JANUARY 10, 2020

by Jonathan Azaziah

We told you the Jews are attempting to wipe out the Men of God who laid waste to ISIS. And now they’re at it again, bombing the border area between Syria and Iraq in yet another flagrant act of aggression targeting the Iraqi Islamic Resistance. At least 8 fighters have been martyred by the usurping Zionist entity’s criminal attack. It’s Kata’ib Imam Ali that is still on the Jews’ minds and in their crosshairs and while this may solely seem like part of the ongoing American-‘Israeli’ escalation against the Resistance Axis — an analytical observation that is rather elementary to make — there is something more sinister to this onslaught. Indeed, the motivations for these atrocities are rooted 100% in Judaism, both from the “spiritual” perspective and the historical one. The number 3 is of the utmost importance for the Jews, with abyssal Kabbalistic, Talmudic and Halakhic aspects to it. And Shaytan’s Chosen Warmongers haven’t completed their triple murder yet. They got Qassem Suleimani (R.A.) They got Abou Mahdi al-Mohandes (R.A.) But they missed Shibl al-Zaydi, Commander of the Kata’ib Imam Ali.

As elucidated by Rabbi Yossi Marcus, the Kabbalist who runs the ultra-Zionist Chabad of the North Peninsula and spent time as a colonizer in Palestine’s Safad (one of the major capitals of illicit Kabbalistic activity going back several hundred years), when something is done 3 times in Judaism, it becomes permanent. In Hebrew, it is called “chazakah”. Kabbalistically, the number 3 means “peace” and “integration”. And we know that there is no peace from the vantage point of Judaism, nor is there integration within “the tribe”, unless the sanctification of “Yahweh’s” name is being pursued through revenge, war and the eradication of the seed of Amalek.

Indeed, when applied geopolitically and militarily vis-a-vis Zion’s war on the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Mouqawamah Bloc partners, the “chazakah” sought by the Jews in this instance is the elimination of the Dauntless and Defiant trifecta of Suleimani (R.A.), Al-Mohandes (R.A.) and al-Zaydi, which will bring “peace” to the “house” of World Jewry because the most effective personalities in countering its intrigue, these “Viceroys of Amalek”, will be no more. And because the afterlife is barely an afterthought at best in Judaism, with Jewish scholars noting that “Judaism is focused on life and how to live it”, and with the “Torah” having ZERO – repeat, ZERO – mention of it at all, Jews can’t comprehend the Culture of Martyrdom present in Iran as well as Ansarullahi Yemen and elsewhere that keeps its adherents resisting no matter what calamities they face down. Keeping this in mind, al-Zaydi lives, alhamdulillah, and Jewish plots against him and Kata’ib Imam Ali persist as a result.

That was the “spiritual” angle. Now, the historical facets of the ramped up Zionist onslaught against Iraq and Syria are staring everyone right in the face via the name of Shibl al-Zaydi’s group of Righteous Renegades: Kata’ib IMAM ALI (A.S.) The brother, successor and son-in-law of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) was a tour-de-force against the Jewish Power Configuration of his era and on the battlefield, he mopped the floor with the Yahoudlings. Because the Jews were impotent when confronting Haydar al-Karrar (A.S.) eye-to-eye, they collapsed into the shadows, their home, hatching a scheme of subterfuge to dispatch the Imam (A.S.) It was a Jew, Ibn Muljim (L.A.), who assassinated him in the most cowardly manner of cowardly manners, driving a poison sword into his head as he was in prayer in the masjid. Exactly like the cowardly fashion the US and ‘Israel’ murdered Suleimani (R.A.) and Al-Mohandes (R.A.), slaughtering them with a flying robot while they were unarmed on a peace mission. Verily, the similarities between Amir al-Mou2mineen (A.S.) and his modern-day acolytes, the Knight of Kerman (R.A.) and the Brightness of Basra (R.A.), are vast. Most especially in the identical enemy opposing them.

Understanding this struggle as an ideological one will give us better insights into how Dajjal and its lieutenants operate. It is Judaism driving the latest flare-up against Iran currently, along with the war on Islam historically. Not just Zionism, which is merely the political outgrowth of Judaism. The Jewish obsession with the number 3 and the Halakhic-Talmudic-Kabbalistic need to “make permanent” all things in line with the “mitzvot” of the “Torah” is demented. Simply demented. This Judaic fanaticism is dangerous to the umpteenth degree. For the Iraqi Islamic Resistance and the Mouqawamah Bloc of course, yes, but also the whole of the globe. We pray for ALLAH (SWT) to encase in armor all pure-souled opponents of Shlomo as the battle against Jewish supremacist evil rages.

And we sincerely pray for the Jews to hearken to the teachings of Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.) and Christ (A.S.) before they take us and themselves into oblivion. To say they’re too far out in front of their skis and have been for quite some time is the understatement of… Well… the 40 some odd centuries they’ve been around, wandering about and tormenting Gentiledom along the way.

عودة دراماتيكية للفدائيين: ضربة القدس… أوّل الردّ

 الإثنين 15 آب 2022


 أحمد العبد

جاءت عمليّة القدس بمثابة ردّ موجع على عدوان غزة واغتيالات نابلس، لتربك حسابات العدو الذي يتحسّب موجة عمليات مقبلة لن يكون في مقدور أجهزته الأمنية والاستخبارية التكهّن بتوقيتها ولا بمكان وقوعها. لهذا، تقلق الإسرائيليين «عدوى» يُحتمل أن تنتشر في أوساط الفلسطينيين، وتعيد إلى الواجهة العمليات الفدائية الفردية. من هنا، جاء إيعاز رئيس الحكومة الإسرائيلية، يائير لابيد، بتعزيز انتشار القوات الأمنية في القدس، لمنع وقوع هجمات مماثلة لن يكون العدو بمنأى عنها

رام الله | لم يتأخّر الردّ الفلسطيني على العدوان الإسرائيلي على قطاع غزة، واغتيال الشهداء إبراهيم النابلسي وإسلام صبوح وحسين طه في مدينة نابلس؛ فجاءت عمليّة القدس لتُشكّل صفعةً لكلّ الإجراءات الأمنية، ولتكون بداية لسلسلة عمليّات مشابهة قد تحصل، إذ تتوقّع سلطات العدو وقوع مزيد من العمليات، وهو ما تمظهر في إيعاز رئيس الحكومة الإسرائيلية، يائير لابيد، بتعزيز انتشار القوات الأمنية في القدس اعتباراً من الليلة، لمنع وقوع هجمات أخرى، فيما وصف وزير الأمن الإسرائيلي، بيني غانتس، عملية القدس بـ«الهجوم الصعب». وبعد فشل قوات الاحتلال في اعتقال منفّذ العملية، الشاب أمير صيداوي (26 سنة) من بلدة سلوان في القدس، اضطرّ هذا الأخير لتسليم نفسه لشرطة الاحتلال.

ووقعت العملية التي تدحرجت في ثلاثة مواقع، في ساعات الفجر الأولى، وبدأت بإطلاق النار على حافلة تقلّ مستوطنين قرب حائط البراق، لينتقل بعدها المنفّذ إلى مكان قريب، حيث أطلق النار تجاه سيارة للمستوطنين، وانتهت العملية بإطلاق النار على مستوطنين في شارع «معاليه هشالوم»، وهو ما تسبّب بإصابة ثمانية بجروح، حالة اثنين منهم خطيرة، فيما أشارت مصادر عبرية إلى أن العملية نفّذها مسلّح واحد أطلق 10 رصاصات خلال 10-15 ثانية فقط.
وتعيش الأراضي الفلسطينية حالة غليان وغضب جرّاء تصاعد الاعتداءات الإسرائيلية، الأمر الذي رجّح تنفيذ مثل هذه العمليّة. ومن شأن ثلاثة أحداث وقعت، في الأسابيع الماضية، أن ترسم مساراً جديداً لعودة العمليات الفدائية: أوّلها، العدوان الأخير على قطاع غزة والذي استمرّ ثلاثة أيّام واستشهد فيه 49 شخصاً؛ وثانيها: عمليات الاغتيال والاقتحامات التي شهدتها نابلس في الشهر الأخير، وأسفرت عن استشهاد خمسة مقاومين، آخرهم النابلسي وصبوح وطه، وقبلهما محمد العزيري، وعبد الرحمن صبح؛ وثالثها: إعطاء حكومة الاحتلال الضوء الأخضر للمستوطنين لاقتحام المسجد الأقصى وممارسة الطقوس التلمودية، على غرار ما حدث في ذكرى ما يسمّى بـ«خراب الهيكل» الذي تزامن مع الحرب على غزة.
وتحمل عملية القدس دلالات عدة، أبرزها أنها جاءت في «المعقل الأمني» لسلطات الاحتلال، أي مدينة القدس، وفي وقتٍ كان تأهُّب سلطات الاحتلال على أعلى مستوياته، في ظلّ التصعيد الخطير في غزة والضفة الغربية. بهذا المعنى، استطاع المنفّذ ضرْب المنظومة الأمنية والاستخبارية الإسرائيلية، ليتأكد، مرّة جديدة، أن جيش الاحتلال لم يستطع، على رغم كل محاولاته، القضاء على فكرة المقاومة. كذلك، جاءت عملية القدس لتثبت فشل كل الإجراءات الاستخبارية الإسرائيلية في مواجهة العمليات الفدائية، وعدم القدرة على منعها أو التكّهن بمكان حصولها وتوقيته، ما يعني أنه ليس على السلطات الإسرائيلية سوى انتظار العملية المقبلة، في ظلّ الاستراتيجية الجديدة التي يتبعها المنفّذون، والتي تعتمد على قرار شخصي من دون تنسيق مع أحد أو الإفصاح عن أيّ معلومة. كما جاءت العملية لتُبدّد نشوة إسرائيل في الأيام الماضية، بما ادّعت أنه «إنجازات» حقّقتها في غزة ونابلس.

