World War Three (a poem) by M. Dennis Paul

World War Three (a poem)

by M. Dennis Paul

For the past several weeks, I have been forced

to confront a seemingly ceaseless melancholy

of unknown origin.

Each day, I ask the same question of

the universe..

What is so strong a force that this cloud cannot be rested

from my weary place of existence?

Each day, I see images in my heart that bring tears

for humanity

and this is the only response I receive.

I have dealt with bouts of sadness throughout my life

as, no doubt, have many, many others.

The key, here, is that I have dealt with them.

Solved the puzzling and dispatched the blues post haste.

It is different now.

Dark clouds growing ever darker

and the heaviest of rains

falling upon my hard lifted head.

Looking deeper, as I must, I realize the images

are of a madness so profound that no remedy seems willing.

The eyes of world leaders,

so many I know to be sociopathic

( being polite as possible),

have, of late, become unavoidably recognized

as having become undeniably sinister.

Speeches undeniably concocted in the Ministry of DoubleSpeak and

filled with irrational rationales for death and destruction

on a global scale.

Endless droning of unmanned weapons of murder,

the modern birds of prey,

circle above starving masses and,

tired of the death watch,

extract what little life is left in the betrayed

with poisonous droppings launched

with applauded inaccuracy.

Leaders spitting venom at each other

through angered messengers.

Nations being destroyed and looted with the only reason being

because we can and

the blood of our kills keeps us young and vital.

Families dying of thirst and hunger

as food fills dumpster after land fill.

Families freezing to death, dying of exposure from heat,

from depleted uranium,

from man made gasses

and pools of vile chemical extirpators.

Cops becoming military troops against all sense

and killing with impunity the long minimized

young and tinted.

Hands up-don’t shoot making clearer targets

as opposed to changed thinking and logic.

My heart has been lifted, at times, by the cry of youth

and its return in some surviving elders as they point at the inanity

and inequality

and lack of quality

but soon it is overtaken by

the chemically manipulated,

media lobotomized

mass of fearful and dreadfully ignorant souls

who propagate the planet with inconsolable hunger

for new toys, status or invisibility.

Too many have come to mirror

the thousand mile stares of the insane

or the eyes and minds of the twisted double speakers.

Too many cheering the murders of innocents and innocence.

Too many voting for what they have been trained

to believe

is in their interest.

Too many swallowing ladles of detritus

and grinning in pride.

Happy they got to the trough before others.

Once, many years ago, an elder

veteran of a foreign war

told me he knew the war was coming

not just because of the language leaders were using

or that filtered through media

but because he felt this overwhelming melancholy,

seemingly ceaseless

with reason unknown.

And, he said,

the world as we knew it went to war

and nobody but the makers with their sinister eyes

knew why.


French Lawmaker to Al-Manar: Assad Part of Syria Solution

Local Editor

French lawmaker Jacques Myard told al-Manar that President Bashar al-Assad is a part of the solution in Syria.

“International community should deal with President Assad as a part of the political solution in Syria,” the French MP told al-Manar as he arrived in Beirut on Wednesday.

French MP Jacques Myard

Despite expectations that Assad will “politically die”, Assad remained in power, Myard said.

Paris has to know that the political and strategic situation in Syria has changed, he said, adding: “diplomatic relations cannot be only with states that we love. There are diplomatic necessities.”

Myard was a part of a French delegation that visited President Assad in Damascus Wednesday.

The delegation was headed by Senate member, Head of the Senate’s French-Syrian Friendship Committee Jean-Pierre Vial. It also included other two lawmakers.

For his part, President Assad stressed the importance of countering terrorism in the region, noting that maintaining stability in region is of Paris’ interest.

Fighting terrorism demands a real political will and a conviction that the outcome will be in the interest of all inasmuch as the dangers jeopardize the entire region, President Assad said.

“If this issue could be tackled based on that principle, surely we will have tangible positive results more quickly.”

Source: Al Manar TV

26-02-2015 – 10:57 Last updated 26-02-2015 – 10:57

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Image from reaganrepublicanresistance.blogspot

I woke up this morning and arrived at my office only to turn on my desktop to see that the heavily compromised Human Rights Watch, an organ of the George Soros empire and the Arabian apes, had condemned our air force’s use of barrel bombs.  I had a huge belly laugh which I want to share with you today.  You see, HRW is a part of the Western propaganda machine which regularly spews out the kind of nonsense designed to stir up negative feelings with headlines usually grabbed by “yellow”, inarticulate,  nausea-inducing “news” sites like Al-Bawaba, Daily Star and Zionist media.  Because these media sites are relatively unknown and unread (unless you are an aficionado of bad grammar, awful syntax and corrupted thought processes), they are the ones to pick up on these themes.  HRW will say anything to discredit our president, Dr. Assad, and to empower the Turk-led failure called the Syrian National Coalition – a group now condemned to oblivion by even former ambassador and present spook and war criminal, Robert Ford.  (By the way, I have come to suspect Alalam as another case in point, but, for other reasons.)

