It Is A Day of Hope For Continuing The Liberation!



By Pierre Abi Saab, Al-Akhbar Newspaper

This year’s commemoration of the liberation of southern Lebanon from “Israeli” occupation, which falls on May 25, comes at a time of difficult national and regional conditions. Perhaps these present-day challenges give the Resistance and Liberation Day greater importance and a broader dimension, at an emotional, political, symbolic and strategic level. After nineteen years, there are still people who will spare no effort to undermine the heroic moment that paved the way for subsequent historical achievements and victories on Lebanese land, along its borders and in the Arab strategic depth. There are those who want to erase a historic moment that upset the balance of power in this existential and fateful struggle, which the Lebanese people have been fighting for the past seven decades, in order to subjugate colonialism, liberate the land and restore dignity and rights.

May 25 is the culmination of our people’s painful and costly struggle against a brutal, bloody, racist and arrogant enemy that has founded its entity on massacres, settlements and Apartheid. It took some of them decades to discover this fact with the adoption of the Jewish State Law. There are still those that have not seen it yet! May 25 is a victory over the colonial West, which is biased in favor of our murderer. The West protects it, supports it, arms it, covers up its crimes, justifies its massacres and legitimizes its criminal policies. And finally, May 25, is a defeat for the regimes of tyranny and surrender in the Arab world. These regimes are responsible for perpetuating the lie of ‘“Israeli” superiority”. That myth, which began to teeter in 2000 before finally shattering in the summer of 2006, fed itself for a long time on the inability of the Arab regimes, their weakness and collusion with the occupation. “Israel” is trying to pick up the pieces and repair the cracks by causing civil strife in our countries and utilizing Arab betrayals that have come out openly in recent years.

On May 25, 2019, more than ever, we realize that liberation is a difficult and an ongoing process. There are those who celebrate the occasion shamefully in Lebanon, and dare not name those who liberated the land and actually defeated the Takfiris. There are those who face the occasion with denial and disregard, as if it never happened. Do they prefer the “Israeli” occupation? Of course not, except for a small handful of conspirators, mercenaries and agents. The rest are hostages of fanaticism and interests, campaigns of ignorance and brainwashing, colonial pressures, national illiteracy and perhaps cowardice, regardless of their rank or position in the decision-making circle. If it is true that resisting the occupation in any place or time does not wait for a popular referendum or consensus of the elites who have been defeated or preoccupied with increasing their privileges, the task of fortifying the Mujahideen who conquered “Israel” depends on building national awareness that transcends regions, sectarian barricades and wraps around the resistance, embraces it and supports it. Resistance also means confronting efforts to infiltrate that awareness, exposing the distortion discourse that obscures the essence of the conflict and exposing the mechanisms that promote a culture of surrender and submission.

The regimes that surrendered to “Israel” are the same regimes that exploit their people and enslave their citizens. Lebanon is an example of that. The sectarian system incapable of confronting “Israel” is the same corrupt system that starved the Lebanese people and is today confidently dragging them into disaster. The people who have offered martyrs and resistance fighters are threatened with poverty and deprivation. It is the responsibility of the resistance to liberate the people and the land as well as to resist political injustice, just as it resisted the oppression and brutality of the occupation. On the other hand, the struggle for social and civil rights as well as the development of the society towards greater justice, democracy and progress cannot be achieved or obtain national legitimacy if it is not based on a fundamental principle. It may even result in an unknown destination for a disguised subordination and a dangerous shallow display. This principle is: “Israel” is the enemy. Resisting it with all means is an individual, collective, religious, secular, civil, partisan and political responsibility.

May 25th is the culmination of sacrifice and heroism that began with the national resistance, leftist and nationalist, and then continued and expanded and grew with the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon who broke the myth of “Israeli” superiority. Thanks to them, the enemy is now fading behind its defensive lines. It is being increasingly isolated inside the ghetto, surrounded by walls and fences, trying to compensate in misguided ways all it lost in the decade of decisive Arab victories. The resistance today stands against the American cowboy who thinks he can still subjugate the world. This alone is proof of the resistance’s firmness and strength as well as the legitimacy of its struggle.