العمليات الناجحة كما عملية القدس، تفتح المجال وتشجّع على تنفيذ عمليات أخرى

وتعليقاً على الحدث المقدسي، قال الخبير العسكري، واصف عريقات، في حديث إلى «الأخبار»، إن «منفّذ عمليّة القدس استطاع أن يخطّط وينفّذ عمليّته بهدوء وشجاعة مطلقَين، كما استطاع تحقيق خرق في المنظومة الأمنية الإسرائيلية، من دون أن تتمكّن أجهزة الاحتلال من كشفه أولاً ومن ثم ملاحقته. بل على العكس، سجّل نقطة على الأجهزة حين قام بتسليم نفسه من أجل إنقاذ عائلته». وأكد أن العمليّة «ناجحة بامتياز»، ما يعني «فشلاً وإخفاقاً للأجهزة الأمنية، وانتصاراً للحقّ الفلسطيني، ورداً على العدوان الإسرائيلي على غزة ونابلس»، مشيراً إلى أن استخدام مسدّس في العمليّة سيُقلق أجهزة الاحتلال. وبحسب عريقات، فإن منفّذ العملية جعل 25 ألف جندي يستنفرون في البحث عنه، من دون أن يتمكّنوا من اعتقاله، وهو ما يلقي بتداعياته على معنويات عناصر الشرطة والجيش وأجهزته الأمنية والاستخبارية، في حين سيصعد الاحتلال من اعتداءاته وهجماته على الفلسطينيين.
وأعادت العملية في القدس، الذاكرة إلى سلسلة العمليات الفردية التي ينفّذها فلسطينيون، والتي بدأت منذ عام 2015، وأثبت فشل الاحتلال في ملاحقتها أو منعها والحدّ منها. وأُطلقت على موجة العمليات تلك، التي بدأها الشهيد مهند الحلبي في القدس المحتلّة خلال هبّة القدس، وامتازت بأنماط محدّدة، هي الطعن والدهس وبعض عمليات إطلاق النار. ومع مرور الوقت، تطوّر شكل العمليات الفردية، حيث باتت تعتمد على استخدام الأسلحة النارية على رغم ندرتها، فيما لجأ المنفّذون إلى استخدام الأسلحة المصنّعة محليّاً، والتي تعرف بـ«الكارلو»، وهو ما زاد من خسائر الاحتلال البشرية.
وتتصاعد العمليات الفردية وتخفت بين حين وآخر؛ لكن العام الجاري شهد موجة عمليات نوعية أوجعت العدو، بخاصّة أنها وقعت في قلْب مدن الداخل الفلسطيني المحتل، وبدأت في آذار، حين نفّذ الشهيد محمد أبو القيعان عمليّةً أدّت إلى مقتل أربعة مستوطنين وإصابة آخرين في مدينة بئر السبع، تبعها عملية في الخضيرة نفّذها شابان من أم الفحم وقتل فيها عنصران من الشرطة وأصيب أربعة آخرون. وتوالت العمليات في ما بعد قبيل شهر رمضان، وكان أبرزها عملية الشهيد ضياء حمارشة، الذي خرج من بلدة يعبد في محافظة جنين ونفّذ عملية إطلاق في «بني براك» في تل أبيب أسفرت عن مقتل خمسة مستوطنين، ومن ثم جاءت عملية ديزنغوف التي نفّذها الشهيد رعد حازم، وعمليتا إسرائيل التي قتل فيهما حارس أمن، وعملية مستوطنة «إلعاد».
ووفق المختصّ في الإعلام العبري، عصمت منصور، فإن أهمّ ما في عملية القدس، هو توقيتها، كونها جاءت بعد أيام من العدوان على غزة، واغتيالات نابلس، لتؤكد وحدة الساحات الفلسطينية. ولفت، في حديث إلى «الأخبار»، إلى أن العملية جاءت في ظلّ نشوة النصر والإنجاز الذي يعيشه قادة الاحتلال، لتؤكد أن هذه الاغتيالات لن تنهي الجولة، وأن الردّ الفلسطيني يأتي دائماً ليحوّل «الإنجاز» إلى وبال، ويربك حسابات الاحتلال. وأشار منصور إلى أن العملية أثبتت أنه لا يوجد سيطرة للاحتلال ولا سيادة مهما فرض من إجراءات وحصار وتضييق وملاحقات واعتقالات، بخاصّة وسط حالة الاحتقان السائدة، وفشل العدو في مواجهة العمليات الفردية، معتبراً أن العمليات الناجحة كما عملية القدس، تفتح المجال وتشجّع على تنفيذ عمليات أخرى.

من ملف : فلسطين: عودة الفدائيين

فيديوات ذات صلة

مقالات ذات صلة

Nasrallah: We accuse the US of elections postponement attempts

April 12 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen Net

By Al Mayadeen Net 

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addresses, in a speech, the latest developments in occupied Palestine and the upcoming parliamentary elections, citing US interference.

Nasrallah: We stand strong by Palestine

In a speech addressing the latest developments in Palestine, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed, on Monday evening, the need to stand in reverence before the families of the Palestinian martyrs and their decisive stances.

Sayyed Nasrallah said, “We must hail and stand in reverence before the heroism of the men, youth, women, children, and elders of occupied Palestine.”

In a speech addressing the latest developments in Palestine, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed, on Monday evening, that “what is happening in occupied Palestine has great implications on the struggle with the enemy and the future of the Israeli entity.”

Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the Israeli occupation government, saying, “If you are betting on the despair and frustration of the Palestinian people, then you are delusional,” and, “If you think that the official Arab abandonment will lead to the retreat of the Palestinian youth, you are also delusional.”

While he considered that “what is happening in and around occupied Palestine requires a long contemplation time and more support and solidarity,” Sayyed Nasrallah expressed “the absolute support and backing for the Palestinian people and their resistance.”

He stressed, “We are partners with them [Palestinian people] in this battle and in achieving victory.”

The resistance imposed a huge equation on the enemy in the April ‘96 war 

Sayyed Nasrallah recalled the April 1996 war and stressed that “the Resistance was able to impose on the enemy the equation of protecting civilians while going on with its resistance.”

He pointed out that “the equation of protecting civilians from Israeli attacks still exists thanks to the Resistance.”

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that the United States always defends the aggressor enemy and its massacres and prevents even its condemnation.

There is talk that some embassies want to postpone the parliamentary elections

On the upcoming elections in Lebanon, Hezbollah Secretary-General said the Lebanese parliamentary elections are around the corner, noting that the US embassy and other embassies have come to the understanding that the current parliamentary majority will maintain its position.

He stressed that “no one should believe that obtaining two-thirds of the parliamentary seats is a realistic and logical goal, and we are convinced that Lebanon cannot but be based on understanding,” highlighting the dispersion among the other parties during the formation of electoral lists.

He explicitly said, “It is our right to accuse the US embassy of seeking to postpone the parliamentary elections.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also revealed that there is talk that some embassies want to postpone the parliamentary elections to arrange the affairs of the other side of the political spectrum.

Considering that “one of the objectives of talking about postponing the elections may be to reduce the citizens’ enthusiasm to participate,” Nasrallah said, “We consider that we are waging an electoral battle, so the voter turnout should be high.”

A lot of Saudi money poured into Lebanese official’s pockets

Nasrallah also revealed that a Saudi official had disclosed to him that “Riyadh spent huge amounts of money in Lebanon during the 2009 elections,” noting that “a large part of this money was not spent on the elections, but went into the balances of political officials in Lebanon.”

The Secretary-General of Hezbollah called on the Lebanese “not to rely on opinion polls and definitive results and to head to the ballot boxes with full enthusiasm and concern.”

He stressed that “we must work to ensure the success of our candidates and the candidates of our allies, who are advancing in many constituencies, even without our support,” confirming, “We want our allies to succeed in these elections so that we can cooperate together in shouldering responsibilities.”

Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah does not have secret alliances because all its alliances are crystal clear.

He declared that “Hezbollah passing on the preferential votes to the rest of the allies will be public and based on understanding,” stressing that, “we have not made a prior commitment to anyone.”

Sayyed Nasrallah said, “We do not want to abolish anyone, and we want everyone to be represented in Parliament in their true sizes.”

He added that “in 2005, the March 14 forces were the ones who abolished the political forces, and the fact that they accepted the Amal movement and Hezbollah was compelled.”

He stressed that the sides trying to abolish others are the ones who were betting in the July 2006 war on crushing the resistance and its environment, the ones who sat with the Americans and incited them to defeat Hezbollah in the July war, and the ones who are ready to go as far as igniting a civil war just to crush others.

Sayyed Nasrallah asked the question, “How can you talk about using arms to shape a particular political environment when you obtained the parliamentary majority more than once and formed governments?”

“This who are trying to trick the Lebanese into believing that the Resistance arms are the cause of all the crises, why don’t they even bring up corruption and economic policies in the past 30 years?” he wondered.

The Resistance protects Lebanon through a deterrence equation

The Secretary-General of Hezbollah considered that “the ones who are taking aim at the arms of the Resistance only aim at appeasing America, the West, and some Arab regimes to obtain financial support.”

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that “the Resistance is the side that protects the country through a deterrence equation it has imposed on the enemy.” 

On the relations with Arab countries, hinting at Saudi Arabia, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah asked, “Who is sabotaging Arab relations, who is taking a supportive position on the aggression on Yemen, and who has launched a devastating military aggression seven years ago?”

Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that “the Yemenis imposed their will on the international community through their steadfastness and fighting,” hoping that “the armistice – which he welcomed – would be a prelude for a political solution.”

He explained that this is “what we have been asking for from the beginning; to stop the war and massacres, and no one aims at targeting Saudi Arabia.”

He believed that “the only solution in Yemen is to negotiate and engage in direct talks with Sanaa,” confirming that the latter is not to be pressured. 

