The Nakba Is Ongoing, It Didn’t End In 1948

19 May 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen

Robert Inlakesh 

For us to simply classify the Nakba as a single historical event, would be an incorrect framing, as the collection of atrocities visited on the Palestinian people by the Zionist regime represents an ongoing attempt to solidify the dominance of “Israel’s” settler-colonial project.

If “Israel” had already completed its project, it would have declared its borders, it has never done this and is still in the process of carving itself a State out of the Levant

By now most people familiar with the Palestinian cause know well of the horrific ethnic cleansing campaign that took place between 1947-9, during the creation of the regime that calls itself “Israel”. Little however, know much about the ethnic cleansing ongoing today, or perhaps their knowledge is limited to isolated cases.

The Nakba, or ethnic cleansing of Palestine, is often defined as a historical event in which over half of Palestine’s villages, towns, and cities were destroyed, and 450 towns and villages depopulated of their Palestinian inhabitants, amounting to the forced ethnic displacement of around 800,000 people. The word Nakba means “catastrophe”, which is what is used to refer to that time, but when we speak of al-Nakba in English, what we are doing is using a term with which we refer to a historical event often meaning the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. 

Recently, Palestinian-American congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, introduced a House Resolution which would see the United States government recognise the Palestinian Nakba. “This Sunday [Nakba Day] was a day of solemn remembrance of all the lives lost, families displaced, and neighborhoods destroyed during the violence and horror of the Nakba. The scars bourn by the close to 800,000 Palestinians who were forced from their family homes and their communities, and those killed are burned into the souls of the people who lived through the Nakba,” said Tlaib. Although this would certainly be a major achievement to gain such recognition of Palestinian suffering, in essence meaning that the US government would be admitting the historic crime that the Zionist terrorist forces committed prior to declaring themselves a State, it is important that we not disconnect the past from the present.

The goal of today’s Israeli regime is very much the same as it was back in 1947, to occupy as much land as possible, with as few Palestinians on it as possible. In order to achieve such a goal, the settler-colonial project has taken different forms and used various tactics over the past 74 years, yet that same goal remains intact. 

The 1950’s saw large-scale incursions into the Gaza Strip and the further displacement of more refugees during this process, whilst those Palestinians who remained inside what would become “Israel”, were kept under military rule. Often known as the 1948 Palestinians, who today have Israeli citizenships, this portion of the Palestinian population consists of many who were considered to be “present absentees” by the Israeli regime, which translates to; the people who fled their villages and remained in what became “Israel” but were refused their right to return to their original villages. Israel quickly made use of laws implemented by the British occupation regime in Palestine, like ‘Article 125 of the Defense (Emergency) Regulations’, which Israel used as a legal basis for making Palestinian villages “closed military zones”, hence preventing the displaced natives from returning to their houses. Israel also implemented the 1950 Absentee Property Law, which is broad in its definitive language and would be used to declare displaced Palestinians as “absentees” in order to steal their homes. Between 1948 and 1950, it is also believed that Israel ethnically cleansed a further 40,000 Bedouin Palestinians, whilst also destroying more Palestinian villages along the Lebanese border and expelling thousands more Palestinians until 1956.

In 1967, during what was called the ‘Naksa’ (setback), again the tactics slightly changed, Israel had decided to illegally occupy all of historic Palestine and even beyond, expelling 300,000 Palestinians from their homes in the process. In 1969, roughly 100,000 more were forced to flee villages around the Jordan Valley area after successive Israeli air raids and military assaults against both Palestinian and Jordanian villages. 

Without summing up all of the cases of ethnic cleansing throughout the 74 years of the Zionist regimes settler colonialist expansion, it suffices to say this, the very same tactics and laws are being used by “Israel” today to do the exact same thing they did in the past. 

In the Naqab, where the majority of Palestinian Bedouins live today, Israel is attempting to ghettoize the people there. This means forcing them into a small number of so-called “recognised villages” and ethnically cleansing some 40 unrecognized villages, this is a throwback to the suffering of the people of the Naqab during and after 1948, when Zionist forces rounded up the remaining 11,000 Bedouin’s – of a community that were 100,000 prior to 1948 – and forced them to live in an area called al-Siyaj, where they were under strict martial law rule until 1965. Israel is today using the Jewish National Fund to work on “agricultural projects”, similar to what occurred in 1948, in order to usurp the lands of Bedouins. 

In the West Bank, the largest portion of “Area C”, is considered to be where “closed military zones” are, meaning that Palestinians are forbidden from entering these areas. In Area C (60% of the West Bank) it is also near impossible for Palestinians to get a building permit to construct a new home. The plan to ethnically cleanse the 1,000 Palestinian residents of the village of Masafer Yatta is just the latest in a long line of plans to expel Palestinians from their villages in the West Bank. Nevertheless, Israeli illegal settlers are granted a near carte blanche to establish outposts and settlements wherever they please, despite the fact that even by Israeli law many of these outposts are illegal. Israel is also using the “Absentees Property Law” to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their homes in East al-Quds today, as we see in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah, in addition to areas in Haifa and Jaffa. 

I had the pleasure of working on producing a short documentary with Redfish, called ‘The Palestinian Nakba: In Memory and the Present’, in which we interviewed survivors of the 1948 Nakba, as well as Palestinians from the younger generations who are surviving it today. Unfortunately, this short documentary report has been censored in all corners of the internet. Due to Redfish – like many other platforms that report information from an alternative and critical perspective – having been booted off of Youtube and other social media platforms, the voices and stories of Palestinians are by proxy being silenced. It is this sort of content that attempts to portray the true story of the Nakba from a Palestinian perspective, yet the public are being robbed off this knowledge.

For us to simply classify the Nakba as a single historical event, would be an incorrect framing, as the collection of atrocities visited on the Palestinian people by the Zionist regime represents an ongoing attempt to solidify the dominance of “Israel’s” settler-colonial project. To say that the ethnic cleansing of Palestine was simply taking place around the time of 1948 would be, in a way, bowing to the Zionist concept that their “State” model won and that the Palestinians have already been defeated. The Palestinian resistance is most certainly not defeated, this is an ongoing struggle and an ongoing ethnic cleansing campaign, which fits into “Israel’s” settler-colonial ambitions. Naming one single event as The Nakba is correct, but when isolating the concept of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine to atrocities visited on Palestinians singularly during 1948, we begin to paint a different picture of what the true picture is.

Many of the same legal concepts, language, arguments, and tactics that were used to ethnically cleanse Palestine in 1947 are today being used to do the same thing and the examples of this are clear for all to see. This is an ongoing battle, one of a people – the Palestinians – who are fighting to expel an invading and occupying usurper entity – the Zionist regime. If “Israel” had already completed its project, it would have declared its borders, it has never done this and is still in the process of carving itself a State out of the Levant, therefore everything “Israel” is doing today is part of its expansionist mission and for it to stand as a ethno-supremacist “State” it must cement itself on all the land it illegally occupies. Israel has not achieved its goals and the Palestinians are not defeated, therefore the ethnic cleansing of Palestine only ends when one side wins.

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively.

Lebanon votes in 2022 parliamentary elections

May 15, 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen English

By Al Mayadeen English 

The Lebanese people are heading to the polls in the first legislative elections in the country since it underwent several political and economic crises that put it on the world map of turbulence.

The polls opened at 7 am local time in Lebanon

The people of Lebanon are heading to the polls on Sunday for the first time since simultaneous, consecutive crises hit the country and brought upon public outrage due to the living conditions rendered intolerable and exacerbated by mounting international pressure on the country.

The parliamentary election comes to test the opposition – a vast majority of whom is backed and funded by the US – that came to life during the widespread 2019 protests that saw demonstrators taking to the streets all over Lebanon.

The election campaign faced many obstructions due to the stifling economic condition in the country, but Beirut overcame the obstacles, with now 3.9 million Lebanese people being eligible to vote as soon as the polls opened at 7:00 am (4:00 am GMT) and until 7:00 pm (4:00 pm GMT).

This comes days after former US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker said he did not think the status-quo in Lebanon would shift due to the election, i.e., the situation would not change in the interest of the United States.

A key aspect of Schenker’s talking point was his claim of “growing discontent with Hezbollah amongst the Shia constituent”, adding that the US could have done more to “exploit” that discontent.

The senior diplomat cited the Bush administration’s siding with the Lebanese March 14 coalition in 2005 as an exception. The US had sided with the coalition in a bid to undermine the March 8 coalition comprised of Hezbollah and its allies, according to Schenker.

Since the state held its last election, Lebanon has been hit by a pandemic, a blast labeled one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history, a political crisis, a diplomatic crisis, and widespread protests, all of which have exacerbated the economic situation and stocked surging inflation in the country.

Here is what you need to know about the parliamentary elections

The national currency has lost more than 95% of its value, people are blocked from accessing their savings in banks, and the minimum wage cannot cover basic necessities throughout the month, putting more than 80% of the population under the poverty line.

Due to the hardship the Lebanese people are suffering, the country landed at the very bottom of the 2022 World Happiness Index released in March. The country only came second-to-last to Afghanistan, a nation that has just ended a US occupation that lasted 20-years and brought it to the brink of collapse.

Check: Global Happiness Index 2019-2021

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Sino-Pakistan relationship: A challenge for the new Pakistani government

6 May 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen English

Ruqiya Anwar 

Perhaps no other country in the region has seen China’s footprint grow more than Pakistan.

Sino-Pakistan Relationship: A challenge for New Pakistani Government

China’s interest in South Asia has grown dramatically in recent years, encompassing geostrategic and security objectives and economic and development projects. Perhaps no other country in the region has seen China’s footprint grow more than Pakistan.

After Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was dismissed from office by a historic no-confidence motion amid a significant political crisis in the South Asian country, China stressed that relations with Pakistan are unlikely to be harmed. According to the Chinese foreign ministry, China has been keeping a careful eye on the political situation in Pakistan. “As Pakistan’s close neighbor and staunch ally, China hopes that all groups in Pakistan remain together and work together to ensure the country’s general stability and development. Therefore, China would stick to its favorable stance toward Pakistan.” 

At the same time, security concerns in Pakistan will put the partnership’s strength to the test in the coming years. However, if the country’s internal security deteriorates or Chinese concerns about its political direction deepen, it will be a huge missed opportunity. Recently, three Chinese nationals were killed in a suicide attack in Pakistan. The director of the Confucius Institute, a Chinese government-run entity that conducts language and cultural programs worldwide, and two other faculty members in Pakistan were among the deceased, posing a challenge for Pakistan’s new government as it attempts to improve relations with China. On the other hand, the Pakistani government promptly stated that those responsible would be found and punished.

One of Pakistan’s most important military and economic assistance sources is China. This support from a major state is significant for Islamabad, which does not have many powerful allies. Moreover, Pakistan also hopes that Chinese initiatives will assist it in modernizing and transforming its economy while somehow keeping India in check.

Furthermore, as the geopolitical competition with the US increases and alliances form to confront China’s growing assertiveness both in the region and beyond, Islamabad is likely to remain a crucial strategic partner for China. One of the major beneficiaries of China’s rise as a global power should be Pakistan. However, the US has constantly tried to sabotage or disrupt China-Pakistan relations, particularly the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and China’s proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Khan’s government had tight relations with the US, particularly following his February travel to Russia, which the US saw as a clear signal of taking sides in the Ukraine issue between the US and Russia. Khan has previously claimed that the US was behind efforts to depose him because he had visited Moscow in February. China has never intervened like the US in other countries’ internal affairs: China and Pakistan can have an all-weather strategic cooperative partnership because China treats all parties that come to power equally and stays out of their internal affairs.

Relations with Beijing have only grown more significant as China’s investments in Pakistan have increased, particularly since establishing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which connects Pakistani ports to Chinese transportation networks.

Notably, the new Pakistani prime minister stated that the everlasting Pak-China friendship is firmly ingrained in the hearts of the two countries’ people and that Pakistan sees China as its best friend and values its strong friendship with the Chinese people. Pakistan and China have always stood by one other and worked together for mutual benefit, providing a positive example for international relations.

Most importantly, the new Pakistani government is willing to deepen bilateral cooperation in agriculture, science and technology, education, and poverty alleviation and accelerate the CPEC’s construction with more vigor and efficiency to benefit both countries and peoples.

