Who Killed Hariri? Who Killed Imad Mugniyah??


Who Killed Hariri?

Israel’s Hidden Hands in Lebanon


“…..But pinning the assassination of Hariri on Hezbollah could be the trigger to a bloody sectarian civil war by exploiting the Sunni-Shi’a divide. At minimum Israel and its allies hope that under indictment Hezbollah and its friends would be on the defensive, thus forcing the disarmament of its militia or at least curbing their influence.

If anything, Nasrallah’s presentation succeeded in forcing the international tribunal to consider Israel as a possible suspect. Two days after the press conference a spokesperson for Bellemare asked the Lebanese government to submit all the evidence in the hands of Hezbollah. For his part Nasrallah promised that if a serious investigation were initiated he would present much more evidence and secrets that would take the investigation to a completely different route, in the direction of Tel Aviv.

Whether Israel had a hand in the Hariri assassination remains to be seen. But what is clear is that Israel has found its match in the grand chess game in Lebanon.”

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Flashback: Who Killed Imad Mugniyah??

Bush’s strangest Syrian bedfellow: At center of suspicion in Hezbollah leader’s car bombing
Check the Palestinian Idiot’s “Bombshell”


Who assassinated Top Assad aide at Syrian resort??

The Idiot’s comment: [My comment: some well-connected sources had implicated Shawkat in the Mughniyeh assassination, so it makes sense that he would want to eliminate Suleiman, since he knew the real score.]

An Israeli Book revealing details of the Assasination: Mossad-Grand Operations

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


I Smell a Rat: Two Telling Polls

As I wrote before, I brought this pull from “Palestinian” Idiot site where the pull is designed to force the voters to say “YES”, or “NO” for resolving PA in both Occupied West Bank and Liberated (besieged) Gaza.

The idiot put the Palestinian traitors and Palestinian Freedom fighters Authorities in the same Basket. The first, is Oslo’s bastard, brought to end the first intifada, crush the resistance, the second is the elected authority standing tall under fire and siege to keep the Palestinian cause alive.

 I said earlies no decent reader would say No to desolving the treason authority in Ramallah.
In saying “Yes” the reader indirectly says “Yes” to desolving besieged Resistance Authority in Gaza. However, Some Pro-Resistance readers would Vote “Yes” to get rid of Ramalla Traitor, and releave Hamas from the Authority burden. Consequently, out of 22

The first time I checked the Idiot’s Poll I found:

Do you think that the PA, with both the West Bank and the Gaza Components, should be dissolved?
Selection Votes 
Yes  100%
No  0%
4 votes total 
In the Second check as I expected the Idiot’s Pull result has not changed significally. The Number ov voters increased from 4 to 19


Selection Votes 
Yes  95% 18 
No  5%
19 votes total 
Today the is no change other than the Number of voters changed from 19 t0 22 after his call
Only one Voted against resovling PA in both West bank and Gaza. The Number of Participants is telling.
So the Idiot is happy: Bye, Bye Hamas.. and welcome for the One state solution (Not in one thosand year as My dear Gilad said)
Do you think that the PA, with both the West Bank and the Gaza Components, should be dissolved?
Selection Votes 
Yes  95% 21 
No  5%
22 votes total 
pollcode.com free polls

Do you think that the PA should be dissolved?


  63 (35%)


  11 (6%)

Only in WB

  103 (58%)

Only in Gaza

  0 (0%)

Votes so far: 177
Poll closed
No one voted to disolving Resistance Authority in Gaza, even in his pull only one voted for disolving both authorites.
63% said yes to disolving the Occupation Sub-Contractor’s Authority in Ramalla
The Idiots Polls 95% droped here to 35% saying “Yes” to disolving Both Authorities.
6% said No to disoving Both Authorities, which is matching his 5%

The Idiots Poll is still opened. I say again it will not Change

Update: I said it will not change

Selection Votes 
Yes  92% 24 
No  8%
26 votes total 

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Middle East’s new heavyweights

Rehmat’s World

May 21, 2010 ·

The idols and invincibility myths of Uncle Sam, EU and the Zionist entity are crumbling in the entire Middle East. The emerging new regional heavyweights are the Islamic Republic, Turkey and Syria. Both Iraq and Afghanistan have turned into Washington’s new Vietnam. The situation has gone so bad for Washington that US Armed Forces guru, Admiral Michael Mullen and Chief of CENTCOM Gen.

David Petraeus were force to give a political wrong advice to Barack Obama that Israeli actions are the reasons for the failure of American agenda in the Middle East.

When sheepish Joe Biden conveyed this message to Benjamin Netanyahu – Joe Biden received a treatment reserved for an ‘anti-Semite’ crimianal.

