Hassan Nasrallah: Without Hezbollah, South Lebanon would be Israel’s, Palestinian & Syrian Refugee Crisis must be solved

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May 25, 2019, on the 19th anniversary of the Liberation of Lebanon.

[…] One of the most important results of this (May 25), 2000 victory, which was confirmed and strengthened over time, is to have shaped the equation of force in Lebanon. In 2000, with the Israeli defeat, it became clear that in Lebanon, a force had imposed on the Israeli enemy (by force) to get out defeated, humiliated, fleeing (the battlefield). Israel has not obtained any gain nor was it able to impose any conditions, any security agreement (for an orderly retreat or a peace treaty), any reward or compensation whatsoever: on the contrary, it was a retreat (without negotiations or conditions), a (real) humiliation. And anyway, Israelis themselves unanimously acknowledge this.

All that was said at the time to (try to) confiscate the results of this victory, that what happened was allegedly the result of a secret agreement, of a deal (between so and so), a (mere) implementation by Israel of UN Resolution 425 (passed in 1978!), it all fell apart within a few days, because it was a mirage, illusions, lies, mystification attempts that had no basis of truth or reality. The whole world –and primarily Israel itself– submitted to the fact, and recognized and accepted that what happened on May 25, 2000 was a total defeat for the Israeli enemy and a clear, decisive, conclusive, radiant and glorious victory for Lebanon, for the Lebanese people, for the Resistance in Lebanon, for the Lebanese army, and for all those who have helped shape this feat and the victory in Lebanon (especially Iran and Syria). And therefore, the presence of this proactive force was revealed (to the whole world), this force that imposed a defeat on the enemy.

And ever since, Lebanon is not considered anymore as the weak link in the Arab-Israeli conflict or as the main weakness of the body of the (Muslim) Community or in the structure or situation of the region. This is well and truly over. Now, Lebanon is regarded as the holder of a large point of strength (Hezbollah). And it is not (only) me who says so. Anyone can ascertain this truth by following (the statements of) Israeli officials, the Israeli enemy, its politicians and military, security services, analysts, media, study centers, conferences held each year within the (Zionist) entity, reports, security measures, (military) maneuvers, all the measures taken by Israel at the border (construction of a defensive wall, earthworks, trenches, etc.), all this confirms that the enemy is considering seriously and follows in real time this real strength present in Lebanon.

For a long time, we have been considered by Israel as a strategic threat or as the main threat. I’m going back to the fact that we are a “threat” to them. But the fact is that the enemy recognizes our strength, and that the whole world does the same, including the United States, and that’s why they constantly ponder how they can liquidate Hezbollah as the spine and base of the new Lebanese force equation which was achieved after 2000. They constantly wonder how they can get rid of Hezbollah. They speak of assassinations, sanctions, pressure, isolation, inclusion in the lists of terrorist organizations, blockade and even total war… All this, they have undertaken, but Hezbollah has stood against all these conspiracies and all these trials.

Therefore, the enemy recognizes the presence of this force, and the reality of this great upheaval that took place in Lebanon after 2000, and took root and expanded after the victory of the Resistance in 2006. Today, Israel says about this force, particularly about Hezbollah, that it is a strategic threat or the greatest threat to Israel. I would like to… Of course, this is a glorious testimony for us, and we are proud of it and take pride with this fact, because what even our enemies acknowledge undeniably underlines our merit. But I want to present it in positive and national terms, from our front, our side, not from the perspective of the enemy. Because when Israel presents us as a strategic threat and the main threat, it aims thereby to incite the world against us. But we have to present (this reality) from our point of view, positively. In a positive way, what the enemy sees as a threat, we designate it as a defensive force, a force that prevents (aggression), a force that pushes back (the enemy), a protection, deterrence and confrontation force. In a nutshell, as an integral part of the Lebanese force that got rooted after 2000, Hezbollah represents part of the force of deterrence, response and prevention that prevents the Israeli enemy to satisfy any of its greed (in Lebanon), or to carry out any of its threats.

We all know that the enemy has ambitions in our lands, waters, country, borders, etc. So far, even in border areas –to which I shall return in a moment–, the Israeli enemy continues to claim certain strategic areas for Lebanon, like the issue of the Shebaa farms, or others who have a major value in terms of security, strategy and economy. The same goes for the issue of the (maritime) border (and offshore resources in) oil and gas. The greed of this enemy goes far beyond these borders. Anyway, Israel’s cupidity and threats are well known, and he tries to forcefully impose his choices to our country, to our people and to the Lebanese State, but this force (Hezbollah) stands before him (and neutralizes his aggressive tendencies).

This force, just like the enemy recognizes it and works to neutralize it, to liquidate it and get rid of it, as for us, we need to know, we the Lebanese, the importance of this force for the preservation of Lebanon’s sovereignty, welfare, safety, choices and resources, for the present and the future of Lebanon, and we must work to protect this force, that we dubbed the ‘Golden Equation’, namely the Army, the People and the Resistance. We must preserve this strength to face this greed and these threats. And it is thanks to this strength that we could liberate our territory.

Imagine that there were no Resistance in Lebanon, that there were no Liberation in May 2000. So imagine that the army of occupation were still occupying our territory, at least Southern Lebanon, to this date, wouldn’t we see Mr. Trump grant southern Lebanon, or at least large areas of southern Lebanon, to the enemy government, as he granted them Al-Quds (Jerusalem), as he granted them the Golan, as he will grant them the West Bank, and as his predecessors in the past granted them the 1948 territories?

Therefore, today, the Resistance, as a part of this fundamental Lebanese force, this fundamental Lebanese force, this defense force, this deterrent, this protection force, this retaliation, prevention and confrontation force, it is the force that we must protect with great care and at the best of our capabilities. When we see that our enemies target it by all means to finish it off, we need to know that they act in their interests, and therefore, as Lebanese, we must act on the basis of our national position, our sovereignty, our ethics and also according to our interests. Our interest as Lebanese is to live in security, welfare and health, to protect our territory, our capabilities, our blood, our honor, our dignity and our freedom, which implies that we should be strong. The strength is our (only) real guarantee (against Israel).

What we need to confirm during the occasion that we celebrate this day, especially in a world that appears more than ever as making no place to international law, UN resolutions, the Security Council, or to international organizations, and where only the US-Zionist tyranny, arrogance and despotism have a voice, as well as the Resistant, strong and steadfast peoples, those who are fully committed to their rights and are prepared to defend themselves and to sacrifice for these rights to be respected. As for the others, they are (mere) victims, who have no place in the equations, and must spend (huge) sums of money, pay the consequences (of their cowardice), and in the end, the (US) will get rid of them when they become a burden (refers to Saudi Arabia, etc.).

Based on the occasion that we celebrate this day, I want to briefly mention a few related points. First, on the 19th anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation Day, we must confirm our commitment to the Shebaa Farms, the hills of Kfar Shuba and the Lebanese part of Ghajar village (occupied Lebanese territories). The statement issued yesterday by His Eminence the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun on this issue was strong, clear and categorical. The same applies to the Declaration of the General Staff of the Lebanese Army, which affirms its absolute commitment in appropriate terms: it was, in essence, an irrevocable commitment to liberate the Shebaa Farms, the hills of Kfar Shuba and the rest of the (Lebanese) occupied territories, whatever sacrifices are required and at any cost, as high as it may be. I do not quote verbatim from their statement, but you can refer to it, and that’s what it says in substance, and its content is clearly strong and appropriate. So today, we confirm our natural right to our territory, to resist, to deploy all forms of Resistance and to implement all means to liberate the rest of our Lebanese (occupied) territory.

The second issue is the demarcation of borders. Currently, one of our elements of strength is the agreement between the various Lebanese officials, and in particular between the three Presidents (of the Republic, of the Council of Ministers and of the Chamber of Deputies) on this issue. The Hezbollah Resistance supports the position shown by the State and stands behind him, as we have announced in the past. In all certainty, the Resistance, the Lebanese people and all the Lebanese trust and place their hopes in the commitment of the (three Lebanese) Presidents and of all the State officials to all of our land, sea and natural resources rights presumed in our waters, and expect from them a wise management of our case, persistence in our national claims and to see them live up to their historic responsibilities in the negotiations on these issues.

In these (indirect) negotiations, Lebanon can rely on two key points: 1 / The strength (provided by) right because what Lebanon demands is its rights. What Lebanon demands is rightfully ours. 2 / The strength (provided by) the strength I have just mentioned, and which is present in Lebanon.

