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Obama called Libya a Sh*t Show, Trump called Haiti a Sh*thole, but the US ensured Both are True


U.S. foreign policy decisions in both Haiti and Libya have been far cruder than the comments made by Presidents Trump and Obama

By Rachel Blevins | The Free Thought Project | January 12, 2018

The mainstream media is horrified by the idea that President Trump would refer to Haiti as a “Shithole” country—but they seem to have forgotten that President Obama referred to Libya as a “Shit show,” and that the United States has had a hand in ensuring that both countries continue to be plagued with problems.

The media launched a firestorm after a report from the Washington Post claimed that during a meeting with lawmakers in the Oval Office on Thursday, Trump said, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” 

The comment was reportedly in reference to a discussion on “protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal.” Trump became “frustrated” with the lawmakers in the meeting, and proposed that the U.S. should prioritize immigrants from Norway, over countries such as Haiti, according to the report.

While mainstream media outlets were quick to criticize Trump’s comments on Haiti, they were not nearly as offended when reports claimed that Obama referred to the state of affairs in Libya after Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown as a “shit show” in March 2016

“We actually executed this plan as well as I could have expected: We got a UN mandate, we built a coalition, it cost us $1 billon—which, when it comes to military operations, is very cheap. We averted large-scale civilian casualties, we prevented what almost surely would have been a prolonged and bloody civil conflict,” Obama said. “And despite all that, Libya is a mess.”

At the time, Obama referred to the 2011 Arab Spring revolt as “a successful military intervention to aid rebels,” and claimed that it was only because of “the inaction of America’s European allies” that Libya turned into a “shit show.

However, it should be noted that just one month later, Obama admitted that invading Libya and overthrowing Gaddafi was the “worst mistake of his presidency.”

In the case of Haiti, while several people have come out in support, claiming that it is not the “shithole” Trump apparently claimed it is, the U.S. has had a history of involvement in the country that is even cruder than the term used by the current president.

After a catastrophic magnitude 7 earthquake devastated Haiti in 2010, the Clinton Foundation went right to work raising more than $30 million for relief projects. But local residents claimed, “the projects never fully materialized while others point to luxury hotels that were allegedly constructed with relief funds in order to benefit the country’s ruling establishment.”

A report from 2015 noted that each year, the United States gives the United Nations more than $8 billion, and $3 billion of it is used to fund the group’s “peacekeeping budget.” However, the UN’s famous “Peacekeepers” have only created more devastation in Haiti, and even after they were exposed running a massive child sex ring, not one person was jailed. As The Free Thought Project reported in April 2017:

“After Haiti’s downfall from a tropical paradise resort destination, hundreds of children were left homeless and many of them without parents. This easy prey then attracted the world’s most vile predators. More than 300 children have come forward in the last decade with these claims and only a tiny fraction of those accused have ever faced any form of accountability.

One of the reasons these sickos aren’t charged is because when it comes to keeping its peacekeepers in check, the UN passes the buck. So, as reports of sexual abuse and child exploitation pour into the UN (2,000 over just the last 12 years), the countries sending troops either remain ignorant or deliberately refuse to hold these people accountable.”

The United States also has troops stationed in 53 out of 54 African nations, and after four U.S. soldiers were killed in Niger in October, it left some asking the question, “Since when is the U.S. at War with Africa?”

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul noted that this appears to be one more war the U.S. is fighting without approval from Congress—and it is a war that includes the presence of thousands of U.S. troops that occupy key points throughout Africa.

“Now, when the Pentagon and the administration have had some pressure on them, you know, instead of having 100 people there, they’re admitting we have 6,000 people in Africa, and they even put a number on it. They say ‘we have some military in 53 of the 54 countries in Africa.’ That’s pretty expansive,” Paul said.


Israel National News Against Gilad Atzmon

December 10, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

Jews can be anti-Semites too!” is the title of Jewish settlers outlet Israel National News’ article dedicated to my work by one Manfred Gerstenfeld.  Needless to mention that being subject to a smear campaign led by the Israeli ultra nationalist outlet is pretty much the kind of publicity I wish for. However, I would point out to Gerstenfeld that his title is slightly misleading. Jews are not Semites and I haven’t even been a Jew for two decades now.