Obama’s rhetoric for ‘dialogues’ with Iran, Syria and Pakistan, and his policy toward the rest of the Muslim world has long been exposed fraudulent by his actions. He is pursuing Bush’s Zionist agenda all the way.

Since Israel’s military humiliation in Lebanon’s 34-day war in 2006 and 23-day invasion of Gaza Strip – the Middle East has gone through major political changes. Even the most slavish regimes like Saudi Arabia have finally come to the conclusion that its decades-old alliance with the Western colonial powers is not going to save it from the changes in the region.

While Israel continue to receive an annual $3 billion US military aid – its aversaries in the Middle East have been busy procuring military detterant. According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, Hizb’Allah has received Chinese QW-1 (Vanguard) shoulder-launched SAMs and the Islamic Republic may finally be receiving S-300, Russia’s best anti-aircraft missile system which would certainly destroy Israeli airforce supramacy. Furthermore, Islamic Republic is the only country among 57 Muslim nation-states, which produces most of its conventional military hardware locally.

The artificial state of Iraqi Kurdistan created by the US and Israel for the Turkish outlawed PKK, a terrorist organization, is loaded with Kurd Jews. Estimated 50,000 Kurdish Jews live in Israel on Palestinian lands. Former Israeli defensec miniter Yitzhak Mordechai is a Kurch Jew. In November 2006, the Pulitzer Prize winning Jew investigating reporter, Seymour Hersh, had reported that PKK’s Iranian offshoot PJAK, too receive arms and finance support from Israel and the US. US-Israel axis is using PKK to destablize Kurdish communities in Turkey, Syria and Iran.

Turk Muslims after living under radical secular Kemalist/Crypto-Jewish authoritarian regime for over eight centuries – stagged a democratic Intifada by voting in moderate Islamic party of AKP in 2002. Frustrated by EU and NATO Islamophobia – Ankara under AKP began reviving its old Ottoman roots in the East. It made friendly gestures to several Arab neighboring countries.

Turkey, with a Sunni majority, has taken the role of Sunni leadership in alliance with Shia Iran and secularist Syria – to replace the US-EU-Israel axis in the Middle East.

On May 16, 2010 – Thierry Meyssan, a French political analyst, in his research paper Strategy shift in the Middle East, wrote:

However, this trend remains fragile since Washington may still have the possibility to destabilize the new troika. Be that as it may, several attempts by corrupt Syrian generals to overthrow Bashar al-Assad were foiled even before they could act.

The multiple attacks orchestrated by the CIA in the non-Persian provinces of Iran failed to trigger separatist revolts. While the colour revolution, organized by the CIA and MI6 during the presidential election, was been drowned out by a human tidal wave. To the tens of thousands of protesters in the northern neighbourhoods of Tehran, the rest of the country responded with a massive demonstration of 5 million people.

Finally, it appears that Washington is incapable of resorting again to Gladio to establish a military dictatorship in Turkey. On the one hand because the new generation of Turkish generals no longer buttressed to Kemalism and secondly because the AKP Muslim-Democratic is intent on dismantling Ergenekon (current version Turkish Gladio).

Washington and Tel Aviv could also fabricate fraudulent files to justify military action. Thus, since 2007, they have been alleging that Israel discovered and bombed a military nuclear research center in Syria and that Iran is developing a vast programe of a similar nature. More recently, the same powers have accused Syria of having introduced Scuds into Lebanon. However, these accusations do not stand up to analysis any more than those formulated by Secretary of State Colin Powell before the United Nations Security Council United Nations regarding Iraqi’s alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction. The numerous IAEA inspection teams that visited Iran only found evidence of civilian activities, and the UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon have denied the presence of Scuds in the country.


The “Palestinian” Idiot predicted that Assad’s call for regional alliance shall deliver a joint Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish-Israeli-U.S.-Iranian military exercises pretty soon?

How do you spell IDIOT?


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Nakba and the Two State Solution: Unrealistic ‘Realism’

And yet, all these things aside, the Nakba continues unabated.

By Dina Jadallah

On the surface and viewed from the perspective of dominating powers, their designated minions, and entrenched cohorts, it may appear that the Nakba is diminishing. Several facts corroborate that view:  the passage of time, the very dispossession and dislocation of millions, the tendency of official Palestinian “leadership” to accept whatever scraps they are given, the seemingly insurmountable military superiority of Israel and its main backer, the United States, to name a few. Discursively also, talk of the Nakba has been curtailed, especially among official Palestinian Authority officials and Arab governments. It has been increasingly replaced by details and technicalities that avoid dealing with the crux of the Palestinian predicament. 

Details and technicalities are evident in “negotiations” and “discussions” over the Two State Solution, settlements (stop, don’t stop, temporary freezes, natural growth,…), Jerusalem, municipal control of various services, collection and distribution of taxes, policing and security forces, road blocks, fences, airspace, percentages, companies, and so many other minutia. They serve to obscure the original and much larger issue at stake, namely, liberating Palestine. 

