20 Palestinians Injured As Zionist Settlers Attack Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood


20 Palestinians Injured As Zionist Settlers Attack Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood

By Staff, Agencies

At least 20 Palestinians were injured while defending themselves when Zionist settlers and ‘security’ forces stormed the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of east al-Quds on Monday night, the Palestinian Red Crescent reported.

Additionally, four other Palestinians were detained by the occupation forces overnight, KAN News reported.

In the same context, four Palestinian minors, ranging in ages from 12 to 14 years, sustained injuries after being pepper-sprayed in the face by a Zionist settler in the neighborhood, the Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

A Jewish settler pepper-sprayed the girls, causing them burns on their faces.

The settler chased after the four girls after pepper spraying them and then filed a complaint with the Zionist police, who detained two Palestinian youth after the attack and did nothing to the settler.

Dozens of families in Sheikh Jarrah have been facing the imminent risk of forced expulsion from their homes for the benefit of Zionist settlers.

No Signs of ‘Israeli’ Intentions to Solve Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis – Sinwar


No Signs of ‘Israeli’ Intentions to Solve Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis - Sinwar

By Staff, Agencies

Leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance movement Hamas in the besieged Gaza Strip, Yehya Sinwar, expressed dissatisfaction with “bad” talks with United Nations diplomats supporting an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with ‘Israel,’ saying the Zionist regime has no will to end the humanitarian crisis in the enclave.

UN Middle East peace envoy Tor Wennesland arrived in Gaza on Monday for talks with Hamas leaders, one month after the fragile Egypt-mediated ceasefire ended 11 days of onslaught by the occupying entity on the coastal enclave.

“The meeting was bad, it was not at all positive,” Sinwar told reporters.

“They listened to us attentively. The roots of the problem must be resolved and unfortunately, there are no signs that there are intentions towards solving the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip,” Sinwar added.

Meanwhile, a source in Hamas, who asked not to be identified, also said the UN envoy had delivered a “negative message” from the Tel Aviv regime to Hamas, without giving further details.

The UN declined to make any comment about the meeting.

The Tel Aviv regime claimed Monday that it had allowed the “limited export” of farm produce to begin and trucks carrying clothes and fabrics to leave.

However, Sinwar rejected the claim and said the occupation regime did nothing to change the situation in Gaza.

The occupation regime continues to block international aid, as well as critical fuel deliveries needed for the electricity plant, and restrict movement, including fishermen in the Mediterranean, the Hamas official added.

“It is clear that the occupation continues to practice its policies against us and our people in the Gaza Strip,” Sinwar said.

“We told the representatives of the United Nations that we will not accept this matter.”

Tel Aviv launched the bombing campaign against the besieged Gaza Strip on May 10, following Palestinian retaliation against violent raids on worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque and the regime’s plans to force a number of Palestinian families out of their homes at the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East al-Quds.

Apparently caught off guard by the unprecedented barrage of rockets from Gaza, the Tel Aviv regime announced a unilateral ceasefire on May 21, which Palestinian resistance movements accepted with Egyptian mediation.

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, 260 Palestinians were martyred in the ‘Israeli’ offensive, including 66 children, 40 women and 16 elderly while 1,948 others were wounded.

In response, Palestinian resistance factions fired more than 4,000 rockets and missiles into the occupied territories, killing 12 Zionist settlers.

Zionist Ethnic Cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood and the Silwan Village


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By Dr. Zuhair Sabbagh | June 19, 2021

In order to understand the issue of ethnic cleansing carried out by the Zionist entity and its tools in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in colonized Jerusalem, we must not address it in the Zionist colonial settler context because it lacks scientific credibility. In order to solve this problem, we have to ask and answer the following questions: Who is the real side that legally owns the properties of the “Jewish Quarter” in colonized Jerusalem? Who legally owns the real estate of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the Silwan village? What follows is a serious attempt to answer these two questions.

Who is the Legal Owner of the Real Estate of the “Jewish Quarter”?

As a result of capitalist contradictions and class conflicts that led to the birth and development of nationalist movements in Europe, European Jewish communities suffered arbitrary persecutions, which included a number of massacres against them. These campaigns of arbitrary persecution have prompted large numbers of European Jews to emigrate from Eastern Europe, particularly Tsarist Russia, to Western Europe. Some of these Jews emigrated also to the Ottoman Empire, particularly to the rising city of Jerusalem.

When the persecution of Jews intensified in a number of European countries in 1880, 

Youssef ibn Rahamim Miyohas arrived in Jerusalem seeking help. Abed Rabbo son of Khalil son of Ibrahim, a resident of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, rented him a plot of land in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood for 90 years. Due to the fact that the land was an Islamic trust land, this lease allows Jews to rent land and prohibits the sale of land to them under Ottoman regulations and laws. 1

In his research article entitled “Guests, then Renters, then Settlers”, Abed Al-Raoof Arnaoot, a Palestinian researcher, reported that after Miyohas signed the rent agreement, he brought 62 Jews to the location and divided the rented land into 62 pieces, which enabled each of them to build a small house of tens to hundreds of meters in area. They then lived in these houses. 2

The land was then registered in the name of Abed Rabbo, the person in charge of this Islamic trust. This is proven in the Turkish property ownership documents which are still owned by both the Abed Rabbo family and the Hijazi family. 3

In addition, the credible historical references indicate that “the year 1880 and its aftermath witnessed a remarkable influx of thousands of Jews from Europe to Jerusalem after facing persecutions. The then Ottomanic laws allowed the rental of these lands by Jews, but not their sale. According to Ottoman laws, Islamic trust lands are legally permitted for lease but are not legally allowed to be sold. 4

According to a reputable and highly credible scientific reference, 85 percent of the real estate in the ‘Jewish Quarter’ was owned by Muslim Arabsin the Ottoman period. This real estate belonged to the Islamic trusts. As is well known, Islamic trusts are prohibited from selling their real estate and are only allowed to rent it.

In 1968, the Zionist state expropriated for public usage 12 percent of the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem, which included the “Jewish Quarter”. The equivalent of 80 percent of the expropriated area was not Jewish property.6 These expropriated properties were put up for sale only to the Israeli and Jewish publics.

Thus, the credible historical references undoubtedly prove that the territory of the so-called “Jewish Quarter” is mostly the land of the “waqf” Islamic trusts. As is also well known, Islamic trusts are prohibited from selling their property because they are endowed for the benefit of a social purpose or for the benefit of a mosque or a religious place. The land of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood is leased land owned by Islamic trusts. Mr. Abed Rabbo al-Saadi, who is the custodian of the bulk of the land, confirms that: “In 1880, some Jews emigrated to Jerusalem, they were in a deplorable state, they came to our ancestors and asked them to lease them this land, and because of their situation and persecution in Europe, our ancestors agreed. Our ancestors agreed to lease the land to a Jewish person named Yusuf ibn Rahamim Miyohas.” 7

Here we can come to the firm conclusion that the Jews who inhabited the so-called “Jewish Quarter” during the Ottoman rule rented their homes from Arabs and Islamic trusts, and did not buy them, because Islamic trusts do not sell their property. Legally, the majority of Jews are not owners of the properties they lived in, but remain tenants. Therefore, they are not entitled to claim ownership of this real estate. These properties are owned exclusively, and mostly by Islamic trusts.

How the Guardian of the Property of the Absentees Turned into a Despicable Thief

According to a credible research that was carried out by two Israeli criminologists, Uzi Livia and Ariel Aboksis, the state of Israel reached in total area of 20,770 square kilometers (more than four and a half million dunams) at the end of the Zionist war of aggression, which began on November 30, 1947 and ended on July 30, 1949. Most of this area, was considered to be the property of the absentees, i.e. Palestinian refugees, and constituted 77 percent of the total area of the Zionist entity. The absentees, a Zionist term, were “Arabs who “left”, and there are those who say they were “expelled” and/or “fled”, during the war of independence. Absentees’ property includes real estate, land, workshops, factories, bank accounts and movable property.” 8

After the end of the war, the newly established Zionist State designated a custodian on the property of Palestinian refugees and gave him a temporary role, with established legal arrangement to determine that role. Uzi Livia and Ariel Aboksis explain this role as follows:

… Basically, these laws are based on the principle that in a period of war, the government temporarily uses these properties for the benefit of the war effort. Its role is to preserve the property for the benefit of their owners or for war damage compensation, in order to return it to them when the state of emergency is abolished. Under this concept, the custodian was given only a temporary role. His primary duty was to preserve the property of those absentees in the transitional period. 9

The justification set by the Zionist state for the “temporary” seizure of the property of Palestinian refugees was that,

Because of their status as hostile citizens, that are located outside the country, under arrest or under surveillance, the law does not allow them to use their property as long as hostilities are under way. The moment the owners stop being absent, the custodian must return their property to them. Therefore, he cannot make a permanent and final decision on the property that he holds temporarily. For the same reason, he can rent property for only a short period of time, which does not exceed five years, and is not authorized to sell or transfer this property to others in an irreversible manner. 10

As a result of the limitations imposed by the law, the custodian of the property of the absentees requested, in 1949, that the government expand his powers so that, for example, he can transfer or lease property for a longer period than five years and also provide him with freedom of disposal, in order to allow the property to be placed in the service of the colonial settlement and colonial objectives of the Zionist entity. This required the enactment of a new law. 11

All requests of the custodian regarding the expansion of his powers were accepted, and the Zionist parliament enacted the “Absentee Property Act of 1950”. Under this law, all property owned by refugees, including the property of the Islamic Waqf,12 was transferred to the absolute control of the Zionist state, represented by the Zionist custodian on the property of refugees. Thus, the power of the custodian has been transformed into a government institution that is the richest in the Zionist state. 13

It is worth mentioning that the establishment of peace between the Arabs and the Zionist entity required talks and concessions, especially on the issue of the return of the Palestinian refugees. The Zionists opposed the return or compensation of the refugees and threw the blame for the creation of the refugee problem on the Arab side, and falsely accused the Arab side of rejecting peace. Historical facts prove that those who ethnically cleansed the Palestinians and that those who occupied half of the Palestinian proposed state under the Partition Resolution, were the Zionist side. 14 These facts have been confirmed by the two researchers Uzi Livia and Ariel Aboksis, who wrote that:

Thus, we believe that the first seeds of Israel’s anti-peace stance have been cultivated in Israel’s position on the return of refugees, which Israel has sharply opposed. All sources of living for Arab refugees who previously lived in the State of Israel has been completely obliterated. Their economy has been destroyed, so their re-absorption into Israel will produce a social and financial problem that is much worse than the arrangement of their absorption in every other country. 15

Thus, the Zionist State plundered and acted freely and without restrictions regarding the property of the Palestinian refugees, selling and renting it as it wished. In order to establish a false legal cover for this theft, the Parliament of the Zionist entity enacted the so-called “Absentee Property Act of 1950.” According to this law, the role of the custodian of the property of the absentees has changed from a “custodian” with temporary and limited powers, to a despicable thief armed with a settler colonial law. Here, the Zionist State has pursued, in its policies towards the property of the indigenous population, a settler colonial approach that is very similar to that pursued by all settler colonial states such as: the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa during the Apartheid regime, and Algeria under French settler colonialism. When comparing them with each other, one notices the great similarities among them regarding the course of action they adopted towards the lands of the indigenous population. Of course, there are special characteristics for each settler colonial project, and there is a different historical context. 

Today, the Zionist colonial entity is using the Absentee Property Act of 1950 to give justification and legal cover to all ethnic cleansing carried out in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, Al-Khan al-Ahmar, the Al-Walaji village, Jaffa, Hebron and the Negev region.

The Zionist entity uses all its colonial tools to carry out operations associated with ethnic cleansing such as unjust law, false documents, complicit colonial courts, colonial police and army, herds of armed and violent settlers, and settlement organizations financed with American money from Jews and others. All of them, under the leadership of the extremist colonial government of the Zionist right-wing parties, are carrying out a fierce offensive campaign of ethnic cleansing against the indigenous Palestinian population. The focus of this study will be on the ethnic cleansing campaigns that are taking  place in Sheikh Jarrah and Salwan.

Preparing for Ethnic Cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood

Ethnic cleansing in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood began with the settlement organizations of “Benvenisti Endowment”, “Ateret Cohanim”, “the Nahlat Shamoun Limited”, and “El-Aad Society”, filing legal proceedings in Israeli courts against the Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. The first cases began in 1972, in which they claimed that Palestinian-inhabited houses were owned by Yemeni Jews. Lawyers for these organizations provided fake documents to prove their ownership.

In return, the Palestinians submitted their documents from Turkish agreements, and official receipts that clearly show that the land is Arab and owned by Islamic trusts, and that the Jews rented it from their owners and did not own it. The Palestinians have proved that they are the real owners of the land and that the land of the Islamic Trust is not sold, but is rented.

“We have provided all the documents,” said Yahya Abed Rabbo al-Saadi, who was the custodian for the bulk of the land in Sheikh Jarrah: “We presented to the court all the documents which prove Palestinian ownership of the land. These documents were issued to us by the Islamic Shari’a Court in Jerusalem, the Ottoman Archives in Ankara, and the Land Department of Amman…” 16 The Zionist Central Court refused to accept these documents, arguing that the court does not recognize them as valid documents.

For its part, the Jordanian Foreign Ministry sent 14 official documents concerning Sheikh Jarrah’s houses to the Palestinian Authority. These documents show that in 1956, the Jordanian Ministry of Development and the UNRWA refugee agency, concluded an agreement with 28 Palestinian refugee families under which 28 housing units were built in the Al-Jani vineyard to house them. UNRWA’s condition was for Palestinian refugees to relinquish their legal status as refugees. After three years, their ownership will be legally established. 17 For reasons that remain unknown, these families have not been able to register the land in their names. Consequently, these Jordanian documents have been submitted to the Zionist Central Court, which also rejected them.

In 2010, cartographer Khalil Tofakji traveled to Istanbul. At the Ottoman State Archives he found documents which prove that the territory of Sheikh Jarrah is Palestinian and owned by Palestinians, which is contrary to the Zionist claim. These documents have been submitted to the Israeli court. 18

The Zionist Central Court rejected both the Jordanian and Tofakji’s documents and claimed that it did not recognize their credibility. The court then issued an order to adopt the Zionist position which was based on fake documents and false allegations. This has always been the controversial approach of the Israeli courts.

The Role of Zionist Judicial Institutions in Land Cases

The writer Abdelkader Badawi believes that these Zionist judicial institutions have an important role in the settler colonial system and that they provide the Zionist government with a legal cover for the plunder of Palestinian property. No matter how fragile and discredited this cover may be, the oppression and arrogance of the Zionist entity and its instruments, make the settlers’ cases successful through falsification and when unjust judicial decisions are made, the Palestinians have no real power to change them. It is a racist and colonial justice that is devoid of justice, fairness and credibility. The writer further believes that,

It is customary in the Israeli judiciary system to accept the account of Jews and settlers, particularly in matters of land and property, without paying attention to the nature or eligibility of legal justifications, as these institutions have already existed to be, among other objectives and endeavors, an instrument of the settler colonial system to control the land, and to overcome all legal obstacles to this goal. 19

The writer Abdelkader Badawi stated that Zionist settler colonial associations played a big role “… Through its expansionist post-occupation settlement activities, which have never been separated from the activity, in support of successive Israeli governments, as well as, the Israeli judicial system. They constituted a tool of the Israeli settler colonial system of control, expropriation, displacement and expulsion…” 20 

These associations have emerged as “… a representative of the settlers, through the legal cases it filed in the Israeli courts requesting the evacuation of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood from its Palestinian residents…” 21

The Process of Ethnic Cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah

After the occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967, and its illegal annexation of it to Israel by the Zionist entity, “… The residents of The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood were surprised when two Jewish committees registered, in 1972, the ownership of the Palestinian-owned 18-dunum land, in settler’s name at the Israeli Department of Lands.” 22

Commenting on the Zionist courts and their arbitrary decisions against the Palestinian population in Sheikh Jarrah, Palestinian-American writer Stephen Salaita wrote that,

Palestinians don’t need to respect the institutions of the Zionist state precisely because those institutions negate the Palestinians’ simplest political imperative: existence. Those institutions represent the machinery of colonization. All settler colonies come equipped with a legal apparatus to validate their cruelty. We cannot expect Western pundits and politicians to question the institutional logic so harmful to Palestinians, for their own legitimacy is contingent on the reproduction of state power. 23

Salaita elaborates on his explanation of the logic on which the idea is based that “property is Jewish” and that the Zionist state seeks to restore it and return it to Jewish ownership. 

More nonsensically, we’re asked to assign ethnic characteristics to abstractions and inanimate objects. The basis for Israel’s aggression in Sheikh Jarrah (as throughout all of historic Palestine) is repossession of so-called Jewish property. The property, in other words, doesn’t belong to people who happen to be Jewish. The property itself is Jewish—nobody can specify which denomination—and is therefore fit only for a certain kind of inhabitant. The property has some kind of innate disposition. It is apparently capable of worship. It becomes a crass approximation of humanity. Endowing housing units with confessional qualities exemplifies the problem of prioritizing property over sentient life:  a dwelling has no utility beyond the project of demographic engineering. Under the Zionist regime, even brick and mortar are sectarian. 24

Both Noura Erikat and Mariam Barghouthi described the atmosphere at today’s Sheikh Jarrah as being “… practically a war zone as armed Israeli settlers, under the protection of Israeli police, terrorize the Palestinian residents. These are the very settlers who are looking to kick out families, including El-Kurd’s.” 25

The Settlers are Cowardly Thieves

I have observed Zionist colonial settlers for a number of years. I have also studied their conduct and explored their ideology. Based on my close observation of their conduct inside Israel proper, as well as inside the colonized territories of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the Syrian Heights, I can certainly state the following.

All Zionist settlers are armed militia of fascists, psychologically deranged, cowards as individuals, and work with great passion as mercenaries of the Zionist settler colonial regime. They’re armed with guns and their Jewish religiosity is nothing but a fragile cover to hide their obnoxious behavior. They are inhuman, school dropouts and have a psycho-social willingness to earn their living by theft, bullying and extreme violence. They work in small groups that look like flocks of wild hyenas that go after their victims and keep tirelessly attempting to eat their flesh. They lack any human moral system but they seem to possess a capitalist system of robbers’ morality. In contrast to this distorted human situation, the Zionist and settler colonial class system is ready to defend their violent banditry behavior because it is itself an inhuman system that uses extreme colonial violence against the indigenous Palestinian population. In addition, the Zionist settler regime deploys the settlers in its colonial schemes. Consequently, the Zionist colonial system is extremely violent. It cannot live in tranquility and thus is unable to conduct a calm and civilized dialogue with the indigenous Palestinians.

Some settlers admit that they are thieves who steal Palestinian houses, some of whom openly admit it, such as the settler who lives in half of Mona al-Kurd’s house, where he told her, “If I don’t steal, your house it will be stolen by someone else,” said Mona al-Kurd, a young Palestinian woman who accused him of stealing her home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem. 26

Other settlers hide their motives by offering bribes with a threat to the owner of the house. Zuhair Rajabi, who lives in Sheikh Jarrah’s neighborhood in a house with his wife and four children, said the settlers “tried to bribe me by paying 1 million shekels [$300,000], provided I will leave my house quietly. When I refused, they threatened to put me in prison. They then sent the Israeli police to my house to try to arrest me, claiming that I physically attacked the man who was suing me.” 27

These two examples could serve as a proof that the settlers do not own these houses and that the Israeli courts are complicit in the plunder of the indigenous Palestinians.

Inhuman Colonial Brutality

The methods of removing Palestinians from their homes are varied, but some are carried out with extreme cruelty and inhumanity, as happened to the Al-Ghawi family.

Nuha Atiyeh, a resident of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood recalls the following incident. “I watched the doors of our neighbors, the Al-Ghawi family, crash during a black night. The women were evicted by force and were thrown, in their night clothes, outside their house. This scene doesn’t escape my imagination. I remember taking some clothes from my house and giving them to the women.” 28

As a result of dozens of lawsuits filed by the settlers’ committees at the Zionist Central Court in Jerusalem, the Court issued a decision to vacate against 28 Palestinian nuclear families. The total number of people facing expulsion for settlers reached 500, including 111 children. 29/sup>

The Central Zionist Court itself ruled that seven other families would leave their homes from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood by August 1, 2021. In total, an additional 58 people, including 17 children, are to be forcibly displaced to allow Jewish settlers to occupy their homes. 30 The Zionist Central Court also ruled that four families — Kurd, Skaif, Qasim and Al-Jawaani — must leave their homes for settlers, or reach an agreement with these settler organizations by paying rent and recognizing settlers as landowners. 31

Here we clearly see that there are no limits to settler’s arrogance and no limits to colonial insolence, as aggressors and thieves ask real house owners to pay their rent for their houses to the thieves. Of course, if the real Palestinian house owners had acquiesced to this request, they would have lost their right to property.

Ethnic Cleansing in Silwan

In 2002, the custodian of Absentee Property transferred land from the village of Silwan to the “Benvenesti Development Fund”, whose administration belongs to the settler organization “Ateret Cohanim”. This decision was upheld by the Jerusalem District Court, and the transfer was made without informing the Palestinian residents living on the land since the 1950s, and who have contracts to prove it. 32

The colonial settlement project in the village of Silwan began “in 2004, when two outposts were established in the village. By 2014, there were six outposts ranging from apartments for individuals and entire buildings. “Since then, the “Ateret Cohanim” committee has submitted eviction orders against other Palestinian families. In 2017, Palestinian residents petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court to challenge the evictions, arguing that in accordance with applicable Ottoman law at that time, the property applied only on buildings, which no longer exist, but not on the same land… 33

Similar to what happened in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, on 26 May 2021, the Jerusalem District Court held a hearing on the forced eviction of some 108 Palestinians from 18 families from their homes in the Batan al-Hawa neighborhood of Silwan. The Jewish “Benvenisti Development Fund” claims to own 5.2 dunums of the land of Batan al-Hawa neighborhood. 34

Israeli television channel 12 reported that settlers had placed Israeli flags on 15 houses in Silwan after they were captured by the “Ateret Cohanim”, association and handed over to the settlers’ families. The channel noted that these new houses that were seized joined 22 other houses recently captured by “Ateret Cohanim”. 35

It is worth mentioning that the Zionist state has “… A settlement strategy called the “Holy Basin”, consisting of the construction of housing units for settlers and a series of parks themed after Biblical places and figures around the Old City of Jerusalem. The plan would require the expulsion of Palestinian residents from Silwan neighborhoods and then the evacuation of 87 Palestinians from the Batan al-Hawa neighborhood of Silwan, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This will be done for the “Ateret Cohanim” settlers association.

Since 1995, the Israeli Antiquities Authority has been excavating sites in Silwan with the official support of the Settlers’ Foundation “Ire David” (the city of David), in order to create a new tourist attraction and find evidence of the 3,000-year-old “City of David”. 36

The group, which aims to expand the presence of settlers within the predominantly Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem around and inside the Old City, sued the residents of Batan al-Hawa, a district of Silwan, claiming that the land belonged to Yemeni Jews during the Ottoman period until 1938, when the residents were transferred to another location by the British Mandate authorities because of political tensions. 37

It is worth mentioning that the Zionist policy of uprooting and ethnic cleansing has been followed in a number of places in Palestinian geography such as the Red Khan, Jaffa, Hebron, the village of Al-Walajeh, and the Palestinian Negev region. These remain tense hotbeds ignited by right-wing leaders who have lost their minds. But this fire will burn their fingers and will increase the determination of the indigenous Palestinian population to unite efforts, escalate the struggle and continue the process of liberation.

The essence of Zionist claims about the property is that it is “Jewish property”, some of which belonged to Jews 3,000 years ago, and some of which belonged to Jews a little more than one hundred years ago. These allegations give no regard to modern laws in determining the legal acquisition of real estate, which have changed radically from the time of the Greeks, the Romans, the Mongols and the Vikings, where the property belonged to the usurper and the occupier, not to the indigenous peoples who lived above these properties.

