Western counter-revolution tragically on display at gas price hike protests

A picture taken on November 17, 2019 shows a scorched gas station that was set ablaze by protesters during a demonstration against a rise in gasoline prices in Eslamshahr, near the Iranian capital of Tehran. (By AFP)

A picture taken on November 17, 2019 shows a scorched gas station that was set ablaze by protesters during a demonstration against a rise in gasoline prices in Eslamshahr, near the Iranian capital of Tehran. (By AFP)

Western counter-revolution tragically on display at gas price hike protestsBy Ramin Mazaheri

Thu Nov 28, 2019 08:18AM [Updated: Thu Nov 28, 2019 08:24AM ]

Ramin Mazaheri is the chief correspondent in Paris for Press TV and has lived in France since 2009. He has been a daily newspaper reporter in the US, and has reported from Iran, Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, South Korea and elsewhere. He is the author of the books ‘I’ll Ruin Everything You Are: Ending Western Propaganda on Red China’ and the upcoming ‘Socialism’s Ignored Success: Iranian Islamic Socialism.’


A simple question for you: are there, for lack of a better word, “counter-revolutionaries” in Ukraine, Hong Kong, or Syria? By that I mean: do those nations have people on the far extremes of the political spectrum who will provoke, take advantage of, and even relish in violence against their governments?

Obviously, only a liar or somebody foolishly playing devil’s advocate would not respond that, yes, in these nations there are many such persons — the proof is overwhelming.

So why would it be so hard to believe that there are such persons — counter-revolutionaries — in Iran, and that they hijacked recent protests over gas price hikes to provoke, take advantage of, and devilishly relish in death and violence against the government? Iran, unlike the nations I listed — and unlike almost every nation, period — actually had a popular revolution for extremists to counter in the first place.

Iranians are reminded of their exceptionalism when, for example and for certain, such far-right groups drove on a motorcycle to a gas hike protest, fired on the crowd, and fled.

Such vicious, armed people — the allies of the governments of many of those reading this article — are obviously the worst, most anti-democratic type of criminal. Their goal is just as obvious: to foment a counter-revolution in Iran.

What is unfortunate regarding the West’s coverage of the national tragedy which was the violence at the Iranian gas hike protests is that there isn’t the barest mention of this very real, very life-and-death, very accurate reality.

The term “counter-revolutionary” staggers the Western mind in its tracks — they seem to think it has been consigned to history? Or because there are no revolutionary countries in the West, and many ones filled with neo-imperial propaganda, perhaps they cannot even conceive of the existence of counter-revolutionaries?

The impact of such naivety is profoundly deadly.

Iranian counter-revolutionaries are aware of this yawning Western blind spot, and so they know that every single Iranian death — when reported by Amnesty International or Western journalists — will be blamed on the government and national security forces even though every Iranian knows that this is false and impossible.

The sweet, good-hearted innocents at Amnesty and the desk-only journalists in London, Paris, and New York City simply do not have the experience, or maybe even the editorial approval, to write this truthful question asked by every Iranian: how many innocent deaths were caused by counter-revolutionaries, and how many counter-revolutionaries pushed their far-right views all the way to their own demise?

We don’t know, as an official government report of the deaths has not yet been released. But everyone in Iran has an idea of the answer — a lot of them.

And there were many innocent deaths of protesters, too. This is why the gas hike protests are a tragedy.

And we know, because no one denies the right to self-defense, that the government simply had to fire back: when somebody drives by on a motorcycle and opens fire… what is the alternative for any civil servant working in security?

What needs to be impressed on non-Iranians is that there are regular protests in Iran and that they are not violent. Iran is not Cuba, which has no protests besides the “Ladies in White.” Iran is also not China, which has almost too many protests to keep track of. Iran is also not the US, which seemingly forgot how to protest in between the end of their Vietnam invasion and the election of Donald Trump. So if Iran has many protests which do not get violent, why did these?

The gas price hikes were launched without warning, and I assume it is because the government knew that they would be very unpopular… but they didn’t want them to be explosive.

And by “explosive” I mean that they didn’t want the old-money monarchists, the insane MKO who are even less popular than the criminal monarchists, ISIL (an attack of theirs caused 70 innocent casualties in Tehran in 2017), the cynical mercenaries bought by Western nations and their Arab monarch puppets, the secret service agencies of such nations which of course target Iran (is this is not a great number of people, already?) to have time to plan their drive-by shootings, building bombings and arsons at a  moment of heightened social unrest. I would say it’s not that the government wanted to catch the Iranian people by surprise, but to catch these illegitimate, undemocratic, far-right, definitely “counter-revolutionary” forces by surprise.

Were there legitimate protests against the gas hikes? As I mentioned, of course, and nor were they unusual or unexpected.

But attacking a police station, probably to get weapons — it is a normal journalistic question to ask if these are the works of counter-revolutionaries or “normal protesters,” regardless of the passport such attackers hold? Take a moment to imagine what the Western mainstream response would be be if French Yellow Vests did that — the idea that any of them would receive the barest sliver of public support is preposterous.

Just like with the Yellow Vests, the West lies about the true authors of protest violence

This should be stating the obvious to anyone with a rudimentary political awareness, but in the Iranian context, a “far-rightist” is synonymous with a “counter-revolutionary.” This is the case of every society which had a revolution since 1917, and Iran is no different. There is no “far-right” party in China, Cuba, Iran, or in any revolutionary nation because revolutionary nations all banish/declare war on far-right forces, after all.

It is difficult for Westerners to understand the recent Iran protests because they are denied this historical-political honesty and context about Iran. Their difficulty is further compounded by the fact that the top NGOs and the Western mainstream media cannot or will not admit that in Western nations the far-right is firmly a part of their establishments, unlike in Iran.

Look at the Yellow Vests in France: across the West, they have been portrayed as violent, far-right thugs masquerading as protesters. The reality is — and I have been there nearly every Saturday and can testify — the scenes of extreme violence always come from Black Bloc members who infiltrate the protests. Black Bloc is totally detrimental to the legitimate pro-democracy and socioeconomic demands of the Yellow Vest protesters; their ultra-left anarchism is totally unwanted; they are easily infiltrated by rogue cops, who merely have to wear black; French riot cops don’t lift a finger to stop Black Bloc’s vandalism — they are either colluding or, certainly, told to allow violence to occur in order to discredit the Yellow Vests.

The Yellow Vests are innocent protesters, just like the Iranian gas hike protesters — they are unarmed and cannot possibly stop people from committing unreasonable violence. Therefore, how can the West blame the Yellow Vests for violence they disavow and have no part in? I don’t know… but that is certainly what they have done for a calendar year.

The real violence comes not from Iranian gas price hike protesters nor Yellow Vests (who started following a gas price hike) in either of their situations, but from outside, unwanted, self-interested forces with incredibly dubious democratic intentions.

It is crystal clear: just as the West doesn’t report that it is Black Bloc committing violence and not the Yellow Vests protesters, the West also doesn’t report that it is far-right/counter-revolutionaries who are the authors of violence in Iran.

The Iranian government must absolutely punish police wrongdoings whenever proven. They must not be like France, which last week finally opened their first trial for police brutality despite the full calendar year of incredibly calculating repression. Iran has had a short-lived paroxysm of violence — the French government cold-bloodedly wages police brutality with sadistic regularity and precision.

However, comparing France and Iran is to compare apples and bowling balls. France’s government doesn’t have to spend one second thinking about catching “anti-France” forces “by surprise.” France is not beset by many rich, far-right groups / nations / monarchs / ex-monarchs / terrorists who get out of bed in the morning with the sole goal of destabilizing their national system.

Iranians, unlike the French, know this article is full of truths.

They know that because they know what propaganda is: France just had its bloodiest day since being kicked out of Beirut some 40 years ago, as 13 French soldiers died while fighting in Mali. President Emmanuel Macron immediately tweeted, “These 13 heroes had just one goal: To protect us.” Now that is laughable propaganda about France’s “one goal!”

Nobody can believe that, but many in France and the West do — all part of the “war on terrorism,” right? But Malians know better: a January 2018 poll in the capital of Bamako revealed that 80% of respondents believe that France’s army is in Mali only to defend its own interests. Which is, of course, obviously the case. Macron immediately and robotically made his phony “war on terror” claim because he knows such scaremongering propaganda is desperately needed to stop honest discussion.

Just as many Westerners will believe Macron’s false propaganda, many Westerners will believe 100% that the Iranian government is responsible for every recent death. The emphatic, self-righteous certainty with which Western propaganda insists this falsehood and inaccuracy is appalling.

Iranians believe otherwise — some told me the majority of the dead were ardent counter-revolutionaries. This is a common perception, but it cannot be verified yet — what’s certain is that innocents did die, and that is a tragedy.

US clarifies its ‘diplomacy:’ allow a counter-revolution or starve to death

The real economic problem in Iran is the Western sanctions blockade. Such sanctions are made to create instability to the point of civil war. The West also funds groups which are designed expressly to create the most sparks precisely at times of heightened dissatisfaction and difficulty.

Those are all facts, and why would they not have been on full display at the gas price hike protests?

They were, but honest analysis of Iranian politics has few forums available. This article has discussed and analyzed these rarely-discussed realities which Iranians know well and will not deny.

