Jews vs. Israelis


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by Gilad Atzmon

 Now would be the correct time for Ali Abunimah, JVP,  & CO to form an orderly queue to issue their deep and sincere apology to me. Since the early 2000s my detractors within the so called Jewish ‘Left’ together with  their sometime stooges, have been harassing me, my publishers and my readers for pointing out that Zionism is an obsolete concept with little meaning for Israel, Israelis  and their politics let alone the conflict that has been destroying the Eastern Mediterranean region

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In my 2011 book The Wandering Who, I argue that “Since Israel defines itself openly as the ‘Jewish State’, we should ask what the notions of ’Judaism’, ‘Jewishness’, ‘Jewish culture’ and ‘Jewish ideology’ stand for.” Just before the publication of the book I was urged by both JVP’s leader and Ali Abunimah to drop the J-Word and focus solely on Zionism. In Britain, a gang of so called ‘anti’ Zionist Jews relentlessly terrorised my publisher and promoters. Funny, most of these authoritarian tribals who worked 24/7 to silence me have been expelled from the British Labour Party for alleged anti-Semitism. Now, they promote the ideal of ‘freedom of speech.’

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In ‘The Wandering Who’ and in the years preceding its publication, I realised that the Palestinian solidarity discourse has been suffocated with misleading and often duplicitous terminology that was set to divert  attention from the root cause of the conflict and that acted  to prevent intelligible discussion of  possible solutions.

Let’s face it. Israel doesn’t see  itself as the Zionist State: not one Israeli party integrated the word ‘Zionism’ into its name. To Israelis, Zionism is a dated and clichéd concept that describes the ideology that promised to erect a Jewish homeland in Palestine. For Israelis, Zionism fulfilled its purpose in 1948, it is now an archaic term. In ‘The Wandering Who’ I presented a so-far unrefuted argument that an understanding of ‘Jewishness’, a term familiar to every self-identified Jew, may provide answers to most questions related to Israel and its politics. It may also help us to grasp the fake dissent that has dominated the so- called Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist campaign for the last two decades.

Though I was probably the first to write about the crucial shift in Israeli society in favour of Judeo-centrism, this shift is now mainstream news.  Haaretz’s lead writer, Anshel Pfeffer, just wrote a spectacular analysis of this transformation. Pfeffer’s view is that Israelis are going to the polls this Tuesday to decide whether they are “Jews” or “Israelis.” 

According to Pfeffer, in the mid 1990s it was Netanyahu’s American campaign guru, Arthur Finkelstein, who promoted  “a message that could reach secular and religious voters alike. In his polling, he had asked voters whether they considered themselves ‘more Jewish’ or ‘more Israeli.’ The results convinced him there was a much larger constituency of voters, not just religious ones, who emphasized their Jewish identity over their Israeli one.”

In light of Finkelstein’s observation, Likud focused its message on Jerusalem. Its campaign slogan was:  “Peres will divide Jerusalem.” In the final 48 hours before Election Day there was also “an unofficial slogan, emblazoned on millions of posters and bumper stickers distributed by Chabad Hasidim: “Netanyahu is good for the Jews.”

In a Haaretz interview after his narrow 1996 defeat, Peres lamented that “the Israelis lost the election.” When asked then who had won, he answered, “The Jews won.”

Pfeffer points out that Netanyahu learned from Finkelstein that the “Jew” is the primary unifier for Israelis. This certainly applies to religious Jews but also to those who regard themselves as secular. After all, Israel has really been the “Jewish State” for a while.

This is probably the right place to point out that Netanyahu’s move of locating Jewishness at the heart of Israel is a reversal of the original Zionist promise. While early Zionism was a desperate attempt to divorce the Jews from the ghetto and their tribal obsession and make them “people like all other people,” the present adherence to Jewishness and kinship induces  a return to Judeo-centric chauvinism. As odd as this may sound, Netanyahu’s transformation of Israel into a ‘Jewish realm’ makes him an ardent anti Zionist probably more anti Zionist than JVP, Mondoweiss and the BDS together.

Pfeffer points out that when Netanyahu returned to power in 2009 and  formed a right-wing/ religious coalition, was when “the Jews prevailed — and have done so ever since in four consecutive elections, including the last one in April 2019.”

To illustrate this Pfeffer cites the 2012 Israeli  High Court of Justice decision to deny a petition by writer Yoram Kaniuk and others to allow themselves to be registered solely as ‘Israelis’ as opposed to ‘Jews.’