This Zionist nonsense is sponsored and adopted by the Zionist colonial bodies, and those who defend them from Arab protectorates and vassals, European and American imperialists, and by the Zionist and reactionary Arab media, who are hostile to the rights of the Palestinian Arab people in their homeland especially their right to self-determination. 

It is scientifically known that the Jewish Torah does not constitute an official and credible document that is recognized by international law and therefore, can be presented in modern courts as a document of legal ownership. Moreover, God has not been recognized as a feudal landlord who owns the lands of the peoples and can distribute them to whoever he wants and denies them from whoever he wants. Consequently, the British imperialist Lord Balfour does not own Palestine, nor does the extremist right wing President Donald Trump own the colonized land of Palestine or the colonized Syrian Golan Heights, so he has no right to give these lands to the Zionist settler colonialists. 

It should be added that many of the historical events and “facts” mentioned in the Torah were partly a form of broad religious fiction and partly came out of the misappropriation of the heritage of Mesopotamian civilizations. The Torah has no solid scientific credibility, and whoever adopts it reflects the fact that he lacks credible legal documents. Therefore, the claims by the Zionist settler colonialists to their right to own Palestinian land and real estate based on the Torah are fragile and null and void because the real owners were and still are the Arab Palestinians, who are the indigenous people of Palestine, which constitutes a part of the greater Syrian motherland.

International Law is not a Tool in the Service of Zionist Settler Colonialism.

International law prohibits the occupying power from imposing its laws on the inhabitants of the area it has occupied because it is a war zone outside the sovereignty of the belligerent state. International law also prohibits the belligerent occupying power from transferring its citizens to live within the area it has occupied. Moreover, the occupying power may not change the laws in force within the occupied zone.

The Al-Haq human rights foundation stated that,

… the legal framework applicable in occupied East Jerusalem is international humanitarian and international human rights law. Israel is specifically prohibited from annexing the occupied territory under Article 47 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. As such, Israel’s application of its domestic law, including the Legal and Administrative Matters Law in 1970, and provisions of Israel Tenancy law are not only wrongful acts in violation of international law, of which there can be no recognition, but acts which third States must collectively work to bring to an end. 38

There are clear obligations under Article 43 of the Hague Regulations, to continue the status quo ante bellum including the preservation of private tenancy rights, which are further protected as private property of the civilian population under Article 46 of the Hague Regulations. In particular, such acts amount to forcible transfer, grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, and war crimes and crimes against humanity within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. 39

American imperialism helps Zionist colonialism, embraces its wars of aggression and provides it with money and weapons. The imperialist West abandoned the Palestinian people, and the son-in-law of the American President, the Zionist Jared Kushner, who financed the right-wing settlement movement in Israel, was given absolute authority to fabricate “A peace process”, aided by the regimes of colonial mercenaries in the Gulf, the most important of which is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who just imprisoned his relatives, after he ordered the assassination of the Saudi opposition journalist Jamal Al-Khashoukji. 

Expected Results of a Deteriorating Zionist Path

Many indications are that the Zionist settlement entity will continue its Judaization quest in colonized East Jerusalem, but during this insane colonial quest, it has transformed East Jerusalem into the world’s most tense outpost that will become the poorest, most racist and most heinous “capital.” No matter how much the colonial mentality brings about more racist laws and more inhumane practices, the situation that is formed before the eyes of the peoples of the world will make the Zionist entity a rogue, aggressive, hideous and repulsive state.

The deteriorating path chosen by the extreme right-wing leadership of the Zionist entity has generated a severe political crisis that has shown a deep structural imbalance in the level of political leadership, which in turn has produced a turbulent political right, fragmented, and does not benefit, either from elections or from democracy to get out of its acute crisis. This deteriorating path has also produced a Zionist voter with callous consciousness, racial intolerance and ideological blindness. This deteriorated situation has produced more failed leadership than its predecessor. After four parliamentary elections that produced repeated results, the Zionist entity got itself into a fiasco that has no equivalent in the world. It is a lost entity that cannot save itself from the path of deterioration because it is the same path that South Africa followed until the world came to save it from its fiasco by imposing on it a solution that it does not desire.

Here it appears that the Palestinian steadfastness and determination to fight for its patriotic rights, with the assistance of Arab and international solidarity, will lead the Zionist regime to choose a solution similar to that chosen by South Africa. The Palestinian national struggle will not be extinguished, as it is developing and promoted by the united efforts of workers, and progressive elements in the Middle Class. During its development, all the reactionary elements, Palestinian, Arab and international, who together are attempting to preserve the dissonant parts of a rogue state that insists on falling, will disappear forever.


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Zuhair Sabbagh is a writer on Israeli and Palestinian issues. He has published a number of books and research articles in both English and Arabic. He holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. He lives in Nazareth, Palestine

Press Violations Explode to 180 in May Alone as Israel Cracks Down to Buff Its Image

June 11th, 2021

Israel Press Freedom Feature photo

By Jessical Buxbaum


“The more that Israel is exposed internationally for its human rights violations in Palestine, the more it becomes desperate in its attempt to crack down on journalists and the media in general.” — Dr. Ramzy Baroud

OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM — Despite wearing a press vest and holding a government press card, Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent Givara Budeiri was violently assaulted and arrested by Israeli police on June 5.

Budeiri was covering a demonstration in the Occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah when Israeli forces attacked and then detained her for several hours on the grounds she kicked a soldier, which she denies. She was released only on terms that she doesn’t visit Sheikh Jarrah for 15 days.

“The silencing of journalists by terrorizing them has become a routine activity for the Israeli authorities, as witnessed in recent weeks in Gaza and occupied Jerusalem,” Dr. Mostefa Souag, acting director-general of Al Jazeera Media Network, said in a statement regarding Budeiri’s detention.

Violence against journalists, destruction of media property, and online censorship are all part of Israel’s systematic campaign to prevent the Palestinian narrative from reaching a global platform and exposing Israel’s crimes. And these efforts are only increasing.

The climate of press freedom

During the course of Israel’s 11-day war on Gaza, Israeli airstrikes destroyed four buildings housing at least 18 local and international media outlets. These included the offices belonging to Al Jazeera, Associated Press, Al-Araby TV, and Nawa Online Women Media Network. Israel’s bombardment also killed Palestinian journalist Yousef Abu Hussein and injured journalists Mohammad al-Louh and Elias Karram. Since April 21, a growing number of journalists have been harassed and assaulted by Israeli security forces and right-wing activists.

But attacks on the press aren’t exclusive to the recent violence in Palestine associated with Sheikh Jarrah, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Gaza. Israel holds a ranking of 86 out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index (with “1” being the most free) and Palestine sits at 132.

Israel Press Freedom

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), 18 journalists have been killed in the region since 1992; and currently 13 Palestinian journalists are imprisoned in Israeli jailsThe Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) reported 408 violations in the Occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza in 2020, with Israel responsible for 53% of the attacks. The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) reported 608 media violations in 2020, with 490 of those violations committed by Israeli forces.

Israeli press violations encompass a wide range of dangerous actions, including physical assaults, targeting of media institutions, arrests, detentions, interrogations, raids, confiscation and destruction of equipment, and even using journalists as human shields.

A journalist’s personal experience

In one case, Dan Cohen — an American journalist and MintPress News contributor who was in Palestine from 2014 to 2017 — experienced being used as a human shield by Israeli forces firsthand. During an Israeli army raid into the Aida refugee camp in the West Bank in March 2014, a commander grabbed Cohen while he was reporting and forced him to stand in front of soldiers shooting at Palestinian youth. He was able to escape unscathed, but the incident still burns in his mind when considering freedom of the press in Israel-Palestine. “It was a very obvious case of the Israeli army attempting to use me as a hu

man shield either to punish me for documenting their activities, potentially injure me, or just to scare me,” Cohen said.

Cohen was harassed again during another army operation into the camp in 2014. A group of soldiers approached him, with one brandishing his weapon at Cohen. They forced him to turn around against a wall. “And then when I couldn’t see, they threw a flash [grenade] at me,” Cohen said. “Of course, it startled me and then they just laughed as they walked away. So, this is typical Israeli army harassment of journalists.”

Journalists — foreign and local — face a myriad of barriers when covering Palestine-Israel. But Cohen feels the pressures are more extreme for journalists who don’t fit into the establishment mold. “If you do the mainstream, New York Times reporting and stick to official events and don’t really challenge the hasbara narrative, then you’re not in any kind of danger. But if you dare to go to where Palestinians are demonstrating, then you’ll get tear gassed. You might get shot with a rubber-coated bullet and you may even get hit with live ammunition,” Cohen said. Hasbara is the Israeli term for propaganda and refers to the government’s diplomatic efforts to manipulate information and control the global narrative on Israel-Palestine. Cohen concluded, “A lot of it just depends on what you expose yourself to, but fundamentally journalists in Israel have no real protection.”

Israel Airstrike press offices

For journalists like Cohen, who has reported for alternative media outlets like Mondoweiss, challenging Israel’s status quo can turn you into a target. This is even more likely if you’re Jewish. “Zionists consider Jews who dissent from the Israeli government positions as traitors who are even worse than Arabs,” Cohen told MintPress, adding:

Jews speaking out against Israeli crimes — whether you’re an activist, a journalist, or anybody — severely undermines the so-called Jewish state’s ability to project itself as a defender of Jews worldwide and claim that its crimes against Palestinians are necessary to ensure the livelihood of a worldwide Jewry.

Yet it’s not just the Israeli military and government targeting the press. In recent weeks, CPJ, the Committee to Protect Journalists, uncovered far-right, Jewish nationalists encouraging violence against media professionals documenting these extremists’ coordinated attacks against Palestinians. “[We] can do both [target Arabs and journalists], it really doesn’t contradict. There are Arab terrorists and there are media terrorists,” read a WhatsApp message from a local group.

According to the Union of Journalists in Israel (ITONAIM), Israeli journalists faced dozens of attacks from the public and Israeli authorities from April 21 to May 15.

The I’lam – Arab Center for Media Freedom, Development and Research also released a report documenting 13 incidents of harassment and violence against Palestinian and Israeli journalists in May. The majority of these cases were committed by Israeli security forces. I’lam reported: 

According to the testimonies collected, the Israeli security forces’ attempts to eradicate journalists and prevent the media from reporting on the events aim to provide the official Israeli narrative with legitimacy and credibility in front of the world… Eradicating journalists is not only violating national and international laws, it also undermines the people’s right to know the facts, which it appears Israel is trying to hide.

Palestinian press under greater threat

Neither Israeli nor Palestinian journalists are immune to harassment — especially when it comes to reporting on Israeli corruption. But one group faces significantly greater danger in doing their job.

“There is very little margin for press freedom in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. Traditionally, the limitations and the restrictions have been imposed on Palestinian journalists covering Israeli military activities, the Israeli occupation, and Israeli violations of human rights,” Dr. Ramzy Baroud, editor of Palestine Chronicle, told MintPress News, adding:

As of late, even Israeli journalists and media that seem to be sympathetic in any way with Palestinians or who are exposing the right-wing policies of Benjamin Netanyahu and his government have also faced a degree of limitation and restriction. But, of course, we are still talking about a vastly disproportionate difference here in how Palestinian and Israeli journalists are treated.”

According to a report from PJS’ Freedom Committee, Israel committed more than 180 press violations against Palestinians in May. About 80 violations occurred in the Gaza Strip, with around 37 media institutions targeted and at least 10 journalists injured by rocket fire.

In the West Bank and Jerusalem, roughly 100 Palestinian journalists have faced ongoing attacks from Israeli authorities through work restrictions, confiscation of equipment, tear gas, sound bombs and rubber bullets.

PJS called on the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) to send a commission to investigate Israeli crimes against Palestinian journalists. The HRC responded on May 27 by adopting a resolution establishing a commission to investigate press violations that have occurred in Palestine-Israel since April 13.

Amid Israel’s latest crackdown on Palestinian journalists, Cohen emphasized, however, that this isn’t a new phenomenon explaining:

For decades Palestinian journalists have been persecuted by an Israeli military dictatorship that doesn’t afford Palestinians any rights or guarantee any kind of freedom, whether that’s freedom of press or anything else. So, the recent attacks on Palestinian journalists and media institutions are part and parcel of the modus operandi of the apartheid regime.”

Media attacks worsening

As previously mentioned, multiple press watchdog groups monitoring Palestine-Israel indicate a drastic increase in media violations in recent months. Dr. Baroud agrees freedom of the press is worsening as Israeli crimes are broadcast on the world stage, concluding:

The more that Israel is exposed internationally for its human rights violations in Palestine, the more it becomes desperate in its attempt to crack down on journalists and the media in general. [Journalists] pose a threat to Israel in the sense that their job exposes Israeli practices and human rights violations against the Palestinians. So, in the eyes of Israel the journalist becomes the enemy because, even though he’s not carrying a weapon, the camera and the pen become weapons.”

Nasrallah: Gaza’s victory paves the way for the total Liberation of Palestine (full speech)

Date: 9 June 2021

Author: lecridespeuples

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May 25, 2021, on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the Liberation of Lebanon.

Note: This is not a literal translation of Nasrallah’s speech, but a detailed summary of its content.

Source: video.moqawama.org

Translation: resistancenews.org


Praise be to God. Greetings on the Prophet and his family. Peace be upon you, as well as the Mercy of God.

I apologize for having given no speech since Al-Quds Day, I was a bit sick and I still am [Nasrallah clearly had difficulties breathing and was coughing; it was a pneumonia, not Covid, despite the usual Israeli propaganda about a terminal disease, as proven by his ability to make a 2-hours live speech on May 25, and by his healthy looks on his June 8th 1-hour-speech].

The days gone by have seen historical events which I have followed closely, but I could not speak publicly despite my will. I will speak extensively about the events in Gaza in this speech. Quranic verse: « And slacken not in following up the enemy: if ye are suffering hardships, they are suffering similar hardships; but ye have hope from God while they have none. » (S. IV, v. 104).

The month of May saw some unhappy events (the Nakba) and other happy ones (the Liberation of Lebanon on May 25, 2000). Congratulations to the people of Palestine who have added a new victory, from Gaza to Jerusalem to the territories occupied in 1948. Condolences to the families of martyrs and best wishes for recovery to the wounded. Congratulations in particular to the cadres of the Resistance & the people of Gaza who patiently endured Israeli barbarity.

I also congratulate the Lebanese on this Liberation Day. I want the Lebanese people, especially the new generations, not to forget that this Liberation of May 25, 2000 is the result of long years of sacrifices by many Lebanese and Resistance factions, not just Hezbollah. Let us recall the memory of the martyrs of Hezbollah, Amal movement, other nationalist movements, the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance fighters, as well as the Lebanese Army and the martyrs of the Syrian army. Let us not forget the Lebanese civilian martyrs, men, women and children, victims of the civil war and of the Israeli massacres. Finally, we should mention the martyrs of the Resistance and the people’s support for this Resistance. I don’t speak only of southern Lebanon, but of the Bekaa, cradle of Hezbollah, and all over Lebanon. May 25, 2000 (the date of the expulsion of the last Israeli forces occupying Lebanon) was the victory of all of Lebanon, of Beirut, of the North, of every place in Lebanon. The whole country helped shape this victory.

I recall in particular the martyr Sayed Abbas Mousawi (former Hezbollah Secretary General), assassinated by Israel with his wife and child; the martyr Sheikh Ragheb Harb; the martyr Imad Moghniyeh; the martyr Sayed Zulfiqar. A whole caravan of Hezbollah martyrs.

In addition to the Lebanese Resistance and the Lebanese people, we must salute the official Lebanese position embodied by President Emile Lahoud, Nabih Berri and Salim al-Hoss, as well as the majoritary position of the Lebanese government which supported the Resistance and its legitimacy. All this made it possible to obtain the Liberation, and to avoid the civil war that Ehud Barak was preparing (to devastate Lebanon after the departure of the Israeli troops).

I also praise the Syrian support of Hafez al-Assad and Bashar al-Assad, and the support of Iran, of Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei. And I especially salute Qassem Soleimani’s role in the 2000 victory, even though his name and role were kept secret at the time. This Liberation ushered in the era of victories for the Arab-Muslim world. On May 25, 2000, I dedicated this victory to the Palestinian people, with the Liberation of Palestine and Al-Quds (Jerusalem) being the ultimate goal. This victory opened a new culture, new values, imposing new clear strategic equations. In 2000, many Zionist leaders spoke of the dire consequences this humiliating retreat would have. Yithzak Shamir, at Ben-Gurion’s grave, spoke of Hezbollah’s victory as something that could lead to Israel’s demise. Then took place the first Intifada in 2000, and the Liberation of Gaza in 2005.

The Popular Armed Resistance established two strong bases in Lebanon and Gaza, which the enemy wanted to destroy. He failed, accumulating defeats and strengthening the Resistance, whether during the 2006 war against Lebanon, or the 2008, 2012 or 2014 wars in Gaza. The siege of Gaza for more than 15 years, assassination campaigns, etc. have also failed. The last 11-day war is very different. But all these wars won by the Palestinian and Lebanese camp have confirmed and strengthened the path of the Resistance.

I now come to the last battle named “Sword of Al-Quds” by the Palestinian Resistance. I will not go into detail, but explain why this is a great victory and what it announces for the future of the struggle against Israel. The beginning was in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), with Israel’s insistence on ethnically cleansing Al-Quds and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, attacks on Palestinians, preventing worshipers from praying at Al-Aqsa during Ramadan (the Palestinians from the territories of 1948, 1967 and Jerusalem itself). Israel did its best to prevent worshipers from going to Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa, and repeatedly assaulted those who did manage to get there.

There was a real threat to Al-Quds, which caused the Resistance in Gaza to issue a historic ultimatum to Israel: cease your ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah and your assaults on believers in Al-Aqsa, or we will intervene militarily. The threat was carried out by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who launched their rockets/missiles at the promised time.

This whole crisis was caused by the stupidity of Netanyahu & the Israeli leaders, their arrogance, hubris, contempt and underestimation of Arabs, traits which are a constant in the history of Israel. All previous wars had the same cause, and this enemy will remain blind, arrogant, stupid, making mistakes and miscalculations that will lead to its downfall and demise. Imam Khomeini said “Praise be to God who made our enemies stupid”. Netanyahu and the Israelis believed they could take over Jerusalem and Judaize it, expel Palestinian families, replace them with Jewish settlers, assault the Muslim/Christian worshippers, without anything happening, just empty protests. They did so, deeming the Arabs defeated and having normalized their relations with Israel. They believed that the Arab world had abandoned the cause, that the Palestinians of the territories occupied in 1948, of the West Bank and of Gaza were powerless.

The enemy never even imagined that Gaza could intervene militarily in defense of Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa. It hadn’t occurred to anyone within the Zionist entity, neither the political leaders, nor the military leaders, nor the security services. But Gaza surprised both the enemy and the friend. Israel did not imagine such a thing, and therefore persevered in its indiscriminate aggression in Al-Quds (Jerusalem). That’s why Israel was surprised and defeated.

Gaza’s decision is historic, and its lessons must be understood. Previously, all the wars in Gaza had causes linked to Gaza: reaction to assassinations or Israeli aggressions in Gaza, struggle against the severe siege of Gaza, etc. The Resistance’s calculations were still purely Gazan, protecting only the residents of Gaza. But what happened in this last round is that Gaza intervened to protect Al-Quds (Jerusalem), Sheikh Jarrah, Al-Aqsa. This decision is historic, exceptional, and turns things upside down. The Resistance knew it was heading for war, massacres, destruction of Gaza. But the Gaza Resistance was ready to sacrifice itself to defend Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Al-Aqsa.

Gaza and all of its inhabitants sacrificed themselves to preserve Islam’s 3rd holiest site, considering themselves to be in charge and responsible for it. It was a decision of a high level of jihad and sincerity, and that is why it had this enormous influence, rocking the Palestinians all over occupied Palestine, with the support of the refugees and the whole world, except the minority of zombies (Arab dictators) who normalized their relations with Israel. The protests on the Lebanese-Israeli, Jordanian-Israeli border and all around the world, the popular support and final victory were exceptional, commensurate with this exceptional decision of the Gaza Resistance.

The Zionists must understand this, as must the Muslim community and the Resistance Axis, but I am addressing the enemy and its leaders: this experience must lead you to redo all your calculations. You should know that laying your hands on Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa is a red line. Assassinations here or there, expropriations here or there, besieging here or there has nothing to do with laying your hands on Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa, our holy places, as demonstrated by what Gaza has done, the promises made and kept by the Resistance in Gaza. They were sincere and will stand ready to do what they did again if Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa are threatened or desecrated again.

All the factions of the Resistance Axis (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Irak’s PMU & Yemeni Resistance) were in constant contact, hour by hour during this war. In the future, we will ensure that touching Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa will not only involve Gaza but the entire Resistance Axis. The Resistance in Gaza has imposed a new equation: if Israel lays its hands on Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa, Gaza is going to war. What we must now impose is that if Israel lays its hands on Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa, then there will be a regional war!

The whole Resistance Axis must be ready and make this clear to Israel: we will never allow the Al-Aqsa Mosque to be endangered. For the outcome of any regional war can only be the eradication of the Zionist entity. It is this new equation that will allow us to protect the holy city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and its Muslim and Christian holy places. We are working very seriously on it. When our holy places are in danger, there is no more red line, no more calculation (= it will be total war).

I will not analyze all the consequences of this war, but highlight a few of them:

1/ The soul of the Resistance resurfaced in all the Palestinians, who all united and rose up as one man, in Gaza, the West Bank, the territories occupied in 1948, the Palestinians refugees all over the world, etc. The decades-long division and dislocation is over: the Palestinian people are united.

2/ The Palestinian cause has been revived all over the world. It was deemed buried once and for all by Trump and normalization, but this cause has reclaimed its prominent place all over the world, in all media, all minds and all consciousnesses.

3/ The Palestinian identity and the dream of Liberation have been brought back to the fore.

4/ Belief in the Armed Resistance and the Intifada has once again become the best choice to obtain Liberation. The soul of Resistance has returned to our peoples.

5/ The failure to locate (and assassinate) the main military leaders. Israel came up with several names, including Hamas Commander Mohamed Dayf, but they failed to kill them. That some (minor field commanders) were killed is normal in a war, but it is far from what Israel wanted.

6/ Israel, both in terms of political, military and security leaders, was unable, as I said, not only to anticipate, but even to imagine that Gaza would enter the scene militarily to protect Al-Quds, Al-Aqsa and Sheikh Jarrah, just as Israel was unable to anticipate or imagine that all of Palestine would rise up in the face of Israeli aggression at Al-Quds.

7/ The Deal of the Century is definitely buried. The Resistance in Gaza and the Israeli failure to win made the Biden administration abandon Trump’s concessions. Biden put East Jerusalem back on the table and called on the Israelis not to expropriate the residents of Sheikh Jarrah. The heart of the Deal of the Century was to give all of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) to Israel, but that is forgotten now. Of course, Biden did not intervene for humanitarian reasons, but because he saw Israel’s helplessness and the risk of an explosion in the region, which thwarted his own international priorities.

8/ The true face of Israel, barbaric, bloodthirsty, slaughtering children, racist and Jewish supremacist, clearly returned to everyone’s eyes and mind, despite Israel’s grip on media and social networks. Israel couldn’t care less about the opinion of the Arab world, but not that of the Western world, and we have seen that even EU countries were forced to condemn Israel in one way or another, and put it in an awkward position.

9/ One of the most important political results is that the compass of conflict in the region has settled again on Israel, after years of civil wars, creation of bogus enemies like Iran, etc. Today, it is clear to the whole world (and not just in the Arab-Muslim world) that the enemy of humanity, of justice, of truth, the racist and criminal entity is Israel and nobody else.

