Mysterious Drones Kill Militants In Greater Idlib

South Front

On April 16, airstrikes destroyed two vehicles of Jaysh al-Nasir and the 1st Coastal Division in the town of al-Enkawi on the contact line in northwestern Hama. According to local sources, 3 militants were killed and 3 others were injured in the strikes.

Some opposition sources claimed that the strikes were conducted by an Iranian unmanned combat aerial vehicle, while others said the drone was Russian. In the past several years, opposition sources repeatedly speculated that the Russian military was testing Kalashnikov KUB-BLA loitering munitions in Syria.

On April 15, the Syrian Army eliminated Abu al-Walid Tell Hadya, a prominent field commander of the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL), in a rocket strike on the town of Maarbalit in southern Idlib. Both Jaysh al-Nasir and the 1st Coastal Division are also parts of the NFL.

A large explosion rocked the Turkish-occupied village of al-Ahras in the northern part of al-Hasakah province. The car bomb, which exploded just near a joint position of the Turkish Army and Turkish-backed militants, reportedly killed and injured several Turkish personnel. Following the incident, Turkish troops carried out a raid in the village detaining several civilians.

Over the past months, there have been dozens of IED and car bomb attacks within the Turkish-occupied part of Syria. Turkish sources often blame Kurdish armed groups for these attacks, but provide no evidence to confirm these claims. At the same time, ISIS cells are also active in the area.

A group of former ISIS commanders met in the town of Tell Abyad in northern Raqqa under the protection of Turkish-backed forces, according to media reports. ISIS members reportedly cooperate with the al-Shamiya Front, a faction of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army. The town is reportedly filled with graffiti supporting the terrorist group.

Local sources speculate that former ISIS members will be employed by Turkish intelligence to stage terrorist attacks and provocations against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian Army.

On the morning of April 16, patriotic civilians and Syrian Army members intercepted a convoy of the U.S.-led coalition and forced it to withdraw near the village of Tell Hamis in al-Hasakah province. This became the fifth such incident in the past few weeks. Earlier, US forces had repeatedly blocked movement of the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police in the province. Now, they are passing through a similar experience.

Unknown militants ambushed a vehicle of the Syrian Army on the road between the villages of Izraa and Buser al-Harir in the province of Daraa. At least 3 soldiers were killed and 2 others were injured. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, yet. ISIS cells are known to be active in Daraa, especially in the governorate’s northern and eastern countryside. Furthermore, some supporters of radical Idlib armed groups are still active in this part of the country.

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South Front

The Syrian Army and local self-defense forces have carried out an operation against ISIS cells hiding in the desert area on the administrative border of Raqqah and Deir Ezzor provinces. According to pro-government sources, Syrian forces eliminated up to 10 ISIS members and destroyed their hideouts.

The security operation came in response to the recently increased IED attacks and ambushes conducted by ISIS cells near Deir Ezzor city and the town of Mayadin. At least 5 Syrian service members and 8 civilians were killed during the past 2 weeks alone.

The Afrin Liberation Forces, affiliated with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, conducted a new series of attacks on Turkish proxies in the region of Afrin. The attacks took place in Kafr Hashir and on the road between Chima and Deir Survan. A vehicle was destroyed and several Turkish proxies were killed.

Sources affiliated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other Turkish-backed militant groups are accusing the Syrian Army of violating the ceasefire regime in southern Idlib. According to them, over the past few days government forces have repeatedly shelled their positions near Jisr al-Shughur, Sarmin and al-Barah. They also claimed that over the same few days Russian aircraft have increased reconnaissance flights over this area.

Pro-government sources say that these strikes were retaliatory actions to ceasefire violations by militants. However, it should be noted that the Syrian military is not hiding that it is actively deploying reinforcements and rearming troops on the frontline in southern Idlib. All the sides of the conflict understand that the current status quo in the area cannot last long. Al-Qaeda-linked militants and other radicals remain a constant source of terrorist threat in Greater Idlib and nearby areas.

On April 7, Syrian troops and patriotic activists blocked a US military convoy near the city of al-Qamishly in northeastern Syria and forced it to turn back to its permanent positions. This became the third such incident in the area in the last two weeks.