By focusing exclusively on the Two State Solution and its accompanying and derivative details, it becomes possible (for some) to lose sight of the origin of the ongoing Palestinian predicament:  namely, the Nakba.
The details are a method of exercising power over Palestinians. (1) They are evident, not only in the obvious control mechanisms that I just listed, but are also apparent in the very “negotiations” that took and take place between Israel / US and the Palestinians. From Madrid, to Oslo, to Taba, to Camp David, to the Road Map, to the current indirect Proximity Talks – one side has maps and details and conditions and rules, while the other side pleads, accepts, capitulates, and frequently, adopts the very language used by his oppressor.

An illustration of the above is Mahmoud ‘Abbas’ frequent references to “peace and security,” “growth,” and “stopping the settlements,” forgetting that the real issues are right of return, liberating the land, and an end to racist and usurping ideologies and governments. Another example is ‘Abbas’ recent reference to the land of historical Palestine as the land of the tanakh. In other words, he acceded to Netanyahu’s racist demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as “Jewish homeland” by buying into the Zionist myth that Jews were the original inhabitants of the land.

Yet another instance of Palestinian leadership adopting the language and reasoning of their oppressor was evident in the speech delivered by ‘Abbas at the opening of the third round of Fateh’s Revolutionary (not) Council.  ‘Abbas insisted on the Two-State Solution.  He even warned that “the idea of the so-called One State Solution has started leaking (tatasarrab) among people, because hope on the [real] ground is diminishing bit by bit…  The question to the Israeli side is: do you want two states on the 1967 borders?  We are ready.  But if you don’t want, then you are responsible for what happens after that.” (Al-Jazeera (Arabic), 4/24/2010, “Abbas clings to the Two State Solution and Hamas Rejects.”)  He continued his advice to Israel by saying that “the choice of peace needs brave Israeli leadership.”

Few were surprised by his obvious concern for the Israel’s well-being, least of all Israel and the United States.  It is equally probable that there are countless Palestinians, Arabs, and believers in a just solution who are not surprised that he seems to have forgotten that liberating Palestine also needs brave leadership.

Instead, ‘Abbas addressed his rivals in Gaza, calling on them to accept the Egyptian proposal for Palestinian reconciliation and praising Hamas’ efforts at stopping the launching or rockets directed at Israel.  He also urged Palestinians to abide by “peaceful popular resistance,” assuming that it is possible for anything peaceful to co-exist with a stage of siege, daily attacks, continued usurpation, racism, and so forth. 
In truth, this is a new term with an old meaning: a submission that is rationalized by “realism.”

Facts exist but cannot speak. There is a whole system and class of people, “experts,” “leaders,” institutions and organizations that mediate what they will mean.  They will assign words to the meanings/facts. And somewhere else, in the dominated part of the world, a different people who are oppressed and/or excluded from this system of control, stand perplexed and outraged that a diametrically opposite word was assigned and repeated, hijacking their facts, their meanings, their reality. 

The facts are a product of social, historical, oppositional, economic, and political circumstance.  Those who live them know the right word for the real meaning. But others assigned as “leaders” over them, dutifully transpose and impose the altered terminology. The new word becomes the new normal, the “realistic,” the quick deal that we can consume immediately, forever destroying the original source.
This is precisely what the Two State Solution and its details entail.

And yet, all these things aside, the Nakba continues unabated, growing in significance and in numbers. Most conspicuous is the demographic growth in the number of Palestinians who are descendants of the Nakba, whether they are refugees, settled, or unsettled. To those we must add more numerical growth due to the continued displacement and dispossession of Palestinians in present-day Israel as a direct result of Israeli military orders, exclusionary laws, banishment, forced exile, dispossession, house demolitions, and so forth.

Conceptually also, the Nakba strengthens. This is evident in emergent groups, discourses of counterhegemony, resistance movements, and the growing International Boycott Divestment and Solidarity (IBDS) movement. There is a palpable change in the international perception of Israel that emerged during and after its assault on Gaza. (2) This has forced Israel to launch a diplomatic propaganda campaign, “Brand Israel,” to repair the damage to its image. 

The fact that the hundreds of thousands of refugees in Gaza were direct products of the Nakba of Israeli establishment over their ancestral homes is significant. The fact that Israel was unable to accomplish any of its political goals in Gaza, despite the wanton destruction, also has important repercussions.

Thus, the Nakba, directly or indirectly, continues to be a catalyst for a continuing re-evaluation of Israel’s position as a dominating power.

Militarily, the last several wars that Israel has launched against Lebanon and Gaza have made obvious its weaknesses.

