Truth, Truthfulness and Palestine

June 11, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon

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Talk delivered at Deep Truth-Countering Deep State Lies (online conference)   

Sun 10 June

By Gilad Atzmon

A healthy society doesn’t need a ‘truth movement.’  But we Americans, Brits, French and Germans are far from healthy and our so-called ‘truth movements’ haven’t led us towards any sources of light. The question is: Why?

One possible answer is that ‘truth movements’ are ideal environments for the operators of controlled opposition — those who insist upon vetting any discussion about the truth by claiming to know what ‘the truth’ is, what it comprises and who its enemies are.

Karl Popper posited that since no number of scientific experiments could definitively prove a scientific theory we should utilise a methodology based on falsifiability. While we posses the means to refute a scientific theory or scientific ‘truth,’ we lack the ability to verify a single scientific theory by means of experiments. For instance, if you state that ‘the sun rises in the East’ is a valid scientific truth, a single occasion of the sun popping up early in the morning in the West will refute your theory. “Building Number Seven” may not point at the culprit behind 9/11 but it is thought to refute the official 9/11 narrative. Furthermore, history laws such as Holocaust denial laws in Europe or the Nakba law in Israel exist to defy alteration, refutation or scholarly debate about the past. Instead of helping us to grasp our past, the existence of such laws reveals to us that some parties are desperate to stop anyone from exploring  what really happened.

The French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard observed in his book, ‘Heidegger and The Jews’ that history may claim to tell us what happened, but most of the time ‘history’ is institutionally engaged in concealing our shame. The Americans, for instance, conceal the brutality of slavery, the Brits conceal the crimes of the empire, the Jews suppress any inquiry into Jewish accountability for Jewish history’s chain of disasters and so on. The message here is that instead of simply learning history from historians, we may well benefit from adopting a psychoanalytical approach to try to understand what historians work to conceal. We should ask why does America build a holocaust museum in every city? Why did the Brits make the Imperial Wars Museum into a Holocaust shrine? We may even want to understand how it is possible that on the same day Israel celebrated “the biggest Gay Pride Parade in the region” hundreds of Israeli snipers were deployed on the Gaza border with orders to shoot every Palestinian who might try to break out of the Gaza concentration camp. Israel’s liberal LGBT attitude is basically a pink-wash, an attempt to conceal Israel’s abusive racist policies towards the indigenous people of its land.

But there is reason to be optimistic. Against the odds, and despite the open assault on truthfulness, truth has a unique ability to unveil itself.

In this presentation today we will look at Palestine and Israel in the light of truth and truthfulness and we will find out that by now we are all Palestinians. Like the Palestinians we are not allowed to utter the name of our oppressors.

Trump and Truthfulness

If truth reveals itself however involuntarily, President Trump is a leading vehicle or, perhaps, an arch facilitator, for such process to take place.  Let us, for instance, examine Trump’s decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. This cataclysmic political decision was criticised by every reasonable figure globally but it actually provided the opportunity for the truth to unveil itself.

Just a few hours after Trump’s televised announcement, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas informed Vice President Pence who was at a state visit in the region that he was persona non grata in Ramallah. President Abbas’ reaction to Trump’s Jerusalem move was to declare that America can no longer act as a negotiator, it is a side in the conflict. It was Trump’s Jerusalem move that finally allowed the penny to drop. America hasn’t just taken a side in the conflict, it may as well be an Israeli colony.

Truth Shines on the Jewish Solidarity Spin

Over the last two decades the Palestinian solidarity movement has become a toy for Jewish solidarity. The results of this have been devastating. The core Palestinian plight, namely The Right of Return was practically wiped out and replaced by Israel-friendly terminology such as ‘End of Occupation’ – a set of peaceful sounding bites that in practice legitimise the existence of the pre-1967 Jewish State. New sound bites were attached to the Israeli Palestinian conflict such as: apartheid, colonialism, settler colonialism and even BDS. These misleading terminologies were designed to convey the image that the Israeli Palestinian conflict was not unique, that it had precedents in history. Of course, this is simply wrong and consciously misleading. Zionism is based upon the ludicrous idea that Jews have the right to return to their ‘homeland’ after 2000 years. Who else should enjoy such a ‘universal’ right? Can my Italian drummer claim my house in London as a ‘Roman offspring’?

But Trump’s Jerusalem move reminded the Palestinians that the denial of the Right of Return is at the core of their plight. It is the Right of Return that they should fight for, the Right of Return and nothing but that Right.  Since March we have seen huge protests by Palestinians on the Gaza border. These protests have cost a lot of Palestinian lives. Hundreds were murdered by Israeli snipers, thousands have been injured, but the truth has prevailed. The current resistance by the Palestinians has achieved more of an impact than 20 years of wasted diluted kosher solidarity: Israel is now on the defensive: boycotted culturally and spiritually. PM Netanyahu visited every significant European capitol in the last few days begging for support on Iran. He found closed doors. The Argentinian football team cancelled its visit to Israel. Today I read in the Israeli press that more and more Spanish municipalities ban Israeli cultural events. These measures are a direct reaction to Israeli barbarism in Gaza and beyond.

 Killing From Afar

The Austrian Philosopher Otto Weininger dedicated his valuable text ‘Sex & Character’ to a harsh deconstruction of the ‘female character,’ and then concluded his work by suggesting that the Jewish male is a woman. Weininger killed himself shortly after, he probably couldn’t stand the fact that he himself was an effeminate character as well as a Jew.

Zionism, either consciously or subconsciously took Weininger very seriously. In its early stages Zionism saw itself as an alpha male factory. It brought to life the new Israeli — the Sabra named for the prickly pear.  The  diaspora assimilated Jew, was, in Zionist eyes,  indistinguishable from the outside but calculating and mean on the inside. In contrast, the new Israeli Sabra was to be rough and tough on the outside, yet sweet and humane on the inside.

The Zionists promise was to construct the new Jew, to make him and her into warriors — Combatants that could fight for their cause unlike their Diaspora relatives who were thought to have surrendered like ‘lambs to the slaughter.’

Israeli history suggests that this project seemed successful for a while. In Israel’s early days young Hebrews were willing to fight and die. Indeed, they won a few successive battles (1948, ‘56 and ‘67). I was brought up within this Spartan environment. My peers and I looked forward to sacrificing ourselves on the Jewish nationalist altar. This has clearly changed. The Israeli army is no longer a winning army. Not only does it lack decisive victories, more often it finds itself defeated, withdrawn from the battlefield with its tail between its legs.

What we have seen on the Gaza border in the last two months reveals that Otto Weininger’s observation was indeed prescient. Again the truth has unveiled itself however involuntarily. The Israeli army is an army that kills from afar. It is basically a barbarian criminal outfit dominated by the cowardly nature of its members.

The Israeli military elite has dreaded a March to Jerusalem for decades.  Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians marching back to their lands, homes, cities and villages is something that can’t be easily addressed militarily. Generals are naturally fearful of such incidents because they entail unpredictability. It is impossible to predict how a lone rifleman will react when confronted by thousands of angry Palestinians closing in on him — will he stay to defend his position or will he run for safety?  And what about the air force, can we count on an F-16 pilot to drop a napalm bomb on unarmed Palestinians marching towards Tel Aviv? Seemingly the Israeli generals have found an answer to the above dilemma – they kill from afar.

Israel has deployed thousands of snipers in Gaza. They are ordered to kill from afar. Not exactly the early Zionist heroic image of a face to face warrior who sees the eyeballs of his foe as he fights for his survival. But the snipers are not alone. Israeli pilots also rocket Gaza from a distance while cruising over the Negev or the Sea.  Both the snipers and the pilots are supported by dozens of drones that are controlled by boys and girls who operate in safety and comfort in air-conditioned units.

Otto Weininger’s diagnosis had some merit. Apparently the alpha male transition didn’t work as the early Zionists wished.

We Are All Palestinians

Truth, as we know, is under attack in the West. It doesn’t take a genius to identify the elements that see truth as a threat and seek to suppress truth seeking. The political means that have been designed to suppress truth and truthfulness operate openly. At one stage this online conference was  named  ‘The Left Out Forum.’ It is the platform for scholars and humanists who unveil the shame that  the Left in its current permutation can’t handle. How did it happen to the Left? This is easy to explain – at a certain stage the good old Left was hijacked by the so –called ‘New Left’ — a corrosive set of ‘ideologies’ that are designed to suppress truth and truthfulness.

The New Left assault on truth is facilitated by two means. The first is ID politics – a divisive crude attempt to teach us to speak ‘as a’ (as a woman, as a Jew, as a Lesbian, as a Black, etc.). ID politics has either consciously or not removed us from authenticity and authentic thinking. Instead of pondering for ourselves, we learned to think ‘as a’ in a collective manner (as a Jew, as a Trans, as a Gay, etc.)

