Statement: “Death Of Palestinian Detainee Not Confirmed”


 July 7, 2020 9:28 AM  Saed Bannoura

The Israeli Prison Service has not yet officially informed the Palestinians or the Red Cross of the death of a Palestinian detainee in prison, while the current information reveals that the detainee is likely clinically dead. However, despite various conflicting reports, many confirming the detainee’s death.

Former political prisoner, researcher and the head of the Studies and Documentation Committee of the Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees, has informed the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC) that the Israeli Prison Service has not informed to any party that the detainee, Sa’ad al-Gharabily, 75, has died, and only announced he is in a critical condition, or possibly clinically dead.

Ferwana added that his department is still awaiting an official confirmation about the detainee’s condition, and held Israel fully responsible for his life, especially amidst the lack of proper medical treatment to the detainees.

“We can only hope that al-Gharabily is alive, and we wish him a full recovery; we also hold Israel fully responsible for what happens to him,” Ferwana told the IMEMC, “All that we know, especially since Israel is not providing much information, is that the detainee is still alive, but in a very critical condition.”

It is worth mentioning that al-Gharabily is from the Gaza Strip, and was taken prisoner in the year 1994, before he was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of participating in attacks against Israeli occupation targets.

Ferwana voiced an appeal to media outlets to refrain from publishing unconfirmed reports, that are largely conflicting and only cause more agony and suffering to the families of the detainees. His statements came after various media outlets, journalists and activists, published reports, or posts, claiming the detainee has died in prison, even though no official confirmation was ever made.

“The issue of the detainees is a humanitarian cause; it is not a subject for media outlets to deal with it as breaking news, competing on who publishes first before all others,” Ferwana told the IMEMC, “Media outlets and social media activists must be aware of the facts, and should never publish such reports before they are officially confirmed or denied.”

“It is already always difficult to get any news from the Israeli prisons, detention centers, and interrogation facilities. Israel’s lack of cooperation with human rights groups and the Red Cross, makes getting such news nearly impossible,” Ferwana said, “I call on all individuals, media outlets, officials, institutions, and political factions to refrain from making statements and publishing hasty reports without official confirmations. We also need to always respect the families, and what they go through in these conditions.”

“A martyr is not a number, is not a new breaking news item; we need to wait; we need to confirm before we make official statements and issue press releases,” Ferwana concluded, “to those who just want to publish, those who claim to know the full truth, if I could whisper in their ears, I would say please have compassion and respect to the feeling of others, respect the people, respect their minds, and then, they will respect you back.”

Iran Issues Statement on Anniversary of Abduction of Diplomats in Lebanon


Iran Issues Statement on Anniversary of Abduction of Diplomats in Lebanon

By Staff, Agencies

Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement to mark the 38th anniversary of abduction of four Iranian diplomats by mercenaries of the Zionist regime in Lebanon in 1982.

What follows is the text of the statement, issued by the Foreign Ministry on Friday:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Thirty-eight years have passed since the kidnapping of four Iranian diplomats, Sayyed Mohsen Mousavi, Ahmad Motevasselian, Kazem Akhavan and Taghi Rastegar, by mercenaries of the Zionist Regime of “Israel” at al-Barbareh checkpoint in northern Lebanon back in 1982.

As it has been announced over all these years, evidence suggests that the diplomats kidnapped in Lebanon were handed over to the forces of the occupying Zionist regime of “Israel” and then taken to the occupied territories, and that they are now being held in the prisons of this illegitimate regime. Accordingly, and given that Lebanon was occupied by the Zionist regime at the time with the full support of the United States, the Islamic Republic of Iran holds the Zionist regime and its supporters politically and legally responsible for their kidnapping which was a terrorist act.

