Palestine’s ‘Day of Anger’: From River to the Sea


Palestine’s ‘Day of Anger’: From River to the Sea

By Staff, Agencies 

Palestinians staged a nationwide general strike across the occupied West Bank and towns occupied in 1948 lands to protest the ongoing “Israeli” aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Shops, business centers, civil institutions, banks, and universities shut their doors across the West Bank.
The general strike was called by Palestinian parties and unions as a “day of anger” over “Israel’s” military aggression in Gaza and Al-Quds.

“The strike is an expression of anger against this barbaric aggression by the ‘Israeli’ occupation and international silence toward [‘Israeli’] aggression against our people in Al-Quds, Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and Gaza,” Fahmi Shaheen, the coordinator of the national and Islamic forces in Al-Khalil said.

He further stated: “This strike acquires a special importance because it is joined by all the Palestinian people across historic Palestine.”

Meanwhile, shops and private institutions in Arab towns in 1948 occupied lands closed down as part of the general strike.

On Sunday, activists called on Palestinians to join the strike in protest of the ongoing “Israeli” attacks against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

“Israel’s” Unlimited Barbarism: Gaza’s Main Lab Damaged in Zionist Strikes

“Israel’s” Unlimited Barbarism: Gaza’s Main Lab Damaged in Zionist Strikes

By Staff, Agencies 

Again it’s “Israel’s” brutality that governs the scene. 

As part of the continuous “Israeli” barbarism in Gaza, the besieged strip’s Covid-19 testing and vaccination site was taken offline after it was struck in an “Israeli” air raid.

This comes as Palestinian health officials warned that Tel Aviv’s bombing campaign will drive a surge in the pandemic.

The strikes triggered a “complete halt” to immunizations, virus screenings and telemedicine services at Gaza’s Al-Rimal clinic on Monday, the territory’s Health Ministry said on Monday, noting that its own headquarters was also damaged in the bombing. 

“The ‘Israeli’ occupation’s targeting of the Ministry of Health and Al-Rimal Clinic caused a complete halt to the work of the only central laboratory examining coronavirus tests in [Gaza],” Health Ministry Undersecretary Youssef Abu al-Rish said in a statement, condemning the airstrikes as “a heinous crime aimed at dissuading the ministry from continuing its humanitarian work.”

In a separate statement, the ministry said that “Israeli” forces were targeting “densely populated residential areas,” sending some 40,000 families to crowded shelters, which have become “a dangerous environment for the rapid spread of Covid-19.” It urged the international community to provide “critically needed personal protection equipment” for the shelters.

The official announcement followed similar reports from both the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO], as well as the territory’s UN mission, which relayed a warning from UN chief Antonio Guterres that the fighting could “unleash an uncontainable security and humanitarian crisis” in Gaza.

The UN’s Gaza relief agency, the UNRWA, has also voiced fears that the eruption of violence could fuel a surge in the pandemic, with agency official Matthias Schmale observing that “Israeli” airstrikes were sending large numbers of unvaccinated Palestinians into cramped shelters, saying they “could turn into mass spreaders.”

With Gaza under a tight Israeli blockade, health agencies have found themselves ill-equipped for the ongoing health crisis, seeing major shortages in tests, treatments and vaccines. The latest aggression has only made matters worse, overwhelming Gaza’s hospitals with dead and wounded, and even martyring some healthcare professionals.

Moscow Warns Israel on Repeated Bombing: Syria May Lose Patience


Russia Envoy to Syria Lavrentiev with Israel War Criminal Netanyahu

‘Syria may lose patience’; Putin’s envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev (featured image – center) warned Israel about its repeated bombing and called on Israel to stop its violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

Lavrentiev: “Sooner or later, patience may run out, and there will be a response from the Syrian side, so I call on Israel to stop its bombing.”

Syria is so far avoiding being dragged to an additional war, it has an open war for the past 10 years against the world’s largest terrorist army sponsored by half of the world’s superpowers and the world’s super-rich politically retard Gulfies regimes, in addition to the full support of NATO’s 2nd strongest country Turkey which is literally being bankrupt by its madman Erdogan just to keep his Al Qaeda and other anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists continue.

Israel has repeatedly and countlessly carried out attacks against Syria escalating during the past year taking advantage of the Syrian army is busy fighting against the mushroom of hundreds of terror groups with their tens of thousands of suicide bombers all over the country, Israel is breaching international law with the full support of the same sponsors of the terrorist groups in Syria, most notably the USA and on the accounts of every US citizen, especially the taxpayers.

Without the full protection and support from its patrons, the USA and its NATO cronies and regional stooges, and with the full cost shouldered by the US taxpayers, Israel wouldn’t dare to open a new front against anybody in the region after its humiliating defeat in the 2006 war it waged against the Lebanese Hezb Allah resistance militia. The defeat in a war they started against a very smaller armed group proved how weak Israel is in reality and it can only survive with the lifeline it gets from its patrons whose people are now suffering from increasing poverty and one of the reasons is the ‘7 trillion dollars the US wasted in the Middle East’ for Israel, as the unindicted, yet, war criminal and former US President Trump said.

Lavrentiev’s warning to Israel is an attempt by the Russian political leadership to save Israel from its own evildoing. The Russian political brass does not want a new conflict that would bring back up to a million Russian speakers who migrated to occupied Palestine and got used to the lawless life there. Russia cannot, at the same time, hold Syria’s hands back in retaliating as the Israeli attacks are becoming more brazen and rude and the Israeli officials started bragging about it publicly.

A Syrian response is inevitable, Syria prefers to have its retaliation at a time it chooses and after reducing much of the other threats it’s facing on all fronts including the presence of the US Army’s Oil Thieves Regiment and their Kurdish terrorists in the northeast of the country, the NATO-sponsored al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, in the southeast in the Al Tanf and in the northwest in Idlib, and the open borders with nearby Iraq that is also facing a rise of terrorist attacks to give the USA an excuse not to withdraw its forces voluntarily from the country.

The Russian envoy Lavrentiev has also stated that his country supports a Syrian – Kurdish dialogue to reach a middle ground. The Syrian government cannot afford a middle ground in this case where former foreign refugees have carried out an armed insurrection against their hosts with the help of enemy states and have since worked to Israelize large parts of Syria, the parts where Syria’s main oil wells and the food basket are. The Kurds need to live like other citizens or return to their home countries.

About the US illegal military presence in Syria, Lavrentiev added: “Moscow does not accept the American military presence in Syria, which it considers illegal, nor does it accept the practices of the United States in plundering Syria’s natural resources.”

Israel and the USA have increased their bombing against Syria in the past year after the defeat of their proxy ISIS, the Pentagon warned that it would revive ISIS to try to win the war of terror and attrition it’s losing in Syria, and so it did.

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What I saw in the West Bank

PCHR: Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in Palestine (09– 15 July 2020)


July 17, 2020 3:04 AM  PCHR


Israeli forces continued to commit crimes and multi-faceted violations against Palestinian civilians and their properties, including raids into Palestinian cities that are characterized with excessive use of force, assault, abuse and attacks on civilians. This week, a civilian was killed by Israeli forces while he was walking with his friend in Kifl Hares village.

In addition, the army’s excessive use of force rendered 9 injuries among Palestinian civilians during raids and attacks on peaceful protests in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem. Furthermore, Israeli forces continued to arrest and raid the houses of those working with the Palestinian security services in the West Bank.

Over the past several weeks, the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem, witnessed wide-scale demolitions and distribution of demolition notices of civilian houses and properties as well as confiscation of lands for establishing roads for settlements. This week witnessed an increase confiscation lands decisions, especially in al-‘Isawiya village in occupied East Jerusalem.

This week, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) documented 168 violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL) by IOF and settlers in the oPt.

Israeli military shooting and violation of right to bodily integrity: On 09 July 2020, Israeli forces shot and killed Ibrahim Mostafa Abu Ya’qoub (33) without justification while he was walking with his friend on a street, 600 meters away from the settlement street so-called “Aber al-Samerah”, in north Salfit. On 13 July 2020, Aseen Mahmoud Hamad Duhair(34), from Rafah, succumbed to wounds she sustained after Israeli warplanes targeted her uncle’s house on 04 August 2014. It should be noted that due the Israeli attack, Duhiar suffered a spinal fracture, causing paraplegia or paralysis.

Israeli forces shot and wounded 9 Palestinians, including a child, in excessive use of force against peaceful protests in the West Bank: 2 in separate incidents in Salfit, 2 in suppression a peaceful protest in Nablus; and 5 were wounded in IOF raid into al-‘Isawiya in occupied East Jerusalem.

In Gaza, 5 shootings against fishing boats were reported; and once against agricultural lands western and eastern Gaza Strip.

Israeli military incursions and detention of Palestinian civilians: The Israeli military carried out 96 incursions into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem. Those incursions included raids of civilian houses and shootings, inciting terror among civilians, and attacking many of them. During this week’s incursions, 76 Palestinians were arrested, including 5 children. During raids, a Palestinian vehicle was seized.

Settlement expansion activities and settlers’ attacks: The Israeli authorities continued their settlement expansion operations in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem, PCHR documented 13 violations, including:

  • East Jerusalem: demolition of 2 houses; 1 self-demolished, a demolition notice given to a building in Ras al-‘Amoud neighborhood, and confiscation of dozens of dunams.
  • Bethlehem: 2 demolition notices and 2 cease-construction notices distributed, and 3 mixers and a concrete pump confiscated.
  • Salfit: 1000 square meters confiscated upon a military order.
  • Hebron: demolition of a 2-story house comprising of 2 apartments, 70 olive trees uprooted and confiscated, 70-square-long stone chains demolished, agricultural lands levelled, and an agricultural room demolished.
  • Tulkarem: a barrack and a cement wall demolished.

PCHR also documented 2 settler attacks: assault and vandalization on Palestinians’ vehicles in Laban al-Sharqiyia village, and establishing a settlement road in southern Hebron.

Israeli closure policy and restrictions on freedom of movement: The Gaza Strip still suffers the worst blockade in the history of the Israeli occupation of the oPt as it has entered the 14th consecutive year, without any improvement to the movement of persons and goods, humanitarian conditions and bearing catastrophic consequences on all aspects of life.

Furthermore, since the Palestinian Authority (PA) ended security coordination with Israeli authorities in May 2020, hundreds of critically ill patients whose condition cannot afford delays in treatment were denied travel. This was amplified by the restrictions put in place by Israeli forces since March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic that had already had grave implications on the humanitarian and economic situation of the Gaza Strip population. Recently, a very limited number of individual cases of patients who have obtained medical referrals and financial coverage to Israel were able to travel, and some others referred to Israeli organizations working in the field of health for assistance in coordination.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces continued to divide the West Bank into separate cantons with key roads blocked by the Israeli occupation since the Second Intifada and with temporary and permanent checkpoints, where civilian movement is restricted, and they are subject to arrest.
1. Violation of the Right to Life and to Bodily Integrity/Shooting

  • On Thursday, 09 July 2020, IOF shot dead a Palestinian civilian without justification while he was walking with his friend in Kifl Hares village. According to PCHR’s investigations, at approximately 23:00 on Thursday evening, Israeli forces deployed in an olive field in Kifl Hares village, north of Salfit, fired 4 – 5 live bullets at 2 Palestinians who were walking on a street, 15 meters away from the olive field. The olive field is about 600 meters away from a bypass road by Israeli settlers and IOF and links between several Israeli settlements and sites. As a result, Palestinian Ibrahim Mustafa Abu Yaqoub (33), from Kifl Hares village, was shot with a live bullet in his neck. Abu Yaqoub’s friend and two passersby transferred his via a civilian vehicle to Yasser Arafat Hospital, but he died before arriving to the hospital.

“At approximately 13:00 on Thursday, 09 July 2020, I called my friend Ibrahim and informed him that I am on my way to his house in Kifl Hares village in Salfit. We went out and made a phone call with one of our friends and told him that we are going to visit him, but the said that he went to Bedia village. Therefore, we decided to go back to Ibrahim’s house. While we were walking on the street, we heard a sound of gunfire as we were near Ali Saleh Hamad’s house next to olive fields that were about 15 meters away from our place. I thought that the shooting was far away, but Ibrahim suddenly stopped and said: “Haitham call my family and tell them that I got shot”. I was surprised because I thought that the gun fire was around us as IOF fired 4 – 5 sporadic live bullets. Ibrahim said he was shot in his chest and asked me to call his family. I thought he was joking, but I saw his shirt was covered with blood and he fell on the ground. I immediately called his brother. 2 young men, who were in the other side of the street, rushed to me and one of them namely Sari, moved Ibrahim to his vehicle and we all stepped into it. We attempted to leave from the village’s main entrance, but the shooting renewed from the olive field again. We returned to Hares village’s road and took Ibrahim to Salfit Hospital. However, Ibrahim died 10 minutes later and stopped moving as blood came out of his mouth. I later learnt that Israeli soldiers were deployed among the olive field, noting that for the last 5 five days, Israeli forces have been storming the village and deploying between olive trees. Four days ago, an Israeli military vehicle stopped me and an officer said to me, that if stoning did not stop in the village’s main street, they would carry out killings.”

