) إلى سفارتها في بيروت ليشكل غرفة عمليات لمتابعة قضية جزار الخيام. أمر استدعى قطع الشكّ باليقين حول أهمية هذا العميل ومدى خطورته مما يجعلنا نتساءل لماذا كلّ هذا الاهتمام والمطالبة الأميركية على أعلى المستويات بهذا العميل؟

ولماذا كلّ هذا التخوّف الأميركي من سوقه إلى التحقيق وتقديمه للمحاكمة بتهمة التعامل مع الكيان الصهيوني؟ ولماذا ولماذا…؟ أسئلة نستنتج منها أنّ التهمة الموجهة للعميل الفاخوري بالتعامل مع العدو واعتقال مواطنين لبنانيين وتعذيبهم هي قضية لم تقلق الأميركيين، إنما ما يقلقهم هو انزلاق العميل الفاخوري في التحقيق بالاعتراف عن المهمات الجديدة التي أوكلت إليه بعد عودته إلى لبنان واستقباله استقبال (الأبطال) ولقائه ببعض المسؤولين الذين أنكروا معرفتهم به.

إذن هناك جريمة أكبر وأخطر يخفيها طفل واشنطن المدلّل وهي جريمة ربما تكون أكبر من قضية العمالة واعتقال أسرى وتعذيبهم، وما يؤكد ذلك تصعيد وتيرة التهديدات الأميركية للبنان فمنذ توقيف العميل الأغلى ثمناً عند ترامب نشطت الاتصالات الأميركية مع لبنان والتي تولاها وزير الخارجية الأميركي مايك بومبيو شخصياً حيث أجرى اتصالاته بعدد كبير من المسؤولين اللبنانيين بهدف الإفراج عن الفاخوري بأية وسيلة وإلا فإنّ عملية توقيفه ستؤدّي إلى مشكلة كبيرة بين الإدارة الأميركية ولبنان، ليعيد الكرة بعده وكيل وزارة الخارجية ديفيد هيل خلال زيارته للبنان العام الماضي مطالباً بالعفو عن العميل فاخوري وإطلاق سراحه. تهديدات ديبلوماسية لن يكون آخرها تهديد السيناتور عن الحزب الديمقراطي جين شاهين التي هدّدت لبنان بعقوبات قريبة في حال لم يتمّ الإفراج عن العميل الفاخوري، إضافة إلى تهديدها للحكومة اللبنانية مع وعيدها بمعاقبة من تسبّب بتوقيفه، تهديدات وضغوطات أميركية جوبهت برفض لبناني للانصياع للبيت الأبيض الذي لم ييأس من محاولاته بل حوّل قضية العميل الفاخوري إلى معركة يريد ترامب استغلالها انتخابياً لا سيما أنّ العميل الفاخوري يحمل الجنسية (الإسرائيلية) لذا فإنّ اهتمام ترامب شخصياً بالإفراج عن جزار الخيام وعدم السماح باستمرار توقيفه في لبنان بأيّ ثمن أمر يحمل بعدين… الأول انتخابي والبعد الثاني فهو أمني وهنا تكمن خطورة العميل عامر الفاخوري وما يخبّئ من معلومات ومهمات غير تلك الجرائم الموصوفة والتي تمّ توقيفه بسببها والتي لم يكشف عنها بسبب عدم التوسّع بالتحقيق معه بحجة (مرضه).

ومع استمرار الضغوط والتهديدات بقي الموقف اللبناني ثابتاً وصامداً بانتظار ما سيصدر عن القضاء في الأيام المقبلة، أما الموقف الأميركي فسيتصاعد اتجاه لبنان سواء تمّ الإفراج عن هذا العميل أو تمّت محاكمته ستستمرّ إدارة ترامب بحصارها للبنان وستزيد واشنطن عدد الأسماء على لائحتها السوداء ليس حباً بفاخوري بالرغم من خطورته وإخلاصه لأسياده بل لأنّ أميركا خرجت بنفسها لتقود المعركة ضدّ المقاومة في لبنان بعدما عجز الجميع عن النيل منها أو القضاء عليها، وما كلام السفيرة الأميركية خلال زيارة رئيس مجلس الشورى الإيراني علي لاريجاني للبنان وتحذيرها من قبول لبنان أية مساعدات إيرانية إضافة إلى إعادة تأكيدها على الإفراج عن العميل الفاخوري سوى تأكيد على الإصرار باستهداف لبنان بسيادته ومقاومته. إذن هي معركة كرامة ووجود للبنان وليس المقاومة فحسب، فكما خضنا معركة الكرامة وتحرير الأسير الشهيد سمير القنطار ورفاقه وانتصرنا سنواجه اليوم الشيطان الذي يريد أن يمسّ سيادتنا ومقاومتنا، وعلى قدر ما نكون ثابتين وصامدين سنخرج منتصرين.

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