Palestinian prisoners overshadowed by war

Sheikh Khader Adnan consoles the mother of Samer al-Issawi. (Photo: Al-Akhbar)
Published Friday, October 31, 2014
The situation in Palestine is never monotonous or quiet. The intensity of the events in Palestine leads most news to be forgotten the next day. As such, the recent war on Gaza and its repercussions have pushed the question of prisoners out of the limelight from the media and political circles.
Gaza – Samer al-Issawi and Sheikh Khader Adnan – the two men who symbolize the “battle of the empty stomachs,” with their hunger strikes – are currently held in Israeli prisons far away from the cameras or any active mobilization on the ground.
Issawi, from Jerusalem, has broken all hunger strike records with his 9-month strike. However, his cause only attracts the attentions of a narrow circle of people, mostly human rights activists. The same goes for Sheikh Adnan, one of the most prominent leaders of Islamic Jihad in the West Bank, who is renowned for his inflexibility and solid positions while being interrogated.
The malaise of the Palestinian street concerning the issue of prisoners could be explained by the fact that the besieged Gaza Strip is still recovering and considering issues beyond those of daily life. This is in addition to the Palestinian media’s neglect of this important cause. This led to the lack of popular focus on the issue.

“I almost forgot my children when I saw all that blood spilled in Gaza,” Issawi said. “The war is over, but the question of reconstruction took over the streets and the media.”

In the occupied West Bank, it seems the disturbance caused by the seasonal processions and sit-ins supporting the prisoners is too much for the Palestinian Authority security forces, who compete with the Zionist state in arresting members of the Resistance. This has created a climate that prevents any popular mobilization.
This marginalization took place in parallel with the wide campaign of arrests conducted by the occupational forces, targeting the top leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, including members of the legislative council after three Zionist settlers went missing this past June in Hebron. The incident shook the Israeli military establishment and was enough to make the Israeli forces re-arrest prisoners freed in the Gilad Shalit exchange in 2011, in violation of the understanding and terms of the deal sponsored by Cairo.
The Zionist state grabbed this valuable opportunity and found the legal basis in decree 1651, which allows “re-arresting freed prisoners until the end of their original sentence date, in case they commit a violation.” Since June, the decree gave Israeli forces a solid legal ground to arrest 63 freed prisoners. Then the war came and went and they remained under detention, including three women: Mona Qadan, Bushra al-Tawil, and Shireen Issawi (Samer’s sister).
Issawi’s mother described her ordeal to Al-Akhbar.
“My heart is burning for my two imprisoned sons, Samer and Medhat, and my daughter Shireen, who is a lawyer and is currently in solitary confinement since last May, without a real trial or any mobilization in the media or the street for their release.”
With deep sorrow, she explains that her son Samer, who is in Gilboa prison, suffers from chronic pain in the head, back, and kidneys. He barely survived a sickness that struck him repeatedly due to his on-going hunger strike. “Medical care in the prisons is deteriorating. Even the amount of food is becoming too meager following the war on Gaza, which forces prisoners to buy their needs from the canteen,” she explained.
As for the setback in the prisoners’ cause, Issawi believed it was due to the carelessness of human rights organizations in general, their reduced influence on the ground and with the public, and delays in providing prisoners with lawyers, like what happened with her son Samer. This is in addition to the fear of persecution and arrest.
The catastrophe that befell Gaza also played a pivotal role in reducing media attention to the cause of the detainees. “I almost forgot my children when I saw all that blood spilled in Gaza,” Issawi said. “The war is over, but the question of reconstruction took over the streets and the media.”
The father of imprisoned Sheikh Khader echoed her thoughts.
“The Palestinian street of all components and political colors is currently focusing on the Strip, which led many to ignore the prisoners’ cause,” he told Al-Akhbar.
He added that the enemy did not allow the family – except his two daughters Maali and Bissan – to visit Adnan since his arrest, so they filed a complaint at the International Committee of the Red Cross.
Randa Moussa, Adnan’s wife, told Al-Akhbar will join the battle of empty stomachs once again, in the event his administrative detention is renewed next January. However, she refused to blame the Palestinian National Authority for the neglect and public apathy.
“The authority was never behind this deadly indolence,” she said with high enthusiasm. “Those who believe in this cause should face the authorities and take to the streets, even if it meant arrest. Freedom is not without a price.”
During the ceasefire talks in Cairo, the Palestinian negotiating team failed to obtain any real guarantees for the release of the “Shalit deal” prisoners or prevent their re-arrest. However, Hamas seems to be hiding its most important cards related to a prisoner exchange, to be revealed in the next few days.
On the other side, and amid Hamas reassurances leaked to the media from time to time, the enemy exploits the current idleness in dealing with the prisoners’ issues and focuses attention on Jerusalem. Repression inside the prisons has reached a climax. The head of Israeli prison services recently decided to lift the ban on the use of firearms during prison cell searches.
According to media spokesperson for the Palestinian Center for Prisoners Studies, Riad al-Ashqar, restrictions against those freed in Wafa al-Ahrar [prisoner exchange operation], especially those who joined the hunger strike, were not merely the result of the killing of the three settlers. It became apparent two months following the deal, claiming they did not present themselves at civil administration headquarters or that they left their areas of residence. Ashqar went back to the beginning of the unending series of detentions, when the enemy detained freed prisoner Ayman al-Sharawneh at the end of January 2012, three months into the deal.
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This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.
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Anti-Zionist Wit Vs. “Chosen” Gutterisms: Dieudonné and Imperialist Subservience To Jewish Supremacy

Anti-Zionist champion
and infuriator of the 
European establishment.
The United Kingdom. That gleaming beacon of democracy. That illuminating shimmer of human rights. That incandescent emanation of justice. That grand representative of the poor, downtrodden and marginalized. That empire of benevolence which stands out in the history of not-so-benevolent empires. That crux of all that is good in a world gone so, so very bad.

An assessment of the utmost accuracy, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

More like that putrid vassal of World Jewry. That effervescently vile regime of “shabbos goyim”. That repugnant gang of invaders, occupiers, oppressors and Zionist-serving hellspawn. That detestable client state of the Talmudist Rothschild dynasty’s dominion (1), which has invaded 90% of the countries on the face of the earth (2). That hideous, colonist-breeding homeland of Benjamin Disraeli, the Jewish-Zionist prime minister who has sired generations of Zionist interlopers (3). That abhorrent origination point of oneArthur James Balfour, who sold Palestine to his “chosenite” overlords and thus put an official British stamp on the genocide to come (4). That spineless, gutless, yellowbelly but somehow still pompous gaggle of grovelers whoseintelligence services were well aware of the attacks that Jewish terrorist groups like Irgun and Stern carried out against their nation, most prominently the infamous King David Hotel bombing, but did nothing to stop the flow of terror other than the conduction of a few cosmetic raids and arrest operations (5). 

Splendiferous imperialist
delusions aside, the British
state is nothing but an
outpost of international

The United Kingdom. That rancid, corrupt, pathetic excuse for a country that inflicted the curse of Tony Blair on the world, whose premiership was controlled by a “Jewish cabal” (6),whose rise to political stardom began in an“Israeli” embassy in 1994 and who was nothing but a demented, warmongering tool for the likes of Lord Michael “Cashpoint” Levy (7) and Lord Peter Mandelson, the Zionist chieftain who assisted Levy in fomenting the “New Labor Revolution” scam (8). That violent, sanguinary, servile stooge of Zion that brought the cowardGordon Brown to power, who kneeled before the “Holocaust” idol on a visit to the Zionist occupation regime (9), declared his nation a “true friend” of the usurping Jewish entity (10) and still, still, STILL got burned in the end by the extremist Zionist operatives Jon Mendelsohn and property tycoon David Abrahams (11). That Global-South-destroying, racist, hateful isle of iniquity that took the likes of Blair and Brown and raised the stakes just a bit further with an even fouler creature: David Cameron, a product of literal Jewish royalty (12). 

When the latter view of the UK is accepted as having a firm, irrefutable basis in reality and the former view of the UK is rejected as a fantasy situated somewhere between hogwash and poppycock, it is quite easy to understand why Dieudonné (or Dieudo for short), the French-Cameroonian comedic virtuoso and anti-Zionist activist who has been struggling against a systematic Jewish-Zionist censorship campaign for over a decade due to his challenging of the primacy of Jewish suffering and his pro-Palestine, pro-Iran, pro-Hizbullah, pro-Resistance, liberationist views, was declared “persona non grata” and prevented from setting foot on British soil (13). Home Secretary Theresa May, the official responsible for banning Dieudonné, was coerced into doing so by none other than the Board of Deputies of British Jews (14), arguably the most influential and heavy-handed Zionist Lobby group in the UK.

Sarah Silverman: 
A leading voice of Jewish 
“comedic” degeneracy.

The punchline is a glorious one though. While the politically dissident Dieudonné is barred from entering British territory on utterly and absurdly baseless grounds,subversive Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman (15) and Jewish comedy mogul Larry David of “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fame (16) make their way in and out with no issue. This is of the utmost significance due to the UK’s population being in the neighborhood of 82% Christian, compared to a staggeringly meager 0.02% Jewish. Silverman is widely known for her “I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I’d do it again. I’d fucking do it again — in a second” declaration (17), as well as her unspeakably obscene film“Jesus Is Magic”, which features a sex scene with her own twisted version of Jesus Christ. Larry David for his part did his own rendition of Jesus-defiling when he urinated on a picture of Christ in one of the more sickening episodes of his aforementioned show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (18), which, for the record, has also featured chauvinistic, ultra-Zionist, anti-Palestinian tropes (19). 

One is not inclined to offer advice to an empire on how to run its affairs in a more efficiently repressive manner, for as Palestinian academic and anti-orientalist pioneer Edward Said wrote in a July 2003 Los Angeles Times essay, “Every empire tells itself and the world that it is unlike all other empires, that its mission is not to plunder and control but to educate and liberate (20),” but some nuance and observation are exceedingly necessary. It transcends the limits of irony that Dr. Said penned a piece that was rightfully ferocious in its criticism of “US power” in a newspaper owned by billionaire scoundrel Sam Zell, a preeminent Zionist who has donated countless millions to synagogues, Jewish day schools, Mossad’s Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center and the “Israel” Center for Social and Economic Progress (21). Dr. Said was known for his sharp polemics and criticisms of Western hubris but in this instance, clearly, he failed miserably to be polemical or critical enough.

Larry David:
Raging, Christ-hating,
Zionist stalwart of
the smut-factory known
as Hollywood.

What needs to be intimately comprehended here, and it is a point that is interchangeable with the case of the UK rejecting Dieudo but accepting Silverman and David, is that while a brilliant intellectual like Said was able to unleash a tirade against American imperialism in a major mainstream newspaper without having to worry himself sick over any possible backlash, he could not utter a word about the ruling class, that is, the Jewish-Zionist ruling class, in which American imperialism is in service of. With more irony still at hand, in the same paper, an obnoxiously arrogantZionist Jew can tickle his own fancy about Organized Jewish Interests controlling the media, Hollywood, Wall Street, the government, and, if it wasn’t nauseating enough, that he hopes this domineering trend will continue (22). Which then begs a rather obvious question: If the “American Empire” can be criticized, but “the Jews” cannot, despite the fact that “the Jews” openly brag about their status as worldbreakers and globebenders, who is really running the show here?

An empire is categorized by an amalgamation of neo-nationalism, xenophobia, warmongering euphoria, prevailing arrogance from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor, a culture of excess, decadence and a glorification of its leaders as demigods worthy of worship, sometimes even overtaking the place and necessity of religion itself. Religion, while disregarded on the spiritual and moral levels and stripped of any attribute that could amount to free-thinking or resistance, is then used by an empire to keep its citizenry in check, foster an identity that can be tapped into down the line for any imperialist adventurism surely to arise and also to create a false sense of hope and faith in a god misinterpreted.

Therefore, an empire of prestige, or state of note for that matter, will defend its “interests”, culture and identity and will not, under any circumstances, allow any individual or group even a scintilla of leg room to undermine its authority. So when the ostensibly “Christian” British state, known and hated the world over for its “Christian” missionary activities that cloaked so many if not all of its genocidal invasions, chucks its “Christian” identity to the wayside and castigates a man likeDieudonné, who identifies himself as an “Islamic-Christian (23)”, while welcoming filth-peddlers and desecrationists like Sarah Silverman and Larry David, it is betraying an upsetting truth that many Brits may not be able to accept: Their country is not the great power that they’ve been brainwashed into believing it is since birth. Their country is a subcontractor for a far more powerful, far more sinister force. Their country is not Christian. Their country has no love or respect for Jesus Christ The Messiah. Their country is not sovereign. Their country is on its knees, its forehead at the feet of the Rothschilds and other “chosenite” overlords. Their country is subservient to Jewish supremacy.

As is America. The US and UK regimes are empires and imperialists only in name, for they do not serve their own interests but the interests of Organized Jewry, which sends its Christ-hating spokespersons into the public eye to bash and humiliate what they allegedly hold most dear while they remain deafeningly silent. But when opponents of Zionist-subverted Western policy criticize the parasitic, plutocratic elite running the West into the ground, they are not greeted with the same silence. They are not even greeted with accusations of “anti-Westernism”. No, they are bombarded with the gobbledegook of “anti-Semitism”. Pounded with the sheer irrationalness of “Jew-hatred”. Browbeaten for spitting on the “memory” of the “Holocaust”. This is not just an exercise in hypocrisy alone. Hypocrisy represents the mere obviousness of the matter. This is proof, the kind comprised of unbreakable stone embedded in unshakeable ground, that imperialism, while a terribly real threat that must be combated and stopped, is only vice president in the hegemonic power structure; its agents are “shabbos goyim” and its boss is Zionism.

Gordon Brown
put the interests
of Zionist war criminals
above and beyond
the interests of the
nation he was prime
minister of.

Further confirming and interconnected with this very point is that the aforesaid British ex-premier Gordon Brown, under heavy pressure from the Jewish-Zionist Lobby (24), approved a change to its universal jurisdiction law that would protect “Israeli” war criminals from prosecution, including Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak (25). 

The message that the West and the British regime in particular are sending is as reprehensible as it is telling: Baby-killing, civilian-besieging, land-thieving “Israeli” war criminals should be protected, while those who condemn such acts of barbarity must be condemned themselves. Christ-hating, filth-slinging, egregiously offensive Jews like Sarah Silverman and Larry David must have their “freedom of speech” upheld, while those who stand against such disgracefulness must be declared “persona non grata”. Jewish interpretations of history must be imposed on the world, while those who have the gall to question it must be punished for sticking a knife in Jewish sensitivities. What is held so dear by 2 billion Christians and 2 billion Muslims must be disregarded, while Jewish “sanctities”, and this word is used tremendously loosely, must not simply be defended but paid homage to and even worshiped.

Moreover, Sarah Silverman and Larry David, described as “dirty Jews” who “assert their Jewishness emphatically” through anti-Christian attacks on “family-friendly culture” by Josh Lambert, an academic director of the Yiddish Book Center and visiting assistant professor of English at the University of Massachusetts (26), are not fringe elements of the global Jewish community. They are not extremists, cuckoos, cranks, or exceptions to some prevailing Jewish morality. They are in fact living, breathing manifestations of Jewish tradition. They can even be considered an extension of the Jewish smut peddlers that birthed and still dominate pornography in America. One of those Jewish porn kings, the notorious Al Goldstein, said that, “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks (27).” 

