Sayyed Nasrallah: No More Red Lines in Any New Attack, War on Iran to Eliminate ’Israel’

Zeinab Essa

Sayyed Nasrallah: No More Red Lines in Any New Attack, War on Iran to Eliminate ’Israel’

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed on Tuesday the axis of Resistance’s support to its leader and its heart, His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei – Leader of Islamic Revolution.

Addressing hundreds of thousands of mourners commemorating Ashura on the 10th of Muharram, Sayyed Nasrallah renewed his party’s eternal pledge to the top cause of our nation, the Palestinian cause.

“We renew with the Palestinian people and Resistance our pledge that there is no choice away from resisting the “Israeli” occupation,” His Eminence said, reaffirming Hezbollah’“ eternal commitment to the Palestinian cause and to confront what is being planned in the ‘deal of the century’ .”

Moreover, he stated that “this stance costs us a lot but it is our commitment.”

He further deplored “Israeli” Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu’s desecration to the Holy Ibrahimi Mosque. “The Palestinian stance is the main pillar in the confrontation against the US-‘Israeli’ scheme. These people will protect their cause and holy sites.”

“We – in Hezbollah – reaffirm our commitment to the rights of the Palestinian people in Lebanon as honorable refugees, who must return to their homeland,” The Resistance Leader added.

Moving to the Yemeni arena, Sayyed Nasrallah lamented the fact that “the people of Yemen are the title of oppression and siege as [Imam] Hussein was in Karbala.”

“The war on the Yemeni people has turned into a futile war in light of the international community’s silence and the US-British partnership,” he underscored, pointing out that “the recent developments in southern Yemen form an evidence on the Saudi-Emirati aggression’s false allegations regarding protecting Yemen’s legitimacy.”

His Eminence once again renewed the call to an immediate end to the war on Yemen.

In parallel, Sayyed Nasrallah denounced he Bahraini regime’s actions, describing it a “a traitor that went far in normalizing with the “Israeli” enemy as well as in supporting the “Israeli” aggressions against the people of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.”

Addressing the peaceful Bahraini revolutionary people, His Eminence said: “You, in your peaceful revolution, are waging a jihad for the sake of Allah.”

On another level, he confirmed that “the unjust sanctions on the axis of resistance forms an aggression practiced by the US administration after the failure of the Zionist wars on the resistance.”

“If our people were oppressed by the sanctions, we must act differently and the state must act as well,” Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized, urging the Lebanese sides to open the file of sanctions because it has put the Lebanese economy under attack.”

In this context, he highlighted that “the government must defend the Lebanese and state institutions must not rush to execute the American desires in terms of sanctions.”

“The Lebanese resistance has been on the sanctions lists for years and this is not new. But

when this aggression expands to target others in Lebanon – banks that have nothing to do with Hezbollah – this needs a different approach. We must reevaluate and study our choices well,” His Eminence went on to say.

Regarding the recent “Israeli” attacks on Lebanon, Hezbollah Secretary General viewed that “the recent aggression against Dahyia [the southern suburbs of Beirut] through the bombed drones was a great one.

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the united Lebanese official and popular stances in face of the dangerous “Israeli” aggression. “Today we are setting the equations and strengthening the deterrence that protects our country.”

According to His Eminence, “The invincible “Israeli” army turned to act in Hollywood movies. For the first time, the “Israeli” enemy is building a security zone inside occupied Palestine with a depth of 5 km.”

To the apartheid “Israeli” entity, Sayyed Nasrallah sent a sounding message: “If Lebanon is attacked, Hezbollah will respond to the aggression appropriately to defend Lebanon. Lebanon respects 1701 and Hezbollah is part of the government that respects this resolution but if “Israel” attacks, there will be no red lines at all.”

“Lebanon has imposed itself on world powers and everyone contacted it after the latest “Israeli” attack, prior to the resistance’s response and during the Hezbollah response,” Sayyed Nasrallah added, noting that “Lebanon must know that it is strong through the army-people-resistance equation and all countries in the world contacted our government to thwart us from retaliating to the “Israeli” aggression.”

On the Lebanese economic situation, he assured that “the situation is not hopeless and there is a possibility to address it if there is the necessary seriousness. The same as we discussed the previous state budget we will discuss the 2020 budget.”

“The principles that govern our stance will be the same. We refuse any new taxes on low-income citizens in any economic solutions in Lebanon. Instead of going to the pockets of the poor, let us search for the looted funds, and this should be the leading choice to address the economic situation,” His Eminence said.

On the regional scene, Sayyed Nasrallah rejected any war scheme against the Islamic Republic of Iran because it will ignite the region.

“We will not be neutral in the battle between the truth and falsehood and who thinks that the supposed war will be the end of the axis of resistance I tell them that it will result in the end of both “Israel” and the US domination in our region,” he clarified.

According to His Eminence, “Today, our Hussein is Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei and the Islamic Republic of Iran is the heart of the resistance’s axis.”

To Imam Khamenei, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “ We tell you as the companions of Imam Hussein said on the 10th night of Muharram, ‘We won’t leave you, O son of Hussein’.”

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Kidnapping as a tool of imperial statecraft?

Kidnapping as a tool of imperial statecraft?

September 06, 2019

[This column was written for the Unz Review]

There is nothing new about empires taking hostages and using them to put pressure on whatever rebel group needs to reminded “who is boss”. The recent arrest in Italy of Alexander Korshunov, the director for business development at Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC), is really nothing new but just the latest in a long string of kidnappings. And, as I already mentioned in distant 2017, that kind of thuggery is not a sign of strength but, in fact, a sign of weakness. Remember Michael Ledeen’s immortal words about how “”Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business“? Well, you could say that this latest spat of kidnappings is indicative of the same mindset and goal, just on a much smaller, individual, scale. And, finally, it ain’t just Russia, we all know about the kidnapping of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou by the Canadian authorities.