The second New Left tactic is so-called ‘Political Correctness.’  PC culture is basically politics that doesn’t allow political opposition. Interestingly enough, this is exactly how we define authoritarian and tyrannical discourse. The truth of the matter is that tyrannical conditions are light in comparison with PC culture because PC is driven by self-suppression. It represses our ability to express ourselves authentically, and even more dangerously PC stops us from thinking independently.

All of this has led me to the conclusion that in the world in which we live, we are all Palestinians. Palestine is not just some far away conflict. It is here all around us: like the Palestinians we are unable to explicitly utter the name of our oppressors. Like the Palestinians, our dissent has been compromised. In Britain, the police will knock on your door as soon as you tweet your thoughts about Israel and its Lobby. America is catching up.   Like the Palestinians, our truth has been hijacked but it has not been murdered.

Truth, as we have seen, is a lasting enduring concept.  Truth is that which unveils itself against all odds. Whether we like it or not, truth will shine upon us as it has shined upon Gaza and Palestine in the last two months. However, the truth may not be where we expect to find it.

Otto Weininger taught us that “in art self- realisation is realisation of the world.” The artist, according to Weininger, hits the truth by means of self-reflection. Trying to universalise Weininger’s insight may suggest that truth happens to unveil itself to us because the truth is in us. Truth is not what you find out while examining the world, it is not in the press or in the media, on CNN, the BBC or the Guardian of the Judea. Truth is not what you find in academia or even in a truth movement’s pamphlets. Truth unveils itself because truth is that which we find within ourselves. Truth is found when we close our eyes in disbelief. It reveals itself when we look inward, when we  learn to attend to our inner voice of reason and ethics.

Truth is not a personal esoteric experience. Quite the opposite, it is that kernel of humanity we all share. It is that which makes us into one, a one that transcends  political affiliation, identity, gender, race, ethnicity  or biology. As in Palestine, sooner rather than later,  we will realise that truth, so to say our truth, that which we share, is the only thing worth fighting for!

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Being in Time – A Post Political Manifesto, , and  here ( 

PA forces crackdown on Gaza solidarity rally in Ramallah

The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) security forces broke up a rally in support of Gaza, which took place in Ramallah on Wednesday. Riot police used batons, sound grenades and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. Injuries and arrests were reported at the scene. The protest was held despite a temporary ban on demonstrations issued earlier on Wednesday. Organisers have promised further rallies. Protesters have been calling on PA leader Mahmoud Abbas to drop measures against Gaza, which they believe punish its two million residents.

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This is The March of Return

March 30, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon

Despite the relentless efforts of Jewish solidarity groups to derail the Palestinian Right of Return, today in Gaza thousands of peaceful marchers made it to the border. The Israelis are in a state of panic. By the time I post this news item seven Palestinians were murdered and hundreds are wounded by the IDF.  

These photos were found on Israel media outlets (such as Ynet and Times of Israel):


Electronic Intifada probably decided not to cover this story.

Below is a screenshot of EI’s front page  earlier today. I guess that the real intifada is very different from its ‘electronic’ version…

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 02.17.42.png

Only #BDS Can Force israel to Prove It’s a Democracy for Its Arab Citizens Too

Only BDS Can Force Israel to Prove It’s a Democracy for Its Arab Citizens Too

by Dakwar & Sultany

Several commentators and politicians have rushed to utilize the appointment of Professor Michael Karayanni to the deanship of Israel’s Hebrew University’s Law School to bolster the “bridging the gaps” narrative. To them, this appointment is a refutation of the BDS movement. Opposition leader Isaac Herzog, for instance, tweeted that this is a “historic step that breaks another glass ceiling for Israel’s Arabs”.
Yet, Karayanni’s well-deserved appointment does not lend support to these arguments. In fact, it supports the opposite conclusions. Like in previous cases, the prevailing discourse inverts the relation between the exception and the rule — the exception is deployed to conceal the rule rather than to prove it. The achievement itself becomes evidence of the rule, whereas the arduous process Karayanni and Arab citizens go through recedes from view.
Should we not ask: Why did it take so long for an accomplished Arab jurist like Karayanni to become dean of an Israeli law school? Why do so few tenured Arab professors teach in Israeli academia? Are a handful of individual success stories enough to break the ceiling, as Herzog would have it? Will they magically solve inequalities in infrastructure, education, and zoning plans? Will they provide redress to unrecognized villages, discrimination in land allocation, and segregation in housing? Instead of spotlighting exceptional stories and individuals, should not Israeli society address the structural and collective impediments that make those elevating stories the exception, rather than the rule?
Karayanni’s appointment illustrates Israel’s Arab citizens’ double bind more than it does the breaking of any ceiling: every time an individual Arab in Israel secures a professional achievement, she becomes proof of Israel’s goodness (to the moderate right-wing), or its progressive evolution (to the center-left).
In this Israeli self-serving discourse, lack of qualifications explains the absence of Arabs from leading positions. In other words, structural racism has nothing to do with it. If, on the other hand, the individual Arab is successful, it confirms the openness of the system.
It thus proves an already existing thesis: that the system works well by allowing for individual success. The individual’s qualifications become incidental to her success. Either way, this discourse does not seriously question the socio-political system that institutionalizes discrimination against Arab citizens. It does not refute the analogy to South Africa’s apartheid. Karayanni’s success is despite Israel’s system, not because of it.
What are the implications of Karayanni’s appointment to the current debate on the legitimacy of the BDS movement, which includes the boycott of Israeli academic institutions? The BDS movement calls for boycotting institutions, not individuals, due to their complicity and contribution to the oppression of the Palestinian people. This ranges from discriminatory student admissions and staff hiring policies to complicity, and often direct support, to the longest military occupation since World War II.
Karayanni’s appointment should highlight what is missing in the fierce debate about the legitimacy of BDS, namely, the underlying goals of the campaign against Israel. Most BDS discussions are focused on ending the brutal military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. However, this is only one of three goals of BDS. The other goals highlight the denial of the Palestinian refugees’ right of return to their homeland, and ending the institutional discrimination against the Palestinian minority in Israel.
Instead of seriously reflecting on whether and why BDS is necessary or valuable, Israel and its supporters are diverting the conversation by focusing on whether it is legitimate or legal to engage in a form of protest rooted in nonviolence, grassroots organization, and civic mobilization. They obfuscate the issues by outlawing BDS calls, demonizing the movement, and falsely accusing its supporters of anti-Semitism and even terrorism.
The anti-BDS efforts clearly aim to silence any debate concerning Israel and its policies in historic Palestine. They seek to have a chilling effect on the freedom of speech and civil society activism not only in Israel, but now increasingly in North American and European countries. Governor Cuomo of New York’s recent order to blacklist companies and institutions that support BDS is only a recent example. Despite these misguided efforts, the BDS movement has experienced great success in moving the international dialogue and shifting the burden of proof onto Israel to prove that it is a democracy for all its citizens and that it respects the human rights of Palestinians and their right to self-determination.
Ultimately, the prevailing self-serving discourse is as untenable as the general politics of defenders of Israel, a politics grounded in the stubborn denial of facts and realities. It will not be able to credibly reconcile supporters of Israel’s oppressive policies with their complicity in Israel’s crimes and violations of international law indefinitely.
An individual success story cannot justify all of this and erase everyone else’s reality. Karayanni deserves his appointment and that it be an ordinary recognition of an accomplished individual who is treated as an equal to his Jewish peers. Palestinians have the right to end their oppression and to be treated equally and with dignity. Until that happens, we will continue to support BDS.
Jamil Dakwar, is a human rights lawyer and adjunct lecturer at John Jay College, New York. This piece is submitted in his personal capacity and not as an ACLU staff member.
Nimer Sultany, is a lecturer in law in the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

A Palestinian Christian Speaks Her Mind

The lady is right. There is nothing Christian about Zionism. American Christians should be standing in solidarity with their Christian brothers and sisters in Palestine. The fact that more aren’t is shameful.

The United Methodist Church’s General Conference opens tomorrow in Portland, Oregon. The conference takes place every four years, and this year, as was the case in 2012, a measure calling for divestment from Israel will be up for consideration.

The divestment measure in 2012 failed by a narrow margin, but what has occurred in the years since, of course, is the Gaza destruction of 2014, in which Israel killed more than 2,100 Palestinians, including 521 children. Be that as it may, a Methodist minister has penned a shameful commentary opposing this latest divestment measure, an article in which he not only gets some of his facts wrong but also, disgracefully, fails to mention the enormous injustice done to Palestinians in 1948, the 2014 bloodletting in Gaza, or the illegal settlement construction and land grabs continuing to this day.