Today, Lebanon is not in a weak position against Israel, not at all. And no Lebanese must feel that their country or State is in a weak position, never. Today, Israel is intimidated, scared, worried and fearful with what is in Lebanon. And just as Israel can prevent Lebanon from exploiting the oil and gas (present in the Mediterranean), similarly, Lebanon can prevent Israel from exploiting maritime resources in oil and gas. I have no need to utter new threats. The Israeli enemy, and behind them the United States are very familiar with these (deterrence) equations.

And therefore, as long as the Lebanese State and politicians rely on the strength (provided by) the righteousness of our claims, and the strength (provided by) our strength, we’ll remain committed to our rights and we can be very optimistic, as the President of the Chamber (of Deputies) Nabih Berri, in our ability to achieve a great victory in this case, God willing.

The third point (of my speech) is the issue of the (permanent) settlement (of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and elsewhere). I would like to draw attention to the fact that the most important thing that can come out of the Bahrain Economic Conference (scheduled for June 25 and 26, 2019, to launch the ‘Deal of the Century’) and the economic investments (for Palestine) that must be discussed there, plus some incentives and financial aid here and there, all this can open the door for the naturalization of our Palestinian brothers (who are refugees) in Lebanon and in the rest of the countries in which they are located, in addition to the pressures and restrictions experienced by UNRWA, that can lead to stopping its activities (of vital aid to Palestinian refugees, especially in Gaza).

Similarly, as for the issue of the border demarcation (between Lebanon and occupied Palestine), there is common ground, a common background on the Lebanese scene, namely that all the Lebanese, despite the many differences between them, are unanimous in the refusal of the naturalization (of Palestinians), be it in the Constitution, politically, patriotically, and on all levels. It is also a common ground with our Palestinian brothers in Lebanon, as all Palestinians, whether Palestinian factions, the Palestinian people (as a whole), Palestinian refugees, all our dear and honorable Palestinians brothers in Lebanon are unanimous in their rejection of naturalization, and insist to assert their right to return to their land, Palestine, in their lands, their property and their homes. This is a common ground (between all Lebanese and all Palestinians).

Now we are at a stage where it is no longer enough for everyone to declare that we are against the naturalization (of Palestinians). O Lebanese, O Palestinians in Lebanon, it seems that the danger of naturalization is dangerously close. And that is why I call for a quick meeting, which does not need to be extensively prepared, because it is not a negotiating table, nor a set of conferences. (This meeting will not require) long days (of preparation or discussions). It is simply a meeting of Lebanese and Palestinian leaders in Lebanon to discuss seriously the creeping and imminent danger of naturalization, and to devise a plan against it.

Of course I do not mean the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC), which debates of major problems in detail, but of a meeting that will come on top of this committee, or will be at its side, or held at a higher level, and I suggest that it be held at a high level, with the main officials, and in a serious manner. Today, we must be vigilant, and it is not enough that I make a statement (against naturalization), that the other (Lebanese groups) do the same, and that our Palestinian brothers too, and all will be well. Absolutely not. Because in our statements, we are all opposed to naturalization. But what is the Lebanese-Palestinian joint action plan (to be implemented)? We need a common plan to face the creeping and imminent danger of naturalization. We must all sit together, the Palestinian and Lebanese officials concerned must sit and devise an action plan. And as for the ideas, suggestions or active assistance that can be asked from us, of course we are very willing to participate in this fundamental, patriotic and national struggle.

The fourth point of my speech is a word about the Syrian refugees, to which I referred (at the beginning of my speech) regarding Syria. I will also speak of it briefly, although the subject deserves an entire hour, because it is full of tedious details. But today I just say this to the Lebanese: everyone is unanimous in Lebanon, and it is also a common ground – I try to be positive today, and look for common ground between all Lebanese. In terms of appearances, all Lebanese are unanimous in declaring that they want to help our brothers and families of Syrian refugees return in their country. We all agree on the principle, but we disagree on how, on the means, etc.

But the truth of the issue, because I want to reveal the truth and to be clear, and not make up false reasons for these divergences: the real reason (of the obstacles to the return of the Syrians) is a political reason. All this is related to the upcoming presidential elections in Syria. The mandate of President Bashar al-Assad will end in 2020-2021, and elections will be held no matter what happens, regardless of what may or may not occur in Astana, in Geneva, whether a constitutional committee be organized or not, whether a political solution (to the conflict) is found or not, presidential elections will be held as scheduled.

There is an insistence of the United States, of Western countries (France, Great Britain, etc.) and of the Gulf countries… We must be clear. Today, the Lebanese people is unanimous in his desire to resolve this issue, whose sufferings are shared (between Syrians and Lebanese): Syrians suffer from being displaced, except a minority of them who managed to get a good situation in Lebanon, and now have shops, restaurants, facilities, resources, and everything is fine for them, and they are comfortable, but it is a minority. The majority of the displaced Syrians are living the suffering of displacement. The Syrians are suffering, and the Lebanese also suffer, in all regions. At some point, some people, and that is unfortunate, tried to give a sectarian dimension to the differences on the issue of the displaced Syrians, and a religious or regional dimension. But today, all Lebanese, in all regions, regardless of their religious group, are suffering the consequences of this displacement and are therefore concerned by it. They suffer economically, socially, in terms of security, and you know the details of the situation. We see the news every day, and know well the details of the situation.

Why is the suffering of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon still ongoing? Why is the suffering of the Lebanese still ongoing? Why should the two sides continue to bear all these burdens? For a simple reason. This is the truth. This is the (plain) truth: the United States, the West, and at least some Gulf countries do not want the displaced Syrians to return to their country, at least not before the Syrian presidential elections. The reason is (purely) political.

This has nothing to do with humanitarian considerations. Rather, humanitarian considerations require that everyone returns home, to his house, shops and fields, to his family and beloved ones, to his country. And it has nothing to do with security reasons. All those who have returned to Syria live there (in peace), like the other Syrians. The rumors that some Lebanese officials have tried to spread about alleged murders, settling of accounts, etc., are mere inventions and lies, and I ask – I have already asked some officials at the State level, outside the media – that these false claims be the subject of an investigation because they are dangerous. And in truth, these fabrications constitute a (false) charge against all the political parties who supported or facilitated the return (of the Syrians), and especially against a respected Security institution of prime importance in Lebanon, namely the Directorate of General Security in Lebanon who mainly took charge of the issue. These lies, designed to scare the displaced Syrians so they do not return to their country, are baseless, but serve the political purpose that I just mentioned.

As for the State and the Syrian government, several years ago – it is not recent -, during a meeting with President Bashar al-Assad, I spoke to him frankly and asked him frankly: “Do you want the displaced Syrians to return to Syria?” Because it was necessary that we understand each other. We are friends and allies, and shouldn’t harm each other (even unintentionally). He answered frankly and truthfully, “Yes, we want them all back in Syria and we are ready to make it easy for everyone to return to Syria.” Today, what is the obstacle? This is the one I mentioned. It is a political obstacle. The obstacle is political.

Can Lebanon, the Lebanese State and the Lebanese government be subject to these political considerations, and should they take precedence over humanitarian considerations, security considerations and economic considerations only because the United States, the West and some Gulf countries give the priority to these political considerations, and impose on Lebanon a ban on the return (of the displaced Syrians to their country)? I say that what is happening in Lebanon is that displaced Syrians are prevented from returning to their country. It would be wrong to say that there is a voluntary return in place, and those who want to return can do so, and those who want to stay (in Lebanon or elsewhere) can do so. It is not the case! There is a real impediment. One way to prevent this return is intimidation and fear spread by some Lebanese officials in the past and to this day (for some). Some Lebanese media continue to spread (these false, scary rumors). And likewise, one of the ways to prevent the return of the displaced is to entice them, to make their staying in Lebanon desirable. Therefore, we must do away with these obstacles (preventing the return of the Syrians), and not merely (condemn them).

Today, of course, no one in Lebanon, no Lebanese political force can declare themselves in favor of maintaining the Syrians in Lebanon, or declare themselves opposed to their return to Syria, no one would dare say that, even if that’s what they really want. Everyone says that the Syrians must go back home and that we must help them. I believe that after the debate on the budget, the government and the Lebanese political forces must seriously discuss this issue and not just give their stance about it.

Anyway, the regional and international scene has become clear: the Lebanese delegations, during the conferences that were organized and the contacts that have been made with all countries of the world… And I declare that what I now reveal on television has become a certainty for the Lebanese officials for months at least, if not for years. (Lebanese officials know with certainty that the United States, the West and the Gulf are fiercely opposed to the return of the Syrian refugees) since months at least. Therefore, it is clear to all Lebanese officials and leaders that there is a political obstacle (to the return of the displaced Syrians). How will we react? What are we to do with this issue which is a major national problem? […]

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Sayyed Nasrallah: If It Weren’t for Liberation in 2000, Trump Would’ve Granted South to Israel

May 25, 2019

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah

Sara Taha Moughnieh

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah delivered a speech Saturday 25th of May on the anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation day.

