Hariri Surrender: Defeated Hariri Declares Support to General Aoun’s Nomination to Presidency. Thanks to Nasrallah


Once upon a time Hariri, while, leaving Beirut airport, said he will return to Beirut via Damascus Airport. Hariri nomination paved the way for of General Michel Aoun to the presidency, but this nomination is not the end of the presidency story. Victorious Nasrallah is commited to support  General Michel Aoun, but not committed to support what what has Hariri and Aoun agreed upon. In other words, Hariri shall be nominated as Prime Minister, but shall never be able to form a Cabinet without Nasrallah allies  such as Nabih Berri, Frangiye, and others. 


October 20, 2016

«كن عوني.. فأكون سعدك»!

استسلام مكابر

وجوم يخيّم على بيت الوسط: هكذا «تجرّع» الشيخ ترشيح الجنرال

دمشق تُنذر بإسقاط الطائرات التركية التي تخترق أجواءها الحريري يكسر المحرَّمات… وعون لكسر جليد عين التينة

بري: مشكلتي مع الحريري لا مع عون

بري بالنسبة لحزب الله «خط أحمر»

واشنطن والرياض: عقوبات على «حزب الله»

العونيون: ما كنا لنصل لولا حزب الله

فارس سعيد: الحريري وجعجع استسلما لحزب الله

طرابلس تنقلب على الحريري وخياره الرئاسي

Lebanon: Hariri Declares Support to General Aoun’s Nomination to Presidency

Former Prime Minister, Saad Hariri,Former Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, announced on Thursday from the Central House his support to the nomination of General Michel Aoun to the presidency, saying “we agreed with Aoun that Lebanon is a nation for all its sons and a country with an Arab identity.”

“We reached an agreement to revitalize this cycle of the state, job opportunities, and basic services and to fully dissociate the Lebanese state from the Lebanese crisis,” Hariri said during his address at the Central House in the presence of political figures from the Future bloc.

“Lebanon was facing a historic moment that forces us to address all matters with full honesty and truthfulness,” Hariri underscored.

“Two years and a half ago, the mandate of President Michel Sleiman took an end, and Lebanon entered a vacuum; we have been warning of these risks,” Hariri added.

“We did not spare any effort to elect a President. We first nominated Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, yet this attempt was doomed to failure. Then, we decided to name consensual names but it also failed,” he said.

Source: NNA

Lebanon: Aoun Visits Berri, Hariri


The meetings held between House Speaker Nabih Berri and Change and Reform bloc Head, MP Michel Aoun, ended.

In the wake of the meeting, Aoun said “It is important to inform Speaker Berri of the progress in the presidential dossier. (…) The atmosphere was positive and we respect his opinion,” he said.

Later, media reports mentioned that Speaker Berri commented on his meeting with Aoun by saying, ” we listened to each other and our difference does not spoil our friendly relation.”

Aoun Visits Hariri

MP Michel Aoun, said upon leaving the “Center House” where he met with Future Movement leader Saad Hariri, “There is no double, triple or quadripartite agreement. There is a rather an accord on ways to manage the country’s affairs.”

“We visited [former] Prime Minister Saad Hariri to thank him for supporting our candidature to the presidency. We have both pledged to get the job done and bring Lebanon out of the crisis. (…) With dialogue, no party loses, and Lebanon eventually wins,” Aoun said.

“We wanted to discuss the pact, since it is not a Christian matter, but an agreement between all the Muslim and Christian components to adhere to conviviality, on the basis of equality. It is therefore not in a bilateral pact,” Aoun said.

“Trying to eliminate or control a certain sect tampers with the message of Lebanon which we are tasked to preserve, and this is what we agreed on,” he went on.

“We affirm that those who are opposing today are basing their judgment on old beliefs. (…) Lebanon is the jewel of the world. Can you believe that, with all what is going on in the world, we still have our independence,” Aoun said.

Source: NNA


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israeli forces raid Palestinian orphanage for 5th time

Israeli forces raid Palestinian orphanage for 5th time

Israel occupation forces caused much damage during when they inspected the orphanage

Israeli forces kidnapped teen orphan following fifth raid on Palestinian orphanage in Old City of occupied Jerusalem.

