Al Sayyed’s new issues in the philosophy of politics جديد السيد في فلسفة السياسة

Written by Nasser Kandil,

As in the festival of victory we wait from the leader of the resistance on the channel of the resistance to restore the course of victory and its stipulations. Al Sayyed has reassured the meanings of victory and the inevitability of the certainty of its repetition, what has been completed with the original will be repeated by the proxy, Al Sayyed shows the meaning of the partnership with Syria and the war on it. The issue is its independent decision,  its choice of resisting, and the completion of the war of July which the fight stops at it but has not finished “Most of our missiles  are from Syria” in this war as in the war of July the same alliance is facing the resistance and its allies, but Al Sayyed who masters the strategy the science of war, and politics does not leave any occasion for the communication with his public and the public opinion-makers in the Arab and the Islamic worlds without mentioning something new, which he want them to add to their information in order to accumulate their informational experience and an approach of understanding and analysis for the phenomenon in which they believe and for which they defend. Al Sayyed does not lead a nation of the resistance by proxy or by the organization alone but with the virtual relation which the thoughts settle and which the knowledge organizes in order to be as a philosophy for the resistance. It becomes a doctrine that combines people who do not know each other, where neither the fighters nor their leader know them, but they bread and increase through the belief in the resistance and its leader, where they give them more confidence which based on what exceeds the confidence that “who has accomplished will accomplish”, and that the eligibility for the leadership has been granted by the defeats of the enemies, and their admission of the exceptional superiority of the resistance and its leadership. The best proof of the possibility is the occurrence, what has been settled will be settled once again. Above all of that the confidence is established to become an institution, and when it is established it gets stronger and its structure advances to become more rigid. The meaning here is the establishment of a school from the concepts which are overflowed by the contemporary philosopher, the master of politics, the master of the psychological warfare, and the General of the victorious wars where there is no place for the defeat, he masters in all of these standards the science and what is more.

In the speech of victory Al Sayyed has presented his philosophy for achieving victory in the wars through elements of stability, and the decisive decision of going on despite the sacrifices to the ends of the ends without hesitation or retreat and by being confident of the reasons of power, deepening the credibility about the faithfulness and the nobility of the goals and their organic relation with the defending for the compass which was and still and will remain the fight of Israel, and protecting the people who were and still and will remain the force of the resistance and its incubator to achieve the goals. Regarding his dialogue on Al Manar TV he turned to politics to add a glamour and a luster to his speech by adding the fluency through new sayings, most importantly are two issues that are discussed by the politicians and the scientists of culture and thought in an attempt to explain the sources of the strength of the resistance and to know about their methodology. Al Sayyed stopped correcting the saying of the asceticism of power and said that it is not an asceticism  of the responsibility, he mentioned the meanings of victory, its dimensions, and the conditions of its formation in the war of July to renew from a different perspective the event of the fourteenth of August and the popular crowd to the South in exchange of American decision of linking the return of people through applying the resolution 1701 with a group of conditions that  make the return impossible.

In the first issue Al Sayyed reveals for the first time such an important saying that discovers the intellectual depth of the position of the resistance toward the power and toward the Lebanese internal affairs that can be a valid standard for any political action of a resistance movement or any reformist movement, so he set an equation” the corruption is not faced with what is more corrupted” its content is wider than the explanation of the issue in itself, it is the question about the outcomes of the position and not only about its reasons, because there were many reasons found by the analysts, researchers, intellectuals, and the friends of the resistance to ask it to be more strict in its position toward the Lebanese internal issues, and employing or putting the surplus of its force in the political change. But for the first time Al Sayyed surpassed the inquirers,  the most important historic factor is to be sufficient to intervene necessarily to protect the resistance and its weapons and not to miss the issue and indulge into another one more attractive but less profitable. So he enters to the philosophy of politics from the realism of responding to the response, who said that the more intervention does not necessarily protect the resistance, and that the opponents in the internal game are the conspirators against the resistance in the days of war and against its weapons,  and who said that in this interest and employment of the power in correcting the authoritarian reality there is a deviation  of the issue of the resistance, not an insurance of better conditions for this resistance, its issue and its requirements by getting rid of the reason of the permanent attrition. So he said” the corruption is not faced with what is more corrupted” he explained that the civil war is more corruptive than the corruption it is the transition of the country, the people, their security, their livelihood and the conditions of the way they manage their lives and their freedom from the worse to the worst, so the obligatory reasons for intervening must take into consideration not to lead to the worst whatever was the nobility of the thought, the goals, and the honesty of the seek. But in an igniting sectarian background as Lebanon this accident must remain present as a taboo in order to run politics, the movement of change and the efforts of reforming under this ceiling. The deepest significance here is that the war is corruption worst than the current which the advocates of the open confrontation are driving us to. So let us remember how all our generation went to the civil war in 1976 taking into consideration that the honesty of seeking for change is enough, thus was the worst instead of the corruption, maybe today we understand the meaning of the call of the Imam of the resistance Al Sayyed Mousa Al Sadr not to engage in the war and seek to stop it at any cost, and his certainty that it occurred to stop the peaceful reformist thoughtful modest and cumulative path, as we understand the meaning of the Syria intervention to stop the war and which was described by many of the nationalists at that time as preventing the victory which was almost approaching, while when the prohibition of the civil wars and the strives fall, and when the multiple fragile social composition of the lines of its divisions as political flammable contact lines do not present then the speech of Al Sayyed allows to conclude that the resistance movements can think seriously of solving the issue of the power.

