Dangerous Confrontation in the Middle East, israel (apartheid state) against Iran

Dangerous Confrontation in the Middle East

Mohammad Mossadegh

Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953.

The Zionist Khazarian mafia; the shadow government, has been gradually taking control of the American government system since the mid-1940s until it gained total control in our present day. Presidency has been a bought commodity granted to the presidential candidate, who would play as the complete puppet in their hands following their sinister agendas. President Donald Trump represents the ultimate Zionist Khazarian puppet. The ultimate Zionist goal is the establishment of the Greater Israel Project in the heart of the Middle East after destroying every possible rival state in the region.

To protect the Israeli colony, successive American administrations had adopted foreign policies of dividing the Arab World into smaller states, creating chaos and rivalries among them, creating religious and sectarian conflicts, and destroying some strong states while neutralizing and crippling others. One state in the region; Iran, was able to renew itself and stood strong as a major stumbling block to the Zionist project. Israel and the US have recently refocused their aggression on Iran again. Thus, we witness the recent escalating confrontation that could devastate the whole world, not just the region, if it develops into a military action.

The focus on Iran started with the discovery of its vast oil fields in 1908. During WWII an Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran led to the installation of puppet Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as the shah and the Iranian oil was used to power the Allied forces. After the war, Soviet Union withdrew from Iran but British forces remained. In 1951 Mohammad Mosaddegh was elected as prime minister. He nationalized Iranian oil fields. This action led the US and Britain to orchestrate a coup (Operation Ajax) in 1953 to remove him from power and to reinstate the Shah, who brutally ruled the country for the next 25 years. In 1955 the US and Iran signed the Treaty of Amity to regulate the economic relations between the two countries. The US helped Iran build its first nuclear reactor and provided Iran with weapons grade enriched uranium as part of the Atom for Peace program.

In 1979 the Iranian revolution kicked the Shah out, closed the American embassy taking 53 Americans hostage, and regained control of oil fields. After the failure of Operation Eagle Claw to rescue the hostages the US and Iran signed the 1981 Accord in Algiers according to which Iran released the hostages and the US agreed not to intervene politically or militarily in Iranian affairs. The US, then, pushed Iraq’s Saddam Hussein into eight years’ war against Iran. Although the war devastated the country, the Iranians used the oil revenue to later rebuild and to modernize their country.

Iran continued to pursue its nuclear program with the help of the Soviet Union. The US then led a western economic sanction on Iran accusing the Iranian government of violating the NPT and demanding to open the nuclear facilities for inspection. After almost 13 years of negotiations the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was signed in 2015 and the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 2231 approving the deal. The Iranian nuclear facilities were opened for IAEA inspectors, who verified 11 times so far that Iran has been complying with the nuclear deal.

Yet the Zionist Khazars were not satisfied with the deal and Israel never stopped lying about the alleged secret Iranian nuclear bomb program. Trump’s administration joined in expressing its dissatisfaction with the Iran nuclear deal stating that it was horrible, one sided and had failed to protect American national security, and eventually unilaterally withdrew from the deal in violation of the UNSC resolution.

Trump wanted to draft what he called a more comprehensive deal that would address the full range of Iran’s activities, including its ballistic missile program and its alleged destabilizing military interventions in the region especially in Syria threatening Israel’s security, and its alleged sponsor of terrorist groups; Lebanese Hezbollah, Palestinian Hamas and Yemeni Houthis; all labeled as terrorist groups by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Claiming a policy to modify Iranian regime behavior, not a regime change, Trump’s administration demanded that Iran capitulate to a dozen tough demands otherwise suffer the “strongest sanctions in history” as emphatically stated by the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Iran’s sin, as perceived by the American administrations, was its opposition to the Zionist Project of Greater Israel in support for the Arab resistance axis, and its help to Lebanese Hezbollah to liberate Lebanon from the 18 years Israeli occupation (1982-2000). Iran had again armed Hezbollah with weapons and missiles to inflict heavy casualties upon the Israeli army during the 2006 Israeli aggression against south Lebanon. The greatest Iranian sin was its help to Iraq and particularly to Syria to defeat the American/Israeli/Saudi/Qatari created and armed ISIS terrorists. American Israeli need to curtail and contain Iran became critical especially after the Iran’s nuclear deal opening Iran to the global market.

It is an open secret exposed by Seymour Hersh’s book “The Samson Option” that these Israeli embassies store tactical nuclear bombs targeting capitals of states and threatening to take down the world if its policies are opposed.

We cannot stress the following facts enough times. Iran has never initiated a war of aggression against any other country during the last 400 years. The US on the other hand had initiated 222 wars of aggression (by 2017) all around the whole world throughout its 239 years of history or 93% of the time. The US had attacked many countries virtually on every continent using all types of weapons including chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Since the end of WWII, the US had killed between 20 – 30 million people. American administrations had used lies, fake news, false flag attacks, and manufactured terrorist groups to justify its own many wars.

Israel had initiated 12 wars of aggression against its Arab neighbors throughout its short history of 70 years since its illegal occupation of Palestine, not mentioning its continuous sporadic aggressive bombings against its neighbors; Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Syria provoking further conflicts.

Iran does not have any military bases outside of its own borders. The US has approximately 800 formal military bases in 80 countries, many of which are surrounding and threatening Iran. Although Israel does not have any military base in other countries, yet its embassies act as its military bases, out of which Mossad’s assassins target whom they consider anti-Israel political and media activists. It is also an open secret exposed by Seymour Hersh’s book “The Samson Option” that these Israeli embassies store tactical nuclear bombs targeting capitals of states and threatening to take down the world if its policies are opposed.

Although Iran has harnessed nuclear energy for peaceful usage as verified many times by IAEA inspectors it does not have any nuclear bomb building program. Iran is a party in the NPT and had opened its nuclear facilities for IAEA inspectors. Although the US is a member in the NPT, yet IAEA inspectors have never published any report of their inspections of any American nuclear facility.

It is well known that the US has the largest number of nuclear bombs and although US has committed to taking thousands of warheads offline since 2010 as part of the New START treaty the Trump administration plans to overhaul America’s nuclear bombs and develop new type of low-yield tactical nukes as proposed by Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review. Trump wants to update American nuclear weapons to become “… so strong and so powerful that it will deter any acts of aggression by any other nation or anyone else.”

General Jack Weinstein, deputy chief of staff of the US Air Force had announced that the US is in the final stages of a nuclear program of the production of 500 B61-12 tactical nuclear bombs for the cost of over $10 billion. Weinstein stated “we’ve already conducted 26 engineering, development and guided flight tests … the program’s doing extremely well.”

Trump signed Monday August 13th the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act with a record-setting $716 billion military spending bill that includes over $21 billion for nuclear weapons programs. Major news outlets neglected to mention nuclear weapons program, rather stressed the trivial fact that Trump did not mention Senator McCain in his speech. The US allows itself to build nuclear bombs in violation of the NPT but sanctions other countries who allegedly do the same thing.

It is no secret that Israel is a nuclear country. The plight of the Israeli nuclear technician whistleblower; Mordechai Vanunu, is very well known. Israel started its nuclear program in 1949 with the help of France building Dimona nuclear plant and with stolen American and Belgian nuclear material and technology. Israel had stolen uranium and nuclear technology from the US in what is known as NUMEC Affair (Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) known also as Apollo Affair. In 1968 Israel had also illegally obtained and smuggled 200 tons of yellowcake from Belgian mining company Union Miniere, in what is known as Operation Plumbat.

