Christchurch Attack: Israeli Mossad’s Years of Espionage Activities in the City

By Daniel Haqiqatjou

Mossad Christchurch 463f5

The massacre of Muslims this past Friday in Christchurch, New Zealand left me in a daze of anger and grief. Muslims are being gunned down and bombed all over the world and little is being done about it.

For this post, I want to compile some of the oddities with the details of the shooting. Things are not what they seem.

The below is broken down into sections for ease of reading.

The Manifesto: No Jews?

Tarrant allegedly wrote a manifesto called The Great Replacement explaining his motivations for killing Muslims. The problem is, the 73-page document reads like it was written by someone who is trying very hard to pretend to be a White Nationalist.

What do I mean by this?

Well, whoever wrote the document claims that he was mainly influenced by the internet.

“From where did you receive/research/develop your beliefs?” the murderer responds, “The internet, of course. You will not find the truth anywhere else.”

The influence of internet meme culture is apparent in the manifesto and even in Tarrant’s horrifying video. White nationalists online immediately recognized the use of memes. In the video, for example, he says, “Subscribe to PewDiePie,” which is a white nationalist meme referring to popular white Youtuber PewDiePie, which trolls on 4chan and elsewhere envision (ironically) as a fascist neo-Nazi leader.

But there is one glaring inconsistency.

If you ever visit places on the internet frequented  and owned by White Nationalists, such as 4chan, 8chan, Daily Stormer, or Gab, one immediate, indubitable fact hits you in the face:

These people hate Jews.

More than anyone else, White Nationalists hate Jews and are not afraid of expressing it with thousands of different memes. More than Blacks, more than Latinos, more than Muslims, Jews are at the top of the hate list. This is because White Nationalists believe that Jews are engaging in a genocidal project to destroy the White race. According to the White Nationalists, Jews are doing this primarily by pushing for immigration. As high birth-rate immigrants flood White nations and non-Whites and Whites intermix, eventually the White race will become a minority and will, within a few generations, cease to exist.

This, according to the White Nationalists on the internet, is a Jewish plot that Jews have engineered through their pushing of pro-immigration legislation, their control of media, etc.

What is bizarre about Tarrant’s alleged manifesto is that he says a great deal about this plot. He rails against immigration, fertility rates, and “White genocide.” But he doesn’t mention who the supposed plotters are. Why? Why is Tarrant following the White Nationalist script to the letter but doesn’t mention Jews once in the entire 73 pages?

Well, actually, he does mention Jews just once:

“A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.”

The statement is especially strange since, according to the dominant White Nationalist discourse, this is exactly what Jews are engaged in: harming white people, genociding them. In fact, White Nationalists often bemoan the fact that Jews have Israel as their Jewish ethno-state while allegedly preventing Whites from having their own White ethno-states.

Passages like this stand out:

Why attack muslims if all high fertility immigrants are the issue?
“They are the most despised group of invaders in the West, attacking them receives the greatest level of support.” He ranted about climate change, saying that by killing “the invaders” he could “kill the overpopulation and by doing so save the environment.”

White Nationalists reserve these kinds of statements for Jews, not Muslims. For White Nationalists, Muslims are just low IQ pawns used by Jews, but pose no serious threat on their own.

So why does an alleged White Nationalist who is so concerned about immigration and preserving the White race completely ignore the biggest, most prominent component of White Nationalist discourse?

This is like an alleged fan of the 90s Chicago Bulls writing a detailed 70-page tribute to the team’s amazing achievements in that decade without once mentioning Michael Jordan. If someone were to read such a tribute, the lack of mentioning Jordan would be more than a glaring omission. It would seem like the writer were deliberately trying to avoid him.

The same thing with this manifesto. Something doesn’t add up.

The Manifesto: American or Australian Spelling Conventions?

Another thing I noticed while reading the document is that the author switches between English spelling conventions haphazardly. At times, his spelling is consistent with the American convention and other times with Australian. Tarrant himself is Australian, so we would expect him to use Australian conventions, or at the very least, we would expect him to be consistent in using one convention or another. But oddly this is not the case.

For example, we read about Australian spelling:

Unlike British English, which is split between -ise and -ize in words such as organise and realise, with -ize favoured by the Oxford English Dictionary and -ise listed as a variant, -ize is rare in Australian English and designated as a variant by the Macquarie Dictionary.

Yet the -ize variant, which is standard in American English, is dominant in the manifesto.

The words using this spelling are: Balkanize, energized, colonize, radicalized, globalized, industrialized, pulverized, commoditized, trivialized, strategize, realize, utilized, finalize, destabilize, deracialized, deculturalized, polarizing.

