Lots More Anti-Israel Bias Needed in the New Year

By Stephen Lendman

UK Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour’s 67-word declaration to British Zionist Federation’s Lord Rothschild launched a century of Palestinian and regional misery.

Israel’s partnership with the US threatens world peace. The Jewish state is run by Zionist ideologues, war-mongering fascist extremists, and religious fundamentalists – their agenda hostile to what just societies hold dear.

Like America and other Western nations, Israel is a fantasy democracy, not the real thing, the way it’s always been from inception.

Its regimes defile the rule of law, attack regional states, and govern by apartheid ruthlessness.

They terrorize Palestinians, hold them hostage to their imperial agenda, steal their land, breach their fundamental rights, and wage slow-motion genocide to achieve maximum Jews and minimum Arabs.

Their racist, violent, destructive agenda is fully supported and encouraged by Republicans and undemocratic Dems, the world community complicit in what’s going on by doing nothing to challenge it.

Zionism is hostile to Jews and non-Jews alike. Challenging it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Claiming otherwise is a long ago discredited canard. 

Its ideological extremism is tyranny by another name – undemocratic, hateful, ruthless, racist, destructive, and hostile to peace, equity and justice.

It’s contemptuous of fundamental legal, moral and ethical principles – a monster threatening everyone and everything it opposes, a cancer infesting Israel, America, other societies.

It defends the indefensible, espousing Jewish supremacy, strength through militarism and intimidation, dominance through violence over conciliation, confrontation, not diplomacy, war instead of peace, racist hatred toward Palestinians for not being Jews.

Terrorized by Zionist zealots, they  have no control over their daily lives, living in constant fear, not knowing from day to day if they’ll live, die, or be arrested and confined to gulag harshness – for being Arabs, not Jews, for being unwanted in their own country, stolen by Israeli conquest and brutal occupation.

They’re victimized by Fourth Geneva-banned collective punishment (Article 33), apartheid ruthlessness, isolation, economic strangulation, roadblocks, checkpoints, electric fences, separation walls, curfews, displacement, and settlement construction on land stolen for exclusive Jewish development and use.

They’re denied fundamental human rights affirmed under international humanitarian laws, enduring every imaginable indignity and degradation under illegal occupation.

Edward Said called Israel’s agenda an “atrocity,” a longstanding crime against humanity, the Mahmoud Abbas-led PA serving as its enforcer.

Said deplored its betrayal of their own people, comparing the actions of its officials to asking an “executioner if he wouldn’t mind sharpening his axe a little before having another go.”

He advocated what Israel and its US paymaster abhor and won’t tolerate – a one-party state for all its people, saying what’s vitally needed is “entirely missing from both Israeli and Palestinian realities today: the idea and practice of citizenship, not of ethnic or racial community, as the main vehicle of coexistence.”

“Palestinian self-determination in a separate state is unworkable.  The question” isn’t separation. It’s “to see whether it is possible for (Jews and Palestinians) to live together as fairly and peacefully as possible.”

“What exists now is a disheartening…bloody impasse. There is no way for Israel to get rid of Palestinians or for Palestinians to wish Israelis away.”

“I see no other way than to begin now to speak about sharing the land that has thrust us together, sharing it in a truly democratic way, with equal rights for each citizen.”

Neither side deserves “special status at the expense of the other,” Said stressed. For millennia, Palestine was (and remains) “multicultural, multiethnic, multireligious.” No “historical justification for homogeneity” or “notions of national or ethnic and religious purity” exist. 

“The alternatives are unpleasantly simple: either the war continues” with its unacceptable costs or an equitable solution is achieved. There’s no in between, not now or ever.

In 1948, supported by the West, Zionist ideologues stole 78% of historic Palestine, taking the rest in June 1967, including Jerusalem, a UN-designated international city, colonized and controlled illegally as Israel’s exclusive capital.

Its ruling authorities defied seven Security Council resolutions, constituting international law, condemning Israel’s seizure and control of the international city, calling its action legally invalid, including its 1980 Jerusalem Law – unlawfully declaring it “complete and united” as Israel’s exclusive capital.

In December 2016, Security Council 2334 was adopted by a 14 – 0 vote, Washington abstaining.

It said settlements have “no legal validity and constitute a flagrant violation under international law.”

It demanded “Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.”

It recognized no territorial changes “to the 4 June 1967 lines, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties through negotiations.”

It “(c)alled upon all States, to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967.”