The soft wars, disinformation campaigns, global fraud, internal collusions, strategy of extortion, siege and sanctions are but a desperate attempt to circumvent and weaken the resistance and prevent it from continuing its struggle. At this difficult juncture when a group of white fundamentalists surround the happy idiot in the White House, who is beating the drums of war against Iran, we celebrate the Resistance and Liberation Day loudly.

We also celebrate that key moment, which saw the defeat of the enemy, paying attention to the need to maintain, consolidate and complete it by all means! On May 25, we celebrate the coming defeats of that vast cosmic machine that is desperately trying to besiege Hezbollah. We recall the images of the liberation of Khiam Detention Center with its high symbolism. We imagine another liberation that ‘must come’ in the near future. The liberation of the Kafrshuba Hills and the Shabaa Farms is a foregone conclusion today. All eyes are directed at the occupied territories, which are within range of a rifle of the resistance fighters. We look forward to the moment when we will celebrate the liberation of all of Palestine. May 25 is the day of hope of continuing resistance and liberation!


Lebanon’s Independence Protected by LAF, Hezbollah Destructive Arsenal

Resistance fighters planting Lebanon's and Hezbollah flags over peaks of northeastern borders after defeating the terrorists

Resistance fighters planting Lebanon’s and Hezbollah flags over peaks of northeastern borders after defeating the terrorists

Mohammad Salami

Lebanon celebrates Thursday the 75th anniversary of Independence which refers to the end of the French mandate in 1943. However, this nation has been always exposed to the greed of the foreign powers.

Bordering the occupied Palestinian territories, Lebanon has been in a continuous challenge with the Zionist greed and aggression which ranges from sovereignty violations to comprehensive wars.

However, the advent of the various factions of resistance started repelling the Israeli arrogance before Hezbollah managed to challenge the enemy, liberate the occupied territories and defend the country from any further aggression.

Since 2006 War, the Israeli enemy has not dared to launch any aggression against Lebanon, subduing to the balance-of-fear formula imposed by the Islamic Resistance.

Affected by the regional circumstances, Lebanon witnessed a large-scale wave of terrorist infiltration and attacks, which posed a serious threat endangering the country’s security and stability.

In cooperation with the Lebanese Armed Forces (army and security forces), Hezbollah managed to eradicate the threat of the takfiri terrorist groups by dismantling their sleeper-cells, arresting their operatives, and striking their bases on the Lebanese-Syrian borders.

Accordingly, Hezbollah took the decision to blow terror at its bases in Syria, sending troops to the various Syrian cities in order to help the governmental forces cope with the takfiri peril.

In coordination with the Syrian army and allies, Hezbollah has been able to achieve sweeping victories over the terrorists, regaining control over all the outskirts on the Lebanese-Syrian borders and helping to governmental forces to seize most of the Syrian cities which had been held by the terrorist groups.

Despite all the turbulences witnessed across the region, Lebanon has enjoyed a remarkable case of security and stability, thanks to the efforts exerted by the Lebanese army and security forces as well as the huge military power and destructive arsenal of Hezbollah which can deter any aggression launched against the country.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Able to Strike Any Target inside ’Israel’, Berri our Candidate As House Speaker

21-04-2018 | 19:58
Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Sunday a speech in which he addressed a huge electoral rally held in the Southern Lebanese city, Tyre.

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

At the beginning of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the the father of the three martyrs, Hajj Sami Muslimani, who saluted the Resistance Leader, by saying: “You, the martyrs’ families, are the crown of heads.”

Starting from the place of the rally, His Eminence highlighted that “the city of Tyre, remained unobstructed by sedition, as it embraced and opened its homes to Palestinians displaced in 1948.”

“”Israeli aggressions on Lebanon started in 1949, not with the advent of the Palestinian resistance factions,” he said.