  • Simultaneously, Israeli forces deployed in another olive field in the same village, as they were about thousand meters away of the above-mentioned olive field, opened fire in the adjacent neighborhoods. As a result, a 15-year-old child , from Kifl Hares villages, was shot with a live in his foot while being present adjacent to a house located in the main street, which about 10 meters away from the olive The child was transferred to Istishari Arab Hospital in Ramallah and his injury was classified as moderate. According to Israeli media, IOF alleged that they opened fire in the area after a Molotov cocktails was thrown at “Aber al-Samerah” street, south of the Kifl Hares village.
  • At approximately 01:00 on Friday, 10 July 2020, Israeli gunboats stationed adjacent to the border fence in southern Gaza Strip, opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats sailing within the allowed fishing area. Fishermen, as a result of that, panicked and had to sail back to the shore. Neither casualties nor material damage was reported.
  • At approximately 11:30 on the same Friday a peaceful protest took part from the center of Asirah northern village, north of Nablus, into lands threatened to be confiscated in al-Marj and Beit al-Zaki areas in Ebal Mount, east of the above-mentioned village. The protest was organized upon calls national factions in Nablus. The participants raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans against Israeli forces, settlers, Israeli annexation plan, and the U.S president Donald Trump’s Middle East plan. When the participants arrived at the area, a large number of IOF were waiting for them in the area. The participants performed Friday prayer in the above-mentioned land while Israeli soldiers were surrounding OF immediately suppressed the protest and fired live and rubber bullets, sound bombs and tear gas canisters at them. As a result, Hazem Yusuf Taher Yaseen (46), was shot with a sound bomb in his right hand that caused amputation of the middle finger and fracture in his index finger. A 52-year-old man also was shot with a sound bomb in his left leg that caused fracture in his leg’s instep. Another civilian’s leg was fractured after he was pushed by Israeli forces. The wounded civilians were transferred to al-Najah Hospital in Nablus for medical treatment. Many civilians also suffocated due to tear gas inhalation and they received medical treatment on the field. Israeli forces detained Yazan Khalid Yaseen (25), from the same village, severely beat him with their legs and rifles’ butt, dragged him on the ground, and took him to an unknown destination. Yaseen was later released and he referred to al-Najah Hospital for medical treatment.
  • At approximately 13:00 on the same Friday, Israeli forces stationed at the northern entrance to Kufur Qaddoum village, north of Qalqilia, suppressed a protest in which dozens of Palestinian civilians. Israeli forces chased young men who gathered in the area, clashed with them, and fired rubber bullets, sound bombs and tear gas canisters at them. Many civilians suffocated due to tear gas inhalation.
  • At approximately 14:00 on the same Friday, Israeli forces stationed in the vicinity of a military watchtower established on lands of Kufur Qaddoum village, north of Salfit, fired live bullets at dozens of Palestinians participating in a funeral procession of Ibrahim Mustafa Abu Yaqoub, who was killed by IOF the previous day. Israeli forces chased young men who gathered in the area, clashed with them, and fired rubber bullets, sound bombs and tear gas canisters at them. As a result, a 22-year-old young man was shot with a rubber bullet in his right leg.
  • At approximately 16:00 on Saturday, 11 July 2020, Israeli forces stormed al-‘Isawiya village, northeast of occupied East Jerusalem. They deployed in the village neighborhoods, established checkpoints at its entrances and searched vehicles before allowing them to leave the village. In the meantime, a number of young men protested at Al Mahmoud neighborhood’s entrance, west of the village, and threw stones, fireworks and Molotov Cocktails at Israeli soldiers. A large Israeli force immediately stormed the neighborhood, fired rubber bullets, sound bombs and tear gas canisters at civilians and clashed with them. As a result, 5 civilians were injured, 4 of them were shot with rubber bullets and the fifth was hit with tear gas shrapnel. Two civilians also sustained burns to their faces after Israeli soldiers pepper-sprayed them. IOF arrested Sa’di Mahmoud and his sons Mohammed (23) and Ahmed (20) and withdrew from the village.
  • At approximately 03:00 on Sunday, 22 July 2020, Israeli gunboats stationed northwest of the Gaza Strip, chased and sporadically opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats sailing within the allowed fishing area (3 nautical miles). Fishermen, as a result of that, panicked and had to sail back to the shore fearing for their lives. No casualties were reported.
  • At approximately 18:00 on Monday, 14 July 2020, Israeli gunboats stationed west of Rafah in southern Gaza Strip, opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats sailing within the allowed fishing area ( 4 nautical miles ). Fishermen, as a result of that, panicked and had to sail back to the shore fearing for their lives. Neither casualties nor material damage was reported.
  • At approximately 22:40 on the same Monday, Israeli gunboats stationed northwest of the Gaza Strip, chased and sporadically opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats sailing within the allowed fishing area (3 – 5 nautical miles). Fishermen, as a result of that, panicked and had to sail back to the shore fearing for their lives. No casualties were reported.
  • At approximately 10:00 on Wednesday, 15 July 2020, Israeli soldiers stationed along the border fence, east of Gaza Valley (Johur al-Dee), south of Gaza city, opened fire at agricultural lands, adjacent to the border fence. No casualties were reported.
  • At approximately 09:50, on the same Wednesday, Israeli gunboats stationed west of Rafah in southern Gaza Strip, opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats sailing within the allowed fishing area (6 nautical miles) and fired flare bombs. Fishermen, as a result of that, panicked and had to sail back to the shore. Neither casualties nor material damage was reported.

II. Incursions and Detentions

Thursday, 09 July 2020:

  • At approximately 12:00, Israeli forces detained Rami Mohammed Ghaith (26), while present near al-Baraq (Wailing Wall) in the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, and took him to one of the investigation center in the city.
  • At approximately 01:00, Israeli forces moved into Ras Ateya village, south of Qalqilia. They raided and searched several houses and detained Tareq Majed Mara’ba (17).
  • At approximately 01:25, Israeli forces moved into Mithlon village southeast of Jenin, north of the West Bank. They raided and searched Majed Hafiz Na’irat’s (53) house, head of health department in Mithlon village, and detained him.
  • At approximately 01:30, Israeli forces reinforced with several military vehicles moved into Sa’eer village, north of Hebron. They raided and searched several houses and detained Sowah Atta Jaradat (45) and Wajdi Nayef Mohammed Jaradat (23).
  • At approximately 02:00, Israeli forces reinforced with several military vehicles moved into Hebron, and stationed in al-Daheya area. They raided and searched Mohammed Salah al-Qawasma’s (24) house and detained him.
  • Around the same time, Israeli forces moved into al-‘Isawiya village, northeast of the occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched two houses belonging to Mohammed Ayman Obaid (21) and Omar Ahmed Mahmoud (16), and detained them.
  • At approximately 02:30, Israeli forces moved into Betounia, west of Ramallah. They raided and searched Fahmi Assi’s house and detained his daughter Ruba Fahmi Assi (18), a student in Birzeit University.
  • At approximately 03:00, Israeli forces moved into Beit Anan village, northwest of the occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched two houses belonging to Mohammed Obaid al-Mutairy (24) and Mo’ath Mujahed al-Mutairy (20), and detained them.
  • At approximately 03:20, Israeli forces moved into al-Beireh, north of Ramallah, and stationed at Um al-Sharayt neighborhood, southeast of al-Beira. They raided and searched Hussain Mohammed Hussain Abu Kwaik’s (65) house, one of Hamas Movement leaders, detained him and took him to an unknown destination.
  • Around the same time, Israeli forces moved into al-Am’ari refugee camp, southeast of al-Beira, north of Ramallah. They raided and searched Jamal Mohammed al-Taweel’s (57) house, one of Hamas Movement leaders, detained him and took him to an unknown destination.
  • At approximately 03:30, Israeli forces moved into Jenin, north of the West Bank. They raided and searched several houses and detained (4) civilians: Allam Sami Massad (51), Bassam Hassan Tayeh (49), Abdulla Afeef Zakarna (57), and Mazen Mohammed Zreiki (58).
  • At approximately 04:00, Israeli forces reinforced with two military vehicles moved into al-Shoyoukh village, north of Hebron. They raided and searched Mohammed Eid Halayqa’s (39) house and no detentions were reported.
  • At approximately 04:30, Israeli forces moved into Qalqilia. They raided and searched Abdul Rahman Mahmoud Hanini’s (24) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 10:00, the Israeli Intelligence Services moved into Beit Hanina, north of the occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched Shady Saad al-Mtawar’s (44) house, the Secretary of Fatah movement in Jerusalem, and handed him a summons to refer to al-Muskobeya investigation center in West Jerusalem.
  • At approximately 19:30, IOF moved into Khillat Hassan, west of Salfit. They raided and searched Azmi Taha Hamdan’s (24) house and detained him.
  • In the evening of the same day, Israeli forces established a temporary military checkpoint between Ramallah and Jenin, north of the West Bank. IOF detained Mohammed Falah Yousef Owais (26), from Jenin refugee camp, west of Jenin. Israeli forces took him to an unknown destination.
  • Israeli forces carried out (10) incursions in al-Jadida and Siries, southeast of Jenin; Ein al-Bida, east of Tubas in the northern valleys; Silwad in Ramallah; Ein al-Sultan refugee camp and Jericho, in Jericho governorate; Qafin in Tulkarem; Hebla in Qalqilia; Kifl Hares and Derastya in Salfit. No detentions were reported.

Friday, 10 July 2020:

  • At approximately 02:00, Israeli forces reinforced with several military vehicles, moved into Yatta, south of Hebron governorate. They raided and searched Mahmoud Mohammed Shamisty’s (40) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 03:00, Israeli forces reinforced with several military vehicles, moved into the southern area of Hebron. They raided and searched two houses and detained Amjad Mahmoud Jaber (22) and Malek Haroun Jaber (19).
  • At approximately 03:00, Israeli forces moved into al-Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah. They raided and searched Abdullah Sami Dwaik’s (17) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 03:00, Israeli forces moved into Jaba’ village, northeast of the occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched Zeyad Zaki Twam’s (25) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 12:00, Israeli forces stationed at Za’tara military roadblock, southeast of Nablus, detained Shady Mahmoud Mohammed Hammad (33), member of the Palestinian National Security, from al-‘Arqa village, west of Jenin. IOF took him to an unknown destination.
  • At approximately 20:00, Israeli forces moved into al-Sa’deya neighborhood, one of the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City’s neighborhoods. They raided and searched Tamer Mohammed al-Khalafawi’s (22) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 21:40, Israeli forces established a temporary military roadblock at the entrance of Jebia village, north of Ramallah, stopped Ra’d al-Barghouthi’s (35) car while driving with his friend, Mohammed Ali Saleem (31), and detained them. IOF released them after several hours but confiscated their car, under the pretext of being illegal.
  • Israeli forces carried out an incursion in Tayaseer village, east of Tubas. No detentions were reported.

Saturday, 11 July 2020:

  • At approximately 00:40, Israeli forces stationed at Za’tara military checkpoint, southeast of Nablus, north of the West Bank, arrested Ibrahim Samir al-Banna (28), member of the Palestinian National Security, from Askar refugee camp, northeast of Nablus. IOF took him to an unknown destination.
  • At approximately 01:00, Israeli forces reinforced with several military vehicles moved into al-Fawwar refugee camp, west of Hebron. They raided and searched Siraj Eshaq Abu Hashhash’s (19) house and arrested him.
  • At approximately 02:00, Israeli forces reinforced with several military vehicles moved into Yatta, south of Hebron. They raided and searched Eissa Ali Abu Arram’s (40) house and arrested him.
  • At approximately 03:40, Israeli forces moved into Ya’bad village, southwest of Jenin, north of the West Bank. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Adham Omar Qabha (25), Mohammed Bassam Ba’jawi (35).
  • At approximately 04:10, Israeli forces moved into Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus, north of the West Bank. They raided and searched several houses and arrested Abd Rabbo Khaled Hashash (21) and Fathi Hani Abu Rizq (20).
  • At approximately 11:00, Israeli forces arrested Ahmed Ali al-Mallah (26) while present near Qalqndia refugee camp, north of the occupied East Jerusalem. IOF took him to an unknown destination.

Sunday, 12 July, 2020:

  • At approximately 03:00, Israeli army, reinforced with several military vehicles moved into Hebron. They raided and searched Yazeed Mohammed Abu Eisha’s (20) house, in Ras al-Joura neighborhood, and detained him.
  • Israeli forces carried out (4) incursions in al-Samoua’ and Dura villages in Hebron governorate; Hares and Kifl Hares villages, north of Salfit. No detentions were reported.

