Utopia, Nostalgia and the Jew

August 28, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon


By Gilad Atzmon

Utopia, the imaginary ideal society, the Eden of collective and universal yearning is at the root of Left and progressive thought. A utopian society is the political and social goal of some leftist and progressive narratives. For others the perfect society is itself the ideological means toward redemption. No left or progressive intellectual narrative is impervious to some sort of utopian ideal.

But for about half of the American people, utopia is nostalgic.  The return of the ‘American Dream,’ of being great once again – this is the idyllic dream shared by supporters of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

The history of ideas has seen this transition before.  The Jewish Cultural Marxists of the 1930s were shocked by a similar development.  Wilhelm Reich and prominent members of the Frankfurt School were bewildered by the success of National Socialism and Fascism. They couldn’t figure out how was it possible that the German and Italian workers favoured ‘reactionary’ fascism over a ‘communist utopia.’

In Germany in the 1930s, as in America 2016, it was nostalgia and romanticism that gave utopia meaning, the yearning for a national rootedness over a ‘progressive’ Shangri La.

The Jewish ‘Left’ quickly diagnosed what was wrong with the Germans, for Wilhelm Reich it was German sexuality.  He had the ridiculous idea that German women being sexually suppressed was at the core of German inclination towards authoritarianism. The Jewish psychoanalyst must have been convinced that dildos were the key to a communist revolution. A few years later, Adorno improved on Reich’s paradigm, adding a few other criteria to the model of the “authoritarian personality.”  Adorno, Reich and the rest of the cultural Marxists were obviously deluded. Pornography, dildos and the sexual revolution didn’t mature into a political revolution. Quite the opposite, they contributed to alienation, reification and suppression of pretty much every human value.

The Germans and the National Socialists weren’t too tolerant of Reich and the the members of the Frankfurt School. Reich and the Frankfurt Schoolers had to run for their lives. The Frankfurt Research Institute relocated at Columbia University in New York City from where it devoted the next few years to the destruction of the cohesiveness of the American people.

Unlike the German people who were quick to reject the Jewish revolutionary progressive school, it took the American intelligentsia half a century to detect the subversive role of the Institute that planted identity politics and political correctness at the heart of America’s academia, culture, media and politics.

And now, in 2016, the Jewish progressive elite is making exactly the same mistake the Frankfurt School made in the 1930s. The reaction of the likes of Noam Chomsky and The Jewish Daily Forward to the American working people is catastrophic and dangerous. Chomsky calls Trump voters “White poor working class*, The Jewish Daily Forward calls them “White supremacist,” “losers” and “bullies.” And what is the real the crime of all these “White losers”? Simple, they are nostalgic.

Chomsky calls Trump voters “White poor working class”, is he misinformed or just lying?* 

Chomsky calls Trump voters “White poor working class”, is he misinformed or just lying?*

It is noticeable that Jewish progressive institutions and left icons are horrified by “White people” being ‘nostalgic,’ but why? Why are the Jews, a people who are obsessed with their own past, so afraid of other people, say ‘White’ people, being nostalgic for their own past? Ready? Beware; I am about to drop a bomb.

The progressive Jew grasps that the working class are nostalgic for a pre-Jerusalem Dominated society; a time when American politics weren’t controlled by the likes of Saban, Soros, Goldman, Sachs and other global capitalists who are isolated from production, manufacturing and farming.  The so called ‘progressives’ in Democracy Now, Real News, The Jewish Daily Forward and the other Soros funded outlets can interpret the primaries. They are fearful of being relegated to the ghetto.

But do they have reason? Has anyone mentioned expelling the Jews? Or curtailing Jewish power? Not at all. The progressive fear of the so-called ‘reactionary’ is fuelled by a deep understanding that the American past was indeed greater than the progressive present – the tyranny of correctness, the identitarian dictatorship and, more than anything else, the lack of a future that is attached to Mammonism – the relentless sick of Mammon for the sake of Mammon.

On a further note, in historical retrospect, the entire work of the Cultural Marxists, Wilhelm Reich, the Frankfurt school and their contemporary progressive merchants can be trashed. Their agenda has become transparent, they were committed to misleading society about the simple fact that true utopia is nostalgic. They devoted themselves to concealing what is obvious and undeniable: for the working people rootedness is true liberation and romanticism is truly romantic.

*As usual it is hard to figure out whether Chomsky is misinformed or just lying. A quick internet search reveals that Trump’s “voters are better off economically compared with most Americans.” (click here) Trump also enjoys a growing number of educated people (click here). When Chomsky refers to ‘wide general agreement’ you should always expect a lie. Being a linguist, Chomsky has established a manner of non-committal spin culture — ‘general agreement’ doesn’t have to correspond with truth.

US Jewry: Syria Must Perish


In 1933 the American Jewry (AJC, B’nai B’rith, ADL, WJC, etc.) ran a vicious campaign against Germany even before the rise of Adolf Hitler. Since 2011, the American Jewry is running a similar warmongering campaign against Syria.

On Tuesday, the notorious Israeli hag John Robert Bolton, said that he would be glad to serve as Donald Trump’s secretary of state.

On August 21, 2016, Bolton, a regime change addict, in an opinion piece in the Jewish Wall Street Journal said that he agreed with Donald Trump over banning immigration from Muslim countries who intend to kill American citizens.

Earlier 51 pro-Israel lawmakers urged Obama administration to bomb Syria.