It is Israel, not Iran, that has a secret nuclear weapons program as accused by courageous Jill Stein; the 2016 nominee for the American presidency. Israel seemed to have upgraded its nuclear arsenal with smaller tactical bombs and had used them at least twice to bomb its Arab neighbors; once in Yemen and another in Syria. In May 20th 2015 two Israeli F-15 fighter planes painted with Saudi insignia (Saudi Arabia does not have F-15 planes) dropped what is believed to be a neutron bomb on Yemen. It was revealed by Russians that analysis of videos taken of the attack revealed proton bombardment from a neutron bomb. Receiving no international condemnation of this crime, Israel was emboldened and dropped another tactical neutron bomb on Hama, Syria, on Saturday night of 28th April 2018, whose tremor recorded a magnitude of 2.6 earthquakes on European seismic monitoring stations. Israel is a rogue nuclear state that is not a party in, and refuses to sign the NPT.

Iran has never created, trained, financed, or armed any terrorist groups to destroy its neighboring countries, but has been fighting them on its own borders with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and in Iraq and Syria. Yet Trump’s administration is accusing Iran of terrorism. Trump accused “no matter where you go in the Middle East, you find the finger prints of Iran.” Actually, it is the Israeli/American terrorist finger prints that could be detected in every Middle Eastern country.

The US created, trained, and armed terrorist groups such as ISIS and its sister shoots. When terrorists got defeated in Deir Ezzor American helicopters evacuated their leaders. US and UK had also helped terrorists move back to Europe as reported by BBC. After the liberation of terrorists controlled areas in Syria, such as Ghouta, the Syrian army found large underground storages of American and Israeli weapons, including chemical weapons and American equipment to manufacture chemical weapons (here, and here).

Israel has been supporting terrorist groups in Syria; providing them with weapons, intelligence and even treating injured terrorist fighters in Israeli hospitals. Watch Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visiting these terrorists and inciting against Iran. Even the Wall Street Journal has reported that Israel routinely gives secret aid to “Syrian rebels.” Many Israeli weapons were discovered in terrorist underground warehouses. Lately, Israel had rescued many members of the White Helmets terrorist group and their families, and shipped them to Jordan, from where they will be resettled in Europe and Canada as refugees. The group was reportedly founded by former British army officer and military contractor James Le Mesurier in 2014.

The Zionist plan to destroy Arab states has met strong hurdles due to Russian and Iranian interference. Arab states such as Lebanon, Iraq and Syria entered into alliances with Iran and Russia to protect their citizens from terrorism. Iran’s security lies into the security of the whole region. Russia has military and economic interests in the region.

Since the American/Israeli military wars in the Middle East had failed to produce the sought for results, Trump’s administration is waging now economic wars to push the people to force regime change. The US has re-imposed sanctions against Iran, imposed unfair trade tariffs on China, Russia, Canada, Turkey, and European Union in the hope to impose American will. To protect their economies these countries had retaliated and imposed counter tariffs on the US. To protect its companies doing business with Iran the EU had updated its 1996 Blocking Statute forbidding its companies from complying with the American sanctions legislation unless authorized by the European Commission. China decided to drop the Dollar and use its Yuan in its trade with Iran, which will boost the global value of the Yuan. Germany promised to improve its economic trade with Turkey while Qatar’s prince Tamim bin Hamad promised to invest $15 billion in Turkey.

Iranian president; Hassan Rouhani, responded to Trump’s threat of sanctioning Iranian oil with a warning that also carries what could be a peace offering. “… America should know that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace, and war with Iran is the mother of all wars.” Rouhani stated. War against Iran would involve at least all American military bases in the Gulf, all the Gulf states, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Turkey, Russia and China may somehow get involved.

Iran threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz; the entrance to the Persian Gulf, against all oil exports. Yemeni Houthis also threatened to close Bab al-Mandab Strait; the entrance to the Red Sea, against all marine traffic. These closures would cause great economic impact on the whole world. In Trump’s trade war the US seems to stand alone and isolated. American economy, although the world’s largest, would suffer greatly.

Will Trump’s administration choose “the mother of all wars” or the “mother of all peace” is the question.



Torture and Abuse in America’s Global Gulag

Torture and Abuse in America’s Global Gulag

By Stephen Lendman,

Societies are best judged by how they treat children, the elderly, the infirm, their most disadvantaged and prisoners. 

America fails on all counts under Republicans and undemocratic Dems – violator of core international and constitutional, and US statute law principles.

Torture and abuse are illegal at all times, under all conditions, with no allowed exceptions.

The UN Convention against torture defines the practice as:

“any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain and suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity…”

Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states:

“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or de- grading treatment or punishment.”

Article 10 states:

“All persons deprived of their liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the dignity of the human person.”

America and Israel are the only developed nations officially permitting the practice.

The Bush/Cheney regime “Torture Memo” discarded all legal restraints.

It authorized extreme interrogation methods amounting to torture, including infliction of “intense pain or suffering” short of what would cause “serious physical injury so severe that death, organ failure, (loss of significant body functions), or permanent damage.”

It swept away habeas rights, due process, and equal protection under law – core legal protections for everyone charged, detained or imprisoned.

The Obama regime continued  illegal torture and abusive practices. So do hardliners in charge of Trump regime’s geopolitical policies.

America’s gulag prison system operates at home and abroad, including unknown numbers of global black sites in numerous countries.

Torture is standard practice by various means, including silently in solitary confinement – substituting punishment for justice.

Longterm isolation and other forms of torture are constitutionally banned cruel and unusual punishment.

Isolation is emotionally destruction. Prisoners become zombies, others sociopaths. PTSD symptoms are commonplace – including paranoia, hallucinations, depression, anxiety, anger and suicide.

Short and longer-term cruel and unusual punishment encourages a death wish to end pain and suffering.

Other abusive practices in US prisons include detainees and inmates savaged by dogs, brutally shocked with cattle prods, burned by toxic chemicals, harmed with stun guns, raped, beaten, repeatedly stripped naked, denied adequate medical care, subjected to extreme cold or heat, and abused in various other ways.

A 2008-released “Omar Broadway Film” documented abuse of inmates in one US prison, typical of most others, saying the following:

“As the prisoners stand motionless next to each other and cover themselves with plastic bags to protect themselves from chemical weapons, the riot squad bursts in, spraying torrents of mace and freely swinging their batons.”

“The inmates offer no resistance. They later sport black eyes and broken jaws. One disappears for months after being dragged by his shackles down the stairs and across the floor, bleeding and screaming.”

“Disturbingly, these scenes are also often filmed by ‘Internal Affairs’ agents – employees of the prison in charge of procedural enforcement – who can be seen pointing their cameras toward the ceiling as the blows start raining down.”

“The other prisoners who are locked in their cells also choke on the gas. No preparations are made for their safety.”

“When this happens on Thanksgiving, the styrofoam- encased dinners sit undistributed all night in full view of the inmates. They are stacked behind two canisters of Mace.”

These practices are commonplace in America nationwide at federal, state and local facilities – state-sponsored brutality, torture by any standard, unreported by major media.

Communication Management Units (CMUs) in some US prisons segregate Muslims from the general prison population for exceptionally harsh treatment,  violating US Bureau of Prisons regulations – prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or political beliefs.

Countless numbers of political prisoners in America and abroad endure unlawful cruel and unusual punishment.

Maria Butina is one of a number of Russian nationals unlawfully incarcerated in America as political prisoners.

RT said her mistreatment amounts to “borderline torture.” Falsely charged with operating as unregistered Russian agent, she’s been unlawfully detained since mid-July under harsh conditions.

She was moved from a Washington facility to an Alexandria, VA prison without warning or explanation.

Before transfer, she “was subjected to a ‘degrading full strip search,’ and all her (possessions) were taken away, including books, shoes, towels and other hygiene items,” RT explained.

She’s isolated in “administrative segregation.” After visiting her, Russia’s embassy sent an official protest to the State Department.

A separate one accused the Trump regime of “cruel and inhumane treatment,” including frequent humiliating strip searches.

While awaiting unwarranted trial, Butina has been subjected to “psychological pressure and humiliation,” including isolation and sleep deprivation, aiming “to break her will,” brutalizing her to confess to the false charge against her.

Her lawyer said brutality in confinement harmed her health, proper medical care denied her.