Monday, 13 July 2020:

  • At approximately 01:00, Israeli forces moved into al-Towr neighborhood, east of the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. They raided and searched several houses and detained (3) civilians; Mohammed Tayseer Abu Sbaitan (29), Ahmed Khaled Abu Ghannam (21), and Mousa Abu Ghannam.
  • At approximately 01:30, Israeli forces moved into al-Thawri neighborhood, south of the occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched Mo’taz Waleed Shwaiky’s (18) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 02:00, Israeli forces moved into Ein al-Lawza neighborhood in Silwan, south of the occupied east Jerusalem. They raided and searched Mousa Na’eem Fatafita’s (33) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 03:00, Israeli forces moved into Hindaza, southeast of Bethlehem. They raided and searched Huthaifa Yasser Abayat’s (23) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 03:30, Israeli forces moved into ‘Arraba village, southwest of Jenin, north of the West Bank. They raided and searched several houses and detained (3) civilians; Ahmed Adnan Suliman Murdai (33), Ja’far Fawzi Abdullah Abu Salah (53), and Hassan Ramzi Hussain Abu Salah (43). IOF released Ja’far Abu Salah in front of “Mafi Dutan” settlement on the entrance of Arraba at approximately 10:00.
  • At approximately 04:30, Israeli forces moved into Abayat village, east of Bethlehem. They raided and searched two houses belonging to Mahmoud Abdul Karim Ayyad (29) and Mohammed As’ad Nawawra (26), and detained them.
  • At approximately 06:00, Israeli forces moved into Taqoua’, east of Bethlehem. They raided and searched Mohammed Salem al-Sabbah’s (24) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 07:00, Israeli forces stationed at al-Nafaq military checkpoint, west of Beit Jala, detained Mustafa Kamel Ayesh (21), and took him to an unknown destination.
  • At approximately 16:00, Israeli forces stationed at the end of al-Wad street, near Bab al-Majles, one of the Aqsa Mosque’s gates in the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, detained (5) civilians including 3 children. The detainees are: Abdul Rahman Ayman al-Bashiti (16), his brother Hatem (14), Ameer Mohammed al-Malki (19), Mustafa Mousa Abu Sanina (19), and Suhaib Abu Saleh (16).
  • At approximately 18:00, Israeli forces moved into al-Wad street in the occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. They raided and searched al-Aseel Deserts store, and detained its owner Jehad Nazmi Abu Sbaih (37).
  • Israeli forces carried out (3) incursions in ‘Allar village, north of Tulkarem; Kifl Hares and Hares villages, north of Salfit. No detentions were reported.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020:

  • At approximately 02:00, Israeli forces moved into Ayda refugee camp, north of Bethlehem. They raided and searched Anas Awni Abu Balaha’s (25) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 03:00, Israeli forces moved into Barqin village, west of Jenin, north of the West Bank. They raided and searched Abdullah Hasan Soboh’s (19) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 03:30, Israeli forces moved into al-Jadida village, southeast of Jenin, north of the West Bank. They raided and searched Thafer Sami Zaqouq’s (20) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 03:50, Israeli forces moved into Silwad village, northeast of Ramallah. They raided and searched Mujahed Ayed Flaih’s (28) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 07:00, Israeli forces moved into Hizma village, northeast of the occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched Hasan al-Khateeb’s house and detained his sons, Hamada (30) and Omar (24).
  • Israeli forces carried out (3) incursions in Hebron, Sa’eer, and Yatta, in Hebron governorate. No detentions were reported.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020:

  • At approximately 01:30, Israeli forces moved into Kafr Ein village, northwest of Ramallah. They raided and searched Hussam Yousef al-Barghouthi’s (30) house house and detained him.
  • At approximately 02:00, Israeli forces moved into Silat al-Thuhr village, south of Jenin, north of the West Bank. They raided and searched two houses belonging to Jarrah Abdullah Hantouli (25) and Mofeed Fathi Za’rour (35), and detained them.
  • At approximately 02:30, Israeli forces moved into Urif village, southeast of Nablus, north of the West Bank. They raided and searched Khaled Mustafa Sbbah’s (22) house and detained him.
  • At approximately 03:30, Israeli forces infantry unit moved into Beit Rima, northwest of Ramallah. They raided and searched Saleem Rasem al-Rimawi’s (36) house and detained him. It should be noted that al-Rimawi is a former prisoner in the Israeli prisons for 9 consecutive years.
  • At approximately 04:00, Israeli forces moved into Deir Abu Mish’al village, northwest of Ramallah. They raided and searched two houses belonging to Wael Mohammed Atta (27) and Taha Hussain al-Barghouthi (29), and detained them.
  • Around the same time, Israeli forces moved into Kobar village, northwest of Ramallah. They raided anmd searched two houses belonging to Mohammed Maher al-Barghouthi (26) and Fladimir Majed al-Barghouthi (45), and detained them.
  • At approximately 05:20, Israeli forces moved into Ramallah, and stationed in al-Masayef neighborhood, in the northern side of the city. They raided and searched Husni Mohammed Dars’s (47) house and detainedhim. IOF took him to an unknown destination.
  • Israeli forces carried out (6) incursions in al-Nabi Saleh, Deir al-Swadan, Um Safa, ‘Aroura, and Berzeit, in Ramallah; and Burin village, south east of Nablus. No detentions were reported.

III. Settlement Expansion and settler violence in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem

a. Demolition and Confiscation of Civilian Property

  • At approximately 09:00 on Friday, 10 July 2020, Israeli authorities notified to demolish parts attached to 2 inhabited houses in al-Walajah village, west of Bethlehem, under the pretext of non-licensing. Activist Ibrahim ‘Awadallah said that Israeli forces notified Ahmed Mohammed ‘Awadallah and Mohammed ‘Abdullah Rabah to demolish parts attached to their houses in ‘Ain Jowizah area, under the pretext of non-licensing. ‘Awadallah added that the notification gave the houses’ owners until next Sunday to implement it, or they will bear the demolition costs. It should be noted that ‘Ain Jowizah area is exposed to a settlement attack, including demolishing houses and retaining walls and stop construction works in other houses.
  • At approximately 13:00 on the same day, Israeli forces moved into Um Rokba area and distributed notices to stop construction works in 2 inhabited houses located in al-Khader village, south of Bethlehem, under the pretext of non-licensing. The first 330-square-meter house belongs to Nader ‘Abed al-Salam Salah, and the second 500-square-meter house belongs to Mohammed Mahmoud Salah. Also, IOF detained 3 mixers and a concrete pump from Mohammed’s house.
  • On Sunday, 12 July 2020, Israeli Municipality staff raided al-Tahan family’s facility in Ras al-‘Amoud neighborhood, east of occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. The municipality staff informed the family to evacuate the facility comprising of 3 apartments as a prelude to demolish it. Weal Tahan clarified that the Israeli Municipality issued a demolition notice against the facility built in 1990, under the pretext of non-licensing. He added that in 1993 the municipality issued a decision to confiscate the land for the “public benefit” and began pursuing the family after construction on their land. Tahan added that many hearings were held to stop demolition and confiscation, but in vain. Tahan said that the municipality imposed a fine of NIS 260,000 on the family and they paid it. Tahan pointed out that 5 families lived in the facility.
  • On the same day, Bahaa’ ‘Adnan Zaytoun implemented the Israeli Municipality order and self-demolished his house in Bir Ayoub neighborhood in Silwan village, south of occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, under the pretext of non-licensing. Zaytoun said that the Israeli Municipality threatened him to pay heavy fines if its staff implemented the demolition. He added that his 75-square-meter house sheltering 6 persons, including 4 children, was built 4 years ago. It should be noted that since the beginning of this year, Israeli authorities forced 25 Jerusalemite families to self-demolish their houses or they will pay the demolition costs. Regarding the Israeli Municipality staff, they demolished 31 houses in occupied East Jerusalem since the beginning of 2020, in addition to 11 facilities and an under-construction house. Israeli authorities imposed many obstacles on Jerusalemites citizens and refused to license their houses.
  • On Monday, 13 July 2020, Israeli Municipality staff hanged eviction notices on dozens of dunams in al-‘Isawiya village, northeast of occupied East Jerusalem, under the pretext of being state owned-lands. Mohammed Abu al-Humus, Member of al-‘Isawiya Follow-up Committee, said Israeli police officers accompanied with the Israel Lands Administration staff hanged notices on Palestinian lands confiscated in 1967. Parts of these lands were given to Hadasah Hospital to establish parking and other facilities, and were given to expand “French hill” The owners of these lands are prohibited from using the rest of their lands. Abu al-Humus clarified that the dunams belong to ‘Eliyan, Mostafa, Derbas, Abu Reyalah, Darwish, Mahmoud, and ‘Obaif families. Abu al-Humus added that the notices ordered the owners to demolish and remove all constructions and trees from the land. It should be noted that Israeli authorities recently distributed dozens of eviction notices in al-‘Isawiya village for settlement expansion.
  • At approximately 09:00 on Monday, 13 July 2020, Israeli forces backed by military construction vehicles and accompanied with Israeli Civil Administration officers moved into Kherbet Bereen, southwest of Bani Na’iem village, east of Hebron. The Israeli Civil Administration officers handed Ya’qoub Ishaq Ya’qoub Burqan and As’ad Yousef Burqan final demolition notices against their under-construction house (120 sqm). The notices gave them 7 days to challenge. It should be noted that the Israeli authorities notified the mentioned civilians on 07 June 2020 to stop construction works in their house comprising of 2 apartments and gave them until 17 June 2020 to challenge. Fareed Burqan, Head of the Village Council, said that;
    “I went with the owners of the house to the Israel Lands Administration Department in order to challenge the decision, but Israeli soldiers there prevented us from entering, under the pretext of the Coronavirus pandemic.”
  • At approximately 09:00, Israeli forces backed by military construction vehicles and accompanied with Israeli Civil Administration officers moved into al-‘Adisa area, south of Sa’ir village, north of Hebron. The soldiers were deployed in the area while the Israeli Civil Administration officers cut Yousef Isma’il Yousef Jaradat’s 70 olive trees plated 5-10 years ago and confiscated them. This land is located within a land of 350 dunams, adjacent to “Kiryat Arba ” settlement, east of Hebron, and Israel considers it as state-owned land. It should be noted that Jaradat was previously handed a seizure notice by Israeli forces.
  • At approximately 09:30, Israeli forces backed by military construction vehicles and accompanied with Israeli Civil Administration officers moved into Khelet al-‘Eidah area, east of Hebron. The Israeli bulldozer demolished a 70-meter-long stone chains and levelled Nemer Fahmi Mostafa Jaber’s 2-dunam land, under the pretext of being state-owned land. The losses were estimated at NIS 40,000. It should be noted that Israeli authorities distributed eviction notices on 17 March 2020.
  • At approximately 10:00, Israeli forces backed by military construction vehicles and accompanied with Israeli Civil Administration officers moved into al-Boq’ah area, east of Hebron. IOF leveled Mohammed Mostafa ‘Awwad Jaber’s agricultural land (1.5 dunams), under the pretext of being state-owned land and near the bypass road (60) and “Kiryat ‘Arba’” and “Karsina” settlements. It should be noted that on 05 July 2015, Israeli authorities demolished stone chains surrounding the agricultural land. On 03 May 2015, the Israeli authorities notified Jaber to vacate the agricultural land within 45 days and return it to its previous status, under the pretext of being state-owned land, or he will pay the eviction costs to the Israeli authorities. During the previous years, Jaber had obtained a land reclamation project from the agricultural labor committees, which included a 10-dunam plot of land, a water well, barbed wire and stone chains. The Israeli bulldozers demolished the water well and stone chains and razed the agricultural land. They also confiscated irrigation networks, fertilizer, generator, and pesticide spraying machine. At the beginning of 2014, Jaber reclaimed the land at his own expense and rebuilt part of the chains that had been destroyed by IOF, but the Israeli Civil Administration Department issued new notifications against the land, so he bulldozed it for the 2nd time.
  • At approximately 13:00, Israeli forces moved into ‘Izbet Shofa village in eastern Tulkarem, where they demolished a barrack and a cement wall surrounding ‘Amer Mohammed Hamed’s parking. Also, Israeli forces demolished another wall surrounding Malek Abu Safiyia’s land, under the pretext of being in Area C.
  • At approximately 08:00 on Wednesday, 15 July 2020, Israeli military construction vehicles demolished Ghassan Mostafa Shoqirat’s residential house in al-Mokaber Mount area, south of occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, under the pretext of non-licensing. Shoqirat (24) said that Israeli forces moved into Shoqirat neighborhood, closed the area surrounding his 120-square-meter house and demolished it. Shoqirat clarified that Israeli forces handed him a fine and withdrew later.
  • At approximately 10:00, Israeli forces backed by military construction vehicles and accompanied with Israeli Civil Administration officers move into Beit Marsam village, west of Dura, southwest of Hebron. Israeli forces demolished Mahmoud ‘Abed al-‘Aziz al-Sharha’s 60-square-meter agricultural room built of bricks and tin plates. Al-Sharha’s losses were estimated at NIS 24,000. It should be noted that the Israeli Civil Administration Department handed al-Sharha a cease-construction notice on 02 June 2020, and handed him a demolition notice on 03 July 2020.

b. Israeli Settler Violence

  • At approximately 03:00 on Thursday, 09 July 2020, Israeli settlers, from “Price Tag” groups, attacked al-Laban al-Sharqiyah village, southeast of Nablus. The settlers attacked Palestinian civilians’ vehicles parked in front of their owners’ houses and on the village streets. Also, they vandalized the vehicles with racist slurs and punctured the tires of 8 of them before leaving. PCHR keeps the names of affected persons.
  • At approximately 10:00, Israeli settlers, under Israeli army protection, built a new road connecting between “Ma’oun” settlement and a dairy farm established on Palestinian confiscated lands in Um Zaytouna area, east of Yatta in southern Hebron. Israeli forces seized these lands upon the Israeli Military Order No. 59 “Order Concerning State Property (Judea & Samaria)” (1967) established the ‘Custodian of Government Property’ to take control of land owned by the Jordanian Government (occupied in 1967).