Furthermore, it is amply demonstrable in the world today that military superiority is no solution to determined and organized resistance and insurgency.

Thus, there is hope in recognizing the persistence of the Nakba. It stands as an event in human history that exists beyond the reach of dominating systems – even though the latter may have caused it. This makes change possible and limits the power of a hegemonic or dominating system. The Nakba is a historical reality that refuses to go away, providing the fuel for emergent movements and resistance.

Nevertheless, dominant powers continue their efforts to marginalize the Nakba as a central unresolved crisis.

Just in time for the commemoration of the Nakba, U.S. mediator George Mitchell is meeting with Israeli and Palestinian officials (after Palestinian officials sought and got approval from Arab officials), in order to start the process that will lead to so-called indirect proximity talks that were announced by U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.  The Washington Post reported that Mitchell is trying to break the stalemate “in recent months,” (3) perhaps forgetting that, from the perspective of most Palestinians, there has not been progress, in fact there has been retrogression, on the “solution” to the conflict since Madrid and Oslo happened almost two decades ago.

According to the article, “For the Palestinians, the two paramount issues are territorial borders — precisely how much of the West Bank Israel will surrender and the future of Jerusalem.”

Yet again there is confirmation that externally designated Palestinian “leaders” are making a complete mockery of the Nakba, not even referencing that the crux of the problem is the dispossession of millions of people and the usurpation and colonization of Palestinian land. 

When one listens to the words of a Mahmoud ‘Abbas or a Salim Fayyad, it becomes obvious that it makes no difference who among the “leaders” of the Palestinian Authority (PA) talks.  The content is the same, for they are simply delivery mechanisms and not the creators of the message.  (The same applies to most other Arab leaders.)  Having reached the inevitable terminus of the Peace Process and the Road Map and their interminable negotiations, they are now clutching the straw of the Indirect Proximity Talks. 

‘Abbas, desperate to sustain a role for himself, was busy throwing the hot potato to equally ineffectual Arab leaders. 

The latter, if they do anything at all, they pass on the hot potato to the United Nations or some future conference of the Arab League.  In other words, they try to freeze the hot potato to death.

Such “leaders” do not acknowledge that there is no justification for the assumption that a Two State solution is a teleological goal.  It has failings that must be examined in light of new forms of reasoning, new events, and new practices. (4) For while, the “vision” of the Two State is “legitimate” in “the international consensus,” legitimacy is in the eye of the beholder.  “Whose consensus?” is a legitimate question. What about the point of view of the people who most affected by this consensus?

One need only to look at borders, roads, contiguity, sovereignty dimensions, economic sufficiency, and so forth to realize that the Two State Solution is hardly “realistic.” While the Palestinian Authority is entrenched in political quietism, self-censorship, and obeisance, they nonetheless must confront the effects of that path. This particular “pragmatic” approach, being a product of its dominating system, cannot envision and does not admit that it cannot have power over everything. 

The weakness of this “realistic” approach is that it cannot anticipate or deal with change.  It cannot account for peoples’ abilities to imagine an alternative future society. It cannot admit that some can perceive and analyze the nature of power and oppression in their present societies, thereby making it possible to counteract the details and to resist internalization of dominating ideologies. (5)

Dominating systems do not and cannot combat resistance or insurgency or rebellion effectively every time. 
The PA and the dominating system of which it is a functionary must ultimately face the truth that concepts and facets of what is considered “authoritative” and “traditional” is frequently ambiguous and contestable.  Authority is valuable only insofar as it offers choices for society. Choices that must be viable for its future welfare. Otherwise, other “traditions” and “authorities” will emerge.  This is precisely the fate that is facing the Two State solution.

Putting aside any moral and ethical arguments against the Two State solution, all the facts on the ground are obliterating a potential second state. Even within this putative proto-state, Israel is obliterating this possibility. A recent example was reported by Amira Hass on 4/22/2010 in Ha’aretz. Israel began implementing a new military order, No.1650, regarding the Prevention of Infiltration (Amendment No. 2).  It defines “a Palestinian with a Gaza Strip address as a punishable infiltrator if he is found in the West Bank.”  This is the latest in a series of steps to sever Gaza from Palestinian society.  It is also part and parcel of Zionist laws enacted at Israel’s founding, such as the Law of Return and the Law of Present Absentees, and so forth, whose aims are to control space and to fragment and dispossess Palestinian society.

The economy of the proto-state under the Palestinian Authority’s Two-State path is also illustrative of the non-realism and non-viability of the purported goal.  It may serve as an indicator of what is entailed in the future if this “vision” of a Two State is pursued any longer. 