On September 3, 2013, the Jewish Washington Post admitted that pro-Israel Jewish groups were the main campaigners for an American military attack on Syria. Interestingly, they don’t bless Israeli attacks on Syria or Iran.

“The reason Israel (and its lobby) are going all out to push the United States to attack Syria is as a precedent for a much larger attack on Iran. As AIPAC admits in its own statement of support for the Syria attack … To put it simply, AIPAC fears that if it if lets President Obama go wobbly on Syria, it is impossible to imagine that he would undertake a war with Iran that could ignite the entire Middle East and lead to the commitment of U.S. troops in a third major Middle Eastern war in a little over a decade. And that is why AIPAC and its satellites are turning the screws on Congress, especially on progressive and liberal Democrats who tend to be antiwar except when AIPAC comes knocking,” M.J. Rosenberg wrote in 2013 (here).

In early August, two former White House Jewish officials Dennis Ross and his colleague Andrew Tabler at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), an extension of Israel lobby AIPAC, opinioned at The Jew York Times,The Case for Bombing Assad. Dennis Ross was secretary Hillary Clinton’s adviser on Iran.

On August 11, Nicholas Kristof, another Israeli hag at the JYT in an opinion post pitched for an American military attack on Syria.

Even the US taxpayers’ funded Holocaust Museum posted a video to brainwash American sheep in order to die in Syria for Israel.

The common interest that the imperialist countries have in the Middle East region is regime change. The Gulf Monarchies, NATO, and Israel want to rid of the Syrian and Iranian governments, the last two independent governments in the Middle East, because of their sovereign character. Iran and Syria have refused to bow down to threats from Israel or cede the regional economic market to the Gulf monarchies. Both the Syrian and Iranian governments see themselves as sovereign countries and the rightful representatives of Syrians and Iranians. And the imperialist powers are far too unpopular in the region at large to allow any semblance of independence to exist alongside them (here).

Close cooperation among Iran, Russia and Syria in carrying out the recent operations against Takfiri terrorists in Syria has foiled the US delaying tactic, which aimed to impose its will on security equations in Syria,” Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said on Tuesday.

Canadian journalist and human-rights activist, Eva Bartlett has visited Syria three times since the western-supported militant insurgence. She posted her views on the killing and destruction of Syria at the hands of ISIL thugs – and heroic resistance of Syrian army with the help from Iran, Hizbullah and Russia.

The Russian-Iranian relationship is the most important…. It deserves العلاقة الروسية الإيرانية أهمّ… وتستحق

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The public Russian Iranian argument about the qualitative military cooperation which has linked the most important countries in the new world arouses a grief and an admonition among all the believers, that building more balanced world depends on the cooperation of two capitals that bear the burden of correcting the sick international equations which sent by Washington and caused the devastation and the destruction in more than one place. But the friends of Moscow and Tehran rejoice that the relationship between the two different capitals in many things has been settled on a high degree of credibility and the mutual understanding. Both Moscow and Tehran succeeded in raising its degree gradually despite the privacies and the sensitivities which surround their cooperation. Iran is an Islamic ideological country stems from imperial history, from haughtiness, pride, and an aspiration for a global role. While Russia is a liberal empire stems from high nationalism, old Caesarian history and an effective role in the Orthodox Church. The geography which lies in the middle of the most important countries in the Caspian basin and around, including wealth, and conflicts has remained under the control despite its complexities, and did not succeed in disrupting their common course in the cooperation, even the tactics which resulted from the difference of the sites did not lead to the crack of the alliance between them especially in the war which Syria witnesses and which occupies an important crucial site in the strategies of the two capitals. So it is normal that the friends feel stunned and express their admonition when the responsible parties in the two ministries of defense cannot control the discussion under the ceiling of this history regarding the successes and the level of challenges, and do not grant the enemies which ambush of them and their allies the opportunity of the slight smile, even if the opposite alliance disintegrates and its staff say worse words against each other every day.

It is not shameful for Russia to show its military deployment outside its borders, beyond the logistical need in the war in Syria, or to present it as an expression of its behavior as a superpower, the permanent criticism against Russia is that it leaves its allies without parallel cover to that offered by Washington, because it does not behave as it should be as a superpower. There is some kind of show in the behavior of the superpower but it does not affect the allies or seeks to derogate their majesty or to show that they are subsequent or tools but rather partners precede voluntarily to put in front of Moscow opportunities of behaving as a superpower, it does not make use of the growth of its greatness in a way or in a language or for colonial goals but it recycles the revenue of the achieved greatness in sacrifices and stability in which the allies have participated in order to get a share of this revenue. In return it is not disgraceful for Iran to anticipate for being treated as an adversary partner by Russia, since it is not a small country, and it does not ask for protection. It is the superpower in the region in and around which the major conflicts revolve. It is the country which reached in the military industry the degree of the great powers; it has military force that transcends the capacities of the great powers. So Russia has to consider its sovereign privacy. Furthermore its dare to open its airports in front of the Russian bombers must highly be appreciated not for logistical reasons, but as an expression of steel bridge that is settled by the two countries against the American hegemony which its owners have immediately expressed their concern about this cooperation.

A degree of silence and apathy which are perfected by the politics and decision-makers in the two countries, and a degree of observance and discourse under the table is needed in the moment between them, as we the resisters against the Americans hegemony in its brutal tools need for this Russian Iranian cohesion, for the gorgeous image of their cooperation, and to see the indignation on the faces of those who stand on the bank of hostility, and a confidence at all the friend, the keen, and those who find their choice not their bet achieves the profit and approaches from victory, that the intervention of the leaderships which control the decision will soon be able to encircle the ranges of debate which is true to say “ every cloud has a silver lining” in order to form the language which controls the communication between Moscow and Tehran taking into consideration the sensitivities, considerations, and the privacies which is the right of each one of them mutually.