Hundreds of ‘Israeli’ Officials May Stand Trial at International Criminal Court

Hundreds of ‘Israeli’ Officials May Stand Trial at International Criminal Court

By Staff, Haaretz

The Zionist entity is drawing up a secret list of military and intelligence officials who might be subject to arrest abroad if the International Criminal Court in the Hague opens an investigation into ‘Israeli’ war crimes in Palestine, ‘Israeli’ Haaretz newspaper reported.

The paper learned that this list now includes between 200 and 300 officials, some of whom have not been informed. The great secrecy surrounding the issue stems from a fear that the mere disclosure of the list’s existence could endanger the people on it.

“The assessment is that the court is likely to view a list of names as an official ‘Israeli’ admission of these officials’ involvement in the incidents under investigation.”

Relatively, the ICC is expected to rule shortly on whether to approve the request by ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to investigate ‘Israel’ over suspicions of war crimes in Palestine.

Given the time frame, experts in international law believe that officials and decision-makers involved in incidents beginning with the 2014 war on Gaza would be the first to face the court’s scrutiny.

On the list is also Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; former ‘Israeli’ war ministers Moshe Ya’alon, Avigdor Lieberman and Naftali Bennett; former ‘Israel’ Occupation Forces chiefs of staff Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, and current Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi; and the former and current heads of the Shin Bet security service, Yoram Cohen and Nadav Argaman, respectively.

But the length of the list shows that it includes people in much more junior positions, including lower-ranking military officers and perhaps even officials involved in issuing various types of permits to settlements and settlement outposts, since the issue of Zionist settlement in the occupied territories is also within the scope of the requested investigation.

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The War of Terror on Syria Through Forensic Medicine – GRAPHIC

March 23, 2020 Arabi Souri

The War of Terror on Syria through Forensic Medicine

This is Part 1 of a documentary series by investigative reporter Ugarit Dandash, the documentary is part of Ms. Dandash’s From the Ground documentary series where she reports from Syria the horrors the Syrian people lived inflicted on them by the USA and all its cronies, lackeys, and stooges combined efforts over the past 9 years.

From the Ground – The Syrian War through the Eyes of Forensic Medicine was made exclusively for the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news station in Arabic. It was aired on Thursday night 19 March 2020.

All countries which supported the ‘freedom fighters’, ‘armed opposition’, ‘moderate rebels’, call them whatever Orwellian name that suits you, are an accomplice in each crime committed against the Syrian people, needless to say, that each taxpayer and each citizen of those countries has much blood on their hands especially those who keep quiet hiding behind the ‘democracy elections’ delusion while their governments kill in their names, murder using their money, destroy families and hide behind the ‘democracy’ slogan, and not being held by those citizens for the crimes they committed all over the world. If you didn’t know for over 9 years what your government did in Syria, this will leave you with no excuse.

The video file size is beyond the capacity of our site, our YouTube channel was long deleted by YouTube, so we had to split it into two parts embedded below, followed by the transcript in English of the full video for history. Please excuse any typos, it was definitely unintentional.

Part 1 of 2, Episode 1:

Part 2 of 2, Episode 1:

The full video is also available on BitChute.

English translation transcript:

The War in the Eyes of Forensic Medicine – 1

Report by Ugarit Dandash

During the years of the war in Syria, forensics carried out its traditional role which people know and carried out an unconventional role handling the war-related cases which the forensic medicine dealt with during the wartime.

The forensic medicine has presented much, within a short period of time, we inspected 230407 cases of martyrs and injured, despite the low number of forensic doctors in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Forensic Medicine, like all other sectors, suffered bleeding, we had martyrs among the doctors and forensic employees, in addition to the immigration of a number of the forensic doctors, and despite that the forensic medicine carried out its role completely, work more like a miracle and this is what the viewers will notice when they watch this episode.

It managed to reveal the facts, reveal the right and justice, there’s a misconception among some who are uninformed that the forensic doctor only inspects the body and writes the report then their role ends, no, there are rights, legal, humanitarian, and moral consequences based on the report of the forensic doctor. The matter is of high sensitivity and importance. There are many news flashes that appear on the screen but many people do not read what’s beyond it and do not read its hidden nature, they do not know that forensic medicine was the main source of information for this news. Forensic Medicine managed to reveal the truth and push away the exiting ambiguity, this forensic medicine carried out a great role during the wartime.

Like all people on the streets we used to receive the echo of the events that there were protesters and they were shot at by the authorities, the army men were shooting them, or they were shot from a close distance, but as professionals dealing with bodies, the body was giving us indications of what was actually going on.

We were not in the picture of the events we were always coming after, at the beginning of the crisis when bodies were reaching us in 2011 we noticed that the gunshots were coming from long distances and from high directions, meaning that there was a sniper in a building somewhere about 50 or 60 meters away and on the 4th or 5th floor of a building, as in one of the bodies, it was definitely not shot from a close distance.

In the second stage when there were strict orders for riot policemen not to carry their weapons, I remember that in one Friday I wrote 125 reports for members of the riot policemen beaten with sticks and stones, and after a while we started getting law enforcement members shot in addition to some civilians, we were saying if those law enforcement members were doing the shooting then who shot them? They started telling that their colleagues were shooting them because they refused to shoot!

In the next stage we started noting the use of Pump-Action shotguns, it’s a type of hunting rifles. I believe there is no regular army that carries this type of rifle. Some might ask why Pump-Action rifles? This rifle doesn’t need a professional to use it, once fired from the shot comes out with a conical diameter and hits a number of people, we also noticed several bodies with gunshot marks from the hunting rifles and also we noticed it was struck by torturing tools like large stones, knives, or machetes. We were seeing gunshot marks on the body and next to it marks indicating the use of sharp tools.

There are always vital signs accompanying the wound that occurs only when the person is alive, When a person is injured while they are alive, the wound bleeds, clotting factors act, and reactions occur in the body, such as a crunch and inflammation, while we don’t see all these symptoms when the deceased person is injured, the knife stab is like a stab in a doll, or a stab in a sponge. the vital signs of relapse do not appear, and the blood is a fluid that does not coagulate; for us, these things are simple and we can tell that these wounds were inflicted on the person after death, because we started seeing the abuse and mutilation of corpses.

Each stage lasted about two weeks, then after a month and a half between the end of April and the beginning of May 2011 kidnapping and torture stage started. A body would arrive at the morgue, it would be handcuffed or blindfolded, and there would be other marks of a gunshot or slaughter or killing or mutilation.

After about 1.5 months or two months the kidnapping, torture and killing stage started. Even the kidnapping was gradual, at first the victim would be covered with his own cloth and strangled with what he was wearing, then we started seeing bodies tied up by iron skewers then by plastic handcuffs, you’d notice that there’s more planning and more organizing in this thing.

Forensic medicine was able to block all the doors in their faces in many of the situations.

Question: There was always doubting in any reports and whatever the Syrian state was declaring, and the forensic medicine is a state institute, was there confidence in the forensic medicine among international organizations like when dealing with the fact-finding missions (which came to Syria), was there any challenge in the forensics reports or the scientific indications were sufficient to silence any challenge?

Answer: I attended international committees, let’s take the chemical subject for instance, they were asking me questions like when did you go from Al-Razi Hospital to the University Hospital? How long did the trip take when there was traffic jam and when there was no traffic jam? The details were to this extent in this matter. Despite that, and because we were confident in our information and in our science, thanks to God, and because we were not distorting the truth, we were able to convince them with the existing facts. Thanks to God we are very precise, and I was surprised when they would ask me questions like how long it takes between Al Razi Hospital and the University Hospital when there was traffic and when there wasn’t…

Question: Are we talking now about the use of chemical weapons in Khan Al Asal in 2013?

Answer: No, we are talking about the attacks that followed. They were asking questions like: why did you inspect all the injured? Why did you inspect the soldier victims? What do they have to do with this? We told them that at first we inspect all cases and then we segregate them, but at first all cases have to be inspected, they were focusing on such type of questions, like what did you smell when you arrive at the scene? Of course, they had their own specialist technicians, but thankfully, they were never able to (question our reports). Also, in Jisr Shoghour, for instance, they had a large number of forensic doctors and forensic technicians who tried to refute the official narrative which was the truthful narrative, like: the focus was on the time of death because there was a difference in that between two groups of martyrs, we managed to prove to them by scientific evidence that the case was not…

Question: Let’s stop at Jisr Shoghour, from the beginning, so we can remind of what happened. We are talking about two incidences in Jisr Shoghour, the famous incident and there was a previous one you talked about, let’s start from the one that happened first, how long was it before the massacre and what happened in Jisr Shoghour, especially that all talks that time that protests were peaceful?

Answer: The magnitude of what happened in Jisr Shoghour, its ugliness, makes people forget what happened before it. On 5 June 2011, a security force along with riot police went to support the besieged soldiers in the Jisr Shoghour main post. The group was 105 servicemen in total, all of them martyred. Let me stop here at an area called Urum al-Joz, this has to be highlighted. On 5 June 2011, the crisis was in its early days and as they were claiming it was ‘peaceful’, at that time I was heading the forensic medicine office in Idlib province. The forensic medicine examined and found qualitative injuries, severe ones, professional in sniping, of course, none of the martyrs didn’t get to their weapons, ever, they were killed while on the buses. At the time one of the judges asked me, he was martyred afterward by Nusra Front, he asked me, what is the need for autopsy in such a situation? We have dozens of martyrs in the lands we are examining, so I answer that autopsy for the sake of history.

I’m not a politician but a science man and I read the circumstances, the crisis didn’t come suddenly and enter Syria, there were shockwaves all over the Arab world, we were watching and seeing, and we were seeing unrelated things, in addition that one of the main tasks of forensics is to document because the forensic medicine aims for rights to be restored and justice to prevail, we have to document in order for every person to get their rights, but when documenting we were discovering how much we were under an untruthful media narrative, and I’m trying to be as much as unbiased with my words here, but there was media disinformation.

As per my segregation of the cases which I consider was in the fifth stage, as in the forth stage there were gunshots among the civilian victims but there were also gunshots among the armed men and there were also gunshots among the army soldiers because clashes happened and we couldn’t know what was going on, but the following stage which was the fifth and was around July (2011), it was the stage of explosions, the massacres stage started, we would receive a case of a bus would that was coming from a village and the bus was blown up, they were entering a house of a family and then kill and liquidate all its members, this was the most dangerous stage because it caused a state of panic, there were displacing operations for entire families from certain areas and an attempt to create small cantons so they can control it, this stage was in July 2011.

He asked me: What do you mean by autopsy for history? I told him you’ll know what I mean by autopsy for history when I finish the examination. With the autopsy of the bodies of 3 martyrs, we demonstrated that the gunshot used is advanced gunfire using a modern sniper, all the martyrs were sniped from long distances, which means, the situation is very serious, there are sophisticated quality weapons and there are trained snipers, this is not amateurs using guns for the first time, here comes the role of forensics.

Question: Let’s talk about the incident that you told me about, which is the martyred soldier…

Answer: O One of the martyrs I examined his body, I was surprised that the gunshot was from a distance of hundreds of meters. could be 200 or 300 meters or more, we could not determine its extent, but it is very far, you find that the gunshot penetrated the helmet that was worn by the martyr, then went through the frontal bone, then the brain material, then the temporal bone, and you know what the temporal bone means, then the occipital bone and then the helmet. It was a strange thing, I was surprised at that time as forensic medicine that there was a weapon of this quality, the subject was very dangerous, a bullet-like this is very sophisticated, and a qualitative weapon like this is used by a very professional sniper.

Question: In this case, there was no forensic role that could at least warn or influence subsequent events?

Answer: We warned at the time, and I warned in a number of meetings, I was in Idlib, then in Aleppo, then the Director-General of Forensic Medicine in the Syrian Arab Republic, I always seek what is called preventive forensic medicine, which we warn of about aspects that pose a threat to society and the security of society, how about this topic, it poses a danger to the whole society, we warned in a number of meetings that there are advanced qualitative weapons that are used in Syria, when you talk about June 5, 2011, at the beginning of the events, they had more advanced weapons than the army, unfortunately, this is the fact, we, as forensics, always seek to show the community that there are dangerous matters that must be taken care of, as we give this information we give it to beware, because there must be cautious and we know how to deal with what is coming, what is coming I told them will be very dangerous, and events have proven this.

Question: This thing happened before the famous Jisr Al-Shughour massacre?

Answer: We went to Jisr Al-Shughour, and of course there was a huge media hype. The opposition and the Western media, even including the Western ambassadors present, there was still official dealings with the government, and there were Arab, foreign and Gulf (GCC) media, many Gulf media, and the Gulf ambassadors at that time, they tried in any way and means to refute and challenge the true official narration, we as forensic medicine went (there), I was with them, we found 90 bodies and remained a number of bodies are missing, we examined them and stopped at a number of points, first, the abuse that occurred after death and the torture that occurred during life was something very strange in the Syrian society that foretells a disaster. One of the martyrs I examined was longitudinally divided into two halves, one of the martyrs was buried alive, we proved as forensic medicine that he was buried while he was alive, then the Western media and ambassadors came to find any loophole they believed to exist in the forensic reports or the official version.