The latest economic figures released by the Arab League Economic Report on the Palestinian Occupied Territories in 2009 clearly show the deterioration.  Here are a few examples.  Between 1999-2008, Palestinian real inflation-adjusted GNP fell off a cliff by 35% to $1,108.  A significant factor in that is the multitude of Israeli restrictions, land confiscations (the West Bank lost 15% of its agricultural capacity due to the apartheid wall), destruction of trees and farmland, and so forth that have led to a sharp decline in olive oil production.  Real per capita income fell by almost 21% to $1,284.  The services sector grew to a record 76.8% of GDP with all that this entails in terms of declining productive capacity of the overall economy. This is also reflected in the fact that the trade deficit grew by 14% to $3.032 billion. Unemployment is now officially recorded at 16% in the West Bank and 49% in Gaza. 

Also contributing to the dependency (and ensuring political obedience), external revenue, including remittances and global financial aid grew sharply to reach $2bn, much of it spent internally on PA commitments to civil servants and security personnel. 

A UN Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People, held in Vienna by the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People on 3/24/2010, corroborated and added to the statistics provided by the Arab League report. (6)  Mahmoud El-Jafari, Dean and Professor of Economics at Al-Quds University noted that there are twin budget and trade deficits. The ratio of imports to exports stands at 60%.  He added that absolute poverty rates stood at 57.3 %, according to 2007 figures (i.e. pre-Gaza assault – whose damage is estimated at 25% of GDP).  In Gaza, 76.9 % are under the national poverty line. 

The comments made by Mahmoud Elkhafif, Coordinator of Assistance to the Palestinian People Unit at the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), revealed that post-Oslo, there has been an “integration” of the Palestinian and Israeli economies.  These have been hugely advantageous to Israel at the expense of the Palestinians. Israel takes advantage of Palestinian land, water and labor as it simultaneously isolates Palestinians from their historical economic partners in the Arab countries.  Moreover, the Paris Protocol framework for economic relations has produced a semi-customs union in which the PA could not have its own currency, monetary, or trade policy. Israel determines value added tax, collects it and, depending on how cooperative the PA is perceived, pays it to the PA. But even in good times, he said, the payment was just 60% of the figure owed. 

Elkhafif concluded with the disturbing indicator of the extent of exploitation: that in the 1980s, Israeli income had been 7.5 times that of Palestinians and was now about 17 times higher. 

Any reasonable assessment of this situation would see the proof in the pudding, so to speak. Why ‘Abbas and his cohorts cling to the Two State solution can only be attributed to factors that do not and will not benefit Palestinian society or national aspirations.

The other side of the coin is Israel.

The last several wars that Israel has launched against Lebanon and the Palestinians have revealed a serious decline in its capacity to accomplish its military and political goals.  Despite the wanton destruction wreaked by its vastly more superior military, the image/myth of its invincibility has been irrevocably shattered. 

This topic has been dealt with extensively elsewhere, so I will not dwell on it here.  Instead, I would like to offer a few examples to consider in re-assessing Israel as well as the “realistic” position of why Arabs and Palestinians must capitulate to its demands.

It is well-known that Israel needs the assistance of the United States, to shield it from approbation in international venues such as the UN, and to help it financially, militarily, economically, in research and development, and so forth.  Israel is also failing in the key category of providing guaranteed results to empire.  Prominent among those failures is its inability to impose peace on its terms, nor to wage war from which it is confident to emerge as victor. This is not to dismiss its indisputable military superiority, but it does indicate that it is no longer enough or even capable of achieving its political goals. 

It is therefore time to re-assess the “realistic” approach. For many years now, the dominant view of Israel in much of the Arab world has reflected an internalization of the myth of Israeli superiority, not morally or ethically, but militarily and economically. Conveniently, it was parroted and propagated by successive different Arab governments in order to rationalize and justify the shirking of their historic responsibility to help Palestinians in achieving self-determination and independence based on the liberation of all usurped land.  

But ultimately, the historically insurmountable reality that is the Nakba stands. It is distressing that the Palestinians as a people, need to remind their so-called leaders as well as most other Arab leaders, of their lived reality which has struggled for decades to ensure that their fundamental and inalienable rights are not forgotten or whittled away by the pseudo pragmatic reality of a Two State solution. Once again, for those who may have forgotten, these are:  the right to their land and a national home, the right of return, the right to determine their own destiny, and the right to compensation for dispossession and the horrors and crimes of occupation.

– Dina Jadallah is an Arab-American writer and artist. She studied political science at Georgetown and the University of Chicago. She is the author of numerous articles dealing with political developments in the Arab world.  Her work was published at Palestine Chronicle, Counterpunch, Ramallah Online, and Global Research, among others. She contributed this article to PalestineChronicle.com. Contact her at: d.jadallah@gmail.com.