By the way, you might wonder how can I speak of “kidnapping” when, in reality, these were legal arrests made by the legitimate authorities of the countries in which these arrests were made? Simple! As I mentioned last weekwords matter and to speak of an “arrest” in this case wrongly suggest that 1) some crime was committed (when in reality there is ZERO evidence of that, hence the talk of “conspiracy” to do something illegal) 2) that this crime was investigated and that the authorities have gathered enough evidence to justify an arrest and 3) that the accused will have a fair trial. None of that applies to the cases of Viktor BoutKonstantin IaroshenkoMarina Butina or, for that matter, Meng Wanzhou or Wang Weijing. The truth is that these so-called “arrests” are simple kidnappings, the goal is hostage taking with the goal to either 1) try to force Russia (and China) to yield to US demands or 2) try to “get back” at Russia (and China) following some humiliating climb down by the US Administration (this was also the real reason behind the uncivilized seizure of Russian diplomatic buildings in the USA).

This is not unlike what the Gestapo and the SS liked to do during WWII and their kidnapping of hostages was also called “arrest” by the then state propaganda machine. By the way, the Bolsheviks also did a lot of that during the civil war, but on a much larger scale. In reality, both in the case of the Nazi authorities and in the case of the imperial USA, as soon as a person is arrested he/she is subjected to solitary confinement and other forms of psychological torture (Manning or Assange anybody?!) in order to either make them break or to at least show Russia and China that the US, being the World Hegemon gets to seize anybody worldwide, be it by a CIA kidnapping team or by using local colonial law enforcement authorities (aka local police forces).

US politicians love to “send messages” and this metaphor is used on a daily basis by US officials in all sorts of circumstances. Here the message is simple: we can do whatever the hell we want, and there ain’t nothing you can do about it!

But is that last statement really true?

Well, in order to reply to this we should look at the basic options available to Russia (this also applies to China, but here I want to focus on the Russian side of the issue). I guess the basic list of options is pretty straightforward:

Frankly, in the case of the USA, options one and two are useless: the AngloZionist leaders have long given up any hope of not being hated and despised by 99% of mankind and they have long dropped any pretense of legality, nevermind morality: they don’t give a damn what anybody thinks. Their main concern is to conceal their immense weakness, but they fail to do so time and time again. Truly, when wannabe “empires” can’t even bring an extremely weakened country such as Venezuela to heel, there ain’t much they can do to boot their credibility. If anything, this thuggery is nothing more than the evidence of a mind-blowing weakness of the Empire.

But that weakness in no way implies that Russia and China have good options. Sadly, they don’t.

Russia can engage in various types of sanctions, ranging from the petty bureaucratic harassment of US representations, diplomats, businessmen and the like to economic and political retaliations. But let’s not kid ourselves, there is very little Russia can do to seriously hurt the USA with such retaliations. Many would advocate retaliation in kind, but that poses a double problem for the Kremlin:

  • Once a country has gone down the road of illegal brute force, there is no way back. The examples of the US, Israel or, for that matter, the Ukraine show that once primitive thuggery becomes part of your political arsenal you will forever remain a thug and everybody will see this (whether everybody will have the courage to openly state this is a different issue altogether).
  • The reality is that double and triple standards have long become the essential key feature of all western ideological systems, from the Papacy to modern capitalism. The Kremlin fully understands that in the AngloZionist Empire “some are more equal than others” and that that which is “allowed” to the World Hegemon is categorically forbidden to everybody else. Thus if Russia retaliates in kind, there will be an explosion of hysterical protests not only by the western legacy corporate and state ziomedia, but also from the 5th columnist in the Russian “liberal” press.

And yes, unlike the USA, Russia does have a vibrant, diverse and pluralistic media and each time when Putin agrees to a press conference (especially one several hours long) he knows that he will be asked the tough, unpleasant, questions. But since he, unlike most western leaders, can intelligently answer them he does not fear them. As for Dmitrii Peskov and Maria Zakharova, they have heard it all a gazillion during the past years, including often the most ridiculously biased, mis-informed and outright ridiculous “questions” (accusations, really) from the western presstitute corps in Russia.

So yes, Russia could, in theory, retaliate by arresting US citizens in Russia (or by staging Cold War type provocations) or by kidnapping them abroad (Russia does have special forces trained for this kind of operation). But this is most unlikely to yield any meaningful results and it would create a PR nightmare for the Kremlin.

The truth is that in most of these cases we always come down to the fundamental dichotomy: on one hand we have a rogue state gone bonkers with imperial hubris, arrogance and crass ignorance (say, the USA and/or Israel) while on the other we have states which try to uphold a civilized international order (Russia, China, Iran, etc.). This is by logical necessity a lop-sided struggle in which the thugs will almost always have the advantage.

[Sidebar: here I want to address a logical fallacy which I regularly hear in the West: when one political system proves stronger, or more capable of survival, than another one, this supposedly proves that the stronger state is also somehow “superior”. This is the argument used by those who claim that the Soviet Union “lost the Cold War” and that “Capitalism has proven much more sustainable/efficient than Communism”. This is utter nonsense for at least two reasons: first, the USSR did not “lose” the Cold War – the CPSU and the Soviet ruling Nomenklatura decided to break-up the USSR (against the will of the people!) and, second, the fact is that the Soviet Union was squandering its wealth all over the planet while the USA was robbing the entire planet blind. How can we compare the two? Finally, allow me this metaphor to make my point: if we would lock up a human being and a hyena in a small empty cell to see who will survive we can be pretty darn sure that the hyena will immediately and very “effectively” kill the human and eat him. Does that “victory” somehow prove the hyena’s “superiority”? Of course not! For one thing, capitalism implies infinite growth in a finite environment, which is exactly what a malignant tumor does for a living and which is self-evidently non-sustainable. So are we going to compare one political system – Communism – which does not rely on growth and which is therefore sustainable, and which spread its wealth all over the planet with one based on (international) “highway robbery” (don’t take my word for it, take it from Paul Craig Roberts himself who unambiguously stated recently that “American Capitalism is Based on Plunder”). Yes, the Soviet system was fundamentally rotten, profoundly dysfunctional and ineffective (only imbeciles or ignoramuses would deny that!), but it was not in any way “defeated” by the West nor is Capitalism any “better” or “superior” (whatever you want that to mean) than Communism (more on this here if you are interested).]