It “(c)alled for immediate steps to prevent all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror, as well as all acts of provocation and destruction, calls for accountability in this regard…”

Israel ignores all SC resolutions and other international laws opposing its lawless agenda – supported by Washington, notably the Trump regime, more one-sided for Israel than its predecessors.

Looking ahead in the new year, things are likely to worsen in Occupied Palestine, the region, and elsewhere globally – because of the US/Israeli axis of evil, supported by their imperial partners.

As long as war criminals, crooks, and likeminded scoundrels run things in these countries, a criminal class waging war on humanity, wanting whole continents carved up for control and plunder, Palestinians and all other ordinary people will be brutally exploited and abused – things exceeding the worst of Orwell’s 1984.

Peace, equity and justice aren’t coming in the new year, not in Occupied Palestine or anywhere else – not as long as the US/NATO/Israeli killing machines continue their relentless aim for unchallenged dominance.

A year ago I suggested the new year will be more dismal than the previous one. US-led wars of aggression rage endlessly, new ones in the wings to be launched when ordered.

Russia, China and Iran are prime targets for regime change by whatever it takes for the US to achieve its imperial aims.

Ordinary people in the West are exploited, what continuing Yellow Vest protests in France are all about, Israeli state terror against Palestinians ongoing with no end of it in prospect.

Another Israeli war on Gaza is just a matter of time. US/UK-led Russophobia in the West risks WW III by accident or design.

Holiday season tidings are grim. Harsher times than already are likely coming. As long as dark forces exploit others for their own self-interest, the world will remain unsafe and unfit to live in.

Jack Kennedy once said “if more politicians knew poetry and more poets knew politics, I am convinced the world would be a little better place in which to live…”

Maybe so, maybe not. He likely didn’t imagine how badly things could deteriorate since his time. 

Possible nuclear war haunts humanity because of Washington’s rage to dominate, risking armageddon to achieve its aims.

I yearn one day for looking ahead in the new year with hope for better times. Maybe some day, not now, not any time soon – the disturbing reality of what imperial rage is all about.


Gaza Protester Photo Compared To Iconic French Revolution Painting

Rebel Voice

Palestine grows heroes and heroines. That troubled and storied land grows them strong and many. Unfortunately it has to. In Gaza, the people fight for their dignity. They fight for their rights. They fight for their lives. The press are there to document this war for survival as citizens struggle to counter the fascist aggression of the rogue state of Israel. In those records, many images emerge that both thrill and shock. Children standing in defiance of a tank. Teenagers waving their national flag in face of Zionist bullets and gas. Men and women who are undaunted as they challenge the dark might of the forces of Israel.

Now, one image has gone viral. It is that of a young man clutching a Palestinian flag as he fires a stone from a sling at his enemies. Ironically, there is something almost biblical about the scene. It also demonstrates perfectly the…

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‘A cruel choice’: Why Israel targets Palestinian schools

20180911_2_32305441_37100693.jpgPalestinian student Mohammed Abu Hussain from Gaza, who lost his leg after being shot by an Israeli sniper during “Great March of Return” demonstrations, plays football with his crutches at the playground of his school in Gaza City, Gaza on 3 September, 2018
[Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency]

By Ramzy Baroud

Several Palestinian students, along with teachers and officials, were wounded in the Israeli army attack on a school south of Nablus in the West Bank on 15 October. The students of Al- Sawiya Al-Lebban Mixed School were challenging an Israeli military order to shut down their school based on the ever-versatile accusation of the school being a “site of popular terror and rioting”.

“Popular terror” is an Israeli army code for protests. The students, of course, have every right to protest, not just the Israeli military occupation but also the encroaching colonisation of the settlements of Alie and Ma’ale Levona. These two illegal Jewish settlements have unlawfully confiscated thousands of dunams of land belonging to the villages of As-Sawiya and Al-Lebban.

“The Israeli citizens” that the occupation army is set to protect by shutting down the school, are, in fact, the very armed Jewish settlers who have been terrorising this West Bank region for years.

According to a 2016 study commissioned by the United Nations, at least 2,500 Palestinian students from 35 West Bank communities must cross through Israeli military checkpoints to reach their schools every day. About half of these students have reported army harassment and violence for merely attempting to get to their classes or back home.

However, this is only half of the story, as violent Jewish settlers are always on the lookout for Palestinian kids. These settlers, who “also set up their own checkpoints”, engage in regular violence as well, by “throwing stones” at children, or “physically pushing (Palestinian children) around.”