The historic alliance which is proceeding and which was nominated by my friend the Doctor Faisal Al Mukdad the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister as the alliance of the East and the Honor is not built just with the achievements but by learning from the points of weakness and the quick seek to restore them as an expression of the mutual understanding of the privacies. It is an alliance that is not only based on interests but also on a system of values that is preceded by the idea of the state of the national independence, and what it means by a mutual respect of the requirements to practice its concept in all the alliance’s countries which its countries do not like each other but only regarding their belonging to the system of East and Honor as the countries of the national independence. It is an alliance that based on blood, successes, clarity, openness, and correction to present a real example of how can politics and ethics meet in a world full of problems and complexities, thus it overcomes them and goes forward to achieve further achievements, on which the fate of many oppressed and agonized peoples in the ground depend.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

العلاقة الروسية الإيرانية أهمّ… وتستحق

ناصر قنديل
– يثير الجدال الروسي الإيراني العلني حول التعاون العسكري النوعي الذي ربط الدولتين الأهمّ في العالم الجديد، حزناً وعتباً لدى كلّ المؤمنين بأنّ بناء عالم أشدّ توازناً، يتوقف على تعاون عاصمتين تحملان عبء تصحيح المعادلات الدولية المريضة التي أرستها واشنطن وتسبّبت عبرها بالخراب والدمار في أكثر من مكان، ويُفرح أصدقاء موسكو وطهران بكون العلاقة بين العاصمتين المختلفتين في أشياء كثيرة قامت على درجة عالية من المصداقية والتفهّم المبتادل. نجحت كلّ من موسكو وطهران في رفع منسوبها تدريجياً، رغم الخصوصيات والحساسيات المحيطة بتعاونهما، فإيران دولة عقائدية إسلامية تنطلق من تاريخ إمبراطوري ومن أنفة وكبرياء وتطلّع لدور عالمي، وروسيا دولة إمبراطورية ليبرالية تنطلق من وطنية عالية، وتاريخ قيصري عريق، ودور مؤثر للكنيسة الأرثوذكسية، والجغرافيا التي تتوسّط الدولتين الأهمّ في حوض قزوين وما حوله، من ثروات ونزاعات، بقيت تحت السيطرة رغم تعقيداتها ولم تنجح في إرباك مسيرتهما المشتركة في التعاون، ولا تفاوت التكتيكات الناجمة عن تباين المواقع أدّت لتصدّع الحلف بينهما، خصوصاً في الحرب التي تشهدها سورية، والتي تحتلّ موقعاً هاماً وحاسماً في استراتيجيات العاصمتين، فمن الطبيعي أن يُصاب الأصدقاء بالذهول وأن يعبّروا عن العتب عندما لا تتمكن الجهات المسؤولة في وزارتي الدفاع من ضبط التخاطب تحت سقف هذا التاريخ من النجاحات والمستوى من التحديات، وألا يمنحا الأعداء المتربّصين بهما وبحلفائهما فرصة الابتسامة الصفراء، حتى لو كان الحلف المقابل يتفكك ويقول أركانه ببعضهم أسوأ القول كلّ يوم.

– ليس معيباً لروسيا أن تظهر انتشارها العسكري خارج حدودها، أبعد من مجرد حاجة لوجستية للحرب في سورية، أو أن تقدّمه تعبيراً عن تصرفها كقوة عظمى، فالمأخذ الدائم على روسيا أنها تترك حلفاءها بلا الغطاء الموازي لما تقدمه أميركا، لأنها لا تتصرف بما ينبغي عليها كدولة عظمى، وفي سلوك الدولة العظمى بعض من الاستعراض الذي لا يستهدف الحلفاء ولا يسعى للانتقاص من مهابتهم ولا إظهارهم بتابعين، أو أدوات، بل شركاء يتقدّمون طوعاً ليضعوا أمام موسكو فرص التصرف كقوة عظمى، لا تستثمر تنامي عظمتها بلغة ولا بطريقة ولا لأهداف استعمارية، بل تعيد تدوير عائد العظمة المحققة بتضحيات شارك فيها الحلفاء وثبات كان لهم فيه يد طولى، لينالهم من هذا العائد نصيب. وفي المقابل لا يعيب إيران ان تتطلع لمعاملتها كدولة شريك ندّي من قبل روسيا، وهي ليست دولة صغيرة، ولا دولة تطلب الحماية، وهي الدولة العظمى في الإقليم الذي تدور فيه وحوله الصراعات الكبرى، وهي الدولة التي تبلغ في التصنيع العسكري مرتبة الدول العظمى، والتي تملك قوة عسكرية تتخطّى مقدرات الدول العظمى، فلها على روسيا أن يُقام حساب لخصوصيتها السيادية، وأن يقدّر عالياً معنى تجرّؤها على فتح مطاراتها أمام القاذفات الروسية ليس لدواعٍ لوجستية وحسب بل كتعبير عن جسر فولاذي تقيمه الدولتان بوجه الهيمنة الأميركية التي عبّر أصحابها فوراً عن قلقهم من هذا التعاون.