Russia’s embassy equated her mistreatment to earlier Salem witch trials in America. She remains “determin(ed) to prove her innocence,” the embassy said.

She’s one of countless numbers of political prisoners in America’s global gulag – operating at home and abroad.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.

USS Liberty Survivor Talks to Consortium News Radio After Release From israeli (apartheid state) Jail

USS Liberty Survivor Talks to Consortium News Radio After Release From Israeli Jail

Joe Lauria

Consortium News Editor-in-Chief Joe Lauria talks with Joe Meadors, a former Navy signalman and survivor of the 1967 USS Liberty incident, about his recent arrest by the Israeli military for being on board a fishing boat trying to break the illegal blockade of Gaza.

Read more: Flotilla Passengers Released by Israel; Many Battered and Bruised; USS Liberty Survivor Held For Days

On Consortium News Radio this week:

A USS Liberty survivor who was arrested by Israel this month trying to break the Gaza blockade joins Episode 2 of Consortium News Radio.

Joe Meadors was a signalman on the USS Liberty surveillance ship on June 8, 1967 when Israel attacked, killing 34 U.S. sailors and injuring 173 more. This month Meadors was arrested by Israeli soldiers onboard a boat taking part in a flotilla to break the Gaza blockade. Meadors tells Consortium News Radio in this episode how he first became sympathetic to the Palestinians while growing up in Saudi Arabia; how he was told by his superiors not to discuss what happened on the Liberty; why he broke his silence 12 years later; who he thought was attacking the Liberty; why the U.S. covered it up; what he believes was Israel’s motive in trying to sink his ship; what it was like in Israeli custody this month and much more.


israeli (apartheid state) navy opens fire at Gaza flotilla

Israeli navy opens fire at Gaza flotilla

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli naval forces opened fire at dozens of Gaza flotilla boats that set sail on Saturday from the besieged Gaza Strip port in attempt to break the maritime blockade imposed by Israel.

According to local sources, Israeli naval forces opened fire a while after five boats of the Gaza flotilla set sail towards the northern borders of Gaza to break the nearly 12-year siege.Sources mentioned that the Gaza flotilla consisted of 40 boats, with patients and students on board, carrying Palestinian flags and signs demanding the lift of the siege on Gaza.The Gaza flotilla was forced to sail back to the Gaza port after shots were fired.No injuries were reported during the incident.The International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza announced the launch of the demonstration by the Gaza flotilla in multiple letters to the international community.The International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza said the demonstration reflected the demands of the Palestinian people to lift the siege completely.

It is Netanyahu, not Corbyn, who deserves ‘unequivocal condemnation’

It is Netanyahu, not Corbyn, who deserves ‘unequivocal condemnation’

Jeremy Corbyn has never ordered anyone’s assassination. He’s never ordered an invasion of a foreign country. Benjamin Netanyahu has

Everyone and their brother in the UK – at least the tabloid media and pro-Israel apologists – has got it into their heads that the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn laid a wreath on the grave of the Palestinian mastermind of the Munich massacre while visiting Tunisia in 2014. Is any of this true?

Well, yeah, some of it. He was in Tunisia. He did lay a wreath. He did honour the memories of dead Palestinians. But nothing beyond that. He laid a wreath that commemorated the 60 Palestinians and Tunisians who died in an Israeli revenge attack on PLO headquarters in Tunis. He did not lay a wreath at the grave of Salah Khalaf, also known as Abu Iyad, the former deputy to Yasser Arafat, who was assassinated by Israel in 1991 and who is buried nearby in the same cemetery.

Beyond hypocrisy

Before we get into high dudgeon over this, let’s remember that many Israeli presidents and prime ministers have blood on their hands – terrorist blood. Yitzhak ShamirMenachem Begin and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi all ordered the murders, bombings and assassinations of both British and Palestinian civilians. Ben-Zvi even ordered the assassination of a Palestinian Jew, Jacob Israel de Haan, a charismatic anti-Zionist leader who he deemed a threat to the early Yishuv political movement.

These men are lionized by the Israeli state and its citizens. They are heroes of the nation. Israelis flock to their graves in droves and opine upon their role in building the nascent state. Why then do we condemn someone like Corbyn for holding sympathies for the Palestinian dead, while ignoring the exact same behaviour by Israelis? It’s beyond hypocrisy. In fact, it’s an outrage.

Not to mention the wars and assassinations the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has approved himself. He is personally responsible for creating as much – or more – suffering than any previous Israeli prime minister.

Why shouldn’t we condemn Netanyahu as roundly as others condemn Corbyn? Corbyn has never ordered anyone assassinated. He’s never ordered an invasion of any foreign country. All of which Netanyahu has done again and again.

A pro-Palestinian demonstrator carrying a placard depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joins others during a protest outside the gates of Downing Street in London on 9 September, 2015 (AFP)

Not only is this Tunis charge completely fabricated, the incident in question is known, and Corbyn spoke about it and explained it in a TV interview over a year ago. Considering that Corbyn wouldn’t have known who the Palestinian was nor his role in the Munich massacre, the Labour leader likely had no idea of the import or the ceremony or its context.

How Netanyahu works

Here’s where things get really interesting: Netanyahu has weighed in and attacked Corbyn as an anti-Semite. To understand what this means, you have to understand how Netanyahu works. His modus operandi is to work behind the scenes to achieve his objective. He waits until he has done so, and when the moment is right he makes a dramatic entrance to close the deal.

Yes, he’s a showman. The kind of guy once called “a used car salesman”.

All this raises the question: what role has the Israeli government played in this campaign? Those who’ve seen the four-part Al Jazeera documentary, The Lobby, know that an Israeli spy using diplomatic cover organised infiltrations of both the Labour and Conservative parties in order to sabotage the careers of those deemed “enemies of Israel”.

They not only conspired against Conservative minister Alan Duncan, but against Corbyn as well. The TV programme unmasked the spy and subsequently the Israeli embassy sent him packing. But the game wasn’t over by any means.

Theresa May’s government did nothing after it found out that the Israeli administration was meddling in domestic British politics. Israel paid no price. So of course the machinations continue. No one knows what specific role Israel is playing in the current charade also known as the anti-Semitism witch hunt.


But you can rest assured that it is playing a significant one. My guess is that the Tunisia card is one engineered by Netanyahu. He allowed it to play out for a day or two and then made his dramatic entrance. He entered the fray as the Protector of the Jewish People by denouncing Corbyn

Finally, let’s just reiterate something I’ve documented here many times: Netanyahu is a liar. He’s a more convincing liar than Donald Trump, who doesn’t seem to care that everyone knows he’s lying as soon as the words emerge from his mouth. At least Netanyahu – on the surface – makes a convincing show of telling the truth (until you examine his claims). But he’s lying nevertheless.

In a tweet, Israeli academic Uri Horesh invoked God’s admonition to Moses at the Burning Bush. As Moses approached, God told him he was on holy ground and must remove the shoes on his feet in recognition of his proximity to the Divine. Uri tweets: “You are a fascist. Remove the shoes off your feet in speaking of Corbyn.”

No one cares

But the most important question is: what impact will Netanyahu’s attack have?  And does he even care? The answer is little or none; and No. Britons aren’t exactly clamouring to hear what the Israeli premier has to say on any subject. He’s not especially popular in Britain. And the notion that anyone in the UK cares about what he has to say about Corbyn is ludicrous.

So why did Netanyahu do it? Partly to polish his reputation as a Defender of the Jews writ large, which bolsters support among his domestic constituency. It will also play well among his wealthy supporters in the Diaspora. And it gets his words – and his line – into the bloodstream of the discourse, ensuring Corbyn has to continue fighting off attacks on his character.

Netanyahu’s only goal here is to savage Corbyn as an Israel hater. He desperately wants to hammer a nail in his coffin. But the Israeli prime minister may find that his intervention has the opposite effect.