After discussing the political consequences of this Gaza-Israel war, I now come to the military consequences. We must take into account the scales (in this asymmetric conflict): on the one hand, Israel is the regular Army of a State, US-backed, which has the most powerful air force in the region, and on the other hand, Gaza, under siege for more than 15 years, is a tiny territory surrounded on all sides, with +2 million inhabitants, and an ungrateful geography (from the point of view of Resistance opportunities: no mountains, etc.). Some weapons from Gaza are imported and others are manufactured locally. But we can clearly see that despite their very limited possibilities, and Israel’s total control over information (Gaza is under constant surveillance by all means: drones, electronic surveillance, spies, etc.), Gaza has been able to demonstrate courage, sagacity and victorious struggle against one of the most militarily powerful States in the world.

I will quickly set out the military consequences of this conflict:

1/ The entry of Gaza into the protection equation of Al-Quds, Al-Aqsa and Sheikh Jarrah. In fact, Gaza has entered the issues of all of Palestine, shifting from defense to attack.

2/ Despite the severe siege, the Resistance was able to greatly improve its rocket/missile & fighting capacities. For 11 days, they continued to fire rockets/missiles despite Israel’s best efforts, its planes, drones, artillery strikes, etc.

3/ Gaza even proved its ability to fire rockets/missiles at times announced in advance, to the point that some brothers were surprised, advising not to give this information to the enemy (which would allow him to better defend itself), but it was a point of strength (psychological warfare).

4/ The number of rockets/missiles fired was very large, hundreds every day, which reflects very large stocks and great skill. The type of rockets/missiles fired, the targets hit, the damage done, it was all very powerful.

5/ All of this shook the Israeli State like never before. All countries can go through civil wars, very trying crises, and remain. But Israel is a fake, artificial State that has been shaken to the point that its very existence has been called into question. Israel is a State whose precondition for existence is security. If security is no longer there, all Israelis (who all have dual citizenships) will come back from where they come from: Europe, USA, Australia… At the first (serious) storm, Israeli society will pack up and leave! This sets Israel apart from all other countries: the Palestinians, despite 1948 and 1967, remained attached to their land. They are willing to sacrifice themselves by the hundreds of thousands to return there, until this day. They have not abandoned their territory! But Israel, no! The Israelis have their second passport ready, their suitcase ready, and they will leave at the first storm: if neither the government nor the military can protect them, why would they stay? This consequence, namely to shake Israel to such an extent, is unprecedented, even during the 2006 war. Never before has such a large area of ​​Israel been under rocket fire: Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Ashdod, airports, the Negev… 70% of Israelis were holed up in shelters for 11 days ! The worst for Israel was not the material losses, but the psychological losses: the warnings rang everywhere, introducing terror into their hearts. It doesn’t really matter if the rockets hit their target or not!

6/ In addition to all the economic losses and the feeling of insecurity at home, it is the same abroad: who is going to come and invest in Israel without guarantee of security for their investments, without stability? Israel’s dream of becoming an economical/financial hub in the Mediterranean is over!

7/ For the first time, the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 entered into revolt. It’s not just Gaza and the West Bank anymore. All Israeli leaders recognize that this is an existential threat for Israel!

8/ The Gaza Resistance was also exceptional: the way they carried out the fight, the way they prepared for a ground invasion, to the point that the enemy did not dare to set foot in Gaza, all of this is a huge victory.

9/ The Resistance was able to present to its people, to the whole world and to its enemies a brilliant image of victory.

On the other hand, let us see the failures of the enemy, as admitted by their officials and experts:

1/ Failure to achieve any strategic success after 11 days. Nothing!

2/ Israeli officials speak of tactical successes, but these are insignificant for such a powerful army: destroying some tunnels, killing some cadres, it’s negligible! The rocket fire could not be stopped, and Israel did not even know where it was coming from. Even when they knew the time of the rocket salvos in advance, their planes and drones were unable to locate them. The Iron Dome was also a failure. The 90% interception figure is a lie, it’s more like 50-60%. The damage proves that their 90% figure for the Iron Dome is a lie. The proof of the failure of the Iron Dome is also the fact that Netanyahu asked for military aid from Biden, who immediately granted it. The rockets kept hitting all of occupied Palestine!

3/ The failure of the trap set for the Resistance in Gaza, which Israel had been preparing to neutralize for years, but the Israeli Army proved to be powerless.

4/ The failure to prevent weapons from reaching the Resistance. The rockets did not stop and could have been launched at this rate for months on end. Israel is incapable not only of knowing where the rockets are, but has no idea how many they are, which is a colossal failure of their intelligence.

5/ The failure to locate (and assassinate) the main military leaders. Israel came up with several names, including Hamas Commander Mohamed Dayf, but they failed to kill them. That some (minor field commanders) were killed is normal in a war, but it is far from what Israel wanted.

6/ Israel, both in terms of political, military and security leaders, was unable, as I said, not only to anticipate, but even to imagine that Gaza would enter the scene militarily to protect Al-Quds, Al-Aqsa and Sheikh Jarrah, just as Israel was unable to anticipate or imagine that all of Palestine would rise up in the face of Israeli aggression at Al-Quds.

7/ The worst part is that Israel found itself completely taken aback, lost, not knowing what to do with this unforeseen explosion on all sides.

And now I ask a question to the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Aviv Kochavi, this so-called “philosopher” who for 3 years has been rethinking Israel’s strategy, organizing colossal maneuvers, etc. His main thought was that the infantry was the basis for achieving victory. But this great strategic thinker [irony] bit the dust against Gaza, despite all his measures, all his maneuvers, all his preparations. There was not even a land incursion into Gaza! It’s a humiliating mark of their defeat.

I am not claiming that Israel is incapable of carrying out a major ground operation, no, but I am claiming that the morale of the Israeli troops is shaped by fear: they are terrified at the idea of a ground operation, whether in Gaza, Lebanon or anywhere. Despite their technology, weaponry, planes, tanks, etc., they are scared to death to conduct a ground operation. They are still haunted by their bloody debacle in 2014 in Gaza (+60 soldiers killed), with soldiers they did not even know if they were alive. That the so-called most powerful army in the region is so afraid is a major strategic failure.

Lastly, Israel has failed to present even an image of victory, short of a real victory! Polls indicate that no more than 20% of Israelis consider Israel to have won. So much for the description, consequences and lessons to be learned from this confrontation in Gaza.

I come now to Lebanon. On this day commemorating the Liberation of Lebanon, I assure the Lebanese people that Hezbollah has never been better off than today. We are more powerful than ever (weapons, numbers, experience, preparation, faith, courage, morale, etc.). I tell the Israelis not to be stupid, not to be arrogant, not to miscalculate against Lebanon. The rules of engagement remain valid (the slightest aggression against Lebanon will trigger a response). You made a big miscalculation with Gaza and saw what it cost you, so imagine what it would be like with Hezbollah, which is in a much better situation than Gaza! Despite the sanctions and the difficulties, we are not under siege! We will not tolerate any aggression against our territory or population!

Third point, the masses who support Hezbollah remain firmly attached to the Resistance despite the economic difficulties, which will not change the massive support of our popular base. The President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, continues to support the Resistance and the rights of Lebanon. The same goes for the government and the Parliament. All US sanctions and threats weaken neither the Resistance nor those who support it.

Fourth point, in terms of our pending accounts with Israel, we add (to our 2 martyrs in Damascus to avenge) the martyr Mohamad Tahan, killed on the Lebanese-Israeli border while demonstrating unarmed for Palestine. I renew my congratulations and condolences to his family. This blood will be avenged: we had the patience not to avenge it immediately, but we add it to the pending accounts (and he will be avenged sooner or later).


Fifth point before the conclusion: the formation of a new government is the key to everything. There is no need for the resignation of President Aoun, nor the resignation of Prime Minister Hariri charged with forming the government, nor the simultaneous resignation of both. What prevents the formation of a government are purely internal obstacles.

There are two solutions:

– either Hariri sits down with Aoun for as long as it takes to achieve the formation of a government. Lebanon is in your hands.

– or a friend intervenes to help you, like Nabih Berri, the President of the Chamber of Deputies. Everyone must help them to achieve the formation of a government to save the country. There is no other solution. Because the country must move forward: the dire economic, social situation can’t stand the vacuum.

In conclusion, looking back on all that has happened over the past few days, months and years, the Middle East has gone through the 10 most difficult years it has ever experienced. Entire countries were targeted for destruction. But the Resistance Axis thwarted these plans. The Resistance Axis not only preserved the Middle East, but also enabled Palestine to stand tall and achieve victories. If it hadn’t been for Iran who faced ISIS alongside the local forces in Irak and Syria, where would we be? What would have become of Lebanon, of the other countries? Iran has overcome the threat of (US) war, triumphed over sanctions, and is heading towards presidential elections. ISIS is almost eradicated in Iraq. All of Iraq supported Gaza and the Resistance. Syria is recovering from ISIS, and will also hold presidential elections tomorrow. Lebanon is holding on despite everything. But imagine what the situation would be in Palestine if Iran, Syria and Lebanon had been defeated? Where would we be, with all the regimes having normalized with Israel? Today, the Arab-Muslim world stands alongside Palestine, from one end to the other, and joins the Resistance camp at least at the level of the populations.

And in terms of political and military forces, Yemen has joined the Resistance Axis, and it is ready to share its bread with Gaza despite the famine there (Nasrallah is moved to tears): the solidarity of famine-stricken Yemen with Palestine, ready to share the very bread it lacks, while the billionaire oil monarchies normalize with Israel! This is a basis that makes you optimistic about the future.

The Liberation of Al-Quds is closer than ever, and the demise of Israel is very near. Independence, stability, noble and dignified peace are the future of our region.

I thank all those who have supported the Resistance, in one way or another, first and foremost the Islamic Republic of Iran & Sayed Khamenei, as well as the soul of Hajj Qassem Soleimani who has dedicated more than 20 years to strengthen our region. When he came to our help, he had not a single white hair on his head, and when he left, all of his hair was white. I salute the soul of this great martyr, Soleimani, who sacrificed everything for the region and Palestine, tireless even when others got tired.

Peace be upon you, as well as the Mercy of God.

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“Any amount counts, because a little money here and there, it’s like drops of water that can become rivers, seas or oceans…” 

‘Israel’ Begged US to Broker Gaza Ceasefire – Yedioth


‘Israel’ Begged US to Broker Gaza Ceasefire - Yedioth

By Staff, Agencies

‘Israeli’ newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth said Tel Aviv begged the US to mediate a ceasefire during the 11-day military aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip that prompted the Palestinian resistance to retaliate with a massive rocket barrage.

Contrary to what is believed, ‘Israel’ was the side trying to achieve a truce during the war, Yedioth reported on Saturday.

According to the report, Tel Aviv repeatedly contacted the administration of US President Joe Biden to broker “a dignified ceasefire” by putting pressure on Egypt and some other countries.

After the Biden administration did not show much interest in intervening in the matter, Tel Aviv sent a message to Cairo calling on the North African state to intervene with the US approval, it added.

Tel Aviv launched the bombing campaign against Gaza on May 10, after Palestinian retaliation against violent raids on worshipers at the al-Aqsa Mosque and the regime’s plans to force a number of Palestinian families out of their homes at Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East al-Quds.

The Gaza-based resistance groups did not sit idly by in the face of the ‘Israeli’ onslaught. Appearing noticeably stronger than before, the Palestinian fighters took the occupation entity by surprise with massive barrages of rockets.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired 4,300 rockets towards different cities in the occupied lands during the war, which ended on May 21 after ‘Israel’ announced a unilateral ceasefire that the resistance movements accepted with Egyptian mediation.

The Palestinian resistance struck the Red Sea port of Eilat, over 190 kilometers away using a new Ayyash-250 rocket.

Zionist media admitted at least 13 Zionist settlers were killed in the panic-stricken occupied territories and 357 others were injured, suggesting that the regime’s much-publicized “Iron Dome” missile system had failed in the face of the massive rocket fire.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said 253 Palestinians lost their lives in the ‘Israeli’ offensive, including 66 children and 39 women, and 1948 others were wounded.

Israeli General: 11-Day Gaza War Just ‘First Stage’ of Wider Campaign

Posted by INTERNATIONALIST 360° on 

Israeli soldiers work at an artillery unit as it fires near the border between Israel and the Gaza strip, on the Israeli side May 17, 2021

Morgan Artyukhina
After the Second Intifada uprising and the 2006 election victory of Hamas in Gaza, Israel was forced to pull all its settlers out of the Gaza Strip, at which time it imposed a cordon sanitaire around the territory that has dramatically impacted access to basic necessities by its more than 2 million Palestinian inhabitants.

During an interview with Israel’s Channel 13 on Thursday, Maj. Gen. Eliezer Toledano, head of the Israel Defense Forces’ Southern Command, said that the IDF limited its recent war in Gaza due to civilian pressure “on the home front,” but noted the military is “totally prepared” to continue if necessary.

“The operation ended, or at least its first stage did. The next stage will happen if we see that the security situation has changed,” Toledano said, according to the Times of Israel. That “first stage” involved roughly 1,500 airstrikes on targets in the Gaza Strip, which the IDF said targeted members of Hamas and the group’s facilities. The group’s militant wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, fired more than 4,300 rockets and mortars at Israel during the 11-day war.

While most of Hamas’ projectiles were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system, Gaza has few air defenses and the bombs fell on apartment buildings in the densely populated city, killing 254 people, 67 of whom were children and 80 of whom were militants, according to local health officials and Hamas. In Israel, 12 civilians, including two children, were killed by Hamas rockets.

Toledano said the IDF tried to “make the most” of the conflict while public opinion in Israel was on their side.

“We don’t have operations like this every week or every month because we understand the burden that this puts on civilians, especially on the home front. And therefore when we launched this operation, we had to make the most of it,” he said, adding that “these wars are complicated in terms of the rockets.”

“We are totally prepared to continue from the 11th day, with the 12th day, with the 13th day. It’s all contingent upon the security situation,” he continued. “If we succeeded with this first stage, that’s great. If we didn’t, we’ll have to continue.”

Israel’s previous major military operations in Gaza, in 2009 and 2014, each lasted several weeks and killed thousands of people, the vast majority of them Palestinians in Gaza, but also saw significantly increased numbers of Israeli civilians killed and injured as well.

In the aftermath of the May 20 ceasefire, both the IDF and Hamas have claimed victory. Hamas called the operation “Sword of Jerusalem” and said its intent was to halt the attacks by Israelis police against worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque and in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, where several Palestinian families are at risk of being evicted after an Israeli court ruled in favor of Jewish settlers.

However, while the IDF claimed to have destroyed large numbers of stockpiled rockets and Hamas infrastructure and shot down some 90% of the rockets launched, the Times of Israel said after the conflict that the IDF’s “Operation Guardian of the Walls” had not been the resounding victory Jerusalem hoped for.

The wildcard now is the Wednesday formation of a government with New Right chief Naftali Bennett at the helm. While the right-wing figure recently referred to the bombardment of Gaza as part of Israel’s “just war against terrorism,” the kingmaker United Arab List, a small Palestinian party that helped the coalition to reach a majority in the Knesset, could be a moderating factor on some of Bennett’s more aggressive intentions.

A Palestinian party has never before been part of an Israeli government, and leader Mansour Abbas said on Wednesday that he only agreed to join the coalition after reaching “critical agreements on various issues that serve the interests of Arab society,” including education, welfare, employment, economic development, planning, construction, and crime and violence, according to Haaretz, as well as granting official status to Arab Bedouin settlements in the Negev Desert.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been head of the Israeli government for 12 years, warned right-wing members of the Knesset on Thursday to oppose what he characterized as a “dangerous left-wing government” coming into power, saying it was “selling” the Negev to the Bedouin.

Israel, Don’t Raise the Roof Beams High As You “Resettle” Lifta; Its Owners Will Return

By Rima Najjar

Global Research, June 01, 2021

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The latest crisis in Palestine cannot be set aside as another passing episode in Israel’s forever war against the Palestinian people.

We are now witnessing shocks within Israel behind the Green Line, something that Israel had hitherto been able to contain. In the process, it pretended, along with much of the western world, that it is the “longest-lived democracy in the Middle East” and that only its continued occupation of the West Bank and its harsh blockade of Gaza undermine its “constitutional ideals”- ideals now exposed for what they’ve always been: Jewish supremacist in nature. 

We know, as CJ Werleman wrote in Inside Arabia on May 14, 2021,

“Israel is a country built on racism, dispossession, and genocide. The recent rise in attacks by Israeli settlers, vigilante groups, and lynch mobs targeting Palestinians are a continuation of that history and must be addressed.”

There is an unbreakable thread between the Palestinian man lynched by Israeli Jews on the pavement after being pulled from his car in Jaffa and then beaten unconscious recently and the killings and massacres at the hands of Zionist militia in Jaffa and elsewhere in 1948 that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinian civilians, as recounted by Israeli historian Benny Morris.

The myth, amplified by Wikipedia, is that historians [presumably Israeli] disagree “concerning the effect these killings and massacres had on the Palestinian refugee flight and whether or not these killings and massacres were carried out with the intent of hastening it.”

Palestinian historians have absolutely no doubt about what happened then and why, just as we Palestinians have no doubt about what is happening now in occupied Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, in Gaza and in several towns and cities behind the Green Line where Israel has imposed states of emergency — and why.

Take, for example, my own father’s village of Lifta on the northwestern edge of Jerusalem. It is the last remaining Palestinian village that was ethnically cleansed of its population in the 1948 Nakba. Now, Israel is set to destroy what remains of it.

The Jerusalem Post (JP), an Israeli English newspaper where facts are shaped by a narrative driven by Zionist values instead of knowledge, reported on this deeply disturbing piece of news this month by denying, like those Israeli historians who are still disputing historical facts, that any ethnic cleansing took place in Lifta — apparently, my grandfather just up and put his eight children and wife in a truck and abandoned his home so that, 73 years later, his village would be “resettled” by Israeli Jews and a luxury hotel built there.

The Israeli newspaper published the following shameful headline:

“Arab village of Lifta, abandoned in ’48, to house new Israeli neighborhood: The western neighborhood in Jerusalem which was abandoned in ’48 will be resettled with 259 housing units, including a luxury hotel.”

report by Hidden Palestine: a News & Media Website, which, unlike JP, is a site driven by a narrative that values freedom from oppression, provides us with the following facts:

The Israeli land authority announced this month that it is taking bids from construction companies to take charge of the real estate development of Lifta, with the contract set to last 98 years.

The agreement includes the construction of 259 buildings, as well as commercial and business units, in addition to a hotel. If it moves forward, the deal would also see the majority of the Palestinian village’s remaining buildings razed to the ground.

Thanks to petitions by its past Palestinian residents, Lifta was declared as one of 25 endangered sites on the 2018 World Monuments Watch list. It also appears on UNESCO’s tentative list of World Heritage Sites, which has led to threats from Netanyahu that Israel would withdraw from UNESCO.

Lifta has few parallels anywhere in the world. The Palestinian village, lying on a slope at the entrance to Jerusalem, is the last ethnically cleansed Palestinian village to be frozen in time. Here, hundreds of beautiful Palestinian stone houses have continued to stand the test of time, empty and neglected for the past 73 years.

With a history dating back at least 700 years as a Palestinian Arab village, Lifta was among the wealthiest communities in the Jerusalem area, and the women were known for their fine embroiders. Thob Ghabani bridal dresses were sewn in Lifta, which were made of ghabani, a natural cotton covered with gold color silk floral embroidery produced in Aleppo. The village’s clothing stores attracted Palestinians and Arabs from across the Levant.

The entire population was forced out following brutal attacks by the invading Hagannah militias in early 1948. It is an incredible but depressing place to visit, and its destruction would contribute to the continued erasure of Palestinian culture and heritage.

The Jerusalem Post’s story made it sound as though the “resettling” of Lifta was a preservation and development project. What it is, in fact, is a rewriting of history.

Destroying Lifta destroys opportunities for Palestinians to uncover the past of both Palestinians and Israelis: “Lifta has a lasting value in its own right, as it can link restitution to the right of return. Moreover, its preservation will be an opportunity to assert the restoration of dignity in the Palestinian as well as the Jewish community. Finally, by halting the new development in Lifta, UNESCO will affirm its global credibility in response to cultural cleansing.” [See LIFTA AFTER ZIONIST PLANNING and PLANNING AS A CRIMINAL ACT]

Israel’s expulsions of Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, Jerusalem neighborhoods just outside the Green Line, are motivated by the same Zionist objective that resulted in the expulsion, also known as ethnic cleansing, of Palestinians like my family from Lifta, which is just inside the Green line. (See Israeli 2019 map of so-called “Greater Israel” below with Lifta, Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan circled). That objective is Israel’s desire to Zionize/Judaize all of Jerusalem and all of Palestine.

Israeli 2019 map of so-called “Greater Israel” below with (left to right) Lifta, Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan circled

I hope the ongoing worldwide protests on social media against Israel’s crimes will now add the rallying cry of #SaveLifta, in addition to #SaveSheikhJarrah and #SaveSilwan.

If you are still in doubt about Israel’s intention, listen to two Palestinian citizens of Israel reacting to the message they have heard loud and clear all their lives from successive Israeli governments:

Eva Najjar, Haifa-based lead designer and developer at Just Vision, writes:

“I knew I was bringing my children into an ethnic-supremacist state when they were born. But after these past weeks, I don’t know how I can continue to raise them here.” (In The Washington Post: Palestinian citizens of Israel like me are facing terrifying new attacks)

Diana Buttu wonders:

“How do I explain to my 7-year-old son what being a Palestinian citizen of Israel means? What future can he look toward, when the leaders of the government incite hatred against him? What audacious hope can he have when he is bound to face racism and discrimination in education, employment and housing? For now, I try to shield him from the images on television and on our phones, but there will soon come a time when I cannot shield him from the reality that he is surrounded by people who consider him a second-class citizen.” (In The New York Times: The Myth of Coexistence in Israel)

I am heartened by the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) Special Session held on May 27, which for the first time has included a geographic scope encompassing Israeli violations targeting the Palestinian people on both sides of the Green Line.

Israel’s institutionalized regime of racial domination and oppression targets the Palestinian people as a whole, including those no longer in Lifta through no fault of their own, who have more right by far to reconstruct their homes in Lifta than Israeli Jews have in constructing housing and luxury hotels to “resettle” the village. We will return, so don’t raise the roof beams high, Israel.


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Rima Najjar is a Palestinian whose father’s side of the family comes from the forcibly depopulated village of Lifta on the western outskirts of Jerusalem and whose mother’s side of the family is from Ijzim, south of Haifa. She is an activist, researcher and retired professor of English literature, Al-Quds University, occupied West Bank.

She is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

Featured image: Taken from slides in “Reconstruction of Memory — Lifta — 2007” by Malkit Shoshan

Hezbollah, IRGC, Hamas Established Chamber of Military Operations in Beirut during Israeli War on Gaza: Report


The editor-in-chief of the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, Ibrahim Al-Amin, said during an interview with Al-Manar TV Channel that Hezbollah, IRGC, and Hamas established a chamber of military operations in Beirut during the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza.

See the source image

Al-Amin added that officers from Hezbollah, IRGC, and Hamas coordinated the military confrontation in Gaza, adding that the Commander of IRGC’s Al-Quds Force, General Esmail Qaani, visited Lebanon twice to attend the chamber meetings.

Hezbollah transmitted weaponry and ammunition to Gaza and moved a number of Palestinian Resistance officers out of the Strip during the aggression, according to Al-Amin.

The Islamic Resistance also provided the Palestinian factions with the needed data about the movements of the Israeli occupation military, which frustrated the enemy’s plot to ambush the Palestinian fighters near Gaza border, adding that drones were employed to reach this goal.

Had ‘Israel’ expanded its aggression, the entire axis of resistance would have confronted it.”