In the second issue, Al Sayyed is presenting a deep explanation; for those who seek for the points of superiority which enable the resistance to have opportunities of the winning against forces that fight it under the big title which is represented by the Islam, with evoking the atoning forces to be the proxy army which completes what has been started by Israel which failed in accomplishing it as an original army of the enemy. Many have betted on unbreakable balance in any clash between the resistance and Al Qaeda organization since the writings of Martin Indyk in the nineties about the necessity of the seek to occupy what he called as the Shiite jihadist which is represented by Hezbollah which resists Israel in endless war with the Sunni jihadist which concerns the West and confuses it of how to manage it and to contain it. The basis of the bet on the balance here is the equivalence of the two teams in the point of their superiority to the west armies including the Israeli army, it is the ability of shedding blood, but here Al Sayyed is presenting a deep explanation of the point of superiority which is possessed by the resistance against Al-Qaeda, that causes the fall of the bets of the balance and makes the victory in its favor. The value of the human according to the understanding and the concept of the two teams is not the same either the human who is affiliated in the same project, or the human who is standing on the opposite bank with the difference of the definition of the other bank. His deep understanding glows when he evokes the inherent characteristic of the resistance several times by saying “ our resistance is popular, it is the resistance of people not mere fighters “ One of the victory’s reasons in July is the people who did not get weak or did not give up, did not exert pressure to abandon, but it gets more enthusiasm and stability , the  creeping on the fourteenth of August completes the victory of the resistance by breaking the barriers of the return to the south, and paving the way by blood which the people offered to ensure their decision of return back. The popular resistance which has an armed arm is a resistance that is responsible for its people, it gets strong by it, concerned of its worries and interests, the conditions of its livelihood, its security, its stability, the spirits of its sons, and its property, but it depends on the strength of this people, its loyalty, its persistence, and its willingness to sacrifice. It is the resistance of the grandfather, the father, the son, the grandson, the wife, and the daughter, thus it wins because every movement that does not have popular deep roots will be defeated even if it is an army of tens of thousands, this is the fundamental difference between the resistance and Al-Qaeda that makes the victory in its favor.

Al Sayyed is the master of politics, he has put between the hands of his lovers and the lovers of the resistance a new lesson that worth from many of who have dealt with the issues, which he gave deep answers for to have the courage of re-discuss.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

ناصر قنديل
– كما في عرس النصر يُنتظر من سيد المقاومة على قناة المقاومة أن يستعيد سياق النصر ومندرجاته، أعاد السيد التأكيد على معاني النصر وحتمية اليقين بتكراره، فما تمّ مع الأصيل سيتكرّر مع الوكيل، ويعرض السيد لمعنى الشراكة مع سورية والحرب عليها، فالقضية قرارها المستقلّ، وخيارها المقاوم، واستكمال حرب تموز التي توقّف القتال فيها ولم تنته، «فصواريخنا في أغلبها كانت من سورية»، وفي هذه الحرب كما في تموز، الحلف نفسه يقابل المقاومة وحلفاءها. لكن السيد الذي يتدفق علماً في الاستراتيجية وعلوم الحرب والسياسة، لا يدع مناسبة التواصل مع جمهوره وصنّاع الرأي العام في العالمين العربي والإسلامي، إلا ويقدّم فيها جديداً يريد لهم أن يضيفوه إلى مخزونهم فيزيدهم منه ليراكم لديهم خبرة معرفية ومنهج فهم وتحليل، للظاهرة التي يؤمنون بها وعنها يدافعون. فالسيد لا يقود أمة المقاومة بالإمرة أو بالتنظيم وحدهما، بل بالصلة الافتراضية التي تقيمها الأفكار وتنتظمها المعارف للتكوّن كفلسفة للمقاومة، وتصير عقيدة تجمع أناساً لا يعرفون بعضهم بعضاً، ولا يعرفهم المقاومون ولا سيدهم، لكنهم يتكاثرون ويزدادون إيماناً بالمقاومة وسيدها، يمنحونهما المزيد من الثقة المؤسسة على ما يفوق الثقة بأنّ من أُنجز سيُنجز، وأنّ الأهلية للقيادة منحتها هزائم الأعداء وتسليمهم بالتفوّق الاستثنائي للمقاومة وقيادتها، وأنّ خير دليل على الإمكان هو الوقوع، فما تمّ يمكن أن يتمّ مجدّداً، بل وفوق كلّ ذلك تتأسّس الثقة لتصير مؤسسة، وعندما تتمأسس تزداد قوة ويرتقي بنيانها ليزداد صلابة. والأصل هنا لتشكل مدرسة من المفاهيم، التي يفيض بها فيلسوف معاصر وعالم سياسة وأستاذ حرب نفسية وجنرال حروب منتصرة لا مكان للهزيمة فيها، يتقن في كلّ من هذه معايير العلم ويزيدها.

– في خطاب النصر قدّم السيد فلسفته لصناعة النصر في الحروب، بعناصر الثبات والقرار الحاسم بالمضيّ رغم التضحيات إلى نهاية النهايات بلا تردّد ولا تراجع، وبالتمكّن من أسباب القوة، وتعميق المصداقية حول صدق ونبل الأهداف، وارتباطها العضوي بالدفاع عن البوصلة التي كانت ولا تزال وستبقى قتال «إسرائيل»، وبحماية الناس الذين كانوا ولا زالوا وسيبقون قوة المقاومة وحضنها لبلوغ الهدف، أما في حواره على «المنار» فالتفت ليغرف من معين السياسة ويضيف لمعاناً وبريقاً لخطابه بإضافة التدفق بمقولات جديدة، أهمّها اثنتان، يناقشهما علماء السياسة والثقافة والفكر، في محاولة تفسير مصادر قوة المقاومة، والتعرّف على منهجيتها، فيتوقّف السيد تصحيحاً لمقولة الزهد بالسلطة، ليقول إنها ليست زهداً بالمسؤولية. ويتوقف عند معاني النصر وأبعاده وشروط صناعته في حرب تموز، ليجدّد من زاوية مختلفة التوقف أمام يوم الرابع عشر من آب والزحف الشعبي إلى الجنوب، مقابل قرار أميركي بربط عودة الناس في آليات تطبيق القرار 1701 بجملة شروط تجعل العودة مستحيلة.

