After 38 Years of Denial, Israeli Shin Bet Officers Acknowledge Hezbollah Responsibility for Command Headquarters Blast in Tyre

November 11, 2020

The images of fear, gloominess and awe have been haunting the Zionist soldiers and officers who witnessed the explosion which rocked the headquarters of the military command of the occupation forces in the Lebanese southern city of Tyre 38 years ago.

Yossi Mansharof on Twitter: "Taking pride in Imad Moughniyeh and  Hezbollah's first so-called martyrdom-seeker, Ahmad Kaseer, who committed  the November 1982 suicide attack against the IDF headquarters in Tyre,  Hezbollah TV al-Manar
Shahid Ahmad Qassir Executes Operation: Enemy leadership in panic and alarm

On October 11, 1982, the martyr Ahmad Kassir carried out the first martyrdom bombing operation, detonated his explosives-rigged car at the headquarters of the Israeli military command in Tyre, southern Lebanon, killing 76 soldiers as well as officers and injuring 118 of others.

Shahid Ahmad Qassir Executes Operation: Enemy leadership in panic and alarm

A number of Shin Bet officers recalled the images of fear they witnessed on that day, narrating how the Israeli military police prevented them from circulating the booby-trapped car attack hypothesis.

It is worth noting that the Israeli military censorship have repeatedly refrained from acknowledging Hezbollah responsibility for the losses inflicted upon its troops for fear of the psychological consequences of such conformation.

The Shin Bet officers emphasized that, after the blast, they obtained enough reports which confirmed Hezbollah involvement in the attack.

Source: Al-Manar English Website


Suspension of Corbyn will define Starmer as Iraq defined Blair


David Hearst

2 November 2020 17:54 UTC |

David Hearst is the editor in chief of Middle East Eye. He left The Guardian as its chief foreign leader writer. In a career spanning 29 years, he covered the Brighton bomb, the miner’s strike, the loyalist backlash in the wake of the Anglo-Irish Agreement in Northern Ireland, the first conflicts in the breakup of the former Yugoslavia in Slovenia and Croatia, the end of the Soviet Union, Chechnya, and the bushfire wars that accompanied it. He charted Boris Yeltsin’s moral and physical decline and the conditions which created the rise of Putin. After Ireland, he was appointed Europe correspondent for Guardian Europe, then joined the Moscow bureau in 1992, before becoming bureau chief in 1994. He left Russia in 1997 to join the foreign desk, became European editor and then associate foreign editor. He joined The Guardian from The Scotsman, where he worked as education correspondent.

Keir Starmer’s silence on Palestine and his treatment of his predecessor have set the Labour leader on a collision course with many within his own party

Keir Starmer (L) with Jeremy Corbyn at a press conference in London in December 2019 (AFP)

One of the lesser known aspects of Keir Starmer’s assault on the left of his party since becoming Labour leader is his growing silence on Palestine.

Silencing the Palestinian lobby in Britain has always been a goal of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, which has gone to some lengths to condition debate inside the Labour Party on Israel.

In 2017, an Al Jazeera documentary exposed the efforts of the ministry’s man in London, Shai Masot, to start a youth wing in the Labour Party. Masot was also filmed by an undercover reporter saying he wanted to “take down” government ministers and MPs considered to be causing “problems” for Israel.

Silencing the Palestinian lobby in Britain has always been a goal of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, which has gone to some lengths to condition debate inside the Labour Party on Israel

When Masot was rumbled and expelled, a continuous feed of Jeremy Corbyn’s meetings as a backbench MP with Palestinians, dating back in some cases over a decade, was created to stoke the furore over the then-Labour leader.

This feed was doctored.

When Corbyn met three Hamas politicians whose Jerusalem IDs had been revoked and had staged a sit-in a tent in the grounds of the Red Cross (this was a cause celebre at the time and many Israelis went to show solidarity with the case), the presence of a second Labour MP, Andy Slaughter, who is not a Corbyn ally but is pro-Palestinian, was excised from British reports.

However, a picture of Slaughter appeared in Israeli news channel i24’s exclusive of “Corbyn’s secret visit” in its report in 2018, which was eight years after the MPs’ visit took place in November 2010. 

Role of Shin Bet

The precise details of Corbyn’s visit to Israel in 2010, including who was on it, who arranged it and who they met, were monitored and logged by Israel’s domestic security service, Shin Bet.

When these visits were over, Shin Bet invited Corbyn’s local fixer in for what turned out to be five hours of questioning in a police station in Haifa.

Shin Bet told her they were relaxed about her charity work for the Palestinian cause, but would not tolerate her campaigning inside the Houses of Parliament in the UK.EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn questions impartiality of EHRC antisemitism inquiry

If she did not heed the warning, she would spend the rest of her days in prison as an enemy of the state. Her lawyer told her that such a charge could indeed be fabricated against her and that an Israeli court would send her to prison if this happened. She is an Israeli citizen.

At the very least, the warnings given to Corbyn’s fixer confirm that Israel’s security services had set their sights on the MP at least five years before he became Labour leader and long before antisemitism in Labour became a newsworthy issue.

Nobody in the Labour Party was bothered with Corbyn’s travels, which certainly were not secret. He was a backbencher on the fringes of the party. Only Shin Bet took note.

The smear campaign has been wonderfully effective. Of course, many groups joined in for different reasons, including people indifferent to the conflict in Palestine who had shown no past interest in it.

The compromising material of Corbyn’s past contacts would have had no purchase had there not been a determination within the Parliamentary Labour Party and at Labour headquarters to stop Corbyn at all costs. But taken together, it worked.

A poll conducted by Survation last year asked member of the British public who were aware of antisemitism in Labour what percentage of party members had complaints against them.

Their mean average reply was 34 percent. The real figure is a fraction of one percent. The perception of antisemitism was over 300 times the reality in Corbyn’s party.

Palestine lost

Since becoming leader, Keir Starmer has avoided contact with Palestinian leaders, either in Israel or in Britain.

Starmer has had two opportunities to engage.

On 26 June this year, 15 members of the Knesset who comprise the Joint List wrote to all party leaders in Britain to urge them to “actively oppose” attempts by Israel to annex territory unilaterally.Israel’s Joint List urges British political parties to oppose annexation

The Joint List, the main coalition representing Palestinian citizens of Israel, is the third largest group of MKs in the parliament. The letter was sent by Yousef Jabareen, the head of the Joint List’s international committee.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson instructed one of his ministers, James Cleverly, minister of state for the Middle East and North Africa, to reply.

“We continue to urge Israel not to take these steps. The prime minister has conveyed the UK’s opposition to unilateral annexation to Prime Minister Netanyahu on multiple occasions,” Cleverly wrote.

Starmer did not reply, and still has not replied. Jabareen received an automated reply from Starmer’s office, telling him that he receives hundreds of emails each day.

On 16 September, a group of leading British Palestinians, many of whom were members of Labour, but some not, wrote an open letter to the Labour Party insisting on “the right of Palestinians to accurately describe our experiences of dispossession and oppression” and rejecting Labour’s attempts to conflate anti-Zionism with antisemitism.

The letter was accompanied by emails to Starmer to set up a meeting. They were told that Starmer was too busy to meet them. They were referred to Lisa Nandy, the shadow foreign secretary, who also declined to meet them.

A ‘dressing down’

However when Stephen Kinnock, who comes from the right wing of the party and is a bitter critic of Corbyn, called in a parliamentary debate for the UK to “ban all products that originate from Israeli settlements in the occupied territories”, Nandy found the time to intervene.

Nandy told the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council – according to a source quoted by MailOnline – that Kinnock, a consistent and long-standing critic of Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians, had been given a “dressing down” for his remarks made during the Commons debate.

Starmer’s sole intervention in this debate occurred when he was asked by Jewish News about sanctions and he stressed the need instead to maintain a ‘strong working relationship with Israel’

“Lisa made no secret of the fact she and the leader were angry with Kinnock,” the source is quoted as saying.

“Especially after all the work that has been done to try and restore Labour’s relationship with the Jewish community.”

Starmer was said to be “infuriated”.

Nandy herself proposed a ban on the import of goods from illegal settlements in the West Bank, but only if Israel pressed ahead with annexation.

Starmer’s sole intervention in this debate occurred when he was asked by Jewish News about sanctions and he stressed the need instead to maintain a “strong working relationship with Israel”.

Starmer said: “I don’t agree with annexation and I don’t think it’s good for security in the region, and I think it’s very important that we say that.

“Whether sanctions follow is another matter but at the moment let’s resolve this in the proper way. But this is not good for security in the region. That should be a paramount consideration.

When pressed further, he added: “There needs to be a strong working relationship where we are able to exchange views frankly, as you would with an ally and on some of these issues, a frank exchange is what we most need, I think.”

Labour’s history

This Monday marks 103 years since the Balfour Declaration committed British governments to support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

The 1917 document predates Labour’s emergence as a political force in the years after World War One, but the party has a history of its own in the Middle East which no leader can ignore.Jeremy Corbyn suspended from Labour following antisemitism report

In 1944, when the territory of Palestine was still under British control, its national executive committee authored a motion, passed by conference, which read: “Palestine surely is a case, on human grounds and to promote a stable settlement, for transfer of population. Let the Arabs be encouraged to move out, as the Jews move in. Let them be compensated handsomely for their land and let their settlement elsewhere be carefully organised and generously financed.”

But it has history more recent than that.

The suspension of Corbyn after the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report into antisemitism last week contrasts with Corbyn’s treatment of Tony Blair, who as a former Labour prime minister was excoriated by the 2016 Chilcot Report over his decision to invade Iraq in 2003.

John Chilcot, a former senior diplomat, eviscerated Blair, stopping short of accusing him of lying to parliament.

Chilcot said that at the time of the invasion, Saddam Hussein “posed no imminent threat” and revealed a private note that Blair sent to Bush in July 2002 which read: “I will be with you, whatever.”

In a two-hour press conference following the publication of the report, Blair was unrepentant. “I believe we made the right decision and the world is better and safer,” he declared.

He argued that he had acted in good faith, based on intelligence at the time which said that Iraq’s president had weapons of mass destruction. This “turned out to be wrong”.

Corbyn’s suspension

Corbyn offered a total apology on behalf of the party for the decision to invade Iraq.

He said: “So I now apologise sincerely on behalf of my party for the disastrous decision to go to war in Iraq in March 2003. That apology is owed first of all to the people of Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and the country is still living with the devastating consequences of the war and the forces it unleashed. They have paid the greatest price for the most serious foreign policy calamity of the last 60 years.”

He went on: “The apology is also owed to the families of those soldiers who died in Iraq or who have returned home injured or incapacitated. They did their duty but it was in a conflict they should never have been sent to.”

Corbyn appeared as if he was defying the leadership, even though at the time he spoke, he had no idea what Starmer would say on a key point that defined their dispute

Blair at the time was just a member of the party, in the same situation as Corbyn was last week.

Corbyn, however, did not suspend Blair for not apologising and uttering words which went against the party line.

Instead, the opposite was happening. The “party of war” within the Parliamentary Labour Party went on the offensive against the leadership.

MPs who had backed the Iraq war, and consistently voted against inquiries into it, went after Corbyn.

Of the 71 MPs who voted no confidence in Corbyn in 2016 and who had been in parliament in 2003, 92 percent had voted in favour of the Iraq war and seven against.

In justifying his action to suspend Corbyn, Starmer said that the former leader had defied his response to the EHRC report, which condemned anyone trying to claim that antisemitism had been exaggerated for political reasons.

The night before the report was published, Starmer phoned Corbyn to say he would not be condemning him by name in his statement of reply to the EHRC report. Corbyn and his team repeatedly asked Starmer what he would say in his statement. Starmer said he would send them his lines.

Angela Rayner, the deputy leader, also promised Corbyn’s team that she would send them the lines of Starmer’s statement. Both failed to do so. The reactions of the two men were thus set on collision course.

Corbyn appeared as if he was defying the leadership, even though at the time he spoke, he had no idea what Starmer would say on a key point that defined their dispute.

Corbyn subsequently failed to back down, but one possibility is that Starmer’s team knew what Corbyn would say, while Corbyn himself was kept in the dark until it was too late.

The left bites back

Corbyn did not defend himself against allegations that he tolerated antisemitism or that he himself was an antisemite, claims that are still being made today. To the extent that he let this campaign run unchallenged in the High Court, he himself is responsible.

Quite apart from the fate of Corbyn, support for Palestine is much greater in the party than Starmer is comfortable with. Palestine, which he knows about much less than Corbyn, is his blindspot

On the day Corbyn was suspended, the Campaign Against Antisemitism, the original complainant in the EHRC investigation, wrote to Starmer and David Evans, the general secretary, demanding investigations into 32 members of the Labour Party, including Angela Rayner, Starmer’s current deputy, and 10 other MPs. 

In response, seven trade unions affiliated to the Labour Party and one which backed Starmer as candidate, published a statement expressing “serious concern” about the manner and rationale for Corbyn’s suspension, suggesting it had undermined party unity and democratic processes.

Far from being his “Clause 4” moment – the issue that Tony Blair used to define New Labour by dropping the party’s historic commitment to state ownership of key industries – the suspension of Corbyn could define Starmer’s leadership in the same way that Blair’s decision to invade Iraq has cast a shadow over everything a man elected three times as prime minister did. The ghosts of Iraq follow Blair around to this day.

Quite apart from the fate of Corbyn, support for Palestine is much greater in the party than Starmer is comfortable with. Palestine, which he knows about much less than Corbyn, is his blindspot.

Unless Corbyn is reinstated quickly, the decision to suspend him from the party could prove to be a permanent and defining stain on Starmer’s leadership.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Eye.

Israel Perfecting Surveillance Tech

By Philip Giraldi


Israel’s external spy organization Mossad and its internal espionage equivalent Shin Bet have reputations that are much larger than their actual successes, but the one area where they have excelled is electronic intelligence gathering. Recent electronic spying around the White House and other federal buildings in Washington carried out by the Israeli Embassy demonstrates that Israel does not differentiate much between friends and enemies when it conducts espionage. In fact, spying targeting the U.S. is probably its number one priority due to the fact that the Jewish state is so heavily dependent on American support that it feels compelled to learn what discussions relating to it are taking place behind closed doors.

Israeli penetration of U.S. telecommunications began in the 1990s, when American companies like AT&T and Verizon, the chief conduits of the National Security Agency (NSA) for communications surveillance, began to use Israeli-produced hardware, particularly for law enforcement-related surveillance and clandestine recording. The devices had a so-called back door, which meant that everything they did was shared with Israel. Israeli cyber-specialists even broke into classified networks with the NSA and FBI aware of what was going on but unwilling to confront “America’s best ally.” President Bill Clinton once quipped to Monica Lewinski that they should avoid using the Oval Office phone because someone might be listening in. He was referring to Israel.

To be sure, the Jewish state’s high-tech sector has been much assisted in its effort by “own goals” provided by the United States, which allows Israel to bid on government contracts relating to national security, virtually guaranteeing that any technical innovations will be stolen and re-exported by Israeli high-tech companies. Major technology innovators like Intel, which works with the NSA, have set up shop in Israel and have publicly stated, “We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a U.S. company.” Vulture capitalist Zionist billionaire Paul Singer has recently been accused of steering highly paid U.S. tech sector jobs to Israel, jobs that are lost to the American economy forever.

So, Israel is a leader in using electronic resources to carry out espionage and collect information on various targets of interest. Israel is also an innovator, and its close relationship with the U.S. intelligence community (IC), most particularly the NSA, means that technologies and procedures developed by the Jewish state will inevitably show up in America.

The U.S. is in any event working hard on its own tools for managing the public, spurred by Covid-19 hysteria. Special ID cards could help track the health status of individuals. This status would be recorded and updated on a chip readable by government scanners that, by some accounts, might be either carried or even permanently embedded in everyone’s body. Another plan being promoted in a joint venture by Apple and Google that appears to have White House support involves “add[ing] technology to their smartphone platforms that will alert users if they have come into contact with a person with Covid-19. People must opt into the system, but it has the potential to monitor about a third of the world’s population” with monitoring done by central computers. Once the legal principle is established that phones can be manipulated to do what is now an “illegal search,” there are no technical or practical limits to what other tasks could also be performed.