Despite Jewish claims
to the contrary, the
Talmud is a book
of the most despicable racism 
and hatred, especially towards
Jesus Christ and his holy

So despite their secularism, atheism, agnosticism or whatever version of godlessness or spiritual ambiguity they claim to adhere to, the truth is, hatred of Isa al-Masih (Jesus Christ the Messiah) is the lifeblood of the Jewish religion-culture. Whether one reads the Talmud itself (28), the late, great Israel Shahak’s Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight Of Three Thousand Years” (29), Jesus In The Talmud” (30) by Professor Peter  Schäfer or all of the above, the shocking, hideous actuality is that Jews believe that Isa al-Masih is being boiled in hot excrement in the fires of hell for being a black magic and witchcraft practitioner, a sorcerer, a sexual deviant, an idolater, a person of wickedness, a self-mutilator and the son of a whore. Yes, even the pristine Mother Mary, championed by Muslims, Christians and humanity-embracing non-believers alike for her purity, steadfastness and courage, is assailed by the monstrous, supremacist, devilish Talmud.

With Dieudonné still being attacked, the latest of which being a failed attempt to link him to a video calling for the release of man who tortured and murdered a French Jew back in 2006 (31), as well a court order to remove certain parts of a Youtube video of his (32), a discussion is needed more than ever on what is the true root of the world’s hardships. It extends well beyond the parameters of the political gangsterism and criminal organization of Zionism and deep into the heart of Jewish Identity Politics.

Whether it’s a Zionist Jew like Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, the illegitimate “Israeli” regime’s Deputy Minister of Religious Services, who declared that the hierarchy of the human species has “Jewish men who have sexual relations with Jewish women” sitting at the top, and “male goyim” and “female goyim” subsisting at the bottom (33), or an “anti-Zionist” Jew like Philip Weiss, who thinks that Jews count as “5/3 of a man” when it comes to commenting on the issues of the genocidal Zionist entity and its bullying lobby apparatuses (34), what lies at the core, what unites seeming opponents such as these, is their fundamental, visceral belief in Jewish supremacism. This horrific ideology, which is responsible for so much death, chaos, destruction and pain in every region of this precious planet, should not be excused; it shouldn’t be downplayed; it shouldn’t, under any circumstances, be whitewashed; it shouldn’t, no matter whose feelings get hurt, be capitulated to; it must be challenged, it must be beaten down, and, for the sake of humanity, it, alongside its trusty counterparts White Supremacy and Takfirism, must be sent back to the hellish dark ages from which it was initially spawned.

Jewish supremacy has
no place in a civilized world.

In a civilized world, the brotherhood of humanity should triumph over the tight-knittedness and arrogance of the few; tyrants should be disgraced and forced to bow humbled at the doorstep of the once wretched; invaders should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, a law that is derived from Divine Justice; those who desecrate what is sanctified should be banished to a fate so detached from normality that they will not be able to express their regret even after an infinite number of lifetimes pass; clannish guilds of capitalism, terrorism and imperialism will be pursued to the ends of the earth for every ghoulish crime that they committed. In a civilized world, Resistance will reign supreme and evil will perish. In a civilized world, supremacy of any kind, in any form, most especially one as barbarous as the Judaic incarnation, would be an anachronism.

What does it say about the state of this world that such a hateful, anti-human ideology is not only tolerated but applauded? What does it say about this world’s peoples who have allowed this ideology and its adherents to establish an Empire, a “Jewish Utopia”, with bases on just about every continent? It says that this world is not civilized, despite all attempts by the US-“Israeli” Empire and its Islamophobic, orientalist pundit network to convince us otherwise, and that this world’s people have been duped in an elephantine way. It says that this madness has to stop.

It says that this insanity is unacceptable, and that the Zionist-nuke-enforced doctrine of Jewish superiority over Gentiles is a categorical falsity; one that must be struggled against until it ceases tormenting the peoples of the Global South and Global North. As the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) declared,

“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor does a black have any superiority over a white except by piety and good action.”
And also,
“Just as the fingers of the two hands are equal, so are human beings equal to one another. No one has any right, nor any preference to rule over another. You are brothers.”
These concepts are anathema to the Jewish supremacists and their cohorts.

Dieudonné understands
that the concept of 
multi-ethnic solidarity
is key to overthrowing 

We Gentiles should recognize the sagacious words of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and reconcile them with the words of the prophet who came before him, Jesus Christ the Messiah (A.S.): “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?” The words of the Messiah (A.S.) can be summed up in short: Division is synonymous with Zionism’s triumph, whereas unity is synonymous with Zionism’s failure.Dieudonné recognizes this clearly, hence why his brilliant comedy transcends ethnic, religious and national lines (13).

Our quest to bury Jewish supremacy and keep it buried should officially be dubbed “Operation United Against Zion”. And first on our takedown list are thepro-“Israel” gatekeepers who masquerade in “leftist” garb (35). 

Those cowards, hypocrites and stooges who pay lip service to resistance; who pose as fronts for the Palestinian cause while denigrating its greatest allies, Hizbullah, Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran; who declare their opposition to imperialism and capitalism but never name the names that implement these horrors “for fear of the Jews”; who outright reject the undeniable fact that Jewish-Zionist neocons orchestrated the annihilation of Iraq (36); who wouldn’t for a minute even contemplate mentioning the usurping Zionist entity as the culprit behind 9/11 and other shadowy false flags; who contemptibly depict those who reject the official, nonsensical story of the “Holocaust” as persons not even worthy of living let alone speaking with; who attack a brave soul like Dieudonné but who remained in the doldrums of abstruseness on the likes of Silverman and David after they insulted Jesus Christ; who tell us that they represent “freedom” but fail to mention that their definition of “freedom” is immensely different from our own. Their “freedom” is that of living under the “Jewish Utopia” after International Zionism has picked apart all of its enemies (37); our “freedom” is that of liberation, plain and simple.

Let these gatekeepers crumble first. And then, let the false kings sitting behind the gate who signed their paychecks and marveled at their collaborationist efforts crumble next. Never will the gutterisms of “the chosen” ever drown out the wit of the anti-Zionists, endless resources of the former be damned to the darkest, deepest, foulest depths of the wrong end of the afterlife. Give ‘em all hell. Or even better, in the spirit of brother Dieudonné, give ‘em a quenelle.

~ The End ~


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UNSC to debate on Israel’s Judaization of al-Quds


United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is holding an emergency meeting on Wednesday at the request of Kingdom of Jordan to debate Israel’s latest plan to build 1,060 new illegal Jewish houses in al-Quds (East Jerusalem) near the so-called Temple Mount (Wailing Wall).

President of the Palestinian National Unity Government Mahmoud Abbas, a USraeli agent, also submitted a request for an emergency UNSC session, calling for international efforts to help stop Israeli violations in East al-Quds as well as assaults by Israeli settlers on the al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported on Tuesday that Benjamin Netanyahu has this new housing project on the table even before the recent 50-day war with Hamas. The fanatic Jews have been in the process of Judaization of al-Quds since it was captured from Jordan by Israeli army in June 1967.

Both the US and EU have condemned the illegal housing plan but judging the past UNSC record, such condemnation is not worth the ink on paper. Even if the majority of 15-member UNSC support Jordan’s complaint, the resolution would certainly get vetoed by one of the Israeli puppet UNSC veto powers (the US, Britain or France).

Bruce Katz, the co-president of Montreal-based Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU), said in an interview with Iranian Press TV that Obama administration is blackmailing Mahmoud Abbas on behalf of the Zionist regime over UNSC debate.

Basically this discourse goes back to the original error that Palestinians made allowing the United States to become the unilateral broker in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The threat to the remove the carrot of $ 700 million is nothing short of blackmail. It is a type of blackmail that has been used by Washington whenever Palestinians have attempted to challenged the Israeli regime, Katz said, adding, “That is something going on for decades.”

Here is some truth coming from horse’s mouth. Nicholas Saidel (Jewish) wrote at Israeli news website +972 0n January 3, 2014.

Jewish demand for prayer on the Temple Mount, and the push in the Knesset for new laws regarding the status of the Temple Mount, is a two-pronged strategy spearheaded by settler rabbis and their representatives and sympathizers in Israel’s right-wing coalition government, (especially in the Jewish Home party and Likud MK Moshe Feiglin). Many of the provocative calls to prayer are made by a messianic organization called the Temple Institute, whose mission is to rebuild the ancient Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount grounds – thereby destroying both the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Saidel said.

“It is worth noting that in challenging the status quo of the Temple Mount, these religious-Zionist rabbis and their congregants are also challenging traditional Jewish law concerning worship on the Temple Mount. A rabbinic decree on the issue, which since the pre-Israel time of Abraham Isaac Kook (1865–1935), who served as Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of British Mandatory Palestine, proscribes Jewish visitation due to the possibility of the ritually impure walking upon, and thus desecrating, the Holy of Holies – a room housing the Ark of the Covenant where only the high priest may enter on Yom Kippur. This law was confirmed by Israel’s chief rabbinate in 1967 and again in 2013 after incidents involving Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount began to increase. It is illuminating that these settler rabbis will contravene halacha in order to fulfill their expansionist aspirations. Such prioritization of territorial acquisition at the expense of well-established religious law casts these rabbis’ character as apolitical religious figures merely seeking worshipping rights further into doubt,” Saidel added.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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Is Lebanon’s Court of Publications in service to journalists or politicians?

(Illustration: Pavel Constantin)
Published Friday, October 31, 2014
Lebanon’s Court of Publications has been very active recently. The entire political class seems to be satisfied with its performance, and perhaps sees it as a suitable tool for repression and a new source to “make” money from journalists, who are accused of “defamation” and “slander.” Accusations of corruption leveled by journalists against corrupt officials are punishable crimes, whereas the corrupt reap millions.
In six months (from March 2014 until September 2014), Lebanon’s Court of Publications has issued 40 court rulings against media outlets and journalists, the majority of which are cases of libel and slander. The prosecutors, mostly politicians and officials, have won 37 out of 40 lawsuits, while the Court, whose responsibility is to protect media freedoms, found only three defendants to be innocent. During the same period, 36 lawsuits were filed, and rulings in these cases are not expected to be any different.

In six months (from March 2014 until September 2014), Lebanon’s Court of Publications has issued 40 court rulings against media outlets and journalists.

The Court of Publications appears to be very active in condemning journalists, whereas its role is to protect them and defend media freedoms, which the political authorities have continuously sought to restrict. This approach seems to be working, and it is not limited to suppression of media freedoms. In fact, for many politicians, the Publication Court has become a source to earn money, and they managed to make millions through it. All it takes is for a journalist to accuse an official of corruption, theft, or a crime to end up having to pay at least three million Lebanese liras ($2,000) [in compensation].
This is not an exaggeration or a joke. The amounts ordered by the Court of Publications (personal fines and compensation) in favor of the plaintiffs is proof of that. MP Michel Aoun, leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, is at the top of the list of politicians who have filed defamation lawsuits [against journalists] and made money as a result. In six months, Aoun has managed to win nine court rulings, eight against Al-Mustaqbal newspaper. The sum of money ordered by the court in relation to these lawsuits amounts to close to 167 million Lebanese liras (~$111,333), 135 million ($90,000) of which come from Al-Mustaqbal newspaper alone.
Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and his party come in at second place. The Court has issued five provisions in lawsuits filed by Geagea and the Lebanese Forces. They won four cases and lost one. The amount of money ordered by the court in relation to the four provisions is 48 million LL ($32,000), of which 19 million LL ($12,666) were paid by former MP Nasser Qandil in two lawsuits filed against him.
Former head of General Security Jamil Sayyed won three cases worth 29 million LL (~$19,333). The Court also issued verdicts in favor of MP Oqab Saqr, former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, head of Hezbollah’s Central Liaison and Coordination Committee
Wafik Safa, and others. Most of these payments have not been made as many cases were appealed, which often results in modification of the verdict. However, this does not change the fact that these fines ordered by the court place great pressure on journalists.

Compensations demanded by plaintiffs range from 20 million LL (~$13,333) … to 10 billion LL (~$6.6 million).

Compensations demanded by plaintiffs range from 20 million LL (~$13,333) – the amount usually requested by Aoun as compensation for “damage” caused by the “hurtful” words of reporters – to 10 billion LL (~$6.6 million), the standard compensation Geagea requests when he is described as a “criminal” or a “killer.” As for Sayyed, the compensation he demands ranges between 50 and 100 million LL (~$33,333 – $66,666). Even former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora recently demanded that journalist Rasha Abu Zaki pay 100 million LL (~$66,666) in compensation, after she accused him of resetting accounts to zero and manipulating budget numbers, although her findings were based on documents issued by the Lebanese Audit Bureau.
On August 29, Ghassan Rifi, director of As-Safir newspaper’s bureau in Tripoli, published an article titled, “When the Police Burglarize People’s Livelihoods.” Rifi criticized acts committed by members of the Internal Security Forces, who had illegally confiscated grapes from a Syrian refugee who was selling them on a cart across Azmi roundabout in the northern city of Tripoli. Pictures of the confiscation were widely shared on social media, showing witnesses who confirmed Rifi’s claims. The Directorate General of the Internal Security Forces did not show any concern for the incident, but was bothered by Rifi’s criticism of the security establishment, which “damages” its stature and thus requires his prosecution.
The Directorate filed a lawsuit against Rifi for defamation and slander. The Public Prosecutor acted immediately. On September 25, Attorney General Charbel Abu Samra listened to Rifi, who conveyed the violations of the security forces in a professional and objective manner, without slander, defamation or libel. He said that he presented facts supported by pictures and witness accounts. The case was postponed for the court to listen to witness statements.
After the hearings, the public prosecutor will have two options: either retain the complaint, or file a lawsuit against Rifi for slander, defamation, and libel, thus the case would be transferred to the Publications Court.
Ironically, journalists today have become aware that appearing before the Court of Publications, which was created to protect them, implies their inevitable defeat in court.
Based on a series of previous rulings and interpretations by head of the Court of Publications Judge Roukoz Rizk, and considering the latter’s approach in dealing with these cases through attempts to locate slander, defamation, and libel terms without thorough investigation, it is most likely that (should the case be referred to the Court of Publications) the ruling will not be in Rifi’s favor.
This conclusion is based on the Court’s recent track record. Rizk adopts a clear principle: A journalist is guilty – regardless of the information they present – until proven innocent. Even initial documents presented by journalists do not constitute sufficient evidence to acquit them as has been shown by recent rulings. After all, they have accused the corrupt of corruption.

[S]ince 2006, [Al-Akhbar] has had more than 85 lawsuits, mostly related to slander, defamation, libel, and false news, filed against it.

The judiciary acts immediately, by condemning journalists and exonerating the corrupt. Rizk disregards Article 387 of the Penal Code, which “exonerates slander directed against a civil servant in connection with a public service in the event that the acts, the subject of the libel claim, are corroborated.”
The Court’s approach reinforces the repression exercised by the security institutions, politicians, and capital owners to crack down on journalists, as reflected by the large number of such cases in court.
A case in point is Al-Akhbar, which, since 2006, has had more than 85 lawsuits, mostly related to slander, defamation, libel, and false news, filed against it. The unfair verdicts issued in these cases have prompted Al-Akhbar to request that Rizk not preside over cases related to the newspaper, but he did not comply with its demands.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


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Racism in Jerusalem

Israel’s New Generation of Racists

How the jews treat christians in israel?