He further stated: “The city of Tyre city resisted the occupation in 1982 and on its land the first self-scarifying operations was carried to break the Zionist enemy’s arrogance and prepare for the “Israeli” humiliating defeat.”

In parallel, he underscored that “we meet here on the anniversary of April 1996 “Grapes of Wrath” aggression, which began on April 11, by striking Hezbollah’s military headquarters in Haret Hreik.”

“The “Israeli” air strike at that time failed to hit Hezbollah military Leader martyr Mustafa Badreddine as the missile hit the other room,” Sayyed Nasrallah clarified.

Moreover, he recalled that the

“Israeli” chief of staff in 1996 said that Hezbollah have turned ‘April understanding’ into a boxing bag,” noting that “the sons of Imam al-Sadr from Amal movement and Hezbollah have developed the concept of resistance, that led to victory.”

Furthermore, His Eminence stressed that “the South and its people have waited the state since 1948 until Imam al-Sadr came and adopted the alternative by establishing the resistance.”

He also unveiled that “before 2006, it was the Resistance that asked the state and the Lebanese Army to be present in the South and along the border.”

“The Lebanese state has delayed its move and turned its back to the South,” Sayyed Nasrallah mentioned, noting that “it is not the poor, who bought arms from his own money to defend the land.”

Meanwhile, he added that “our crime is that we took up arms to defend our land and sovereignty.”

“The resistance that was the dream of Sayyed Sharaf al-Din and Imam al-Sadr has now turned to a real force that the enemy greatly fears,” His Eminence emphasized.

In addition, he went on to say that

“Thanks to the resistance capabilities and achievements, South Lebanon is currently safe from the Zionist barbarism.”

To Sayyed Abdl Hussein Sharf Din and Imam Moussa Sadr, Sayyed Nasrallah sent a message of assurance:

“There is no humiliation today that is able to hit the land of Jabal Amel [South Lebanon]

To Imam al-Sadr, His Eminence vowed:

“The resistance that you have founded owes the capability, power, technology and missiles that can strike any target in the “Israeli” enemy’s entity.”

“The resistance came with great sacrifices and we aren’t to abandon it, as it means our dignity and pride,” he added.

Addressing the people of the Resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah told the crowd:

“May 6 is your day of voting. It is a message to the world that we in the South have not left the resistance and won’t give up or turn our back. I hope that on May 6 … you will choose the Hope and Loyalty [electoral lists], the hope for the future.”

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“Here in Zahrani-Tyre, you are not just voting for MPs, you’re voting for the next Lebanese House Speaker. There is no question that House Speaker Brother Nabih Berri should be reelected as House Speaker and he is the party’s strongest representation,” he said.

He further hailed the fact that “since the 1920s, there has been no internal peace in the history of the South as the one it’s enjoying from pride and dignity for the past 12 years.”

On the internal front, Sayyed Nasrallah noted that

“Lebanon has witnessed a kind of understanding: one party will defend the country and protect it while the other side will take care of the economy.”

This comes as His Eminence confirmed that “we can say, ‘these are our successes.’ We protected our country. Stability and security have been available since 2006.”

In this context, he asked the Future Movement:

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“What are your achievements in administering Lebanon’s economics? Those in charge failed. Everyone agrees that we have an economic problem. We’re suffering from a huge debt that reached $ 80 billion.
The agriculture and the productive sectors are at an all-time low.”

Commenting on the National Defense Strategy, Hezbollah Secretary General reiterated that Hezbollah is ready to discuss it after the election ends.

However, he asked the Future Movement, “Who is escaping from forming a national economic strategy?”

On this level, Sayyed Nasrallah cautioned that corruption has extended to all state institutions. “When we talk about a strong country, corruption has no place. There is no discussion, no need for debate, the steps are clear. However, if the country keeps moving like this, it will crumble.”

In addition, he slammed the fact that Lebanon is suffering from sectarianism on all levels. Even Lebanese water and rivers have turned to a sectarian topic.”