Sayyed Nasrallah tackled regional and internal files including the upcoming Bahrain Summit, localizing the Palestinians in Lebanon, strength of the resistance axis, return of the Syrians to their country, and internal files.

His eminence called for a wide participation in Al-Quds day which is held annually on the last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadan, stressing that this day is of great significance this year because of the efforts being made to put an end to the Palestinian cause, specifically during the upcoming Economic Conference in Bahrain.

He greeted the Palestinian’s united stance to boycott and refuse this conference and praised the Bahraini people, scholars, and political powers’ stances that condemned the country’s decision to be the first to embrace “the deal of the century” which aims at putting an end to the Palestinian cause.

25/May/2000: Resistance and Liberation Day

Sayyed Nasrallah greeted everyone who was part of this victory by sacrificing, staying patient, supporting and aiding.

“We should remember the families of the martyred and injured, Lebanese factions, Security Forces, Army, Palestinian factions and the Syrian Army and keep in mind that Iran and Syria are the ones who stood by our side and they are our companions in victory,” he said.

Hezbollah SG assured that one of the major outcomes of this victory was the “Equation of Strength” in Lebanon because the Israeli enemy had to pull back without any victories or conditions.

“Lebanon was no longer regarded as the weak ring in the Arab/Israel conflict, and today the Israeli enemy states that in Lebanon there is a “strategic or central threat against Israel”, he noted; adding “just like the enemy is aware of this strength, the Lebanese people should be aware of its importance in order to sustain their country’s sovereignty and safety and in order to protect it. This what forms the Golden Equation “Army, people and Resistance”.”

“If it weren’t for the resistance and liberation in 2000, Trump would’ve granted the south of Lebanon or other parts of it to Israel, just like he did with Al-Quds and the Golan,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, reassuring holding on to “Shabaa Farms, Kfarchouba hills and the Lebanese part of Al-Ghajar village.”

Localization in Lebanon

Concerning localizing immigrants in Lebanon, his eminence said: “we suspect that the economic summit in Bahrain will be opening the door for the localization of immigrants in Lebanon and other countries. The Lebanese agree on refusing localization politically and constitutionally, and the Palestinians as well agree on refusing localization and holding on to their right of return.”

Sayyed Nasrallah called for “a meeting between Lebanese and Palestinian officials to put a joint plan on how to face the danger of localization because the threat is approaching and statements are no longer enough”.

Syrian Refugees’ Return

Hezbollah SG pointed out that “the real reason behind delaying the return of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon to their country is political and it is related to the presidential elections in Syria because the presidency of Bashar Al-Assad will end in 2020 or 2021, and there is an American, Western, and Gulf insistence on keeping the refugees away from their countries until then. There are no humanitarian or security reasons behind postponing the refugees’ return to Syria and claims about that are just rumors.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further stated that “Assad has confirmed to me that he supports the return of everyone to Syria and is ready to offer facilitation, but the obstacle is political. Should Lebanon submit to this political obstacle only because the US, west and Gulf want that?”

Battle against Corruption Files

His eminence stressed Hezbollah’s commitment to fight corruption, reiterating that this needs time and patience, and it is even harder than the battle of liberating the south.

He indicated that the ministers are doing their jobs and have not found corruption in the Ministries of health and sports, and called on everyone who has information or data against these two ministries to propose them so that action would be taken.

On another hand, Sayyed Nasrallah stated that “budgeting discussion has been our priority because it is a major point in the process of fighting corruption and stopping financial waste.”

Source: Al-Manar

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Hassan Nasrallah: Daesh is Still a US-Israeli Asset, Threatens Central Asia

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May 2, 2019, on the occasion of the commemoration of the martyrdom of Commander Mostapha Badreddine, known as ‘Zulfiqar’, who was killed in Syria in May 2016.



[…] The other subject (I want to talk about), my second point, is very important: it is the battlefield where the Sayyed (descendant of the Prophet) Zulfiqar, God have mercy on him, was operating, where he spent the last years of his life, and from where he returned as a victorious martyr, namely Syria. We’ll talk a little about it.

Day after day, the validity of our decision and choice to go to Syria is confirmed more and more clearly. (I mention it) because today, we speak of a martyred leader who was killed in this battle. And we are constantly 
asked for accountability for all the blood (of our fighters we shed for Syria). Every time our friends or enemies write something (about the Syrian war), they ask us about this blood, about our martyrs, a large number of martyrs, a whole constellation of (Hezbollah members) who fought in Syria and got killed or wounded. They ask: who answers for this blood (who bears responsibility for it and justifies it)? We answer for this blood. We answer for these wounds (of war).

Moreover, as the days passed, more and more masks have fallen, more and more hideous faces (of conspirators) were brought to light, and more and more documents and evidence (of a foreign plot) as well as confessions and press conferences have multiplied: confessions from former Presidents, Kings, former Prime Ministers, Heads of governments and Foreign Ministers, or former Chiefs of Staff… Day after day, our confidence and certainty is reinforced: what we did was 100% just and absolutely right, and we went to the right place at the right time. 
Every day, it becomes clearer that what happened in Syria was very different from what happened in the rest of the Arab world (during the Arab Spring). In Syria, there was a US-Israeli-Saudi plot for which some countries from the Gulf and the region were used (Emirates, Qatar, Turkey…). The Syrian issue had nothing to do with – we have said so repeatedly, but it must be recalled today as we commemorate this martyr. It had nothing to do with elections, democracy, reforms, change, or with any of this nonsense we have heard since 2011. And the proof is that the United States, Saudi Arabia and those countries (who participated in the plot), who did they come up with and push forward for this supposed “humanitarian democratic change” in Syria? This formula should be put in inverted commas, highlighted with two red lines, and, as the Syrians say, followed up with one thousand question marks and a million exclamation marks… Who did they come up with (in this alleged purpose)? Democratic forces? Forces from the popular will? Forces whose culture and ideology tends to shape a (better) future? Where have you seen any such thing? 
In order not to talk in theoretical and blurry terms and invoke merely documents or (theoretical) evidence, let us talk about an obvious, visible and undeniable reality, namely Daesh (ISIS). Let us consider the example of Daesh. Today we’ll talk a bit about Daesh.

Daesh… How were they able to capture nearly 40% of the territory of Syria? 40 or 45% of Syria, as far as I can remember. That is to say, most of the East of the Euphrates, which is 25% (of Syria) if we add Manbij and (neighboring) regions. Most of the East of the Euphrates, Deir Ezzor, Abu Kamal, Mayadeen, all the Syrian desert, which is 5 times the size of Lebanon, up to Palmyra, the outskirts of Homs, the Yarmouk camp, part of the province of Suweida, East of Homs, East of Hama, East and North of Aleppo… We talk about 40 to 45% of Syria! And at the same time, Daesh controlled half or more than half of Iraq, a whole number of Iraqi provinces: Anbar, Mosul, Salahuddin, etc. They arrived at the gates of Karbala and the gates of Baghdad.Where did they come from? Who brought them here? Who armed them? Who eased up things for them and gave them all the opportunities? Who gave them money? Who opened all the borders for them? Who covered them favorably in the media? All the Arab satellite channels constantly repeated (with praise) “the Islamic State”! Who (did all that)? We must never forget! Neither the Lebanese who have pushed back Daesh in the Jurd of Ersal and in the Bekaa have the right to forget, nor the Syrian people, nor the Iraqi people, nor all the peoples of the region must ever forget (all the atrocities) perpetrated by Daesh, (the Western and regional countries & media that supported them), and everything that Daesh will continue to do, as I’ll mention later. 

And what is Daesh? What is its ideology? It is the Wahhabi ideology that is shaped in Saudi Arabia, in the Saudi Universities, in the Saudi religious schools, in Saudi mosques, and that was propagated around the world with Saudi money (originally to thwart Khomeini’s revolutionary Islam), by decision and at the request of the United States, as recognized by both the Americans and the Saudis. Before the confession of Mohammad Bin Salman about this fact, there was a video recording of Hillary Clinton where she acknowledged this, namely that it is the US who asked Saudi Arabia to support, propagate and disseminate the Wahhabi ideology worldwide. Where does the ISIS ideology come from? Saudi Arabia! At the request of whom? The United States! Who facilitated this? The Americans and their allies! Who funded it? Saudi Arabia! And the ISIS fighters, where did they come from? (They were brought) from all around the world! O my brothers and sisters, most of the suicide bombers in Syria and Iraq were Saudi nationals! And there were other nationalities as well. And they were brought to these cities (of Syria and Iraq).The (US and Saudi Arabia) are the ones who supported them, armed them, financed them, have opened all the borders for them and have staked so much on them. Daesh was (initially) required only against Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. And later, against Iran and against whoever was to be submitted, hit and destroyed.