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Hamas leader speaks to the ‘Wailing Wall’


This post is not about the so-called Holy Wailing Wall aka Temple Mount, which several historian have claimed to be foundation of an old Roman fortress. It’s also not about the Zionist entity’s plan todemolish Al-AqsaMosque built on top the fortress nearly 1200 years ago. The Israeli plan is supported by the inventor of the ‘Six Million Died’ myth, Elie Wiesel through his illegal Jew settlers’ group Elad.

This post is about Qatar-based Hamas’ political Guru Khaled Meshaal, who spoke to Adam Ciralsky (Zionist Jew), former CIA employee turned journalist. The interview was published by Vanity Fair on October 21, 2014.

I never understood why some anti-Zionist Muslim leader would be so naïve to agree giving an interview to a pro-Israel Zionist journalist. It would be far better if this leader visits East Jerusalem and talk to the Holy Wailing Wall, as I did in 1995. Don’t such leaders realize that in their bid to capture wider audience, they always end up victims of Zionists’ distorted version of the message? I never approved Ahmadinejad, Rouhani, Nasrallah, Dr. Morsi or Chavez awarding interview to professional Zionist liars.

Having said that, let me review Meshaal-Cirasky lengthy interview in which Cirasky tried his best to confuse Meshaal and cornered him to spill some ‘antisemtic beans. For example, Cirasky grilled Meshaal to admit that Hamas fighters kidnapped and killed three Jew settlers without mentioning that it was Meshaal who was almost killed as result of Israeli Mossad assassination attempt on his life in Amman (Jordan) in 1997 on direct orders from Netanyahu.

American Jewish investigative journalist Max Blumenthal reported in July that bodies of three Jew settlers were found by Israeli internal security force even before Netanyahu blamed Hamas of kidnapping them. This means, it was a hoax created by the Zionist regime to counter its internal political tug-of-war, which enabled it to wage a 50-day brutal war against 1.7 million non-Jews in Gaza.

Cirasky accused Hamas for digging tunnels under Israeli towns in order to kill Jews. In response Meshaal asked him if that was true then how come Hamas fighters never used these tunnels to attack Israeli civilians before or during the recent war.

In response to his views on US-led ‘Alliance of Absurds’ against ISIS in Syria, Meshaal said:

I spent some of the most important years of my life in Syria. A big part of Hamas’s course was shaped there, and I am pained by what the country is going through today. Much of what’s happening does not serve the interests of regional countries and their people.”

Cirasky asked Meshaal that after huge human and infrastructure losses, does he believe that Hamas won against Israel? Meshaal responded:

“The steadfastness showcased by Gaza is a victory. It sent a message to the world that there is something called the Palestinian cause that the occupation must be brought to an end, that the settlements’ expansions must stop, and that the blockade on Gaza must be lifted.”

In response to Cirasky curiosity how Meshaal views Netanyahu as a person, Meshaal replied:

I don’t have a message for Netanyahu, because he is a criminal, and he is responsible for the war on Gaza. He and the Israeli leadership committed war crimes against our people in Gaza. But I have two messages, one to the world’s great powers, and especially the United States: that its global dominance puts political and moral responsibilities on its shoulders. On top of these responsibilities is the need to put an end to the longest, or let me say, the last occupation in the world, and that is the Israeli occupation. This is a moral responsibility.”

The second message is to the Israeli people. Your leadership is lying to you, and is leading you to failed adventures. War crimes are being perpetrated against the Palestinian people in your name. This will not provide you with any security, peace, or stability. It will not secure any future for you,” Meshaal added.

I believe Israeli professor Neve Gordon, here, and American writer and radio talk-show host Mark Glenn, here, described Netanyahu far better than Khaled Meshaal.

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Nasrallah Ashoura

by Jonathan Azaziah (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

OCTOBER 29, 2014

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s recent Ashoura speech — which Mouqawamah Music excerpted just the other day via Al-Manar — was a blistering takedown of Wahhabi-Takfirism and it was quite possibly his most brilliant, in-depth denunciation of the twisted, perverted ideology yet, as he categorically broke down its dangers from the historical, cultural, political, military and security angles, as well as the increasing need for Sunni-Shi’a unity to confront it. Hizbullah’s Secretary-General also discussed the dangerous rise of atheism in the Arab-Islamic world, an obvious side-effect of the Takfiri sickness afflicting the region and yet another issue that requires steadfast and committed Sunni-Shi’a unity to tackle and ultimately defeat it.

At one point during the speech, the living Resistance legend refers to the “Jewish occupation of Palestine” before immediately changing his phrasing to the “Zionist occupation of Palestine”, and then subsequently quipping that he doesn’t want to hear anyone yell “anti-Semitism”. This reflects Nasrallah’s suaveness, charisma and abyssal understanding of geopolitical affairs, as he has never shied away from  blasting Jewish power by name in any instance previously, but there is indeed a time and place for everything.

The real highlight however was the Sayyed pointing the finger directly at the House of Saud — as he did in the wake of the Saudi-backed Takfiri attack on the Iranian embassy in Beirut last November— for the growth of the Takfiri Frankenstein. He made it clear that stopping its dissemination rested squarely on Riyadh, due to the Saudis providing Takfiri groups with extensive financial and governmental support since they arrived on the regional scene.

On top of being an important polemic on the thought process which ISIS and like-similar groups operate with, Nasrallah’s speech was also a powerful reminder that Hizbullah — contrary to the imbecilic remarks and pseudo-analyses of its sectarian opponents who constantly refer to it as an “extension” or “proxy” of Iran, which is currently in a rocky state of detente with the Saudi regime — is an independent movement which has no problem calling a spade a spade, diplomatic niceties be damned, when something so dear, nay, FOUNDATIONAL to its very being, namely Islam itself, is under existential attack from US-“Israeli”-backed forces. Labaykah ya Nasrallah!



Why Do People Hate Jews? Rabbi Sidesteps Question


By Richard Edmondson

Controversy has hit a school near Leipzig, Germany where an entire 9th grade class is reportedly under investigation for openly displaying respect for Adolph Hitler and posting photos of themselves giving Nazi salutes and what-not on social media.

In mainstream media reports on the story, parents and authorities are referred to as being “horrified” over the matter, while some of the social media postings reportedly included jokes about Jews as well as praises of Hitler as a “great man.”

The school in question is called Landsberg Gymnasiums, located in the Leipzig area, and while it appears questionable as to whether all 29 members of the class were involved in the historical revisionism–which has, of course, greatly upset Jews–the investigation by German authorities is said to be, at least as of now, focusing collectively on the group as a whole.

Below is an RT report on the story which includes an interview with a Jewish rabbi from Berlin. Starting at about 2:35, the interviewer poses the following rather pertinent question to the rabbi:

Germany’s far from being the only country with a growing far right sentiment in Europe. Why do you think that this ideology seems to be proving increasingly popular?

What the interviewer is asking is a slight variation on the question, “Why do people hate Jews?” And it’s a darn good question! Unfortunately, it’s one which Jews apparently are determined not to answer. With only a few notable exceptions, which you can just about count on one hand, Jews, when faced with the question of what is causing rising hostility and anti-Semitism, relentlessly evade, duck and eschew offering any kind of lucid, cogent analysis on the subject. And so it is with this fellow:

Let’s break it down. Here again is the question that the interviewer put:

Germany’s far from being the only country with a growing far right sentiment in Europe. Why do you think that this ideology seems to be proving increasingly popular?

And here is the rabbi’s response:

Well I believe that this ideology unfortunately, which you mentioned also in other countries is, is not limited specifically to Germany at all. We find it in a number of countries across the spectrum, even many well-known countries that stand strong for democratic values. However, here in Germany it has a special meaning, there’s a special responsibility. I mean the authorities are doing what they can. That’s clear. But it has to also come onto the level of the population in education, in the very, very young stages of children when the children are still young. Already there the necessity for tolerance and respect for people of other religions and of other backgrounds has to be grounded at the very beginning of their childhood.

Now, you’ll recall that the interviewer did not ask the rabbi for any tips on child raising. What he specifically asked was: “Why do you think that this ideology seems to be proving increasingly popular?” But the rabbi completely sidestepped the question.

If we want to find out the reasons for growing anti-Jewish sentiments around the world, we might consider the following:

1. Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, including its most recent assault upon Gaza, which left more than 2100 dead

2. Pro-Israel lobbies in numerous countries, lobbies which are perceived as disloyal, which corrupt national leaders, and which work to subvert popular democratic will

3. Jewish-owned media holdings and banking interests which constantly seem to agitate for wars, and who continue to prop up and support the aforementioned corrupted leaders and keep them in office

If you want an explanation for the increasing and openly-manifested hostilities toward Jews that we are now seeing, I would suggest that these are three main areas you might wish to examine and consider as possibilities, though not necessarily in the order I have presented them. And if you want to look for why such sentiments are rising to the surface in Germany specifically, you might consider also the ongoing holocaust reparations that German taxpayers have been forced to pay out, not only to individual Jews but also to the state of Israel.

Many people are perhaps under the impression that, yes, some sort of redress likely did occur between Germany and European Jews, but that whatever it was, it most likely was resolved and settled a few years after the war. Not  so. German reparations have been ongoing for the past 62 years, dating all the way back to the Luxembourg Agreement, and there seems to be almost no end in sight. According to this site, heirs to survivors may now be eligible for payments as well.

The Luxembourg agreement was signed on September 10, 1952 following lengthy negotiations between an ad hoc committee of Jews representing various Jewish organizations, including the World Jewish Congress; officials from the new state of Israel; and representatives of the West German government, including the country’s then-chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Here is an excerpt from Adenauer’s memoirs that readers might find especially interesting:

It was clear to me that, if the negotiations with the Jews failed, the negotiations at the London Debt Conference [which were going on at the same time] would also run aground, because Jewish banking circles would exert an influence upon the course of the London Debt Conference which should not be under-estimated. On the other hand it was self-evident that a failure of the London Debt Conference would bring about a failure of the negotiations with the Jews. If the German economy was to achieve a good credit standing and become strong again, the London Conference would have to be ended successfully. Only then would our economy develop in a way that would make the payments to Israel and the Jewish organizations possible.

An article published in the London Jewish Observer at the time put it more bluntly:

The whole material weight of world Jewry will be mobilized for an economic war against Germany, if Bonn’s offer of reparations remains unsatisfactory.

The Jews who participated in the Luxembourg Conference collectively came to be known as The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, or simply The Claims Conference, an organization that still exists today and which, through the years, has been touched by scandals, including one which erupted in 2009 when it was discovered that colossal amounts of money had been paid out in fraudulent claims made by alleged “survivors” of German war crimes.

“Never in the six-decade history of the organization had theft of this scale ever been discovered,” said the JTA in a report published on the scandal in 2012.

The total amount of money stolen or misappropriated was estimated at $57 million. Yet still today the Claims Conference continues to receive, and preside over the distribution of, all reparations paid out not only by Germany but by all other nations that have been forced to expend monies to Jewish survivors as well. These countries include Hungary, Austria, and also Switzerland, where banks have been forced to cough up a reported $1.24 billion in holocaust survivor claims just since the late 1990s.

To what extent the 9th graders at the German school are aware of these issues is unclear. There seems to be a concerted effort to portray the actions of the youngsters not as a revival of Nazism in Germany but as a simple youthful inclination toward exuberance and the breaking of “taboos.” This at any rate is how Lutz Feudel, the school headmaster, is spinning it.

“Breaking taboos is part of young adulthood,” he said. “I don’t believe that they wanted to actively promote neo-Nazi ideology.”

Perhaps not. But there does seem to be currently underway a fairly widespread review, reassessment, and revision as to the history of the Nazis and World War II. One of the most recent articles I have encountered to this effect is by Zen Gardner, who says that rather than the Germans declaring war on the Jews, it was the other way around. And he even pinpoints a date as to when this occurred, March 29, 1933 (which would have been just two months after Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany, by German President Von Hindenberg, on January 29, 1933), while also supplying a quote from former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George that sounds remarkably, almost eerily, similar to the quote from Adenauer:

The International Bankers swept statesmen, politicians, journalists and jurists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute Monarchs. They had declared economic and financial war on Germany.

In Gardner’s view it is “undeniable that many Jews and other people suffered terribly at the hands of Nazi Germany,” yet he adds that “the legend of Auschwitz as an extermination camp for Jews is an outright fabrication.” His drawing of this conclusion, he says, is based in part on the work of British author David Irving.

While Irving has of course been extensively vilified by the mainstream media, no one, so far as I’m aware, has successfully discredited or refuted his research, although certainly Wikipedia makes a valiant effort at it here.

But regardless of your take on the Nazis and the German concentration camps, Jews have marshaled the power necessary to make questioning them illegal in a number of countries–and Irving and others have been jailed for nothing more than expressing their views on the matter. Why? For if the historical narrative found in the officially approved textbooks is true, then surely it should be able to withstand scrutiny–in which case, why would it ever be necessary to pass such laws in the first place?

And why does Israel continue its systematic displacement of the Palestinians, its theft of their lands, and its ongoing construction of illegal settlements in violation of international law? Is it possible to build a case that these things, along with the Zionist-controlled media’s one-sided coverage of them, are arousing more and more people to anger? And what also of the pro-Israel lobbies, the Wall Street investors, the power of the Federal Reserve and the central banks in Europe–is it going out on a limb to speculate that anger is aroused here as well, or to deduce that this anger is directed, rightly or wrongly, against Jews collectively as a whole? And finally could all these factors, taken as a whole, account for the rising levels of animus toward Jews we are seeing, the so-called “growing anti-Semitism” that so many Jewish writers ominously expound upon?


But one thing is certain: a great many Jews, such as the rabbi in Berlin, definitely do not want to talk about it.

Latest Putin-bashing invention: Putin about to be sacrificed

The Saker

I am getting a flood of emails asking me about the article Putin’s Head – Who will remove the head of Russian President Putin and offer it on a platter to the U.S.? (also here) I normally don’t comment any of the nonsense which circulates on the Internet, but this one seems to have a lot of people worried.Friends, the key to the entire article is right at the beginning: “It seems that Russian authorities have found a way towards accommodation with the West. Liberals have become more powerful and are leading the talks“.  Every word in these two sentences is utterly false.  For one thing, Putin is “the Russian authorities”.  His power stems from three sources:1) He was elected by the Russian people
2) He is solidly backed by the “power ministries” (Internal, Security, Military, Police, Intelligence, Emergencies)
3) His current popularity is somewhere in the high 80%

In other words, removing him would be legally impossible, physically impossible and politically impossible.

Second, if anybody seriously believes that Putin is seeking an accommodation with the West then he/she simply needs to listen to his latest speech at the Valdai club to come to realize that far from seeking any accommodation, Putin is fully ready for a long confrontation with the AngloZionist Empire.

Finally, because of their failure to overthrow Putin during the Presidential elections and, even more so, because of the civil war in the Ukraine, the Russian liberals have never been weaker then before: they are associated with the nightmarish 1990s and they are seen as allies of any and all Russia-hating forces be it Wahabi Chechens or Ukrainian Nazis and as tool of the US/EU/NATO.

Finally, when the authors write “Russian “patriots” dream stubbornly of convincing today’s President to imitate Stalin or Ivan The Terrible” they are completely misrepresenting the ideology and wordview of the Russian patriotic movement.

This worthless article is a typical example of the kind of anti-Putin propaganda organized by the US: if they cannot demonize him, they at least show him as weak and about to be sacrificed.  There will be much more of that nonsense in the future and I urge you all to simply ignore it.