(1) These details may remind some readers of Michel Foucault’s theory of power. His theory of (pouvoir et savior) analyzes how systems of control work by confinement from the inside. Their functioning depends first on the continuity of the institutions that confine and second, on the proliferation of justifying technical ideologies for the institutions. These technical ideologies may be discourses, such as is evident in talk and conduct related to the roadmap, the peace process, security, development through privatization, and so forth. But that power needs detail in order to work. For example, in the case of the confinement of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, these would consist of the proliferation of road blocks, military orders, fences, curfews, long lists of what will be allowed to pass through the siege on Gaza, and so forth. Foucault has no role for classes, economics, insurgency and rebellion in societies, however. And this is the reason for the circularity and the trap – there is no escape within his conception of this type of power.
(2)  This is apparent in various international polls. See for instance this large European Union poll.
(3) See The Washington Post.
(4) Several have written about this topic. Notable among them is Ali Abunimah’s One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse (2006). 
(5) My statements are based on Chomsky’s insightful critique of Foucault. It offers a way out of the trap of a dominating system. He argued that a sociopolitical battle can be waged with two objectives: 1) persons and groups can imagine an alternative future society that is based on a more just conception of human nature; and 2) that persons and groups have the ability to perceive and analyze the nature of power and oppression in their present societies. Both of these together may lead to resistance and counterhegemony, thus providing a way to escape the trap.
(6)  See unispal.un.org.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

“So when I hear Hamas declaring that it would stop an Israeli invasion of Gaza, I just shake my Head.”

A Comment by SUN TZU, I mean TON TFUUUU (Tony Sayegh)

Well, the “Resistance” with all the bravado, bluster and huffing and puffing by Hamas lasted…….one day! I guess Habila got the message from Israel and he didn’t want to be killed or captured. This is what happens when a resistance movement becomes a political movement; just ask Fatah. Celebrate the new truce NOW!

Guess What?

But she started the whole thing??

He is Anti Iran, the first Islamic FORT though Baathists used to call him “Mulla Tony”, and “HE BLOG FOR PALESTINE”

He is Anti Syria, the Last Arabic Fort and “HE BLOG FOR PALESTINE”

The same “Knight” who turned his ass to Gaza in 1967, and never returned, mocked Hamas Knights for confrontinting “Tanks, Helicopter Gunships and Missiles”

 ……Excuse Me, But This is Mass Suicide, Not Resistance Damn It! God Gave You a Brain; Use It!!” he said.

When asked: What Hamas can do, he farted: “You ask, what can Hamas do? At a minimum hide, in the face of a superior force.”

So, “when he heard Hamas declaring that it would stop an Israeli invasion of Gaza, he just shaked his Head.”

The same “Knight” (I mean RAT) who mocked Hamas Knights for not hiding in Gaza,  Mocked Hamas for having “Their Head in the Sand When it Comes to Defending Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque”

Hamas should use it’s “Tanks, Helicopter Gunships and “Mickey Mouse” Missiles” to Defend Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque. As if seculars, not Islamists who are defending the Aqsa. 

Imagine the the Danish Cartons subcontractor is worried about Al-Aqsa!!

The same Rat criticised Hamas for “lack of secrecy”… and, and… ,

Several months ago he dropped his bombshell claming that Shalit release is imiment, and you know that Shalit is still with Hamas Knights in the burrel callled Gaza, even after the release of Hamas MP’s and Women prisoners,

The Same Rat who spread the Zio-Propaganda about the assasination of Imad Mugniyah, is disappointed withAssad’s call for rejional alliance” He claimed it shall deliver a joint Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish-Israeli-U.S.-Iranian military exercises pretty soon?
Celebrate the “New Middle East” now; or else! he farted.

Assad’s call delivered. “Using the words of one Turkish newspaper, Erdogan’s brave outburst was anOttoman slap in the face of Israel”.”

“Zionism played a pivotal role in effecting the downfall of the Ottoman state after Sultan Abdul Hamid II adamantly refused repeated Jewish solicitations for a national Jewish home in Palestine.”

For him, the Two Competing Ideologies (arab nationalism and islam} have failed and failed badly. So he hates to see both Arab nationalism (Syria), and Islamists (Turkey, Iran, Hamas, Hezbulah) emerging, and pushing Greater Mollistine behind the Wall

River to Sea Uprooted PalestinianHe is Anti Hamas, the last Palestinian Fort, and “HE BLOG FOR PALESTINE”

The Latest Zionist Shit from Mollistine: "Qassam helping Israel"

Mahmoud al-Zahar: Qassams helping Israel. This Man is an Absolute, Fully Certified Idiot!

“Hamas strongman unsatisfied with renewed rocket fire, hinting it is aimed at undermining organization’s rule in Gaza. ‘We are aware of the fact that there are elements wishing to help the enemy divert the attention from what is happening in Jerusalem,’ he says…..”