What is the Daesh project? To establish a State in which there will be elections? A democratic State? A State in which the people can express (freely) his will? A State whose inhabitants will elect their MPs, their leaders and rulers? Never! For Daesh, according to the ideology of Daesh, elections are an act of disbelief (deserving of death)! Anyone who participates in elections is a disbeliever (in their eyes)! Whoever stands near a ballot box, his blood shall be shed, he is to be killed! Is it not what Al Qaeda and the Taliban did in Afghanistan? Is it not what happened in Iraq during all the elections that were held? Is Daesh able to shape a (better) future? And by whom were (these monsters) created? By the United States!

In the past, an individual named… Anyone can find (this video) over the Internet. I speak of General Wesley Clark – and it was on CNN, my brother, I don’t quote a TV channel of our friends or allies –, who was the Supreme Commander of NATO forces. (Wesley Clark) said on CNN that the Islamic State – they do not speak of Daesh (derogatory term), they keep saying ‘the Islamic State’ (to smear Islam) – : “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies to fight to the death against Hezbollah.” He said: “To do this, you don’t put out a recruiting poster and say ‘Let’s go fight Hezbollah’. That is why we and our friends have created ISIS.” 
(Daesh was meant to fight) all that (Resistance) Axis, all these forces facing the US and the Israeli project. Syria rejected surrender and submission (to the US, and that’s why it had to be destroyed). There are people who have never done anything against Israel, but who spend their time denigrating Syria, saying that for decades, there has been no resistance in the Golan. It is enough for (the honor of) Syria, and its current and former leaders, to never have surrendered, to have remained steadfast (against Israel), to have held on and protected the (Lebanese and Palestinian) Resistance, not to have submitted to US dictates when the whole world was subject to them, with the exception of Iran and some popular forces (including Hezbollah). What was required was to break up Syria in the interest of the United States and Israel.As for Iraq, it expelled US forces from its territory by popular Resistance, armed Resistance, political Resistance and  the intransigence of its position (against US occupation). But the US wanted to resettle there. And about this point, I want to warn my Iraqi brothers. See what Trump is doing: it is clear that he wants to keep all his electoral promises. You may say that… Characterize him as you want: stupid, crazy, arrogant, whatever you like. But you know that my habit is to recognize the facts, even if they somewhat shed a positive light on our enemy. (In his foreign policy), Trump did everything he announced during the election campaign. He retreated from the Iranian nuclear deal, from such and such agreements and treaties – there must no longer remain a single international agreement to which the US is still committed to. He moved the US embassy to Al-Quds (Jerusalem). He acknowledged… The question of the ‘Deal of the Century’ (supposed to liquidate the Palestinian cause) is still ongoing. I do not know if he had spoken of the Syrian Golan (during his election campaign), so I will not include it in the list of broken promises. Everything he announced, he is doing it.

And among the things that Trump declared (back then), is that the US should take the Iraqi oil. The United States must seize it, that’s what he said. Of course, he also promised during his election campaign that Saudi Arabia is a milking cow that he’ll milk to the last drop (before getting rid of it). He has indeed milked it, and every day, he milks it even more! Isn’t it true?
So he said, among other things, that Iraqi oil is the rightful property of the United States: “We went into Iraq, we sent 150,000 soldiers, we made sacrifices, we paid a high price…” He often reminds the $ 7 trillion dollars spent, claiming (that because of that, this oil is rightfully theirs). He was asked how he would go about it. This happened during the election campaign, on television. I’m not inventing lies against this dude. He said they were to seize the oil fields area, stationing their forces there and isolating it (from the rest of Iraq). From there, they would take Iraqi oil and sell it until they have recovered their money. This is one of the electoral promises of Trump to which our Iraqi brothers should give their full attention. This idea has not left the mind of Mr. Trump. And when our Iraqi brothers follow every situation, every detail, every minor or major thing, they have to be very vigilant on this afterthought of Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump believes that Iraqi oil is rightfully his, and he must keep that promise. Daesh was the means that would allow the US to return to Iraq. And Daesh remains the pretext of maintaining US troops in Iraq.

And all the Daeshites who were East of the Euphrates, where have they gone, O my brothers? Where? Some went to Iraq, some were sent inside Syria, and another part has been transferred to Afghanistan. O my brother, who transferred them to Afghanistan? Who? We can understand the situation ourselves. Who transferred them to Afghanistan? (The US!) I’ll come back to it in a moment. Therefore, Daesh still has a role to play (at the service of the United States).Anyway, Daesh’s goal is to destroy (Arab and Muslim) armies, societies and peoples. Therefore if someone asks me whether Daesh was defeated, I will answer yes, but they did achieve great successes. It’s unfortunate to say but Daesh has done great things for the United States, for Israel and for all the enemies of the (Islamic) Community. Daesh destroyed armies, peoples and entire societies. Daesh poured torrents of blood among the peoples and inhabitants of our region. Daesh erected very high walls of hatred and rancor that will not disappear before decades or centuries. These are achievements that serve the interests of Israel and the United States. We must recognize it. We must recognize this reality in order to remedy it. We mustn’t merely recognize it and do nothing about it, it must be remedied.

What I want to say before concluding this point is that Daesh, my brothers and sisters, and I address all the peoples of the region, Daesh is still a danger. Let no one consider that Daesh is over. Yes, the Daesh caliphate, this false caliphate is no more. Their pseudo-State is no more. The Daesh army who controlled much of the area of ​​Iraq and Syria no longer exists. But Daesh as an ideology, Daesh as the leadership they showed us on TV two days ago (al-Baghdadi)… How (are they still a threat)?… Daesh as lone wolves, Daesh as terrorists and suicide bombers (sleeping) cells, this Daesh still exists, and will be activated and instrumentalized in Syria. It’s not idle talk, but I speak on the basis of data and information. What remains of Daesh will be activated and instrumentalized in Iraq. This is why the current cooperation between Iraq and Syria on their shared border is a duty and a necessity of the utmost importance. For Daesh is a threat for the two peoples, the two armies and the two States.

Daesh today has a role to play in Afghanistan, killing the Afghan people, and spreading more death and chaos in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has become a base for spreading Daesh in Central Asia. And this is what the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense Minister denounced yesterday and today. So who transferred Daesh to Afghanistan? (The United States !)


And up to Sri Lanka. After the horrific massacre in Sri Lanka, many countries of the world expressed their condemnation: the European Union has condemned it, as did European negotiators, the UN, the US, etc. But has someone asked about the ideology that perpetrated the suicide operations and (atrocious) massacres in Sri Lanka against (innocent) men, women and children in churches and hotels? Where does it come from? Who stands behind this ideology? Who supports it, finances it, revives it, defends it? Is it not the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Why do you condemn (only) the instruments, and say nothing about the true and essential reason (of this terrorism, namely Wahhabism)?Daesh is still a security risk, and we must all behave as facing a (permanent) threat. We must face it politically, culturally, in the media, militarily, in terms of security, and on every field. Furthermore, this threat will never be far from Lebanon. It is true that the army and the Resistance, embraced by the people and through a national consensus, liberated our land (Jurd Ersal) from Daesh and its ilk, but this danger is not far from us and is not finished. It is true that we have achieved great victories on all fronts in the fight against Daesh and its ilk, and against the whole (US-Israeli-Saudi) project in the region, but we must consider that the danger persists and act accordingly to remedy it.

And on this issue, we must not forget the identity of those responsible, because it is one of the challenges today: the main culprits are the US and Saudi Arabia. What Daesh perpetrated against the peoples of our region, against Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, what it still perpetrates in Yemen, in Nigeria, what it has perpetrated in Sri Lanka, all these horrible crimes, this massive destruction, those billions of dollars in economic losses, hundreds of thousands of martyrs and wounded, dishonor (inflicted on women raped and subjected to slavery), the (Christian and Muslim) holy places desecrated and destroyed… All these losses, shall we forget them? Everything is fine? May God forgive past mistakes? How could this be so?