It very well could provoke a backlash. Personally, Netanyahu’s direct involvement in the this whole flim-flam charade indicates that he – and all those propagating it – has jumped the shark. It has now gone from being a sham to being simply preposterous.

A manufactured scandal

Remember when Netanyahu stuck his nose into the affairs of French Jewryafter it had suffered several terror attacks? He went to France and told French Jews from a synagogue pulpit that there was no future for them in their native land, and that they must make aliyah or be consigned to oblivion. After that, not only did the French president roundly excoriate him, but French Jews didn’t respond either.

There was a one-year spike in aliyah, which eventually returned emigration numbers to their former level after peace and security returned to the community. When Netanyahu wades into a political firestorm abroad the impact of his engagement has the shelf life of day-old fish.

In the latest sordid development in this manufactured scandal, the Telegraph has published a picture of Jeremy Corbyn outside the Finsbury Mosque. He is making a gesture with four fingers of his hand, a sign of solidarity with the 1,000 Egyptians who were murdered in cold blood by Egypt President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi’s junta after he overthrew the duly elected government in a military coup.

Though many of those murdered were Muslim Brotherhood supporters, by no means all were.


Contrary to what the Telegraph reports, Corbyn’s gesture does not indicate support for the Brotherhood. It indicates support for victims of a brutal massacre by the Egyptian military junta. But then, this is hardly the first time the British press has pushed out Islamophobic propaganda. In their desperation to deliver a fatal blow to Corbyn, a significant section of the UK’s media will continue to lie and lie and lie.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Tories and Israel Lobby are so desperate to defeat Corbyn by hook or by crook. Republicans and their Israel Lobby allies in the US engaged in the very same smear campaign against Barack Obama in 2008. He wasn’t really a Christian, as he claimed. He was a closet Muslim. His middle name gave him away. He wasn’t born in the US. He was born in Kenya, or Indonesia. He hated Israel (because he was Muslim). They were all lies. And they didn’t work.

– Richard Silverstein writes the Tikun Olam blog, devoted to exposing the excesses of the Israeli national security state. His work has appeared in Haaretz, the Forward, the Seattle Times and the Los Angeles Times. He contributed to the essay collection devoted to the 2006 Lebanon war A Time to Speak Out (Verso) and has another essay in the collection Israel and Palestine: Alternate Perspectives on Statehood (Rowman & Littlefield).

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Eye.

Photo: Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (AFP)

Source / Middle East Eye


Turkish-backed rebel commander defects to Syrian Army in Aleppo

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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech at the «Divine Victory Festival»

Local Editor

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech delivered at the “Devine Victory Festival” held on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the historic victory on August 14, 2006.

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad and his good and pure family and all his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you all.

Dear brothers and sisters, blessed is this day, the day of your historic and divine victory, which God Almighty bestowed on you, on Lebanon, on the people of our region and our nation. It was categorized as a robust victory that changed many equations.

To begin with, we thank God Almighty, who accommodated us, helped us triumph, supported us and bestowed on us countless blessings. Salutations and thanks to those who made this victory possible and to those who participated in achieving it. That includes the resistance fighters, the army, the security forces, the different resistance factions, the martyrs, the wounded, the captives and their families, the displaced, the steadfast, the people who were patient and sacrificed, current and former presidents, the religious, political, military, security leadership, the parties, the forces, the movements, bodies, associations, the media, and to all the good people in Lebanon and across the Arab and Islamic worlds and everywhere in the world. A special thanks goes to those who stood by us during that [2006] war – the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Syrian Arab Republic.

Dear brothers and sisters; we have gone through the expressions of gratitude quickly, and God willing, the following topics are comprehensive enough. So let us not go into too much detail. Today we celebrate this cherished anniversary. 12 years have passed since this victory, and we insist on celebrating this occasion. In a few days, we will also celebrate the first anniversary of the Second Liberation from terrorism and Takfiri groups in the city of Hermel. I would like to tell you that what has been going on for the past seven years is a greater July war than the one we one in 2006 – one on a regional level. It seeks to achieve the same goals, the same project and rests on the same hopes as the July 2006 war. And as we emerged victorious from the July 2006 war, we will soon emerge, God willing, from this great war on our region and on the axis of resistance as victors who will celebrate this coming historic divine victory.

We insist on this celebration to confirm the achievements, to honor the Mujahideen, the martyrs, those who sacrificed, their leaders and the loyal people who accomplished the achievements. [We celebrate] to consolidate this victory in our conscience, culture and awareness, to open the horizons, to give renewed hope in the face of waves of despair, disillusion, discouragement and calls to surrender. [We celebrate] to take lessons and morals and to strengthen the elements of power.

Since I will be talking today and then again in a few days, I will talk about both the July War and the regional situation under one title. There is another part, God willing, that I will continue talking about it in Hermel. Regarding the internal situation, I will discuss it in a couple of words and continue later in Hermel.

Going back to 2006, everyone remembers that the objectives of the war were to fulfill the American project at the time led by George W. Bush and the Bush administration after their occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and their arrival at the borders of Syria and the Islamic Republic. There was a big project in the area and conditions were set for it. The July war was the basis of this project. When it failed, the project failed with it. Of course, after that they returned, sat down, studied and calculated well and went onto a new plan. Let us say that there was a plan for the American project, the project of American hegemony that enshrines “Israel” as a key element, a leader and an axis in the new Middle East. That plan failed when we won the July war, when the resistance in Gaza won and when Syria and Iran resisted. So they came up with a new plan, which we have been confronting and are continuing to confront in the past few years.

Returning to the plan in 2006 – here we are not talking about media analysis, but rather about things that happened with us and were asked of us. Just a reminder, the objective during that war was to eliminate the resistance, to crush the resistance, either militarily or by forcing it to surrender. This is what was asked of us at the start of the war. Hand over your weapons, all your weapons, for the war to stop. But the issue was not only ‘surrender your weapons’, it was also ‘accept multinational forces’. It was not international emergency forces or forces belonging to the UN. It was forces belonging to the US administration similar to those that occupied Iraq in 2003. ‘Accept multinational forces along the Lebanese-Palestine border, multinational forces along the Lebanese-Syrian border, and multinational forces at the Beirut airport and at the Beirut seaport. This means to accept a new occupation called the Multinational Forces and hand over the two prisoners unconditionally. If Lebanon were to fall, the project would have been completed in the same year in Syria, that is in 2006, and against the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. But the steadfastness of Lebanon delayed the war on Gaza for two years and delayed the isolation, besieging and striking of Iran as well as putting an end to this axis forever. This is 2006. The steadfastness of Lebanon brought down these objectives and this plan and set back the fulfillment of American and “Israeli” aspirations in our region for years. This prompted us to enter into a new battle. It created very important turns. It did not only bring down objectives, it also created very important turns. It strengthened the resistance in Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Iran, Iraq and in the region.

Well, victory took place. No one awarded us this victory. It was not the work of the UN Security Council, the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League or the Arab regimes. But it was due to God’s grace, the sacrifices, patience, and steadfastness of our people and them remaining on their land, the blood of the martyrs, the courage of its fighters and the steadfastness of the political position.

We went to a new stage. I will continue talking about 2006. Let us move to the current situation.


Today, over a period of seven lean years, they have dragged the region into a war, into wars. But all of these were intended to achieve previously stated objectives with “Israel” as its center, or as its goal. They were intended to strengthen “Israel” and position it as a leader of the region.

Allow me to talk about the regional situation starting from “Israel”. Where do they stand today and where do we stand? It is okay if this topic consumed a bit of time. We are fighting a battle over consciousness. We are fighting a battle of wills. We are fighting a battle for hope.

Today the title of the real battle in recent years, this year and the following years is based on these titles.

But when we talk about Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Gaza and the region, we should do it through the conflict with “Israel” because these conflicts were created to benefit “Israel”.

