two nakbas

by Jonathan Azaziah

Indescribable inhumanity in Tartous and Jableh today. No grouping of words, no matter how eloquent or impassioned, can really express the pain, the shock and the sheer horror felt after the viciousness inflicted on the Syrian people in these gorgeous coastal regions this morning by the Takfiri maniacs of Ahrar al-Sham. At least 145 civilians have been martyred, most of them women and children, and hundreds more have been wounded, in a sophisticated septuple assault consisting of five suicide attacks and two car bombs. This barbaric terrorism comes as the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah and their comrades are on the move throughout every major battle front, including the “Vengeance For Hajj Moustafa Badreddine” operations in East Ghouta, the fresh advancement in Deir Ez-Zor and the reactivation of maneuvers in Aleppo’s southern countryside. It doesn’t take a geopolitical genius to figure out the Wahhabi murderers’ motivation here: Unable to subdue Mouqawamah Axis forces in toe-to-toe combat, these beasts engage in the mass murder of the unarmed, innocent and vulnerable, true to their cowardly nature.

And perhaps it is this cowardice that bonds the Takfiris and their ‘Israeli’ masters together so closely, beyond the strategic symbiosis–it was indeed ‘Israel’ alongside the American regime and Al-Saud which created ISIS, Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, etc. to undermine, subvert and overthrow their adversaries, chiefly Syria and the Resistance Axis–as well as the similar delusional notions of supremacy which are foundational to Zionism and Wahhabism. Today’s atrocities in Tartous and Jableh, along with the recent string of malevolent attacks in Iraq, are a stark reminder of the 2006 July War, when the ‘Israeli’ enemy, after being thoroughly beaten to a pulp and humiliated by Hizbullah, unleashed four million cluster bombs on Dahiyeh, slaughtering hundreds in this bombardment alone and rendering the southern Beirut suburbs to rubble. Operation Mighty Cliff in summer 2014 also comes to mind, when the Zionists eviscerated the Gaza City suburb of Shuja’iyah after getting smacked around by the Palestinian Resistance.

Thinking about it further I am reminded of the carnage in Deir Yassin on April 9th, 1948; the wanton bloodshed and expulsions in Ramle and Lydda throughout July 1948; the ungodliness in Dueima in November 1948; the cold-blooded killing in Kufr Qassem on October 29th, 1956 and the Khan Younis barbarity only days later on November 3rd; the butchery of 3,500 Palestinians and Lebanese Shi’a in Sabra and Shatilah by the Zionist-backed Phalangists on September 16th-18th, 1982; the pure evil of the first Qana Massacre on April 18th, 1996; the monstrosities against the civilians of Jenin during the Second Intifada, and too many more to heartrendingly recall. Takfiris literally learned everything they know about terrorism from these Zionist savages who have been colonizing and putrefying the Arab-Islamic world for the last 132 years.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah called the proliferation of this aggressive, sanguinary, expansionist Wahhabi terror the “Takfiri Nakba” for a damn good reason. And just as we must uproot ‘Israel’ and its entire psychopathic settler population to end the Nakba in Palestine, we must uproot every last Zionist-backed Wahhabi terrorist goon from every last corner of our region to finish off the Takfiri Nakba for good if crimes like what happened today in Tartous and Jableh are to cease once and for all. May ALLAH (SWT) grant eternal serenity to the martyrs. ‪#‎DeathToTakfirism‬ ‪#‎DeathToIsrael‬


Lebanese Source: US, French Intelligence Officers Captured by Hezbollah in Aleppo

Sat May 21, 2016 3:59

Lebanese Source: US, French Intelligence Officers Captured by Hezbollah in Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- Hezbollah has captured an American and a French spies in its operations in Aleppo, a prominent Lebanese media source revealed on Saturday, adding that the US, Israeli and Saudi intelligence agents helped Al-Nusra Front to find the place of Hezbollah’s martyred military chief, Mustafah Badreddin, and kill him in retaliation.