And the United States and some Gulf countries have the impudence to organize conferences against impunity, wanting to prevent that so and so who committed such a thing would escape punishment for his actions (in general African leaders). But as for the invasion of peoples, destruction of whole countries, killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people… It is not such a big deal. This issue is forgotten with a simple hug. Why? Because those who do this are the United States and Saudi Arabia: this bloody alliance currently at work, frankly, must be fought and condemned, (as) their insistence to continue the war against Yemen.

Yesterday, the United Nations said that the number of deaths in Yemen is probably 250,000 martyrs killed (by the bombing) or victims (of disease, famine…). 250,000 !!! But that is a (minor) information that appears briefly at the bottom of TV screens, and no more. There is nothing at all (neither outrage nor denunciation…). Did we see a movement in the Arab world? In the Muslim world? O my brother, is there any reaction at all in the whole world? It is the UN that gives this number, not the (Yemeni) TV channel Al-Masira, not AnsarAllah, not Sayed Abd-al-Malik (al-Houthi). The UN declares: ‘O people, a massacre unfolds before your eyes, 250,000 Yemenis have been killed so far !!!’ It is the UN that says that! Did a single hair of beard, mustache or head shudder (when people heard this information)? No way. Why? For the butcher is Saudi-American. It is forbidden to condemn them. It is impossible to say anything (against them).

Up to these (37) executions of young people in Saudi Arabia. One of them is a noble scholar. There were ordinary citizens, young men and women, some personalities. Some were under 15 when they were arrested. What is their sin? What is their crime? Having participated in a protest, a sit-in, posting something on a blog or social network… They are executed. Without trial. Their secret trials without appeal (are a travesty of justice). Is it not (an abominable crime)? But we talk about it no more. For an hour or two, some countries have condemned this act, and then, nobody talks about it anymore. And the relations (of all countries with Saudi Arabia) are completely normal because there is (lots of) money involved.

Today, my brothers and sisters, we live in a world… We must realize and understand that it is in such a world we live in. There are neither international law, nor international organizations, nor countries with principles or pride, nor values, ​​nor morality, nor laws. There is none of that. Only power and money (matter). The powerful are respected. The wealthy can do anything they want. They can seize a journalist like Khashoggi in a Consulate, and subject him to what has never been done in History. But nobody has the right to open his mouth because it is Saudi Arabia. The US perpetrates massacres every day, but no one has the right to open his mouth, because it is the United States. And if we dare say something, we will find ourselves condemned. Tomorrow, voices will rise in Lebanon saying that the Sayyed (Nasrallah) wants to create problems for our country, as if we did not have enough problems. Even if that were true, where is our humanity? Where are our moral values? Where are our human emotions (compassion, outrage…)? This situation asks us to stop (and take a stance).And after that, and worse than that, everything that happens in our region is at the service of Israel, its influence and hegemony, in order to complete the ‘Deal of the Century’ (liquidating the Palestinian cause), and at the service of the United States, politically and financially. Who can say otherwise? Someone dare tell us otherwise, and defend Saudi Arabia, claiming that it acts in the interests of the Arab community! This insistence on waging wars and financing of wars, (in whose interest is it)?

Today, there is an ongoing war in Libya. May God preserve us from (chaos) in Sudan. May God preserve us from (chaos) in Algeria. If the peoples of Sudan and Algeria do not behave with awareness and national responsibility, God knows what will happen to those countries. God knows where Libya is heading. God knows in what other countries (the Saudis and US) will interfere (to foment chaos). This insistence to display hostility against Iran, plot against Iran and besiege Iran, up to the announcement of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates that they’ll compensate for the absence of Iranian oil on international markets, where will this lead?“(In the long run) evil in the extreme will be the End of those who do evil.” (Quran, 30, 10). Just see the end (promised by God to evil people). And it is only their fate in this world (their punishment in the hereafter will be much worse).And (despite all that), Mr. Trump mocks (the Saudis) and constantly humiliates them. One would expect him to respect his friends, thank them, express his gratitude, invoke God’s blessings upon them, compliment them, and so on and so forth… But every day, he denigrates them. Every day, he humiliates them. We all saw Trump’s last speech (in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on April 27). He laughed a lot, as well as his audience, (boasting about the ease with which he extorted money from Saudi Arabia). Yesterday, in a meeting with some (Hezbollah) brothers, I told them… I’ll tell you frankly. I do not like King Salman, I hate his guts. I hate him from the bottom of my heart. But listening to the way Trump talked about him, I felt sorry for him. I felt sorry for him. See how Trump insults them, humiliates them, crushes them, degrades them… Where is the Arab pride? Where is Islam? Where are the two holy places (Mecca and Medina)? Where are the clans? Where are the tribes? Where are the… I do not know what to call them… these swords with which they dance? Where is their honor? Not a single word! Not a single word!

Some people in Lebanon, whenever I or some of my brothers speak and say bad things about Saudi Arabia, they meet us on the spot (to defend the Saudis). Show us your courage, O heroes, O proud, dignified and noble knights of Arabism! Go answer him! The Trump insulted your (beloved) King! He insulted your (beloved) King! Where are you? Nobody dares to even breathe (in front of Trump)! Are they (real) men?! No way! They did not open their mouth! Even the inhabitants of the tombs speak more than (the Lebanon’s March 14 coalition, pro-Saud and pro-US)! At least, when we enter a cemetery, there is an inscription on the tombstones. But (as for our Lebanese opponents), their faces are blackened, and there is nothing written on them! Please do not resent me for these colloquial words (spoken in Lebanese dialect). That’s how we speak in our villages.

Trump said (to King Salman), “Oh King! I like you !” Of course he likes him! “You have lots of money! And we spend a lot of money to defend you! So you have to pay!” And he made all kinds of (derogatory and explicit) signs. All his gestures and words were nothing but mockery and humiliation! Mockery and humiliation (from the beginning to end)! And after that, what did Trump say? “They want us to abandon Saudi Arabia? I do not want to lose Saudi Arabia! We have squeezed 450 billion dollars from Saudi Arabia, in arms sales and more!” I have a question: 450 billion dollars from Saudi Arabia? Because I speak only of Saudi Arabia. We have not mentioned (the sums squeezed from) the rest of the Gulf countries. All this money, is it Saud’s money, their personal funds?

First, there is no Saudi Arabia and no Saudi people, it is only the Hijaz, and the people of the Arabian Peninsula (usurped by the Saud family, with the help of Britain, who gave it their own name). This money is the property of the people of this (Islamic) Community. According to Islamic law and jurisprudence, all Muslim scholars will tell you that this money belongs to the public treasury, and is the property of all Muslims. What right do you have to take ownership of 450 billion dollars of Muslims’ money to give to Trump? On what (legal or moral) basis? While there are Muslims starving from Somalia to Indonesia? They are starving! There are famines, earthquakes, poverty, misery, diseases, illiteracy (that this money should relieve)… How to describe this situation?

Let me conclude this point with Pompeo. I’m done talking about the situation in the region, just two more words (before I speak about Lebanon internal politics). Pompeo… Two or three days ago, my (Hezbollah) brothers (who follow the Western media) sent me the speech of Pompeo on a CD in English, informing me of what he said. I asked them to make sure of it, so that the excerpts I’ll read in my speech be strictly accurate. This Pompeo, who is Secretary of State of the United States (equivalent to Minister of Foreign Affairs), is a diplomat who must inspire confidence, political trust, diplomatic trust, because he has to manage global affairs, to ensure peace in the world, give their rights to people, etc. [Laughs] The frankness he has shown is very positive and appreciable (for us).

He talks about his role in the CIA. This comment was also broadcast on US channels. The US Secretary of State acknowledged practicing lies, deception and theft. He confessed to lies, deceit and plunder! All this while he was director of the main US intelligence agency (CIA). He said: “I was the Director of the CIA. We lied, cheated and stole.” He is therefore a liar, a traitor and a thief, a robber. An international brigand, an international raider. Imam Khomeini, God have mercy on him, called them the “plunderers”. In addition to the “tyrants”, the “arrogant,” he called them “Plunderers of the world (resources) and of the peoples.” “We stole”, said Pompeo.

He was asked about the slogan of the military school where he studied (West Point). He was asked the question, or maybe he asked the question to himself, and he replied: “Our slogan was ‘Do not lie, do not cheat, do not steal, nor tolerate those who do.’ But when I was the Director of the CIA, we lied, cheated and stole. We had entire training courses.” When asked about his position with regard to Saudi Arabia, he says it’s different.

Imagine, then, that the leading US diplomat –we do not speak of the CIA or the US military, he is the Foreign Minister of the United States– confesses to be a liar, a cheater and a thief. It’s not me who described him! He described himself in these words! This man who was in Lebanon just a few days ago! And who came to tour the world, Europe, etc.