“Even our gas and oil blocks are going to be distributed based on sects,” he feared, wondering: “what kind of country operates like that?”

He also said

“This isn’t a US, Arab countries or “Israeli” fault. We have to take responsibility. When you have a minister working for his sect, his town and his kids, can we still call him a minister for Lebanon?”

Source: Al-Ahed news 

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Ynet: Hezbollah’s Future Is Still Bright

Yoav Zitun

06-09-2017 | 11:39

Hezbollah seems to be tiptoeing towards becoming the Middle East’s second strongest army, Yoav Zitun wrote for ynetnews.


According to the writer, the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces’ [IOF] widespread combined arms exercise that began Tuesday in the occupied territories’ northern region comes on the heels of the Zionist army coming to terms with the fact the next war in the northern sector versus Israel’s main enemy-Hezbollah-will differ from what was planned a few years ago in light of the rapid-fire changes in Syria and Lebanon.

According to the website, the axis that Hezbollah makes up is inching ever closer to growing in strength.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is waging a successful war against Daesh [the Arabic acronym for the terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group] on the Syria-Lebanon border and even closes prisoner-swap deals with them.

Hezbollah’s learning curve, despite the difficulties, has become one of its stronger suits. Deemed by some in the IOF as the “second-strongest army in the Middle East”, Hezbollah is now capable of waging regimental war and utilizing offensive drones, along with efficient intelligence gathering and using attack tunnels and caves, Zitun added.

It also fires both small arms and artillery while using tanks, all the while growing its ranks rapidly and expertly by 4,000 men in a specific area-as it has done only recently against Daesh.


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Hassan Nasrallah: Israel is in despair after the defeats of Daesh


Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on 28 August 2017 on the occasion of the Second Liberation, following the complete surrender of the terrorists of Daech and Al-Nosra in Lebanon


[…] We are truly facing a great victory (against Daesh in Lebanon). From there, consider that on May 25, 2000, we expelled the Zionist Occupying (Lebanon) and today we all (the Syrian and Lebanese armies and Islamic Resistance) have expelled the occupying terrorist takfiri. This is one of the fundamental similarities.

On the border, vast and sensitive areas (mountains, hills, strategic positions) were in the hands of the Zionists, and here also, vast expanses, mountains, heights, hills, strategic positions were in the hands of the takfiris. At the border, accross the international border, the Israelis were a permanent threat and that is always the case, and takfiris were a threat at every moment against all of Lebanon, especially against all the Bekaa, not only against Baalbeck-Hermel and border villages.

Lately, everyone knows that they planned there, in the Jurd of Ersal, Daesh was preparing suicide operations and attacks in Zahle and in the surrounding villages, but the intelligence services of the Lebanese army discovered them before the operations were conducted.

Today we face this reality. And maybe it would come to the mind of some to say “ô Sayed [Nasrallah], as regards Israel, it is something very different (from what happens today).” But no, it is a continuation. Day after day, it is shown that these Daesh and takfiri groups have been created by American power and fought to realize the Israeli project. They fought (in the interest of the) Israeli project. And what these takfiri terrorist groups have offered Israel, Israel could never get for decades.

And more dangerously… I do not want to classify these two dangers, because I believe that these terrorist groups are fighting within the American-Israeli project, whether they know it or not. Their leaders know for sure. The fools are the fighters who got fooled by false and superficial slogans. Israel is an occupation and hegemony project. Israel is an occupying project. The United States are a project of hegemony. Daesh and other takfiri groups are an extermination project. The extermination of all that is different (from them): Muslim, Christian, Sabean, Yazdi, everything. That is an extermination project. The extermination of man, of History, of civilization, of society, of all things. And then when our region is destroyed, its armies, its plans, its states, its institutions, its social structure, it will be offered (on a silver platter), primed, cooked to perfection, roasted and stuffed to America and Israel, so that they seize it and impose their conditions on everyone.