Settler Gerstenfeld is desperate to prove that yours truly is an ‘antisemite’. Let’s examine his arguments, one by one. I am genuinely quoted as saying that I am totally “against Holocaust denial.”  I clearly resent those who deny the genocides taking place in the name of the Holocaust. Palestine is one example…” (

I guess that in the eyes of settler Gerstenfeld, supporting Palestine equals anti-Semitism.  But considering the obvious fact that the Palestinians are Semites*, taking their side is actually the ultimate form of philo-Semitism. But I will dutifully address Gerstenfeld’s concern regarding the Holocaust and its denial. I believe that history must be subject to revision. This applies, as well, to the Holocaust otherwise it becomes alienated from history and alien to historicity. The Holocaust in its current state is reduced into a religion, a dogma. To insist that the Holocaust is subject to revision is by no means a form of denial. On the contrary, it integrates this chapter into our human past. It becomes a universal ethical lesson instead of another celebration of the primacy of Jewish suffering.  Such a transition in our take on the holocaust can prevent the Jews and their institutions from repeating the same mistakes that they have made throughout their history, having made the Jewish past look like a Shoah continuum.

Gerstenfeld, who writes in an ultra right-wing settler outlet curiously complains that in my work I “attack”, as well, some Jewish anti-Zionists. In an article titled Goyim Must Obey, Atzmon accuses the Jewish anti-Zionists of telling “Goyim and even Palestinians what they may or may not do and who they may or may not listen to.”  Here, Gerstenfeld’s language lacks accuracy. I do not “attack” people. This is what Israel does to its enemies. I actually criticize people whom I believe to be wrong. My weapon is my pen. However, the quote above is genuine and I stand by my words. I believe Jewish political lobbying is a total disaster.  It is very dangerous for Jews, in particular.

I am indeed critical of all forms of Jewish politics, left and right, Zionist and ‘anti’. I challenge Jewish political identification because it is racially oriented. I argue in the open that from a Judeo-centric perspective Israel and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) are identical. We are dealing with two racially exclusive Jewish clubs. In fact, and this is slightly embarrassing, Israel may even be mildly less racist than JVP, for in the Israeli Knesset the 3rd biggest party is Arab, yet JVP leadership is purely and exclusively Jewish.

Gerstenfeld mistakenly writes, “Atzmon even attacks Jews who completely disavow Judaism and Zionism.” Once again the settler believes that I have “attacked” Shlomo Sand and Avigail Abarbanel. I have great respect for Sand and dedicated to his work a chapter in my previous book, “The Wandering Who.”  I am critical of some aspects of the work of Sand and of Abarbanel. And yet, I wonder, does intellectual criticism of Jewish writers equate to anti-Semitism? If it does, it suggests that Jews are actually beyond criticism. This is probably the real meaning of  “chosenness” in the eyes of some rabid Zionists.

Gerstenfeld is desperate to prove that I am an anti-Semite. But the one thing he can’t find is where I express hatred to Jews for being Jews. Instead, he seeks the help of the IHRA’s (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) definition of anti-Semitism. According to the IHRA “making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews, as such, or the power of Jews as a collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy, or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions, is an example of anti-Semitism.”

Gerstenfeld suggests that some of my remarks fall in the above category. Gerstenfeld then attempts at cherry-picking but fails to find fruit.  “Why are the Jews, a people who are obsessed with their own past, so afraid of other people, say, ‘White’ people, being nostalgic for their own past?” ( Gerstenfeld is kind enough to also quote my answer. “The progressive Jew grasps that the working class is nostalgic for a pre-Jerusalem-dominated society – a time when American politics wasn’t controlled by the likes of Saban, Soros, Goldman Sachs and other global capitalists who are isolated from production, manufacturing, and farming.”

Gerstenfeld foolishly fell into a trap here. He actually admits that my reference is not to the Jewish people, per se, but to the progressive Jews which is a politically identified sector within American Jewry.

I do accept that Gerstenfeld is not happy with me pointing the finger at Jewish oligarchs like Soros, Saban and, more precisely, at their corrosive role within American politics. But maybe Gerstenfeld should make sure that Jewish press outlets stop bragging about Jewish billionaires being the ‘Five Top Democratic Donors’ as they do here, here and here

Gerstenfeld, who is probably not the most developed thinker, repeats the same mistake. The IHRA definition asserts that “accusing Jews ‘as a people’ of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews is anti-Semitism.” I totally agree with the IHRA definition. Jewish people shouldn’t be implicated collectively by the crime of a single Jewish felon, a sex offender, or a tyrant.  But in the following quote I suggest the complete opposite. “Talking of apologies, the Board of Deputies (BOD) has yet to apologize for Lord Janner allegedly raping British orphans when he was their president and therefore pretty much the representative of British Jews.”