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من فلسطين سيأخذ العالم العِبَر…

 الأحد 10 نيسان 2022

 د. عدنان منصور _

 فلسطين العصية دائماً على الغزاة الصهاينة، تنتفض وتثور مجدّداً أمام العالم كله في وجه القتلة المحتلين، لتذكر القوى الغربية الحاضنة للصهاينة منذ قرن من الزمن، بشعاراتها المزيّفة التي لا تنفكّ عن ترديدها باستمرار، وتمليها علينا، لتطالبنا على الدوام، باحترام مبادئ الحرية، والديمقراطية، وحقوق الإنسان!

 جرائم مستمرّة ضدّ الإنسانية ترتكبها دولة الاحتلال «الإسرائيلي» بحق الفلسطينيين منذ إعلانها، ضاربة عرض الحائط كل القرارات الدولية. إذ لا أحد في الغرب، وعلى رأسه الولايات المتحدة، والاتحاد الأوروبي، له الشجاعة، والجرأة، والضمير الحي، على انتقاد أو إدانة الممارسات الإرهابية التي تقوم بها «إسرائيل»، او اتخاذ العقوبات ولو بحدّها الأدنى ضدّها، مثل ما يفعله تعسفاً بحق أفراد وهيئات ودول، كروسيا وإيران وسورية وكوبا، وفنزويلا، وكوريا الشمالية، والعراق، واليمن، ولبنان وغيرها.

 الصمت الغربي حيال جرائم العدو «الإسرائيلي»، لا سيما صمت الولايات المتحدة والاتحاد الأوروبي، ليذكرنا بصمت القبور، وبالمعايير المزدوجة التي تتصف بها سياساتهما، واللذان لم يخرجا يوماً عن انحيازهما الأعمى، ودعمهما المطلق للعدو، والوقوف الى جانبه، في الوقت الذي يتجاهلان فيه بالكامل حقوق الشعوب العربية، وبالذات حقوق الشعب الفلسطيني، والقرارات الأممية ذات الصلة. فردود فعلهما تقتصر على الأسف، والقلق، والدعوة إلى التهدئة وضبط النفس، دون النظر مباشرة الى أساس العلة، وحقيقة ما يجري منذ عقود على أرض فلسطين، والى ما تمارسه سلطات الاحتلال «الإسرائيلي» من سياسات عنصرية فاقت كلّ حدود، وتطهير عرقي اعترف به المؤرخون الصهاينة الجدد أمثال إيلان پاپ، وبني موريس وغيرهما.

 لقد تجاهل الغرب عن عمد، الممارسات التعسّفية القمعية التي يلجأ اليها المحتلون الصهاينة، وأيضاً المجازر التي ترتكبها قوات الاحتلال الصهيوني، والاستبداد الذي تمارسه بحق الفلسطينيين وهي ترتكب الجرائم تلو الجرائم ضدّ الإنسانية.

 إنه نفاق الغرب، وكراهيته وتواطؤه، وحقده وسياساته الظالمة حيال هذه الأمة وشعوبها. سياسات تبقى هي هي، لم تتغيّر ولم تتبدّل، لا تزال على حالها حتى اليوم.

 على أبواب واشنطن وأوروبا، وحلفائهم، تسقط حقوق العرب والفلسطينيين، والقرارات الدولية، ويسقط معها المجتمع الدولي. وفي داخل مجالسهم وقاعاتهم الحكوميّة ترتفع أصواتهم المدافعة والمؤيدة للكيان الغاصب، متجاهلين بالكامل حقوق الشعب الفلسطيني، وقرارات الأمم المتحدة التي تنتظر التنفيذ. لكن الشعارات والمبادئ «الإنسانية» التي يتعاطون بها مع الكيان «الإسرائيلي» المحتلّ، بما فيها الدعم الكامل الذي يوفّرونه له، تظهر جليّة، لكنها تختفي أمام الجدار العازل للشعب الفلسطيني وقضيّته وحقوقه المشروعة!

إنّها المقاومة وحدها، ولا غيرها، تعيد القدس وكلّ فلسطين الى أحضان الأمة. وهذا ما تجسّد في نفوس المقاومين الذين يعرفون جيداً الغاية والوسيلة التي يجب أن يتعاطوا بها مع المحتلين.

 إنه شعب جسور، لن ينام الثأر في صدره وإنْ طال مداه. فهو أدرك ذاته، وحدّد هدفه السليم، وأمسك ببوصلته التي تشير له، أنه من القدس وحيفا ويافا (تل أبيب)، ومن كلّ قرية في فلسطين يبدأ تحرير كامل الأرض، ومن فلسطين يبدأ تحرير الأمة من العملاء، والخونة، وبائعي قضاياها القوميّة.

 متى سيدرك المحتلون، أن لا أسلحة الدمار التي يمتلكها المحتلّ الصهيوني، ولا جهوزية قواته الأمنية والعسكرية، ولا مناوراته وقببه الحديدية، وصواريخه الاعتراضية، تستطيع ان توفر الأمن والأمان لـ «الإسرائيليين»، ولا أن تخمد روح الثورة، وتنتزع المقاومة من قلوب الفلسطينيين.

 سيأتي اليوم الذي سيعلم فيه الغاصب المحتلّ، مهما طال الزمن، أنّ صاحب الأرض ليس كاللقيط المستوطن، وأنّ المتجذّر فيها ليس كسارقها، وانّ الشعار الذي رفعه هرتزل وزانجويل Zangwill مع مطلع القرن العشرين، من أنّ فلسطين أرض بلا شعب، لشعب بلا أرض، ليس إلا وهماً. وانّ المحتلين لوقت، والمقاومين لكلّ الأوقات.

 إنها حرب الإرادات، والصراع المتواصل الذي لن يتوقف بين المقاومين والمحتلين. وما دام هناك عرق ينبض في مقاوم، فلا إرادة تعلو فوق إرادته .

 عندما يقارع أطفال وشباب فلسطين جنود الاحتلال، ويواجهونهم بكلّ شجاعة لم يشهد العالم مثيلاً لها، نقول: لا خوف بعد الآن على فلسطين، وفيها شعب يستحقّ الحياة لا يستسلم ولا يركع، ولا يستكين حتى يرى دولة الاحتلال تلفظ أنفاسها الأخيرة على يديه.

 إنه شعب استثنائيّ شجاع، أصبح أنشودة وأمثولة حيّة لشعوب العالم كلها، متمسك بأرضه لا ينسلخ عنها أياً كانت الممارسات الإرهابية للاحتلال ضدّه. هو مؤمن إيماناً قاطعاً، ومصمّم على استعادة كلّ فلسطين، وتصفية حسابه مع الدولة «الإسرائيلية» المؤقتة.

 إنّها مسألة وقت، لكنه بكلّ تأكيد آتٍ آتٍ، ولا مفرّ عندئذ للقتلة الصهاينة من يوم موعود يدفعون فيه الثمن الغالي على ما ارتكبوه بحق شعب آمن، وبحق الأمة على مدى أكثر من قرن من الزمن .

أليس هذا منطق التاريخ منذ فجره!

*وزير الخارجيّة والمغتربين الأسبق

فيديوات متعلقة

Occupied Palestine: Ahmed Al-Saadi was martyred and 9 were injured while defending Jenin refugee camp
“Israel” is in a security stalemate as the Palestinian resistance’s operations continue inside
Extensive Israeli debate regarding Israeli media coverage of the Tel Aviv operation

فيديوات متعلقة

11 قتيلاً خلال أسبوع: إسرائيل في كابوسها المديد

الأربعاء 30 آذار 2022

يجتمع مساء اليوم «الكابينيت» في تل أبيب، لإجراء تقييم للوضع عقب عملية أمس (أ ف ب )

فلسطين الحدث الأخبار 

«تعمود (قف)»! بهذه الكلمة توجّه الشهيد ضياء حمارشة (27 عاماً) إلى سائق سيارة إسرائيلي، آمراً إياه بالتوقّف، قبل أن يعاجله برصاصة واحدة في رأسه، ومن ثمّ يقترب منه، ويتأكّد من مقتله ليتابع عمليته «الفدائية»، التي قُتل فيها خمسة إسرائيليين، أحدهم من عناصر شرطة العدو، في منطقتَين مختلفتَين في «بني براك» بالقرب من تل أبيب، مساء أمس. وبحسب وسائل إعلام العدو، فإن فلسطينيَين آخرين شاركا في العملية، تمّ اعتقال واحد منهما، بينما كان يجري البحث عن الثاني

مع هجوم «بني براك» أمس، يكون المشهد الفلسطيني أمام ثالث عملية نوعيّة في غضون أسبوع واحد؛ أوّلها في بئر السبع الأسبوع الفائت، وثانيها في الخضيرة أول من أمس، وآخرها قرب تل أبيب أمس. وخلّفت هذه العمليات مجتمعة، 11 قتيلاً إسرائيلياً، وعدداً من الجرحى بينهم مَن هم في حال الخطر، تاركةً العدو وأجهزته الأمنية في حالة من الصدمة والضياع، لاسيما وأن «رادار» جهاز «الشاباك» لم ينجح في كشف أو إحباط أيّ من العمليات الثلاث. وانهال مسؤولون أمنيون سابقون وحاليون في الكيان، بانتقادات شديدة على أداء الجهاز الذي ما فتئ يحذّر منذ أكثر من شهر من «التصعيد» المُحتمل في شهر رمضان وقبيله، وانعكست تحذيراته في أكثر من خطوة، شملت لقاءات على مختلف المستويات بين مثلث رام الله ـــ عمّان ـــ تل أبيب، لكن من دون أيّ نتيجة كما يبدو، حيث تمّت العمليات الفدائية بنجاح، سواءً تلك التي نفّذها أبناء المنطقة المحتلة عام 1948، أو عملية أمس التي نفّذتها – كما يبدو – خلية قادمة من الضفة الغربية.