Although many years have passed since this criminal and terrorist act, the international community and organizations claiming to be advocates of human rights have, unfortunately, failed to take any serious action with regard to this crime, and the Zionist regime, which, backed by the US, keeps committing crimes and its acts are in breach of international regulations, continues to shirk responsibility for the issue,

The Islamic Republic of Iran appreciates the Lebanese government’s cooperation and actions to establish the fate of the four above-mentioned diplomats, including the sending of a letter to the then UN secretary general in 2008 in which the abduction of the Iranian diplomats has been highlighted. In the meantime, Iran once again wants Lebanese officials and the UN secretary general and the International Red Cross and other international institutions to seriously discharge their inherent, legal and human responsibility in pursuing this case, and make every effort to shed light on the status of the abducted diplomats and, accordingly, [Iran] stresses the necessity of the establishment of a fact-finding committee by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran commemorates the kidnapped diplomats and stresses that it will press ahead with efforts to establish the fate of those diplomats. Meanwhile, it sympathizes with their families who have suffered a lot over all these years and have always been waiting for them to return home, and hopes all those held captive or prisoner by the Zionist regime, especially the four dear diplomats, will be released soon.

Gaza: International Red Cross abandons residents during al-Shujayeh massacre

Displaced Palestinians from al-Shujayeh neighborhood in the Gaza Strip rest on makeshift beds at the UN school where they and others have taken refuge after fleeing heavy fighting in their area, on July 21, 2014. (Photo: AFP – Marco Longari)
Published Monday, July 21, 2014
The Gaza Strip’s ordeal under the onslaught of the Israeli bombardment has unmasked international organizations that hide behind the cloak of humanism and protection of human life. Saturday night, corpses and body parts littered the streets and sidewalks of al-Shujayeh neighborhood, east of Gaza City, and blood flowed in its alleyways. But the International Red Cross did not move an inch upon learning of these macabre scenes. The international organization abandoned its responsibility towards the residents of al-Shujayeh in their darkest hour of need, to save its own skin. When residents of Gaza called the Red Cross asking for help to evacuate, their calls went unanswered.
Gaza – The international humanitarian organization passed the responsibility entrusted to it unto local rescue teams who put their lives on the line to reach the injured; trying to save their lives and evacuate them before it is too late. One paramedic even joined the martyrs he was trying to save in al-Shujayeh. While the Red Cross offered its condolences to the families of the three settlers that were killed in the Hebron operation, we see it today reneging on its responsibility to protect the lives of civilians in Gaza.

The Shujayeh massacre, which took the lives of over 70 martyrs, showed that the mottos of the International Committee of the Red Cross are nothing but empty rhetoric.


The Shujayeh massacre, which took the lives of over 70 martyrs, showed that the mottos of the International Committee of the Red Cross are nothing but empty rhetoric. This organization that has been tasked with protecting and assisting victims of armed conflict based on the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and its Two Additional Protocols of 1977, has exposed itself for what it is after showing “clear bias towards the Israelis,” as activists and journalists who were at al-Shifa medical complex said.
Before the war, the organization harped for years on its alleged neutrality, impartiality and advocacy for prisoners. But its decision to leave al-Shujayeh residents to face an Israeli death sentence on their own created a widespread state of popular discontent among Palestinians who considered the Red Cross complicit in the process of wiping them out.
“People are dying in the street, they don’t know what to do, houses are burning and gas is everywhere and the Red Cross hangs up on us and says, it’s not our job. If it is not the job of the Red Cross, then whose job is it? I don’t get it.” With these words and with a tone full of pain and rage, one of the people who witnessed the massacre appealed for help. Palestinians soon shared on social networking sites the desperate pleas he sent out through one of the local radio stations.
Numerous audio recordings appealing for help to evacuate the injured in al-Shujayeh after the International Red Cross failed to fulfil its duty.
Palestinians saw this incident as proof of the Red Cross’ apathy. This was confirmed by the survivors of the massacre.Al-Akhbar met some of the survivors who confirmed that the Red Cross ignored their repeated calls before the communication network stopped completely, isolating al-Shujayeh neighborhood from the outside world.