“Hezbollah special forces took captive a senior field commander of the terrorists affiliated to Riyadh and two US and French intelligence officers working in the newly-founded joint operations room of Jeish al-Fatah (a coalition of several terrorist groups) in Aleppo in one of the regions controlled by al-Nusra Front in Aleppo,” Majeda al-Haj, a prominent Lebanese journalist, wrote on al-Sabat news website today.

Al-Haj said that the joint operations room was set up so that the French and US intelligence agents can directly command Jeish al-Fatah terrorist attacks in Aleppo and nearby regions.

She said the US imagined that the captured spies would be taken to Lebanon and alerted Tel Aviv to bomb the convoy that was supposedly taking the captive American and French officers, “but the convoy that came under the Israeli airstrike was not carrying the captured spies”.

She said the US, Israeli and Saudi spy agents in Syria later helped a special team of Al-Nusra terrorists – who received their trainings from Israel’s Mossad secret service in 2012 – to find the place of Hezbollah Commander Badreddin in retaliation for the capture of these officers.

Al-Haj said the Al-Nusra team is tasked with finding senior Hezbollah commanders in Syria to assassinate them.

She also pointed out that the death of several Iranian advisors in Khan Touman was not the result of clashes with Al-Nusra terrorists, adding that the senior officers were killed in an air raid by the US planes that took off from Turkey’s Incerlik airbase and bombed their operation room in Southern Aleppo.

The Lebanese resistance movement’s senior military commander, Mustafah Badreddin, was killed near Damascus military airport in a terrorist attack last week.

After his death, a senior politician disclosed that the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement is planning to launch massive military operations against the Takfiri terrorists in Syria in retaliation for his martyrdom.

“Unique military operations by Hezbollah against Syria’s Takfiri terrorists will be conducted very soon,” Wahib Wahibi told FNA on Tuesday.

He reiterated that Hezbollah’s response to the Takfiri terrorists’ crimes will come within the framework of its counterterrorism operations.

Sayyed Nasrallah: Zulfikar’s Blood will Keep Us Stronger in Syria

Sara Taha Moughnieh


Hezbollah Secretary Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah assured on Friday that the martyrdom of resistance leaders and the chaste blood of martyr leader Hajj Mustafa Badreddine would only add to its determination to continue in the battle due to faith in its righteousness and in the coming victory.

In a televised speech that his eminence delivered for the passage of one week on the martyrdom of Badreddine, Sayyed Nasrallah considered that “our loyalty to the leaders and martyrs and our certainty in victory will frustrate this destructive Takfiri, American, Zionist, Saudi project… they will fail in their attempt to control Syria and the region and this project will be destroyed in Syria.”

Badreddine: The resistance fighter, injured, leader and martyr

Hezbollah Secretary General initiated his speech by offering condolences to the honorable mother, wife, siblings and children of Badreddine and exposing some of the martyr’s achievements  throughout the past four decades.

“Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine was among the first people who joined this resistance… He was in the frontlines against the Israeli enemy in Khaldeh battle and was severely injured in his leg, an injury that accompanied him throughout his life, Sayyed Nasrallah explained, adding that “he took part in the formation of jiahdi groups and in training, equipping, developing, and managing them, and the outcome of all that was the pullout of the Israeli occupation from Beirut to Saida and later their retreat behind the so-called occupied borderlines.”

“In 1996, Sayyed Zulfikar held the Central Military Leadership in Hezbollah and in 1999 he participated in developing the military capacity of the resistance until it achieved the great victory in 2000,” His eminence added, pointing out that “one of the most significant challenges during his military leadership was the April war in 1996 in which the resistance stayed firm and frustrated the Zionist goals to later attain victory in 2000.”

“Another significant achievement for Sayyed Badreddine was Ansariyah Ambush which he led in participation with martyr leader Hajj Imad Moghnieh… and he supervised the war media and had a leading military role during the 2006 aggression, to later hold several responsibilities after the martyrdom of Hajj Radwan.”

Furthermore, Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that “Sayyed Zulfikar directly led Hezbollah units in Syria… First I prohibited him from going there in person and I asked him to lead the battle from Lebanon, but after he insisted, we let him go to the border area but not into Syria… after a while the martyr insisted on going to Syria  refusing to lead the battle from a far distance, and since then he spent most of his time in Syria.”