For all these reasons, there is really nothing much Russia (or China) can do about this situation besides publishing an official warning to the Russian people saying that if they travel abroad they should realize that “US intelligence agencies continue their current hunt for Russians around the world”. They also made public the list of countries which have extradition treaties with the USA: Australia, Austria, Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Hungary, Canada, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Dominica, Greece, Guyana, Haiti, Guatemala, Germany, Honduras, Greece, Israel, India, Jordan, Iraq, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Lesotho, Liberia, Lithuania, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Micronesia, Monaco, Myanmar, Nauru, Nigeria, Netherlands, Nicaragua, new Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, El Salvador, San Marino, Swaziland, Seychelles, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Suriname, Sierra Leone, Thailand, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu, Turkey, Uruguay, Philippines, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Chile, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Estonia, South Africa, South Korea, Jamaica and Japan.

The MoFA concluded by warning that “The Russian foreign Ministry strongly urges all Russian citizens planning trips abroad to carefully weigh all the risks, especially if there is reason to assume the possibility of claims against them by American law enforcement agencies”.

Some caveat emptor before buying your airline ticket, right?!

Conclusion: it will get a lot worse before it gets better

First, we need to always remember that kidnappings are just the latest manifestation of an overall pattern of thuggery by the USA. The attitude is pervasive, and US citizens are not free of this climate of thuggery. Another good example are the outright bribes offered to the ships captains of Iran, to sail their crude carriers to somewhere were the US can literally pirate the carrier. Remember the amazing confession by Pompeo himself:

We lied, we cheated, we stole…. it reminds you of the glory of the American experiment”?

You don’t?

Then here is a quick refresher:

It can almost be rewritten and expanded like this:

We lie, we cheat, we steal, we kidnap, we bribe, we extort, we pirate, then we threaten, and then we tell everyone how exceptionally morally superior we are.

Yet a certain limit has been crossed. It is as if their own belief in their own moral superiority has inverted to the extent that their own moral superiority is so big, and so certain, that any small actions of thuggery is allowed to them. This will not change any time soon and even the most innocent traveler must have awareness of this. This is why the Chinese are now openly wondering if sending Chinese students to the USA is such a good idea after all.

So the first thing we have to accept is that this pattern of thuggery will not stop, if anything – it will expand.

Second, we have to also realize that there are no good options for the Russians or the Chinese. In fact, this is normal: civilized actors often find themselves “out-gunned”, so to speak, by thugs, sociopaths and criminals. Over time, however, thuggery is always self-defeating because it is inevitably linked to a delusion of impunity. As for civilized states, while it is true that they are at a fundamental disadvantage when faced by uncivilized thugs but, again, over time they eventually prevail if only because everybody always ends up fed up and disgusted with the thugs. Finally, while thuggery can seem attractive to people with sociopathic inclinations, most human beings need a higher ideal than just unbridled consumption to inspire them. Communism had (and I would argue, still has) this ability. Capitalism does not.

For the foreseeable future, however, we can only expect more of the same. Thanks to the ceaseless efforts of Obama and Trump the Empire is collapsing even faster than it normally would and we can expect that the current sequence of humiliating defeats for the USA (and, of course, Israel which has its own humiliating wounds to lick!) will continue and that the USA (and, of course, Israel!) will have to find more small targets (be it kidnapped Russian nationals or empty buildings in Syria) to kidnap or destroy and feel powerful again.

This will be revolting, disgusting and simply plain stupid.

But there is nothing Russia (or China) can do to stop it, at least not for the foreseeable future.

The Saker

ترامب من علامات زوال الأحادية القطبية

سبتمبر 7, 2019

د. وفيق إبراهيم

الهيمنة الأميركية على العالم تقترب من نهاياتها، لكن الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين والفرنسي ايمانويل ماكرون يجزمان بأن عصر تعدّد الأقطاب على المستوى الدولي بدأ بقوة كبيرة على أنقاض الأحادية الأميركية التي انتهت برأيهما الى غير رجعة.

فما هي مؤشرات هذا التحول؟

استناداً الى ماكرون، فقال مذكراً على هامش مؤتمر السبعة الكبار إن الغرب هيمن على العالم في القرن 18 بواسطة فرنسا وفي 19 ببريطانيا مسيطراً على القرن العشرين بالصعود الأميركي ، معتبراً ان روسيا والصين والهند بما ابتكروه من سلاح واقتصاد وسلع وسياسات انتشرت على مستوى الأرض، ازالوا الهيمنة الغربية لمصلحة نظام متعدد القطب بدأ يعمل بنشاط كبير.

بدوره جزم بوتين بأهمية الصين والهند في العالم الجديد المتعدّد القطب الذي اسقط باعتقاده الاحادية الأميركية التي تسببت منذ سقوط منافسيها الاتحاد السوفياتي في 1989 بمئات الحروب وملايين القتلى والدمار والتراجع الاقتصادي العالمي وتوفير المناخات المناسبة لحرب نووية فعلية.