Every so often we hear from one Torah rabbi or another that “Zionism is not Judaism.” Those who have reached this point surely grasp that ‘Zionism vs. Judaism’ is a fake dichotomy. It serves to confuse and to divert questioning minds from the path toward an understanding of the conflict: In Israel Zionism is an empty concept, politically, ideologically and spiritually. Israel defines itself as ‘The Jewish state’ and orthodox rabbis are at the centre of this transition in Israeli politics and life.

I guess that Abunimah and JVP were desperate to silence me at the time as they foolishly believed that shooting the messenger or alternatively burning books was the way forward for human rights activism. I stood firm. The observations I produced in ‘The Wandering Who’ were endorsed by the most profound thinkers associated with the conflict and the anti war movement. My observations are more relevant than ever and in Israel they have entered mainstream analysis. When it comes to Palestine solidarity we have managed to waste a good two decades of intellectual progress thanks to authoritarian lobbies operating in our midst. For truth and justice to prevail, we have to learn to speak the truth as we see it, and to accept JVP and Abumimah’s apologies when they are mature enough to come clean.



Axis of Resistance Frustrated Three Phases of the Project for a ‘New Middle East’

Trump Kushner

Al-Manar Website Editor

August 13, 2019

The first phase of the so-called New Middle East was just after ‘the Summit of Peacemakers’ in 1996, when former Israeli premier Shimon Peres applied his New Middle East vision by declaring the “Operation Grapes of Wrath” on Lebanon for 16 days in April 1996.

During the 2006 Lebanon war, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced the beginning of the New Middle East. After almost one decade of political attempts to resolve the Arab- Israeli conflict, the US decided to use a brute force to eliminate what it saw an impediment to the ‘peaceful’ resolution of the conflict by pushing ‘Israel’ to attack Lebanon, destroying its infrastructures.

The first phase of the above mentioned project has fallen after the US-Israeli failure to impose their conditions for the 2006 ceasefire agreement on Lebanon. It was Lebanon which emerged victorious after a 33-day war, as declared by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. It was the resistance of Hezbollah that turned the table on the New Middle East project, said the Winograd Commission report, after the investigation of the causes of failure in the 2006 war.

In 2011, the second phase of the scheme has started, Syria was the battlefield. However, the US-backed terrorists failed to overthrow the Syrian government, and the second phase was over. Then, the old Shimon Peres vision was revitalized and there was the third phase of the so-called New Middle East project.

The US administration proposed an economic approach, allegedly to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, in a bid to gain in politics what it couldn’t achieve in the war.

US President Donald Trump sent Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, who is presented as the godfather of the ‘Deal of Century’, to the region. Kushner decided to replace the well-known slogan of “land for peace” principle with his own one: “peace to prosperity”.  He believes that such a slogan could reduce the conflict to an economic problem that can be resolved by improving the living standards of the Palestinians.

The absence of a draft solution for major political issues, particularly Palestinian statehood, the status of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), and the Palestinians’ right to return to their land, turns Kushner proposal to be a mere attempt to bribe the Palestinians into giving up self-determination.

The funding issue is also a significant factor of disruption for that deal, especially that EU, the traditional donor, did not participated in the workshop in Bahrain, neither Russia, nor China.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, which has shown an extreme enthusiasm for the deal, has been already facing an economic problem and the war in Yemen, which has cost it billions of dollars. The US, where the proposal was launched, certainly would not spend that much money, particularly under Trump administration, who prides himself on extracting monetary concessions from other countries, including Saudi Arabia by extortion, or by the arm sales.

The development and prosperity that Kushner is heralding can only happen if the Israeli occupation is ended.

In contrast, the Trump administration has already made major steps in strengthening the pillars of the occupation, including recognizing Israeli annexation of Al-Quds and the Golan Heights.

With all these major flaws, it was hardly surprising that the Bahrain Workshop failed to jump-start the deal process.

The Axis of Resistance is accomplishing important steps in the warfare in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, preventing Trump and his allies to step forward for the announcement of the “Deal of Century” that could eradicate the Palestinian cause in favor of the Israeli occupation. Hence, the third phase of the New Middle east has also failed.

A flashback to Madrid conference in 1990: the peace process had been built on the principle of “land for peace”, where ‘Israel’ withdrew from occupied Arab land in 1967 in exchange for peace and normalization of ties with the Palestinians and Arabs.

