A Brief Biography of Hezbollah’s Secretary General

August 23, 2022 

By Al-Ahed News

An infographic detailing the life of Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Ex-US Officer to Al-Manar: My Country’s Government Stands on the Wrong Side

November 25, 2022

Former US army officer Scott Bennett stressed that the American people have been through years deceived by the pro-Zionist media, underlining importance of addressing these crowds in a bid to “let them know the truth” about Palestine, Hezbollah and other resistance factions in the region.

In a recent exclusive interview, the ex-officer in the US’ 11th Psychological Operations Battalion revealed to Batoul Wehbe, the Editor-in-chief of Al-Manar English Website, how the US administration funded ISIS (ISIL), Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra Front and other terrorists.

He narrated how he was jailed by the US government after he exposed the US support to Takifris in the region.

Mr. Bennett also slammed double standards in dealing with Ukraine and Palestine, as he revealed that the 9/11 attacks in 2001 was plotted by the Zionists.

“Americans Brainwashed”

The former US officer described the American people as “brainwashed”, noting that they “need to wake up” and stand by the Palestinian people against Israeli crimes.

He pointed to a change in the political powers in the world, “with the decrease of the western influence and the rise of independent states.”

Asked about the possibility of having a third Intifada in Palestine, Mr. Bennett said: “we may be in the verge of the Israelis being foolish enough to start another fight but if they do they will lose it and they will also recognize no one in America or Europe supports Israel’s genocide, apartheid and racist bigotry.”

Ukraine: Hypocrisy, Double Standards
Talking about Ukraine, the former Psychological officer slammed what he called “hypocrisy and double standards” in dealing with Ukraine and Palestine.

In this context, he stressed that Ukraine is “a wasted effort”, adding that the US and the EU “stand on the wrong side” while Russia “stands on the right side.”

Affirming that Russia has already won the war against Ukraine, he pointed to US’ betrayal of Europe and destroying its gas ability, expecting a ‘revolution’ against Washington in the European countries this winter.

Bennet Exposed US’ Financing of Terrorists

Asked to define terrorism, Dr. Bennett narrated how he came out as a “different man” after being jailed because of a report he handed over to the US army command that exposed the US government’s financing of terrorists.

He also mentioned that he had worked with American whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Hezbollah and Sayyed Nasrallah Psychological Tactics

Praising Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah as a powerful speaker, Mr. Bennett hoped that Sayyed Nasrallah can address the western crowds and “tell them the truth.”

He noted meanwhile, that America “is greatly suffering as t’s embroiling with all kinds of perversions,” stressing that this country “needs to be spiritually healed.”

9/11 Attacks Plotted by Zionists, CIA

The US Psychological analyst lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “war criminal.” In this context, he revealed that the Zionist entity’s Mossad was behind the 9/11 attacks in 2001, alongside with intelligence of several other countries.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Were It Not for Iran, Where Would Palestine Be?

 November 23, 2022

Ahmad FarhatTranslated and Edited by Mohammad Salami

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed, during a speech last month, that , the most important factor of strength in the axis of resistance is the Islamic Republic of Iran, wondering where Palestine would be without the Iranian role.

The signing of Camp David Accords crowned the US-brokered Egyptian concessions to the Israeli enemy, knowing that the most prominent event in this context was the visit of the Egyptian President Anwar Al-Sadat to the Zionist entity in November, 1977.

Signing of Camp David Peace Accord (President Jimmy Carter, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin)

Since the end of the 1973 war and the advent of Egypt’s settlements era, the military formulas in the region had changed. The Arab countries, consequently, could not fight on one front against the Israeli enemy which managed to hold bilateral ‘peace’ agreements with the Arab countries in order to avoid facing them altogether.

The Arabs suffered then from a wide case of frustration amid the collapse of the Common Arab Security.

With respect to the Zionist entity, the Arab countries would no longer be able to attack ‘Israel’ without the participation of Egypt despite the fact that the Israeli enemy continued carrying out its occupation and expansion schemes. In this regard, the Zionist enemy invaded Lebanon in 1978 and 1982 and struck the Palestinian resistance.

The following video shows the Palestinian resistance fighters leaving Lebanon in 1982:

Hope Rising in the East

Amid the tragic developments, Imam Ruhollah Khomeini led the Islamic Revolution in Iran to a historic victory in 1979. Just 8 days later, the Islamic Republic identified its foreign policy, granting the keys of the Israeli embassy in Tehran to Yasser Arafat, the late head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. This established a new epoch of a strategic Iranian support to the Palestinian cause.

Since its victory, the Islamic Revolution in Iran rejected and confronted all the schemes which targeted the Palestinian cause, providing all the possible means of support to the Palestinian resistance and intifada. The Iranian authorities have been also supporting and funding the Palestinian camps in the diaspora in order to maintain the steadfastness of the refugees.

On August 7, 1979, late founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini designated the last Friday of Ramadan holy month as the International Al-Quds Day. Since then, Al-Quds Day has become a day all Muslims and oppressed people across the world rally for Al-Quds and Palestine against the Zionist occupation.

The Islamic Republic in Iran has been also supporting the Palestinian resistance factions which have committed to the rules of Islam.

Axis of Resistance

The axis of resistance led by the Islamic Republic of Iran engaged in several wars in Lebanon and Palestine. Iran supported founding Hezbollah Islamic Resistance that cooperated with the Palestinian resistance to reach victories.

This cooperation appeared clearly during Al-Quds Sword battle in 2021 between Gaza resistance and the Israeli enemy when Hezbollah, IRGC, and Hamas established a chamber of military operations in Beirut during the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza.

This axis, which has sacrificed a large number of martyrs crowned by the former head of IRGC’s Al-Quds Force martyr General Qassem Suleimani, has set praying at Al-Aqsa Mosque as a strategic target.

The video that follows the huge support demonstrated by the Iranian people to the Palestinian cause on various occasions, including mainly Al-Quds Day.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

التقى بري سراً في بيروت… ودوكان في باريس: هل أحرق باسيل كل الجسور مع فرنجية؟

 الجمعة 18 تشرين الثاني 2022


لم يكن موقف النائب جبران باسيل من رفض ترشيح سليمان فرنجية جديداً، لكنّ خطابه المسرّب من باريس أثناء الاجتماع مع مناصريه، أدى إلى اشتعال الجبهة مع رئيس مجلس النواب نبيه بري، إذ إن باسيل أطلق مواقف تنتقِد بري، وقال إن «انتخاب فرنجية سيُعيدنا إلى عام 1990، فننتقِل من ثلاثية بري – الحريري – الهراوي إلى ثلاثية بري – ميقاتي – فرنجية». وأكد باسيل «أننا لن نسجّل على أنفسنا أننا انتخبنا حدا متل فرنجية، وما في رئيس جمهورية طالما نحنا (أي التيار) ما قبلنا ولو اتفق الكل عليه». 

على إثر هذا التسريب عمّم التيار على محازبيه «أننا في مرحلة مدّ جسور وتواصل والمطلوب عدم مهاجمة أحد في اللقاءات الداخلية وعلى الإعلام ووسائل التواصل الاجتماعي»، وأطلق توضيحاً أن «رئيس التيار لم يتهجّم على أحد، بل أوضح أمام الجالية في باريس أسباب عدم تأييده فرنجية بأنه لا يريد بالعودة داخلياً إلى تلكَ المرحلة». وسريعاً ردّ بري على كلام باسيل ببيان مختصر قال فيه: «في جميع الحالات ما كانَ الأمر عليه في عام 1990 نعتقد أنه أفضل مما قدّم لنا في السنوات الست الماضية والذي يتلخص بـ: عون- باسيل- جريصاتي».

لقاء الساعتين السري
هذه الجولة من الصراع بين الطرفين لم تكُن لتشكّل مفاجأة لولا المجريات التي سبقتها وبقيت «سرية»، إذ تبين أن باسيل زار قبل بضعة أيام عين التينة والتقى الرئيس بري بعيداً عن الإعلام. ووفقَ معلومات «الأخبار» فقد تواصل باسيل مع القائم بأعمال السفارة اللبنانية في قطر السفيرة فرح بري خلال زيارة له للدوحة وقال إنه يريد ترتيب لقاء مع رئيس مجلس النواب لتهدئة الأجواء، وهكذا كان. عادَ باسيل والتقى بري بداية الأسبوع وعبّر عن نيته فتح صفحة جديدة من أجل البلد، معتبراً «أننا كلنا لدينا أخطاء والآن لا بد من حوار بين الجميع للخروج من الأزمة»، وكانَ جواب بري مُرحباً خاصة أنه هو من دعا إلى حوار بشأن الرئاسة، ولن يمانع بفتح صفحة جديدة مع «حليف الحليف».
تسريب باسيل استتبعته مقابلة مع «فرانس 24» جدّد خلالها تأكيده على «عدم دعم ترشيح فرنجية» وقال: «لا نتفق معه على البرنامج السياسي الإصلاحي ببناء الدولة. ومع تفهمنا لمواقف أطراف أخرى مثل حزب الله بحماية البلد والمقاومة وغيره، نرى أن الأولوية اليوم لبناء الدولة». 
أما في ما يتعلق بزيارته لفرنسا، فقالت مصادر مطلعة إن «باسيل اجتمع حتى أمس مع المنسق الخاص للمساعدات الدولية للبنان السفير بيار دوكان نحو ساعتين ونصف ساعة، وكان لقاء إيجابياً». موضحة أن التنسيق بين باسيل والفرنسيين والقطريين قائم حول ثلاثة ملفات:

– الترتيبات في ما خص بدء شركة «توتال» عملها في النصف الثاني من كانون الثاني، كون باسيل مطلعاً على تفاصيله».
– تولي فرنسا دوراً بدعم اسم يتوافق عليه باسيل مع البطريرك بشارة الراعي دون الإعلان عنه، لكن ضمن سلة تضمن خروجاً سياسياً اقتصادياً من الأزمة، مع معالجة ثغر الطائف، وضغط فرنسي أكبر على السعودية.
– دور صندوق النقد بمعزل عن مجلس النواب، وهو يحاول الإيحاء بأنه هو وحده من كان يؤيد إقرار الـ«كابيتال كونترول».

حرق الجسور
ما حصلَ أمس، اعتُبِر بمثابة قطع الطريق أمام أي محاولات يقوم بها الأقربون قبل الأبعدين، وشكّل إحراجاً لحزب الله الذي دخل على خط الوساطة بين باسيل وفرنجية بشخص أمينه العام السيد حسن نصرالله. وقد اعتبرت مصادر معنية بالملف الرئاسي أن «باسيل يظهر كمن يتعمد علناً دفن أي مبادرة تؤدي إلى اتفاق بينه وبين فرنجية برعاية نصرالله». ويكون باسيل بهذا الكلام قد صعّب الموقف أكثر فأكثر خاصة أن حزب الله لا يزال، حتى اللحظة، يعتبر باسيل مدخلاً أساسياً لوصول أي مرشح إلى بعبدا».

ملفات باريس: «توتال» وصندوق النقد الدولي والرئيس التوافقي

ولم تقلّ مواقف باسيل الجديدة إثارة عن أجواء مجلس النواب صباحاً، حيث تحولت الجلسة السادسة التي دعا إليها بري لانتخاب رئيس للجمهورية إلى ساحة تجدّدت فيها الشجارات السياسية انعكاساً لتصاعد حدة الاحتقان والخلاف حول تفسير الدستور وعلى أي أساس يتم اعتماد الثلثين. أما في المضمون فسجّلت الجلسة تعديلات صغيرة حيث برز اسم سليمان فرنجية للمرة الأولى، كذلك اسم ميشال ضاهر، علماً أنه من الطائفة الكاثوليكية. وارتفع عدد الأصوات لزياد بارود إلى ثلاثة أحدها لنائب رئيس مجلس النواب الياس بو صعب، وصوت للنائب الياس جرادي. فيما التزم باقي نواب التكتل بمعظمهم بالورقة البيضاء، إلى جانب نواب حزب الله، حركة أمل والحلفاء وتيار المردة وبعض المستقلين السنّة المتحالفين مع الحزب كحسن مراد وجهاد الصمد.