In Iran, the violence comes from an ultra-violent right but the West naively acts as if such a political sector in Iran does not exist. The West also naively acts as if within their own nations there is not establishment support of far-right, conservative, certainly “counter-revolutionary” ideas and groups. It should thus be clear why the West is so unwilling to support revolutionary Iran in maintaining its revolution.

The West allies with the far-right across the world. Iranians know this, and they also pay the price. They pay the price at the gas pump, as the West’s blockade has undoubtedly forced the recent price increase, and they pay the price in so very many liters of blood, just as they have done ever since the beginning of the Western-forced invasion by Iraq in 1980.

Why can such realities not be even be broached in Western media or by Western NGOs? To this, I have no satisfactory answer.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just said, essentially, that Iran has to have a counter-revolution if “they want their people to eat.” As Yemen proves (in case North Korea did not do this already), the US is fine with starvation as a “legitimate” political tactic.

What is certain, sadly, is that no Western journalist called Pompeo a “far-rightist,” a “fascist” or a “counter-revolutionary” — they all simply nodded and reported what he said without question, contestation, or a hint of shame.

The counter-revolutionaries lost in Iran recently, again; Iran mourns that they still keep trying. The nation mourns most of all because of the West’s never-ending blockade against Iranian self-determination.

The terroristic inhumanity of their starvation-strangulation-sanction policy is something which cannot be broached in Western media, NGOs, governments or among many Western citizens, as well.


(The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Press TV.)


Report Showing ‘Iranian Military’ Hit by the Israeli Air Raid Near Damascus!


Beit Saber Damascus western countryside - israeli missile strikes house killing civilians

Everything Israel bombs in Syria sells it to the fools who believe its propaganda as ‘Iranian military targets’, and especially ‘Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ facility, as if that is not a breach of international law by itself.

On the ground and in reality it’s totally the opposite. Everything you hear from Israeli sources reflects totally the opposite to cover their crimes.

The US Taxpayers should watch this following report to see how their money is used by Israel. They must be satisfied with the ‘achievements’ of their 51st unofficial state living completely on their account.

Mohammad al-Khodr from the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel paid a visit to the village of Beit Saber, an agricultural village about 50 kilometers from the Syrian capital Damascus which was struck by one of the Israeli missiles two days ago, and also visited Qudsayya, another suburb near Damascus which was hit by another Israeli missile and this is their findings:


The video is also available on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/7chXUEzARh1E/beit saber damascus countryside israel missile strike house killing civilians

Israel was always present to lend a hand to terrorists fighting their unholy fake ‘jihad’ war against the Syrian state and the Syrian people under the US leadership. Whenever they need support help comes from their brethren in the IDF terrorist organization, and whenever the US wants to increase the pressure on Syria, the terrorist attacks would mount, foreign parties would increase their negative intervention, EU stooges will increase their sanctions against Syria, and Israel will be there for the dirty work.

From yesterday’s NATO terrorist attacks against Aleppo which never stopped throughout the Syrian crisis:


Note that Israel carries out its bombings against all targets after midnight, and from across borders, and in many cases hiding behind civilian airlines, showing the heinous nature of its war criminal leaders.

Those who believe Israeli media, similarly to who believed other Pentagon mainstream propagandists and fell for the Iraqi WMDs lie, then Libya lie, then countless other lies across the planet will continue to fall for the same lies by the same liars. There is a saying in America: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, so big shame on the US fools.

Social Media Censorship Reaches New Heights as Twitter Permanently Bans Dissent

Mnar Muhawesh speaks with journalist Daniel McAdams about being permanently banned from Twitter, social media censorship and more.

Most recently, it was revealed that Twitter’s senior editorial executive for Europe, the Middle East and Africa is an active officer in the British Army’s 77th Brigade, a unit dedicated to online warfare and psychological operations.

In other words: he specializes in disseminating propaganda.

The news left many wondering how a member of the British Armed Forces secured such an influential job in the media.

The bombshell that one of the world’s most influential social networks is controlled in part by an active psychological warfare officer was not covered at all in the New York TimesCNNCNBCMSNBC or Fox News, who appear to have found the news unremarkable.

But for those paying attention and for those who have been following ’MintPress News’ extensive coverage of social media censorship, this revelation was merely another example of the increasing closeness between the deep state and the fourth estate.

Amazon owner, and world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos was paid $600 million by the CIA to develop software and media for the agency, that’s more than twice as much as Bezos bought the Washington Post for, and a move media critics warn spells the end of journalistic independence for the Post.

Meanwhile, Google has a very close relationship with the State Department, its former CEO Eric Schmidt’s book on technological imperialism was heartily endorsed by deep state warmongers like Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair.

In their book titled, The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business, Eric Schmidt and fellow Google executive Jared Cohen wrote:

What Lockheed Martin was to the twentieth century…technology and cyber-security companies [like Google] will be to the twenty-first.”

Another social media giant partnering with the military-industrial complex is Facebook. The California-based company announced last year it was working closely with the neoconservative think tank, The Atlantic Council, which is largely funded by Saudi Arabia, Israel and weapons manufacturers to supposedly fight foreign “fake news.”

The Atlantic Council is a NATO offshoot and its board of directors reads like a rogue’s gallery of warmongers, including the notorious Henry Kissinger, Bush-era hawks like Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, James Baker, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security and author of the PATRIOT Act, Michael Chertoff, a number of former Army Generals including David Petraeus and Wesley Clark and former heads of the CIA Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta and Michael Morell.

39 percent of Americans, and similar numbers of people in other countries, get their news from Facebook, so when an organization like the Atlantic Council is controlling what the world sees in their Facebook news feeds, it can only be described as state censorship on a global level.

After working with the council, Facebook immediately began banning and removing accounts linked to media in official enemy states like Iran, Russia and Venezuela, ensuring the world would not be exposed to competing ideas and purging dissident voices under the guise of fighting “fake news” and “Russian bots.”

Meanwhile, the social media platform has been partnering with the U.S. and Israeli governments to silence Palestinian voices that show the reality of life under Israeli apartheid and occupation. The Israeli Justice Minister proudly revealed that Facebook complied with 95 percent of Israeli government requests to delete Palestinian pages. At the same time, Google deleted dozens of YouTube and blog accounts supposedly connected to the government of Iran.

In the last week alone, Twitter has purged several Palestinian news pages, including Quds News Network — without warning or explanation.

Electronic Intifada co-founder Ali Abunimah wrote, 

This alarming act of censorship is another indication of the complicity of major social media firms in Israel’s efforts to suppress news and information about its abuses of Palestinian rights.”


Alternative voices not welcome

The vast online purge of alternative voices has also been directed at internal “enemies.”

Publishers like Julian Assange and whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning are still being held in solitary confinement in conditions that international bodies and human rights groups call torture, for their crime of revealing the extent of the global surveillance network and the control over the media that Western governments have built.

As attempts to re-tighten the state and corporate grip over our means of communication increases, high-quality alternative media are being hit the hardest, as algorithm changes from the media monoliths have deranked, demoted, deleted and disincentivized outlets that question official narratives, leading to huge falls in traffic and revenue.

The message from social media giants is clear: independent and alternative voices are not welcome.

One causality in this propaganda war is Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, a public advocacy group that argues that a non-interventionist foreign policy is crucial to securing a prosperous society at home. McAdams served as Senator Paul’s foreign affairs advisor between 2001 and 2012. Before that, he was a journalist and editor for the Budapest Sun and a human rights monitor across Eastern Europe.

McAdams, who spent much of his time on Twitter calling out the war machine supported by both parties, was recently permanently banned from the platform for so-called “hateful conduct.” His crime? Challenging Fox News anchor Sean Hannity over his hour-long segment claiming to be against the “deep state,” while simultaneously wearing a CIA lapel pin. In the exchange, McAdams called Hannity “retarded,” claiming he was becoming stupider every time he watched him.

Yes, despite that word and its derivatives having been used on Twitter over ten times in the previous minute, and often much more aggressively than McAdams used it – only McAdams fell victim to Twitter’s ban hammer. Something didn’t make sense about this ban. One only needs to read the replies under any of President Trump’s tweets to see far more hateful speech than what McAdams displayed to suspect foul play.

I spoke with McAdams about the ban and began by asking him if he accepts the premise of the ban, or if he believes something else was afoot.

Feature photo | Spirit Boom Cat | Shutterstock

Mnar Muhawesh is founder, CEO and editor in chief of MintPress News, and is also a regular speaker on responsible journalism, sexism, neoconservativism within the media and journalism start-ups.

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MTV Chairman Michel El Murr to Be Tried on Dec. 9 on Charges of Public Funds Embezzlement, Tax Evasion: Al-Ahed Website


November 14, 2019

The Chairman of MTV Channel and “Studio Vision” Company, Michel Gabriel El Murr, will be tried at the Court of Appeals on December 9 on charges of public funds embezzlement and tax evasion, according to a report posted by Al-Ahed News Website.

The report clarified that El Murr is accused of infringing on the public telecommunication system by pirating the international phone calls which, by law, are monopolized by the government, adding that he was acquitted in 2018 and that the authorities appealed the verdict later.