Significantly, cooperation between China and Pakistan in counterterrorism and the fight against the coronavirus is critical for Pakistan to overcome its current challenges. This means China is the country’s most dependable, trustworthy, powerful, and irreplaceable partner. Moreover, China adheres to the concept of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. Therefore, no matter how the international scene and their respective domestic situations evolve, China-Pakistan relations have always been unshakeable and rock-solid, as history has repeatedly demonstrated.

According to Chinese and Pakistani analysts, China-Pakistan relations will not be influenced by Pakistan’s internal political changes because safeguarding and developing bilateral relationships is a collective consensus of all parties and groups in Pakistan. Experts from both China and Pakistan are optimistic about the future of China-Pakistan relations, believing that the new government will respect the country’s long-standing history of safeguarding the country’s friendship with China and all China-Pakistan cooperation projects. China looks forward to working closely with the new Pakistani government to maintain historic friendships, improve strategic communication, progress the CPEC, and establish a closer China-Pakistan community with a common vision in the 21st century (CGTN, 2020). Pakistan’s current political troubles have nothing to do with the country’s strong connections with China. Thus collaboration between the two countries will be unaffected.

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively.

Palestine: Triumph of an Iron Will over a Faux Iron Dome

May 01, 2022


By Mansoureh Tajik

Today, Palestine is the calibration reference with which people and nations of the world must compare and standardize the accuracy of their beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes with respect to justice, human liberty, dignity, and morality. It is the standard with which they must true-up and adjust their moral and ethical campus. To adjust accurately means to actively fight using all means available (pens, missiles, talks, and walks) against aggressions and atrocities of the Zionist entity and its backers and handlers, the Anglo-Zionist West, Inc. led by the United States of America.

The Zionist regime was established on an utterly obscene false meme of “a land without people for a people without a land.” For nearly 75 years, what heinous crimes and nefarious acts were not exacted upon the People of Palestine. In all crimes and transgressions of the Zionist regime against the People of Palestine, the collective West and their regional puppets have directly and indirectly aided and abetted. They all share the responsibility and must answer in this world and in the Day of Judgment.

In the words of Ayatullah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a speech delivered last year on the occasion of Quds Day:

“The Zionists, from day one, converted the usurped Palestine into a base for terrorism. Israel is not a country but a terrorist camp against the people of Palestine and other Muslim nations. Fighting against this ruthless and vicious regime is equivalent to fighting against injustice and fighting against terrorism. And this is a duty and responsibility of everyone.”[1]

During these 74 plus years, the People of Palestine first fought with their words, then with their shoes, then with their closed fists, then with stones and sticks, then with their bodies strapped with explosives, then with rocks, and now with missiles. Meanwhile, their so-called leaders and their so-called Arab brothers in ethnicity and their so-called Muslim brothers in religion “closed it” with the godfathers of crime and wretchedness and sold them out in one accord after another. Thusly, they helped establish and brutally maintain the largest and longest lasting concentration camp known to humanity in all of human history.

Forty four years ago, God’s blessings came in the form of an eighty-year-old man of God, Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini, who had led a revolution to re-introduce the Words of God back into the politics of man. He made Qods and Palestine the one and only issue of greatest importance for the Muslims all over the planet and designated the last Friday of every Ramadan, the day of Al-Qods. His reasoning was quite clear and straight forward. His words were exact:

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

I have warned for many long years the danger of despotic usurper Israel to Muslims. Nowadays, it has intensified its barbarous attacks on the Palestinian brothers and sisters. Specifically in southern Lebanon, it aims to exterminate the Palestinian resistors by incessantly bombing their homes and livelihoods.

I ask all Muslims of the world and the Islamic governments to join together and cut off the hands of this usurper and its backers. I invite all Muslims of the world to choose this last Friday of the blessed Month of Ramadan, which is also one of Nights of Power (Laylat ul-Qdr) and could have detrimental effects on the fate of the People of Palestine, as the Qods Day and through some functions and observances, openly announce their international support of legitimate rights of Muslim People. I ask God Almighty the triumph of Muslims over habitual non-believers. Wasalaam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

Ruhollah Mosavi Khomeini”[2]

Aspirations and ideals cannot be realized without real, tangible, and practical means and tools, strong determination and will, and an authentic trust in God. In 1369 [1990] the Qods Force was formally established within the Islamic Revolution Guards Corp with a direct order from Ayatullah Khamenei putting Sardar Qasim Soleimani in charge and as its Commander.

To have a realistic assessment of the progress, it is useful to do a short interim assessment and a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation based on facts on the ground. And that, we shall try.

On September 9, 2015, when JCPOA agreement had just been reached and in response to some Zionist propaganda, we were promised by Imam Khamenei that an entity called “Israel” will seize to exist. He said,

“Some Zionists have said, ‘considering the outcome of the nuclear negotiations, we will be free of pestering by Iran for 25 years.’ But we tell them, ‘you will not see the 25 years in the future, in fact and, with God’s Blessings, by then, nothing of the Zionist regime will exist in the region.”[3]

So far, 6 years, 7 months, and 20 days are gone and 18 years, 4 months, and 10 days are left on that 25-year deadline. How are the Zionist entity and its backers holding up, so far? Let’s first hear a clean and bare bone report of events directly from the horse’s mouth, the big and powerful US on whose unshakable support and protection the Israeli decision makers have opened a special account. Nothing could be more revealing than a short Q&A session between a senate panel and Antony Blinken (See short video here) this last Tuesday (April 26th). It is too interesting to leave it unscripted:

Ted Cruz: Is it true that IRGC is actively trying to murder former senior officials of the United States?

Antony Blinken: I’m not really sure what I can say in an open setting but let me say generically that there is an ongoing threat against American officials both present and past.

Ted Cruz: Is it true the state department is spending roughly two million dollars a month to protect those officials?

Antony Blinken: We are making sure and we will make sure for as long as it takes protecting our people present and former if they’re…if they are under threat.

Ted Cruz: And I am assuming you agree if attempting to murder a secretary of state or a former secretary of state is a pretty damn big deal?

Antony Blinken: I would certainly agree with that. Yes.

Ted Cruz: There have been multiple public reports that we asked them to make a simple promise not to murder a former secretary of state and they refused. There is nothing classified about that. If they are actively refusing, saying, ‘no we are going to keep trying to murder your former secretary of state,’ the idea that our negotiators are sitting in Vienna saying, ‘okay, that’s great, how many more billions we can give you.’ That doesn’t make any sense. So, I just want to know the factual question. Did you ask them stop trying to murder the former secretary of state and they sit there and tell you, ‘NO. No, we are going to keep trying to murder him.”

Antony Blinken: Of course, within the context of any engagement we have directly and indirectly with the Iranians, one of the strong messages we send to them is they need to stop targeting our people. Period. And here are the facts as I mentioned a few minutes ago.

Ted Cruz: But, did they tell you no?

Antony Blinken: Again, I am not going to characterize what they said. They know what they would need to do to address this problem and that’s pretty straight forward. But we’ve seen these attacks go up 400% from 2019 to 2020 after we got out of the nuclear agreement, after we designated IRGC, after we killed Soleimani for whom no one is shedding any tears. Those are the facts. We have to deal with the facts in terms of what represents a threat to our people and how we can…[cut off by Ted Cruz]

Ted Cruz: Let me ask about Nord Stream 2…”

I would like to open a parenthesis and say that there is a very simple solution here that you are overlooking Mr. Blinken. Extradite every single one of those criminals to the Islamic Republic of Iran. We promise to conduct a fair trial (fairer than any trial you will ever offer any of your own journalists) here in Iran in a very open, transparent, live, and public to the world. We give our words of honor to be fair and, unlike you, our words and pledges mean something to us. Close parenthesis.

Anyway, the Zionist regime’s enabler regime cannot even guarantee the safety of its own officials let alone the security of an illegitimate entity suffering from Aggressive Compulsive Savagery Disorder (ACSD). Even when they provide their state of the art protective shield, its sub-par performance is unimpressively costly. How many more “concussions”, refinery fires, pin-point hits on your bases, spy dens, and sensitive locations do you need to have in order reach a sober and wise conclusion? What will it take?

Perhaps a simple math from your own books is more useful. In the 6-day fire exchange between Hamas and the Zionist regime less than a year ago, estimated cost of the short-range Qassam rocket fired by Hamas was somewhere between $300 to $800 each. In contrast, estimated cost of Iron Dome’s interceptors was between $50,000 and $100,000 each. According to Benny Gantz, the regime’s defense minister, the Iron Dome missile defense system had recorded more than 1,000 interceptions since the start of the military operation in the Gaza Strip on May 10. [4] That averaged to $75 million dollars in 6 days with great many rockets hitting their intended targets. I know money is not everything but don’t you do all these for your love of material wealth?

Or, perhaps we should add a little oomph to the mix. I tried to make a very simple conceptual drawing of the facts on the ground in and around the occupied Palestine based on a short video made in Hebrew (see here) and released by the Nojaba Movement of Iraq. As the saying goes, a picture says more than 1000 words. This is 1000 + 36:

In the short clip, Nojaba poses an excellent and noteworthy question to the occupiers of Palestine. It asks: “Hamas and the Islamic Jihad alone brought about the Saif al-Quds [The Sword of Al-Quds]. In an expanded war, how are you going to protect your “protective shield?!” Touché, Nojaba!

The clip closes by a very real and truthful announcement: “War with Israel will no longer be a war limited to a country in the east of the Mediterranean Sea. Rather, the Zionists will face a front consisting of warriors whose limits are heavens and of non-Palestinian nations. In that, it will be astounded and overwhelmed.”

Yesterday, Ayatullah Khamenei, in his speech [5] for Al-Quds Day on Friday (April 29, 2022), gave a very concise and hopeful prognosis. He announced: “today, an ‘undefeatable will’ in Palestine and the entire West Asia has replaced the ‘undefeatable army’ of the Zionists. And this criminal military has been forced to re-structure its tactical formation from offense to defense.” In his speech delivered in Arabic, he directly addressed the Palestinians and all in the Islamic and Arab world, he made several critical and noteworthy points that are important to review as they relate to global current affairs and illuminate the path in the near future. Below, I have translated specific segments for your study:

“We are spending the Qods Day this year while all signs point to the emergence of a new equation in today and tomorrow of Palestine. Today, the ‘undefeatable will’ in Palestine and all regions of West Asia has replaced the ‘undefeatable army’ of Zionists. Today, that criminal army has had to change its formation from offensive posture to a defensive one. Today, in the political arena, the biggest supporter of the usurper regime, that is [US] America itself has suffered consecutive defeats: defeat in Afghanistan, defeat in maximum pressure against the Islamic Iran, defeat against Asian powers, defeat in controlling the world economy, defeat in managing its own internal affairs, and a deep divide in the [US] American ruling establishment.”

“The polls indicate that nearly 70 percent of the Palestinians in 1948 and 1967 areas and in external camps encourage the Palestinian leaders to take military actions against the usurper regime. This is an important phenomenon because it means the Palestinians are now fully prepared to oppose the usurper regime and this now keeps the fighting organizations’ hands open so that any time they determined necessary, they could enter into action.”

“The Zionist regime, even though it is out of breath, continues its crimes and is attacking the oppressed and killing unarmed women, children, the old, and the young. It imprisons and tortures them. It destroys homes, farms, and belongings of people. But the liars and false claimants of human right in Europe and [US] America who are making such fuss in the matters of Ukraine have sealed their lips with silence about all these atrocities and crimes in Palestine. They not only do not defend the oppressed, they help this blood thirsty wolf. This serves as a great lesson for the affairs of the world of Islam and on the top of that the issue of Palestine. You cannot rely on these racist and hostile powers and you must not rely on them. Only with the power of resistance rooted in the teachings of the Quran Al-Kareem and the rules of beloved Islam, we can solve the problems of the Islamic World and on the top of that the issue of Palestine.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is the supporter and on the side of the Resistance front. It is the supporter and on the side of the Palestinian resistance. We have always said this and we have acted upon it and we have insisted on it. We condemn the “normalization” movement as treason and we condemn the naturalization policy. That some Arab governments have told [the US] America to speed up the resolution of the Palestinian issue, if by that they mean [for the US] to remove all obstacles in stabilizing the usurper regime before departing from the region, then, firstly, they have committed treason and have brought shame to the Arab world. Secondly, they have shown their stupidity because a sightless cannot serve as lead for another sightless.”

I would like to take a moment and make a few specific points about what the above statements in bold might mean. These are my thoughts based on observations and overall evaluation of different developments here. As with any human thought, the possibility of error is always there.