And that’s why today, who is shedding tears over the fate of Daesh in Syria, in Qalamoun and in Iraq? Netanyahu and Israeli officials! It is they who mourn (bitterly) and yell sorrowful lamentations! Currently, their problem with the Trump administration is that it committed itself to the eradication of Daesh as a priority, the same administration that recognizes that this is the Obama (and Clinton) administration who created Daesh. This is why no one should come and say that there is a big difference between the Liberation of South(-Lebanon in 2000 against Israel) and this battle (against Daesh) and that the liberation of South ranks first (in importance), and that (the Liberation of our borders) is in 10th place (for example) in any way! (Liberation of southern Lebanon against Israel) is first, (the Liberation of our borders against Daech) comes right away in second place! For it is a continuation of the battle against Israel.

Read Israeli (statements and press). (Unfortunately), the Lebanese and the Arabs do not read much. Read what they say, what they write, especially these days, with the ongoing eradication of Daesh in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, so that you realize clearly that Daesh is a true Israeli project.

We are indeed facing the Second Liberation (of Lebanon). The date of the First Liberation is May 25, 2000. The date of the Second Liberation, for history, is today (28 August 2017). I do not mean the day (to be selected for an annual commemoration of this event). Today we wrote… Last time, today’s date, August 28, 2017, was empty (of any commemoration) in the calendar. But not for 2018. By the will of God, this day and this month are written by the Lebanese Army, the Syrian army and fighters of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon. This was written today (in the annals of History): August 28, 2017 is the Day of the Second Liberation, which will be recorded as a glorious day in the history of Lebanon and the history of the region.

Now whether the Lebanese government (led by the pro-Saudi Saad Hariri and his March 14 coalition, facing the movement of March 8, with Hezbollah and its allies) recognizes it or not, that’s their problem, just like what happened on May 25, 2000. The situation was somewhat different at the time, that date was declared a national holiday, then was removed from the calendar at the time of a previous Prime Minister. But then, thanks to God, a head of government redid the occasion of May 25 a day of remembrance.

We now have an opportunity to commemorate: August 28, 2017. I speak only of the historical event that took place on August 28, I do not write the history (and national holidays) myself. But today there is no longer any daeshiste, takfiri, (member of) Al-Nusra Front or (any other terrorist) on the least grain of sand, any mountain or any Lebanese hill. It was on that date (this event occurred). After that, if the government wants to keep that date, or choose August 27, August 25, August 31 or September 3 (for the commemoration), I have no problem. I do not precede anyone, I speak only of the historical event.

On this basis, I wish to conclude with this call (to celebrate this event this Thursday 31st, the day of Arafat, on the eve of Eid-al-Adha): you remember that on May 25, 2000, it is all Lebanon who won, and Lebanon was happy with the victory (against Israel), with the exception of those who had placed their hopes in the Israeli occupation, and there were (a number) in the country, and those who had placed their hopes in the army of Antoine Lahd. So on that day, there was a majority (of Lebanese) happy, and (a minority) of people whose faces were darkened (with bitterness) because their plans had collapsed.

Today… But (in 2000), the happiest people, despite the fact that it was a national day, celebration and victory, were southerners, residents of southern Lebanon and Jabal Amel who were the happiest of all with this victory and this Liberation. The reason is simple: it is because the occupation took place on their mountains, their hills, their cities, it is their sons and daughters who were imprisoned, their peasants and farmer were fired at, and a daily threat was hanging over them. We remember the bombing against Sidon and Nabatiye and children and schoolchildren’s heads torn in the streets. It is quite normal that the people of the South, who are those who have suffered most and have the most sacrificed,were (more) happy on May 25, 2000.

Today, all of Lebanon won, and logically, the vast majority (of the population) is pleased, with the exception of those who have placed their hopes on the Al-Nusra Front, on Daesh and the regional states and world powers that stand behind them. It is understandable that they are angry, saddened and dismayed, and they offer their condolences, it is normal. And a few days ago, 2 or 3 weeks, they have insulted, reviled and slandered us, but let them act as they please. We understand their sadness and pain.