– في المسألة الأولى يكشف السيد للمرة الأولى عن مقولة غاية في الأهمية تكشف العمق الفكري لموقف المقاومة من السلطة. ومن الشأن الداخلي اللبناني كلّه، تصحّ معياراً أكيداً لكل عمل سياسي لحركة مقاومة أو كذلك لحركة إصلاحية، فيضع معادلة قوامها «لا يرد الفساد بالأفسد» ومضمونها الأعمّ والأوسع مدى من الجواب عن السؤال بعينه، أو في شرح الموضوعة بذاتها، هو السؤال عن نتائج الموقف وليس فقط عن أسبابه، فكثيرة هي الأسباب التي وجدها محللون وباحثون ومفكرون وأصدقاء للمقاومة لمطالبتها بالمزيد من التشدّد في مواقفها من المسائل الداخلية اللبنانية، وتوظيف أو تسييل فائض قوتها للتغيير السياسي. وللمرة الأولى يتخطى السيد في جواب المقاومة على المستائلين، العامل الأهمّ والتاريخي وهو الاكتفاء بالتدخل بالمقدار اللازم في آن لحماية المقاومة وسلاحها، ولعدم الضياع عن قضيتها والانغماس بقضية أخرى أشدّ جاذبية وأقلّ جدوى، فيدخل إلى فلسفة السياسة من واقعية الردّ على الردّ، ومن قال إنّ المزيد من التدخل لا يقع ضمن الضرورة اللازمة لمقدار حماية المقاومة. والخصوم في اللعبة الداخلية هم المتآمرون على المقاومة أيام الحرب، وعلى سلاحها قبلها وبعدها، ومن قال إنّ في هذا الاهتمام والتوظيف للقوة في مجال تصحيح الواقع السلطوي تيهاً عن قضية المقاومة، وليس توفيراً لشروط أفضل للتفرّغ لهذه المقاومة وقضيتها ومتطلباتها، بالتخلص من سبب استنزاف دائم، فيقول لا يردّ الفساد بالأفسد، ويشرح أنّ الحرب الأهلية أفسد من الفساد، فهي انتقال بالبلد والناس وأمنهم وأرزاقهم وشروط إدارة حياتهم وحرياتهم، من السيّئ إلى الأسوأ. والأسباب الموجبة للتدخل معنية أن تحسب بالمقدار الذي لا يؤدّي إلى الأسوأ، مهما كان نبل الظنّ والأهداف وصدق السعي، وفي تركيبة طائفية مشتعلة كلبنان، يجب أن يبقى هذا المحذور حاضراً كمحظور، لتدار السياسة وحركة التغيير ومساعي الإصلاح تحت هذا السقف. والمغزى الأعمق هنا، هو أنّ الحرب فساد أفسد من الراهن يأخذنا إليه دعاة المواجهة المفتوحة، فنتذكّر فوراً كيف ذهب جيلنا كله إلى الحرب الأهلية عام 1976 وفي ظنه أنّ صدق السعي للتغيير يكفي، فكان الأفسد بديلاً للفساد. وربما اليوم نفهم معنى دعوة إمام المقاومة يومها السيد موسى الصدر لعدم الانخراط بالحرب والسعي لوقفها بأيّ ثمن، ويقينه بأنها جاءت لقطع مسار إصلاحي سلمي مدروس ومتواضع وتراكمي كان له في إطلاقه يداً طولى. كما نفهم معنى التدخل السوري لوقف الحرب، والذي وصفه كثير من الوطنيين يومها بمنع النصر الذي كانت لقمته قد دنت من الشفاه، أما حيث يسقط محظور الحروب الأهلية والفتن، ولا يحضر التكوين الاجتماعي المتعدّد والهشّ لخطوط انقساماته كخطوط تماس سياسية قابلة للاشتعال، يتيح كلام السيد الاستنتاج أنّ حركات المقاومة تستطيع التفكير جدياً بحسم مسألة السلطة.

– في المسألة الثانية يقول السيد بين سطوره للذين يبحثون عن نقاط التفوّق التي تجعل للمقاومة فرص الفوز على قوى تقاتلها بالعنوان الكبير ذاته الذي يمثله الإسلام، مع استحضار القوى التكفيرية لتكون الجيش الوكيل الذي يكمل ما بدأه وفشل في إنجازه «الإسرائيلي» كجيش عدو أصيل، والكثيرون راهنوا على توازن لا يكسر في أيّ صدام بين المقاومة وتنظيم القاعدة، منذ كتابات مارتن أنديك في التسعينيات عن ضرورة السعي لإشغال ما أسماها بالجهادية الشيعية التي يمثلها حزب الله المقاوم لـ «إسرائيل» بحرب لا تنتهي مع الجهادية السنية، التي تشغل بال الغرب ويحتار بكيفية إدارتها، واحتوائها. وأساس الرهان على التوزان هنا، هو تعادل الفريقين في نقطة تفوّقهما على جيوش الغرب ومنها الجيش «الإسرائيلي»، وهي القدرة على بذل الدماء، وهنا يقدّم السيد تفسيراً عميقاً لنقطة التفوّق التي تملكها المقاومة على «القاعدة» وتسقط رهانات التوازن وتجعل النصر حليفها. فقيمة الإنسان في فهم ومنهج الفريقين ليست واحدة، سواء الإنسان المنضوي في المشروع نفسه أو الإنسان الواقف على ضفة أخرى، مع تباين مساحة تعريف الضفة الأخرى، ويضيء فهمه العميق عندما يستحضر الصفة الملازمة للمقاومة مرات عديدة، بقوله إنّ مقاومتنا شعبية، هي مقاومة شعب، وليست مجرد مقاتلين. أحد أسباب النصر في تموز هو الشعب الذي لم يهِن ولم يضعَف ولم يتنازل ولم يضغط لتنازل، بل زاد حماسة وثباتاً، وزحف يوم الرابع عشر من آب يكمل نصر المقاومين، بكسر حواجز العودة إلى الجنوب وتعبيد الطريق بالدم الذي قدّمته الناس لتأكيد قرارها بالعودة. والمقاومة الشعبية التي تملك ذراعها المسلح، هي مقاومة مسؤولة عن شعبها قوية به، معنية بهمومه واهتماماته، وشروط عيشه وأمنه واستقراره، وأرواح بنيه، وممتلكاته، لكنها مستندة إلى قوة هذا الشعب وولائه وثباته واستعداده للتضحية، فهي مقاومة الجدّ والأب والإبن والحفيد والزوجة والإبنة، ولذلك تنتصر، لأنّ كلّ حركة لا تملك جذوراً شعبية عميقة ستُهزم ولو كانت جيشاً بعشرات الآلاف. وهذا فارق جوهري بين المقاومة والقاعدة يجعل النصر لها.

– السيد أستاذ السياسة وضع بين أيدي محبيه ومحبي المقاومة درساً جديداً، يستحق من كثيرين تناولوا القضايا التي منحهم أجوبة عليها في العمق أن يمتلكوا شجاعة إعادة النقاش.