If you check these words in the official dictionary of Australian English, MacQuarie’s, you can see that the -ise spelling is standard throughout.

manifesto3 bcc6f


Another example of American spelling is the use of the word “practice.” In Australian spelling, when used as a noun, practice is spelled with -ice, but when it is used as a verb, such as in practised or practising, the -ise ending is used. Again, MacQuarie’s Dictionary can be consulted to see this distinction.

Yet, in the manifesto, this Australian convention is not followed. The -ice version of practice is used in the verbal form, such as when he writes on page 62:

“This is a tactic practiced not only on the French people, but on all the peoples of Europe, effectively destroying the nations identity at its core and smashing apart all bonds which a successful, unified nation is built upon.”

And also on page 69:

“In the United States, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, the cult of the individual has been practiced for the longest time and with the deepest devotion.”

Now someone might respond to this by saying, well, maybe Tarrant was educated in the US. Maybe he had American teachers when he was first learning how to read and write.

This might be a plausible explanation if it weren’t for the fact that the manifesto also uses Australian conventions for other words like: labour, rumours, colour, honours, endeavours. Also words like scepticism are in the manifesto, which in the American convention is spelled with a ‘k’.

Strangest of all is the case of “favor” and “favour” which are spelled in both the Australian and American versions in the document.

Why would we find these kinds of inconsistencies? Switching between spelling conventions is not something that happens out of sloppiness or haste. The manifesto has minimal spelling errors and the grammar is not too bad.

Perhaps one explanation is he just copy and pasted snippets from the internet and didn’t bother to standardize the spellings throughout. Perhaps. But the psychopaths who write these manifestos put a lot of time and care into their work. They are obsessed with carefully constructing what they hope will be read by millions who they want to inspire to follow their murderous footsteps. The author of this manifesto indicates having such an obsessive personality:

Q: Is this your complete writings and views?

Unfortunately not, there was a much larger work written, roughly 240 pages long that spoke on many issues and went into much depth, but in a moment of unbridled self criticism, I deleted the entire work and started again, two weeks before the attack itself.

I was left with a short period of time to create a new work and only leave my views half finished. I will let my actions speak for themselves.

Would such a self-critical writer resort to copy pasting passages into his magnum opus and overlook numerous spelling irregularities?


Multiple Shooters

From the beginning of the news reporting, multiple shooters were reported by witnesses and, ultimately, multiple individuals were arrested and even appeared in court.

The Washington Post reports:

Police named Tarrant the primary suspect in what was the deadliest attack in New Zealand’s history — and one of the worst cases of right-wing terrorism in years — after the 28 year-old Australian allegedly stormed two mosques during mid-day prayers on Friday and mowed down dozens of huddling and fleeing worshipers while he streamed the killing live over the internet with a helmet-mounted camera.

Two others have been arrested in connection with the shootings: A second man, 18-year old Daniel John Burrough, was scheduled to appear in court later Saturday and face charges of inciting racial hostility or ill-will. A third accomplice remained unidentified.

They also reported that the court hearing for Tarrant was out of the ordinary:

During [Tarrant’s] hearing, which was closed to the public by Judge Paul Keller in the interest of safety — an unusual move for New Zealand courts — Tarrant did not enter a plea to the murder charge.

Yet the manifesto is written as if it were only written by one person acting alone. The self-asked questions are asked in reference to one person, e.g., “Do you carry out the attack for fame?” And the answers are also in the singular, e.g.,  “But the aftershock from my actions will ripple for years to come.”

Early police reports mentioned three active shooters.

Security analysts were also quoted on Friday saying that, based on the scope of the attack, multiple parties were involved:

3:53pm: Security Analyst Paul Buchanan says he has seen the gunman’s manifesto and the shooting is “clearly a case of a white supremacist”.

He says the shooter would likely have had support in carrying out the attack.

Later news reports mention two other “associates” being arrested along with Tarrant:

Two other people have been arrested, described as the terrorist’s “associates”, while a third who was earlier apprehended is not connected to the attacks.

If all these reports weren’t enough, there is also video footage of what is claimed to be two shooters other than Tarrant:

Was Tarrant acting alone? Or were there other shooters involved?


If this mass killing of 49 Muslims wasn’t carried out by a White Nationalist acting alone, who was responsible? Who would benefit from this? No need to speculate too much for now, as details are still turning up. But some interesting facts about Christchurch are worth citing.

The Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, is known to have had espionage activities in the city.


Crimea: The Geopolitical Jewel Russia Continues to Polish

Crimea: The Geopolitical Jewel Russia Continues to Polish


Crimea: The Geopolitical Jewel Russia Continues to Polish

With all that is happening in the world Crimea has taken a bit of a backseat recently. Yes, the US, EU and Canada just added more sanctions on Russia via the odious Magnitsky legislation but this is inconsequential.