I will not talk about seven years ago. I will talk about now, seven years later, seven years of steadfastness, resistance, persistence, sacrifice and blood.

Where is their project? Where are they and where are we? What is the state of the axis of resistance?


We start with “Israel” and Lebanon, “Israel” and Lebanon from 2006 until 2018. It is clear that “Israel” is deterred. “Israel” has always attacked Lebanon for the simplest reasons with its jets bombarding the south, the Beqaa, the north, the mountains and even the heart of the capital. All of you remember before and after 1982. This does not happen anymore. It is not because of “Israel’s” gracious manners. It is because of the equations set by the resistance.

Since 2006 until today, “Israel” has been rebuilding itself following the defeat and its consequences. They reconsidered military doctrines and strategies. Whenever a new chief of staff is appointed, he writes a new strategy for the “Israeli” army, restructures, re-forms forces and re-evaluates equipment and weapons. There have been drills from 2006 until yesterday. Yesterday in the North, they were conducting drills, why? What are all these drills and reviews for? Because they know that there is a real force in Lebanon that worries them. It poses a great threat or a central threat to them.

When has “Israel” dealt with Lebanon in this way? It hid behind the wall, behind the walls when dealing with Lebanon. It is working and expressing its fears within the internal front.

In all their plans, the “Israelis” today take into consideration electricity, gas, oil, gas stations, settlements and its inner areas. Because they know they are facing a serious, strong and potent enemy. This is not a secret. It is known in the media. I will conclude by mentioning some [plans].

Watching the strength of the resistance: They have been watching us since 2006. They have been gathering information about us, about our weapons, our numbers, our courses and our experiences. When we went to Syria, they watched us there and kept up with our accumulating experiences there. Regarding the subject of Lebanon, they have calculations, very serious and big calculations.

Defensive measures were needed. There have never been defensive measures in northern Palestine. For the first time in the history of the Zionist entity, defensive plans were put into place in the south of Lebanon and in northern Palestine to confront the project to liberate Galilee. There have been drills and field measures in accordance with these plans every year.

Days earlier and in light of the drills in the North, a senior officer in the “Israeli” army says – this is according to “Israeli” newspapers and not me: Hezbollah is the strongest army in the Middle East after the “Israeli” army because it possesses so and so.

Of course, I do not agree with this assessment. We do not consider Hezbollah the strongest army in the Middle East after the “Israeli” army. But this reflects the “Israeli” view of this resistance, which it wanted to crush in the July 2006 war.

Now in 2018 as I told you every year, I used to repeat this, and now let me repeat it again. It is important that the “Israelis”, that the enemy firmly understands the credibility of this claim. Yes, the resistance in Lebanon today with the weapons, equipment, potential, numbers, cadres, ability, experience, faith, determination, courage, and will, that it possesses is stronger than at time since its founding in this region.

The “Israelis” can threaten every day. You remember a few weeks after the end of the July war “Israel” quickly threatened Lebanon with a retaliatory war. Start counting with me. Where is the war that the “Israelis” threatened to launch? “Israel” said it has restored itself and will launch a war on Lebanon again. It was threatening in 2007. 2007 ended. So did 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, until 2018. It has been threatening for 12 years. But at the same time as it threatens to wage a war, it is speaking about the resistance’s strength increasing and its ability becoming greater until one of its officers said it is the strongest army in the region after the “Israeli” army.

I want to tell them, we are not the strongest army in the region after the “Israeli” army. Put this aside because it is not accurate. And we do not want to start a problem with one of the armies in the region. But allow me to tell this senior “Israeli” officer: Hezbollah is stronger than the “Israeli” army. The resistance in Lebanon is stronger than the “Israeli” army, because the issue was never, not in 2000 or in 2006, an issue of numbers, capabilities, weapons and missiles.

Today, our faith in our rights is stronger than your belief in your false cause. Today, we have firmer faith and trust in God’s promise of victory to the patient and true Mujahideen.

This honesty, this faith and this patience, is today more present than ever because of the accumulation of experiences.

When the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) said: “War is a contest. One day is ours from our enemy and one day is for our enemy from us. When God saw our sincerity, he bestowed victory upon us and defeat on our enemy.”

He did not say ‘when God saw our weapons or our missiles or our equipment or numbers’; ‘When God saw our sincerity’, this sincerity, this loyalty and this faith, which the people of resistance, the resistance fighters and the resistance families fought with in 2006 is firmer and stronger today.

That is why you are mistaken. We are not stronger than the rest of the armies, but we are stronger than you.

This is “Israel” and Lebanon.


“Israel” and Syria. They wanted to topple Syria if the resistance in Lebanon was defeated in 2006. If the resistance in Lebanon was defeated in 2006, they would have brought multinational forces to Lebanon. The “Israelis” cannot stay in Lebanon. That is why they would bring in the Americans, the French, the English, the Italians and so on. They would close the borders between Lebanon and Syria. They would besiege Syria to topple it. But this did not happen. The seven years were meant to topple Syria. In other words it is a global war that was launched against Syria. But I will speak from the perspective of “Israel” in the Syrian crisis. “Israel” is a full-fledged partner in the project. Since 2011, the war on Syria has been part of the American, Saudi, and Western plot that has provided all necessary support to the armed groups in southern Syria, all logistical, arms and health support. It has provided food and intelligence culminating in the calculated and military intervention to support these groups. We remember statements issued by “Israeli” officials over the past seven years. They said that President Assad will fall after three months or five months and that it is in “Israel’s” interest for this government to leave.

There are those who philosophize in the Gulf and here and say that “Israel” was not saying this. No, go back to the archives. Go back seven years. Every official in the usurper entity spoke about betting on the overthrow of President Assad and the government in Syria and replacing it with the Syrian opposition that went to the usurper entity, made commitments and spoke with it as a friend. The “Israelis” hoped that Damascus would become a friendly or allied capital and would not remain an enemy capital. All this is known.

“Israel” had great hopes during the past seven years of the war on Syria. It put up hopes that the government will fall and another government would hasten to reach a settlement with it. It hoped for the destruction of the Syrian army to the extent that it would not have a future. It hoped that the Syrian opposition, which it assumed would be in power, would accelerate the process of reaching a settlement. They hoped that this so-called Syrian opposition would abandon the Golan in a future settlement.

It hoped that the world would hand it the Golan and recognize it as a result of the developments in Syria, whether the war elongated or the government fell. But what about now?

We are talking about the hopes they have been building for the past seven years. But today those hopes are gone with the wind. The world is not ready to hand them the Golan. Perhaps Trump promised them recognition. But the international community is lining up to mend the relationship with the Syrian leadership and the Syrian state.

For your information, most of those lining up are global security intelligence services and diplomats because the world today is afraid of seeing tens of thousands [of militants] who came to fight in Iraq and Syria from around the world return to their countries of origin. What will they do there?

Hence, they need Syria and security cooperation with Syria.

This world will not give the Golan to “Israel” and will not recognize it in a single step. Trump will not be involved in this matter. They hoped that the state would fall. But the state did not fall. They had hopes that the Syrian army will collapse. What was Lieberman saying yesterday? He was saying this not me: “It seems that the Syrian army will return to be a stronger and more powerful army than ever before. In the course of the seven years it has acquired a extensive experience. Everyone knows that the battles that have taken place in Syria need great minds, great revenues and enormous potential.”

The Syrian army and the Syrian people were in Syria. This is never to be underestimated. But today in addition to them, there is Iran and Hezbollah.

This is a failure and a problem for “Israel”. Therefore, Netanyahu has made peace with the fact that the government, the leadership and the army will stay in Syria. But the battle he is fighting now is a political (begging) battle to force Iran and Hezbollah out of Syria. I have read the newspapers and analysts saying that I will announce in my speech the withdrawal of Hezbollah from Syria. I want to ask them where are you living? If someone is giving you information, then he is mocking you.