Since the very first moment of the deployment of the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police in Syria’s northeast, US forces have been trying to limit their movement by blocking Russian and Syrian convoys. They apparently forgot that two can play at this game. So, now US troops prefer to stay put in their bases and conduct their own ‘patrols’ in a very limited area only.

The situation reached such an extent that the US-led coalition was forced to airdrop supplies to its forces deployed in the Omar oil fields area on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. Another problem is the terrorist threat from ISIS. For a long time, the US coalition and its proxies were turning a blind eye to actions of ISIS cells along the Euphrates because this allowed them to justify the seizure of the oil fields with the need of protecting them from ISIS. As might be expected, this allowed ISIS cells to strengthen their presence in the area and now they regularly conduct attacks on US-backed forces and intimidate locals.

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SDF Releases Tens Of ISIS Members In Eastern Syria. Turkey, Russia Struggle With Idlib De-Escalation

South Front

On March 23, Russian and Turkish forces carried out a second limited joint patrol in southern Idlib. The patrol involved six armoured vehicles and took place along a short chunk of the M4 highway west of the government-controlled town of Saraqib. This part of the highway remains the only safe place within the entire security zone, which was set to be established in the framework of the Russian-Turkish de-escalation agreement.

After the March 23 patrol, the Turkish side got additional time to neutralize terrorists and radicals entrenched in the agreed to buffer zone. This was the second time when Moscow provided Ankara with such an opportunity. However, Ankara seems to be taking very little or no efforts to do so.

Over the past days, the Turkish Army established observation points near Khattab and Msheirfeh and made a formal attempt to de-block the highway removing earthen mounds made by terrorists. Despite these heroic efforts of the Turkish military, the M4 remains in the hands of al-Qaeda-linked groups and the security zone there exists only on paper. Such a situation on the ground is slowly but inevitably leading to the resumption of hostilities in the region.

Humanitarian conditions are deteriorating in the Rukban refugee camp within the US-controlled zone of al-Tanf. According to media reports, people in the camp have to pay money for tents and the bare necessities, and are forcefully recruited into the ranks of US-backed militant groups. Additionally, militants sabotage the evacuation of refugees from the camp.

A series of IED attacks rocked the town of Tabqah, controlled by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), on March 21. IED explosions targeted positions, vehicles and personnel of the SDF next to the Andalusia pool and the Maysalun roundabout. 6 SDF members were reportedly killed. Pro-opposition sources immediately blamed ‘Assad agents’ for the attack. Kurdish sources blame ISIS and Turkey.

On March 22, the SDF released 80 ISIS members that had been captured during the combat operations along the eastern bank of the Euphrates. All the released individuals are reportedly Syrian citizens, from the governorates of Raqqa, al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor. During the last few years, the SDF has released hundreds of ex-ISIS fighters.

The group often does this for money or upon request from influential figures, like tribal leaders, businessmen and local commanders. This SDF behavior likely contributed to the reemergence of ISIS cells in eastern Syria. Last week, ISIS announced that its fighters had assassinated 40 people in the province of Deir Ezzor during the last 3 months alone.

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South Front

On March 8, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and locals blocked a U.S. convoy that was attempting to conduct a patrol in the northern al-Hasakah countryside.

The convoy was reportedly about to enter the town of al-Kuzaliyah when it was confronted by a group of angry locals and Syrian service members. The locals attacked U.S. forces with stones, while the service members refused to open the road. This forced the convoy to retreat.

In another incident, locals in the town of Rmelan al-Basha in northeast al-Haskah attacked a U.S. convoy near the oil-rich area of Rmelan with stones.

The last few months witnessed several similar confrontations between U.S. forces and the locals in northeast Syria, especially in northern and northeast al-Hasakaah.

The most dangerous incident took place on February 12, when U.S. forces shot and killed a local who was protesting against the passage of one of their patrol in his town, Khribat Amu, in northern al-Hasakah. Back then, local gunmen responded by opening fire at the U.S. patrol. However, the Russian Military Police and the SAA quickly de-escalated the situation.

Around 500 U.S. service members are still stationed in northeast Syria. The troops are tasked with “guarding” key oil fields in the region and supposedly countering ISIS remnants. The US military presence is among the key sources of tensions in the region.