On May 10, 2021, the Palestinian resistance waged its battle against the Israeli enemy in response to the Zionist attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosue and plots to expel the Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Al-Quds, firing thousands of missiles at the Zionist settlements in most of the Palestinian cities and inflicting heavy losses upon the Zionists. The Zionist enemy insisted on its violations and launched an aggression on Gaza, killing 232 of its civilians and injuring around 1900 others. After an 11-day confrontation, the Palestinian resistance managed to defeat the Zionist aggression and provide Al-Quds City and its sanctities with a considerable protection from the Israeli attacks and violations.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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UN Human Rights Council to Investigate Israeli War Crimes in Palestine (VIDEO)


May 27, 2021

Israeli warplanes attacked hundreds of ‘targets’ in the Gaza Strip. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) decided on Thursday, May 27, to “urgently establish an ongoing independent, international commission of inquiry,” to be appointed by the President of the Human Rights Council, to,

“Investigate in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in Israel all alleged violations of international humanitarian law and all alleged violations and abuses of international human rights law leading up to and since 13 April 2021”.

The resolution was passed with 24 votes in favor, 9 against, and 14 abstentions. The US delegation of the Council in Geneva expressed its disappointment following the vote, alleging that the resolution represents an obstacle to the ‘progress’ that has been made.

LIVE: UNHRC holds special session on human rights situation in occupied West Bank https://t.co/nVw6GyPzpy

— PresserWatch (@PresserWatch) May 27, 2021

For its part, an Israeli Foreign Ministry’s statement dubbed the resolution a ‘moral failure’, aimed at covering the ‘crimes’ of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas. The Israeli statement also officially rejected the decision and declared that it will not participate in the investigation. 

Below, are the full events that preceded the UNHRC’s vote, as reported on the Council’s website:

Human Rights Council Opens Special Session on “the Grave Human Rights Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem”, Speakers Urge it to Establish an International Commission of Inquiry

“The Human Right Council this morning opened its special session on “the grave human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem”.  It heard calls from speakers for the Council to establish an independent, international commission of inquiry to investigate in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and in Israel all alleged violations of international humanitarian law and all alleged violations and abuses of international human rights law leading up to and since 13 April 2021.

“In her opening remarks, Nazhat Shameem Khan, President of the Human Rights Council, outlining the proposed extraordinary modalities for the session, said these modalities had been defined due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, which prohibited public meetings of more than 15 participants, and should not serve as a precedent. 

“Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said both sides had the right to defend their citizens, and Palestinians had the right to live safely and freely in their homes, something that they were unable to experience due to the Israeli blockade.  The risk of evictions in Sheikh Jarrah and other neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem remained high, while the situation in the West Bank was alarming, with Israeli Security Forces killing 10 Palestinians on 14 May – the highest number in one day since the collection of these figures by the United Nations began in 2008.  The situation inside Israel was concerning: mob attacks took place on individuals in mixed cities of Bat-Yam, Jaffa and Acra, as well as attacks on places of worship instigated by both sides, with Israeli police failing to protect Palestinian citizens.  Despite the welcome news of the ceasefire, Ms. Bachelet emphasised that the root causes of violence must be addressed. 

“Michael Lynk, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, speaking on behalf of his mandate and on behalf of the Coordination Committee of Special Procedures, said the events over the past month in Gaza, East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and also across Israel, were a calamitous repetition of what all had previously witnessed in 2018, 2014, 2012, 2008-09, 2000, 1987 and further and deeper into the tragic history of the Palestinians.  The United Nations had demanded repeatedly over the years that Israel comply with its international legal obligations and remove its settlements, stop its evictions, end the unlawful annexation, and halt the demolitions and forced removal of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem.  Defiance by the occupying power had been the answer.  The international community must insist upon a brand-new diplomatic playbook to end the Israeli occupation, one that was centred on rights, rather than Realpolitik.

Israel rejects UNHRC decision to launch probe into Gaza war crimes while Hamas welcomes resolution, saying its action against Israel is “legitimate resistance”https://t.co/8j1G9grXT7

— TRT World (@trtworld) May 27, 2021

“Issam Younis, Director of Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights in Gaza and Head of the Independent Commission for Human Rights of Palestine, said that all over Gaza, for 11 days, entire families were huddled and living on kitchen floors as this seemed the safest place.  But nowhere was safe in Gaza.  Israel’s unlawful closure of Gaza, 14 years of collective punishment, had been tightened.  The bringing down of the Associated Press building had made it more difficult to get information out.  Recent events were a mere symptom: for 73 years, there had been systematic, institutionalised efforts to impose a settler-colonial regime of racial domination and oppression on both sides of the Green Line. 

“Mohammad Barakeh, former Member of the Knesset and Chairman of the Arab Higher Committee in Israel, speaking on behalf of the committee that represented all Palestinians inside Israel, noted that they had been spared displacement in 1948.  Over the past decades, they had faced different forms of discrimination – confiscation of land, imposition of emergency laws, restriction of job opportunities and more.  In July 2018, the Knesset had approved the Jewish nation-state law stipulating that the land of Palestine was the historical home of the Jews, who had the exclusive right to self-determination.  With this, democratic principles were dismissed by Netanyahu and the Israeli State. 

“Muna El Kurd, journalist and resident of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem, said the Israeli occupation forces refused to properly examine the property rights of Palestinians while the Israeli Government and colonial businesses were separating Palestinians from the land.  There was an apartheid regime: settlers could move around freely unlike Palestinians.  Sheikh Jarrah was illegally sealed off; residents could go out with their papers but nobody – nor their friends nor their loved ones- could come into this area.  The colonial violence suffered by residents and people who took part in peaceful protest was barbaric.  Palestinians were fired upon using rubber bullets, including in their homes.

Muna al-Kurd, a renowned journalist and citizen of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied #Jerusalem, was forced out of a UN Human Rights Council session today after she criticized lies by Israel’s UN ambassador. #savesheikhjarrah pic.twitter.com/gkNFTne4ra

— Quds News Network (@QudsNen) May 27, 2021

“In the discussion that followed, speakers, while welcoming the decision of the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes within its material scope that might have been committed on the territory of Palestine, urged the Court to include the crime against humanity of apartheid in its investigations.  History showed the ceasefire would not end the everyday sufferings of the people in the occupied Palestinian territory that had been going on for more than seven decades.  The Council should take decisive actions towards ensuring accountability and justice for all violations of international law in the occupied Palestinian territory, including through dispatching a commission of inquiry, speakers said.  Some speakers said the establishment of a commission of inquiry would not serve the purpose of peace.  Regrettably, the self-professed global champions of human rights continued to shield the occupier from global accountability, and literally provided arm and ammunitions for its widely reported war crimes and crimes of apartheid against the Palestinian people.  Member States should support the draft resolution; the credibility of the Council was at stake.

“Speaking in the urgent debate were Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of Namibia; Abdul Momen, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh; Shah Mahmood Qureshi,  Minister for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan; and Najla Elmangoush, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Government of National Unity of Libya.

“Also taking the floor were Egypt on behalf of the Group of Arab States, Pakistan on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Portugal on behalf of the European Union, Sweden on behalf of Nordic countries, Azerbaijan on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement, South Africa on behalf of the Group of African States, Mauritania, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Russian Federation, Bolivia, Bahrain, India, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, China, Republic of Korea, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Sudan, Somalia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Kuwait and Turkey.

“The Council will next meet this afternoon at 3 p.m. to continue the discussion and take action on the draft resolution before closing the special session.”

To read in full, please click here..

(The Palestine Chronicle)

The Third Intifada. Israel’s Crimes. Palestine’s Wrath. Ray of Hope?

Conversations with Richard Falk, Richard Silverstein and Laith Marouf

By Michael WelchRichard FalkRichard Silverstein, and Laith Marouf

Global Research, May 22, 2021

“What they need to do is they need to occupy the bases of the Canadian Armed Forces! They need to occupy the military hardware factories! They need to occupy their courts and stop the shipping of these weapons to apartheid Israel! Anything less than that will not actually cleanse them from the blood on their hands as Canadians!” 

– Laith Marouf, from this week’s interview


As of 2:00 am on May 21 by the Israel-Palestine hour this morning, or 7:00pm EDT on Thursday, the two sides of the disputing rivals had ceased hostilities – at least for the time being.[1]

As of 2:00 am on May 21 by the Israel-Palestine hour this morning, or 7:00pm EDT on Thursday, the two sides of the disputing rivals had ceased hostilities – at least for the time being.[1]

By the standard account, the bitter eruption rose up on May 6 when Palestinians rose up in protest to a Supreme Court of Israel ruling on the matter of evicting six Palestinian families from their housing units in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem. This was followed the next day by Israeli police storming the Al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam and firing stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas at the worshippers in attendance.

Then on May 10, Hamas, the militant force governing over Gaza, wanted Israeli security forces removed from Sheikh Jarrah and the Temple Mount complex, location of the holiest site in Judaism which also housed Al-Aqsa Mosque. When Israel refused they fired rockets on targets in Israel. What followed was a campaign of airstrikes by Israel.

What followed was the most destructive period of violence in years.. [2]

The following clip recorded by Middle East Eye is just a sample of what the last two weeks were like:

“I don’t know what to do.”

A 10-year-old Palestinian girl breaks down while talking to MEE after Israeli air strikes destroyed her neighbour’s house, killing 8 children and 2 women#Gaza #Palestine #Israel pic.twitter.com/jnZx8wruaX

— Middle East Eye (@MiddleEastEye) May 17, 2021

Israel-Palestine: The Humanitarian Consequences of an Occupation

Regrettably, violence in the region tends to spring up from time to time. And absent being held to account for past crimes by the UN, Washington, or really anyone, Israel will most likely continue on setting up more shelters on occupied land, and besieging the beleaguered Gaza, and ignoring the human rights of their Palestinian neighbours frankly at levels well beyond the harsh treatment of Blacks in modern day America.

But something is a little different this time. Despite Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ technology taking out as many as 90 percent of rockets, some projectiles, cruise missiles no less, are punching through and hitting Israel stronger than ever. The Palestinians in Israel are themselves taking action in the streets, in businesses, and synagogues. And even in the United States, while the President continues to disappoint with his tepid remarks about the right of Israel to defend itself, sharp and popular critics in Congress such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are speaking out loudly against continuing to arm Israel despite its ongoing abuses against Palestinians.

Do these and other unique scenarios marking this 11 day period of terror mean things will be different now or in the long term? This is the question running through this Global Research News Hour and its sixty minute broadcast.

On the show in our first half hour, Richard Falk, professor emeritus of law at Princeton university talks to listeners highlighting some of the less talked about elements of the past month, including how it was incited by right wing settlers and during the Islamic holy period known as Ramadan. He also discussed attacks on media and the prospects for victory for Palestinians in the long term.

Following that, we hear from Richard Silverstein, a progressive blogger focused on the Israel-Palestine conflict. He will dwell on the growth in Hamas’ arsenal, the growth of Palestinian solidarity in Israel, and the potential ability of the International Criminal Court to wound Israel’s prospects.

Finally, Palestine activist and commentator Laith Marouf joins us again to dwell on the motives of the new Palestinian resistance, the prospects for the conflict to intensify, and the goals of Canadians wishing to show their solidarity with the damaged but determined victims of 73 years of Israeli confrontation.

Richard Falk is an international law and international relations scholar who taught at Princeton University for forty years and holds the title of professor emeritus. In 2008 he was also appointed by the UN to serve a six-year term as the Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights. He contributes regularly to Global Research.

Richard Silverstein is a political writer and commentator. Since 2003 he has authored the progressive Jewish blog Tikun Olam, which focuses on exposing the excesses of the Israeli national security state. He contributes regularly to Middle East Eye, and has contributed in the past to Truthout, Alternet, Haaretz, Mint Press News, Jewish Forward, Los Angeles Times, Comment Is Free and Al Jazeera English.

Laith Marouf is a long time multimedia consultant and producer and currently serves as Senior Consultant at the Community Media Advocacy Centre (www.cmacentre.org) and the coordinator of ICTV, in Canada (www.tele1.ca). Laith derives much of his understanding of Middle Eastern Affairs from his ancestral background of being both of Palestinian and of Syrian extraction. He is currently based in Beirut.

(Global Research News Hour Episode 317)


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Palestine: Palestinian Unity Defeats Israel

Important Note:

“Operation Sword of al-Quds” was not initiated by the Occupation entity as claimed in the below article. It was a natural Palestinian response for Anglo Zionist attempt to Judaize Sheikh Jarrah and Eastern Al-Quds, not a war between Hamas and the Occupation entity. Therefore I advise out friend “The Saker” to be careful in using terms, because, though Hamas is the ruling authority in Gaza, its not there alone. The “Operation Sword of al-Quds” started with a Cornet rocket launched by Al jihad – Jerusalem Brigades, moreover, the 2014 confrontation was launched by Jerusalem Brigades alone.

Naming Hamas serves the Anlozionist’s agenda, and the so- called “Israel right to defend it self against Hamas, classified by west as a terrorist group.

“Operation Sword of al-Quds” united the majority of Palestinians in Gaza, west bank, Palestine occupied in 1948, and diaspora Palestinians. This unity reminded Arab and Muslim peoples that Palestine is their central cause.

In his yesterday’s speech, Sayyed Nasrallah, the Hezbollah Secretary General, said “Gaza surprised the friend and enemy in its decision to implement its threat in responding to “Israeli” practices in Al-Quds.”

His Excellency confirmed:

  • “Gaza’s move was a historic and qualitative one in the history of the struggle with the enemy”,  
  • “When the matter is related to Al-Quds and its Muslim and Christian holy sites, it will not remain limited to the resistance in Palestine.” 
  • “When the ‘Israeli’ entity recognizes that it is in front of the equation that says ‘Al-Quds vs. a regional war’, then it will know that any step it will take will result in its elimination.”
  • “The ‘Sword of Al-Quds’ operation dealt a blow to the course of normalization and all those who have normalized the ties, and after this battle, the ‘Deal of the Century’ fell and vanished.
  • “‘Al-Quds Sword’ reconsidered the Palestinian Cause in the world and imposed it on media outlets,”
  • “One of the ‘Al-Quds Sword Operation’ results is reviving the culture and spirit of resistance as the sole way to return the occupied land.”
  • “Among the most important results of ‘Al-Quds Sword Operation’ is that it redirected the compass in the region against the real enemy.”
  •  ‘Al-Quds Sword Operation exposed the true and ugly face of “Israel”, especially as an apartheid regime.”
  • “One result of ‘Al-Quds Sword Operation’ was that Gaza Strip has entered the entire Palestinian equation, which is a major development in the battle,” he stated, pointing out that “When the ‘Israeli’ feels insecure in all of Palestine, the least he can do is leave.”
  • “One result of ‘Al-Quds Sword Operation’ was that Gaza Strip has entered the entire Palestinian equation, which is a major development in the battle,” “When the ‘Israeli’ feels insecure in all of Palestine, the least he can do is leave.”


Palestine: “Hamas” Defeats Israel

THE SAKER • MAY 25, 2021 • 3,500 WORDS

Just like in 2006, when both Ehud Olmert and George Bush declared that the “invincible IDF” had, yet again, achieved a “glorious victory” and the entire Middle-East almost died laughing hearing this ridiculous claim, today both the US and Israeli propaganda machine have declared another “glorious” victory for the “Jewish state of Israel” cum “sole democracy in the Middle-East”. And, just like in 2006, everybody in the region (and in Zone B) knows that the truth is that the Zionist entity suffered a huge, humiliated, defeat. Let’s try to unpack this.

First, a few numbers. The combat operations lasted two weeks. All other missile numbers are in dispute. Rather than trust this or that source, I will simply say that Hamas fired many thousands of missiles into Israel. Some, probably less than 50%, were truly intercepted by the Israeli air defenses, others hit in no man’s land, and some actually landed and caused plenty of destruction and at least 12 deaths. The Israelis executed hundreds of artillery and airstrikes causing massive destruction in the Gaza strip and killing about 250 Palestinians. Again, these numbers are guesstimates and they don’t really tell the full story. To understand the story, we need to forget about these numbers and look at what each side was hoping for and what each side achieved. Let’s begin with the Israelis:

The Israeli scorecard

To understand Israel’s goals in this war, we first need to place this latest war in its context, and that context is that Israel was comprehensively defeated in Syria. To substantiate this thesis, let’s remember the goals of the Zionists when they unleashed a major international war against Syria. These objectives, as listed in my July 2019 article “Debunking the Rumors About Russia Caving in to Israel” were:

The initial AngloZionist plan was to overthrow Assad and replace him with the Takfiri crazies (Daesh, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS – call them whatever you want). Doing this would achieve the following goals:

  1. Bring down a strong secular Arab state along with its political structure, armed forces, and security services.
  2. Create total chaos and horror in Syria justifying the creation of a “security zone” by Israel not only in the Golan but further north.
  3. Trigger a civil war in Lebanon by unleashing the Takfiri crazies against Hezbollah.
  4. Let the Takfiris and Hezbollah bleed each other to death, then create a “security zone,” but this time in Lebanon.
  5. Prevent the creation of a Shia axis Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon.
  6. Break up Syria along ethnic and religious lines.
  7. Create a Kurdistan which could then be used against Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
  8. Make it possible for Israel to become the uncontested power broker in the Middle-East and force the KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and all others to have to go to Israel for any gas or oil pipeline project.
  9. Gradually isolate, threaten, subvert, and eventually attack Iran with a broad regional coalition of forces.
  10. Eliminate all centers of Shia power in the Middle-East.

As we all know, this is what actually happened:

  1. The Syrian state has survived, and its armed and security forces are now far more capable than they were before the war started (remember how they almost lost the war initially? The Syrians bounced back while learning some very hard lessons. By all reports, they improved tremendously, while at critical moments Iran and Hezbollah were literally “plugging holes” in the Syrian frontlines and “extinguishing fires” on local flashpoints. Now the Syrians are doing a very good job of liberating large chunks of their country, including every single city in Syria).
  2. Not only is Syria stronger, but the Iranians and Hezbollah are all over the country now, which is driving the Israelis into a state of panic and rage.
  3. Lebanon is rock solid; even the latest Saudi attempt to kidnap Hariri is backfiring. (2021 update: in spite of the explosion in Beirut, Hezbollah is still in charge)
  4. Syria will remain unitary, and Kurdistan is not happening. Millions of displaced refugees are returning home.
  5. Israel and the US look like total idiots and, even worse, as losers with no credibility left.

Seeing their defeat in Syria, the Zionists did what they always do: they used their propaganda machine to list an apparently neverending victorious strikes on supposed “Iranian targets” in Syria. While a few civilian simpletons with zero military experience did buy into this nonsense, the truth about Israeli operations in Syria is simple: the Syrian air defenses have successfully prevented the Israelis from striking at important, sensitive, targets, and they Israelis have been forced to declare as major victories the destruction of empty barns as “destruction of important IRGC headquarters” thereby “proving” to a few naive folks in Zone A and to themselves (!) that the IDF is still as “invincible” as it “always was”. As for the Neocons, they doubled-up on that and declared that 1) Russian air defenses are useless 2) that Russia and Israel work hand in hand and 3) that the Israelis are still invincible. Yet if any of that was true, why has Israel failed to achieve a single one of its goals? And why are both the Russians and the Iranians still in Syria were the Russians just finished a 2nd runway at Khmeimim and they have just deployed a group of Tu-22M3 at that air base from where they can now threaten any ship sailing in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. In their otherwise “free time” they can deliver tons of bombs and missiles to the remaining Takfiri forces in Syria.

As I have been saying for many years now, the truth is that the IDF is a poor fighting force. Why? First, they have the exact same problem as the USA (and the KSA, for that matter): they rely on expensive technology, but don’t have good combat-capable “boots on the ground”. That is now how modern wars are won (see here for a list of popular misconceptions about modern wars).

In its recent history, the entire gamut of Israeli “elite” forces (including the air force, the navy, the artillery and even the Golani Brigade) got its collective butt handed to them by about 1000 and only lightly armed regular Hezbollah fighters in 2006: keep in mind that the elite Hezbollah forces were deployed only north of the Litani river to protect Beirut against a possible land invasion by Israel. Instead of taking Beirut or “disarming Hezbollah” (that was an official goal!), the Israelis could not even control the small town of Bint Jbeil located right across the official Israeli border! So much for being “invincible”!

What the IDF is very experienced at is terrorising Palestinian civilians and executing what could be called a slow-motion genocide of the Palestinian people. The problem with Gaza now is the same that the failed invasion of Lebanon in 2006 has revealed: just like the Lebanese in 2006, the Palestinians of 2021 are not afraid of the Zionists anymore. Furthermore, with a great deal of help from Iran and others, Hamas in Gaza is now much, much better armed than in the past. True, some of its missiles are decidedly low tech and not very effective (low accuracy, small warheads, simple trajectory, limited range), but Hamas also has shown some pretty decent UAVs too. Most importantly, from now on for Hamas it is only one way: up the “quality ladder” (just like the Houthis did in Yemen, starting with modest drones but eventually getting very capable ones).

The other major goal of the Israelis in this war was to prove to the world (and, even more importantly for the always narcissistic self-worshipping Israeli cowards, to themselves!) that their “Iron Dome” air defense network was the “super-dooper most bestest” in the world (no doubt, due to the famed “Jewish genius”!). It now appears that at best, the Israelis intercepted somewhere around 30-40% of the Hamas missiles. The way the Israeli hid this is by claiming that their fancy shmancy Iron Drone did not even try to engage missiles which were not deemed dangerous. But in the age of the ubiquitous smartphone, that kind of silly nonsense can easily be debunked (including by showing the total chaos in the Israeli skies or, for that matter, the missile strikes on Israeli military objectives). While the full Iron Dome air defense system probably works marginally better than the quasi-useless US Patriot, the Israeli air defenses are clearly at least a generation behind the Russian ones, including the S-300s the Russians sold to Syria (again, in the age of of the ubiquitous smartphone, this is not hard to prove).

It is crucial to remember that Hamas’ missiles are much inferior to those of the Houthis and the Syrians, and even more inferior when compared to Hezbollah or Iranian drones and missiles! In other words, the “invincible” IDF can’t deal with even its weakest, least sophisticated enemies (Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad) and the grotesquely expensive Iron Done cannot protect the Zionists from any determined missile attacks by the Resistance coalition (Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia).

In their utter despair, the Zionist entity did what the AngloZionists always do when they fail to defeat a military forces: they will turn their wrath on the civilian infrastructure and murder as many as they can. They will also strike highly symbolic targets such as the International Press Center in Gaza or a Red Crescent hospital (under the pretext that Hamas, which is the democratically elected local government) has offices there (this is clearly a F-you to those who condemn Israel for violating international law). To a normal human being, this sounds both obscene and ridiculous. But remember, the Israelis are first and foremost narcissists and they have no means of imagining how normal human beings think or feel. All these guys can feel is self-worship and hatred for all “others”.

We could say that in this war, the Palestinians defeated both military high tech and truly medieval type of genocidal hatred.

In other words, far from showing how “invincible” the Zionist entity is, this latest war against the Palestinians has shown beyond reasonable doubt that the IDF cannot deal with any of its enemies.

Besides missiles and bombs, the Israelis love to use terror, as their ideology has convinced them of two things: the Arabs only understand force and we, the Israelis, are invincible. But this begs the question of why the Israelis did not dare to move into Gaza, not even symbolically. Yeah, I know, the official doxa of Zone A is that “Biden called Netanyahu and told him to stop”. As if “Biden” could give orders to the Israelis!

The truth is that even with a casualty rate of 10:1 in the IDF’s advantage and no armor or artillery, the Palestinians are much more willing to engage in street battles than the IDF. Would the IDF eventually win a ground battle against Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad? Maybe, probably, the objective advantages in everything (except courage!) for the Israelis is so huge that no amount of skills and courage can forever negate the immense superiority in means of the Israelis.

However, as most people in the West tend to forget, wars are but means towards a political goal. If the IDF decided to basically flatten Gaza and kill many thousands of Palestinians at the cost of casualties probably in the hundereds, then this would be politically suicidal for the Zionist regime. This is why I offer this very basic conclusion:

During the latest Gaza war, deterrence did work. But only in the sense that the Palestinians successfully deterred the Israelis from launching a ground attack against Gaza.