Question: Like what?

Answer: There were two groups of martyrs, a group of martyrs was present in the main building, which is the security detachment, and a group of martyrs was in the post office. After those who were in the post office were killed, their bodies were thrown in the Orontes River, the second group of martyrs, knowing that field executions took place within a short period, within an hour or two, they tried to say that this group was killed at a different period from the group of the main detachment, we did a scientific analysis for them and explained to them the subject of decay, when (the body) inside the water how (decay) slows down due to lack of oxygen and the presence of moisture and when we get the body out of the water how the decaying accelerates tremendously and the phenomenon of the so-called black head appears, where the head of the body appears blackened, that is why we call this phenomenon in forensics is called the Black Head, I explained this to them carefully, I told them that if the body is not examined immediately after being extracted from the water it gives an enormous septic appearance, if the forensics doctor is not very accurate it is impossible to distinguish the time of sepsis. We explained it to them fully.

Question: Was this explanation given directly to…?

Answer: Directly to the media and the ambassadors present. Even a reporter for a station transmits my explanation of the topic and says that, according to what this doctor says, the official version seems authentic, so the media station changes the reporter.

Question: Was it a Gulf (GCC) station?

Answer: It was a Gulf station. Imagine, after I confronted them with science, thank God, they could not provide any response, the narrative became true because we speak science and we have no relationship with politics.

Question: The international committees that came specifically for the Jisr al-Shughur incident, did it interfere, or tried to know anything at that point?

Answer: This issue was the largest massacre that took place in the history of modern Syria, a huge number of martyrs, a way of killing gruesome, abuse of corpses, and the topic that deserved to be highlighted. When forensic medicine explained and clarified the matter, they did not follow up on this issue, why? Because they knew that the topic condemned the other team. Had the forensics failed at that time, they would have formed 100 committees, but when forensic medicine could explain exactly how the issue happened, they had no choice but to turn the page, they had no choice.

After the break:

I asked the executive authorities to provide us with a vegetable cooling truck. They sent me a 16-meter vegetable cooling truck to preserve the bodies in, we were running the truck on diesel because there was no electricity.

Manifestations that appear on a corpse after decaying may confuse by a non-forensic specialist, particularly with the subject of bruising.

Part Two:

When the Hamzah al-Khatib incident occurred, the forensic doctor explained, but there was no echo of what he said, they spoke of bruises while it was decaying.

The story of Hamza Al-Khatib is impressive: he read decaying but said it was bruises. The testes are swollen due to decaying, and the penis was no longer visible, so they said that the penis was cut.

Forensic medicine and you will see the photos soon, showing that the cause of death is a gunshot, the entry nozzles are clear and the exit nozzles are clear.

Indeed, he was shot because they were defending the housing compound of the (officers). The photos show you three gunshot entries and the penis is intact, nothing wrong with it.

We read the situation from the corpses that come to us.

The future of our lives from corpses?

Exactly, when you see at the beginning of events this is kind of torture on the corpses, you see the killing methods that were used, you realize that what’s coming is very dangerous.

– Start with ‘in the name of God’..

– Terrorist activist: In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Another martyr of freedom from the city of Giza in the governorate of Daraa, whose name is Hamza Ali Al-Khatib, age 13. He went out on the Friday of Anger to lift the siege on the people of Daraa. He was arrested at Sidon Housings (compound) and tortured in the most heinous way, looking at the traces of torture.

When the incident of Hamzah Al-Khatib happened, people were refusing to listen, unfortunately, I say that with the utmost frankness. People were refusing to listen to any science or whatever. The people were mobilized (by media), forensic medicine at the time spoke, but there was no echo of what it said, there was doubting the narration presented by forensic medicine which is the true narrative, the people now must listen and must know. They said about the presence of bruises while they were manifestations of sepsis, if time permits, we will display the pictures and explain a scientific explanation on this topic.

Terrorist Activist: This is a bullet in the right arm, which penetrated his arm from this side and exited from here and entered his chest, a shot in his abdomen, and another shot on the left side symmetrically with the right side exited from the outside side and entered from the inner side to his chest again.

Dr. Bassam Al-Muhammad, Head of the Forensic Medicine Center in Homs: The story of Hamza Al-Khatib is impressive: he read decaying but said it was bruises. The testes are swollen due to decaying, and the penis shrank and was no longer visible, so they said that the penis was cut, because there are pre-existing mentalities and their doctor did not have good prospects. You also remember the story of The Hirak, but the doctor there was a professional, in the story of The Hirak was electrocuted and he altered it.

Fortunately, we have the pictures from the start in the story of Hamzah Al-Khatib, and everything is clear. His body had nothing, no bruise, no beating, 3 gunshots, no one denied that he was shot because they were defending the housing compound. The photos show 3 gunshots and the penis is intact. It means that the facts were then altered.

Terrorist activist: and a shot at the top in his chest, and look at the bruises in his face with the broken neck, and look at the bruises on his right leg.

At the beginning of the war, people did not want to hear, or a group of people refused to listen at all, did not want to listen to the voice of truth, the voice of justice, wanted to walk behind what you expected or wanted. The western media had a very big role, and the Arab and Gulf media in particular, had a very big role in mobilizing and inciting people.

What did forensics do? initially, it was said that Hamzah Al-Khatib’s body had been mutilated, tortured, even severed its male penis. Forensic medicine, as you will see with pictures a little later it turns out that the cause of death was gunshots, the entry holes are clear and opposite the exit holes. It shows there was no torture on his body, even the subject of the cutting of the penis, people suspected what they thought was bruising on his body, this was decaying. Decaying, the degradation that took place gives a bruising-like appearance and any specialist in the field of forensic medicine and criminal science can distinguish that, the subject isn’t a debate, the case is scientifically clear. As for age, they said gave an age and forensic medicine estimated another age. The role of forensic medicine was very crucial in this case.

Terrorist activist: They did not stop with this amount of torture, but cut off his penis, then shot him, look at him without penis, they cut off his penis. Date May 25, 2011, on Wednesday.

Question: In the matter of determining age in the case of Hamza Al-Khatib, and in general, how is it done?

Answer: There are several criteria that forensic medicine uses through the study of orthopedics, radiographs in particular for the left hand wrist, the examination of teeth, and we have included this topic as a very important study: forensic dentistry. Under 21 years old, I can say that (forensic medicine) gives very credible and reliable results, after the age of 21, the margin of suspicion becomes between 6 months to a year.

Question: It was said that Hamza Al-Khatib was 13 years old?

Answer: Forensics has proved he was three years older than this.

Question: In the case of a corpse, the images that spread about inflation that the corpse is swollen …?

Answer: This is a natural process and natural development of the septic state that occurs. What happened is that after the corpse was kept in Tishreen Military Hospital for a period of about 20 days, it was transferred to the National Daraa Hospital, of course, the cooling was not appropriate, for that decay increased and accelerated.

Manifestations that appear on the body at the time of sepsis may be suspected by a non-specialist, particularly with the subject of bruising. Forensic medicine spoke and explained it fully. You will see the pictures when the body arrived. There was no mutilation or torture of the deceased, exactly. Here, the forensic role was decisive and essential, but as I told you at that time the problem was that people refused to listen, in short.

Dr. Bassam Al-Muhammad, Head of the Forensic Medicine Center in Homs: I do not hide from you that a large number of forensic doctors were threatened, another section sat at home, a number of them were afraid, and a number that stopped appearing on the media, and even I was one of these, this is first, secondly I was one those who spoke on some shows about media misinformation, but we were stifled by the media and no one heard us. It was in vain. We spoke and tried to speak more, but we became in our media outlets talking to each other. We are the people convinced that there is a conspiracy against the country. That is why our role was weak.

Question: From the Arab committees that came, and they came to Homs in particular, did they not meet you? Didn’t try to contact you?

Dr. Bassam Al-Muhammad, Head of the Forensic Medicine Center in Homs: They met us and I think that Al-Dabi, the head of the delegation, gave positive indications because he came to us and we presented him with the facts, and the period during which Al-Dabi visited us was the car bomb that exploded at the Military Medical Services Est. on the street of Al-Jajah Restaurant and Khaled Bin Al-Waleed School and we see the files, there was a car that exploded, they brought us the car to the Forensic Medicine, and it is well documented, they brought the car thinking it was for a suicide bomber, but when we discovered the corpse at the morgue we discovered that there were circular bruises on the hand that was found and on the feet, and we saw the electronic board in his viscera, and there were forceps placed on the penis for torture by blocking urine to produce psychological pressure, this is known as a method of torture that is cut urine by attaching the urethra or placing forceps.

We found that this person previously had a previous traffic accident and as a result of the fixative device placed in the vertebrae and his story, we were able to identify that this person was kidnapped 3 days ago and he is a known person. This person was kidnapped and after a while he was put in the car. The car was booby-trapped and directed towards the headquarters of the Military and Police Medical Services in that area. It seems that when this person came out knowing that he was booby-trapped, thought about where to go and decided to go to the security forces, he will not go to his family to save him, they were meanwhile planning to detonate the car remotely, and during that time the existing witness also spoke and then we analyzed what happened: When the car arrived at the military service building, the guard came to see the car because nobody was going in that street, at the moment the soldier came to him, the person returned the car to the back and after he returned about 20 meters, the car exploded, they felt that he was retreating and this person knew that he will be detonated and he didn’t want to harm the soldier so he drove backward, the material damage was little, he was the only person killed.

At that time we wanted to explain openly to the media what happened, and then it was decided after the recording of the episode that we might teach people this way so we do not want it to be repeated that a person is kidnapped and booby-trapped and tied to the car and sent. So that it does not get repeated after the episode was recorded the decision was made not to be shown to the media and I showed it to al-Dabbi in those days, he asked me for documents, I told him that I need official permission to give it to you…

Question: Dabbi’s report was unexpectedly positive…

Dr. Bassam Al-Muhammad, head of the Forensic Medicine Center in Homs: His report was positive because I took him down to the forensic morgue and showed him the bodies during that period, and I have the pictures, how a person was killed and only the meat was removed from his face and the top of his chest with the knife after death. We showed him pictures that I tell you about how he was tied, how he was covering his eyes, how he was slaughtered. Then they used to master slaughtering, we used to see slaughtering from the front, and then we see slaughtering taking place from the back…

Question: What is the difference?

Answer: The difference between them is that those who are slaughtered from the front die quickly, while those who are slaughtered from the back remain half an hour until they die because they are bleeding slowly … We started thinking why? We got the idea because some people have a habit that they want the blood of the carcass to be kept inside. Some people slaughter the carcass, the sheep or the like, they slaughter them from the back and in this way the bleeding is slow and the blood remains inside the carcass – the animal, and this is used as a method of cheating sometimes to increase the weight. The aim was torture. We used to see the victims slaughtered and then we saw that the hair of his forehead was shaved or his eyebrows had been shaved, why? Because the person who slaughters him tortures him, shaves his hair and shaves his eyebrows, and then he slays him. All these aspects, including beheadings…

Question: In what way are heads cut with a sword or slaughtered?

Answer: No, with the knife, it is clear that it was with the knife and not with the sword, technically you need a very professional person to be able to cut off the head with one stroke, but when using the knife he needs to insert it between the vertebrae.

The method of slaughtering was with knives, not with a single stroke. We know this from the multiple wound lines on the neck.

Dr. Zahir Hajo, Director of the General Authority of Forensic Medicine in Syria: The era that spanned from March 2011 until March 2012 when the army entered Idlib, one of the most dangerous episodes that passed in the history of Idlib as a province and a city. There was a lot of kidnapping after the Jisr al-Shughur for all the civilians who were supporting the state. Every day we found the body of a person who had been field-executed after being tortured.

I remember from the unique cases that I saw a civilian accused of supporting the state, all the traces of torture studied in the forensic books that forensics faces and which we study in books and those that do not exist in the books are present on it exist, huge barbaric torture, I am surprised by his story, which can explain to you what this country went through, his wife to ensure that they will execute him, “guarantee that they will execute him” she paid a million Lira and sold everything she owned so they will stop torturing him. He suggested to his wife that they would release him when the ransom was paid, he agreed with them where he asked them, in order to get rid of torture, that they should execute him, kill him, they said that they would not execute him for free, until his wife paid the money they executed him and rid him of torture.

We used to examine all of these things as forensic medicine.

Question: His wife paid money to kill him to rid him of torture?

Answer: It could have been expected that they would release him, knowing that he agreed with him that he would die and end. This period was one of the most dangerous periods in Idlib’s history, and there was a tremendous presence of gunmen in the outskirts carrying out kidnappings and assassinations, at which time the Attorney General in Idlib was assassinated, Mr. Nidal Ghazal Allah, have mercy on him.

Terrorist Activists: These are the Shabbiha forces coming to Jisr al-Shughour from Idlib, June 5, 2011. Shabiha coming from Idlib. focus…

Dr. Bassam Al-Muhammad: Of course, it reached its peak in the tenth month of 2011. I think we have reached a high point in the matter of kidnapping and killing in this way.

Question: What was the effect of that if we wanted to talk about people, for example, when they inspect the bodies and you wanted to hand them over to their families?

