Zionist plan to change the demography of occupied Jerusalem within five years

[ 29/05/2011 – 06:02 PM ] 
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation government has revealed a plan to further Judaize occupied Jerusalem and change demographic realities under the pretext of propping up the economy of the city.

The Prime Minister’s office has announced recently the government’s intention to approve the spending of over 80 million dollars to carry out what it called “a comprehensive economic plan” over the next five years.

The plan, which is considered by Palestinian parties a noticeable escalation of the Judaization of the holy city, is to implement a number of projects that will change the face of the city and to encourage new segments of Israeli society to settle in it.

According to the announced plan 42 million US million dollars will be spent on developing the infrastructure and developing the Western Wall (the Buraq Wall as it is called by the Palestinians) to encourage tourism.

The Zionist Ministry of Tourism will also spend 21.5 million US dollars to encourage the building of hotels to increase the number of hotel rooms available to tourists in the city.

The plan also includes 20.5 million dollars for establishing research and science institutes which requires establishing new buildings.

Another 20.26 million will go to building student accommodation and an academic city which aims to attract economically productive people to live in the city.

The statement from Netanyahu’s office also said that the government might add Jerusalem to the areas which get government support where university students who finished their military service will be legible for government grants.

A Palestinian man forced to demolish his home in Jerusalem

[ 29/05/2011 – 10:58 AM ] 

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Mahmoud Aramin, a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem, was forced to demolish his home on Saturday to avoid his house being demolished by the municipality and get charged extortionist rates for the demolition.

The Zionist occupation municipality ordered the demolition of Aramin’s house on the pretext of lack of planning permission despite the fact that the municipality had already ordered Aramin to pay a high financial penalty for not having a planning permission which he was paying by monthly instalments.

Aramin’s neighbours and human rights activists who witnessed the demolition spoke of the physiological scars resulting from demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem under various pretexts, especially when home owners are given an ultimatum to demolish their own homes themselves or the municipality will carry out the demolition and charge the owner for the demolition.

Many Palestinians in Jerusalem are forced to build new homes or make extensions without a planning permission because the Israeli occupation policy in Jerusalem makes it virtually impossible for Palestinians to get planning permissions.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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