Seventeen-year-old orphan Mp’az Khalil was kidnapped after the orphanage was raided for the fifth time in ten days. He had been interrogated after being accused of throwing stones at Israeli occupation forces.

The orphanage’s administrative board evacuated it before the end of the day to prevent any clashes with the Israeli occupation forces, sources said.

On Monday, the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped the Director of the Palestinian Ministry of Education Samir Jibril.

He is responsible for all schools in occupied city of Jerusalem. They also kidnapped ten little students, who are currently being locked inside an Israeli prison in the occupied city.

Israeli police said in a statement that the students were accused of throwing stones and bottles at Israeli soldiers in Al-Wad Street near Al-Majlis Gate of Al-Aqsa Mosque.


This Election Circus Is A Disservice To The People

This Election Circus Is A Disservice To The People

Via Adam Johnson:

“Total mentions all 4 debates:

  • Russia/Putin 178
  • ISIS/terror 132
  • Iran 67
  • Abortion 17
  • Poverty 10
  • Climate change 4
  • Campaign finance 3
  • Privacy 0″
  • Israel 0

The candidates are not the first to blame for this. The first to blame are the moderators of such debates, the alleged journalists 8and their overlords) who do not ask questions that are relevant for the life of the general votes and who do not intervene at all when the debaters run off course. The second group to blame are the general horse-race media who each play up their (owner’s) special-interest hobbyhorses as if those will be the decisive issue for the next four years. The candidates fight for the attention of these media and adopt to them.

I didn’t watch yesterday’s debate but every media I skimmed tells me that Clinton was gorgeous and Trump very bad. That means she said what they wanted to hear and Trump didn’t. It doesn’t say what other people who watched though of it. Especially in the rural parts of the country they likely fear the consequences of climate change way more than Russia, ISIS and Iran together.

Another reason why both candidates avoided to bring up the issues low in the list above is that both hold positions that are socially somewhat liberal and both are corporatists. None of those low ranked issues is personally relevant to them. No realistic answer to these would better their campaign finances or their personal standing in the circles they move in. Personally they are both east coast elite and don’t give a fu***** sh** what real people care about.

As far as I can discern it from the various reports no new political issues were touched. Clinton ran her usual focus group tested lies while Trump refrained from attacking her hard. A huge mistake in my view. He can beat her by attacking her really, really hard, not on issues but personality. Her disliked rate (like Trump’s) is over -40%. She is vulnerable on many, many things in her past. Her foreign policy is way more aggressive than most voters like.  Calling this back into mind again and again could probably send her below -50%. Who told him to leave that stuff alone? Trump is a major political disruption. He should have emphasized that but he barely hinted at it for whatever reason.

The voters are served badly -if at all- by the TV debates in their current form. These do not explain real choices. That is what this whole election circus should be about. But that is no longer the case and maybe it never was.

Picture of Bloodied Syrian Boy Cited by Clinton at Final Debate Is Fake

Assad: ‘Picture of Bloodied Syrian Boy Cited by Hillary at Final Debate Is Fake’


by Joseph Jankowski

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed on Wednesday that the viral photo of a 5-year-old Syrian boy in an ambulance after being pulled out of rubble in the war-torn city of Aleppo is fake.

That same photo was cited by Hillary Clinton during the last presidential debate on Wednesday night when she was defending her policy on immigration.

“We have real pictures of children being harmed, but this one specifically is a forged one,” Assad told Swiss TV SRF1.

The Syrian president said that there is evidence that the young boy, Omran Daqneesh, and his sister were rescued on two separate occasions by a U.S. & NATO funded nongovernmental organization known as the White Helmets, in what he called “part of the publicity of the White Helmets.”

The image of the bloodied young boy went viral in August, and has become a symbol in the west for the suffering of those who are tied up in the violence in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria.

Assad described the White Helmets as a “facelift” of the Al-Nusra terrorist organization and that none of the incidents where Omran Daqneesh and sister were rescued were true.