Dr. Bassam Al-Muhammad: I understood your question. The problem reflected on us as a forensic medicine when the relatives come to collect the bodies, whether armed or martyrs, as a result of these kidnappings, the person who had lost a family member could not reach the National Hospital to identify the body and take it, and thus we faced accumulation of corpses, and we have other problems. People did not receive the bodies, so I asked to make cold rooms and then the cold rooms were not enough, then we asked to bring vegetable transport vehicles, and here a rumor emerged that we are collecting the bodies, that the state is collecting the bodies to take them from a place For the last, it wasn’t, we didn’t have electricity at the National Hospital, so I asked the executive authorities that I needed a vegetables cold truck so they sent me a 16-meter-long vegetable refrigerator to put the bodies in. We run it on diesel because there is no electricity so that the bodies do not rot and people come to identify them, after a while we found that one refrigerator is not enough, the rumor emerged here that we are collecting the bodies and transporting them from one place to another, but the truth is as I told you.

Question: Did you encounter problems with the parents with their different passions who could have heard stories and could even have for them even the subject of the autopsy have many social and religious caveats sometimes, did you face this type of problem whether related to the cause of death and how to explain it to the family or about the autopsy?

Answer: We did not resort to autopsy much because the apparent disclosure was sufficient and we were not looking for a known criminal and it was clear that it was a murder, we were very sympathetic for the relatives that we developed the procedures at the Forensic Medicine, it wasn’t logical to let the relatives go in to see all the bodies to identify theirs, so we photographed the bodies and displayed on the computer. When he identifies his body, we bring it up to see it in real and recognizes it formally, because the number of bodies could have shocked the people, so we automated the process in order to deliver the bodies.

Unfortunately, the large numbers of dead bodies remained unknown because people were unable to reach us, and the areas were separated from each other in Homs. We tried, in some ways, to send CDs to identify the missing, within our capabilities. However, there remained unknown bodies that we, unfortunately, cannot identify.

Question: Was it buried later?

Answer: All the bodies in Homs were buried in a systematic way, according to an initiative that we, the forensic medicine, in cooperation with the Burial Office, the Religious Endowments Ministry, the security authorities, the governorate, and the civil defense. Everything was documented, we took pictures of the bodies, and the unknown bodies which weren’t recognizable from the pictures we took DNA samples from it, code was placed on the body and there was a unified code from the beginning of the crisis to the end of it. You know that we, as a health care sector, do not care about shrouds, nylon, and the like, they brought us the coffin, we wrapped the body, Civil Defense transports it, prayers were held for it under the supervision of Endowments and buried in cemeteries, 6 graveyards were approved in Homs because the numbers were large, bodies were buried orderly, each in a grave alone, and for this moment when someone reviews us to identify a dead body, we can take them to the grave of the body.

We made sure that there were no mass graves, even when Homs was liberated, we entered the old Homs district and searched the graveyards, whether the graves were collective, we took samples and were documented and buried in a regular way, and even the irregular graves that were in the gardens of homes, shelters or rooftops were re-dug out and sent to regular graves so that residents can return to live in their homes.

Question: Have you reached a stage, I do not want to call it a disability, but the numbers of dead bodies in it were beyond your capacity or your ability to absorb all this number, not only in terms of location but also the ability to analyze all the data?

Answer: What happened with us and as you know that laws are not established for crises, laws are put in place for a stable social life, the law was that for an (unidentified) body to be buried that it should be kept for a month and we must get the approval of the Public Prosecutor, we continued with this, but the large number of corpses continued to come and approached a thousand corpses with us, here as forensic doctors as a result of our reading of the reality and the summer began, so we submitted a request to the Attorney General l and explained to him the situation that continuing with this process would threaten an environmental disaster, he asked us to act according to the principles that allow the identification of corpses later in order to avoid environmental disasters, we were collecting the bodies, putting them in the (vegetable cold) trucks, but 4 freezers were sufficient for some time, then what?

We must bury them. Before the burial process, we performed photo documentation of all the dead bodies, as I told you, with number codes, wrap them in shrouds them and send them to the graves, because in that period in October we reached a peak in the numbers of unidentified bodies, we absorbed this number by collecting the bodies in refrigerators and vegetable transport vehicles that were used for this purpose, during which time we were told that we were collecting bodies but we were absorbing the shock. After this period, we started the natural process, to preserve the (body’s decency) you need to bury it according to the principles that preserve human dignity and at least preserve the religious duties that a person must perform towards the deceased person, and this thing was done at the governorate level in cooperation with all the competent authorities.

A person must read well in order to see what will happen to him in the future. We read from the corpses that reach us, we read the situation from the corpses that reach us.

Question: The future of our lives are from corpses?

Answer: Exactly, when we see what happened with this body, we simulate what happened with it, we find that the situation is very dangerous. When you see this type of torture on the body at the beginning of events, you see the killing methods that happen, you know the next is very dangerous.

End of the English translation transcript,

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Army Liberates al-Sheikh Dames and Hantoteen Villages in Idelb Countryside

Posted by INTERNATIONALIST 360° on 

23 February، 2020
Idleb, SANA

Syrian Arab Army’s units liberated villages of al-Sheikh Dames and Hantoteen west of Ma’raat al-Nu’man in Idleb southern countryside after inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists in personnel and arms.

SANA’s reporter said that army units continued their concentrated operations against terrorists’ movements and liberated the villages of al-Sheikh Dames and Hantoteen southwest and northwest of Ma’raat al-Nu’man in Idleb southern countryside, destroying the last terrorists’ gatherings and their fortifications there , and pursing the remnants of the fleeing terrorists towards Kafar Sajneh and Ma’rzeita towns.

Three vehicles for terrorists were destroyed and munitions in their possessions were seized during the military operation.

Earlier the reporter said that units of army monitored movement of Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorist groups in vicinity of Kafar Nubbul, Ma’rzita and al- Futira village to the southwestern of Ma’raat al-Nu’man.

The army units targeted these groups with artillery fire and rocket barrage which led to cutting off their supply routes and the destruction of their fortified positions and dens.

During the operations against the terrorist organizations in the remaining areas in Idleb countryside, army units eliminated a number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles, military equipment and a headquarters for their leaders in the towns of Deir Sunbul, Jozif, Sfouhen, Kafr Awayd, Kansafra, Ahsem, Binin, al-Futira, al-Bara and Sarjah in Jabal al-Zawiya, in addition to al-Mastuma, Kafr Nubbul, Hass and Bsakla in Idleb southern Countryside.

Army units uncover terrorists’ weapons, ammo, and tunnels in Aleppo countryside

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«التفاهم» الروسي ـــ التركي يهتزّ: الجيش السوري على مشارف إدلب

سوريا الأخبار الثلاثاء 4 شباط 2020

تصاعد مستوى التعزيزات التركية للمسلحين بصورة دراماتيكية في الأيام الأخيرة (أ ف ب )

تسعى أنقرة إلى رسم خطوطها الحمر الجديدة في إدلب، ولو كلّفها ذلك دماء عسكريّيها. على مقربة من سراقب، التي سوّرتها القوات التركية في اليومين الماضيين، قُتِل عسكريون أتراك بنيران الجيش السوري الذي نجح في إجبار القوات التركية على الانسحاب من مدخل المدينة الغربي، لتعبر قواته من خلاله مساء أمس، بالتوازي مع سيطرته على النيرب، على مشارف إدلب المدينة. التطورات الأخيرة دفعت الأتراك إلى مزيد من التصعيد ضد دمشق وموسكو، عبر تصريحات حادة وردٍّ ميداني، ما يهدّد «تفاهم إدلب».

بعدما أخفقت الفصائل المسلحة في «الدفاع» عن معاقلها الأساسية في الريف الجنوبي لإدلب وأرياف حلب، دفعت القيادة التركية بمزيد من قواتها إلى عمق إدلب، في محاولة لوقف تقدم الجيش السوري نحو مدينة سراقب الاستراتيجية. الخطوط الحمر التركية يمكن اختصارها بمنع سيطرة الجيش السوري على الطريقين الدوليين: حلب ــــ حماة (M5)، وحلب ــــ اللاذقية (M4)، إضافة إلى منع انتقال الجيش إلى عمق محافظة إدلب بعد تجاوز الطريقين، والاقتراب من إدلب المدينة. ولذلك، شكّلت القوات التركية ما يشبه منطقة عسكرية واسعة في محيط سراقب، كما ترسل أنقرة منذ أيام تعزيزات عسكرية إلى داخل المحافظة. وفي اليومين الماضيين، دخلت تعزيزات تعدّ الأكبر، وضمّت 240 آلية على الأقل من دبابات وشاحنات مدرّعة تمركز معظمها في محيط سراقب، وذلك لسدّ كل منافذ المدينة أمام الجيش، ودفعه ـــ مع شريكه الروسي ــــ إلى التريّث وإعادة التفكير قبل التقدم، إذ تصبح احتمالات الاحتكاك مع القوات التركية مرتفعة.

لم تكتفِ أنقرة بذلك، بل زوّدت المسلحين بالذخائر والأسلحة النوعية، وفق مصادر عسكرية ميدانية، بهدف كسر تقدم الجيش في كل من ريفي حلب وإدلب. كما أيّدت ودعمت الهجوم الكبير والعنيف على حلب من الجهة الغربية، الذي شنته «هيئة تحرير الشام» («جبهة النصرة»)، بحضور وقيادة زعيمها أبو محمد الجولاني، قبل ثلاثة أيام. إضافة إلى ذلك، دفعت أنقرة الفصائل الموالية لها في منطقة سيطرة «درع الفرات» إلى مهاجمة بلدة تادف في ريف حلب الشمالي الشرقي السبت الماضي. وبدا أن الرسائل التركية التصعيدية وصلت الجانب الروسي الذي قرّر الرد عليها، إذ شنت الطائرات الحربية الروسية، للمرة الأولى منذ سنوات، خمس غارات على مدينة الباب الواقعة تحت سيطرة الفصائل الموالية لأنقرة، كما قصفت محيط رتل عسكري تركي بالقرب من قرية كفر حلب في ريف حلب الجنوبي الغربي، من دون إصابته مباشرة.

سيطر الجيش العربي على مدينة النيرب الواقعة على مشارف إدلب

على هذه الحال، كان المشهد قبل أن ينقلب ليل أول من أمس عندما تقدّمت قوات تركية من نقطة كانت قد استحدثتها على طريق حلب ــــ اللاذقية نحو بلدة ترنبة شرقي سراقب، لإقامة نقطة عسكرية فيها تدفع السوريين الى الإحجام عن الدخول. وكان الجيش في ذلك الوقت قد وصل إلى بلدة جوباس الواقعة إلى غرب الطريق M5، وجنوب M4، ويفصله عن المداخل الغربية لسراقب بلدة واحدة هي ترنبة التي تتقدم إليها القوات التركية. في ظل هذه المعطيات، اتّخذ الجيش قراراً حاسماً بإبعاد الجنود الأتراك عن ترنبة ليدخلها تباعاً. وبالفعل، قصفت المدفعية الموقع الذي تمركزت فيه القوة التركية التي كان يرافقها مسلحون من الفصائل، ما دفعهم إلى الانسحاب فوراً لإجلاء المصابين منهم. بعد ذلك، تقدم الجيش إلى البلدة وسيطر عليها، ثم انطلق منها ليل أمس ليدخل أحياء سراقب الغربية، بعدما عمد في مقابل الإجراءات التركية إلى الالتفاف على النقاط التي تعترضه على الطريق الدولي، عبر التوجه غرب الطريق والتقدم بسرعة شمالاً، ليمدّ سيطرته إلى النيرب على شمالي الطريق الدولي. ويكون بهذا قد قطع الطريق M4 لأول مرة، وأصبح على بعد أقل من 8 كلم عن إدلب.

وفي وقت لاحق أمس، أعلنت وزارة الدفاع التركية مقتل خمسة عسكريين، وثلاثة مدنيين، إضافة إلى سبعة جرحى من التابعية التركية. وأعلنت الوزارة توجه كل من وزير الدفاع وقادة الجيش إلى الحدود مع سوريا، كما أعلنت حدوث ردّ شنّته قواتها أدى إلى «مقتل عشرات الجنود السوريين». وكان الرئيس رجب طيب إردوغان قد قال في مؤتمر صباحاً، إن «طائرات تركية من طراز إف ـــ 16، والمدفعية التركية، قصفت أهدافاً حدّدتها أجهزة استخباراتنا». وتوجّه إردوغان إلى موسكو بالقول: «أريد خصوصاً أن أبلغ السلطات الروسية أن تعاطينا هنا ليس معكم، بل مع النظام (السوري)، ولا تحاولوا عرقلة عملنا».

في المقابل، أوضحت موسكو، في بيان عن «مركز المصالحة» التابع لوزارة الدفاع، أن «وحدات من الجيش التركي قامت في ليل الثاني من شباط بالتحرك داخل منطقة خفض التصعيد في إدلب من دون إبلاغ الجانب الروسي، ووقعت تحت قصف القوات الحكومية لمواقع الإرهابيين في سراقب». ونفت الوزارة أنّ تكون الطائرات التركية قد نفّذت هجمات داخل سوريا. أما وكالة «سانا»، فنقلت خبراً مقتضباً قالت إنه «خلال ملاحقة فلول الإرهابيين واستهدافهم قُتل أربعة جنود أتراك وأصيب تسعة آخرون، وردّت قوات النظام التركي باتجاه الوحدات العسكرية من دون أن يسفر ذلك عن أي إصابة أو ضرر». وفي وقت لاحق، أعلنت وسائل الإعلام الروسية أن وزير الخارجية، سيرغي لافروف، ناقش التطورات مع نظيره التركي، مولود جاويش أوغلو، «مع إيلاء اهتمام خاص بالوضع الحالي في منطقة خفض التصعيد في إدلب».