The whole plan, you see, is to try to get the Syrian military to stop killing terrorists supported by Human Rights Watch and its principals.  Of course, that’s not going to happen any time soon.  Moreover, it is my fervent hope that more of these barrel bombs are dropped over the heads of the Alqaeda and ISIS rats sent to Syria by HRW’s favorite champions: the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia.  The United States, you ask?  HRW is based in New York City and, like SOHR, is an arm of not only the Soros Open Society Foundation and the Arabian monkeys, but, also of the CIA.  Whenever HRW says anything about Syria, prepare for something – the Brits or the Americans are cooking up something – and it’s always noisome and malicious, hence the Persian expression: بوي بريطانيائي  or “it smells of British”.  HRW is our parakeet in the mines.  It warns you when the imbeciles at Langley or Vauxhall Cross are about to fly a kite to see how far it will go.

Think also of Stefant DeMistura’s plot to engineer a “freeze” in the fighting in Aleppo to give the terrorist rodents a chance to regroup, resupply and recharge themselves.  It may even be his plan to offer them safe passage toward their beloved Recep Tayyip Erdoghan, who, with a new American commitment to build up a “moderate” Syrian military force in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar (oh, will the Saints protect us?), is now on the team dedicated to increasing the internal destruction of Syria.  The U.N. is in on the plan and Dr. Assad knows it.

Our barrel bombs are a thing of beauty.  Incredibly accurate despite what the liars at HRW and AI say.  The fins you see on the body of the cylinders are intended to give the projectiles stability to insure precise placement.  Our bombs are filled with all the ingredients necessary to send the enemy straight to the bowels of Hades without the need for medical intervention.  The ball bearings, nails, dross, bullet jackets, among other tiny objects, are meant to penetrate the skulls of vermin no matter how thick their crania may be.  Designed like a sleek, but somewhat crude, rocket, they are dropped very accurately over the exact place where our intelligence sources tell us the vultures are hiding.  They are dropped mostly by Hind helicopters which hover at sufficiently high altitudes to completely conceal their presence – to muffle the sound of the rotors mercifully holding up our heroic soldiers as they perform their solemn duties in killing pests.

The sound of a barrel bomb swishing through the air only to ignite when it touches the earth must be tantamount to a symphony by Shostakovich, rich in texture but with an explosive coda or finish. I can hear the tympani drums rolling amidst a soaring chorus of horns, brass and strings.  It is, indeed, a thing of beauty.

  Shostakovich seen here contemplating his unfinished symphony: “Barrel Bomb Symphony Number 7 in D Minor”.

Some might argue that HRW is merely trying to rebut Dr. Assad’s recent assertion that the Syrian military does not use barrel bombs, and, in so doing, cast doubt upon his credibility.  But, if that were so, it doesn’t absolve HRW of the accusation that it works for dark and insidious forces.  However, let us tell the world, the SAA does not use “barrel bombs”.  They are not called barrel bombs in Syria!  They are referred to in Arabic as “vertical bombs” which is why Dr. Assad told Jeremy Bowen of the BBC, during a typically inane interview, that he did not believe the military used “barrel bombs”.  So much for HRW and the BBC, for that matter.

So, in closing, let me once again reiterate my affection for the “vertical bomb”.  Each time it is dropped over the heads of vermin, let a clergyman, of whatever faith,  bless it and infuse it with accuracy, sanctity and lethality.  May the terrorists rest in the Inferno.


SAA on the BBC, Human Rights Watch and the Persistent Myth of “Barrel Bombs”

Editorial Comment:

“Barrel Bombs” and the BBC

H.E. President Bashar al-Assad’s Interview with BBC News

The latest pro-imperialist HRW “report” is published below the Syrian Arab Army’s statement.

The HRW  release coincides with the Commission of Inquiry report on Syria.