تشييع الشهيد خالد المحمد الذي ارتقى برصاص الاحتلال الأميركيّ في القامشلي


لم تمنع الأجواء الثلجية الباردة الآلاف من سكان وأهالي محافظة الحسكة، وبحضور رسمي وعسكري، من تشييع الشهيد فيصل خالد المحمد، إلى مثواه الأخير في قريته خربة عمّو جنوبي شرقي مدينة القامشلي، وقد جاء استشهاده برصاص قوات الاحتلال الأميركي.

وأوضح مصدر محلي أن “المشيّعين أكدوا ضرورة الانسحاب الفوري لقوات الاحتلال الأميركي من قراهم، معلنين المقاومة الشعبية ضد تواجدهم غير الشرعي، حيث تقوم قوات الاحتلال بسرقة النفط والغاز والآثار السورية وهي من أملاك الشعب السوري وفق القوانين الدولية”.

وكان الطفل فيصل خالد المحمد قضى برصاص الجيش الاحتلال الأميركي وأصيب 3 آخرون أثناء تظاهرة مع مجموعة كبيرة من سكان القرية والقرى المحيطة بها خلال منع عناصر الجيش السوري لدورية أميركيّة مؤلفة من 5 مدرعات حاولت المرور عبر الحاجز العسكري السوري.

وقد تزامن تشييع جثمان الشهيد، ما يشهده ريفا بلدتي تل تمر وأبو راسين شمال غربي الحسكة من اشتباكات وقصف عنيف بين قوات الاحتلال التركي والميليشيات “التركمانية” العميلة له من طرف، وبين وحدات الجيش السوري ومجموعات من تنظيم “قسد” من طرف آخر.

وأضاف مصدر أن القصف والاشتباكات تتركز بمحيط قرى “أم الكيف” و”الربيعات” و”الدردارا” و”العريشة”.

وكشف أن الميليشيات “التركمانية” تسللت إلى عدد من نقاط تنظيم “قسد” في القرى المذكورة واندلعت على أثرها الاشتباكات.

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقة

Trump Regime Illegals Murder a Syrian Civilian, Get to Taste Syrian Anger


Khirbet Ammo locals stone Trump US forces

Trump regime forces illegally in Syria had to bomb their way to safety from an angry mob of locals, after murdering a civilian, on Wednesday. The American illegals in armored military vehicles attempted to breach a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint at al Suwais Alaia-Khirbat Ammo road east of Qamishli City. This area has always been safely under SAA protection; that the American illegals attempted to breach it suggests Trump is attempting to expand his colonial fake squatting rights.

Locals arrived to support their troops, surrounding the big, bad, American military vehicles, with American soldiers safely inside them.

Unlike the US’s all volunteer low-level mercenary military, the SAA is conscripted. This means that Syria’s soldiers are the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers of the Syrian people, upholding their responsibility to protect their country and families. NATO media stenographers consistently omit this key part when barking lies about the SAA killing Syrians. The SAA defends the homeland within its internationally recognized borders, from the invading pathogens funded and armed by NATO countries and their various, underling, house servant satellites.

SAA Brother, sister martyrs

Siblings Ghadeer Mirza and Lena Mirza. These SAA officers were martyred defending their homeland.

Syrian locals threw stones and garbage cans against the criminal Trump illegal invaders and managed to tear down some of the illicit US flags from the tanks; in the following video clip, a Syrian local holds a tattered American flag, while verbally confronting two small soldiers who are armed and well protected, but who nonetheless, back away from the towering man:

🇸🇾 NadieHarbieh 🇸🇾@HarbiehNadie

occupants in village near city are confronted by locals who ripped off a US flag from their vehicle. Shouting “What are you doing in our country?” and repeats it many times.

Embedded video

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This was too much for the cowardly, cheaply paid Trump regime forces, who then in full chickensh*t character, unleashed smoke bombs to blind the locals before shooting into the crowd, with live ammunition.

A civilian from Khirbet Ammo was murdered; another civilian from Hamoun village was injured.

Syrian civilian wounded by Trump regime illegals in his country.
This is what trauma care looks like, without the Hollywood moulage fakery used by criminals & spread like a virus by NATO media.

Ordinary Americans should realize that there is massive anger against US and Turkish forces among ordinary Syrians, because the US and Turkey have supported all the terrorist al Qaeda savages in their country, since the beginning of the foreign-imposed war. The FSA, Nusra Front, and ISIS have all committed the most heinous of atrocities against ordinary Syrians, who have then be forced to watch malignant NATO media cheer the criminally insane as normal.