The 1993 Oslo Accord provided a political vision for Shimon Peres’s plan – a two-state solution – which was followed by the 1994 Paris Protocol that established rules regulating economic relations between the Palestinians and Israelis.

This vision was also the core of the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative proposed by Saudi Arabia in Beirut Arab League summit.

Needless to say, all past proposals have failed for one simple reason: They were all in favor of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

By Way of DecEpstein

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by Gilad Atzmon

Yesterday, prosecutors revealed that Jeffrey Epstein kept a fake Saudi passport in his home’s safe along with diamonds and piles of cash. It also emerged last week that Epstein invested millions in a deal with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.  Barak acknowledged to the Daily Beast that he, like other world leaders, visited Epstein’s Island and that he was first introduced to Epstein by Shimon Peres, former Israeli prime minister and president.

Barak’s high-tech company financed by the arch sex trafficker is called Carbyne. The Israeli enterprise develops “call-handling and identification capabilities for emergency response services,” essentially it seeks total access to your phone, its GPS system and its camera. This shouldn’t take us by surprise. By now we know that Epstein was very excited by cameras.

In a world with functioning media, the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post and every other Mainstream Media (MSM) outlet would compete mercilessly to dig out the dirt all the way from Epstein’s Island to Tel Aviv but, it seems our MSM is doing the opposite. It conceals the shame. It invests its energy into diverting attention from that which has become obvious to the wider public: Epstein wasn’t just a disgusting paedophile. It is likely that he was serving an intelligence agency and perhaps more than just one.

Four days ago one of the most courageous writers around, former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi, produced a detailed article dealing with the  obvious question: was Epstein an Israeli spy? Giraldi ends his piece:

“it will be very interesting to see just how far and how deep the investigation into Epstein and his activities goes. One can expect that efforts will be made to protect top politicians like Clinton and Trump and to avoid any examination of a possible Israeli role. That is the normal practice, witness the 9/11 Report and the Mueller investigation, both of which eschewed any inquiry into what Israel might have been up to. But this time, if it was indeed an Israeli operation, it might prove difficult to cover up the story since the pedophile aspect of it has unleashed considerable public anger from all across the political spectrum.”

I admire Giraldi and would like to think that he is correct here.  In Britain, however, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, pretty much collapsed when Lord Janner, became a centre of its focus. Lord Janner was a former chairman of the BOD, a Body that claims to represent British Jews. He was also the founder of the Holocaust Memorial Trust. Some people, so it seems, are either above the law or beyond scrutiny.      

We may have to admit that in a world where the Labour Party is terrorised, in the open, by a foreign lobby, in a world where Penguin press stops publishing  a book because it referred to the Rothschilds a as an ‘influential Jewish family,’ in a world where the British national broadcaster is reduced into a Zionist propaganda unit, no one in proximity to power dares to look into the possibility that the intelligence agency of a close ally might have invested millions if not billions of dollars in the formation of a spectacular blackmail apparatus that abused underage children through sex trafficking.

If Epstein wasn’t a lone operator, it is time to ask what his senders had in mind when they formed such a sex trafficking operation. Did they think of the possible consequences if the network were exposed? Did Ehud Barak or Shimon Peres consider the possible implications of their association with a convicted sex offender? Did they care about the possible ramifications to world Jewry, or Israel’s reputation, or Israel’s political affairs and its relationships with the USA? Did they have a plan B? Or maybe you don’t need a plan B in a world where the political class is deeply compromised and the mainstream media as a whole does little but veil the truth.

My battle for truth and freedom involves some expensive legal and security services. I hope that you will consider committing to a monthly donation in whatever amount you can give. Regular contributions will enable me to avoid being pushed against a wall and to stay on top of the endless harassment by Zionist operators attempting to silence me and others.


المجرم الرومانسي “أردوغان يغني” .. والمسامح كريم


بقلم نارام سرجون

يثبت لي أردوغان دوما أنه موهوب في كل أشكال الفنون والتلون .. فهو ممثل مسرحي من طراز رفيع ويشهد له بذلك مسرحية دايفوس الشهيرة عندما خرج غاضبا من شيمون بيريز واعتقدنا أنه سيصل فورا الى استانبول ليطلب من الجيش الانكشاري الاستعداد لاقتحام القدس أو على الأقل لكسر الحصار عن أطفال غزة ..