Rather than asking Jews, or British Jews, for that matter, to disassocite themselves from Lord Janner, I expect the Board of Deputies of British Jews to apologize for the sex crimes allegedly committed by their President, especially because the BOD claims to represent British Jews. Is it truly anti-Semitic, I wonder, to expect Jewish institutions to take responsibility for their actions and associations?

In my recent satirical dictionary “A to Zion” I define anti Semites as ‘brutally honest people, often of Jewish origin.’ I guess that I should confess. I am brutally honest and I was a Jew for thirty years.


* I am fully a ware that Semite is a reference to a set of languages rather than race.

Israel Becoming ‘Safe Haven for Pedophiles,’ Activists Claim

By Peter Walker | The Independent

Activists fear Israel is becoming a safe haven for paedophiles thanks to the country’s unique Law of Return for the world’s Jewish people.

A Jewish person from anywhere across the globe can be fast-tracked for citizenship in Israel, as well as their spouse, children and grandchildren.

An 1954 amendment to the law bans “a person with a criminal past, likely to endanger public welfare” but campaigners say sex abusers are slipping through the net.

“Israel is becoming a safe haven for paedophiles due to the unique opportunity available to all Jews from anywhere in the world to immigrate there,” said child abuse survivor Manny Waks, founder of child sex abuse advocacy group Kol V’Oz, speaking to The Independent.

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NYPD source says new email investigation points to a pedophilia ring with Hillary at the center


Syrian Free Press


By Mary Wilder, News Target

When new evidence pointing to Hillary Clinton’s corruption makes its way into the news, it’s difficult to be surprised. After all, there is so much of it, and it has become so frequent, that it is basically part of our daily routine. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, look to see what new scandal involving Hillary Clinton has been revealed. This is just what we do.

And yet, there is something deeply disturbing about the new revelations regarding Hillary Clinton – something that puts many of her other scandals to shame.


Rumors are currently circulating that emails obtained by the FBI detail a child pedophilia ring involving Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. While this is still just a rumor at this time, the supposedly international sex trafficking and enslavement ring would not be anything too out of the ordinary for the Regressive Left, which has proven itself to be completely evil in every way.

Everytime someone goes to extreme levels in order to prove how morally superior they are to the rest of us (like the leftists do on a daily basis), you can all but guarantee that they are trying to hide their own immorality. It’s very twisted stuff, but that doesn’t make it any less true.


Lily Dane of The Daily Sheeple reports, “And it sounds preposterous…until you consider that child sex rings among the powerful elite have been reported for years. Bill Clinton has been linked with a convicted billionaire pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein, who pimped out underage girls to powerful men. Flight logs show that Clinton was a frequent flyer on the registered sex offender’s infamous jet.”


So while there isn’t substantial proof that this is all true, there is still lots of proof that these people are twisted and very, very dangerous . The fact that the mainstream media refuses to cover these news stories is extremely frustrating, because the American people deserve to know the truth about these people. Even if new evidence comes out – and this story becomes more than a rumor – you can guarantee that outlets like CNN will avoid covering it at all costs.

Next week, we have to make intelligent choices when we go to our respective polling places. The establishment continues to protect politicians that behave like monsters, and we cannot allow this to go on any longer. We have to reject their corrupt and frightening hold over the American people.

We have to change this before we all suffer the consequences.












By Mary Wilder, News Target
submitted by Lone_Bear (Lone Bear)
War Press Info Network at:

ISIL Burns Alive 19 Kurdish Women in Mosul

Militants of ISIL Takfiri group have publicly executed 19 Kurdish women, local activists in Mosul reported saying they were burned alive in iron cages in one of the city squares.

The women, who belonged to the Kurdish Yezidi minority, were executed on Thursday, according to witnesses in Mosul, the Iraqi stronghold of ISIL.ISIL terrorists

“They were punished for refusing to have sex with ISIL militants,” local media activist Abdullah al-Malla told Kurdish ARA News.

Hundreds of local residents witnessed the brutal execution, but could not do anything about it, he added.

Sunni Muslims living in territories under their control are forced to live by ISIL rules or be expelled or killed.

Ethnic and religious minorities are being harshly persecuted. The Yezidis, an ethnic group that has its own synthetic religion and are considered devil-worshipers by Takfiri Muslims, are among those suffering under ISIL.

Thousands of Kurdish women captured by ISIL terrorists were forced to become sex slaves to the militants. Those who managed to escape or were freed said that the women are raped, traded around, often denied food or rest and otherwise mistreated.