Developments in Israel

With those steps being taken to control the movements of possibly infected citizens in mind, some recent developments in Israel are, to put it mildly, ominous. The Jewish state is currently achieving multi-level 24/7 surveillance of everyone residing in the country conducted in real time. Investigative reporter and peace activist Richard Silverstein describes in some detail why it is happening now, what it means, and how it works.

Per Silverstein, Israel, like every other authoritarian state, is currently taking advantage of the distraction caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose political fortunes seemed to be on the wane due to three hung elections, exploited the fear of the virus to assume emergency powers and obtain Knesset approval to use a highly classified national database “compiled by the Shin Bet and comprising private personal data on every Israeli citizen, both Jewish and Palestinian. In the aftermath of 9/11, Israel’s Knesset secretly assigned its domestic intelligence agency the task of creating the database, which was ostensibly meant as a counterterrorism measure.”

The database, nicknamed “The Tool,” includes names, addresses, phone numbers, employment, and educational information but it goes well beyond that in using phone tracking data to record every phone call made by the individual to include names and numbers of those called and the geo-location of where the call was made from. Phone tracking also enabled Shin Bet to create a log of where the caller traveled in Israel and the occupied territories. Internet use, if active on the phone, was also recorded. It is as complete and total surveillance of an individual as is possible to obtain and it does not involve any human participation at all, every bit of it being done by computer.

Netanyahu publicly proclaimed his intention to use the database, stating that it would be employed to combat the coronavirus, which he described as a threat to national survival. As a result of the claimed crisis, he and his principal opponent, Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz, were able to come to terms on April 20 to form a “national emergency unity government” with Netanyahu as prime minister yet again.

The exploitation of the fear of the virus plus that revelation about Israel’s powerful technical tool to thwart it produced a victory for Netanyahu, who effectively portrayed himself as a strong and indispensable leader, erasing the stigma resulting from his pending trial on charges of massive corruption while in office. One of the first steps Netanyahu will reportedly take is to replace the attorney general and state prosecutor who were seeking to send him to prison, effectively taking away the threat that he might go to prison.

The exposure of the existence of the database inevitably led to charges that Netanyahu had, for personal gain, revealed Israel’s most powerful counterterrorism weapon. There were also concerns about the significance of the huge body of personal information collected by Shin Bet, to include suggestions that it constituted a gross violation of civil liberties. But carefully stoked fear of the virus combined with some political deals and maneuvers meant that use of the data was eventually approved by the Knesset security committee at the end of March.

Israel, which has closed its borders, and which still has a relatively low level of coronavirus infections and deaths, has already started using the Shin Bet database while also turning the attempts to deal with the disease as something like an intelligence war. The information obtained from “The Tool” enables the police and military to determine if someone were standing near someone else for more than a few minutes. If the contact included someone already infected, all parties are placed under quarantine. Any attempt to evade controls leads to arrest and punishment of a six-month prison term plus a $1,500 fine. Armed soldiers patrolling the streets are empowered to question anyone who is out and about.

Mossad is also involved in fighting the virus, boasting of having “stolen” 100,000 face masks and also respirators from a neighboring country presumed to be the United Arab Emirates. Silverstein observes that “Israel’s far-right government has militarized the contagion. Just as a hammer never met a nail it didn’t want to pound, it is only natural for a national security state like Israel to see Covid-19 as a security threat just as much or more than a health threat.” And when it comes to bioweapons, Israel is no parvenu. Ironically, the hidden story behind the “war on the coronavirus” is that Israel is itself one of the most advanced states in developing and testing biological weapons at its lab at Nes Tziona.

Returning to the emergence of “The Tool,” hardline Defense Minister Naftali Bennett has also suggested monetizing the product by selling a “civilian version of it,” to include its operating system, analytic capabilities, and setup details to foreign countries, including the United States. Israel has already successfully marketed to security agencies and governments a similar product called Pegasus, which has been described as the most sophisticated malware on the market.

Like The Tool, Pegasus does data mining and real-time analysis of individuals based on a range of collection techniques. The Israeli cyber company NSO Group that markets Pegasus was recently involved in an attempt to hack Facebook-owned secure communications system Whats-App, targeting journalists and political activists, on behalf of an unknown client. Ironically, it is believed that Facebook had earlier used NSO Group’s somewhat shadowy services. Perhaps more notoriously, Pegasus was also used to monitor contacts and establish physical location in the case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered by Saudi intelligence agents in Istanbul.

So, Americans should beware when confronted by the new cyber-security software being promoted by Israel because the Jewish state is also exporting its own vision of a centrally controlled militarized state where all rights are potentially sacrificed for security. As whistleblower Edward Snowden has already revealed, the NSA has the capability to collect vast amounts of information on citizens. If the United States government falls for the bait and moves in the Israeli direction, using that data to enable the surveillance and manage all the people all the time, the temptation will be great to employ the new capability even if its use is not strictly speaking warranted.

And there will be no one there to say nay to the new powers, not in Congress, on the Supreme Court or in the White House. And the media will be on board, too, arguing that security against external and internal threats requires some infringements of individual rights. It is one of the ironies of history that the United States of America, with its vast resources, large population and legacy of individual freedom, has been becoming more like its tiny militarized client state Israel. It is a tendency that must be resisted at all costs by every American who cares about fundamental liberties.

Hamas Accuses Palestinian Authority of Aiding Zionist Entity to Kill Top Resistance Commander

Baha Abu al-Ata

December 30, 2019

Hamas Palestinian resistance group in the Gaza Strip said on Sunday that its security forces arrested a cell of Palestinian Authority intelligence officials, who collected information on Islamic Jihad leader Baha Abu al-Ata before he was assassinated by the Zionist entity in a targeted killing earlier last month.

Fatah, the party that dominates the PA, quickly pushed back on the accusation, claiming it was false.

Abu al-Ata and his wife were martyred on November 12, in an Israeli strike on his home in northern Gaza. Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza subsequently fired hundreds of rockets at Israel, which responded with retaliatory strikes.

After Abu al-Ata’s martyrdom, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described him as a “ticking time bomb” and “the main instigator of terrorism” from the coastal enclave, responsible for many rocket attacks on the occupied territories and planning more.

The Hamas Interior Ministry said in a statement Sunday that the cell of PA intelligence officers monitored the movements of Abu al-Ata for several months before he was killed.

It specifically said that the cell was ordered to follow the Islamic Jihad commander by Shaaban Abdullah al-Gharbawi, who it said is a PA General Intelligence Services officer responsible for Gaza.

A video released by the ministry said that there were six PA intelligence officers under Gharbawi’s command. It also stated that Gharbawi resides in Ramallah, suggesting that he was not in its custody.

The footage included a recording of what the ministry said was a phone call about Abu al-Ata between Gharbawi and a Shin Bet security service agent named “Berri.”

The video also purported to show footage of the airstrike that killed Abu al-Ata.

In its statement, the ministry announced that the security forces confiscated “technical materials” that confirm Gharbawi gave Shin Bet officers information about “the resistance’s abilities, plans and the movements of its members and leaders.”

Fatah rejected ministry’s allegations as “baseless lies aimed at covering up the secret understandings between Hamas and Israel.”

“This is a theater performance that has been woven together by Hamas’s delusions,” Fatah said in a statement.


الجهاد الاسلامي تعلق على ملابسات قضية اغتيال بهاء أبو العطا

أصدرت حركة الجهاد الإسلامي، تصريحا صحقيا، حول ما نشرته وزارة للداخلية بغزة، بخصوص اغتيال الشهيد بهاء أبو العطا.

وقال الجهاد الإسلامي: “تابعنا باهتمام بالغ نتائج التحقيقات المتعلقة بجريمة اغتيال الأخ المجاهد بهاء أبو العطا “أبو سليم” قائد المنطقة الشمالية  في سرايا القدس، و إننا نؤكد أن العدو الصهيوني هو من نفذ جريمة اغتيال القائد أبو سليم”.
وأضافت الحركة: “من خلال قنوات التنسيق والتعاون مع الأجهزة الأمنية تواصل فحص كافة المعلومات ونتائج التحقيق بخصوص كل من تعاون مع العدو في ملاحقة المقاومة واغتيال القائد ابو سليم. وفي السياق نشيد بدور الاجهزة الأمنية في حماية ظهر المقاومة”.

وذكرت الجهاد أنها تجدد إدانتها الشديدة لكل أشكال التنسيق الأمني الذي طالما كان خنجرا في ظهر المقاومة الباسلة وتهديدا لشعبنا الثائر.

Gaza Bombs Tel Aviv Again: “Israel” on Alert

By Staff, Agencies

‘Israeli’ authorities confessed that a long-range rocket launched from the Gaza Strip has struck near Tel Aviv in the center of the occupation entity, wounding seven Zionist settlers. 

The early morning operation on Mishmeret, an agricultural town north of Tel Aviv, came a day after Zionist warplanes bombed the besieged enclave ahead of the anniversary of Gaza border protests at the weekend.

In this respect, the Palestinian Information Center reported that two missiles struck the heart of the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories early on Monday. The attack destroyed a building, leaving at least seven ‘Israeli’ settlers injured.

‘Israelis’ reported an explosion, highlighting the failure of the Zionist entity’s much-hyped Iron Dome missile system to intercept the rocket, with ‘Israeli’ media reporting wide complains among settlers because sirens didn’t go off before the rocket hit its target.

The multi-billion-dollar system was dealt another blow during the latest military flare-up in November, when Hamas fired more than 460 rockets at the occupied lands in less than 24 hours in response to ‘Israeli’ aggression.

Tel Aviv and outlying towns had last come under such an attack during the 2014 war on Gaza. A week and a half ago, two rockets were fired at Tel Aviv from the Gaza Strip but the ‘Israeli’ military said they had been launched accidentally.

In wake of the operation, Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is seeking a fifth term in next month’s ballot, was in Washington on Monday for the annual AIPAC conference and due to meet US President Donald Trump.

However, after he was informed about the rocket fire, his office announced that he is planning to cut short his trip after his meeting with Trump later on Monday.

He called for a consultation with chiefs of the military, Shin Bet and other senior security officials via telephone, according to his office.

Earlier on Sunday, ‘Israeli’ tanks shelled Gaza after “incendiary balloons” were launched across the fence throughout the evening, the military said. The day before, ‘Israeli’ warplanes struck southern Gaza Strip.

Gaza has been under ‘Israeli’ siege since June 2007, which has caused a decline in living standards. The Zionist entity has launched three major wars against the enclave since 2008, killing thousands of Gazans and shattering the impoverished territory’s already poor infrastructure.

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’Israeli’ Minister Arrested for Spying for Iran!


18-06-2018 | 22:46
’Israeli’ Minister Arrested for Spying for Iran!
A new scandal strikes the “Israeli” political institution.1
Gonen Segev, a former “Israeli” Knesset member and minister, is accused of spying for Iran and aiding it during wartime, the Shin Bet security service said Monday.
On Monday, the Shin Bet security service announced that Segev – the former energy minister who previously served time in jail for drug smuggling – was extradited to “Israel” from Equatorial Guinea and charged with spying for Iran last month.
The physician who served as the apartheid entity’s energy and infrastructure minister from 1992 to 1995, was jailed for five years in 2005 for trying to smuggle more than 30,000 ecstasy tablets into it from the Netherlands and forging a diplomatic passport. He was released in 2007.
According to the so-called “Israel’s” internal security agency and the police discovered that Segev had been recruited by Iran and became an agent for its intelligence services. Segev later met twice with his handlers in Iran.
“Israeli” police said this case is one of the “most severe security breaches it has known.”

Segev sent information to his Iranian sources regarding “Israel’s” energy sector, security sites, structures, and the identity of officials in the security and political establishments in “Israel”, among other things.

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israel’s Secret Police To Face First-Ever Torture Probe


Israel’s Secret Police To Face First-Ever Torture Probe

By Jonathan CookIsrael: For the first time in its history, an interrogator from Israel’s secret police agency, the Shin Bet, is to face a criminal investigation over allegations of torture. It will be the first probe of the Shin Bet since Israel’s supreme court issued a landmark ruling nearly two decades ago prohibiting, except in extraordinary circumstances, the use of what it termed “special methods” of interrogation.

Before the ruling, physical abuse of Palestinians had been routine and resulted in several deaths in custody.

According to human rights groups, however, the supreme court ban has had a limited impact. The Shin Bet, formally known as the Israel Security Agency, has simply been more careful about hiding its use of torture, they say.

More than 1,000 complaints from Palestinians have been submitted to a government watchdog body over the past 18 years, but this is the first time one has led to a criminal investigation.

Many Palestinians are jailed based on confessions either they or other Palestinians make during Shin Bet questioning. Israeli military courts almost never examine how such confessions were obtained or whether they are reliable, say lawyers, contributing to a 99.7 percent conviction rate.

Last month, in freeing a Palestinian man who was jailed based on a false confession, an Israeli court accused the Shin Bet of using techniques that were “liable to induce innocent people to admit to acts that they did not commit”.


‘Exception proves the rule’

But rights groups have told Al Jazeera the current investigation of the Shin Bet agent is unlikely to bring an end to the long-standing impunity of interrogators, or a change in its practices.

Instead, they noted, an updated decision last month on torture from the Israeli supreme court, revising the 1999 landmark ruling, had moved the goalposts significantly in the Shin Bet’s favour.

Hassan Jabareen, director of Adalah, a legal rights group representing Israel’s large Palestinian minority, said: “This case is the exception that proves the rule – one investigation after many hundreds of complaints have been ignored.

“It will be promoted to suggest – wrongly – that the system has limits, that it respects the rule of law.”

That view was shared by Rachel Stroumsa, head of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, which has submitted many of the 1,100 complaints of torture filed against the Shin Bet.

She told Al Jazeera that Israel was “highly unusual” in making legal justifications for interrogation practices that clearly violated the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which Israel ratified in 1991.

The convention forbids intentionally inflicting “severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental” on those in detention to gain information.

The 1999 ruling by the Israeli supreme court banned torture except in extremely rare cases of “necessity”, or what it termed “ticking bombs” – suspects from whom it was essential to gain information quickly.

But Stroumsa said the large number of complaints from Palestinians submitted to Mivtan, a watchdog body in the justice ministry, indicated that the Shin Bet had never stopped using torture.

Mivtan’s consistent failure

The justice ministry has refused to divulge details of the criminal investigation, apart from saying it refers to “a field interrogation” in 2015. Field interrogations are usually conducted moments after a Palestinian has been seized by security forces.

Speaking of the case at the weekend, Emi Palmor, director general of the justice ministry, said that this was “the first case that will be translated, presumably, into an indictment”.

Stroumsa said the investigation was not in response to a complaint her committee had filed. Israeli media have speculated that the case may have progressed only because it was supported by testimony from another Israeli intelligence agent.

Rights groups have been harshly critical of Mivtan over its consistent failure to investigate Palestinian complaints of torture.

For most of its history, the unit was part of the Shin Bet and employed only one investigator.

But following criticism in 2013 from a state inquiry, the Turkel Commission, Mivtan was transferred to the justice ministry. Last year it recruited a second investigator, who reportedly speaks Arabic.


Prisoners ‘feel buried’

Before the 1999 ruling, the Shin Bet was regularly accused of violently shaking prisoners and beating them, including by banging their heads against a wall.

According to testimonies, the Shin Bet still uses physical violence, though less routinely, including choking, forcing victims into stress positions that cause intense pain, and tightly cuffing their hands to prevent blood flow.

But the Shin Bet is reported now to prioritise mental torture that does not leave tell-tale signs doctors could identify. These include threats of physical and sexual violence, including against family members, interrogation lasting for days, sleep deprivation, and prolonged exposure to loud music.