الصدمة الكبرى لدى قادة الأجهزة الأمنية الإسرائيلية أمس، مردّها تمكّن الشهيد من تنفيذ العملية، على رغم أن أجهزة العدو رفعت منذ أول من أمس حالة التأهّب في صفوف قواتها، وشنّت حملات اعتقال مختلفة طاولت «مشتبهين ومحتملين لتنفيذ عمليات»، في أكثر من منطقة في فلسطين، بينها أم الفحم وسخنين، انطلاقاً من توقّعات «الشاباك» بأن العملية المقبلة سينفّذها فلسطينيون من هذه المناطق. لكن الشهيد حمارشة، إبن قرية يعبد في قضاء جنين شمالي الضفة الغربية المحتلة، سواء وحده أو مع شركاء له، استطاع وسط كلّ إجراءات العدو، الدخول إلى المناطق المحتلة عام 1948، التي يحدّها جدار الفصل العنصري، ومن دون تصريح مسبق. وطبقاً لتقديرات مؤسسات العدو، التي نقلها المحلل العسكري ألون بن ديفيد، فإن الخلية تنتمي إلى حركة «الجهاد الإسلامي»، بينما جرى الحديث عن انتماء الشهيد حمارشة الى «كتائب شهداء الأقصى»، الجناح العسكري لحركة «فتح».

وفي التفاصيل، أشارت «القناة 12» العبرية إلى أن الشهيد المنفّذ استقلّ دراجة نارية، وأطلق النار في ثلاث مناطق مختلفة، بينها شارع «بياليك» حيث سقط ثلاثة قتلى، قبل أن يتّجه إلى شارع «هرتسل» في منطقة «بني باراك» مطلقاً النار، مُوقعاً قتيلَين إسرائيليين آخرين بينهما ضابط في شرطة العدو، ثمّ يصل أخيراً إلى شارع «مجاديم»، حيث أطلق النار مجدداً قبل استشهاده، علماً أن أشرطة مصوّرة من أكثر من منطقة أظهرته وهو يتنقّل راجلاً وليس على درّاجة نارية. وتداول نشاطون إسرائيليون وفلسطينيون، على منصّات التواصل الاجتماعي، مقطع فيديو تظهر فيه مستوطنة إسرائيلية من مكان تنفيذ العملية، تتحدّث عن أن «المنفّذ طلب منها مع نسوة أخريات الابتعاد عن المكان»، وأنه «على ما يبدو كان لا يريد قتل نساء».

باركت فصائل المقاومة الفلسطينية العملية «البطولية» بينما دانها محمود عباس

في غضون ذلك، أجرى وزير أمن العدو، بني غانتس، تقييماً للوضع، بمشاركة رئيس الأركان، أفيف كوخافي، ومنسّق عمليات الحكومة في المناطق المحتلة، غسان عليان، ورئيس «الشاباك»، رونن بار، ورئيس شعبة الاستخبارات العسكرية، ورئيس شعبة العمليات. وإثر العملية، أمر المفتش العام للشرطة، يعكوف (كوبي) شبتاي، برفع حالة تأهّب الشرطة الإسرائيلية إلى المستوى الأقصى، واستدعاء آلاف القوات في تعزيز لمهام تأمين المؤسسات والمحطات المركزية والأماكن المزدحمة. وهذه هي المرّة الأولى التي يأمر فيها بذلك منذ عملية «سيف القدس»، وهبّة الأقصى في أيار من العام الفائت. كما أوعز رئيس هيئة أركان الجيش، أفيف كوخافي، بتعزيز فرقة الضفة بأربع كتائب مقاتلة أخرى، ليصل مجموع التعزيزات الأخيرة إلى ثماني كتائب. أيضاً، من المُزمع أن ينعقد المجلس الوزاري المصغّر للشؤون الأمنية والسياسية (الكابينيت) اليوم، لمناقشة موجة العمليات الأخيرة، طبقاً لما نقله المراسل العسكري، باراك رافيد. كما أعلنت سلطات العدو وقف العمل بتصريحات العمل الممنوحة للفلسطينيين في الضفة الغربية، للعمل داخل الأراضي المحتلة عام 1948.

ومن جهتها، باركت فصائل المقاومة الفلسطينية المختلفة، العملية «البطولية»، واعتبرتها رداً طبيعياً على إجراءات العدو الاستيطانية والظالمة. كما خرجت عدّة مسيرات شعبية في الضفة الغربية، وتحديداً في بلدة يعبد ومدينة جنين، تأييداً للعملية الفدائية، وتأكيداً على خيار المقاومة. أما رئيس سلطة رام الله، محمود عباس، فقد دان الهجوم، وأكد في بيانه أن «مقتل مواطنين إسرائيليين وفلسطينيين لن يؤدّي سوى إلى تدهور الوضع، حيث إن الجميع معنيٌّ بدعم الازدهار، وبشكل أساسي على خلفية حلول رمضان والأعياد اليهودية والمسيحية المرتقبة». وحذّر عباس «من استغلال هذا الحدث لتبرير الاعتداء على فلسطينيين من قبل مستوطنين». وكان كشف أكثر من تقرير إسرائيلي، في وقت سابق، عن نيّة إسرائيلية لتأجيج التوتّرات الأمنية في الأراضي المحتلة عام 1948، عبر استغلال هذه الهجمات للزجّ بالتنظيمات الاستيطانية اليهودية، وخصوصاً في مدن الساحل الفلسطيني، في مواجهة الفلسطينيين هناك.

5 قتلى إسرائيليين بينهم شرطي في عملية إطلاق نار شرقي “تل أبيب”

الثلاثاء 29 آذار 

المصدر: وسائل إعلام إسرائيلية

وسائل إعلام إسرائيلية تتحدّث عن سقوط قتلى وجرحى إسرائيليين في عملية إطلاق نار في “بني براك” في “تل أبيب”.

أفادت مراسلة الميادين في القدس المحتلة، اليوم الثلاثاء، بسقوط 5 قتلى، بينهم شرطي للاحتلال الإسرائيلي، في عملية إطلاق نار في “بني براك” في “تل أبيب”. 

وأكدت مراسلتنا أن عملية إطلاق النار وقعت في 3 نقاط في منطقة “بني براك” التي “يقطنها مستوطنون متشددون”، مشيرةً إلى أن المرحلة “الحالية تشهد موجة من التحريض العنصري الإسرائيلي ضد الفلسطينيين”.

وأعلنت وسائل الإعلام الإسرائيلية سقوط 5 قتلى في عملية إطلاق نار من مسلّح على دراجة نارية في “بني براك” شرقي “تل أبيب”.

وبحسب موقع “0404” الإسرائيلي، فإن إطلاق النار وقع في أماكن متعددة في “بني براك” في “تل أبيب”، وأن “القوات الطبية تعالج الجرحى، بينما جراح بعضهم خطيرة”.

وأعلنت شرطة الاحتلال “حالة الطوارئ ومنع التجول الشامل في شوارع تل أبيب”.

كذلك، “سادت أجواء من الخوف والهلع في صفوف المستوطنين”. ووفقاً للإعلام الإسرائيلي، فإن “منفذ عملية بني براك من سكان الضفة الغربية، وأطلق النار في ثلاثة أماكن”.

ومنفّذ العملية الذي استشهِد، هو الفلسطيني ضياء حمارشة (26 عاماً)، من يعبد في جنين في الضفة الغربية، وهو أسير محرَّر. 

ونقلت وسائل إعلام إسرائيلية أنه “في الساعة القريبة المقبلة سيُجري رئيس الحكومة ووزير الأمن ورؤساء المؤسسة الأمنية مشاورات أمنية بعد عملية بني براك”.

والأحد الماضي، قتل إسرائيليين اثنين، وأصيب 3 من عناصر شرطة الاحتلال، في إطلاق نار بمدينة الخضيرة،فيما استشهد منفذا العملية.

وشنت شرطة الاحتلال حملة اعتقالات في مدينة أم الفحم ومنطقة وادي عارة، وسخنين والناصرة والطيبة، عقب عملية الخضيرة التي أسفرت عن مقتل شرطيين من قوات الاحتلال، وإصابة 10 آخرين.

وفي 22 آذار/مارس الجاري، قتل 4 مستوطنين إسرائيليين في عمليتَيْ دهس وطعن في بئر السبع، ونقلت حينها “القناة الـ12” الإسرائيلية، عن مصدرٍ سياسي قوله: “نأمل أن لا تكون عملية بئر السبع هي براعم ما نتوقعه في شهر رمضان”.

مقالات مرتبطة

Sayyed Nasrallah: Qassir’s Martyrdom Put Israel on the Track of Defeat

Local Editor

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said on Sunday that the operation of self-sacrifice Martyr Ah

mad Qassir paved the way to victories, adding that through this operation “Lebanon and the resistance were put on the track of victory, while the Israeli occupation was placed on the defeat track.”

Sayyed Nasrallah

Speaking at seventh night of Ashoura which coincides with the eve of Hezbollah’s Martyr Day (11-11-1982) .” “We must know the grace of the martyrs, their families as well as the sacrificing wounded and prisoners upon our nation, people and upon all of us.”), Sayyed Nasrallah hoped that the Martyr Day anniversary “would be kept firmly in our lives because of its great impact on our generations

The S.G. touched upon some views and positions taken in the name of Islam, saying “the great catastrophe lies when some offer their personal views in the name of Islam without basing them on Quran, Sunnah or Prophet Muhammad. However, they rely on their personal jurisprudence. The worst thing i

“We in Hezbollah pretend that we seek the road leading to Almighty Allah, so before taking any decision or entering into any battlefield, we do not resort to our own knowledge but to our highly-esteemed scholars who are of highest degrees of jurisprudence, awareness and piety, devotion and knowledge,” His eminence said. “Through our fight with Israel, we can see commitment to what founder of the Islamic revolution imam Ruhollah Khomeini and leader of the Islamic revolution Imam Ali Khamenei had iterated,” he added.s when they issue Fatwas targeting people’s honor and lives. ”

Source: Al-Manar Website
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الشيخ احمد ياسين يتحدث عن دور سوريا في احتضان فصائل المقاومة على راسها حركة حماس ويشيد بصمودها امام الضغوط الامريكية..ويتحدث عن دور الاستعمار في تحويل الصراع الى صراع سني شيعي. فأين حماس الأن من الشهيد الشيخ أحمد ياسين
رحمة الله عليك يا شيخ المجاهدين


معلومات و تفاصيل سرية عن عملية اغتيال أحمد ياسين


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Once Upon a Time…There Was a Martyr

Local Editor*

Tanks and military vehicles were all over the roads, and the soldiers watched the entire place. It was a crossing point where people waited for days to get “assent” to reach their towns or the capital (Beirut).