– قدرٌ من الهدوء والبرود الذي يتقنه صناع السياسة والقرار في البلدين، وقدرٌ من المراعاة والتخاطب، تحت الطاولة تحتاجه اللحظة بينهما، بمقدار ما نحتاج نحن المقاومين بوجه الهيمنة الأميركية بأدواتها المتوحشة، إلى التماسك الروسي الإيراني، وإلى الصورة البهية للتعاون بينهما، وإلى الغيظ يسود وجوه الواقفين على ضفة العداء، وثقة عند كلّ الحريصين والأصدقاء، والذين يرون خيارهم وليس رهانهم يحقق الربح ويقترب من النصر، بأن تدخُّل القيادات الممسكة بخيوط القرار فتتمكّن سريعاً من تطويق ذيول السجال الذي يصحّ فيه القول ربّ ضارة نافعة، لتتأسّس اللغة التي تحكم التخاطب بين موسكو وطهران، على مراعاة متبادلة لحساسيات وحسابات وخصوصيات، هي حق لكلّ منهما.

– الحلف التاريخي الذي يتقدّم، والذي أسماه الصديق الدكتور فيصل المقداد نائب وزير الخارجية السورية، بحلف الشرق والشرف، لا يُبنى فقط بالإنجازات، بل بالتعلم من نقاط الضعف والسعي السريع لترميمها، كتعبير عن التفهّم المتبادل للخصوصيات، فهو حلف يتأسّس على المصالح، لكنه يتأسّس أيضاً على منظومة قيم تتقدّمها فكرة دولة الاستقلال الوطني، وما تعنيه من احترام متبادل لمقتضيات ممارسة مفهومها في كلّ من دول هذا الحلف، الذي لا تشبه دوله بعضها إلا بانتمائها لمنظومة الشرق والشرف كدول للاستقلال الوطني، هو حلف يتعمّد بالدم والنجاحات والوضوح والمصارحة والتصحيح أيضاً، ليقدِّم نموذجاً واقعياً عن كيف يمكن للسياسة والأخلاق أن يجتمعا، في عالم مليء بالمشاكل والتعقيدات فيتغلب عليها ويمضي قدماً لتحقيق المزيد من الإنجازات، التي يتوقف مصير الكثير من الشعوب المظلومة والكثير من المعذبين في الأرض على تحقيقها.


The cavalry are coming: China Air Force to Join Anti-Terrorism Operations in Syria. Just make sure they know USA there illegally

Chinese Air Force to Join Anti-Terrorism Operations in Syria

Chinese J-11. Click to enlarge

Chinese J-11. Click to enlarge

Media sources disclosed that a Chinese military delegation in a visit to Damascus explored avenues for the dispatch of a number of warplanes to Syria to intensify war on terrorism in the Middle-Eastern country.

“In a surprising visit, a Chinese military delegation conferred with Syrian Defense Minister Fahad Jassim al-Freij over engagement of Chinese fighter jets in bombardments of terrorist groups’ positions in Syria, mainly in Aleppo,” Debka file quoted a military analyst as saying.

“Chinese jets may launch bombing of positions of Jeish al-Islami al-Turkistani with over 3,000 Uighur fighter,” the analyst quoted senior spy officers of the US intelligence as saying.

Earlier this month, Beijing and Damascus agreed that the Chinese military to provide humanitarian aid to Syria, a high-ranking People’s Liberation Army officer said, adding that the training of Syrian personnel by Chinese instructors was also been discussed.

Director of the Office for International Military Cooperation of China’s Central Military Commission, Guan Youfei, arrived in Damascus for talks with al-Freij.

During the negotiation, Guan noted China’s consistent diplomatic efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis, adding that Beijing is now seeking closer military ties with Damascus.

“The Chinese and Syrian militaries traditionally have a friendly relationship, and the Chinese military is willing to keep strengthening exchanges and cooperation with the Syrian military,” he said.

Guan and al-Freij discussed the enhancement of training and “reached a consensus” on the Chinese military providing humanitarian aid to Syria. Guam also met with a Russian general during his visit to the Syrian capital.

Despite being a permanent UN Security Council member and relying on the Middle East for oil, China was previously reluctant to become involved in the Syrian conflict.

Beijing preferred to concentrate on domestic affairs and the territorial dispute with its neighbors in the South China Sea.

It praised Moscow’s anti-terrorism efforts in Syria as Russia staged a bombing campaign there in September 2015 to March 2016. Russia still has some of its forces in the country to provide humanitarian and military assistance to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government.

Last year, there were reports that China was sending dozens of military advisers to Syria to help the country fight terrorists.


The end of August 2016 is a critical date … so remember it نهاية آب 2016 موعد فاصل فتذكّروه

I am pumping this post where Naser Kandil wrote (Aug 17 2016): The end of August 2016 is a critical date … so remember it

 The Liberation of the Syrian town of Daraya put the final nail in the coffin of Saudi dream to topple the Syrian government, Deputy head of Hezbollah’s executive council Sheikh Nabil Qaouq said on Sunday.

“This achievement is a strategic and historical victory which will have its repercussions on the course of battles with the Takfiris and on Syria’s future as well.”

In the below Video interview Mr. Kandil revealed that De Mistura is negotiating with Syrians the withdrawal of Aleppo terrorists from EASTERN ALEPPO.

 American Brotherhood lost Egypt, Tunis and Yemen because they failed to take Syria, the key stone of the Axis of Resistance  and the Cradle of Arabic Resistance.