• Regarding the US’s “defeat against Asian powers” (1st paragraph in the above quote), it indicates the Islamic Republic of Iran has already determine the United States to be the loser of its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine regardless of how things develop further. That is decidedly a shared view among great many different thinkers here.

• Regarding the statement, “this now keeps the fighting organizations’ hands open so that any time they determined necessary, they could enter into action” (2nd paragraph), it means the Resistance can move from a position of solely defensive (defense and retaliation whenever attacked) to offense. This is a key development in the direction of escalation. To clarify this important point further, I need to refer to a segment in another speech by Ayatullah Khamenei, delivered a few months back before the staff and the commanders of the army and the air force. He said (I translate):

Our enemies, the enemy front –because the enemy is a front, a gigantic front—today has grasped onto a hybrid offensive. The enemy’s offensives are a hybrid offensive. That means, it includes economic dimensions, political dimensions, security dimensions, media dimensions, diplomatic dimensions – from all directions they have begun a hybrid mass offensive. In response, we, too, must have a hybrid movement. Our movement must be a hybrid movement. We must try hard in all dimensions. Of course we must defend but we cannot always remain in a defensive posture. Our enemy conducts offense. We must conduct offense as well, in all fields: in media, in economy, and in security arenas. The thinkers are responsible in here. Those who are thinkers and are of responsibility and action, especially the officials, in any of these arenas that they can perform, they must.”[6]

So, this shows an official shift for the activists and all those in the Resistance camp.

Yesterday, Sardar Qa’ani, who became the Commander of Quds Force after Sardar Soleimani’s martyrdom, too, lifted a bit of curtain and revealed corners of the Zionist regime’s shaky position with minimum touch-ups or prettification. He dared them to tell the truth to their own people:

“The criminal regime is disgraced and is not ready to man up and tell the truth even to its own people. A few months ago, news got to the regime that two unknown drones were coming towards them. They began to fly 41 military fighter aircrafts and reconnaissance drones and they had them circle around for hours from dusk to dawn. The aggressor entity in its entirety and all its people got discombobulated. They kept on asking what was going on. They weren’t man enough to give any answers about what happened, whether the drones had come or not, to whom they belonged, or what the purpose was. They lied to their people and said, ‘we had a drill.’ So, from where did they receive the information and the operational capacities later on? Be a man and give an answer to your own people. Besides, the heroic Hizbollah sent a drone for about 100 kilometer into a land that has the most concentrated defense and detection equipment and systems. It circled there. It took films. It took photos and finally returned. Why do you claim then that if a mosquito flies over, we could hit it?! Can’t you answer your own people and others?”[7]

And he had this advice to the people in the occupied Palestine:

“To the people who do not belong to this land and we consider all of them usurpers and criminals, we have only one message: Get your brain working. The regime’s life is almost up. Before your houses in Europe and [US] America, where you used to conduct your wretched lives, get too expensive and sold and before the houses you’ve usurped get dirt cheap, I advise you to sell your houses in the Occupied Land and return to your original place.”

May they hear and obey before it is too late for them. May God grant us prayers in freed Al-Aqsa Mosque very soon. Amen and والسلام


[1] Sayyed Ali Khamenei, “Televised Speech on the Occasion of Quds Day,” Last Friday on Ramadan, 1442; Ordibehesht 17, 1400 [May 7, 2021]. Accessed online at:

[2] Ruhollah Mosavi Khomeini. “Message to Muslims of Iran and the World about choosing the Qods Day.” Sahifehye Noor, Vol. 9, Page 267. Accessed online at:

[3] Qods News Agency, “Why the Zionist Regime will not see the next 25 years.” News Code: 345824. Available online:

[4] Abdel-Raouf Arnaout. “Israel incurs heavy costs intercepting Hamas rockets: Cost of Iron Dome’s interceptors estimated between $50,000 and $100,000 each.” Anadolu Agency, May 17, 2021. Accessed online at:

[5] Sayyed Ali Khameni, “Televised Speech on the Occasion of Quds Day,” The Last Friday on Ramadan, 1443; Ordibehesht 9, 1401 [April 29, 2022]. Accessed online at:

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نصرالله: انتهت المعركة بين حروب

السبت 30 نيسان 2022

ناصر قنديل

كثيرة هي القضايا التي تناولها وحللها واتخذ الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله موقفاً منها، في كلمته بمناسبة إحياء يوم القدس العالميّ، لكن المعادلات التي رسمها تعلن مرحلة جديدة من المواجهة مع كيان الاحتلال في المنطقة. ونحن نتحدّث هنا عن شيء آخر ومختلف عن مسار انحلال وتفكك الكيان تحت تأثير المسارات التصاعدية لحركة قوى المقاومة وانتفاضة الشعب الفلسطيني، داخل الأرض الفلسطينية. فالحديث عن البيئة الإقليمية المحيطة بهذه المواجهة الدائرة والمتصاعدة في فلسطين. وهي شيء آخر ومختلف أيضاً عن الالتزام المؤكد والمجدد لمحور المقاومة، بمعادلة الردع لحماية القدس، القائمة على استعداد المحور لخوض حرب إقليمية إذا تعرّضت القدس للخطر.

الجديد هو معادلة الرد على الاعتداءات الإسرائيلية، التي تشكل سورية ساحتها الرئيسية عبر الغارات المستمرة، والتي تستهدف وفق الإعلان الإسرائيلي مواقع ومنشآت تعود لكل من إيران وحزب الله، بالإضافة الى عمليات رديفة لها في مواقع وساحات أخرى غير سورية، كالاستهداف الإسرائيلي الاستخباري لعلماء ومنشآت البرنامج النووي الإسرائيلي. وهذه المروحة من العمليات التي تملأ عبرها قيادة الكيان الفراغ الاستراتيجي الناجم عن عجزها في الذهاب الى حروب كبرى، وعجزها الموازي عن إطلاق مبادرات سياسية كبرى، ويسميها الإسرائيليون بالمعركة بين حربين.

المعركة بين حربين هي الصيغة التكتيكية البديلة للجمود، على قاعدة الخشية من حرب لا تتحمّل “إسرائيل” تبعات التورط بها، من جهة، وعدم توافر القدرة على إطلاق مبادرات سياسية تستقطب قوى وتعطّل موازين قوى تقف على خط المواجهة، وتقوم هذه الصيغة التكتيكية على لعبة حافة الهاوية، باختيار العمليات التي تمنح “إسرائيل” تفوقاً تكتيكياً وتضع بيدها زمام المبادرة، وتستنزف المعسكر المقابل بموارده البشرية وعتاده العسكري، وكلما كانت ضرباتها أشد إيلاماً وأكبر أذى، دون أن تؤدي الى التورط بحرب، كانت أكثر تعبيراً عن مفهوم المعركة بين حربين، لكن نجاح هذه النظرية التكتيكية خلال سنوات بملء الفراغ الاستراتيجي لدى كيان الاحتلال، كان ناشئاً عن إدراك أكدته التجربة بأن الجبهة المقابلة لا ترغب بالتورط بحرب، وأنها ترسم قواعد اشتباك لشروط وطبيعة ردودها، ما يمنح القيادة الإسرائيلية فرصة رسم مسارات مرنة ومتحركة وفاعلة لمعركتها بين حربين، حرب وقعت وحرب لا تريد لها أن تقع.

انطلق الحساب الإسرائيلي من أن إيران منهمكة بمعالجة تداعيات الحصار الاقتصادي، وهي بغنى عن مواجهة كبرى مع “إسرائيل”، وهي منهمكة بتطوير برنامجها النووي، ومنهمكة برسم خطوط سياستها الخارجية بين حدود العودة للاتفاق النووي والحفاظ على مكانتها الإقليمية القوية، وأن سورية منهمكة بمعاركها مع تركيا وأميركا ومخرجاتهما المحليّة في شمال سورية وشرقها وغربها، وهي تراعي الحسابات الروسية كحليف ثابت وكبير في هاتين المعركتين. وأن سورية تحت وطأة حصار اقتصادي ومعاناة اجتماعية كبيرة، ولذلك فهي ستتفادى الانخراط بمواجهة تزيد عليها الأعباء وتخلط الأوراق وتربك الحسابات. وأن حزب الله الذي يراعي الحسابات السورية والإيرانية من جهة، يواجه في لبنان وضعاً سياسياً ضاغطاً ومتحركاً في السياسة والاقتصاد، ما يجعله يكتفي بالعمل وفق الضوابط التي صاغها وقواعد الاشتباك التي رسمها، باعتماد الردّ عند سقوط شهداء، وغالباً الاحتفاظ بحق الرد في حساب مفتوح لم يغلق ولن يغلق.

–  الذي قاله السيد نصرالله في يوم القدس لهذا العام أن على “إسرائيل” أن تعلم بأن هذه الحسابات تغيّرت، وأن هامش الحسابات صار ضيقاً جداً، في حجم الاستعداد للتحمل وفي الزمن الفاصل عن الردّ، وأن إيران تتهيأ لمرحلة جديدة، سيكون الردّ فيها على أي استهداف، في العمق الإسرائيلي. وكلام السيد يعني ان الغارات الاسرائيلية التي تستهدف الإيرانيين في سورية ستلقى هذه المرة ومن الآن وصاعداً رداً في عمق الكيان وعلى الأرجح أن يأتي الردّ من العمق الإيراني، وأن حزب الله في أية حماقة إسرائيلية مقبلة سيردّ فوراً وبما يناسب. وهذا يعني أن قواعد الاشتباك التي ولدت وتكرّست في زمن المعركة بين حربين قد سقطت، وأن المعركة بين حربين صارت مشروع حرب، وعلى “إسرائيل” إذا جازفت أن تتوقّع نشوبها والتورط فيها.

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روسيا تخوض حرباً عادلة نيابة عن العالم بأسره…

الثلاثاء 26 نيسان 2022

د. جمال زهران*

وفقاً لتوقّعاتنا، وتوقعات المحللين المتميّزين والحقيقيّين، أنّ الحرب الروسيّة في أوكرانيا وفي مواجهة الغرب الاستعماريّ في أوروبا وأميركا، سوف تطول وتستمرّ طوال هذا العام (2022)، على الأقلّ، إلا أنّ التداعيات والتأثيرات عالمياً وإقليمياً وخصوصاً منطقتنا العربية والشرق أوسطية، سوف تستمر لسنوات عدة قادمة. ولذلك فإنّ القول الحاسم الذي نراه من جانبنا، أن الإقليم سيشهد تحوّلات كبرى وبلا حدود، وكذلك النظام الدولي مؤكداً سيتغيّر من الأحادية القطبية إلى التعددية، وذلك بإجماع المحللين، باستثناء الذين يرتمون في أحضان أميركا وأوروبا، فلا يرون إلا ما يراه هؤلاء من أنّ النظام الأحادي لا بد أن يستمر، دون تغيير!

والحقيقة التي أراها، واضحة جليّة، هي أنّ روسيا تخوض معركة ظاهرها أنها ضدّ أوكرانيا، لحماية الأمن القومي الروسي، في مواجهة إصرار أميركا وأوروبا على توسيع حلف الناتو وضمّ أوكرانيا وغيرها إلى الحلف، على حدود روسيا، بما يهدّد قلب روسيا، ولكن باطن هذه المعركة يكمن في أنّ روسيا، بعد حماية أمنها القوميّ، مضطرة لاستكمال خوض المعركة في حرب عادلة، من أجل العالم كله وليس مجرد الأمن القومي الروسي، فحسب. فالحرب العادلة، تتجه نحو الظلم وعدم المساواة وعدم العدالة، وضدّ النهب الاستعماري، وتحريك قضايا العدل والحرية والاستقلال الحقيقي، في مواجهة نظام استعماري أثبت فشله، بانتهاج سياسات الازدواجيّة، والتوظيف السياسي للقضايا والأزمات والمشكلات. فالغرب الاستعماري (أميركا وأوروبا)، يُصرّ على اتباع سياسات النهب والاستغلال لموارد دول العالم الثالث، وفرض هيمنته عليها، والحيلولة دون استقلالها، والإصرار على التدخل في شؤونها الداخلية، وخلق العملاء في الداخل، وحماية المعارضين للنظم خارجياً بالتمويل والتنظيم وخلق قنوات إعلاميّة لهم، تهدف إلى إسقاط الأنظمة التي تسعى إلى الاستقلال عن المستعمر الغربي. ولعلّ النموذج الذي ظهر مؤخراً، هو رئيس وزراء باكستان (عمران خان)، الذي أصرّ عملاء أميركا على إسقاطه داخلياً، نتيجة معارضته للانصياع والرضوخ لأميركا، وانحيازه لفكرة الاستقلال الوطني، وهو ما لا يتفق مع الهيمنة الاستعمارية. فمن المستحيل أن يُصدق الاستعماريون، بأنهم حماة للحرية وحقوق الإنسان، بل هي أوراق يتمّ توظيفها سياسياً، لاستمرار النظم العميلة التي تعيد إنتاج الاستعمار ولو في أشكال جديدة.