لقد سيطر الأميركيون قبل ثلاثة عقود على الاقتصاد الدولي المهيمن على العالم، ممسكين بكامل الأزمات والعلاقات السياسية الكونية. وهذه عناصر تتكئ على جيش قوي جداً له سبع مئة قاعدة منتشرة في كل الزوايا الأكثر استراتيجية على سطح الارض.

اما منافسته روسيا وريثة السوفياتي فخسرت السياسة والاقتصاد وادوارها في الازمات، وتراجعت حتى من محيطها في أوروبا الشرقية حتى لم يبق لها إلا قاعدة صغيرة في سورية مطلة على البحر المتوسط. وهذا ادى في حينه الى ولادة الاحادية الأميركية المتغطرسة.

لكن الوضع الحاضر لم يعُد كما كان قبل ثلاثين عاماً، فألمانيا والصين والهند واليابان هي قوى اقتصادية وازنة التهمت من الانتفاخ الاقتصادي الأميركي.

والغاز طاقة القرن المقبل تسيطر على القسم الاكبر من مخزونه روسيا وايران وسورية، بالاضافة الى روسيا وفنزويلا وايران يحتكرون قسماً اساسياً من النفط، اما الأزمات فلروسيا دور اساس في معظمها من أميركا الجنوبية الى الشرق الاقصى والشرق الاوسط وتسعى لاختراق الأميركيين في اكثر من مكان حتى انها عقدت اتفاقية لإنهاء النزاع الموروث من الحرب العالمية الثانية مع اليابان.

لجهة العلاقات السياسية تكفي الاشارة الى ما قاله ماكرون حول الضرورة الاوروبية للاعتراف بالدور الروسي العالمي كاشفاً ان الاستعداء الغربي لروسيا كان عاملاً دفع بموسكو الى التخوّف ورد التحدي ببناء اكبر منظومة سلاح تتفوّق على نظيرتها الأميركية، فتحولت جاذباً تتسابق الدول على شرائها وامتلاكها.

كما ادى سقوط الجانب الايديولوجي الالحادي بسقوط السوفيات الى تمكن الروس من تأسيس علاقات مبدئية مع دول الخليج وأفريقيا واوروبا.

للاشارة ايضاً فإن اوراق روسيا في الحرب على سورية والعراق أقوى من الدور الأميركي على الرغم من ان الأميركي يحتل اقساماً من البلدين بأكثر من 15 الف جندي، كما انها تحظى بدور مميز بين اطراف التوتر في الخليج من خلال تحالفها مع ايران وعلاقاتها بالسعودية ودول الخليج وانفتاحها على اليمن والعراق، فيما تتردد معلومات عن نية موسكو تزويد الحشد الشعبي العراقي بمنظومة للدفاع الجوي إذا اقترن هذا الطلب بموافقة الدولة العراقية.

لذلك فإن مكانة روسيا في قلب الثروات الاقتصادية للعالم في الشرق الأوسط أقوى من منافسيها وها هي تركيا العضو التاريخي في الناتو والحليفة الأساسية للأميركيين تقترب من التساوي الاقتصادي مع الأميركيين الى حدود التفوق عليه بعد عقد تقريباً مع تقدم هندي يربض على الكتلة البشرية الثانية في العالم، تتواكب مع تقدم علمي وصناعي لافت الى جانب السلاح المتقدم والنووي.

هناك الى جانب ما تقدم تذمّر أوروبي من السياسة الأميركية التي لا تريد شريكاً، وتعامل أوروبا كدول من الدرجة الثانية يجب عليها ان تؤيد أميركا على نظام السمع والطاعة السعودي ولا تعترض او تحاول مجاراتها.

للاشارة فإن معظم الاوروبيين منزعجون من سياسات الرئيس السابق جورج بوش الإبن التي تؤرخ للعصر الأميركي لاحتلال الدول والتدمير ومستاؤون أكثر من مرحلة الرئيس الحالي ترامب الذي يحاول إنعاش الاحادية الأميركية بابتزاز الدول الصديقة لبلاده بشكل لا يُفرق فيه بين السعودية واليابان والإمارات والمانيا وكوريا الجنوبية والكويت، يبدو سمساراً يأكل من الجميع مفتعلاً الازمات على حساب العلاقات الاستراتيجية لبلاده مع العالم. وهذا دليل اضافي على احساس الادارة الأميركية باقتراب نهاية احاديتها غير القابلة للترميم الا بحروب لا تبدو نتائجها مضمونة، وقد تتطوّر نووياً فلا تبقي على الحضارة الإنسانية بكاملها.

ترامب اذاً هو بالنسبة للأوروبيين من علامات قيامة التعددية القطبية على انقاض انهيار الاحادية الأميركية.

فهل هذا صحيح؟

يعتقد مجمل الباحثين ان ما يخفي هذه المعادلة الجديدة هي حرب الخليج التي يشكل استمرارها ارجاء فقط لسقوط نظام الهيمنة الأميركية، هذه الهيمنة التي تحاول تجديد شبابها بتشكيل أمن ملاحة يسيطر عليه الأميركيون في بحار الخليج وعدن والاحمر والمتوسط، لكن الروس فهموا اللعبة معلنين انهم قادرون على حماية ناقلاتهم في هذه البحار بقوتهم العسكرية، وكذلك فعلت الهند التي جزمت بدورها انها مستعدة لحماية ناقلاتها امنياً.

فهل انتهت الاحادية الأميركية؟

يتجه الأميركيون الى التعامل مع روسيا على هذه القاعدة، إنما بعد استئثارهم بأموال اضافية من بعض انحاء العالم، والدليل ان ترامب دعا الدول السبع الكبار الى إعادة روسيا الى ناديها، وهذه مسألة لن يطول أمرها، تماماً كمسألة النظام القطبي المتعدد الذي ظهر واضحاً في مؤتمر فلاديفوستوك الروسي العالمي الأبعاد.