There’s been a flurry of good news coming out of Crimea and the Black Sea recently that bears discussion. Let’s start with the most important. President Vladimir Putin was in Crimea earlier this week to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the peninsula’s reunification with Russia. There he also officially inaugurated two major upgrades to Crimea’s power grid.

Located in Simferopol and Sevastopol, two new power plants will produce 940 megawatts and secure Crimea’s energy needs for now and into the future.

Power has been Crimea’s Achilles’ heel since breaking off from Ukraine in 2014. It received almost 90% of its power from the mainland. In November 2015, the trunk lines into Crimea were sabotaged by Ukrainian nationalist radicals, encouraged by President Petro Poroshenko plunging it into darkness as winter took hold.

Does this sound familiar? A place that defies US edicts geopolitically is first hit with a full trade embargo, sanctions and threatened militarily by proxies before having its electricity shut off?

*Cough* Venezuela *Cough*

And there are reports that the US has game-planned a similar fate for Iran as well. For Crimea it was easy because of the single-point-of-failure, the trunks from the mainland. For Venezuela it was as well, with the Guri dam, which affected nearly 70 percent of the country.

So, Putin timing the fifth anniversary of reunification with the announcement of the plants moving to full operational status was yet another smooth bit of international political maneuvering.

A not-so-subtle poke in the eye of the Gang Who Can’t Sanction Straight in D.C. as well as lame duck Poroshenko. Elections are at the end of the month and this celebration by Russia and Crimea will not sit well with many Ukrainians, especially the diaspora here in the US which is virulently anti-Putin in my experience.

Secure and stable power generation is a hallmark of a first world territory. Without that economic growth and stability are impossible. This is why to first help stabilize the situation in Crimea after the blackout Russia brought in 400 MW of power across the Kerch Strait from Krasnodor.

Tying Crimea to the mainland via the Kerch Strait bridge was a masterstroke by Putin. The initial power lines were simply a necessity. For those that complain he isn’t doing enough to counter US and European aggression need only look at the Kerch Strait bridge.

Not only did the Russians not seek international approval given the nearly universal refusal to recognize Crimea as Russian they built the thing in a time frame that defies description.

Imagine if this had been an EU project. They would still be debating the initial engineering plans and the political effects on some protected minority.

Not only does it open up the Eastern Black Sea to trade via Crimea but it ends the use of the Sea of Azov as a potential staging ground for naval provocations as last fall’s incident proved. Ukraine is cut off from acting aggressively and cannot count on any help from the US and Europe.

Moreover, Crimea is now permanently Russia’s. And every bit of infrastructure Russia builds there ties the two further together and weakens any bonds Crimea had with Ukraine. The resultant growth and modernization will make its way, economically and culturally back into southern Ukraine and erode the hard border over time.

This is far more important than striking out and metaphorically punching Poroshenko in the mouth, that many of Putin’s detractors wish for.

Presidents change, after all. Patience and attrition is how you beat an aggressive, distant enemy like the US

To remind everyone just how insane the Trump White House has become on matters international, no less than Vice President Mike Pence lobbied Germany to provoke another naval incident at the Kerch Strait.

If there was ever an example of how little Trump’s gang of moldy neocons think of Europe it is this bit of news. In effect, Pence was saying, “We can’t start a war with Russia because it would go nuclear, but you can because Russia can’t live without your trade.”

This coming after the US unilaterally pulled out of the INF treaty and is now flying nuclear bombers to eastern Europe. The message is clear. If the EU doesn’t get with this open-ended belligerent program against Russia and China of John Bolton’s they will be the ones paying the price when chaos breaks out.

On the other side there is Putin; building bridges, pipelines, power plants and roads.

He’s making it clear what the future holds not only for Europe but the Middle East, central Asia and India. We will defend Crimea at all costs, develop it not only into a tourist destination but also a major trade hub as well.

You are more than welcome to join us. But, we don’t need you.

These power plants will raise Crimea’s power output well beyond its current needs, allowing first export of power as well as providing the foundation for future growth.

And as if it weren’t coordinated in any way, the Chinese, on the morning of Putin’s speech, announced that Crimea would be an excellent fit for investment projects attached to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

That’s according to the head of the association of Chinese compatriots on the peninsula, Ge Zhili. “Our organization is bolstering cooperation ties, exchanges and friendly contacts with the Crimean society,” he said at an event dedicated to the fifth anniversary of Crimea’s reunification with Russia, which was held in the Russian Embassy in Beijing on Monday.

It is also ready to contribute to the establishment of “reliable partner ties” and the explanation of legal details of business cooperation with Crimea, Ge Zhili said. “The Chinese society hopes for the development of friendly cooperation with Crimea; we are ready to overcome difficulties for fruitful results.”