By mentioning all this, I want to come to this conclusion: whoever trusts and pins his hopes in the United States to settle our problems and concerns for us, and help our causes… May God help us if they were to be the intermediary to solve the problem of our land and maritime borders (with occupied Palestine)! They want to impose their terms, they want to impose themselves in Lebanon (in the interests of Israel). The United States does not negotiate, they just impose their conditions and give ultimatums! Such are Trump and Pompeo! Liars, cheaters, thieves. They support and favour Israel at the expense of the whole world! Not only at the expense of Arabs, Muslims and Christians of the region, but at the expense of the whole world!Regarding the bloody and monstrous  Saudi-American alliance, we must be clear and firm. And regarding Daesh, no one should act as if this danger was over: this danger still threatens us, and has new roles in the region. We must always and constantly be ready to face this danger, and not be neglectful in this regard. […] 

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“Any amount counts, because a little money here and there, it’s like drops of water that can become rivers, seas or oceans…” Hassan Nasrallah 

الأمير والإمارة

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مايو 4, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– يتشابه كثيراً وضع الإمارة التي صنعها النائب السابق وليد جنبلاط لزعامته، مع الإمارة التي تبوأ أمير قطر حمد بن ثاني قيادة الربيع العربي عبرها. فكل من الأميرين والإمارتين بلغ مراتب من الأدوار والأحجام تفيض عن مقدراته الحقيقية بفائض قوة افتراضي، وفّرته لأمير قطر ثلاثية ثروة الغاز وقناة الجزيرة ومكانته الأخوانية، ومعها شجاعة المغامرة طلباً للأدوار الكبيرة، ووفّرته لجنبلاط ثلاثية الجغرافيا والديمغرافيا والقدرة على التموضع بانقلابات سريعة دون مساءلة أو محاسبة. فمن جهة وضعية الجبل اللبناني الجغرافية في الحروب من حمانا إلى خلدة وإمساكه بطريقي بيروت دمشق وبيروت الجنوب، ومن جهة ثانية التطهير الديمغرافي الذي فرضه على الجبل وأمسك به على أساسه، ومن جهة ثالثة توظيفه لهذه وتلك في التغييرات الكبرى في الإقليم كمستثمر مغامر أو مقامر قادر على الانسحاب وتبديل موقعه قبل نهاية المباراة.

– راهن الأميران على شراكة غير معلنة في الحرب على سورية، ووضع كل منهما في هذه المقامرة كل الرصيد، «صولد وأكثر»، وخسرا، فأعلن أمير قطر الاعتزال كي ينقذ ما تبقى من الإمارة لولده من بعده، ولو على حجم أصغر، وواصل الأمير اللبناني لعبة الرهانات متطلعاً لاستعادة الإمارة رغم تغير الأزمان.

– يدرك وليد جنبلاط أنه خسر الحرب، ويدرك أن لا حرب مقبلة يسرج لها خيله في مغامرة جديدة، ويدرك أن تسويات كثيرة تجري تحت الطاولات ووراء الكواليس لا تشبه الكلام التصعيدي الذي يملأ الإعلام، وهو ممن يعلمون ماذا يجري في الحرب في ليبيا ومكانتها في التصادم الروسي الأميركي سابقاً والتفاهم الروسي الأميركي راهناً. ويعلم أن سقف العقوبات على إيران هو عدم التشدّد فيها لبلوغها حد استفزاز إيران لحرب في الخليج، وعدم التراخي فيها لبلوغها حد تمكين إيران وحلفائها من شنّ حرب على «إسرائيل»، ويدرك أن لا مفاعيل فعلية تقلق أحداً مما يقول أو ما قد يفعل، لكنه يحاول تكرار لعبة تنغيص احتفالات النصر، كما قال لسيمور هيرش قبل سنوات، لمقايضتها بالحصول على أفضل الممكن، بعدما جرّبها بعد حرب تموز 2006 وأنتجت له مصالحات جدّدت الدور، فيرفع السقوف إعلاناً للاستعداد للمقايضة، لكنه يتجاهل أن مكانة الجغرافيا تغيّرت وأن الديمغرافيا لن تبقى إلى الأبد مع تحولات في العلاقات الطائفية نحو التوازن، وأن لا تغييرات كبرى يستثمر عليها بمغامرة جديدة.

– يدرك جنبلاط أنه لم تكن هناك ثورة مدنية في سورية تعرّضت لمؤامرة كما زعم قبل أيام، قائلاً إن التطرف قد جلب من الخارج لصالح هزيمة هذه الثورة، فهو يعلم ماهية قادة مَن سمّاهم بالثوار في سورية، وهو مَن دعا مبكراً وعلناً لتتويج جبهة النصرة ممثلاً شرعياً للشعب السوري. وهو يعرف أنها فرع رسمي لتنظيم القاعدة، وهو مَن دعا لتسمية جبال القلمون بـ «النصرة لاند» ومنحها خصوصية عسكرية تشبه وضع منطقة العرقوب في السبعينيات يوم تسميتها بـ «فتح لاند». ويدرك أن المغامرة والمقامرة التي خاضها هذه المرة لم تكن تعني أبناء الطائفة التي أرادها وقوداً لمراهنته، على عكس حرب الجبل قبل عقود، خصوصاً سعيه المحموم هذه المرة لتوريط السوريين من أبناء طائفته لجعل منطقة السويداء مشروع إمارة بحماية إسرائيلية ومال سعودي، وقد وعدها بضمانات من جبهة النصرة، كما يدرك أن زعامته في الثمانينيات قامت على قضية، ولا زعامة بلا قضية. والقضية كانت يومها أنه جزء من جبهة تقودها سورية لإسقاط نتائج الغزو الإسرائيلي للبنان وفي طليعتها إخراج المارينز وإسقاط اتفاق السابع عشر من أيار، وأنه قام بتحويل رصيده في هذه المواجهة إلى تهجير للمسيحيين وجعل الجبل بقوة الجغرافيا والديمغرافيا أداة لابتزاز حلفائه الذين صنعوا له فرصة الزعامة، وأن هزيمة مشروعه في السويداء تتزامن مع نهاية مفاعيل نصره الذي حوّله طائفياً في الجبل. والأهم هو ما يعلمه جنبلاط أن أي تلويح بلعبة شارع بوجه حزب الله لاستدراجه للتفاوض ستجعله يجد نفسه في المواجهة مع حركة أمل، بدلاً من حزب الله، ورئيسها آخر ملاذ لجنبلاط. وقد باتت هذه العلاقة عبئاً على رئيس حركة أمل لا يتحمّل منها المزيد، خصوصاً بعد الكلام عن مزارع شبعا.

– كلام جنبلاط عن مزارع شبعا معروض للبيع، لكنه لن يجد مَن يشتريه، فلا واشنطن ولا تل أبيب قادرتان على التصرف بالبضاعة، ولا المقاومة قلقة من قانون العرض والطلب، ومعادلة السين سين التي عاش عليها جنبلاط بما تعنيه من تفاهم سوري سعودي يتمتع ضمنه بمكانة مميّزة ذهبت إلى غير رجعة، وبديلها مأزوم. فالسين سين الجديدة، هي السويداء سبلين، أي الزعامة والمال، فالسويداء ورقته الخاسرة لحرب الزعامة وسبلين مورده المالي لحماية الزعامة ولو على حساب البيئة، والذي لأجله يقاتل المنافسة المفترضة على مبيعات الإسمنت للسوق الواعدة في سورية، تحوّلا معاً سين وسين، من رهانات ربح إلى رهانات خاسرة.

– عندما علم أمير قطر بالخسارة المحققة ذهب إلى الرئيس التركي وطلب إليه رعاية ولده الأمير الصغير وتنحّى، ويستطيع جنبلاط أن يجد من يذهب إليه ليفعل شيئاً مشابهاً، لأن الطرق الأخرى لا تبدو سالكة. فاللعبة كما يبدو قد انتهت، أو شارفت على النهاية، ولا أدوار افتراضية في تسوياتها، وفي الجبل زعيم سابق هو كميل شمعون وصل إلى رئاسة لبنان وزعامته بلغت في الشرق مكاناً وفي العالم مكانة، لكنه لم يفعل المناسب في الوقت المناسب ففقد أبناؤه من بعده كل زعامة، والزعماء هم الذين يتقنون فن الخسارة وليس التصرّف بالربح فقط.

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S. Nasrallah: Israeli Brigades to Be Destroyed in Lebanon, I Felt Pity for Saudi King!