Palestinians are often denied access to daylight, sometimes for weeks, so they become disoriented. “They are completely isolated – they feel buried. They don’t know when their interrogation will end or how it will end,” Anat Litvin, a researcher for Physicians for Human Rights – Israel told Al Jazeera.

She added that it was often hard to prove torture because the Shin Bet denied requests for doctors to inspect prisoners. “That creates a vicious circle – those who are tortured cannot prove they were because there is no documentation.”

Even so, she said, doctors usually only recorded bumps and bruises without noting claims from Palestinians that their injuries were inflicted by their interrogators.

Last year an unnamed senior interrogator confirmed that the agency uses torture to the Haaretz newspaper. He said agents were required to record details of how many blows they inflicted and what painful positions they used on detainees. Interrogators concentrated on sensitive regions such as the nose, ears and lips.

In an indication of high-level support for torture in Israel, he said logs were sent afterwards to the attorney general, Israel’s chief law officer.

“Israel is a torturing society,” said Litvin. “It requires that all levels of the system turn a blind eye – the Shin Bet, investigators, government officials, the courts, and doctors. There has to be a climate that allows this to happen.”

Interrogations not recorded

A global survey by the International Red Cross in 2016 found more support for torture in Israel than any other country apart from Nigeria. Half of Israelis backed its use, with only a quarter opposed.

Stroumsa said: “The fact is many Israelis can live with these things as long as they are being done in the dark, out of view, without any documentation. They assume all cases of torture are ‘ticking bombs’.”

Efforts to prove torture have also been hampered by an emergency order passed in 2002, in the wake of the supreme court ruling, that exempts Shin Bet interrogations from being recorded on video.

In 2015 the cabinet justified the exemption on the grounds that video recording “could cause real damage to the quality of the interrogation and the ability to investigate security offenses”.

Stroumsa noted that, aside from the moral problem, research has shown that torture is ineffective. A US Senate report, published in 2014, concludedthat it was “not an effective means of obtaining accurate information”.


Ticking bomb ‘loophole’

Nonetheless, the signs are that the Israeli courts are rolling back the restrictions on torture they put in place at the end of the 1990s.

Last month the supreme court issued a ruling in the case of Assad Abu Ghosh, a Hamas activist who, the Israeli state admits, was subjected to “special methods” of interrogation in 2007.

According to a petition to the court from the Public Committee, he was beaten and repeatedly slammed against a wall, and forced into the “banana position”, putting extreme pressure on his back. Abu Ghosh was left with neurological damage as a result.

Human rights groups had hoped the court would close the ticking bomb “loophole”, which has allowed the Shin Bet to carry on torturing prisoners, or at least more tightly control the kinds of methods they use.

Instead, said Jabareen, of Adalah, the ruling appeared to give greater licence to the Shin Bet to use torture.

“It is now enough that the [Shin Bet] agent believes subjectively that the prisoner is a ‘ticking bomb’, even in the absence of objective facts to support that belief,” he said. “His actions will not be treated as criminal in nature because they are assumed to be done in good faith.”

Stroumsa said she found the judges’ ruling in the Abu Ghosh case “astonishing”, given the injunction in international law against torture.

“The court ruled that, even if technically in international law interrogation methods were considered torture, in Israel they were not regarded as such. The judges effectively gave the Shin Bet a green light to continue with torture.”


Jonathan Cook is an award-winning British journalist based in Nazareth, Israel, since 2001.

Subjecting israel’s Nuclear Program to the Rule of Law


Singling out Israel? Yes – calling on it to behave like other democratic states

Subjecting Israel’s Nuclear Program to the Rule of Law

The time has come for Israel to handle its most open secret differently

Avner Cohen, Haaretz
14 September, 2017

Last week, the High Court of Justice heard a precedent-setting petition filed by lawyer Eitay Mack on behalf of over 100 citizens. (Full disclosure: This writer was one of the initiators of the petition and took part in writing it). The petition asked the High Court to intervene and regulate the status of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission. I say precedent-setting because the subject is the most secretive of the three secret organizations operating under the prime minister, whose administrative status has never been brought before the High Court, and because the legal remedy it requested from the High Court is extremely radical.

In light of the justices’ comments during the proceedings, it was clear to the petitioners that the High Court would reject the petition. But from our perspective, it was important to see how the court formulated the grounds for its rejection, and to hear what it would say about the petition itself.

I myself made a special trip from the United States to attend proceedings, in the hope of saying a few words about the subject as an academic scholar. At the same time, on the eve of the discussion and with the aid of one of my research students, I published a data-rich study comparing the way in which three Western democracies with nuclear weapons – the United States, Great Britain and France – have dealt with the challenge of nuclear legislation, compared with the way Israel has handled – or failed to handle – the challenge.

The petition’s starting point is that the existence and activities of the IAEC – like the Mossad, but different from the Shin Bet security service (since 2003, when the Shin Bet law was passed) – are not anchored in primary Knesset legislation, and its legality stems from a series of classified government decisions that are familiar only to an extremely limited number of people.

The result is that fateful matters of governability regarding the nuclear realm – in other words, defining powers and subordination, decision-making, monitoring, supervision etc., including the question of how secret it should be – have never passed under the scrutiny of the Israeli legislator.

This situation is an anomaly. Is such an anomaly correct and appropriate for Israel at this moment in time? Is this a situation that accurately reflects the principle of the rule of law? The petition was intended precisely for such questions. These are questions that have never been seriously discussed openly and I believe they have barely been discussed by the Knesset, even in confidential forums.

Moreover, these are questions that Israeli law has difficulty even formulating, let alone dealing with. This is why the group of petitioners believed that, 50 years after Israel reached nuclear capability, the time had come to regulate this area through legislation.

The reason for the present situation is clear: the activities of the IAEC are regarded in Israel as the country’s “great secret.” But this may actually be “the most open secret in the world.” After all, “foreign sources” repeatedly report that the IAEC is the Israeli government organization responsible for the development, production, maintenance and control of Israel’s nuclear arsenal. What Israelis regard as secret and taboo – something the State of Israel has never formally recognized and for which it has never openly taken responsibility – is seen by foreigners as nothing more than a fake secret, the reason for which has long since lapsed.

On Tuesday, the High Court officially published its decision. As expected, the petition was rejected, but it was clear the High Court justices (Esther Hayut, Menachem Mazuz and Noam Sohlberg) addressed the problem with all due respect. The petition was rejected because, as stated in the ruling, the High Court does not have the authority to order the state to enact a law. But its rejection is not a determination regarding the question of whether or not such legislation should be introduced.

Perhaps the most important thing about the court’s decision was its recognition of the public importance of the problem the petition raised. The justices wrote: “The issue raised by the petitioners regarding the necessity of a law that regulates the commission’s activity is certainly an important issue that should be examined and considered in all seriousness by the legislative authority. But a public issue, as important as it may be, should not be confused with an issue that gives rise to legal cause and justifies handing down a judicial order. The issue before us fails to reveal such grounds and, therefore, the relevant discussion of it must be left in the public arena.”

The study I published with my research student only illustrates this point empirically. The study examines how four Western nuclear democracies coped with the tension between nuclear power and democracy. They all recognized the existence of this tension and of the special need to create secrecy surrounding the nuclear program. Unlike Israel, however, the other three all understood there was a need – and even an obligation – to place the subject under the rule of law. They all passed legislation on the issue.

Only Israel, under cover of its policy of nuclear ambiguity, has created a unique anomaly in which a democratic nuclear state has never attempted to find a reasonable compromise between nuclear power and democracy. In the spirit of the High Court ruling, it must be said openly and clearly that the time has come to handle our most open secret differently. The time has come to begin “normalizing” the nuclear issue and to soften the taboo.

Avner Cohen is a professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California

America’s Militarized Police – Made in Israel?

By Philip Giraldi

July 25, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – The horrific execution by police of an Australian woman in her pajamas that took place last week in Minneapolis has again produced a torrent of criticism over killings initiated by law enforcement in situations in which the officers are in no way threatened. America has always been a violent place relative to much of the rest of the world, but even so there has been a noticeable shift in how, since the trauma of 9/11, some policemen believe themselves to be superior to and detached from the society they are supposed to be protecting. And the public is reciprocating, seeing the police frequently as a force that is no longer there to serve the people and instead something that should be feared. Even in the upper middle class predominantly white county that I live in, residents not infrequently discuss the increasingly visible and aggressive police presence. It is widely believed that arguing with cops or showing even the slightest attitude in contacts with them is done at one’s peril.

Even in low crime parts of the country, the police are able to deploy fully armed and equipped swat teams that are more military than civilian in their threatening demeanor as well in the body armor and weapons they carry. Many cities and counties now have surplus military armored vans for crowd control even if they have no crowds. Armed drones are increasingly becoming part of the law enforcement arsenal and it sometimes appears as if the police are copying the military as a model of “how to do it.”

The various levels of government that make up the United States seem to be preparing for some kind of insurrection, which may indeed be the case somewhere down the road if the frustrations of the public are not somehow dealt with. But there is another factor that has, in my opinion, become a key element in the militarization of the police in the United States. That would be the role of the security organs of the state of Israel in training American cops, a lucrative business that has developed since 9/11 and which inter aliagives the “students” a whole different perspective on the connection of the police with those who are being policed, making the relationship much more one of an occupier and the occupied.

The engagement of American police forces with Israeli security services began modestly enough in the wake of 9/11. The panic response in the United States to a major terrorist act led to a search for resources to confront what was perceived as a new type of threat that normal law-and-order training did not address.

Israel, which, in its current occupation of much of Palestine and the Golan Heights as well as former stints in Gaza, southern Lebanon and Sinai, admittedly has considerable experience in dealing with the resistance to its expansion manifested as what it describes as terrorism. Jewish organizations in the United States dedicated to providing cover for Israeli’s bad behavior, saw an opportunity to get their hooks into a sizable and respected community within the U.S. that was ripe for conversion to the Israeli point of view, so they began funding “exchanges.”

Since 2002 there have been hundreds of all-expenses-paid trips including officers from every major American city as well as state and local police departments. Some have been sponsored by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has also been directly funding trips since 2008, explaining that “As a people living under constant threat of attack, the Israelis are leading experts in security enforcement and response strategies.” The intent? To “learn” and “draw from the latest developments” so the American cops can “bring these methods back home to implement in their communities.”

AIPAC has several pages in its website dedicated to security cooperation between the two countries. It asks “Did you know? In May 2010, 50 retired Generals and Admirals wrote to President Obama, highlighting the value of U.S. Israeli cooperation.” It goes on to cite an Alabama sheriff who enthuses that “There is no other country [Israel] that shares the same values and overarching goal to allow others to live in peace.” Regarding airport security, it also quotes a U.S. “security expert” who states “We should move even closer to an Israeli model where there’s more engagement with passengers…We’ve just stated to do that at TSA…” Indeed. That’s called profiling and pre-boarding interrogations.

Even the federal government has gotten onto the Israel bandwagon, perhaps not a surprise given the number of Israel Firsters in Congress. In 2003, the Department of Homeland Security established a special Office of International Affairs to “institutionalize the relationship between Israeli and American security officials.” The New York City Police Department has a branch in Israel and carries out frequent exchanges.

It should be noted from the git-go that Israel is no more knowledgeable about possible responses to acts of terror than is anyone else. The techniques employed to create physical barriers, to develop sources for intelligence gathering, and to train in tactical responses are quite familiar to anyone who has studied modern-style terrorism since it emerged in Western Europe in the 1970s.

Most countries that have a high or even moderate risk level deriving from terrorists, either domestic or foreign, have recruited and trained special police and paramilitary forces that are familiar with the basic techniques and are quite capable of responding. Ironically, even though the United States government and local police forces have tended to look at the “real pro” Israelis for guidance, state of the art resources for learning about how to deal with terror are available right here at home. JSOC has teams that are every bit as effective – and lethal – as anything the Israelis can muster and the CIA and FBI together know far more about terrorists and how they behave than do the ideologically driven Mossad and Shin Beth.

The American policemen who go on the “exchanges” are probably only dimly aware that what they are being shown is part of Israel’s military justice system, which has nothing to do with Israeli criminals, but instead is designed to keep the lid on the millions of Palestinians who live in what has become a virtual outdoor prison camp. It is an apartheid police state that uses deadly force as a form of crowd control. And the Palestinian former residents of the lands Israel now holds are the “terrorists” that Israel is protecting itself against.

You can bet that the American guests for their part clearly do not realize that they are being trained as prison guards and you also can be sure that they never catch so much as a glimpse of the 300 child prisoners that Israel continues to hold without charges.

Israel’s reputation for “dealing with” terrorism has in any event been glamorized by the Israel-friendly media and entertainment industry while also being promoted by Jewish organizations. It has meant in practical terms that many of the contract security firms operating at airports in the United States and Europe are Israeli. They have also infiltrated state Homeland Security agencies and corporate security in the U.S. Many of the Israeli companies with offices in the United States work closely with Mossad and might reasonably be considered arms of the Israeli government.

Where Israel really excels is in its willingness to kill large numbers of Arabs of all ages and genders using the excuse that they are terrorists. It does so with impunity because Israeli courts almost never hold the army and police accountable for whatever they do. It might reasonably be suggested that when American police officers go through their training in Israel they acquire at least a bit of that attitude from their instructors.

Recognizing that Israel is not exactly a model to be emulated when it comes to the human rights of its Palestinian victims, there is alternative viewpoint which suggests that American law enforcement might just be learning the wrong things when it travels to Israel. Amnesty International asks “With Whom are Many U.S. Police Departments Training? With Chronic Human Rights Violator Israel.” It notes that last August when the Department of Justice documented numerous violations by the Baltimore Police Department the report failed to mention that policemen from that city had received training in Israel.

Amnesty makes clear what we are dealing with when our policemen are being trained – “…military, security and police systems that have racked up documented human rights violations for years…carrying out extrajudicial executions and other unlawful killings, using ill treatment and torture (even against children). Suppression of freedom of expressions/association, including through government surveillance, and excessive use of force against peaceful protesters.”

And actually, it is worse than that. The American visitors will be welcomed to contemplate the Potemkin village miracle of a democratic, multicultural, inclusive, clever Israel. They will not be allowed to see how the soldiers training them, representatives of “the most moral army in the world,” force Palestinian women to give birth at military checkpoints and watch their babies die, shoot Palestinian teenagers as they are running away for throwing stones, drag men and women out of their beds and kill them while terrorizing their children and dragging them off to jail during midnight raids.

Amnesty’s article documents many of the abuses by Israeli security forces and concludes that using “Public or private funds spent to train our domestic police in Israel should concern all of us. Many of the abuses [in the U.S.] parallel violations by Israeli military, security and police officials.” I would also add that the training provided by JINSA, ADL and the AJC is also partly on the American taxpayers’ dime as the organizations are all tax exempt.

Finally, Israel’s ability to market its state sponsored brutality has even become a form of light entertainment. A company in Israel called Caliber 3 that was set up by a reserve colonel in the Israeli army is offering what has been described as a two hour “boot camp” counter-terrorism experience. It includes a life size target consisting of a man in Arab attire holding a cell phone. The mostly Jewish American audience ponders if he should be shot, but the instructors eventually intervene and declare that he does not quite meet the standard for being killed. Visitors are also treated to simulations of Israeli commandos taking down terrorists and can even shoot live rounds from a semi-automatic weapon at a firing range. Ironically, the Caliber 3 gated compound camp is located in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc on the West Bank, land that was stolen from the Palestinians.

This article was first published by Unz Review 

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.

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Under the Trump regime goodbye Palestine (But Watch for the Blowback)

Goodbye Palestine (But Watch for the Blowback)

Donald Trump won’t be formally forbidding entry of Palestinians to his New Great America, because he doesn’t recognise Palestine and never will. But he has designed a way of preventing their travel and that of countless others by introduction of ‘extreme vetting,’ which will help to deny Palestine the legitimacy that the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly agreed upon five years ago.

The New York Times reported on January 25 that «the first of the two [of Trump’s] draft orders… calls for terminating funding for any United Nations agency or other international body that meets any one of several criteria [which] include organizations that give full membership to the Palestinian Authority or Palestine Liberation Organization».