The Saker

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This is why the Russians want to tightly regulate foreign NGOs

This is why the Russians want to tightly regulate foreign NGOs
 How is that for a “watch” of human right?

The fact is that western human rights organizations are below contempt. Some are political tools in the hands of the Empire (Human Rights Watch), some are full of western intelligence agents (Medecins Sans Frontieres, OSCE monitors), some are lead by cynical bureaucrats who use idealistic young delegates as cannon fodder (ICRC), some are used by big business as a tool (Greenpeace) while others are quasi-official CIA tools (NED, Freedom House, Open Society Foundation, etc.).

The funny thing in this case is that the photo is not taken in Russia, but in the Ukraine, and the riot cops shown here have Ukrainian unit badges.  But then, who cares anyway?  It’s not like “truth” is a topic that matters to HRW…

The Saker


October 25, 201

by Jonathan Azaziah (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

Apart from the nauseating, reprehensible and oft-repeated “‘Israel’ has a right to exist” meme, it is indubitably certain that there is no propaganda buzz-phrase heard quite as frequently from the duplicitous yaps of vile, yellowbelly liberals as “blowback terrorism”. The “blowback terrorism” theory suggests that terrorists – in this particular instance, those of the Takfiri variety currently represented by the demented likes of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, along with Al-Qaeda before them – are birthed via the womb of asinine Western foreign policy. However, as Mouqawamah Music Managing Editor Assad al-Liftawi so aptly noted (1), the Takfiris aren’t mere “blowback” from Western – and “Israeli” – foreign policy, they *are* Western-“Israeli”-GCC-Turkish foreign policy.

Essentially, what the liberals, in all of their glorious, stomach-churning cowardice, would have their constituencies believe is that Takfiri terror groups like ISIS appear out of nowhere in the wake of haphazardly planned and foolishly executed American and European intervention in the Arab and Islamic worlds. It is a theory that they cling to for dear life not only because the truth is far darker, far more sinister and far more disturbing than they would care to admit, but also due to their own criminal complicity in the destructive conspiracy tearing apart Syria and Iraq. But despite their most studious efforts to ensure that “mum’s the word” on where ISIS and its ideological counterparts *actually* come from, the liberals, who are Zionist-Imperialist Hegemony’s most useful and deceptive gatekeepers, have failed in their task.

Off Comes The Mask of Zion: Mainstream Media Reluctantly Exposes The Takfiris’ Roots

Due to the blatant nature of its illegal and malevolent meddling in the affairs of resistant, sovereign nation-states in the Maghreb and Mashreq, the US-“Israeli” Empire couldn’t keep the proverbial gloves on its dirty hands for long, and even the Jewish-Zionist-dominated mainstream media picked up stories on the true nature behind ISIS in particular and the roots of Takfiri terrorism more broadly speaking, despite its obvious intentions to provide as much as spin and false context as possible. The Sulzberger-family-owned New York Times admitted that the CIA is running guns to rebel forces from Turkey (2), and more importantly, released a mega-bombshell when it noted that there isn’t a secular fighting force in Syria to speak of (3). Also in the pages of the NYT, US President Obama – referred to adoringly by the Zionist Power Configuration’s Chicago division as America’s first Jewish president (4) – made it clear that arming “moderate” rebels was nothing but a fantasy (5). Obama’s deputy, Joe “I Am A Zionist (6)” Biden, blew the whistle on the Empire’s staunch allies inSaudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates for their pernicious roles in incubating and facilitating the spread of Takfiri fanatics across Bilad al-Sham (7).

Another bombshell was dropped by neocon-mouthpiece The Washington Post, which revealed in a devastating story that a gargantuan contingent of fighters operating under the fictitious “Free ‘Syrian’ Army (FSA)” banner who were trained by imperialist states went off and joined ISIS or Jabhat al-Nusra once their Western-sponsored training sessions were completed (8).

General John Allen, the American regime’s envoy to the recently created “anti-ISIS” international coalition, buried the FSA/“secular” rebel myth further in his confirmation of frequent Nusra-FSA battlefield coordination (9).

Reports continue popping up in the mainstream press of US humanitarian aid and other forms of supplies and equipment reaching ISIS, most recently in The Daily Beast (10), a most deplorable Zionist rag. Bottom line is, if “moderate” rebels don’t exist and the FSA was nothing but a media concoction, whom were the United States and its regional and international allies arming? Takfiris, plain and simple; murderous, fanatical Takfiris, many of whom were and are literally mentally unstable (11).

And yet, even the tip of the iceberg remains unscathed. The illegitimate, usurping Zionist entity’s hands, which have been present from the very beginning of the war on Syria in the shadows, going all the way back to 2004 when Mossad and the Zionist-run, Zionist-founded National Endowment For Democracy (NED) began cultivating Syrian opposition groups (12), have now become publically exposed as well, on more fronts than were previously known. The “Israelis” have been intimately involved in training the rebels in Jordan (13). Moreover, as confirmed by former FSA “general” and Jewish “state” quisling Salim Idris, “many, many” Mossad agents are “very active” in Syria (14), accumulating all sorts of intelligence for their plots, including spreading fearmongering amongst the Syrian Druze community in Sweida about the collapse of the Damascus government, solely to generate their support for thepotential partition of a southern chunk of Syria (15). Outspoken Likudnik and the usurping Jewish regime’s former ambassador to the US Michael Oren openly declared last year that “Israel” prefers Al-Qaeda to be in power over the Hizbullah-Iran-aligned Syria of Dr. Bashar al-Assad (16), a stance which “Israeli” Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz reiterated this week in the NYT by declaring that theIslamic Republic of Iran is a greater threat than ISIS (17).

The plot thickens still. Veteran Syrian “dissident” – i.e. US-Zionist tool – and founding member of the “Syrian” National Coalition/Council (SNC) Kamal al-Labwani, in an act of treason which cannot be more depraved, offered to give the illegally occupied Golan Heights to the Jewish supremacist regime in exchange for its implementation of a no-fly zone over Syria (18).

Kamal Al-Labwani visiting the Ziv Medical Center in Safed,

Sharif as-Safouri, the commander of the Free Syrian Army’s Al-Haramein Battalion, in a Youtube video uploaded this past summer, revealed that he has met with Zionist entity’s intelligence services, obtained weaponry from them and broke down the process of transferring wounded terrorists to IOF field hospitals (19).

Indeed, even the UN has noted that at the very least, dozens of Takfiri terrorists have been treated in the hospitals of the Zionist occupation army (20), with the true numbers likely expected to be in the hundreds, as every week “Israeli” news channels document operations conducted in coordination between “Syrian” oppositionists and IOF (21).

War criminal and prime minister of the usurping Jewish entity Benjamin Netanyahu visited one of these advanced field hospitals to consort with its Takfiri patients and governing IOF generals (22), in a true showing of just how much these rebels mean to “Israel”, for the only time the leader of a nation – or in this case, a demonic supremacist entity – visits a battlefield is to boost the morale of the men fighting for his cause, which, in this case, is Zionism.  These hospitals are a hotbed of disgusting Zionist apologia and Takfirism, particularly the Ziv Medical Center in occupied Safad, where rebels openly bash Hizbullah, Iran and Russia and beg Netanyahu to bomb Syria (23).

Beyond the medical treatment, political support and intelligence though, “Israel” is providing arms to the Takfiri rebels in Syria and on top of an undeclared truce that it has with Jabhat al-Nusra (24),its warplanes are serving as Jabhat al-Nusra’s air force in the face of the Syrian Arab Army (25). Amos Yadlin, the former director of Aman and infamously shady intelligence operator who gleefully admitted to the Zionist entity assassinating legendary Hizbullah commander Hajj Imad Mughniyeh and benefitting from Rafik Hariri’s killing (26),  brazenly declared in his typically arrogant tone that, “ISIS is not a significant threat to ‘Israel’ in the near future, and in an odd sense, it even provides some strategic opportunities for ‘Israel (27).”

Hence why the criminal Talmudic maniacs occupying Palestine are providing foodstuffs to the Iraqi division of ISIS (28), as well as giving it advanced weapons (29), and their Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency is gladly allowing Palestinians from the 1948 lands to join its ranks, as this not only allows “Israel” to have a direct role in the recruitment process of ISIS, but it also will prevent those who depart from returning to Palestine, a policy suggested by Jewish occupation regime Tourism Minister Uzi Landau (30). Thus, two strategic goals of the Zionist dragon are fulfilled:

  • its proxy, ISIS, is routinely injected with new Palestinian recruits – which bestows upon the Takfiri terrorist outfit an aura of credibility in the eyes of woefully ignorant Muslims worldwide as it is comprised of persons from the oppressed Palestinian people –
  • and it removes more and more “demographic threats” from the land it continues to colonize and decay with its satanic existence, from the River to the Sea.

With that said, it seriously could not be clearer that ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other Takfiri gangs, trained by NATO (31) and armed by the Jewish supremacist entity, are not the ragtag “moujahideen” that they try to sell themselves as to the unsuspecting Muslim youth across the globe; they are tools of Zio-Imperialism. And with at least five Britons a week leaving to join ISIS (32) and a French family of eleven departing only two weeks ago to join the Takfiris in Syria (33), it’s also clear that Western regimes aren’t engaging in any efforts whatsoever to curtail pro-ISIS adventurism, despite their boisterous claims to the contrary. Why? Because, to end where we began, and as the facts show, Takfiri terrorism isn’t “blowback” but the very instrument which “Israel”, the West and their marionettes in the region are using to impose their hegemony on states that refuse to bow to Zionist diktat.

Zionist-Takfiri Symbiosis: P2OG, The 2010 Baghdad Cathedral Massacre, SITE, Fake Beheadings and Mossad

While every piece of aforementioned evidence provides a damning portrayal of the Takfiris’ collaborationist identity, one must dig a bit further back in recent history to understand who they are in totality. Any analysis of Takfiri terrorism throughout the Maghreb and Mashreq, most prominently in Iraq, which fails to mention the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group, better known by its acronym P2OG, is the very embodiment of incompleteness. Largely unknown by most, but tremendously powerful and absolutely essential to the mayhem and horror which have befallen the Arab and Islamic worlds, P2OG, is, in a word, the grandsire of ISIS.

Founded in 2002 by the Defense Science Board, which was run out of the office of Donald Rumsfeld – the shabbos goy front man for the Jewish neocon cabal that controlled the Bush administration, as well as the Jewish-Zionist billionaires Stephen Feinberg and Michael Steinhardt’s mega-corporation Cerberus Global Investments, which was responsible for setting up military bases and camps across then-occupied Iraq (34) – and Iraq War architect and “Full Spectrum Dominance” designer Paul Wolfowitz, P2OG overtly advocated using assassinations, sabotage and deception to stoke the Iraqi people into full-blown civil war. The shadowy, murderous intelligence agency, which worked, and continues to work side-by-side with the evil “Israeli” regime’s Mossad, was the brainchild of Zionist and PNAC (Project For A New American Century) member William J. Schneider Jr., who launched an all-out media blitz to justify the legitimacy and legality of P2OG (35), despite it being the very antithesis of both.

Simply put, P2OG, which remains fully operational and active, was and is creating Takfiri terrorism – and Takfiri terrorists – as a means of justifying increased Western-“Israeli” military-intelligence activity in the region. Without P2OG, the growth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and like-similar groups would have been mute.  One of the most daring and murderous operations that emerged out of the P2OG-Mossad nexus was the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral massacre that left almost 60 Iraqis murdered in the mixed Sunni-Shi’a-Christian Karada district of Baghdad on October 31st, 2010. While the mass media reported the atrocity as the handiwork of ISIS’s precursor, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), a deeper investigation revealed that at the time, ISI wasn’t even operationally functional let alone capable of a special-ops-style assault such as this, and, as confirmed by a US Brigadier General, its alleged leader, Omar al-Baghdadi, was nothing but an invention. What really happened was an intricate Mossad operation, carried out with all of the genocidal “Tel Aviv” regime’s favorite toys, from car bombs to fake passports. As Hizbullah pointed out in the aftermath of the horror, the attack perfectly fit the recurring pattern of Zionism’s regional quest for destabilization and balkanization as well as the age-old “Israeli” plot to foment division between Muslims and Christians (36).

Although no analyst could have picked up on this at the time, four years later, it has also become luminously elucidated that the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral massacre was designed to plant the ISI/ISIS seed of terror into the minds of the sheepish global masses, to lay the groundwork for its emergence as the most fearsome, most efficient Takfiri terrorist organization ever. However, now, like then, the fate of ISIS is not merely a link to the Zionist entity’s intelligence apparatuses but a front for them. The connection of the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral massacre to current events is staggering. It was none other than SITE Intelligence Group – run by Rita Katz, an ex-IOF officer, Jewish supremacist fanatic, loathsome Islamophobe, daughter of an “Israeli” spy executed in Iraq and a person who has close ties to the Mossad via her close working relationship with Mossad agent Ben Venzke’s Intel Center – that “broke the story” on the October 31st, 2010 attack in Baghdad’s Karada (36), and it is SITE Intelligence Group once more that has “uncovered” the ISIS beheading videos today (37) which are serving as the false flag pretexts for America’s latest Zionist-induced adventure in the Maghreb and Mashreq. SITE and Intel Center have untouched hegemony over the information flow and sources used by mainstream media regarding “Islamic extremism”, and thus, whenever the mainstream media publishes anything pertaining to this subject matter, it is regurgitating the hasbara of Mossad.

If the SITE connection wasn’t shocking enough, further credence is granted to the factually sound theory of the ISIS beheading videos of James Foley and Steven Sotloff being pretexts for Anglo-Zionist intervention in Iraq and Syria when it is considered that the videos were quite possibly staged. British forensic experts believe that the Foley video is a fraud, citing “camera trickery and slick post-production techniques” as indications of this truth (38), and Al-Jazeera, the Zionist-founded Qatari media giant that has churned out propagandistic report after propagandistic report against Syria from jump street (39), also published a story suggesting the Foley and Sotloff videos were fakes, prior to taking the report down after the uproar it caused (40).

Video … beheadings between truth and deception

Steven Sotloff’s case is the fishier of the two, one of the utmost bizarreness really, as he wasn’t just American but also “Israeli”, which begs the question: what exactly was he doing in Syria? Moreover, Sotloff’s description as a “journalist” strongly appears to be a cover, as he earned his degree from the Mossad-linked Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (41). Besides, despite “Israeli” and Jewish community media outlets ascribing the efforts to “friends and family”, who else but the Mossad could have carried out a 150-man operation to scrub Sotloff’s Jewish roots and “Israeli” connections from the web (42)? Due to all of the Zionist monsters’ noted connections to ISIS on the intelligence, political, military and logistical levels, is it possible that Sotloff’s beheading video was a high-level PSYOP that Sotloff himself was engaged in, to further International Jewry’s hegemonic agenda? With so much at stake in the region, the answer is a resounding “yes!”

While some ISIS apologists and sympathizers attempt to whitewash the Takfiri terrorist organization as being hostile to mainstream media, saying the group relies on its own media advisers to deliver its message to the world at large (43), the reality is the polar opposite, and the Takfiri gang’s connections to SITE, the Intel Center, Mossad and P2OG, going back nearly a decade, confirm this as an undeniable truism. Like a twisted, more parasitic version of symbiosis, ISIS doesn’t exist without Zionist support. Indeed, the relationship between “Israel” and ISIS is most comparable to the shark and the remora… the latter latches on to the former for scraps, while the former relies on the latter to do its dirty work and clean up its mess.