21st Century Wire contributor Vanessa Beeley wrote about the White Helmets in September:

With over $60 million in their back pocket courtesy of USAID, the UK Foreign Office and various EU nations like the Netherlands, this group is possibly one of the most feted and funded entities within the west’s anti-Syrian NGO complex, a pivotal part of the clandestine shadow state building enterprise inside of Syria.

Like many other ‘NGOs’, the White Helmets have been deployed by the west to derail the Syrian state, first  by undermining existing civic structures and by disseminating staged PR to facilitate regime change propaganda, through western and Gulf state media outlets. Despite the fact that they were started, and are still generously funded by NATO members states, particularly from the US and UK, the White Helmets’ official statement still claims categorically that they are somehow “fiercely independent” and “have accepted no money from governments, corporations or anyone directly involved in the Syrian conflict“. This is both farcical and deeply misleading.

As analyzed by Melissa Dykes of TruthsteamMedia.comthe video where the photograph of the Syrian boy comes from was produced by the Allepo Media Center, a group that has been long outed as a pro-al Nusra source of war propaganda.

Watch Melissa’s analysis of the origins of the boy’s photo below:

During the Presidential debate on Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton used the image of the boy as a way to push her immigration agenda.

“I am not going to let anyone into this country who is not vetted, who we do not have confidence in. But I am not going to slam the door on women and children. That picture of that little 4-year-old boy in Aleppo, with the blood coming down his face while he sat in an ambulance, is haunting. And so we are going to do very careful, thorough vetting,” Clinton said.

Clinton is either totally unaware how the picture of the Syrian boy was produced or was demagoguing in order to make her proposals more appealing.

Assad went on to tell Swiss TV SRF1 on Wednesday that there is only one reason why western media has been highlighting Aleppo in its coverage of Syria, and that is because the western-backed rebels are losing ground inside the city against the Syrian Army.

“The whole hysteria in the west about Aleppo, for one reason, not because Aleppo is under siege, Aleppo has been under siege for the last four years by the terrorists and you haven’t heard a question by western journalists about what’s happening in Aleppo,” Assad said. “And we haven’t heard a single statement by Western officials regarding the children of Aleppo. Now, they are talking about Aleppo recently just because the terrorists are in a bad shape. This is the only reason, because the Syrian Army are making advancement, and the Western countries – mainly the United States and its allies like UK and France – feeling that they are losing the last cards of terrorism in Syria, and the main bastion of that terrorism today is Aleppo.”

Read Also: Assad Interview: US Airstrikes on Syrian Troops Not a Mistake, “You Cannot Commit a Mistake for One Hour”

Rise in torture of imprisoned Palestinian children by israel

Rise in torture of imprisoned children


Committee: ‘Overwhelming majority’ of Palestinian minors in Israeli custody are ‘tortured’

By Ma’an
October 18/19, 2016

RAMALLAH — The “overwhelming majority” of Palestinian minors held in Israel’s Megiddo and Ofer prisons have been tortured during their detention and interrogation, the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs said Tuesday, amid a marked increase in the incarceration and mistreatment of Palestinian children by Israel.

Lawyer for the committee Luay Ukka said in a statement that, after a visit to Ofer prison, he had noticed that the number of juvenile prisoners there had noticeably increased over the past month.

As of mid-October, he said, the number of Palestinian prisoners in Ofer under 18 years old reached 28, half of whom were under 14 years old.

According to rights group Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCIP), Israel has also dramatically increased the use of administrative detention — internment without charge or trial — against minors.

According to DCIP, over the last year 19 Palestinian minors were administratively detained. Prior to October 2015, Israel had reportedly not held a Palestinian child from the occupied West Bank in administrative detention since December 2011.

“The overwhelming majority” of juvenile prisoners held at Ofer have been “tortured, beaten, and humiliated” during the raids carried out by Israeli forces to detain them as well as during their interrogation, according to Ukka.

Ukka also said that the majority of juvenile prisoners at Ofer prison were from Aida refugee camp and the town of al-Ubeidiya, both in the southern occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem.