Again this is a direct challenge to the US who has Crimea under strict sanctions in the West. China is happy now to move forward with integrating Crimea into its plans. It’s just another example of how Russia and China simply ignore Trump’s fulminations and move on.

I can’t wait until I get to write this article all over again, this time about North Korea, now that Bolton has thrown Russian and Chinese assistance in getting North Korea to the negotiating table back in their face by destroying the Hanoi talks.

This announcement is not to be underestimated given that Chinese Premier Xi Jinping is in Rome this week to open up relations with the new Italian government. Five Star Movement’s Leader Luigi Di Maio said he would welcome becoming a part of BRI, much to the consternation of Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as his coalition partner Lega Leader Matteo Salvini.

It’s already well known that Salvini is interested in ending sanctions on Crimea and re-opening trade with Russia. Italy is desperate for new markets and opportunities, currently stifled under the euro itself as well as Germany’s insistence on austerity hollowing out Italy’s economy and its future prospects.

These issues as well as energy security ones are coming to a head this year with Brexit, the European Parliamentary elections in May and the completion of the Nordstream 2 pipeline later this year.

As Putin continues to polish his Black Sea jewel, Europe has to decide if it is going to continue playing the U.S’s games over Ukraine or begin the next phase of its independence. Salvini will lead a Euroskeptic revolt within the European Parliament in May. It may be big enough to finally defy Merkel and end EU sanctions on Russia over Crimea.

At that point the US will also have a choice, burn down the world economy with even more sanctions, tariffs and acts of war or accept the facts on the ground.

لبنان والأردن وتركيا والتكتل الإقليمي الجديد؟

مارس 20, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– لم تعد ثمّة حاجة لوضع التساؤلات او رسم الشكوك حول وجود قرار إيراني سوري عراقي ببناء تكتل إستراتيجي جديد يستوعب التمايزات في أوضاع الدول الثلاث وتباينات تكوينها السياسي لصالح تكامل قطاعاتها الاقتصادية والخدمية، وتناغم سياساتها الأمنية، وربطها بشبكات نقل متعدّدة من طرق دولية وسكك حديد، وربط شبكاتها الكهربائية، وتشبيك وسائط الاتصالات بينها، وتكامل منتوجاتها الصناعية والزراعية والخدمية مع أسواق بعضها البعض وحاجاتها. وعندما يستند هذا التكتل الجديد إلى عدد سكان يقارب مئتي مليون، وقدرات اقتصادية وموارد طبيعية هائلة، وأيادٍ عاملة متنوّعة الخبرات، وأسواق واسعة وحاجات سياحية واستهلاكية تلبي بعضها البعض، فمن الطبيعي أن تشكل ولادته بالإضافة لما توفره لشعوب هذه الدول وحكوماتها، مصدر خلاص من الكثير من تعقيدات التبادل المالي التي تفرضها العقوبات الأميركية.

– الولادة التدريجية لهذا التكتل الذي بدأ يبصر النور بعد قمّتين واحدة سورية إيرانية وأخرى إيرانية عراقية، وتجسّدت أولى خطواته باجتماع رؤساء أركان جيوش الدول الثلاث، ومقرراتهم بتأمين التواصل الجغرافي الآمن بين بلدانهم من جهة، وتعاون جيوشهم في إنهاء الحرب على الجماعات الإرهابية، خصوصاً في سورية. من جهة مقابلة، سيطرح تحديات عاجلة ومتصاعدة أمام دول الجوار الثلاث الأهم، البعيدة بدرجات مختلفة على الصعيد السياسي عن هذا التكتل الجديد، والمحكومة بلغة المصالح والجوار بحسابات لا مفرّ من إقامتها، تجاه كيفية التعامل مع هذه الولادة. فتركيا التي تقيم تبادلاً تجارياً واسعاً مع إيران وتملك حدوداً مشتركة يتداخل فيها الأمن والسياسة مع هذه الدول، وتتشارك مع الدول الثلاث الهمّ الكردي، ستجد نفسها معنية بالبحث الجدي في شراكة لتوسيع هذا التكتل بصورة تجعلها شريكاً نوعياً لتكبير حجم السوق أمام بضائعها، وتوسيع نطاق التدفقات السياحية إلى أسواقها، وضمان معاملة موحّدة مع المسألة الكردية، ومثلها الأردن المعني حكماً بحاجته للموارد النفطية والمتطلع لاكتساب المزيد من السياح، ومثلهما لبنان الهادف لتسويق بضائعه الزراعية والصناعية، ولاستقطاب كتلة من السياح الذين يوفرهم هذا التكتل، سيجد نفسه، رغم التذاكي السياسي لدى بعض اللبنانيين والكيدية لدى بعضهم الآخر، معنياً من موقع المصالح بالمبادرة في البحث عن سبل التشبيك مع هذا التكتل الجديد.