Oded Yinon, The Yeor Plan and Operation Oranim Reincarnated: Divide, Conquer and Steal The Water

Seeing ISIS and gaggles of other Takfiri groups rampage through Bilad al-Sham and Bilad al-Rafidayn, one cannot help but feel like the Jewish supremacist regime’s plan to break up the entire Arab-Islamic world into smaller, weaker, ethno-religious statelets and then take control over the region’s oil, gas and most especially water resources, written in 1982 by “Israeli” foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon and entitled “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s” (44), is being executed in real time. And that’s because it is. Unable to militarily impose its hegemony on the Arab-Islamic world directly, the Zionist entity, which strives to rule over a region which stretches from Egypt’s Nile to Iraq’s Euphrates in its very own Jewish Imperium, sought a different route, this time via proxy.

As Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah eloquently pointed out in a July 2012 speech, since the Lebanese Islamic Resistance achieved victory over “Israel” in the 2006 July War with Syrian weapons and logistics, the usurping Halakhic regime has been working on a new military strategy to destroy the Syrian Arab Army (45), and by definition of their roles in the Resistance Axis, Hizbullah and Iran. ISIS is that new strategy.

In the wake of Al-Naksa, after “Israel” conquered the rest of Palestine, Egypt’s Sinai and Syria’s Golan Heights (Al-Jaulan), Zionist entity General Aaron Yariv launched a study into how to establish a zone of “hydraulic security” which would put all of Lebanon and Syria’s water resources under the absolute control of “Tel Aviv”. During the genocidal Jewish entity’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon, now deceased war criminal Ariel Sharon launched an operation within an operation, called “Oranim”, to bring this “hydraulic security” zone to fruition and destroy Syria militarily in the process. “Oranim” was a failure however, as the Syrian Arab Army resisted and derailed the scheme (46).

This failure did not put an end to the Zionists’ dreams though. Quite to the contrary. The Yinon Plan and Oranim remain very much at the forefront of the illegitimate Jewish entity’s political and strategic planning, it plainly realized that the implementation of each of these stratagems would be impossible without a shift in battlefield tactics.

Reflecting this are the highly publicized ISIS takeovers and attacks on waterways and dams in both Iraq and Syria, which aren’t being carried out for the Takfiri terrorist group’s own benefit, but for their Judaic masters’ century-old objectives. The Jewish “state” is in desperate need of water as its filthy settlers are either consuming and consuming until lands are bled dry, or polluting springs and wells to the point of no return. There is another “Tel Aviv” plot, the Yeor Plan, concocted in 1974 to see Nile water diverted from Egypt’s northern Sinai region through tunnels underneath the Suez Canal and ultimately, through the illegally besieged Gaza Strip into al-Naqab, referred to by occupying “Israeli” Jews as the “Negev”. The mafia-esque Talmudic enclave has waged water wars against Egypt, Sudan and Libya in the name of this plan (47), and now, using ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and their Takfiri brethren as shock troops, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq can be added to the Yeor-Yinon-Oranim 2.0 file as well.

In Jewish folklore, the Golem is a creature made of clay and brought to life through Kabbalistic rituals and Hebrew incantations. The purpose of the creature is to take orders from its rabbinical creators, defend Jews and protect the interests of Jews. Can it be argued, really, that the Takfiris aren’t such creatures? They owe their very existence to the Jewish “state” and its dangerous, Gentile-hating, rabbinically-driven, supremacist intelligence services, and every action that they embroil themselves in, from one end of the region to the other, is for the benefit of “Israel”. And just like the Golem of Jewish folklore, if Zionism was to act as a rabbi ending his spell over his clay puppet and pull its support from the Takfiris, they would crumble and fade away into nothingness. ISIS should change its name to IGGSIS: “Israel’s” Goy Golem in Iraq and Syria.

Conclusion: Netanyahu, Al-Qaeda’s Stale Brand Name, GWOT’s Rejuvenation and Wahhabi-Takfirism’s Jewish Character

The 2001 September 11th terrorist attacks, Jewish-Zionist-orchestrated from soup to nuts, from the operation itself to the elephantine benefits that the “Israeli” regime reaped in its aftermath (48), cannot be comprehended without the acknowledgment that they were, first and foremost, a declaration of war on Islam. Hostility towards Islam is something that is embedded in the very core of Judaism – and obviously, Zionism, which is Judaism manifested geopolitically – and it extends outwards to every fiber of its ideological makeup. Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), the Holy Prophet of Islam, is viewed by the rabbinate as a “madman (49).”Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and Prophet Jesus the Messiah (A.S.) have been linked together in degradation by Zohar III 282a of the Kabbalah, which refers to them as “dead dogs” who are buried in the realm of demons with worms, donkeys, dirt and vermin all around them (50). Additionally, the rabbinate views the Ishmaelite-Amalekite nation, the Arabs (and the Muslim Ummah as a whole, 250 million of which are Arabs), as its primary enemy. Therefore, simply by being an Arab, Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), by rabbinical edict, is the“spawn of Satan (51).”

The origins of the hatred for Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) began with a man seemingly omnipresent in Jewish affairs, haNesher haGadol, ‘the great eagle’ Maimonides, who believed the Holy Prophet of Islam to be a “maniac” and penned contempt-filled laws against Muslims which requires the Jew to diminish and destroy them (52). While inserting many escape clauses into his work and presenting a great deal of decoy texts to convince the goyim that he solemnly respected Muslims, the writings of Maimonides reserved only for “the chosen” were nothing short of homicidal towards believers in Islam, with the most poisonous tidbits reserved for Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) himself (53). What is most revealing of Maimonides’ feelings on Islam is that behind the hatred and incitement is an abyssal fear of it, as he swore in his ‘Epistle to Yemen,’ chilling indeed, “Islam is the cruelest and most implacable enemy that the Jewish people have faced in their entire history (54).” Taking this declaration and applying it to the current geopolitical state of affairs, with Maimonides being a rabbinical figure held close to the hearts of all Jews in general and Jewish extremists distinctively, the same Jewish extremists behind the slaughterous PNAC-Zionist wars destroying the Islamic world domino by domino, the convergence of political directives and spiritual motivations is illuminated: Zionism must destroy Islam so the ‘divine’ rabbinate can continue flourishing as global domineers.

And since Islam cannot be destroyed physically, nor can its Book, the Holy Qur’an, be assailed, as ALLAH (SWT) promised to preserve it in the 15th Surah’s 9th Ayah, International Zionism must then tarnish Islam’s image with the most dangerous weapon it has in its “chosenite” arsenal: the mass media, which, since Mossad’s false flag masterpiece on 9/11, has been pumping out piece after piece, via television, print and the internet, depicting Muslims as deranged, barbaric, irrational extremists hellbent on destroying the Western world. It is within this context that “Israeli” Prime Minister and butcher of Gaza Benjamin Netanyahu told a presidential conference in the usurping entity in June 2012 that “militant Islam” wouldn’t be defeated until the end of century (55). The Jewish gangster regime occupying Palestine, and its like-minded coreligionists across the planet, cannot adhere to the warning of their “great sage” Maimonides and wage a 100-year war against Islam if the “enemy” being targeted remains the same. The hasbara will grow stagnant and the minds of the world’s population will become less easier to control.

And with the brand name of Al-Qaeda growing stale in the wake of many of its operatives, i.e. Mossad-CIA-MI6 assets, being neutralized in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, occupied Afghanistan and elsewhere — most notably Osama Bin Laden, whose “death” was even more of a sham than the Foley and Sotloff beheading videos – it was time for the Zionists to revitalize their Global War On Terror (GWOT). Enter the fanatics of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, whom breathed new life into GWOT – which would die in an instant without an influx of “Muslims” behaving malevolently to spread propaganda about — and were basically Al-Qaeda on steroids; flashier, glossier, more violent and not hostile to the Jewish supremacist entity even in the slightest.

Instead, these new Takfiri players adhere to the disgustingly sectarian ideological Salafi-Wahhabi tenet of “Fighting nearby apostates is more important than fighting faraway infidels”, and even more despicable, “Shias are more dangerous than Jews (56).” As nonsensical as it is, according to ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, the usurping Zionist disease isn’t responsible for the region’s decay, the Shi’a – and their allies – are, and this is why, in unblemished collusion with the Jewish occupation entity’s designs on the region, the Takfiris are in perpetual attack mode against Hizbullah, Iran, Syria, Iraq and now, with the Zionist-aligned House of Saud sanctioning suicide attacks against the Houthis (57), Yemen too.

This hateful, Zionist-backed ideology spewed and belched by the Takfiris is not in the same universe as Islam however, and it is not just important but existentially critical to make the distinction between the two, for the very linkage of Islam with Wahhabi-Takfirism is a crime against the former and an insult to its inherent purity, truthfulness and righteousness.

What Wahhabi-Takfirism most closely resembles is in fact Judaism. Like Judaism, which rejects the humanity of all other persons asgoyim, that is, cattle, while upholding the Jew as “God’s” gift to the universe and which strives to keep the Jew separate from the “inferior” goy, Wahhabi-Takfirism is intolerant to everyone and everything which doesn’t submit to its own perverted line of thinking, be they Sunnis, Shi’a, Sufis, Christians, Yazidis or anyone else. Also like the Jews, who, since the very first prophet they came into contact with, have undermined those prophets, slandered those prophets once they passed away and sinned against those prophets and ALLAH (SWT) by changing the holy revelations and scriptures to better suit their hedonistic, demonic ways, ISIS wants to change the Qur’an as it views some verses as “incorrect” and “distorted (58)”.In another example of blatant opposition to Islam, its love for knowledge and the civilizational advancements that it inspired, ISIS has banned philosophy and chemistry in Raqqa (59).

Within the first issue of “Dabiq”, ISIS’s English propaganda rag, in the section entitled “From Hijrah to Khilafah”, the Takfiri psychopaths make it clear that their strategy is one completely *devoid* of Divine guidance and totally immersed in lawlessness. ISIS says its terrorist fighters tore apart Iraq by unleashing “maximum chaos and targeting apostates of all different backgrounds”. This sounds eerily familiar to the Jews’ toxic Talmud which provides a multitude of justifications for murder, hatred and other debauched acts. In BT Kiddushin 66a, one will find this declaration that puts all of the genocidal Zionist wars of aggression into one hell of a perspective, “The best of the gentiles: kill him (60).” For world Jewry to reach its rabbinically-ordained position as globe holders, hatred for the enemy, the goyim, had to be religiously institutionalized to absolve Jews from wrongdoing in any act of subterfuge that they potentially engage in. This is confirmed by BT Pesahim 113b, “Hating your enemy {goyim} is permitted, even commanded (61).”

All of the Zionist rabbis within IOF draw their authoritative power from this verse, sending their fanatical followers into the olive groves, gardens, valleys and hills of holy Arab-Islamic-Christian land to murder innocents. According to BT Baba Bathra 10b however, there are no Arab (or non-Jewish in general) innocents, “The deeds of Israel are righteous, but the gentiles are capable only of sinning.” No matter how many crimes are committed or malevolence is engaged in by a rabbinic ‘sage’ or his followers, it is just dandy. BT Hagigah 27a confirms none of them will ever go to hell. And if Jewish-Zionist power is resisted, and the goyim fight back, BT Sanhedrin 58b demands vengeance, “A gentile who strikes a Jew deserves death. Striking a Jew is in God’s eyes an assault on the Divine Presence (62).” Is it now grasped why World Zionism hates Hizbullah, Iran, Syria, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PFLP and others of the same resistant mentality so viscerally?

The frightening similarities between Judaism-Zionism and Wahhabi-Takfirism aren’t as bizarre or ironic as one may think. In fact, there is an uncomplicated, albeit incredibly well-hidden explanation behind the likenesses. As revealed by the Iraqi security services in a damning, earth-shattering intelligence report, Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabi-Takfirism, and the House of Saud, his financial benefactors and greatest allies, are all descendants of the Dönmeh, a fanatical Jewish sect originally from Turkey which professed faith in Islam in public while secretly practicing the more mystical, Kabbalistic aspects of Judaism and which was founded by Jewish false messiah Shabbatai Zevi. Abdul-Wahhab’s grandfather was Tjen Shulman, a member of Basra’s Dönmeh-descended Jewish community. The first Saudi monarch, Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, was a descendant of the Jewish merchant Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Moishe, whose roots were also in Basra (63). Therefore, Wahhabi-Takfirism isn’t just *like* Judaism, it *is* Judaism, and it is disgracefully using Islam as its Mask of Zion.

By granting its Takfiri offspring such an extravagant amount of geopolitical significance, International Jewry has given those resisting its tyranny one more tentacle to be preoccupied with. Unbeknownst to the Zionists however is that those defying its suffocating hegemony over humanity have blown the lid off its little secret and they’re working tirelessly to keep it that way. Takfirism is Judaism-Zionism and vice versa, and no amount of hasbara in the world can reverse what has now been ripped out from under the rug, for the entire globe to see.

Through the exposé of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and company’s military-intelligence-political connections to “Israel” and NATO, as well as the Takfiris’ historical and ideological Jewish roots, a new era has begun in defense of Islam and in rejection of the US-“Israeli” Empire. With the truth as our weapon, the destruction of IGGSIS, “Israel’s” GoyGolem in Iraq and Syria, will not just deliver a blow to Operation Yeor-Yinon-Oranim 2.0, but it will also bring humans one step closer to coming to grips with the fact that there is no greater threat to the earth than Judeo-Zio-Imperialism, for if Wahhabi-Takfirism is just its spawn, what lies at its Judaic core must be, by virtue of its essence, infinitely more hideous and iniquitous. Don’t get it twisted though, something with such a nature, no matter how powerful it may become – and Organized Jewry is undoubtedly the globe’s most influential geopolitical force – has no other fate but collapse, as darkness must always face the light. May the faithful, disciplined and courageous hasten the sunrise.

~ The End ~


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(59) Isil bans philosophy, chemistry in Syria schools by Gulf News

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(63) The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part II) by Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture

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YPG – YPJ Command Statement, 10.30.14

Posted on October 30, 2014 by Alexandra Valiente


Editorial Comment:

If it is true as the final report here states, that the YPJ-YPG have agreed to align with the counter-revolutionary FSA to “defeat ISIL” in Kobane, there will be no further reports regarding their efforts published on this website. There is no difference between the FSA, al Qaeda, al Nusra and ISIL.  What the globalists have failed to do through all other means they may be attempting to accomplish in Syria by transforming a revolutionary movement with tremendous potential into an imperial proxy army.  Should this occur, there will be no future for this movement in Syria or the Kurdish people’s promising experiment in stateless democracy. The YPJ-YPG would then be defeated from within, but will not take Syria down in the process.