“Before the artillery shelling on the neighborhood intensified in the early morning hours, we tried to save ourselves and asked for help from the Red Cross but they did not answer our calls,” – Hajja Omm Raafat Abu al-Qumbuz


Hajja Omm Raafat Abu al-Qumbuz said: “Before the artillery shelling on the neighborhood intensified in the early morning hours, we tried to save ourselves and asked for help from the Red Cross but they did not answer our calls,” adding: “Woe to us, my children are under the rubble, send the ambulances. People bled to death in al-Shujayeh.” That is how the massacre began after sunset as Israeli artillery pounded the area at a rate of a shell every minute.
The shelling and dropping of flare bombs continued until the early hours of the morning. During the bombardment, news kept coming in that civilian homes were being targeted. Some of the people trapped under fire managed to make calls to journalists and aid workers at al-Shifa Hospital, who in turn tried to send ambulances to the scene but they came under Israeli artillery fire.
As time passed, journalists tried to call the Red Cross staff, but they did not answer their calls. When they finally managed to talk to someone, he said: “This isn’t our responsibility and the Israeli army prevented us from entering the area because it declared it a military zone,” as reported by someone who tried to reach the Red Cross.
When news of the Red Cross’ unresponsiveness appeared on websites, residents in the West Bank town of Hebron called the Red Cross’ main office in Jerusalem, but no one answered. Some Palestinian journalists living abroad tried to contact the Red Cross headquarters in Geneva. They were promised that ambulances will be sent to the area. But the International Red Cross did not keep its promise. Finally, the Palestinian Red Crescent tried to enter al-Shujayeh but they could not reach the injured. Their ambulances kept on waiting until the early morning hours when residents began leaving their homes.
Mudalala al-Dib told Al-Akhbar that her family tried for two continuous hours to call the Red Cross, but to no avail. As these pummeled families lost hope that the international organization was going to save them, they waited till the morning and fled on their own, escaping death for now.
Amid this popular condemnation of the Red Cross’ failure to fulfill its role, the organization tried to allay Palestinian anger by facilitating a humanitarian truce with the Israelis for two hours to pull the bodies from under the rubble in the neighborhood.
But Israel violated the truce after an hour of declaring it. The deadline was then extended until 5:30 pm after it was set from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm. This attempt by the Red Cross to patch things up did not fool the Palestinians and did not stop them from pouring out their wrath on the organization.
After Al-Akhbar’s persistent efforts to reach the spokesperson of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Gaza Strip, Nasser al-Najjar, his answer was not satisfactory for the families of the martyrs. Rejecting all the testimonies of the neighborhood’s residents, Najjar said: “We made several calls to the Israeli side to evacuate the injured and bring ambulances and civil defense forces to east Gaza city but Israeli firepower prevented us from completing our task.”
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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The Death of Abbas Khan, The British Doctor

The International Committee of the Red Cross said that on Saturday the body of the British doctor Abbas Khan is to be delivered to the British embassy in Beirut from Syria, where it was announced on Wednesday the death of a doctor in a prison after his arrest for more than a year.
A Representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Damascus Simon Schorno said that the committee will receive the body of a doctor from a hospital in Damascus and will be heading out towards the border with Lebanon, which is supposed to be reached by before noon ( 10:00 GMT) .
At the border , the body receives a delegation from the International Committee of the Red Cross in Lebanon , to be handed over later to the British authorities represented by its embassy in Beirut .
Damascus announced Wednesday that the doctor ‘commented suicide by hanging himself in prison’, pointing out that he was imprisoned for doing illegal business.
And noted the Syrian Foreign Ministry in the medical report that the cause of death was ‘asphyxia by hanging’ and that the hanging was self- that is to say who did it is the same person with intent to commit suicide, ‘confirmed the absence of ‘any traces of violence or intensity or resistance’ on the corpse.
Abbas Khan The Death of Abbas Khan, The British Doctor

Abbas Khan a British doctor arrested among a group of terrorists in Syria, he hung himself in his prison
The deceased entered the country illegally and was embedded with terrorist groups sponsored by the west and their regional stooges to destroy the secular state of Syria and turn it into another Somalia. His role was very much equal to the Zionist Israeli doctors treating Alqaeda FSA members in hospitals in occupied Palestine then sending them back into Syria to continue their terror against the civilians and the state facilities.
Entering Syria illegally itself is a crime the Syrian law punishes for at least 5 years in prison followed by deportation, and supporting terror is punished by the capital punishment in Syria and in most of the countries worldwide, something the Syrian government has not yet implemented since the start of the western-led riots in March 2011 that led to over 120,000 dead and times more wounded, millions displaced and a huge destruction to the country’s infrastructure. His death coincided with a triple suicide attack on the country’s leading Al Kindi cancer treatment hospital in Aleppo..
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