– عملياً وبسبب غياب مركز عالمي قادر على قيادة العام اقتصادياً وسياسياً وعسكرياً، بعد التراجع الأميركي المشهود، ستنمو التكتلات الإقليمية. وهذا هو الحال على المقلب الآخر للحدود الإيرانية مع كل من باكستان وافغانستان، وصولاً إلى الصين وروسيا والتعاون في أفغانستان سياسياً وأمنياً، والتعاون في مجالات الطاقة وتبادل البضائع. لكن الطبيعي أن يجذب هذا التكتل مع فرصه بالاتساع ليضمّ تركيا ولبنان والأردن اهتماماً خاصاً من روسيا والصين، فالأولى مهتمة بأنابيب النفط والغاز وبتوليد الكهرباء من الطاقة النووية وبيعها، والثانية معنية بشبكات سكك الحديد وتوسيع الأسواق لبضائعها، وتكتل مرشح لبلوغ الثلاثمئة مليون بهذه المقدرات الاقتصادية سيعادل حجم أوروبا، وأميركا، ويزيد عن حجم روسيا، ما يجعله مرشحاً للتأثير على شكل الخريطة التجارية والاقتصادية للعالم، وفرض معادلات جديدة لا بدّ لأوروبا الجارة من أخذها بالحساب.

– عملياً العقوبات الأميركية تلعب دوراً عكسياً. فهي تشكل اليوم الحافز لنجاح هذا التكتل، وهي ستشكل مصدر آليات تعامل مالي تتخطى المرور بالعملة والمصارف الأميركية، وعملياً هي سترتب تراجع المكانة التي تحتلها أميركا في الاقتصاد العالمي كمركز، ولو بقيت تمثل الاقتصاد الأول تقنياً وهي المرشحة لخسارة موقع الاقتصاد الأكبر حجماً امام الصين. فعلاقة أوروبا بهذا التكتل الجديد ستكون مختلفة عن علاقتها بإيران وحدها، ومنطق المصالح يقول إن هذا التكتل سيكون فرصة أوروبا الوحيدة لمواجهة خطر الركود الاقتصادي والكساد الصناعي، وعندما نقول إن عالماً جديداً يولد، لا نقصد فقط سياسياً وعسكرياً بل اقتصادياً أيضاً.

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بطل سلفيت شهيداً


 الأربعاء 20 آذار 2019

بطل سلفيت شهيداً

صحيح أن مطاردة عمر أبو ليلى، منفذ عملية «أريئيل» في سلفيت، شمالي الضفة المحتلة، لم تتخطّ ثلاثة أيام، وهي مدة أقصر مما عاشه سابقوه من منفذي العمليات الفدائية، لكن ذلك لم يغطِّ الإخفاق الإسرائيلي في الوصول إليه سريعاً، بعدما تمكن من تنفيذ عملية نوعية بجميع المعايير، بعدما جمعت بين سابقاتها. ففي وقت متأخر من مساء أمس، أعلن «جهاز الأمن العام الإسرائيلي» (الشاباك) اغتياله عمر أبو ليلى، بعد اشتباكات في محيط منزل في قرية عبوين، شمال غربي رام الله (وسط)، التي تبعد نحو 40 كلم عن سلفيت التي بقيت محاصرة لنحو ثلاثة أيام.

وجاء في بيان «الشاباك» أن قوة من وحدة «يمام» الخاصة نفذت عملية الاغتيال بعدما رفض أبو ليلى (19 عاماً) الاستسلام، بل أطلق النار من داخل المنزل الذي كان يتحصن فيه بالسلاح نفسه الذي استولى عليه من أحد الجنود القتلى في العملية. وأضاف البيان أن «اغتيال أبو ليلى جاء نتيجة جهد استخباري وأمني مكثف» جرى منذ تنفيذه العملية، وقتله جندياً ومستوطناً وإصابته جندياً آخر بجراح بالغة.
سريعاً، بارك رئيس حكومة العدو، بنيامين نتنياهو، الاغتيال، قائلاً إن العملية «جاءت سريعة وإن يد إسرائيل الطويلة تصل إلى كل مكان»، علماً أن ثلاث كتائب عسكرية شاركت في العملية، وأطلقت أكثر من صاروخي «لاو» بعدما هدمت أجزاءً كبيرة من المنزل المستهدف، فيما لم تتأكد بعدُ إصابة جنود من الوحدة التي اشتبكت مع الشهيد، رغم تلميح مراسلين إسرائيليين إلى ذلك.
وبعد منتصف الليل، أُبلغ «الارتباط الفلسطيني» باستشهاد شابين في مدينة نابلس (شمال) خلال مواجهات تزامنت مع اغتيال أبو ليلى، ووقعت جراء اقتحام «قبر يوسف» والمنطقة الشرقية من نابلس.