ولعلّ هذه الازدواجيّة، تتضح في السيطرة على الآلة الإعلامية الدولية، ومن بينها الإعلام الإقليميّ مثل قناة «الجزيرة» وقنوات الإخوان المعارضة في تركيا، لإثبات أنّ روسيا تمارس أبشع أنواع الاضطهاد والقتل والتعذيب والتنكيل لشعب أوكرانيا، وبالطبع على غير الحقيقة، بينما يصمت هذا الإعلام الدولي والإقليمي، بل ومواقف الغرب الاستعماري، عن جرائم الكيان الصهيوني في الأرض الفلسطينية المحتلة، والجرائم العدوانية ضد المصلين في المسجد الأقصى، ومحاولات التنكيل بالشعب الفلسطيني الأعزل! تلك هي ازدواجية الغرب الاستعماري، حيث يدافع عن مصالحة، ويتجاهل مصالح الشعب الفلسطيني.

حيث يساند الكيان الصهيوني علناً، وبالمال والسلاح والدعم السياسي، بينما يدافع عن شعب أوكرانيا، ويوجه النقد والحصار، ويفرض العقوبات على روسيا ومن يؤيدها/ لمجرد خوض روسيا الحرب العادلة، دفاعاً عن أمنها القومي!

على الجانب الآخر، فإنّ أميركا منذ عام 1944م، وهي تفرض الدولار كعملة دولية لا تقبل المنافسة، حتى عندما بدأت الحصار والعقاب لروسيا، تصورت أنها لا تزال مهيمنة على العالم، فما كان من روسيا إلا أن فرضت عملتها بغطاء ذهب حقيقي، لتصدير البترول والغاز، وتبادل السلع، وقامت بفرض نظام (مير)، للتجارة على أساس العملة الروسية (الروبل)، وستضم إلى هذا النظام دولاً مثل: الصين والهند، وكوريا الشمالية وسورية وإيران، بل دعت دول العالم خصوصاً في الشرق والمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط وأميركا اللاتينية للانضمام إلى هذا النظام، لضرب الاحتكار الأميركي والأوروبي، وإثبات تحوّل النظام الدولي إلى التعدد القطبي، وإنهاء الأحادية القطبية تحت الهيمنة الأميركية. أنها إذن قضية عادلة، تقودها روسيا، نيابة عن العالم كله في مواجهة الغطرسة الأميركية.

فضلاً عن أنّ روسيا ستحرك القضايا الإقليمية، بما يتفق مع حق الشعوب في التحرّر كقضية فلسطين في مواجهة الكيان الصهيوني، الذي يقف ضدّ روسيا، كما حدث في أكثر من تصويت في الجمعية العامة للأمم المتحدة. كما أنها تحرك القضية السورية في مواجهة تركيا وضرورة الانسحاب من الأراضي السورية، وزيادة قدرات سورية العسكرية. وكذلك القضية الإيرانية النووية في مواجهة الغرب الاستعماري، وغيرها.

وخلاصة الأمر أنّ روسيا بتدخلها في أوكرانيا، بدأت بفتح كلّ الأزمات الإقليمية وبالتوازي، لتحرير العالم من الهيمنة الأميركية والأوروبية، وتحويل النظام العالمي إلى نظام أكثر عدلاً وحرية. أي أن روسيا تخوض حرباً عادلة لصالح الشعوب المقهورة، عبر معركة تنظيف أوكرانيا من العملاء والنازيين.


*أستاذ العلوم السياسية والعلاقات الدولية، والأمين العام المساعد للتجمع العالمي لدعم خيار المقاومة، ورئيس الجمعية العربية للعلوم السياسية.

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’Israelis’ Obsessed with Hezbollah: Radwan’s Phantom Deprives Them from Sleep

April 25, 2022 

By Al-Ahed News

Footage of Ukrainian POWs in Mariupol! [ENG CC]

April 22, 2022

Translated by Leo.

Ukrainian soldiers that were captured by the Russian military on April 17, 2022. Around 1000 total surrendered, with 700 able to walk and 300 wounded that were evacuated on stretchers.

هذا الوحش ليس إلا غباراً…

الخميس 14 نيسان 2022

 سعادة مصطفى أرشيد _

اشتهر وزير الدفاع (الإسرائيلي) الأسبق موشي يعلون عندما خدم كرئيس أركان الجيش أثناء الانتفاضة الثانية بأنه صاحب نظرية كيّ الوعي، والتي تبنّتها حكومة اليسار في حينه برئاسة إيهود باراك، ثم ما لبثت أن تبنتها الحكومات كافة. هذه النظرية هي لطريقة التعامل والانتصار على الشعب الفلسطيني أساساً، واستعملت ببعض التحوير للتعامل مع العالم العربي المطبّع معها. ترى هذه النظرية أنّ كي الوعي الفلسطيني هو المقدمة الضرورية للانتصار عليه لاحقاً في أرض المعركة، وذلك من خلال تحطيم إرادته ومعنوياته وضرب منظومات قيمه وثقافته وتاريخه، ومحو هويته، وإشعاره الدائم بضعفه وفشله أمام (إسرائيل) المتفوّقة والمنتصرة في النهاية، وإحداث انشقاقات داخلية وزرع فئات مستفيدة (خلق طبقات جديدة) مما تقدّم، وتعمل على نشر الروح الانهزاميّة وثقافة الاستسلام.

هذه النظرية (الإسرائيلية)، ما لبثت أن أخذت أبعاداً متدحرجة وذلك إثر تعيين الجنرال الأميركي دايتون في أيار عام 2005 منسقاً للعلاقات الفلسطينية ـ (الإسرائيلية)، ( (USSCثم عقب فوز حركة حماس في الانتخابات التشريعية والتداعيات التي تلاحقت وأخذت شكل الانقسام الجغرافي، فأضيف لعمل الجنرال مهمة الإشراف على تدريب ـ وللدقة على إعادة تأهيل، أجهزة الأمن الفلسطينية، وسرعان ما أصبح الجنرال نجم السياسة ومقررها بفضل امتداد نفوذه الى شتى الوزارات والإدارات الفلسطينية لا الأمنية فحسب. والجنرال متعدّد المواهب وله سيرة ذاتية مهمة وتجارب سابقة ساعدته في القيام بمهمته، فقد عمل سابقاً دبلوماسياً في موسكو ما بعد الاتحاد السوفياتي، وساهم في صناعة المجتمع المدني هناك عبر إنشاء منظمات غير حكوميّة ( (N.G.Osثم انتقل الى يوغوسلافيا ليكون له دور في شرذمتها ثم الى العراق في فرق التفتيش عن أسلحة الدمار الشامل المزعومة.

عمل الجنرال دايتون على صناعة عقيدة أمنية جديدة للأمن الفلسطيني، حيث تتمّ تعبئة رجال الأمن بأنّ مشروعهم وعملهم لا علاقة له بالعودة والتحرير وحق تقرير المصير وإقامة الدولة المستقلة وعاصمتها القدس، وإنما بالدفاع عن اتفاق أوسلو ووليدته السلطة الفلسطينية بكامل التزاماتها، ثم انّ العدو ليس (إسرائيل) وإنما العدو في الداخل الفلسطيني وكلّ من يعارض الاتفاق المشؤوم والالتزامات الواردة في نصوصه…

ما تقدّم ليس تحليلاً او اجتهاداً، بل هو ما أفصح عنه الجنرال متفاخراً بإنجازاته بمحاضرة ألقاها أمام جمع من السياسيين في معهد واشنطن لسياسات الشرق الأدنى المقرّب من إيباك (اللوبي اليهودي) ونص المحاضرة موجود باللغة العربية على الشبكة العنكبوتية لمن يريد الاستزادة، ويضيف الجنرال بفخر وتبجّح أنّ أحد الضباط خاطب متخرجي إحدى الدورات قائلاً: ليست مهمتكم أن تقاتلوا (إسرائيل)، وإنما الحفاظ على الأمن، وهذا ما جعل ضباطاً في الجيش (الإسرائيلي) يسألونني بإعجاب: كم من هؤلاء الرجال تستطيع أن تصنع؟

تجاوزت صلاحيات الجنرال الأمن والتنسيق مع (إسرائيل)، باتجاه إعادة صناعة المواطن الفلسطيني وفق المحددات ذاتها، فعلى المواطن الفلسطيني أن يرى في العمل المقاوم للاحتلال عملاً موجهاً ضدّه أيضاً، فهو يؤدي الى إغلاق المعابر أمام حركة البيع والشراء ويعطل عمل السوق ويؤدي الى سحب تصاريح عمل العمال في الداخل الفلسطيني، المقاوم يصبح عدواً للشعب الفلسطيني لا لـ «الإسرائيلي» فحسب. هذا الفلسطيني الهجين والمشوّه الذي ظنّ دايتون انه صنع له عقيدة تقوم على الراتب وفوائد الاستسلام، وولاء لمن يؤمّن الراتب، فشلت. فـ «الإسرائيلي» لم يقدّم للسلطة مقابل احتضانها لدايتون ونظرياته وتدريباته إلا الإمعان في تهميشها.

 يا ترى ماذا لدى الجنرالين موشي يعلون ودايتون ليقولا تعقيباً على ما جرى ويجري انطلاقاً من جنين مدينة ومخيماً ومحافظة؟ وما حصل من زخم مقاوم واشتباكات من مسافات صفرية في أنحاء الضفة الغربية التي أصبحت تعيش أجواء انتفاضة ثالثة أو حالة حرب، وهي مرشحة للمزيد مع اقتراب عيد الفصح اليهوديّ خلال أيام، وما يمكن ان يحصل في المسجد الأقصى خلاله، وبالطبع غزة ليست شريكاً وإنما جزء من المواجهة، ولكن بما تحكمه الجغرافيا، وما هو قابع في أعماق العقل والقلب الفلسطيني بقي على رفضه للسموم وإن غلفت بالسكر، الشهيد رعد زيدان هو نجل عقيد في الأمن الفلسطيني، والشهيد السعدي هو عنصر سابق في الاستخبارات العسكرية والذي أطلق النار على المستوطنين المعتدين على مقام قبر يوسف في نابلس ضابط أمن، وهم يكذبون بالقول والفعل أية نظرية تظنّ أنها تستطيع تعمية الشمس بغربال باطلها. لم يستطع موشي يعلون كي الوعي الفلسطيني العام، ولا الجنرال الأميركي استطاع صناعة فلسطيني جديد وفقاً لمقياسه، إلا في حالات نادرة سيلفظها الزمن، وما حصل في الأيام الأخيرة يؤكد تهافت كلّ النظريات المعادية أمام حقيقة أنّ الاحتلال وكيانه إلى زوال، وأنّ الأميركي في تراجع.

 الاثنين الماضي تمّ عرض أبطال سجن جلبوع أمام المحكمة في الناصرة، استطاع الأسير محمود العارضة ان يمرّر خلال المحاكمة جملة واحدة نقلتها الصحافة: هذه (إسرائيل) ـ الوحش ليس إلا غباراً…

Journalist Roman Kosarev: “It’s not Russia starting a war, it’s Russia ending the war that’s been happening here the last 8 years”


Eva Bartlett

Eva Bartlett is an independent writer and rights activist with extensive experience in Syria and in the Gaza Strip, where she lived a cumulative three years (from late 2008 to early 2013). She documented the 2008/9 and 2012 Israeli war crimes and attacks on Gaza while riding in ambulances and reporting from hospitals. In 2017, she was short-listed for the prestigious Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism.

While in Donetsk a few days ago, I met RT journalist Roman Kosarev, who has been based in the Donbass republics, covering Ukraine’s war on the people, a war ignored by Western media and politicians.

Follow Roman’s work:

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Iran warns against foreign meddling in Pakistan

4 Apr 2022

Source: Agencies

By Al Mayadeen Net 

Iran stresses its support for the decision of the Pakistani people regarding their own fate as the country undergoes political tensions, highlighting the good relations between Tehran and Islamabad.