ولكن الرجل عاد الى استانبول ليطلق مسرحية بحرية اسمها سفينة مرمرة في حين أن الجيش الكبير الذي اطلقه كان داعش والنصرة لتحرير دمشق وبغداد اللتين كانتا لاتزالان تصفقان بحرارة للمشهد في دايفوس بعد أن أغلقت الستالئر ولم تدريا ماذا دار بين بيريز واردوغان خلف الستائر .. واحتجنا الى 100 ألف غارة روسية و100 ألف غارة سورية لاقتلاع جزء من هذا الجيش الذي اعتقدنا أنه ذاهب الى القدس .. وليس الى حلب ودير الزور ..

ثم لعب الرجل دور الرجل المحارب الغاضب الذي لم يعد يتحمل رؤية معاناة السوريين وصار يبحث عن ذريعة ليقاتل الجيش السوري ويثار للاجئين السوريين في مخيماته ويخلصهم من الأسد ..

وكان يرتدي دروعه وثيابه العسكرية كلما صفرت قذيفة سورية قرب السياج التركي .. ولكنه ارتدي ثيابه العسكرية وخلعها مئات المرات ولم يجرؤ على أن يعلن الحرب .. وتبين انه كان يريد بحركاته المسرحية أن يدفع المجانين من الثورجيين الى اليقين بأن الجيش التركي آت والغضب الساطع العثماني آت .. فيقاتلون ويموتون بالمئات فيما هو يقايض ويفاوض .. واذا به بعد كل جولة لايظهر على الحدود السرية حيث ينتظره عشاقه ومريدوه بل يظهر كالأرنب من قبعة الساحر اما في طهران حيث يخرج من تحت عمامة السيد الخامنئي أو من عباءته .. أو يظهر في موسكو من جيب فلاديمير بوتين ليبرد الأجواء ويلطف العلاقات ..

كل هذا التلون يبدو مقنعا لأن السياسي المتلون والقادر على التلاعب بعواطف جمهوره يجب أن يجبد مهنة التمثيل والخطابة مثل الرئيس أنور السادات الذي كان حلم حياته ان يقبل في أحد معاهد التمثيل ليكون نجما من نجوم السينما ليمثل الى جانب سعاد حسني أو عمر الشريف أو فاتن حمامة أو حتى ليكون السفرجي أو البواب .. ولكنه وجد نفسه على مسرح مصر يمثل أمام الرئيس الراحل جمال عبد الناصر على أنه ناصر آخر بلون اسمر بل وأشد من ناصر على الأعداء واشد من غيفارا على الامبريالية حتى خشي البعض أنه سيضرب هنري كيسنجر على قفاه اذا التقاه ..

وما ان رحل ناصر وتولى الممثل السادات حقيبة الناصرية حتى خلع أقنعته المسرحية وخرج علينا بمفاجاة كامب ديفيد وضرب الروس والعرب على قفاهم وأمسك بيد كسينجر وذهبا في رحلة الى كامب ديفيد .. وأخذ هذا الممثل مصر الى رحلة مجهولة لم تعد منها حتى اليوم ولانعرف الى اين ستأخذها مياه كامب ديفيد التي لاتقل مفاجاة انجازها عن مفاجأة نتائج مسرحية دايفوس التي كادت تنتهي بابتلاع الشرق بين أهم عاصمتين في الشرق هما بغداد ودمشق ..

كل هذا مفهوم من ممثل محترف كأردوغان .. ولكن الحيرة تصيبنا عندما نعرف أن لأردوغان مواهب فنية متعددة وخاصة الغناء .. فالرجل يغني وله حس رومانسي مختلف عن لهجة الخطابات الحماسية .. ولاعلاقة له بخطاب (المآذن رماحنا والقباب خوذاتنا) الشهير ..

وهو ان غنى فانه يتمايل ويفيض حنانا .. ولا عبد الحليم في رومانسيته ..

أنا لاأدري متى غنى أردوغان هذا اللحن الرومانسي .. ولكنني كنت حريصا على معرفة الدوافع التي دفعت برجل داعش الدموي الى هذه الرومانسية وبزعيم الاخوان وزعيم خالد مشعل واسماعيل هنية وقائد الحمساويين الجدد الى هذه الخلاعة التي لاتليق بزعيم ارهابي قد تذهب بهيبته ..