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عمر أبو ليلى

مارس 21, 2019

ناصر قنديل

في درسه الأول كيف تقاوم الانقسام والتفتيت… من سلفيت

وفي درسه الثاني كيف تجمع الدنيا والدين… على حد سكين

وفي درسه الثالث كشف الحساب… في الردّ على الإرهاب

وفي درسه الرابع جثمان الشهيد… أجمل هديّة للأم في العيد

أتمّ عمر أبي ليلى دروسه ومضى فتمتم صلاته في أذن المحتلّ

وغرس سكينه بين الضلعَيْن وتوازن الأرض يختلّ

وانتزع السلاح… والجنود يهرولون بين صراخ وصياح

ويطلق مسدّداً إلى اليسار والإصابة قاتلة

… وإلى اليمين سيارة حاخامهم ماثلة

فيسدّد مجدّدا

يسدّد على الرأس محدّدا

فيصيب وبيده المقود… والبندقية… في شغاف القلب محميّة

حتى يصل إلى العليّة

أتمّ عمر أبو ليلى المهمة

والحكام العرب من قمّة إلى قمّة

يتثاءبون ويتساءلون ويتجشّأون

… وبعضهم يشحذَ سمّه

أتمّ عمر أبو ليلى كل البنود

وأوفى كلّ العهود

وبات عليه الآن الصعود

فهذا الأسفل لا يناسب بقاء الكبار

هذا الأسفل يليق بالسافلين الصغار

يتساءلون عن القوانين الاستراتيجية وعن الحروب الذكيّة

وبومضة من نصل سكين يحسم عمر القضية

أمه غدير تصفه بالقدير… وحلمه أن يصير يوماً مدير

وها هو يُدير العالم على رأس إصبعه الصغير

يأتي بومبيو ويصرّح نتنياهو والكل يسأل عن الإرهابي الخطير

والفاعل… هو إبن غدير القدير الذي صار اليوم المدير

لقد فاجأتهم يا عمر… كما فاجأتنا… قالت غدير

لقد صفعتهم بدمك على عيونهم… فأعميتها

وعلى عيوننا فأبكيتَها

يا عمر

لقد بهرتهم بنورك شمساً لا تقاوَم نارُها

وعرّيت ذلنا تحت ضوء نورك يا قمر

… قالت غدير

في عيدها أجمل الهدايا أنت يا عمر

فالأم لا تحلم بأكثر من أن تحضن في عيدها القمر

وقد صرتَ قمر القدس والخليل والجليل وليمون يافا وحيفا وياسمين الشام

صرتَ وردة الأحلام

قمراً يضيء ليل بيت لحم عشيّة الميلاد

وصرتَ أيقونة الأطفال بتسعة عشر قمراً نثرتها من بيروت إلى بغداد

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Kill Them Over There, Not Here, Please.

By Jeremy Salt

brenton tarrant Netanyahu f0f4b

All of us must stand against hatred in all of its forms.

Barrack Obama

Israel mourns the wanton murder of innocent worshippers

Benjamin Netanyahu

White supremacist terrorism must be condemned by leaders everywhere

Hillary Clinton

People of all faiths must condemn these attacks and call out those who encourage Islamophobia.
                                                                                             Madeleine Albright

These are excerpts from some of the messages of condolence sent to New Zealand by ‘world leaders’ after the Christchurch massacre. There is no point in giving more names because all politicians and public figures would say the same, as they should, given the monstrosity of the crime.

Obama, Netanyahu, Clinton, and Albright have been chosen because they have been responsible for acts of murder infinitely greater than the slaughter of 50 Muslims in New Zealand.

The victims of their crimes and the crimes of their political predecessors in the past three decades run into the millions. Brenton Tarrant terrorized Muslims in two mosques in one country. They have terrorized Muslim populations in a number of countries. He has violated New Zealand law. They have violated international law. He will be punished but they never are.

Obama, Netanyahu, Clinton, and Albright have never uttered a word of remorse for the crimes they have committed. Not once has the head of any western government expressed regret for the millions of people killed in Muslim countries over the past three decades, not with Brenton Tarrant’s semi-automatic firearms, but bombs, missiles, and tank fire or, in the case of Syria, with the armed gangs set loose like attack dogs.

When asked whether she thought the ‘price’ paid for the first Gulf War (1991) and the decade of sanctions that followed, which took the lives of 500,000 children, was worth it, Madeleine Albright replied: ‘We think the price is worth it.’

For these governments and politicians, the price is always worth it as long as someone else pays. Even now there is nothing but estimates of how many Iraqis were killed or died as a result of the two wars launched against their country but the figure hovers around three million since 1991.