He got off his car and walked steadily to the investigation chamber. His eyes glowed with fury. The “Israeli” investigator examined his face and the photograph posted onto his identity card. In an ineptly accented language, the investigator asked him whether he had been in Saudi Arabia. “Yes,” he briefly answered. That was enough to exclude his name from the list of “terrorists'”. Having clinched his fist, he could hardly avoid punching the investigator in the face. He walked back to his car as soon as he was allowed to leave.

The driver he sat beside didn’t bother to stop speaking about politics, the current security situation, the high living cost, and anything that would eventually blame him for coming back to his homeland. How could one enjoying this golden chance waste it by returning to a country manipulated by war? But he kept quiet all the way, staring at the roads, most of which had been turned into mounds and checkpoints… Hardly could he breathe in any air… Even the tree leaves of the orchards along the seashore of Sour city (Tyr) resembled captives beyond bars…

Could that be the South?! Was it the beautiful city of Sour any longer?! Then why did shell smoke mask away sunlight?! Where were the little yellow flowers sprouting all over the town?! And what about the wild flowers with the scent of earth which inspired souls?! Besides, where were the kids sneaking to the roads to play ball?! Behind which curtained window had freedom hidden?!

It was hard for the car to cross all of those roads. The situation was too throbbing; agony grew wilder every time he reached a new town…

He reached his town, where he walked with his heavy suitcase in hand. While his family eagerly waited for him, he was anticipating the moment he would meet his father… For a while, he anticipated his father’s eyes blaming him for returning home… He had been enjoying a productive job in Saudi Arabia, and his family did need such an income, especially in that harsh time of war. Actually, that war left no room for good but rooted poverty wherever the “Israeli” tanks went…

“I could not stay there,” he said to his father in a soft voice, “It is hard to be away from home when occupation forces strike… Imagine that I needed “assent” to get home… But I promise you, dad, I promise I’m going to send those soldiers to hell…” His father patted his shoulder and held his arm tight, “I’ve been waiting for you…”

The smell of the bread his mother was baking at dawn woke him up. He prayed and went out to sit near her. He began to fuel the saj (traditional bread oven) fire with short wood sticks. The low crackle of fire pleased him, and the smell was so lively…

When he met his friends, they said they were headed by His Eminence Sheikh Ragheb Harb at every Friday prayers. His friends added the Sheikh’s sermons overwhelmed the Zionists…

As his friends retold some of Sheikh Ragheb Harb’s statements, he was impassioned… He adored the Sheikh even before seeing him… Wouldn’t that be the case sometimes?

Hardly could he wait for Friday… He got ready early and started the pickup, transporting fresh vegetables he would sell at his father’s shop, just like every day. Two friends sat in the front, while the others sat at the back…
Fast he set off to Jibshit… But wait a minute! He slowed down and got off his pickup truck, getting closer to a sign reading Hebrew letters… He looked at his friends, “What the heck is this?!”

“It’s the town’s name,” one of them said, “The enemy has replaced the Arab signs with Hebrew ones so that the soldiers would find their way…”

Hearing so, he grabbed the sign pole and shook it forcefully until he uprooted it. Then he placed it in his pickup. Breathing out loud, he told his friend, “Well, we do not want the “Israeli” soldiers to find their way…”

All along the way, he kept getting off his pickup, uprooting signs, and placing them in the pickup trunk. Now the trunk was full of signs!

Having reached Jibshit, he met Sheikh Ragheb Harb… It was one of the happiest moments of that dark-skinned young man’s life. He heard the Sheikh saying, “Martyrs’ blood is received by Allah, and whatever Allah receives grows plenty.” Now all he could see were daisies spread above martyrs’ bodies…

Every morning his pickup truck transported vegetables, under which were firearms that the Resistance fighters would be expecting to get… As he drove through “the Bus region”, he could neither accept having to wait at the “Israeli” checkpoint nor seeing the headquarters of the “Israeli” military “governor”… Just like he uprooted the signs, he uprooted that headquarters… And his blood wrote the name of the southern towns, “Welcome to Deir Qanoun an-Nahr…”

This story “Keep in Mind, I’m an Arab” is dedicated to the Self-Sacrifice Martyrs’ Prince Ahmad Jaafar Qasir. *Written Nisreen Idriss on behalf of the martyrs association–obtained and translated by moqawama.org 

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Sayyed Nasrallah Urges Prudence: “If Troublemaker Brings You News, Verify It"

Marwa Haidar

Sayyed Nasrallah Martyrs Day

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah warned that the current stage in Lebanon is so critical, saying there are some sides who have been working hard to create sedition among Muslims.
His eminence urged prudence and wisdom in order to face this sedition, quoting the holy Ayah (verse) of al-Qura’an:

“If a troublemaker brings u a news, verify it.”

During a ceremony held at Sayyed Shuhadaa complex in Beirut’s southern suburb for the occasion of Hezbollah’s Martyrs Day, Sayyed Nasrallah promised the martyrs to continue their path of resistance, stressing that the resistance is advancing and it would not abandon its path.

His eminence said that the resistance has settled the equation of deterrence against the Zionist entity, noting that “Ayyoub” drone, which was sent by Hezbollah last month over the Palestinian occupied territories, was part of this equation.

As he stressed that the issues of unity government is to be discussed through dialogue, he considered that the ball was in March 14 camp’s court as he gave them the option to return to dialogue or not, noting that it was “of Hezbollah’s high values to sit for dialogue.”
On regional issues, Hezbollah S.G. said that both the Syrian and the Bahraini conflicts are to be solved peacefully and through halting violence.


Talking about the occasion, Sayyed Nasrallah recalled the operation of martyr Ahmad Kassir which took place in November 11, 1982, killing dozens of Israeli occupation soldiers and officers.
His eminence said that the operation of the “Prince of Martyrs”, referring to Kassir, is still considered the most powerful operation against the Zionist entity.
“The era of “the enemy defeat and the resistance victory” was declared following Ahmad Kassir’s operation, Sayyed Nasrallah addressed crowds.
“In this anniversary of Martyrs Day the resistance has completed its 30th year… In this day we promise our martyrs that to continue this path and to keep their promise, his eminence added.
Sayyed Nasrallah also regretted that some Martyrs need a “certificate of nationalism”, while other collaborators are considered national people.

“Some want us and the Ummah (nation) to forget our history as well as their history… It’s regrettable that some Israeli collaborators request certificates of nationalism for our martyrs.”
“We will continue our efforts, and don’t think that the campaign against the resistance would turn us away from our work to deter the enemy,” his eminence pledged.


Hezbollah leader stressed that the resistance has been advancing, noting that the resistance has settled the equation of deterrence through the concept of army-people resistance.
“Following July war in 2006 the Israeli enemy acknowledged the reality of Lebanon’s deterrence against Zionist entity.”

“The concept of army-people-resistance represents the equation of deterrence against the Zionist enemy,” his eminence added.

He said that “Ayyoub” drone is a part of this equation, noting that the enemy has said nothing about the drone, while some local sides have condemned the action.
“The enemy knows very well what does the resistance’s possession of right and clear information mean.”

“Thanks to deterrence equation, the enemy has done nothing when we sent Ayyoub drone. However some Lebanese part condemned such actions, giving the Israeli enemy the “right” to attack Lebanon,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

Talking about the rightfulness of the resistance choice Hezbollah S.G. stressed that March 14 camp has not believed in this choice, saying that relying on other “peaceful” choices has no results.
“March 14 camp had never believed in the resistance choice as it had never considered the Zionist entity an enemy.”

“If we have relied on the Arab League then there would be Israeli settlements in Lebanon,” his eminence stressed.

“Where is the Arab League when the Israeli enemy had attacked Sudan’s sovereignty as it raided the weapons factory there? Where is the Arab League of all the issues that are agreed on? Where is the Arab League of what is going on in Borma,” Sayyed Nasrallah wondered.
“The resistance choice is the only one which protects Lebanon, and its abandonment is foolishness. “


On the Lebanese political condition, Sayyed Nasrallah considered the ball at March 14 camp’s court, saying the unity government issue is to be solved only through dialogue.
“It’s of our high morals to sit for dialogue and discuss the defense strategy and the resistance’s weapon.”
“If You want to sit for dialogue you are welcome, but if you don’t.. it’s up to you, we have no problem,” his eminence said.
Sayyed Nasrallh also considered excluding some sides from the dialogue as injustice.
“Is it justice to exclude sides that have resisted the enemy while other collaborators are included,” he wondered.


Hezbollah leader warned against the critical condition in Lebanon, noting that some sides in March 14 camp which have been trying to create sedition between Sunni and Shiite.

Martyrs Day

“The region around us is strained, including Lebanon. For that we should behave wisely in order to prevent the country’s explosion.”

“Some are exploiting the assassination of Maj. Gen. Wissam Hasan in order to create sedition between Sunni and Shiite in Lebanon,” he said further.

“There is confirmed information that some sides in March 14 who are trying to ignite Lebanon through sedition between Sunni and Shiite,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, noting that these sides are March 14’s Christians and some figures in al-Mustaqbal (Future) party.

“Some people want to exploit any incident in a bid to create a Sunni-Shiite sedition, and what happened yesterday in Sidon was aiming to do so,” his eminence said, adding that the authorizes have abandon it’s duty in this context.

Furthermore, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that Sidon is the capital of resistance and unity between all Lebanese whatever their sects are.

He addressed all the Lebanese “especially the Sunni and the Shiite that this stage is so critical, we should watch out and not be taken by the incitement, lying and delusion.”