البعض قال ان الأغنية كانت في الحقيقة موجهة الى أمينة زوجته اثر بعض الخلافات الزوجية .. وخاصة بشأن فتوى جهاد النكاح .. والبعض قال انها أغنية حديثة وقد وجهها الى سورية والقيادة السورية لعل القيادة السورية تشمله بمشروع المصالحات الوطنية وتعفو عنه وتستقبله مثل أي لاعب كرة تائب في قاعة الشرف .. وذهب البعض الآخر للقول بأنها آخر تقليعات الافلاس في السياسة .. فالرجل لم يعد لديه عمل حقيقة لأن عمله كان تغيير نظام الحكم في سورية وادارة أعمال داعش والنصرة .. فداعشه الذي كان يقوده من غرف العمليات في الاستخبارات التركية احترق وانتهى أمره .. واغلق المشروع على خسارة .. والنصرة صديقته وخليلته تنتظر في غرفة الاعدام في ادلب أن يتم تنفيذ الحكم في أي فجر .. وتخرصاته عن الالتحاق بالاتحاد الاوروبي انتهت وصار أكثر شخص مكروه في اوروبة حتى أن القادة الاوروبيين لايستحون من التندر عليه وابداء القرف من العلاقة معه .. أما علاقته بالروس فقد تحولت الى علاقة مذنب مع القاضي منذ حادثة الطائرة السوخوي .. ناهيك عن الكابوس الكردي والكيان الموازي الذي ينام معه على الوسادة بينه بين أمينة .. وربما في ثيابها .. ليكتشف أن أمينة أيضا ربما من الكيان الموازي ..

وأمام كل هذا لم يجد أردوغان من عمل أمامه الا أن يتسلى بالغناء الرومانسي الحزين عله ينسى همومه .. فالغناء ربما هو آخر مهنة قد تفيده في مسرح الواقع الرهيب الذي وصل اليه ..

لاأدري ان كان الرجل سيستمر في مفاجآته فنجده يرتدي بزة حمراء ويتجول في عربة تجرها الأيائل ليكشف أنه بابا نويل الذي يوزع الهدايا للأطفال .. أو يظهر في برنامج الرقص .. والباليه .. والأخ الأكبر .. ومسابقة المليون .. وقد يظهر في برنامج جورج قرداحي الشهير (المسامح كريم) كضيف ويطلب بصفاقة الغفران من الرئيس الأسد ومن الشعب السوري .. ويتوسل من جورج قرداحي أن يتوسط لدى الشعب السوري ليبلغه رسالة رقيقة من صديقه القديم أردوغان تقول: (المسامح كريم) ..

في النهاية .. سواء غنى أم لم يغن .. مثّل ام لم يمثل .. مسرح أم لم يمسرح .. حارب أم لم يحارب .. لايسعنا الا أن نقول .. اننا ننتظر فقط مشهد النهاية .. ولحن النهاية .. كل الدموع والدماء والوجع والخراب والثكالى واليتامى والأيامى في هذه المنطقة .. كلهم ينتظرون لحن النهاية .. وأغنية النهاية .. ومشهد النهاية .. لهذا المجرم الرومانسي المريض .. الفنان رجب طيب أردوغان ..

Passover Special – Yahweh and WMD

April 10, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

Not many people know that the evil genius who introduced our universe to WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) was the Jewish German chemist Fritz Haber. For his work at the service of the German ministry of defense at the time of WWI, Haber is considered the ‘father of chemical warfare.” Haber pioneered the weaponizing of chlorine and other poisonous gases during World War I. Haber died in 1934 on his way to Palestine. He was making Aliya.

It should also be noted that it was Jewish ‘pacifist’ Albert Einstein who, together with Leo Szilard (another Jewish physicist), initiated the Manhattan project to produce the very first nuclear weapons. In 1939, it was Einstein who proposed to President Roosevelt that the United States begin its nuclear energy project. Needless to say, the Manhattan Project was over-populated with Jewish German scientists, working day and night to build a nuclear bomb, hoping to bring total destruction on Germany and its people (not just the regime).

Just a few years later in the 1950s, David Ben Gurion and Shimon Peres decided to introduce the Middle East to WMD, launching the Israeli nuclear project and also the Israeli chemical and biological warfare laboratory at the Israel Institute for Biological Research in Nes Ziona.

One may wonder, what is it that motivates Jewish secular scientific geniuses such as Haber, Einstein, Szilard, Oppenheimer and many others, not just to place their brilliance in the service of evil, but actually to initiate and invent the most destructive genocidal weapons in the history of mankind? And what was it that motivated Ben Gurion and Peres to introduce the entire Middle East to the threat of Judgment Day weapons and the notion of ‘Samson Option’?