The knot of Syria exceeds the knot of Vietnam عقدة سورية تتفوّق على عقدة فييتنام

Updated; English translation added

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Since the end of the sixties of the last century, Vietnam has occupied a crucial role in the dual formation of the collective mind of the peoples of the world in the East and the West. It was constituted what was known later as Vietnam’s knot at the level of the Western public opinion in general and the American in particular. It is the description which the experts launched for the refusal of the peoples to grant the authorization of military interventions outside the borders to their rulers, under the slogan of ensuring the strategic interests and achieving the requirements of the national security. While the peoples of the East who were living under the burden of occupation, aggression, and the Western client systems were affected by the example and the model presented by Vietnam about the abilities of the peoples to impose the will and defeating the mightiest colonial powers when they stick to their cases despite the enormous differences in capabilities. It is not secret that the peoples who arouse for their freedom after the victory of Vietnam have faced better conditions to achieve their goals due to suppressing the ability of intervention which was caused by Vietnam’s knot.

According to the historic concept of the developments of the communities and the countries, the imperial project which America represented the peak of the capacity which it possessed has been defeated, but what has been defeated is the traditional imperial project, which means the military colonialism project which was made by the advanced industrial state to open the markets and to have control on the raw materials and the energy sources. And because the capital momentum was at its peak with the new technical discoveries, most notably the ability to develop the information and the communications sector, the capital markets and their structures, the world has transferred to the great  imperial phase through which America has succeeded despite the defeat in Vietnam in overthrowing the Soviet Union, sticking to the value of freedom against the value of justice which the Soviet experience has failed in making its practical example identical to its theoretical proposal. Through the power of the system of freedom, such as the freedom of belief, religion, the individual property, the freedom of media, the freedom of parties, the freedom of demonstration, the freedom of exchanging the goods, the freedom of market, and the freedom of movement of money, a global wave has been launched and has produced organizations and institutions, that led the world for decades from the World Trade Organization, Stock Market, and Wall Street to the organizations of human rights and the organizations of the civil community towards the systems of communications and internet, Facebook, the social media, the satellites, and the audible and visual channels,  thus the national state has fallen and the globalization has emerged, in addition to what has permitted to the philosophers of the new imperial era through marketing the theories of the world’s end, the clash of the civilizations which their end depends on the ability to survive. The intention surely is the consuming culture which Thomas Friedman has summarized in his book “Lexus and the Olive tree” by the invasion of Lexus, which means the aspiration to luxury for all the olives fields, which means the private identities.

The project of the great imperialism has been completed with the seizure of the legacy of the patient Soviet man in Europe; the European Union has been constituted as an example of the first freedom committee. The war of globalization started its way from Afghanistan to Iraq to the war of July in Lebanon. Where the modern heavy wagon which was equipped with the techniques of laser has crashed with small stones that disabled its movement. The first consequences of the globalization with all its systems such as the fall of the major issues, creeds, homelands, and the penetration of the privatization to the structures of the armies is that the nations, the countries, and the armies wanted a war without blood, so they lost the ability to fight and their wars including the shameful immoral and inhuman confusions which their success was ensured by a commodity from the medial consumption market have been transmitted on air directly to the people’s homes, where the families which acquainted with the culture of claim of the moral superiority, where the families of the soldiers,  and the systems of the human rights which were formed for invading  the countries of others. The West which wanted to wage its war by plucking out the olive tress of others has discovered that it has become without its own olive tree or at least it did not find who can feed its olive tree by its blood because everyone wanted Lexus.

The war of Syria has occurred to culminate all the wars which preceded it, and thus it became the war of wars on which the fate of the project of the great imperialism determined, which based on the virtual economy, it was born from the virtual transcontinental geography and from virtual history of the pirates, the gold dealers, the killers of the indigenous people, and the new settlers. The project of the great imperialism wants to form a virtual state to rule the world, but against which many countries and real nations of real history, real economy, and real geography stood. The countries of the fixed assets have met the countries of the stock exchanges and the virtual stocks. So Washington did not find for its new project but a virtual recipe that borrows from the mid history an olive tree and another one from the far history to face the real olive trees of countries and nations that have national identities and which wage the movement of their independence, refusing the globalization of the huge three dimensions scanners, they insisted on the civilization of interaction and exchange, do not accept the freedom that only works in one way, they have the goods and the money while  they were prohibited on the humans. This time the imperial weapons was their contrary, two dried olive trees one of them is the Ottoman and the other is the ignorance which is represented by Al-Qaeda organization in its original version Al Nusra, and its modified version which is represented by ISIS.

In Syria the real modern civilization wins over the virtual civilization which the mercenaries of the Ottoman and the ignorance are fighting for its account, they are those ideologues who stick to the illusions of their olive trees, they are mercenaries as projects leaders whose their motivation is the illusions of sultanate and the caliphate, they are ideologues in the bodies of their followers who stick to the illusions of what they think that it is the absolute truth, and thus the hybrid imperial project falls as a result of the contradiction of its ideology which based on freedom and the fall of identity, because it does not find who can serve its project but only zealots to the extent of savagery in the identities which they foreshadow of , and through the ideological hostility toward the freedom. Syria has presented through its humanitarian project which based on accepting the other who is different religiously, comparing with Europe which could not offer something alike, and through its humanitarian alliances which based despite the difference of its premises on the tripartite the diversity, the national identity, and the civilization what can make the livelihood of the people better through well-being, law, and institutions.

The size of the challenge which was imposed by the war of Syria on the humanity in testing the ideas is much more than the challenge of blood, destruction and devastation which caused by the brutal experience which America brought to people who have long experience in the human civilization, but what is foreshadowing of goodness is that the ideas and the ideologies are as waves die and live by the power of the ability to form emerging power that has a viable project, that can withstand till it has the opportunity of exposing to the real test, so either it overwhelms by the power of success or it will fade under the influence of the failure. It is not a secret that the ottoman and the ignorance are the worst versions of the political investment for the fall of the positive ideologies. Their failure in solving the major issues, as well as the return of the people in the East and West to the religion will not make them survive after the resounding experience of their fall in Syria. The Ottoman and the ignorance will fade accompanied with the culture of extremism and atoning, and thus the religious and the secular thought will has the opportunities for the search for the humanitarian commons from the gate of Syria, Russia, and Iran, and the philosophical knot of Syria will be bigger than its military and political one according to America, and more inspiring to the people who seek for identity and protecting the olive tree.