In Aleppo the Syrian Arab Army put the final nail in the coffin of ERDOGAN’s Neo-Ottoman Puppet Empire. Therefore, Erdogan was obliged to seek the help of Russia and Iran to foil the US/Saudi/Israeli plans to partition Syria, because, having failed to Syria as a whole, the unity of Syria has become a Turkish RED LINE.

It started from Turkey and it will end in it



Written by Nasser Kandil,

Three years ago everything proved that the end of August 2016 will be a critical date in the war of Syria, I have written an article entitled “the holy August” from where this holiness came. From where the return to negotiations about the Iranian nuclear program which were disrupted since August 2012 after the negotiations of Bagdad, which is longer a secret that they were disrupted because Iran refused to put the situation of Syria as an item on its agenda, have come in November 2013 with the signing on the understanding on the political solution for the Syrian chemical weapon after the American admission of the impossibility to go to war, and the acceptance of the return of the fleets which came to wage a war but they did not, From where did the deadline of a year come for these negotiations? When the year ended in November 2014 everything suggested in Vienna that the agreement in its outlines has become concluded to the extent that Jeffry Feltman said at the spokesman of the Deputy Walid Jumblatt “we need this agreement and we want it as Iran needs and wants it and probably more, but we have extended the deadlines of the negotiation in order to grant our allies the necessary time to be adapted with the stage of the understandings”. Thus the question becomes from where did the deadline of seven months for the extension of the negotiation come, not three or six months for example according to the regularity of the measurement of a year and its equal parts. The deadline has ended in early of July 2015 and the signing on the agreement was in its mid after signing the framework of the agreement in the end of the past March. Therefore the deadline of a year from the mid of July 2015 to the mid of July 2016 was left for the maturity of the understanding on Syria. As practically the resolution of the Security Council 2254 which was issued in the early of 2016 stated that August will be a date for new constitution in Syria, it means surely the date of a crucial end with constitution or other, because the most important is August not the nature and the destination of the crucial transformation in it.

August 2016 was not mentioned in the calculation of the year and the seven months of the Iranian nuclear program to provide any Iranian entitlements or Iranian calendar, as well as it did not provide any Syrian entitlements or Syrian calendar for the Syrian scene, but it came from American entitlement and American calendar in order to enter all the issues which have the interest of Washington. The two issues of Iran and Syria in their organic interrelation are the central issues of Washington in the Middle East, and they are due to the position which the Middle East occupies since Washington has come out from the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq the pillar of  the birth of the new Middle East. As much as the Russian engagement is in them they will be the pillar of forming the Russian American relationships, and through them the pillar of the new global system. This has become clearer with the Russian military positioning in Syria in the phase after the understanding on the Iranian nuclear program and signing it. There are no opportunities for waiting the crucial steps for after August 2016 in stabilizing the rules of the new international and regional systems, otherwise the final exit from Afghanistan in the early of 2017 accompanied with the going out of the current president and his administration from the White House, and the taking over the responsibility of the rule by a new administration is an announcement for the first time since the wining of the revolution in Iran of giving the control of Asia to the Asian tripartite the Russian, Iranian, and the Chinese which is related by land across Afghanistan, , But Washington has prevented its occurrence for nearly four decades, moreover it has waged wars and wars in order to prevent its occurrence or disabling its impacts to reach the Mediterranean Sea, one of its most important, dangerous, largest and the most recently the war of Syria.  The end of August is the last opportunity to do something as important as the size of the understanding with Russia and Iran on the map of Syria in its two parts; the war on terrorism and the future of the Syrian state, after Washington which failed in overthrowing Syria by the knockout from the first round has been granted as it has did in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen the enough time for the successive rounds of multiple options to earn the result by points, where the accounts on which the understandings can depend have been allocated.

It is not a secret that what is going on around Syria during this month is so big, decisive, and fateful, and it is not a secret that this rashness in the major events, the concurrence, and the succession has not occurred by coincidence, where the entitlement of the end of August is pursuing the Americans in order to accelerate in doing what they have to do. And that Washington’ allies who have gained timeout to resolve their wars in Yemen and in the Northern and Southern of Syria in respect of  Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel in order to have control over the geography which reserves for them appropriate negotiating seat in the new regional system, have lost the ability to ask for more. Some of them is going on with  the American in employing what it has to anticipate the end of the last deadline as Turkey, satisfying with what it has to enter the train of settlements after it had realized that what it has reserved in the Syrian geography in the early of 2015, taking advantage of the deadline of the extended negotiations of the Iranian nuclear program has become a horrible burden for similar geographical appropriations carried out by the Kurds, and their barter became through entering in the comprehensive settlement in favor of the unified Syrian country knowing in advance that under the leadership of the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad is the best evils, as long as it will receive a support and help for its collapsing economy from Moscow and Iran, and saving for its political status in a way that compensates some losses of the crazy gambling in which it spent all its balance under the title of the dream of the Sultanate. While some of them is depending on his American balance to be within any settlement as the Israeli who has lost a round in the southern of Syria with the resistance since Al Quneitra process in the early of 2015 with the beginning of the extended deadline for the negotiations of the Iranian nuclear program, so it opened the platforms of the major settlements in accordance with the French initiative for Palestinian Israeli negotiations that are settled under the title of the Arab initiative for Peace and ends with a state in Gaza, as it opens on assumptions of limited wars that open the gate for comprehensive peace negotiations, while the Saudi remains moving from a failure to another, from an involvement into another, from obstinacy to another in order to assume alone paying the bills of the accumulative losses of the whole war’s alliance.