الخارجيّة: ننسّق مع إيران ولا ضغوط أميركية
نفى وزير الخارجية عبد الله بوحبيب تعرّضه لأيّ ضغوط بشأن موقف لبنان خلال اجتماع لجنة حقوق الإنسان التابعة للأمم المتحدة، حيث كانت الولايات المتحدة تعمل على «طرد» إيران من عضوية اللجنة المعنية بالمرأة على خلفية الاحتجاجات القائمة في إيران.
وقال مسؤولون في وزارة الخارجية إن لبنان نسّق موقفه مع الأطراف الصديقة، وإن تشاوراً واسعاً حصل في بيروت بمشاركة جميع المسؤولين في الدولة والقوى الأساسية. ونفى هؤلاء أن يكون هناك أي طلب أميركي من لبنان للتصويت لمصلحة القرار. وجاءت توضيحات وزارة الخارجية رداً على ما نشر في «الأخبار» أمس عن مقاربة رئيس الحكومة نجيب ميقاتي ووزير الخارجية للملف، ومسألة التجاوب مع الضغوط الأميركية.
وأمس، استقبل الوزير بوحبيب السفيرة الأميركية في بيروت دوروثي شيا، ولم يفهم إذا كان النقاش قد تطرّق الى هذا الأمر، لكنه استقبل لاحقاً السفير الإيراني في بيروت مجتبى أماني وجرى البحث في التعاون الثنائي في المنظمات الدولية. وغرّد أماني بعد الاجتماع «إن التعاون الثنائي قائم لخدمة القضايا المحقّة، وإن الأمر تجلّى في مقاربة الوزير بوحبيب لهذا الموضوع».

مقالات ذات صلة

Sayyed Nasrallah Backs Strategy of Knives: Let the Palestinian Stab the “Israeli” Occupier Fatally Then Be Killed

November 16, 2022

By Staff

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah was one of the first defenders of the uprising [the Intifada] in Palestine and among those who called for revolution against the “Israeli” enemy, even with a knife.

In a speech in 2000, Sayyed Nasrallah called on the Palestinian people to fight the enemy, even with a knife, saying, “If you don’t have bullets, who among you doesn’t have a knife?”

بعد الترسيم البحري… صخور “تدرّ دولارات” في لبنان

الاثنين 14 تشرين ثاني 2022

المصدر: الميادين نت

عبدالله ذبيان 

رحلة “الميادين نت” للبحث عن صخور “الحمّر” في باطن الأرض اللبنانية متشعبة حيث استغرق البحث عنها ساعات طويلة…. لا ضير فالمطلوب هو “العثور على “كنزٍ دفين” في الصخور النفيسة، ما يشي بوجود بترول، كما يقول الباحثون والمتابعون.

ما قصة البترول المجّمد داخل الصخور في لبنان؟ (غرافيك اسماعيل آغا – حسين بلحص)

لبنان عائم على “بحرٍ” من الثروات.. منها الطبيعية والمائية والأثرية، وصولاً إلى الغازية فالبترولية، لكنه يعيش  وضعاً اقتصادياً صعباً، وفي منطقة مضطربة سياسياً وعسكرياً، والتهديدات الإسرائيلية قائمة على الدوام.

وعلى مدى عقود خلت، أغفلت الحكومات اللبنانية المتعاقبة- عن قصد أو غير قصد –  ملف الثروات، وقد يقول قائل إن هنالك أيادٍ خارجية كانت تدفع إلى ذلك!

  قوة لبنان…. أنقذت الغاز!

في أتون ما يحيق بلبنان من أزمات اقتصادية ومعيشية، كان لا بد من شقّ كوّة أمل…ولو بالقوة!

“أقول للبنانيين إننا أصبحنا أمام موضوع يجب أن يتحوّل إلى قضية لبنانية كبرى، وأمامنا ثروة هائلة تقدّر بمئات الملايين وهي ملك للشعب اللبناني”. 

الكلام  هذا كان للأمين العام لحزب الله السيّد حسن نصر الله، في 25 أيار/ مايو 2022.

 بعد ذلك كرّت السبحة:  المقاومة ترسل مسيّراتها الثلاث فوق حقل “كاريش”، الاحتلال يستنفر، شركات النفط العالمية تكبح جماح عملياتها، العواصم الكبرى التي تنوء تحت تأثير ما يجري في اوكرانيا على أسواق النفط تصوّب أنظارها نحو لبنان.

كوّة الأمل رغم الألم تتسع… بعد مفاوضات صعبة، والنتيجة المتوخاة تحققت: لبنان يفرض اتفاقاً على ترسيم الحدود البحرية لحفظ لبنان في ثروته الغازية في المتوسط.

رحلة بحث عن “الحمّر” الثمين 

من نافل القول، أن جوف الأراضي اللبنانية كما مياهه الإقليمية، يحوي ثروات نفطية وغازية لا يستهان بها، وقد أثبتت الدراسات الجيولوجية ذلك…. وسيكون لنا تقرير خاص حول هذه الثروات لاحقاً.

إنها صخور “الحمّر” الثمينة (butum) ، وهذا موضوع تقريرنا اليوم، فهو كنزٌ لبناني دفين يستحق منّا بذل الجهود وسبر أغواره و التقصي عن كنهه؟

الميادين نت في “جبل الظهر ” بحثاً عن منجم “الحمّر” الرئيسي

كان فريق الميادين نت قد أجرى استطلاعاً ميدانياً بحرياً منذ أشهر على مشارف حقول الغاز اللبنانية الفلسطينية في منطقة الناقورة المتاخمة لفلسطين المحتلة بالتعاون مع مدير النادي اللبناني للغوص يوسف الجندي.

واليوم، نخصصّ يوماً طويلاً في “رحلة البحث عن الحمّر الثمين”  الذي تضمّن جولة في منطقة وادي التيم -حاصبيا.

صخرة الحمّر (خاص الميادين نت)
الحمّر (خاص الميادين نت)

إلى “جبل الكنز” …  أزفت اللحظات المنتظرة!

طبيعة الأرض الصخرية البركانية السوداء تغطي الأرض، وهذا دليل واضح على ما تكتنزه من ثروات، رئيس بلدية حاصبيا لبيب الحمرا يواكب فريق الميادين نت مع سيارات الدفع الرباعي، الشغف والترّقب يسيطران لدى الدخول إلى سفح هذا الجبل ، هنا (كما يقال) يمكن أن نرى الصخور التي تدرّ دولارات، كما يصفها الأهالي!

المنجم الرئيسي الذي يضخ الأكسيجين لعشرات العمّال (تصوير غسان الحاج)

صخور مميزة، مغاور متعددة،  أشجار الزيتون معمّرة، النمل يستنبش تربة رمادية اللون، وعلى الجانبين ثمّة أطلال لأبنية قديمة كان لها دور على مدى عقود من تاريخ لبنان!

رئيس بلدية حاصبيا أمام آلة استخراج الحمّر: باطن الأرض غنيّ هنا (خاص)

    وأزفت اللحظة المنتظرة بعد بحث… العثور على “البئر” الرئيسي الأثري لمنجم “الحمّر”، كان “لحظة استكشاف مثيرة”! فمنذ عقدٍ من الزمن وعلى عمق 80 متراً كان يتدلى هذا السلّم الحديدي الطويل، وإلى جانبه ثمّة “مواسير” حديدية كانت تضخ الأكسجين إلى عددٍ كبير من المغاور والأنفاق في الجبل، بواسطة مضخة ضخمة تمكنّا من معاينتها وتصويرها.

    وأزفت اللحظة المنتظرة بعد بحث… العثور على “البئر” الرئيسي الأثري لمنجم “الحمّر”، كان “لحظة استكشاف مثيرة”! فمنذ عقدٍ من الزمن وعلى عمق 80 متراً كان يتدلى هذا السلّم الحديدي الطويل، وإلى جانبه ثمّة “مواسير” حديدية كانت تضخ الأكسجين إلى عددٍ كبير من المغاور والأنفاق في الجبل، بواسطة مضخة ضخمة تمكنّا من معاينتها وتصويرها.

    صور من أربعينات القرن الماضي للمكان الذي تفقده فريق الميادين نت

      “رئاسة الحمّر”: مزرعة أبقار!

      إلى جانب البئر والمضخة، هنالك  جدران لغرفٍ كانت تستخدم لاستراحة ومبيت عمال المناجم، عايّننا مبنى مكاتب إدارة استخراج وتصدير “الحمّر” في لبنان المبني من العقد الحجري الأثري، لكن المفاجاة تمثلّت في الوضع الراهن المزري لهذا المبنى الذي تحوّل إلى مزرعة للأبقار!!

      نعاين الجبل ومغاوره،  قبل أن نعلم أن هذه المنطقة تحوي إضافة إلى “الحمّر”، كميات كبيرة من الغاز بشهادة شركة نروجية كانت أجرت دراسة ميدانية مطلع السبعينات”.

      رئاسة صخور “الحمّر”في الشرق الأوسط (1933- 1956) تحوّلت إلى زريبة للحيوانات!  (خاص الميادين نت)

      المؤرخ سليقا: المناجم أقفلت “لغاية في نفس يعقوب”!

      الملفت هو استحواذ  باطن الأرض في منطقة حاصبيا (جنوب البلاد) على ثروة بترولية صخرية شكّلت إبّان فترة الانتداب الفرنسي”ثروة وطنية” ذاع صيتها في دول أوروبا …  إلى أن “أُقفلت مناجمها فجأة بين ليلة وضحاياها “لغاية في نفس يعقوب”! كما أكد المؤرخ اللبناني المخضرم بلدة الفرديس الشيخ غالب سليقا للميادين نت خلال زيارتنا له في منزله..

      المؤرخ سليقا: لا نعرف لماذا توقف الاستخراج على عمق 2000 متر؟

      مكتبة عامرة يحويها منزل المؤرخ العصامي سليقا وعائلته الرائدة ونجله الباحث المواكب د. رواد، الشيخ الذي طرق عتبات الثمانين ما انفك يبحث ويغبّ ويؤلف، ما يغني العلم والتاريخ ويصبح مرجعاً هاماً على مدى الأجيال.

      (صخور”تدّر دولارات” في لبنان (تصوير غسان الحاج / مونتاج محمد أشمر – عباس شري (صخور

      الحمّر= البترول المجمّد!

      يعرّف المؤرخ سليقا الحمّر بأنه “البترول المجمّد، وهو موجود في المنطقة الممتدة من حاصبيا إلى مشغرة إلى سحمر” (خريطة داخل الفيديو ) ،ويكشف أنه “في العام 1952 أتت “النقطة الرابعة” الأميركية وحفرت في سحمر لاستخراج البترول، لكن لا نعرف لماذا توقف هذا العمل على عمق 2000 متر  لا غير، ما يدّل على وجود هذه المادة في المنطقة” ، مشيراً إلى “أنهما مشتقان متلازمان، فالتوقف عن استكشاف النفط تبعه إيقاف استخراج الحمّر”.

      مدخل إحدى المغاور على بعد كيلومترات من البئر الرئيسي !