“Pressuring Israel will not end the occupation, because Israel is not capable of making peace unilaterally,” he asserts, implying in essence that Israeli doesn’t have “a partner for peace,” a trope which has been a standard Zionist talking point for a number of years.

Below is an article I wrote back in 2014 about a divestment measure under consideration by the Presbyterian Church at that time. It offers some insight into some of the pressure tactics that likely are being exerted against the Methodists at present.


Do They Worship Jews or Jesus?

By Richard Edmondson | June 7, 2014

Recently Israeli media published a report about a US Christian couple, Chad and Libby McJunkin, who, along with their ten children, converted to Orthodox Judaism. In doing so, they have adopted new names for themselves: instead of Chad and Libby, they now go by Shalom and Nechama, and they are even considering making “aliyah” to Israel.

I am glad the McJunkins have taken the step they have (although I do have some concerns for the McJunkin children, who apparently are being forced to adopt a new lifestyle not of their own choosing), for this is something I’ve been advocating a good while now: Christian Zionists should simply convert to Judaism.

Unlike other Christians, who worship Jesus, Christian Zionists worship Jews. Jesus is secondary, if he even figures into their thinking at all. So if their predominant object of worship, as a collective whole, is the Jewish people, then why not simply become a Jew? It makes enormous sense, especially when you consider that Judaism, stripped of all its trappings, basically is about self-worship. The theology of regarding oneself as “chosen” gives justification to a variety of crimes, including murder, land theft, and even genocide, for after all, if these things are being done by “chosen” ones, then they must have the approval of “God.”

This is the thinking of many Orthodox Jews, and it is also the thinking of Christian Zionists. In fact a quote from McJunkin sums it up rather well:

“When I came in to contact with people who told me about the Hebrew scriptures and I learned about the Torah, I realized there was a conflict between the Five Books of Moses and the New Testament,” McJunkin explained. “One was true and the other was totally false — and it’s obvious which one was false.”

In other words, McJunkin regards Old Testament narratives about conquest and genocide, and of God’s sanctioning such misconduct, to be more believable and worthwhile than the Gospel accounts of a man who came along and told Jews they should instead be loving, merciful and compassionate.

If McJunkin truly feels this way, then I say it is only right and natural for him to convert to Judaism. Moreover, it seems there is some financial incentive in it as well:

So far, the Jewish community has stepped up to help the McJunkins as they embark on their new path. People they had never met hosted their wedding, and others are contributing to a crowdsourcedwedding shower fund to assist them in purchasing new dishes, housewares, appliances, Judaica, and kosher groceries.

“There is a simple mitzvah of showing love to a convert,” said Alexander Rapaport, executive director of the Masbia food kitchen network, who organized the online fund. In the last three days, 221 people have donated $9,335 toward a $20,000 goal.

No doubt about it, $9,300 would come in handy if you’re trying to raise ten kids. And all you have to do is wear a skull cap and say, “I support Israel.”

The reason I bring up the McJunkins’ story is that another divestment-from-Israel measure will be coming up when the Presbyterian Church holds its General Assembly later this month, and as per usual, Jews are planning to descend en masse upon the convention to badger, cajole, and hector the delegates into voting it down.

And also not surprisingly, as these things go, some within the church itself are siding with them. One such individual is Christopher Leighton, and it’s tempting to reach the conclusion that people of this nature would do well to simply follow the lead of the McJunkins.

Leighton is quoted in an article on the divestment measure by the JTA, in a story identifying him as “a Presbyterian minister who is the executive director of the Institute for Jewish and Christian Studies in Baltimore.”

The gist of it is Leighton is deeply concerned this year’s divestment measure will pass (the last one, two years ago, was narrowly defeated by a vote of 333-331), and I’m inclined to believe that ministers like him are one of the main inspirations of Americans dropping out of the church and adopting atheism.

Christian conservatives often like to complain about “moral relativism,” but what could be more ethically “relative” than grappling for some sort of means of justifying what Israel is doing to the Palestinians? I can’t think of any. Yet the problem, as Leighton sees it, is that many of the delegates who’ll be attending this year’s assembly just don’t understand the “complexities” of the Middle East.

“The vast majority of Presbyterians don’t know these issues or the historical religious complexity of the region,” he said. “What they’re bombarded with is ‘Palestinians are suffering terribly. If we don’t do something about it we become complicit in an injustice.’ The arguments put forth traffic in all kinds of stereotypes that require work to undo.”

“Stereotypes”—presumably such as Israel’s abuse of Palestinian child prisoners, or its continued settlement building in contravention of international law. Yes indeed, stereotypes of this nature certainly “require work to undo,” but rest assured, Leighton will get plenty of help from his Jewish allies.

According to the JTA, “Jewish communal officials” are working furiously to “head off” the divestment measure, and a letter opposing it, “signed by more than 1,500 rabbis, cantors and seminary students of all streams of Judaism,” will be presented at the assembly. There also seem to be murmurings of veiled “consequences” the Presbyterian Church may face should the General Assembly approve the measure:

Rabbi Noam Marans, the American Jewish Committee’s director of interreligious relations, said the combined damage of the study guide and the passage of divestment overtures would likely have consequences for Jewish-Presbyterian ties, although he did not want to outline them until the assembly had finished.

The word “consequences” is also used by Dexter Van Zile, an analyst with the pro-Zionist CAMERA group, which seeks to influence media reporting on Israel, and who is quoted also in the story:

“Let the General Assembly decide and the church live with the consequences,” Van Zile said. What consequences? Again, no elaboration. But Van Zile also expresses the view that passage of the measure will amount to “a punch in the nose to the Jewish community.”

The General Assembly will take place June 14-21 in Detroit, and there are at least five separate divestment measures up for consideration. Part of what has Israel supporters so upset is the publication, earlier this year, of Zionism Unsettled, a study guide compiled by the Church’s Israel/Palestine Mission Network which analyzes the roles of Zionism and Christian Zionism in “shaping attitudes and driving historical developments in the Middle East and around the world.”

“The publication of ‘Zionism Unsettled’ by the very voices backing divestment in the PC (U.S.A.) revealed an agenda that is not about church investments,” says Ethan Felson, of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. “These backers of divestment want to return their church to a place of retrograde anti-Jewish theology, hostility to mainstream Jews and, of course, a blind eye to the responsibility of Hamas and Hezbollah on the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the steps Israelis are forced to take to defend themselves.”

Or in other words, those who support an end to Israeli occupation are terrorist sympathizers, and that will include the Presbyterian Church if it passes the divestment measure. How’s that for Zionist intimidation? And of course, by default they’re also anti-Semites—naturally.

There will also be an effort to demonstrate to the Assembly delegates that “left-leaning and dovish Jews” also oppose divestment. In fact, this is being described as “a pillar of organized Jewish pushback” on the matter, and apparently here J Street is playing a critical role.

Rachel Lerner, J Street’s senior vice president for community relations, who has made the pro-Israel case to church groups in the past, said she had decided not to attend this year’s assembly because of the time commitment. She changed her mind, however, when she read “Zionism Unsettled.”

“It portrays Zionists as pathological and racist and scarred and unable to act in any normal way,” she said. “It ran contrary to everything I think Zionism stands for. I was personally offended by it. I think it says something about the movement, where divestment is coming from and who it is coming from in the church.”

The sad part is Lerner and her fellow Zionists will get plenty of help from inside the church. The JTA makes clear that Leighton isn’t the only one.

“The stakes are very high,” says Rev. Katharine Rhodes Henderson, who also opposes divestment from Israel. She adds that “divestment today may mean full-out BDS tomorrow, and that’s the decision that Presbyterians face.”

It is of course absurd, patently so, to believe that Jesus would have countenanced the infliction of violence, the building of massive walls to divide people, the ongoing subjugation and humiliation of an entire population, along with the assassination of its culture, that are part of day-to-day life for Palestinians under occupation.

Things are changing, however. Mindless, unequivocal support for Israel is becoming, shall we say, “retrograde,” and I profoundly wish that people of this backwards persuasion would simply go—do as the McJunkins did—and convert to Judaism.

For in remaining within the church they seem to be doing their utmost to poison the Body of Christ.

Bike Rides, Marathons, and Tree Plantings for Palestine

A “circular marathon,” you might say, took place today in Palestine. Thankfully, it transpired without any Israeli soldiers coming along and shooting anyone in the head. Maybe they were busy somewhere arresting children. Or perhaps they were preoccupied firing high-velocity tear gas canisters at people for planting trees (see below).

Israel sometimes kind of reminds me of a nest of angry hornets. Hopefully at some point the hornets will go away and the nest will be abandoned. That’s usually how it works in real life. Maybe an image of hornets is what Henry Kissinger had in mind when he said that “in ten years there will be no more Israel.” That statement, keep in mind, was made four years ago. If Henry’s right we have six more years to go.