Supporters of the Pakistan PTI political party chant slogans in support of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan outside the Parliament building, Islamabad, Pakistan April 3, 2022 (Reuters)

Tehran is closely monitoring the latest political developments in Pakistan, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh said Monday, stressing the need to respect the Pakistani people’s will and dictation of their own fate away from foreign interferences.

“We are closely monitoring the developments in Pakistan,” Khatibzadeh told a press conference in Tehran, noting that the developments in the “friendly and brotherly neighbor” were “seriously important” to Iran.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, called for the President to dissolve parliament and hold early elections Sunday, a move that took place after members of the National Assembly presented a motion for a vote of no-confidence against the Prime Minister. The deputy speaker of Parliament, however, blocked the motion, ruling it was unconstitutional and part of a foreign conspiracy.

The Iranian spokesperson explained that such developments in the parliamentary system of Pakistan were natural.

“We must all make sure that the people of Pakistan will settle their country’s fate without foreign interference and meddling,” Khatibzadeh stressed.

He also outlined Tehran’s good relations with Islamabad, and the former has been trying to safeguard these relations.

In an address he gave on state TV, Khan had stated there was unacceptable interference in Pakistan’s democratic institutions, which is why an interim government should be formed to hold fresh elections.

Washington was quick to rebut the accusations about interference from its end, saying the US had no involvement.

A State Department spokesperson told Reuters that there was no truth to the allegations, claiming that the US “respect[s] and support[s] Pakistan’s constitutional process and the rule of law.”

Pakistan’s PM stated on Friday that his government gave an official note to the United States Embassy in Islamabad to protest Washington’s interference in the country’s affairs. 

The developments in Pakistan are unfolding as the country undergoes high inflation and diminishing foreign reserves while in a harsh IMF bailout program.

The Ukrainian rabbit hole of radicalism 

April 01, 2022


If you don’t want or can’t see what’s going on, you won’t even see it.

By Nat South

This article covers three aspects related to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, namely an overview of how a noxious brand of Ukrainian fascism has shaped an all-pervading attitude at top levels.  Some instances of malfeasance shown at the top levels of the Ukrainian government are also highlighted.  The article also outlines how this unsettling mindset has seeped into military tactics on the ground.  Lastly, this article contains part 2 of an inglorious roll call of commonplace hatred in Ukraine to show the extent of unadulterated hatred.

A distinct Ukrainian brand of fascism became the dominant political force by embedding itself into all aspects of Ukrainian society as well as political structures. Specific aspects of this were dealt with in a previous article (Just a handful…).

To say that there are hundreds of hotspots of Bandera glorifiers scattered throughout Ukraine may be an understatement.  The worship, the reverence of Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych are disconcerting but well-known. It is surreal and riddled with mind-boggling contradictions, (see image below). Coming from an alleged 1000+ year old country, basing its most revered national heroes on WWII era Nazi collaborators is simply phantasmagorical on all levels.  In fact, the whole essence of Ukrainian nationalism is underpinned by:

  • promoting the hatred of Russian speakers;
  • portraying Russia as a hostile state against the Ukrainian people;
  • glorification of the Ukrainian military and volunteer units, in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in Donbass;
  • glorification of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA and OUN) that carried out widespread acts of horrific ethnic cleansing of Jews and Poles during WWII, (that fought the Soviets, sometimes collaborating with the Germans).
  • allowing the praise and positive image of Ukrainian manned SS units and WWII death squads as national heroes.

In short, being “pro-Ukrainian” hinges on a blend of:

  •  modern-day vile hatred for Russians, Roma, Jews and others,
  •  readily accepting the notion of ethnic cleansing to protect the state,
  • promotion of fascist ideologies.

How can this even be remotely ‘healthy’ or an acceptable part of a democratic society?

Post-Maidan Ukraine reflects a series of incongruous juxtapositions, many of which are disturbing and would be shocking for ordinary Europeans if they were fully aware and not perpetually mislead by complicit MSM outlets. Take one example where the state symbols of Ukraine are interwoven with openly UPA — OUN elements: the utterance of “Glory to Ukraine”.  Then there is a tweet (now deleted) by the Ukrainian parliament:

Outstanding figures in the history of Ukraine

Outstanding figures in the history of Ukraine”

The Ukrainian government went as far as introducing legislation that gave a privileged status of WW2 “protagonists” and UPA veterans were regularly commemorated, where Kiev legalised the SS Galicia symbols, not considered as Nazi, and SS members were feted in the Western parts of Ukraine.  In contrast, the term “Great Patriotic War” was officially abolished.

Very few Ukrainians have relatives that fought with the UPA or belonged to the OUN, including ironically Zelensky’s grandfather. The public remembrance ceremonies of those who fought against WWII Nazism were subverted and strongly discouraged, whereas those who fought against the Soviets were openly revered without any hindrance on the part of authorities or law enforcement.

Two excerpts of the normalcy of fascism:

When 15,000 people in 2014 (just one of many marches in support of UPA-OUN leaders since 2014) shout “Heil Bandera”, adorned with various neo-Nazi insignia and flags, especially during marches on Bandera’s birthday.

Often accompanied by shouts of “Hang the Moskals (on the lamppost/ tree/ branch)!” or “Muscovites to the knife” (stab the Moskals, “Москалей на ножи!”) or “Suitcase, station, Russia” (“чемодан вокзал Россия”), along with singing the praises for Bandera, “Bandera our father“.

Repeat this month in, month out, for nearly a decade.  Replicate this ideological stance in the militaryschool classes and in parliament.

Ukraine has a long-standing fixation with Bandera, take for example postage issued in 2009 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Stephen Bandera. Plus, another postage stamp dedicated to Roman Shukhevych the year before. Did Norway ever issue a stamp to commemorate Quisling in the last 20 years? Or maybe France, a modern-era stamp to honour Petain or Laval? Simply unthinkable but this is precisely what Ukraine did.

Another simple example:  when Kiev city authorities renamed two major thoroughfares in 2016, as part of the decommunization process, one is Bandera Avenue and the other one, (you guessed it) was renamed in honour of Shukhevych. Previously, it had been named after a Soviet general, Vatutin, who was killed during WWII by the UPA.

The concept of a warped Ukrainian national identity has deep UPA-OUN roots,

Post-2014 governments gradually sought to change and ban the language and cultural identity of Hungarian, Greek, Rusyn and Russian minorities in Ukraine. The result is a rebranding of an ideology and leaders into something considered to be an intangible definition of being the “right kind” of Ukrainian.

The nefarious rabbit hole goes much deeper

Joining the dots: starting with this extract of interviews by President Zelensky’s advisor, Aleksey Arestovich, offers a exclusive first-person glimpse into the overriding mindset at work, to be found at the highest level of Ukrainian officialdom. Straight off, the 2nd segment is part of an interview on Ukrainian TV.  These statements are filled with absolute malfeasance and contempt for democracy and note the praise for ISIS leadership and their inhumane treatment

Video Player



“Cruelty for show. It is inhuman but it is of a very high level, a wise strategy.”

So that was one example, here is another glimpse to get a fuller understanding.  Once more, a banal insight, of someone in a government that was supposed to implement the Minsk agreements, to stop the conflict in Donbass.  The discourse presented shows a blunt refusal to even consider implementing the Minsk agreements,  “a middle-finger to the right and left and at the same time — also to Russia and the West”.

Video Player



These videos speak volumes about the level of radicalisation that exists in Ukraine.   Western officials have not spoken out about this mindset or the level of pure hatred that is considered as normalcy.

Another aspect to this prevailing malfeasance is when President Zelensky announced that prisoners with combat experience and ex-ATO participants were to be released from custody in the country. While orders were given for weapons to be handed to all and sundry, causing a spate of shootings, killings, robberies, and criminal gang shootouts.  The surreal response justifying the release of criminals by a Ukrainian official is remarkable and once more offers a unique insight into the mindset.

One example of a freed criminal: Daniil Dashuk of Belarus (former member of the notorious Special Police ‘Tornado’ Battalion). The only ‘volunteer’ unit that ended up being disbanded, with several members prosecuted and jailed for inhumane treatment while serving in the ATO, known for raping minors in front of parents and committing senseless killings. One of the commanders was Ruslan Onishchenko, a bone fide Ukrainian Nazi. Now let loose to fight, kill and torture again by Zelensky.

The conflict 

Enter once more, Aleksey  Arestovich, the one who praised ISIS cruelty, who also argued that “international humanitarian laws or the laws of war don’t apply in this conflict“.

Ukrainian military strategy is heavily focused on using cities and civilian infrastructure as cover for military action. An example of this is the shopping centre in Kiev that was used for artillery and MRLS units. There is overwhelming evidence for them using civilian residences as firing positions, placing artillery, (video of civilians protesting), placing APC near civilian areas.  Furthermore, Azov in Mariupol has deliberately used many multi-storey housing with civilians as hostages.  This ugly aspect was picked up by The Washington Post.

Extract from Washington Post March 2022

Extract from Washington Post March 2022

The Washington Post article adds:

Increasingly, Ukrainians are confronting an uncomfortable truth:The military’s understandable impulse to defend against Russian attacks could be [is]putting civilians in the crosshairs.Virtually every neighborhood in most cities has become militarized, […]

Azov tactics

Azov tactics

No one of the people interviewed coming out from Mariupol said that the Ukrainian military and Azov never provided any help, no water, no food and not even any help with injured, ill civilians or kids.   Instead, there is the opposite, as noted by an Al Jazeera reporter:

“Instead the opposite happens, as noted by Al Jazeera in Irpin, where ambulances are used to carry troops.”

Video Player



The question regarding why is the Ukrainian military using civilians as cover is answered to some extent by the callous attitudes espoused by Aleksey Arestovich in the videos.


Large chunks of modern-day Ukrainian identity have piggybacked on WWII fascism. The downplaying & standing by the actions of Ukrainian nationalists by Western media & “experts “is despicable.  This now translated into total contempt for civilians, now seen as expendable in the pursuit of Ukrainian national interests.

PART 2 — The roll call of pure hatred

(Part 1 is the 1st article on blog)

Each day more banal vile hatred comes to the surface in Ukraine. The thin veneer of hatred is becoming less hidden each day. Of course, there are many who simply want to gloss over the jarring and remarkably clear examples of everyday fascist attitudes coupled with a virulent hatred for Russia and Russian speakers in Ukraine.

Ex-Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine (2016-2019), Volodymyr Omelyan said on Ukrainian Lviv NTA TV channel:

“I hope that the discussion about good Russians and bad Russians will be completed with a short conclusion: a good Russian or just a Muscovite, (Moskal) is a dead Muscovite.” […] “But bad Russians are like that from birth, and you shouldn’t talk about them at all.” 

He has enlisted in the Territorial Defense in Kiev at the beginning of the Russian military intervention. Previously he stated the following:

“Democracies will always win. Maybe it will take longer than everybody expects. But Putin has chosen the path of Hitler. And we already know how Hitler ends.”

Now the list so far:

  • International funded Ukrainian medical agency head recommendation to castrate Russian prisoners.
  • Mayor of Konotop, Artem Semenikhin, stating that Russians are cockroaches in a PBS interview;
  • Government-funded bodies saying Russians are impure half-castes on Twitter;
  • Ukrainian ambassador to Germany praising Azov and other neo-Nazis;
  • Calls for the assassination of Russian pilots’ families (Part 1);
  • Medical head instructing the castration of Russian prisoners, (Part 1)
  • Ukraine soldiers shooting captured Russian soldiers in the legs and knees;
  • Ukrainian TV host uses Adolf Eichmann quote to advocate genocide of Russians (Part 1);
  • Numerous videos, photos of a staggering amount of nazi insignia, flags, portraits, busts, literature and WWII Nazi memorabilia left behind in various military units;
Two days, two takes on inhumane treatment of prisoners.

Two days, two takes on inhumane treatment of prisoners.

Yemen & Ukraine: A tale of two wars

1 April 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen Net

Fra Hughes 

The media tries to make us believe that black is white, that the aggressors are the victims, and the oppressed are the villains.

Yemen & Ukraine: Compare and contrast a tale of two wars

Two very distinct and separate wars are concurrently happening in West Asia and Eastern Europe.

Both wars have their origins in people fighting to free themselves from a corrupt government.