The problem today is how do we force Iran and Hezbollah out of Syria? I want to point out “Israel’s” insolence. “Israel” which is defeated in Syria wants to impose conditions and has demands.

You lost. You were defeated .You failed. You lost your bets and your hopes are gone with the wind. And you want to put conditions!

Who are you putting these conditions on? On the victorious Syrian leadership? On Iran? On Hezbollah? On the axis of resistance? This is “Israel” on the subject of Syria.

“Israel” in Palestine

“Israel” has failed here. It is worried here. It is begging here and it is afraid.

Lebanon for example, I want you to know that behind the scenes there is a lot of international pressure on Lebanon to settle the issue of land and sea borders. Whose interests would settling it serve? Lebanon’s interests? Never.

They want to settle the issue of land and sea borders to serve “Israel’s” interests. When we talk about maritime borders, it includes oil and gas. But the era when “Israel” imposes its conditions on Lebanon or on Syria, even if America and others back it, is over.

This is not emotional talk. This talk has been proved by the facts throughout decades of confrontation, steadfastness, sacrifices and blood.

Regarding Gaza:

Despite the devastating war and the harsh siege, the Americans, the “Israelis” and their allies were expecting Gaza to surrender in return for medicine, food, water and electricity, hand them everything, including the deal of the century and accept any settlement – even at the expense of the Palestinian rights.

Gaza did not submit and sign even though the world let it down. Instead it re-installed the equations of resistance, a bombing for a bombing, blood with blood and fire with fire.

So today “Israel”, who say it is strong to accept with it what it wants, is also facing Gaza in a quandary.

Thus, to those who say that “Israel” is strong and say we should agree with what it wants, it is also in trouble in Gaza.

During discussions in the “Israeli” cabinet, the ministers quarreled and cursed each other because they are lost in their approaches toward Gaza; Gaza which is besieged and abandoned by the world. “Israel”, which you say is the most powerful army in the Middle East, is confused.

Some of them [“Israeli” ministers] said let us ease the situation and give privileges to the people of Gaza because we cannot go to war. The others responded if we chose to ease the situation and give them privileges they might become like Lebanon, and the resistance is growing stronger year after year. Another one said we must wage a devastating war on Gaza. Another replied, saying, have you considered the reaction? We have launched wars in the past and we have not reached a result. They [the “Israelis”] are in confusion and in trouble. Why?

This is because Gaza is steadfast. The people are united despite the existing differences. Gaza makes sacrifices every Friday. This is when it comes to confronting Gaza. This confirms the limited “Israeli” capabilities despite possessing an army and the most powerful air defenses in the region. This does not mean that it does whatever it wants. And does what it wants while we are afraid, are nothing and are out of the equation. It is not like this at all.

“Israel” and the Deal of the Century

With Trump coming to power in America and Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, and assuming that the region is going to collapse and the resistance is about to disappear, they have drafted the deal of the century that we all know. The best that “Israel” can ever dream of is that one day this deal turns into reality. It will give it all of al-Quds permanently and eternally and with nothing above the ground or under the ground neither east nor west. It will cross out the refuge and affirm its [“Israel’s] presence in the region. The Palestinians will be given a state over small and narrow areas.

Within two years, some wanted to impose on the people of our region that the deal of the century is inevitable and you must accept it. Who said this?

When they were doing deals and resolution drafts, they used to tell the people of the region or the resistance movements that this is how it is meant to be, that this was inevitable and there was no escape. But this is not the truth.

Today in light of the developments that have taken place, there is a view that the deal of the century has failed and we are waiting for its obituary. I do not want to say that. This matter needs more reflection, more study and waiting. But what I can tell you is that the deal of the century, which Trump brought with all his might, is facing real problems. If we abide by the equations we have always talked about, there is a very strong possibility that the deal might fall now more than ever.

What is the proof?

First: the Palestinian people’s unanimous rejection of the deal of the century. There is no Palestinian faction, or authority, or people, or resistance, or any side in Palestine that supports this deal.

Second: There is no man, leader or representative of the Palestinian people in Palestine who can bear the responsibility of signing the deal that makes al-Quds an eternal capital for the Zionists. Never, and they may have announced that. The deal is void without a Palestinian signature. Perhaps they were betting that if they pressured the Palestinians, intimidated them, starved them or tempt them with some money and projects, someone would initiate to sign a deal of this kind.

Thirdly: the steadfastness of the axis of resistance and Iran, the victory of Iraq over the Daesh and the Wahhabi movements funded by the Americans and the Saudis, Syria’s victory and the steadfastness of Yemen as well as the current situation in Lebanon have their effects.

You are going to seal a deal on the basis that there is no axis of resistance or resistance states. This is what you assumed a few years ago, but today the reality says otherwise.

Fourth: The crisis in America, which wants to impose today the deal of the century on the people and governments of the region. Its problems with its allies, the Europeans and Turkey as well as Russia and China. Also one of the most important factors that is driving the deal of the century to failure is the falling back of the regional axis led by Saudi Arabia in the region, why? I speak of facts from the field and the media, why? Because this regional axis in Syria has failed and ended. Idlib still remains. We will talk about it on Sunday in Hermel.

This axis failed in Iraq. This axis failed in pushing the world to besiege Iran and impose sanctions on it. This axis failed in its war on Yemen. Today, allow me to say from Dahiyeh [the southern suburbs of Beirut] to Dahyan in Yemen’s Saada: dear and honorable parents, especially the parents of the children who were martyred, know for sure that who killed you has killed our children in Dahiyeh and in Qana. The ones who shed the blood of your women and children have shed our blood in Lebanon. It is the same weapon, the same axis, the same actors, the same will, the same decision and the same goal. The way the blood of our children and women in Lebanon won, the blood of your women and children will win in Yemen. Behind this blood there are rights, men, and leaders who will not tolerate these senseless, immoral and honorless criminals and murderers.

When this axis goes to this level of heinous murder in Yemen, this is a clear message that it failed militarily but wants to take revenge on this people who has defeated it.

There are internal and external crises in Saudi Arabia. There is a declared row with Qatar in the GCC. There are also hidden crises in the GCC. There is a small problem with Canada. We do not know if relations worsened because of this problem or because of Trump. This must be pondered upon.

The Canadians criticized Saudi Arabia about human rights and political detainees. The Saudis made a big deal out of it and accused Canada of intervening in their internal affairs. They summoned the ambassador and stopped student missions. Why? Because this is an interference in the Saudi internal affairs. Saudi Arabia intervenes, fights and supports fighters in Syria. It intervenes in Iraq. It intervenes in Iran and declares a large-scale war in broad daylight on the Yemeni people. It intervenes in Lebanese affairs in some depth. Everyone remembers how it once detained Lebanon’s constitutional and legal prime minister. It is entitled to intervene. But if anyone in the world wanted to warn it about human freedoms and these political detainees, the anger of the heavens will come down.

There is a big problem with Turkey. The Turks are convinced that Saudi Arabia and the UAE were involved in the previous coup. To complete the picture, the Saudis are also having problems in the Islamic world. So you would know where the deal of the century would end up. In Malaysia, the Saudi-backed Malaysian prime minister was a Saudi tool. They gave him large sums of money. He worked for them for many years. He lost in the elections, and now he is behind bars on charges of financial corruption. A government with a different stance towards Saudi Arabia, the war on Yemen, the sanctions on Iran, the relations with Iran and the United States, the Palestinian cause and the al-Quds matter came into power. Those in the Malaysian government now have a different stance. Saudi Arabia spent billions of dollars on the Pakistani government. The former prime minister was a Saudi tool too. Now he is behind bars over charges of financial corruption. A fair national government with a different stance on al-Quds, Palestine, Gaza, Yemen, etc. will be formed.