As the major Israel and the great Israel have fallen by the fall of the occupation and the deterrence force and after the resistance has the honor of achieving this historic transformation which the war on Syria was needed to overthrow its effects, the project of the great imperialism which based on wars has been culminated by the fall of the great imperialism which based on wars by proxy, accompanied with the fall of the hypocrite project of globalization which based on the abolition of the national identities. Therefore Syria has become the castle in the two victories and on the two fronts, so just few years the libraries of the American books will be filled with philosophical, political, and cultural attempts that try to answer the question how did that happen, and who is that genius and who is that man who could from his office that locates off Mount Qassioun write this new page in the history of humanity?

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

ناصر قنديل

– منذ نهاية الستينيات في القرن الماضي احتلت فييتنام دوراً حاسماً في صياغة مزدوجة للوجدان الجمعي لشعوب العالم على ضفتي الغرب والشرق، حيث تشكل ما عرف لاحقاً بعقدة فييتنام على مستوى الرأي العام الغربي عموماً والأميركي خصوصاً. وهو التوصيف الذي أطلقه الخبراء على رفض الشعوب منح التفويض لحكامها بتدخلات عسكرية خارج الحدود، تحت شعار ضمان المصالح الاستراتيجية وتحقيق مقتضيات الأمن القومي، بينما لدى شعوب الشرق التي كانت تعيش تحت وطأة الاحتلال والعدوان والأنظمة العميلة للغرب، فقد قدمت فييتنام النموذج والمثال، على قدرة الشعوب عندما تأخذ قضيتها بين أيديها، على فرض هذه الإرادة وإلحاق الهزيمة بأعتى القوى الاستعمارية، رغم الفوارق الهائلة في المقدرات، وليس خافياً أن الشعوب التي نهضت لحريتها بعد نصر فييتنام واجهت ظروفاً أفضل لتحقيق أهدافها بفعل لجم قدرة التدخل الذي تسببت به عقدة فييتنام.

– بالمفهوم التاريخي لتطور المجتمعات والدول، هزم المشروع الإمبريالي الذي كانت تجسّد أميركا ذروة القدرة التي يمتلكها، لكن الذي هزم هو المشروع الإمبريالي التقليدي، أي مشروع الاستعمار العسكري الذي تقوم به الدولة الصناعية المتقدمة لفتح الأسواق ووضع اليد على المواد الخام ومصادر الطاقة، ولأن قوة الدفع الرأسمالية كانت في أوج صعودها مع الاكتشافات التقنية الجديدة، وأهمها القدرة على تطوير قطاع المعلومات والاتصالات، وأسواق المال وهيكلياتها، انتقل العالم إلى مرحلة الإمبريالية العظمى، الذي نجحت معه أميركا رغم الهزيمة في فييتنام، من إسقاط الاتحاد السوفياتي، متمسكة بقيمة الحرية، بوجه قيمة العدالة التي فشلت التجربة السوفياتية في جعل نموذجها العملي مطابقاً لعرضها النظري، وبقوة منظومة الحرية، حرية المعتقد والدين وحرية الملكية الفردية، وحرية الإعلام، وحرية الأحزاب، وحرية التظاهر، وحرية التبادل للبضائع وحرية السوق، وحرية تنقل الأموال، انطلقت موجة عالمية أنتجت منظمات ومؤسسات، قادت العالم لعقود، من منظمة التجارة العالمية وبورصة وول ستريت، إلى منظمات حقوق الإنسان ومنظمات المجتمع المدني، وصولاً لمنظومات الاتصالات والإنترنت، والفايسبوك وشبكات التواصل الاجتماعي، والأقمار الصناعية والفضائيات المرئية والمسموعة، لتسقط الدولة الوطنية، وتظهر العولمة، ما أتاح لفلاسفة العهد الإمبريالي الجديد، التسويق لنظريات نهاية العالم، وصدام الحضارات، المحسومة نهايته للأقدر على البقاء، والقصد طبعاً الثقافة الاستهلاكية، التي اختصرها توماس فريدمان في كتابه سيارة اللكزس وشجرة الزيتون، باجتياح اللكزس، أي التطلّع نحو الرفاه، لكل حقول الزيتون، أي الهويات الخصوصية.

– اكتملت عضلات مشروع الإمبريالية العظمى، مع الاستيلاء على تركة الرجل السوفياتي المريض في أوروبا، وتشكل الاتحاد الأوروبي كنموذج لجنة الحرية الأولى، وبدأت حرب العولمة طريقها من افغانستان إلى العراق إلى حرب تموز في لبنان، واصطدمت العربة الثقيلة العصرية والمزودة بكل تقنيات اللايزر، بحجارة صغيرة، عطلت مسيرتها، فكانت أولى ثمار العولمة بكل منظوماتها ومنها سقوط القضايا الكبرى والعقائد والأوطان وتغلغل الخصخصة إلى هياكل الجيوش، أن الشعوب والدول والجيوش صارت تريد حرباً بلا دماء، ففقدت القدرة على القتال، وصارت حروبها بما فيها الارتكابات المشينة واللاأخلاقية واللاإنسانية، التي تضمن نجاحها سلعة من سوق الاستهلاك الإعلامي تنقلها الشاشات على الهواء مباشرة إلى بيوت الناس، حيث العائلات المشبعة بثقافة الادعاء بالتفوق الأخلاقي، حيث أسر الجنود، وحيث منظومات حقوق الإنسان التي تشكلت لغزو بلاد الغير. واكتشف الغرب الذي أراد خوض حربه لاقتلاع أشجار زيتون الآخرين، أنه بات بلا شجرة زيتون تخصّه، أو على الأقل لا يجد مَن يفدي شجرة زيتونه بدمه، فالكل يريد سيارة اللكزس.