Hezbollah Leader here quoted a holy Ayah (verses) of the Qura’an that says: ““O you who believe! If a troublemaker brings you any news, investigate, lest you harm people out of ignorance, and you become regretful for what you have done.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also urged dialogue between all Muslims, stressing the importance of the contact between the scholars and figures in order to prevent sedition.

“Preventing sedition recommends patience. If any side has committed a mistake the other should work to solve the issue, and the authorities also have to do their duty.”


On the Syrian and Bahraini issues, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that they should be solved through dialogue.

“It’s for Syria and the Syrians’ sake to be engaged in dialogue and to halt violence.”

“However, the others are pushing towards refusing dialogue. They have gathered at Doha and created a new formula for the opposition as Clinton wanted. The more dangerous issue is that this opposition is refusing dialogue and preferring more and more killing and destruction.”

Talking about Bahrain, Sayyed Nasrallah considered that the Bahraini authorities are fed up with the peacefulness of the opposition’s moves, to the extent that the regime has been blaming Hezbollah for the blasts which took place in the Kingdom recently.

In this context Sayyed Nasrallah considered that the regime was searching for a pretext to hit the opposition and to arrest the peaceful opposition figures.

Source: Al-Manar Website

النص الكامل لخطاب السيد حسن نصر الله


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Returning to Jerusalem

Source: google images

Izzat Aziz Maswadeh was among the thousands of Palestinians who on Nakba commemoration day, 15.05.2011, continued the collective march of return to Palestine and to Palestinian homes and villages. Izzat was one of the thousands of Palestinian refugees who continued the march that is as old as the Nakba itself, the march of return that started as early as the first days of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, when many Palestinians were murdered by Zionist terror gangs while trying to return to the homes from which they were expelled. Since then, thousands of Palestinians have been killed or held captive while trying to return to their homeland, to their homes and villages… thousands were killed on the way to Haifa or Beisan, Jerusalem or Ar-Ramleh… killed while trying to cross the borders to occupied Palestine from Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. They were all part of the collective march of return to Palestine and they all had one aim, one wish, one dream: to return.

Izzat Maswadeh was part of this march. He dreamt of his home, his ancestral home, of his birthplace Jerusalem. He wanted to be reunited with his family, reunited with his birthright…
Izzat Maswadeh tried to return to Jerusalem… he failed the first time but succeeded the second.

Izzat was born in Jerusalem in 1977, moved to Jordan then to Syria, after which Israeli occupation authorities revoked his residency right, denied him his birthplace and separated him from his family. He was father to a 5-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son. His father, who lives in Izariyyeh, occupied Jerusalem, said that Izzat dreamt of returning to Palestine and to his hometown Jerusalem all his life.

Izzat’s first attempt to return to Jerusalem was on 15.05.2011, Nakba commemoration day. He was among a small group that was able to cross the so-called cease-fire line and enter the occupied Golan Heights. On his way to Jerusalem, he managed to reach as far as the Huwwarah military checkpoint near Nablus, before he was stopped and detained for a number of days and expelled to Syria.

On that day, at least 4 Palestinians were killed and hundreds injured when Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire at the unarmed marchers. In an interview conducted after his successful return to Palestine, Izzat said that the idea of entering Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights was born out of the heat of the moment. He described how he and another 7 of his fellow marchers were standing in front of the barbed wire that divided the Golan Heights, and how one of the marchers had the idea of cutting the barbed wire and crossing over to Majdal Shams. But the often told tales of the electrified wire that divides the Golan Heights put fear into the hearts of the marchers and prevented this.

As they stood discussing whether to take a risk with the barbed wire or not, they were interrupted by a 17 year old boy who just ran towards the barbed wire, obviously not caring what would happen to him, and hit it with his shoulder causing it to fall down. When the other marchers saw that nothing happened to the youth, they started jumping over the barbed wire, removed it and moved to the second barbed wire and removed it as well. Izzat recalled how while removing the second barbed wire, residents of Majdal Shams were coming towards them and helping them.

Men and women would leave their children at the platform and come to greet the marchers. They told the marchers they were their guests, that they would protect them with their souls but that the Israelis are occupiers and are able to “annihilate” them for what happened. So it was agreed that the marchers stay for 2 hours under the protection of the villagers and that the village elders organize their leave back to Syria through the Red Cross.
When it was time to go back to Syria, Izzat thanked the people of Majdal Shams saying that with this action, the marchers wanted to convey a message and they did. Until that moment, according to Izzat, the idea of returning to Palestine hadn’t crossed his mind. But then, a 14 year old refused to go back to Syria and around 200 people came to take the body of martyr Qais and chaos erupted until one of the elders intervened and said that the martyr should be taken to his family. Izzat recalled: “then I pondered over how that young man came to die for Palestine and not for the Golan, although ultimately we are one nation.”[1] And as the marchers went back to Syria, with the elders walking in front of them to protect them from the Israeli occupation soldiers, Izzat decided that it was time to return to Palestine: “I heard someone talking on the phone and saying “it’s incredible, there are 180 wounded”, here I couldn’t bare it anymore and I had the idea about returning to Palestine through means of transportation in Majdal Shams. I couldn’t take a bus because they had signs in Hebrew, so I took a taxi since it was the fastest and safest solution…. the idea I had in mind at the time was not only to enter Palestine but also to go to Jerusalem and pray in Al-Aqsa, then to bring the media, introduce myself and announce the return of 150 people to Jerusalem, in order to cause panic and destabilize the Zionist entity. The image of the Israeli army confused and its forces deployed everywhere started forming in my mind, and the preoccupation of the public opinion with this issue, causing a revolt of the Israeli people on their government… This is the goal for my return to Palestine.”[2]

On 15.05.2011, while Palestinians in occupied Palestine and in the Diaspora commemorated the 63 anniversary of the Nakba, Izzat and a couple of other Palestinians succeeded in returning to Palestine. They returned to their homeland, the homeland from which their fathers and grandfathers were expelled 63 years earlier. Unarmed young Palestinians, born in the Diaspora, away from their ancestral homes and lands, denied their homeland, decided it was time to return. They walked through mine fields, they crossed barbed wires, they defied fully-armed Israeli occupation soldiers with one wish: to return to Palestine.

Izzat returned to Palestine, touched her soil, smelled her air and embraced the land he’s so often heard of, so often dreamt of. When the Israeli military started house-to-house searches for the returnees in Majdal Shams, Izzat pretended to be a reported and headed towards Palestine. “I was stopped at the entrance of the village and was asked in a language I didn’t understand, but surely he was asking about IDs so I said I am a reporter and was allowed to pass…. Here the features of my homeland started to become clearer… it is the most beautiful feeling that I ever had in my life, for I am seeing my homeland of which I have always dreamt, and no words in the world are sufficient to express this feeling, and I can only say that it is “my homeland” that summarizes all the meanings of love, longing and beauty and magnificence.”[3]

Checkpoints were erected everywhere, and two other marchers, Majd and Rasha, were detained on their way to their hometowns. Izzat was stopped at the Huwwara checkpoints and “there was no possibility of getting off the taxi or returning, or even telling the taxi driver, and that point was the end of my journey to Palestine, and the end of the dream and the goal I had.”[4] This wasn’t the end of the dream, but the beginning… he was determined to return to his home, reach his birthplace… his march to Jerusalem has begun and there was no turning back, nothing was going to stand in his way to his home.

From the moment he was detained on 15.05.2011, Izzat was subjected to physical and psychological torture on the hands of Israeli occupation soldiers. After the interrogation, which depended mostly on psychological pressure, he was taken in a car, handcuffed and blindfolded towards the occupied Golan Heights. In a number of interviews before his martyrdom, Izzat spoke of his detention by Israeli occupation forces: “After being detained, the most beautiful journey began, which is playing with the nerves of the Zionist entity. And this victory is more beautiful and stronger than military victory. When they took me to the interrogation room, I waited half an hour for the arrival of interrogators from Tel Aviv. Then 12 interrogators entered and I was cuffed and stripped off all my belongings and clothes”… “for me, I spend the interrogation days laughing at them, because I considered myself inevitably dead, and they were taking turns interrogating me. 3 days without food or water or sleep. For me, an unarmed young man facing the Zionist entity that frightened us military and politically for 63 years, and if I made a small move, weapons would be pointed towards me, although I am unarmed and was searched thoroughly more than 20 times, here I realized that the fear a Palestinian causes them is not his weapon but in his belief that grows within him[5]

On 05.06.2011, while millions of Palestinians commemorated the 44th anniversary of the Naksa, Izzat had a date with destiny, he had a date with Jerusalem… he had planned to return to Palestine for a second time… he tried a second time to reach Jerusalem … and this time Izzat succeeded.

Israeli occupation forces were waiting for the marchers. After what had happened on Nabka day, the Israeli occupation army was determined not to allow unarmed Palestinian refugees to make a laughingstock of the “invincible army” a second time. They prepared for a massacre, similar to the ones they committed on the Palestinian borders with Lebanon and Syria. And a massacre it was; at least 24 unarmed marchers were killed on that day while trying to return to their homeland when Israeli occupation snipers aimed to kill. Izzat was one of the first Palestinians to try and return to Palestine … and as he attempted to enter Majdal Shams, he was shot dead…

To many, Izzat’s attempt ended at that point… Izzat’s attempt was a failure, for he failed to reach his destination; Jerusalem…. But to Palestinians, Izzat’s attempt to return to Palestine and to Jerusalem was successful…

The Zionist entity definitely saw it as a failed attempt, and thought that by killing Izzat and his comrades, others wouldn’t dare repeat the attempt. But they failed to see that Izzat did in fact reach Jerusalem, for his attempt removed another hurdle from the road towards Jerusalem, and that despite the massacres committed on 15.05.2011 and despite the numerous Israeli threats, thousands of Palestinians had marched to Palestine on 05.06.2011 and thousands, tens of thousands, millions will continue the march until total liberation.