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سورية وإيران عجلتا في نهاية عصر الهيمنة الغربية!

أغسطس 30, 2019

د. وفيق إبراهيم

اعتراف الرئيس الفرنسي ايمانويل ماكرون بأن العالم يشهد نهاية عصر الهيمنة الغربية جدير بالتحليل.

لأن الانهيارات التاريخية لا تحدث فجأة بل تجتاز مراحل وتطورات وتبدلات في السيطرة على المناطق الضعيفة والغنية بمواقفها وثرواتها.

هذا ما شهده العالم منذ انهيار الاتحاد السوفياتي في 1989 والذي حاول الأميركيون بعده إعادة تشكيل الدول لتوطيد هيمنتهم الأحادية وسط تعاون أوروبي غربي لافت مع الإقرار بحدوث اعتراضات من بلدان أوروبية إنما ليس للتخفيف من نظام الهيمنة الغربي، بل لتوسيع المحاصصة بين دوله.

السيد ماكرون هنا كان واضحاً عندما اعترف بأن النظام الدولي يتغير كلياً بصورة غير مسبوقة وفي جميع المجالات، كاشفاً ان الهيمنة الفرنسية البريطانية واخيراً الأميركية في القرون 18 و19 و20 تدهورت على الرغم من التعاون التاريخي بين دولها، لكنها ارتكبت الكثير من الأخطاء منها إبعاد روسيا عن أوروبا والتدخل في الكثير من الازمات، بشكل غير محترف كاشفاً أن روسيا والصين والهند هم أجزاء اساسية من النظام العالمي الجديد، لما حققوه من انجازات اقتصادية وسياسية وعسكرية، معترفاً بأن روسيا موجودة في كل النزاعات العالمية وتزحف نحو أفريقيا داعياً الى علاقات واسعة تحرر أوروبا من تداعيات استمرار الصراع الأميركي الروسي على أراضيها.

ماكرون اذاً، ادرك مسبقاً التحولات التاريخية المرتقبة محاولاً رسم خريطة جديدة لتموضعات بلاده في محاولة لتأمين دور صاعد لها. وهذا ما يفعلهُ الانجليز والالمان ومعظم الأوروبيين و»إسرائيل» وتركيا وبلدان كثيرة.

بناء عليه يخوض الأوروبيون مجابهات هذا التموضع الجديد محاولين تسهيل نظام عالمي غير محتربٍ يستند الى تفاهمات بين روسيا والصين وأميركا والهند بالتعاون مع فرنسا والمانيا، اي ما يشبه القيادة الجماعية المتعاونة برؤوس ثلاثة هي أميركا والصين وروسيا مع مشاركة نسبية للهند الصاعدة بسرعة وأوروبا التي تسعى للعودة الى الازدهار على اكتاف هذا الحلف الجديد.

السؤال هنا هو عن الظروف التي عجلت بالاعتراف الأوروبي بانتهاء هيمنة غربية عمرها ثلاثة قرون استباحت فيها ثروات العالم وإمكاناته ولم تأت بطيب خاطر بل بتحولات مختلفة.

لا شك في البداية أن العودة الروسية التدريجية الى الميدان العالمي وتموضعها في معظم الأزمات من أوكرانيا وفنزويلا وسورية وإيران مع بداية تسلل الى معظم أزمات العالم أنهكت الهيمنة الغربية.

ورفدتها الصين بانتشار اقتصادي عالمي استفاد من العولمة من ناحية ورخص سلعها من ناحية ثانية لاكستاح أسواق العالم. الصين اليوم هي الثانية عالمياً لكنها تتهيأ في اقل من عقد واحد لاندفاعة تحتل فيها مكانة القطب الاول، بدورها الهند الثانية عالمياً بعديد السكان تتوثب اقتصادياً. ويكفي هنا انها اصبحت تنتج ما يستهلكه الهنود وتتحضّر لاحتلال جزء من السوق العالمية بسلع مقبولة وبأسعار أقل من اسعار السلع الصينية.

إنها اذاً حرب الاقتصاد تندلع على مساحة العالم للسيطرة على ثلاثة ارباع سكان الارض هم مجمل طبقاته الفقيرة والوسطى. وهذا ما يجعل السلع الصينية والهندية قابلة للتسويق.

من جهتهم فهم الأميركيون هذا السياق محاولين تعطيله باجتياح الشرق الاوسط منذ احتلالهم لافغانستان في 2001 وحروبهم في العراق منذ التسعينيات وحصار إيران منذ 1980 محاولين تدمير دولتها بدعم حروب شنّها عليها الرئيس العراقي السابق صدام حسين لمدة تسع سنوات متواصلة وبتمويل سعودي خليجي انتهت باحتلال أميركي متواصل للعراق منذ 2003.

يتبين ان المحاولات الأميركية الأوروبية لحماية نظام الهيمنة الغربي الكوني أدرك ان ضبط الشرق الاوسط في «السجن الغربي» تحمي سيطرتهم المطلقة، لأنه مصدر معظم ثروات الطاقة من نفط وغاز ومركز أساسي للاستهلاك فبلدانه متخلفة وغير منتجة وقرون اوسطية تستخدم الرشى الاقتصادية والدين والقمع لحجز الناس في أنظمة ملكية توتاليتارية تشكل جزءاً من نظام غربي يحميها مقابل الاقتصاد.

انها اذاً إيران التي تجابه حتى الآن محاولات الغرب لتدمير دولتها وإعادتها الى السجن الغربي، ان نجاحها في الصمود عرقل خطط انعاش الهيمنة الغربية لأنها لم تكتفِ بالدفاع عن إيران، بل أحدثت خرقاً كبيراً في نظام السيطرة الغربي على الشرق الأوسط ببناء تحالفات مع جزء من افغانستان الذي يحتله الأميركيون وقسم من باكستان والهند الى اليمن حليفها القوي، والعراق الوازن وسورية ولبنان وغزة في فلسطين.