The Yemini people rose in a popular revolution against a corrupt regime that acted in the interests of regional and international power blocks and not in the interests of its people.

The people of Ukraine found themselves the victim of a regime change operation in 2014 resulting in a coup that forced the democratically elected leader Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych to flee for his life as a fascist junta was installed.

While the people of Yemen fought for independence and free sovereignty, the people of Ukraine were facing a government led by neo-Nazis, Russophobic ultra-nationalists who were determined to destroy one-third of the population who are Russian-speaking Ukrainians. The specter of the Great Patriotic war loomed over the people as echoes and ghosts from 1941 returned to haunt the people who had defeated fascism in Ukraine and liberated the country from the Nazi occupation.

So we have a tale of two wars.

When the people led the revolution of Yemen threatened the Saudi favored government, the incumbent President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi fled to Riyad and with the help of mercenaries, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, planes armed with American and British bombs directed and controlled by “Israel”i American and British military advisers, Hadi continued his war against the Yemeni people to regain power.

Yemen armed forces and the popular mobilization units of the Ansurallah resistance movement have resisted all the efforts to date by Hadi, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, America, and the West to reinstall his puppet regime.

In Ukraine, we had a popular resistance to a foreign installed coup when the people of Donbas and Crimea fought for autonomy and the universal basic human right to live free from an unelected undemocratic fascist government hell-bent on destroying their culture and ethnicity and even their very lives of those who dared to resist.

Two separate conflicts both with similar origins and one common enemy 

In Yemen, the people fought a corrupt foreign-backed government. In Ukraine, the people fought against a foreign installed government. 

America backed the unpopular and elected unopposed President of Yemen.

America also backed financed directed and controlled the coup in Ukraine.

In the geopolitical machinations of American foreign policy, they effectively created both wars;

The war on Yemen presently occurring has the backing of the Biden administration as they help reinforce the illegal inhuman siege of the country while they also arm and direct the aerial bombing campaign which destroys Yemeni lives, infrastructure, hospitals, schools, roads and bridges. They also prevent food, aid medicine and fuel from being delivered, to alleviate the worst excesses of the war which they control.

It is a proxy war on Iran led by America Saudi Arabia the EU Britain and “Israel”. Every death has been and continues to be avoidable, if only the political will existed to hold a ceasefire and end the violence.

But the alliance of the unholy does not want peace, because war sells.

It sells weapons and it sells shares.

The military-industrial complex which finances and supports the American political system is making vast profits.

Profits that help bolster election campaigns and private bank accounts.

In Ukraine, after the people of Donbas and Crimea secured their freedom, a continued low-level conflict was encouraged to keep the drums of war beating,

Kiev refused to implement the Minsk Agreements of 2014 and 2015 which recognized the Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk and was the basis of a bilateral ceasefire that was constantly broken by Ukrainian shelling along the contact line killing thousand and injuring many more over the last 8 years.

Biden was the Vice President in 2014 when the coup was installed in Kiev.

Since his return to power as President, he has supplied the Ukrainian fascist forces with modern state-of-the-art armaments and encouraged Zelensky to saber rattle for war with Russia.

Biden has used Ukraine in a proxy war with Russia.

Putin and the elected government of Russia supported by Belarus and Georgia among others of the Russian Federation sent the army into Ukraine to prevent a potential massacre of the people of Donbas and Crimea as 120,000 Ukrainian battle-ready troops prepared to invade.

We have millions of displaced Ukrainians. We have thousands dead and wounded and a prospect of a long war between a resupplied Ukrainian army in the west of Ukraine and the now liberated areas of east Ukraine under Russian protection.

In Yemen, we have hundreds of thousands dead and injured. Millions of refugees and up to 25 million people face famine, death through starvation 

It is reported a Yemeni child dies every ten minutes from this sanction-induced man-made famine.

America Britain NATO and increasingly “Israel” are involved in both conflicts.

Western imperialism and American unipolar hegemony are increasingly leading to war conflict death displacement and starvation on a global scale.

While the poorest Arab country defends its sovereignty against a coalition of some of the richest countries on the planet, Yemen with its increasingly sophisticated drone and ballistic missile capacity equips its military with the expertise to target anywhere in Saudi Arabia the Emirates and even further afield, it is only a matter of time before Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates realized that their war which has already failed, may very well lead to the destruction of the Saudi and Emirati economies.

In Ukraine, the fallout from the Russian invasion has already led to fuel price hikes in America and Europe with more economic hardships to be suffered not by the rich elite who are fueling these wars but by the people already struggling under neoliberal austerity measures so much favored by the IMF and the privatization sector in western governmental structures that reinvents itself with each new administration.

While Yemen’s lives count for nothing in West Asia and Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Russia are invisible, we witness the propaganda machine, which brooks no dissent, savagely attacks Russia as the aggressor and promotes western Ukrainians as the victims.

While Yemen is portrayed as the aggressor and Saudi Arabia as the victim much like the Palestinians are terrorists and the “Israel” is are just a peace-loving nation that desires only to live without fear.  

The media tries to make us believe that black is white, that the aggressors are the victims, and the oppressed are the villains.

These may be two conflicts but it has one origin.

American foreign policy has no regard for morality, humanity, dignity or life, it is directed by the corporate desire to control the world markets, create division and profit, in equal measure, destroy any dissent and control the sovereign resources of other nations.

They used to do it by military occupation directly as they did in Iraq, Vietnam, and Ireland but now its proxy wars using unilateral coercive measures, financial sanctions, proxy wars and regime change black operations through the CIA and NGOs.

We must all stand with Yemen, Donbas and Crimea, Palestine and Cuba, Venezuela and Iran, Lebanon and Syria, North Korea and Nicaragua, indeed everywhere that stands against imperialism and for a multipolar world.

The destruction of the global south which sees the wealth of those nations flow to the Northern hemisphere must stop.

We are living in an ever-changing world.

I pray for the death of imperialism and the triumph of socialism in a multi-polar global economy where wealth and resources are shared for the benefit of the people, for all mankind, and not the elite.

Eat the rich, end the wars, support the resistance. 

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively.

Biden orders unprecedented use of US oil stockpiles

March 31 2022

Source: Agencies

By Al Mayadeen Net 

Biden is being bashed by US citizens for rising prices everywhere from the supermarket to car dealerships.

Biden is being bashed by US citizens for rising prices everywhere from the supermarket to car dealerships.

Stickers featuring President Joe Biden pointing at the gas total and saying, “I did that!” (The Washington Times)

President Joe Biden will announce, on Thursday, the release of a record million barrels of oil per day from US strategic stockpiles for about 180 days in an effort to cool soaring fuel prices. 

“After consultation with allies and partners, the president will announce the largest release of oil reserves in history, putting one million additional barrels on the market per day on average — every day — for the next six months,” a statement said.

“The scale of this release is unprecedented: the world has never had a release of oil reserves at this one million per day rate for this length of time. This record release will provide a historic amount of supply to serve as a bridge until the end of the year when domestic production ramps up,” it added.

The measure will add significant supply to the already overheated global oil market, sending inflationary shockwaves through the US economy.

Biden is already struggling with low poll numbers ahead of looming midterm elections in November where Republicans are expected to take over Congress from Democrats.

The US President is facing a number of issues that contribute to his low approval ratings, including his handling of the Ukraine crisis, the pandemic response, a border crisis, and low ratings for personal qualities such as leadership, crisis management, and mental sharpness.

US thirst for oil

A million barrels per day released over a six-month period will be by far the largest and most sustained tapping of stockpiles in US history. The release would amount to about a 1% increase in global supplies.

It is worth mentioning that Biden was scheduled to lay out the details in a speech later Thursday.

Oil prices fell sharply after initial reports of the plan, which came as the OPEC+ group of petroleum exporters decided to raise output only modestly, despite the rise in crude prices caused by the West’s hysteric sanctions on Russia.

The release dwarfs previous uses of the strategic stockpile announced by the Biden administration in collaboration with other countries on March 1 in the light of the war in Ukraine, as well as last year in response to rising inflation.

Today, Biden is getting little credit from voters, who blame him for rising prices everywhere from the supermarket to car dealerships.

And for US drivers, the price shock as they fill up their cars at gas stations is a constant annoyance. “I did this,” read a sticker with a picture of Biden that has been placed next to pump handles in a number of gas stations.

Gasoline prices are currently at an average of $4.23 per gallon, up 47% from a year ago.

Oil prices rose near $140 per barrel in March on concerns about lost Russian crude supply, as some “self-sanctioning” oil buyers avoided Russian crude in the aftermath of hysteric sanctions against Moscow.

Prices have fallen slightly since the United States banned Russian energy imports on March 8, but have remained above $100 per barrel for the majority of the time since.

Zelensky’s address to the Israelis: Drawing false parallels

March 30 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen Net

Hussam AbdelKareem 

To say that Russia is aiming at “exterminating” the Ukrainian people, as Zelensky did, is a wild exaggeration and distortion of facts.

Zelensky’s address to the Israelis: Drawing false parallels

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) on March 20. Apparently he wanted his speech to be a kind of rallying cry for the Israelis, so he was keen to use language that resonates deeply in the ears of all Israelis regardless of their political affiliations. 

The “Holocaust language” was evident all over his ten minutes speech. Zelensky resorted to Nazi-era Europe and to the memory of early Zionist leaders – the so-called “founding fathers” of “Israel”. His goal was to extract historical parallels with today’s war between his country and Russia. 

He began by talking about the “great woman from Kiev”, as he put it, referring to the Israeli leader and former Prime Minister, Golda Meir. He quoted Meir’s famous words “We intend to remain alive. Our neighbors want to see us dead. This is not a question that leaves much room for compromise”. Zelensky went on to say, “the threat is the same: for both us and you – the total destruction of the people, state, culture”. Well, Zelensky deliberately ignored the basic fact of the matter: Golda Meir was never in the “victim” shoes! In fact, she and her government were the perpetrators of mass crimes against the real victims, the Palestinian Arabs, who were forced to leave their country and become refugees. Golda Meir was a usurper and aggressor, not an innocent victim as Zelensky portrays her.

Then comes the Nazi party! Zelensky said that the date of the start of Russia’s military operations against Ukraine, 24th February, coincides with the date of the founding of the Nazi party in Germany, 102 years ago! The implication is clear: Russia today goes in parallel with Hitler’s Germany of the last century! Here again, Zelensky ignores the historical fact that Russia was indeed the victim of Nazi Germany. Moreover, today’s Ukraine, with its fascist groups and fanatics, is closer than ever to its Nazi-collaborationist history, when many Nazi-inclined Ukrainians joined the Germans during their invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.   

Zelensky moved on with his “Holocaust language” and said that Russia is talking about the “final solution” to the Ukraine problem in the same way Nazi Germany talked about the “final solution to the Jewish issue”! That is, Zelensky is saying that Russia wants to inflict extermination and total destruction on the Ukrainian people. Well, that’s hardly the case. A month has passed since the war began and Russia has hardly used a fraction of its military power and might. Any neutral observer would have to admit that Russia actually avoids attacking populous cities and civilian targets and that’s the reason for Russia’s slow advance on the ground. To say that Russia is aiming at “exterminating” the Ukrainian people, as Zelensky did, is a wild exaggeration and distortion of facts.

The inflammatory rhetoric went on: “O People of Israel! You saw Russian missiles hit Kiev, Babyn Yar. You know what kind of land it is. More than 100,000 Holocaust victims are buried there… There is a Jewish cemetery. Russian missiles hit there”. Again, Zelensky is implying that the Russians now are targeting Jews in the same way Hitler did! While the obvious and plain historical fact is that Russians, alongside the Jews, were being targeted by Hitler’s Germany, and the Soviet Union, then, considered the Jews of Eastern Europe as natural allies in its struggle against Nazism. In fact, it was Ukraine, in 2019, that voted against condemning and criminalizing Neo-Nazism in the United Nations General Assembly along with one other member only: Trump’s America! 

Then comes George W. Bush as a source of inspiration for Zelensky! Bush’s terminology was evident when Zelensky said “Mediation can be between states, not between good and evil”. This “good guys / bad guys” language was characteristic of Bush’s doctrine which led him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq under the hype of “fighting the evil”!