Hezbollah Secretary General revealed that “Sayyed Mustafa had a big role in dismantling the terrorist networks that sent explosives laden cars to Lebanon… he also made many achievements in exposing the Israeli agents networks in cooperation with the resistance security as well as the Lebanese Security apparatuses.”

A martyr no matter where for the enemy is one

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that “the resistance martyrs are martyrs no matter where they fell, whether in South Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, or Iraq… It  does not differ for the battle is one and the enemy is one. We have a large number of martyrs in Syria who held significant positions but were not highlighted in media because they were not controversial figures. There is an ongoing campaign against Hezbollah and its figure, dignity and morale.”

He pointed out that “facts on ground reveal the responsibility of Takfiri groups in the killing of martyr Zulfikar, and when facts show the responsibility of the Zionist enemy in any operation we would not hide that… Even in our psychological war, we don’t lie and we don’t make political accusations even against our enemy. Our background states clearly that we do not cower or fear when the Israeli attacks us,” warning the Zionists that “if you target any of our mujahedeen we will have a clear and direct response no matter what the consequences were, and it will be outside Shebaa Farms.”

Referring to the International Tribune, Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that “we have previously stated that it was an ineffective, politicized one that is being used as a weapon to target the resistance. Therefore, everything related to it does not concern us.”

On the War on Syria and its Goals

Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that “day after day facts are unveiling and confessions as well as documents are being revealed about the goals behind the battle on Syria and the role of the US and the West in it along with their regional allies and those who took advantage of the groups, funded them, facilitated their arrival to Syria, and armed them.”

He added that “everyone is aware that Saudi Arabia is inciting, arming, and bringing fighters into Syria and is leading the operations from its operation room in Jordan.”

“Saudi is demanding a new doctrine in Syria. Is there a doctrine in Saudi Arabia in the first place? Saudi is demanding parliamentary election and early presidential election in Syria. Are their elections in Saudi? Saudi is demanding reforms and freedoms in Syria. Does anyone dare to ask for reforms in Saudi?” his eminence explained, noting that “in Saudi they whip 1000 times anyone who dares to write someone on Twitter.”

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah considered that “if President Bashar Al-Assad stated today that he was ready to serve the American project, this entire war will be over.”

On another hand, he revealed that “a few weeks ago Sayyed Mustafa and his brethrens were studying the option of cleansing the airport road region… Today, the Syrian Army and its allies were able to push away most of the threats that where on the airport road and Sayyeda Zeinab area.”

Source: Al-Manar Website

21-05-2016 – 00:36 Last updated 21-05-2016 – 09:21

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Response to Any ’Israeli’ Attack outside Shebba Farms

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech in which he threatened the apartheid “Israeli” entity that any aggression against any Resistance fighter will make Hizbullah respond outside Shebaa farms.

Addressing a large crowd of people at the ceremony held in honor of the Resistance Leader Great Martyr Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine, Sayyed Nasrallah condoled the family of the Martyr, his honorable mother, wife, children and siblings.

In parallel, His Eminence thanked all people who showed their solidarity with the Resistance over Sayyed Mustafa’s martyrdom.

Talking about the martyr’s personality, Sayyed Nasrallah mentioned: “During the lives of martyrs, we use their codenames. But after their martyrdom, we use their real names. So let me introduce you to Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine, this great Jihadi commander.”

“Sayyed Mustafa was one of the first members of this Resistance, from its beginning hours. He was at the forefront of confronting the “Israeli” enemy with a group of mujahideen who formed the first brigades of the Islamic Resistance,” he mentioned.

Moreover, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that “the martyr fought during the battle of Khalde and fought with the Palestinian Resistance. He was also wounded during his Jihadi activities, and this injury affected his legs and the way he walked until his martyrdom. In fact, he was one of the first Islamic Resistance mujahideen ever wounded. His injuries traced all his life until martyrdom.”