This is the scene. This axis is weakening. Let no one write and indulge us. Some satellite channels lie daily in the hopes that people believe them. This is the regional scene. This axis is weakening. Saudi Arabia spent billions of dollars to present the image of the kingdom of good in the Arab and Islamic worlds. Now, how does this image look in the minds of the people, a kingdom of what? A kingdom that sent Daesh and these Takfiri movements to destroy the Arab and Islamic world, commit the worst massacres in them and threaten the security of the world. What has become of their image after the war in Yemen? There is a siege, cholera and starvation. From time to time, they tell you that they are helping with cholera. Let it open a path so that people can leave and treat themselves. It also endorsed the deal of the century.

Now it is said that it has backed down. Excellent! Why did it back down? It realized that this deal is a suicide. I will speak briefly regarding the regional issue. “Israel” and its internal crises, the prime minister’s corruption, the absence of historical leaders, the conflicts between the parties, the state of anxiety and lack of confidence in the future. All these are taking place while it assures the settlers to stay on the land they usurped. There is also the matter of the law of nationalism. There is no time to comment on all of the above. But all these will have great repercussions on this entity. In light of these facts, we are building our position today. The objective of the events that took place in 2006 and over the course of seven years was to make America in control of this region. It will fix “Israel’s” final position and impose a settlement. Today in 2018, I tell you this has failed or is on the road to final failure, God willing. What lesson will we take from all this? They have one thing left. They know that wars do not lead to results. Yesterday, His Eminence Leader Imam [Sayyed Ali Khamenei], may God protect him, when he talked about the subject of America he said there is no war. America, “Israel” and this axis know that wars will not produce results. They know that they will be defeated in the war if they thought of launching it because they were defeated in this ongoing war and they are still being defeated. The US-Saudi coalition and the allied states fighting in Yemen are being defeated by the Yemeni people, who possess modest capabilities but are great men and women.

This alliance knows that it also failed in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and will not succeed anywhere. Put the war aside. Let no one threaten us with war. Let no one frighten us with war. Anyway, if anyone wants to wage a war, they are more than welcome too. We are not afraid of war. We are not afraid of it. We are ready for it and we will win it, God willing. This is settled. Thus, the option of war seems to be delayed. What will they resort to? To two things. The first will lead to the other. The first is the sanctions. Today, Iran is the in the axis of resistance. It is the base of the fundamental forces. Iran stood by the Iraqi people in confronting Daesh. Daesh in Iraq was a Saudi-American project. Iran supported Syria in all of its confrontations with the Takfiri groups that were fighting under the shadow of the Saudi-American project. Iran stood by Lebanon before, during and after the July war. Iran stood by Palestine and Gaza. It is still supporting it. Iran’s stance over the events in Yemen is clear. So let us target Iran. We cannot wage a war against Iran. So, let us resort to sanctions hoping that the people will stress out, the currency will collapse and things will head towards a hard and difficult economic and social situation. Let us provoke turmoil inside Iran and push the Iranian people to overthrow the government. We will present ourselves as saviors. If we pressure Iran and blockade it, the entire axis will weaken. Everyone who depends on Iran and it supports will weaken. We include Hezbollah in the sanctions list alongside Iran. We can include Syrian and Iraqi officials on the terror list, so we can blockade them financially, economically, etc. By doing so, they will weaken and back down, and their determination will wane. The other thing is we can push for internal turmoil in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and other places.

I would like to Lebanon between brackets because I will return to it in when I talk about the internal situation. Not all those who write on social media sites or appear in the media and demand that Hezbollah work on the economic, developmental, financial and services issues have sincere and true intentions. There are people with different intentions. There are people who are trying to hold you responsible for a situation which you are not responsible of just to cause turmoil in our environment and within our society. Thus, Trump, the “Israelis” and those who are with only have the sanctions as their remaining bet. What the media is preparing regarding this bet is huge. The picture that is being presented is unrealistic. On August 14, on the anniversary of the victory, it is my duty to clarify this matter to those who are listening and to the viewers wherever they are. Iran, which is being economically sanctioned by Trump, will never sink into turmoil. And the government will not fall. I tell you from a position of someone who has knowledge and accurate information. I tell those who are building dreams, strategies and projects on this are disillusioned. This is an illusion. This is imagination and has nothing to do with reality. I want to remind you. In 1979 when the Islamic revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini won, the Western and arrogant world said this government will fall in 6 months. Despite the sanctions and the global siege, it hung on for six months. They said it would fall in a year. Yet, it stood its ground. Then they said it would fall in two year. Yet, it still stood its ground. Then they waged an eight-year war on it. The whole world, except for some countries, including Syria and others, supported Saddam Hussein. The whole world, even our allies in Syria, that is the Soviet Union supported Saddam Hussein. Even China was with Saddam Hussein. The whole world was with Saddam Hussein. Iran fought bare-chested and unarmed for eight years. It fought with the faith and the will of its people. Iran has been facing sanctions since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Yes, he [Trump] is strengthening the sanctions, but they have been there since 1979 and Iran stayed. It will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the victory of its revolution despite the conspiracies of the world surrounding Iran. I tell to you, brothers and sisters – you who believe in the real position of the Islamic Republic of Iran within the equations of the region, its fate and its future – the Islamic Republic of Iran today is stronger than ever in our region. It is a primary force. They will not be able to do anything bad to its strength and presence. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a strong, stable, stable and well-established government that is protected by its people. Those who are hoping and disillusioned do not know the Iranian people and will not know them in forty years or within one hundred years. They do not know His Eminence the Leader. Neither do they know the officials in the Islamic Republic of Iran. They are still ignorant, stupid and fools. All their previous moves did not weaken Iran. It just became stronger. All the foolishness the US administrations and their regional tools committed against Iran increased Iran’s power both internally and abroad. This is a long research but its proofs are clear to you. I am not saying that the sanctions will not have an effect on us and to our axis in this region. Of course it will affect us. But it will not affect our will, determination, perseverance and our strength. Impose whatever sanctions you want. Today, despite what is being said about Hezbollah’s final situation and its effect, we have strength, infrastructure, human cadre and potential that will make overcome the difficulties, God willing.

In the light of all that I have presented and before discussing in a few words the Lebanese situation, I conclude with the lesson from all this – from what has past, still exists and what is coming. What I want to say on August 14, 2018 – 12 years after the July 2006 war – O honorable, most generous and the noblest people; O people of the resistance and supporters of the resistance, we were strong and we have become stronger. There is no one who can convince us that we are weak. Let no one imagine that our spirit, determination, will and strategy can be affected if we entered a small crisis here or a problem there or someone wrote a few trivialities about us. America that has failed over and over again in its projects and plan – I tell you today – is incapable of waging wars that it used in the past. “Israel” is incapable of waging wars that it used in the past. With the victory in Iraq, and the approaching victory in Syria – its final days, weeks and months, the legendary steadfastness in Yemen in addition to all the changes as well as the firmness of the leadership and the Iranian people towards the situation and principles, we are stronger today than ever. We are able to create more victories and transformations with God Almighty’s help. Regarding the Lebanese issue, I will talk about it in a few words because, God willing, I will speak more about the internal issue in Hermel. I have already divided like so.

First, regarding the issue of the government. You know that weeks have passed. We hope that the dialogue will lead to the formation of the government. We insist on dialogue, on the political leaders’ continuity. We stress that we want to avoid taking to the street. We emphasize on the great keenness for security and safety in Lebanon. They are, today, the most precious things we have in Lebanon. Look at the surrounding, at the whole world. This country is safe, secure and peaceful from a security point of view. We have a lot of problems, but we are blessed with security. It is said that there are two unknown blessings: health and safety. We have a problem with health. But today safety is a great blessing. And we must all take care of it. Therefore, leave taking to the street aside and head to a serious dialogue. People should continue their dialogue until we reach a result.