It should be noted, however, that many Israeli circles were not particularly pleased with Zelensky’s reference to his country’s role in World War II as “rescuer of Jews”, as the Zionists usually prefer the narrative that the Jews were the ultimate victims whom the whole world abandoned and were left to the Nazi monster. Moreover, the Israeli government was not very impressed with Zelenky’s “accusation” that it stands “indifferent” to what’s happening in Ukraine. In view of “Israel’s” declared neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine war, such harsh criticisms from Zelensky were expected, and probably because of that Israeli Knesset Speaker was not very encouraging to Zelensky’s request to address the Knesset directly and refused to call on an emergency session for the occasion. The Israeli MPs attended his sermon via the Zoom application while at home or even from holidays places!

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The road to Ukraine started with 1999’s Kosovo War

25 Mar, 2022

Supporters of NATO’s war on Yugoslavia have no right to talk about law, sovereignty or borders

Nebojsa Malic is a Serbian-American journalist, blogger and translator, who wrote a regular column for from 2000 to 2015, and is now senior writer at RT. 


The road to Ukraine started with 1999’s Kosovo War
The remains of a building that was bombed by NATO in 1999 in Belgrade, Serbia. © Pierre Crom / Getty Images

Pretty much everyone who has spent the past month moralizing about the sanctity of borders, sovereignty of countries, and how unacceptable it was for great powers to “bully” smaller neighbors – thinking of Russia and Ukraine – paused on Thursday to sing praises to a woman that championed all of those things back in 1999. Except since it was NATO doing them to Yugoslavia, Madeleine Albright was a hero and an icon, obviously.

On March 24, 1999, NATO launched an air war against Serbia and Montenegro, then known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The publicly stated aim of Operation Allied Force was to compel Belgrade to accept the ultimatum given at the French chateau of Rambouillet the month before: Hand the province of Kosovo over to NATO “peacekeepers” and allow ethnic Albanian separatists to declare independence. 

When the bombers failed to achieve that within a couple of weeks, the narrative changed to NATO acting to stop a “genocide” of Albanians its cheerleader press claimed was taking place. That narrative also credited the first-ever female US secretary of state for the “humanitarian” bombing, calling it “Madeleine’s War.” 

In the end, it took 78 days and a negotiated armistice for NATO troops to enter Kosovo wearing the fig leaf of a UN peacekeeping mission. They promptly turned the province over to the “Kosovo Liberation Army” terrorists, who proceeded to burn, loot, murder and expel over 200,000 non-Albanians. A real campaign of terror, intimidation, ethnic cleansing and pogroms began – and the very same media that covered for NATO by making up atrocities during the bombing now turned a blind eye, for the same reason.

The Radio Television of Serbia building destroyed by NATO bombings in 1999 on October 20, 2020 in Belgrade, Serbia. © Pierre Crom / Getty Images

Whatever its outcome, however, it was an evil little war, launched because the US felt it could. Because Washington wanted to get rid of the restraints posed by the UN to its new global hegemony, articulated just a few years earlier by Bill Kristol and Victoria Nuland’s husband Robert Kagan. Because the rising American Empire wanted to send a message to Eastern Europe that no dissent would be tolerated, and to Russia that it was no longer a great power worth respecting. 

A legalistic mind might point out that the attack violated Articles 2, 53 and 103 of the UN Charter, NATO’s own charter – the North Atlantic Treaty of 1949 (articles 1 and 7) – as well as the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 (violating the territorial integrity of a signatory state) and the 1980 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, for using coercion to compel a state to sign a treaty. 

Ah, but being a world empire means making its own “rules-based order” to supplant inconvenient laws. So an “independent commission” of cheerleaders was put together to declare the operation “illegal but legitimate,” arguing it was justified because it “liberated” the Kosovo Albanians from Serb “oppression.”

The actual oppression of non-Albanians as NATO troops stood idly by – including during the vicious pogrom of March 2004 – doesn’t count, obviously. The important thing is that Bill and Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and British PM Tony Blair got monuments, streets, and even children named after them.

The “independent” Kosovo – proclaimed in 2008, in a move about as legal as the 1999 war – can’t actually do anything without the permission of the US ambassador. A great triumph of human rights, law and order, and democracy, everyone!

NATO never cared about saving Albanian lives. If it did, it wouldn’t have partnered with the KLA, which made a point of murdering ethnic Albanians who wanted peace with the Serbs. It wouldn’t have repeatedly bombed refugee columns, then declaring it was really the Serbs’ fault somehow and that pilots dropped their bombs “in good faith” – literally something NATO spokesman Jamie Shea said on one occasion. 

Twenty years on and nothing has changed. Having obliterated a family in Kabul by a drone strike last August, the US offered blood money, but refused to so much as reprimand anyone involved. Being an empire means never having to say you’re sorry. This mindset propelled the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Meanwhile, failure to overthrow the government in Belgrade through war led to a “color revolution” in Serbia instead. It was then exported to other places – including Ukraine, twice. That 2014 coup in Kiev literally started the conflict in eastern Ukraine, of which the current events are but the latest phase.

In March 1999, I was a student in the American Midwest, and had been (almost) successfully brainwashed into believing the platitudes about freedom, democracy, tolerance, objectivity, rules and laws, and how the US was a “force for good” in the world. Then, overnight, people I thought had been my friends called me a monster and believed every single bit of propaganda that came off the TV screens and newspaper pages. 

I’ve made justice and remembrance something of my life mission since then, seeking to explain that rather than a good, noble and humanitarian war, Kosovo represented everything wrong about the modern world: “A monument to the power of lies, the successful murder of law, and the triumph of might over justice,” as I wrote in 2005, and repeated every year since.

The twist this year is that the people shrieking about human rights, international law and the sanctity of borders – when it comes to their client regime in Ukraine, that is – were all cheering for NATO back in 1999. Even now, they won’t apologize for it, much less disavow. So it seems it’s not really about what is being done, only who is doing it to whom. While I understand their anger as the world their lies propped up comes crashing down, they hardly have standing to complain.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Ansarullah Leader: Aggressors Have No Choice to Avoid Yemeni Strikes

March 29 2022

By Staff

Leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement Sayyed Abdul Malik Badreddine al-Houthi warned the Saudi-American coalition of aggression not to lose the chance of the initiative to stop military operations, stressing that the attackers will regret if they lost this opportunity.

In a meeting with Yemeni clerics and leaders ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, Sayyed al-Houthi underscored that “we will spare no effort to confront the aggression and siege with all our efforts. And we’ll never accept the continuation of the siege.”

The Ansarullah leader said that the eighth year of war began with Operation ‘Breaking the Siege III,’ whose echo has reached the world entirely, warning the aggressors that they have no opportunity to avoid strikes and get out of their quagmire except by ending the aggression and occupation as well as lifting the siege.

Ziad Al-Nakhalah to Al-Ahed: Iran Is Paying the Price for Supporting Palestine

Nov 28 2022

By Mustapha Awada

“Oh, people of our Arab and Islamic nation everywhere, our people in Palestine will continue their valiant uprising and revolution despite hunger, torment, and siege. They will continue defending the nation’s last wall and waging the battle of the nation, the whole nation, in defense of its faith and its land, in defense of its freedom, uprising, and independence. So, do not abandon them, and let us all rise together instead of being killed one by one.”

These are the immortal words of the founder of the Islamic Jihad Movement Dr. Fathi Shaqaqi. These words are still applicable in the second millennium amid the ongoing struggle by the Palestinian people and the development of their resistance designed to bring out the demise of the “Israeli” occupation on all Palestinian soil.

As Land Day approaches and two months before the anniversary of the al-Quds Sword Battle, the Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Ziad al-Nakhalah sat down with al-Ahed News. The comprehensive interview covers a range of issues including the state of the Palestinian resistance, the development of its capabilities, the escalation of individual operations inside the occupied land, the coordination with the axis of resistance, the normalization by Arab regimes, and a solid relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Al-Nakhalah stressed that “the stabbing operations and other individual operations are a manifestation of the Palestinian people’s resistance to the Zionist enemy, and they are an expression of the state of oppression that inhabits all of Palestine.” He explained that “such an action should push the resistance forces to better organize their ranks and get closer to the people who know, today more than ever, that if they do not fight today, they will be killed tomorrow.”

Al-Nakhalah told al-Ahed that “Land Day is a historic day in the life of the Palestinian people, and it is a true expression of our people’s will to uphold their rights. The fact that our people take to the streets on this day every year confirms that the flag of Palestine is carried by its people, generation after generation in Al-Quds, in the valiant West Bank, throughout the 1948 territories, in the Gaza Strip, and the Diaspora. Neither misinformation campaigns nor defeats around them were able to defeat their awareness and will, and we will remain on this path, God willing, resisting, and steadfast until we topple the banners of the enemy.”

Touching on the normalization of ties between some Arab states and “Israel” and the state of some regimes, al-Nakhalah pointed out that “the mind is unable to explain the state of collapse of the Arab system as a whole in front of the Zionist project, and they see that our besieged people can resist and fight, and with all humiliation, they go in the other direction and ally themselves with the enemy. The recent summit of Sharm el-Sheikh is but one of the scenes that show the extent of the Arab weakness.”

On the other hand, al-Nakhalah points out that “in this world that is crowded with everything except justice, the Islamic Republic of Iran stands by the Palestinian people, supporting them. I can say that it is the only one that is paying the price for its support for the Palestinian people.”

The following is the transcript of the interview:

1- Two months ahead of the anniversary of the al-Quds Sword Battle, what is your assessment of the state of the Palestinian resistance?

The Palestinian resistance today is under enormous pressure, and attempts to contain it, directly or indirectly, have not stopped.

The Al-Quds Sword Battle is supposed to have opened new horizons for the Palestinian people and for the Arab world.

Unfortunately, the Palestinian side could not use it in the context of its conflict with the Zionist project in a positive way and with a serious national vision. Meanwhile, the Arab world, which decided in advance to remove Palestine and Al-Quds from its agenda in favor of the enemy, is conspiring with the enemy to contain the resistance by all the means available, to thwart and besiege it and give it some cheap temptations so that it opens up more and more to the Zionist enemy. Instead of betting on the Palestinian people and their will to resist the occupation and confront the nation’s historical enemy, it is siding more and more with the enemy.

Palestine is no longer the Arab regime’s cause. Palestine has become a burden on it, and it wants to get rid of it. Therefore, the challenges facing the resistance have become greater and more complex, and this imposes on us a greater responsibility than before and a different performance commensurate with the challenges we face.

2- The stabbing operations inside the “Israeli” entity do not stop, and the enemy expects an escalation during the next three months, starting with the holy month of Ramadan. Are the Palestinians really coming to a sensitive security stage?

Stabbing operations and other individual operations are a manifestation of the Palestinian people’s resistance to the Zionist enemy, and they are an expression of the state of oppression that inhabits all of Palestine. However, this is not enough to stop the enemy’s intrusion on our rights. It is also not enough for all of us as political forces to praise the heroic individual actions of the creative Palestinian youth. Such an action should push the resistance forces to better organize their ranks and get closer to the people who know, today more than ever, that if they do not fight today, they will be killed tomorrow – by insults, hunger, or being shot. It makes no difference. Whoever does not fight today will see that what remains of his land and homeland will vanish. Whoever does not fight today will see with his own eyes Al-Quds become Jewish; he will see that Palestine, all of Palestine, will become “Israel”; and whoever does not fight today will see himself standing in the queue of humiliation, working in his land as a slave for the enemy.

This is the challenge that our Palestinian people are facing today, and it is present throughout the month of Ramadan and other months.

3- The movement in the occupied areas of the interior is expanding, and the confrontations in Sheikh Jarrah in the face of the settlers are intensifying. Do you expect things to explode more there?

There is always a reason or reasons for confrontations with the enemy; the presence of the enemy on our land is a permanent reason for confrontation. The persecution of people and the non-stop killing of young people throughout Palestine, the confiscation of lands, and the demolition and destruction of homes are additional reasons that push people to resist. Resistance here is obligatory as long as there is occupation. Resistance is the natural response to occupation. There is no free people who accept occupation, and the Palestinian people are always resisting the occupation and did not stop for a single day.

4- What about the recently announced national committee for the defense of the internally displaced inside occupied Palestine? Are we facing a new type of confrontation expected with the Zionists?

This body was formed to communicate with our people in Palestine occupied in 1948, and it is an expression at the same time of the unity of the Palestinian people in all their places of residence and that we are one people in the face of one enemy.

5- How would you describe the relationship with the rest of the Palestinian factions?

The Palestinian situation suffers from severe weakness, and this affects the general performance, both politically and militarily. Partisanship is still dominant despite attempts to get out of it to a broader and more welcoming vision.