“Sayyed Mustafa took in 1995 the leadership of the Resistance military’s Central Command until mid-1996. He worked on the development of the Resistance’s military.”

According to His Eminence, “one of the major points in martyr Bareddine’s leadership is the one that related to the “Israeli” aggression, “the Grapes of Wrath”, and the massacre of Qana in 1996.”

“The resistance remained steadfast and it succeeded in failing the “Israeli” targets. The war ended with the so-called April Understanding, which laid the foundations of a new stage in the Resistance work,” he added.In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that Sayyed Badreddine played a key role alongside Sayyed Imad Mughniyeh in the Ansariya ambush and in the 2006 war against “Israel” before assuming several responsibilities.

“One of the achievements that have occurred during his leadership is developing the media war and psychological war. After that, he continued his work in Hizbullah. Our martyr confronted the terrorist networks in Lebanon and contributed to their dismantling.” he said.

Moving on to discuss the Martyr’s role in Syria, he stressed that “when Hizbullah decided to enter Syria, our martyr was tasked with overseeing Hizbullah’s security and military units in the Syrian territories.”

“Sayyed Mustafa was also the commander of our operations in Syria and worked side by side with the Syrian Arab Army and the popular forces in defeating the takfiri groups,” he explained.

The Resistance Leader went on to say: “Sayyed Mustafa was in fact a main pillar of preventing ‪Syria‬ from falling into Takfiri hands and the hands of their American-Zionist masters.”

“At the beginning, he ran our Syria operations from Beirut and told me he wanted to go to the battlefield and be with his brothers on the ground. I told him no, as I wanted to preserve his life, because this fight was very dangerous. But I could not keep him from what he loved to do; he loved the Resistance, he loved the confrontation with the enemy and he loved martyrdom.”

On this level, Sayyed Nasrallah unveiled that “martyr Baddredine insisted on going personally to Syria. When he strongly insisted on going into Syria, I told him that he is different than the other jihadi leaders and that if he gets martyred in Syria, major controversy would arise from that due to the fact that foreign media has turned him into a controversial figure.”

“The battle for Syria is the most important battle he told me, and he was martyred as he lived, upholding the dignity of the Islamic Resistance and fighting for the freedom of our people.”

Asserting the importance of Syria battle and the value of ‘s blood in it, he affirmed that “The martyrs of the Resistance are the martyrs of the Resistance, whether they’re martyred in South Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq or Syria or any other place. They’re all our martyrs. Because the enemy is the same and the battle is one.”

On this level, he confirmed: “The status of the martyrs is related to those who die in the name of God, confronting occupation and aggression. They died defending the oppressed, the homelands, the sanctities, their religion and our cause.”

“Our Resistance had the honor of contributing to the achievements of the Syrian army and all the allies, topped by preventing the fall of Syria into the hands of the Takfiris and their American masters and the spies in the region.”

He further asserted that “the Resistance fighters are confronting American-“Israeli” hegemony. Whether they’re killed directly by “Israel” and America or their Takfiri proxies.”

On the comments and fabrications that emerged after Sayyed Mustafa’s martyrdom, Sayyed Nasrallah viewed that the vindictive “Israeli” enemy was fair with us.

However, the so-called Arabs from American- “Israeli” agents claimed that Hizbullah didn’t accuse “Israel” because it is afraid of “Israel” and unable to face the repercussions of the response.

“Unfortunately, our malicious “Israeli” enemy was fair towards us but some Arabs were the ones who circulated rumors when they said that Hizbullah did not accuse “Israel” of killing Mustafa out of cowardice because that would have obliged it to retaliate.”

Slamming some Arabs, who are the biggest liars and hypocrites, and did not believe anything we said, he viewed that the “Israeli” enemy acknowledged the Resistance’s honesty

“History shows we don’t back down in the face of the Zionist enemy. We are not afraid and never were. Today, on the occasion of Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine, I tell you once more o’ Zionists – If you kill any of our mujahideen, not just our commanders, I tell you “Israel” and all the traitorous, collaborationist, godless Arabs, we will hit you back and respond to you even beyond the Shebaa Farms!”