Israeli soldiers detain a wounded Palestinian stone thrower after infiltrated members of the Israeli security forces shot at fellow protesters during clashes in Beit El, on the outskirts of the West Bank city of Ramallah, on October 7, 2015. Photo by AP.

Just last week, undercover Israeli forces detained eight Palestinian children from Aida refugee camp, as residents of the camp — particularly minors — have recently been subject to an intensification of violent military raids.

Fourteen-year-old Tamir Abu Salem, who was detained about a year ago in Aida, told Ukka that the raid sparked clashes between local youth and Israeli soldiers, and that he was shot in the head with a rubber-coated steel bullet before he was taken into custody, when he was also punched in the face.
Tamir said that the bullet rifted his skull bone and that “when I breathe part of my scalp puffs up and down.”

The 14-year-old reported that the only treatment he had received from the Israel Prison Service (IPS) were occasional pain killers — a common complaint among sick and wounded Palestinian detainees as part of a deliberate policy of medical neglect by Israeli prison authorities.

Separately, Hiba Masalha, another lawyer who also works with the committee, reported in a statement on Monday that the number of juvenile prisoners at Megiddo prison had also recently increased.

“Most of the juvenile prisoners are being tortured and humiliated during detention raids,” she said, adding that Palestinian minors were also being strip-searched when they arrived to Israeli detention centres.

Who are the terrorists here, and who’s having a good laugh? Photo by Ma’an

The release of the testimonies came a day after DCIP published a report saying that at least five Palestinian minors have been imprisoned by Israel without being charged in recent months over Facebook posts that Israeli authorities alleged amounted to “incitement.”

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs said in a September report that at least 1,000 Palestinian minors between the ages of 11 and 18 had been detained by Israel since January, a number of whom reported being abused and tortured while in detention.

According to prisoners’ rights groups Addameer, a total of 340 Palestinian minors are currently incarcerated by Israel as political prisoners.

Interrogations of Palestinian children can last up to 90 days according to Addameer, while in addition to being beaten and threatened, cases of sexual assault and placement in solitary confinement to elicit confessions are also reported, while confession documents they are forced to sign are in Hebrew — a language most Palestinian children do not speak.


Will He Halt? Erdogan Is Now Just 15 KM From Syrian Army in Aleppo

Will He Halt? Erdogan Is Now Just 15 KM From Syrian Army in Aleppo (And Pounding the Kurds Who Stand in the Way)

Not only has the invasion of northern Syria brought Turks to within 15 kilometres of Syrian army positions around Aleppo, but the Turks are currently blasting the Kurdish fighters standing between the two forces with everything they’ve got

As Turkish forces in northern Syria continue to advance south taking more ground from ISIS for the rebels pro-Erdogan press reports that Russia’s president Vladimir Putin called his Turkish counterpart and congratulated him on the extension of his occupation zone in Syria.

My hunch is this in fact never happened, particularly since Moscow has previously pointed out the Turkish invasion is illegal. However, my guess is that privately Russians were informed of the operation before ‘Euphrates Shield’ launched and that while not willing to back it they also signaled they would not oppose it militarily — provided it stayed within certain geographical confines, that is if stayed clear of Syrian army positions around Aleppo.

Meanwhile Erdogan has said he intends to take two major cities in northern Syria, al-Bab currently in ISIS hands and Manbij currently controlled by the Kurdish-dominated SDF. We can only speculate what this means. Is Erdogan merely making an empty boast, or perhaps testing the waters? Have Russians in fact already told him they would privately not mind if he does? Or would this actually mean crossing a Russian red line of some sort?

What we do know however, is that heavy clashes have broken out between the Turks and Turkish-backed Islamist rebels and Kurds of the Afrin corridor. As Turks and rebels advanced southward against ISIS so did the Kurds. The Turks apparently did not take kindly to Kurds taking some of the spoils they intended for the rebels and so Kurds are now being bombarded by Turkish artillery and jets and there is footage showing fresh infantry-on-infrantry fighting as well. Turks are saying air raids alone have killed 200 Kurdish (and secular Arab) fighters already, but the latter are saying that number is closer to 10.