You may ask yourself, is it something in the Jewish religion that invokes such genocidal, fatalist thinking? But the truth of the matter is that all the above scientists were secular Jews – far removed from Judaism or the Talmud – so it is unlikely that it was rabbinical Judaism that motivated Haber or Einstein. Similarly it wasn’t Judaism that motivated the secular Ben Gurion or Peres to launch the Israeli nuclear project.

Yahweh – the God of WMD

If you really want to understand the possible roots of Jewish cultural fascination with WMD, the place to go is probably the story of Passover. The Jewish Passover dinner (seder), celebrated by both secular and orthodox Jews, delves at length into the story of the Ten Plagues – ten calamities that, according to the Book of Exodus, Yahweh inflicted upon innocent Egyptians, just to persuade their king, Pharaoh, to let the Israelites go. Could it be that the ten plagues are simply old-time WMD warfare perpetrated by Yahweh himself?

First God made water into blood: Ex. 7:14–24

This is what the LORD says:

“By this you will know that I am the LORD: With the staff that is in my hand I will strike the water of the Nile, and it will be changed into blood. The fish in the Nile will die, and the river will stink and the Egyptians will not be able to drink its water.”

Then God inflicted on the poor innocent Egyptians a blitz of frogs: Ex. 8:1-8:5

This is what the great LORD says:

“Let my people go, so that they may worship me. If you refuse to let them go, I will plague your whole country with frogs. The Nile will teem with frogs. They will come up into your palace and your bedroom and onto your bed, into the houses of your officials and on your people, and into your ovens and kneading troughs. The frogs will go up on you and your people and all your officials.”

The third Divine biological attack was lice: Ex 8:16

“And the LORD said […] Stretch out thy rod, and smite the dust of the land, that it may become lice throughout all the land of Egypt”

Fourth was wild creatures to harm people and livestock.

The Fifth was livestock succumbing to disease Then the biblical WMD God attacked the poor Egyptians and their livestock with boils and ulcers, an early version of mustard gas, I believe.

When none of that did the trick, Egypt was subjected to God-inflicted climate change.

The seventh plague was a thunderstorm of hail.

Then came locusts and, when this didn’t help, God simply turned off the light for three days.

Finally, the Jewish God really lost his patience and decided to murder every firstborn son in the kingdom.

So Yahweh is not exactly a nice god. In fact, he is a genocidal being who would not have the slightest chance of surviving a visit to the Hague – Alan Dershowitz himself would not be able to get him off.

As we have said, the story of the Plagues of Egypt is celebrated by most Jews and not only the religious. Jews see Passover as a festival of liberation which even the most secular Jews are happy to celebrate. But in practice, this joyous festival celebrates a merciless warfare against an innocent civilian population.

The story of Passover leaves unanswered some important ethical and theological questions. If the almighty Jewish God is so omnipotent, why did he not just soften Pharaoh’s heart towards the Jews? Or why not just punish the king? Why did the Jewish God prefer to engage in such murderous adventures on innocent Egyptians?

The above depiction of the Old Testament God leaves us with some unsettling philosophical questions. If it was the ancient Israelites who invented this God, a God who chose them over all other peoples, why not make him a bit nicer? Why did he have to be so vengeful, so genocidal even?

Einstein, Oppenheimer, Fritz Haber, Ben Gurion and Shimon Peres were secular Jews. They didn’t follow the Talmud nor did they keep the Sabbath, yet, like the Old Testament God himself, they probably believed that mass destruction was simply the kosher way forward.



by Jonathan Azaziah

I understand the visceral need to rejoice over certified demon Shimon Peres finally kicking the bucket, especially our Lebanese and Palestinian brethren whose families have suffered the most unspeakable things at his hands of ruination. I truly do. And admittedly, I smiled ear-to-ear when I read the breaking news. Rejoicing in delirium however is not only counterproductive and out of place but completely out of touch with reality. Peres, or, as he should be called, Szymon Perski (his Ashkenazi birth name), may indeed be dead but his legacy of genocide and deception is alive and well, just as the case was (and remains) with Ariel Sharon’s (real name: Scheinermann) legacy of genocide and barbarism. There can be no rest even for a second because there are still 6-7 million usurping, occupying Jews roaming around illegally in Palestine, which means there are still 6-7 million potential Syzmon Perskis roaming around illegally in Palestine too. And make no mistake, while Sharon was a warmongering maniac who didn’t give a damn if the “Goyim” saw him drink blood in public, it is the cunning of Peres that makes him infinitely more dangerous and destructive.