(my comments in red)

His line is no different from that of the traitor Abbas. So, when Hamas stops the rockets, that is “resistance?”

“Ten months after the Zionist Israeli genocidal war on Gaza, the wounds are infected,still bleeding deep and wide open, Abed Rabbo has the nerve to suggest that Hamas is preventing “Palestinian military groups” from launching shells at Israeli targets bordering the Gaza Strip.”

[And here is Abed Molly who forgot his calls and pulls on the third Intifada. Once it started, by Hamas Supporters, not by his secular Zionists, against the Occupation, not against Hamas as he hoped, he revealed his true color. The best way to divert attention from Intifada, and release the pressure on Israel and Ramalla traitors, is another war on Gaza.

My Ass: Show me where he said Qassam. he is talking about irresponsible element. Yes My ass, its resistance.

Arn’t you the same asshole who told me “You ask, what can Hamas do? At a minimum hide, in the face of a superior force.”???

Hamas dit it stood tall in the face of superior power, and the surprised angry arab wrote .

“I never expected much from Hamas in terms of military effectiveness, and I think that the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi-Dahlan plan was based on a low estimation of Hamas’ military effectiveness.”
“But Hamas performed far better than the expectations of its enemies and even of its leadership in Syria and Lebanon. “
Angry Arab


Hamas wants calm so that it has a chance to impose its social agenda on the Palestinian society in Gaza. Such as regulating the dress code and preventing men and women from being seen together or preventing men from working in women’s hair salons!

[Yes Hamas wants calm so that it has the chance to get ready for the comming confrontation, to manage the battle of Jerusalem.]

Now I see why Israel originally encouraged the emergence of Hamas when Gaza was controlled by Israel: Keep the Palestinian society backward and the people busy memorizing the Quran.



As usual Bilal was great, here is his replies

What a distortion! Once again you fail to see past your own bias and prejudices. The group that fired the rocket were an Al-Qaeda type group that Gaza police have revealed were acting as a front for Fatah. Fatah have on numerous occasions disrupted ceasefires by firing rockets; do not act as if these people care about resistance, they care only about one thing – undermining Hamas. Therefore it is natural that Hamas would want to curb the actions of these groups, what you seem to advocate is a mad declaration of war. Hamas is a trustworthy patron of the resistance, I trust them and the Palestinian people trust them. You fail to mention that it was Hamas who called for the day of rage on Tuesday, that they have been advocating resistance as the STRATEGIC choice of the Palestinians since day one…

Today, 01:20:20 ص


…You seem to buy in to the lie that Hamas is imposing its agenda on the Palestinians in Gaza. This is part of the campaign of propaganda against Hamas and by extension the resistance. You wilfully play along with this campaign because of your hatred of Hamas. Without Islam, the people of Palestine would have sold out a long time and you should be thankful that they have such strong faith. Look at this recent BBC feature on women in Gaza http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/8557251.stm What does this show? That Palestinians are a religious society by nature, not by force and guess what Tony? This isn’t going to change soon, Palestinian Muslims will continue to read the Quran, to ponder the Quran and to memorise the Quran. Why do you have a problem with this? You need not be so bitter, secularism has failed, leftist politics have failed, the sooner you realise this, the better.

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Erdogan: Palestine Mosques are Islamic and cannot be part of Israel’s

[ 08/03/2010 – 09:29 AM ]

ISTANBUL, (PIC)– Turkish premier Recep Erdogan stressed Sunday that the mosques in occupied Palestine, atop of them the Aqsa Mosque, had never been and would not be part of the Jewish heritage, but rather they were always Islamic holy sites.

“Recently, there were some unilateral Israeli practices which we cannot accept at all,” Erdogan told a delegation of Palestinian journalists in Istanbul.

“We have rejected the Israeli decision regarding the Jewish heritage. They are mosques and cannot be in any way Israeli legacy,” he added.

The Turkish premier also emphasized that the Palestinian issue is a Turkish cause that will never be excluded for one day from his agenda.

“I like you to know well that you have a friend and supporter, that is, Turkey which has always raised its voice at international meetings to support the Palestinian rights, and we will be always ready to act in this way,” the premier said addressing the Palestinian people.

The premier also demanded Israel to end its unjust blockade on the Gaza Strip to end the humanitarian suffering of its people. “There is a word I want to say very clearly, I am not asking for ending the siege on the Gaza Strip because I am Muslim, but my duty as a responsible human being makes me obliged to do so.”

“It is unreasonable that one year after the war on the Gaza Strip, there are five thousand Palestinian families still living in tents,” he added.

Donkeys Flu
Tony pridicted that Assad’s call for rejional alliance shall deliver a joint Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish-Israeli-U.S.-Iranian military exercises pretty soon?