Source: Agencies

06-06-2016 – 10:33 Last updated 06-06-2016 – 10:33

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israelis protesting sexual harassment

by Jonathan Azaziah

A most disturbing statistic has emerged out of the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity: 28 of the 32 Jewish women inside the Knesset have gone on record about being sexually harassed or abused at some point in their lives. This is a reflection of the larger problem of sexual violence within the psychopathic Zionist enclave, which has been described not only as a “pedophile’s paradise” but also as a “human trafficking haven”, and we all know that “human” is merely a euphemism for young women. Indeed, 1 in 3 Jewish women, that’s right, a whopping 33% of ‘Israel’s’ female occupiers, have faced sexual harassment, rape, assault or other forms of sexual abuse and violence at the hands of Jewish men. And while I do not feel sorry even in the least for any of these creatures, as they are usurpers, murderers, colonizers and land thieves first and foremost, just as much so in fact as the ‘Israeli’ men hurting them, numerous insights can be drawn from this ‘societal’ plague which will allow us to gauge how the enemy thinks, works and executes its pathological agenda. For if the Jew hates his own women this much that he can commit such egregious crimes against them, is it really so surprising that the Jew peddles pornography on a global scale to undermine Gentile morality (see Nathan Abrams’ “Triple-exthnics” in the Jewish Quarterly), trafficks young women on a global scale (i.e. the Russian-Jewish mafia; see “Red Mafiya” by the courageous Robert Friedman), deliberately targets women in his wars of aggression against Palestine and Lebanon and unleashes savage women-killing proxies against our people (i.e. the Phalangists of yesteryear and the Takfiris of today)? Is it really?

And while there are ‘Israeli’ leftists–what the f*** is an ‘Israeli’ leftist anyway?! A supremacist squatter who maims your children and burns your olive trees while shouting “workers of the world, unite!” in the midst of his/her crimes?–like the “post-Zionist” Jews of 972 Magazine wondering, “Why are so many Israeli women subjected to sexual harassment?”, pinning it on everything from a “military culture” to “patriarchy”, “mommy and daddy issues” to “aggressive heteronormativity”, all of this Neo-Marxist, ultra-Freudian, Frankfurt-School-Identity-Politics-fueled gobbledygook is simply an obfuscation of the real issue at hand: JUDAISM. Yes, Judaism is the reason why ‘Israeli’ women are sexually harassed and abused, just like Judaism is what drives the Zionist abomination to commit the most unspeakable crimes against the Palestinian people.

For a closer look at the basis of this important deduction, let us plunge with vigilance into the Talmud. The ire of the Chazal (Hebrew acronym for {rabbinical} sages of ‘blessed’ memory) against the Jewish woman is just mind-boggling in its vileness and ruthlessness. BT Baba Bathra 16b states, “The birth of a girl is a sad occurrence.” BT Yebamoth 59b perversely describes the Jewish woman as a sexually-ravenous creature that would even give herself to otherworldly creations, “A woman who has intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest.” Whereas Islam treats the woman in marriage as the best friend, lover and Queen of her husband, Judaism treats the woman as an object that should not be conversed with; BT Aboth states, “It is not good to talk to women, not even your own wife.” Whereas women are the backbones of Islamic communities and some of Islam’s holiest figures are women, like Lady Khadija ([A.S.]; the first Muslim, first wife and first love of the Holy Prophet Muhammad [S.A.W.W.]), Lady Fatima al-Zahra ([A.S.]; Muhammad’s daughter, wife of Imam Ali [A.S.], known as the ‘leading woman of the worlds’), Lady Asiya ([A.S.]; protector of Prophet Moses [A.S.] as a child) and Lady Maryam ([A.S.]; holy virgin mother of Prophet Jesus the Messiah [A.S.]), the rabbis belittle and degrade their women; they tag them as inferior. BT Kiddushin 80b says “Women are lightheaded.” 29b of BT Kiddushin states, “It is forbidden to teach the Law {The Talmud} to a woman.” That must be because according to the rabbinate, they are lightheaded! Most despicably, in BT Gittin 91a, the rabbis view their women as throwaways, interchangeable with other throwaways, “It is permissible to divorce your wife if she burns your dinner, or if you see a prettier girl.”