        ويشرح أن الحمّر يمسي كـ “الفيول أويل”، إذا ما وضع على حرارة عالية، وهذا ما يحتاجه لبنان اليوم للتخلّص من أزمة الكهرباء الخانقة،  ويطرح عدة أسئلة:  هل للاكتشافات البترولية في دول الخليج تأثير؟ هل جودتها أعلى؟ لماذا توقف استخراج الحمّر في تلك الفترة بالتحديد، تزامناً مع كل ذلك؟

        رئيس البلدية: المنطقة تحوي ثروة ضخمة

        وفي السياق،  يقول رئيس البلدية الذي كشف عن حالات متكررة لانبثاق للدخان المتصاعد من الجبل  إن “هذه المنطقة من أغنى المناطق بخيراتها المطمورة تحت الأرض، والتي كان الانتداب الفرنسي أول من بادر إلى استخراج الحمّر”، داعياً الدولة إلى الإسراع في إعادة تشغيل المناجم”.

        فريق “الميادين نت” مع رئيس البلدية والزميل حديفة في سفح جبل “الحمّر”

          وناشد المسؤولين “إيلاء مناجم “الحمّر” أي الأحجار النفطية في قاطع حاصبيا الاهتمام، لما تحويه من ثروة بترولية ضخمة تؤمن في حال العمل على إعادة استغلالها، دخلاً وفيراً لخزينة الدولة ويداً عاملة لأكثر من 1000 شخص”، لافتأ إلى أن الأطراف الغربية لبلدة حاصبيا هي موطن “الحمّر” الوحيد في لبنان.

          رئيس بلدية حاصبيا: الحمّر ثروة وطنية (تصوير: غسان الحاج / مونتاج محمد أشمر – عباس شري)

            كاميرا الميادين داخل مغارة: لا أكسجين!

            وخلال تنقلنا، في الجبل المذكور،  تمكنت عدسة الزميل الحاج من دخول مغارة أثرية على بعد كيلومترات على ضفاف نهر الحاصباني كانت تستخدم كأحدى الفوهات العديدة التي كان يستخدمها العمّال للخروج من الجبل والمناجم.

             من جهته، ذكر  محمد أبو دهن (85 عاماً)، وهو العامل الوحيد المتبقي على قيد الحياة والذي عمل لفترة  في مناجم الحمر للميادين نت أن استخراج الحمر كان انطلق بطرق بدائية من خلال استعمال المعول والرفش والأزميل والسلال وكانت الكمية المستخرجة قليلة.

            البئر يعود إلى منتصف القرن الماضي

              وأوضح أنه مع دخول إحدى الشركات الاجنبية تطوّرت أعمال التنقيب وزاد الانتاج بعدما بات يتم بمعدات متطورة.

              يذكر أن نسيب غبريل كان قد استحصل وخلال مناقصة أجريت العام 1933 على رخصة استثمار للحمّر لمدة 25 سنة وكان ينتج حوالى 2000 طن سنوياً عبر التعاقد مع شركات أجنبية.

              وذكر أن الحمّر يتواجد على شكل طبقاتٍ في باطن الأرض وبسماكة تتراوح بين متر ومترين ونصف، قائلاً إن “العمال كانوا يصلون إليه عبر خنادق و سراديب لا يتجاوز قطرها متر ونصف بعد ان يتم تأمين تهويتها بواسطة فتحات تربط بين الانفاق وسطح الأرض”.

              أدوات الحفر القديمة (خاص الميادين نت)

                الحمّر إلى تركيا وأوروبا 

                 المؤرخ سليقا أشار إلى ان النتائج المخبرية التي كانت تجريها الشركات المنقبة دلّت على أن الحمر الحاصباني يحتوي على 97 % من الحمّر الصافي وهي أعلى نسبة عالمية، وأن بقاياها  بعد معالجتها تتحول إلى أسمدة كيماوية.

                ولفت إلى أن كميات الحمّر المستخرجة كانت تنقل بواسطة شاحنات إلى مرفأ بيروت لتصدّر إلى العديد من الدول الأوروبية خاصة فرنسا وأيطاليا وهولندا، فضلاً عن تركيا.

                ويدخل الحمّر في العديد من الصناعات الثقيلة والخفيفة على حدّ سواء ومنها صناعة الدهانات والصباغ وطلاء البواخر، كما يدخل في صناعة الأدوية والمبيدات الحشرية الزراعية، ويستعمل أيضا كمادة عازلة.

                 وزير البيئة: نجمع معلومات موثقة حول مناجم الحمّر

                حوالى 800 عامل من كافة قرى المنطقة إضافة لعمال وخبراء أجانب أمضوا حوالى 40 عاماً في الحفر والتنقيب والنقل، والجدير ذكره، أن 4 عمال من أبناء بلدة حاصبيا كانوا لقوا حتفهم داخل احد المناجم العام 1954 بسبب انهيار أحدها على عمق حوالى 100 متر، ليتوقف بعدها استخراج الحمّر!

                من جولة وزير البيئة ناصر ياسين في منطقة وادي التيم

                  وكان لا بد من رصد موقف وزير البيئة في حكومة تصريف الأعمال اللبنانية ناصر ياسين الذي أجرى اتصالات مكثفة لجمع معلومات موثقة حول مناجم الحمّر مع كل الجهات الرسمية المعنية في حاصبيا للوقوف على كافة الحيثيات المتوفرة حول هذه المناجم.

                  وقال “عملت في اعقاب ذلك على تشكيل لجنة تضم اخصائيين وخبراء جيولوجيين وبيئيين وفنيين مهمتها إعداد تقرير ميداني علمي شامل ومفصل مبني على وقائع حسية ملموسة حول هذه المناجم والجهات التي اكتشفت الحمّر والشركات التي نفذّت أعمال الحفر والتنقيب والتشغيل والتصدير والبلدان التي استوردت”.

                  Resistance Is the Guarantee to Extraction, With or Without Netanyahu

                  November 16, 2022

                  Translated by Staff, Al-Akhbar Newspaper

                  The most pressing question after Benjamin Netanyahu forms his government, after he was assigned to do so yesterday, is about the fate of the maritime boundary delimitation agreement and the possibility of obstructing its implementation and preventing Lebanon from extracting its natural resources, after Netanyahu described the agreement, during the election campaign, as “a surrender to Hezbollah” and vowed to cancel it.

                  How could the agreement be cancelled legally? What are the factors that prevent such a decision? What are the expected consequences of such path?

                  First of all, the elections produced a balance of power in the Knesset in favor of Netanyahu, after his camp won 64 seats out of 120, which opens the way for him to form a right-wing government enjoying a parliamentary base. Thus, the scenarios that prevented the “Israeli” entity from the formation of a government in previous years and plunged it into the cycle of open elections are not expected to be repeated.

                  Legally speaking, the body that legislates any law is the same as the one that has the power to repeal it. Since the government has approved the agreement, it is the one who has the power to cancel it without the need for the approval of any other institution. However, the fact that the government has the authority does not mean that it has the courage, as there are several factors that prevent it from moving in this path.

                  In general, it can be estimated that what restrains the enemy from the option of canceling the agreement is what forced the political and security leaderships to agree to it, and even insist on it to the point of pushing the judicial and legal institutions to overcome the legal problems around it. The “Israeli” leadership, both political and military, did not hide that the factor that prompted the speeding up the agreement was avoiding the alternative of a war with Hezbollah. Thus, will Netanyahu take a step he knows in advance that will lead to a military confrontation that may develop into a major war with Hezbollah and possibly expand regionally? Bearing in mind the cost and feasibility, would he take such a step while facing escalating challenges in the West Bank and other priorities related to confronting the Iranian nuclear threat, as well as at the level of the unprecedented development of Iran’s military and missile capabilities?

                  Moreover, does it make sense for Netanyahu to initiate a flagrantly hostile unilateral move? It is true that the “Israeli” entity does not pay much attention to this factor, but when it assesses that it will face unprecedented responses on its “domestic” front, the position of “Israeli” public opinion will have a great impact and the leadership must justify these costs to it, because the government will face questions of the type: Would this war not have been avoided if the “Israeli” entity had known its outcome? Are the consequences worth these losses? What if the war leads to the halting of gas exports or the destruction of gas facilities, which will certainly happen if a military confrontation develops?

                  All these scenarios were present among the security authorities, which were keen to reach an agreement to avoid them, after they realized Hezbollah’s determination to go to the end even if it led to a war, due to the firm conviction of its leadership that the alternative to war, which is the continuation of the siege, would be more dangerous than war itself.

                  What restrains the enemy from the option of canceling the agreement is what prompted the political and security leaderships to insist on it.

                  It’s noteworthy to “Israel” that the Lebanese Resistance will face any aggression in light of an unprecedented popular support [the presence of opposition voices in the American orbit does not detract from this, and their position on such issues is not taken into account], because they will wage a war for Lebanon’s economic and financial future. This opposes the American plan that aims to portray the resistance as a burden on Lebanon, and not as a “Lebanon shield” in the face of “Israeli” ambitions.

                  Also, what contributes to making such a decision more problematic, for Netanyahu and his government, is that it contradicts the recommendations of the army and security services. Although the government can legally take an aggressive decision other than these recommendations, when the cost is too great and the feasibility is questionable, such a decision needs cover from the military for internal reasons. Usually, the positions of the security services, even if they differ, have a great influence in crystallizing the position of the “Israeli” public. So, what is the case when there is a consensus among them on the necessity of an agreement?

                  On the other hand, there is a “guarantee” of the US administration for the agreement. This certainly does not automatically mean a guarantee of its continuation, because the history of American guarantees is dishonorable. But the main factor behind this guarantee is also Washington’s fear of a war it does not want in the region.

                  Therefore, it is clear that all the factors that are presented as constraints on the “Israeli” government’s decision to cancel the agreement are based primarily on the position of the resistance, its seriousness and determination, and the intelligence and military authorities’ realization that the alternative to the agreement is war with Hezbollah. The same applies to the position of the US administration and its fear of the repercussions of the military confrontation on energy security in the eastern Mediterranean. As for the international situation represented by the escalating need for gas due to the Ukrainian crisis, it is sufficient to refer to the announcement of the “Israeli” Ministry of Energy on the sidelines of the climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, that “‘Israel’ will need three or four years to provide large quantities that exceed their domestic needs for export,” and that “there is no immediate ability to supply gas in the short term,” which means that the main motive for reaching an agreement was not the gas that the “Israeli” entity would provide to Europe as a substitute for Russia [noting that it is a very modest proportion relative to Europe’s needs].

                  Based on the aforementioned, the equation established by Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on October 29, 2022 – [No one will be able to extract oil and gas, and continue to extract oil and gas and sell oil and gas if Lebanon is prevented from extracting its oil and gas. This is the title of the next stage] – becomes the guarantor of Lebanon’s extraction and benefiting from its wealth. As for any other supposed effect, it would not have been achieved without the presence of the resistance factor and the fears of the repercussions of the choice the Resistance will pursue in response to any attempt to prevent Lebanon from extracting its natural resources.

                  Netanyahu’s return to power: Will it lead to war and a retreat from border demarcation?

                  Videograph| Ahmad Kassir: Prince of Hezbollah’s Martyrs

                   November 12, 2022

                  Hezbollah martyr Ahmad Kassir

                  “No other operation got the glory Ahmad Kassir had gotten,” Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said in remembrance of the martyr who carried out the hugest operation against Israeli occupation in south Lebanon.

                  Ahmad Kassir, known as “Prince of Martyrs”, carried out a self-sacrifice operation against the headquarters of the Israeli military command in Tyre in November 11, 1982.