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقة

‘Israeli’ Demolishing of Palestinian Houses Policy of Ethnic Cleansing

By Staff, Fars News Agency

Political activist Jeff Halper said the Zionist entity aims at taking more Palestinian lands by driving them out of their territory or confine the remaining people in a relatively small area.

Halper told Fars News Agency that ‘Israel’ extends the notorious separation wall “as long and as high as ‘Israel’ needs to define its demographic borders and the cantos in which the Palestinians will be confined”.

Halper is a co-founder of The People Yes! Network [TPYN] and the former Director of the ‘Israeli’ Committee against House Demolitions [ICAHD].

In response to a questions regarding the ‘Israeli’ demolition of Palestinians’ homes, he said: “The ‘Israeli’ policy of home demolitions goes back to the Nakba in 1948, when it systematically demolished more than 530 entire villages, towns and urban areas, some 52,000 homes. Some other 55,000 have been demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territory since 1967, plus thousands more within ‘Israel’ until today.”

He went on to say that “it is a policy of ethnic cleansing, designed to drive as many Palestinians out of the country or to confine those that stay to small enclaves on 15% of the country.”

Halper further explained that ‘Israel’ will not demolish homes in those enclaves [Areas A & B, Gaza except in military attacks] and the enclaves of East al-Quds and ‘Israel’ since it needs them to house the population in concentrated areas.

He stressed that all kinds of demolitions are war crimes since they violate the Fourth Geneva Convention that protects a civilian population living under occupation.

“The act itself was not unusual. ‘Israeli’ demolition of Palestinian homes is a routine, almost daily occurrence. What set it apart was the scale, the impunity, and the political implications,” he added.

‘Israel’ Advanced Plans for 22,000 Settler Units in West Bank in 3 Years

The Icon of ‘Lebanese Revolution’ is a Zionist Sympathizer!

By Zeinab Daher

Beirut – The infamous and notorious female that became an icon of the Lebanese washed-up protests turned to be a sympathizer with the nation’s enemy.

In a flashback to her history, Perla Joe Maalouly was spotted doing the criminal act of normalization with the Zionist entity’s military account on Twitter, in a reply to the so-called ‘Israel’ Defense Forces’ tweet that was praising the vigilance of Adi, an 18-year-old soldier that foiled a smuggling attempt of 40 guns from Lebanon into ‘Israel’.

Though setting some privacy to her account, and hiding replies from users who don’t share the ‘following’ privilege with her, we managed to track her reply on the tweet that dates back to October 3rd:

“From Lebanon I tell you, we are humanly, mentally and soulfully sick of this war. We want no guns being smuggled, nor airplanes on top of our heads. Part of us just want to live, love, heart fully interact and create and I’m sure that the same goes to part of you [flower],” she replied.

The same Perla, however, was featured in many videos, since the beginning of Lebnon protests, being super nasty to the Lebanese Army and Security Forces who were maintaining protection for protesters and other people on the streets while the so-called rebels were blocking the roads and hindering the living of thousands of the Lebanese people for two months so far.

Additionally, when two ‘Israeli’ spy drones breached the Lebanese sovereignty and entered Beirut’s southern suburb [Dahiyeh], Lebanese President Michel Aoun stated that what happened is a ‘declaration of war’ that allows us to turn to our right to defend our sovereignty, independence and safety of our lands.

Perla, the tenderhearted, replied to the head of state:

“We want peace, enough is enough.”

Here in this case, there are two options that would describe the status of this fierce defender of the demands of the ‘rebels’. Either she is a schizophrenic whose state of mind shifts between caring for the interests of her nationals and putting them above all, but still the poor Perla turns her back to defend also the enemy that occupied the lands of the same nationals and killed, detained and tortured thousands along its history of occupation of Lebanon; or, she does this on purpose, which must be considered a report to the concerned parties that deal with individuals practicing such a criminal act of normalizing ties with the ‘Israeli’ enemy, plus showing sympathy to them.

Until proving the opposite of the theory that considers those influencing the violent protests across Lebanon are dictated by foreign embassies, may God save Lebanon from the malicious intentions and its enemies’ interventions.

President Aoun: Lebanon Rejects Any Violation of Its Legitimate Rights within Its Territorial Waters

December 17, 2019

President Michel Aoun on Tuesday met with UNIFIL commander, General Stefano Del Cole, and asked him to investigate reasons for the violation of a Greek oil exploration vessel, operating for the Israeli Army, Lebanese territorial waters for a duration of 3 hours. The President stressed that “Lebanon rejects any violation of its legitimate rights within its territorial waters”, considering that “Israeli naval violations, of Lebanese sovereignty, are no less dangerous than land and air violations, which Israel continues to carry out”.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Salim Jreisatti, and the delegation accompanying Del Cole, President Aoun said that “Lebanon is keen to activate the existing cooperation between the Lebanese Army and the UNIFIL, in order to maintain stability, and address issues raised through dialogue and coordination”. The President appreciated the efforts exerted by the international leadership to maintain stability along the Blue Line Border, reaffirming Lebanon’s adherence to Resolution 1701.
General Del Cole informed President Aoun about the results of his visit to New York and the meeting he had held with international officials, indicating that these meetings were devoted to tackling the situation in Southern Lebanon. Del Cole had also visited Washington and met with a number of US officials and discussed with them the situation of UNIFIL, and its need for continuous funding for carrying the tasks assigned in Resolution 1701. The research also touched on the results of Lebanese-International-Israeli meeting in the Tripartite Committee, which meets periodically at the International Command headquarters, in Naqoura.
Afterwards, President Aoun telegrammed congratulations to the newly elected Algerian President, Abdul Majid Taboun, and stressed his keenness to strengthen brotherly relations between Lebanon and Algeria, and to enhance cooperation between the two countries in all fields.
Source: NNA

NGOs Stand Against «Israeli» War Machine Invading Canadian Universities & Recruiting Students

NGOs Stand Against «Israeli» War Machine Invading Canadian Universities & Recruiting Students

By Fatima Haydar

Beirut – The words “Free Free Palestine!” rang out. The chant once unheard grew louder, livelier and stronger. No, this wasn’t in Palestine. It wasn’t in some Middle Eastern country either. This was halfway across the globe in faraway Canada!

On November 20, the prestigious York University, Canada’s third largest, hosted an on-campus event featuring reservists from the “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF].

The event on Wednesday night, which included a panel discussion featuring “Reservists on Duty” – a group made up of former IOF soldiers, advertised the “Israeli” army’s strength and morale.

Meanwhile, prior to the event, activists and social media users called for a protest against the arrival of IOF members. Many denounced the university for hosting those who were tasked with upholding an illegal occupation, enforcing apartheid, murdering protesters and committing war crimes.

Canadian Defenders for Human Rights [CD4HR] – a registered non-profit organization dedicated to defending the rights of people of all backgrounds, color, and faith – was among those that spoke up.

The group’s director Firas Al Najim slammed the atrocious behavior of the Zionists in Canada.

A video clip shows Al Najim protesting against the event on campus and joining ranks with another demonstration held by York’s Students against “Israeli” Apartheid [SAIA]. He was crying out:

We condemn the Zionist regime.

You’re a bunch of cowards! You kill children! You kill senior citizens! You kill everybody!


You have the audacity to say a word!

You are a danger to the Canadian society!

Zionism is terrorism!

Holding up the Palestinian flag during the protest, Al Najim stressed his organization’s solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people of different religious backgrounds. He further condemned the “Israeli” occupation of the Holy Land of Palestine, calling for the “dismantlement of the illegitimate Zionist regime”.

Al Najim rejected the presence of the IOF, whom he called “a bunch of mercenaries from everywhere in the world”, promoting their “evil agenda”, hatred and their war crimes.

The Canadian activist further urged his government and its officials to condemn “Israeli” violations, thanking Canadian PM Justin Trudeau for his recent move and stance in condemning “Israel” and standing up for international law.

The Trudeau government on Tuesday reversed course and voted in favor of a United Nations resolution condemning the apartheid “Israeli” entity for its occupation of Palestinian territories.

Meanwhile, Al Najim’s chants blended with those of students and SAIA members who came out to oppose the visit of IOF soldiers on campus, while yelling:

All Out! No “Israeli” soldiers on our campus!

They wanted to send a message that “Israeli” war criminals actively participating in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and violating their human rights are not welcome on their campus.

The “Israeli” entity has recently admitted to murdering Palestinian children in their homes and bombing residential buildings after the latest violence in occupied Palestinian territories.

To say that no one is above the law is to say that laws must be applied to everyone equally regardless of race, gender, status or any other consideration.

However, it appears that, as understood by Western capitals, there are people and institutions that are above the law; today’s war criminals in the Middle East – who portrayed themselves as yesterday’s “oppressed” minority, have a privileged status that shields them from indictment.

A pen is mightier than a sword! But in this case, even a word is mightier than the whole “Israeli” arsenal altogether.

Report Showing ‘Iranian Military’ Hit by the Israeli Air Raid Near Damascus!


Beit Saber Damascus western countryside - israeli missile strikes house killing civilians

Everything Israel bombs in Syria sells it to the fools who believe its propaganda as ‘Iranian military targets’, and especially ‘Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ facility, as if that is not a breach of international law by itself.

On the ground and in reality it’s totally the opposite. Everything you hear from Israeli sources reflects totally the opposite to cover their crimes.

The US Taxpayers should watch this following report to see how their money is used by Israel. They must be satisfied with the ‘achievements’ of their 51st unofficial state living completely on their account.

Mohammad al-Khodr from the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel paid a visit to the village of Beit Saber, an agricultural village about 50 kilometers from the Syrian capital Damascus which was struck by one of the Israeli missiles two days ago, and also visited Qudsayya, another suburb near Damascus which was hit by another Israeli missile and this is their findings:


The video is also available on BitChute: saber damascus countryside israel missile strike house killing civilians

Israel was always present to lend a hand to terrorists fighting their unholy fake ‘jihad’ war against the Syrian state and the Syrian people under the US leadership. Whenever they need support help comes from their brethren in the IDF terrorist organization, and whenever the US wants to increase the pressure on Syria, the terrorist attacks would mount, foreign parties would increase their negative intervention, EU stooges will increase their sanctions against Syria, and Israel will be there for the dirty work.

From yesterday’s NATO terrorist attacks against Aleppo which never stopped throughout the Syrian crisis:


Note that Israel carries out its bombings against all targets after midnight, and from across borders, and in many cases hiding behind civilian airlines, showing the heinous nature of its war criminal leaders.

Those who believe Israeli media, similarly to who believed other Pentagon mainstream propagandists and fell for the Iraqi WMDs lie, then Libya lie, then countless other lies across the planet will continue to fall for the same lies by the same liars. There is a saying in America: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, so big shame on the US fools.

Iran Overcomes the US-led Plot to Destabilize the Country

Iran riots

Iran riots


Iran has overcome the US plot to destabilize the country using ‘Peaceful Protests’ as a pretext, these peaceful protests have become a synonym to riots in our region, what was known in the early days as 5th column useful cannon fodders also known now as the 4th generation wars, it only targets countries independent of the US hegemony, and it becomes immediately bloody and violent.

What makes it very obvious in the latest developments in Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran at the same time is the timing of it upon two major steps by the Iraqi government to defy the US policies by

  • 1) Opening the Bu Kamal border crossing with Syria which would connect Iran to the Mediterranean through Iraq and Syria, and also connect to Lebanon which would help the economies of all these countries, this would also stretch the Chinese reach to the Mediterranean as well. Remarkably, the oldest civilizations in the world blocked by the newest countries and satellite regimes: the USA, Saudi, and Israel!
  • 2) The Iraqi Prime Minister visited China and signed a number of economic contracts worth over 200 billion US dollars. Suddenly, the US and Saudi moved their agents on the ground to protest against the same corruption that was sponsored by the US and Saudi in Iraq, Lebanon, and Iran.

This also comes as the Syrian Arab Army started its military operation on a small scale to clean the last al-Qaeda stronghold in Idlib province and liberate 3 million Syrians from the control of this human garbage.

The Iranian protests immediately turned violent leaving dozens killed and massive losses in public and private properties destroyed in a number of cities ignited by a government decision to help the poor segments of the society by increasing the fuel price and using the increase in direct payments to these segments, but the plot was already in place.

The following report by Melhem Rayya, Iran’s office manager for the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel gives a balanced outlook on the events and the Iranian government’s response to the riots:

The video is also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the English translation of the above report:

Let everyone know, friends and enemies that we have forced our enemies to retreat in the military war and in the political and security wars, we have forced enemies to retreat in all areas, and, with God’s blessing, we will make them retreat unequivocally in the arena of economic warfare as well.

It was not a popular act but a wish, this is how the Iranian leader points to the riots that accompanied the protests over the price of gasoline in Iran days ago.