When the Trump illegals opened fire on the unarmed crowd, some of these civilians got their weapons, weapons with which they fought ISIS scum, or some of the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of NATO weapons left behind by cowardly, retreating terrorists in areas liberated by the SAA.

These civilians fought back in self-defense, in their own village that had been invaded by the Trump regime American illegals military.

The video is also available on BitChute

Now under attack not only by garbage cans and stones but brought the light rifles they used to fight off ISIS terrorists, the Trump criminals had to call for aerial back up. The criminal US air force illegally in Syrian airspace then bombed nearby agricultural fields.

The locals have stated that today’s war crimes by the Trump regime illegals will ignite the popular resistance against the filthy foreign invaders

Russian forces nearby sent 5 vehicle reinforcements to the area anticipating the return of Trump forces with more power.

In recent interviews, President Bashar al Assad has told foreign audiences that the local resistance to foreign armed, foreign occupiers is growing.

At this writing, the Pentagon has not yet reported on casualties among the massively armed American illegals. Perhaps the Pentagon will be forced to replace the word ‘killed’ with strange ‘brain injuries’ among the retreating Trump regime military forces. Perhaps such news will ooze out, over the coming weeks, similar to those very strange reports on US troops in Ain Assad, Iraq.

The resistance will be a very brutal resistance.

The heavily armed Trump militia just caught a glimpse of what the ordinary Syrian people have in store for them.

— Miri Wood & Arabi Souri


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Syrians Give Warm Welcome To Erdogan Troops Attacking Saraqib

South Front

During the last few days, Turkey deployed approximately 1,000 units of military equipment, including self-propelled howitzers, M06T and Leopard 2A4 battle tanks, in the Syrian province of Idlib. According to local sources, the number of Turkish troops and special forces personnel in the province is now between 2,500 and 3,000.

The Turkish leadership assures the international community that this is a solely defensive move. Ankara says this was needed to combat the terrorism and protect its troops from the aggression of the Assad regime that blatantly violated the Idlib de-escalation by attacking peaceful al-Qaeda militants.

Additionally, the Turkish Army set up several positions east and southeast of Idlib city. It seems like brave Erdogan forces ready to protect the stronghold of their comrades from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham at the expense of their life. However, a few Turkish troops apparently lost in the woods and missed the Syrian Army advance in western Idlib and southwestern Aleppo. Pro-government forces captured over a dozen of villages along the M5 highway, including the key rebel base of Al-Eis, and encircled another Turkish observation point accidentally located just at positions of al-Qaeda-linked militants. In western Aleppo, the Syrians took control of Tal Kalariyah and Kalariyah, and advanced on Rashideen 4. If the Damascus government wants to fully reopen the M5 highway, which runs from the border with Jordan to Aleppo, it needs to secure Rashideen 4, Khan Asal and several less important points in the same area.

Such news are horrible to the ears of the Turkish leadership. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other top officials act like they see every inch of territory lost by terrorists to the Syrian Army as grievous loss of their imaginary Neo-Ottoman Empire.

On February 8, Ankara hosted a Russian-Turkish meeting on the situation in Idlib. From the Turkish side, the meeting was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal and representatives of the Defense Ministry, General Staff and National Intelligence Organization. Russian delegation was chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin and special envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev as well as representatives from military and intelligence. The sides reached a breakthrough agreement that more negotiations are needed. The new round of talks will take place this week.

The Syrian Air Force celebrated the Ankara negotiations with over 120 airstrikes on various positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other ‘moderate Al-Qaeda’ groups in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo. Russian airstrikes were also reported.

While Turkey aggressively increasing its military presence near Idlib city and working to convince leaders of local groups to not hurry up with fleeing the area, Syria and its allies are using the window of opportunities to clear from terrorists as much area as it’s possible.

On February 10, ‘al-Qaeda freedom fighters’ launched a powerful attack on positions of pro-government forces near Saraqib. Militants publicly employed Turkish-supplied military equipment and weapons. The attack itself was also supported by Turkish artillery strikes. Turkish troops were filmed close with near the frontline. They directed the attack of their brothers in arms on the Syrian Army. At least 5 Turkish personnel were reportedly killed in the retaliatory strikes by the Syrian Army.

The battle for Idlib is ongoing.

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