Sayyed Nasrallah further recalled the fact that Hizbullah always responds to any “Israeli” attack: “I want to repeat the same stance within the framework I’ve spoken of previously. When we have evidence, we accuse the Zionist enemy. Whether it’s circumstantial like the martyrdom of Hajj Imad Mughniyeh or directly like the Quneitra martyrs. And we have this evidence, we retaliate.”

“Our history is a testament to us keeping our promises. When we pledge to respond, we always respond. We tell you very clear that we are always ready for war with “Israel”. After the response for the Quneitra Martyrs, we evacuated our military posts and our command centers where there were thousands of trainees still learning, because we felt we were on the brink of war. When Samir al-Quntar was martyred, despite all ‘Israeli’ threats that if we did something, they’d do something bigger, our men went deep into the Shebaa Farms and planted a huge bomb. We were prepared for the repercussions and are prepared no matter what.”

On this level, His Eminence highlighted that the Resistance’s investigations found no indications that lead to “Israel” in the probe into the Great Leader’s martyrdom.

However, he insisted that although we don’t acquit “Israel”, we are also not accusing it.

Separately, he dismissed all media reports concerning the Special Tribunal for Lebanon [STL].

“To us, the file of the STL does not exist and we’re not concerned with anything it may request,” he said.

In a message of assurance to the Resistance people and a threat to the enemy, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “he Islamic Resistance is not made up of one commander, five or ten. Our Resistance has a generation of commanders. If one is martyred in this holy struggle against “Israel” and its tools, another takes his place, for Hizbullah is a complete organization that cannot be broken with the martyrdom of a single personality, even it was as special as Sayyed Mustafa.”

“I say to you with all confidence, throughout our 34 years, we have witnessed worse circumstances than what we’re dealing with today. And with our loyalty, steadfastness and commitment to the ongoing march on our path of Resistance, we shall overcome this new phase as well. In this battle, we are advancing and achieving victories. The Americans, the Zionists and al-Saud said they’d gobble up ‪‎Syria‬ five years ago, but yet Syria still stands today! This is because of the sacrifices of our martyrs.”

He also reiterated that “Due to its direct failure and the failure of the “Israeli” army in the region, the US resorted to using the takfiri groups in the fight against the Resistance.”

In this context, he denounced al-Saud’s actions in the region, particularly in Syria.

“According to all indications and even statements by US Vice President Biden, Saudi Arabia is intervening in Syria through sending arms and money. The Saudi remarks about freedoms, constitutions, elections, reforms and the multi-party system are the worst form of hypocrisy.”

Meanwhile, he wondered: “Saudi Arabia seeks a new constitution in Syria. Does they have one? They seek early Parliamentary and Presidential elections in Syria, do they ever have one?”

“War on Syria is not about freedom or democracy or elections or constitutions. This is about the Syrian government not kneeling. This is about ‪Syria‬ refusing to be a tool of American-Zionist hegemony. This is because Syria holds on to Resistance, refuses to betray Iran, defends Palestine, demands the return of the Golan Heights and maintains its sovereignty. This is because Syria is still a bastion of Arabism. Mark my words, if Bashar al-Assad was to say right now that he’d become a slave of the US-“Israel” scheme, the war against Syria would be over tomorrow.”

Back to the event, Sayyed Nasrallah stated that the martyrdom of any of the leaders has not pushed us to leave any battlefield and Badreddine’s blood will push us to a bigger presence in Syria. “Our decision about continuing this fight is a simple one. I say to all of you who propagandized we’d leave Syria because of Sayyed Mustafa’s martyrdom – The martyrdom of any of our commanders has never made us leave any battle. Quite to the contrary, their martyrdoms will only make us increase our presence in Syria. We will be in Syria in greater numbers and different forms until victory. This is how we honor our martyrs and bring defeat to the US-Zionist-Takfiri-Saudi scheme. We will continue the battle and we are confident that our efforts, blood and modest contributions, alongside all the other efforts, will lead to defeating the US-“Israeli”-takfiri-Saudi scheme. This project will fall; this project will be destroyed. I vow to you once more, Syria will never become the tool of our enemies and they will never get control of our region.”