Here’s another video of the marathon…


And over in merry old England, they have a bike ride planned…

A little bit more about the event:

Welcome to the Big Ride

Raising awareness and solidarity with Palestine.

The Big Ride is an initiative by supporters of the Palestinian people which combines a love of cycling with practical solidarity and awareness raising, especially around the plight of children in Gaza.

In 2015 we were motivated to organise a marathon 450 mile, nine day cycle ride from Edinburgh to London, involving more than 200 participants and supporters which raised £65,898 for the Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance.

Along the length of the route we were greeted by a wave of support and many, many people who wanted to learn more. We highlighted the consequences of the 51-day Israeli bombardment of Gaza in 2014, which killed 547 children under the age 12 and caused trauma to another 400,000 according to the United Nations.


In 2016 we are again setting out on the road for Palestine solidarity. This year we want to focus on the UK arms trade with Israel. There are now no restrictions on arms exports from the UK to Israel. This growing market is seen as business as usual, just another opportunity to make money out of human suffering.

We will organise a series of regional bike rides starting on Saturday 6th August 2016 from.

  • London and the South East
  • Manchester and North West England
  • Sheffield and North East England and
  • Bristol and the West

All roads will lead to Birmingham where Palestine supporters will stage a major public event, with music and other entertainment, food, stalls and speakers from the growing solidarity movement.

The ride will end on Monday with a mass cycle ride of about 18 miles to the final destination in Shenstone, Staffordshire. We’ll be riding to an arms factory called UAV Engines, which is owned by Israeli arms company Elbit Systems. Elbit Systems are Israel’s biggest private arms company, and their factory in Shenstone makes parts for drones which are then exported all over the world. The factory has already been the target of mass protests, and we’ll be holding a rally outside and joining the call to Stop Arming Israel.”


Let us know if you want to get involved in organising or participating in The Big Ride for Palestine.


And finally this…

A tree planting today in Nabi Saleh was a little bit bumpier than the marathon in Bethlehem. And the hornets were swarming in force–swarming and firing a new long-range tear gas canister. The canisters break into three parts during flight and are virtually undetectable as they speed toward you. This from ISM:

On Friday 1st April, Palestinians from the town of Nabi Salih, along with international and Israeli activists, marched together in solidarity to protest the illegal Israeli settlement of Hamalish that has been built on and expanded over time on Palestinian land.

The march started shortly after the noon prayer, around 1:30pm, activists gathered near the entry point of the town. From here they set off and made their way peacefully down the hillside to the main road, at which point they were met by volleys of tear gas by the awaiting Israeli forces.

With sporadic wind changes the initial tear gas spread quickly and caused the demonstrators to be hit hard, feeling strong effects from the gas. Once the first rounds of gas had cleared the demonstrators re-grouped and made their way to the natural spring that was once part of Palestinian land but has been overtaken by settlers and deemed a closed military zone since, allowing only the army and the illegal settlers to use it whilst barring Palestinians from the area.

“I’ve never felt tear gas so badly before, the winds just made it unbearable. I felt as if I was going to pass out…” – Activist on the scene

Once the spring was reached, the activists, led by females from the town of Nabi Salih began to plant small olive trees on land that is rightfully theirs in a peaceful form of resistance to the occupation. This was cut short by the boarder police soldiers who physically grabbed and pushed the women away, throwing tear gas and stun grenades at them also.

Continued here

As I’ve said before, the Israelis don’t seem very fond of trees…

Sarah Colborne – A Solidarity Campaigner Or A Traitor

December 29, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

PSC Director Sarah Colborne went out of her way to kosherize the UK PSC(Palestinian Solidarity Campaign) but now no longer holds her position in what is left of the diluted solidarity institution. The rumour is that Colborne had to go because evidence of her collaboration with the police against leading Palestinian activists was too embarrassing.

Back on 17 October two men were arrested at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in London after they refused to take down a Hezbollah flag they had hoisted on a pole.

Abbas Ali and Antonio Maniscalco, both prominent pro-Palestinian activists had been warned by the PSC that only Palestinian national flags would be welcome at the protest. Shortly after, Ali and Maniscalco were arrested by the police, their homes were raided, their PCs, laptops and memory cards were confiscated. They were questioned by counter-terrorism officers for 15 hours before being released with no charges.

Once free, Abbas Ali told 5Pillars

“we were initially told to take down the flag by people on the podium and by someone at the demonstration (so) we moved across the road. We also told the police that we were in a public place so we saw no reason to take down the flag – we had as much right to protest as anyone else but the police kept hounding us.”

After the event Sarah Colborne admitted that the organisers of the event had made a clear request before the demonstration that only Palestinian flags should be raised. However, Colborne did not confirm or deny that any of the organisers had alerted the police of Mr Ali and Mr Maniscalco’s actions.

In her interview with 5pillars a few days after the arrest, Colborne produced the standard sound-bite outburst of diarrhea:

“we welcome all who stand with us in our opposition to all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Supporters of Palestinian rights encompass all faiths and none. Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, religious and non-religious people all stand together on this protest… We stand with Palestinians in their struggle for a future free of racism, colonialism and apartheid. There is no place for racism in a progressive movement fighting for justice and human rights.”

No secret that PSC under the rule of the ‘progressive’  Sarah Colborne was mainly concerned with anti-Semitism, racism and other Jewish sensitivities. Thequestion remains whether the PSC can resurrect itself, de-kosherize its act and support Palestine for real.  I hope it can but I do not hold my breath.

Letter drafted by IHRC* to the PSC following the 17 October arrest

We the undersigned are deeply concerned about events at last Saturday’s demonstration called by yourselves (17 October 2015).

It is reported that two long-time activists were harassed by other protestors, and ultimately arrested after being told by the police that the organisers and others had complained to them about the flag they were carrying. This came after:

•       organisers had called from the stage for all flags other than Palestinian flags to be lowered;

•       various persons were sent on behalf of the organisers to ask the activists to remove the flag;

•       and some protestors it would seem, emboldened by the organisers’ call, harassed both activists in a manner bordering on violence (one protestor was seen shouting abuse and breaking the flagpole used by one of the men eventually arrested).

The flag in question was the Hizbullah flag. At the time of writing we know that both of the protestors have been bailed pending a decision by the CPS on whether to charge them with supporting a proscribed organisation and encouraging others to support a proscribed organisation. When arrested they were questioned upon arrest by SO15 (the Counter Terrorism Command).

It has also been reported that police were asked by PSC to ask one of the men to remove banners in support of Palestinian prisoners from a previous demonstration.

As you are aware the anti-terrorism laws and regime are not only unjust, they have been used to target Muslims, and demonise some liberation movements, including some associated with the Palestinian struggle.

This vicious curtailment of civil liberties, the removal of Muslims from equality before the law and the demonisation of political causes that run counter to UK foreign policy, are all surely things that PSC should at the very least eschew and at most actively oppose.

If these arrests have come as a result of the organisers’ request to the police, it is a matter of great shame for PSC. Those involved in making those calls from the platform and contacting the police should resign their positions forthwith.

As a note, it is worth recognising that the two men arrested have spent every other week over the last three years holding vigils for Palestinian prisoners. The conditions of their bail – of extraordinary disproportionality – prevent them from contacting each other, forbid them from going to demonstrations and require them to sign at a police station three times a week. It is truly disgusting that such committed pro-Palestinian activists and their activities have been stopped in their tracks. Whilst there is no legal case to charge and convict them under anti-terorrism laws, the threat that hangs over them is a form of harassment that has already had the effect of closing down regular pro-Palestinian protests organised by one of these men. As you are doubtless aware one of these men was one of the pioneers of BDS some fifteen years ago, and has suffered many threats and abuse from pro-Israel groups and individuals.

Both these men should have been supported in their work by the organizers, not targeted. This sorry state of affairs has come through some level of instigtaion by the organizers. At the very least PSC must campaign for these two men. Please advise as to how you will be proceeding.

With deep regret,

•       Massoud Shadjareh, Chair of Islamic Human Rights Commission

•       Les Levidow, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities

•       Francesca Viceconti, visual artist and member of Artisit Against Apartheid (USA)

•       Fateh Party UK

•       Brighton and Hove PSC

•       John Tymon, Football Against Apartheid (Coordinator)

•       Badee Dwaik, Human Rights Defenders – Palestine (Coordinator)

*IHRC- Isalmic Human Right Commission


Solidarity with Palestine in Belgrade

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An example to us all, Iceland to boycott israeli-made goods

Iceland to boycott Israeli-made goods

REYKJAVIK, (PIC)– The city council of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik has passed a resolution boycotting Israeli-made goods, in protest at Israel’s racist apartheid policy towards the Palestinians.