Celebrate the “New Middle East” now; or else!
# posted by Tony : 3:14 AM

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The Breaking, Breaking News at Mollistine and Zionist Media

A great day for Tony of mollistine, a son of Hamas Joined His Church.

[“The Central Issues Israeli Website reported Wednesday that Nassar is considered that closest person to Al Madbouh, as the two participated in the abduction and the killing of two Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip in the late eighties.

The two worked on providing the Hamas movement in Gaza with the needed munitions, and Nassar was with Al Madbouh at the Bandar Iranian Port to supervise weapon shipments bound to Gaza.

The Website also reported that Nassar always had detailed information on the whereabouts of Al Madbouh, and was with him in Dubai just a few days before the assassination.” ]

As a far observer I can’t deny the report, because any organization could be penetrated. However, I am inclined to believe that the report is nothing more than a piece of Zionist propaganda.

(GAZA, (PIC)– Senior Hamas official Mushir Al-Masri on Wednesday played down the importance of news fabrications published by Israeli media outlets and some Palestinian and Arab newspapers loyal to Israel, affirming that such smear campaigns would never affect the bright image of his Movement.

In a press statement, Masri called on the Palestinian and Arab media to be precise about the news reported by the Israeli media and biased newspapers.

He underlined that it was not the first time the pro-Zionist media fabricated news in an attempt to undermine the will of the resistance and affect the spirits and steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

“There is no doubt that such fabricated news are meant to mix up cards and influence the investigation into the assassination of martyr Mabhouh, but all this will not affect the bright image of Hamas and the resistance,” the Hamas official emphasized.)

Why would mossad assasinate Al Madbouh, if the closest person to Al Madbouh, working with him  on providing the Hamas movement in Gaza with the needed munitions, is a Mossad agent??
Gaza is under siege, Pharaoh is building his wall of shame to stop smuggling weapons to Hamas, who, one year after the war, has become as strong as Hezbulla in 2006??

Assuming that Nassar who was with is a traitor, a mossad agent, was with Al Mabhouh in Dubai just a few days before the assassination as the ZIONIST report claimed. Is Nassar is so fool to return to Syria? Is Mossad so fool to send hin to Syria to get apprehended by the Syrians ??

I am watching ANIS HAQASH on Al Manar (Nagash is a security expert who worked with Late Wadea Hadad of PFLP, worked with Late Abu Iyad of Fateh, Participated with Carlos, he spend 5 years in a French Jail). Anis asked why would “Great” Mossad need 26 for a mission that could be done by 3 or 4 agents, if Hanas is penetrated and the Mossad has the full information.

He answered: Only 3 or 4 participated in the killing, the other missoin was locating Al-Mallouh. Anis concluded that the Victorious in Assasination of Al mallouh and in revealing the crime is the Technology used by Mossad used to track Al-Mallouh and by Dubia in revealing the crime.

Another Breaking, Breaking News From Mollistine.

A comment by a Mollistine READER 
i have a question , why are we hearing about this Hamas s son , Musab , isnt this an old story and that he has been in the US for a while , why are they linking him to the crime in Dubai ?

as Much as i love islam , if this guy found his hapiness in Christianity , i say Good luck to him . i know islam still continues to attract more people around the world , so one or two guys leaving islam is not going to Hurt Islam . 

My Comment and Answer for Fatima’s Question

I have a question also: Why Tony and the Zionist Media are calling Musab, THE SON HAMAS, and the SON OF HAMAS FOUNDER??

When I read the Zionists Titles, I thought that Mossab the son of Ahmed Yasin, the founder of Hamas. I never heard any body calling Matryr Hadi Nasrallah the SON OF HEZBULLAH, or claiming that he was a top Level. So my answer to Fatima’s Question is: You are hearing this old story now after 3 years, because the Zionist propagana machine wanted to hit my birds.

Give credibiltiy to the Story of Nassar theTop-level informer.
Its a part of the smear campaigns to destoy the bright image of Hamas.
Its a part of the smear campaigns Against ISLAM.

I agree with Fatima, and would add, niether few nor thousands of converts would hurt Islam, or would hurt the bright image of Hamas.

No organization, even Hezbullah, is pentration proof. Penetration happenned at the early Days of Islam, and convers were killed not because they left Islam, but for High Treason (A fact Muslims should know). 

Among the People, I know, A member of the central of DFLP was an agent for Jordanian Mokhabarat until Black Septmber.

The nephew of PFLP Ahmad Alyamani (One of the founders of Arab nationalist movement) was dealing with Lebanese Mukhabatat since 1964 until early 1980’s. He was sentensed to death, and the Isareli invasion in 182 saved his ass.

I believe, Yaser Abd Rabbu, was a CIA agent since he was a student at the american University in Cario in Mid 1960’s 

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