In the mid of August the events accelerate and the developments rash to show that as if an alliance that includes Russia, America, Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq is in line on the arena of the Middle East, so America joins sticking to Russia in striking announcement by the two Ministers of Defense and the Foreign Affairs of Russia about imminent America Russian military cooperation in Aleppo. While Turkey announces its cooperation with Russia and Iran, in addition to near decisive developments in Syria. Iraq is preparing itself to receive the effects of this cooperation in the war of Mosul. Meantime the Russian strategic bombers are positioning in Iran. Despite all the tension Washington announces of an understanding with Turkey on the positioning of the fighters that it will need in the war against ISIS in Incirlik Base. The Secretary-General of Hezbollah Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah made an appeal to the groups of Al Nusra and ISIS that the decisive hour is approaching and there is crack in the door which may open if they want or if some of them want to get out of this war before the lava starts falling over their heads and the forces invade their strongholds.

The American Russian cooperation will witness many interactions in the remaining days of August, in the light of the confusion of the administration which ends its duties with the entry of the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her team which consists of the current Minister of Defense Ashton Carter and the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency  David Petaeus to postpone this cooperation, while Russia seems that it is going on with its allies towards the agreed deadline which is the end of August with Washington or without it. This is what Washington knew and through which it got a pressure. While Turkey has presented through its stood against America in the path of the cooperation an additional reason for the American confusion. Furthermore the US Secretary of State John Kerry will call repeatedly till the end of August his Russian and Turkish counterparts.

It is the moment which does not like but the American landings in Normandy with the Soviet crawling toward Berlin at the end of the Second World War. Only the group of Riyadh is in  “ political coma” that is similar to what was the group of the French Vichy which dealt with the Nazi occupation, waiting its black destiny while their leaders are foreshadowing of that “ they are confident that the upcoming developments from Washington and Ankara are in their favor, and that their Saudi sponsor is having control over the matter” but he is standing far telling them whispering that the game is over, the Turkish nationality is the best thing that will proposed to you so do not miss the opportunity  while you possess your luxurious apartments near Bosphorus.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

نهاية آب 2016 موعد فاصل فتذكّروه

ناصر قنديل

– منذ ثلاث سنوات وكل شيء يقول إن نهاية آب 2016 سيكون موعداً فاصلاً للحرب في سورية، وقد كتبت تحت عنوان «آب المقدّس». من أين جاءت هذه القدسية، منذ فترة؟ فمن أين جاءت في تشرين الثاني 2013 مع توقيع التفاهم على الحل السياسي للسلاح الكيميائي السوري، بعد التسليم الأميركي باستحالة الذهاب للحرب، وقبول عودة الأساطيل التي جاءت لتخوض حرباً من دون أن تخوضها، والعودة للمفاوضات حول الملف النووي الإيراني التي كانت معطلة منذ سنة وأشهر في آب 2012 بعد مفاوضات بغداد التي لم يعد سراً أنها تعطلت بسبب رفض إيران إدخال الوضع في سورية بنداً على جدول أعمالها؟ ومن أين جاءت مهلة السنة لهذه المفاوضات، وعندما انتهت السنة في تشرين الثاني 2014 وكل شيء يوحي في فيينا حينها، أن الاتفاق بخطوطه العريضة بات مبرماً، لدرجة قال فيها جيفري فيلتمان، على لسان النائب وليد جنبلاط «نحتاج ونريد هذا الاتفاق ونريده مثلما تحتاجه وتريده إيران وربما أكثر، لكننا مددنا مهل التفاوض لنمنح حلفاءنا الوقت اللازم ليتأقلموا مع مرحلة التفاهمات»؟ ليصير السؤال من أين جاءت مهلة الأشهر السبعة لتمديد التفاوض، وليس الثلاثة مثلاً أو الستة، وفقاً لانتظام القياس بمعيار اختيار السنة وأجزائها المتساوية، لتنتهي المهلة في مطلع تموز 2015، ويتم توقيع الاتفاق في منتصفه، بعدما وقع اتفاق الإطار في نهاية آذار الذي سبق، وتترك مهلة سنة من منتصف تموز 2015 لمنتصف تموز 2016 لإنضاج التفاهم حول سورية، كما قال عملياً قرار مجلس الأمن 2254 الصادر مطلع 2016، إن شهر آب موعد دستور جديد في سورية، والقصد طبعاً موعد لنهاية حاسمة، بدستور أو بسواه، لأن الأهم هو آب وليس طبيعة ووجهة التحول الحاسم فيه.