The boycott will be in place “as long as the occupation of Palestinian territories continues,” the motion said.

According to Yediot Aharanot Hebrew newspaper, the resolution was proposed by Councilwoman Björk Vilhelmsdóttir, who mentioned that she intends to spend the rest of the year doing humanitarian work in the Palestinian territories.

The party that proposed the resolution, the Social Democratic Alliance, has a majority in the city council, but not in the Icelandic parliament, the newspaper reads.

The city council has in the past adopted a resolution acknowledging the rights of the Palestinians to independence and a sovereign country of their own. It has also criticized the Israeli government’s racist apartheid policy.

“I believe that the city is sending a clear message that it will not purchase products from Israel while Israel oppresses another people on the basis of ethnicity and race, and continues having the wall inside Palestine,” councilwoman Vilhelmsdóttir said. 

Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon expressed concern over the decision and said on the matter “A volcano of hate is currently exploding in Reykjavik’s city council building.”

BDS Excommunicates the Great Jacob Cohen

I have just learned that Jacob Cohen, the internationally acclaimed Jewish humanist and intellectual was forbidden to attend the French BDS annual meeting. While it is hard to determine whether the BDS movement has actually liberated a single Palestinian, the list of top pro Palestinian intellectuals and activists who have been harassed, smeared and excommunicated by the BDS* keeps growing.  One may wonder, when did the BDS stop being a ‘Palestinian Grassroots Movement’ and become a synagogue?

The following is a translation of an email sent to Cohen by the BDS campaign organiser.

Re: Meeting 7 July.
Dear Jacob Cohen.
We inform you that we do not accept your registration application because of your association with Egalité et Réconciliation  (E&R) and Dieudonné, known for their anti-Semitism. They are contrary to the spirit of BDS that strongly opposes to any racism.

Typical idiotic statement by BDS’ leadership. The assertion that E&R and Dieudonné are associated with Jacob Cohen concede that both E&R and Dieudonné are neither anti-Semitic nor they are anti-Jews. They are certainly oppose Jewish political Power. And I wonder, shouldn’t the BDS also oppose Jewish political power?

I saw Jacob Cohen last Sunday at the Bal Des Quenelles celebration held near Paris. I asked him whether he had been officially excommunicated by the Jews. Back in 2012 following the publication of his positive review of my book, ‘The Wandering Who,’ the Jewish French Palestinian Solidarity Group demanded that Cohen withdraw his support for my work or face the consequences. Cohen refused to bow to the Jewish pressure and excommunicated himself. But apparently this wasn’t enough. BDS, now a Jewish occupied zone, decided to punish the French celebrity further.

It would be illuminating to find out from the commissars at BDS France what is it about E&R that they hate so much?  Is it the fact E&R and Dieudonné’s sites pull 2 million visitors a day? Is it the fact that E&R and Dieudonné are part of a widely popular and diverse movement that includes people of colour, multi ethnic migrants as well as French working class?  Is it because E&R and Dieudonné are everything the left Jews claim to be but have never been?

Watch Jacob Cohen in a conversation with Gilad Atzmon (Paris 2013)

*George Galloway, Greta Berlin, Jacob Cohen, me and many others

It is Called Palestine


Political Disagreement is not a crime

Thinking independently is not a Sin

Striving for Liberation is not immoral or illegal

Instead of ostracising outspoken Palestinians, and silencing their voices which echo RESISTANCE and LIBERATION, genuine supporters should listen to Palestinians and ECHO their voices, they take the beast by its horns and and challenge the violence of Jewish “israelis” and their global network of support outside Palestine and across the globe.

They must STOP DEFENDING “Israel’s rights” to live in “peace” and “security” on STOLEN LANDS, and instead, try to PACIFY those USURPERS and their Jewish-Zionist international supporters.

They should allow PALESTINIANS to LEAD their OWN STRUGGLE for LIBERATION, without being accused of “antisemitism”.

People who care about the rape of Palestine and the plight of Palestinians, should once and for all realise that any advocacy of “israeli rights” to stay in a land they are attempting to utterly ruin, or to “coexist” with a people they are attempting to annihilate, such advocacy is betrayal of Humanity.

Once and for all, there is no coexistence with criminals of that level.
FULL LIBERATION is the only way to right the wrong of a century of Crimes Against Humanity

Our future is NOT entangled with theirs, because they as a collective have caused the near destruction in an entire region of the world for almost a century in ever greater murderous genocidal criminality. Individually and collectively, Jewish “Israelis” are accountable for past and ongoing Crimes Against Humanity. Legally and Historically, they will have to bear the consequences. The “golden times” of warmongering, land theft and assassination of children will soon be over.

We need ACTION that brings CHANGE not just collecting donations or symbolic gestures which makes one feel good, while leaving us stagnating, like hamsters running till exhaustion in a treadmill only to stay where we are.

The REAL STUFF which would bring an end to a century-old crime, is NOT a “Kum ba yah” song, oh let’s hug each other and lecture about “coexistence”, then miraculously fantasise that their bullets would molest our babies less aggressively, bombs would fall softer on our heads or our decades of excruciating pain of exile would suddenly taste sweeter.
We do NOT need to be “taught” how to be “humanists” with those who are tearing our bodies to pieces, poisoning our food and water, murdering our babies as we speak!

It is more than insulting to accuse REAL SEMITE Palestinians of “antisemitism”.

It is absolutely normal, nay, detrimental that Palestinians should be extra cautious when dealing with Jewish “supporters”, NOT because they are Jews, but because of the nature of the struggle; the possibility of mossad infiltration and the high probability of conflict of interest.

Our ultimate aim to Full Liberation of Palestine remains stronger than ever, and as it were this aim is aligned with utmost foundational aspects of International Law.

Yet infiltrators, sayanim and others, are working day and night to delete LIBERATION from the consciousness of Palestinians and their supporters, by implanting their “doves” at the heart of our Palestinian activist movement, inside and outside of Palestine.To contribute to the liberation of the discourse at first, our supporters may wish to expose the dirty trick consisting of limiting the choice to a false dichotomy, “one state, two state”.

Palestinians and our supporters may wish to bring back on the table the concept of Full Liberation, Return, Sovereignty over our Country as the only fair solution, and what is more the only long term feasible solution. We may want to be determined and forceful, by voicing Liberation amidst all circles of supporters, hammering it until it becomes again natural and evident, the way it is in reality.

Once supporters and public opinion start to listen to the Palestinians and their acute grievances due to a slow genocide committed against them, once supporters absorb the humanitarian concept of Liberation of Palestine, as a fair and necessary step to Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East and beyond, only then can Palestinians regain their faith in this western humanity who has abandoned and betrayed them.

Only then can Palestinians cease to succumb to the murdering machine aiming at pacifying them into obedient slaves.Only then will solidarity groups cease to fall for the poisonous lies brought to them by the Hasbara agents who talk “peace” while their fellows plan more theft and more murder.

Reviving the concept of Liberation must be accompanied with all types of support possible, including education, spreading awareness, call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, humanitarian aid, financial support, and above all, defending the right of Palestinians to DEFEND themselves and explaining to supporters and others that Resistance under such chronic murderous and brutal occupation is not only a legitimate right, but also a duty.

The first step of LIBERATION of Palestine starts by LIBERATING the DISCOURSE which begins with giving Palestinians a platform and LISTENING to their narrative.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Mark Dankof Responds to the Jewish Voice for Peace Broadside of Alison Weir: Poetry for Palestine

Mark Dankof on the Jewish Voice for Peace Broadside of Alison Weir:  It's About Control of Narrative and Demonization of Dissent.

     Alison Weir’s alleged support for the Gareth Porter/BuzzFeed/ADL broadside of Mark Glenn and the New Horizons Conference in Iran last fall recently boomeranged when she herself was broadsided by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). In that broadside, Ms. Weir was slandered for her association with me, which is absolutely nonexistent, save for a single appearance on my radio show some years ago.

     As Dr. E. Michael Jones pointed out in his article on this entire business in the December 2014 Culture Wars entitled, “The New New World Order,” the universe seems to revolve around the “Jewish control of narrative” and the demonization and character assassination of anyone offering a dissent from their mantra. Gilad Atzmon reiterates this in his own observations on the JVP assault on Ms. Weir.

Gareth Porter at the New Horizons Conference in Iran:  What Was His Real Game There and On Behalf of Whom?

     The Jewish control of narrative and the demonization of anyone who disputes that ground rule is quite obvious in the JVP chastisement of Ms. Weir for ever being associated with me in any capacity. Why?