S. Nasrallah: Israeli Brigades to Be Destroyed in Lebanon, I Felt Pity for Saudi King!

Marwa Haidar

السيد نصر الله خلال كلمته بمناسبة الذكرى الثالثة لاستشهاد القائد مصطفى بدر الدين

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on Thursday vowed that the Israeli brigades which will enter Lebanon will be destroyed before the eyes of the entire world.

During a ceremony held on the third anniversary of martyrdom of Hezbollah senior military commander, Mustafa Badreddine, Sayyed Nasrallah dismissed Israeli threats of launching a war against Lebanon, stressing that such threats come in context of a campaign aimed at intimidating Lebanon and its people.

Sayyed Nasrallah also warned that ISIL still poses threat in the region despite the fact that it was over as a ‘caliphate’ and a state, stressing that the Takfiri terrorist group has for years served the goals of the US, ‘Israel’ and other enemies.

Elsewhere in his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah said he felt pity for the Saudi King Salman who was mocked by US President Donald Trump earlier this week.

Hezbollah S.G. meanwhile said that the resistance in Lebanon becomes day after another more certain that the decision to go into Syria was rightful.

Regarding Shebaa Farms, Sayyed Nasrallah said that as long as the Lebanese state says that the territory is Lebanese then the resistance bears the responsibility to liberate it from the Israeli occupation.

Martyr Badreddine’s Virtues

Talking about the occasion, Sayyed Nasrallah praised the commander Mustafa Badreddine as one of the first resistance fighters who confronted the Israeli enemy in Lebanon.

Stressing on the importance of recalling the virtues of resistance martyrs, especially those who worked behind the scenes due to security reasons, Sayyed Nasrallah said martyr Badreddine was faithful, smart who was in the ranks of resistance from his early life and sacrificed himself for the sake of this path.

Sayyed Nasrallah also said that one of martyr Badreddine’s virtues was his enthusiasm and persistence in defending his country and the rightful affairs in the region and theworld.

In this context, his eminence said that Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine was known for being concerned about the Israeli occupation of Lebanon and Palestine, as well as other rightful issues.

“This was at a time when the atmosphere in Lebanon was that any individual cares only for his sect and small group, not for a whole nation,” Sayyed Nasrallah elaborated.

“Sayyed Zoulfiqar believed in victory and defeating the enemy, he didn’t feel afraid of the enemy in both Lebanon and Syria. He repeatedly managed to achieve victory from simple and modest capabilities,” Sayyed Nasrallah said referring to Badreddien’s Nom de guerre.

His eminence also said that the heroic operation in which the resistance ambushed and killed many Israeli soldiers in the southern coastal town of Ansariya in 1997 was one of Badreddine’s achievements.

Sayyed Nasrallah in this context said that there are a lot of resistance fighters who have the spirit of martyr Badreddine.

Threats of War

Sayyed Nasrallah then responded to US, European and some Gulf states’ remarks on the possibility of Israeli war on Lerbanon. His eminence stressed that such remarks come as part of intimidation campaign aimed at exerting pressure on the Lebanese government in order to offer concessions.

“Such intimidation is to wage a psychological war on political, diplomatic and media level in a bid to press the Lebanese government, officials and people in order to offer concessions,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, referring to US officials remarks on Lebanon’s land and maritime borders.

“O Lebanese don’t allow any side to intimidate you. You are not weak. Lebanon has a real power,” Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the Lebanese people as saying.

“Despite our points of weakness, the resistance’s readiness has not been affected despite the harsh sanctions imposed against us.”

“I won’t talk, nether about Haifa and ammonia, nor about the resistance rocket arsenal. There is a major development, which is the occupation of Galilee. Israel doesn’t dare to get into besieged Gaza… Will it dare to get into Lebanon?” Sayyed Nasrallah wondered.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated a previous promise of wiping out the Israeli enemy in case of a future war by saying: “On the third anniversary of Sayyed Badreddine’s martyrdom we reiterate our promise that all Israeli brigades which will enter Lebanon will be destroyed before the eyes of mainstream media and the entire world.”

Shebaa Farms

Talking about Shebaa Farms, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated Hezbollah Stance regarding the issue, stressing that the territory is Lebanese one and that Hezbollah is committed to what the Lebanese government announces about the issue.

“The Lebanese government says that the territory is Lebanese and it is occupied… Then the resistance is committed to liberate it.” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

Rightfulness of Syria Engagement and ISIL

On the other hand, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “Day after another, Hezbollah becomes certain that his decision to go into Syria was rightful in the time and the place.”

“How could ISIL control 40 percent of Syria and half of Iraq?” Sayyed Nasralah wondered, stressing that the Takfiri group is nothing but a puppet created by the Wahhabi ideology by Saudi money and American decision.”

Sayyed Nasrallah noted meanwhile that the plan was that ISIL control Syria, Iraq, then Lebanon and then Iran and all those who confront the US-Israeli scheme in the region.

Sayyed Nasrallah meanwhile, noted that most of promises made by US President Donald Trump during his election campaign were kept, especially those regarding the so-called ‘deal of century’ and ‘milking’ Saudi Arabia.

His eminence warned that ISIL’s role has not been over yet, noting that the Takfiri group still poses threat in the region despite the fact that it was ended as a ‘caliphate’ and as a ‘state’.

Sayyed Nasrallah referred here to series of terrorist attacks carried out by ISIL in Sri Lanka, wondering: “Has anyone asked who funded this ideology which carried out the attacks in Sri Lanka? Isn’t it Saudi Arabia?”

Trump and Saudi

Sayyed Nasrallah on the other hand, denounced the latest executions by Saudi regime of 37 activists, including 32 Shiites.

“What is the crime committed by these people? They are executed just for taking part in peaceful protests or writing their opinion on social media.”

Sayyed Nasrallah slammed international community over their shy reactions over these executions.

“We have to understand that the world which we live in today is knows neither international laws nor morals.”

His eminence also slammed the Saudi King for not preserving his dignity in front of Trump, referring to latest remarks by Trump about King Salman.

“I hate King Salman, but really I felt pity for him when I heard Trump talking in that way.”

“The $450 bn which Trump said he was offered by Saudi Arabia… this money is for Saudi and Muslim people. Al Saud has no right to give them to US.”

Sayyed Nasrallah then cited an acknowledgment by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who confessed of lying and fooling while working for the CIA.

“This means that he is a liar, cheat and a robber.”

Source: Al-Manar English Website


لمَ إنكار لبنانية مزارع شبعا الآن؟

مايو 1, 2019

العميـد د. أمين محمد حطيـط

لا يمكن بعد ما يناهز الـ 20 عاماً ان نعود الى فتح ملف هوية مزارع شبعا ومناقشة مسألة السيادة الوطنية عليها. فالأمر أصلاً حسم منذ العام 2000 وكان موقف الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة قاطعاً في هذا الشأن وعبر عنه في تقريره المؤرخ في 22/5/2000 والمرفوع الى مجلس الأمن. فالموقف كان واضحاً بما ذكره في الفقرة 16 من التقرير وما نصه الحرفي: «و قد قامت حكومة لبنان… بتزويد الأمم المتحدة بشهادات الملكية اللبنانية لأراضٍ زراعية وبوثائق تبين أن المؤسسات الحكومة والدينية اللبنانية مارست سلطت قضائية… على هذه المزارع وقامت حكومة لبنان بإبلاغ الأمم المتحدة بوجود تفاهم مشترك بين لبنان والجمهورية العربية السورية بأنّ هذه المزارع لبنانية وشمل ذلك قرار للجنة لبنانية سورية خلص في العام 1964 الى انّ المنطقة لبنانية… وفي حديث هاتفي معي أي مع كوفي انان جرى في 16 أيار/ مايو 2000 ذكر وزير الخارجية السوري السيد الشرع انّ الجمهورية العربية السورية تؤيد المطالبة اللبنانية».

أما في عملنا مع اللجنة الدولية للتحقق من الاندحار الإسرائيلي عن لبنان في العام 2000 وقد كنت رئيساً للجنة العسكرية اللبنانية التي كلفت بالتحقق فقد سجلت المبادئ والوقائع والمواقف التالية:

تسليم تامّ بأنّ مزارع شبعا لا علاقة لها بفلسطين المحتلة. وهي أرض خارج فلسطين التاريخية وأنّ هذه المزارع هي منطقة على الحدود اللبنانية السورية.

انّ من يحدّد الحدود بين الدول هي الدول ذاتها لأنّ الحدود هي في الأصل عمل اتفاقي توافقي رضائي، الا في حال الانتداب والاستعمار فإنّ «ما يحدّده المنتدب والمستعمر من الحدود فهي الحدود».