It was ironic that also on January 25 the Times of Israel noted that former Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger would go to prison for fraud, breach of trust and tax offenses. His crimes resulted in a sentence of three years in prison and a fine of over a million dollars, and most people think he got off lightly, given the scale of his deception and grubby hypocrisy.

The irony is that the day before the Chief Rabbi was awarded his just punishment, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (himself under investigation for alleged swindling), announced that the state of Israel would continue to commit fraud, pledge itself to breach of trust and offend against international law and moral principles.

His decision to build 2,500 more homes for Israelis on Palestinian land was denounced as illegal by governments around the world (with a predictable exception), and the UN declared that such ‘unilateral actions’ were an obstacle to peace. The European Union criticised the announcement by saying that it «weakens rather than strengthens the prospects for a two-state solution to the Middle East peace process, and makes the possibility of a viable Palestinian state more remote» — which is exactly the intention of the government of Israel.

The EU also recorded that «settlements are illegal under international law and continued settlement expansion also calls into question Israel’s commitment towards reaching a negotiated agreement with the Palestinians», which highlighted the fact that Israel has no intention of ever attempting to reach a negotiated settlement with the Palestinians and is resolved to destroy them as a nation.

On 24 January the Israeli newspaper Haaretz observed with admirable objectivity that «Netanyahu has tried to destroy every possibility of achieving a two-state solution… With Trump behind him and a silent opposition, the prime minister is leading Israel to a binational state, which will be either not Jewish or not democratic».

No matter the crescendo of condemnation caused by Israel’s scornful rejection of so many humanitarian principles laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there is no doubt that existing illegal settlements will be expanded and more will be built. Israel can afford, politically and financially, to defy the world because it is supported to the ultimate degree by Trump Washington. The President and the entire Congress are solidly on the side of the Zionist state, and with this firmly in mind Netanyahu arrogantly declared that «we came out with one stroke now and there will be more».

The government of the United States was conspicuously absent from those that condemned Israel for its contemptuous dismissal of December’s UN Security Council Resolution, which described settlement building as a ‘flagrant violation’ of international law, and when asked if Trump supported Israel’s flouting of international law, his press secretary, the truculent Sean Spicer, said that «Israel continues to be a huge ally of the United States. He wants to grow closer with Israel».

This was consistent with Trump’s tweet of December 28, just after the Council vote, to assure Netanyahu that «We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. They used to have a great friend in the US but not anymore. The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.)! Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!»

January 20 is now receding to the tunes of erratic displays and decisions, and Trump has not been backward in reiterating his support for Israel.

His patronage became apparent on Inauguration Day, when, as the UK’s Daily Telegraph reported, the mayor of the Israeli settlement of Efrat was the first illegal settler ever to be a guest at a presidential installation. His invitation was not unexpected, however, because Trump has had a deep and personal association with Israeli settlements for a long time. In 2003, for example, he donated $10,000 to ‘Beit El, an affluent settlement of around 7,000 people just north of the Palestinian city of Ramallah.’ The gift was made in honour of David Friedman, Trump’s nomination to be ambassador to Israel.

In August 2015 The Times of Israel wrote that «Trump is not an unfamiliar face in Jewish circles. He has served as a grand marshal at New York’s annual Salute to Israel Parade. After Hurricane Katrina, he was among a group of celebrities who decorated Jewish federation tzedakah boxes to be auctioned off to support hurricane disaster relief. In February, he was honored with an award at the annual gala for the Algemeiner, a right-wing Jewish news organization». And it goes further than that.

As recorded by Slate, «In 1995, a company called Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts went public on the New York Stock Exchange. Trump was its chairman and, beginning in 2000, its CEO. The company lost money every year of its existence and went bankrupt in 2004. Its total 1995–2004 losses: $647 million. When it went bankrupt, bondholders had to settle for less than what they were owed. Employees lost their jobs and contractors went unpaid».

Trump’s bankruptcy lawyer was David Friedman.

Donald Trump and his attorney David Friedman, following an appearance in US Bankruptcy Court on February 25, 2010, in Camden, New Jersey. (Bradley C Bower/Bloomberg News, via Getty Images/JTA)

The UK’s Telegraph reported on January 29 that Friedman had led an American support group that raised funds for the Beit El settlement. Of even more significance, ‘the family of Trump’s powerful son-in-law Jared Kushner have also donated thousands to Beit El.’

It’s good to keep things in the family, but it is apparent that Palestinian families do not figure in the Trump list of priorities any more than the world’s refugees pluck any chord of sympathy in his flinty heart. He is determined to isolate the people of Palestine and will use whatever means at his disposal to do so. His casual malevolence is becoming the emblem of Brand Trump, and it does not matter who suffers as a result of his bizarre posturing on the world stage. His support for the equally malevolent and vindictive Netanyahu will result in obliteration of the Palestinian people – and will create even more resentment and terrorism. It’s called Blowback, and in the end, America and Americans will suffer.

Hundreds of torture complaints against Shin Bet, no investigations

Hundreds of torture complaints against Shin Bet, no investigations

MEMO | December 9, 2016

Of the 598 complaints filed between 2001 and 2008, every single case was closed by the Israeli authorities without a criminal investigation.

A department within the Ministry of Justice, Mivtan, is responsible for handling such complaints, yet employs just one investigator.

According to Haaretz, “the unit does not interfere with the Shin Bet’s work, even though complainants have reported harsh and prohibited forms of torture – including severe beatings and extensive sleep deprivation.”

The paper adds that while “Mivtan does not reveal how many complaints it receives, only how many inquiries it conducts; however, attorney Efrat Bergman-Sapir of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel said her organisation had submitted more than 1,000 complaints since 2001.”


erdogan sharon

by Jonathan Azaziah

Not rockin’ with the coup in Turkey even a lil’ bit. Yes, no doubt that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a certified egomaniacal monster who has had a major hand in murdering hundreds of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis, who backs the Saudi war on Yemen, who is trying to replace Turkish Islam with Wahhabism, who has all but eliminated freedom of the press, who has falsely imprisoned journalists, who has betrayed the Palestinian cause too many times to count, rigged elections and maintained a regime of corruption with numerous members of his kin that rivals any dictatorship in history. But none of that means the Turkish Armed Forces are paragons of resistance and revolution. Quite to the contrary.

Turkey’s military–NATO’s second largest army–is crawling and howling (pun intended) with Grey Wolves and other Pan-Turanic dingbats, Gulenists, ‘Israeli’ assets and its top brass are all die-hard Kemalists who are attached at the hip with the US army, CIA, Mossad, Aman, Shin Bet and MI6. It has participated in nearly every NATO operation ever from the genocidal destruction of Korea to the genocidal dismemberment of Yugoslavia. And just in case anyone forgot, it is the Turkish military which has trained the Takfiri rats gutting Syria, armed them, provided them logistics, gave them a safe haven, guided them across the Turkish-Syrian border and carted them back over when they got wounded right into top-of-the-line hospitals. In other words: The Turkish military is a thoroughly collaborationist institution and doesn’t even breathe without the permission of its Western-Zionist overlords.

Indeed, all of this chaos could not and would not have gone down without Washington’s approval, for every coup in Turkey’s history, from ’60 to ’71, ’80 to the limited intervention in ’97, had such Amreeki backing. The coup in ’80, led by General Kenan Evren, was particularly significant, because it was openly backed by the CIA–the Ankara station chief Paul Henze exclaimed, “our boys did it!” when everything was finalized–and once the putschists were firmly entrenched in power, it was none other than Richard “Prince of Darkness” Perle who nurtured the new tyranny. Perle of course is the blood-soaked neocon Jew who wrote in the 1996 “Clean Break” document–the foreign policy rubrick for both the Netanyahu and Bush regimes–that Turkey would be instrumental in all efforts to “roll back” Syria and Iraq. Why is this information relevant? Because if Turkey ain’t participating in “rolling back” the aforementioned states, Turkey ain’t doing its job according to America and ‘Israel’, now is it?

In the last couple weeks, Erdogan has reached out to Russia and solidified the framework for a real, region-shifting rapprochement and his prime minister has also put feelers out for a possible reconciliation with the Syrian Arab Republic. So while coups take months and even years of planning, this recent movement on the grand chessboard could have been exactly what made the monsters give their proxies the green-light to activate the “regime change” operation. Because if a mending of Syrian-Turkish ties actually happened, the border would be closed, the Takfiris would be trapped, and the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah and co. would STEAMROLL through whatever remains of the terrorists with ease in a mere matter of weeks. The war would be over and the conspiracy against Bilad al-Sham would be dead. So like Muhammad Mursi when he reached out to Russia about Egypt joining BRICS and pushed back surprisingly fiercely against the Zionist entity’s attempts to steal water from the Nile River, triggering the US-trained, Saudi-financed, ‘Israeli’-adored secularist extremist Sisi to take over the Egyptian state, Erdogan’s SEEMING attempts to reverse his mania, admit his failures and move on with Vladimir Putin in restoring stability regionwide were met with an attempted ouster. Empire Judaica, in its typical arrogance, miscalculated gravely however, because “Sultan” Recep’s opponents are far outnumbered by his supporters on the streets as well as in the barracks, and he was never going to just fade quietly into the night.

Keeping ALL of this in mind, I nevertheless empathize entirely with my Iraqi brethren as well as my Syrian and Lebanese comrades who have been sharing all types of variations of the “Assad Must Go Curse Strikes Again” meme. I feel y’all. Truly, I do. Seeing Erdogan shaken like this is the very personification of poetic justice. But if the “Arab Spring” has taught us anything, it’s that just because something is murderously awful, doesn’t mean that whatever succeeds it can’t be as bad or even infinitely worse. Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria and beyond all tell the tale in bloody, bloody detail. Erdogan can, must and will pay for every crime he has committed against the Syrian people from Latakia to Idleb, Aleppo to Hasakah and beyond, either right here on this plane and/or in the Akhira. If the punishment comes at NATO’s hands though, that ain’t justice… That’s just one enemy devouring another enemy in the name of what America and ‘Israel’ do best: Chaos, Fitnah, Chaos and more Fitnah and Chaos. Therefore, we have to do what we’ve been doing: Stay awake, expose the Zionists’ lies, maintain resistance and keep seeking victory, Erdogan, his Neo-Ottoman regime, the coup-plotters and their string-pullers be damned; all of ’em.

Does the ’Israeli’ Regime Consider Duma Arson a Terrorist Attack?


Local Editor

The “Israeli” regime’s deputy war minister, Eli Ben-Dahan of the Zionist “Bayit Yehudi” party, refused to classify the deadly arson attack which claimed the lives of three Palestinians in the besieged West Bank village of Duma as an act of terrorism.

Does the "Israeli" Regime Consider Duma Arson a Terrorist Attack?

In an interview with “Israel” Radio on Friday, Ben-Dahan was asked point-blank by his host, Chico Menashe, whether he agreed with the near-consensus view among “Israel’s” political class that the attack against the Dawabshe family, which authorities believe was committed by extreme right-wing Jewish operatives, constituted terrorism.

Ben-Dahan would only allow that the Duma attack “met certain criteria” that determines whether an act of violence is tantamount to terrorism.

In response, Yesh Atid MK Yaakov Peri – who once headed the “Israel” Security Agency [“Shin Bet”] – blasted Ben-Dahan, calling his stance “absolute insanity.”

Peri’s criticism prompted Ben-Dahan to post a response on his Facebook account in which he accused the former “Shin Bet” director of being “consumed with hatred toward “Bayit Yehudi”.”

“He is disseminating this hatred in every direction and at every opportunity in an attempt to tar all of us with the stain of Duma,” Ben-Dahan wrote.

Earlier this week, three settler leaders urged Netanyahu on Monday to investigate claims that the “Shin Bet” tortured the Duma arson suspects in its custody.

“You must immediately investigate the serious charges that minors have been tortured, which constitutes a grave violation of human rights,” they said.

The settler leaders acknowledged that the Zionist entity was under growing international pressure to find the perpetrators of the July 2 incident in the occupied West Bank village of Duma in which suspected Jewish extremists firebombed a home in the middle of the night killing Sa’ad Dawabshe, 31, his wife, Reham, 27 and their 18-month-old son, Ali.

The Duma attack continues to be a main theme of “Israeli” entity’s political discourse, particularly due to the recently leaked video of far-right extremists praising the arson while celebrating at a wedding in al-Quds [Jerusalem].

Police are investigating the actions of Jewish extremists who are seen in the video brandishing guns and knives while cheering the murder of the Dawabshe family in Duma and calling for more killings.

“Israeli” police said on Thursday that the investigation into the “many serious crimes” at that wedding had already been under way for a number of days, when a video from the wedding was aired on Channel 10.

An “Israeli” police spokesman added that police are working with the state prosecution on the investigation, which includes incitement to violence charges.

The minute-long footage showed settlers wearing white skullcaps and shirts, dancing while holding knives and guns.

One of the dancers stabbed a photograph of slain Palestinian toddler Ali Dawabshe. Another settler was held aloft as he clutched a firebomb in one hand and a knife in the other.

Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot instructed the Military Police to investigate the origin of the weapons seen in the video and whether any “Israeli” soldiers participated in the event.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said the wedding video was not surprising to anyone who is familiar with “the dangerous and extreme types who act at the broad margins of the [Right],” but added that “this wild and dangerous mindset must be denounced and uprooted immediately.”

Source: JP, Edited by website team

26-12-2015 | 13:08

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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Israel Torture Breakdown: Darker Than Dark Ages

Israel Torture Breakdown: Darker Than Dark Ages

Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:1

TEHRAN (FNA)- New reports out of the so-called “only democracy in the Middle East” show the number of cases of torture of Palestinian prisoners has soared in recent years.

Rights groups such as The Committee on the Rights of Children, UNICEF, Amnesty International, and United Nations Human Rights Council are expressing concern that the “special means” interrogations are no longer the rarity they used to be. Over the past two years, there have been numerous reports of torture and violent interrogation by Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the military court system.

What’s horrifying is that the torture breakdown doesn’t just refer to sleep deprivation cases and beatings – practices similar to the CIA Torture Program. Scratch the surface and it gets worse. This is because Israeli interrogators are not as patient as their CIA counterparts, and they are going to the torture well early on.

The systematic crimes are perpetrated from the time of arrest, during transfer and interrogation, to obtain a confession but also on an arbitrary basis as testified by Israeli soldiers and media, international lawyers, detainees, as well as during pretrial detention.

Israel vehemently denies that it uses torture. But the reality is this: Since every Palestinian prisoner may be viewed as possessing information valuable, virtually all have been tortured. Rights groups say Palestinian prisoners are:

Struck in the genitals; testicles twisted and crushed
Sexually abused, anal assaults, including homosexual rape
Attacked and bitten by dogs
Penetrated in the penis with a pen; metal rods up urethra
Exposed, blindfolded and pelted with rocks by settlers at football games
Forced to drink urine and allow soldiers to urinate in their mouth
Forced to grasp barbed wire and endure electric shock
Forced to stand in electrically charged water
Forced to “run the gauntlet” of beatings by soldiers
Dragged by rope around neck
Tortured in front of family members
Crushed under bulldozer
Blindfolded and hung from helicopter

In addition, they have had:
Their teeth torn out with pliers
Shards of glass pushed into nostrils
Tube pushed up nose with salt water forced into stomach
Batons jammed in mouth, rupturing throat
Ribs, bones, and teeth broken…

There are now some 7,000 Palestinians in Israeli prisons and counting. For the majority, their crime is resisting a criminal regime that violently stole their lands and possessions, and expelled them to wretched detention camps in Gaza, the West Bank, or refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

As prisoners, they have virtually no rights and many are held without charge or trial. They can be legally tortured without restraint. There are many thousands of Palestinians who are now disabled as a result of long years of imprisonment and torture.