There is another crucial political development which should also be noted: while both Iran and Hezbollah did give their full political support to Hamas+Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the latter did not request any assistance. In other words, not only did the Palestinians defeat the Israelis, but they did so absolutely alone, with no help from the other Resistance members.

Again, those Zone A civilians who believe that Israel is scoring huge victories in Syria on a quasi daily basis won’t get it, which is par for the course. But you can be darn sure that at least most of the IDF top commanders know the true score and for them it is yet another huge disaster.

There is also a political factor to consider. While there have been coordination resistance actions by the Palestinians in Israel (proper, as defined by the UN), this is the first time when the Palestinians from Gaza, those from the Occupied Territories and those in “Israel” truly fought, if not side by side (yet!), then at least at the same time and in a common cause. This is a major political victory for Hamas+Palestinian Islamic Jihad and a major problem for Fatah and the Zionists. Now let’s look at the rest of the Palestinian scorecard:

The Palestinian scorecard:

Let’s start by the obvious one: the Palestinians were not defeated. This victory can be further subdivided in the following:

  • The Palestinian leadership has mostly physically survived, it still exists as a local authority. Plenty of Palestinians were murdered, but that did not affect the operational capabilities of the Palestinian forces (any more than the IDF succeeded in affecting Iranian operational capabilities in Syria).
  • The Palestinian leadership has also survived politically. It was not blamed by the “Palestinian street” for starting the war, nor was it blamed for how it executed it. As for Fatah, it is now, by all accounts, lost somewhere in a political no man’s land which, admittedly, it richly deserves for its incompetence, corruption and subservience to Israel and the USA.
  • Militarily speaking, the Palestinian missile strikes were not nearly as effective than, say, Hezbollah (nevermind Iranian!) strikes would have been, but, hey, they made huge progress and we can all rest assured that the Palestinians of Gaza will, sooner or later, catch up with the Houthis and, further down the road, maybe even Hezbollah.
  • By many accounts, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have made major political inroads into the Palestinian political scene outside Gaza. Even in spite of a truly immense hasbara effort by the Israelis, the international public opinion was blaming Israel for the orgy of violence.

It is interesting to note here that the famous Israeli journalist Gideon Levy has written an article for Ha’aretz entitled “Israeli Propaganda Isn’t Fooling Anyone – Except Israelis” which was further subtitled “’Hasbara’ is the Israeli euphemism for propaganda, and there are some things, said the late ambassador Yohanan Meroz, that are not ‘hasbarable.’ One of them is Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.” This is how Levy’s article began:

And propaganda shall cover for everything. We’ll say terrorism, we’ll shout anti-Semitism, we’ll scream delegitimation, we’ll cite the Holocaust; we’ll say Jewish state, gay-friendly, drip irrigation, cherry tomatoes, aid to Nepal, Nobel Prizes for Jews, look what’s happening in Syria, the only democracy, the greatest army. We’ll say the Palestinians are making unilateral moves, we’ll propose negotiations on the “settlement bloc borders,” we’ll demand recognition of a Jewish state and we’ll complain that “there’s no one to talk to.” We’ll wail that the whole world is against us and wants to destroy us, no less.

Now comes the best part: Levy wrote this on Jun. 4, 2015 and updated it on Apr. 10, 2018 – years before the current disaster! Since then, things have only gone south for the IDF and the Israelis in general. Just the blowback from the war in Syria is, for the IDF, a true disaster.

Of course, “Israel” is still worshipped and faithfully served by many ruling classes worldwide (that is one of the functions of the Empire, to enforce this), but that officially lauded Israel is viewed with disgust and revulsion on most of the planet. Hence the inevitable failure of the truly galactic PR effort to brainwash the regular people into believing that Israeli is a polyyanish country, a “place without people for a people without country”, etc. etc. etc. This “Ziolatry”, if you wish, was effective when the PLO was blowing up Jewish grade schools in Western Europe, but today it has lost almost all of its traction, especially amongst thinking people.

The sad and disgusting reality about the Zionist entity is truly coming out, seeping under the propaganda walls of the Empire, and slowly but inevitably resulting in a common reaction of outrage and utter disgust for what is nothing else but the last officially racist country on the planet, the only country with an open air concentration camp it surrounds on all sides, the only country which truly, openly and sincerely does not give a damn about international law or about the lives of non-Jews (while calling their own lives sacred, of course!). This is a state which constantly repeats the mantra about the supposedly “sacred” blood of Jews while, at the same time, committing a slow motion (but very real) genocide of the Palestinian people while using non-stop terrorist attacks against any country daring to defy the order of the latest, and hopefully last, wannabe “superior race” in human history. This is also why the “crime of crimes” for politically correct and successfully brainwashed people is to declare that Israel has no right to exist. This is such a major crimethink that I want to conclude by committing it right now and asking others to join me in this “crimethink”!

Israel has no right to exist whatsoever first and foremost because it is an artificial creation of West European imperialist powers. Second, it is a country which has always engaged in atrocities and massive violations of international laws and norms. Instead, Israel is based on a racist ideology which is, for all practical purpose, indistinguishable from Hitler’s Nazi ideology (both National Socialism and Zionism have the same roots in both time, space and culture, both being products of European secularism and nationalism). For these reasons, Israel, and the Zionist ideology which supports it, are both a clear and present danger for international peace and stability (for details on Zionism as an ideology and its toxicity, please see here). Furthermore, the only possibly way for the Palestinian people to ever recover their land and their rights under international law is for the Zionist “regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time” (to quote the often mistranslated sentence by Ayatollah Komenei). By the way, this awareness also presupposes a clear understanding that the so-called “Two State Solution” (2SS) is an impossibility. Yes, I know, the 2SS is currently the only one under international law, but that is hardly surprising since the state of Israel was created with not only many of the trappings of “being an internationally recognized state” but also with the shameful complicity of the country which won WWII. There is one thing which Israel has in common with the so-called “Republic of Kosovo”: they will be the very first to be liberated as soon as the AngloZionist Empire finally crashes visibly (of course, it has already crashed, hence the many disastrous outcomes for the USA and Israel on the international scene, but that is still denied officially in Zone A and,of course, by the AngloZionist propaganda and those who pay attention to it.

In truth, there is only one true “solution” to this war: the so-called “One State Solution”, meaning that those who live in this land will get to choose their leaders and lifestyles according to the old “one person, one vote” principle. All other “solutions” simply perpetuate the current genocide!

As for those Jews who still want an ethnically pure state of Israel, they can either grow up and get real, or they can choose to colonize some other planet. As long as they don’t persecute local lifeforms, that might work. But if they do this will all happen again, over and over.

Conclusion: “Gaza” and the future of the Zionist entity

I want to end here with what I believe is a glance at the future (or lack thereof!) of Israel. The website Islamic World News Analysis Group (which I highly recommend!) recently posted what it claims to be a video of a new Iranian combat drone named “Gaza” described as so: “The Gaza drone, capable of carrying 13 bombs and 500 kilograms of equipment, as well as 35 hours of flight up to a radius of 2,000 kilometers, is capable of carrying out a variety of combat and intelligence operations. According to the published images, it seems that the Gaza drone uses the Rotary Bomb Launcher mechanism under its fuselage, which can carry up to 5 bombs. This is the first Iranian drone to use this mechanism. 8 bombs are also installed under the wings and in total this drone is capable of carrying 13 bombs”. Here is the footage of this new drone. Take a look for yourself and imagine what the next round of this campaign to liberate Palestine might look like.

Related Pieces by Author

Owner of Al-Jawarha Tower Speaks to The Palestine Chronicle: ‘We Will Never Compromise on Our Freedom’ (PHOTOS)

May 21, 2021

Owner of the Al-Jawarha Tower, Ahmad Moustafa al-Za’im, with his children. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

On May 12, Israel destroyed the Al-Jawarha tower in Gaza City, a large building of many stories and numerous flats. It was not the only tower that Israel destroyed in its latest war on Gaza. A few others too were leveled to the ground, as if they were legitimate military targets. 

Palestine Chronicle correspondent in the Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Ajjour, met with one of the main owners of the tower, Mr. Ahmad Moustafa al-Za’im. A successful businessman, al-Za’im is also a loving father of two boys and two girls. 

The Chronicle also interviewed Al-Za’im’s young daughter, Malak. Like her father, her testimony was that of pride and defiance. This is what they have to say:

Ahmad Moustafa al-Za’im:

“I have invested my whole life, everything I owned and worked hard for, in this building. Israel bombed it for no reason at all, aside from scoring a point that it simply can. It is a residential tower, which also hosted law offices, media companies, and the like. Lots of accountants and engineers were based here as well. Also, it had advertisement companies and a few clinics. We had an office that facilitates pilgrimage to Mecca. Also, an optical clinic and an office for marriage services.

“It was a thriving place of families and businesses and nothing else that could be understood, even from Israel’s point of view, as a ‘security threat’. 

“But thank God for everything in this life, good or bad. Israel has destroyed it completely. But I say it proudly, I am Ahmad al-Za’im, everything I own, my very life, in fact, my whole family, is a small price to pay for the freedom of Al-Quds, Jerusalem, for Al-Aqsa Mosque and for our people in Sheikh Jarrah. In fact, for Al-Khalil (Hebron), Jenin, Palestine ‘48 and the whole of Palestine. Thank Allah for everything. 

“My message to the Resistance: We will continue to be steadfast, you lead the way and we will march behind you. Israel will never break our will or weaken our steadfastness. We know that Israel has destroyed the tower, and all other towers to put pressure on the Resistance to relent and accept an end to the war with no achievements. But that will never happen. We will never compromise on our rights and our freedom, no matter the cost.”

Malak Ahmad al-Za’im:

“I am Malak Ahmad al-Za’im. We were living in this tower. When the Israelis decided to bomb it, they called the neighbors, then the neighbors called my dad and we hurried very, very fast. But there was no time to gather any of our belongings. I had so many toys in my house, but also so many memories as my brothers and I were always playing on the stairs. There was a very nice restaurant here that we often ate. Also, many lawyers worked here and there was a place where you can get your eyes fixed. Many many things and many people. But more importantly, all of our dreams, hopes and memories were in this tower. 

“When the tower was destroyed, I cried a lot. I don’t know what else to say aside from that, that I cried all the time.”

(All Photos: Mahmoud Ajjour)

(The Palestine Chronicle)

Tens of thousands attend largest pro-Palestine march in British history


Organisers say the demonstration in London was attended by 180,000 people, as Gaza ceasefire holds for second day

Pro-Palestine demonstrators marched through the streets of London, passing Parliament and Downing Street (Reuters)

By Areeb Ullah

Published date: 22 May 2021 16:07 UTC | Last update: 7 hours 49 mins ago

Holding Palestinian flags and placards in the pouring rain, tens of thousands of people on Saturday descended on the streets of central London to protest against Israeli attacks in Gaza and the rest of historic Palestine. 

Gathering on London’s Embankment, protesters marched past the Parliament buildings and through Oxford Street as they chanted “Free Palestine” and demanded an end to Israel’s occupation. Israel-Palestine: The girl who showed the world the suffering of Gaza’s children

Read More »

Some protesters lit flares showing the colours of the Palestinian flag as they gathered in the capital’s iconic Trafalgar Square, chanting “Palestine will be free”. 

Organisers, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Friends of Al-Aqsa, estimated that at least 180,000 people attended the London demonstration, making it the largest pro-Palestine protest in British history. 

Protests also took place in other UK cities, including Birmingham and Liverpool, as calls mounted for Britain to impose sanctions on Israel for its actions.

Ceasefire holds

The protests came after Hamas and Israel agreed to a ceasefire on a Friday that saw an end to Israel’s daily bombardment of Gaza that killed at least 248 Palestinians, including 66 children, since the 10 May.

Despite the ceasefire, Israeli forces stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday after prayers ended in the afternoon, when hundreds of Palestinians had gathered to celebrate the ceasefire. Israel-Palestine: Ceasefire holding as aid arrives in bomb-shattered Gaza

Read More »

Israeli forces continue to bar Palestinian protesters from entering the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem, where residents face possible expulsion from their homes.

However, pro-Israeli protesters continue to be let into the Sheikh Jarrah area, according to human rights observers. 

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas held in Gaza on Saturday as humanitarian aid began to enter the besieged enclave and as thousands of displaced Palestinians returned to their homes. 

Convoys of lorries carrying aid began passing into Gaza through the Karem Abu Salem crossing after it was reopened by Israel, bringing much-needed medicine, food and fuel. 

The UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund said it had released $18.5m for humanitarian efforts.

Iran Will Never Leave Palestine Alone, IRGC Quds Force Commander Reiterates

 May 22, 2021

Esmail Qaani
Commander of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force Esmail Qaani

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Quds Force Brigadier General Esmaeil Qaani hailed the Palestinian nation’s “epical” struggle against the Zionist regime of Israel and underscored Iran’s continued support for Palestine.

Iran will not leave Palestine alone and will never end its support for Palestinians, no matter how much challenges may intensify and dangers may increase, General Esmaeil Qaani said in messages to senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements’ commanders Muhammad Zaif and Akram al-Ajouri.

“We will continue (our support) until the downfall of the occupying regime,” he added.

“You, the Palestinian resistance groups, created a magnificent epic with your steadfastness and proved the enemy’s weakness,” the general said, adding that the resistance forces humiliated the Israeli regime’s army.

“Your capabilities are far greater than the enemy has seen so far and even imagines,” the top commander stressed.

“We have no doubt that we will enter Al-Aqsa Mosque and say prayers there with dignity and strength,” he went on to say.

The message came as the Israeli regime’s “security cabinet” approved what it called “Egypt’s proposal” for a ceasefire amid continued avalanche of retaliatory attacks from the Gaza Strip in response to Tel Aviv’s escalation.

The ceasefire came into effect from 02:00 am on Friday (23:00 GMT on Thursday), according to the regime’s announcement on Thursday.

“The Security Cabinet unanimously accepted the recommendation of all heads of security services, the chief of general staff, the head of Shin Bet (the regime’s internal security service), the head of the Mossad (the regime’s spy agency), and the head of the National Security Council to accept the Egyptian initiative on a bilateral ceasefire, which will come into force later,” the statement said.

Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan also confirmed reports about the potential of the truce, in remarks to Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television network, saying, “The resistance movement has received guarantees from the mediators that the aggression on Gaza will stop.”

According to NBC News, the Egyptian government — which has in the past been involved in mediatory efforts between the two sides — said the truce would be “mutual and simultaneous.”

The Israeli regime intensified its attacks against Gaza after the coastal sliver rose up in protest in support of the Palestinians in the Israeli-blockaded West Bank, who had come under weeks of significantly violent Israeli assaults.

“Other guarantees have also been received about the expulsion of the occupying regime from al-Quds’ Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the al-Aqsa Mosque,” Hamdan added.

The resistance began its reprisal on the exact day as the escalation started and has so far, according to Tel Aviv itself, fired more than 4,000 rockets towards the occupied territories.

The reprisal has swept through the entirety of the occupied lands.

Also on Thursday, it was reported that continued avalanche of retaliatory rockets from the Gaza Strip had imposed a complete shutdown over Ben Gurion International Airport outside Tel Aviv, the Israeli regime’s main air terminal.

Israeli media outlets said the airport was closed off to all inbound and outbound flights. The inbound flights were all redirected to the Ramon Airport located in the Timna Valley in the extreme southern part of the occupied territories.

The rocket attacks also earlier set off sirens throughout the whole “Gaza envelope,” which comprises the illegal Israeli settlements that lie within seven kilometers (4.3 miles) of the coastal sliver.

The Gaza-based resistance movement of Hamas identified the cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon near the enclave’s border with the occupied territories as the latest target of its counterattacks.

The Israeli attacks have killed hundreds in Gaza and scores of others in the West Bank. At least 10 people have, meanwhile, been killed during the resistance’s retaliation.

Reports about the regime’s intention towards a truce came a day after deputy Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouq declared victory on the part of the resistance group, and predicted that Tel Aviv would stop its attacks soon.

Source: Iranian Agencies


‘We want this to end’: No normal life for Israelis in range of Hamas rockets


For more than a week, the intermittent wailing of rocket sirens has rung out day and night across Israel

Journalists film a damaged house following a rocket attack fired from Gaza, in the southern Israeli city of Sderot on 19 May 2021 (MEE/Jack Guez)

By Lubna MasarwaFrank Andrews

Published date: 19 May 2021 22:41 UTC | Last update: 12 hours 22 mins ago

On Saturday, after enduring nearly a week of shelling close to his home in Sderot, an Israeli city less than a mile from Gaza, Avi Dabush and his family packed their things and left, moving southeast, to stay with friends in the small kibbutz of Sde Boker in Israel’s Negev desert.

“It was impossible to stay under the rockets,” Dabush told Middle East Eye.

“I know that in Gaza [it] is more difficult. They don’t have the military power that we have and they don’t have anywhere to run. They have no shelters, but I feel that our destiny is similar.” 

According to the Israeli military, some 4,000 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza since last Monday.

“They usually say about [Sderot] that 90 percent of the time it’s heaven, and 10 percent it’s hell,” Dabush said. “But when there are rockets from Gaza, it’s 100 percent hell.”

The latest violence erupted when Israeli forces raided the al-Aqsa Mosque multiple times during the holy month of Ramadan, attacking hundreds of worshippers, following weeks of protests over forced evictions in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah.Explained: Why did Israel bomb Gaza?

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When Israel failed to meet a Hamas deadline to withdraw its forces from the al-Aqsa Mosque, Hamas, the Palestinian group which controls the Gaza Strip, fired rockets into Israel.

Since then, Israeli jets have been pounding Gaza, leaving widespread death and destruction in the besieged Palestinian enclave.

At least 227 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli air strikes, including 64 children and 38 women, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

Unlike Israel, whose advanced arsenal includes precision-guided bombs, thanks to its own booming arms industry and billions of dollars of imported weaponry, Hamas’ rockets are unguided and mostly put together from homemade and smuggled materials.

For more than a week now, the intermittent wailing of rocket sirens has rung out day and night across Israel. Unlike Israel, the Gaza Strip has no air raid sirens or bomb shelters.

Strikes from Gaza have reached as far north as the Jezreel Valley, just south of Nazareth. But Israelis in the south and centre of the country – in towns such as Ashdod, Ashkelon, Be’er Sheva, Sderot, Jerusalem and others along the Gaza border – have seen much of the shelling.

According to Magen David Adom, Israel’s medical emergency service, rockets fired from Gaza have killed 12 and wounded 333.

Both sides have likely committed war crimes over the past week, according to Amnesty International. Israel for its attacks on residential buildings, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups for the indiscriminate nature of their shelling.

‘Ordinary people just want quiet’

“Let there be food on the table for the children, a good school to educate them, and a living environment that allows everyone to thrive according to their faith,” said Tomer, who lives in a small Israeli moshav (agricultural community) on the Gaza border.

“The truth is that the vast majority of ordinary people just want quiet,” he told MEE, declining to give his surname.

Avi Dabush agrees. “Most of the people around me… are terrified,” he said.

Dabush’s parents and sister live in Ashkelon, a few miles up the Mediterranean coast from Gaza, while his wife’s family live in Nirim, a kibbutz east of Khan Younis, a city in southern Gaza. Both have been shelled.

“My mother hasn’t moved from the shelter for nine days,” he told MEE. “My father is the only one who brings her food.”

Dabush has two children, aged 15 and 12.

“[They] have been living this reality since they were born. They have gotten used to it, unfortunately,” he said.

“One of my children is empathetic, the other became more right-wing and he thinks we should defeat Hamas,” he added.

Dabush was a member of the Knesset and one of the founders of the Movement for the Future of the Western Negev, which seeks a political settlement between residents of Gaza and southern Israel.

“The Israeli media likes to highlight voices that are calling to continue the attack on Gaza until Hamas is destroyed,” Dabush said. “This is very frustrating, because in reality people want to go back to a normal life – they want this to finish.”

‘Why am I doing this to my children?’

Under growing international pressure, US President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday that he “expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire”, according to the White House.

But in a statement released soon after, Netanyahu said: “I am determined to continue this operation until its objective is achieved – to restore quiet and security to you, the citizens of Israel,” Reuters reported.

He had earlier said that “it is not possible to set a timeframe” for when the conflict might end.

Rockets continue to hurtle in and out of Gaza.

Adi Blontir, a lawyer and mother of three from the city of Be’er Sheva, east of Gaza, says the situation is so bad that for the first time she is considering leaving Israel.

“With every fresh round of fighting, I feel Gaza is born anew and blows up in our faces, as though it’s not been like that for decades,” she told MEE from her parents’ house in Ra’anana, having fled Be’er Sheva on Friday because of the shelling.

Blontir’s eldest son was born in 2014 during the Gaza war.Arms trade: Which countries and companies are selling weapons to Israel?

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“I am still traumatised,” she said. “My son was born in the middle of the rockets and the sirens, and I went to the hospital’s [bomb] shelter. Now I have my third baby, who was born a week before this started.”

“It’s more difficult when you have grown-up children who are asking questions, and you are worried for their mental health.

“My seven-year-old son Yonatan only sleeps in the shelter room, and has refused to go out of the house since everything started,” she added. “The anxiety level is very high among the children.”

Blontir’s husband is also a lawyer, and goes back south for work. 

“I worry about him all the time,” she said. 

Meanwhile, her children aren’t going to school. “The fact that I am away from my house with three children – and one of them is two-weeks-old, it’s very difficult.”

“I like my life here, and my work… I have a good community, but I feel now that I want to run away from here, I don’t want to raise my children in this climate.”

It’s the first time she has felt like this, she admits.

“Not only because of the feeling of laying in the indoor safe room, terrified that a rocket will fall on your house, and the sirens and sound of the bombs,” she said, but also, “the feeling I have is, ‘why am I doing this to my children?”

“In the end,” she added, “I have to answer to them.”

The War on Gaza Will Be Over within 48 Hours, Israel Lost this Battle


The Israel war on Gaza

Gaza won this battle that Israel waged against the Palestinian people, the end of the Israeli aggression will be declared, directly or indirectly within 48 hours.

The above is not a prediction, we do not speculate, we’re just reading the events, the data, and the progress of this renewed heinous Israeli aggression and deliberate war crimes against the civilians in the besieged Gaza.

The bombing of civilians on purpose with the intentions to kill as much of them especially the children and in their hundreds and to injure thousands of civilians and destroy residential towers and houses slaughtering entire families are all signs of a failed army, that is if Israel’s IDF can be considered as an army where in reality, the Israeli IDF is an umbrella of the anti-Jewish Zionist terrorist groups the likes of the Haganah, Irgun, Stern, Lehy, et al, whose leaders became the Israeli politicians and prime ministers.

Israel had a bank of targets within Gaza, they thought they can destroy all the launchpads they thought the Palestinian resistance had for the missiles the Israelis ‘intelligence’ thought the Palestinian resistance has. Israel repeated the same mistake of the war it waged against Lebanon in 2006 and as it failed in its ‘intelligence’ data it had about the banks of targets and it failed in achieving the purpose of the war it waged back then, now it’s exactly the same mistake.

In the 2006 Israeli war against Lebanon, Israel set two main targets: disarming Hezb Allah or at least end the Hezb’s missiles threat, and retrieving the IDF terrorists the Hezb Allah arrested, both goals failed. Israel thought the support it had among the Gulfies, especially Saudi Arabia back then was enough to gain the support of the Arab people, it read wrong.

Ehud Olmert went to prison for previous cases of accepting bribes to promote a real estate project in Jerusalem, he spent 16 months in prison out of the 27 months sentence, maybe because he was 71 years old, and Olmert is way smarter than Netanyahu.