To many, Izzat’s attempt ended when he fell at the border, when his heart stopped beating at the barbed wire… But to Palestinians, Izzat continued the march to his beloved Jerusalem, to his home…he is here, in Jerusalem, he has returned… and with his soul, he lights up the path, like thousands before him, for those who will continue the march …. and with his blood, he paves the way, like thousands before him, for those who will continue the march…

Izzat succeeded, because he managed to frighten the fully-armed occupation soldiers. He was a young man, armed only with the belief in his just cause, he was armed only with the love and yearning to a home that is his, he was only a Palestinian, marching towards his home, his legacy, and unarmed in the face of the killing machine that is the Zionist entity ….

Izzat succeeded, because he exposed, yet again, the true face of the “peace loving only democracy in the Middle East”, he exposed the murderous Zionist entity which claims “self defense” when killing unarmed marchers.

Izzat succeeded, because he exposed, yet again, the lies of Zionists and Co who keep claiming that if Palestinians resorted to unarmed resistance, the Zionist entity wouldn’t “feel threatened and forced to defend itself”, he exposed all those who defend a terrorist army that kills unnamed civilians seeking freedom.

Izzat succeeded, because he exposed, yet again, the hypocrisy of the world that claims to support human rights, justice and non-violent resistance everywhere, but continues to act blind, deaf and mute when it comes to Palestinian rights and the crimes of the Zionist entity.

Izzat succeeded, because he rose up, held his soul in the palm of his hand and marched, and marched, and allowed no barbed wire to stop him, allowed no Israeli occupation soldiers to stop him, allowed no collaborators, no concession-lovers, no negotiation-worshippers to stop him, allowed no bullet to stop him … and marched and marched till he reached Jerusalem.

Izzat was determined to return to Jerusalem and pray in Al-Aqsa, and his message to fellow Palestinians was clear:”What I experienced in a few days on Palestine’s soil assured me that Palestine is closer to us than we think, and that the enemy they have been frightening us with for over 63 years is a coward and can’t stand in the face of our will.“[6]

Izzat and his comrades who managed to return to Palestine, and the thousands of Palestinians who marched on Nakba and Naksa days in occupied Palestine and in the Diaspora, the millions of Palestinians around the world who commemorated the Nakba and the Naksa, sent a clear message to the Zionist entity, to the whole world, to Arab dictators and to Palestinians who want to give up the Right of Return and who want to accept a prison on less than 20% of Palestine and call it a “state”. Their message is: the young have not forgotten and never will…. the right of return is sacred, inalienable and non-negotiable and all Palestinian refugees will return to their demolished villages and rebuild them, will return to their usurped lands and replant them, will return to every single village and town and liberate them, from the River to the Sea.

This video, posted on You Tube, shows the march of return that took place on 05.06.2011. At the beginning one can see Izzat Maswadeh minutes before his martyrdom. He is saying: “We are returning… returning, returning, to our country we are returning, this is our country and we won’t relinquish it and won’t leave it, the blood of the martyrs won’t go in vain, the blood of the martyrs is precious…. “

Interview with Izzat and his funeral

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

He returned on Nakba Day, Martyred on Naksa Day, Millions will follow

He returned on Nakba Day, Martyred on Naksa Day, Millions will follow



تكبيرIzat aziz Muswada (36 years), born in Jerusalem in 1977, his family moved to Jordan and then to Syria.His father moved back to Jerusalem shortly afterward, but Izat and his mother return was denied for staying away more than three years, they were told they had lost their residency permits.Since then, Return to Jerusalem was his great dream.

On Nakba day he joined thousands of others as they marched to the ceasefire line between Syria and occupied Gollan Hieghts, he crossed the mine fields on the cease fire line in Majdal Shams, He and his fellow demonstrators were warmly welcomed, and he quickly began plotting a way to return Jerusalem.


“He decided to lie and managed to convince a journalist from Jerusalem that he was a reporter with the Arabic newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi.He traded on the name of his family, that of a well-known Jerusalem clan, and his knowledge of the city to convince the journalist to vouch for him to a nervous taxi driver.”

The IOF arressted him on Huwara checkpoint near Nablis on his way towards Jerusalem, putting an end of his dream of reaching Jerusalem and praying in Alaqsa.
He was detained his for few days before being expelled back to Syria.

“My few days in Palestine confirmed to me that Palestine is so near, the enemy who frightened us for 63 years is a caward and can’t stand against our determination.” thus said Izat after his return to Syria.

After three weeks, on Naksa day Izat decided to try again. Unfortunately, his dream of returning home ended quickly and violently.

As he and his fellows tryied to cut through a line of barbed wire to reach the border fence, Israeli troops opened fire.

Syria refugee’s dream of return ends in tragedy

Published yesterday (updated) 10/06/2011 18:16
Israeli policemen guard along the border fence as Druze residents
of Majdal Sham stand on the hill looking at mainly Palestinian
protesters crossed from Syria into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights,
on May 15, 2011, to mark Nakba day. Bloodshed broke out as
Palestinian refugees across the region marched on Israel’s borders in a
mass show of mourning over Palestinians’ dispossession
in 1948. [AFP/Menahem Kahana, File]

JERUSALEM (AFP) — When Ezzat Maswadi burst across the ceasefire line from Syria into the occupied Golan Heights, he thought his chance to return to Jerusalem — the city of his birth — had finally come.

But the return that Maswadi had longed for was not to be, and his attempts to reach the Holy City would eventually lead to his death, three weeks later, in the fields between Syria and the Golan town of Majdal Shams.

Born to a Palestinian family in Jerusalem in 1977, Maswadi grew up in the nearby town of Al-Eizariya until 1984, when his family moved first to Jordan and then to Syria.

His father moved back to Jerusalem shortly afterward, but Maswadi and his mother were told they had lost their residency permits under an Israeli law which quietly revoked the residency of anyone who stayed away more than three years.
So Maswadi stayed in Damascus, fearing he would never be able to go home, until he heard that Palestinian refugees in Syria were planning to march towards Israel on May 15, the anniversary of Israel’s creation amid the mass dispossession of Palestinians.

Palestinians mark the occasion as the “Nakba” or “catastrophe” when hundreds of thousands of them fled or were expelled from their homes in the war that accompanied Israel’s declaration of independence.

On the day of the protests, a clear, warm Sunday, Maswadi joined thousands of others as they marched unimpeded to the ceasefire line between Israel and Syria, just across from Majdal Shams in the Israel-occupied Golan Heights.

A handful of Israeli troops stationed in the area, apparently caught short, watched in horror as Maswadi and other protesters moved quickly across heavily-mined fields, cut through a fence and entered Majdal Shams.

He and his fellow demonstrators were warmly welcomed, and Maswadi quickly began plotting a way to get back to Jerusalem.

To do so, he had to circumvent Israeli checkpoints set up to catch infiltrators from Syria and find a taxi driver willing to take him three hours south to Jerusalem.

He decided to lie and managed to convince a journalist from Jerusalem that he was a reporter with the Arabic newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi.

He traded on the name of his family, that of a well-known Jerusalem clan, and his knowledge of the city to convince the journalist to vouch for him to a nervous taxi driver.

“An Israeli soldier stopped me at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Majdal Shams, and said words to me that I didn’t understand but I’m sure he was asking for my identity card,” Maswadi wrote in an online account shortly afterward.

“I told him I was a journalist and he allowed me to cross.”

He started to believe he would make it home, and eagerly peered out of the window as the car drove south, marveling at the scenery.

“The features of my country began to become clear. It was the most beautiful feeling of my life, to see the country I had dreamed of. All the words in the world can’t describe how it felt,” he wrote.

“I can only say that it was ‘homeland’ with all that that means — love, longing, beauty, magnificence.”

But Maswadi’s journey was about to grind to a halt. He ran into another Israeli checkpoint, and this time his ruse was discovered.

“They surprised us with the checkpoint and I couldn’t go on or return or even tell the driver the truth. This was the end of my journey to Palestine, the end of my dream and my goal,” he wrote.

Maswadi was held by Israeli security officials for an unspecified period of time before being expelled back to Syria.

His driver, a Palestinian from occupied East Jerusalem, was jailed for five days, then put under house arrest for another five days before being released on condition he did not return to the Golan for the next three months.

For Maswadi, being expelled was devastating, but he quickly decided to try again — this time on June 5, when Palestinians mark the “Naksa” or “setback” of the 1967 Six-Day War.

This time, Maswadi’s dream of returning home would end quickly and violently.

As he joined hundreds of other protesters trying to cut through a line of barbed wire to reach the border fence, Israeli troops opened fire.

That day, 23 people were killed and hundreds more injured, according to figures given by Syrian state television.

Israel acknowledged the deaths of 10 protesters, but said all of them died in a second protest in Quneitra, several kilometres further south, when Molotov cocktails thrown by the demonstrators set off Syrian mines in no-man’s land.

But Maswadi’s father Aziz has no doubt about how his eldest son died.

“He was killed by Israeli bullets in Majdal Shams,” he told AFP from the family’s home in Al-Eizariya. “It was his dream to return to Jerusalem.

“They told me that the bullets perforated his body,” he said, adding that his son had been buried in Syria.

Sobbing, Aziz Maswadi said he was denied permission to travel to Syria for the funeral in Damascus. “My son is a martyr, I wanted to see him one last time.”