                  Hezbollah assigned November 11 as Martyr’s Day, in remembrance of martyr Ahmad Kassir who heroically slapped the Zionist entity in the face at a time no one even dared to think about confronting a single Israeli soldier.

                  Below is a videograph, prepared by Al-Manar Website, that talks more about martyr Ahmad Kassir.

                  Videograph| Ahmad Kassir: Prince of Hezbollah’s Martyrs

                  Source: Al-Manar English Website

                  نصرالله يحدد مواصفات الرئيس: لا يخاف ولا يُشترى ولا يطعن المقاومة

                    السبت 12 تشرين الثاني 2022


                  (هيثم الموسوي)

                  وضع الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله أمس حداً لمرشحي «تقطيع الوقت»، مؤكداً «أننا نريد رئيساً للجمهورية في أسرع وقت ممكن، لكن هذا لا يعني أن نسد الفراغ في هذا الموقع الحساس بأي كان». وحدّد بعض المواصفات التي يجب أن تتوافر في الرئيس المقبل، وهي أن يكون «مطمئناً للمقاومة، لا يخاف من الأميركيين ويقدم المصلحة الوطنية على خوفه، ولا يباع ولا يشترى»، مشدداً على «أننا لا نريد رئيساً يغطي المقاومة أو يحميها لأنها لا تحتاج إلى ذلك، إنما رئيس لا يطعنها في الظهر».

                  وفي كلمة له في الاحتفال الذي أقامه حزب الله بمناسبة «يوم الشهيد»، قال إنه «مع الرئيس العماد إميل لحود، صنعت المقاومة التحرير عام 2000، وقاتلت بالعسكر والسياسة عام 2006، وكانت مطمئنة أن لا رئيس جمهورية يتآمر عليها ويطعنها في الظهر»، وهي كانت كذلك «مع الرئيس ميشال عون، آمنة على مدى ست سنوات وكانت عاملاً حاسماً في إنجاز ملف ترسيم الحدود البحرية لأنه كان في بعبدا رجل شجاع لا يبيع ولا يشتري ولا يخون ولا يطعن»، مؤكداً «أننا يجب أن نبحث عن رئيس جمهورية بهذه المواصفات»، و«على اللبنانيين أن يعملوا ويناضلوا للوصول إلى الخيار الأنسب»، مشيراً إلى أن «هذا الموقع له علاقة بعناصر القوة، وهذا موضوع استراتيجي يرتبط بقوة لبنان وبالأمن القومي، والمقاومة هي أحد عناصر القوة الأساسية». وتوجه إلى الفريق الآخر بأنه «عندما تطلبون منا أن ننتخب فلاناً، وهو من أول الطريق يناقشنا بالمقاومة، يعني مبلشين غلط».

                  وشدّد نصرالله على أن «الإدارة الأميركية هي من يمنع المساعدة عن لبنان»، واصفاً إياها بـ «الطاعون واللعنة والوباء الذي تخرجه من الباب فيعود من الطاقة إذ لا حدود لأطماعه وأهدافه». ونبّه إلى أن «الأميركيين يعتقدون أن سيناريو الفوضى يُمكن أن يؤدي إلى إنهاء المقاومة، وهم يتحدثون علناً عن دعمهم للجيش بهدف أن يكون في مواجهة المقاومة. لكن الجيش، قيادة وضباطاً ورتباء وجنوداً، كلهم يرفضون هذا الموقف بالمطلق»، وفي ظل التدخل الأميركي «يحق لنا نحن كجزء كبير من الشعب أن نطالب برئيس للجمهورية مُطمئن لهذه المقاومة».

                  موقع الرئاسة يتعلق بالأمن القومي ولا يمكن أن نسدّ الفراغ بأي كان

                  ولفت إلى أن اتفاق ​ترسيم الحدود البحرية أكد أن «من يحمي ​لبنان​ هو الله ومعادلة القوة. هذا العدو يفهم القوة وليس أمر آخر»، لافتاً إلى أن «البعض يعتبر أن ضمانته هو الالتزام الأميركي، لكن ضمانتنا الحقيقية هي في عناصر القوة التي يملكها لبنان والتي تشكل ضمانة استمرار هذا الاتفاق». ورد على تصريحات مساعدة وزير الخارجية الأميركي لشؤون الشرق الأدنى باربرا ليف التي «تحدثت عن سيناريوهات كارثية يمكن أن تؤدي للخلاص من حزب الله ووصفته بالطاعون أو اللعنة»، وقال إن «اللعنة هو الكيان الصهيوني الذي هجر وقتل واستباح فلسطين ولبنان وهي لعنة صنعت في الولايات المتحدة»، مشيراً إلى أن «الولايات المتحدة هي التي أرادت الفوضى في لبنان في 17 تشرين 2019 بعدما فشلت مخططاتها وزرعت لعنتها التي تصدى لها حزب الله والشرفاء». وأكد أن «اللعنة الأميركية تمنع أي دولة من مساعدة لبنان كما في هبة الفيول الإيراني».

                  وفي ما يتعلق بالانتخابات الإسرائيلية أكد أن «لا فرق بالنسبة لنا. كلهم أسوأ من بعضهم، الحكومات التي تعاقبت على الكيان كلها حكومات مجرمة وغاصبة ومحتلة ولا تملك شيئاً من القيم الأخلاقية والإنسانية»، وكرر أن «من يحمي لبنان هو معادلة القوة معادلة الجيش والشعب والمقاومة، وهذا العدو سواء من اليمين أو اليسار لا يفهم إلا لغة القوة». وأكد أن إيران «انتصرت من جديد على الفتنة والمؤامرة الأميركية- الإسرائيلية- الغربية، انتصاراً كبيراً وحاسماً، وهذا سيزيدها قوة».

                  فيديوات ذات صلة

                  مقالات ذات صلة

                  Sayyed Nasrallah: USA Responsible for Lebanon’s Curses-Israeli Aggression, Takfiri Scheme. Economic Siege, Political Chaos

                   November 11, 2022

                  Mohammad Salami

                  Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed on Friday that the United States of America is behind all the woes plaguing Lebanon, adding that the Resistance, in cooperation with the patriotic parties, has confronted the US curses.

                  Addressing Hezbollah ceremony marking Martyr’s Day, Sayyed Nasrallah responded to the remarks made the US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Asis Affairs, Barbara Leaf, who had described Hezbollah as Lebanon’s curse.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah recalled that all the Israeli massacres and crimes against the Lebanese were committed under the patronage of the US administration, adding that the Israeli curse was made in USA.

                  The US administration is the curse that has plagued Lebanon, and Hezbollah, in cooperation with the Resistance factions, expelled it, Sayyed Nasrallah said.

                  The US greed made Washington destroy the Middle East countries, including Iraqi and Afghanistan, through wars and invasions, according to Sayyed Nasrallah who added that USA also sent dozens of thousand of takfiri terrorists to the region.

                  Hezbollah as well as the Lebanese people and army confronted the terrorist curse and overcame it, Sayyed Nasrallah recalled.

                  Hezbollah leader emphasized the US administration was beyond the chaos which spread in Lebanon in 2019, adding that the US officials confessed that they trained and prepared the NGOs in order to destabilize the Lebanese state.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah noted that the anarchy plot in 2019 failed to decompose the state, but that it managed to besiege Lebanon remotely.

                  Washington has prevented all the world countries from helping Lebanon, according to the Resistance Leader who added that the US officials have always warned the Lebanese officials against accepting donations.

                  Will the Lebanese officials accept the Russian power and wheat aids? Sayyed Nasrallah asked.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that the US administration has prevented the Lebanese officials from purchasing Iranian fuel oil, adding that it obliged Lebanon to reject an Iranian fuel donation as well.

                  Iran welcomed a Lebanese technical team that visited Tehran to coordinate the fuel donation and approved the required amount, Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding that the Islamic Republic intends to help Lebanon without asking for anything in return.

                  Regarding the maritime border demarcation, Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that the US administration facilitated the indirect deal in order to shun a Middle East war and help the Zionist entity, not Lebanon.

                  USA knows the repercussions of a war between Hezbollah and ‘Israel’, so it accepted the demands of the Lebanese state, according to Sayyed Nasrallah, who added that Lebanon reached that indirect deal, thanks to the Resistance power and the international circumstances.

                  Who is preventing Lebanon from importing the Egyptian gas and Jordanian electric power? Sayyed Nasrallah asked.

                  Regionally, Sayyed Nasrallah said the US policy in the Middle East is even more detrimental, highlighting the Caesar Act used in order to starve Syria, adding that the Americans want to defeat Syria via siege after the failure of dozens of thousands of terrorists to reach this end.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah asked, “Who is responsible for all the regional woes, what is going on in Yemen and Iran ?”

                  Sayyed Nasrallah drew the attention of the audience to the fact that Iran has resolutely  overcome the US-Israeli-Western conspiracy and even become more powerful.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah also noted that the US curse is beyond the Palestinian woe  as well, highlighting the ongoing aggression of the Israeli enemy on the Palestinians.

                  Hezbollah Chief called on the Lebanese officials and political parties to confront the US policies, or that the US curse will lead Lebanon to destruction.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah Wants New President in Lebanon to Be Courageous, Refrain from Backstabbing Resistance

                  Hezbollah Secretary General indicated  that all the Lebanese political parties reject the presidential vacuum, adding, however, filling this vacuum must not be away from the required specifications.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah added that the Lebanese presidency is an important post which concerns all the Lebanese, not just the Christians or the Maronite, calling for more political efforts to reach an agreement in this regard.

                  Bilateral and trilateral meetings can replace the dialogue session, called for by House speaker Nabih Berri and rejected by some parties, according to Sayyed Nasrallah.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah wants the new president must be able to protect the national strengths, led by the Resistance, noting that this is a strategic issue related to that national security.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah added that this Resistance is always under fire, noting that the US remarks confirm this notion and pointing out that the US scheme aims stirring sedition in Lebanon and provoking the Lebanese army to fight Hezbollah.

                  in light of the shameful US intervention in the Lebanese internal affairs, the Resistance and its supporters have the right, as a large segment of the Lebanese people, to say that they want a courageous president who reassures the resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah said.

                  Frankly speaking, we want a courageous president who does not shudder and get scared when the US embassy threatens him, Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding that the new president must not be a person who accepts to be bought and sold.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah recalled the experience of the two former Presidents Emile Lahoud and Michel Aoun who reassured the Resistance and refrained from backstabbing it, adding that all the military achievements of the resistance in 2000, 2006 and 2017 benefited from thus presidential support.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that Hezbollah does not need the new president to protect it, adding what is important is that the new president does not back stab the Resistance.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah clarified that President Aoun did not grant Hezbollah any extra influence on the Lebanese state, adding, had Hezbollah been able to rule the government, it would have approved the Iranian fuel donation.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah noted that the other presidential elections are also important, but that the basic requirement of the presidential candidate is reassuring the resistance.

                  US Midterm Elections

                  Hezbollah leader indicated that the US elections will not change the strategic policies of the United States based on launching wars, plundering fortunes, and supporting ‘Israel’.

                  All the US governments resort to different tactics, but preserve the same criminal principles, according to Sayyed Nasrallah who added that the United States is responsible for the Israeli crimes and massacres against the Lebanese, Palestinians and all the Arabs.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that, in face of the US schemes, the national unity in the region must be sustained in order to protect the resources and fortunes.

                  Israeli Knesset Elections

                  Hezbollah leader indicated that the result of the Knesset elections, whcih gave the Right Coalition led by Benjamin Netanyahu, does not make any difference with respect to Lebanon.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah said, “All Israeli governments since that which was led by Ben-Gurion have been similar. Things will not change despite far-right coalition’s win.”