But with certainty, the vast majority of Lebanese are happy because without these (victorious) confrontations for several years to date, Daesh, the Al-Nusra Front and their like could have seized the Bekaa, the North and reached other places in Lebanon and we would have experienced a disaster. See what happened in the country and the societies around us (Syria, Iraq, Libya).

But it is also natural that the happiest people in the Second Liberation are our noble people of the Bekaa. They are the ones whose mountains, Jurds and fields, were attacked with car bombs and suicide bombers, against Hermel, Bekaa and Ras Baalbek, and the whole area was threatened upto all Zahle and the Bekaa, and now that this nightmare disappeared from their mountains, their hills, their Jurds, their homes and their lands, they sure are going to be the happiest of all. For they have suffered more than all, and in this battle, it is among them that there was the most sacrificed (martyrs).

It is true that our brothers, our families and the officers and soldiers of the Lebanese Army came from all regions of Lebanon and fought on this front, but there is no doubt that today in the Bekaa, there are no villages, especially in Baalbek-Hermel, in which are not found one, two or three martyrs, and one, two or three wounded. The Bekaa residents have also shaped this victory by the blood of their loved ones and their children, the apple of their eyes, the best elements among their young men. Not to mention the wounded who are still in the homes and in hospitals. Therefore it is normal that they are happy, congratulate themselves and take pride in this victory which is a national victory in general,but especially a victory for the Bekaa. […]


لم يكن «ينقص» «إسرائيل» سوى ما كشفه نصرالله


روزانا رمّال

سبتمبر 1, 2017

و كأن «إسرائيل» التي تعيش اليوم معضلة إيجاد طريق أمثل للخروج من الازمة السورية بأقل تنازلات حدودية أمنية، والتي تعيش مشكلة التأقلم مع الوضع الجديد الذي يفترض أنه تم دفن مشروع التقسيم في سورية وانتشار التطرف لا تنقصها إلا إشارات جديدة من حزب الله تدلّ على المزيد من الارتياح والقدرة على السيطرة على هذه المتغيرات كلها والتعايش معها، لا بل والتعاطي بسلاسة تصل لحد أن يسافر أمين عام حزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله إلى خارج الأراضي اللبنانية «بطريقة ما» من دون قدرة «إسرائيلية» على افتراضها، ويصل الى الارض السورية، بل ويزور الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد ويعقد معه سلسلة اتفاقات وتفاهمات تتعلّق بوضع المنطقة سياسياً وعسكرياً، والطلب منه مساعدة مباشرة بملف العسكريين اللبنانيين.

لم يكن ينقص «إسرائيل» التي عملت على فك الارتباط بين دول المحور الواحد عبر ضرب الحدود ونشر الإرهاب فيها والجهد من أجل التخلص من النظام السوري وجيشه، إلا أن تعرف بنهاية المطاف أن اللقاءات لا تقتصر على مسؤولين سوريين وروس وإيرانيين وصينيين، بل تعدتها لتصل الى لقاءات مباشرة بين أمين عام حزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله والرئيس الأسد.

ستأخذ الجهات المعنية في «إسرائيل» الخبر لتكشف ما وراءه. وإذا كان نصرالله قد كشف عن زيارة اولى للرئيس الأسد فإن هذا لا يعني بالضرورة أنها زيارة واحدة ووحيدة، لا بل إن حديث نصرالله عنها جاء بمعرض شرحه للداخل اللبناني عن أسباب التعاون السوري في ملف العسكريين ومحطات المفاوضات التي عايشها حزب الله، وبالتالي فإن الحدث فرض عليه هذا الإعلان، وإلا فإن «إسرائيل» لما كانت لتعرف هذا من الأساس.