International CoI on Syria: Desperate Propaganda in the Face of Stunning SAA Victories and Imperialist Defeat

Bashar Al Jaafari challenged the COI “evidence” and exposed the falsehoods here:

Al-Jaafari: “Commission of Inquiry on Syria” biased, politically motivated


When BBC News published about what they called “Barrel Bombs” we clarified the technical military term of a Soviet/Russian made “FAB” bomb, which is the Soviet/Russian General Purpose Bomb. However, BBC News are nothing but a news agency, so it was expected from them to propagandize against the Syrian government, and military.

However, yesterday, Human Rights Watch published a report about the same matter. Accusing the Syrian Government, and President of lying, and their report was published under the name of “Syria: New Spate of Barrel Bomb Attacks”, saying that they provided prof if such weapons.

First of all, the only thing worst than a terrorists organization, is a double standard human rights organization. Their report, which we will link here, sees facts from one point, and completely ignores the other.

The report states facts about locations being bombed by SyAF by using General Purpose bombs “there is nothing called Barrel Bombs”

However, it completely ignore the facts about terrorists in these locations setting up domestically made rocket launchers, and shelling cities like Damascus, and Latakia.

It completely ignores the fact that these kids in their report, and most other reports are forced to be at a war zone, because terrorists are not allowing them to leave, so they can use them as human shields.

It also ignores the fact that one of the most successful Syrian army operations was to evacuate ~2000 civilians from hot zones in the past two months so the army can protect them.

Furthermore, it ignores the fact that these same terrorists have more than ~5000 kidnapped civilians, and military personnel, and are being used as human shields against any army advancement.

Before people like Human Rights Watch decide to write a report, they should get all their facts from every body, and not from one side. If this was a report published by a media network, we would automatically ignore it, but this organization “Supposedly” has integrity.

A little military explanation of what General Purpose Bomb are:

A general-purpose bomb is an air-dropped bomb intended as a compromise between blast damage, penetration, and fragmentation in explosive effect.

The first General-Purpose bomb manufactured was in 1937 by the British

Where the Soviet Union manufactured what is called “FAB” or “Fugasnaya Aviatsionnaya Bomba” which stands for “Aviation Demolition Bomb”

The Soviet/Russian General-Purpose bombs are sometimes called Iron Bombs. They are shaped like barrels but they are not “Barrel Bombs”

SyAF have been using Soviet designed, locally manufactured FABs, and will continue using it, but that does not mean they are using “Barrel-Bombs” there is no such a thing is “Barrel-Bombs”

Syrian Arab Army


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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US Gen. Breedlove concerned about Putin’s reaction over arming Ukraine

Gen. Philip Breedlove conducts a news briefing February 25, 2015 at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. (AFP photo)
Philip Breedlove conducts a news briefing February 25, 2015 at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. (AFP photo)

The head of US European Command is concerned about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reaction to Washington’s decision to send weapons to Ukraine.

“Clearly, we don’t know what Mr. Putin will do,” Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove said on Wednesday. “I think that we have to be cognizant it could cause positive results, it could cause negative results.”

The top US general in Europe also noted the Obama administration is considering whether to arm Ukrainian forces in fighting against pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine.

“Right now, we are not arming the Ukrainian with lethal weapons and what we see is Russia continues to build up its force,” Gen. Breedlove claimed. “What is clear is that right now, it is not getting better, it is getting worse every day.”

The NATO supreme allied commander in Europe, however, said sending heavy weapons would not help the Ukrainian forces.

The general said the Pentagon is planning to train 600 Ukrainian forces in the western part of the country next month.

Moscow would not remain indifferent to such “provocative actions” and “will have to respond appropriately,” said Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov in reference to US plans to arm Ukraine.

Relations between Washington and Moscow have been strained over the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Washington accuses Moscow of arming and supporting pro-Russian forces fighting in Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry, however, calls the accusations “groundless.”

On Tuesday, US combat vehicles took part in a parade in an Estonian city near the Russian border. The US armored personnel carriers and other US Army vehicles rolled through the streets of Narva amid the escalating tensions between the two powers.

In an interview with Press TV on Wednesday, political commentator Andrew Korybko said the United States is trying to “provoke” Russia into an aggressive reaction through conducting a military parade near the Russian border.

Korybko said Washington is trying to “provoke Russia into a reaction to paint it as an aggressor even if that’s not really the case.”

He noted that this is a “symbolic power projection” through which the United States is trying to say that it is in “Russia’s backyard.”


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Henry Herskovitz: Are Jews Manipulating the BDS Movement?