Worse yet, all civil liberties and humanitarian groups that monitor the Israeli torture program indicate that the US-backed regime at every level, from the premier and the security agency down to the military police, colludes with torture – with great impunity and no accountability. It is no surprise that no Israeli interrogators and war criminals have ever been found guilty and held to account at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

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Netanyahu an Egomaniac, Israel led by Pyromaniacs” – Ex-Shin Bet Chief

Ex–Shin Bet Head Carmi Gillon spoke at the Peace Now’s demonstration against Netanyahu government’s ‘Jewish State’ National Bill last Saturday Non 29 2014 held in front of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s home. Gillon slams Netanyahu calling him an Egomaniac and that Israel is led by Pyromaniacs who are leading to the destruction of the country.


ISIS origins

by Jonathan Azaziah (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

NOVEMBER 24, 2014

Sectarianism, truly, is an aggressive, encroaching plague; large in scope, deep in reach and devastating in its overall effect, it contains the potential of metamorphosing into an all-consuming force. It was infamously utilized by the Rothschild-financed British Empire throughout all of its colonies as the most effective means of oppression; indeed, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei recently pointed out that the “wicked” regime in London is the “veteran expert of spreading divisions (1)”.

Sectarianism was employed for decades by the usurping Zionist entity and the American regime to subdue and destabilize Iraq, beginning with the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, to the Mossad-CIA covert operations and death squads of the post-2003 invasion era (2), up until the Takfiri terrorists of the present day (3).

The plague of sectarianism has also been used by the Jewish supremacist fanatics who created “Israel” from the very start of their Talmudic colonization project, all for the sake of driving a wedge between the indigenous Muslims and Christians of the Holy Land (4).But the most destructive form of sectarianism is that which comes from within, under the guise of “analysis” and “commentary”, especially during times as perilous and pivotal as these.

A new narrative has unfortunately developed within the “resistance camp” and “alternative” media sphere in the wake of the rise of Takfiri terrorist groups, particularly ISIS, and it is extravagantly disturbing. What this hypothesis suggests is that ISIS is a mostly organic, iconoclastic phenomenon which, though religiously misguided and undoubtedly sanguinary in its methodology, has emerged out of a vacuum left by Western-Zionist wars of imperialist belligerence and is attaining sustenance for its expansionism through popular Sunni support. Not only does this narrative play right into the hands of the ever-devious enemy that strives to facilitate the triumph of sedition and division, it is, in collectivity, factually incorrect.

Mouqawamah Music believes – quite strongly in fact — that this fractured, egregious theory has taken root due to a fundamental lack of understanding vis-a-vis Zionism’s designs on the region and just how close to the top that the intelligence services of the Jewish Imperium have placed themselves in the underworld of Wahhabi-Takfirism; verily, the Mossad, the CIA, MI6, Turkey’s MIT and others can rightly be considered the incubators, unwavering patrons and puppet masters of ISIS and its extremist cousins.

وثائق سنودن ، داعش صنع استخبارات اميركا وبريطانيا والموساد | العالم

The Islamic Republic of Iran, through its own intelligence gathering, confirms this, with the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri making it unequivocally clear that the US is still giving weapons, food and aid to ISIS (5), regardless of all the hullabaloo to the contrary surrounding the so-called “anti-ISIS” international coalition.

Mouqawamah Music also feels – again, quite strongly – that sectarian grievances play a role in the off-base theorizing put forth by certain “analysts” and “commentators”, and that these grievances have been manipulated by the same shadowy outside forces which spawned, and, as Brigadier General Jazayeri elucidated, continue to back the psychotic Takfiri trend to begin with. Iraqi intelligence confirms this reality further, revealing that American weapons in the hands of ISIS – airdropped right into the Takfiris’ hands – have left a plethora of Iraqi soldiers and militiamen dead (6). This toxic cocktail of ignorance and misplaced fury must be dealt with, conclusively and concussively, as the sectarian plague being spread by the Zionist-dominated mainstream media is bad enough; a parallel fitnah plague of like-similar stature finding a home in the information flow of the resistance camp is nothing less than deathly.


When Populist, Revanchist Demagoguery Is Murderous Takfirism: How ISIS Tricked Its Hosts, Brainwashed Youths, Then Killed Them

ISIS, being the product of Judeo-Atlanticist Imperialism’s intelligence services, is well-versed – and more frighteningly – tremendously skilled in the praxis of psychological warfare. When not carrying out incursions and outright invasions, ISIS weaseled its way into numerous Sunni-majority villages, towns and cities across Syria and Iraq through the usage of populist, revanchist demagoguery which was peppered with sectarian bigotry and went something along the lines of, “We know that your authority and stature in these lands have been usurped by the Nusayris [derogatory term for Alawis] and the Rafidah [derogatory term for Shi’a], both of whom are stooges of the infidel colonialist powers. We are here to help you regain what you have lost at the hands of the arrogant Westerners and assist you in reestablishing the order of justice.”

While Syrian and Iraqi Sunnis obviously aren’t keen on anti-Shi’a, anti-Alawi bigotry even in the slightest, as evidenced by Syrian Sunnis comprising the overwhelming majority of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad’s support base, a critical fact even being admitted now by Zionist media outlets like AP (7), and also evidenced by millions of Iraqi Sunnis joining their Shi’a brethren in the fight against ISIS whilst Maliki was still positioned as the Iraqi head of state (8), to some, the thought of dealing blows to the West and leaders sheepishly and wrongfully perceived as imperialist clients [i.e. Maliki and Assad], as well as regaining some concept of normality in an entire society destroyed by the Empire was certainly appealing, and the sectarianism present in the hasbara of ISIS was swept under the proverbial rug.

Thus, ISIS placed a shroud of anti-imperialism and “anti-dictatorship” [we place this phrase in quotations as Iraq’s former premier Nouri al-Maliki and Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad were both democratically elected by wide margins] on its Takfirism and generated what can appropriately be described, initially, as something between tacit and uninformed support. In reality however, once ISIS dropped the landing gears, planted itself in the heart of these communities and began implementing its backwards governance, no significant time period passed before the “support” that the Takfiri terrorist gang thought it had was exposed as false popularity and utterly rootless triumphalism. Essentially, in layman’s terms, ISIS put forth a product and marketed it as the best thing sincemanaeesh with za’atar and zhourat when it was really nothing but the personification of rubbish.

Despite presenting themselves as the ostensible champions of “downtrodden, marginalized” Sunnis, without the shield of local adoration to operate behind, ISIS and its fitnah-spreading scheme were stripped naked, and it is right then and there that the barbarity kicked in and the solidification of ISIS’s monstrousness was established. While the ISIS terrorists’ vitriolic rhetoric is aimed at Shi’a, Alawis, Christians and other faiths and Islamic schools of thought which they place takfir on, the bulk of their victims are indeed Sunnis, a key point that Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has made so many times in his speeches over the last couple of years that they would indeed be impossible to enumerate.

In Mosul – what can be considered the capital of ISIS’s skullduggery, and where the Takfiris even blow themselves up and kill each other over war spoils (9)Iraqi Sunnis are suffering unspeakably under ISIS and have deducted that the Takfiri terrorist group’s governance is far worse than Maliki’s and that they actually prefer the Iraqi army to be back among them. Schoolchildren in Mosul are prevented from taking their final exams, poverty is widespread, food rations are being stolen by ISIS and doctors, lawyers, parliamentarians, journalists and ordinary citizens are being shot and beheaded (10).

There have also been 20,000-25,000 Iraqis in Mosul arrested by ISIS between June and October alone, including army officers, tribal elders, sheikhs, businesswomen and men who drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and violate tax codes (11). The crackdown on Mosul’s female doctors is particularly horrifying. One doctor, Dr. Salwa Mohajer, revealed that ISIS “militants treat women in Mosul as if they were slaves in al-Jahiliyyah (the pre-Islamic period of ignorance)” and she noted that some doctors and nurses were raped and threatened outright with death by the Takfiri scourge (12).

Elsewhere in Iraq, ISIS’s crimes against Iraqi Sunnis are just as gruesome. The village of Zowiya, near Tikrit, was leveled to the ground by the Takfiri gangsters, as a warning to all other Sunni areas across the country that resisting ISIS will lead to destruction. ISIS openly hailed the eradication of Zowiya and released hasbara defending its conquest, “all those who may even think about fighting the Islamic State and conspiring against the caliphate can know what their fate will be (13).”

According to eyewitness testimony from refugees who were driven out of Amriyat al-Fallujah, in several parts of predominantly Sunni Western Iraq, where it is facing increasing opposition, ISIS is forcing young men to fight against the Iraqi government, and those who refuse to cooperate with the Takfiris’ plans, are executed (14). Even those who do decide to work with ISIS, out of sheer fear and in hopes of preserving their lives, like Sunni law enforcement officers back in Mosul who were given “repentance badges” after promising the Caliph wannabe’s gang that they would cut ties with Baghdad, aren’t spared. ISIS reneged on its initial forgiveness and slaughtered these officers too, along with Sunni policemen in Beiji, Ana and Shurqat (15).

Not even the cultural heritage of the Sunni areas ISIS happens to occupy is safe. Shrines, churches, mosques, archives, tombs and precious manuscripts in Mosul, Tikrit and other areas of Iraq that ISIS controls have all been destroyed or sold off in what is essentially an antiques racket (16), something it shares in common with its Mossad grandsire which has been stealing Iraq’s precious historical artifacts since the 2003 Anglo-American-Zionist invasion (17).

In the central town of Al-Alam, just about 100 miles north of the Iraqi capital, ISIS kidnapped 500 men and boys from the Sunni Jubouri tribe, which has rebuked ISIS and categorically stated it will never swear allegiance to the Takfiri death squad (18).

In the eastern Sijariya neighbourhood of Ramadi, the provincial capital of Al-Anbar, ISIS slaughtered more than two dozen members of the Albu Fahd tribe for opposing its demented, perverted rule (19).

The most gut-wrenching of all ISIS’s crimes against Iraqi Sunnis though is undoubtedly the massacre of the Albu Nimr tribe, also in Al-Anbar. ISIS massacred at least 322 members of the Sunni clan, including over 50 women and children, whom the Takfiris despicably dumped in a well near the town of Haditha (20),once the spot of fierce fighting between the Iraqi Resistance and the US-“Israeli” occupation.

The only ISIS crime comparable to the atrocities committed against the Albu Nimr tribe in Iraq’s Al-Anbar is the massacre of Al-Sheitat tribe in Syria’s eastern Deir Ezzor province. ISIS massacred 700 members of the Sunni tribe, and the fate of 1,800 other members remains unknown. In what can only be described as a grisly killing spree, ISIS rampaged through the Sheitat villages of Ghranij, Abu Hamam and Kashkiyeh, slaughtering and beheading at will, all because the Sheitat clan refused to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (21). Raqqa, the ISIS stronghold of Syria, is being “slaughtered silently”, as admitted even by the opponents of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad. The exploitation and brainwashing of women and children in the northern Syrian city is rampant, just like in Mosul, and anyone who resists is either threatened with death or executed (22). This Western-Gulf-Jewish-backed savagery – and there is no other word for it but savagery – hasn’t just unnerved the Sunni populations where ISIS sneakily hid among, it has also become a wake-up call for those men and women who joined the domineering Takfiri terror outfit – and others, like the FSA and Jabhat al-Nusra – under false pretenses.

The highly publicized story of two Austrian-Bosnian teenage girls leaving Europe to join ISIS returned to the fold of international news when they resurfaced, contacted their families and told them they regret their decision. One wants to return home (23).

Four top FSA commanders defected back to the Syrian Arab Army after being overwhelmed by the barbarity of ISIS and other Takfiri organizations (24).

A prominent oppositionist named Abu Hussein who had been instrumental in bringing Takfiris over the Turkish border into Syria now staunchly regrets his actions (25), as does a Kurdish former ISIS fighter named Sherko Omer, who was so traumatized by the horrors ISIS inflicted on the people of Raqqa that he contemplated committing suicide on multiple occasions (26). In fact, the problem of disillusionment is running so deep within the ranks of ISIS’s foreign fighters, that it is now threatening to kill anyone who tries to leave the organization (27).

Even Moaz al-Khatib, the former SNC chief and Takfiri-sympathizer who once openly backed the “struggle” of Jabhat al-Nusra (28), now acknowledges the terrible mistake that he made in supporting the “revolution” in Syria and admits that the Syrian state led by Dr. Bashar al-Assad is fighting terrorism and helping the Syrian people. He also came clean on the fact that the “Friends of Syria”, are, in reality, the Enemies of Syria, and that these very same powers are cooperating with ISIS and its ideological offshoots to destroy Bilad al-Sham (29).

A similar regretful statement was just uttered by former Turkish President Abdullah Gul, a man who used to be the right hand of Turkey’s long-time ex-prime minister and current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Gul revealed that Turkey’s MIT has been backing ISIS, the CIA has been backing Jabhat al-Nusra and that one day soon“the chickens of Erdogan’s past follies in Syria will come home to roost (30).”

These are stunning admissions from players who were once at the heart of the Zionist-Imperialist-Takfiri conspiracy against the region, and they confirm that the only myth bigger than ISIS’s and other Takfiri groups’ “popularity” is the myth of their organic development. These terrorist organizations were birthed by International Zionism’s intelligence services, and they are ruling over the areas they control through violence, kidnappings, extortion, assassinations, hypocrisy, beheadings and intimidation, as admitted by an FSA-commander-turned-ISIS bodyguard named Abu Abdullah (31); there is nothing “popular” or “organic” about them.

We see further confirmation of these veracities in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, where the Lebanese army recently halted the expansion of ISIS and prevented the terrorist scourge from gaining access to the sea via Lebanon (32). Despite hasbara spewed by ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and disgusting regional media coverage in general which depicted Tripoli as some sort of Takfiri incubation center, the people of Tripoli and northern Lebanon overwhelmingly stood with the Lebanese army and distanced themselves from the Takfiris (33).

This brave and important stance from the almost entirely Sunni areas was saluted by General Jean Qahwaji, the head of the Lebanese army (34),as well as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who noted that the behavior of Tripoli’s people was the “extra factor” which helped Lebanon “overstep catastrophe” in the country’s north (35). And in yet another blow to the “analysts” and “commentators” who audaciously say that ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra are genuinely appealing to those they lure into their ranks, the Lebanese soldier Omar Khaled Shamtieh who recently defected to Jabhat al-Nusra and triggered an uproar across Lebanon, turned himself into the Lebanese army in Tripoli after only a month with the murderous gang (36).

In the final analysis, we look to the Maghreb, in nations like Tunisia and Morocco, where the Takfiri trend is killing off an entire generation. Somewhere around 3,000-5,000 Tunisian youths, poorly educated and unemployed, many from Sidi Bouzid where the “Tunisian revolution” began, are being deceptively lured into joining Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorist units to be cannon fodder in Syria and brainwashed through slick online propaganda videos, twisted religious edicts and financial incentives, a reality disclosed by parents of the departed Tunisian youth, journalists, sheikhs, professors and even Tunisian Salafi groups like Ansar al-Sharia (37). Does it get any clearer than this?

ISIS hasn’t shattered the Western paradigm, it hasn’t eviscerated the illusion of “international law” and it damn sure hasn’t broken the barriers of liberal democratic discourse; it simply lied to the people it was recruiting. As Moroccan former Takfiri terrorist Rachid Lemlihi candidly stated after fighting with the Takfiri rebels in Aleppo,

“Don’t run after illusions and don’t believe videos in which Syrians appear calling for assistance and support. When I was there, many young people active on Facebook using aliases asked me about jihad and fighting in Syria. I told them: ‘Don’t come. Stay in your country because I regretted coming in search of a mirage. There’s nothing in Syria except factions and groups fighting each other. This type of fighting is not accepted by any mind or logic. These are the words of someone who lived the experience. Don’t be deceived. Going to Syria is an adventure of unknown consequences. As for a reward, there is none… The only reward there is death…’ (38)”

And with ISIS’s brutality driving more fighters away, citing fears for their lives (39), and the world’s most powerful Takfiri organization continuing its assault on the Sunnis of Iraq, its most recent crime being another massacre of innocents from the Albu Nimr tribe in Al-Anbar (40), as well as the Sunnis of Syria, its most recent crime being the monstrous execution of Sa’ada Al-Ahmad, a Raqqa-based leader of Al-Harakat Al-Sha’abiyya Al Qawimiyyeh Al-Massaanda, a political formation intent on forging Syrian unity and ending the war on the Syrian Arab Republic (41), never has the importance to unequivocally demolish the entire “ISIS expansion has some kind of popular Sunni support” argument been at a higher level. The facts, the irrefutable facts, have been laid bare above. ISIS is at war with Sunnis. ISIS is at war with Shi’a. ISIS is at war with Christians. And ISIS is at war with every religious and ethnic group in the Arab and Islamic worlds because the Takfiri rebels’ war is a war on Islam itself, as per the orders of their masters in Washington D.C. and, of course, “Tel Aviv”.