هذا ما أدّى الى عرقلة واضحة لجهود الغرب في ترميم هيمنته، خصوصاً أن الدور الإيراني أتاح لكل من روسيا والصين فرصة التطور فيما الغرب وكل الغرب منهمك في محاربة الجمهورية الإسلامية في إيران متسبباً بتقدم الهند وارتياب تركيا وذعر «إسرائيل» والسعودية من التغييرات الكبيرة في النظام العالمي الجديد.

فتحولت العرقلة اهتزازاً وبداية تصدع في المواقف بين الأميركيين والأوروبيين.

لقد اعتقد الأميركيون ان السيطرة على سورية بعد احتلالهم للعراق يحمي هيمنتهم في الشرق العربي من خلال إلغاء التأثير العراقي على الخليج. وضبط هذا البلد في السياسات الأميركية وتفتيت سورية على نحو يحمي «إسرائيل» والى الأبد فصالوا في سورية فاتحين ابواب الحدود التركية الأردنية والعراقية وحدود لبنان لمرحلة محدودة، لكل انواع الارهاب الدولي والتدخلات العسكرية الغربية بقيادة الجيش الأميركي والغارات الاسرائيلية والمخابرات الأردنية وبدعم مالي على مستوى التسليح والاستشارات والتحريض الإعلامي من السعودية والخليج.

لقد سقط ملايين الشهداء والقتلى في سورية في حروب كر وفر نجحت فيها الدولة السورية باكتساح مناطق الإرهاب حتى أصبحت تسيطر على ثلاثة أرباع البلاد.

فجاء هذا الدور السوري إجهاضاً مباشراً لمحاولات إنقاذ الهيمنة الغربية لأن تدمير سورية كان من شأنه الغاء القضية الفلسطينية والإمساك بلبنان والعراق واليمن وإضعاف إيران وفتح ابواب الشرق بكامله للسياسة الأميركية من خلال الخليج وتركيا.

هل سورية هي آخر المعارك لترميم الهيمنة الأميركية؟ إنها المعركة الأخيرة التي تؤرخ لسقوط الاستعمار الغربي. وهذا يمنح سورية والعراق ادواراً إقليمية متيحاً لإيران التموضع على مقربة من النظام العالمي وفي قلب الدور الإقليمي الأساسي.

وذلك، فالمعتقد أنه كان على ماكرون الفرنسي الاشارة بوضوح الى دوري سورية وإيران في زعزعة الجيوبوليتيك الأميركي، ويبدو أن الصين وروسيا هما اللتان تقدران هذين الدورين وذلك باستمرارهما بدعم إيران وسورية وعلى كل المستويات.

The last western Empire?

The Saker

The last western Empire?

August 01, 2019

[this column was written for the Unz Review]

“Missing the forest for the trees” is an apt metaphor if we take a look at most commentary describing the past twenty years or so. This period has been remarkable in the number of genuinely tectonic changes the international system has undergone. It all began during what I think of as the “Kristallnacht of international law,” 30 August September 1995, when the Empire attacked the Bosnian-Serbs in a direct and total violation of all the most fundamental principles of international law. Then there was 9/11, which gave the Neocons the “right” (or so they claimed) to threaten, attack, bomb, kill, maim, kidnap, assassinate, torture, blackmail and otherwise mistreat any person, group or nation on the planet simply because “we are the indispensable nation” and “you either are with the terrorists or with us“. During these same years, we saw Europe become a third-rate US colony incapable of defending even fundamental European geopolitical interests while the USA became a third-rate colony of Israel equally incapable of defending even fundamental US geopolitical interests. Most interestingly looking back, while the US and the EU were collapsing under the weight of their own mistakes, Russia and China were clearly on the ascend; Russia mostly in military terms (see here and here) and China mostly economically. Most crucially, Russia and China gradually agreed to become symbionts which, I would argue, is even stronger and more meaningful than if these two countries were united by some kind of formal alliance: alliances can be broken (especially when a western nation is involved), but symbiotic relationships usually last forever (well, nothing lasts forever, of course, but when a lifespan is measured in decades, it is the functional equivalent of “forever”, at least in geostrategic analytical terms). The Chinese have now developed an official, special, and unique expression to characterize that relationship with Russia. They speak of a “Strategic, comprehensive partnership of coordination for the new era.”

This is the AngloZionists’ worst nightmare, and their legacy ziomedia goes to great lengths to conceal the fact that Russia and China are, for all practical purposes, strategic allies. They also try hard to convince the Russian people that China is a threat to Russia (using bogus arguments, but never-mind that). It won’t work, while some Russians have fears about China, the Kremlin knows the truth of the matter and will continue to deepen Russia’s symbiotic relationship with China further. Not only that, it now appears that Iran is gradually being let in to this alliance. We have the most official confirmation possible of that fact in words spoken by General Patrushev in Israel after his meeting with US and Israeli officials: “Iran has always been and remains our ally and partner.”

I could go on listing various signs of the collapse of the AngloZionist Empire along with signs that a new, parallel, international world order is in the process of being built before our eyes. I have done that many times in the past, and I will not repeat it all here (those interested can click here and here). I will submit that the AngloZionists have reached a terminal stage of decay in which the question of “if” is replaced by “when.” But even more interesting would be to look at the “what”:

what does the collapse of the AngloZionist Empire really mean?

I rarely see this issue discussed and when it is, it is usually to provide all sorts of reassurances that the Empire will not really collapse, that it is too powerful, too rich and too big to fail and that the current political crises in the USA and Europe will simply result in a reactive transformation of the Empire once the specific problems plaguing it have been addressed. That kind of delusional nonsense is entirely out of touch with reality. And the reality of what is taking place before our eyes is much, much more dramatic and seminal than just fixing a few problems here and there and merrily keep going on.