Judiciary sources told Al Ahed Website that El Murr may never be acquitted at the Court of Appeals because documents and solid proof condemn him for depriving the state’s treasury of big amounts of money, the report added.

The story started in 2012, when El Murr purchased an E1 line which allows him to have a wide range of communication services via the Internet, installing special equipment and receivers to redirect the international phone calls from the government’s communication posts to his company.

Accordingly, his line will turn the expensive international calls to cheap local one, depriving the treasury from hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In this war, El Murr also sells the phone callers for half of the cost they pay it to the government in return for the international phone calls, according to the report.

The judiciary sources added that proofs and pieces of evidence El Murr’s E1 line witnessed a weird rise in the number of calls and the value of bills in comparison with other main companies, like LBCI and Blom Bank.

The sources pointed out that in May , 2016, the line was deactivated for two days and that El Murr realized at that time that he was caught red-handed because the number of calls after the deactivation is much less than that before it.

The following table shows how the calls fell from 5137 on 10/05/2016, one day before the line was deactivated, to 118 on the first day of the line’s reactivation.

The judiciary sources also pointed out that El Murr is accused of tax evasion because the large amounts of money he got out of this conspicuous piracy did not pass through the legal procedures of the government; thus, he avoided paying the taxes which come in this context.

Finally, the judiciary sources stressed that El Murr may never be able to be acquitted because the documents and proofs are enough to sentence him for three years in jail and force him to repay the financial losses he inflicted upon the state’s treasury (estimated to be around one million US dollars).

Source: Al-Ahed News Website (Edited and translated by Al-Manar English Website)


Abu Mohammad Salama Killed? Did Zionists & Kurds Deceive President Trump? Or Is This the Beginning of the End of Israel?

November 4, 2019

TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), regularly answers questions for Tehran Times.

Q. Within minutes of President Donald Trump’s announcement of an alleged raid that allegedly killed an alleged ISIS leader known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, skeptical commentary emerged. What is your summary appreciation?

A. Let me begin by saying that people I trust tell me that the raid was very real, with helicopters flying 50 feet above the ground at 130 knots. The cost of the raid has been estimated at $30 million. What does not appear to be real are the actual location, and the actual identity of the person we claim was killed.

I am among those who denounced the fake Bin Ladens including the last one provided by the Pakistani military as a gift to help Barack Obama win re-election. We sent men to their death for political theater. I knew immediately that this latest alleged raid was a fake, but chose to start with a headline, “Russia says Baghdadi killing faked by US [& Israel],” credited to Gordon Duff, founding editor of Veterans Today.  Gordon, whom I know personally, has a rich network of contacts on the ground, including Russian military commanders as well as honest Jews who despise Zionist provocations and lies. The official Russian denunciation of the raid as having never happened is a matter of record.  To that I add the earlier reported death of Al-Baghdadi in 2015 in an Israeli hospital, and the alleged but credible aspect of al-Baghdadi being a Mossad operative and Israeli citizen named Elliot Shimon, and you have the perfect storm. I believe the Zionists and the US neo-conservative lied to President Donald Trump, faked the entire raid, faked the alleged DNA testing, and have now put the President in a terrible spot.

Accepting that our Special Forces carried out a raid – somewhere — either al-Baghdadi / Elliot Shimon is still alive as Gordon suggests, and the death was faked; or al-Baghdadi died in 2015 and this new death was faked – someone else was killed. I think our President has been lied to.

A deeply suspicious person would also wonder if this is not a potential “kill shot” by Benjamin Netanyahu against Trump – here is what Ha’aretz says, in “Trump Basks in al-Baghdadi’s Bloody Assassination, but the Festivities Will End Shortly,”

Trump is bound to be criticized for his blood-thirsty style, as well as the fact that he hurried to announce al-Baghdadi’s demise before the Pentagon had signed off on final and incontrovertible DNA proof that the ISIS leader had indeed been killed. On the extremely unlikely chance that al-Baghdadi will emerge somewhere safe and sound, which has happened before, Trump would instantly transform, not into a lame duck but into a dead duck.

The above tells me two things: that the DNA was not confirmed as the President claimed; and that Benjamin Netanyahu might well choose one day to “resurrect” Elliot Shimon aka al-Baghdadi, as a reprisal for the Miriam Adelson Medal of Freedom that set the stage for her public denouncement of Netanyahu’s wife as crazy and Netanyahu as a servant to his wife – this cost him dearly.

Interestingly, a separate new story has emerged about Israel now considering Donald Trump an unreliable enemy of Israel, and the likelihood that LtCol Alexander Vindman is a Zionist tool – he is a Jewish-American now betraying the President with false testimony to Congress favoring impeachment. I am inclined to agree with this assessment and believe that Benjamin Netanyahu has Elliot Shimon aka al-Baghdadi tucked away for re-emergence – a miniature “Samson option” against the President.

Pablo Escobar, writing in The Saker, “Caliph closure: ‘He died like a dog’,” says this:

According to ground sources in Syria, a prevalent rumor in Idlib is that the “dead dog” in Barisha could be Abu Mohammad Salama, the leader of Haras al-Din, a minor sub-group of al-Qaeda in Syria. Haras al-Din has not issued any statement about it.

I conclude that the raid happened, that Mossad operative Elliot Shimon aka al-Baghdadi was not present; that the Kurds, on behalf of the Zionists, provided fake DNA samples before and after; and that whoever died was not in fact, the alleged target, who was not a real terrorist leader to begin with.

The worst case analysis is that President Donald Trump has been “schlonged” by Benjamin Netanyahu personally, the Zionists generally, and their controlled Kurdish paramilitary servants.

There is, however, a best case analysis that the French shadow foreign minister has shared with me, and I include it in the spirit of deference to the opinion of others. His view is that this was a deliberately fake raid intended to not only achieve a political bounce across a largely ignorant public, but to set the stage for the “treasure trove” of intelligence actually obtained elsewhere, that crucifies Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Brennan and Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer among others, for having created ISIS and conspired with Israel as well as Saudi Arabia to destroy Syria.

My French colleague observes that the surprise travel of Pelosi and Schiff to Jordan and Afghanistan; the closure of all Israeli embassies and consulates immediately after the raid (ostensibly over a labor dispute, but 100% closure suggests government direction), and the resurfacing of the Epstein story with what I consider to be a falsified autopsy conclusion of murder all suggest that in conjunction with the forthcoming FISA criminal indictments, President Trump is getting ready for a coup d’grace against the Democratic leadership and its Zionist state sponsors. He concluded his observation by sharing the below post from Majestic 12, a Q Anon affiliate:

https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1120482314067349504/pe_bdFXz_bigger.pngMajestic 12‏ @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 Oct 30

Majestic 12 Retweeted Israel in Atlanta

Ending the Endless Wars is bad for Israel.

#UnsealEpstein is bad for Israel.

#DrainTheSwamp is bad for Israel.

#Disclosure is bad for Israel.


Q. Apart from the Russians, who have very sophisticated S-400 target acquisition radars covering the entire region, who else is saying this is a fake raid that never happened?

A. As you might imagine, because the Zionists control most mainstream media enterprises, and this fake raid serves both the Zionists and the warmongering neo-conservatives in the USA that want to keep ISIS alive, keep stealing Syrian oil, and continue to undermine Syrian sovereignty, almost no one else is challenging the narrative with two exceptions: the Daily Star in the UK has run two pieces, “Shock claim top ISIS leader is ‘Israeli spy’,” and “ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘not killed by US military’ Russia claims; and citizen journalists everywhere are pointing out the obvious flaws in the story. My favorite comes from a Nordic country, where an alert citizen quickly noticed that Google Earth, which updates on a monthly to yearly basis, not a daily basis, shows the alleged raid site as having been destroyed in the past, not recently. In addition Newsweek has run with a story, “Obama White House Photographer Suggests Trump Situation Room Photo of Unfolding al-Baghdadi Raid Was Staged,” a story I agree with.

I have no doubt that the Americans carried out a real raid with live ammunition and real dead.  Everything else about this appears to have been faked, a terrible embarrassment to our President, unless of course this is a deliberately fake event that he has authorized in detail.

Q. You have been a Marine Corps infantry officer; a clandestine operations officer or spy; the senior civilian responsible for creating a new national intelligence analysis center; and a J-2 intelligence analyst in Afghanistan. What other “indicators” do you personally see that suggest this story is completely false?

A. I personally continue to believe that President Donald Trump has been lied to, and is not a party to the total deception that has been imposed on him by a combination of Zionists and neoconservatives including members of his own staff who failed to defend him – in my view this terrible situation demonstrates that his new National Security Advisor – a very talented and nice person – is not up to the task of protecting the President from being lied to by the military-intelligence complex that is still in a state of treason, selected officials not-withstanding.  The Secretary of Defense and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency as well as the Secretary of State have all failed the President by going along with a false narrative that they probably knew was false but allowed to go forward because of some combination of political opportunism, Zionist bribery and blackmail, and the President’s own ego – he fell into this one, made it his own, and in so doing has disgraced himself in the eyes of Xi and Putin.