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Press Release 10/30/2014
@DefenseUnitsYPJ @Rojekazad @polatcano
Our forces destroyed 3 vehicles and damaged another one yesterday near the Jaz’ah region. @DefenseUnitsYPJ Oct. 30
Our troops managed to destroy a bus used to transport the terrorists in West Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn) @DefenseUnitsYPJ Oct. 30
Our forces damaged an vehicle last night in an operation targeting the terrorists positioned near Tel Hamis. @DefenseUnitsYPJ Oct. 30

86 gang members killed in Kobanê

YPG (People’s Protection Units) Press Centre has reported in a written statement that attacks by the ISIS gangs to occupy Kobanê continued on the 45th day. A total of 86 gang members were killed in the last 24 hours of violent clashes.The statement pointed out that ISIS gangs were launching large-scale attacks after bringing more reinforcements and heavy weapons from Raqqa, Minbic, Jarablus and Gire Spî (Tal Abyad), and that all the attacks of the gangs were repulsed as they were inflicted major blows.YPG Press Centre stated that on the eastern front, hand-to-hand fighting between YPG forces and ISIS gangs continued along the day and night in the Kaniya Kurda neighbourhood, Municipality Streeet and Azadî Square. Figures as to the casualties couldn’t be made certain yet as clashes in the region are continuing, YPG said, adding that gangs were inflicted a severe blow and 18 members of theirs were ascertained killed in the fighting on the eastern front.On the southern front -the statement said- ISIS gangs launched a major offensive which was harshly responded by YPG forces. A total of 54 members of the gangs were killed in the fighting still going on in this region.

The statement said YPG forces also carried out assaults on the gangs deployed around Kobanê, adding; “1 taxi belonging to the gangs was destroyed, and 4 militants inside killed, in an assault which targeted the gang groups deployed around the village of Helinc to the southeast of Kobanê. 3 other members of the gangs were killed after YPG fighters destroyed a vehicle of theirs near the Izea village on the western front of the town. Another assault by YPG forces targeted 2 vehicles near the village of Minaze, again to the south of Kobanê, leaving at least 7 gang members killed.”

YPG Press Centre added that 16 fighters of the YPG have fallen whilst putting up a brave resistance in the last one day of violent clashes with the gangs.

Clashes getting heavier in Kobanê

Fighting between YPG/YPJ forces and ISIS gangs in Kobanê town of West Kurdistan, Rojava, has got heavier as of Wednesday evening.According to the reports coming through, ISIS gangs have launched a new wave of intensified attacks on the Mürşitpınar border crossing between Kobanê and Pirsus [Suruç] in the evening hours.YPG-YPJ guerrillas are fiercely responding to the rocket, mortar and heavy weaponry attacks of ISIS gangs. Explosions are also being heard from the scene of clashes.YPG sources have reported that a number of ISIS members have been killed in the fighting.

As clashes intensified, an ISIS position near the border gate has been hit by coalition airrcraft late in the evening. Clashes which discontinued for a while after the aerial bombardment restarted later and are still continuing.

Fighting between Protection Units and ISIS gangs has also intensified at the eastern frontline.

In the meantime, peshmerga forces from South Kurdistan haven’t crossed into Kobanê yet. Uncertainity continues as to the time of their entrance into the town under attack by ISIS gangs.

Over 20 ISIS members killed in Sinjar

HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Sinjar Command has released a statement giving information about the intensifying clashes with ISIS gangs around the village of Solak in Sinjar town of South Kurdistan.The statement said HPG guerrillas and YBS (Sinjar Resistance Units) fighters have launched an expansive operation in memory of their comrades fallen fighting in Sinjar. Patriotic circles including tribes, who have no relations with any political groups, are also taking part in the offensive which has been launched in response to the intensified attacks of ISIS gangs in the Solak village region.HPG Sinjar Command stated that an attack was carried out against gangs heading from Solak region to the mountainside Tuesday evening. 7 gang members were killed in the attack which was launched from two directions.According to the statement, 7 members of the gangs were killed and 10 others wounded in another action by Kurdish forces targeting a position and heavy weapon-laden vehicle of the gangs.

HPG said 1 ISIS member was killed in a suicide attack in Solak village Wednesday morning.

The statement remarked that HPG-YBS forces also launched an offensive against the gangs deployed near the Nerka mountain to the east of Solak village this morning. The mountain was entirely cleansed of gangs and taken under control by guerrillas as result of the offensive during which over 10 gang members were killed and many others wounded.

Kurdish forces have also seized large quantities of ammunition belonging to ISIS gangs during the actions and operations of recent days.

HPG Sinjar Command vowed to continue the resistance until Sinjar is liberated and called on everyone to join the ranks of the HPG and YBS in order to complement the fighting and struggle against gangs in Sinjar.

Peshmerga delegation back from Kobanê to Suruç

A delegation of 10 peshmerga fighters who have crossed into Kobanê early Thursday have turned back to Suruç in the evening.Following day-long talks with YPG/YPJ [People’s/Women’s Protection Units] commanders regarding the crossing of their forces and heavy weapons into the town, the delegation has turned back to the Çukobirlik site near the Mürşitpınar border crossing, where 150 peshmerga fighters are still being kept waiting since their arrival yesterday.Turkish military and police forces have in the meantime taken intense measures in the area where the peshmerga units are kept waiting.

Asya Abdullah: There will be coordinated work in Kobanê

PYD Co-President Asya Abdullah, commenting on the peshmerga and FSA forces arriving in Kobanê for the IMC main news bulletin, said: “Up to now the resistance in Kobanê has changed many things for both the YPG/YPJ and the Free Syria Army (FSA). ISIS has suffered significant blows at the hands of the resistance and this new assistance will change the equilibrium further.”  Abdullah added that the peshmerga and FSA groups coming to Kobanê would operate in a coordinated way under the command of the YPG.Answering a question regarding the arrival of peshmerga and FSA forces, the PYD Co-President said they would help to further bolster the resistance against ISIS. She said that the YPG and the FSA had made an alliance previously, and that the Burkan Al Firat forces affiliated to the FSA had been involved in the resistance, adding: “they have also lost fighters in battle”. She said the YPG had assessed a request from the FSA a few days ago, after which the groups had come to Kobanê.Asya Abdullah said the groups would act in a coordinated way, adding: “they will be under the command of the YPG, but the YPG and FSA carry out joint work in Kobanê, therefore work will be coordinated.”

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Assad’s warnings start to ring true in Turkey


BEIRUT (Reuters) – When Sunni rebels rose up against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad in 2011, Turkey reclassified its protégé as a pariah, expecting him to lose power within months and join the autocrats of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen on the scrap heap of the “Arab Spring”.
Assad, in contrast, shielded diplomatically by Russia and with military and financial support from Iran and its Shi’ite allies in Lebanon’s Hezbollah, warned that the fires of Syria’s sectarian war would burn its neighbors.
For Turkey, despite the confidence of Tayyip Erdogan, elected this summer to the presidency after 11 years as prime minister and three straight general election victories, Assad’s warning is starting to ring uncomfortably true.
Turkey’s foreign policy is in ruins. Its once shining image as a Muslim democracy and regional power in the NATO alliance and at the doors of the European Union is badly tarnished.
Amid a backlash against political Islam across the region Erdogan is still irritating his Arab neighbors by offering himself as a Sunni Islamist champion.
The world, meanwhile, is transfixed by the desperate siege of Kobani, the Syrian Kurdish town just over Turkey’s border, under attack by extremist Sunni fighters of the Islamic State (IS) who are threatening to massacre its defenders.
Erdogan has enraged Turkey’s own Kurdish minority – about a fifth of the population and half of all Kurds across the region – by seeming to prefer that IS jihadis extend their territorial gains in Syria and Iraq rather than that Kurdish insurgents consolidate local power.
The forces holding on in Kobani are part of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), closely allied to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has fought a 30-year war against the Turkish state and is now holding peace talks with Ankara.
Meanwhile, Turkish tanks stood idly by as the unequal fight raged between the PYD and IS, while Erdogan said both groups were “terrorists” and Kobani would soon fall. It was a public relations disaster.
It drew criticism from NATO allies in the US-led coalition, which has bombed jihadi positions around the town in coordination with the PYD. It also prompted Kurdish riots across south-east Turkey resulting in more than 40 dead.
At the same time, Turkey’s air force bombed PKK positions near the Iraqi border for the first time in two years, calling into question the 2013 ceasefire declared by Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed PKK leader. PKK commanders warned that if Turkey let Kobani fall, they would go back to war.
Yet now that the United States has dropped arms to Kobani’s defenders, Erdogan has been forced to relent and open a Turkish corridor for Peshmerga fighters from Iraq to reinforce Kobani.
Turkish officials fear this will provoke reprisals in Turkey by IS, activating networks it built during the two years the Erdogan government allowed jihadi volunteers to cross its territory to fight in Syria. Almost anything Turkey does now comes with big risks.
The polarization within Turkey along sectarian and ethnic lines – which analysts say Erdogan has courted with his stridently Sunni tone as communal conflict between Sunni and Shi’ite rages to Turkey’s south – is easy to detect in the poor and deeply conservative district of Fatih in Istanbul.
“I prefer to have IS than PKK in control of Kobani,” says Sitki, a shopkeeper. “They are Muslims and we are Muslims. (But) we as Muslims should be ruled by the Koran under Sharia law.”
Another local shopkeeper, Nurullah, 35, broadly agreed:
“The only mistake the government has made is to open the door to Kurdish refugees. PYD and PKK are the same, both terrorists. How do (the Americans) have the nerve to ask us to help PYD?”
“Of course Islamic State has sympathizers here because they are wiping out the PKK,” Nurullah continued.
Nearby, a bearded Arabic-speaking man who declined to be named said it made sense that “Turkey as a Sunni nation supports IS over the crusaders”, a hostile reference to the US-led coalition against IS of which Turkey looks an unwilling party.
The increasingly overt Sunni alignment of Erdogan’s Turkey is, paradoxically, contributing to its isolation, at a time when the United States has won the support of the Sunni Arab powers, led by Saudi Arabia, in the campaign against IS.
Partly, that is because Erdogan and his new prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who as foreign minister was the architect of Turkey’s eastward turn away from the EU, continue to champion the pan-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood, ousted in Egypt last year and banned across the Gulf.
But it is also because of Ankara’s ambivalence towards IS, which some in Turkey’s government saw as a bulwark against its three main regional adversaries: the Assad regime, the Shi’ite-led government in Iraq, and the Kurds.
“Their policy is making Turkey look completely isolated”, says Hugh Pope of the International Crisis Group.
Yet there is a wide consensus that Erdogan and his Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP) tried and failed to take a leadership role as the turmoil of the Arab Spring swept across the region and have ended up by infecting Turkey’s secular republic with the sectarianism plaguing the Levant.
“From a zero problems policy (with neighbors) to zero neighbors,” said a headline in the leftist Evrensel newspaper in reference to the AKP policy of entente with neighboring states.
Behlul Ozkan, a political scientist at Istanbul’s Marmara University, says the Erdogan government has supported Islamist movements in the Middle East to establish a sphere of influence and play a leadership role.
“When the Arab Spring started, Davutoglu saw it as an opportunity for his imperial fantasy of establishing the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) belt from Tunisia to Gaza.

“They are obsessed with destroying the Assad regime. They see IS as an opportunity for Turkey since it is fighting its enemies on three fronts: against Baghdad’s Shi’ite-dominated leadership, against Assad, and the PYD, which is an affiliate of the PKK.”

Soli Ozel, a prominent academic and commentator, said the Erdogan government’s initial expectation was that the Muslim Brotherhood would come to power in Syria.

“Turkish officials believed a year and a half ago they could control the jihadis but they played with fire. This was a policy of sectarianism and they got into something … they couldn’t control, and that is why we are here”.

Other commentators and Turkish officials say Western and Arab powers that called for Assad to be toppled but refused to give mainstream Syrian rebels the weapons to do it are to blame for the rise of Jihadis in the resulting vacuum.
“They (Turkish officials) bet on Assad to fall and when they lost, instead of backing off they are doubling down,” says Hakan Altinay of the Brookings Institution. “They are not the only culprits. The international community is also a culprit in this affair”.
But uppermost among Ankara’s fears is the prospect that Syrian Kurds led by the PYD — newly legitimized by their alliance with the United States — will establish a new Kurdish entity on Turkey’s frontiers, which will incite Turkey’s Kurds to seek self government.
“In the realpolitik of all this, IS is fighting all the enemies of Turkey — the Assad regime, Iraqi Shi’ites and the Kurds — but the spillover effect is that it is now paying the price in terms of its vulnerability on the Kurdish question,” says Kadri Gursel, a prominent liberal columnist.
Cengiz Candar, veteran columnist and expert on the Kurdish issue adds:

 “If Syrian Kurds are successful and establish self-rule they will set a precedent and a model for Turkey’s Kurds, and more than 50 percent of Kurds in the world live here”.

Turkey is thus caught between two fires: the possibility of the PKK-led Kurdish insurgency inside Turkey reviving because of Ankara’s policy towards the Syrian Kurds; and the risk that a more robust policy against IS will provoke reprisal attacks that could be damage its economy and the tourist industry that provides Turkey with around a tenth of its income.
Internationally, one veteran Turkish diplomat fears, IS “is acting as a catalyst legitimizing support for an independent Kurdish state not just in Syria but in Turkey” at a time when leading powers have started to question Turkey’s ideological and security affiliations with the West.
(Additional reporting by Ece Toksabay in Istanbul; Editing by Giles Elgood)


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Thanks Jews! [Public Service Announcement]

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Gaza: How the resistance manufactures its rockets with help from Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah

Palestinian Islamic Jihad members prepare al-Quds rockets during preparations to fire missiles into Israel, in the east of Gaza City, 20 December 2008.
Published Thursday, October 30, 2014Al-Akhbar
Necessity is the mother of invention. The Resistance has recently demonstrated its biggest achievements yet in the fight with Israel. Indeed, it is not an exaggeration to say that Gaza, and behind it Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah, had anticipated the day when the borders and the sea surrounding Gaza would be sealed off. Today, Egypt and Israel are stepping up their coordination to make the sea off limits to the resistance, while in the south, their armies are working to establish a buffer zone and even a water trench, in the hope of putting an end to the smuggling of rockets from the Iranian desert to the Mediterranean.
“Lift your feet, we have been and will remain under them, at your service,” said Abu Ali, a commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), in broken Arabic to a resistance fighter from Gaza who was attending a training session in Iran in 2012. This was in response to criticisms voiced against the Iranians for not having transferred rocket-making technology to Gaza prior to the Israeli assault in 2008. Abu Jihad, the Gazan fighter, had asked his instructor, “Where were you in the first war (Operation Cast Lead)?”
Before 2012, when resistance fighters used to travel via Syria, the authorities in Damascus allocated special conduits for Gazan resistance fighters.
Cars would wait for them on the tarmac and then take them to the factions to which they were affiliated. A prominent Palestinian leader says,
“If their trips were scheduled on the same day, they would change planes without being asked about visas or passports.”
In Tehran, the resistance fighters attended intensive training sessions. Over the many months they spent there, they gained invaluable skills, starting with on-hands application of theories, to testing weapons and tactics in environments simulating the geography in Gaza. For instance, they were taken on board Iranian HESA Shahed helicopters to inspect the sites where the rockets fell, to examine their accuracy and effectiveness, according to Abu Jihad.
The resistance fighters transferred their experience to Gaza, where they helped manufacture and develop rockets, and provide training on how to emplace and camouflage them to avoid the occupation’s eyes in the sky and on the ground. Yet the training did not come only from Iran, as fighters also underwent the same kind of training in Syria. There were also the occasional incidents. In one such incident, during training on hitting targets in the Syrian Desert, a rocket fell near a dormitory and wounded a number of soldiers.
With the end of 2001, al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, started manufacturing for the first time Qassam rockets. The rockets at the time had a range of no more than 15 km, and in many instances, rockets would fall near their launching pads, or even explode before their launch. These rockets mostly targeted the settlement of Sderot, which lies 4 kilometers from the eastern border of the Gaza Strip.
In those years, the resistance fighters did not have much experience in manufacturing weapons, not to mention the difficulty of procuring the needed raw materials. But since 2005, following the withdrawal of the Israeli enemy from the Philadelphia Corridor, the resistance breathed a sigh of relief. The southern border with Egypt was now open to the resistance fighters, creating better conditions for smuggling in weapons and raw materials through tunnels to manufacture rockets. Since that year and until 2012, Iran and Hezbollah sought to help develop the rockets of the Palestinian resistance to reach longer ranges. A new stage began in which fighters from Gaza flocked to Lebanon, and collaborated with the resistance there to bring in more weapons and military equipment.