Perski was indeed a paragon, if not THE paragon, of Liberal Zionism. And while many commentators would correctly argue that there is no “liberal” version of ethnic cleansing, land theft, resource pillaging and mass murder in the name of Halakhic-Talmudic law, Liberal Zionists are markedly different from their Revisionist (right-wing) Zionist counterparts in their chameleonic ability to claim they come in peace with a stone-cold straight face while simultaneously engaging in even larger, even bloodier acts of violence than their rightist coreligionists. Talk “peace”, walk war; this was Peres to the letter. As he built up ‘Israeli’ diplomatic relations all over the Global South, Africa particularly, tricking newly decolonized peoples into believing that ‘Israel’ was some kind of socialist oasis in a desert of “reactionaries”, as he preached “peace” and “tolerance” in Western capitals, as he claimed “dovishness”, as he collected the utterly fraudulent trinket known as the Nobel Peace Prize, he was also the single-greatest mover and shaker behind the usurping Zionist entity’s “defense” industry which now exports 5-7 billion dollars worth of death machines, tech and arms per year. It can be said without challenge that he was in fact the godfather of ‘Israeli’ weapons manufacturing and he was the godfather of the criminal Zionist nuclear weapons program at Dimona in occupied Al-Naqab too.

Perski schmoozed and bamboozled the colonialist French regime into helping his savage little tumor build its nukes while he signed off on operations involving theft of nuclear materials from the United States, like Project Pinto, the NUMEC debacle and the activities of LAKAM-agent-turned-Hollywood-mogul Arnon Milchan, who Perski personally recruited. And let us not forget for a moment that above and beyond all this shadowy intrigue and clandestine intelligence work, which also included creating Al-Qaeda and helping the South African apartheid regime with its own nuclear program, Perski had no issue whatsoever in spilling the blood of the innocent when it suited him. The slaughter of 106 civilians, mostly children, in Lebanon’s Qana in April ’96 comes to mind, as does the Nakba itself, in which the founding Zionist was intimately involved in running guns to Haganah as well as the Irgun. Perski was actually ideologically committed to inflicting terrorism wherever it was “necessary”, all to preserve the existence of the artificial Jewish supremacist regime. As former ‘Israeli’ Prime Minister Moshe Sharett (real name: Shertok) revealed in 1955 when writing about Pinkas Lavon who would go on to carry out the false flag known as Operation Susannah, “Peres shares the same ideology [as Lavon]: He wants to frighten the West into supporting ‘Israel’s’ aims.” Arms-dealer, nuke-builder, child-killer, terrorism-enthusiast. Perski really was “peace” personified, wasn’t he?

Sarcasm aside though, our aim here extends far beyond exposing Perski’s true colors and documenting his six decades of spreading chaos and devastation on the planet as the children of Satan tend to do. What we’re really out to achieve is a true understanding of the problem on our plates and the subsequent prevention of another Perski–or Perskis–coming into being and unleashing more immeasurable calamities like the ‘Israeli’ defense industry and nuclear program. Such a scheme is already afoot in the Palestine Solidarity Movement today. Remember that no matter what, the ultimate goal of Shimon Peres was to advance the interests of International Zionism and preserve ‘Israel’ in our midst. Despite the flowery language of solidarity and liberation that the overwhelming majority of Jewish “pro-Palestine” activists happen to use, their goal, like Perski, is to keep the ‘Israeli’ cancer alive in Palestine and stop the criminal usurper population from returning to their countries of origin.

These CHAZA, the Hebrew word for “pig”–which in this instance is being used as an acronym for “controlled, halfway-‘Anti’-Zionist agents”; clever, ain’t it? 😀 –have removed “Death To ‘Israel’” from the Palestine Solidarity lexicon, declared that support for Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Republic is not acceptable, blacklisted Hizbullah, refused to discuss Oded Yinon, gone AWOL on discussing the ‘Israeli’ role in spreading Takfirism and noted that any talk about alternative WW2 history, 9/11 truth or Jewish influence, wealth and power on a global scale is “anti-Semitism” and grounds for termination from the ranks of the “movement”. Intellectually speaking, what makes the mindset of the CHAZA any different from Peres? They can call it “Post-Zionism” or even “Anti”-Zionism, but they are still channeling Liberal Zionism stalwart Perski’s legerdemain in totality: Talk liberation, walk the status quo. And just as so many foolish Arabs and Muslims lined up behind Peres and Rabin to back the Oslo Accords over 20 years ago, they’re falling for the okey-doke again today with the Jews of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, allowing them to dictate discourse and attempt to demolish belief in an ‘Israeli’-free Palestine like IOF demolishes Palestinian homes with bulldozers in Al-Quds. This cannot continue if Palestine and yes, the entirety of ALLAH’s (SWT) Green Earth, are to be liberated from the clutches of these deceivers.