– جاءت حرب سورية لتتوّج كل الحروب التي سبقتها، وتكون حرب الحروب التي يتوقف عليها تحديد مصير مشروع الإمبريالية العظمى، الذي يقوم على الاقتصاد الافتراضي، وولد من جغرافيا افتراضية عابرة للقارات، ومن تاريخ افتراضي للقراصنة وتجار الذهب وقتلة السكان الأصليين، المستوطنون الجدد، ويريد أن يشكل دولة افتراضية لحكم العالم. وقفت قبالته دول وشعوب حقيقية، بتاريخ حقيقي واقتصاد حقيقي، وجغرافيا حقيقية، وتلاقت دول الأصول الثابتة مع دول البورصات والأسهم الافتراضية، فلم تجد واشنطن لمشروعها الجديد إلا وصفة افتراضية تستعير شجرة زيتون من الماضي المتوسط وأخرى من الماضي السحيق، لتواجه أشجار الزيتون الحقيقية لدول وشعوب لديها هوياتها الوطنية، تخوض حركة استقلالها، وترفض عولمة الناسخات الضخمة الثلاثية الأبعاد، وتصرّ على حضارة التفاعل والتبادل، ولا تقبل حرية لا تعمل إلا باتجاه واحد، وتحظى بها البضائع والأموال وتحظر على البشر، فكان السلاح الإمبريالي هذه المرة نقيضها، شجرتا زيتون مخشبتان، واحدة اسمها العثمانية والثانية اسمها الجاهلية التي لبس ثوبها تنظيم القاعدة بنسختيه الأصلية التي تمثلها النصرة ونسخته المعدلة التي يمثلها داعش.

– تنتصر في سورية المدنية الحديثة الواقعية، على المدنية الافتراضية التي يقاتل لحسابها مرتزقة العثمانية والجاهلية العقائديون المتمسكون بأوهام أشجار زيتونهم. فهم مرتزقة كقادة مشاريع حافزهم أوهام السلطنة والخلافة، وعقائديون، بأجساد مريديهم المتعلقين بأوهام ما يظنونه الحقيقة المطلقة، ليسقط المشروع الإمبريالي المهجن، بتناقض عقيدته القائمة على الحرية وسقوط الهوية، بأنه لم يجد مَن يخدم مشروعه إلا متزمتون حتى التوحش في الهويات التي يبشرون بها، وبالعداء العقائدي للحرية، وقدّمت سورية بمشروعها الإنساني القائم على قبول الآخر المختلف دينياً بما لم تستطع أوروبا بعد تقديم مثله، وبتحالفاتها الإنسانية القائمة رغم اختلاف منطلقاتها على ثلاثية التعدد والهوية الوطنية والتمدن، بما هو الأخذ بما ترفد به عقول البشر شوط حياتهم للأفضل من رفاه، وقانون، ومؤسسات.

– حجم التحدي الذي فرضته حرب سورية على البشرية، في اختبار الأفكار أكبر بكثير من تحدي الدم والدمار والخراب الذي خلفته التجربة المتوحشة التي جلبتها أميركا لشعب كان له باع طويل في كتابة الحضارة الإنسانية، لكن ما يجب الالتفات إليه ويبشّر بالخير، هو أن الأفكار والعقائد هي موجات تموت وتحيا بقوة القدرة على تشكيل قوة صاعدة، تحمل مشروعاً قابلاً للحياة، وتستطيع الصمود حتى تتاح لها فرصة التعرّض للاختبار الواقعي، فإما أن تطغى بقوة النجاح أو تتهاوى وتتلاشى تحت تأثير الفشل، وليس خافياً أن موجتي الجاهلية والعثمانية، كأسوأ نسختين للاستثمار السياسي لسقوط العقائد الوضعية، وفشلها في حل القضايا الكبرى، وعودة الشعوب شرقاً وغرباً للتدين، لن تكون لهما قابلية عيش بعد التجرية المدوية لسقوطهما في سورية، فالجاهلية والعثمانية ستتلاشيان ومعهما ثقافة التطرف والتكفير، وسيكون للفكر الديني والعلماني فرص البحث عن مشتركات إنسانية من بوابة سورية وروسيا وإيران، وستكون عقدة سورية الفلسفية أكبر من عقدتها العسكرية والسياسية بالنسبة لأميركا، وأشد إلهاما للشعوب على ضفاف البحث عن الهوية وحماية شجرة الزيتون.

– بمثل ما سقطت إسرائيل الكبرى وإسرائيل العظمى، بسقوط قوة الاحتلال وقوة الردع، وكتب للمقاومة شرف إنجاز هذا التحول التاريخي، الذي أريد للحرب على سورية إسقاط مفاعيله، توّج سقوط مشروع الإمبريالية الكبرى القائمة على الحروب، بسقوط الإمبريالية العظمى القائمة على حروب الوكالة، ومعهما سقط مشروع العولمة المخادع، القائم على إلغاء الهويات الوطنية، وكتب لسورية أن تكون القلعة في الانتصارين وعلى الجبهتين. وسنوات قليلة ستمتلئ خزائن الكتب الأميركية بمحاولات فلسفية وسياسية وثقافية تحاول الإجابة عن سؤال، كيف حدث هذا، وأي عبقري هو هذا الرجل الذي استطاع من مكتبه القابع قبالة جبل قاسيون أن يكتب هذه الصفحة الجديدة في تاريخ الإنسانية؟

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USA Citizens Advised to Leave Gaza. This suggests israel is planning another round of genocide

State Department Tells U.S. Citizens to Leave Gaza “As Soon as Possible”

Is there another war brewing between Israel and the Palestinians? It seems likely, given the stern warning that the U.S. State Department delivered on Tuesday, as well as some of the skirmishes that have occurred between Israel and Hamas this week.

They warned against traveling to the Gaza Strip and they urged “those present to depart as soon as possible when border crossings open.” They specified that all Americans in Gaza should cross over into Egypt or Israel, before adding “Gaza is under the control of Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization. The security environment within Gaza and on its borders is dangerous and volatile.”

The state department also advised Americans to “maintain a high degree of situational awareness,” avoid demonstrations, and to find the location of the nearest bomb shelter. Warnings against traveling to the West Bank were also posted.

Palestinian militants and Israeli forces have clashed intermittently since they went to war in 2014. It’s believed that the latest warnings issued by the State Department, are a response to a recent Palestinian rocket attack on the Israeli border town of Sderot, which resulted in Israel firing back into Gaza with 50 rockets.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple


USA makes last ditch effort to save their Al-Qaeda allies in Syria

ENDGAME: Syria ‘No Fly Zone’ Is Last-Ditch US Effort To Save Al-Qaeda (Video)

“… this de facto “no fly zone” … may be a US last-ditch effort to prevent Syrian government forces, aided by Russia, from taking back Aleppo and thus breaking the back of the foreign-backed insurgency.”