Three members of JWPF attended a presentation by Barbara Harvey, a Jewish leader of Jewish Voice for Peace and ostensible supporter of the BDS movement, to students at Eastern Michigan University at the request of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

Barbara is a good speaker and focused her talk on the “occupation” of Palestine and was specific that Palestine meant the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. She said that the goal of the BDS movement was to continue “until [Israel] ends the occupation”. It wasn’t until this writer reminded her that the real goal of the BDS movement is a three-pronged demand of which ending the military occupation is only one-third, did she confess yes, that the demands of the BDS movement included (a) equal rights for Palestinians living within the Green Line and (b) the implementation of the Right of Return for millions of Palestinians exiled by the Jewish state from their homeland.

Then she talked about a “negotiated” settlement to the refugee question, as if rights are negotiable, yet alone enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She noted – as did the whistling-past-the-graveyard Professor Cary Nelson – that Israel “isn’t going anywhere”, and we wonder again why the compulsion for Jewish leaders to remind their audience of this assumption. It is likely that “Israel” did not exist when Ms. Harvey was born, yet in 66 years of its existence she’s willing to speculate – using terms meant to convey fact – that this state, non-existent in 1947, will last forever. Can someone provide us the definition of “chutzpah?”

Since her presentation was informal, I brought up the statement made by Rebecca Wilkommerson (executive director of JVP) that “The occupation, with US military and financial support is the root cause” of the violence in Palestine. I tried to ask her if a better explanation wasn’t “The root cause of the conflict in Palestine-Israel is the creation and maintenance by force of a Jewish state in a territory with a non-Jewish majority?” She cut me off in mid-sentence, however, claiming she wanted to continue her report on the “successes” of the BDS movement.

One man asked whether the implementation of all three prongs of the BDS demands wouldn’t lead to the “unwinding” of the Jewish state, and her response was emotional: “The BDS goal is not to ‘destroy’ Israel”. I spoke up and reminded her that the questioner used the word “unwind” and not “destroy”, but it appears very telling that Jewish speakers hear “destruction” when it is not uttered. Perhaps Gilad Atzmon is right when he suggests that Jews experience a false PTSD (Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder: “the stress is the outcome of a phantasmic event, an imaginary episode set in the future; an event that has never taken place.”), yet remain leaders in the “liberation” movement they have renamed “solidarity”. Now what the heck does that mean?

Barbara listed some companies that have been financially affected by the BDS movement: Elbit, Caterpillar, Veolia and Motorola. She focused on Soda Stream and reported its imminent closing of its West Bank facility and relocation within Green Line Israel. I asked if the BDS movement would continue to boycott Soda Stream and she answered that some groups would continue and others would not. Now, wait a minute! That doesn’t sound like the original BDS call to us. Let’s quote the source,

In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights.

According to Ms. Harvey, this suggests that companies that crawl back into their hole of the Jewish state within the Green Line deserve an unrecognized sanctuary from the BDS movement that she is falsely representing. The question is open for activists: Do we tolerate this re-write of the movement’s goals or call out Jewish leaders for what appears to be the hidden agenda of protecting Jews and the Jewish state?

Does Barbara support Israel’s claimed right to exist as a Jewish state? Two of us stayed after to ask this question and to her credit she replied in the negative. But who, outside of readers of this report, knows this? We asked if this was the position of JVP, and she responded that she didn’t think so. Sounds confusing, yes? Maybe it’s supposed to be. Diligent readers of these reports can remember Anna Baltzer, National Organizer with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, admitting to a small audience in the basement of a local church that she, too didn’t support this claim. But try to find Anna’s or Barbara’s public refutation of Israel’s “right” to exist as a Jewish state.

There are serious problems with a movement to liberate a country led by members of the same ethnic/religious group that is ethnically cleansing that country. We are reminded that Malcolm X refused to allow sympathetic white voices to lead the movement for black liberation in the US. Why do complacent non-Jews extol and honor the Jewish voice when it appears pregnant with hidden agendas?



Banksy goes undercover in Gaza, releases mini-documentary

Banksy goes undercover in Gaza, releases mini-documentary

The unidentified street artist Banksy has re-emerged in Gaza to create a political mini-documentary about life inside the war-torn region.

In the short film, posted to his official website on Wednesday, the artist appears to enter Gaza via underground tunnels before emerging through a metal door and into the rubble.

Typical of Banksy’s work, the video is a pointed political statement about the dire situation for residents of Gaza. At least 2,200 Palestinians were killed in last summer’s war with Israel, according to the United Nations. (Israel argues that the militant group Hamas fires rockets out of civilian areas. At least five Israeli civilians and 67 soldiers were killed in the conflict.)