Today, Netanyahu has already 4 cases of corruption against him and a lengthy prison sentence is expected for him once he’s no longer a Prime Minister, the post that is shielding him for now being acting PM, he failed to gain enough majority to form a government in 4 consecutive elections in order for him to reside as the PM until he dies or finds a way out of prison. He kept repeating the elections just for that purpose disregarding all the economic challenges he led his people into, his personal interests are more important for criminals like him. Netanyahu found an opportunity to win the votes of his radical Israeli people by killing a large number of Palestinians in a short time and to defeat the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and stealing more land in Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

It’s a constant in Israeli politics to bargain over the Palestinian blood to win elections on the account of the blood of the Palestinians and neighboring countries, each politician who wanted to win elections or remain in power waged a heinous war, the more they killed of innocent people the higher their approval ratings were among the European imported settlers expelled from Europe, Russia, and elsewhere and dumped into Palestine.

What Netanyahu didn’t understand this time, just like Olmert in 2006, that while they and their US patrons and other supporters of their crimes in Europe and the Gulfies make plans for wars and prepare for it the resistance camp also makes plans to defend themselves and prepare for your wars, and surely more.

Today, after the Palestinian missiles continue to fall in bulk on Israeli targets even expanding the targets to hit 6 military airbases today, a number of high profile factories, far cities as Tel Aviv, keeping hundreds of thousands of Zionist settlers in shelters for 10 days, those who were given promises of living in the land of milk and honey and were paid to move to Palestine and were gifted homes and jobs on the account of US and EU taxpayers found themselves in a different reality.

In addition to the humiliation on the Gaza front and the firing back of missiles against Israeli targets, all of the Palestinian cities and towns occupied by 1948 were uprising against the unjust and apartheid they were living in for decades. This is unprecedented since the establishment of so-called Israel and Israel thought the Palestinians in these cities have already accepted to live as second-level citizens in the apartheid regime and will not rise.

The Israeli ‘army’ cannot take more humiliation, the war reached a sensitive point especially after the Palestinian resistance sent their drone that flew very low over Israeli tanks moving around at the outskirts of Gaza, after dozens of Israelis were killed most of who are army, and all of the Israeli adults are army personnel and reserve, and the fear of the Israeli IDF terrorists organization that further attacks means further retaliation by the Palestinians and further demands they have to give up, the IDF started leaking messages of its desire to end the attack, the message was picked by its main patron the USA who was until a couple of days ago refusing to discuss the Israeli war against Gaza in the United Nations Security Council, the US minister of war called his Israeli counterpart and asked him to cease the military operation against Gaza, the head of the White House junta Biden himself called Netanyahu and told him what Netanyahu needed as a lifeline to end the operation against Gaza.

The deliberate killing of civilians and destroying the residential towers including the media towers in Gaza mobilized millions around the world despite the restrictions of movement due to the COVID-19 in many countries and despite the ban on protests for Palestine in retard countries like France, topped up with the angry protests in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan, the main countries surrounding ‘Israel’ and the fear of opening a new front with Hezb Allah and Syria from the north, both of whom have very long records to settle with the Israelis and could see the weak state and incapability of the Israeli ‘Iron Dome’ air defense systems to shoot down the Gaza primitive missile comparing to what Hezb Allah has which pales comparing to what Syria has which is even less than the quantity of what Iran has, all these odds are pressing against the Israeli decision-makers.

The outcome of the current Israeli aggression and the Israeli humiliating defeat:

  • Netanyahu’s end of political life, he’s been in politics before many of our readers were born, he was a prime minister between June 96 – July 99 in the last century, and in the current position since March 2009, a prime minister for 12 years..
  • The end of Netanyahu’s political life and especially losing the Prime Minister’s immunity will land him in prison for the corruption charges.
  • Israel will stop stealing the houses in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), the spark of the current ‘battle’.
  • There must be a tangible relief of the essential in Gaza, lifting the siege, allowing food, fuel, money, and building material to move freely into Gaza, allowing Palestinians access to their own agricultural land and to their sea for fishing and maybe a seaport, however primitive it would be.
  • A new rule of engagement is set: killing Palestinian civilians will be retaliated by killing Israelis, and the bombing Gaza will be retaliated by bombing any Israeli city or settlement.
  • The Palestinians in the territories occupied before 1948 will have more rights and hopefully the right to hold the Palestinian identity.
  • The Palestinian authority’s collapse and a new Palestinian statehood should be negotiated to start with the election of a new president and legislative council.
  • The release of the Palestinians kidnapped by the Israeli IDF terrorist groups, mainly the children and women.
  • Israel will be seeing an opposite migration of the settlers back to their countries of origin, this is to the dismay of those countries, especially the European ones who did all their best to force expel these people from their countries and dump them into Palestine.
  • The Gulfies will be instructed by the USA to help rebuild what Israel destroyed in Gaza to keep them in connection with the Palestinian people after they were rushing in the opposite direction with the agreements to ‘recognize Israel’ publicly.
  • All the Israeli propaganda to spread fake news about its peaceful nature and playing the role of the victim, all the billions of the US taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars spent on the painting of the image about Israel is blown away with the horrible crimes the whole world is watching them commit. The BBC and its ilk cannot hide the Israeli crimes as they’ve done in previous war crimes, the world has independent social media despite the enormous efforts to suspend anyone exposing those crimes. Israel now stands naked before the international’s public opinion for the ugly apartheid regime it is.

As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, this is exactly how the Palestinians will emerge from this genocide committed against them by Israel whether in the territories occupied by 1948, or the West Bank or what’s left of it, and Gaza. This will also give more motivation for the people of Syria and Lebanon to liberate the Golan and the Shiba Farms and its surrounding in southern Lebanon.

God Bless the resistance against all occupation and against oppression.

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Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestine ( 6 – 10 May 2021)

Serious Escalation in Gaza Strip: 26 Palestinians Killed, including 9 Children and Woman and her Child with Disability, and 75 Others Injured, including 22 Children and 7 Women

Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestine

IOF military escalation on Gaza Strip: 21 Palestinians killed, including 9 children; 68 wounded, including 22 children and 7 women

  • 969 Palestinians wounded in IOF attacks on Palestinians in East Jerusalem and worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque, including 17 journalists, 9 in critical conditions and 3 lost their eyes
  • IOF excessive use of force in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem: 14 Palestinians wounded, including a girl
  • Six IOF shootings reported at agricultural areas (east) and three others on fishing boats in the Gaza sea
  • In 122 IOF incursions into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem: 115 civilians arrested, including 2 children
  • Construction vehicle confiscated in Hebron and an agricultural caravan in Nablus
  • Settler-attacks: attacks on civilians and their vehicles, lands set on fire in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem
  • Israeli occupation authorities close Beit Hanoun and Karm Abu Salem crossings and the Gaza Sea
  • IOF established 39 temporary military checkpoints in the West Bank and arrested 6 Palestinian civilians on said checkpoints


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) continued to commit crimes and multi-layered violations against Palestinian civilians and their properties, including raids into Palestinian cities that are characterized with excessive use of force. This week, the occupation continued its attacks in East Jerusalem, violating the sanctity of the al-Aqsa Mosque and conducted large oppressive campaigns across the city, with the participation of Israeli settlers. These attacks rendered hundreds of injuries amongst Palestinian civilians. As the situation escalated in the occupied East Jerusalem, Gaza armed groups launched missiles at Israeli settlements and towns and the Israeli occupation responded with multiple airstrikes across the Gaza Strip announcing the launch of a military operation, “Operation Guardian of the Walls,” against the territory. The Israeli occupation’s attacks on the Gaza Strip continue as of writing this report, causing extensive casualties. Additionally, the Israeli occupation authorities closed both Beit Hanoun and Karm Abu Salem crossings, as well as the Gaza Sea under its systemic policy of collective punishment.

IOF also continued its raids, arrests, and attacks on civilians that are mostly conducted after midnight and in the early morning hours, purposefully terrorizing protected civilians. This week also IOF confiscated Palestinians’ properties and agricultural equipment, and safeguarded settlers’ attacks on Palestinians.

Note: The 19th edition of PCHR’s Weekly Report of Israeli Violations in the oPt is issued early this week for the Eid al-Fitr Holidays. We wish you all peace and prosperity on the occasion of this holy Eid.

IOF shooting and violation of right to bodily integrity:

In the Gaza Strip, 21 Palestinians, including 9 children -1 of them died along with his father, were killed and 68 others sustained wounds, including 22 children and 7 women after wide-scale Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. Also, one Palestinian civilian was wounded, and 6 IOF shootings were reported on agricultural lands eastern Gaza, and 3 shootings at fishing boats, western Gaza.

In the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem, 983 Palestinians sustained wounds in IOF excessive use of force against civilians.  Among the wounded, 969, including 17 journalists, and 9 in critical condition, sustained their wounds in Israeli attacks on civilians and worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque and in East Jerusalem. Fourteen others sustained wounds due to IOF excessive use of force and dozens suffocated due to tear gas inhalation, and others were wounded in various IOF assaults across the West Bank.

IOF incursions and arrests of Palestinian civilians: 

IOF carried out 122 incursions into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem. Those incursions included raids of civilian houses and shootings, enticing fear among civilians, and attacking many of them. During this week’s incursions, 115 Palestinians were arrested, including 2 children. Of the 115 arrestees, 63 were taken during the clashes and IOF attacks on Palestinian civilians and worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque, Bab al-Amoud, and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.


PCHR fieldworkers documented two violations: excavator confiscated in Kherbet Khelet al-Dabe’a, east of Yatta, south of Hebron and an agricultural caravan in Nablus.

Settler-attacks: PCHR fieldworkers reported and documented 7 attacks:

Ramallah: assault on a vehicle and agricultural fields set on fire

Nablus: assault on a vehicle and Palestinian civilians, and agricultural fields were set on fire

Hebron: assault on a civilian and a shepherd with stones

East Jerusalem: along with the wide-scale attacks in the City, settlers assaulted civilians in Issaweya

Israeli closure policy and restrictions on freedom of movement:

On Monday, 10 May 2021, the Israeli authorities closed Beit Hanoun “Erez” crossing one after complete closure of the sea within the collective punishment policy against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

According to PCHR’s follow-up, the Israeli authorities declared Monday morning the closure of Beit Hanoun crossing, and only humanitarian cases are allowed, which was confirmed by PCHR.  IOF also declared on Monday, 09 May 2021, withdrawing the decision of allowing the businessmen to travel via the crossing after the Palestinian Civil Affairs Ministry announced on Thursday afternoon, 06 May 2021, that the Israeli authorities informed them of allowing again their travel via the crossing after they have been denied since the outbreak of coronavirus in the Gaza Strip.

On Monday evening, the Israeli authorities closed Karm Abu Salem Crossing, the sole commercial crossing in the Gaza Strip, until further notice.

These decisions are part of the comprehensive closure and illegal and inhuman collective punishment policy imposed by IOF on the Gaza Strip, and shall carry negative implication on the already restricted number of groups who are allowed travel via Beit Hanoun crossing.

The Gaza Strip still suffers the worst closure in the history of the Israeli occupation of the oPt as it has entered the 14th consecutive year, without any improvement to the movement of persons and goods, humanitarian conditions and bearing catastrophic consequences on all aspects of life. The United Nations confirmed that the Gaza conditions are worsening, with deteriorating health, power, and water services. The UN emphasized that the Gaza Strip requires immense efforts in the housing and education sectors and to create job opportunities.

Meanwhile, IOF continued to divide the West Bank into separate cantons with key roads blocked by the Israeli occupation since the Second Intifada and with temporary and permanent checkpoints, where civilian movement is restricted, and they are subject to arrest.

Shooting and other Violations of the Right to Life and Bodily Integrity

IOF Attacks in occupied East Jerusalem:

On Thursday, 06 May 2021, 22 Palestinians were wounded; 6 of them with rubber bullets when IOF suppressed a peaceful protest organized to sand in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah’s residents, whose houses are threatened to be evicted in favor of Israeli settlers. IOF also arrested 15 Palestinians, taking them to a police station. According to PCHR’s investigations, at approximately 19:30, dozens of Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem and Arabs holding Israeli ID cards organized breakfast (Iftar) for Sheikh Jarrah’s residents whose houses are under the threat of eviction. While the Palestinians were eating their Iftar, an Israeli settler living in al-Ghawi’s house, which was seized, assaulted the Palestinians and pepper-sprayed them. As a result, the Palestinians threw chairs and water bottles at the settlers and damaged their tent, which was established in front of al-Ghawi family’s house, which was seized by Israeli settlers in 2009, to receive a member of the Knesset, Itamar Bin Ghafir, who moved his office to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in front of houses that are under the threat of eviction to support the settlers and provoke Palestinians present in the neighborhood. After that, a fighting erupted between the settlers, guarded by IOF, Sheikh Jarrah’s residents and other Palestinians who stand in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah, during which, they threw chairs at each other and settlers along with IOF fired live bullets to disperse the peaceful protestors.

At approximately 20:30, despite the closure of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood’s entrances and ban on vehicles’ entry into the neighborhood by IOF, Palestinians who stand in solidarity with the neighborhood residents continued to flock to the streets. When hundreds of Palestinians gathered in the center of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and chanted slogans, IOF assaulted them, heavily sprayed skunk water at them, beat them up, pushed and dragged them on the ground, and chased them around the neighborhood streets in an attempt to vacate the area. IOF also fired rubber bullets and sound bombs at the Palestinians. As a result, 22 Palestinians were wounded; 6 with rubber bullets, 3 sustained teargas canisters shrapnel wounds, 4 sustained bruises throughout their bodies, 8 suffocated due to teargas inhalation, and others were pepper-sprayed in the face. The clashes continued until dawn, during which settlers indiscriminately fired live bullets after an Israeli vehicle was set ablaze. IOF also raided al-Kurd and Diyab houses, beat up the residents, and pepper-sprayed them.

Additionally, 15 Palestinians were arrested and beaten. PCHR keeps the names of the arrestees. It should be noted that al-Ja’ouni, al-Kurd, al-Qsem, and Iskafi families headed to the Israeli Supreme Court, which set a new session on Monday, 10 May, to consider a petition submitted by the mentioned families on eviction orders. It is worth noting that 28 Palestinian families comprised of 87 persons, including women and children, are threatened to be expelled from their houses in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood; 4 families on 10 May 2021 and 3 other families will face a similar fate on 01 August 2021.

On Friday, 205 Palestinians, including 5 journalists, were wounded; 2 were deemed serious and 3 others lost their eyes during mass suppression by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) against tens of thousands of Palestinian worshipers in al-Aqsa Mosque and its yards, in Bab al-‘Amoud area and in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. IOF raided al-Aqsa Mosque, violated its sanctity, deprived Palestinian worshipers of performing prayers, assaulted dozens of them, dragged them on the ground, and arrested 17 of them.

According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), on Friday, 07 May 2021, while tens of thousands of Palestinian worshipers were heading to al-Aqsa Mosque to perform the last Friday prayer in Ramadan, thousands of Israeli soldiers flocked into occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, stationed on its streets and at al-Aqsa Mosque’s gates, established dozens of military checkpoints, and closed the city entrances. Before Maghrib prayer, IOF tightened their measures around al-Aqsa Mosque; closed al-Wad Road, which leads to al-Aqsa Mosque’s gates from the western side (the gate: Bab al-Majlis, Bab al Hadid, Bab al Qattanin and Bab al Silsilah); denied worshipers’ access to the mosque, fired sound bombs at them; pointed their guns at them to scare them and force them to leave. As a result, the worshipers tried to find alternative roads to enter the mosque from its northern gates, causing a traffic jam in the Old City. Before ‘Isha and Tarawih prayers, verbal altercation erupted between one of the worshipers and Israeli police officers stationed at Bab al Silsilah. After that, IOF suddenly raided al-Aqsa Mosque via Bab al Silsilah and fired heavy sound bombs and rubber bullets at the worshipers present in the mosque’s western yards, which caused clashes continued between IOF and worshipers in the mosque’s yards for 4 hours. During the clashes, IOF cut the wires of Bab al Magharibah Minaret, cut off the electricity in al-Aqsa Mosque’s facilities, topped and raided al- Qibli Mosque, fired sound bombs at the worshipers, detained them inside the mosque, and closed its doors with iron chains. In Bab al-Rahma Mosque, IOF fired sound bombs and rubber bullets at the worshipers while performing prayers. They also fired sound bombs at the Dome of the Rock gates, which designated for women entry. Additionally, IOF stormed and targeted al-Aqsa Mosque’s clinic, fired sound bombs inside it, damaged its contents, assaulted medical crews and injuries present there. After that, IOF used excessive force to evacuate and disperse tens of thousands of worshipers from al-Aqsa Mosque, its facilities, and yards, and indiscriminately fired heavy rubber bullets and sound bombs at them. As a result, dozens of worshipers were shot with rubber bullets in their upper limbs, including 5 journalists who were wounded while covering incidents in al-Aqsa Mosque.

The wounded journalists were identified as Fayiz Abu Irmilah, ‘Atta ‘Ewisat, ‘Abed al-‘Afou Bassam, Mohammed Abu Suninah, and Mohammed Samreen. Journalist ‘Ewisat said to PCHR’s fieldworker that a police officer fired 3 rubber bullets at him from a distance of 0.5 meter and damaged his cellphone. He added that despite all bullets fired at him, he remained standing. After that, seven police officers approached him and beat him up throughout his body, so he fell to the ground.

When the worshippers were forcefully removed from al-Aqsa Mosque to the Old City’s neighborhoods and its surrounding, clashes broke out between dozens of Palestinian young men and IOF in Bab Huta, Bab al-‘Amoud and al-Saherah neighborhoods.  IOF closed the two gates with iron barriers and denied citizens’ access via which.  During the clashes, IOF arrested many young men and wounded others. 

Meanwhile in al-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, IOF and settlers’ attacks continued against its residents and those in solidarity for the second consecutive week.  Since Friday early morning, IOF heavily deployed in the neighborhood, closed its entrances, and prevented persons in solidarity from reaching the houses under the threat of eviction.  In a serious development, IOF allowed more than 200 armed settlers to enter the neighborhood.  Following the Friday Prayer, tens of Palestinians and internationals gathered in solidarity at the neighborhood’s entrance, chanted national slogans condemning the occupation. Those in solidarity stayed at al-Sheikh entrances until al-Maghreb Prayer, away from the neighborhood’s families, who organized an Iftar in front of their houses, amid heavy deployment of IOF which prevented the persons standing in solidarity from joining the families and had their Iftars on pavements.  After they finished, they chanted national slogans condemning settlers’ attacks.  IOF immediately beat them, pumped wastewater at them and fired rubber bullets and sound bombs at them.  As a result, many injuries and arrests were reported.

Due to IOF’s wide-scale suppression in Jerusalem, 205 Palestinians were injured in al-Aqsa Mosque, al-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and Bab al-‘Amoud; 88 injuries were referred to Jerusalem’s hospitals, 20 were referred to the field hospitals and the rest were treated on the spot as stated by PRCS.

PRCS said that most injuries were with rubber bullets in the chest and face.  As a result, 3 persons lost their eyes and were transported to ST John Eye hospital in al-Sheikh Jarrah, Makassed Hospital and Hadassah Medical Center.  The medical staff at al-Makassed Hospital in At-Tur neighborhood, east of Jerusalem’s Old City, said that they treated 83 injuries with rubber bullets: 3 were in the eye, including one lost his eye, 2 were serious injuries in the head, 2 were jaw fractures and the rest were minor injuries. 

In addition to their attacks on the medical staff who were on duty, IOF prevented 2 PRCS ambulance crews from Bethlehem and Ramallah from providing help in aid and treatment due to the increasing number of injuries.  The crews arrived at Qalendia and Tunnel checkpoints to enter Jerusalem, but they were denied, in violation of the international humanitarian law principles, which emphasizes respect for the PRCS badge and protection and facilitation of their medical duties.

During the intense attacks on citizens and worshippers and pulling down some of them, IOF arrested 17 citizens in al-Aqsa Mosque, Bab al-‘Amoud and al-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and took them to the police station in the occupied city.

On Saturday, 90 Palestinians were wounded, and 16 others were arrested when IOF violently suppressed dozens of Palestinian young men in the Old City and in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. According to PCHR’s investigations, at approximately 16:00, thousands of Israeli soldiers flocked to occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, stationed on its streets and at its gates, closed main streets leading to the Old City, established dozens of military checkpoints on the main streets leading to Jerusalem, and prevented dozens of buses carrying thousands of Palestinian worshipers holding Israeli IDs from entering the city. As a result, the worshipers were forced to walk several kilometers in order to reach Jerusalemite people’s vehicles, which will drive them to al-Aqsa Mosque. Also, IOF stationed in al-Tur neighborhood, east of the Old City, prevented trucks holding Iftar meals prepared by the Islamic Endowment Department (Awqaf) for Palestinians from reaching the mosque. Before Maghrib prayer, thousands of Palestinian worshipers flocked to al-Aqsa Mosque via Bab al Asbat, Bab al-Malik Faisal and Bab al Hittah. Suddenly, IOF fired rubber bullets and sound bombs at the worshipers and severely beat and dragged Naser Ghaith and their two sons Laith and Mohammed. IOF arrested Laith (27) and took them to the hospital as he sustained wounds and bruises throughout his body. When the worshipers ate their Iftar meal, they gathered in al-Qibli Mosque’s yard and chanted national and religious slogans. Following al-Tarawih prayer, thousands of worshipers got out of al-Aqsa Mosque via Bab al-‘Amoud, Bab al-Sahera and Bab al-Asbat. During which, IOF assaulted them, fired rubber bullets and sound bombs at them, and pumped skunk water on the area and around the Old City. As a result, violent clashes erupted and continued for next day dawn. During these clashes, 90 Palestinians, including 6 children, were wounded; 90 of them received treatment at al-Maqased Hospital, according to the PRCS’s crew. Also, a paramedic was wounded, and a woman was directly shot with a rubber bullet in her face. According to PRCS, most of injuries were with rubber bullets, sound bombs and beating.

In Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, IOF and settlers’ attacks continued against the neighborhood’s residents and other persons who stand in solidarity with them. The neighborhood’s residents along with dozens of Palestinians who stand in solidarity with them organized a breakfast (Iftar) in front of their houses, which are under the threat of eviction. Following the Iftar, the Palestinian organized a sit-in, chanted national slogans, and performed al-Tarawih prayer. During which, IOF beat them up, pumped skunk water at them and fired rubber bullets and sound bombs at them. Also, IOF severely beat Nour Hammad and Maryam al-‘Afifi and dragged them on the ground before arresting them. Additionally, 4 other Palestinians, from Umm al-Fahm city, were arrested.

It should be noted that during clashes erupted near the Old City and in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, IOF arrested 16 Palestinians, beat them up, dragged them on the ground, and took them to police stations. PCHR holds record of the names of the arrestees.

Following Fajr prayer, on Sunday, 09 May 2021, thousands of Palestinian worshipers, who were performing al-I’tikaf (a period of staying in a mosque for a certain number of days to perform prayers) got out of al-Aqsa Mosque raising Palestinian flags. In the meantime, IOF raided al-Aqsa Mosque via Bab al Hittah and Bab al Magharibah. Also, Israeli snipers topped the mosque’s roofs from the western side and fired heavy rubber bullets and sound bombs at the worshipers while getting out of the mosque. After that, violent clashes erupted between the worshipers and IOF near Bab al Hittah and Bab al Asbat from the northern side and near Bab al Silsilah and Bab al Magharibah from the western side. During which, IOF fired heavy rubber bullets at the Palestinians. As a result, 21 Palestinians were wounded; 8 received treatment at the hospital while the rest on the spot, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS). IOF also closed Bab al Asbat and prevented anyone from entering or exiting, which hindered medical crew’s work, who were providing first aid for worshipers injured inside the mosque.

At approximately 18:00 on Sunday, 09 May 2021, IOF closed Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and prevented anyone from entering it. Also, Palestinians who stand in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah residents were denied access to the neighborhood, while hundreds of armed settlers were allowed to enter the neighborhood, establish a tent, open loudspeakers and dance to provoke Palestinians. Following al-Maghrib prayer, hundreds of Palestinians gathered on the neighborhood’s main street, chanted slogans and sang. IOF immediately suppressed them, fired rubber bullets and sound bombs at them, and pumped skunk water at them. Also, police on horseback chased the Palestinians. As a result, clashes erupted and continued for several hours. During which, Israeli settlers, guarded by IOF, opened fire at the Palestinians and threw stones at them.