One of the factors which lures us into a sense of complacency is that we have seen so many other empires in history collapse only to be replaced pretty quickly by some other, that we can’t even imagine that what is taking place right now is a much more dramatic phenomenon: the passage into gradual irrelevance of an entire civilization!

But first, let’s define our terms. For all the self-aggrandizing nonsense taught in western schools, Western civilization does not have its roots in ancient Rome or, even less so, in ancient Greece. The reality is that the Western civilization was born from the Middle-Ages in general and, especially, the 11th century which, not coincidentally, saw the following succession of moves by the Papacy:

These three closely related events are of absolutely crucial importance to the history of the West. The first step the West needed was to free itself from the influence and authority of the rest of the Christian world. Once the ties between Rome and the Christian world were severed, it was only logical for Rome to decree that the Pope now has the most extravagant super-powers no other bishop before him had ever dared contemplate. Finally, this new autonomy and desire for absolute control over our planet resulted in what could be called “the first European imperialist war”: the First Crusade.

To put it succinctly: the 11th century Franks were the real progenitors of modern “Western” Europe and the 11th century marked the first imperialist “foreign war” (to use a modern term). The name of the Empire of the Franks has changed over the centuries, but not its nature, essence, or purpose. Today the true heirs of the Franks are the AngloZionists (for a truly *superb* discussion of the Frankish role in destroying the true, ancient, Christian Roman civilization of the West, see here).

Over the next 900 years or more, many different empires replaced the Frankish Papacy, and most European countries had their “moment of glory” with colonies overseas and some kind of ideology which was, by definition and axiomatically, declared the only good (or even “the only Christian”) one, whereas the rest of the planet was living in uncivilized and generally terrible conditions which could only be mitigated by those who have *always* believed that they, their religion, their culture or their nation had some kind of messianic role in history (call it “manifest destiny” or “White man’s burden” or being a Kulturträger in quest of a richly deserved Lebensraum): the West Europeans.

It looks like most European nations had a try at being an empire and at imperialist wars. Even such modern mini-states like Holland, Portugal or Austria once were feared imperial powers. And each time one European Empire fell, there was always another one to take its place.

But today?

Who do you think could create an empire powerful enough to fill the void resulting from the collapse of the AngloZionist Empire?

The canonical answer is “China.” And I think that this is nonsense.

Empires cannot only trade. Trade alone is simply not enough to remain a viable empire. Empires also need military force, and not just any military force, but the kind of military force which makes resistance futile. The truth is that NO modern country has anywhere near the capabilities needed to replace the USA in the role of World Hegemon: not even uniting the Russian and Chinese militaries would achieve that result since these two countries do not have:

1) a worldwide network of bases (which the USA have, between 700-1000 depending on how you count)

2) a major strategic air-lift and sea-lift power projection capability

3) a network of so-called “allies” (colonial puppets, really) which will assist in any deployment of military force

But even more crucial is this: China and Russia have no desire whatsoever to become an empire again. These two countries have finally understood the eternal truth, which is that empires are like parasites who feed on the body which hosts them. Yes, not only are all empires always and inherently evil, but a good case can be made that the first victims of imperialism are always the nations which “host the empire” so to speak. Oh sure, the Chinese and the Russians want their countries to be truly free, powerful and sovereign, and they understand that this is only possible when you have a military which can deter an attack, but neither China nor Russia have any interests in policing the planet or imposing some regime change on other countries.

All they really want is to be safe from the USA, that’s it.

This new reality is particularly visible in the Middle-East where countries like the United States, Israel or Saudi Arabia (this is the so-called “Axis of Kindness”) are currently only capable of deploying a military capable of massacring civilians or destroy the infrastructure of a country, but which cannot be used effectively against the two real regional powers with a modern military: Iran and Turkey.

But the most revealing litmus test was the US attempt to bully Venezuela back into submission. For all the fire and brimstone threats coming out of DC, the entire “Bolton plan(s?)” for Venezuela has/have resulted in a truly embarrassing failure: if the Sole “Hyperpower” on the planet cannot even overpower a tremendously weakened country right in its backyard, a country undergoing a major crisis, then indeed the US military should stick to the invasion of small countries like Monaco, Micronesia or maybe the Vatican (assuming the Swiss guard will not want to take a shot at the armed reps of the “indispensable nation”). The fact is that an increasing number of medium-sized “average” countries are now gradually acquiring the means to resist a US attack.

So if the writing is on the wall for the AngloZionist Empire, and if no country can replace the USA as imperial world hegemon, what does that mean?

It means the following: 1000 years of European imperialism is coming to an end!

This time around, neither Spain nor the UK nor Austria will take the place of the USA and try to become a world hegemon. In fact, there is not a single European nation which has a military even remotely capable of engaging the kind of “colony pacification” operations needed to keep your colonies in a suitable state of despair and terror. The French had their very last hurray in Algeria, the UK in the Falklands, Spain can’t even get Gibraltar back, and Holland has no real navy worth speaking about. As for central European countries, they are too busy brown-nosing the current empire to even think of becoming an empire (well, except Poland, of course, which dreams of some kind of Polish Empire between the Baltic and the Black Sea; let them, they have been dreaming about it for centuries, and they will still dream about it for many centuries to come…).