I see two levels of indicators that persuade me that this story is completely false. At the strategic level this strikes me as a blatant attempt by the Zionists and their CIA collaborators who hate President Trump to keep the Kurds whom they are arming and training and leading, in the game. The Daily Beast published “The Kurds Spotted Baghdadi. The U.S. Abandoned Them Anyway” early on, and then I saw “Baghdadi’s death underscores what we’ve lost by abandoning Syria’s Kurds,” from The Washington Post, and a series of CIA-sponsored stories about how the Kurds continued to provide leads “even after Trump abandoned them” – below is from The Economic Times of India, “CIA got initial tip-off from one of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s wives and a courier: Report,”

American officials told the newspaper that the Kurds continued to provide information to the CIA on Baghdadi’s location even after President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the American troops left the Syrian Kurds to confront a Turkish offensive alone.

The Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, one official said, provided more intelligence for the raid than any single country.

All this suggests that in combination, the Zionists and their treasonous allies in the US Departments of State and Defense and the CIA, are all seeking to block the President from fulfilling his campaign promise to get our forces out of the Middle East, and attempting to keep the Kurdish rebellion against the lawful Syrian government alive.

Given that al-Baghdadi has been reported dead seven times, I have to ask myself, is it possible that CIA and DoD and State did not know this? Or that their Middle East action officers are all Zionists, many dual US-Israeli citizens, and some being bribed and blackmailed directly by the Zionists? From where I sit, the President has fallen victim to a grand deception and he has no one – least of all the treasonous FBI – that he can rely on to protect him from traitors within our own ranks.

At the tactical level there are too many false notes across the entire story, to include dogs, an alleged tunnel with no exit, a site that has clearly been destroyed in the past, instantaneous DNA testing with the samples provided by the Kurds who are controlled by the Zionists, and more.  The similarities with the false final Bin Laden raid that led to many US deaths after the fact as part of the cover-up, are startling to include – I am not making this up – throwing the alleged target’s body parts into the ocean.  I keep waiting for CIA to release a photo of al-Baghdadi’s library before the alleged hide-out was allegedly flattened, it would not surprise me at all to learn that the long-dead al-Baghdadi was allegedly reading Orange Man, the new book by America’s greatest conservative cartoonist.

Pablo Escobar’s article, “Caliph closure: ‘He died like a dog’, provides the best over-all appreciation of the total context and the likely fraud perpetuated within that context. This entire story cannot be understood without accepting the very high probability that this was a reverse false flag – a fake target created for political theater, with the President of the United States of America being made a fool of by a combination of traitors in Israel and the USA, and well-intentioned loyalists who simply do not know what they do not know about the ability of the Zionists and their Kurdish servants to lie to great effect.

We did not kill al-Baghdadi, we certainly killed someone else, probably Abu Mohammad Salama or one of his deputies – none of them ISIS leaders, but rather leaders of Haras al-Din, an al Qaida affiliate.

Q. What anomalies have you not mentioned, that have emerged since you were first invited to comment on this very strange Presidential declaration of triumph over what appears to be a fake person?

Apart from Pablo Escobar’s piece, the single best commentary I have seen is from James Corbett, whose video, Something Big Has Happened! points out both the similarities with the fake raid to kill the fake final Bin Laden, with the many claimed deaths of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who was deliberately turned into a fake threat by US propaganda. Four things jump out from various alternative media reports – the US and European media continue to lie about this raid and parrot the official narrative:

01 The alleged location of the raid in Idlib, which is not friendly ground for the alleged target, has been pointed out by many as incongruous. Privately my military colleagues are saying that the raid was launched either from the sea or from Israel, and Idlib was picked for the fake raid precisely because it was near the sea.

02 The frantic effort to “authenticate” what are probably lies about instant DNA analysis (DNA tests take between 24 and 72 hours although some capabilities may exist that can do a preliminary test in hours) suggest that the Pentagon is now very uneasy with the entire narrative including the President’s comments on whimpering. Never mind that the US has no idea if the original DNA was genuine, it could easily have been pre-matched to the intended patsy destined for future duty as a “Lee Harvey Oswald.”

02 The injured dog – when no one else was injured in a tunnel with no exit where the blast of a suicide vest would certainly have killed the dog and soldiers would also have been wounded if not killed by the blast that could only go in one direction appears to be pure theater. The classification of the dog’s photo and name as Top Secret takes this to new heights of ludicrousness. I have published a counterpart account, with photos, of the CIA’s Top Secret stealth cat in the spirit of engagement with the official narrative.

03 The underpants allegedly stolen by Kurds from deep within territory hostile to them – has generated a lovely thread on “false flag underpants” – are so unbelievable I have to question the sanity and professionalism of everyone who allowed this narrative to go forward. In combination with everything else, this strikes me as truly depraved Mossad humor, giving the Americans a pair of used underpants – probably including sperm – as a form of screwing with the goyim shiksas – the Zionist term for non-Jewish girls who can be treated as whores.

04 The alleged burial at sea of body parts – a suicide vest leaves the lower body – is so reminiscent of the ocean burial of the last Bin Laden that it suggests that those behind this narrative are absolutely certain we are all stupid.

05 This is all about oil and keeping ISIS alive as a joint Mossad-CIA operation. I am quite sure at this point that President Trump knows he has been manipulated into making a fool of himself, and I speculate that he is privately talking to President Putin about how to continue his plans to totally withdraw US forces from the region.  I am reminded of the private conversations of John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev, where they both agreed that their own worst enemies were their own generals who wanted war, not one another. Today I do not believe the Russian generals want war, but too many of the American generals are posturing pimps for war because that is how they earn their retirement jobs – they are also lying to the Secretary of Defense and the President about our readiness for war – not only are we not ready for sustained war away from the USA, but we will absolutely lose any war that includes Russia or China as a committed adversary. It is my hope that the President will realize that he has been treated with such scorn by Israel and the Kurds and that this gives him the strength to fire all those who were complicit in these lies, withdraw entirely from Syria, and rebuild our military here at home.

06 I have just read “Seven takeaways from the CENTCOM commander’s hot wash of the Baghdadi raid,” and I have to say that I simply do not believe that six men “suited up” in suicide vests when a supposedly surprise “breach”  took place.  While I have no direct experience my training and broad experience suggests that the action is over in 30 seconds. I also do not believe that the alleged al-Baghdadi dragged children into a “hole” with him.

07 ISIS confirming the death and naming a new leader is for me consistent with ISIS being a fake terrorist organization responsive to US direction – if President Trump wants a fake death confirmed and a new leader named, it is his to command.

This raid may indeed serve the President well, but the anomalies are troubling.

Q. This apparently falsified “triumph” against ISIS – and in favor of the Kurds and the US keeping military troops and even tanks on top of the Syrian oil fields – comes just as Trump appears ready to criminally indict Obama, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, and Page, among others. How do you assess Trump’s prospects for the next months?

A. This falsified event will play well across America, and commentaries like mine and those of Gordon Duff and Pablo Escobar and James Corbett will not be noticed. For all practical purposes, this event is a political triumph, never mind that it is rooted in lies. The Chinese know this is a fake attack, the Russians know this is a fake attack, by now Trump knows this is a fake attack. There are now media reports that Trump has ordered the release of the video of the alleged attack, when it comes I expect it will be picked apart the way the video from the Christ Church false flag in New Zealand was picked apart.

On a positive note, my colleague Ben Fulford, a long-time observer of high finance and low crime based on Tokyo, has published “Third (fourth?) death of Mossad agent Shimon Elliot “al-Baghdadi” actually signifies major Middle East change,” and strikes a very upbeat note that I am prepared to embrace. The view of his Pentagon sources is that this event is going to lead to increased US-Russian collaboration in cutting off illegal oil, arms, human, and drug trafficking in the Middle East that all benefit the Zionists and the Deep State. I must emphasis that there are seven or more US military and intelligence leadership networks, some purely evil, some committed to the President’s success.  All those networks are at war with one another.  I believe the President and the White Hats will triumph in time.

If the President wants to make lemonade with these lemons, he should declare victory against ISIS and leave Syria.  His occupation of Syrian oil fields is both unconstitutional within the USA and illegal in relation to international treaties and conventions.

You mention the criminal indictments.  I published “SPECIAL: Game-Changing Court Filing by Michael Flynn Defense Lawyer Sidney Powell…PLUS DoJ Criminal Inquiry Plus Seth Rich Murder Central Brennan Task Force Plus Stone & Manafort to Get Off?” a few days ago and it has gone viral in part because Sidney Powell, the attorney for my colleague General Michael Flynn, has filed a detailed federal court document that itemizes the many crimes committed by all those seeking to fabricate the narrative of Russian election interference and Donald Trump as a Russian asset. The murder of Seth Rich is now part of the conspiracy led by President Barack Obama, and complicity in murder is on the table for all those who committed treason in mis-directing secret intelligence against then candidate Donald Trump.

I will end on a most positive note: while I would like to see our President do more to defend the US Constitution (especially  the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments), to bring all our troops home from all over the world; and to address the huge problems facing the working class and people of faith in the USA, on balance I believe that in the next few months the world will see political, legal, economic, and cultural triumphs by our President that could not have been imagined since the days of John F. Kennedy.