The Result of Linking

     It is clear why. I have talked in the public forum repeatedly about subjects considered off limits to these people. These include the provable Jewish Bolshevik KGB link to FDR, Operation Snow, and Pearl Harbor; the Lavon Affair; the Meyer Lansky connection to the Kennedy Assassination; Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty 48 years ago; the Pollard and AIPAC spy cases; the PROMIS affair; Jewish power in Central Banking, the Federal Reserve Board and the media; Israel’s connection to 9-11; Israel’s alliance with Saudi Arabia and the United States in covertly supporting Sunni Wahhabic extremists in al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and ISIS in Syria and elsewhere; Israel’s dual citizens and front companies who permeate American intelligence, the Transportation Safety Administration, and the Department of Homeland Security; the number of Israeli dual citizens in the United States Congress and throughout the American government and media nexus; and perhaps most significantly of all, the disproportionately Jewish support for the Culturally Marxist agenda of American and Western culture via the Frankfurt School, a point fully acknowledged publicly by no less than the current Vice President of the United States. JVP duly and disapprovingly notes in disparaging tones my identity as “the anti-gay” Christian pastor. . . .

The Zionist Alliance with the Frankfurt School and the LGBT Agenda:  Destroying the Christian West, Russia, and the Islamic World With Cancer.

     Gilad Atzmon argues that the Jewish neo-Marxist left is even more toxically lethal to Palestinian rights and the Western world than its demonic counterpart in the Likudnik Right. I agree. And the Jewish Voice for Peace backstabbing of Alison Weir, much like the nefarious Gareth Porter/BuzzFeed hit on Mark Glenn and the New Horizons Conference last fall in Iran, proves it.

Harry Dexter White:  The Lithuanian Jew Whose Operation Snow for FDR and Joseph Stalin Killed Americans at Pearl Harbor. Can You Spell Treason?

     There are two pivotal questions remaining to be answered.  First, in consideration of the issue of Hegelian dialectic and “controlled opposition” in that matrix, how many of these Jewish Peaceniks and Leftists are controlled opposition working for Israeli and American intelligence?  Second, how have the Palestinians and pro-Palestinian peace activists fared in having their interests represented by Jewish leftists and neo-Marxists claiming to represent them in negotiations headed toward a “two-state solution?”  The map below answers that question nicely:

Negotiate with Jewish leftists and liberals who claim to be anti-Zionist, and get yourself Ethnically Cleansed and Pickpocketed.

     The era of “Jewish control of discourse” is ending. Let’s all have fun watching their panicked struggle before merciful and final expiration.

Mark Dankof

Postscript:  Full Circle Department?  Gareth Porter was officially sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace at a speaking event 5 months before the BuzzFeed-Reza Montazemi-New Horizons Conference Waltz in Iran.  Could it be? Hmmmmm.  . . .

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

67 not “48 Years of Zionist Occupation”

ED Note:

Palestine from River to Sea is occupied.

The core issue of the Palestinian cause is the Right of Uprooted Palestinians to return to their Land occupied in 1948 and their destroyed village

Palestinian Villages Destroyed During the Nakba 1948

We will never forget and will never forgive traitors in Ramullah, in Doha and the Slaves of “Anti-Zion” Elders

End the Occupation from River to Sea
Freedom for Palestine From River to Sea

48 years

 Remembering al Naksa – today marks the 48th anniversary of Israel’s illegal military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. 48 years too long.
Support the Palestinian BDS campaign. Boycott Israel.
End the Occupation! End Israeli Apartheid!
Freedom for Palestine!

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!


Gilad Atzmon explains the subversion of the pro-Palestine cause by the Jewish left

June 02, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

By John Friend

Editor’s noteGilad Atzmon, an internationally renowned musician, philosopher, and writer born in Israel, is currently on a speaking tour to promote his latest book entitled A to Zion: The Definitive Israeli Lexicon, as well as address the Jewish subversion of the pro-Palestinian movement. On Monday, May 11th, Atzmon spoke at a public library in San Diego County, an event I was able to attend. We had a nice conversation and I was able to ask him a question following his presentation.

What follows is a Q&A I conducted with Atzmon via email shortly after his speech in San Diego. I hope to continue this dialogue in the near future. There are many more questions I’d like to ask him.

JF: In your talk, you described Jewish leftists infiltrating and ultimately undermining the Palestinian Solidarity movement – why? What is their ultimate goal?

GA: In an interview a few years back, Philip Weiss, the chief editor of the Jewish pro-Palestinian website Mondoweiss, admitted to me in plain terms that, in his eyes, pro-Palestinian activism serves “Jewish self interests.”

Such a Jewish activity conveys a (misleading) image of Jewish political pluralism. It suggests that not all Jews are “bad,” Jewish politics can even be ethical and universal.

Evidently, Jewish liberals are angry with me for unveiling the deceit that is embedded in such an attitude. They have invested a great effort attempting to silence me, and for a good reason – I have produced some persuasive arguments suggesting that Jewish solidarity is not the solution, it is actually the core of the problem.

In fact, the Jewish Left is far more problematic and dangerous than hardcore right-wing Zionism. Zionism is a celebration of the Jewish “symptom,” so to speak. The so-called “anti” are set to deny the rest of us an access to the symptom.

If Jewish power is defined as the power to suppress the discussion on Jewish power, Mondoweiss, Jewish Voices for PeaceDemocracy Now!Noam Chomsky and others are there to pursue with that task day and night.

They crudely restrict the boundaries of the discourse by means of political correctness. Mondoweiss went as far as banning any criticism of Israel within the context of Jewishness. This duplicitous attempt to subvert the discourse worked for a while. However, not anymore, and I take some credit for it.

Together with other thinkers and commentators, I have been pointing at a controlled opposition apparatus that is committed solely to “Jewish self interests,” as Philip Weiss was either brave or foolish enough to admit back in 2011.

JF: How is the Palestinian Solidarity movement or pro-Palestine cause now framed in Jewish terms and related to overall Jewish interests?

GA: As I showed in my San Diego talk, while in the past it was the Palestinian right of return that defined the Palestinian cause in ethical, political and legal terms, the growing domination of liberal Jews within the movement diluted this elementary right. It was replaced by a tsunami of misleading and faulty terminology that was set to appease some diaspora Jews and whatever is left of the Israeli Left. All of that was done at the expense of the Palestinians.

While the right of return located the Palestinian plight within historical, political, legal and moral context, the newly imposed terminology i.e., “End of Occupation”, “Colonialism”, “Apartheid”, and even the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (post-2010), is legitimizing the Jewish state within pre-1967 borders. It dismisses the refugees, Gaza, and the Palestinian diaspora’s plight entirely.

It instead engages only with issues that are relevant to the West Bank, and why? Because the West Bank is subject of an internal Jewish debate. While the vast majority of world Jewry sees the West Bank as an integral part of greater Eretz Yisrael, a few liberal Jews in Manhattan insist that Tel Aviv is the true fulfillment of the Zionist project. The meaning of it is tragic. Thanks to the growing domination of Jews within the Palestinian Solidarity movement, the entire movement has been reduced into a Jewish internal debate. This may explain why the solidarity movement has achieved nothing as far as Palestine is concerned. It was born to fail and it achieved its goal.

In short, the Palestinian Solidarity movement is now a Jewish movement devoted to solidarity with the Jews. This could have been an amusing development unless there was a tragedy of another people involved.

JF: Can you comment on how the Palestinian Solidarity movement has become part of the larger overall social justice movement (LGBT rights, immigrant rights, feminism, etc.) in recent years?

GA: The Palestinian Solidarity movement becoming a part of a large social justice movement could have been a great and welcome development. Yet, one may wonder, is the breaking of society into identity politics sectors or factions such a great development? Obviously not.

In the last six decades the working people have been plundered repeatedly. The people who used to be called the working class are now the workless class, and many of them are underclass by now. But why?

Unlike the (imaginary) “old good labor-oriented Left” that promised to unite us all against capital and the Empire, the neo-Marxists and the Frankfurt Yeshiva enthusiasts invested a huge effort breaking the cohesiveness of the working people and Western society in general.

Instead of bringing people together, which was the old Left ideal, we are now split into tribal sectors. We are transformed into a matrix of a manifold of Jew-like tribal groupings defined largely by biology (color, gender, sexual preferences, race, etc). However, it is hardly surprising that Jewish identity merchants are way better than anyone else in being Jews. Jews have been practicing Jewish tribal survival strategies (identity politics and ethnocentrism) for 3000 years. This form of tribal politics is pretty new to gentiles and this may explain why identity politics has failed those who were lame enough to follow it in the first place.

We are dealing here with a multiplicity of impotent, marginal identity campaigns that are paralyzed by a strong sense of victimhood. The feminists are oppressed by masculinity, the Black is intimidated by the White, the gay is chased by the homophobe, the Muslims and their Islamophobes, and now the Palestinians also have the Zionists. We are dealing with a binary dichotomy between an imaginary and evasive “oppressor” and a concrete and lucid “victim”.