– آب 2016 لم يرد في حساب السنة والأشهر السبعة للملف النووي الإيراني من استحقاقات إيرانية، أو تقويم إيراني، ولا جاء للمشهد السوري من استحقاقات سورية أو تقويم سوري، بل جاء إليهما من استحقاق أميركي، وتقويم أميركي، ليدخل إلى سائر الملفات التي تهتم لها واشنطن. فملفا إيران وسورية بترابطهما العضوي، هما ملفا واشنطن المركزيان في الشرق الأوسط، وبالمكانة التي يحتلها الشرق الأوسط منذ خرجت واشنطن لحربي أفغانستان والعراق، هما ركيزة استيلاد الشرق الأوسط الجديد، وبقدر الانخراط الروسي فيهما سيكونان ركيزة بناء العلاقات الروسية الأميركية، وعبرها ركيزة النظام العالمي الجديد. وهذا ما صار أشد وضوحاً مع التموضع العسكري الروسي في سورية، في مرحلة ما بعد التفاهم على الملف النووي الإيراني وتوقيعه، ولا فرص للانتظار لما بعد آب 2016 للخطوات الحاسمة في تركيز قواعد النظامين الدولي والإقليمي الجديدين، وإلا صار الخروج النهائي من أفغانستان مطلع 2017، ومعه الخروج من البيت البيض للرئيس الحالي وإدارته، وتولي إدارة جديدة، إعلاناً بتسليم آسيا للثلاثي الآسيوي الروسي الإيراني الصيني، المتصل حينها براً عبر أفغانستان، للمرة الأولى منذ انتصار الثورة في إيران. وهو ما حالت دونه واشنطن لقرابة أربعة عقود، وخاضت لأجل منع حدوثه أو تعطيل مفاعيله ببلوغ البحر المتوسط حروباً وحروباً، كانت أهمها وأخطرها وأكبرها وآخرها حرب سورية، ففي نهاية آب آخر الفرص لفعل شيء بحجم التفاهم مع روسيا وإيران، على خريطة سورية بشقّيها، الحرب على الإرهاب ومستقبل الدولة السورية، بعدما منحت واشنطن التي فشلت بإسقاط سورية بالضربة القاضية من الجولة الأولى، أسوة بما فعلت في مصر وتونس وليبيا واليمن، الوقت الكافي للجولات المتلاحقة بالخيارات المتعددة، لكسب النتيجة بالنقاط وترصدت الحسابات التي يمكن أن تبنى عليها التفاهمات.

– ليس سراً أن ما يجري حول سورية خلال هذا الشهر كبير جداً، وحاسم ومصيري. وليس سراً أن هذا التدافع في الأحداث الكبرى والتزامن والتتابع لم يأتِ بالصدفة، وأن استحقاق نهاية آب يلاحق الأميركيين للتسريع بفعل ما يجب فعله، وأن حلفاء واشنطن الذين نالوا الوقت المستقطع لحسم حروبهم في اليمن وشمال سورية وجنوبها، في ما يخص السعودية وتركيا وإسرائيل، ليقتطع كل منهم الجغرافيا التي تحجز له مقعداً تفاوضياً مناسباً في النظام الإقليمي الجديد، فقدوا القدرة على طلب المزيد، وبعضهم يماشي الأميركي في توظيف ما لديه لاستباق نهاية المهلة الأخيرة كحال تركيا، مكتفياً بما لديه ليدخل قطار التسويات، بعدما أدرك أن ما حجزه من الجغرافيا السورية مطلع عام 2015 مستفيداً من مهلة المفاوضات الممددة للملف النووي الإيراني، صار عبئاً عليه بتوازن رعب اقتطاعات جغرافية مشابهة قام بها الأكراد، وصارت مقايضتها بدخول التسوية الشاملة لحساب دولة سورية موحّدة يعرف سلفاً أنها بقيادة الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد هي أفضل الشرور عنده، طالما سيلقى دعماً وعوناً لاقتصاده المنهار من موسكو وطهران وتعويماً لمكانته السياسية بما يعوّض بعض خسائر المقامرة المجنونة التي رمى بكل رصيده فيها، تحت عنوان حلم السلطنة، وبعضهم يعتمد على رصيده الأميركي ليكون ضمن أي تسوية كحال «الإسرائيلي» الذي خسر جولة جنوب سورية مع المقاومة منذ عملية القنيطرة مطلع عام 2015، مع بداية المهلة الممددة لمفاوضات النووي الإيراني، فيفتح منصات التسويات الكبرى بالتناغم مع المبادرة الفرنسية لمفاوضات فلسطينية «إسرائيلية»، تتم تحت عنوان المبادرة العربية للسلام وتنتهي بدويلة في غزة، بمثل ما ينفتح على فرضيات حروب محدودة تفتح باب مفاوضات سلام شاملة، بينما بقي السعودي ينتقل من فشل إلى فشل وتورط إلى تورط ومن عناد إلى عناد، ليتولى وحده دفع فواتير الخسائر المتراكمة على حلف الحرب كله.

– في منتصف آب تتسارع الأحداث وتتدافع التطورات، ليظهر كأن حلفاً يضمّ روسيا وأميركا وإيران وتركيا وسورية والعراق، يتناغم على ساحة الشرق الأوسط، فتنضمّ أميركا ممسكة بيد روسيا في إعلان لافت لوزيري الدفاع والخارجية الروسيين عن تعاون أميركي روسي عسكري وشيك في حلب. وتعلن تركيا عن تعاونها مع روسيا وإيران وتطوّرات حاسمة قريبة في سورية، ويستعد العراق لاستقبال مفاعيل هذا التعاون في حرب الموصل. وتتموضع القاذفات الاستراتيجية الروسية في إيران. وتعلن واشنطن عن تفاهم مع تركيا رغم كل التوتر، على تموضع طائرات ستحتاجها في الحرب على داعش في قاعدة أنجرليك. ويوجه الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله نداء لجماعات النصرة وداعش بأن الساعة الحاسمة تقترب، وثمة شق في الباب قد يفتح إذا أرادوا أو أراد بعضهم الخروج من هذه الحرب، قبل أن تبدأ الحمم بالتساقط فوق رؤوسهم، وتتقدم القوات لتجتاح معاقلهم.