Unlike JFK, our President cannot be assassinated.  He will triumph. It is my hope that Iran will understand that behind the political theater and completely apart from our President’s continued tolerance of traitors in key positions, there is a house cleaning going on. From election reform to military tribunals to a global currency reset and a national debt jubilee to the reinstatement of family values and civic virtue, “Orange Man” is on a path pre-ordained by God, who absolutely has a sense of humor.

Q. Do you have an opinion on how the impeachment campaign will end, and who the Democrats will nominate to run against President Trump, if you are certain he will run? Are there any “wild cards.”

A. The impeachment campaign will not end well for the Democrats.  It is only in the news because the Deep State wants it to be in the news and is manipulating the polls.  In the Heartland everyone agrees that this is a “lynching” and those giving false testimony against our President are committing treason. It merits comment that so many Republicans are retiring precisely because they see the future: the public is going to turn against both of political parties that have betrayed the public trust and fronted for the Deep State. If President Trump implements #UNRIG (the election reform act championed by Dr. Cynthia McKinney and myself that the Zionists worked so hard to destroy), not only will he win with a landslide, but he could carry a whole new congress with him. Certainly by 2022 I expect four to five vibrant parties with blocks of elected representatives in Congress and at the state and local level. There are riots all over the world – the public is fed up with the corruption and demanding new honest governments.

Once the FISA criminal indictments are processed, in time for the beginning of the presidential campaign that does not really start until 1 February 2020, I believe the President will be assured of winning, and if he creates the truth channel and/or uses legal measures to force the media and social media to stop violating the 1st Amendment and Title 7 (anti-discrimination), the outcome will be clear by 4 July 2020.

The Democrats not only know they cannot win with anyone now running, but they have been quoted as saying that they collect more money in donations if President Trump is re-elected.  I believe the Democrats are preparing to “throw” the Presidential election while seeking to take back the Senate.

Tulsi Gabbard is the wild card.  This young person was a Congressional staffer who appears to have joined the military with a clear political intent. She started as a military police enlisted person and then became a medical specialist – a form of nurse administrator. Not only is she not a combat veteran in the correct sense of the word, but she is also in direct violation of all US military regulations against use of her appearing in uniform as part of her political campaign.  She has been keeping these two facts secret. Now here is what most do not know: not only is she Hindu, but she is also a Brahmin, the India version of 1%.  There is no difference between Hillary Clinton’s calling all of us “deplorables,” and Tulsi Gabbard viewing all of us as “untouchables” – as an avowed Hindu she must believe that caste divisions should be the law. All indications are that the Deep State is thinking hard about a possible run by Bloomberg – a Zionist at heart – and Gabbard, a cosmetic bimbo whose shallowness may not survive a Presidential campaign. However, if President Trump continues to ignore Independents, Libertarians, blacks, Latinos, suburban woman, the young, and the elderly on the West and East coasts, then Bloomberg-Gabbard is a winning ticket and – if they win – the US Constitution will be discarded with the end of free speech, the confiscation of guns, and a police state where local mass surveillance is the norm.

I do not think Hillary Clinton will run as much as she may delude herself into thinking she could win. Apart from the high probability of her being indicted soon, even if this is done secretly to avoid a public battle with the left, for high crimes including hundreds of millions of dollars taken in bribes from the French for Libya, from the Saudis for Syria and Yemen, and from the Russians for Uranium One, she is deeply vulnerable on the pedophilia front, and the election machines are being secured at the same time that all illegal aliens are being stripped from the voting rolls – three million illegal aliens voted for her in 2016, that is not going to happen again.

America is in the middle of a civil war between those who favor pedophilia, bestiality, transgenderism, and transhumanism, and those who favor faith, family, and community. The conservatives are losing that war because the Zionists – our worst enemy – control entertainment, the media, and the communications and computing networks that they use for espionage and insider trading.  I am not certain the President is fully familiar with the depth and breadth of the Zionist threat within the USA, one reason I value the opportunity to publish in Tehran Times.  He and his family have received briefings from me that bring together distinguished authors – my Memoranda for the President: 9/11 Truth is the stake in the heart of Zionism in the USA along with my memo on the Epstein case, the “Nine Veils of Evil,” and my collected Tehran Times articles, many censored in the USA, that I published as TRUMP vs. THE DEEP STATE: Recent Reflections of a Former US Spy & Marine Corps Officer. At Thanksgiving the President and his intimates will soon be receiving a copy of my new book, EYES ONLY: For the President (and the Public): Everything the Deep State Does Not Want You To Know.

Iran is correct is insist on the end of Israel – an invented state rooted in lies, bribes, blackmail and genocide – and the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinians.  Similarly here in the USA we must insist on the death of the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly so as to restore of integrity to our Constitutional Republic. I will pray for the day that our President meets the Supreme Leader, in Tehran, to “make the deal.” Be assured of the coincidence of interest between patriotic American conservatives, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. We will win this fight, using ethical, legal, non-violent means, Insha’Allah. It helps us here in the USA if Iran and the Palestinians triumph in the Middle East – and vice versa. Iran and the USA have a common enemy: the Zionist state of Israel.

استقالة الحكومة: الحراك للانتصار أم للانتحار؟ Government resignation: Al-Harak (The protest movement) for victory or suicide?

استقالة الحكومة: الحراك للانتصار أم للانتحار؟

أكتوبر 30, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– استقال الرئيس سعد الحريري وتحقق للحراك المطلب الرئيسي الذي افترض كثيرون أنه سيكون بابا للحلول، بالتمهيد لولادة حكومة جديدة، أسموها حكومة إنقاذ. فهل نحن نقترب من فجر الخلاص ولو باستعادة قدر من الاستقرار في منطقة وسط يمكن أن يلتقي فيها الأطراف الثلاثية الذين يصنعون المشهد اليوم، شارع الحراك والشارع الموازي الغاضب الآخذ بالتبلور بمعزل عن دعوات الترحيب والإدانة، والقوى السياسية الكبرى الممسكة بالسلطة على اختلافها وتنوّعها وتفاهماتها وخصوماتها؟

– العقدة الأولى ستكون تسمية رئيس جديد للحكومة، مع استعصاء وجود اسم يولد من رحم الحراك يلبي شعار الحراك الذي تختصره معادلة كلن يعني كلن . وقد صار الحراك أسير شعارات لم تولد مع يومه الأول مع الانتفاضة الشعبية ومشهدها الرائع وطنياً، والآفاق التي فتحتها لتغيير جدي حقيقي ناضج في الحياة السياسية وقدرتها على فرض إصلاحات اقتصادية ومالية جذرية، كنا نسمع خلالها مطالب الناس المتصلة بشجاعة بمحاكمة الفاسدين، واسترداد المال المنهوب، وإحياء وتزخيم القروض السكنية، وضمان الشيخوخة، وفتح باب النقاش بقانون الانتخابات النيابية نحو الدائرة الواحدة والنسبية خارج القيد الطائفي، حتى جاء يوم الإثنين، عندما نجحت الانتفاضة بفرض الإصغاء على الحكومة وانتزاع مطلب عدم فرض أي ضرائب ورسوم جديدة في موازنة 2020، ومجموعة من الوعود التي من حق الناس عدم الثقة بتحقيقها وفرض الرقابة والضغط لتحويلها من أقوال إلى أفعال وإذ بالشعارات تتبدّل ونبرة الحراك تتغيّر، فخرجت عملية تسييس واضحة رسمت خطة للانتفاضة نجحت بتسويقها عبر ماكينة إعلامية عملاقة، وصارت تتردّد على ألسنة المتظاهرين حتى صارت هي خريطة طريق الحراك، وعنوانها ركيزتان، الأولى حكومة إنقاذ وطني من خارج الطبقة السياسية الفاسدة ، والثانية قطع الطرقات تحت شعار الضغط لفرض استقالة الحكومة، ومجيء الحكومة الإنقاذية.

– في الظاهر كان يبدو السعي منطقياً. وهذا دليل أنه مدروس، خصوصاً أنه في الواقع مفخّخ، يحمل بذور القضاء على الحراك، الذي كان إنقاذه فرصة للبنان لدخول مرحلة جديدة من الحياة السياسية والخطط المالية والاقتصادية. فشعار حكومة الإنقاذ من غير السياسيين، متلازم مع استقالة الحكومة، لأن الاستقالة بلا بديل متفق عليه بين القوى الأساسية في الحكم والحراك سيعني فراغاً يبقي الحكومة المطلوبة استقالتها حكومة تصريف أعمال لشهور. وهذا ما يحدث الآن، ففي لبنان أسهل شيء هو استقالة الحكومة وأصعب شيء هو تشكيل حكومة، فما هي سيناريوات حكومة الإنقاذ؟