On top of this are the millions of wounded, many disabled for life, and the children born with deformities because of the use of uranium-depleted weapons.

Senior UN officials described the war and decade of sanctions against Iraq as genocide. No horror was expressed in the media for the enormous crimes that had been committed almost wholly against Muslims, men, women, and children as innocent as Brenton Tarrant’s victims.  Except on the margins, no demands were ever made for those responsible to face justice.

Every Tuesday Obama sat in his office and signed the death warrant for Yemenis or Somalis targeted in drone missile strikes that were totally illegal under international law. Thousands have been killed in these attacks, many if not most of them civilians, men, women and a lot of children. They are all Muslims. Did any of the politicians sending condolences to New Zealand and condemning terrorism ever bend their heads in shame at the killings in Yemen or Somalia and demand moral accountability and legal responsibility?

Has even one of them condemned Benjamin Netanyahu for the crimes committed against Muslims in Palestine, for the massacres of the innocent by sniper fire, missile strike, and artillery fire? Is the killing of Muslim children somehow different in New Zealand and Palestine?

After the destruction of Libya, Hillary Clinton laughed when told Muammar al Qadhafi had been killed, most brutally. This was her war, Obama’s war, a war of deceit that was carried on for seven months, destroying the most developed country in Africa and killing thousands. They were all Muslims. What else did Libya represent but Clinton’s ‘white supremacist terror,’ the same terror that has been delivered across the Muslim world by western governments for the past 200 years.

In Syria an estimated half a million people have been killed in a war orchestrated by western governments and their regional ‘allies.’ Their weapons of choice, the terrorist groups they have armed and financed, have assassinated, massacred and slaughtered in every way possible, thinkable and unthinkable.

Nearly all of their victims have been Muslims. In the face of this slaughter their paymasters, procurers, and enablers have remained morally mute, save for trying to blame the Syrian government for the war they initiated.

Over decades these enormous crimes have forced millions of people out of their wrecked countries. They have fled in all directions. Many have drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach the presumed safety of Europe. Boats headed in the direction of Australia, only to be turned back at sea or for the desperate people they were carrying to be locked up in ‘detention centers’ if they managed to slip through. Many sank and many men, women, and children drowned.

Australia was a willing participant in the wars that destroyed their homes yet refused them entry, abusing them as ‘queue jumpers.’ They were locked up behind razor wire in the middle of the desert so the Australian people could not see them and feel sorry for them. All were Muslims and many were children, treated as cruelly as the adults.

No matter how many millions of innocent people are killed in the Middle East, the designation of terrorist is reserved for Brenton Tarrant or the Islamic State, not for the western governments and the gangs they and their regional allies have employed in Syria to do their dirty work.

The same media that has covered up the monstrous crimes committed against Muslims in the Middle East can now talk of nothing else but the danger of white supremacists, not the far greater danger that Muslims around the world have always faced from western governments.

Brenton Tarrant, the Islamic state, Israel, the US and its ‘allies’ and the armed groups they are sponsoring in Syria are all joined at the hip. Terror is terror whether state or individual. Brenton Tarrant now has to face the consequences of what he has done. The politicians who have destroyed Middle Eastern countries don’t.

There is a law for Brenton Tarrant. There is no law for the politicians. Tarrant will be jailed for life for the murder of 50 Muslims. Politicians responsible for the deaths of millions of Muslims never seen the inside of a jail.  We have a system of international law but only in theory. In practice, when the massive crimes of the powerful are involved, it does not work. It is broken.

Claud Cockburn (father of Patrick) called the 1930s the ‘devil’s decade.’ The devils were human, of course: nationalist socialists and fascists destroying Spain, Italian fascists poison- gassing Ethiopians and Japanese fascists slaughtering Chinese. Now, since the 1990s, we have had nearly three devil’s decades.

Today’s western liberal democracies – as they are called – are doing exactly what the fascists did in the 1930s. Instead of Spain, we have Syria. Instead of Guernica, we have hadFallujah. Country after country has been destroyed by these liberal democrats in their grey suits and pastel ties. Do they really need to wear black or brown uniforms for people to recognize them for the killers that they are?

In their pursuit of power, they have no more respect for international law than the fascists and national socialists did in the 1930s. They have no respect for human life over there.

Yet when it comes to the killing of Muslims over here, they, and their outliers in the media are shocked, appalled and outraged at this senseless act of terror. Brenton Tarrant is a sick, depraved and twisted individual but so is Benjamin Netanyahu and so are the politicians responsible for the deaths of millions of Muslims in distant countries. Over there, not here, and that is what counts.

America Needs a Stronger Defense Industry? Trillions Down the Hole of Military Spending

Global Research, March 20, 2019

Post-WW II, America’s only enemies were and remain invented ones. 