What is truly uplifting, however, is that, despite the Israeli military occupation and ongoing restrictions on Palestinian freedom, the Palestinian population remains one of the most educated in the Middle East.

“UNICEF’s protective presence teams have reported that their volunteers have been subjected to physical attacks, harassment, arrest and detention, and death threats,” according to the same UN report.

In other words, even the “protectors” themselves often fall victim to the army and Jewish settler terror tactics.

Add to this that Area C – a major part of the West Bank that is under full Israeli military control – represents the pinnacle of Palestinian suffering. An estimated 50,000 children face numerous hurdles, including the lack of facilities, access, violence, closure and unjustified demolition orders.

The school of Al-Sawiya Al-Lebban located in Area C is, therefore, under the total mercy of the Israeli military, which has no tolerance for any form of resistance, including non-violent popular protests by school children.

According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the literacy rate in Palestine (estimated at 96.3 per cent) is one of the highest in the Middle East and the illiteracy rate (3.7 per cent among individuals over the age of 15) is one of the lowest in the world.

If these statistics are not heartening enough, bearing in mind the ongoing Israeli war on Palestinian school and curricula, consider this: the besieged and war-stricken Gaza Strip has an even higher literacy rate than the West Bank, as they both stand at 96.6 per cent and 96 per cent respectively.

In truth, this should not come as a total surprise. The first wave of Palestinian refugees that were ethnically-cleansed from historic Palestine was so keen on ensuring their children strive to continue their education, they established school tents, operated by volunteer teachers as early as 1948.

Palestinians understand well that education is their greatest weapon to obtain their long-denied freedom. Israel, too, is aware of this dichotomy, knowing that an empowered Palestinian population is far more capable of challenging Israeli dominance than a subdued one, thus the relentless and systematic targeting of the Palestinian educational system.

Israel’s strategy in destroying the infrastructure of Palestinian schooling system is centered on the allegation of “terror”: that is, Palestinians teach “terror” in their schools; Palestinian school books celebrate “terrorists”; schools are sites for “popular terror” and various other accusations that, per Israeli logic, compels the army to seal off schools, demolish facilities, arrest and shoot students.

Take for example the recent comments made by the Israeli Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, who is now leading a government campaign aimed at shutting down operations by the UN organisation that caters for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA.

“It is time to remove UNRWA from Jerusalem,” Barkat announced early October. Without any evidence whatsoever, Barkat claimed that “UNRWA is strengthening terror,” and that “the children of Jerusalem are taught under their auspices, terror, and this must be stopped.”

Of course, Barkat is being dishonest. The jibe at UNRWA in Jerusalem is part of a larger Israeli-US campaign aimed at shutting down an organisationthat proved central to the status and welfare of Palestinian refugees.

According to this skewed thinking, without UNRWA, Palestinian refugees would have no legal platform, thus closing down UNRWA is closing down the chapter of Palestinian refugees and their Right of Return altogether.

The link between the shutting down of Al-Sawiya Al-Lebban, the targeting of UNRWA by Israel and the US, the numerous checkpoints separating students from their schools in the West Bank and more, have more in common than Israel’s false allegation of “terror”.

Israeli writer, Orly Noy, summed up the Israeli logic in one sentence.

By destroying schools in Palestinian villages in Area C and elsewhere, Israel is forcing Palestinians to make a cruel choice — between their land and their children’s futures

she wrote earlier this year.

It is this brutal logic that has guided the Israeli government strategy regarding Palestinian education for 70 years. It is a war that cannot be discussed or understood outside the larger war on Palestinian identity, freedom, and, in fact, the very existence of the Palestinian people.

The students’ fight for their right to education in Al-Sawiya Al-Lebban Mixed School is by no means an isolated skirmish involving Palestinian school kids and trigger-happy Israeli soldiers. Rather, it is at the heart of the Palestinian people’s fight for their freedom.

Palestinians Increasingly Marginalized And Abandoned As Zionist Noose Tightens

Rebel Voice

Rebel Voice has presented many articles on the Palestine Crisis. The suffering of the people there at the bloodied hands of the Israeli state is the stuff of nightmares. Yet it continues unabated.

Since the arrival of the arch-fascist, Trump, the Israeli regime has become further emboldened, and gods knows they were bad enough beforehand. Conditions in what remains of Palestine are deteriorating at an increased pace. The Israeli policies of Apartheidand ethnic cleansing are designed to bully the indigenous people into leaving the home of their ancestors so that foreigners from Brooklyn and London can squaton the vacated land. It is a crime against humanity and a war crime and recognized as such by the international community, yet the governments do nothing.