BT Sanhedrin 25d views the majority of female Jewry as practitioners of witchcraft. BT Shabbat 152b describes the Jewish woman as a “sack of excrement.” BT Sanhedrin 100b describes the Judaic female as a “valueless treasure.” The Talmud permits the Jewish male, i.e. the aspiring rabbinical ‘sage,’ to sodomize his wife as much as he chooses to do so because, she is not fully human (though still above a Goy woman). To the rabbis, a Jewish woman is a slab of freshly cut meat right out of a kosher butcher shop. While the Islamic female has the power to initiate divorce if she is unhappy and her marriage is irrevocably broken, the Jewish female ‘slab of meat’ is a slave to her husband even after a divorce. These women are Talmudically referred to as the agunot, “the chained” in Hebrew, and until their ex-husband grants permission to her, ‘the chained’ woman is forbidden by rabbinic law to remarry. And unlike Islam, where the mother’s station exceeds that of the father, in the rabbinical courts of Judaism, the man’s word is akin to God’s word and the woman’s word is worthless. Islam assertively encourages its followers to respond to all Muslims, male and female, with the Arabic greeting of peace and harmony, “Assalamu ‘alaikoum (peace be upon you).” In contrast are the multiple verses of BT Berakoth that forbid any Judaic man from even greeting a Judaic female. And in a bombshell that is clearer than a sky free of clouds, verse 13a of Horayot, the final tractate in the Talmud’s Mishnah, says “A man comes before a woman in {all} matters of life.”

Still, it gets worse vis-a-vis the Gentile. Since the Judaic hatred of the Goyim extends to their being, to their marrow, to their very soul, why wouldn’t it extend to their Goy children as well? BT Yebamoth 98a is a reflection of this, “All Gentile children are animals.” And there is an especially intense Jewish hatred for female Gentile children, as confirmed by BT Abodah Zarah 36b, “Gentile girls are in a state of niddah {filth} from birth.” This is due to hatred of the female half of the Goy ‘species’, as the monstrous Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Schneerson would opine, being embedded in rabbinical law. BT Sanhedrin 81b-82a shows that there is an acronym used by the rabbis to describe Gentile women in totality, “NSHGZ,” which stands for Niddah (filth), Shifchah (slaves), Goyyah (heathens) and Zonah (whores). These terms apply to Goy women without exception. As it is well-known by the awakened, Gentiles are considered subhuman according to Judaism and its rabbis and BT Niddah 45a adds another layer to this rabbinical ‘wisdom,’ stating, “Women cannot conceive before they reach twelve years and a day, according to the Rabbis. When asked how it was possible that a Gentile girl conceived at age six, the Rabbi replied that Gentiles are not human.” And BT Kiddushin 66c puts the final stamp on the ‘NSHGZ’ principle, “The best of {the} women are filled with witchcraft.” The Judaic male, striving to please his rebbe and become one at some point in time himself, recites the following ‘prayer’ from BT Menahoth 43b-44a, every morning, in a ritualistic renewal of his hatred for the Goyim, “Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.”

And let us not forget the Old Testament (the corrupted Torah), Judaism’s holiest book of which the Talmud is merely an exegesis on. Throughout Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Samuel, to name just a few, women, be they Jewish or Gentile, are looked at as nothing more than sex objects, slave girls, harem, servants and window dressings. Even the greatest of Jewish women, female nobles and alleged prophetesses, like Eve, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, the daughters of Lot, Esther, and Deborah, also to name just a few, are depicted in the pages of the Jewish Bible as nothing but deceivers, prostitutes, deviants, warmongers and sex-mad wenches who only live to pump out children for their husband-overlords in service to their so-called ‘god’.

Taking all of this in, as unsettling as it is, is it not ABUNDANTLY clear why Jewish women are at such a horrible risk of being sexually attacked by woman-hating Jewish men in the Jewish “state”, an entity where Halakha (Jewish law) reigns supreme and “Jews can be Jews” without worrying about interference from those pesky, moral Gentile authorities? And is it not ABUNDANTLY clear why Jews engage in so much wanton violence against Gentile women, whether on the Zionist or Jewish Cultural Imperialist levels? If it still isn’t, allow me to spell it out for you one more time: IT’S THE JUDAISM STUPID.

Jewish-‘Israeli’ women wanna end their suffering? Firstly, leave Palestine because you don’t f****** belong there. And second of all, leave Judaism too while you’re at it. Learn how to be a human instead of a Gentile-hating supremacist, and a second-, even third-class Gentile-hating supremacist in the eyes of your coreligionist men at that. And then after you’ve freed yourself from the mental bondage, if you’re truly cleansed of the toxicity that is Judaism, find yourself a good-hearted, manly Gentile man who’s going to treat you like Lady Khadija (A.S.), Lady Fatima Az-Zahra (A.S.), Lady Asiya (A.S.) and Lady Maryam (A.S.), not a degenerate, Torah-loving, Talmudist aspiring rabbi who hates you and wakes up every morning to say a ‘prayer’ thanking Satan that he wasn’t born with a vagina.

#DeathToIsrael #JudaismIsToxic #JewsHateWomen #ThrowOutTheTorahAndTheTalmud

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