إنّ سورية تؤكد وبحزم تأييدها للبنانية مزارع شبعا. وهذا ما أورده الأمين العام للأمم المتحد في النص أعلاه.

اننا في عمل لبنان مع الأمم المتحدة هو التحقق من الانسحاب وليس ترسيم و/أو ابتداع حدود، فالحدود قائمة والمطلوب احترامها.

وكان منطقياً بعد هذا التوافق القانوني والميداني والسياسي أن تبادر الأمم المتحدة للطلب من إسرائيل بإخلاء المزارع، لكن لارسن رئيس البعثة الدولية الذي سلّم بكلّ ما قلنا واعترف بأحقية لبنان بالمزارع وبهويتها اللبنانية فاجأنا بموقف يعاكس المنطق والحق، وقال إنّ المزارع احتلت قبل القرار 425 وأخضعت في العام 1974 بعد اتفاق فضّ الاشتباك بين سورية و»إسرائيل» وإنشاء قوة الأمم المتحدة في الجولان اندوف للصلاحية العملانية لهذه القوات، وبالتالي لا صلاحية لقوات الأمم المتحدة «يونيفيل» بها. فرفض لبنان هذا التبرير وهذا المنطق المعكوس وتحفّظ عليه فهو بعد ان يقرّ بلبنانية المزارع ثم يدعو الى استمرار احتلالها خلافاً للقرار 425 الذي ينص على تحرير كلّ الأرض اللبنانية.

أما في المواقف اللبنانية الداخلية، فقد سجلنا في العام 2000 إجماعاً لبنانياً تأييداً للموقف الرسمي اللبناني المؤكد للبنانية المزارع ولم يعكر صفو هذا الإجماع بحرف واحد، كما ولم يُطرح جدل او نقاش مطلقاً. لكن الأمر تغيّر في العام 2005 بعد مقتل الرئيس رفيق الحريري وما تبعه من انقسام عمودي في لبنان، حيث إنّ فريقاً ممن اطلق عليهم تسمية «قوى 14 آذار» واستجابة لأوامر أميركية معادية للمقاومة، أنكر لبنانية مزارع شبعا لينفي وجود أرض لبنانية محتلة وليسقط ذريعة وجود مقاومة في لبنان وكلّ القصد تجريد حزب الله اللبناني المقاوم من سلاحه كما تطلب «إسرائيل» وأميركا خاصة أنّ قوى 14 آذار تماهت في سياستها مع الموقف الإسرائيلي الأميركي من المقاومة التي حرّرت جنوب لبنان. هذا الانقسام حمل الرئيس نبيه بري الذي كان دعا الى حوار وطني حول المسائل الوطنية الخلافية حمله على وضع موضوع المزارع على جدول أعمال هيئة الحوار.

هنا ونظراً لصلتي الوثيقة بالموضوع، طلب الرئيس بري مني إعداد دراسة وخرائط توضيحية، لعرضها على طاولة الحوار وإظهار حقيقة هوية المزارع هذه، فاستجبت للتمنّي وذهبت الى مجلس النواب حيث اجتماع الهيئة وقدّمت للرئيس بري ما طلب، حيث تولى هو عرضه داخل الهيئة وما هي إلا ساعات حتى خرجت الهيئة بموقف إجماعي تؤكد فيه انّ المزارع لبنانية وتطلب من الحكومة السعي لتحريرها، واعتبرنا أنّ الموقف اللبناني الإجماعي هذا سحب الموضوع من التداول، لأنّ حجة الرافضين للبنانية المزارع دحضت وذرائعهم سقطت ومواقفهم الأميركية انكشفت ولم يعد بيدهم إلا ان يسلموا بالحقيقة وحق لبنان بأرضه، وترتبت على ذلك الأمر سلوكيات بالغة الأهمية في السياسة في لبنان حيث تشكل الإجماع وسحب ملف هوية المزارع من التداول وأقرّ ذكرها في كلّ بيان وزاري صدر بعد العام 2006 باعتبارها أرضاً لبنانية محتلة من قبل العدو الإسرائيلي وأنّ للبنان الحق بممارسة كلّ الوسائل المتاحة لتحريرها عبر ثلاثية القوة اللبنانية «الجيش والشعب والمقاومة».

و فجأة ينبري أحد السياسيين اللبنانيين الذي ظنّ المتابعون بأنه تقاعد وورّث منصبه النيابي لابنه، ينبري هذا السياسي وإثر خلاف حول موقف إداري متصل بتصرف وزير ينتمي إليه، ضدّ وزير ينتمي الى حزب الله، وبعد لقاءات «معمّقة» مع وزير الخارجية الأميركي، وفي حمأة التصعيد الأميركي ضدّ حزب الله وسورية وإيران وفي أجواء التهيئة الأميركية للبيئة المناسبة لإطلاق صفقة تصفية القضية القسطنطينية، المسمّاة «صفقة القرن»، ينبري هذا السياسي ودون سابق إنذار، ويعود الى فتح ملف سبق إغلاقه وختم بالشمع الوطني الأحمر وينكر لبنانية مزارع شبعا في موقف مثير للغرابة أنكره كلّ وطني واستهجنه كلّ متابع ورفضه كلّ شريف. فلماذا هذه الإثارة اليوم بعد صمت وسكون دام 13 عاماً؟

بداية نقول إنّ إنكار لبنانية مزارع شبعا أمر لا علاقة له مطلقاً بالمسائل الحقوقية والسيادية والعقارية، وإنّ موقف هذا السياسي الذي ظنّ انه تقاعد لا يقدّم ولا يؤخر في مسألة الموقف اللبناني الرسمي من القضية، اذ لن يجد لبنانياً وطنياً واحداً يصغي اليه، لكن خطورة الموقف تتمثل في تماهي هذا الإنكار مع ما تخطط له أميركا و»إسرائيل» ضدّ لبنان. ففي بنود صفقة القرن بند ينص على «سيادة إسرائيل على كلّ الأرض التي تحتلها الآن، شاملة الجولان والضفة الغربية. وقد أسقطت أميركا صفة الاحتلال عن الجولان والضفة الغربية وأقرّت بـ «السيادة الإسرائيلية» على الجولان، ومسألة السيادة على الضفة في الطريق لإعلانها ولم تذكر مزارع شبعا، ويأتي هذا السياسي المتقاعد، ليقدم الخدمة المأمورة المأجورة لأميركا و»إسرائيل» ويشرح ويوضح ما امتنعوا عن التعبير عنه لفظاً واعتبار المزارع غير لبنانية وبالتالي إلحاقها بالجولان، ما يعني اعتبارها مشمولة بالموقف الأميركي المذكور أعلاه.

إنّ إنكار لبنانية مزارع شبعا هو عمل فيه خيانة للوطن وتفريط بأرضه وخدمة للعدو، ويرتب على مرتكبه مسؤولية مركبة متعددة الوجوه، ولا يندرج مطلقاً في مجال حرية التعبير والرأي بل يمسّ المصالح الوطنية العليا، ما يعني أنّ الردّ عليه لا يمكن ان يقتصر على السياسة والإعلام، بل إنّ المؤسسات القضائية اللبنانية ذات دور واضح في المعالجة خاصة أنّ هذا الموقف ليس فيه تفريط بحقوق سيادية وحقوق ملكية لبنانية فحسب بل أيضاً هو موقف يهدّد الاستقرار الداخلي ويُسدي الخدمات الجلى لأعداء لبنان فهل يتمّ التحرك على هذا الأساس؟

إنّ دماء شهداء التحرير تنتظر الجواب مع كلّ الوطنيين اللبنانيين…

أستاذ جامعي وباحث استراتيجي

Shebaa Farms are Lebanese … to Be Certainly Liberated by Resistance

April 26, 2019

Despite the statements made to question the real identity of Shebaa Farms, clear documents prove that they are Lebanese, Al-Manar TV report stressed.

The report showed a group of Lebanese people holding documents which prove that they own properties and lands in the farms which had been controlled by the Lebanese government before it was occupied by the Israeli enemy in 1967, the report added.

The Lebanese historian Dr. Issam Khalifa said that a French report published in 1937 confirmed that Shebaa Farms are Lebanese, adding that in 1946, Lebanon and Syria authenticated the identity of the area.

Khalifa also pointed out that even Israeli politicians acknowledged that Shebaa Farms are Lebanese, noting that one of his recent books also contribute to this evident fact.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah has always reiterated that Shebaa Farms are Lebanese will certainly be liberated by the resistance.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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