فك الارتباط اذاً، بين حزب الله والقيادة السورية قطع أوصال القيادات فشل، بالنسبة لـ«إسرائيل» التي اكتشفت ان الاجتماعات كانت كل هذه الفترة تجري على مستويات عالية جداً ورفيعة، وإذا كان السيد نصرالله يزور سورية التي تعيش هذه المخاطر كلها، فما الذي يمنعه أن يزور إيران وبطرق غير معروفة أيضاً، وبالتالي فإن ما كان يتباهى به «الإسرائيليون» وقد صار مهزلة عشية محاسبة أولمرت من قبل بعض الصحافة أنه كان الإنجاز الوحيد من تموز «سجن نصرالله في مركزه» صار خيالاً وبات حتى هذا الإنجاز الركيك ليس سوى وهم.

نصرالله الذي تحدّث عن هذا أمام الناس كلهم تحدّث أيضاً أنه كان ينوي الخروج إليهم في مناسبة ما خرج ليتحدّث من أجله وهو «التحرير الثاني» الذي أقام حزب الله لأجله حفلاً ضخماً في مدينة بعلبك ضمّ مختلف الحلفاء وقوى سياسية أتت من المناطق كافة لتشارك البقاعيين إنجازهم. وبالتالي فإن استعداده للخروج أيضاً هو معطى آخر يوضع بيد المسؤولين «الإسرائيليين» الذين يرون أن تحركات نصرالله باتت محصورة بالسرية وأنه غير مستعد للخروج بين الجموع، خصوصاً بوجود التطرّف والتكفير، وإذ بنصرالله يؤكد رغبته بالخروج. وهي رغبة ستكون موجودة دائماً وأنه لولا نصائح من حوله تتعلّق أصلا بالفشل «الإسرائيلي» وردود فعل غاضبة من النتيجة التي وصل إليها مشروعها التكفيري في سورية ولبنان، لكان قد أطلّ شخصياً بين جموع بعلبك المحتشدة.

بمحصلة المشهد، رفع أمين عام حزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله عند «الإسرائيليين» منسوب القلق الأمني والاستخباري بسبب حرية الحركة التي لا يزال يتمتع بها المحور بقادته القادرين كلهم في أية لحظة لعقد الاجتماعات والتنسيقات على مستوى استراتيجي كبير من دون أي ثغرات تُذكر. وهو ما يشكل بحد ذاته مقتلاً في الأهداف «الإسرائيلية» الأميركية التي اجتهدت على مدى أكثر من سبع سنوات لتشتيت المحور بعناصره كلها جيشاً وشعوباً وقيادات.

الفشل «الإسرائيلي» الذي تحدّث عنه نصرالله في خطابه جاء في أكثر من محطة منه، حذر فيه من مغبة أن تقدم المجموعات المسلحة على افتعال أي حدث أمني غير محمود العواقب، بالإضافة الى وضع خروجه الى الناس ضمن هذا الإطار وهو بحد ذاته قراءة واضحة للعقل «الإسرائيلي» وطريقة سلوكه في مثل هذه الظروف. كل هذا ستقرأه مراكز البحوث «الإسرائيلية» في رسم مواقفها المستقبلية. وحدث كلقاء الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد وامين عام حزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله ليس عادي الوقع «إسرائيلياً» ولا أميركياً، حيث تتشارك واشنطن الأهداف نفسها في التعاطي مع الازمة السورية و«الإسرائيليين».

الأهم، أن نصرالله اختار توقيتاً للإعلان عن هذا. وحده يدرك السبب الكامن وراءه، لكن الواضح منه هو أنه أراد لـ«الإسرائيليين» تحريك تأكيد ما كان قد أكده بخصوص حزب الله الذي خضع لمسار تفكيكي في العقل «الإسرائيلي» اضطر على أساسه نصرالله اكثر من مرة للإشارة الى عافية حزب الله، قائلاً إن الحزب هو في أفضل أحواله عديداً وعتاداً. وهو ما يعني استعداده للقتال على أكثر من جبهة «إسرائيلية».

لم يكن ينقص «إسرائيل» سوى اعتراف نصرالله بزياراته سورية وإلى ما هو أبعد من سورية، كما توحي الإشارات.

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#Mission_Accomplished: Lebanon’s Second Liberation

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Lebanon's Second Liberation

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