Trailer: Battle of al-Qusayr Interview

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Interview between military and geopolitical analyst Izat Charkatli and Andrew Illingworth, founder of the OZ Analysis military analysis media project. The interview represents a complete summary of the successful al-Qusayr operation carried out by Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah against Jabhat al-Nusra and the Free Syrian Army in the late-spring of 2013. The pro-government victory prevented the territorial breakup of western Syria by rebel forces and the physical isolation of Damascus city from the Syrian mainland.

The analysis provided by Izat Charkatli covers

(i.) the  strategic backdrop to the battle,

(ii.) the forces involved in the battle and their capabilities,

(iii.) the phases of the battle,

(iv.) the casualties suffered by both sides in the battle and

(v.) the strategic outcome of the battle. Detailed motion maps of the battle and original footage are provided within the video to illustrate the analysis.

Additional commentary is made on the rise of ISIS in Southwest Asia and the future political decisions the Damascus government will have make in order to consolidate its military victories and ensure the long-term reconciliation of Syria’s ethnic and sectarian issues.

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