لأن مصداقية الحراك في الشارع ترتبط بعدم تمييزه للرموز السياسية الحاكمة، وإصراره على شعار كلن يعني كلن ، يفترض البحث أولاً عن رئيس حكومة من خارج الطقم السياسي تحت مسمّى تكنوقراط. وهذا هو باب الاستعصاء الأكبر، فأين هو الاسم الذي يلقى لخبرته ونظافة كفه وسيرته الوطنية ونجاحاته المبنية على عصامية تشبه سيرة الرئيس سليم الحص، ليقبل به المعنيون في السلطة ويرضى به الحراك؟ ويكفي لتظهير المأزق الإشارة إلى أن بعض جماعات في الحراك صارت تتداول أسماء من نوع السيدة ليلى الصلح، شقيقة الأمير السعودي الوليد بن طلال، أو صاحب إحدى المحطات التفزيونية، أو أسماء لناشطين حقوقيين أو نواب معارضين، معلوم سلفاً أن الانقسام حولها سيكون سهلاً وسريعاً وتحقيق الإجماع حولها من الحراك لترشيحها مستحيل. فكيف بضمان موافقة القوى الأساسية في الحكم؟

هذا الاستعصاء الانتحاري يواكبه مخرج أشدّ انتحارية، وهو استثناء رئيس الحكومة سعد الحريري من فيتو مشاركة السياسيين البارزين، والمشاركين في الحكم، بحيث يصير لحكومة الإنقاذ مسمّى واحد، وهو إخراج حزب الله من الحكومة بصورة يحتفل بها الأميركي كإنجاز حققته الانتفاضة كما بشرت صحف أميركية عديدة، وإخراج رئيس التيار الوطني الحر من الحكومة، بصورة تمنح القوات اللبنانية فرصة احتفال موازٍ بالانتصار. وبالتالي سقوط الحراك بالتحوّل إلى أداة سياسية لمشاريع داخلية وخارجية دأب الحراك على نفي تخديمه لها، وها هو يقع فيها بعيون مفتوحة وأقدام ثابتة، فينتحر لأنه يفقد نزاهته ونظافته ويصير البحث عن مخرج من فخّ وضعه لنفسه اسمه حكومة إنقاذ، مدخلاً لوضع البلد في قلب لعبة سياسية داخلية وخارجية هدفها تحجيم وإضعاف تحالف حزب الله والتيار الوطني الحر، وتقديم فرصة نصر لأعداء المقاومة وخصوم التيار الوطني الحر، من دون أي تقدم نحو إصلاح سياسي أو اقتصادي، والإصرار مستمرّ على نفي تهمة سرقة الحراك نحو تحويله إلى أداة للتخديم السياسي، ولأن التوازنات الحاكمة لن تسمح بهذا الخيار فينتهي تكليف الرئيس الحريري مجدداً برضا الحراك وقيادته غير المعلنة إلى تصريف أعمال طويل وانتظار طويل لولادة حكومة جديدة. وهذا مخرج لا يقلّ انتحارية بالنسبة للحراك، لذلك فإن الطريق المسدود سيصير مغلقاً بإحكام ولزمن طويل ويصير الانتحار في منتصفه طوعياً.

– في حال بقي الحراك مخلصاً لطلب حكومة من غير السياسيين والحكام، رئيساً وأعضاء سيبقى الاستعصاء، أو ارتضى إعادة تسمية الرئيس الحريري وانتظار ولادة حكومة ترضية، فإن الأداة الضاغطة التي يملكها هي قطع الطرق وتصعيدها بخطوات أشدّ تأثيراً على الناس والحركة الاقتصادية، والحركة مستوحاة من تجارب حزبية للضغط المتبادل، لم تستطع الاستمرار ولا حققت أهدافها، لأنها قامت على معاقبة المواطنين واستخدام لقمة عيشهم وسيلة ضغط على فريق سياسي يملك قدرة تحمل أكثر من الناس، ويملك قدرة ردّ موازية، فكيف عندما يصير الضغط على كل السياسيين، القادرين على التحمل أكثر من الناس، والناس تصير وقود ما يُفترض أنها ثورتهم، وتبدأ النتائج الكارثية بالظهور، قهراً وخوات وفلتاناً مالياً وتجارياً وفقداناً للسيولة وغضباً شعبياً وتعباً في الساحات، ونقصاً في المشاركة، ومناشدة للجيش والقوى الأمنية بفض الاعتصامات في الطرق، وهي اعتصامات يفسّرها عملياً القلق من عدم مشاركة الناس في الإضراب الذي يراد فرضه بالقوة. وهذه ديكتاتورية مقنعة بلباس الديمقراطية. فالثورات تستند إلى إضراب الجامعات والمدارس والمؤسسات الاقتصادية بطلابها وأساتذتها وموظفيها، وليس بفرض الإضراب القسري بالإقفال، والحاصل الطبيعي للقهر هو الانفجار، وثورة ضد الثورة، بدأنا نراها بأمّ العين أمامنا مع أحداث متكررة كانت أقساها مشاهد ساحة رياض الصلح وجسر الرينغ أمس، مهما اختلفت التسميات التي تمنح لها، وبالنتيجة هذا انتحار للحراك.

– للانتحار اليوم طريق عنوانه قبول دخول الحراك تحوّله أداة للعبة سياسية محلية وخارجية عبر التنازل عن حكومة إنقاذ برئيسها وأعضائها من غير السياسيين تلقى الإجماع، نحو تعديل حكومي يُخرج حزب الله ورئيس التيار الوطني الحر من الحكومة فيحقق نصراً لخصومهما في الداخل والخارج، أو قبول تسمية الرئيس الحريري مجدداً ودخول نفق الانتظار الطويل، والتآكل الأقصر والأسرع، ودائماً مواصلة الضغط عبر قطع الطرق، نحو حكومة تلتزم شعار كلن يعني كلن برئيس منهن أو مش منهن ، وصولاً لطريق مسدود يتآكل معه زخم الحراك، ويصير فتح الطرق، الذي طلب الحريصون على الحراك أن يكون طوعيّاً من القيّمين عليه، قسرياً بما يعادل هزيمة الحراك كله وكسر إرادة التغيير التي بشّر بها.

– للأسف ليس هناك مَن سمع نداء السيد حسن نصرالله، ليتلقاه بتواضع ويعيد التفكير نحو التمسك بعنوان الإصلاح السياسي والاقتصادي، بالبقاء في الساحات وتزخيمها، وفتح الطرق طوعاً، ورسم أهداف من حجم أولوية فرض تطبيق الحكومة لوعودها، ومحكمة للفساد يحمي مهمتها رفع الحصانات ورفع السرية المصرفية، وتعمل وفقاً لجدول زمني واضح، والبدء بالضغط لصالح قانون انتخاب على أساس لبنان دائرة واحدة وفقاً للنظام النسبي، ليصير بعده ومعه، ثمّة قيمة للحديث عن انتخابات مبكرة، وبالتالي حكومة من غير المرشّحين تشرف على الانتخابات، التي تفتح طريق حكومة جديدة وفقاً للأصول الدستورية تنبثق عن الانتخابات وتحترم نتائجها، فتحكم الأغلبية وتعارض الأقلية، وينتهي زمن حكومة كلن وتستقيم الديمقراطية.

قد يكون البعض يحتفل بما يصفه بالإنجاز الآن، لكنه في الداخل يرتعد رعباً، كما كل اللبنانيين، من النفق المظلم الذي تدخله البلاد، والذي يخدم خيارات مجهولة، حيث لا خريطة طريق واضحة، ومن لا يسكنه القلق جاهل أو ساذج أو لا تعنيه البلد مهما قال فيها شعر وأنشد من الأغاني الثورية.

Translation with Word 2019

Government resignation: Al-Harak (The protest movement) for victory or suicide?

October 30, 2019

Nasser Qandil

– President Saad Hariri resigned and fulfilled the main demand, which many assumed would be the door to solutions, in preparation for the birth of a new government, called a rescue government. Today’s scene, Al-Harak Street and the angry parallel street that is taking shape independently of the calls for welcome and condemnation, and the major political forces holding power, diversity, understandings and rivalries?

– The first node will be the naming of a new head of government, with the difficulty of having a name born from the womb of the movement that meets the slogan of movement that is shortened by the equation of all means. Mature in political life and its ability to impose radical economic and financial reforms, during which we heard the demands of the people courageously related to the trial of the corrupt, the recovery of looted money, the revival and the privatization of housing loans, the guarantee of ageing, and the opening of the debate on the law of parliamentary elections towards the circle One and relative outside the sectarian constraint, until Monday, when the uprising succeeded in imposing listening to the government and extracting the demand not to impose any new taxes and fees in the 2020 budget, and a set of promises that people have the right not to trust in achieving and impose censorship and pressure to turn it from words to deeds and With slogans changing and the tone of the movement changing, a clear politicization process came out that drew up a plan for the intifada that succeeded in marketing it through a giant media machine, and became hesitant on the tongues of the demonstrators until it became the road map of the movement, and its title is two pillars, the first of which is a government of national salvation from outside the corrupt political class, The second is to cut off roads under the slogan of pressure to force the resignation of the government and the coming of the rescue government.

This is evidence that it is well thought out, especially since it is in fact a booby-trapped, carrying the seeds of the elimination of the movement, whose rescue was an opportunity for Lebanon to enter a new phase of political life and financial and economic plans. The government, because resigning without an agreed alternative between the main forces in government and movement will mean a vacuum that keeps the government required to resign a caretaker government for months. This is what is happening now, in Lebanon the easiest thing is the resignation of the government and the hardest thing is to form a government, what are the scenarios of the rescue government?