Originally appeared at Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

The headline for this article at the original source is: Breaking: Did Washington Just Declare a ‘No Fly’ Zone in Syria?

Reading between the lines in today’s Pentagon press briefing, a bombshell US policy shift is becoming more apparent: Syrian forces and their Russian partners are being told that conducting military operations in some parts of Syrian airspace opens them up to being shot down by the US military.

Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook was asked numerous times in numerous ways whether this amounts to a US “no fly zone” over parts of Syria. His first response was vague but threatening:

We will use our air power as needed to protect coalition forces and our partnered operations. …We advise the Syrian regime to steer clear of [certain] areas.

The policy shift was so apparent that, one-by-one, the press corps asked for clarification. Does this mean that the US would shoot down Russian or Syrian planes if they attacked any US-backed partners even if they were engaged against Syrian government forces? Are those “coalition forces” and “partnered operations” receiving US protection against attack from the air always in receipt of that protection, or only when they are actively engaged in military operations? What are the rules of engagement?

There was no clear answer from the Pentagon spokesman.

“Is this a ‘no-fly’ zone, then,” asked another reporter. It’s not a “no-fly zone” Cook responded.

Another journalist tried to get some clarity:

How is telling Syria not to fly in certain areas not a ‘no fly’ zone? 

“Call it what you will,” Cook eventually said.

Another journalist asked, “Do you think the Syrian regime has the right to fly over its own territory?”

Same answer: “We will use our air power as needed to protect coalition forces and our partnered operations.”

The anti-Russia rhetoric in Cook’s comments was inexplicable as well. According to the Pentagon spokesman, the suffering in parts of Aleppo is not due to its ongoing occupation by al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front, but rather by Russian and Syrian government attempts to expel Nusra from the city. Cook’s explanation defied logic. Russian actions in Aleppo are…

…only adding fuel to Syria’s civil war and [do] nothing to degrade extremist groups, which is Russia’s original reason for its military intervention in Syria.

The sentence only makes sense if one accepts the premise that al-Qaeda in Syria is not an extremist group, as it makes no sense to argue that bombing a certain group does nothing to weaken that group. Unless the Pentagon is suggesting that Russia and Syria are only bombing the civilian population, presumably for fun?

Whatever the case, this is a trial balloon. If this de facto “no fly zone” becomes a fact on the ground, it will be expanded beyond Hasakah and may be a US last-ditch effort to prevent Syrian government forces, aided by Russia, from taking back Aleppo and thus breaking the back of the foreign-backed insurgency.

This is endgame time.




USA trying hard to get Russia to attack Ukraine

Washington takes every effort to make Russia attack Ukraine

The West remains silent about the recent attempt of the Kiev authorities to commit terrorist attacks in the Crimea, Russia. Ukraine pretends that nothing has happened. Yet, two Russian military men have lost their lives. Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova talked about it in an interview with Russian philosopher, historian and publicist, president of the Center for Strategic Studies “Russia – The Islamic World,” Shamil Sultanov.”How will the attempt of Ukrainian saboteurs to commit terrorist attacks in the Crimea affect the Russian-Ukrainian relations?”

“The events that happened in the Crimea should be analyzed in the context of the hybrid warfare that is being waged against Russia. This war is approaching its “hot phase,” when the relations between Russia and Ukraine aggravate sharply. The ideologists of this war need to instigate a conflict between our countries. Ukraine has already put its armed forces on alert – this is one of the symptoms. The Crimea was used as a trigger, because Western analysts assumed that it would push Putin towards making a tougher response than, for example, the attack on the Donbas.”Interestingly, it was only President Poroshenko alone, who made adequate statements about the events in the Crimea, even though Ukraine, unlike Russia, considers itself a parliamentary republic.

The prime minister of Ukraine was silent, and so was the parliament, the Verkhovna Rada. Even the security service of Ukraine withheld comments, although everyone knows that the security service of Ukraine has been operating under American wings since the early 2000s. “It is also curious that it took President Poroshenko a few hours to make his statement on the subject of prevented terrorist attacks in the Crimea. At first, he did not even realize what it could end up with. If such actions are planned, they also plan to seize information space as soon as possible as well. Official statements usually appear immediately in such cases, but that was not the case this time. “I believe that the events in the Crimea appeared as newsflash for Poroshenko himself.

This demonstrates a split inside the Ukrainian elite, where Poroshenko is not the main figure. It may also mean that Washington is working on a plan to replace Poroshenko – we can see it in numerous publications in the Ukrainian media that criticize the president and his actions. “From my point of view, the recent provocation in the Crimea had two goals. The first one is to exacerbate relations with Russia. The second one is to weaken the position of President Poroshenko, who, despite all his tough statements, still tries to maintain Ukraine’s ties with Russia. The Americans need a tough nationalist, who would not discuss anything with Russia. They need a “military Ukrainian patriot” as Ukraine’s president. “The current Ukrainian regime is degrading. Ukrainian radicals are getting stronger and stronger, and the questions of their coming to power is only a question of time.

Most likely, Washington believes that Poroshenko may act as a double agent and then eventually take the side of the Kremlin. The events in the Crimea came as an attack on both the Russian-Ukrainian relations, but also as an attack on Poroshenko himself. “For Russia, it is vitally important not to engage in the fight, because this is exactly what the organizers of the failed attacks want Putin to do. The Americans want to see Russia attacking Ukraine. A couple of years ago, when Ukraine attacked Russia’s Rostov region, it was not a pre-meditated act. The problem was solved on a lower level. The failed terrorist acts in the Crimea are unique. They came as a long-term operation of certain forces inside the Ukrainian administration, masterminded by the people in the US administration. They wanted to see how Russia would react, and our reaction would then guide them to further actions.” ”

Do you think that fascists may come to power in Ukraine indeed?” “Remember how Hitler came to power. The impoverishment of the middle classes, high unemployment, lack of energy resources – and then there came a man, who said that he would have all those problems solved. Hitler came to power in 1933, and in 1935, Germany’s economic growth was the highest in the world. Nationalism has a component of efficiency.”Unlike in other countries, the events that have been happening in Ukraine exclude positive scenarios. First of all, Ukraine lacks a strong and charismatic leader. Secondly, Ukraine consists of 12-14 elite groups that are ready to kill each other. The degradation of Ukraine will continue. As classics say, human blood is the most important lubricant in the history of mankind. Interviewed by Inna Novikova

USA’s filth legacy in Iraq Includes Birth Defects, Cancers

Toxic US Iraq War Legacy Includes Birth Defects, Cancers: Study

“A variety of birth defects, some never seen before, are observed in hospitals routinely,” as a result of military munitions from the U.S. invasion.