Now compare European militaries with the kind of armed forces you can find in Latin America or Asia? There is such a knee-jerk assumption of superiority in most Anglos that they completely fail to realize that medium and even small-sized countries can develop militaries sufficient enough to make an outright US invasion impossible or, at least, any occupation prohibitively expensive in terms of human lives and money (see herehere and here). This new reality also makes the typical US missile/airstrike campaign pretty useless: they will destroy a lot of buildings and bridges, they will turn the local TV stations (“propaganda outlets” in imperial terminology) into giant piles of smoking rubble and dead bodies, and they kill plenty of innocents, but that won’t result in any kind of regime change. The striking fact is that if we accept that warfare is the continuation of politics by other means, then we also have to admit, that under that definition, the US armed forces are totally useless since they cannot help the USA achieve any meaningful political goals.

The truth is that in military and economic terms, the “West” has already lost. The fact that those who understand don’t talk, and that those who talk about this (denying it, of course) have no understanding of what is taking place, makes no difference at all.

In theory, we could imagine that some kind of strong leader would come to power in the USA (the other western countries are utterly irrelevant), crush the Neocons like Putin crushed them in Russia, and prevent the brutal and sudden collapse of the Empire, but that ain’t gonna happen. If there is one thing which the past couple of decades have proven beyond reasonable doubt is that the imperial system is entirely unable to reform itself in spite of people like Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Ross Perrot, Ron Paul, Mike Gravel or even Obama and Trump – all men who promised meaningful change and who were successfully prevented by the system of achieving anything meaningful. Thus the system is still 100% effective, at least inside the USA: it took the Neocons less than 30 days to crush Trump and all his promises of change, and now it even got Tulsi Gabbard to bow down and cave in to Neocons’ absolutely obligatory political orthodoxy and myths.

So what is likely to happen next?

Simply put, Asia will replace the Western World. But – crucially – this time around no empire will come to take the place of the AngloZionist one. Instead, a loose and informal coalition of mostly Asian countries will offer an alternative economic and civilizational model, which will be immensely attractive to the rest of the planet. As for the Empire, it will very effectively disband itself and slowly fade into irrelevance. Both US Americans and Europeans will, for the very first time in their history, have to behave like civilized people, which means that their traditional “model of development” (ransacking the entire planet and robbing everybody blind) will have to be replaced by one in which these US Americans and Europeans will have to work like everybody else to accumulate riches. This notion will absolutely horrify the current imperial ruling elites, but I wager that it will be welcomed by the majority of the people, especially when this “new” (for them) model will yield more peace and prosperity than the previous one!

Indeed, if the Neocons don’t blow up the entire planet in a nuclear holocaust, the USA and Europe will survive, but only after a painful transition period which could last for a decade or more. One of the factors which will immensely complicate the transition from Empire to “regular” country will be the profound and deep influence 1000 years of imperialism have had on the western cultures, especially in the completely megalomaniac United States (Professor John Marciano’s “Empire as a way of life” lecture series addresses this topic superbly – I highly recommend them!): One thousand years of brainwashing are not so easily overcome, especially on the subconscious (assumptions) level.

Finally, the current rather nasty reaction to the multi-culturalism imposed by the western ruling elites is no less pathological than this corrosive multi-culturalism in the first place. I am referring to the new theories “revisiting” WWII and finding inspiration in all things Third Reich, very much including a revival of racist/racialist theories. This is especially ridiculous (and offensive) when coming from people who try to impersonate Christians but who instead of prayers on their lips just spew 1488-like nonsense. These folks all represent precisely the kind of “opposition” the Neocons love to deal with and which they always (and I really mean *always*) end up defeating. This (pretend) opposition (useful idiots, really) will remain strong as long as it remains well funded (which it currently is). But as soon as the current megalomania (“We are the White Race! We built Athens and Rome! We are Evropa!!!”) ends with an inevitable faceplant, folks will eventually return to sanity and realize that no external scapegoat is responsible for the current state of the West. The sad truth is that the West did all this to itself (mainly due to arrogance and pride!), and the current waves of immigrants are nothing more than a 1000 years of really bad karma returning to where it came from initially. I don’t mean to suggest that folks in the West are all individually responsible for what is happening now. But I do say that all the folks in the West now live with the consequences of 1000 years of unrestrained imperialism. It will be hard, very hard, to change ways, but since that is also the only viable option, it will happen, sooner or later.

But still – there is hope. IF the Neocons don’t blow up the planet, and IF mankind is given enough time to study its history and understand where it took the wrong turn, then maybe, just maybe, there is hope.

I think that we can all find solace in the fact that no matter how ugly, stupid and evil the AngloZionist Empire is, no other empire will ever come to replace it.

In other words, should we survive the current empire (which is by no means certain!) then at least we can look forward to a planet with no empires left, only sovereign countries.

I submit that this is a future worth struggling for.

The Saker

Civil War Coming to America?

February 12, 2019


“World Changing, World Powers Becoming More Fragile”

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi's

February 10, 2019

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi the world is changing and moving in a direction where major powers are becoming more fragile, allowing other countries an opportunity to take control of their own destinies.

Bahram Qassemi made the remarks in an interview with Mehr news agency on the achievements of the Islamic Revolution in the field of foreign policy.

“I believe that the world is moving in the direction where great powers are becoming more fragile every day, and other countries can take hold of their own destiny through wisdom, consensus and unity,” he said.

He went on to add, “we have to believe the fact that the world is changing. As you can see, the US today is not the same as it was yesterday, and the future US will certainly not be what it is today.”

Qassemi then explained the concept of ‘No to East, No to West’ as one of the slogans of the Islamic Revolution, adding “in my opinion, the meaning of the slogan is that interaction with the East and West is acceptable, but without being under the influence of either of them. We should have cooperation and engagement with them while maintaining our independence, and today this objective has been achieved.”

He stressed that the notion of ‘independence’ has been the most important factor in Iran’s foreign policy in the past forty years after the Revolution.

“The Islamic Revolution of Iran was not only a source of inspiration for neighboring countries and the region, but also for all other countries across the globe,” he added.

SourceMehr News Agency

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