Regarding this point, in the past I said if there is anyone betting – if there is really anyone outside or inside Lebanon – that regional variables will affect the formation of the government, they are confused. Our axis is the one winning in the region now. Since the beginning we have been modest. We are still modest. If there is anyone who is waiting for another axis to win, let him wait. They won’t get any results. But if the waiting and these bets turned out to be true, then we will review our demands and modesty. As a victorious axis in the region, we have the right to have different demands and conditions. Thus delaying and waiting for regional changes is for whose benefit? I am not saying that there is external interference. But if there is someone inside delaying and waiting for regional changes, I tell them this will not serve your interest, not even in the formation of the government with the size, number or portfolio.

Based on what we heard today, I would also like to advice the political leaders in Lebanon who disagree with us regarding the situation in Syria not to commit themselves to positions they might be forced by circumstances, developments, interests and pressure to back down from. There is no need for them to make commitments. Let them wait a little bit and see where things are heading. Where is Syria heading? Where is the Nassib border is heading? Where are Syria’s border and the region heading?  Where is Idlib heading? What about Turkey and the problem with America and the rapprochement with Iran and Russia? Let them wait a little bit and “hold their horses”. Let them not commit to anything and corner themselves. The region and Lebanon are not an isolated island. We cannot live isolated from what is happening in our region. This is the first point related to the topic of the government.

The second point – in the remaining minutes – is the issue of corruption and fighting it. In the past few weeks, there have been a talk or remarks. I would like to emphasize that this project was not an electoral speech. This is a serious project. We have formed a file. We are putting together a vision and a plan. We are gathering files and information. But its starting hour is when the government is formed, because even if we wanted to submit bills to the Cabinet today the country is still stuck. It is a question of whether or not we can legislate under a resigned government – a caretaker government. Holding us accountable for our commitments and promises starts when the government is formed. When there is a government capable of making decisions and a cabinet, at that time it there will be no debates and there can be legislations.

We still adhere to our commitments.

The second point in this file is that we will work through a vision. We have a goal, which is to reduce corruption or eliminate corruption and stop financial waste. This is the objective. We want to take the steps that serve this objective. We have an approach and a vision. We do not want to take revenge on anyone. We do not want to settle scores with anyone. We do not want to have problems with anyone. We want to achieve this goal, and thus work through a clear vision similar to what we did within the resistance. We have clear strategies and tactics that we might or might not disclose. We have agreed with our allies that we want to cooperate and we must study this big file together. This is a genuine national interest. We have said we launch a national battle. That is why no one should rush us and judge us. This is first. Second, if someone is assuming a particular method of combating corruption in his mind, he cannot impose it on us. The same we employed our visions, methods and tactics within the resistance, we will approach this file within a vision and method, of course in cooperation with our allies. Some might assume that there might be a problem with some one or some village and ask where is Hezbollah that declared it would fight corruption. If people trust us and trust our promise, they should let us work, keep our promise and cooperate with all the people who are faithful to this country to achieve this.

The third point with regards to the internal Lebanese issue which is related to the service and development files as well as the atmosphere in the country where a disagreement erupts over every detail. I want to give a remark on this file. This talk is not just for you brothers. It is for all the Lebanese people in all Lebanese areas and for all the people who are keen on development and services in Lebanon. Those who imagine that by resorting to political conflict or internal conflict will bring about services and development and solve the livelihood problems are confused. The country will be dragged to something else. Those who imagine cursing, accusations and breaking everything will bring about development are not developing. They are bringing about more enmities and problems and are destroying the country. If we wanted to develop the country, we need to cooperate. People need to communicate with each other and tolerate one another so that we can work on development and services.

Some people think in a way that does not lead to development. It only takes the country to the abyss. We do not want to take the country into the abyss. It is immoral, not patriotic, illegal and not brotherly. Regarding the matter of development, one should approach it as eating grapes. If you kill the janitor, the grapes in Lebanon will go with the janitor. We slaughter each other under the guise of eating grapes. That is why the matter needs a different approach. This is not contrary to pressure. People should pressure the officials and the political forces. It is not contrary to criticism. No one ought to say that Sayyed is taking advantage of the victory of August 14 to silence us. No. Anyone who wants to criticize can criticize. But when we criticize, we should objectively demand and criticize. We should present suggestions and ideas objectively. But we disagree on one subject. I will speak with transparency and clarity. There are many people who might get upset with my words tonight. The ship that sailed to Zahrani for example. There was a debate over it. There was a disagreement in opinion. But why would the people “want to have a go at each other” in this way? Why do we address each other in this way? Why do we hurt each other this way? Why do we fool each other this way? Will this bring electricity? Will this bring development? Or is it harming our environment, our society and our country? I am with criticism. I am with criticizing Hezbollah or others. You can demand. There is no problem. But there is an open space in the country, especially on the social networking sites and some media that is utilized in a way that does not spare sanctities and dignities, young or old. In the past, there used to be restraint in some newspapers, television channels and media during a dialogue with them. But today every person sitting at home has a means of communication called social networking sites. God knows what kind of electronic army is using these sites. It might be the “Israeli” electronic army or an electronic army of a certain Gulf state or America’s or the CIA’s. And they are taking advantage of us and we run after them. One Tweet on the social networking sites and the whole country is raging, one Tweet. We need to be rational, calm, and responsible. We need self-restraint. We should not be dragged into these campaigns.

In any case, regarding the development issue and in light of what happened in the South, an agreement was reached between us and our brothers in the leadership of the Amal Movement. This point was made out to be a dispute between Hezbollah and the Amal movement, although there was no disagreement between Hezbollah and Amal. There was only a disagreement on the point of view. In the end, we find a solution for things we disagree on. But social networking sites and the media took things to another place. We agreed that even in the detailed developmental files, we have to sit and cooperate and should not allow anyone to destroy this relationship.

Those who want development in Lebanon, should want cooperation between all the political forces in Lebanon. Allow me to speak a bit of regional discourse and address the people of the south, Dahiyeh and the Bekaa since Amal and Hezbollah represent a large proportion of those areas. Those who want development, want cooperation between Amal and Hezbollah. Those who want to conflict between Amal and Hezbollah do not want development, electricity, water, schools, a Baalbek-Hermel Development Council, or solutions to the livelihood problems. This will take us somewhere else. Let me be frank with you. We will not go there. Memorize this well. This speech is directed to all those using the social networking sites and all the stalkers abroad. I strongly mean what I say. We will not go to that place. The Amal Movement and Hezbollah took a historic decision to be together, continue together, sacrifice together and face problems together. In August 14, the positions of leaders, movements, parties and Lebanese areas were essential. But the stance that created victory and was the basis for the whole national position was the existential cohesion between Hezbollah and the Amal movement. Who can ignore or forget the central role of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri during that war and battle? Who can ignore this matter? Who can forget him? Today we are talking about the victory of the resistance on August 14 or the victory of the resistance axis in the region.

Thus, like what we have said to the politicians: “hold your horses”, I want to tell the people to be patient with us. Calm down. There are people who are out to get us and get the resistance’s home base and its supporters. They want us to fight over electricity and water. I am not saying water and electricity are not important. They are. Development is important. The livelihood situation is important. But the way to solve these issues is through cooperation, understanding and integration. The Loyalty to Resistance bloc and the Development and Liberation bloc should be hand in hand in the Parliament and our ministers should be united in the government. This is how development is done.  Tension and strain lead nowhere.

This environment, God willing, which was a decisive element in the August 14 victory and will be in all future challenges in Lebanon and our region. With its unity, harmony, sympathy, brotherhood and cooperation, it will be a crucial element in resolving all upcoming battles.

Our pledge is to all our dear martyrs, leading them the commander of victory in this battle martyred leader Hajj Imad Mughniyeh. I will not mention names because I have written a list today and it is very long. I fear I might forget to mention someone. On the day of victory, we renew our pledge, promise and loyalty to all righteous martyrs and first leaders, martyr Sayyed Abbass, Sheikh Ragheb, His Eminence Imam Musa Sadr and to those who have put their hopes on our jihad, path and steadfastness. After you and your blood there will be an era of victory.

Peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated by website team

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