                  Lebanon will not be affected even if Netanyahu chooses insane figures to be in his government, thanks to the Resistance power, according to Sayyed Nasrallah, who added such a step will just deteriorate strife in the Zionist society.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah also indicated that Netanyahu will not be able to revoke the indirect maritime deal with Lebanon, adding that the Resistance power guarantees Lebanon’s rights in this regard.

                  Hezbollah Martyr’s Day

                  Sayyed Nasrallah started his speech by reciting Quranic verses which praise martyrdom, adding that the Resistance Party has chosen November 11 to mark Martyr’s Day because, in 1982, it witnessed the immense martyrdom operation carried out by martyr Ahmad Kassir against the Israeli enemy.

                  Martyr Kassir’s operation, which destroyed the Israeli military command headquarters in Tyre and killed over 100 Zionist soldiers and officers, immensely shocked the Zionist enemy, Sayyed Nasrallah said.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah said that martyr Kassir’s operation has been the most enormous in face of ‘Israel’ so far, hoping there will be more immense operations against the usurping entity.

                  His eminence underscored that the martyrs’ families played a vital role in their heavy sacrifices by guiding them to the battlefield, just as the case of Karbala.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that preserving and appreciating the sacrifices of the martyrs and the families sustains our power, adding that Hezbollah is trying its best to retrieve bodies of martyrs missed in battlefields.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that Hezbollah has witnessed a phenomenon of having trans-generational martyrdom-grandfather, father, and son, adding that this confirms failure of soft warfare aimed at morally perverting “our young generation”.

                  In this regard, Sayyed Nasrallah cited the scene of the young Resistance fighters who display commitment and enthusiasm in the battlefield, adding that this has surprised the Israeli enemy in Lebanon and Palestine as well.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah also warned against the plot aimed spreading the moral degeneration enhanced by the telecommunication devices, calling on the families to look after their children.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah addressing the ceremony held in Beirut’s Dahiyeh, South Lebanon, Bekaa, and Mount Lebanon

                  Source: Al-Manar English Website

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                  The Palestinian cause was and still is one of the constants of the Islamic revolution in Iran
                  The Saudi role in Lebanon / journalist Ghassan Saud
                  Horizontal and vertical divisions and disputes within the occupying entity, what repercussions on its army?
                  Reading in the American scene after the elections – the Russian-Ukrainian situation / d. Walid Sharara in politics today
                  After the results of the US midterm elections, the confrontation with the Republicans intensified

                  Articles by writer: Mohammad Salami

                  Sayyed Nasrallah: The US Curse Bans Aid to Lebanon; Hezbollah Wants a President Who Doesn’t Stab its Back

                  November 11, 2022

                  Click for Video

                  By Al-Ahed News

                  Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday afternoon a speech as the resistance group celebrated Hezbollah’s Martyr Day.

                  Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that the US administration bans aid from coming to Lebanon, describing it as a plague, curse, and epidemic that always infiltrates since its greed and goals are endless.

                  As he emphasized that the power of Lebanon is in its strengths, represents by the equation of the Army, people, and Resistance, His Eminence pointed to the indifference towards the results of the ‘Israeli’ entity’s elections, given that whatever government has been brought to power, each of them is criminal, usurping, and occupying.

                  On the level of Lebanon’s presidential void, the Hezbollah leader affirmed that the Resistance in Lebanon neither needs a cover nor a protection, and that it is its natural right, like its audience, to have a president of the republic that doesn’t stab its back, conspire against it, or sell it in exchange for cash.

                  At the beginning of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the operation of self-sacrifice martyr Ahmad Kassir which he said established the first base for the liberation. “Self-sacrifice martyr Ahmad Kassir’s operation destroyed all ‘Israeli’ plots and dreams to get Lebanon involved in the ‘Israeli’ era.”

                  As he harbored hopes that yet another and bigger self-sacrifice operation would take place [against ‘Israel’] through any resistance faction, Sayyed Nasrallah termed the Martyr’s Day, from Hezbollah’s viewpoint, as a day for all martyrs within the Axis of Resistance in this region.

                  “All martyrs in Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, Palestine and the entire regions are our martyrs,” His Eminence noted, affirming that Hezbollah’s path didn’t stop sacrificing martyrs over the past 40 years, some 98% of which are from the young generations.

                  The Hezbollah leader praised the major role of the families of the martyrs in the continuity of the path of Resistance over the past 40 years, many of which, Sayyed Nasrallah said, have encouraged their children to take part in this battle.

                  “The sons of our martyrs have turned to be resistance fighters and this is thanks to the commitment of their families to resisting until victory,” His Eminence added, “We value the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our sanctities, nations, freedom, dignity, security, and pride.”

                  As for the martyrs whose bodies have not been recovered yet, Sayyed Nasrallah said: We have lost bodies of martyrs, but just like we didn’t leave any detainee in the enemy’s prisons, we never abandon the bodies of our martyrs and we seek to figure out their fate.

                  Elaborating more on the continuity of the path of Resistance among the successive generations, the Hezbollah leader mentioned that there are many cases in which the son, the father, and the grandfather are martyred. “The enemy bets on the second and third generations’ abandoning of the resistance, and that is why it targets them to spoil them through the high technologies and change their beliefs,” Sayyed Nasrallah explained, warning of the grave danger of such a practice.

                  “The path of our martyrs, with its successive generations, cements our enemy’s failure to achieve its goals, and the enemy was surprised in the occupied Palestine when its bet on the generations and making them change their principles failed,” Sayyed Nasrallah underscored.

                  The Lebanese Resistance leader hailed Palestinian Martyr Uday Tamimi and his brothers of the resistance fighters who cemented the failure of the enemy’s bet on changing their plots, advising the US and ‘Israel’ not to bet on the current and future generations as they have the same ember of resistance and confrontation.

                  Moving to the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity’s latest elections, Sayyed Nasrallah explained that for Hezbollah, all ‘Israeli’ governments are criminal no matter who wins in the Knesset elections; the results mean nothing to us as all ‘Israelis’ are alike on the level of criminality.

                  He noted, however, that the results may have dangerous repercussions inside Palestine because the power will be in the hands of foolish people.

                  In reference to Benjamin Netanyahu’s threats to cancel Lebanon’s document that defined its maritime boundaries with the occupied Palestine, Sayyed Nasrallah belittled the American guarantees to preserve the maritime boundary delimitation as untrustworthy, mentioning, nevertheless, that the only trustworthy element is the power of resistance that is reliable in preserving the maritime boundary delimitation deal.

                  As for the US midterm elections, the Hezbollah leader also considered that the results won’t make any difference as the US, whether Republican or Democrat, has the same face.

                  With respect to the remarks made by the the US Assistance Secretary of State about Hezbollah and Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah commented that it is the US that is the source of the curse, the plague, and the epidemic, and it is Hezbollah that has eradicated the US curse from Lebanon and killed this plague.

                  “The US infiltrates again to any place where it can commit massacres after our people confronted its curse and plague. The US has come with the Takfiri terrorist plague to Lebanon, which Hezbollah has faced and eradicated. The US ran the chaos in Lebanon in 2019 by supporting the protests after all its conspiracies have failed. It sponsored the October 2019 chaos and planted a curse that Hezbollah and all the honorable sides have faced,” His Eminence went on to detail.

                  “The US siege on Lebanon continues by forbidding any investment or economic aid to the country. The US bans any country from helping Lebanon in its economic crisis, which itself is a curse and a plague,” Sayyed Nasrallah added, questioning the truth whether Lebanon dares to accept the new Russian aid or will it submit to the US threats?

                  On the contrary, he pointed out that Iran has approved the Lebanese delegation’s demand that visited it to help the country deal with its electricity crisis, but the US curse banned this aid.

                  Additionally, Sayyed Nasrallah made clear that Washington didn’t finalize the maritime boundary deal for Lebanon’s sake, but to avoid a war in the region since its priorities now are somewhere else.

                  However, Lebanon was able to achieve all of the Lebanese state’s demands in the maritime boundary delimitation file with its power and through seizing the historic moment, Sayyed Nasrallah explained.

                  Moreover, the US is imposing the Caesar Act, and is preventing Lebanon from receiving both the Egyptian gas and the Jordanian electricity, His Eminence underlined, recalling that the Americans who failed to overthrow Syria via the terrorists and funding Takfirism, now want to bring it to its knees it through famine and cold.

                  With respect to the recent riot that took place in some areas across the Islamic Republic, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that Iran has decisively emerged victorious against the American-‘Israeli’-Western seditious conspiracy.

                  Elsewhere in his speech, the Hezbollah leader called on the Lebanese people not to surrender to the US plague and epidemic which only seeks to protect ‘Israel’.

                  Regarding the presidential issue, Sayyed Nasrallah didn’t accuse any side that it wants presidential void in Lebanon, and insisted that Hezbollah wants electing a president as soon as possible.

                  “The presidential void reflects on all levels at home and this post couldn’t be filled by anyone,” Sayyed Nasrallah noted, drawing attention also to that “The Lebanese presidency is a sensitive and critical issue that would have impacts on the next six years and the years that follow.”

                  We must reach the best and most suitable choice for the Lebanese presidency, according to Sayyed Nasrallah, who highlighted the importance of preserving Lebanon’s elements of power, atop of which it’s the Lebanese presidency, which has to do with the country’s national security.

                  Additionally, Sayyed Nasrallah referred to the Resistance as being among the most important elements of power in Lebanon which is mainly targeted by the Americans who are still seeking chaos in the country.

                  “The Americans boldly confess that they support the Lebanese Army, which they consider is capable of confronting the Resistance, but Hezbollah trusts the Lebanese Army and its leadership which refuses any confrontation with the Resistance.”

                  Moreover, the US embassy interferes in the smallest details of the Lebanese cabinet.

                  Before concluding his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah didn’t conceal that the Resistance, as a major part of the Lebanese people, wants a ‘reassuring’ and daring president who doesn’t fear or concede, and who prioritizes the national interest, a president who can’t be purchased by cash.

                  The Hezbollah leader took very good examples of previous heads of the state, mentioning that the Resistance that liberated Lebanon in 2000 was reassured that its back was protected by President Emile Lahoud, and the Resistance’s back was protected over the past years in the era of President Michel Aoun who is neither purchased by cash nor stabs it in its back.

                  “Had the state’s power been in Hezbollah’s hands as they claim, at least the electricity would have returned to Lebanon,” Sayyed Nasrallah mocked the false claims about the Resistance group’s hold of the country’s power.

                  “We don’t want a president who backs or protects the resistance as it doesn’t need protection, we only need a president who doesn’t stab it in its back,” His Eminence reiterated.

                  “The Lebanese have no choice but to hold a dialogue to reach the election of the president,” Sayyed Nasrallah advised the people, “Had you wanted a strong Lebanon that is capable of extracting its gas, you have to bring a daring president who doesn’t stab the resistance in its back.”

                  Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah eradicated curse of US from Lebanon

                  November 11, 2022

                  Source: Al Mayadeen

                  By Al Mayadeen English 

                  Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah underlines that the resistance foiled the US and Israeli plans for chaos in Lebanon.

                  Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Video

                    The operation carried out by freedom fighter Ahmad Qasir kickstarted the first stage of liberation from the Israeli occupation in Lebanon, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday during a speech commemorating Hezbollah’s Martyr Day.

                    “Qasir’s operation shocked the enemy and led to the collapse of all Israeli aspirations and dreams of bringing Lebanon into the Israeli age,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, praising the Lebanese resistance fighter for his courage and pivotal operation that was a milestone in Lebanon’s path toward liberation.