The following article provides an overview of all the Palestinians are being forced to face in their daily struggle to survive, as Israel is…

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Why Israel Gets Away with Murder in Occupied Palestine

By Stephen Lendman

Israel brutalizes defenseless Palestinians as viciously as Nazis mistreated Jews.

Since creation of the Jewish state, they’ve endured virtually every form of indignity, degradation, and crime against humanity imaginable, including land theft, political imprisonments, brutal torture in detention, and cold-blooded murder, among other serious offenses.

Law Professor Francis Boyle earlier accused Israel of “heinous war crimes inflicted every day…against the Palestinian people,” including “willful killing” and state terror.

The late Law Professor Michael Mandel called illegal Israeli settlements “war crimes,” citing the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Geneva Conventions, along with other international and Canadian law.

Israel gets away with murder and much more because the world community fails to hold it accountable, largely turning a blind eye to its high crimes of war, against humanity, and daily apartheid persecution of a long-suffering people – illegally blockaded Gazans harmed most of all.

Last May, Israel’s High Court rejected petitions by the Adalah and Al Mezan human rights groups, demanding Israeli soldiers stop using live fire against peacefully demonstrating Gazans.

A three-justice panel lied, ruling protesters endanger Israeli soldiers and civilians. Throughout 27 straight Great March of Return Friday protests, Gazans alone were grievously harmed, no Israelis.

The justices turned truth on its head, claiming Israeli and international law permits live fire against peaceful Gazan protesters because Hamas controls the Strip.

In response to giving Israel “a green light to its continued use of snipers and live fire against Palestinian protesters,” petitioners Adalah and Al Mezan issued a statement, condemning the ruling, saying:

“The Israeli Supreme Court completely ignored the broad factual basis presented to it by the petitioners, which includes multiple testimonies of wounded and reports of international organizations involved in documenting the killing and wounding of unarmed protesters in Gaza,” adding:

The justices “refused to watch video clips, documenting Israeli shootings of demonstrators and, rather than actually examining the case, fully accepted the claims presented to it by the state.”  

“The extreme nature of the ruling is also highlighted by the striking absence of any mention of the casualty figures that had been presented to the court…”

On September 30, Adalah accused Israel of “blatantly ignoring domestic and international law…demand(ing) accountability and prosecution of those responsible for gross violations of right to life,” adding:

“From October 2000 (start of the Second Intifada) to Gaza 2018, Israeli snipers continue killing unarmed Palestinian demonstrators with Israeli Supreme Court’s approval.”

In October 2000, Israeli police killed 12 Arab citizens and one Palestinian.

Israel’s Orr Commission of Inquiry said police and other security forces must alter the way they treat Arabs. 

It called use of live fire, toxic tear gas, rubber bullets, and similar tactics against nonviolent demonstrators illegal.

“It should be unequivocally clear that live fire, including by snipers, is not a means for the police to disperse crowds,” it stressed.

“These universal norms apply equally and without discrimination to citizens and non-citizens alike, regardless of the content of the protest, their slogans, their location, their organizational affiliation, and the ethnic and national affiliation of the participants.”

The commission said police must renounce its culture of lying. It called for ending racist discrimination. Its report focused on Israeli Arab citizens. Its findings hold for Occupied Palestinians.

Adalah said 18 years after the October 2000 massacre, “despite solid condemnation of this practice on both the national and international levels – the Israeli military continues killing unarmed Palestinian civilian protesters with snipers and live fire in the Gaza Strip, with the approval of Israel’s Supreme Court.”

Adalah’s call for “immediately” halting this practice fell on deaf ears in Israel. The world community ignores the plea.

Not a single Israeli political or military official has ever been held accountable for crimes of war, against humanity, and cold-blood slaughter of peaceful Palestinian demonstrators.

Adalah: “Israeli armed forces backed up by the Supreme Court’s ruling, continue to target unarmed Palestinian demonstrators with snipers and live ammunition today in Gaza just as they killed Palestinian citizens of Israel protesting in October 2000.”

On October 1, Israeli Arab citizens engaged in strike action, commemorating the October 2000 massacre, along with protesting against Khan al-Ahmar village’s illegal demolition and Israel’s new apartheid Nation State Law.

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