A new stage began in which fighters from Gaza flocked to Lebanon, and collaborated with the resistance there to bring in more weapons and military equipment.

The common belief that boats snuck to the shore is inaccurate. Rather, weapons would be dropped in certain points in the sea very far from the shore. Water currents washed them off on the shore, to be retrieved by divers at night. Another notable smuggling route went through Sudan, Egypt, the Sinai, and then Gaza via tunnels, according to one prominent Hamas official.
Later on, the Iranians realized the logistical obstacle facing the resistance in smuggling in weapons, namely, the difficulty of bringing in large rockets through the tunnels. Subsequently, the IRGC sought to develop Fajr-5 rockets that could be disassembled and then reassembled in Palestine.
The first Fajr-5 rockets arrived in Gaza in 2011, and were used for the first time in Operation Pillar of Cloud in 2012, when the Palestinian resistance bombed Tel Aviv for the first time. At the time, Israel accused the IRGC of supplying rockets to the resistance. The commander of the IRGC Mohammad Ali Jafari responded by confirming the transfer of Fajr rockets to the resistance, and added that he would be seeking to supply them with other rocket systems.
Fajr was one of the weapons that had a great impact on the work of the resistance. But there was a limit to the amount this type of rocketry the resistance could smuggle in. In this regard, Abu Jihad said that the concern over bringing in limited amounts of weapons, in addition to the possibility of security deterioration and the tightening of the blockade in a way that would prevent the entry of weapons into Gaza, were all issues on the mind of IRGC officials during the training. Abu Jihad said the trainers developed special courses on manufacturing rockets, after the Iranians gathered a lot of information on the raw materials available in Gaza and in its vicinity. Abu Jihad said, “So we made rockets ourselves in Iran, using materials similar to those available in Gaza, and we verified their effectiveness.”
The ‘golden era’ of Hosni Mubarak
Leading sources in Islamic Jihad said that the majority of weapons that arrived in Gaza and used in the battles of 2012 and 2014 had come through during Hosni Mubarak’s term, especially in 2011 and the years that followed. The sources added that in those years, the authorities in Egypt turned a blind eye to smuggling in Sinai, which was done with the help of tribes there in return for huge sums of money.
In this regard, a Hamas official said that the resistance would agree with Egyptian officers to allocate a specified number of days in which the resistance fighters would smuggle weapons freely. Then under President Mohammed Morsi, in whose term the eight-day conflict (Pillar of Cloud) took place and the Fajr rocket was deployed for the first, the resistance stockpiled a fair amount of rockets and hardware. However, Palestinian sources stress that smuggling weapons under Morsi was more difficult than under Mubarak, though they say it was easier under him to move fighters out of Gaza for training. There were even reports that the deposed president had issued special cards to facilitate the movement of people out of Gaza without harassment from the security services.
After the war in 2012, the enemy learned the smuggling routes into Gaza, and targeted weapons convoys and rocket caches. In late 2012, the Israeli air force bombed a weapons convoy in Sudan, said to be on its way to Gaza. At that point, the Iranians realized that the best option to supply rockets to the Palestinian resistance was to help manufacture them locally instead of smuggling them.
Accordingly, Tehran worked with Hezbollah to train Gazans on setting up plants to manufacture rockets, as one leader said. Operation Protective Edge in 2014 demonstrated the worth of months of training in Iran. The phrase “locally made” was used extensively in resistance statements during that conflict.
The Iranians did not deny that the rockets fired by the resistance were locally made. Assistant Foreign Minister of Iran, Hossein Amir Abdul-Lahian, said the IRGC had transferred rocket-making technology to the Palestinians.
Regarding drones, Islamic Jihad sources said that Iran had delivered three Ababil UAVs to the Qassam Brigades to carry out certain missions, but that these planes were downed as was declared.
Generally speaking, in the recent war, locally made rockets (e.g. Qassam and M75), which were available in abundant number, helped sustain the rate of rocket fire at the same level until the last day of the battle, while the Quds Brigades used the Buraq 70 and Buraq 100 rockets to bomb Tel Aviv and other cities.

[I]t was decided that these [locally made] rockets must carry a small explosive head, but must have a higher range, for both combat- and political-related calculations.

Clearly, the design and propulsion fuel for both types of rockets come from the same source. At that stage, there was a debate between the leaders of the resistance (Lebanese, Palestinian and Iranian) regarding the nature of locally made rockets, and it was decided that these rockets must carry a small explosive head, but must have a higher range, for both combat- and political-related calculations.
Leading figures in the Palestinian resistance explained the difference in cost between manufacturing rockets locally and smuggling them from Iran. They said, “Locally made rockets are almost as powerful as smuggled ones, but cost less. The cost of a rocket like the one used to bomb Tel Aviv does not exceed $5,000, while a smuggled rocket may cost up to $15,000.” Regarding short-range rockets, for example, the cost of a smuggled 107-type rocket is around $800, while the same rocket can be made locally for $110.
In the recent war, the Palestinian resistance continued to manufacture rockets, but the problem it faced was how to transport them from the plants to their launching platforms. Resistance sources in Gaza said, “The location of the rocket manufacturing plants is unknown to most fighters. Some factions even bar the manufacturers of the rockets themselves to know the location of the places they work in.”
Despite the local manufacturing of rockets, smuggling has not come to a complete halt. What is successfully smuggled, whether via the sea or the Sinai desert, is not usually disclosed. Sources in Islamic Jihad say that currently, the reliance is on local manufacturing, “thanks to the presence of excellent raw materials at a good price in the markets.”
Certainly, the recent war is being assessed carefully by Iran, Hezbollah, and even Syria to learn what needs to be done, amid a large influx of financial support for the armed wings of the resistance after the war.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.
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The US Has Wrecked Ukraine

US geopolitical designs have succeeded in creating chaos on Russia’s border

This article originally appeared at Johnson’s Russia List

Sergei Roy is a Russian journalist and author, Senior Fellow of the American University in Moscow and former editor of Moscow News

We have published this article in a slightly edited form.  Despite its length and very discursive quality it sets out the universal view in Russia of what the Ukrainian crisis is really about. 

Russians, both inside and outside the elite, overwhelmingly see what the western media presents as a popular revolution against a corrupt government rather as a CIA sponsored coup carried out by violent Russia-hating neo-Nazi extremists against Ukraine’s democratic, constitutional order.


Economically and financially, Ukraine is a basket case; it is only kept this side of bankruptcy by Western sops (quite niggardly ones, it ought to be noted); by refusing to pay for Russian gas; by reneging on its social obligations; and similar antics.

Politically, it is a feudal-like agglomeration of oligarchies, with, say, Kolomoyskiy, governor of Dnepropetrovsk, openly challenging the authority of President Poroshenko – and why not? He has billions enough, he has a private army, he has power enough to install a confederate in, say, Odessa as governor. And Mr K. is just one example: 16 other oligarchs were given governorships in the wake of the February coup.

Does the EU want that kind of country among its rightful members? Surely not; Ukraine will stay “associated” for an indefinite period of time, that’s one of the few certainties in a highly uncertain context.

Now, what do the EU, NATO, and primarily the US want with Ukraine such as it is? This “association” gimmick simply makes a country aspiring to EU membership a colony or semi-colony of the strong EU economies.

There is abundant evidence of that: Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltics – they are, by and large, mere markets for European producers, while Europe has no need at all for the products of the newly incorporated countries’ industries – which simply die out. Will anyone in Europe buy Zaporozhye cars? They are the butt of jokes, vicious or good-natured, in Russia even. No one wants them.

US plans to replace cheap Russian gas for Europe with its own more expensive gas are widely discussed both in Russia and in Europe. In pursuance of those plans the gas pipelines leading from Russia to Europe through Ukraine must be taken possession of or destroyed; it does not much matter which, provided Russia is squeezed out of the equation. Hence the “color” revolutions in Kiev, one after another, which are textbook CIA operations.

All this is quite obvious, but it is only part of the bigger, geopolitical picture. The EU and – let me say it again – primarily the US, see Ukraine’s main role as that of a battering ram against Russia, a weapon to hit not only at its economy but its very existence.

Why this onslaught on Russia? Elementary. The US can only lead the fine, prosperous life it now leads, with that beautiful $17 trillion budget deficit, by dominating the world. There is enough ideological camouflage for that – the doctrine of “exceptionalism,” world leadership, promotion of freedom and democracy throughout the world, whatever.

Crucially, these ideological gewgaws are solidly backed by some 800 US military facilities – bases and suchlike – the world over. Europe included. The other day Vice President Joe Biden gave the Europeans a resounding slap in the face: he boasted that the Europeans had been unwilling to join the sanctions against Russia, but the US had forced them to do it. It is worth wondering whether Obama would have been able to pull that trick in the absence of those military bases.

There are two main obstacles on America’s road to complete world domination – China and Russia; both conscious of their national interests, both prepared to stand up for them, and both nuclear armed. The US does all it can to weaken China – v. the “color”-type turbulence in Tibet, Xinjang-Uyghur Province, currently in Hong Kong – but China is too big, too strong, and its economy and finances are too closely interwoven with those of the US. Russia is the weaker unit of this duo; so it is first in line to be crushed by the world hegemon.

Here’s the order of threats to the world that Obama recently set out in his speech at the UN: ebola, “Russian aggression,” ISIS. Ebola is, of course, strictly for the media to blab about and to scare the hoi polloi with; “Russian aggression”, though, is more dangerous to the world than ISIS, according to Obama. In short, the same old song: Russia is America’s enemy #1. So, let’s bomb ISIS as a sort of sideline, but mainly let’s support the Russia-hating junta in Kiev.

A lot of preparation had gone into installing in February 2014 that ultranationalist, Russophobic regime: nearly twenty-five years (23, to be precise); also $5 billion – but that’s according to Nuland only; who knows how much came from CIA secret funds, how much was brought into Ukraine during the Maidan months in “diplomatic’ suitcases bypassing the customs – these were spotted time and again. So-called noncommercial organizations, training camps for “color” revolutionists in Poland and the Baltics, seminars in the arts of the “orange” revolutions – all that had taken plenty of funds, too, and they had been readily provided, being but an infinitesimal part of the above-mentioned, nice budget deficit.

It must be noted here that these efforts fell on fertile soil. I do not mean only the young and not so young individuals whose fathers and grandfathers once marched with the Waffen SS, murdered Jews, Poles, and communists; the men who started marching again in the “independent” Ukraine, wearing Nazi swastikas and other insignia. There were also subtler cases, like the urban educated classes, driven by mammoth-size inferiority complexes: these could only assume a distinct, separate identity by rejecting the fact that they were essentially, deeply Russian (even if it’s Little, or Smaller, Russian) in terms of language, culture, religion, history, etc.

Indeed, it’s really comical to watch on TV a Ukrainian official making a speech in Ukrainian, then stumbling and whispering to someone, in a Russian aside: “What’s the word for ‘negative’?” The other day the Rada speaker was exhorting his unruly colleagues to take their seats, got emotional, and let a Russian swearword slip in his harangue, very loudly. In Ukraine, whoever reads books at all, reads Russian books – just take a look at the shelves in the bookshops. I handed out a copy or two of my recent novel to some Ukrainian chaps who worked on my dacha this past summer – and they asked for more, for their friends back home. It just shows, doesn’t it.

The Ukrainian intelligentsia’s rebellion against their own roots sometimes takes incredibly ludicrous forms. Some of them invent perfectly fantastic tales for the consumption of the masses: that the hominids called Ukrs arrived here from Venus in times immemorial; that the Ukrainian nation is 140,000 years old; that a Ukrainian empire rivaled in antiquity the Roman Empire; that the Russian and Ukrainian name for the Crimea, Krym, is a shortened form of K Rymu “Toward Rome,” indicating the direction in which ancient Ukrainian hosts moved on Rome; and lots of similar balderdash poured into receptive ears starting from kindergarten on.

The main feature of the subversive work intended to foster Russophobia was its omnivorous character. Any ideology was grist to the CIA and State Department mill: Neo-Nazism, the intelligentsia’s hankering for the “European values,” religious separatists’ fight against Orthodox Christians’ centuries-old adherence to the Moscow patriarchy, anything at all – provided it was anti-Russian.

These strenuous efforts brought about two “color” revolutions – the bloodless “orange” one of 2004 and the bloody February 2014 coup. The latter, dominated by the ultranationalists, was accepted and actually welcomed by the West as a victory for democracy. Germany and France first brokered an agreement between President Yanukovich and the oligarchs who opposed him and funded the Maidan. The very following day, though, they forgot all about that agreement and simply looked on as the Right Sector and similar Nazi riffraff broke every letter of it, seized government buildings, chased the president out of the country, and generally grabbed all power in the land.

By that act, Ukraine, with the instigation and connivance of the Western powers, stepped right out of the constitutional field, thereby putting itself outside any legal framework. No constitution provides for coups; no constitution envisages the sending of strike teams with the express aim of murdering the legally elected president – there’s enough evidence of that; no constitution provides for changing the constitution overnight, in the absence of the Constitutional Court (kicked out by the putschists) and in total disregard for the prolonged procedure incorporated in both competing constitutions.

In the absence of any constitutional order in the country, any part of it which refused to recognize this illegal central authority had every right to pursue its own political course.

In the Crimea, there was an organized political force that took the region through all the necessary legal steps – declaration of independence from central authority, referendum, appeal to Russia to accept the results of the referendum. In Donbass no such unified, organized force emerged, the referendum was not conducted according to strict legal procedure, and – perhaps no less importantly – there was no Russian military base on Donbass territory, as there was in the Crimea – a base that had always been there, and that in the last 23 years had been there by agreement with Kiev, with Russia dutifully paying rent to Ukraine. Had there been such a base in Donbass, it could have played the same role of silent catalyst as in the Crimea; like in the Crimea, no shots would have been fired, no blood would have been shed. That’s why the Crimeans are now watching the blood-letting and total destruction in Donbass with horror – and unspeakable relief at having escaped the same appalling fate.

What happened after the coup is too well known. Kiev declared armed groups of ultranationalists to be the National Guard, in direct contravention of the above-mentioned February agreement – signed by France and Germany – that provided for disbanding all illegal armed formations. These “legalized” bands started murdering, taking hostage, and torturing anti-Maidan activists, actually persecuting whomsoever they did not like – the people who insisted on, or just happened to be speaking Russian, reading Russian, teaching Russian, or indeed expressing any anti-Maidan sentiments.

This sparked off resistance in many areas which proved to be strongest and better organized in Donbass, a totally Russian-speaking region that was only added to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922 by Lenin’s decree. Donbass fighters operated at first as separate guerrilla units, but war soon taught them the need for organization and unified command. These fighters defended their right to be what they were; they fought for their own land, their livelihood, and their homes, and were thus incomparably better motivated than their enemies – aggressive Nazi bands and youths drafted into the Ukrainian army against their will. After initial defeats Donbass opolchentsy (literally, militia) began to trounce Ukrainian army units, the National Guards, and the oligarchs’ private armies, eventually forcing the conclusion of ceasefire.