Toxic contamination and pollution due to the explosion of bombs, bullets, and other forms of ammunition is believed to be a major cause of rising birth defects and cancers in Iraq, according to a new study released on Monday in the scientific magazine Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.

“A variety of birth defects, some never seen before, are observed in hospitals routinely by researchers and physicians,” the report states.

The heavy use of military artillery in combat zones is responsible for releasing harmful chemicals into the environment, which has resulted in extensive public exposure to neurotoxic metals, the study found.

“Recent studies in Iraq indicate widespread public exposure to neurotoxic metals (Pb and mercury) accompanied by unprecedented increases in birth defects and cancers in a number of cities,” the report added.

Birth defects and cancer rates have surged in Iraq since the 2003 invasion, which the report argues may stem from highly toxic environmental pollutants released from military weaponry.

As part of its findings, the report attributes war-related pollution to high levels of lead found in deciduous teeth of children with birth defects from Iraq.

“Deciduous teeth from Iraqi children with birth defects had remarkably higher levels of Pb.Two Iraqi teeth had four times more Pb, and one tooth had as much as 50 times more Pb than samples from Lebanon and Iran,” the report concluded.

Meanwhile, the authors of the report also warn that communities living in areas located near military bases are particularly vulnerable to direct exposure to war-related pollutants as a result of waste generated by military installations.

The study cites research suggesting that U.S. military bases in particular are among the most polluting operations on earth.

“In Iraq, there are currently over 500 U.S. military bases. Pollutants released from these bases have reportedly harmed human health,” the study concluded.


The Dangerous Temper Tantrums of US War Hawks. Make Russia and Iran “Pay a Price” for Fighting Terrorism in Syria

The Dangerous Temper Tantrums of US War Hawks. Make Russia and Iran “Pay a Price” for Fighting Terrorism in Syria

By Steven MacMillan


Similar to petulant children who do not get their own way, there is an increasingly choir of war hawks in the US who are pushing for a major escalation in the Syrian war. In response to the fading power of Washington in the world, and the success of the Syrian Army, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, in fighting terrorism in Syria, the war hawks in Washington are calling for blood.

The fact that the government of Bashar al-Assad is still standing after the West has spent the last five years trying to overthrow it is too much for many in the US to accept. Furthermore, with a growing number of major powers forming strategic relationships outside of Washington’s control, US imperialists are increasingly terrified of how the geopolitical landscape is shaping up.

Making Russia and Iran “Pay a Price” for Fighting Terrorists in Syria

The most recent bellicose comments coming from the US were made by the former Acting Director of the CIA and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member, Michael Morell. In an interview with Charlie Rose that aired on the 8th of August, Morell called for acts of aggression against a troika of powers – namely Syria, Iran and Russia:

Morell: “We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. We need to make the Russians pay a price.”

Rose: “We make them pay the price by killing Russians and killing Iranians?”

Morell: “Yes, covertly… Here’s the other thing I want to do: I want to go after those things that Assad sees as his personal power base; I want to scare Assad.”

The former CIA boss made his comments a week after a Russian helicopter – which was on a humanitarian aid mission – wasshot down over territory controlled by Jabhat Al-Nusra (now Jabhat Fatah al-Sham) in Syria, killing the five personnel onboard. This is at least the second Russian helicopter shot down in Syria this year, after two Russians were killed in July when their Mi-25 was downed.

Morell, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, is not a lone voice in his belligerent comments however. There have been numerous politicians, strategists and generals, who have advocated aggressive actions against Russia, not only in Syria, but also in Ukraine.

In October of last year, US Senator John McCain said in an interview with Fox News that if he was President he might arm the Syrian rebels so they could shoot down Russian planes. Also in October, 2015, the former National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter and one of the top geostrategists in the US, Zbigniew Brzezinski, called for US retaliation against the Russian campaign in Syria, potentially using military force.

But the most belligerent rhetoric award in relation to ‘punishing’ Russia must go to the former US general, Robert Scales,  who called for the US to “start killing Russians” in Ukraine in a March, 2015 interview on Fox News:

The only way the US can have any effect in this region and turn the tide is to start killing Russians. Killing so many Russians that even Putin’s media can’t hide the fact that Russians are returning to the Motherland in body bags.

The Special Forces Invasion of Syria

On the same day as Morell’s interview was aired, photos appeared in the British media showing heavily armed UK special forcesoperating on the ground in Syria. This comes shortly after US special forces were pictured fighting alongside Kurdish forces in March of this year.

Realistically, the presence of Western special forces in Syria is nothing new. In August of last year, it was reported that BritishSAS soldiers were dressed as ISIS rebels conducting missions on the ground in Syria. In addition to the illegal air campaign conducted by the US-led coalition, the presence of Western special forces in Syria is yet another violation of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The news that Western special forces are operational in Syria should also be kept in context however. There is a major distinction between a few thousand special forces operating in Syria and a full-scale Western invasion of Syria with over 100,000 troops deployed.

In 2003, approximately 150,000 ground troops were deployed to Iraq in the initial phase of the invasion. There is still a danger that a coalition of powers may launch a larger war in Syria similar to the scale of the Iraq invasion in 2003 – a type of war thatTony (the war criminal) Blairrecently advocated.

With the West’s strategy in the Middle East in disarray, there is a growing amount of war hawks in the US who are pushing for a significant escalation in the Syrian war. Morell’s call for killing Russians and Iranians is nothing short of lunacy, with the US perhaps having a hand in the recent downing of a Russian helicopter that tragically killed five Russian personnel.

Steven MacMillan is an independent writer, researcher, geopolitical analyst and editor of  The Analyst Report, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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