In any case if Turks turn this into a fully-fledged offensive against the SDF this has consequences beyond the Kurds or the SDF

If you look at the map the Turks and the rebels they have in tow (turquoise) are now just some 15 kilometres away from the Syrian army positions around Aleppo (red). What stands between them is a slither of SDF-controlled territory (yellow). Afrin Kurds and pro-government have generally good relations and fought the rebels seemingly in tandem in February. With Kurds on their northern Aleppo flank the Syrian army can be reasonably at peace as it wages the battle against rebels inside Aleppo city.

However, should the Turkish-rebel coalition threaten to displace the SDF from those positions it becomes increasingly difficult to see how Russia can continue to allow Turkish military operations in Syria. Even if Turks themselves are not interested in coming to blows with the Russian-backed Syrian forces the rebels they have tagging along have nothing to lose and everything to gain by provoking a Turkish-Russian clash and dragging Ankara deeper into the war.

The only real guarantee that Ankara’s ‘Euphrates Shield’ won’t lead to a hot Turkish-Russian conflict in Syria is if Turks don’t put the rebels in contact with the Russian-backed Syrian army. Hopefuly Erdogan understands this and won’t risk the Russian reset he has worked so hard to achieve over the past six months

Tail wagging dog: Top Clinton Donors Condition Their Support on israel’s Security

Podesta: Top Clinton Donors Condition Their Support on Israeli Security

In a hacked email released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, answered an innocent question from his daughter with a revealing answer about what motivates two of Clinton’s biggest supporters to stand by her candidacy: Israel.

On May 12, 2015, Podesta’s daughter, Megan Rouse, wrote:

I’ve heard a concern from some folks who care deeply about Israel that Hillary will be the president “most unfriendly to Israel in our history, worse than Obama.” Thoughts on how I might respond in conversation?


Opponents of Hillary Clinton and groups supported by Republican megadonor and Trump supporter Sheldon Adelson have consistently attempted to paint Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as unfriendly to Israel due to their opposition to settlement expansion in the West Bank and their support of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a 2015 diplomatic agreement which constrains Iran’s nuclear program.

Podesta wrote back:

That’s a bit crazy. Obama developed a real feud with Bibi, but she has been a staunch defender of Israel since her Senate days. Probably her very best supporters are Haim Saban, and Danny Abraham who would not be with her if she wasn’t totally committed to Israeli security.

Podesta’s acknowledgement that two of Hillary Clinton’s key donors condition their support on her support of Israel’s security is a striking moment of candor from Podesta, but a statement which is consistent with her previous actions to placate the concerns of her biggest financial backers.

Previously leaked emails showed Clinton’s team coordinating with Saban, Clinton’s top donor, to leak a letter expressing her opposition to Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), a campaign to apply economic and political pressure on Israel to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

In July, 2015, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook wrote to senior campaign aides about the BDS letter:

I see zero downside to a story. Then we can circulate around right away (hopefully) in advance of Iran.

(Presumably, Mook’s reference to “in advance of Iran” regarded the upcoming finalization of the JCPOA on July 14, 2015, and/or Clinton’s support of the agreement.)

Christina Reynolds, another Clinton staffer, wrote back:

If Haim’s going to give it to the Jewish media, I think that solves our problem. Once they write, we can make sure it gets picked up by some of our beat guys.

Saban released Clinton’s BDS letter three days later.

Clinton and Saban haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. Last December, Clinton defended the Iran nuclear deal at an event moderated by the billionaire at a Saban Forum event at Brookings.

Saban initially opposed the agreement but later shifted his position, accepting the JCPOA as a “fait accompli” and “a done deal” in an August, 2015 email to The New York Times’ Julie Hirschfield Davis.

But the close coordination with Saban on matters related to Israel, his key concern according to Podesta, appears to have paid off handily for the Clinton campaign.

In August, Saban hosted a $5 million fundraiser for Clinton, one of the biggest fundraising hauls of her campaign. And Saban, alongside his wife, are the biggest donors to the pro-Clinton Priorities USA super-PAC, having contributed at least $10 million to date.

Photo: Brookings Institution

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