No real ones existed since Nazi Germany and imperial Japan were defeated – none anywhere, clearly none today!

Yet the US consistently pours countless trillions of dollars down a black hole of endless waste, fraud and abuse – global militarism and belligerence supported by the vast majority of Republicans and undemocratic Dems, at the expense of world peace, equity and justice.

Trump regime director of trade and industrial policy Peter Navarro is a militant right-wing.

He’s part of the cabal in Washington, wanting US-controlled puppet rule replacing independent governments in China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere.

He favors whatever it takes for the US to achieve dominance. The NYT gave him feature op-ed spaceto promote greater military spending at a time it should be slashed.

He lied claiming “(i)nvesting in the (defense) sector means more jobs at home and improved security abroad. He lied saying “(i)n terms of economic security, the Trump defense budget is helping to create good manufacturing jobs at good wages.”

He lied claiming increased “arms sales (abroad) not only help create good jobs at good wages in America…they also enhance America’s capacity to bolster and stabilize our regional alliances, even as they may reduce the need to deploy more American soldiers overseas.”

He lied saying “our defense industrial base (is) the unshakable foundation of both economic and national security.”

Dwight Eisenhower’s warning about military-industrial complex dangers went unheeded, saying:

“The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

He called it a “potential enemy of the national interest…a distorted use of the nation’s resources…fail(ing) to comprehend its grave implication…(affecting our) livelihood (and) the very structure of our society,” adding:

“Every gun that is made, every war ship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, from those who are cold and not clothed.”

In an article titled “The War Business,” the late Chalmers Johnson said the following:

“(M)unitions and war profiteering have (become) the most efficient means for well-connected capitalists to engorge themselves at the public trough.”

“To call these companies ‘private,’ though, is mere ideology. (Weapons and) munitions making in the United States today (and related industries profiting from them are) not really private enterprise. It is state socialism,” adding:

“When war becomes the most profitable course of action, we can certainly expect more of it,” sacrificing a free society for private interests reaping short-term gains.

George Washington warned about “overgrown military establishments,” calling them “inauspicious to liberty.”

Perpetual wars now rage for illusory peace, what ruling authorities in Washington abhor – along with democratic governance they tolerate nowhere, especially at home.

US elections are farcical when held. With attribution to redoubtable activist Emma Goldman, if they changed anything, they’d be outlawed.

Economist, activist writer opponent of the military, industrial, security complex, Seymour Melman wrote extensively on the topic, dispelling state-sponsored/media promoted myths.

Discussing what he called “the Grip of a Permanent War Economy,” he explained the following:

“(A)t the start of the twenty-first century, every major aspect of American life (has been) shaped by our Permanent War Economy.” Its horrific toll includes:

  • a de-industrialized nation, the result of decades of shifting production abroad, leaving unions, US workers and communities “decimated;”
  • government financing, promoting and pursuing “every kind of war industry and foreign investing by US firms” – war priorities taking precedence over essential homeland needs;
  • America’s “permanent war economy…has endured since the end of World War II…Since then, the US has been at war – somewhere – every year, in Korea, Nicaragua, Vietnam, the Balkans, – all this to the accompaniment of shorter military forays in Africa, Chile, Grenada, Panama,” and endless aggression in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, Central Africa, and increasingly against perceived homeland threats;
  • “How to make war” takes precedence over everything, leaving no “public space (for) improv(ing) the quality of our lives;”
  • “Shortages of housing have caused a swelling of the homeless population in every major city (because) state and city governments across the country have become trained to bend to the needs of the military…;”

The nation’s deplorable state is characterized by growing millions of poor, disadvantaged, low income, uneducated, and “disconnected (people) from society’s mainstream, restless and unhappy, frustrated, angry, and sad;”

“State Capitalism” characterizes America’s agenda – partnering with business, running a permanent war economy for greater power and wealth, ill-served by pure evil leadership, at war on humanity at home and abroad.

US rage for global dominance comes at the expense of a nation in decline, lost industrialization, crumbling infrastructure, millions of lost jobs offshored to low-wage  countries, growing millions at home uncared for, unwanted, ignored, and forgotten to assure steady funding for bankers, warmaking, and other corporate predation – at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.

Melman explained that investing in domestic needs, developing the nation and its people, achieves a far greater bang for the buck than resources spent for militarism and warmaking.

They’re parasitic, unjustifiable, illegal, immoral, and eventually self-destructive – why the US has been in decline for decades while China, Russia, and other nations are growing and developing productively.

Unlike America’s permanent war agenda, wanting its will forcefully imposed on other nations, they wage peace and mutual cooperation with other nations.

Along with equity and justice for all everywhere, what’s more important than that!


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Award-winning author Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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