It should be noted that other clashes erupted between Palestinian young men and IOF in al-Tur and Shuafat neighborhoods and in Silwan village against the ongoing IOF’s attacks in al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

PRCS crews stated that they treated 19 Palestinians during clashes erupted with IOF in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and Bab al-‘Amoud area; 5 of them were taken to the hospital for treatment. Also, the PRCS crew said that a paramedic was shot with a rubber bullet during clashes in al-Tur neighborhood, and an ambulance was shot with rubber bullet and hit with sound bombs in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

At approximately 22:30, Palestinian worshipers performed Isha and Tarawih prayers and got out of al-Aqsa Mosque. During which, IOF fired rubber bullets and sound bombs in Bab al-‘Amoud area in the center of occupied East Jerusalem, to vacate the area. They also chased and beat dozens of Palestinian young men and shops’ owners. As a result, several young men were wounded, and 3 others were arrested. Also, the shops owners said that their shops and goods sustained damage due to pumping skunk water at their shops.

On Monday, 10 May 2021, IOF violated al-Aqsa Mosque and its facilities, suppressed, and assaulted Palestinian worshipers and fired sound bombs and rubber bullets inside the Mosque and in its yards. As a result, 305 Palestinians, including 8 journalists, were wounded- 7 were deemed in critical condition. This serious escalation came only a few hours before a planned demonstration by thousands of Israeli settlers in Bab al-‘Amoud area and near al-Aqsa Mosque’s gates.

According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), following Fajr prayer, on Monday, 10 May 2021, thousands of Palestinian worshipers gathered in al-Aqsa Mosque’s yards and facilities in occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, to counter Israeli settlers, who called for a packed demonstration to commemorate the anniversary of Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, according to the Hebrew calendar. At approximately 08:19, Chief of Israel Police ordered a large force to raid al-Aqsa Mosque in an attempt to facilitate the entry of Israeli settlers, who were gathering in Bab al Magharibah, into the Mosque. Afterwards, IOF moved into al-Aqsa Mosque’s yards and its facilities via Bab al Magharibah and Bab al Silsilah amid heavy firing of rubber bullets, teargas canisters and sound bombs for 4 consecutive hours.

During that time, Israeli snipers topped al-Aqsa Mosque’s western roofs, in addition to al-Qibli Mosque’s roof, and then raided the Mosque, assaulted Palestinian worshipers, and fired rubber bullets, teargas canisters and sound bombs at them. As a result, dozens of Palestinians, old and young, men and women, who were detained inside the Mosque sustained wounds. Also, IOF prevented medical and paramedics crew from providing first aid for the wounded. Moreover, IOF assaulted and severely beat worshipers present in the Old, El-Marwani, Bab al-Rahma and Dome of the Rock Mosques, fired stun grenades and rubber bullets at them and surrounded them inside these mosques. Additionally, IOF raided the Islamic Endowment (Awqaf) offices and expelled its employees, in addition to the fire station office, and welded the medical clinic doors shut to impede the provision of treatment for the wounded civilians.

All of the al-Aqsa Mosque Gates, particularly Bab Huta, Bab al Asbat and Bab al Silsilah, witnessed violent clashes after Israeli forces were reinforced with backups as the clashes at al-Aqsa Mosque intensified. At Bab al Asbat, IOF assaulted paramedics while the Palestinian Red Crescent Society’s crews were transporting the injured, wounding several of them with rubber bullets and banned others entry into the Mosque to transport the wounded to the ambulances and hospitals. In the midst of the violent clashes inside the Mosque, an armed Israeli settler ran-over Palestinian civilians with his vehicle on the outskirts of Bab al Asbat, injuring several ones; then stepped out of the vehicle and started shooting at them while protected by an Israeli police officer who kept away angered Palestinian youth.

During the Israeli violent escalation, which al-Aqsa Mosque has not witnessed for more than 20 years, 8 journalists were wounded while covering the incidents at the mosque; most with rubber bullets, and were identified as: Maisaa’ Abu Ghazaleh, Mohammed Abu Sneineh, Lewaa’ Rmeileh, Mohammed Jaradat, Eithar Abu Gharbiyeh, Fatmah al-Bakri, Rami al-Khatib, and Osayd ‘Amarneh.

At approximately 16:00, despite the Israeli authorities’ decision to move the planned demonstration by thousands of Israeli settlers from Bab al-‘Amoud area, Salah al-Deen and al-Wad Streets and al-Islami neighborhood to Bab al-Khalil area, IOF assaulted and severely beat dozens of Palestinians gathered in Bab al-‘Amoud area, fired heavy stun grenades at them and arrested 4 of them.

In al-Aqsa Mosque, following Isha prayer, clashes renewed in the mosque’s yards and in its facilities, as a large number of Israeli soldiers raided the mosque amid firing rubber bullets and stun grenades. As a result, al-Marwani and al-Qibli Mosques sustained material damage and dozens of Palestinian worshipers detained inside the mosques sustained wounds, noting that medical crew were prevented from providing first aid to the wounded civilians.

Moreover, the Dome of the Rock Mosque witnessed violent clashes after Palestinian young men set an Israeli police station ablaze. The clashes continued for several hours, during which, dozens of Palestinians, including 4 journalists, were wounded. The journalists were identified as: Turkish journalist Turgut Alp Boyzar, Baraa Shaludi, Muhammad Sharif, and Ayman Qawarik. It should be noted that IOF closed all al-Aqsa Mosque’s gates, hindered paramedics’ entry to the Mosque and wounded them with rubber bullets.

In Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, hundreds of Israeli soldiers flocked to the neighborhood to secure and protect Israeli settlers. Following al-Maghrib prayer, IOF prevented Palestinians who stand in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood from entering it and participating in the sit-in. The Palestinians gathered and protested at the neighborhood’s entrance. Before chanting slogans, IOF suppressed them, pumped skunk water at them, beat young and old, men and women, and fired stun grenades at them.

Ras al-Amud, al-Tur, Silwan, al-Ram, and al-Thawri neighborhoods witnessed violent clashes. During which, IOF pumped skunk water and fired rubber bullets and sound bombs to disperse the protestors who gathered in support of Jerusalem and against IOF’s attacks in al-Aqsa Mosque.

Also, Kalandia military checkpoint witnessed violent clashes erupted between hundreds of Palestinians and IOF, who fired live and rubber bullets and teargas canisters at the protestors, according to PRCS crew.

The PRCS crew said that the IOF’s attacks in al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City, resulted in the injury of 612 Palestinians; 7 were deemed in critical condition. The PRCS added that more than 411 injuries were referred to al-Makassed and Augusta Victoria “al-Mutale’a” hospitals in at-Tur neighborhood, Saint Joseph Hospital in al-Sheikh Jarrah and PRCS’s field hospital in al-Sowannah neighborhood. PRCS added that a number of paramedics were wounded with rubber bullets while rescuing those injured at al-Aqsa Mosque. IOF also broke the windshield of an ambulance in Bab al-‘Amoud area after targeting it with stun grenades.

IOF Military Escalation on the Gaza Strip

21 Palestinians killed, including 9 children; 68 wounded, including 22 children and 7 women

Since yesterday evening, 10 May 2021, the Gaza Strip has witnessed a major military escalation that resulted in the killing of 26 Palestinians, including 9 children; one of them was killed with his father while another was with a disability and was killed along with his mother, and the injury of 75 others, including 22 children and 7 women, during wide ranging Israeli airstrikes against targets in the Gaza Strip.  The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) declared that a wide-range military operation has begun in the Gaza Strip and has been given an official name: “Operation Guardian of the Walls” after rockets were fired, as claimed by the Palestinian armed groups in response to the Israeli violence in Jerusalem that escalated in the last 2 days when al-Aqsa Mosque was raided and hundreds of worshipers were injured.  The Israeli threats warn of a growing number of casualties among civilians and further destruction in the civilian objects.  While this report was in preparation, many Palestinians have fallen casualties to IOF attacks in Gaza; details will be included in next week’s report.

At approximately 18:10 on Monday, 10 May 2021, an Israeli drone fired a missile at an agricultural land located in al-Kashif Mount in Jabalia refugee camp, north of the Gaza Strip. As a result, Saber Ibrahim Mahmoud Suliman (38) and his son Mohammed (15), from Jabalia, were killed while they were present in the agricultural land. Both were taken to the Indonesian Hospital, where medical sources stated that they sustained shrapnel wounds throughout their bodies.

Around the same time, an Israeli drone targeted with one missile Mohammed ‘Abdullah Zidan (26) when he was in the center of al-Salah neighborhood in al-Bourah area in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.  As a result, he was immediately killed and taken to Beit Hanoun Governmental Hospital.

Around the same time, a missile fell on a gathering of civilians next to al-Basha Farm in al-Thahrah area at the end of al-Masriyeen Street, east of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.  As a result, eight were killed, including 6 children, and 18 were injured, including a woman and 10 children.  Those killed were identified as Ibrahim Yousif ‘Atallah al-Masri (11); his brother Merwan (6); Ahmed Mohammed ‘Atallah al-Masri (20); his sister Rahaf (10); Yazan Sultan al-Masri (2 years old); Hussein Munir Hussein Hamad (11); Mohammed ‘Ali Mohammed Nasir (24); and Ibrahim ‘Abdullah Mohammed Hasanein (16).  Moreover, 3 houses sustained partial damage from the southern side of the scene.

According to the field investigations and the scene inspection, the scene is around 800 meters away from the western side of the border fence with Israel.  Al-Masri Family works in collecting straws in the outskirts of al-Basha Farm next to their houses.  Children were playing at the time near their families who were collecting the straw while other members of Hamad Nasir and Hasanein families were present at the same time.

At approximately 21:30, an Israeli missile fell near al-Rahman Mosque in Zaytun neighborhood in Beit Hanoun, north of the Gaza Strip. As a result, Ibrahim Ahmed Khamis al-Shenbari (20), from Zaytun neighborhood, was killed and 13 others, including 4 women and 2 children, were wounded. All of them were taken to Beit Hanoun Hospital, where their injuries were classified between moderate and minor. Also, the mosque and nearby houses sustained partial damage.

At approximately 21:35, Israeli drone fired a missile at a plot of land in eastern Buraij refugee camp, in the center of the Gaza Strip. As a result, the land sustained material damage and no casualties were reported.

At approximately 22:15, Israeli drones fired a missile at a group of Palestinians in al-Manara neighborhood, south of Khan Yunis. As a result, 3 of them were injured and taken to Naser Hospital, where the injury of one of them namely Saleem Mohammed Saleem al-Farra (37), from Khan Yunis, was classified serious. Al-Farra was pronounced dead later.

At approximately 22:50, Israeli warplanes fired a missile at a plot of land in al-Qarara village, northeast of Khan Yunis. As a result, the land sustained material damage and no casualties were reported.

At approximately 23:40, Israeli warplanes fired 4 missiles near a quarantine center in Tel al-Sultan neighborhood, west of Rafah. As a result, the center sustained material damage and no casualties were reported.

Other IOF violations of the right to life in the oPt

At approximately 06:30 on Thursday, 06 May 2021, Israeli gunboats stationed off al-Waha Shore, northwest of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip, chased Palestinian fishing boats sailing within 3 nautical miles and opened heavy fire around them, causing fear among the fishermen and forcing them to flee. No casualties were reported.

At approximately 21:00, Israeli infantry units moved into Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, and deployed between residential houses. Meanwhile, a group of Palestinian young men gathered on the main street near an UNRWA distribution center and threw stones at IOF, who responded with sound bombs and teargas canisters. As a result, many stone-throwers suffocated due to teargas inhalation. The clashes continued until 23:00 and IOF withdrew later; no arrests were reported.

At approximately 12:00 on Friday, 07 May 2021, following the murder of two civilians and the injury of another one in shooting incident occurred at Salem military checkpoint, which separates Jenin and Green Line, IOF closed the checkpoint and prevented press crew and ambulances from approaching the checkpoint. When journalists attempted to approach the checkpoint to cover the incident, IOF beat them up. The journalists were identified as:

‘Ali Sadeq Saleem Samoudi, a reporter at al-Quds Newspaper.

‘Alaa Tawfiq Badarnah, cameraman in the European News Agency.

Raneen Sawaftah, photographer at Reuters News Agency.

Sakher Rawatba, photographer at Palestine T.V.

Also, IOF assaulted a number of PRCS paramedics and chased them until they left the area.

Journalist ‘Ali Sadeq Saleem al-Samoudi said to PCHR’s researcher that: “Following the murder of two civilians and the injury of another one at Salem military checkpoint, IOF closed the sole checkpoint, which leads to the camp, and prevented journalists and PRCS paramedics from entering the camp. When we attempted to approach, IOF threatened to open fire at us. Despite our commitment to the soldiers’ orders, they assaulted, chased and cursed us and fired sound bombs and teargas canisters at us. As a result, journalist Raneen Sawaftah suffocated due to teargas inhalation. They also beat the two journalists Sakher Rawatba and ‘Alaa Tawfiq Badarnah. Additionally, IOF beat me up with their gun butts and violently beat my colleague ‘Alaa Badarnah while he was inside his vehicle.  IOF attacked ambulances and paramedics and forced all to leave and vacate the area, or they will be arrested.”

At approximately 13:30, a peaceful protest took off in front of Beit Dajan village council, northeast of Nablus, at the call of the villagers and with the participation of the National Action Factions in Nablus, towards lands under the threat of confiscation, east of the village. The protestors raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans against the Israeli occupation and settlers. When the protestors arrived at the area, they found a large number of Israeli soldiers awaiting them. IOF immediately suppressed the protest and fired live and rubber bullets, sound bombs and tear gas canisters at the protestors. As a result, a 50-year-old man was shot with a live bullet in his right foot. Also, many protestors suffocated due to teargas inhalation and received treatment on the spot.

At approximately 12:50 on Saturday, 08 May 2021, IOF stationed along the Gaza’s border fence with Israel, east of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, fired live bullets and teargas canisters at Palestinian young men gathered along the fence. The IOF’s sporadic shooting continued for several hours; no casualties were reported.  At approximately 21:30, the protest renewed, during which, IOF fired rubber and live bullets and teargas canisters that reached the outskirts of Khuzaʽa village. As a result, dozens of Palestinians suffocated due to teargas inhalation.

At approximately 16:30, IOF stationed along the Gaza’s border fence with Israel, fired heavy live bullets and teargas canisters at about 50 Palestinian young men gathered in eastern Bureij refugee camp along the border fence. The young men set fire to tires and fired incendiary balloons in response to IOF’s attacks in Jerusalem. At approximately 20:30, the young men gathered again, during which, IOF fired heavy teargas canisters at them. As a result, many of them suffocated due to teargas inhalation; 6 of them were taken to al-Aqsa Hospital for treatment.

At approximately 21:30 on Saturday, a number of Palestinian young men gathered near Huwara military checkpoint, southeast of Nablus, and organized a protest to stand in solidarity with Jerusalemite people. Clashes erupted in the area, during which, IOF fired rubber bullets, sound bombs and teargas canisters at the protestors. As a result, many of them suffocated due to teargas inhalation and received a treatment on the spot.

Around the same time, a similar protest was organized to stand in solidarity with Jerusalem. The protest developed into clashes erupted at the entrance to Beita village, southeast of Nablus. During which, IOF fired rubber bullets, sound bombs and teargas canisters at the protestors. As a result, many of them suffocated due to teargas inhalation and received a treatment on the spot.

Around the same time, violent clashes erupted at al-Jalma military checkpoint, north of Jenin, after organizing a protest to stand in solidarity with Jerusalem. During which, IOF fired rubber bullets, sound bombs and teargas canisters at the protestors. As a result, many of them suffocated due to teargas inhalation and received a treatment on the spot.

At approximately 02:30 on Sunday, 09 May 2021, Israeli gunboats stationed off al-Waha Shore, northwest of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip, chased Palestinian fishing boats sailing within 3 nautical miles and opened heavy fire around them, causing fear among the fishermen and forcing them to flee. No casualties were reported.

At approximately 14:20 on Sunday, 09 May 2021m IOF stationed along the Gaza’s border fence with Israel, east of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, fired live bullets and teargas canisters at Palestinian young men gathered along the fence. As a result, a 24-year-old male was shot with a live bullet in his right thigh and taken to Naser Hospital for treatment. The protest continued for several hours, during which, IOF fired live bullets and teargas canisters at the protestors.  As a result, dozens of them suffocated due to teargas inhalation.

At approximately 20:30, at least 80 Palestinian young men gathered in eastern Buraij refugee camp to stand in solidarity with Jerusalemite people. The protestors set fire to tires, fired incendiary balloons and threw stones at IOF stationed along the border fence. The soldiers responded with live bullets and teargas canisters; no casualties were reported.

At approximately 21:30, Israeli gunboats stationed off al-Waha Shore, northwest of Beit Lahia, and off al-Sudaniyia Shore, west of Jabalia camp, north of the Gaza Strip, chased Palestinian fishing boats sailing within varying nautical miles, opened heavy fire around them and fired flare bombs in the sky. Israeli naval forces ordered all the fishermen to leave the sea in implementation of the Israeli authorities’ decision. The fishermen were forced to leave; and no casualties were reported.

At approximately 08:05 on Monday, 10 May 2021, a rocket fell on Saleh Dardona St in Jabalia, northern Gaza Strip, while packed with civilians. As a result, 7 Palestinians lost their lives, including a child, and 34 others sustained wounds including 10 children and 2 women. Five of the wounded were classified in critical condition at first, and one of them – a child- was later pronounced dead. Those killed were identified as Nabil No’man Mohammed Dardonah (23); ‘Issmat ‘Abdullah al-Zain (49); Rae’d ‘Abed Zaki Abu Wardah (28); Zakaria Ziad Mohammed ‘Aloush (18); Mousa Khamis Mousa Jneid (18); Bashir Mohammed Mohammed ‘Aloush (55); and Mustafa Mohammed Mahmoud ‘Obeid (17). At approximately 23:00, the Indonesian Hospital pronounced Baraa al-Gharably (14) dead after succumbing to his wounds. PCHR continues to investigate this incident.

At approximately 21:00, dozens of Palestinian young men gathered in Muthalath Kharsa area, south of Dura, southwest of Hebron. The protestors closed the main street with rocks, set fire to tires and threw stones at a military watchtower established on the street. IOF arrived at the area and fired stun grenades and teargas canisters at the stone-throwers, residential houses and shops. As a result, many Palestinians suffocated due to teargas inhalation. The clashes continued until 02:00 dawn; no arrests were reported.

At approximately 22:00, hundreds of Palestinians, from Hebron, organized a peaceful protest against IOF’s attacks in Jerusalem. The protest took off in Dura city and headed towards Bab al-Zawiyia area, where a military watchtower was established on the closed Shuhada Street. The protestors chanted slogans and raised Palestinian flags. When they arrived at the checkpoint, dozens of Israeli soldiers suppressed them and fired stun grenades and teargas canisters at them. As a result, many protestors suffocated due to teargas inhalation. The protestors also set fire to tires and threw stones at IOF, who chased them between shops and on Wad al-Tuffah street and fired live and rubber bullets at them. As a result, 13 protestors were wounded: 5 with live bullets and 8 with rubber bullets. The clashes continued until 02:00 dawn, and all shops were closed.

Around the same time, dozens of Palestinians, from Beit Ummar village, organized a peaceful protest against IOF’s attacks in Jerusalem. The protest took off in front of the city’s mosque and headed towards the village’s entrance, where a military watchtower was established. When the protestors arrived at the area, IOF deployed and fired stun grenades, teargas canisters and rubber bullets at them. As a result, many of them suffocated due to teargas inhalation.

Incursions and arrests

Thursday, 06 May 2021:

At approximately 01:15, IOF reinforced with several military vehicles moved into Silwad, northeast of Ramallah. They deployed in several neighborhoods in the city, raided and searched several houses, mosques and even houses under instruction, and held field investigations to find the perpetrator of Za’tara operation on 02 May 2021. Meanwhile, they arrested Montaser al-Shalaby al-Sahlawi (46), from Turmus Ayya, who was charged of conducting the shooting attack at Za’tara military checkpoint, and Zeyad Abdul Jalil Hamed (57).

At approximately 04:00, IOF moved into Jannatah village, east of Bethlehem. They raided and searched Ahmed Naser Asakra’s (22) house and arrested him.

At approximately 06:20, IOF moved into Tubas. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Khalil Majdi al-Masri (24) and Munir Ibrahim Fuqha (23). IOF took them to unknown destination.

At approximately 10:00, IOF moved into Isawiya, northeast of the occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched Mohammed Khaled Khalil’s (22) house and arrested him.

At approximately 17:00, IOF arrested the guard of the Aqsa Mosque, Bader al-Rajabi, while working near al-Sisila Gate “Chain Gate”, in the western side of the Aqsa Mosque in the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City.

At approximately 18:00, IOF arrested Shadi Nidal Abu Subaih (11), while present in front of his house in al-Tur neighborhood, east of the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. At approximately 21:30, IOF moved into al-Khader village, south of Bethlehem. They raided and searched Khaled Fawwaz Ali Salah’s (29) house and arrested him.

IOF carried out an incursion in Beit Lid, east of Tulkarm. No arrests were reported.

Friday, 07 May 2021:

At approximately 01:00, IOF moved into Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem. They raided and searched Khalil Mustafa Kan’an’s (22) house, severely beaten him and his family, and arrested him.

At approximately 02:30, IOF moved into Turmus Ayya, northeast of Ramallah. They raided and searched Montaser al-Shalaby al-Sahlawi’s (44) house, who was arrested yesterday, and charged of conducting the shooting attack at Za’tara military checkpoint on 02 May 2021. IOF took the measurements of his house as a preliminary step for demolition, under the pretext of collective punishment against those who carrying attacks.

At approximately 02:30, IOF reinforced with several military vehicles moved into al-‘Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron. They raided and searched Habib Aziz Issa’s (28) house and arrested him.

At approximately 03:15, IOF arrested Jehad Mehraj Shehada (22) and Mohammed Ahmed Sudani (18), from Tulkarm refugee camp, while passing through Za’tara military checkpoint, south of Nablus. IOF took them to unknown destinations.

At approximately 23:00, IOF stationed at Qalandiya military checkpoint, north of the occupied East Jerusalem, arrested Sayyaf Mohammed Abdo (28) and Saji Farah Ataya (36), from Kafr Ni’ma, west of Ramallah, while attempting to enter the Aqsa Mosque.

IOF carried out (8) incursions in Bir al-Basha, Jalamah, Jalbun, Deir Ghazaleh, and Beit Qad, northeast of Jenin; Beita, southeast of Nablus; Beddya, west of Salfit; Bani Na’im and al-Kum in Hebron. No arrests were reported.

Saturday, 08 May 2021:

At approximately 01:30, IOF stationed at a military checkpoint established at the southern entrance of Jericho, arrested Abdullah Montaser al-Hinnawi (20) and Mahmoud Khaled Musleh (20), from Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, southwest of Jericho. IOF took them to unknown destinations.

In morning hours, IOF raided and searched several houses in various neighborhoods in the occupied East Jerusalem and arrested (23) civilians and took them to several investigation centers in the occupied city. PCHR keeps the names of the arrestees.

Amjad Abu Asab, head of the family committee of Jerusalem prisoners, said that all the arrestees were arrested in cases belonging to the Aqsa Mosque. He added that the arresting campaign coincided with “al-Qadr Night”, and the so called “Jerusalem Day”, to empty Jerusalem from its civilians and open the way for settlers to enter it.

Sunday, 05 May 2021:

At approximately 05:00, IOF (3) civilians from al-Izariya, east of the occupied East Jerusalem, while present near Bab Huta, one of the Aqsa Mosque’s gates. The arrestees are: Khaled Yaser Abu Zeyad, Bashar Bader, and Hamza Taqesh.