Because the credibility of the movement in the street is linked to its non-discrimination of the ruling political symbols, and its insistence on the slogan of the whole meaning, it is assumed that the first search for a head of government from outside the political group under the name of technocrats. This is the door to the greatest difficulty, where is the name given to his experience, clean ness of his palm, his national biography and his successes based on a self-made that resembles that of President Salim al-Hass, so that those concerned in power can accept him and be satisfied with the movement? It is enough to confirm the impasse to point out that some groups in the movement are circulating names such as Mrs. Leila al-Solh, sister of Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, or the owner of a tv station, or names of human rights activists or opposition deputies, it is known in advance that the division around it will be easy and quick and achieved Unanimity around her from the movement for her candidacy is impossible. How can the key forces in government agree?

This suicide attack is accompanied by a more suicide exit, which is the exception of Prime Minister Saad Hariri from the veto of the participation of prominent politicians, and those participating in the government, so that the government of salvation has one name, which is to remove Hezbollah from the government in a way celebrated by the American as an achievement achieved by the intifada as Several U.S. newspapers, and the removal of the head of the Free Patriotic Movement from the government, have heralded a way to give the Lebanese forces a parallel celebration of victory. Thus, the fall of the movement by turning into a political tool for internal and external projects, the movement has been denying it, and it falls into it with open eyes and fixed feet, and he commits suicide because he loses his integrity and cleanliness and becomes the search for a way out of a trap that he put for himself a rescue government, an entry point to put the country at the heart of a political game. Internal and external aims to reduce and weaken the alliance of Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement, and provide a chance victory for the enemies of the resistance and opponents of the Free Patriotic Movement, without any progress towards political or economic reform, and insist on continuing to deny the charge of stealing the movement towards turning it into a tool for political service, and because the balances The governor will not allow this option, and president Hariri’s mandate to re-establish the will of the movement and his undeclared leadership will end in a long and long wait for the birth of a new government. This is a way out of no less suicidal for the movement, so the impasse will become tightly closed for a long time and suicide will be in the middle of itvoluntarily.

– If the movement remains faithful to the demand of a government of non-politicians and rulers, president and members will remain intractable, or accept the renaming of President Hariri and wait for the birth of a government of appeasement, his pressing tool is to cut off roads and escalate them with more severe steps affecting the people and the economic movement, The movement is inspired by partisan experiences of mutual pressure, it could not continue or achieved its objectives, because it was based on punishing citizens and using their livelihood as a means of pressure on a political team that has the capacity to bear more than people, and has the ability to respond parallel, how when the pressure on all politicians, able to Tolerance more than people, people become fuel of what is supposed to be their revolution, and the disastrous results begin to appear, by oppression, fear, financial and commercial inaction, loss of liquidity, popular anger and fatigue in the squares, lack of participation, and an appeal to the army and security forces to break up sit-ins on the roads, which are Sit-ins are practically explained by concern that people will not participate in the strike, which is to be imposed by force. This is a disguised dictatorship in the guise of democracy. The revolutions are based on the strike of universities, schools and economic institutions with their students, teachers and staff, not by imposing a forced strike by closing, and the natural outcome of oppression is the explosion, and a revolution against the revolution, we began to see with the eyes in front of us with repeated events that were the harshest scenes of Riad al-Solh Square and Jisr The ring yesterday, no matter how different the labels given to it, and as a result this is suicide for the movement.

– Suicide today is a way of accepting the entry of the movement and turning it into a tool for the domestic and foreign political game by ceding a rescue government with its president and its non-political members received consensus, towards a government amendment that will take Hezbollah and the head of the Free Patriotic Movement out of the government and achieve a victory for their opponents at home And abroad, or accept the nomination of President Hariri again and enter the tunnel of long wait, and corrosion shorter and faster, and always continue the pressure through the bandits, towards a government that adheres to the slogan of all means all of them or not of them, to reach a dead end with which the momentum of the movement is eroded, and become the opening of roads, which became the request of those keen to The movement must be voluntary from the custodians, forced to defeat the whole movement and break the will for change that he has promised.

– Unfortunately, no one has heard the call of Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, to receive him humbly and rethink towards sticking to the title of political and economic reform, to stay in the squares and to plan them, to open roads voluntarily, and to draw goals of the priority of enforcing the government’s implementation of its promises, and a corruption court protecting its mission to lift immunities. And raise bank secrecy, and work according to a clear timetable, and start lobbying in favor of an election law based on Lebanon one constituency according to the proportional system, to become after him and with him, there is value to talk about early elections, and therefore a government of non-candidates oversees the elections, which opens the way to a new government In accordance with constitutional principles that emanate from the elections and respect their results, the majority will open and oppose the minority, and the time of the Government of The Klan ends and democracy is upright.

Some may be celebrating what he describes as achievement now, but at home he shudders in horror, as all the Lebanese, from the dark tunnel entering the country, which serves unknown options, where there is no clear road map, and those who are not inhabited by anxiety are ignorant or naïve or the country does not mean no matter what he said poetry and singing from revolutionarysongs.


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Iranophobic propaganda factory of fake martyrs: the case of the Blue Girl

Iranophobic propaganda factory of fake martyrs: the case of the Blue Girl

by *Ivan Kesić for the Saker Blog

September 30, 2019

In the last two weeks, a heartbreaking story from Iran hit the world’s headlines. The storyline goes something like this: a female football fan, nicknamed as the Blue Girl, tried to enter the men-only Tehran’s Azadi Stadium in March this year and she was arrested by the security guards only because she was a woman. Six months later, more precisely in early September, she was ordered to attend a court in Tehran and after she found out about the prison sentence, she poured petrol on herself and set herself on fire outside the courthouse. She died in hospital one week later due to the third-degree burns. These reports in the Western media quickly gained a vast readership and triggered numerous reactions. Some compared her to Jan Palach, some wrote to international sports organizations seeking sanctions against Iran, and some went so far as to argue that the case would cause mass unrest or even revolution.

As is almost always the case with Western stories about Iran which target the audience’s emotions, by fact-checking the story details and comparing them with the statements of victim’s family given to the Persian-language media, it turns out that virtually all of the claims are incorrect, or even contrary. First of all, she was not arrested because she was a woman who wanted to go to the stadium, but because she violently attacked the policemen at the stadium gates, after refusing the security check. According to her sister, strife erupted when she told the security guards that they shouldn’t touch her because she is a girl from a conservative family. It means that the alleged liberal feminist, implied as such by the Western media, in reality was someone completely opposite, a conservative girl from the holy city of Qom. Most important of all, she did not attack the guards due to any sort of political protest, but because she was a mentally ill girl who had a hysterical attack. Unfortunately, she was alone so there was no one to explain her about the stadium rules, or to the guards about her mental health.

Unknowing about her medical record, police placed her in three-day detention, which led to a worsening of her mental condition. Her family came from Qom to Tehran, paid bail and showed documents about her health. When her scheduled trial came six months later, the judge was away so no verdict had been issued. There is no sentence of six months or two years in prison, as falsely claimed. Whether it’s due to a judge’s absence, rumors about potential penalties or something else, eventually setting fire to herself outside the building. It had nothing to do with football, politics or verdicts, only her mental disorder and an unfortunate set of circumstances. Her family further noted about her suicide attempt several years ago when she was a university student and was hospitalized for a while, adding that all related medical documents also exist. All these information were systematically ignored in the Western mass media. Even alleged image of the victim wearing a blue hat, circulated widely on the Internet, is false. It actually shows a transgender boy.

Her death is undoubtedly a tragedy and it provoked a number of reactions within Iran, especially among fans of the Esteghlal FC. Some public figures have criticized security guards for treating her as a normal citizen, and some also criticized the Iranian judiciary for the alleged prison sentence, which proved to be only a rumor. Still, these public criticisms have nothing in common with a distorted story from the foreign press, based on the misinformation by political activists who recognized the tragedy as the perfect opportunity to spread propaganda and manipulate the emotions of the world public. Their main focus was on sex-segregation in certain football stadiums and they have been seeking to stir an online outcry to call on the world football’s governing body to ban Iran from international competitions.

The hypocritical sex segregation debate

Speaking of sex segregation, which is completely irrelevant to this case, it is true that certain sports venues implement a policy of sex separation. Some have exclusive male audiences for men’s team matches, others have special sections for both men and women, while third ones are mixed. However, anyone who has visited Iran can testify that the country is far from some kind of segregationist society, since it does not exist in universities, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, urban transport, offices, mosques, holy shrines, etc. Certain football stadiums are rare exceptions, along with prayer halls, schools and public baths.

Furthermore, there are a number of problems in defining “discrimination,” whether at Iranian or international level. All those who are holding moral lectures about “discriminated women banned from stadiums” forget or intentionally ignore the fact that, in their own words, there are also “discriminated men banned from stadiums.” To be more precise, as there are stadiums for men’s matches with a men-only audience, there are also stadiums for women’s matches with an exclusively female audience. One example is the Ararat Stadium in Tehran, used by the Iran women’s national football team.