                    “Hezbollah undertook this grand occasion as Martyrs Day, though every day is martyrs day, and we consider any martyr in the axis of resistance, in Iraq, Yemen, or Syria, as our martyrs,” the Lebanese resistance leader said.

                    “Our [resistance] journey not once stopped resulting in martyrs throughout [the] 40 years [since the founding of Hezbollah], and 98% of them are youth,” Sayyed Nasrallah added, hoping that any resistance faction carries out an operation as big or even bigger than Qasir’s.

                    “The martyrs’ families have had a tremendous role in upholding the journey over the past 40 years,” he said, lauding how they encouraged their sons to fight against the occupation and supported their delve into freedom fighting.

                    “The sons of martyrs became freedom fighters and leaders, and this is all due to their families committing to resistance until victory… We appreciate the martyrs that sacrificed themselves for our sanctities, countries, freedom, dignity, and security,” the leader underlined.

                    “Our martyrs are known, and while some of their bodies are still held by the Israeli enemy, which is denying having them to begin with, we do not leave the bodies of our martyrs and missing persons behind,” Sayyed Nasrallah stressed.

                    The martyrs’ journey, according to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, highlights the enemy’s failure to achieve its goals. “The enemy is betting on the second and third generations abandoning resistance, therefore it is trying to target and spoil them.”

                    “The enemy, through advanced techniques, is trying to spoil our upcoming generations and change their ideologies, which poses a grave danger,” he said. “The enemy was surprised in occupied Palestine where its aspirations to influence the upcoming generations and make them change their principles failed.”

                    Israeli election to increase divide

                    The Hezbollah chief commented on the Israeli Knesset election results, condemning all Israeli governments as criminal regardless of who wins the election.

                    “The results of the latest Israeli election are of no concern to us because all Israeli parties are alike in their criminality,” he added. “The Israeli elections might have grave repercussions in Palestine, because idiots will take the wheel, and idiots do not scare us.”

                    “The Israeli elections will increase the divide and influence the future of this entity through the choices it is taking,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

                    Israeli Likud party chief Benjamin Netanyahu obtained the support of 64 Knesset members, Israeli media said on Thursday, noting that he would be assigned to form the Israeli government.

                    This comes after the victory of the pro-Netanyahu camp in the Knesset elections, which took place on the first of November.

                    Regarding the demarcation of the Lebanese maritime borders, Sayyed Nasrallah underlined that the people betting on the guarantees provided by the United States should look to the Palestinians that trusted the US guarantees on their accords, “but for us, the status quo that led to the agreement will remain present.”

                    “Lebanon is protected by God and by the established equation of strength, which is ‘army, people, and resistance’. This will not change after the Israeli elections, for our strength is still present,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

                    “Washington did not complete the maritime border agreement for Lebanon’s sake, but rather to avert war in the region because it has different priorities,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

                    US source of plague

                    Similarly, Sayyed Nasrallah said the results of the US elections would not change anything because the Republicans and Democrats are two faces of the same coin.

                    In response to the statements of the United States Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barabara Leaf, who said Hezbollah represented a “plague in Lebanon” for many years, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “Hezbollah eradicated the curse of the United States from Lebanon, killing this plague.”

                    “The United States is the cause of this curse, plague, and pandemic, and it is sneaking in everywhere all over again and committing massacres after our peoples confronted its curse and plague,” Sayyed Nasrallah stressed.

                    “The United States brought the terrorist takfiri plague to Lebanon, and Hezbollah confronted and eradicated it,” he added. “The United States wanted chaos in Lebanon in 2019 though supporting the demonstrations after its plans were foiled.”

                    “It is the United States that sponsored the chaos of October 2019 and planted its curse, which Hezbollah and the honorable people faced,” the resistance chief said. “The American blockade is still continuing on Lebanon by preventing any investments or economic aid to the country, and this itself is a curse and a plague.”

                    “The US prevents any country from helping Lebanon,” he explained, highlighting that any country that grows courageous enough to break the American blockade and aid Lebanon, the United States will prevent the government from taking the assistance.

                    “Will Lebanon dare accept the new assistance from Russia, or will it bow down to the US pressures?” Sayyed Nasrallah asked. “Iran agreed to the request of a Lebanese delegation that visited it to help Lebanon, but the American curse prevented the aid [from reaching Lebanon.”

                    Sayyed Nasrallah called on the Lebanese people not to kneel before the US plague, especially as the United States seeks nothing but protection for “Israel”.

                    An honest president

                    Touching on Lebanon’s internal affairs, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the presidential vacuum had many connotations in Lebanon, “but the vacuum cannot be filled by whoever.”

                    “The presidency is a sensitive and pivotal matter for Lebanon that will leave its mark for the six years of the term and beyond,” he explained. “Therefore, we must have the most optimal pick for president.”

                    “We do not want a president who would provide a cover for the resistance, because it does not need protection. We want a president who would not stab the resistance in the back,” the Hezbollah chief stressed.

                    “The resistance was safe throughout President Michel Aoun’s tenure. We want a brave man who does not get scared and who cannot be bought or sold,” Sayyed Nasrallah noted.

                    “The resistance is one of the most important elements of power in Lebanon, and it is targeted, especially by the Americans that are still seeking chaos.”

                    “The Americans publicly affirm that they support the Lebanese army, which they consider qualified to confront the resistance,” he noted, though he went on to voice “the resistance’s confidence in the Lebanese army and its leadership, which rejects any confrontation with the resistance.”

                    “The US embassy is interfering in the smallest governmental and ministerial details in Lebanon […] the resistance, as a large part of the Lebanese people, wants a president that reassures the resistance.”

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                    Hezbollah, The Protective Shield of Lebanon’s Soil, Water, Gas, and Oil

                    July 19, 2022 

                    By Mohammad Youssef

                    The battle between the ‘Israeli’ occupation enemy and Lebanon about the maritime border has reached an unprecedented level of tension and escalation. Nonetheless, positive indications have started to appear after Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has pledged to prevent the ‘Israelis’ from extracting or making use of the oil and gas in the occupied Palestinian territories if they continue to deny Lebanon its rights in this very valuable resource at this very critical time in the country’s history.

                    The ‘Israeli’ enemy has long eyed Lebanon’s resources; whether soil, water, or nowadays gas.

                    Since the beginning of the dispute between Lebanon and the ‘Israeli’ enemy about the demarcation of the maritime border a few years ago, both Washington and Tel Aviv exerted their utmost power to prevent Lebanon from extracting its gas and using it.

                    The US envoy to Lebanon has been very active in his game of postponement and procrastination. After several meetings with the different Lebanese officials engaged in the issue, it has become very clear that both Americans and ‘Israelis’ are buying time, making Lebanon wait infinitely, while they are working day and night to extract gas and oil from the disputed area.

                    Until this moment, the Lebanese position was unfortunately a weak one. Soon after, Sayyed Nasrallah issued an ultimatum and directed a very serious warning to the ‘Israeli’ enemy. It was not long before the Resistance leader ordered sending three drones close to the disputed gas platforms as a direct message to the ‘Israelis’ to take his warnings seriously.

                    Directly after that, the ‘Israelis’ have made a major shift in their approach, and so did the Americans.

                    The tone has abruptly become positive, and the US officials started to adopt a new approach while the ‘Israelis’ started to send messages expressing their intent for de-escalation.

                    The Resistance leadership has examined the situation carefully and made its accurate calculations and precise assessment. The decision to send the drones comes within a gradual plan to mount the pressure on the enemy and its US allies to force them to acknowledge Lebanon’s rights and recognize its demands of extracting its natural resources whether oil or gas.

                    The preservation of Lebanon’s right is another achievement the Resistance scored. Hezbollah proved once again that it is not only a safety valve for Lebanon on the security level, and a shield to defend the Lebanese territories from any threat whether ‘Israeli’ or takfiri but also a guarantee for Lebanon’s fortunes and natural resources.

                    If there is any hope Lebanon can survive its current crisis it would be by using its gas and oil. If this is to happen, then it would be thanks to the Resistance. Hereby we come to recognize how critically important the Resistance is for Lebanon on all levels.

                    A new constructive role emerges here. It reflects the economic investment the Resistance provides for Lebanon military safety and economic survivability and stability.

                    “Israel” Afraid of Next War: Thousands of Missiles Will Be Fired at Us


                    By Staff

                    The military affairs correspondent for the “Israeli” Channel 14 website, Hillel Peyton Rosen, indicated that the northern borders of occupied Palestine with Syria and Lebanon now pose a threat to the security of the Zionist entity.

                    He explained that the two countries have fought against “Israel” many times in the past, noting that there has not been a war with Syria for 50 years and with Lebanon for 16 years.

                    “Therefore, here lies the biggest and direct security threat to ‘Israel’,” Rosen said, adding that “In the security establishment, they talk in closed rooms that in the next war in the north, thousands of missiles will be fired at ‘Israel’, and it may cause many casualties and great damage.”

                    “Besides this threat, the ‘Israeli’ army understands that the ‘enemy’ will also try to create a propaganda achievement on the ground,” the “Israeli” journalist clarified.

                    He continued, “Of course, there will be a response. From 2006 until today, the ‘Israeli’ army has undergone dramatic changes in the theory of defense and attack, and it has grown fundamentally.”

                    Rosen pointed out that as part of an ongoing process called “the Battle Between Wars”, the “Israeli” attacks launched at the area from the borders of Lebanon to the borders of Syria are not few, this is according to western reports.

                    The “Israeli” journalist saw that “the Syrian borders are generally calm – here there are no smuggling operations, but – from time to time – there are attempts to carry out operations such as throwing packages over the fence,” he said.

                    He considered that in terms of threats and assessments to the security establishment, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is not supposed to be drawn into a war with “Israel”. However, he clarified that in the security establishment they are well aware that the Syrian front will participate during the war with Hezbollah – with the help of Iran – and they are preparing accordingly.”

                    Rosen concluded by saying, “In fact, the war in the north seems far away, especially after the gas ‘agreement’ with Lebanon and the decrease in the threat of Hezbollah Secretary General in its wake.”

                    He added, “But just as the Second Lebanon War [2006] broke out, and as what happened in the ‘Operation House of Cards’ in Syria when an Air Force warplane was downed, they are well aware in ‘Israel’ that one small spark is enough to drag the entire region into a war that we have not seen so far.”

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                    واشنطن للبنان: الفيول الإيراني ممنوع

                     الأربعاء 9 تشرين الثاني 2022


                    ما «بشّرت» به مساعدة وزير الخارجية الأميركي لشؤون الشرق الأدنى، باربرا ليف، أول من أمس، باستمرار الحصار الأميركي على لبنان وبأن «اللبنانيين سيضطرّون إلى تحمّل مزيد من الألم»، بدأت ملامحه بالظهور مع إبلاغ واشنطن رئيس الحكومة نجيب ميقاتي رفضها قبول لبنان هبة الفيول الإيراني، تحت طائلة الخضوع للعقوبات الأميركية

                    في كلمته الأخيرة لشرح اتفاق الترسيم البحري على الحدود الجنوبية، في 29 الشهر الماضي، كانت لافتة إشارة الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله إلى هبة الفيول الإيراني للبنان، عندما قال: «الأميركيون لا يسمحون للغاز المصري ‏والكهرباء الأردنية بالوصول إلى لبنان، وسترون غداً ما سيكون ‏موقفهم من هبة الفيول التي عرضت الجمهورية الإسلامية في إيران تقديمها للبنان، وإن غداً لناظره قريب»… وبالفعل، بعد أيام قليلة من كلام نصرالله، أبلغت الولايات المتحدة لبنان، رسمياً، أن ليس في إمكانه قبول الهبة الإيرانية، كون النفط الإيراني يخضع للعقوبات الأميركية، أياً يكن الشكل الذي يجري تبادله به، سواء مجاناً أو تجارياً، وذلك وفق قوانين فرضتها واشنطن على طهران بعد انسحاب الولايات المتحدة من الاتفاق النووي الإيراني في عهد إدارة الرئيس الأميركي السابق دونالد ترامب عام 2018.