A position that bears responsibility for what happened to external hands is clearly reflected in President Rouhani’s words, he declared victory over what some here call sedition in Iranian society and seeks to destabilize Iran.

The numbers of rioters are small and they are organized, armed and programmed on plans prepared by retard states in the region, the Zionist entity (Israel), and America. The people have triumphed over enemy schemes aimed at striking the country’s security.

Calm returns to areas and cities where protests and riots have occurred started after the supreme leader stressed the importance of the decision to raise the price of gasoline economically, and when the president clarified that this decision was the only possible option to support the middle and poor segments, and after the distribution of the proceeds of the increase in gasoline to citizens.

Iran riots a US plot to destabilize the country

Attacks on public and private property also provoked opposition in many areas of Iran, denouncing the riots and supporting the authorities.

The rioters are few who were fooled and are not ordinary citizens because the objection has its legal methods until the voice arrives, but what happened is planned in advance.

Their riots were not right, the real objection must be legal and everyone must cooperate to build the nation.

Iranian newspapers pointed to the role of citizens in putting out the flames of sedition that the US administration tried to ignite, taking advantage of the difficult economic conditions experienced by the citizen here because of the US sanctions imposed on him, which officials here assert that they are able to overcome successfully despite the difficulties and obstacles.

From protests against the hike on gasoline price turned into riots turned into plans to target security in multiple areas, thus, the crisis in Iran rolled within days in the midst of a volatile regional atmosphere that many see as an American attempt to pressure Iran after the failure of the options of war and sanctions.

End of the transcript.

The Iranian government has revealed today it foiled a sabotage attempt against the largest gas facility in the country. The plot is ongoing and targeting the countries that continue to resist the US hegemonic policies in our region.

Within the same context, we see the insisting of the protests in both Lebanon and Iraq to disturb and harm the economic cycle in their countries, and the Israeli – Turkish – US alliance in increasing the military and terror efforts against Syria trying to disperse the Syrian Arab Army’s efforts among large fronts in the 3 corners of the country.

Israel bombing Syria

Israel Bombs Damascus Vicinity Killing 2 Civilians Injuring Others

At 1:20 am Wednesday 20 November 2019 Damascus local time Israeli warplanes targeted the vicinity of Damascus from both over the occupied Golan and from over Lebanese town of Marj Oyoun. Desperate war criminal and … Continue readingIsrael Bombs Damascus Vicinity Killing 2 Civilians Injuring Others


Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Stresses Full Readiness to Respond to Any ‘Israeli’ Aggression


By Staff

Yemen’s Armed Forces announced they are fully prepared to respond to any ‘Israeli’ aggression had the ‘Israeli’ entity went into an adventure that includes a direct military aggression against the country.

Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Stresses Full Readiness to Respond to Any ‘Israeli’ Aggression

In a seminar entitled ‘’Israeli’ Greed in Yemen, which was organized by the Yemeni Armed Forces’ department of moral orientation, their spokesman Brigadier General Yehya Saree stressed that the message addressed by leader of the Yemeni revolution Sayyed Abdul Malik Badreddine al-Houthi during his latest speech comes from a source of power and must be taken seriously by the ‘Israeli’ enemy.

Sayyed al-Houthi had warned the ‘Israelis’ about the Yemenis’ determination to respond to attacks against their country during his latest speech while celebration Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] birth anniversary.

Saree further noted that the defense capabilities of the Armed Forces on the level of rocketry force and the propelled aircraft are qualified enough to hit vital targets deep in the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories.

Brigadier General Saree further reiterated the historical ‘Israeli’ hostility against Yemen and the Arab and Muslim nations along history, as well as the ‘Israeli’ conspiracies and plots to expand and control the most important vital positions overlooking the Gulf as well as the Arab Sea and the Red Sea.

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Lebanon’s Defense Minister: We’re Not Concerned about Pressure, Will Respond to Any ’Israeli’ Aggression

Fatima Salami

When “Israel” invaded Lebanon in an attempt to occupy it and the resistance confronted it, it was often said at the time that “the eye does not resist the gimlet”. The weak believed this defeatist saying. But the resistance ignored it. A few have sought and struggled for the sake of Lebanon. It triumphed despite little material capabilities. And history recorded the enemy’s first ever unconditional withdrawal from an Arab country.

In 2006, the enemy waged a massive war against the homeland. The outcome was its surrender under Lebanese strikes. In 2017, the resistance and the military establishment fought a war hand in hand against the Takfiris. This war ended with the liberation of Lebanon from the terrorists. The so-called emirate was toppled thanks to the golden equation: the army, the people and the resistance.

A few days ago, “Israel” committed a new folly – a blatant and open attack on Beirut’s southern suburbs [Dahiyeh]. It did not go unnoticed. We saw the unanimous official positions as well as the popular support for the resistance and the military institutions, which seems ready to face any “Israeli” aggression against Lebanon.

While speaking to Lebanon’s Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab one gets the sense of how powerful and determined the military establishment is to defend the country. The minister seems confident more than ever about Lebanon’s ability to defend its territory from any attack.

In an exclusive with Al-Ahed News Website, Bou Saab confirms that the Lebanese army will take the initiative to confront any “Israeli” attack. In his opinion, Lebanon is stronger than before and it only gets more powerful with each passing crisis, especially with a strong president and a mindful leadership from all parties. The “Israelis” should take note of this.

Bou Saab also stresses that objections to Lebanon’s behavior are “anomalous” voices that have no value in politics and in influencing public opinion. Regarding external pressures, Bou Saab explains that the president is not concerned and neither are we. He says that their only concerns are Lebanon’s interest first and foremost. Thanks to this awareness, Lebanon continues to go from one victory to another.

Below is the transcript of the interview:

Q. Has Lebanon been subjected to pressure as a result of the positions it has formally adopted, especially with regard to the position of President Michel Aoun and the decisions taken by the Supreme Defense Council?

A. I do not want to say that Lebanon came under pressure. His Excellency the President is not concerned with these pressures and neither are we. When we make decisions at the Supreme Defense Council, we are concerned only with Lebanon’s interest first and foremost. President Aoun’s position is well known. In 2006, it was known, and today it is still known. Every attack on Lebanon is viewed by His Excellency the President through his articulated position. This was evident in his last stance following the attack on Dahiyeh. President Aoun is not concerned with any external pressures. He ignores any position from any party that contradicts his convictions. This is the approach of any President of the Republic who is keen on dignity and sovereignty. Lebanon makes its decisions in line with the positions we heard from the President of the Republic. He does not adopt positions that take into consideration how to please external parties. He does not adopt positions based on fears of exposing Lebanon to external pressures. We should know this about President Aoun. He is not concerned with any pressures. He is only concerned with the Lebanese national interest. And this is what we have seen the last time.

Q. There was talk of US pressure exerted on the Lebanese army, especially after confronting the Zionist drones. Was the army really pressured to be neutral? 

A. The decision made by the Lebanese army on Wednesday (August 28) to confront the Zionist drones in Adaisseh is not a spur of the moment decision. The order was not given on Wednesday. The army implemented the decision after seeing the drones with a naked eye. So, it fired directly at them. Earlier, I said that the Lebanese army will take the initiative to respond to any “Israeli” attack against Lebanese territory. Any attack that is clear and apparent and the army has a clear shot, the military will initiate, confront and shoot at it. Coincidentally, a few hours later, this incident took place. It turned out that drones flew at an altitude the army could see with a naked eye. So, it fired at them. This decision has not changed whether there is pressure or not. The position remains the same and will not change.

Q. If the incident reoccurs?

A. I assure you that the decision will remain the same. It will be in line with the defense of Lebanon and the Lebanese territories. We will respond to any “Israeli” aggression that the army sees clearly whether on land or in the air. In a previous incident along the border, a Lebanese army officer shot at “Israeli” drones. This means that the Lebanese army is following the same protocol and will not change courser under any pressure.

Q. Are you confident of the official Lebanese stance after seeing an honorable position from the three leaders? Or do you have fears of a split that may happen at any moment?

A. I do not think divisions can happen because the official positions in Lebanon and the political parties represented in both the parliament and the government are all united and clear. This is a blatant “Israeli” attack against Lebanon. Some Lebanese may agree with us that this is an “Israeli” attack, but they had a different position regarding the response, stating that the response should be decided by the government. They also argued that decisions regarding war and peace must be in the hands of the Lebanese state.

When this team said this in the Cabinet, the prime minister responded by stating that we do not make the decision for war and peace. “Israel” was the one that made that decision. It is the aggressor, and we will defend ourselves.

I think that these words demonstrate that there is certainly no fear of the unified positions among Lebanese officials being divided. I believe that the “Israelis” must learn a lesson from what happened. And each time they choose to attack Lebanon, they will be met with an unanimous position in the face of their threats.

Q. Do you think that Lebanon is stronger today?

A. We come out stronger than before following every crisis we go through and all the problems inside Lebanon or problems due to “Israeli” attacks. Many of the decisions made in Lebanon in the presence of the President of the Republic made us emerge from any crisis stronger than before. We have been through crises, both internal and external, and every time we came out stronger and stronger. Here, we are talking about the “Israeli” aggressions.

If you made a comparison between the present and what happened in the July war, in terms of the divisions and the political positions, I believe we have achieved a massive victory, even inside Lebanon, through political and unanimous positions. The “Israelis” should learn a lesson from this. Perhaps in the past, they were able to exert greater influence on Lebanon’s political decision-making process through international pressure. However, this is no longer an option for them, especially in the presence of a strong president and a mindful leadership of all parties. Therefore, the objections to Lebanon’s behavior are “anomalous” voices that have no value in politics and in influencing public opinion, which will be supporting the state in defending the Lebanese territory in the face of “Israeli” attacks.

Q. On the second anniversary of the liberation of the Joroud, the equation of the army, the people, and the resistance was embodied. Today we are beginning to see this trio is ever present in light of the recent Zionist aggression against Lebanon. Do you think this equation will peak?

A. In the ministerial statement we were clear: the Lebanese have the right to defend their land by all available means. They have the right to resist any aggression. Some get upset over the description of the trio: the army, the people and the resistance. But the ministerial statement translates this. The disagreement may occur in terms of talking about the resistance as an organization, whether it can make decisions on its own. I am not going to discuss this here. As a defense minister, I am not in a position to talk about this issue now. This should be discussed on the dialogue table in due course. But I emphasize that in any problem, crisis or aggression, we will not accept to burn time debating how to respond. We will all defend our homeland whether through the army, or the people. And whoever wants to resist, let him resist the way he wants. This is evident in the unity that is embodied during any assault. This issue is out of discussion. Any aggression will be faced with Lebanese consensus and defense by all means.

Q. With regard to the international and regional contacts that Lebanon has made officially, have you obtained what some call reassurances that “Israel” will not launch a large-scale war against Lebanon?

A. Diplomatic circles are saying that “Israel’s” message implies that they are not preparing for war and they do not intend to wage a war. What takes us to the other possibility is that “Israel” is preparing for elections and is trying to strengthen its internal situation by launching attacks of this kind. But these attacks are a double-edged sword that could turn against those who think about attacking. Because today we have a strong Lebanon capable of responding and creating equations. It can deter the enemy. If this was “Israel’s” intention, it does not necessarily mean it would have a positive outcome for the elections. It might turn out to be an issue with negative repercussions for them because as I said we are much stronger than before.

Q. Have you felt that the Americans are upset with what “Israel” did, or is there agreement with the “Israeli” position?

A. We found out that no one was expecting this to happen, after inquiries were made from more than one side.

Q. How do you explain what UNIFIL was quoted as saying that shots fired by the army violated Resolution 1701? Isn’t this a double standard, as we do not see this tone when “Israel” violates Lebanese airspace on a daily basis?

A. If an official position is issued by UNIFIL regarding this issue, we will respond in due course and give them the appropriate reply.

Final Words

On the anniversary of the Dawn of the Joroud Liberation, I pay tribute to the souls of all the martyrs who have fallen and without them we would not have been able to continue on this path. Without them, we would not have emerged stronger. We emerge from every battle, every war and every crisis stronger thanks to the blood of the honorable martyrs who fell while defending Lebanon, the Lebanese people as well as the homeland, its dignity and sovereignty.

Therefore, we can only salute their families, pray for mercy for the martyrs and say Lebanon will carry on from one victory to another until the logic of the state is achieved, attacks are prevented and any terrorist or enemy is deterred from thinking of violating Lebanon in the future or sees an opportunity to steal its land, oil or anything else.

Israel’s Dilemma – International Walls Are Closing In As they Build More Apartheid Walls Of Their Own

Rebel Voice

The recent conflict between the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades in Gaza and the IOF of Israeli has served to intensify the tension that exists in the region. The Israeli regime got a very bloody nose from the encounter. This came as no small surprise to a Zionist state so previously confident of their superiority over the Palestinians of Gaza. A similar thing happened in 2006 in Lebanon when Israel picked a fight with a rejuvenated Hezbollah and got a lesson in humility.

With both al-Qassam and Hezbollah now stronger than ever, Israel has had to take a step back from its usual military tactics of invasion. This decision has prompted the continuing disintegration of the Israeli coalition government. Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been forced to suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of the much smaller Hamas. His political colleagues now smell his blood and are gradually positioning to…

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