But here is the problem: those who indulge in a victimhood narrative end up in a state of paralysis – they learn to blame others yet vindicate themselves. Those who succumb to victimhood never look in the mirror; they never take responsibility for their fate.

For more than a while we have been witnessing a few Western Palestinians and Jewish liberals spreading hollow and misleading terminology that has removed the conflict from Palestine and their resistance; colonialism, apartheid, BDS –  everything but building Palestinian rockets or military defiance. This development obviously served the Jewish state. Instead of fighting Palestinian freedom fighters, the conflict was reduced into a meaningless exchange between two Jewish positions.

Though some Western Palestinians and NGOs joined this well-funded corrosive liberal Jewish project, Hamas didn’t fall into this trap. IDF infantry units were minced in Gaza last summer. They were met with fierce Palestinian resistance. While Chomsky debated Dershowitz on some questions to do with “the future of Palestine,” young Palestinians were preparing for battle. While the liberal Zionist George Soros’s Open Society funded a BDS LGBT tour in America, young Hamas engineers were digging tunnels and building rockets in Gaza. I am convinced that Palestinian Muslim leaders in Gaza grasped at a certain stage that the struggle for Palestinian queer politics may not be the definitive path toward Palestinian liberation.

Policing Solidarity

May 30, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

I believe  it was my recent expose of JVP’s harassment, slander and herem (excommunication) campaigns that led to a new petition calling on us to  “End slander in the pro-Palestine movement online.”

Of course I oppose slander and abuse, but I also reject any form of censorship and thought control. Even though, more than anyone else, I have been the target of vile slander, I will not sign this petition nor will I support it.

The petition pledges to “block”, “delete” and/or “remove” those who behave in such a way as to interfere with ‘unity’. Do I have to remind our activist ‘undersigners’ that while ‘unity’ is not exactly a value, truth, justice and freedom most certainly are?

Rather than blocking the JVP leadership for tagging Ken O’Keefe as a ‘prominent Neo Nazi’ or associating Alison Weir with ‘White Supremacism’, we have to deal with the problem by openly questioning why these tactics are prevalent within certain Jewish groups – both Zionist and anti-Zionist – and why they keep appearing in our midst. And at the same time we must encourage our Jewish liberal ‘allies,’ as they call themselves, to search their souls, self-reflect and then to mend their ways.

I suggest that those who signed this petition bear in mind that the solidarity movement is not the ‘end’ nor is it the ‘goal’, it is only the ‘means.’  And our precious ‘unity’ is insignificant and redundant unless we learn to exchange freely and without fear.

Rather than turning this movement into an ‘ideological collective,’ driven by a quest for correctness, let it be simply a melting pot of thoughts, ideas and activism, but all aiming at truth and justice rather than at conformism and unity.

Jewish Solidarity Spin: How Jews Undermine the Palestinian Cause

Keynote at University Temple United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA May 16, 2015

Bill Alford has managed to produce a sharp and fast edit of my recent talk (28 minutes). JVP attempted to block my American tour. They did the same to Alison Weir (I will publish JVP’s call to excommunicate Weir very  soon, it was leaked to me by three different JVP chapter leaders) . But the one thing JVP didn’t do is produce an answer to the issues raised in these talks. They better move fast because I do not have any plans to retire and I have much more to say.

Red Ice Radio: Gilad Atzmon – Hour 1 – From A to Zion & The Jewish Solidarity Spin

May 21, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon – Hour 1 – From A to Zion & The Jewish Solidarity Spin
Red Ice Radio

Gilad Atzmon is a British jazz artist and author born in Israel and trained in composition and jazz at the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem. He is a member of the Blockheads, founded the Orient House Ensemble in London, and has recorded and performed with many rock music legends.

Gilad also writes on political matters, social issues, Jewish identity and culture. Atzmon has written three books, and he returns to speak with us about his new publication, “A to Zion – The Definitive Israeli Lexicon,” a fictitious satire co-authored with cartoonist Enzo Apicella.

Gilad gives a synopsis of the book and tells about his impetus for engaging the issues of Jewish ideology in Israel politics using aphorisms and humor. Gilad underscores some of the pressing themes he covers, most notably the solidarity movement that has destroyed the Palestinian people, as well as the political advancements that have been achieved through the military institution’s murderous wars against innocent civilians.

Gilad emphasizes the bamboozling effects of identity politics among various discourses, and we relate this cultural tactic to the notion of the oppressed vs. the oppressor as a trick to lead victims into the hands of more oppression.

In the second segment, Gilad illustrates the approach he created in “A to Zion” for explaining the control of language in Jewish identity politics.

We look at the Jewish Palestinian Solidarity Movement’s Right of Return policy, which lies at the core of the Palestinian plight. We also examine some of the faulty terminology planted within various concepts in the movement that further misleads the discourse and legitimizes Israeli’s occupation of the West Bank.

Gilad defines the roots of the Hebrew language, and we consider how terminology can be used to turn societies into dysfunctional multiplicities that are dictated by the need to be politically correct. At the end, we spend some time reflecting on the growing opposition to Zionism, the anti-Semitic crime of too much knowledge, and redefining the questions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to pursue the truth.

 Order online in the USA:

Order online UK & Europe:

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Shepherds in Palestinian Village Appeal for International Help

May 11, 2015

7th May 2015 | International Solidarity Movement, Huwarra Team | Salem, Occupied Palestine

Update 14th May:

The wheat is not ready for harvest yet. The call for people to help the shepherds and farmers on their land is postponed until next Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd. Please come in numbers as the Israeli forces are making it harder and harder for them to live of their land.


The farmers and shepherds of Salem, near Nablus, are asking for you help. They are being beaten, humiliated and pushed off their land. They are asking you to join them on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th to help them save their harvest.

Mahfouda - shepherd from Salem who's worked her land for 40 years

In the village of Salem, near Nablus, the wheat is ready for harvesting. Once the crop has been collected, the sheep and goats will graze on the leftovers in the field and the shepherds will then milk them in order to make cheese and butter. The animal’s droppings are dispersed on the land; a perfect cycle is created.

However, Israeli occupation forces have forbidden the farmers from harvesting the wheat and forbidden the shepherds from crossing the road that cuts through their land, dividing it in two. See report written by the International Women’s Peace Service here.

Shepherd from Salem

Harassment happens on a daily basis and many of the shepherds can recount life-threatening stories. This is the case with Rabih, for instance.  Only five days ago, as he was taking his sheep out to graze and was accompanied by his young nephew who was going out into the fields to work for the first time in his life; Israeli soldiers arrived. They pointed their guns to his brother’s head, threw his nephew to the ground and attacked Rabih with the butt of an M16 rifle.  They ordered Rabah to take his clothes off. When Rabih refused they beat him and took him away blindfolded and handcuffed and threw him out hours later in the middle of the countryside. “I am getting used to being humiliated”.

Rabih and his mother from Salem

Shepherds and farmers are asking for a large number of people to accompany them on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th May. From early in the morning, they will attempt to work a part of their land to the east of Salem that the occupation forces are preventing them from using. A call out will be made on the mosque’s megaphone to gather as many people from the village as possible.

These dates are coordinated with the 67th anniversary of Naqba day, when the ethnic cleansing of Palestine started. in 2014, 67% of Palestinians were registered as refugees or Internally Displaced Persons, according to UNWRA. Until today, they have not been allowed to return to their homes. Those who have been ‘lucky enough’ to not be pushed out are living either as third class citizen within the now called state of Israel, or under military occupation inside the West Bank and Gaza. Many Palestinians live from their land and it is part of the whole zionist expansion plan to grab more and more of it by whatever means possible.

Come and work with the farmers and shepherds of Salem, along with many others from the village, to help repossess their stolen land. Extra presence throughout the whole harvest season is also being called for as the attacks and threats are ongoing.

For more information, you can get in touch with ISM:


Bill C-51 wants you to stop protesting in support of Palestinians

MARCH 11, 2015

Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper

One of the less discussed questions of the Harper government’s anti-terror bill, Bill C-51, is whether Palestinian rights advocates and advocates of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) will be targeted by CSIS agents armed withnew powers to target and disrupt, courtesy of a judicial warrant.

Admittedly, the legislation and its intended objects are vague, except that what constitutes “terrorism,” seems to be broadening beyond wanton acts of violence.

So, we need to be on guard when Public Safety minister Steven Blaney, the author of Bill-C-51, also talks about “zero tolerance” for promoters of the international BDS campaign against Israel.

What does that exactly mean? We know that Harper and his Conservatives have cozied upso close to Israeli government and policy that there appears to be little daylight between them at the moment.