Inorganic To The Core: Links To The Takfiris’ Zionist Masters Keep Piling Up

Perhaps, nay, *verily* the ultimate invalidation of ISIS’s “organic” nature – as if the aforementioned ongoing support from the US regime as revealed by the Iranian military and Iraqi intelligence wasn’t enough – is the organization’s cavernous ties with the usurping Jewish entity occupying Palestine. While Mouqawamah Music has already put forth a magnum opus on the Takfiris’ structural, logistical, foundational and ideological ties to World Zionism (3), the connections continue to emerge and they become all the more critical to document in the context of this essay which seeks to deconstruct and, quite frankly, annihilate the sectarian narrative surrounding ISIS, for as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah eloquently and bluntly noted in his live appearance during Ashoura this year,

“Portraying the current conflict as one between Shias and Sunnis is a major mistake. I address all Shias in the region: You need to understand that Sunnis are not our enemies. We are not at war with Sunnis. I address Sunnis in the region: Shias are not at war with you. We are both, together, at war with Takfiri groups like ISIS. Our battle is against Takfiris who want to crush everybody else and against Israel (42).”  

In unveiling the new batch of the Takfiris’ links to “Israel”, we begin with a group of Chinese hackers who delivered a Trojan virus to various web pages of the illegitimate Zionist regime and discovered a series of confidential documents which delineate a secret but strong relationship between ISIS and the Mossad (43).

This linkage is further compounded by the fact that IOF has treated wounded ISIS as well as Jabhat al-Nusra and FSA fighters in its hospitals (44), and continues to do so, with an incident occurring only a few days ago when Zionist occupation forces transported two Takfiri terrorists to Nahariya Hospital in the occupied Galilee, which has treated 439 rebels since the Jewish Imperium’s scheme against Syria began (45).

Moreover, there are at least 30 Palestinians from the 1948 Lands which are fighting in Syria and several have been killed already (46), and as Mouqawamah Music discussed in our previous study, they were permitted to leave not merely with the acquiescence but the active assistance of Shin Bet (3).

One of the stranger cases involving Palestinians leaving ‘48 Palestine and joining ISIS is that of Hanza Majaamsa from occupied al-Jalil. He was fighting with the Takfiris for three weeks before allegedly becoming disenchanted with the barbarousness of it all and then “escaping” to Turkey. The Zionist-aligned regime in Ankara arrested him, released him and then Hanza returned with his father to occupied Palestine, where Shin Bet picked him up for “interrogation” (47), but, ostensibly, not imprisonment.

The entire story reeks of a cover-up which must be seen in the light of Lebanese-American Press TV reporter Serena Shim dying in a mysterious car crash the day after MIT threatened to kill her for investigating Turkish complicity in the rise of ISIS (48), along with the well-known but rarely spoken-of truth that collaborationist “Sultan” Erdogan is heavily backing ISIS in hopes of somehow making his Neo-Ottoman delusions come true (49).

If Hanza Majaamsa posed even a scarcely significant threat to Turkey, the Erdogan regime would’ve dealt with him as it seemingly did with Serena Shim. The fact that Hanza was essentially *transferred* from Ankara’s custody to the usurping Zionist entity’s, implicitly indicates that he wasn’t a misguided Arab youth doped up on extremism and infatuated with what Professor Hisham D. Aidi calls “jihadi cool” (50),who then subsequently became overpowered with emotional disorder upon his encounter with the gratuitous violence of ISIS, but an intelligence asset conducting field reports on the battlefield progress of World Zionism’s proxies; an intelligence asset of the Mossad, Shin Bet, Aman, MIT, or, in all likelihood, all of the above.

Also straight out of the realm of peculiarity is the new phenomenon of French Jews flocking to join ISIS. And while the French security establishment – itself a mere tool of the usurping Zionist entity according to Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas (51) – along with prominent Jewish Lobby personality Meir Habib are attempting to downplay the issue (52), the truth is, France is arguably the most Judaized state in the entire European Union, and one only needs to look at the Jewish Lobby’s relentless campaign against anti-Zionist comedic genius Dieudonné, led by CRIF and LICRA (53), to know that this is undoubtedly the case. If Jews are leaving France to join ISIS, and are being permitted to do so by an “Israeli”-controlled intelligence apparatus, then it is not just possible but probable that they aren’t on the fringes of French-Jewish communal life butsayanim operating on behalf of the Mossad. And with a former officer of IOF’s Home Front Command fighting alongside anti-ISIS Kurdish forces in the northern Syrian town of ‘Ayn al-Arab, a Canadian-“Israeli” former convict (54), the Zionists now have eyes and ears on both sides of the divide, an affirmation of their regional hegemony.

ISIS’s operational capacity isn’t reserved strictly to Iraq and Syria however. In what is also a nod to the genocidal Jewish entity’s domination of the French security services, ISIS has made contact with another Zionist proxy, the MEK, in France, and the Takfiri terror squad and the Iranian quasi-Marxist death cult are reportedly coordinating on launching operations against the Islamic Republic of Iran (55).

Moving northeast, there exists ISIS links to the illegal coup regime in Kiev and its Jewish-Zionist oligarchical overlords as well. The death of notorious British Takfiri terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite, known as the “White Widow”, ripped off the mask of the dirty alliance in Ukraine which has ISIS rebels fighting shoulder to shoulder with the ultra-nationalist battalions bankrolled by Ukrainian-“Israeli” billionaire Igor Kolomoisky (56). It seems that wherever World Jewry’s enemies are, ISIS and its band of fanatics find a way to seek them out and unearth a conflict zone in sovereign lands.

Further confirming our sound terminuses in the previous section regarding the Takfiris’ brainwashing of young Muslims, as well as offering more proof of a nexus between Takfiri terrorism and Zio-Imperialism, outspoken Takfiri critic and pro-Putin Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov made the stunning revelation that the CIA and the Mossad are luring Chechen youth into the ISIS trap (57). This is hardly surprising. SITE Intelligence Group, a Mossad mouthpiece run by Zionist thug Rita Katz, continues to “capture” then disseminate Takfiri audio recordings to the world, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s now infamous “volcanoes of jihad” rant, all of which serve as key, even primary recruitment tools for ISIS and its patrons (58). President Kadyrov dropped another gem on the Ummah recently when he shockingly released the information that ill-famed, red-bearded ISIS commander Tarkhan Batirashvili, better known as Abu Omar al-Shishani, was dead (59).

The Daily Beast, an influential Zionist rag, did a profile on al-Shishani not too long before he was reported dead by the Chechen head of state, noting that prior to his position as an ISIS chieftain, he was in a Georgian military-intelligence unit and a Georgian domestic-intelligence unit known as Kudi. He began his stint in the Tbilisi security services in 2006, fought against Russia in 2008, and throughout his career, received military training from both Washington and London (60). But this isn’t even close to the full story.

What The Daily Beast did not mention, in typical, omissive, Jewish-controlled mainstream media fashion, was that in addition to training from the British and American regimes, the Georgian security establishment was also in an alliance at the highest levels with the criminal Talmudic enclave, and as a result of this, it was armed to the teeth with hundreds of millions of dollars in Zionist weaponry and trained by IOF, Shin Bet, “Israeli” police and genocidal “Israeli” military corporations Elbit Systems and Rafael. The political regime in Tbilisi was also crawling with dual-citizen “Israeli” Jews, including Georgian minister Temur Yakobashvili and Hebrew-speaking Defense Minister Davit Kezerashvili (61). So was al-Shishani a US-UK stooge? Certainly. But he was a stooge of the illegitimate Jewish gangster “state” first and foremost, as the ideological roots of the perverse Takfiri trend are in Judaism (3).

When it came to light that ISIS believed Hamas to be an “apostate” movement and burned Palestinian flags during the Zionists’ Operation Mighty Cliff assault on Gaza (62), it was nauseating but not awe-inducing by any means. At that point, it seriously could not have gotten anymore obvious who the Takfiris were working for even if they started chanting “We are foot soldiers of Zion! We are foot soldiers of Zion!” in front of “Israeli” television cameras. Nor could it have gotten any worse. Until now that is anyway.

ISIS recently expanded into Egypt’s Sinai and the extremist mafia has announced its intentions to not just infiltrate the besieged Gaza Strip but also stop weapons from flowing to the Palestinian Resistance (63).

These actions from ISIS, which constitute earth-shattering, game-changing services to the usurping Jewish entity beyond the realm of comparability and open declarations of war on the Palestinian cause and its supporters and brothers in the Resistance Axis, truly put the last nail in the coffin of the Takfiris’ “organic development” myth. Allow us to reiterate: ISIS ain’t organic. ISIS is “Israel” and “Israel” is ISIS. Any “commentator” or “analyst” who says otherwise or attempts to put distance between the two, is dead-wrong, way off-base, far out in left field, disengaged from any potentiality of correct views on geopolitics, or, more simply put, an unwitting hasbaranik who just doesn’t want to face the music of their own imprudent miscalculations.

Conclusion: Sectarianism and Takfirism Don’t Stand A Chance Against Sunni-Shi’a Unity

Whilst it was a tad strenuous to comprehend why some in the resistance camp and “alternative” media sphere fell for the Zionists’ sectarian scheme vis-à-vis the demonstrable idiocy and ludicrousness behind the narrative of ISIS having “popular Sunni support”, it’s astonishingly elementary to deduct why the Halakhic-Talmudic World Order is backing Wahhabi-Takfirism as the preeminent force of balkanization in the Arab and Islamic worlds: Because a united, pan-Islamic, pan-Arab, pan-Asian region is the illegitimate “Israeli” regime’s worst nightmare. In the face of Sunni and Shi’a, Muslims and Christians, Arabs, Persians and “Middle Eastern” ethnic minorities all fighting together, the Takfiris, and Judeo-Zio-Imperialism by extension, don’t even stand a chance.

What the Jewish Power Configuration and its Takfiri Goy Golem just cannot seem to grasp is that the cultural, brotherly, sisterly, neighborly ties of the peoples of the region are far mightier and deeper than any plot that these forces of Dajjal can concoct. Tidal wave after tidal wave of sectarian incitement, and still, the region holds together. Sunni and Shi’a, Muslims and Christians, have rebuked the incessant, hateful prodding of ISIS and have refused to go after each other tit for tat in one gargantuan orgy of sectarian, communal bloodletting, despite what may be said to the contrary in the toxicity being spewed by that Zionist-dominated cesspool routinely referred to as the mainstream media. The only sectarian killing being done is by ISIS; not Sunni, not Shi’a, not anyone else. Just ISIS.

Indeed, in pointing out the indisputable verity that Hizbullah’s intervention in Syria serves all of Lebanon’s citizens as well as all of the citizens of the region, Sheikh Nabil Qaouq, the Deputy Chief of Hizbullah’s Executive Council, echoed these very points, “Takfiri terrorism is an absolute evil, it has no good for any sect or doctrine, or any category. It is a threat to the Sunnis, Shiites, Druze and Christians.” The legendary Mouqawamah commander also noted,

“Lebanon is stronger than sedition, ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra or any Takfiri group (64).” With this steadfast view along with the implementation of concrete actions like siring Christian self-defense groups in Lebanon and training the multicultural, cross-communal, intra-Muslim NDF in Syria (4), Hizbullah has prevented all of Bilad al-Sham from falling into the sectarian abyss.

The same can be said for Iraq as well. A similar sectarian conspiracy was unleashed on the people of Iraq in the wake of the genocidal “coalition of the willing” attack in 2003, with the Jewish-controlled mass media vomiting sectarian diatribes at every turn, in a complete contradiction of what was taking place on the ground, as Iraqis of all different backgrounds condemned the occupation together, protested together, fought together, resisted together and gave blood to one another, standing unified as one people in defiance of the invaders (2).Now, just like then, Iraqis are banding together to fight ISIS, the latest phase of the seemingly perpetual Zionist project against Iraq. When Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani, one of the highest ranking Shi’a authorities in the world, issued a fatwa to take up arms against ISIS and defend the homeland, it wasn’t only Shi’a Muslims who flocked in their millions to heed his call; millions of Sunni Muslims did too, from individuals to entire tribes. And to symbolize this powerful display of Iraqi unity, Sunni and Shi’a linked arms and formed human chains in Baghdad (65), as if to tell ISIS, “Your masters invaded and failed to break us! You too will fail! For we are unbreakable!”

While the Iranian Revolution Guard led by Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani has played an invaluable role in equipping the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and leading it into defeating ISIS in several important battles (66), it is the Iraqi people’s unity which has been the lynchpin of the strategy that has kept ISIS off-balance and unable to consolidate power throughout Bilad al-Rafidayn. And ISIS is clearly frustrated over it. Apart from the fact they rejected Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as caliph, the people of the much-discussed Sunni Albu Nimr tribe were primarily targeted by the Takfiri scourge because of their historical brotherhood with Shi’a Iraqis, a historical brotherhood that they refuse to sever (67). The goons of ISIS are lashing out because they cannot undo the impact of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani’s famous words, “Sunnis are the same as Shiites, not only their brothers (68),” which aren’t a mere slogan in Iraq, but the very core of Iraqi identity.

Syria, Iraq’s Fertile Crescent twin, is an indescribably beautiful, incandescently ancient mosaic which has endured one empire after another in its 10,000-year history, and the central reason for this ironclad endurance is its citizens’ uncanny ability to remain united. Regardless of their origins or religion, Syrians are Syrian first. Asma al-Assad, Syria’s First Lady, eloquently encapsulated this pluralistic essence in a 2011 Vogue interview [which would later spark controversy as part and parcel of the Zionist psychological warfare against Damascus]:

“Let me try to explain it to you. That church is a part of my heritage because it’s a Syrian church. The Umayyad Mosque is the fourth-most-important holy Muslim site, but within the mosque is the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. We all kneel in the mosque in front of the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. That’s how religions live together in Syria—a way that I have never seen anywhere else in the world. We live side by side, and have historically. All the religions and cultures that have passed through these lands—the Armenians, Islam, Christianity, the Umayyads, the Ottomans—make up who I am (69).”

Asma al-Assad’s wonderful observation is further solidified by the universally well-known fact that the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Arab Air Force are mostly Sunni, somewhere between the 70th to 80th percentile. As General Yussef Swaidan, the field commander in the strategic territory of Daraya and leader of the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Brigade, bluntly put it to slimy and agitating veteran journalist Robert Fisk,

“There is no sectarianism in this army, not in our brigade, and if you tour the checkpoints around the city, you will find most of the soldiers are Sunnis.”

The 4th Brigade chief also said, in a fiery message to the usurping Zionist entity, its American attack dog, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, “All made a mistake in thinking they could break the unity of the Syrian people (70).” It is men like General Swaidan and women like the Syrian First Lady who embody the spirit of Syria that ISIS can’t even dent, let alone penetrate or decimate.