With hassan Hijazi

عزات عزيز عزات مسودة (٣٦ عاما) من مواليد القدس وسكان سوريا حاليا.. شاب فلسطيني حالم ، تمنى طوال حياته العودة لفلسطين ، وحقق حلمة بعزيمة واصرار لم تستطع الحدود ان تقف في طريقة ، فشق طريقة بالدم الى وطنة فلسطين ، حقق جزء من امنتية ووطات قدماه ثرى فلسطين الطاهر ، الا ان الاحتلال منعه من الوصول الى القدس التي لطالما حلم بالوصول اليها


عزات مسوده استشهد مع العشرات اثناء محاولتة العودة مره اخرى لفلسطين في ذكرى نكستها التي تصادف الخامس من حزيران ، حيث اطلق جيش الاحتلال النار باتجاه الجموع التي خرجت من الاراضي السورية باتجاه الجولان المحتل ، فسقط عشرات الشهداء ومئات الجرحى .
مصادر اعلامية متعددة قالت ان الشهيد كان من بين الشبان اللذين شاركوا في مسيرة العودة في الخامس عشر من شهر أيار الماضي ، التي انطلقت باتجاه حدود فلسطين التاريخية ، وتمكن الحالم الفلسطيني عزات مسوده من اختراق خط وقف اطلاق النار قرب مدينة مجدل شمس الدرزية في الجولان المحتل ، وتخطى حقول الالغام وبنادق الاحتلال وتحصيناته ودخل وتجول في عدد من المدن الفلسطينية في الداخل المحتل ووصول الى الضفة الغربية ، الا سلطات الاحتلال وحسب المصادر الاعلامية اعتقلته على حاجز حوارة قرب نابلس وهو في طريقه الى مسقط راسه في القدس، والتي كان قد اعلن تصميمه على الوصول اليها، وابقته رهن الاعتقال لعدة ايام ، قبل ان تبعدة الى مهجرة من جديد الى سوريا.
قبل ايام من استشهادة قال عزات مسوده في لقاء مع احدى وسائل الاعلام إن خطته كانت بالوصول إلى القدس والصلاة في المسجد الأقصى على أن أدعو الإعلام وأخبره بحقوقنا في العودة إلى أراضينا.
ويتابع مسودة : ما عشته خلال أيام قليلة فوق ثرى فلسطين أكد لي أن فلسطين أقرب إلينا مما نعتقد والعدو الذي أخافونا منه على مدى 63 عاماً جبان ولا يستطيع الوقوف أمام إرادتنا.
عزات مسوده ، هذا الشاب الفلسطيني الحالم بوطنة المخلص له بكل جوارحة برهم صحة ما قيل منذ زمن ان حق العودة لفلسطين المحتلة لا يسقط بالتقادم ، وانه مهما مرت الايام بقساوتها ، لن تمحى من الذاكره فلسطين تاريخها وحضارتها .
حتما ستعود فلسطين


Veteran" SAMI JADALLAH: I always condemned “terrorist” acts committed by both Israelis and Palestinians"

SAMI JADALLAH contributes at PTT, the Hasbara (Closed not Hacked) site, being American since 1962, and as “a former soldier with JD in law from top ranking school” he condemn the cold blooded murder of inocent Israeli, whether the methods of acts are suicide bombings or planting bombs in restaurants, supermarkets or buses”

Sami  always wondered why would any one fire a ‘rocket” when this rocket is useless as those who manufacturer it and those who fires it?

Another Palestinian Idiot smeared hamas for using useless “Mickey Mouse rocket”
and Mickey Mouse “Resistance” He spent years shaking the shit bag over his head  after hearing “Hamas declaring that it would stop an Israeli invasion of Gaza,”


“As a practicing Muslim, well versed in the Quran and with some intelligence, I do not need the opinions of these âulamasâ with irresponsible fatwas that gave justifications for murder and killings through suicide bombing”

Hamas political and military leadership was reckless and irresponsible before, during and after the War on Gaza.” “Hamas leadership that recruited, trained and set recruits on suicide mission is guilty of cold blooded murder.”


… Since you are well versed in the Quran. I would like to draw your attention to some verses instructing yous to fight aganst those who started the fight against you. To slay them wherever you find them, and drive them out of the places they drove you out , And to attack them like manner as they attacked you .

2.190 . Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you , but begin not hostilities . Lo! Allah loveth not , aggressors .

2.191 . And slay them wherever ye find them , and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out , for persecution is worse than slaughter . And fight not with them at the Inviolable Place of Worship until they first attack you there , but if they attack you ( there ) then slay them . Such is the reward of disbelievers .

2.192 . But if they desist , then lo! Allah is Forgiving , Merciful .

2.193 . And fight them until persecution is no more , and religion is for Allah . But if they desist , then let there be no hostility except against wrongdoers .

2.194 . The forbidden month for the forbidden month , and forbidden things in retaliation . And one who attacketh you , attack him like manner as he attacked you . Observe your duty to Allah , and know that Allah is with those who ward off ( evil ) .

So, sami, Quran instruct you to fight your occupier, untill ending the occupation, and I assume you agree with me that the so called Isarel is also a Palestinian occupied land. Setllers are not only those occupying 1967 land.
Consequentely, I consider all “peacful jews” even our friend Uri, they are settler until they go to where they come from. More

At the same above mentioned Hasbara site the “Veteran” Sami wrote:

“In the end I think what we need is for the UN to take over releasing our people from being held hostage by Israel, PLO, Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Popular Front, Democratice Front, and Stupid Front.”NOW READ SAMI

SAMI JADALLAH : Israel and Facilitating Palestinian “terrorism”March 24, 2011 posted byVeterans Today

Too bad the US and the West only condemn the killing and murder of Israelis killed at the hands of Palestinians but never condemn the cold blooded murder of Palestinians committed by Israel, its army and its armed thugs the settlers.

by Sami Jamil Jadallah

New clashes errupt in OPT

One has to ask and wonder why the sudden escalation of violence between Israel and Gaza and why Jerusalem after calms and quite is witnessing its first “terrorist” acts in many years?

I always condemned “terrorist” acts committed by both Israelis and Palestinians and never deemed “suicide” bombings as acts of “martyrdom” but acts of cold-blooded murder. Targeting unarmed civilians whether Israelis or Palestinians, whether the methods of acts are suicide bombings or planting bombs in restaurants, supermarkets or buses or through bombs dropped from F-16s or Apaches are simple acts of terrorism. To the dead whether Israeli or Palestinian civilians the methods of murders do not changed the fact that a simple cold-blooded murder was committed.

The fact that Israeli terrorist acts are committed by uninformed Israeli soldiers or by armed Israeli settlers and directed at Palestinian civilians, or Palestinian terrorist acts committed by armed Palestinians groups and directed at Israeli civilians is simply wrong.  Too bad the US and the West only condemn the killing and murder of Israelis killed at the hands of Palestinians but never condemn the cold blooded murder of Palestinians committed by Israel, its army and its armed thugs the settlers.  Innocent people were killed in Gaza yesterday and innocent Israelis were killed today, yet, and as expected President Obama and Secretary Clinton chose to ignore Palestinian deaths and only recognized Israeli losses.
And as usual, Palestinian leadership are always called upon to condemn Israeli deaths while no one, specially the Palestinian leadership dare to call and make the same demands of Israeli leaders the cold blooded murder of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli army. It clear and obvious that an Israeli/Jewish life is much more worthy than a Palestinian/Arab life. Palestinians are always guilty even when innocent, and Israelis are always innocent no matter the crimes committed. An Israeli life is worth recognizing and a Palestinian life is not worth mentioning.

Israel and for so many years have not only engaged in acts of terrorism inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories directed at militant and civilians alike but engaged in targeted assassinations of Palestinians around the world. Of course no one talks of these acts of terrorism. Israel terrorist organizations even engaged in killing their own people.
Also and for a long time, Israel domestic security services the SHABAK have engaged in recruiting Palestinians specially in Gaza to do its biddings and support its targeted assassinations allowing Israeli on the ground agents to help through intelligence gathering and planting of tracking devices to kill and murder a number of Palestinian leaders and hundreds of innocent by standers.

In Gaza, Israel is so successful in recruiting so many Palestinians in the tens of thousands as informers and collaborators penetrating the highest echelons of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and their militias. No need to mention Fatah here.

While I do not have very specific intelligence information, I dare say that the recent spat of rockets attacks are not only promoted and facilitated by Israeli handlers but is promoted at the highest echelons of Israeli government.

I always wondered why would any one fire a ‘rocket” when this rocket is useless as those who manufacturer it and those who fires it?  Hamas contrary to its claims of putting law and order is unable to manage these renegade Israeli collaborators and agents, within Gaza and is unable to counter SHABAK activities in Gaza.

One has to wonder, with an Apartheid Wall almost a mile wide if not a mile high, with more than 600 security checkpoints where not even a chicken can pass through, all of sudden someone plant a bomb on a bus in Jerusalem.

The Gaza rockets and the bombing of the bus in Jerusalem raise lots of questions not only of Israeli alleged terrorism fighting machines but raised questions of why now?

Bibi Netanyahu is soon traveling to the US, and he is scheduled to make a speech before a joint session of congress where the issue of “Palestinian Terrorism” will sure will be a topic of discussions and will be used by Netanyahu and his partners within the American administration to side step and avoid the issues of settlements and the “peace process”.
I even will go further to say that Israeli is behind such acts of terrorism, through facilitating such the bombing of the bus in Jerusalem and of course the recent rockets attacks from Gaza.

The Palestinian people must make every effort to expunge their society of these Israeli agents and collaborators.  Frankly only stupid reckless thugs can do such a thing, and commit these acts that put the people at great risk.  Tens of thousands of these useless so called rockets where fired without making any significant damage and one has to see the damage caused by Israeli in Gaza. Time for the leadership of Hamas and Fatah to take their responsibility seriously. The Palestinian people could not afford so many collaborators and Israeli agents within their midst.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sami Jamil Jadallah, Born in the Palestinian city of El-Bireh ( presently under Israeli Military Occupation). Immigrated to the US in 62. After graduating from high school in Gary, Indiana was drafted into the US Army ( 66-68) received the Leadership Award from the US 6th Army NCO Academy in Ft. Lewis, Washington. Five of us brothers where in US military service about the same time. Graduated from Indiana University with BA-72, Master of Public Affairs-74 and Juris Doctor-77, and in senior year at IU,was elected Chairman of the Indiana Student Association. Sami Jamil Jadallah is an international legal and business consultant and is the founder and director of Palestine Agency and Palestine Documentation Center www.palestineagency.com and founder and owner of several business in technology and services.

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