                    ساير ميقاتي «المغمغة» الأميركية بـ«مغمغة» مماثلة (هيثم الموسوي)

                    مصادر مطلعة أبلغت «الأخبار» أنه مع إعلان نصرالله، في تموز الماضي، استعداد إيران لتزويد معامل الكهرباء اللبنانية بالفيول مجاناً، وفق اتفاق مع الحكومة اللبنانية، تواصلت الجهات الرسمية المعنية مع مسؤولين أميركيين، وفهمت بأن العقوبات الأميركية لا تشمل الهبات طالما أنها لا تتضمن أي مقايضة مادية أو عينية. لكن تبيّن لاحقاً أن هذا الموقف لم يكن رسمياً، وأن الأميركيين تعمّدوا على ما يبدو «المغمغة» لئلا يؤثر تصريحهم بالرفض على مفاوضات ترسيم الحدود البحرية مع «إسرائيل». وعندما سُئل الوسيط الأميركي عاموس هوكشتين عن الأمر، لم يعطِ موقفاً حاسماً، وأبلغ وزير الطاقة وليد فياض بأن يترك الأمر لرئيس الحكومة لأن مثل هذا القرار يحتاج إلى موافقة مجلس الوزراء، وهو ما أثنت عليه يومها السفيرة الأميركية دوروثي شيا.
                    وعلى ما يبدو أيضاً، فإن رئيس الحكومة نجيب ميقاتي كان على علم بحقيقة الموقف الأميركي، إلا أنه ساير «المغمغة» الأميركية بـ«مغمغة» ميقاتية مماثلة. فبعد أخذ ورد، وتذرع مرة بضرورة التأكد من أن الهبة مجانية، وأخرى بعدم مطابقة الفيول الإيراني لمواصفات المعامل اللبنانية، اضطر رئيس الحكومة تحت ضغط الانقطاع التام للتيار الكهربائي، إلى الخضوع وتشكيل وفد تقني لزيارة طهران والبحث في أمر الهبة، ودائماً مع شروط و«تكبير الحجر» من نوع طلب زيادة كمية الهبة بما يسمح بزيادة ساعات التغذية إلى ثمان يومياً. كما أصر ميقاتي على إبعاد أي «شبهة» سياسية عن الوفد الذي رفض أن يترأسه وزير الطاقة. وفي كل هذه المحطات، أبدى الجانب الإيراني تفهّماً للحرج اللبناني وأبدى انفتاحاً كبيراً على التعاون.

                    منتصف أيلول الماضي زار الوفد الذي ضم المدير العام للنفط أورور فغالي ومدير الإنتاج في كهرباء لبنان بشارة عطية طهران للتفاوض حول الشروط وطبيعة الهبة والجانب التقني ونوعية الفيول. ولدى عودته، أعدّ الوفد تقريراً، وأبلغ الجهات الرسمية أنه في صدد مناقشة مذكرة تفاهم مع الجانب الإيراني. واستمر التواصل بين الجانبين حتى الأسبوع الأخير من الشهر الماضي، عندما أرسل الجانب الإيراني مسودة لمذكرة التفاهم تضمّنت إشارة واضحة إلى أن الأمر عبارة عن هبة لا مقابل مادياً لها، وذلك لمساعدة لبنان على مواجهة الضغوط الأميركية.
                    مطلع الشهر الجاري، أرسل فياض المسودة والتفاصيل التقنية إلى رئاسة الحكومة للحصول على الموافقة، بما أن الأمر يحتاج إلى قرار من مجلس الوزراء. وليس إلى قرار من الوزير، ليتبين أن ميقاتي كان قد بدأ اتصالات جانبية مع الأميركيين، وأنه تبلّغ من مكتب قانوني في الولايات المتحدة استعان به بأن الهبات الإيرانية تخضع للعقوبات حتى ولو كانت مجانية. كما تبلّغ رئيس الحكومة، رسمياً، بأن عليه مراسلة وزارة الخزانة الأميركية لطلب إذن خاص (مماثل لإذن أُعطي للعراق لشراء الفيول الإيراني لمعامل الكهرباء)، يسمح للبنان بالحصول على هذه الهبة من دون تعريضه لأي عقوبات. وبحسب المصادر، فإن الاتصالات الجانبية تؤكّد أن الجانب الأميركي لن يوافق على منح لبنان أي استثناء، وإن الموقف الأميركي لا يزال ضاغطاً لمنع لبنان من الاستفادة من إيران أو من روسيا.

                    الجانب الأميركي لن يوافق على منح لبنان أي استثناء شبيه بالإذن الممنوح للعراق

                    وبناء عليه، فإن ملف الهبة الإيرانية الذي كان يتيح لشركة كهرباء لبنان مضاعفة مستوى الإنتاج ما يزيد التغذية إلى 4 أو 5 ساعات يومياً، صار محل تجاذب داخلي جديد، وعلى الأغلب، فإن ميقاتي لن يغامر بخوض مواجهة لا يريدها مع الأميركيين الذين نكثوا من جهة أخرى بوعودهم بالضغط على البنك الدولي لتمويل استجرار الغاز من مصر والكهرباء من الأردن. وفي هذا السياق، عاد البنك الدولي إلى التشدد في شروطه من أجل الموافقة على التمويل، ومنها تشكيل الهيئة الناظمة وتعديل القوانين بما يفصل بين صلاحياتها وصلاحيات وزارة الطاقة، الأمر الذي يحتاج إلى وجود حكومة وإلى موازنة خاصة، وهو ما لا يبدو ممكناً في ظل الظروف الحالية.
                    لذلك، يبدو أن ميقاتي قرّر التوجه إلى مصرف لبنان من أجل تمويل مناقصة شراء الفيول لمصلحة مؤسسة كهرباء لبنان لرفع ساعات التغذية. وفي هذا السياق، يعقد اليوم في السراي اجتماع يرأسه ميقاتي ويحضره فياض ووزير المال يوسف خليل وحاكم مصرف لبنان رياض سلامة للبحث في تأمين المصرف المركزي الضمانات المالية لمناقصات شراء كمية من الفيول لخمسة أشهر بقيمة 600 مليون دولار، ما يتيح رفع ساعات التغذية إلى عشر ساعات يومياً على الأقل. ومن غير الواضح ما إذا كان ميقاتي قد حصل على دعم الرئيس نبيه بري وقيادات سياسية أخرى بالضغط على سلامة لتوفير هذه الضمانات.

                    مقالات ذات صلة

                    The Full Story Behind Lebanon Maritime Borders: Lines and Gains (Videograph)

                     November 3, 2022

                    Marwa Haidar

                    Have you ever known that the story of Lebanon maritime borders started when an embattled premier offered major concessions because he wanted to “avoid tensions” with ‘Israel’ and Cyprus?

                    Back then in 2007, former PM Fuad Siniora, who didn’t even bat an eyelid when hundreds of thousands of Lebanese took to streets calling for his ouster, decided to simply concede a great part of Lebanon’s maritime resources.

                    Here is how the story started. During Siniora’s term, Lebanon engaged in maritime talks aimed at delimitation of Lebanon and Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ).

                    Former Lebanese PM Fuad Siniora (photo from archive).

                    In order to “avoid a clash” with Cyprus and the Zionist entity, Siniora agreed on points of equidistance that led to cut out a great area of Lebanon’s EEZ.

                    Many officials and legal experts challenged the unofficial agreement, which took place at a time the government’s conventionality was doubted after the resignation of Shiite ministers.

                    The Lebanese Parliament in 2008 didn’t ratify the agreement and rather questioned the official who represented Lebanon in the talks with Cyprus.

                    The journey to demarcate Lebanon’s maritime borders continued, with Lebanese experts with national affiliation being keen to secure full rights of their country.

                    The videograph below, prepared by Al-Manar Website, presents a timeline of major stages Lebanon got through in order to reach the maritime deal in October 2022.

                    What Lebanon Gained?

                    Lebanon signed on October 27 2022 the maritime deal with the Zionist entity. Under the US-brokered deal, Lebanon obtained Line 23 plus the Qana gas field.

                    Throughout years, the Zionist entity was utilizing from the concession Siniora made in 2007 by sticking to Line 1 and trying to impose it as Lebanon’s maritime boundary.

                    However, Lebanon managed to secure an area of 860 km² of its EEZ, thanks to Lebanon’s official stance backed by Hezbollah’s power of deterrence with the Israeli enemy.

                    Away from numbers, Lebanon secure the entire Qana gas field which breaks south of the Line 23. The reservoir is estimated to contain nearly 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas, making it a highly profitable endeavor that could help Lebanon to get out of the current economic crisis.

                    Line of Buoys

                    Meanwhile, the so-called Buoys Line, which was set by the Israeli occupation following the liberation of south Lebanon in 2000, was kept by the Israeli enemy in the area which lies in the southwest off Lebanon’s coast.

                    Line of Buoys Lebanon IsraelLine of Buoys set by the Israeli occupation off Lebanon’s coast

                    The “Bouys Line” was in the latest months an issue of dispute in the indirect talks between Lebanon and the Zionist entity. Lebanon was firm on the illegality of the so-called line. In a letter sent in response to US mediator Amos Hochstein’s deal proposal, Lebanon requested amending the item that tackles the “Buoys Line”.

                    “Lebanon affirms that this line is meaningless since it doesn’t exist. Lebanon considers the current situation in this area as de-facto (factual) situation that is not legally recognized,” the letter sent by Lebanon in early October said.

                    Meanwhile, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed that the area between the so-called Buoys Line and Line 23, which is of 2.27 km², is an occupied.

                    “The only remaining issue that has not been resolved yet as Lebanon expressed reservation about it is the Line of Buoys,” Sayyed Nasrallah said in a televised speech via Al-Manar on October 29, 2022, two days after the deal was signed.

                    Hezbollah Secures Lebanon’s Rights

                    In his October 29 speech, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that Hezbollah has never interfered in defining the lines which Lebanese State was indirectly negotiating the Israeli enemy over.

                    Hezbollah S.G. Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah in a televised address on October 29, 2022.

                    He affirmed that the resistance role in the maritime deal was backing the Lebanese State’s stance, through threats it had announced in a bid confront the Israeli enemy’s attempts to deny Lebanon’s maritime right.

                    “Hezbollah was fully ready to face all options, including the break out of an all-out war with the Zionist entity. All fields and facilities in the occupied Palestinian waters have been within the reach of our missiles and drones,” Sayyed Nasrallah said in his latest speech.

                    Hezbollah threats were crucial, as confirmed by enemies and friends, in forcing the Zionist entity to recognize Lebanon’s rights. Such role is a real guarantee to confront the Zionist entity’s greed, as well as concession policy adopted by anti-resistance camp in Lebanon, which Fuad Siniora belongs to.

                    Source: Al-Manar English Website

                    Articles By Marwa Haidar

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                    Faisal Abdel-Sater and Brigadier General Haitham Hassoun / Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech and the great Lebanese achievement

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                    Lebanon Secures Oil, Gas Rights Without Any Concession, Now It’s Time to Preserve This Achievement

                    November 2, 2022

                    By Mohammad Youssef

                    Lebanon has become an oil and gas member country. The new understanding to demarcate the maritime border line with occupied Palestine is a milestone and the start of a new era that put the country on a new road towards prosperity and stability on many levels. More importantly, this remarkable achievement has been reached without any kind of normalization with the ‘Israeli’ enemy.