Lebanon, Iraq and Syria represent the microcosms of the Ummah, examples that must be emulated so Wahhabi-Takfirism can be stomped out for good. Shi’a and Sunni must never allow anyone from within their own communities to badmouth the other, as we are not just brothers, but two parts of the same whole. For this reason, sectarianism should never be tolerated under any circumstances. Most integrally, all Muslims must continue pointing their fingers at the insane, ever-dividing, regressive, chaos-inducing, monstrous, Zionist House of Saud which keeps bankrolling, protecting and disseminating the Takfiri trend despite public denials, as proven by the horrific Ashoura massacre of several Shi’a by Saudi-state-backed Takfiris in the Ahsa governorate of Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich eastern province (71), as well as Riyadh’s attempts to block the Lebanese army from liberating the Sunnis of Ersal from the ISIS-Nusra yoke (72), to name but a few examples. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah – if we may refer to him a final time, as he is a source of spiritual guidance and the greatest living revolutionary of this age – called the Saudis out during Ashoura for this specifically (73); it is their responsibility to reel in their out-of-control Frankenstein, and since they won’t own up to it, we will expose them and their crypto-Jewish Takfiri offspring until they both collapse under the weight of their own deceptions and dirty deals.

As cliched as it may sound, the age-old slogan of “united we stand, divided we fall” really couldn’t ring any truer at this juncture. If the idea, let alone the actuality, of the Arab-Islamic Ummah standing together wasn’t such a powerful threat to the Jewish Power Configuration’s hegemony, the Zionists, Imperialists, Saudis and Neo-Ottomans wouldn’t be working so feverishly to disrupt and prevent its ascension. In sooth, Sunni-Shi’a Unity is the only way forward; the only remedy for the Takfiri sectarian virus; and the only path worth walking if the US-“Israeli’ Empire is to be totally dismantled and triumphed over. So let us take the first step to victory… Together.

~ The End ~


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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!


Reported by Gilad Atzmon

“Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.”
John F. Kennedy

No one in Israel is willing to take responsibility for IDF’s recent military blunder in Gaza. Israel was caught unprepared for a war and its elite ground forces were minced by highly motivated and well prepared Hamas combatants. In the last few days, IDF and the Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) openly blamed each other for the fiasco.

Ynet reports today:

According to a report by Israel’s Channel 2 television, Shin Bet officials claimed that they had raised concerns with the political echelons as far back as January, regarding early signs attesting to Hamas preparations for a conflict with Israel. IDF chief Benny Gantz reacted furiously to the report, writing to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Shin Bet officials who had made the claims had “breached every moral and ethical standard.”

The Shin Bet officials said that their reports had piled up, ignored. In April, Shin Bet claimed that its Chief, Yoram Cohen, presented Jerusalem with warnings of a wide-ranging strategic terror attack Hamas was planning to execute within the next few months, sending its militants through a tunnel from Gaza into the Israeli border community of Kerem Shalom…

But IDF sources claimed no warning of a potential conflict had been received from Shin Bet, either in the winter or spring of 2014. Defense officials said the clash erupted between Cohen and Military Intelligence director Aviv Kochavi during a cabinet meeting at the close of Operation Protective Edge in late August.

On Wednesday afternoon Prime Minister Netanyahu hosted Gantts and Cohen in his office. Netanyahu instructed the two men to refrain from publicly debating matters that should be resolved between security forces. 

خطير جداً.. فتى الموساد يشتري المثقفين

خطير جداً.. فتى الموساد يشتري المثقفين

وكالة أوقات الشام الإخبارية

عادل سمارة
حتى اللحظة لا يزال كثيرون يرون في د. عزمي بشارة صاحب وجهة نظر فيما يخص الأزمة/المذبحة ضد سوريا، والأمر نفسه تجاه فتاوى الشيخ القرضاوي. ولكن ، دعك من القرضاوي.

عزمي بشارة حالة مختلفة على الأقل في خطورتها. صحيح أن الأزمة السورية كشفت عزمي بشارة بما لا يدع للشك مجالاً في نظر الوطنيين بتنوعاتهم: قومي ، شيوعي، مؤمن…الخ. ولكن، من الخطأ والسطحية معالجة موضوع هذا الرجل فقط من خلال البوابة السورية فلا يزال كثيرون في حيرة تجاه هذا الأمر ولا سيما من توقف تفكيرهم عند ما قبل آذار 2011. لم يدركوا أن إشكالات النظام ورائنا، بل بقوا هم ورائها. ومن يتخلَّف وراء اللحظة يفقد الشعور بالزمن وينتهي وراء التاريخ.

مشكلة بشارة ترتد في بداية انكشافها إلى عام 1994 حينما بدأت تظهر في كتاباته وأحاديثه أعراض سرطان الصهينة وتحديداً دخول الكنيست (برلمان الدولة اليهودية) ، وهو ما التقطته ، نظرا لأننا تعارفنا منذ1987 بعد عودتي من لندن من خلال صديق حمصي الأصل متوفى هو الشاعر حنا حوشان. كان عزمي حينها قد ترك الحزب الشيوعي بعد أن أهانه إميل حبيبي بنعته ب “حمار” على مسمع آخرين.
حين تعارفنا كان عزمي يرطن بالهيجلية كمقدمة كما لاحظت بعدها كي يدخل على المسألة القومية. طبعاً هذا التوجه يبقى “وجهة نظر” هذا مع العلم بأن هيجل، هذا الفيلسوف الكبير، هو من مؤسسي التنظير القومي الشوفيني في ألمانيا، وهو نفسه الذي اسس للمركزانية الأوروبية وحتى مركزانية ضد أمم أوروبية بتنظيراته عن أو ضد من اسماهم، شعوب بلا تاريخ: ” مثل أل جال في سكوتلندا، ومؤيدي آل ستيوارت ف من 1640-1715، والبريتونز ” وهو ما أُعجب به إنجلز متورطا في الفهم نفسه ومأخوذاً/محتفلاً بقوة تطور الرأسمالية، وربما أخذ هيجل نفسه هذا عن آدم سميث في الربع الأخير من القرن الثامن عشر حيث اعتبر استعمار بريطانيا لإيرلندا طبيعيا لأن الشعب الإيرلندي كسول”. كيف انتقل بشارة إذن من الشيوعية إلى القومية عبر فيلسوف شوفيني، وليس عبر انبهاره بنظرية علم الجمال لدى هيجل مثلاً، هذا سؤال لم أجد الإجابة عليه.

يمكن للمرء أن يكون قوميا تماماً في مرحلة التحرر الوطني والقومي، وهذا اختيار طبيعي، وحينما يجد المرء نفسه او تجد النظرية نفسها أمام سؤال ما بعد التحرير والاستقلال والتحرر، حينها عليه الإجابة، وحينها يكتشف حتى ان ديالكتيك هيجل حقا يمشي على راسه، وهو بحاجة إلى لكمة هائلة من ماركس ليقف على قدميه.

ولكن ما كان واضحاً، أن عزمي بشارة الذي بدا يطرح نفسه قومياً، قد حافظ على الاعتراف بالكيان الصهيوني الذي يقف على نقيض، بل على أنقاض الشعب الفلسطيني، وهو الوقوف النقيض الذي يستدعي كافة النظريات والمواقف القومية حتى الشوفينية منها.

وهذا يطرح السؤال العجيب: مثقف يقبل ويقتنع باستعمار استيطاني اقتلاعي ضد شعبه ووطنه مأخوذ بالتحريفية الشيوعية الستالينية وفي الوقت نفسه يرفع شعار الاعتقاد بالقومية العربية التي يُفترض بما هي قومية وعربية أن تكون نقيضا، بل النقيض الأول والمباشر لوجود الكيان الصهيوني الإشكنازي.

كانت هذه القضايا هي التي أسست لدي قلقاً في العلاقة مع عزمي بشارة وهي علاقة كنت وضعتها قيد المتابعة والتحليل. ومنها استنتجت أن الرجل يخطط لامتطاء القومية كي يصل إلى ما يريد، وهي أمور لم أكن اعرفها بوضوح حينها.

ولكنني تسائلت من جانب آخر: ما الذي سوف يجنيه عزمي بشارة من رفع لواء القومية في مرحلة كانت لا تزال القوى القومية واليسارية في حالة تردي، بينما كانت قوى الدين السياسي تغطي شاشة المرحلة؟ بل حتى قوى منظمة التحرير كانت قد تورطت في الخروج من لبنان وكانت متورطة في قُطرية بدأت بمزايدات عالية أثناء الكفاح المسلح وانتهت إلى الاعتراف بالكيان الصهيوني مباشرة او مداورة.

ولعل اسباب بشارة هي التالية:

· هو لا يستطيع الدخول في أحزاب دينية كالحركة الإسلامية، وهي بالطبع لا تقبل من ليس مسلماً.

· إن الشعار القومي، رغم انحطاط وضع القوى القومية، يمكن أن يجد مساحة بين فلسسطينيي 1948 حيث الصراع مع الكيان يستدعي لا شك الانتماء القومي.

· لذا غادر الحزب الشيوعي لأنه يعلم ان ليس بوسعه وصول مركز قيادي فيه وأن الجمهور الذي يمكنه استغلاله هو الجمهور القومي وليس جمهور الحزب الشيوعي.

· ولعل الأهم، أن عزمي بشارة قد اقام ارتباطا مبكراً مع سلطة الكيان والتي كانت تهيئه لاختراق الوطن العربي، ومن أجل هذا فالأنسب أن يطرح نفسه قوميا، أي لا شيوعيا ولا إسلامياً.

كما اشرت، فالرجل وقد تربى في أحضان الحزب الشيوعي الإسرائيلي (القائمة الشيوعية الجديدة – اختصارها بالعبرية راكاح) وهو المناخ السياسي الذي يعتبر الكيان الصهيوني الإشكنازي واقع قائم يبدأ النقاش معه وعنه بعد الإقرار بوجوده و “حقه” على أرض فلسطين. لم أكن اسمع منه ما يخالف هذا. وكان سؤالي: ترى هل خرج من راكاح فقط لأن إميل حبيبي شتمه؟ هل هذا كافٍ للخروج؟ لا سيما وأنه يحمل جوهريا نفس موقف الحزب من الكيان. فالكثير من الحزبيين يدافع عن نفسه داخل الحزب بالكلمات، وإن استعصى الأمر فباللكمات.

تزايدت شكوكي بعدها حينما اندفع في عرض نفسه كقومي عربي وناصري، وعقد تحالفا مع حركة ابناء البلد (في فلسطين 1948) إثر تشكيل حزبه التجمع الوطني الديمقراطي، وخلال هذه العلاقة أقنع اكثرية اللجنة المركزية لهذه الحركة بأن تسمح لعناصرها بالتصويت في الكنيست. ربما لأنه على تماس يومي معهم في المحتل 1948، أو لأن ميل أكثرية اللجنة المركزية هناك بهذا الاتجاه، أو لأن عزمي قد بدأ من رام الله عبر إقامة علاقات مع قوى منظمة التحرير يسارها ويمينها ليعود إلى فلسطينيي 1948 مقبولا من قوى منظمة التحرير وهذا مدخل لا شك فيه تكتيك مميز، لم يتضح في حينه أنه ليس تكتيك عزمي بل تكتيك الموساد.

وكنت قد كتبت الكثير نقدا لأطروحات عزمي بشارة منذ عام 1994 ، ولعل أكثرها تفصيلا كان ما كتبته في مجلة كنعان العدد 85 نيسان 1997، (ثنائية القومية والحكم الذاتي الثقافي ودولة لكل مواطنيها –مشاريع صهيونية ص ص 33-51). ولكن الرجل كان قد اخترق سوريا إلى لبنان واصبح إيقونة قومية حتى لدى سيد المقاومة. ومما يثير السخرية أن أحد مسؤولي مركز دراسات الوحدة العربية سُئل ذات مرة: كيف تستقبلون عزمي بشارة وهو عضو كنيست؟ فأجاب نحن ندعوه كفيلسوف!! وقد سمعت مؤخراً، أن هذا المركز وصل الإفلاس وبأن مركز عزمي بشارة في قطر قد اشتراه؟

بعدها قدمت مداخلة في الناصرة في مؤتمر حركة أبناء البلد 6 حزيران 1998، بعنوان : قد يضمن الكمبرادور أمن الدولة الإشكنازية، أما الأمان فيحققه وطن عربي اشتراكي” ونشرت في مجلة كنعان العدد 93 تشرين ثاني 1998 ص ص 9-46. وكان جوهرها ردا على مختلف أطروحات انواع الدول لحل الصراع العربي الصهيوني. ولكن كانت حينها حركة أبناء البلد قد تورطت على يد عزمي بشارة في التصويت وتراجعت عنه بعد ذلك ولا تزال تئن من ذلك الموقف وبالطبع تمكن عزمي من “شق الحركة وأخذ الكثير من قياداتها وعناصرها وهذا ما ركز لدي التخوف من علاقاته بال شين – بيت.

والطريف أن بعض القوميين الذين يقفون حتى ضد اليهود ويبررون المحرقة كانوا يستقبلون عزمي بشارة وخاصة في الأردن ولبنان وسوريا.

دخل عزمي الكنيست وكنت قد واصلت نقده في مجلة كنعان، وتمكن من عرض نفسه في الداخل والخارج بأنه قومي عربي وناصري وعضو كنيست معاً.

ولكنني لا زلت اعتقد أن قبول الكثير من العرب ساسة وأحزابا ومثقفين لعزمي كعضو كنيست لا يعود إلى قدرة خارقة لديه، بل يعود إلى قابلية داخلية لدى كثيرين من هؤلاء للاعتراف بالكيان. وهي قابلية ترتد إلى مستوى من استدخال الهزيمة أو العجز عن فهم : ما معنى عضوية كنيست وقسم يمين الولاء للدولة اليهودية وهو هكذا حرفياً.

لم يكن النقد وليس اليوم ضده على أرضية شخصه، بل محاولة تبيان ما هي خطورة عضوية الكنيست.

بعد ان هاجر عزمي إلى قطر، برز السؤال الآخر: لماذا خرج، ولماذا احتفت به قطاعات من العروبة كبطل إلى درجة عدم الجرأة على تصديق انه رحل ولم يُنفى. وهذا يرتد إلى النفسيات المهزومة التي تبحث عن بطل حتى ولو بطلاً وهمياً. وكان له كل هذا.

لكن هذا لا يحل اللغز: لماذا خرج الرجل وهو في “مجده”؟ كما ان وجود الفضائيات يمكنه نقل كل شخص من أي متر إلى أقصى متر في الكوكب، فلا حاجة ماسة للانتقال الفيزيائي!

كان رأيي ، وقد كتبته في كنعان ايضا، أن الرجل خرج في مهمة تطبيعية بهدف أن يعود بعدها وقد ساهم في تطبيع العرب جميعا، لا سيما وأن معظم الأنظمة العربية جاهزة لذلك. ولكن عزمي وقيادة الكيان، وأعتقد مخابراته تحديداً، قد استفادوا من تجربة كوهين كمال سليم ثابت بمعنى أن عميلا بهذا الحجم يجب أن يُحمى حينما يُكتشف أمره أو حينما يصبح لا بد من أن يُكشف لا سيما وأنه ينغرس في كل الوطن العربي وليس في سوريا وحسب.

لذا، تم اختيار بلد مأمون المناخ الأمني والسياسي والثقافي والعسكري وهو قطر. فهي بعيدة عن مرمى القومية العربية وهي محمية امريكية ربما عدد الجنود الأمريكيين فيها اكثر من العرب الذين هم 12 بالمئة من سكان قطر. هناك، لن يطول الرجل أحد مهما فعل. وهناك المكان الطبيعي ليواصل دوره في تخريب الوعي السياسي للشارع العربي باسم القومية وعبر فضائية الجزيرة. بعبارة أخرى، صار مطلوب من الرجل، أن يذهب إلى الميدان وصار من حقه أعلى حماية ممكنة.

وهذا ما يفسر لماذا لم يستقر في الأردن لو كان منفياً وليعمل في إحدى الجامعات. ولماذا لم يذهب إلى المانيا حيث تعلم هناك ومن هناك يمول مؤسسة أنجزة كبرى وثرية هي مؤسسة مواطن في رام الله حتى الآن! طبعا من المحال أن يذهب إلى سوريا أو لبنان، لأن انكشاف أمره يكرر “مأساة” كوهين، مع انهما هما الهدف الأساس اي المقاومة والممانعة، أما إيران فدولة غير عربية وفيها خبرة وحذر شديدين من كل ما يأتي من الأر ض المحتلة.