– سيشهد التعاون الأميركي الروسي تجاذبات كثيرة في الأيام المتبقية من آب، في ضوء ارتباك الإدارة التي تنهي مهامها، مع دخول المرشحة الرئاسية الديمقراطية هيلاري كلينتون وفريقها المكون من وزير الدفاع الحالي آشتون كارتر ومدير المخابرات السابق ديفيد بتريوس لتأجيل هذا التعاون. بينما تبدو روسيا ماضية مع حلفائها نحو الموعد المتفق عليه وهو نهاية آب، مع واشنطن وبدونها. وهذا ما تعلمه واشنطن ويضغط عليها بقوة، بينما تبدو تركيا قد قدمت بوقوفها أمام أميركا في مسار التعاون سبباً إضافياً للارتباك الأميركي، وسيتصل وزير الخارجية الأميركية جون كيري حتى نهاية آب مراراً بنظيريه الروسي والتركي.

– إنها اللحظة التي لا يشبهها إلا تزامن الإنزال الأميركي في النورماندي مع الزحف السوفياتي نحو برلين، في نهاية الحرب العالمية الثانية، ووحدها جماعة الرياض في «كوما سياسية» تشبه ما كانت عليه جماعة فيشي الفرنسية التي تعاملت مع الاحتلال النازي، تنتظر مصيرها الأسود وقادتها يبشرون بـ «أنهم على ثقة بأن التطورات المقبلة من واشنطن وانقرة لصالحهم وأن راعيهم السعودي يسيطر على الأمور» ويقف بعيداً من يقول لهم همساً، نعيماً… تعيشوا وتاكلوا غيرها… كل ثورة وأنتم بخير… تخبزوا بالعافية يا شباب… الجنسية التركية أفضل ما سيُعرض عليكم فلا تفوّتوا الفرصة مع تملككم شققكم الفارهة على البوسوفور.


Comment – Politicizing human sufferings in Syria

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Brain damaged Clinton Claims a Putin-Led ‘Alt-Right’ Conspiracy is Against Her

Cold War 2.0: Hillary Claims a Putin-Led ‘Alt-Right’ Conspiracy is Against Her

The Democratic nominee doubled down on the disturbing tactic of drumming up anti-Russia hysteria in a bid to smear Donald Trump and to label any reports not favorable to her candidacy as akin to treason. It is only 72 days until the next US President is elected and it already seems as though the fate of US-Russia relations will be irrevocably marred by a theory hatched by Hillary Clinton’s campaign that marks President Vladimir Putin as the “godfather” of what was once known as the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”
 It began in the lead up to the Democratic National Convention when faced with damning evidence in the WikiLeaks file dump, campaign manager Robby Mook reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out the Russia card blaming the country’s intelligence services for the document leak exposing the complicated scheme between the Hillary camp, the DNC and the corporate media to create false narratives about Bernie Sanders in order to propel Clinton to the nomination. That once defense damage control shield has since been converted into a sword, despite a lack of evidence linking Russia to the WikiLeaks file dump – there is evidence that Russia, as well as several other countries have hacked the DNC in 2016 and in previous cycles but that is separate and apart from being the source of leaked documents.
The tactic is now being employed to slander the reputations of a decorated US three-star general and to defame opposition media outlets into oblivion. Once again, Robby Mook took to the television circuit last Sunday to say that even with the ouster of Paul Manafort who faces investigation for failing to adequately report his financial ties to the Yanukovych regime (as is Hillary’s chief strategist John Podesta), “all of the Russians are not yet out of the campaign.” Mook went on to say that three-star US General Michael Flynn, the man who accurately predicted the rise of Daesh (or ISIS), was a security risk and should not be allowed to attend classified intelligence briefings with Donald Trump because he is “on the payroll of the Russia Times, a Kremlin propaganda outfit.”
There is, of course, no such thing as the Russia Times (presumably he meant RT which stands for Russia Today), Michael Flynn is not on the payroll of RT, and neither RT nor Sputnik are government controlled.
Facts be damned, Robby Mook argued that “the hand of the Kremlin is in the election,” a sentiment that was developed further in a fashion that has earned Clinton the nickname “tinfoil Hillary” in the past day. Speaking in Reno, Nevada, Hillary Clinton called Russia and President Vladimir Putin the “grand godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism” that includes Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and outlets like Breitbart that have been labeled with a poorly defined term “alt-Right.” “Farage has appeared regularly on Russian propaganda programs,” said Hillary again presumably referring to RT which is not government controlled and has received yet another nomination for an Emmy for their reporting. “Now he’s standing on the same stage as the Republican nominee.” By labelling Putin, RT and Sputnik as not only “Russian propaganda outlets” but as the “grand godfather” of the “alt-Right” movement Secretary Clinton looks to label media outlets as not only treasonous but also racist.
Alt-Right, a term that simply means news read by non-establishment conservatives, has become laced in recent days with the insinuation of bigotry and racism – positions no doubt held by a small percentage of that particular cohort. The idea that either Sputnik or RT cater to, never mind aiding the “grand godfather” of, alt-Right audiences is laughable by anybody who has read coverage of the Green Party’s Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, or the UK Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn on either Sputnik or RT or the plethora of articles and pieces that point unfavorably to Trump’s support from various White Supremacist groups. In the words of Vice reporter Michael Tracey following the attacks lobbed by Clinton’s campaign manager on ABC News,

“It’s difficult to convey the extremism and derangement of these comments today from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook.”


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