Debates over two-way segregation in stadiums are being waged within Iran itself, but foreign individuals and organizations operating under the guise of human rights and equality are always hypocritically invoking one-way segregation, specifically female spectators at men’s matches. The reason is apparent; the advocacy of this kind fits perfectly into the archaic Orientalist narrative about “oppressed women,” long propagated in the West and covered extensively in academic literature. The same one-way argument can be applied, for example, to the male-only schools in Iran, ignoring the fact that there are also female-only schools, or that there are plenty of single-sex schools in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries.

One may say that the focus on female spectators is due to the popularity of men’s football, which is partly true. For example, the match between Iran and Belarus at Ararat Stadium in last March was attended by less than one hundred female spectators. Even women’s matches in other countries are not better attended, but this tells us about the global discrimination against women’s football and sports in general. Advocating alleged equality by seeking mixed audience for single-sex matches is a bit ironic itself, despite the fact that female football players can hardly physically compete with their male counterparts. Similar justification is however difficult to find for sports segregation in numerous international motor racing competitions, which implicitly suggest that women are bad drivers. But this is not the case in Iran, its female racing drivers like Laleh Seddigh and Mitra Fallahpour competed against their male counterparts and won medals, which is a hard-to-find example in most countries of the world.

The only valid argument about sex segregation in football stadiums is the fact that Iran is one of the rare exceptions in a global context. Nevertheless, as in the example of the aforementioned female racing drivers, Iran is also a rare exception in various other fields of women’s emancipation. For example, Iran has women like Zohreh Sefati in the highest level of clergy, while the vast majority of other countries, including Western ones, have none. There is still no media circus or public debate on the issue. Another example is that despite being 4-5 times less populous, Iran has more female students at technical universities than the five largest EU countries combined, or twice as many as the second-ranked United States. Therefore, if you feel morally superior to give Iran lectures on the topic of women in stadiums, keep in mind that Iran can also do the same, but on much more serious topics. And if you believe that female cheerleaders are a better indicator of women’s emancipation than female engineers, then you have a serious problem in understanding gender equality.

The last ones who have a moral right to participate in this public debate are precisely those who were among the first and the loudest about the Blue Girl case, namely counter-revolutionary activists and the Saudi media clique. The former ones because in the pre-revolutionary period only a quarter of Iranian women were literate, and the latter ones because they represent the country with the most rigid sex segregation in the world, present in virtually all public places. This fact did not hamper The Independent, a half Saudi-owned British newspaper, from being among the first to publish a heartwarming false story, based largely on rumors by the apologists of Pahlavi regime.

The propaganda factory of fake martyrs

A particularly intriguing case is the role of the United States and the United Kingdom whose mass media and PR agencies have a long tradition of manufacturing fake martyrs for Iranophobic propaganda purposes. Notable cases include Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni, executed in 2005 for allegedly being “gay lovers,” Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, allegedly sentenced to death in 2010 because of “her love for another man,” Zahra Bahrami, alleged “democracy activist” executed in 2011, and Hashem Shabani, an alleged “poet and human rights campaigner” executed in 2014. In reality, the first two were sentenced for raping a 13-year-old boy, the second one for murdering her husband, the third one for drug trafficking, and the fourth one for Takfiri terrorism. These criminals were misrepresented as brave individuals who stood for freedom, and the Internet contains tons of heartbreaking reviews, fake biographies and quotes, calls to action, and so on.

All these cases have a lot more in common: they all emerged during the fiercest tensions between Iran and the United States, they all followed the same propaganda modus operandi, and all were promoted by the same media, organizations and individuals. For example, if you intend to learn more about these controversies on the highly popular English Wikipedia, do not expect anything credible in most cases and bear in mind that literally all articles were arranged by the same person, a pro-Israeli activist nicknamed as Plot Spoiler, who got indefinitely banned only since last year after administrators had uncovered that he was paid for contributions. The current version of the Blue Girl article is arranged by a user who openly declares himself as a monarchist and a hater of the Iranian political system. Do not expect much more from Internet search engines because fake news stories from the days of media hypes will appear at the top, while relevant critical reviews and scholarly articles are technically “hidden” for ordinary people.

In all the above cases, a propaganda campaign followed the same order. First, a particular judicial case was selected, to which rumors and false information were added. Secondly, a distorted version was released in the mass media, causing a moral crusade which involves politicians, organizations, celebrities and others. Everyone is asked for an (emotional) reaction. Thirdly, after the official Tehran denies false information, they accuse it of hiding facts or seeking excuses. A media hype thus keeps going on, along with demonization in the eyes of the world public. Such repetitive method was also used on the eve of aggression against Iraq, misinformation were repeated and the public debate has been prolonged until the majority of Americans were misled that Baghdad had weapons of mass destruction and military invasion was justified. A propaganda campaign sometimes includes a fourth step: when certain trial does not end in line with false sensationalist announcements, they claim that Iran has withdrawn under international pressure. This gives an impetus for a new round of same games, particularly among benevolent but manipulated activist volunteers, who believe that their babbling on social networks has an impact on the Iranian judiciary.

There is no shortage of resources for such games and potential “martyrs,” especially pseudo-feminist ones, as there are currently 7,440 women in Iranian prisons. It is easy to dig up domestic news, turn numerous stories upside down, and claim that trials are “dubious” or “unfair.” Theoretically, it is, even more, easier to do the same with the United States, considering there are 211,870 women imprisoned in that country or proportionally seven times higher than in Iran, but in practice virtually no one bothers with such facts and all find it quite normal when Americans are holding moral lectures. One may wonder whether it is because of the well-known “credibility” of the US courts, the same ones that seized billions of Iranian assets, delivered a verdict holding Iran responsible for the 9/11 attacks, and ordered the sale of Iranian antique art from American museums. Or perhaps many find the US trustworthy because their official criticism is always confirmed and joined by “eminent” Human Rights Watch?

Human Rights Watch (HRW), as well as similar US-funded organizations allegedly in charge of “promoting human rights,” plays an already seen game. Their modus operandi is to act in symbiosis with the mass media and Washington’s politics: at the beginning of propaganda campaigns, they back the biased claims and timely participate in provoking mass outrage, but after the media circus passes and its purpose was served, then they publish a more factual review, thus building the reputation of a credible and neutral institution. In this particular case, the HRW’s report about the Blue Girl contains a false balance, i.e., they do mention her mental illness and certain statements by her sister, but the title and most of the text deals with unfounded criticism, thus serving as a reference for the more aggressive mass media. Later, they can simply deny earlier allegations or the whole story; however, media coverage will then be absent. The most (in)famous example of such modus operandi is the false testimony of a Kuwaiti girl that helped build public support for the First Persian Gulf War. Both Human Rights Watch and their British equivalent Amnesty International initially supported the story of Iraqi tearing Kuwaiti babies from incubators and issued corrections only after the war. In other words, they fulfilled the task of their governments, and as “truthful organizations that acknowledge their own mistakes,” they continued to fulfill the same tasks later.

Even if the Blue Girl was a sane girl and immolated herself in political protest, which is definitely not the case, the United States would be among the last in a position to criticize. In just a few months before the self-immolation of Czech student Jan Palach, a celebrated anti-Soviet dissident who gained huge media coverage in the West, eight US citizens self-immolated themselves in protest against the Vietnam War. The media coverage of these American examples was negligible, as was in cases with ten other US citizens who later set themselves on fire in various political protests. On the other hand, no such case has been recorded in Iran, with the exception of two rumors based on dubious dissident sources.

The only valid criticism of the Iranian authorities over the Blue Girl case is that they treated her as an average sane person in the first three days. The security forces defended themselves that they did not know about her mental condition, further explaining that it was not even possible to know in given circumstances, which can be seen as a valid excuse. Even with regard to the treatment of people with a mental health condition, the United States would be the last candidate to sit on a high horse. We do not have to deal with hypothetical questions about what would happen if someone refuses a security check and violently attacks policemen at the US stadium gates, it is enough to recall the empirically confirmed cases of Artogi Groshe, Kevin Thorpe, Ronald Madison and many others. All of them were shot for resisting the police, and the responsible police officers later confronted them with fact that they killed people with mental disabilities, not arrogant criminals.

Exploiting the tragic death of a mentally ill person for political purposes of any kind is disgustingly shameful and below any human level. The same goes for this article, its purpose is not to justify any state policy, security guards or stadium rules, but merely to point out lies, hypocrisy, double standards and mass propaganda. Out of respect for the victim and her family who criticized the intense politicization in the foreign media, the identity of Blue Girl is deliberately not mentioned in the text. It’s not hard to notice that these media manipulations emerged in the midst of US-Iranian tensions and warmongering propaganda, orchestrated by the same group of people who called Iranians as “a terrorist nation,” sanctioned Iranian humanitarian organizations like Setad, along with child cancer patients and flood victims. They had previously manipulated the emotions of the world public with the aim of provoking a war with hundreds of thousands dead, and judging by their latest actions, they would be happy to repeat it all. Ultimately, we should remember that one of the basic points of John Bolton’s policy towards Iran included “a close cooperation with the media.” He may be gone, but his policies and old manipulation methods are still alive.

Ivan Kesić is a Croatia-based freelance writer and open-source data analyst. He worked as a writer at the Cultural Center of Iran in Zagreb from 2010 to 2016. His articles has appeared on the Consortium News, the Anti War, the Strategic Culture, the UNZ Review, & Mintpress News among the many.

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