تخدم تحليلنا هذا علاقة قطر بالكيان الصهيوني وبالولايات المتحدة وبالإخوان المسلمين، هذا الثلاثي الذي يشكل العمود الفقري للثورة المضادة في الوطن العربي ضد القومية العربية ولتصفية القضية الفلسطينية.

وبالطبع، كانت قطر موقع انطلاقاته إلى القطريات العربية وعودته للاستراحة هناك. وخلال تلك الانطلاقات، وزع ذات مرة بيانا سريا من حوالي ثلاثين صفحة (وصلني من صديق كما وصلني ما هو ملحق أدناه) على عدد محدود من المثقفين العرب لتشكيل تيار عربي، كان واضحا منه أن لا مشكلة في محتواه مع الكيان الصهيوني وكان جوهره كذلك لبراليا، لا يمت إلى المسألة القومية بصلة. ولاحقا، شكل محاولة بديل لمنظمة التحرير مع منير شفيق وبلال الحسن إنتهى إلى لا شيء.

واذكر انني كتبت ضد ذلك ونصحت اصدقاء حينها بأن هذا الرجل خطير، وبأنكم تتحدثون عن حركة وطنية أو تيار يقوم على نقد منظمة الحرير الفلسطينية، بينما يقودكم رجل هو عضو كنيست ولم ينقد نفسه على تلك العضوية، لم يعتذر حتى نقول تغير الرجل. ولكن هؤلاء كانوا مأخوذين بفتى الموساد.

وحيث كان يجب كشف بشارة من دوره الأخطر وهو عضوية الكنيست بما هي تكريس بقسم اليمين للكيان الصهيوني كان على الوعي المتخلف الانتظار حتى عام 2011 حين بدأت صورة الرجل تتشقق إثر عدوان الناتو على ليبيا واحتلال السعودية للبحرين. وبالطبع أتت الأزمة السورية لتكشف عن رجل لا يقل خطورة عن كوهين. أما وقد انكشف كل شيىء فلم يكن امامه سوى المكابرة والاستمرار في موقفه المضاد لسوريا وليتضح أنه كان يدعو الكثيرين من “المعارضة” السورية النظيفة وذات المستوى الفكري والتاريخ السياسي إلى الدوحة للتآمر معهم على سوريا!!! وكانوا يذهبون صاغرين!!!

صحيح أن الأزمة السورية هي التي فضحت المستور. ولكن مع ذلك، علينا ان لا نرى حقيقة الرجل من خلال سوريا أولاً بل من خلال الكنيست ومن ثم من خلال مذبحتي ليبيا وسوريا. وهنا أؤكد أن من لا يرتكز موقفه من هذا على أرضية رفض الاعتراف بالكيان الصهيوني وعضوية الكنيست، فهو إما مع الاعتراف بالكيان، اي صهيوني عربي، أو عاجز عن فهم خطورة الاعتراف بالكيان.

تجنيد المثقفين وأشباههم/ن

يمكننا تقسيم مراحل استثمار ال شين-بيت ومن ثم الموساد في عزمي بشارة إلى أربع حتى الآن:

أولاً: استخدامه في المحتل 1948 لإقامة تيار “قومي” يعترف بالكيان، ويشكل جواز سفر له إلى الفكر القومي والواقع العربي وهذه قمة التناقض، لكنها نجحت.

ثانياً: الطواف في الأرض العربية قبل رحيله وبعد رحيله حيث استضافته مختلف العواصم العربية كمفكر قومي الأول والوحيد، وبالطبع دان له الكثير من المثقفين العرب كأمير الثقافة القومية دون أن يجرؤ هؤلاء على مجرد التفكير في جمع تناقض ”الريادة القومية مع الاعتراف بالكيان! ومن بين هؤلاء مؤيدو المحرقة الذين كانوا يستمعون له كالمريدين!!!!.

ثالثاً: الصعود إلى الفضاء بالطواف عبر الفضائيات العربية للتاثير على المواطن العربي اينما كان، وهذه المراحل الثلاث في خدمة أل شيت-بيت.

رابعاً: بعد أن فضحته مذبحة سوريا، وكان بالطبع قد انتقل إلى الخارج مما يعني تحويله إلى كادر الموساد أخذ خطوة إلى الوراء لكي يشتغل على تطبيع المثقفين /ات العرب وذلك اساساً عبر شراء أكبر عدد ممكن منهم بالمال ليصبحوا في خدمة استراتيجية تخريب قومي متوارية وراء الأبحاث، فليس من المنطقي لباحث يحترم عقله أن يقوم ببحث جاد وعلمي لينشره مجاناً من خلال قطر كإمارة لم تعرف لا الحزاب ولا البرلمان ولا اية انتخابات ولا التحرر ولا اي حق للمرأة ومعادية للقومية العربية. فالأمر هو التمويل القطري التي هي نفسها قاعدة أميركية ووهابية تشن حربا تدميرية ضد سوريا آخر معقل قومي.

كيف يذهب المثقفون إلى هناك دون التورط في تعاقد! لا ندري، إن كان غير المال ما هو وراء ذلك؟

في سياق ترتيبات عزمي بشارة لشراء المثقفين/ات، يواصل بشارة ربط من كانوا على علاقة به قبل رحيله في الأرض المحتلة بشقيها 1948 و 1967 ويضيف مراكز أبحاث في الوطن العربي ترتضي العمل لصالحه وباحثين أفراداً، جُدداً ولا سيما معلمين في جامعة بير زيت ومع موظفي/ات الأنجزة للعمل لصالح المركز الذي اقامته له سلطات إمارة قطر: المركز العربيّ للأبحاث ودراسة السياسات.

بعض من يتواصل معهم يرفضون، أي الشرفاء، ومن بين آليات التجنيد إليكم النموذج التالي:

From: Mohammad Almasri []

Sent: 2013

To: ………..

Cc: Ayat Hamdan; Nerouz Satik

Subject: دعوة لكتابة ورقة بحثية

التاريخ : 2013 مرجع رقم:

حضرة الأستاذ ……..المحترم

تحيّة طيّبة؛

الموضوع: دعوتكم للمساهمة البحثيّة في المؤتمر الثّاني لمراكز الأبحاث العربيّة:

“ قضيّة فلسطين ومستقبل المشروع الوطني الفلسطينيّ “.

يسرنا أن نعلمكم بأن المركز العربيّ للأبحاث ودراسة السياسات ينظم المؤتمر العلمي الثّاني لمراكز الأبحاث العربيّة بعنوان: “ قضيّة فلسطينومستقبل المشروع الوطني الفلسطينيّ “، في الفترة من7-9 كانون الأوّل / ديسمبر في الدّوحة. وكان المؤتمر الأول لمراكز الابحاث والدّراسات السياسيّة والإستراتيجيّة في الوطن العربيّ ” قد عُقد بعنوان “الثّورات العربيّة والتّغيّرات الجيوستراتيجية” في 15-17 كانون الأوّل/ ديسمبر 2012، وبمشاركة أكثر من 70 مركز بحث عربي، وأكثر من 55 باحث وأكاديمي من المنطقة.

وفي ضوء تقديرنا لمساهمتكم الأكاديمية في موضوع قضيّة فلسطين ومستقبل المشروع الوطني الفلسطينيّ، وجدّيتكم البحثيّة، ندعوكم للمساهمة في أعمال المؤتمر بإعداد بحث أصيل ومعمق قابل للتحكيم العلمي، في أحد محاوره. وفي حال موافقتكم على المشاركة البحثيّة، يرجى إرسال ملخّص وافٍ بالخطوط الرئيسة للبحث، مع موجز السيرة العلميّة في موعد لا يتجاوز 25 حزيران/يوليو، على أن يكون تسليم البحوث مكتملة في موعد أقصاه 30 أيلول/سيبتمبر، وذلك تسهيلًا لإجراءات المراجعة والتحكيم ووضع البرنامج الأخير للمؤتمر. علمًا أن المؤتمر يتولّى تغطية كافّة نفقات السفر والإقامة خلال فترة مشاركتكم في المؤتمر.

للتواصل وإرسال الملخصات، يرجى الاتصال بالأستاذه آيات حمدان على العنوان التالي:

يرجى تأكيد استلام هذه الرسالة، آملين أن يكون جوابكم إيجابيًّا.

مع فائق التقدير والاحترام؛

عن اللجنة التحضيرية للمؤتمر

د. محمد المصري

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Netanyahu allows use of banned torture methods against Palestinian detainees



The Hebrew media has said that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu gave the Shin Bet interrogators the green light to use prohibited torture techniques against Palestinian detainees.

The Israeli laws allow the Shin Bet and Mossad to create a “ticking time bomb scenario” in order to use physical torture methods to extract information from prisoners.

Despite the exposure of Palestinian prisoners to systematic physical and psychological torture at the hands of their jailers, such Israeli measure means that other torture and pressure methods, like the ones used by the notorious US interrogators, could be employed against certain Palestinian detainees in order to extract information leading to the alleged captors of the three Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

On Israeli racism and fascism and how to resist it .

Palestinian lady being attacked

The law, known as the ‘people’s’ law, is also a draft bill that is racist against the Palestinian citizens of Israel and their existence and presence in the land of their ancestors.

The institutional and popular Zionist racism has become rampant all over Palestine and torturing the Palestinians living in Palestine has become an acceptable and even welcomed matter by the various sections of the Israeli community. The open and hidden racism is likely to grow even more under Benjamin Netanyahu’s third term as, for example, the head of diplomacy, the racist brought in from Russia, Avigdor Lieberman, who lives in a settlement in the occupied West Bank, is calling for the expulsion of the original and indigenous people of the land, i.e. we the Palestinians who stayed in our countries against their wishes and who will stay forever. We refuse such mass expulsion and therefore we adopt the logic, the last to come should be the first to leave.



As for Prime Minister Netanyahu, he has the famous saying that the Arabs in Israel are a ticking demographic bomb and that the problem of the Arabs in West Bank and Gaza is solvable and that the true dilemma lies in what this Zionist calls the Arabs of Israel.

I have no qualms to quickly remind the readers of the statements made last year by the Director of the Israeli Shabak, Yuval Diskin, in which he said his agency would persecute every Arab Palestinian who refused to recognise Israel as a democratic Jewish state, which is a matter rejected by the vast majority of Palestinians living in Israel. It is also important to refer to recent history to recall the statement made by the Minister of Justice and the Chief Israel Negotiator with the Palestinians Tzipi Livni, a statement that bears much denial of the Palestinians and reflects the Zionist arrogance and reflects the fact that she has and will continue to view the Palestinians as “inferior”.

This minister, who is considered a part of the centre party in Israel, said that the future Palestinian state is the only place for the Palestinians from all three sides of the triangle: the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Palestinians in Israel and the Palestinians in Diaspora, and it is where they can achieve their national dreams. This statement is dangerous and implicitly calls for expelling the Palestinians in Palestine to the Palestinian state that will be established. We believe that this dream has become a frightening nightmare for the Zionists and their Palestinian partners who have become addicted to fruitless, futile and empty negotiations. Ami Ayalon, former minister and head of the Shin Bet in the past, who is proud and brags about killing more Palestinians than the number of Israelis and Jewish people killed by Hamas, said in a press interview that if Israel feels that its existence is at risk and in danger, it will not hesitate to repeat what it did in 1948, and as we know, it was in that fateful year that the Zionist gangs committed massacres against the Palestinians and expelled people from their homes armed with the false Zionist statement that Palestine is a land without a people for a people without land. Therefore we would not be offending anyone if we also said that in the mind of every Zionist is a land of “milk and honey” that nestles a small fascist that is growing very quickly and spreads like a wildfire.

This racism, which is steadily heading towards fascism, aims to transform this state to a racial segregation (Apartheid) state, which was the case in South Africa during the time the white minority was ruling the black majority. To prove this vicious Zionist approach, it is enough to point out that in the occupied West Bank, the system of racial segregation already exists; how else can you explain the existence of streets allotted for the use of the settlers only, and the Palestinians are prohibited from using them; isn’t this the ugliest form of racial segregation? Here, in Palestine, social segregation is applied both verbally and physically, and it is important to keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians in the country are poor, and this state did not arise from nothing; it is the inevitable consequence of the racist policy established by the successive Israeli governments since they were planted in the Middle East. What jobs are Palestinians allowed to do? Let’s put the question in a simpler form: Why are job applicants required to have served in the Israeli army? It is worth noting that in liberal democratic states, there are no conditions or requirements applied to responsibilities and rights, and it is ironic and farcical that this state views itself as a liberal democratic state, on paper of course, meanwhile it commits the ugliest form of racial segregation against the Palestinian minority in Israel. They commit such acts in order to humiliate and impoverish the Palestinians to persuade them that voluntary immigration to the West Bank would give them the opportunity to live comfortably and luxuriously.

In addition to this, we must also take into account the fact that it is the state of the Shin Bet, in other words, the state is run by the Shin Bet, not the state that runs the Shin Bet, and this is the obscure security agency that interferes in every small and large matter and are trying to narrow the playing field for the Palestinians in Palestine, a playing field that is already very tight and limited. For example, why did the Shin Bet involve itself in the appointment of the headmasters and teachers in the Arab schools and even in the Ministry of Education? Isn’t it enough they force us to study the false Zionist narrative of history and prevent us from learning the Palestinian narrative; our story, the story of people who were displaced and expelled from their land in one of the biggest crimes committed in modern history?

Things are going from bad to worse during the term of the current Zionist parliament. There is a long list of draft laws that aim to establish and solidify the Arab inferiority and the superiority of the Jews. One of these draft laws requires the Israeli Supreme Court to favour Jewish people over Arabs, as well as a fascist draft law that calls for the adoption of the Talmud as the legal reference for Israel.

Furthermore, there is also a draft law that replaces Arabic as an official language in Israel and deems it a secondary language. The Ministerial Committee for Legislation also approved a draft law banning the registration of civil associations that do not recognise Israel as a Jewish state. It goes without saying that the new law proposed by Miri Regev, chairperson of the Israeli Knesset’s Internal Affairs Committee (Likud – Israel Beiteinu), means the enforcement of the process of imposing the recognition of the Jewishness of the state on civil associations, especially among the Palestinians in Palestine, because the failure to register the association deems it illegal. This law can also be considered a form of political persecution and the intimidation of NGOs, human rights organisations and activists who have an opinion contrary to the Israeli consensus. In addition to this, Netanyahu and MK Naftali Bennett reached an agreement regarding the proposed laws which will transform the Jewish state from identifying itself as a Jewish democratic state to identifying itself as a Jewish state governed by a democratic system.

The law, known as the “people’s” law, is also a draft bill that is racist against the Palestinian citizens of Israel and their existence and presence in the land of their ancestors. This law defines Israel as a national state for the Jewish people, meaning it considers all the Jewish people in the world a nation and that the right to live and settle in Israel is only limited to the Jewish people. This also emphasises the known symbols of the state and its anthem which includes Zionist and radical expressions.

Everything I have mentioned so far is only the tip of the iceberg.

In light of the escalation of Zionist racism against the Palestinian in Palestine, the following question comes to mind: What can we do? How do we face this flood of unjust laws passed against us, especially if we take into consideration the “Oslo-istan” authority which has disowned us and left us like orphans in the hands of villains? Due to the fact that the Arab League is an undefined body used by America and its step-child Israel to pass resolutions serving the world’s imperialist interests, as was the case with Syria and Libya, so it is very unreliable, and therefore, perhaps the only option left for us is to resort to the international community and ask them for protection from the racist clutches of Israel, because otherwise, the Israeli state will be given the opportunity to single us out and isolate us and turn us back into lumberjacks, and then slowly implement their plan of mass displacement.

Translated from Raialyoum 1 June 2104

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