Szymon Perski is dead, but his legacy of genocide and deception is alive and well in the form of a new, more advanced, more underhanded type of Zionist: The CHAZA. And this is exactly what cancers do, don’t they? If left untreated, they mutate into something exceedingly more difficult to deal with and ultimately defeat. But just as most of the world today looks at Perski as the sanguinary, felonious, children-butchering hypocrite he was, his ideological offspring too will meet the swords of truth and exposé, for ‘Anti’-Zionist pretenders, like their Liberal Zionist predecessors, aren’t welcome among us. Rest in torment and rot in Jahannam Peres, you foul, ghastly, heinous parasite. In the name of Qana, every inch of Palestine and all of humanity that stands on the brink of annihilation because of the usurping Jewish entity’s nuclear program that you helped birth, we declare that soon, the abomination of ‘Israel’ will die like you and all the crimes that you committed will have been for nothing. How I do know that? ‘Cause in the final analysis, vultures posing as doves do not even stand a ghost of a chance against the majestic eagles desperately hungry to fly over a liberated Al-Aqsa.

#DeathToIsrael #RestInTormentPeres


Hizbullah men

by Jonathan Azaziah

When people think of Shimon Peres aka Szymon Perski, almost immediately they painfully remember the Lebanese children butchered at the UN compound in Qana on April 18th, 1996. It was one of those displays of Zionist savagery that can never be scrubbed from one’s mind, no matter how thorough the cleaning. Bodies charred to space-like blackness. Frozen and statuesque. Stills of fathers and mothers screaming at the bits and pieces of flesh that were once their beautiful, vibrant babies. And while those young martyrs were indeed avenged when the Lebanese Islamic Resistance brought the barbaric 22-year Zionist occupation of Lebanon to an end on that glorious 25th day of May in 2000, there is an even greater avenging still on the table that Hizbullah’s moujahideen are awaiting to take whenever the call comes down.

It is a little-known fact about Perski that he served as the ‘Israeli’ Minister of Transport and Communications from 1970-1974, and during that brief 4-year stint, one of his central focuses was building up the settlement infrastructure of Al-Jalil (the Galilee) and making it easier for Jewish interlopers to commute between the various colonies of the artificial entity. Years later, he would be seen from time to time around Al-Jalil “vacationing” in all his arrogance, as if he, the son of an obscenely rich timber trader from Poland has any right to even be standing on the Palestinian-Arab-Muslim-Christian lands that were once called home by Messiah Jesus (A.S.)–who Perski’s Talmud obscenely insults, degrades and opposes–let alone using it for a holiday. It was also the gun-running efforts of Peres that were crucial to the Haganah’s near-total ethnic cleansing of the Galilee in 1948 at the peak of the Nakba. In layman’s terms, the Zionist occupation of Al-Jalil and the usurping entity’s ongoing putrefying of it to this very moment are as much the bloody work of Perski as the Qana Massacre.

O’ children of Qana! O’ beloved martyrs! There can NEVER be enough vengeance for your precious blood! But there will indeed be true justice when Hizbullah marches into occupied Palestine and liberates the Galilee, just as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah promised. It will be in that radiant moment that we will finally be able to say that Shimon Peres, the butcher of Qana and the father of Zionist nukes, has paid for his evil and ungodly atrocities. To hell with The Hague. We don’t need the ICC. Nor the ICJ. And certainly not the UN. We only need Hizbullah and the truthful, sublime words of its Secretary-General. Righteous retribution is coming o’ Qana! Even your butcher in his current hellish abode, even his contemporaries, even his occupation army that carried out his orders to take your lives, even the squatters of the cancerous entity itself, all of them, they know in their bones that righteous retribution is coming! #DeathToIsrael #RestInTormentPeres #LongLiveHizbullah #LabaykahYaNasrallah

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