At approximately 11:30, IOF moved into Shu’afat neighborhood, north of the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. They raided and searched Nasr al-Dein Subhi Abu Khudair (59), one of the Palestinian National Movement leaders, and arrested him.

It should be noted that Abu Khudair is a former prisoner who spent up to 26 years in the Israeli prisons, and he was released two months ago after three months of the administrative arrest.

At approximately 13:00, IOF moved into Beit Hanina village, north of the occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched Tareq al-Joulani’s (21) house and arrested him.

At approximately 17:00, IOF stationed at Qalandiya military checkpoint, west of the Aqsa Mosque, in the West Bank, arrested Hamza Ahmed Yamen (31), from Tal village, while returning from the Aqsa Mosque. IOF took him to an unknown destination.

At approximately 19:00, IOF moved into Sur Baher village, south of the occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched Mohammed Dandis’s (20) house and arrested him.

IOF carried out (4) incursions in Yatta, Kharas, Fawwar refugee camp, and Shwiaka, north of Tulkarm. No arrests were reported.

Monday, 10 May 2021:

At approximately 01:00, IOF and a crane moved into Aqraba, northeast of Nablus. They raided and searched the prisoner Raddad Fawzi Bani Minnah’s house and confiscated his vehicle. Raddad was arrested since 04 May 2021, while searching for Montaser al-Shalaby, the perpetrator of Za’tara operation on 02 May 2021.

At approximately 02:30, IOF reinforced with several military vehicles moved into Tarqumiyah, northwest of Hebron. They raided and searched (3) houses and arrested (3) civilians; including a girl and took them to unknown destinations. The arrestees are: Saqer Khalil Qutniya (28), Awwad Abdul Rahman Ja’afra (20), and Mais Tha’er al-Mraqtan (21).

At approximately 04:30, IOF moved into Jenin refugee camp, west of Jenin. They raided and searched two houses belonging to Suhaib Ragheb al-Sa’di (27), and his cousin, Ayman Ghassan Ragheb al-Sa’di (22), and took them to unknown destinations.

IOF carried out (4) incursions in al-‘Aroub refugee camp, Beit Ula, Halhul, and Deir Samit in Hebron. No arrests were reported.

III. Settlement Expansion and settler violence in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem

Demolition and Confiscation of Civilian Property

At approximately 11:00 On Sunday, 09 May 2021, IOF backed by military vehicles and accompanied with an Israeli Civil Administration vehicle moved into Kherbet Khelet al-Dabe’a, east of Yatta, south of Hebron.  They deployed in the area, and the Civil Administration officer confiscated an excavator belonging to Jihad Mohammed Harb while he was digging a water wall.  The confiscation was under the pretext of working Area C.

At approximately 10:00 on Monday, 10 May 2021, IOF accompanied with a crane moved into the monuments area in Sebastia, northwest of Nablus.  IOF confiscated a 25-sqm agricultural caravan belonging to ‘Abdel ‘Aziz Rayes ‘Abdel ‘Aziz al-Nabulsi from Nablus under the pretext of its presence in Area C.

Settler attacks on Palestinian civilians and their property

At approximately 18:45 on Thursday, 06 May 2021, settlers from “Kawkab al-Sabah settlement  established on al-Mughayyir village land, west of Ramallah, threw stones at a car belonging to Yazeed Mustafa Hussein Zaid al-Deen from Majdal Bani Fadel, southeast of Nablus, and broke its windshield before he could run away from them to his village.

At approximately 10:30, settlers from “Yitzahar” settlement established on the southeastern lands in Nablus threw stones at a car belonging to Belal Mohammed Sa’id Qat from Madma village and broke the windshield.  He managed to run away to his village.

At approximately 18:00 on Friday, 07 May 2021, 2 settlers from “Avigayil” settlement outpost established on Palestinian lands confiscated from eastern Yatta, south of Hebron, threw stones at Mahmoud Hussein Hamamdah (49), from al-Mafqarah village, when he was in the lands near the outpost taking his sheep to the water well there.  As a result, he sustained bruises and a rupture in his right arm, forcing him to leave and go to a medical center, where he received treatment.

At approximately 17:00 on Saturday, 08 May 2021, 2 settlers from “Havat Ma’oun” settlement outpost established on Palestinian lands in eastern Yatta, south of Hebron, threw stones using slingshots at a shepherd who was in the pastoral lands adjacent to the outpost.  After 20 minutes, the 2 settlers ran away while a number of soldiers accompanied with a group of settlers arrived at the area.  Residents of at-Tuwani village arrived as well and clashes and stone-throwing broke out with the settlers while the soldiers fired randomly teargas canisters at the village residents and nearby houses.  As a result, winter grain plantings were burnt belonging to Meghnem al-Harini, and a girl was hit with a teargas canister in her shoulder while she was in her house. During this, one of the settlers opened fire in the air, and IOF did not intervene to stop the settlers’ attacks but even provided them protection and participated in the suppression of the Palestinians.  The villagers withdrew at 19:00 while backups of Israeli Border Guard Police officers arrived and stayed until 21:00.

At approximately 16:00 on Sunday, 09 May 2021, a group of settlers from “Adei Ad” settlement, northeast of Ramallah, moved into al-Saher area, east of al-Mughayer village, northeast of Ramallah.  The settlers set on fire the agricultural fields planted with wheat crops on an area of 40 dunums belonging to Fadel Ibrahim Hamed al-Na’asan.  After what they did, the settlers went back to the settlement and after hours the villagers could extinguish the fire.

At approximately 17:00, dozens of settlers gathered near the Hebrew University established on the lands near al-‘Issawiya village, northeast of East Jerusalem and threw stones at the Palestinians there.  Clashes broke out in the area for 2 hours, and IOF intervened to provide full protection for the settlers.  IOF fired rubber-coated bullets, teargas canisters and sound bombs at the Palestinians and arrested 2 of them, who have not been identified yet, taking them to an unknown destination.

At approximately 13:00 on Monday, 10 May 2021, with IOF’s backup, settlers from “Price Tag” group coming from “Yitzahar” settlement established on the southeastern lands of Nablus, attacked the eastern outskirts of Urif village   and threw stones at a high school for boys in al-Safafir area.  They damaged the solar panels on the school roof before a number of civilians could confront them and threw stones, forcing them to go back to their settlement.  When they were on their way to the settlement, the settlers damaged 15 olive seedlings behind the school in al-Marah area belonging to Nidal Mohammed Kamel Sabbah, from Urif village.

Around the same time, another group of settlers attacked Palestinian lands in Burin village to the east of the settlement and set fire in Khashabah area and Khelet ‘Amer.  The fire caught tens of dunums before the villagers and Civil Defense could extinguish the fire.

  1. Closure policy and restrictions on freedom of movement of persons and goods:

Closure policy and restrictions on freedom of movement of persons and goods:

The Gaza Strip:

On Monday, 10 May 2021, the Israeli authorities closed Beit Hanoun “Erez” crossing one after complete closure of the sea within the collective punishment policy against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

According to PCHR’s follow-up, the Israeli authorities declared Monday morning the closure of Beit Hanoun crossing, and only humanitarian cases are allowed, which was confirmed by PCHR.  IOF also declared on Monday, 09 May 2021, withdrawing the decision of allowing the businessmen to travel via the crossing after the Palestinian Civil Affairs Ministry announced on Thursday afternoon, 06 May 2021, that the Israeli authorities informed them of allowing again their travel via the crossing after they have been denied since the outbreak of coronavirus in the Gaza Strip.

On Monday evening, the Israeli authorities closed Karm Abu Salem Crossing, the sole commercial crossing in the Gaza Strip, until further notice.  The Coordination Committee for the entry of goods into the Gaza Strip stated that the Israeli authorities declared the closure of the crossing starting from Tuesday until further notice and banning the entry of goods, food supplies and Gaza Strip’s needs.

On Sunday, 09 May 2021, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), MG Ghassan Alian, announced closure of the allowed fishing area in the Gaza Strip starting from the moment of the announcement until further notice. Afterwards, the Israeli gunboats started chasing the Palestinian fishing boats and ordering them to leave the Sea.

The decision to close the Gaza Sea and ban fishermen from fishing and sailing has affected the livelihoods of 4,160 fishermen and 700 workers in professions associated with the fishing sector; the main providers for their families (a total of 27,700 persons) are threatened with further deterioration. Even before this decision, Gazan fishermen already suffered and were unable to fish and sail freely in the allowed fishing area due to the recurrent Israeli attacks at sea and the ban on the entry of equipment and necessary supplies for fishermen. Consequently, hundreds of fishermen are effectively unable to provide for their families’ basic needs, such as food, medicine, clothing, and education.

These decisions are part of the comprehensive closure and illegal and inhuman collective punishment policy imposed by IOF on the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip still suffers the worst closure in the history of the Israeli occupation of the oPt as it has entered the 14th consecutive year, without any improvement to the movement of persons and goods, humanitarian conditions and bearing catastrophic consequences on all aspects of life.

The West Bank:

In addition to 108 permanent checkpoints and closed roads, this week witnessed the establishment of 43 temporary checkpoints that restrict the movement of goods and individuals, where IOF searched Palestinians’ vehicles, checked their IDs and arrested 6 of them. IOF tightened its restrictions on the movement at the checkpoints and closed some of them for hours.


On Sunday evening, 09 May 2021, IOF closed Sheikh al-Jarrah neighborhood and denied entry into it except for the residents.

On Saturday evening, 08 May 2021, IOF closed Beit Iksa checkpoint and denied movement from and into the village.

On Saturday evening, 08 May 2021, IOF closed al-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and denied entry into it except for the residents.


On Thursday, 06 May 2021, IOF established 3 checkpints at the entrance to al-Khader and Beit Fajjar villages and at al-Nashash intersection, south of the City.

On Friday, 07 May 2021, IOF established 2 checkpoints at the entrance to Beit Fajjr village and at Fureidis village intersection, east of Bethlehem.

On Saturday, 08 May 2021, IOF established 2 checkpoints at the western entrance to Tekoa village and western entrance to Beit Fajjar village, south of Bethlehem.

On Sunday, 09 May 2021, IOF established 3 checkpoints at the entrances to Husan and Nahalin villages and at the western entrance to Beit Fajjar village.


On Thursday, 06 May 2021, IOF established 3 checkpoints near Deir Sharaf village intersection (on the Nablus-Jenin main road), “Shavei Shomron” settlement intersection (on the Nablus-Tulkarm main street), west of Nablus, and at Bita intersection, southeast of Nablus.


On Thursday, 06 May 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at the Dead Sea intersection.

On Friday, 07 May 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at southern entrance to Jericho.

On Saturday, 08 May 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at the northern entrance to Jericho.


On Thursday, 06 May 2021, IOF established 5 checkpoints at the entrances to Beit Awwa village, Sa’ir village, al-‘Arroub refugee camp, al-Shyoukh village and northern Yatta.

On Friday, 07 May 2021, IOF established 4 checkpoints at the entrances to Idhna, al-Samou’a, southern Hebron and Beit Ummar village.

On Saturday, 08 May 2021, IOF established 3 checkpoints at the western entrance to Hebron, southern entrance to Halhul and the entrance to Beit Kahel village.

On Monday, 10 May 2021, IOF established 6 checkpoints at entrances to al-‘Arroub and al-Fawwar refugee camps, eastern Duraa, al-Thaheriya village, Bani Na’im village and northern Hebron.


On Sunday, 09 May 2021, IOF established a checkpoint at the northern entrance to ‘Azoun village, east of Qalqilya.


On Saturday, 08 May 2021, IOF established 2 checkpoints at the entrances to Salfit and Kafr al-Deek village, west of Salfit.

Muna is Palestine, Yakub is Israel: The Untold Story of Sheikh Jarrah

May 12th, 2021

Sheikh Jarrah Feature photo

By Ramzy Baroud


There are two separate Sheikh Jarrah stories – one read and watched in the news and another that receives little media coverage or due analysis. 

There are two separate Sheikh Jarrah stories – one read and watched in the news and another that receives little media coverage or due analysis. The obvious story is that of the nightly raids and violence meted out by Israeli police and Jewish extremists against Palestinians in the devastated East Jerusalem neighborhood.

For weeks, thousands of Jewish extremists have targeted Palestinian communities in Jerusalem’s Old City. Their objective is the removal of Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. They are not acting alone. Their riots and rampages are directed by a well-coordinated leadership composed of extremist Zionist and Jewish groups, such as the Otzma Yehudit party and the Lehava Movement. Their unfounded claims, violent actions and abhorrent chant “Death to the Arabs” are validated by Israeli politicians, such as Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir and the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Arieh King.

Here is a little introduction to the political discourse of Ben-Gvir and King, who were caught on video shouting and insulting a wounded Palestinian protester. The video starts with MK Ben-Gvir disparagingly yelling at a Palestinian who was apparently wounded by Israeli police, yet returned to protest against the evictions planned for Sheikh Jarrah.

Ben-Gvir is heard shouting, “Abu Hummus, how is your ass?”

“The bullet is still there, that’s why he is limping,” responds the Deputy Mayor, King, to Ben-Gvir.  King continues, “Did they take the bullet out of your ass? Did they take it out already? It is a pity it did not go in here,” King continues, pointing to his head.

Delighted with what they perceive to be a whimsical commentary on the wounding of the Palestinian, Ben-Gvir and King’s entourage of Jewish extremists laugh.

While “Abu Hummus”, wounded yet still protesting, is a testament to the tenacity of the Palestinian people, King, Ben-Gvir, the settlers and the police are a representation of the united Israeli front aimed at ethnically cleansing Palestinians and ensuring Jewish majority in Jerusalem.

Another important participant in the ongoing Israeli ethnic cleansing campaign in Jerusalem is Israel’s court system which has provided a legal cover for the targeting of Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem.

The legal foundation of the Jewish settlers’ constant attempts at acquiring more Palestinian properties can be traced back to a specific 1970 law, known as the Legal and Administrative Matters Law, which allowed Jews to sue Palestinians for properties they claim to have owned prior to the establishment of Israel on the ruins of historic Palestine in 1948. While Palestinians are excluded from making similar claims, Israeli courts have generously handed Palestinian homes, lands and other assets to Jewish claimants. In turn, these homes, as in the case of Sheikh Jarrah and other Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, are often sold to Jewish settler organizations to build yet more colonies on occupied Palestinian land.

Last February, the Israeli Supreme Court awarded Jewish settlers the right to many Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah. Following a Palestinian and international backlash, it offered Palestinians a ‘compromise’, whereby Palestinian families relinquished ownership rights to their homes and agreed to continue to live there as tenants, paying rents to the very illegal Jewish settlers who have stolen their homes in the first place, but who are now armed with a court decision.

However, the ‘logic’ through which Jews claim Palestinian properties as their own should not be associated with a few extremist organizations. After all, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 was not the work of a few extreme Zionists. Similarly, the illegal occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967 and the massive settlement enterprise that followed was not the brainchild of a few extreme individuals. Colonialism in Israel was, and remains, a state-run project, which ultimately aims at achieving the same objective that is being carried out in Sheikh Jarrah – the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians to ensure Jewish demographic majority

This is the untold story of Sheikh Jarrah, one that cannot be expressed by a few news bytes or social media posts. However, this most relevant narrative is largely hidden. It is easier to blame a few Jewish extremists than to hold the entire Israeli government accountable. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is constantly manipulating the subject of demographics to advance the interests of his Jewish constituency. He is a strong believer in an exclusive Jewish state and also fully aware of the political influence of Jewish settlers. For example, shortly before the March 23 elections, Netanyahu made a decision to greenlight the construction of 540 illegal settlement units in the so-called Har-Homa E Area (Abu Ghneim Mountain) in the occupied West Bank, in the hope of acquiring as many votes as possible.

While the Sheikh Jarrah story is garnering some attention even in mainstream US media, there is a near-complete absence of any depth to that coverage, namely the fact that Sheikh Jarrah is not the exception but the norm. Sadly, as Palestinians and their supporters try to circumvent widespread media censorship by reaching out directly to civil societies across the world using social media platforms, they are often censored there, as well.

One of the videos initially censored by Instagram is that of Muna al-Kurd, a Palestinian woman who had lost her home in Sheikh Jarrah to a Jewish settler by the name of Yakub.

“Yakub, you know this is not your house,” Muna is seen outside her home, speaking to Yakub.

Yakub answers, “Yes, but if I go, you don’t go back. So what’s the problem? Why are you yelling at me? I didn’t do this. I didn’t do this. It’s easy to yell at me, but I didn’t do this. 

Muna: “You are stealing my house.”

Yakub: “And if I don’t steal it, someone else is going to steal it.”

Muna: “No. No one is allowed to steal it.” 

The untold story of Sheikh Jarrah, of Jerusalem – in fact, of all of Palestine – is that of Muna and Yakub, the former representing Palestine, the latter, Israel. For justice to ever be attained, Muna must be allowed to reclaim her stolen home and Yakub must be held accountable for his crime.

Gaza Shatters Israel’s Prestige

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A fire breaks out at dawn in Khan Yunis after an Israeli airstrike on targets in the southern Gaza Strip, May 12, 2021 (Photo: Youssef Massoud / AFP)

Elijah J. Magnier

With its different factions, Gaza collectively enshrined the state of consciousness of all of Palestine and achieved its goal of breaking Israel’s prestige, despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that the country had become “a superpower, not just a regional power.” This new Palestinian awareness was achieved in the wake of the escalation and aggressive Israeli campaign against the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, inhabited by more than 38 Palestinian families threatened with eviction from their homes. Israel also savagely attacked protesters and worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The fate of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood has become an international issue raising global awareness and solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians. The Palestinian cause had been absent from the international scene following the normalizations of Arab and Islamic countries after Donald Trump offered all of Jerusalem to Israel.

However, the battle in Gaza is not expected to end any time soon, because Israel will try to restore the deterrent power it has lost due to Palestinian missiles successfully fired from Gaza. A noteworthy fact is the 1948 Arab uprising. After 72 years of coexistence, in the city of Lod in particular and in other mixed Arab-Israeli cities, they have shown that the new generation wants its occupied territory back, rejecting the unsuccessful Oslo and Camp David agreements.The turn of events is not only generated from the field: Gaza rockets burn the ground under the feet of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas delayed parliamentary and presidential elections that would inevitably lead to the loss of the presidency he has held since 2005. Of course, Israel believes that the current Palestinian president is its best partner, because he has rejected armed resistance. Moreover, Abbas maintains security cooperation with Israel and avoids any possibility of Palestinians living in the West Bank joining Gaza to confront both Israeli aggression and expansion.

It is plausible that Israel also acted in its own self-interest by disrupting the Palestinian presidential elections that coincided with the illegal eviction of families from Sheikh Jarrah, with the aim of preventing Palestinians in Jerusalem from participating in the polls. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is no doubt aware that attacking al-Aqsa and Jerusalemites is like lighting the fuse of a powder keg. The first and second intifadas were the best proof that such acts have consequences.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all other factions in the Gaza Strip have achieved unity with Jerusalem by defending it. Hamas did not start shelling Israeli settlements before giving Israel many hours to stop attacking the civilian population of Jerusalem. However, Tel Aviv insisted on its position and dragged everyone into the battle for Benjamin Netanyahu to achieve his goals of postponing Israeli elections, thus saving his political future for the time being. Palestinian groups in Gaza shelled Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon and Ashdod with hundreds of rockets, which landed not far from Haifa. Israeli officials did not anticipate the intensity of the Palestinian rocket response or the reaction to the Gaza shelling. The various resistance groups proved their credibility with time and intimidation. They gained increased popularity among the Palestinian and Arab population who supported the cause and were against normalization with Israel.

One of the most important goals the Palestinians have achieved has been to demonstrate the failure of the Iron Dome system to intercept all the cheap rockets – domestically made – that were launched into Israeli areas. Gaza overwhelmed the sophisticated Israeli interception systems by launching more than 100 rockets simultaneously. Israel admitted that it was unable to stop the rocket fire despite the Israeli army shelling dozens of targets. To intimidate the population, Israel bombed several civilian towers (al-Hanadi, al-Jawhara and al-Shorooq) in prestigious commercial and residential areas with the intention of turning the inhabitants against Palestinian groups confronting Israel.

So far, at least 60 Palestinians have been killed and 6 Israelis, including a serviceman, have been killed in the exchange of shelling. Palestinian groups managed to launch more than 1,300 rockets. Shameful scenes appeared of members of the Israeli Knesset and Defense Minister Gantz fleeing to bomb shelters.


Israel has not only lost its deterrence capability, but also its prestige. In the 1940s, a Jewish terrorist group attacked British forces and blew up the King David Hotel in 1946, killing 91 people. The Irgun group claimed responsibility for the bombing, which killed British officials of the British Empire, which ruled Palestine at the time. David Ben Gurion, the founder of the so-called State of Israel, was asked at the time, “Will the Haganah gangs defeat Britain with this bombing?” He replied, “The aim is to break the prestige of the British Empire.” Now, Gaza has shattered the prestige of the Israeli myth.
Israeli policemen crack down on demonstrators protesting the eviction of local Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem, May 8, 2021 (Photo: Menahem Kahana / AFP).

The history of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood:

Following the expulsion of Palestinians in 1948, known as the “Nakba”, some 750,000 Palestinians were forced to flee their homes to neighboring countries. Following these events, 28 families (today numbering 38) settled in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in 1956. They reached an agreement with the Jordanian Ministry of Construction and Development and the UN refugee agency (UNRWA) to provide them with housing in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. At that time, the West Bank was under Jordanian rule (1951-1967).

The Jordanian government provided the land, while UNRWA covered the cost of building 28 houses for these families. It was agreed that the residents would pay a token fee, provided that ownership was transferred to the residents more than three years after the completion of construction. However, this was interrupted by the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, including Jerusalem, in 1967, which prevented the registration of the houses in the families’ names.

This month, Jordan’s Foreign Ministry said it had provided the Palestinian Foreign Ministry with 14 ratified agreements intended for residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah that support their claim to their land and property. In a statement, the Ministry said it provided the residents with a certificate proving that the Jordanian Ministry of Construction and Development had agreed with UNRWA to establish 28 housing units in Sheikh Jarrah to be delegated and registered in the name of these families. The process, however, was interrupted as a result of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in 1967. The Ministry had previously provided the Palestinian side with all documents that could help the Jerusalemites maintain their full rights, including lease contracts, lists of names of beneficiaries and a copy of the agreement concluded with UNRWA in 1954.

In 1972, the Sephardi Committee and the Israel Knesset Committee claimed that they owned the land on which the houses were built in 1885, and asked the court to evict four families from their homes in the neighborhood, accusing them of land grabbing.

In 1982, Israeli settlement associations filed an eviction suit against 24 families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and 17 families hired Israeli lawyer Tosia Cohen to defend them. In 1991, the lawyer signed an agreement, without the families’ knowledge, whereby the ownership of the land belonged to the settlement associations. The lawyer put the Palestinian families under threat of eviction if they did not pay rent to the settlement associations.

In 1997, Suleiman Darwish Hijazi, a resident, filed a lawsuit in the Israeli Central Court to prove ownership of his land, using title deeds issued by the Ottoman Empire, brought from Turkey. However, the court rejected the claim in 2005.The court said the documents did not prove ownership of his land, and Hijazi’s appeal filed the following year was also rejected. In November 2008, the al-Kurd family was evicted from their home, followed by the eviction of the Hanoun and al-Ghawi families in August 2009.

So far, 12 Palestinian families in the neighborhood have received eviction orders issued by Israeli central and lower courts. Four Palestinian families filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, Israel’s highest judicial body, against the decision to evict them from their homes. The Israeli Central Court in East Jerusalem approved earlier this year a decision to evict four Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in favor of far-right Israeli settlers.

In 1948, Al-Sabbagh’s family already fled their home in Jaffa, which is now inhabited by Israelis. Al-Sabbagh, a family of 32, including ten children, fears that the court verdict will make him and his family refugees again.

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