To explain their inability to cope with the resisters in Donbass, Ukrainian politicians and the media propagate the myth of “Russian invasion,” a myth that most of the Ukrainian and Western public accepts as God’s truth. That’s a big, a very Big Lie, and it is the sand on which the policies of the US and EU toward Russia are cynically based.

Sure, there are people from Russia fighting in Donbass – Cossacks from the neighboring Don and Kuban regions, Tatars, Chechens, even Georgians – volunteers who see the Kiev junta as Fascist and believe it their duty to fight Fascism wherever it raises its nauseating head; they fight it just as their forefathers had fought it and defeated it. Donbass fighters’ command puts the number of these volunteers at five percent of their forces. But! Except for that single combat vehicle with nine servicemen that lost its way at night in the Ukrainian steppe, there has been not one scrap of evidence of any Russian Army units fighting in Donbass. Most of the proof for Russian invasion originates in countless fakes flooding the internet.

Feeding on these fakes, the Big Lie persists. In particular, it is cited as the reason for the sanctions and the threat of more sanctions to be imposed on Russia.

Personally, I am all for these sanctions; I believe they’re a useful incentive for Russia to stand on its own feet, but this need not be gone into here. And anyway sanctions are not the reason why we here in Russia spend hours listening to the news from Ukraine. The reason lies in what I said at the beginning: Ukraine is a failed state, in every way. It can only be held together as a single whole in the form of a totally militarized, ultranationalist, chauvinistic entity dominated by one single ideology – Ukrainianizing everything in sight, winning the war against Donbass, and dreaming about regaining the Crimea. Parading through Sevastopol, as the Ukrainian defense minister once put it. An interesting figure, that war minister; I’d say emblematic for the current set-up in Kiev – a police officer who never served in the army, a political appointee who did not know the first thing about directing military operations, led his forces to a resounding defeat, and was the other day kicked out of the office. A civilian militarist, you might say.

Trouble is, such personages rule the roost in today’s Ukraine. You only have to look at the candidates for the new Rada most likely to be elected soon: they are veterans of what Kiev idiotically calls an “anti-terrorist operation”; they have no other agenda except vindicating themselves and driving the country into more war ventures. Poroshenko may talk all he wants about his 60 reforms, for the benefit of the folks in Washington who installed him in his post, but who will listen to him? Not those battalion commanders who will be elected to the Rada. Just you wait and see.

Thus the purpose of creating an ever more militarized Ukraine run by characters set on joining NATO and embroiling it in a war with Russia has been achieved. The countless US advisors embedded in Ukraine, plus the endless stream of visiting US officials, have done their job. Therein lies the mortal danger to world peace. The past few months have shown that the Kiev government – incompetent, corrupt, thieving, torn apart by warring oligarchic cliques – is totally incapable of winning a war even with what is, or until recently was, essentially a partisan movement. Ukraine is already asking for military aid – and receiving it, if not from NATO as a whole, then from individual NATO countries. That is a sure way to the escalation of the conflict, for Russia will not leave the Russians of Donbass to the mercy of better armed and better trained Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian forces. Russia’s government will act, no doubt about that – if only to avoid bad trouble from its own populace. Russians are a divided nation, and they are sick and tired of it.

All this may sound alarmist, but it is in fact a moderate assessment and forecast. Who could have predicted just a few months ago that the authorities in Kiev might start what amounts to genocide against the population of a part of their own country? No one, and yet it is all there on our TV screens – dozens of civilians killed every day, even greater numbers wounded or shell-shocked, infrastructure destroyed, residential areas destroyed, schools and kindergartens and hospitals destroyed, no gas, no water, no food, no medicine, no electricity, nothing but ever fresh evidence of Ukrainian forces’ atrocities, fresh mass graves.

This full-scale genocide, carried out by Western-backed war criminals in Kiev, remains virtually unknown to the outside world. The information blackout achieves its purpose. The public in the West only catches rare glimpses of it all, while feeling convinced that it is all because of “Russian aggression” – information warfare at its most effective. I listen, more or less regularly, to the BBC World Service, but I might as well save myself the trouble and listen to the Kiev propaganda machine – except that the BBC’s even more powerful propaganda weapon is dead silence over the murder of children, old men, and women by the Kiev forces using heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers that cover vast residential areas at a single salvo.

With a few exceptions, European governments accept the myth of “Russian aggression” – just listen to what is being said in the European Parliament (though, to be fair, one third of it is said to have voted against anti-Russia sanctions). Will these governments back, and participate in, aggression against such an awful aggressor as Russia? Will the peoples of Europe permit the governments to go into the spiral of escalation?

With these uncertainties and imponderables, we step into an extremely dangerous, unpredictable future – where nothing, not even a nuclear conflagration, is ruled out. We can only pray to God to save us from such a fate, and to rid us of McCain-type power-mad politicos who keep pushing the world toward such an end.


Geneva-based Euro-Mid human rights observer confirm israel used human shields, not Hamas

Israel Breaks International Law, Report Says

Observers took hundreds of testimonies to compile reports on human shields and indiscriminate targeting of noncombatants.


By Assed Baig, London


Israel violated international law according to a report released Thursday that investigated the use of human shields during Israel’s 2014 onslaught of the Gaza Strip.


The report, published by the Geneva-based Euro-Mid human rights observer, says that the Israeli army broke international law on at least six occasions in the southern Gaza Strip in August.


Civilians were subjected to “inhumane and abusive” treatment, according to the report entitled, “Israeli Matrix of Control: use of Palestinian civilians as human shields.”


Palestinians were beaten and exposed to the hot sun while naked for long periods of time, investigators found.


The human rights organization claims that testimonies collected by its observers show that the use of Palestinian human shields is a recurring Israeli policy since there have been similar cases outside of Gaza, such as in the West Bank. 


Jessica Purkiss from the Middle East Monitor, told Anadolu Agency on Thursday that the cases of human shields were “horrific.”


Purkiss referenced the case of Ramadan Qdeih from Khan Younis, where he told observers that he saw his father shot dead and was made to stand at the windows with his hands tied while Israeli soldiers stood behind him, shooting.


“It’s complete injustice, it’s treating people absolutely like animals, and I think it’s symbolic of how the Israeli military see Palestinians and Gazans,” said Purkiss.


The Euro-Mid team also said that they did not find any evidence of Palestinians who were forced to stay in their homes or to use their bodies for the protection of Palestinian fighters.


The report calls on Israeli military prosecutors to carry out a “serious and reliable” investigation of the cases documented in the report and asks for the individuals that are found guilty to be held to account.


Euro-Mid also called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to establish a fact-finding mission into the recent conflict and to investigate the issue of human shields.


Ihsan Adel, a legal advisor working at Euro-Mid, told Anadolu Agency that they will give the evidence that they have gathered to the UN in the hope that those who committed crimes would face trial.


Adel said that both Palestinians and Israelis should join the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court and an investigation should be launched into war crimes committed during the war on Gaza.


In a separate report released Thursday by the same organization, it was claimed that the Israeli military deliberately carried out indiscriminate attacks on the Gaza Strip.


The observers based their claims on the testimonies of 432 people and again urged a UN investigation.


Euro-Mid said that “reconstruction of the Gaza Strip is needed for Palestinians… However without accountability for crimes and protection for human rights; it will be a life without dignity or hope.”


The report concludes that Israel violated Article 16 of the fourth Geneva Convention that obliges parties to protect people with special needs such as those with disabilities.


“By bombing a Palestinian charity and other institutions housing disabled people without effective warning, Israeli forces violated its obligations under the fourth Geneva Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities,” the report said.


Israel has denied all charges that it has acted outside of international law and has instead accused Hamas of using human shields.


During Israel’s onslaught this summer, over 15,000 housing units were damaged across the Gaza Strip, including 2,200 that were totally destroyed, according to official Palestinian figures.



More than 2,160 Gazans were killed and 11,000 injured, mostly civilians, during seven weeks of unrelenting Israeli bombardment — from air, land and sea — throughout July and August.

Will US demand truth about Israeli killing of Palestinian-American child?

Palestinians carry the body of fourteen-year old Orwa Hammad at his funeral in the West Bank village of Silwad on 26 October. Israeli occupation forces shot and killed the US citizen on 24 October.

(Oren Ziv / ActiveStills)

Thousands attended the 26 October funeral of Orwa Hammad, the fourteen-year-old Palestinian-American boy who was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank village of Silwad two days earlier.

Israeli occupation forces claimed Orwa had been about to throw a molotov cocktail, a justification frequently given for the killings of children.

Local residents told The New York Times that “Palestinians throwing stones clashed with Israeli soldiers in the village after Friday Prayer, but that Orwa was apparently killed hours later.”

The US State Department expressed “condolences” for Orwa’s death but failed to condemn it, in contrast to the killing of an Israeli-American baby in Jerusalem days earlier when a Palestinian driver crashed a car into a group of pedestrians in eastern occupied Jerusalem.

The US called for “a speedy and transparent investigation” into Orwa’s death.

What no one disputes, however, is that Orwa was killed by Israeli bullets.

Losing a brother and a son

Thousands of miles from where Orwa died and was buried, Shukri Abu Baker sits in a maximum security US federal prison in Beaumont, Texas, serving out a 65-year sentence.

He is one of the “Holy Land 5” – the founder of the Holy Land Foundation, and one of five of the charity’s officials convicted in a travesty of a trial in 2008 for raising funds to help Palestinians.

It turns out he has a connection to Orwa and light to shed on the tragedy his family has lived through under occupation.

Using the authorized prison email system, Abu Baker sent this message to his family and friends. His daughter Nida Abu Baker shared it with The Electronic Intifada:

From: SHUKRI ABU BAKER (32589-177)
Date: 10/27/2014 5:21:14 PM
Subject: Bullets That Kill   Message:

Family and friends,

On Friday, October 24, Israeli soldiers swarmed the northern West Bank village of Silwad to quell a protest by dozens of frustrated youngster. Upon arriving, the heavily armed soldiers opened fire at 14-year-old, Orwa Hammad, aiming at his head and neck. The boy fell to the ground and bled to death before the soldiers called an ambulance. Six others were wounded.   In summer 1992, during a visit to my home village, Silwad, I met Nabil Qaddorah, 19, handsome, full of energy and optimism, and excited about his planned engagement to the love of his life.

The Israeli soldiers raided the village with their military jeeps and started shooting at a crowd of youngsters who had started to throw stones at the military vehicles. Nabil received multiple wounds in his chest. As he fell to the ground a soldier started to jump up and down pounding on his chest. They carried him inside a jeep and took off. After dark, two days later, his family claimed his body and brought him home for his elderly parents, relatives, and friends to view before he was put to grave in the same night. I viewed his body, kissed him on the forehead, and said goodbye.

Nabil’s sister is Orwa’s mother [Ikhlas Hammad]. In a span of 22 years she has lost a brother and a son. Orwa’s father, Abdelwahab, is my wife’s maternal cousin who was in New Orleans, Louisiana when his son was murdered. He asked that the burial of his son be put off for three days to allow him to make it back in Silwad and attend the burial. Orwa was an American citizen by birth.

His family is expecting a statement from the State Department demanding answers from the Israelis, and I say, it won’t happen because we already know that it was the soldiers who shot Orwa, but where did the bullets that killed him come from?


Now cut across to Monday’s State Department press briefing where AP correspondent Matt Lee challenged US officials on what they were going to do to get answers in Orwa’s case and others.

“Several months ago, there was a shooting – there was an incident involving a shooting of some Palestinian youths. They weren’t Americans, but you called at that time for an [investigation],” Lee said, “this was the video, the one that was captured on videotape. Are you aware of the results of that Israeli investigation?”

Lee was referring to the cold-blooded shootings by snipers of Palestinian teens Nadim Nuwara and Muhammad Abu al-Thahir in the occupied West Bank village of Beitunia on 15 May.

Despite plenty of video evidence and the US request for an investigation, Israel has made no arrests and issued no report.

This is the standard impunity that Israeli killers of Palestinians receive.

State Department spokesperson Jennifer Psaki answered Lee: “I would encourage you to ask the Israeli authorities for any outcomes they would like to share with you.”

In other words, there will be no follow up from the US government, not for Nadim and Muhammad, not for Orwa – an American – and not for thousands of Palestinians killed by Israel with weapons provided or paid for by the United States.

The total impunity the Obama administration continues to afford Israel is just as lethal to Palestinian children as the weapons the US gives Israel in order to kill them.

Victims of israel’s genocide in Gaza still coming to light


Man dies of wounds sustained in Gaza war
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 28 Oct — A young Palestinian man on Tuesday died in Turkey of wounds he sustained in Israel’s recent offensive on the Gaza Strip. Palestinian medical sources and family members told Ma‘an that 20-year-old Ibrahim Adli Asila from Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip had succumbed to his wounds. Asila was critically injured after Israeli forces targeted his house with an airstrike, killing a number of his family members.

Remains of slain Palestinian located under rubble of destroyed mosque
IMEMC/Agencies 28 Oct by Saed Bannoura — Palestinian medics and workers located, on Monday afternoon, the remains of a young man who was killed when the Israeli army bombarded a mosque in Gaza on August 9, during the Israeli offensive on the coastal region. Medical sources said Zohdi Abdul-Hamid Abu ar-Roos, 22, died under the rubble of the Al-Qassam Mosque during dawn prayers when the Israeli army fired a missile into the building killing three Palestinians and wounding dozens. Abu ar-Roos is a married father of one daughter.  Hundreds of Palestinians participated in the funeral procession, and ceremony, held on Monday evening. The slain Palestinian was laid to rest at the Nusseirat Graveyard, in Central Gaza. Following the bombardment of the mosque, the Palestinians located the remains of three Palestinians killed under the rubble, while ongoing and extensive Israeli bombardment of the besieged and densely populated coastal region forced them to stop.  Although [al-Roos] was presumed dead, his whereabouts remained unknown until his remains were located during the removal of debris as part of a debris removal and reconstruction project.

The USA’s answer to the problems in Iraq is to introduce even more weapons

US considers arming Iraqi tribes in IS fight

Source: Trend
US considers arming Iraqi tribes in IS fight

The U.S. will consider arming tribes in Iraq’s al-Anbar province with the precondition that the move is approved by the Iraqi government, Anadolu Agency reoprted reffering to the statement by the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Gen. Martin Dempsey said Iraqi security forces in the province are in defensive positions and would be unlikely be able to respond to a request for assistance from the Albu Nimr tribe, stranded by IS.

“That’s why we need to expand the train, advise and assist mission into the al-Anbar province,” he said. “But the precondition for that is that the government of Iraq is willing to arm the tribes.” Dempsey also noted that there are signals from the Iraqis that they would approve such a measure but nothing yet official.

The train assist and advice mission will have three components, Dempsey said. The first of which would cover the Iraqi army and peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government; the second is to reach out to the local tribes and third is to form a national guard.

Currently, the focus has been on the Iraqi security forces.

“We got a program in place where we’re beginning to restore some offensive capability and mindset to the Iraqi security forces. We need to think about how to do that with the tribes,” he said.

The general also said that the tribes should be armed in order to help them link with isolated Iraqi forces spread around Iraqi territory.

Read More @ Source


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