"Veteran" Sami Jadallah: Time For Regime Change in Palestine

By Uprooted Palestinian

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Sami Jadallah: Palestine, Time For Regime Change
Sami Jamil Jadallah: We need UN to release our people form being held hostage
by Israel, PLO, Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, etc..

“More than any other time in the history of Palestine, there is an urgent and critical need for regime change.” Thus said “Veteran Sami.

AMERICA MUST ATTACK GADDAFI NOW! Thus said the  Senior Editor of Veterans Today, about seven months ago.

“The United States has every right and reason to act unilaterally to eliminate Gaddafi and the cabal of gangsters that surround him.”
Two years ago, after Israel failed to change Hamas regime in Gaza, “Veteran” Sami called “UN to release our people form being held hostage by Israel PLO, Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Popular Front, Democratic Front and Stupid Front.

Why because the EX-PALESTINIAN is fed up with Palestinian People. 
Two years ago, wrote at  Mary Rizo’s Hasbara Site PTT (That site is closed not Hacked)

What is wrong with the Palestinians? A whole lot?  

“There is something very wrong with people who never held the leadership accountable..
There is something wrong with intellectuals…
There is something wrong with a business community and leadership…
There is something with leaders of so-called “civil societies”…
There is something wrong with people and their so called representative (PNC)…

Who would believe that…….
Who would believe that…….
Who would believe that…….”
In short “Veretan” Sami don’t believe in His people, and armed resistance is a “terrorist act”.

 “Veteran” SAMI JADALLAH:  Always condemned “terrorist” acts committed by both Israelis and Palestinians” , he wrote recently at VT.

Therefore, UN (NATO), and only Nato, would Liberate “disabled” Palestinians held “hostage by Israel PLO, Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Popular Front, Democratic Front and Stupid Front.

Here, after two years, “Veteran” SAMI JADALLAH, avoided naming Hamas, concentrated on PLO regime in Ramalla (his birth place, before he desided to leave Ramallah for an American Passport) the longest running political and criminal regime and enterprise in the Middle East, much longer than Saddam Hussein Ba’athist regime, much longer than Bashar/Hafez Assad Ba’athist regime, much longer than Hosni Mubarak regime, much longer than Muamar Gaddafi regime.”

“By all accounts the PLO/PA/Fatah ran a regime not so different from the police state of Hosni Mubarak or Saddam Hussein or Bashar Assad or Bin Ali or even Muamar Gaddafi, with arbitrary arrests and detentions of citizen mostly on “political charges” with systematic use of torture, lacking independent judiciary, lacking the very basic of rights for the accused and defendants, borrowing much of the legal process from Israel and the “Mandate Laws” even using Jordanian legal system which too is lacking the basic and fundamental rules of fairness and justice. The PLO/PA/Fatah used brutal police to disburse peaceful protest and prevent peaceful assembly if that assembly is against the regime.”

For Sami:  Hosni Mubarak = Saddam Hussein = Bashar Assad = Bin Ali = Muamar Gaddafi”

“The American or for that matter the Arab “left” must not be fooled by killers and murderers, such as Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar Assad, just like they were fooled by the likes of Saddam Hussein before.” He wrote for Redress, VT and Al-Jazeerah,”

Libya “Liberators” with Popular Revolution “God Father” Behind Sarkozi

“Reading through Veterans Today and other media, I had to take to the typewriter and address the likes of former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and my colleague Franklin Lamb, a man who I much admire and respect for his many years of advocacy of Palestinian rights in Lebanon.” he added,

For “Veterans” Sami, and his senior editor, if you don’t support Nato crimes “humanitarian intervention” in Libya, you are Pro-Kadhafi.

Sami ignored to tell us who would change the Regime in Palestine??
Is it the “disabled Palestinian People”?  Or the NATO?
He ignored to tell us that it is  the USA, the Sponsor of OSLO who installed Ramallah regime and  turned “PLO” from a national liberation movement, into “a managing partner for the Jewish Occupation, saving Israel tens of billions of dollars in operational costs. The PLO/PA/Fatah regime became a partner and security agent to the safety and security of the Israeli Army and the Jewish armed settlers and terrorists.”

Nato is already there STUPID,

It’s there, in Cairo and Tunis trying hard to highjack both Egyptian revolution, and Bouazizi Revolution,  

It’s there in Libya, stuck, so far, in Libyan desert after Afghanisan and Iraq, trying to install a Libyan Karazi.  

It’s there working since six months to invade the Last ARAB FORT

Get it or get help

In case you missed it

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