His Eminence concluded with a vow to continue the battle in Sayyed Mustafa’s honor: “The latest military achievements in Syria, namely the rapid advance through Eastern Ghouta, bear the fingerprints of Sayyed Mustafa. It was our great Jihadi commander who worked towards making the areas of Damascus International Airport and the Sayyeda Zeinab Shrine safe, and this is exactly what our men and the Syrian Arab Army have accomplished in the past several days. It was this area where Sayyed Mustafa was martyred by the Zionists’ Takfiri tools. On this day, I say that Hizbullah’s vengeance for Sayyed Mustafa will be holding on to our role in Syria, defeating the Takfiri terrorist scourge and preserving the Resistance which Sayyed Mustafa was martyred for.”

Source: al-Ahed news

20-05-2016 | 22:51


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by Jonathan Azaziah

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who was at his most fiery, eloquent, analytical and explosive today as he eulogized martyred Hizbullah Commander Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine (R.A.), never fails to remind us why his words are truth at its purest and Mouqawamah at its essence.

Never does Abou Hadi fail to drive daggers into the eyes of the Saudi tyrants and all their regional marionettes. Never does the Hizbullah Secretary-General, who is as defiant in every moment of his blessed life as his ancestor Imam Hussein (A.S.) was in Karbala on Ashoura, fail to make the Takfiri terrorist filth quiver wherever they lurk in the shadows. Never does the Arab-Islamic world’s most saintly, most remarkable revolutionary fail to drive the spear of “Hayhat Minna Zilla! (Us, humiliated?! Never, ever!)” further into the heart of the American ZOG which has long sought the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s end and long come up miserably short in its quest. And never does the Sayyed, OUR Sayyed, fail to drive the sword of Eternal Resistance deeper into that rotting, putrefying, cancerous tumor we call ‘Israel’, filling its devilish usurper leaders and occupation army chiefs with a perpetual fear that will only end when we remove the artificial, genocidal entity from the pages of time.

I personally felt that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah invoked the history of the Jews of Khaybar who Imam Ali (A.S.) righteously crushed and the Khawarij who would murder Amir al-Mou’mineen (A.S.) in the Kufa masjid as a means of establishing a continuum between them and the Zionists occupying Palestine as well as the Takfiri terrorists and their Khaleeji backers today.

Nasrallah was doing so not only to obliterate those who were attempting to denigrate Sayyed Zulfiqar’s martyrdom because he fell at the hands of Takfiris and not ‘Israel’ directly, but also to remind us that just as the fitnah which led to Imam Ali’s (A.S.) martyrdom ultimately benefited nobody but the enemies of Islam, i.e. the remnants of the Khaybar Jews and their pagan Arab allies, the Takfiri fitnah of our current time, which is actually fueled by the Khaybar Jews’ successors and their Khaleeji-Wahhabi allies, benefits nobody but those who wage war on Islam and seek to re-colonize our region in the name of Anglo-Zionist hegemony. It wasn’t just marvelous or brilliant but utterly genius and should hit close to home for all of us who defend the Syrian Arab Republic day in and day out, doing all we can to end this hysterical disinformation campaign and the Zionist-Saudi-US-Takfiri destabilization plot behind it.

The struggle to maintain Syria is a “historic defense of the Ummah”, to borrow Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s words, and with a virtuoso leader such as he at the helm, we will most certainly be victorious in totality. Today’s speech was a fitting tribute to Hajj Moustafa Badreddine, one of Hizbullah’s first members, one of its first wounded and its most premier architect apart from Hajj Imad Mughniyeh himself, and it was another beautiful reminder that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, may ALLAH (SWT) protect and preserve him ‘till Judgment Day, isn’t just above the clouds when compared to the likes of Al-Saud, Al-Thani and the other godless “Arab” tyrants; he’s in the Heavens, his achievements and glory already etched into history’s fabric, too far from the despots’ corrupted vision to even comprehend.

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