The Palestinian people know the front of their true enemies, but they see that the forces that control the official framework recognized as the representative of the Palestinian people lie on the doorstep of these enemies. Our people know their rights, but they no longer know whether their national forces want a Palestinian state or autonomy in Gaza or the West Bank [according to the “Israeli” program]. This ambiguity in the Palestinian political programs makes Palestinian relations problematic and in a state of constant confusion, and we are always looking for a common denominator. However, our relations as Palestinian forces are still governed by our party programs and our interests.

Organizations that see themselves as being closer in their programs are trying to develop joint struggle programs whenever possible, and in recently, there was a joint statement issued on behalf of the Jihad – Hamas – the Popular Front. This was a positive step that we can build on, but it is not enough.

6- What is your position on what is happening in Ukraine and the war going on there?

This war is a world war in every sense of the word, even if America and NATO countries are not directly involved militarily. They, however, are pushing for this war to continue with all their might. They are also providing enormous military and economic support for Ukraine in the face of the Russian Federation.

America created this war and prepared all the conditions for it, with the aim of draining Russia and limiting its international role, which has begun to emerge strongly in recent years. But I believe that the end of the war will change the direction of international relations and will impose new alliances other than those that were arranged at the end of World War II. The world relations and the balance of power will differ from what they were before.

What causes worry and fear is the effect of these variables on the situation of the Arab and Islamic worlds. Until this moment, we have seen nothing but a state of confusion and hesitation that prevails in the Arab region as it anticipates results. What is worse is them cozying up to the Zionist enemy and allying with it. The Sharm el-Sheikh conference attended by Egypt, the Emirates, and the enemy, as well as the conference that will be held in the Zionist entity, in which some Arab countries and America will participate, are nothing but an indication of the state of affairs and the state of the Arab identity being lost in favor of the enemy. Therefore, I see that siding with the Zionist enemy and allying with it is choosing subordination in advance to the American side and the Zionist enemy.

7- How would you describe the military capabilities of the resistance, specifically the Islamic Jihad?

The resistance depends above all on the Palestinian resistance and on its popular support from which it derives the will to resist the occupation. In our Palestinian case, a person goes through two stages. In the first, he is a fighter, and in the second, he is a martyr. When you are a fighter, you must be brave, and when you are martyred, you must be a role model. Then comes the talk about military capabilities, which are basically modest capabilities compared to what the enemy possesses, but we are betting on the fighter who has a message and does not fear anything or anyone but God. Even martyrdom will be a gift from God Almighty at the end of the journey of jihad and resistance. This is our real capabilities in confronting the enemy, in addition to what the resistance’s engineers produce in its non-stop workshops, offering innovations of great value and having an important impact on the battlefield, and the Al-Quds Sword Battle is proof of that.

8- In light of the sweeping wave of Arab and Gulf normalization, where does the Palestinian resistance derive its support from?

This wave of normalization is not new. Yes, it took a more rude and more immoral form. Since the Camp David Accords with Egypt and the subsequent Wadi Araba Accords with Jordan, as well as the Oslo Accords with the Palestine Liberation Organization, Arab taboos have been broken in the face of the Zionist enemy.

This was followed by the so-called Arab Peace Initiative, which was an Arab declaration that Palestine had become “Israel”, and they were only trying to tame the Palestinian people to accept the fait accompli.

But the Palestinian people still adhere to their right to Palestine and are creative in forms of resistance, based on their absolute belief in the justice of their cause and their historical right to Palestine and the state of solidarity and sympathy from the Arab and Islamic peoples, as well as the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It has spared no effort in supporting the resistance and the Palestinian people at the political, military, and moral levels and in confronting with all force and power the Zionist project that is targeting the entire region and is seeking to end the Palestinian cause in every sense of the word.

9- How do you approach this wave, especially since some Arab capitals have become open before the enemies of the nation?

Frankly, the mind is unable to explain the state of collapse of the Arab system as a whole in front of the Zionist project, and they see that our besieged people can resist and fight, and with all humiliation, they go in the other direction and ally themselves with the enemy. The recent summit of Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the scenes that shows the extent of the Arab weakness.

The Zionist occupation entity has become a major regional state, and the enemy’s prime minister, who has Palestinian blood on his hands, has become an essential partner in drawing up the policies of the Arab region; the Arabs have become partners with those who occupied their land and massacred their sons in all wars, while they are prisoners of war.

“Israel” its issue, the godfather of normalization, the Emirates, which has become a center for laundering Jewish money, and Egypt attended the Sharm el-Sheikh summit in Egypt.

Issues regarding some aid and promises were mentioned, while the Arabs’ central issue was absent – Al-Quds and its people as well as Palestine and its occupation were absent. If Gaza or the West Bank were mentioned, it was to see how they can we subjugate its people and make them more responsive to the “Israeli” security conditions.

10- What can be said about the relationship with the Islamic Republic today? Do you think that the Arab countries have completely abandoned Palestine?

In this world that is crowded with everything except justice, the Islamic Republic of Iran stands by the Palestinian people, supporting them. I can say that it is the only one that is paying the price for its support for the Palestinian people – sieges, sanctions, and conspiracies. Despite this, its position is becoming more solid and insistent on supporting the Palestinian people and their resistance. On the other hand, the Arab regime shamelessly bows down before the Zionist enemy and abandons Palestine and Al-Quds.

11- How do you comment on the upcoming visit of the Jordanian King to Palestine and effort he is reportedly leading to prevent an escalation in the coming month of Ramadan?

Frankly, if you had not asked me, you would have excused me from this answer. Unfortunately, this is a job that Jordan is doing for the enemy for free, especially since this visit comes at the request of the Zionist enemy, with the aim of calming the situation in the West Bank, which is expected to explode in the face of the enemy on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

12- Ahead of Land Day, what do you say to the Palestinian interior and its youth who write the most wonderful epics with their awareness and their confrontation of the occupation?

Land Day is a historic day in the life of the Palestinian people, and it is a true expression of our people’s will to uphold their rights. The fact that our people take to the streets on this day every year confirms that the flag of Palestine is carried by its people, generation after generation in Al-Quds, in the valiant West Bank, throughout the 1948 territories, in the Gaza Strip, and the Diaspora. Neither misinformation campaigns nor defeats around them were able to defeat their awareness and will, and we will remain on this path, God willing, resisting, and steadfast until we topple the banners of the enemy and expel it from our country. Our duty today, more than ever, is to continue the jihad and resistance until God allows us to achieve a clear victory.

13- Imam Khomeini stressed on the necessity to mark the last Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan as the International Day of al-Quds. What do you pledge to the Imam and the nation on this day?

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us, and it is the month of jihad and the month of great victories in the history of Islam. In it is Laylat al-Qadr [the Night of Decree], which is better than a thousand months. In it is Al-Quds Day, which coincides with the great nights of decree, and which Imam Khomeini chose to be a day in which Muslims unite in word and their banners for the liberation of Al-Quds are raised. Peace be upon Imam Khomeini on the day he was born and on the day he will be resurrected.

Final Word:

In past, the white West invaded and colonized Africa, transporting people to their country and turning them into slaves. In the modern era, invaders come to us to enslave us in our country, here in the holiest country, Palestine, and turn our people into slaves to build their settlements and work in their factories. Meanwhile, Arab and Muslim countries are opened to these murderous invaders, and they are received as masters who enjoy in Arab and Muslim countries. Hotels and resorts are opened for them, and everyone is at their service, in the service of the killers.

As for the victims, they must be besieged, starved, and tamed. Under the pretext of realism, the defeated and the oppressed accept what the invaders want; those who do not want to fight accept what the killers want, and whoever does not accept is killed in front of people’s eyes and his house demolished. He’d be into an example for others and another reason for the oppressed and defeated to say: We cannot face them, and we have to surrender. We have abandoned the rules of engagement, the rules of combat, and the rules of victory that God has set for us, so humiliation befell us.

The Almighty said: {Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people.}

القوات الروسية تحاصر كييف وخاركيف وتسيطر على خيرسون

الجمعة 25 آذار 2022

وزراة الدفاع الروسية تكشف آخر إحصائياتها خلال العملية العسكرية الروسية في أوكرانيا، وهيئة الأركان العامة للقوات المسلحة الروسية، تعلن عن رغبة أكثر من 23 ألف أجنبي للقتال إلى جانب قوات جمهوريتي لوغانسك ودونيتسك.

القوات الروسية تحاصر كييف وخاركيف وتسيطر على خيرسون

أعلنت وزراة الدفاع الروسية أنّ القوات الروسية حاصرت كييف وخاركيف وتشرنيغيف وسومي وميكولاييف وسيطرت على خيرسون.

ولفتت وزارة الدفاع إلى أنّ القوات الروسية سيطرت على 93٪ من أراضي لوغانسك وعلى 54٪ من أراضي دونيتسك والاشتباكات مستمرة في ماريوبل.

وكشفت أنّ خسائر القوات الأوكرانية خلال العملية العسكرية منذ قرابة شهر بلغت نحو 30 ألف قتيل وجريح، وأنّ 3825 جندياً روسياً أصيبوا و1351 جندياً روسياً قتلوا أثناء العملية العسكرية في أوكرانيا.

وفي وقت سابق من اليوم، أعلنت وزارة الدفاع الروسية أنّ قواتها شنّت ضربات بصواريخ  مجنحة من طراز “كاليبر” على قاعدة وقود كبيرة تابعة للجيش الأوكراني قرب العاصمة كييف.

بالتزامن، أعلن رئيس إدارة العمليات الرئيسية في هيئة الأركان العامة للقوات المسلحة الروسية، سيرغي رودسكوي، عن رغبة أكثر من 23 ألف أجنبي للقتال إلى جانب قوات جمهوريتي لوغانسك ودونيتسك.

وقال رودوسكوي: “نتلقى عدداً كبيراً من الطلبات من المواطنين الروس الذين يريدون المشاركة في عملية عسكرية خاصة لتحرير أوكرانيا من النازية”.

وتابع: “بالإضافة إلى ذلك، أعرب أكثر من 23 ألف مواطن أجنبي من 37 دولة عن استعدادهم للقتال إلى جانب الجمهوريتين. وقد عرضنا ذلك على قيادة لوغانسك ودونيتسك، لكنهم قالوا إنهم سيدافعون عن أرضهم بأنفسهم، ولديهم ما يكفي من القوى والوسائل”.

كما أعلنت هيئة الأركان العامة الروسية تدمير القوات الجوية الأوكرانية ونظام الدفاع الجوي بشكل شبه كامل نتيجة للعملية الروسيةـ، مشيراً إلى أنّ القوات البحرية الأوكرانية لم تعد موجودة نتيجة للعملية الروسية.

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EU Won’t Let Russia Avoid Sanctions by Trading in Rubles

 March 25, 2022

Brussels will not allow Moscow to override sanctions by demanding EU importers pay for Russian oil and gas in rubles, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Thursday. The comment comes after Russia announced on Wednesday that payments for gas exports to certain Western countries will be switched to its domestic currency, the ruble.

“[Trading energy in rubles] would be an attempt [on the part of Russia] to circumvent the sanctions. We will not allow our sanctions to be circumvented. The time when energy could be used to blackmail us is over,” von der Leyen told Reuters.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the government to find a way for Russia’s largest energy exporter, Gazprom, to trade gas in rubles. According to the president, this move will allow Moscow to avoid dealing in dollars and euros, currencies that have “compromised themselves.” The decision comes in response to Western countries freezing more than $300 billion of Russian assets.

“The collective West has actually drawn a line under the reliability of its currencies, crossed out the trust in these very currencies. Both the United States of America and the EU declared, in principle, a real default on their obligations to Russia. We already suspected before but now everyone in the world knows for sure that obligations in dollars and euros may not be fulfilled,” Putin said. “It is clear that receiving payments in dollars, euros, and a number of other currencies for our supplies to the EU and the US does not make any sense for us.”

The Russian leader, however, insisted that Moscow will remain a reliable trade partner and fulfill its obligations, even when it comes to dealing with “unfriendly countries.” Shortly after Putin’s announcement, the ruble gained ground, strengthening its position against the US dollar.

European companies have responded with skepticism to the Kremlin’s decision. Austrian energy company OMV plans to continue paying for its gas contracts with Russia in euros. Poland’s PGNiG also refuses to pay in rubles, while Lithuania’s Ignitis Grupe says it might stop its imports from Russia altogether.

Source: Agencies (edited by Al-Manar English Website)

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