The video is also sharply satirical, framed as a travel ad that begins by saying, “Make this the year you discover a new destination.” Glowing descriptions flash by such as “nestled in an exclusive setting,” as the cameraman pans to show areas of total destruction, and “watched over by friendly neighbours,” before listing the number of homes blown up by missile fire.

Among the destroyed buildings and bleak reality, Banksy is shown painting a piece titled “Bomb Damage” that depicts the Greek goddess Niobe cowering and weeping in the only part that remains of a building. The goddess, a bereaved mother who lost her children due to pride, illustrates in Greek mythology how the gods will not hesitate to take vengeance on human arrogance.


Image: Banksy

An image of this work was uploaded to Banksy’s official Instagram account earlier on Wednesday (as confirmed by his publicist Jo Brooks), as a teaser before the entire video was released.

The documentary also features new work showing a cat playing with a ball of metal, in a shot where children play in the foreground. On his website, Banksy writes: “A local man came up and said ‘Please — what does this mean?’ I explained I wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on my website — but on the Internet people only look at pictures of kittens.”


Image: Banksy


Image: Banksy

The final piece released is of a watchtower merry-go-round, painted in black on the side of a building. Banksy wrote: “Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no one is allowed to enter or leave. But that seems a bit unfair to prisons — they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost everyday.”

The video ends with a statement: “If we wash our hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless we side with the powerful — we don’t remain neutral.”


Image: Banksy

The Palestinian territory is not a new base for the British graffiti artist; in 2005 he made headlines for his art on Israel’s West Bank barrier. There were nine images in total, including one work with a girl attempting to float over the wall holding balloons, one of children playing on the sand with a hole above them showing a beach in the wall, and another of a dove with an olive branch and a bullseye on its chest.

Once again, Banksy has lent his public profile to a highly political situation.

banksy kids

A work on the wall.

U.S. drone “pilots” refer to people they burn to death in places like Pakistan as “bug splat”

Not a Bug Splat, Not Chattel

U.S. drone “pilots” refer to people they burn to death in places like Pakistan as “bug splat” because they look like bugs being squished to death on the pilots’ video monitors and because it’s easier to murder bugs than humans.

Hence the need for the brilliant artwork made visible to a drone (


The human brain is a funny thing. Numerous human brains know that every human is a human, yet insist that various types of humans must be “humanized” before they can be recognized as humans. That is, even though you know someone must have a name and loved ones and favorite games and certain weaknesses and a couple of quirks that friends find endearing — because each and every Homo sapiens does have such things — you insist on being told what the details are, and only then readily admit that in fact this particular human is a human (and millions of others remain in doubt).

A drone killer must know that children have eyes and noses and mouths, hair and fingers. But this artwork presents it to the troubled brain of the humanization dependent observer.

And what if you want to know more about the humans inhabiting Pakistan? More than just a face in a photograph?

I recommend reading The Upstairs Wife: An Intimate History of Pakistan by Rafia Zakaria. Rafia grew up in Pakistan and moved to the United States. She can tell you intimate details about life in Pakistan from a perspective you recognize.

Central to her story of migration and cultural change and political transformation is the life of her aunt whose husband chose to marry a second wife and move his first wife to the upstairs of the house. The status of women and of religion is put into sharp relief by this sorrowful account of deep personal injury and humiliation.

Yes, this is another case of religion serving to worsen people’s lives in ways that possibly used to make sense but have been dragged forward into the present only by the resistance of religion to rational change.

No, this is not a revelation that Pakistanis hate Americans because their religion tells them to. People who hate the U.S. government tend to object to the destruction and killing of the U.S. military.

And no, your religion, whatever it is, is not better than someone else’s. The problem is not the flavor of the religion, but the utilization of magical rules in guiding people’s lives — that is to say, adherence to rules that on their merits would be abandoned but that are maintained because the great Whatchamacallit decreed so in the Holy Days of Whichamawhoochee.

At least that’s one of many impressions I take away from the book. You may have others. It’s not a sad or contemptuous story but an enjoyable and educational one. And it’s complex enough to render useless any generalization about what “the Pakistanis” do or think at all. The people of Pakistan have many backgrounds and all sorts of unique outlooks and circumstances. They are, in fact, a lot like you, me, your neighbor, your uncle, and the woman who works in the grocery store — just with a smaller military than ours killing people in their names.


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