                    It is the first time in history that an Arab state gets its rights without bowing down to the ‘Israeli’ blackmail, threats, or diktats.

                    But how did that take place?

                    The resistance in Lebanon spearheaded by Hezbollah has given another proof about its ability to bring the yet another country.

                    Supported by the people who put their trust and have a full unshakable conviction about the resistance. Hezbollah leadership took a courageous step by setting a new formula against the enemy which states the following: If Lebanon cannot explore, exploit, and extract its gas resources, the enemy is not allowed to do so.

                    Hezbollah put its threat into effect by sending its drones over Karish platform to reflect the seriousness of its warning.

                    In addition to this, and in a harmonious and coordinated way with the state officials, namely President of the Republic General Michel Aoun, House Speaker Nabih Berri, and Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati, and their respective teams, the resistance represented by Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has been able to give Lebanon another remarkable victory which brought the ‘Israeli’ enemy to its knees.

                    This event has given an exemplary model about the defensive strategy that Lebanon could reach and adopt to defend the country and act as a deterrent force against any ‘Israeli’ aggression.

                    This defensive strategy has long been under the light, and is always under focus. Many parties in Lebanon have called for an open discussion to deliberate over this matter. Now we have a real embodiment and a vivid example that no one can deny about the result of coordination that can take place to ensure not only Lebanon’s protection and liberation, but also its full sovereignty over its land, sea, and all its natural resources.

                    Needless to say, this kind of coordination will definitely act as a safety valve and as a guarantee for Lebanon and the Lebanese against any foreign threat, aggression, or intimidation, especially from the ‘Israeli’ enemy side which has a lengthy history of aggressions.

                    It is the duty of the Lebanese from every sect and confession to perceive this new lesson. To understand the importance of this achievement, they should all learn how to appreciate it, value it and do everything possible to support and preserve it.

                    This is a successful golden formula that has no otherwise so far. It proved its efficiency in the past and present, and will definitely protect Lebanon and its people in the future.

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                    Why Western regimes are complicit in Daesh carnage at popular Iran shrine

                    Friday, 28 October 2022 6:16 AM  [ Last Update: Friday, 28 October 2022 7:51 AM ]

                    Shah Cheragh shrine in southern Shiraz city belongs to Ahmed ibn Musa Kazim.

                    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

                    It didn’t come as a surprise that the Daesh Takfiri group claimed responsibility for the dastardly terrorist attack at the revered Shah Cheragh shrine in Shiraz on Wednesday.

                    The modus operandi employed by the Kalashnikov-yielding terrorist who went on a rampage at the 12th-century shrine belonging to a descendant of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was straight out of the Daesh playbook.

                    So, quite expectedly, the group in a statement posted on their website Amaq News bragged about the carnage, which left at least 15 people dead and dozens of others injured.

                    Among the victims were 4-year-old Artin’s parents and brother, who had gone to the shrine for evening prayers. Artin was lucky to survive and is recuperating from injuries at a local hospital in Shiraz.

                    The terrorist, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed yet, reportedly aimed to target the congregational prayers inside the main hall of the shrine, but the shrine staff shut the door on him, preventing a bigger massacre.

                    Let’s get this straight. Contrary to popular perception, Daesh hasn’t been decimated or consigned to the dustbin of history yet. The group, driven by the toxic Takfiri ideology, is very much active and thriving.

                    It reminds me of what Lebanese Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said some time ago. The self-anointed Daesh regime in Iraq and Syria was annihilated by the resistance axis led by Iran’s famed anti-terror commander Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

                    But, as a group and ideology, Daesh is still very much there – in Iraq, in Syria, in Afghanistan – overtly and covertly backed by Western powers.

                    It’s no secret how Daesh fighters were shipped from Iraq and Syria in military helicopters to Afghanistan, to fill the vacuum left by the US-led NATO military alliance. Those who deny this fact need a reality check.

                    This is the group that wreaked havoc in Iraq and Syria for years and continues to carry out diabolic attacks on religious and ethnic minorities in Afghanistan in line with the roguish agenda of Western hegemonic powers.

                    The far-right Takfiri ideology that drives these brainwashed terrorists, according to which anything not in sync with their rigid interpretation of religion must be exterminated, is essentially designed to sow seeds of discord among Muslims and malign the image of Islam. That is precisely where the interests of Daesh and Western powers converge.

                    The criminal collusion between them has been on full display in regional countries in recent years. And now they have shown the audacity to target the Islamic Republic of Iran, attacking the country’s sacred religious places and spilling innocent blood to incite sectarian tensions and civil war.

                    The last time Daesh footprints were spotted in Iran was in 2017 when the group targeted the mausoleum of the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini, and the parliament building, leaving at least 17 dead and hundreds of others injured.

                    This is a moment of reckoning for people in Iran, cutting across sectarian, regional, and ideological lines, to thwart evil plots designed to cause social disintegration in the country. It’s also important that regional countries join hands with the Islamic Republic to confront and defeat this hydra-headed monster before it swallows them.

                    The fact that Wednesday’s attack came amid foreign-backed unrest and riots in Iran makes it even more sinister and dastardly.

                     It won’t be an exaggeration to state that the anarchy and mobocracy seen across Iran in recent weeks essentially paved the ground for this cold-blooded massacre, which makes the Western powers that instigated rioters directly complicit in this diabolic crime.

                    As Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian quite rightly remarked on Thursday, it’s a “multi-layered project” by enemies to fuel insecurity in the country.

                    What is also worth noting is the target chosen by the terrorist group – a holy shrine in a city known as Iran’s cultural capital. Shiraz, the capital of southern Fars province, is among the major tourist attractions in Iran, known for its picturesque gardens, ruins from Achaemenid era, mausoleums of legendary Persian poets Hafiz and Saadi, as well as the city’s rich heritage.

                    The objective appears to be fuelling insecurity, instilling fear, and turning Iran into another Afghanistan or Syria, so that tourists stop coming and locals live in constant fear.

                    There are very few hashtags for victims of Daesh terrorism in Shiraz, which is not surprising though. It goes to show not all lives matter. Had it been Paris or London or New York, it would be a different story altogether. But this is the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country that has singlehandedly challenged the hegemony of arrogant global powers and laid bare their evilness.

                    Hence, it’s only understandable why the corporate Western media, an extended arm of the Western military-industrial complex, has willfully shut its eyes to the bloodletting in Shiraz, treating it as a normal incident.

                    The same media brazenly distorted facts in the case of Mahsa Amini’s death and instigated deadly riots in Iran that cost many precious lives.

                    The self-righteous human rights advocates in the West, who miss no opportunity to decry Iranian authorities for using force to maintain law and order, especially amid foreign-backed riots, have also been silent. Their silence amounts to both complicity and cowardice.

                    As Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Raeisi have categorically stated, this terrorist act will not go unanswered. The perpetrators and their backers will have to pay the price. It’s important to nip this evil in the bud.

                    Syed Zafar Mehdi is a Tehran-based journalist, political commentator and author. He has reported for over 12 years from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and Middle East for leading publications worldwide.

                    (The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of Press TV.)

                    Press TV’s website can also be accessed at the following alternate addresses:



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                    Hezbollah Fighters Salute Palestinian Comrades-in-Arms

                     October 28, 2022

                    Hezbollah fighters saluting Palestine’s flag

                    After Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah saluted Palestinian resistance heroes in West Bank and Al-Quds and lauded martyr Udai Al-Tamimi who carried out Shuafat shooting and was martyred in another operation he had carried out ten days after being on run, the Islamic Resistance fighters sent similar greeting to the comrades-in-arms in Palestine.

                    Hezbollah war media department released a video that shows Hezbollah fighters performing the military salutation to Palestine’s flag and, consequently, to the Palestinian Resistance fighters in the occupied West Bank.

                    The video starts with an audio excerpt from Sayyed Nasrallah’s Thursday speech during which his eminence greets all the Palestinian resistance groups, including Nablus’ Lions’ Den ans well as Jenin Battalion, and stressed that all resistance acts carried out by these heroes “undermine the Zionist entity.”

                    The Islamic Resistance fighters then chanted a military salutation to entire Palestine, including Gaza and occupied West Bank.

                    Source: Al-Manar English Website

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                    The maritime agreement with Lebanon is still a fodder for the political debate in Israel.
                    The strategic effects of achieving the demarcation between Lebanon and the occupying entity
                    After the maritime border demarcation agreement, what political and economic gains await Lebanon?

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                    Aoun: Demarcation agreement will not lead to peace with ‘Israel’

                    Friday 28 10 2022 

                    Source: Al Mayadeen

                    By Al Mayadeen English 

                    Lebanese President Michel Aoun asserts that the maritime border deal was the outcome of national interests and stability and is in no way an indication of peace with “Israel”.

                    Aoun: Oil and gas funds will be returned to the sovereign fund

                      Lebanese President Michel Aoun told LBC broadcaster that Lebanon “demarcated the borders to avert war,” adding that “the maritime deal was the outcome of national interests and stability” and is in no way an indication of peace with “Israel”.

                      He further added, “We claimed our right to demarcate and amplified it, and we consolidated it, thus giving hope to the Lebanese people.”

                      “The demarcation will lay the ground for the extraction of gas and oil which will lift Lebanon out of debt, and this is my gift to the Lebanese before I leave.”

                      Aoun noted that “there are no papers, signatures, or anything else in the process of signing the demarcation agreement that could indicate a peace agreement [was made].”
                      The Lebanese President pointed out that “the money that will be generated from oil companies will be deposited in the Sovereign Fund for Oil and Gas Revenues.”

                      Read more: Sayyed Nasrallah: No normalization in border demarcation deal

                      There’s a good reason for Hezbollah’s arms to remain

                      Commenting on his relations with Hezbollah, Aoun said the party’s Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, “has two eyes, as we all do, but each of us sees things differently… when it comes to responsibilities, each of us is tasked with certain jobs.”

                      Aoun added that “Hezbollah helped us quietly,” stressing that “there is a good reason for Hezbollah’s arms to remain, and those who question this are political opponents.”

                      Commenting on the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil, Aoun said Bassil “has become the head of a bloc and I am not his guardian. Even if he makes mistakes, he is the one to assume consequences, not me. His powers are not mine,” noting that he had previously requested “a change of the governor of the Banque du Liban, but he did not receive approval.”

                      On signing a decree accepting the government’s resignation

                      Aoun also confirmed that he was on the verge of signing a decree accepting the government’s resignation, noting that “fighting corruption has brought him many enemies along the way.”

                      On government matters, Aoun said, “The current government does not enjoy the confidence of the people and thus cannot rule,” adding that Prime Minister Najib Mikati “has no will to form a government and there must be unity in terms of the formation criteria.”

                      “I will give a chance until the end of my term,” Aoun said.

                      Aoun explained that “it is a big mistake not to determine the deadline for the prime minister in charge of forming the government to actually do the formation,” noting that “dialogue on the presidential issue will fail, but relevant consultations may actually lead somewhere.”

                      Concerning the issue of Syrian refugees, Aoun pointed out that his country “demanded the voluntary return of the displaced Syrians, and Syria did not set any conditions for their return,” adding that “the international community wants Lebanon to be a ship guard to prevent displaced Syrians from traveling to their countries, while at the same time they stand in the way of their return home.”

                      Read more: Return of displaced Syrians to be voluntary: Lebanese General Security

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