The extreme right-wing coalition administration led by Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu in the Jewish state is now in the midst of a hard fought Israeli election for March 17; and he has made no bones about connecting to “terrorism,” any form of Palestinian resistance towards illegal Jewish settlement of occupied Palestinian land and the economic/military stranglehold of the Gaza Palestinian enclave.

After surprising news reports circulated Netanyahu’s willingness to offer concessions in a peace deal with the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, the Israel PM has now sought to reassure right-wing supporters within the Israeli electorate that he is definitely opposed to a negotiated Palestinian state, arguing it would “fall into the hands of Islamic extremism and terror organizations supported by Iran.”

How this jives with a January 18 2015 memorandum of understanding between Canada and Israel where both parties indicated a desire for a “peaceful” two-state solution negotiated between Israelis and Palestinians should be interesting to observe in the upcoming months if Netanyahu and his Likud party sweep to the election victory and lead a new rightist coalition.

Nonetheless, there is a consistent theme here and in other Canadian government statements of a hard line against BDS, which was originally mounted by Palestinians NGOs in the occupied West Bank after it became obviously apparent that armed struggle against Israel was not the answer.

The Harper government continues to echo the Israel government smear that supporters of BDS, which now includes scientist Stephen Hawking, South African bishop Desmond Tutu and journalist Naomi Klein, represent the “the new anti-semitism.”

Just days after the signing of the memorandum of understanding, Blaney alluded to this claim during a bizarre speech before the United Nations General Assembly where he combined the murders of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and the attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris, the war against ISIS in Iraq and “zero tolerance” approach to BDS.

“The Harper government is shameless in its opportunism,” states Tyler Levitan, a spokesperson for Independent Jewish Voices. “It stoops to capitalize on a tragic situation by attacking human rights activists.”

Further along, the House of Commons on Feb. 25 unanimously condemned global anti-semitism following the introduction of a motion by Liberal MP Irwin Cotler, who once addressed Israel’s major annual policy in Herzliya.

But look past the perfectly reasonable expressions of outright horror at the violence against Jews and their communal institutions and cemeteries, presumably in Europe, it is apparent in implicitly in the hyperbolic language of the Feb. 25 resolution that BDS is the intended target.

“Criticism of Israel is not anti-semitic, and saying so is wrong. But singling Israel out for selective condemnation and opprobrium — let alone denying its right to exist or seeking its destruction — is discriminatory and hateful, and not saying so is dishonest;” the motion states.

In a Canadian political climate of heightened hysteria about terrorism and little sympathy for the Palestinians, should it be surprising that not a single parliamentarian in Ottawa was willing to tackle what this resolution was really all about. (Also forgotten in the Cotler motion is that Palestinian Arabs are also Semites.)

Something prescient was expressed a little over a year ago by Israel-American journalist Larry Derfner that still seems relevant today.

He said the two-state Israel-Palestine solution — now on its deathbed in face of mounting Jewish settlements on the West Bank — may need BDS for an infusion back to life.

He represents a number of liberal Zionists — which Derfner identifies as — who are also despairing of the direction of Israel with the continued occupation and the daily and violent racism directed against Palestinian Arabs.

Up to now, many of these same people have been uncomfortable with the failure of BDS organizers to spell out one way or another on the resolution for the Israel-Palestine conflict — should it be two states versus one.

But that is becoming academic for Derfner:

“Moreover, BDS isn’t an all-or-nothing tactic. If liberal Zionists don’t want to boycott Israel, let them just boycott the settlements. If they want to support the economic boycott but not the cultural boycott, or the cultural boycott but not the academic boycott, that also helps. But if they don’t want to boycott anything, let them come up with a better idea for transforming the status quo, or just any idea that hasn’t already failed,” he wrote in May 19, 2014.

Since then, it has been apparent that the Netanyahu government is in trouble and could lose the March 17 election to the Zionist Camp, led by the Labor Party. But it is not clear that the latter will differ much from its predecessor in seriously uprooting the Jewish settlers to make way for the much discussed Palestinian state.

At the same time, a surge of support for the Joint List of Arab parties and Hadash (the Jewish-Arab Communist party) will add a new dimension to Israel politics where Palestinians have for decades been marginalized.

BDS has not yet made a significant dent in the Israel economy. But Israel’s supporters are sufficiently nervous about its impact that they are trying to put it out of business.

To dub it anti-semitic is particularly abhorrent for those whose parents or offspring experienced the real thing up close in its grossest and genocide-form in Europe.

Finally, there is not direct evidence that BDS activists will receive the same kind of intelligence scrutiny that already affects anti-pipeline protesters and some members of the Muslim community.

However, amidst this toxic atmosphere in Ottawa, it is hard to rule anything out at the moment.

Paul Weinberg is a Hamilton based freelance writer who can be reached at

Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!


by Trevor LaBonte (Mouqawamah Music Exclusive)


No need to mince words here: Robert Martin and Miko Peled are bonafide gatekeepers of the Palestine “Solidarity” Movement. They also display textbook gatekeeper behavior when they spread lies and hate about people who bring up issues which they deem irrelevant to what late Palestinian intellectual  Edward Said called the “Question of Palestine”.

  • Really, 9/11 is not relevant to “Israel”? Because Israel COMMITTED 9/11.
  • Really, the holohoax is not relevant? Because it is the premiere foundational myth of “Israel”.
  • Really, Judaism is not relevant? Because all of the murderous Zionist entity’s laws and policies come straight from Judaism.

The problem is a little bit like the BP oil spill. It does basically nothing to focus solely on the “clean-up” when there is a huge underwater cloud of oil shooting up from the seafloor. You have to FIND THE SOURCE of the problem and shut it off. Refusing to discuss Judaism is ignoring the source, which means the problem will only continue to get worse and worse if you allow people such as Miko Peled and Robert Martin to police the discourse.

Take one look at the things Miko is saying: That “Israel” is an “apartheid” state and that we have to “tear down the wall”. First of all, “Israel” is NOT an “apartheid” state because apartheid is a system of segregation and exploitation. Israel is a GENOCIDAL state because it is not trying to profit off of the Palestinians as classical colonial enterprises do or merely segregate its supremacist settlers from the indigenous; Israel wants to wipe the Palestinians out, literally, according to precepts found throughout Judaism’s “holiest” books.

IF we were to just “tear down the wall”, how would that solve a military occupation? Where would the Palestinians go, when there would still be millions of Jewish squatters living in the Palestinians’ HOMES? Homes, mind you, that ethnically cleansed Palestinians still have the keys and deeds to. Peled’s solutions are too silly to be taken seriously. How could anybody be so delusional as to think “ending apartheid” addresses the core problem? The only solution is for all the invader Jews to get out and face criminal charges for what they did to the Palestinians, not just continue to squat in the Palestinians’ homes!

Interestingly enough, none of the potshots that are being taken at me are accurate at all. I have been called a “neo-Nazi”, an “Israeli plant”, a “racist”, as well as the go-to smear, “anti-Semite”, and have been blamed for shutting down Miko’s page, even though I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Miko must not care at all about his credibility. I had to prove my ID for my FB account, and it didn’t make me quit the movement. Miko must not really care at all about the Palestinians since he abandoned them on FB so readily.


“Israel” itself is only one symptom of the problem. “Israel” was founded by the illegitimate Jewish Rothschild criminal international bankster syndicate. They have a quadrillion dollar global heist going on, and they control almost all of the world’s money supply. Their religion, Judaism, tells them that their mission is to steal all the wealth of the Gentiles and make them live as slaves to the Jews in a “Jewish Utopia”. This is a problem which must be solved at its SOURCE. We cannot blow smoke up our own asses about boycotting figs and cous cous and soda machines. This accomplishes NOTHING at all. The cabal already have all of the money, you can’t hurt them in their pocket.

BDS should be used as a tactic for raising awareness about this worldwide felonious Jewish enterprise; it should be a means to an end, not the end itself. BDS is indeed useful for organizing and information-dissemination purposes, but anyone espousing the line that BDS is the key to Palestine’s liberation, is, simply put, a liar or a fool. The fighters of Hizbullah didn’t liberate Lebanon from Zionist hellishness with boycotts, now did they?

What we need to solve the problem is UNHINDERED DISCOURSE, but gatekeepers like Miko and Robert are actually the source of this problem, as they can be seen acting like referees and trying to eject people for talking about the issues that will bring down the Rothschild cabal: JUDAISM, 9/11 and other like-similar false flags, and the HOLOHOAX.

Remove the gatekeepers, and we can, for the first time ever, have a real discussion. Here at Mouqawamah Music, we don’t say “Liberate the Discourse” for nothing.

(Relevant corrections and additions provided by Mouqawamah Music Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Azaziah)

~ The End ~

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

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